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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 15, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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airport, dch nine. look at this. what? this happened last year, atlantic, nice infrastructure of the united states has. glad we spent, like, $7 trillion in the middle east and the iraq war. that is all the time we have tonight. we love hearing from you. tweet me. ed henry -- oh, boy. he's filling in for shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team is there. i hope you are not flying back to d.c. >> ed: i was going to say the same about you. i'm back in d.c., glad you are not leaving town. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> ed: [laughs] okay, ed. have a great show. >> ed: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i met henry in for shannon bream. we begin with this fox news alert. two major breaking stories we are following about a couple of sharp critics of president trump who are under fire themselves tonight. the president tweeting a few moments ago but andrew cuomo appears to be having a meltdown. the new york governor who is hoping that a likely reelection won this november could propel him to the short list for president in 2020 may have seen those white house ambitions
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implode for suggesting america is not so great. while john brennan, the obama copper .us now made it his life mission to charge the current president has somehow committeds security clearance tonight in the washington elite are howling in protest. we begin with our correspondent trace gallagher. a rough night for one of the president's biggest critics from his home state of new york. good evening. >> if you listen close, you can hear a beeping sound. that is the cuomo campaign trying to back this truck up. this new york governor was at a signing ceremony where he clearly tried to job president trump but instead he may have overreached a bed. watched rain >> the simple point comes down to this. we are not going to make america great again. it was never that great. >> and before the laughing and gasping audience quieted down, the governor quickly tried to make a larger point about women's equality for the comment had already caught fire on
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social media and it wasn't long before cuomo spokesperson try to tamp it down, quoting, "the governor believes america is great and that her full greatness will be fully realized in every man, woman, and child has full equality quality." former white house press or kerry sean spicer boyd and come "at 1:30 p.m., governor cuomo says america was never that great, by 4:11 p.m., he changed his position to america is great. he changes his view is quicker than omarosa." tonight it appears cuomo has changed direction yet again. tweeting back at the president, "what you say would be great again would not be great at all. we will not go back to discrimination, segregation, sexism, isolationism, racism, or the kkk." mark molinaro, republican challenging cuomo in the new york governor's race, called on him to apologize saying that america is always great and that cuomo should be ashamed of himself right andrew cuomo showed his true pessimistic colors when he defamed america y
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that was never that great." this week, president trump asked cuomo to run for president. he said that he didn't have any personal or political conversations with the president and finally, speaking of presidential candidates, hillary clinton is back in the news today, praising an 11-year-old girl, marianna taylor, a student at maryland who knelt during the pledge of allegiance. clinton tweeted, "it takes courage to exercise your right to protest and justice, especially when you're 11. keep up the good work, marianna." the young girl said she was reprimanded by her teacher. baltimore county schools as she was not punished. ed? >> ed: trace gallagher covering a lot of ground for us tonight. we appreciate it. let's turn to reaction to a giant killer in public and politics. jeff johnson, who against heavy odds in a big fund-raising disadvantage, be with a former
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tim pawlenty last night in minnesota public and primary battle for his old job, governor of minnesota. a county commissioner, now the republican nominee for governor of minnesota. here live tonight to weigh in on the idea that america was never that great. good evening, sir. >> good evening, thanks, ed. >> ed: what you say first of all to andrew cuomo tonight? you want to be a governor from your great state of minnesota. i notice that eric trump tweeted out, among other things, "we weren't great after we beat nazi germany? ">> i think i hadn't actually heard this quote until just now, and it illustrates the difference between many on the left and those of us on the right. i think most conservatives believe that america is the greatest country in the world and it always has been and always will be, you know, we have had our ups and downs but we are closer to perfect and any other country has been. unfortunately there are many progressives in this country who don't believe that and think that we should be more like
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european socialist countries. i guess it's entertaining when progressives essay what they really think, which it looks like mr. cuomo did. >> ed: what we are seeing is progressives, others on the left, more and more coming out and saying that they are for socialism. that is the democratic party being pulled to the left. obviously, minnesota trending democrat over the years but president trump came close to winning is last time. what if the state of play right now in your race and in the stae of minnesota in general? >> i feel great about our race. i have been in this race for 15 months now, we've talked to tens of thousands of minnesotans, and while minnesota is seen as a left of center state, we are very much a center state, and minnesotans are just very common sense. we care a lot about people, but we also want our money spent wisely and we haven't been seeing that for the last eight years in the state. minnesotans are very ready for a train. donald trump came within a pointed hat, which is closer
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than any presidential candidate has in decades in the state, and it's because minnesotans are ready for something different, and i think in 2018, we will see that on the state level. >> ed: political had a story recently about what you may be up against, how you may or may not be able to pull it out. you are facing a democratic congressman, tim walz, and among other things, they say, two years after a bombastic trump swept through the upper midwest, democrats are arming themselves with general election candidates widely considered palatable to a broader electorate than the parties progressive base. in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, their victories and serve as a reminder of the weight that establishment credentials carry in the midwest." the democrats are trying to go in the midwest may be more mainstream than the socialist candidates i was talking about elsewhere in the country. but in the case of tim pawlenty in the republican side, establishment candidates are not winning right now. >> no, it didn't work in the republican primary. i would argue, tim walz, who is my democrat opponent, is not
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mainstream. i mean, he has taken positions just in the last couple of months during this primary for single-payer health care, he marched in and abolish i.c.e. parade and has said that we should become a sanctuary state, he believes that taxes in minnesota should go up, he seems to believe that our regulatory state is not strong enough and we need to exercise even more control over individuals and companies. he's proud of his f from the nra. so -- >> ed: real quick, commissioner johnson, i talked about president trump has not endorsed you in the last couple of days, with a tweet but he was your third choice back in the 2016 republican primary, as you know better than i. at one point you called him a jakass. you are not a big trump fan. is it hard to get republican voters to come home and support you for that fracas? >> actually, that comment, in context, i was asked by a reporter who i was voting for because i was chair of the rubio
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campaign prior to that. what i said, and it came out that someone had called him a jackass, and my response was, if i have a choice between that and a dishonest politician, that's what i'm going for. he endorsed me today, yes. >> ed: we appreciate your time tonight, sir. >> absolutely come i think you can, ed. >> ed: out to our other top story for the former cia director and vocal trump administration to tractor, john brennan security clearance has been revoked. democrats not happy but white house officials are warning james comey and other top former officials may be next. kristin fisher live at the white house trying to the breaking news. good evening, kristin. >> good evening, ed. the word in washington is unprecedented. it appears as though never before has a president revoked a former cia director's security clearance for criticizing his administration. now the white house is
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insinuating that john brennan's loose lips were a national security risk. but the president decided to do this just one day after brennan criticized him on twitter for "failing to live up to minimum standards of decency and's ability." >> mr. brennan has recently leveraged his status as a former high-ranking official with access to highly sensitive information to make a series of unfounded and outrageous allegations, wild outburst on the internet and television about this administration. >> brennan has been one of the president's most vocal critics coming all called the president's behavior during that press conference with russian president vladimir putin treasonous. tonight, brennan says today's action is essentially a page out of putin's playbook. >> i have seen this type of behavior and actions on the part of foreign tyrants and experts and autocrats for many, many years, during my cia and national security career. i never, ever thought i would see it here in the
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united states. >> this may only be the beginning. the white house as is it is considering revoking security clearances from other prominent critics of the president, people like former fbi director james comey, james clapper, former national security advisor susan rice, and the former deputy attorney general sally yates. here's democratic senator mark warner. >> this had an eerie memory of an enemies list. these people were being singled out to have either their clearances evoked, it smacks of nixonian type practices of trying to silence of anyone who is willing to criticize this president. that puts us again in uncharted territory. >> one person or not on white house's list of people who security clearances are now under review, michael flynn, the president's former national security advisor who is pled
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guilty to lying to the fbi. ed? >> ed: kristin fisher live at the white house. as you are democrats charging this sounds like an enemies list, while the president's ally must be emerging as politicized of the previous nonpartisan post cia director to undermine the commander in chief. let's get some fresh reaction for former cia cohort operations officer mike baker, and terry lichtman, a former u.s. attorney and deputy assistant as well. thank you for joining me tonight. mike, what you make of this? let's start with you, particular, the fact that my experience a long time in washington, democratic, republican administrations, you could have former officials, former agriculture secretary, secretary of state, might be more political but for cia director comes out and doesn't blast the new administration the way we have seen. >> yeah, you can have both things true at the same time, meaning that, from one object, you can say this looks like an enemies list, from the white house, and at the same
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time, you can say that john brennan has completely politicized that position and are speaking out in an unprecedented fashion, compared to all the past former directors. i guess for my perspective, getting into the machinations and the bazaar back and forth for between john brennan and president trump, it doesn't really blow my skirt up. i would rather focus on something bigger here, a bigger issue that may be we can take this bizarreness i do something good, and that would be the clearance issue that we have nationwide. look, there are over 400 million people right now between government and contractors, private business, with clearances, security clearances, and over a million of those are top secret clearances. i can guarantee you, not all of them need them. so it's kind of -- we've gotten to this clearances gone wild situation where i think we need to take a step back. john brennan has got every right to say what he wants to say, as long as he doesn't disclose classified information. he does not have a right to a security clearance, that has
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always been a courtesy and more importantly, in washington, it is a currency, it is a valued commodity. >> ed: let's get harry it here. the president has been frustrated by leaks of classified information, and other nonclassified but since the right information, again, no evidence that john brennan particularly did that but the president calls of the deep state and i wanted to mention something that john brennan just set on twitter. it's not about classified information but he tweeted yours yesterday before all of this "discerning how often he failed to live up to minimum standards of decency, civility, and probity, it seems like he will never understand what it means to be president nor what it takes to be a good, decent, and honest person, so, so disheartening, so dangerous for our nation." he also, harry, has accused the president without evidence of committing treason. >> he is a very harsh critic, there's no doubt about it. the question is, what does that have to do with entitlement to national security and the basic
8:14 pm
principles of national security is not supposed to be politicized. i think mike makes a very good point about ways to correct the over -- the problem with security clearances. a small point for trump to use his power -- i don't think it's a small point for trump to use his power to essentially publish enemies and i think deceptive in implying this was in a production of a national security. it wasn't. it was about redressing enemies. i would say, two separate problems, and the brennan critics, i think, are well taken and being suspicious of trump. >> ed: real quick, i've got 30 seconds. what do we think coming next? people closer james comey suggest that he hasn't kept a security clearance anyway since he left the fbi. >> i don't think that's the case either. i don't think he has. i wouldn't be surprised if mr. clapper loses his, perhaps a susan rice. i don't believe susan rice actually maintains hers. she might. again, the point being, this has
8:15 pm
been a currency extended throughout administrations for people who leave the senior posts and part of the argument has been, and the democrats are making that argument, saying, the trump administration is endangering national security by taking the security clearances and they will be able to talk to others, and that is a ridiculous argument. you can -- >> there are good reasons -- >> ed: i want to wrap it up. 15 seconds. with a good reason for former officials to have a clearance? >> in order to be jump into action if needed, that happened to me personally. it's a long process otherwise. and to be able to have current consultations on things they know about rates. when there is a terrorist act, national security issue, you bring in the former officials to help? >> real quick -- >> also, ed, it is also to jump into the commercial sector. clearances are a valuable commodity, and if you have them, you are more higher a ball. >> ed: someone has suggested that people are making money off of it, some properly, some
8:16 pm
improperly. i appreciate you both coming in. we've got breaking news on alex jones next, plus paul manafort's fate is now in the hands of a jury. leland vittert takes a close look at a case that does nothing to do with russian collusion, yet it might still result in the manafort going to prison for up to 305 years. we'll have the former -- the former trump campaign chairs lawyer is trying to sound optimistic. ♪ get them started right with carnation breakfast essentials. it has protein plus vitamins and minerals to help kids be their best. carnation breakfast essentials. when you barely clip a tpassing car. minor accident - no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company.
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♪ >> ed: break he, the federal communications commission has reportedly shut down and four wars' alec jones' flagship radio station. the conspiracy theorist pirate radio station called the liberty radio was also made with a $15,000 fine, that is a according to the austin statesman's newspaper, which claims a lawsuit and federal court alleges they have been operating without a federal license since 2013. closing arguments come in at the feet of paul manafort is in the jury's hands. president trump's former campaign fare faces the prospect of more than 300 years in federal prospect for bank and federal charges that have nothing to do the 2016 race. our correspondent leland vittert is here to tell us what happened today and what happens next. >> good evening. two part of the story, we've
8:21 pm
been talking about it for a while. first, political, for all the talk of a witch hunt, all talk of the special counsel that could bring down a presidency in this trial for tax fraud, russia was barely mentioned. experts say an actual -- in the first trial," a call to mike acquittal in this first trial, g for president trump. prosecutors clearly knew the stakes in this closing argument saying, mr. manafort lied to keep more money when he had it and lied to get more money when he didn't. this is a case of mr. manafort flies. that is the first quote. in addition, they said he had money in foreign bank accounts, leaders meant that money and personal items and real estate. the defense said the jury should focus on robert gates, the deputy. "the government was so desperate to convict mr. manafort they made a deal with rick gates. how he was able to get the deal he did come i have no idea." this is manafort's lawyer.
8:22 pm
on cross-examination, he fell apart. addressing the jury, the judge reminded them of the government must prove manafort's alleged crimes be on a reasonable doubt. the president's former campaign chairman listened intently in a navy suit and blue shirt. apartment and outcome of the charges against paul manafort have nothing to do with the trump campaign, rather has business dealings year years b. manafort's defense team didn't call a single witness but hammered away at the government's case in the courtroom and on the courthouse steps. >> i said, mr. manafort is very happy with how things went today. his defense team got to address the jury, point out the shortcomings of the government's case, and explain how the government has not met the burden of proof. >> the jury starts deliberations at 9:30 a.m. they have to vote on 18 separate counts and return a verdict on each one. the vote on each count for either conviction or acquittal must be unanimous. whatever the verdict, it will have implications that reach
8:23 pm
well beyond that virginia courtroom and regardless, manafort faces yet another set of charges in another trial later, ed. >> ed: first big case, first test for robert mueller. leland vittert, we appreciated. the president second supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh, took some time to meet with key red state senators whose votes he may need to get confirmed. senators joe donnelly and heidi heitkamp are both vulnerable democrats in states carried by the president by double digits. very few democrats so far have even agreed to meet with brett kavanaugh. donnelly and heidi heitkamp are the second and third to take me to ask a few weeks ago, he had also senator joe manchin of west virginia. turkey meanwhile doubling down on tariffs on u.s. imports, and retaliation for new u.s. sanctions. turkey is now, of course, the middle of a currency crisis, they show down centers on's refusal to release in american pastor, andrew branson. our correspondent richardson has the latest in h. >> the u.s.-turkey relationship is deteriorating further.
8:24 pm
the united states and turkey are trading tariff increases, and american pastor andrew brunson is still in turkey under house arrest rates because we feel that turkey, specifically president erdogan, have treated pastor brunson, who we know to be a very good person and a strong christian who has done nothing wrong, very unfairly, very badly, and it something we want to forget the administration. >> a turkish court denied an appeal today to release brunson from house arrest brady can appeal that decision. vice president mike pence tweeted, "pastor andrew branson incident and in an instant man held in turkey, and justice demands that he be released. turkey would do well not to test president trump's resolve to see americans who are wrongfully imprisoned in foreign lands return talk to the united states." turkey accuses brunson of espionage following a 2016 coup attempt and has detained him for nearly two years. >> translator: there is a judicial process in turkey, and you must respect it. the judiciary will determine
8:25 pm
steps within the framework. >> last week of the trump administration announced it would double tariffs on turkish steel and aluminum imports. turkey responded today announcing additional tariffs of up to 130 percent on american imports, likewise, alcohol, and appliances. this diplomatic and trade fight and inflation and massive indebtedness and turkey have worried investors. this would come as currency value against the dollar hit an all-time low. now its ally, qatar, has helped stabilize a turkish lira. pledging $15 billion today indirect investments. to speak of u.s. officials say they have made no real progress resolving this dispute with turkey. the shoe department as it anticipates future compact on my conversations with senior officials, though not for now are scheduled. ed? >> ed: thank you. this week marks one year since nafta renegotiations started and a trade deal with mexico could be very close. ed lawrence has a story from fox business. >> hello, ed. for the fourth consecutive week, the mexican delegation met with
8:26 pm
the u.s. trade representatives to finalize a revived nafta. for the first time in three weeks, white house advisor jared kushner during the negotiations. the mexican delegation all smiles, even joking, as they walked in. >> how close? >> barry. very. fairly. [laughter] >> one issue they say that they have to spend on as a sunset clause. not addressed last week it will be tackled by the end of this week. the white house wants nafta to and after five years. the mexicans want a reassessment of the numbers after five years. >> we have not discussed that. we've been working as we have been for the last four weeks, and moving things along and hoping that we'll see the end of the tunnel. >> my sources say the new mexican president-elect would like a revised nafta deal for his first day in office, december 1st. those sources say that once a deal is done with mexico, it will be presented to canada to sign on or be left out.
8:27 pm
the mexican delegation believes they can finish their part of this by the end of august. back to you. >> ed: ed lawrence reporting from fox business. thank you, ed. first, one person down, then another, off to a total of 47 people collapsing in a public park in new haven, connecticut. we'll explain why next. plus, fed up with bill for you francisco hatches a special force, yes, they are called poo. desperate times call for desperate measures. a judge in a new mexico house of parliament where children were allegedly being trained to shoot up schools, they are facing new scrutiny tonight. the chairman of the new mexican g.o.p. joins us next with his view on the judge's decision to set conditions of release for the five suspects. a big case coming up next. ♪ with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be.
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♪ >> ed: first responder today were pouring into a park in new haven, connecticut, as, as
8:32 pm
eyewitnesses watched in horror as person after person collapsed tonight. 47 people in all overdosing on what is believed to have been synthetic marijuana. no deaths, thankfully, were reported. but authorities say two people showed life-threatening symptoms. the green reportedly attracts homeless people and drug users throughout the year. we'll stay on top of that. in the case of the new mexico compound, meanwhile, a group of radical islamists stand accused of running a training ground of horrors for 11 kids. the district attorney planning to appeal a judge's decision to grant the suspects fail. alicia acuna, our correspondent, has latest. >> good evening, ed. the district attorney here confirmed to fox news he plans to file an appeal on the bond of these five suspects. family members of the arrested came to the detention center today but did not answer media questions. i did talk to the attorney for one of the defendants. a mother to one of the 11
8:33 pm
children. attorney says she is concerned for our clients say safety to do to those threats and walked on yesterday of the courthouse. state district court judges sarah backus has received an unprecedented number of threats after clearing the way for an unsecured bond for the group. our crew went to what is left of the northern new mexico compound. they found black jackets, live rounds of ammunition, and filth. according to a sheriff's official, another agency have official, another agency have her removed many of the items. it was here, many of the children were given weapons training with plan to carry out attacks. deputies found the remains of a young boy. we are waiting for her as a result as to whether they are that of the 3-year-old son of the suspect. prosecutors say the other children told investigators he died in a religious ritual at the compound and was denied medication for his epilepsy. the older one will remain in custody on an ongoing warrant out of georgia and one from
8:34 pm
haiti has been transferred to federal immigration authorities. the other three can still be released pending the outcome on an appeal. i am told tonight by the owner of a tracking services company, a sponsor of those three has reached out about getting the required ankle bracelets for home arrest. as of tonight, they all remained in custody. ed? >> ed: thanks for that report. the judge, meanwhile, has a reputation based on news reports for going soft on violent criminals. the chair of the new mexico g.o.p., ryan cangiolosi, is here tonight. he joins me alive. ryan, it's good to have you. >> good evening way >> ed: this is a horrifying case, as you know better than i, being on the ground there. why in the world with the judge left out on bail? >> it is really amazing to me that she has allowed them out on bail. we have a situation where we have a dead child, we have other children that have been abused, malnourished, living in third world conditions.
8:35 pm
being trained to go shoot up schools, shoot up government buildings, and also, kill law enforcement officers. >> ed: and you mentioned that -- and alicia died in the news report -- that the remains of at least one young boy was found in this compound, in addition to all the other violence that was being promoted, at least one child was dead and yet in this bail order, the judge, judge sarah backus says, "no evidence was presented to the court regarding the child's cause of death. the child may not have received adequate medical attention, while the court finds these allegations extremely disturbing, the allegations without warranty do not rise to the level of evidence that clearly convinces the court that the defendants are danger to any other person or the community at large." how in the world could any judge come up with that after a dead child is found and this child was obviously in their care and yet somehow, we don't know the cause of death so we will let everybody out? >> that is exactly right.
8:36 pm
it's nonsensical. you have other children that have been abused, that have shared with prosecutors that they were being trained to shoot other children. so you have a circumstance where you have a compound that was filthy, they were living in inhumane conditions, and this judge is saying that there was not enough evidence. it just makes no sense. new mexicans across the state are up in arms. >> ed: people are up in arms, rightly so. we don't want to speculate as to motives, reasons, but it is about political correctness? is the judge tiptoeing around the issue of radical islamists? what you people on the ground believe is happening here? >> irrespective of race, religion, or gender, the circumstances speak for themselves. and also we have a situation where we have a liberal judicial system in new mexico that have been lenient on individuals,
8:37 pm
criminals, we have a case recently where a man was released and beat -- well, he got high on meth and beat a 1-year-old child to death. we have another situation, a woman was released, a 21-year-old was murdered. this type of justice where it's a turnstile, people are getting arrested, we give police officers all of the resources that they need, they make these arrests, and then we see these criminals back out on the streets. it's just -- >> ed: i've got 30 seconds, as he lay it out, it really is horrifying. how did people find out about this on the ground? had to go so long, training these kids, the idea of training them for potential school shootings, so ridiculous. how did it go on so long, training them without people spotting it? >> that's a very good question. i heard that neighbors were hearing gunshots, they were out in a very remote area in rural new mexico and i am so grateful
8:38 pm
they were found before there was a school shooting. >> ed: absolutely. or more children there who were being trained, dying, as we said, at least, why the adults have left on bail, we are trying to get answers. we appreciate, ryan, you making sense of what seems like a very senseless case. thank you, ryan. >> thank you. >> ed: meanwhile, iraqi refugees in custody tonight, that story tops of arrestor and round up. the fbi arresting a man accused of being an isis terrorist when he allegedly killed an iraqi police officer in 2014. officials say that suspect then fled to sacramento, california, as a refugee and did not mention any ties to terror organizations. he is facing extradition and a trial now in iraq, where he would likely face death if found guilty. meanwhile, a desperate search is underway in colorado, with the fbi joining colorado state and local police, for a mother enter two young daughters. shannon watts and her children went missing monday from their home in frederick about 30 miles north of denver. her husband telling
8:39 pm
"the today show" he's living a nightmare. police are asking the public for tips. finally, talk about a dirty job. getting over 14,000 complaints about public piles of poop since january. san francisco announcing what has been dubbed a poo patrol. the team wants to hire a team to deal with the human excrement that is piling up on streets. omarosa plays the race card with sarah huckabee sanders. >> i'm not going to go through and do a count, the same way i'm not going to do a sit down and count the staffers that are in your news organization. >> ed: much to discuss with our panel, richard fowler, gianno caldwell, stay right here, they are coming up next. ♪ stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock.
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8:44 pm
count on the staffers that are in your news organizations. >> >> ed: training is not, fox news contributor richard fowler, and fox news political analyst, gianno caldwell. good to see you both, gentlemen. gianno, is as a numbers game or is it about the quality of the individuals, regardless of race, creed, religion, working either in the trunk white house or the obama white house? >> i think both counts, to be honest with you. i know there is one staffer, a friend of mine, i've worked with him in politics, geopolitics, for a long time. very qualified, doing great work in terms of moving the ball forward on prison reform. he seems to be the only one. certainly, for motor port i saw earlier today, this is the first time in at least two decades where there hasn't been a senior staffer in the white house, senior black staffer. >> it's more than two decades, it's 50 years there hasn't been a senior staffer in the west wing under an american
8:45 pm
president. it is sad. i think gianno is right. it's about education, it's about ideals, also about having representation of the table that understands the issues plaguing 13% of the society, and the fact that sarah huckabee sanders couldn't answer the question directly, saying we have three sappers were african-american, two hispanic staffers at work in the west wing, that advises president on issues of the day,s problematic ready >> ed: important to have diversity of the table. you are right. richard, on your point about numbers, you just mentioned 13% of the population african-american. we have a study done about newsrooms. "the new york times," 7% black. "wall street journal," 5% black. "washington post," 14% black, more than the numbers. "los angeles times," 6% black. boston globe, 6% black. obviously we need more representation across the board. fox news, "new york times," everywhere, richard. if you will play the numbers games, are there a lot of people in the media who might be hypocrites? >> of course. i think the media is a hypocrite here because here's the thing, a
8:46 pm
lot of corporate ceos, tech ceos, big titans of companies, they are all saying the same things now, if we want to see our companies grow, if we want to see our companies thrive in the 21st century economy, diversity is the future. the fact that newsrooms and media companies haven't picked up on that is sad and it speaks to the fact -- it speaks to how the coverage is done. why no one is talking about chicago is because there aren't enough african-americans in the newsroom. >> ed: gianno -- >> we are doing it. i am thankful that richard and i are talking about chicago. in addition to that, we talked about the political parties, democrats also are lacking in diversity, senior staffers, tech about across the hill, this is a conversation, me and richard, he's a democrat, i'm a republican, it's an issue that our country should hear about and i should not divide us by politics. >> ed: i was going to ask about nancy pelosi but let's stay on this. richard, why aren't all of us talking more about chicago? why didn't we put it in a rundown tonight to be on drugs this conversation? why is there not more nfl
8:47 pm
players speaking out at about allegations of police brutality also talking about the fact that dozens of people get shot and chicago practically every weekend? >> we should be. it should be the top story of every newsroom. we should have national anchors there reporting live from chicago to bring attention to the situation. the reason why we aren't talking about it, once again, is because you don't have those -- african-americans and latino folk who understand what is happening -- it's not only happening in chicago. it's happening at baltimore, detroit, miami, washington, d.c., go on and on with the cities where it's happening, and because our representation is it in the newsroom, we aren't able to make these editorial decisions that affect how these stories are covered. >> ed: gianno, be on the media, you are from chicago, you've lost loved ones, people close to you, you talked about this emotionally on our air and elsewhere. what needs to be done to deal with this problem in chicago? >> leadership, new leadership, honestly. i've called her president trump to not just going to chicago but
8:48 pm
sent the fbi, and law enforcement and in addition to additional federal resources to deal with the needs of chicagoans and i'm thankful that fox news allows me to go to chicago and cover this issue and as you know, ed, we've been talking about this on air for a very long time. i'm appreciative of that but they are so much we need to do. rahm emanuel must go. that is something we can all agree on. you saw that her president trump said that things in chicago are bad and rahm emanuel's response is that president trump is concerned about the russia investigation and the trial of one of its former senior advisors. this isn't a person to me who cares about the citizens of chicago, more concerned about the politics at play versus the residents who are vulnerable. >> ed: let's give richard the last point, rahm emanuel, and fortunate to be there obviously. the president had some unfortunate tweets. how do we get the leadership going? >> rahm emanuel has got to go. if you were to list the worst mayors, rahm emanuel be somewhere near the top and it's because he only cares about what is happening on the north side and not what's happening on the
8:49 pm
south and west side. rahm emanuel is not the only politician that has a problem. i think what we have seen from washington and what's happening in the urban areas, washington could care less. education system is collapsing in many urban areas, no jobs, new opportunities, and if we want to sell the violence in chicago, we want to solve the violence of baltimore, we want to create opportunities and role models in the cities and that requires investment and that is not happening. >> ed: i don't want to cut you off. >> real quick, state representative in illinois is leading the charge on working chicago back. >> ed: quick shout out, gianno, richard, we appreciate you coming in. after next, what is quelling the wildlife off of florida's coast? and is enough being done about it? spoiler alert: no. ♪ but if that's not enough, we offer innovative investing tools to prepare you for the future. looks like you hooked it. and if that's not enough, we'll help your kid prepare for the future.
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>> ed: it's big, ugly, toxic. it's not san francisco, it's wreaking havoc along florida's coastline. the algae bloom known as the red tide, killed millions of pounds of sea life and has the governor calling a state of emergency in seven counties. jonathan serrie has the story. >> is red tide continues to choke the southwest florida coast, fish are piling up on the sand beaches.
8:54 pm
>> are a contractor started august 1st, we've collected about 300 tons of fish on the beach. >> on sanibel island, the florida fish and wild life commission took this photo every 26-foot whale shark that washed ashore. they are also having impact on air quality. >> is affecting me. i can tell i have irritation in my throat, coughing. >> on sarasota's popular beach, the concession stand has been closed all week, and the parking lot nearly empty. tourist dependent businesses are being affected including these vacation rental condos. >> a lot of cancellations, and including the office early, most days just to get out of here myself because it's affecting me. >> governor rick scott's emergency declaration offers interest-free loans of up to $50,000 to small businesses that qualify. it includes additional resources for laboratories who are reporting to debtor distressed
8:55 pm
animals. >> we are seeing our annual averages in less than a month, sometimes less than a week. it is trying for our team. >> at this canal, they are conducting the first real test of a new system designed to destroy red tide algae and toxins and smaller waterways. >> we are studying red tide, trying to understand what causes it, i mean, we know it is natural, it's been around for thousands of years. but what can we do about it? that's a big question praise because scientists can't say when the red tide will leave, and i its tenth month, this is the longest bloom southwest florida has seen in more than a decade. ed? >> ed: things for that report. stick around for our "midnight hero." ♪ otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla . it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with...
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>> ed: at tonight's midnight hero is an unnamed british special forces sergeant, he killed an isis commander from extreme range. he lined them up from a mile and a half away, he used a
9:00 pm
40-year-old .50-caliber browning machine gun and in honor of his achievement his weapon is being retired to the sas headquarters as a museum piece. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. if i met henry. i'm ed henry. >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the white house has announced tonight it has revoked the former cia director john brennan considering doing the same to former officials who like brennan has worked with left-wing political pundits but that would involve jim clapper.t it's not clear why any of these men still have legal access to classified the fact they have attained that power after leaving government for the private sector and punditry is bizarre and remains largely unknown to the public until we broke the story on this show.


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