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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 17, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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the cops he gets dropped by a stun gun slammed into the pavement after being hit. didn't give detail on the charges. is he headed to jail. once he got released from jail once he got hit he just stops. jillian: scotty mccreery concert series. see you later. >> fighting for his life ambush attack in phoenix overnight. >> they don't know when they make a traffic stop what is going to happen. >> president trump's decision to pull john brennan's security clearance was in part about the russia investigation. >> what the left is ignoring he should have been h. his clearance revoked for cause. >> the attorney staying positive. >> i think it's all a good sign, yes. >> the u.s. is putting increasing economic pressure on turkey. >> they have not proven to be a good friend. they have a great christian pastor there i just think it's a terrible thing they are holding him.
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>> front row seat to cabinet meeting after criticized his treatment of journalists. >> if you like you can statement or if you like can you also leave. don't forget freedom of the press. >> the pentagon postponing president trump's military parade according to new reports it would have cost $92 million. >> whoever told that you is probably smoking something that's legal in my state but not in most states. ♪ steve: live from new york city, it is friday, august 17th. come on in to the mezzanine level here in studio f as if "fox & friends" on a friday. look who is here. ed: freedom friday. we are ready. ainsley: we are free in this wonderful country we live. in twisted sister to wake you this up morning. they will always do that. steve: wee have scotty mccreery because it is a friday in the summer. that means the all-american
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summer concert series brought tour friends at keurig. ainsley: thank you, keurig, you make your life easier. worry coffee pots? ed: no. ainsley: that's a thing in the past. steve: complicated you have to watch that whole thing the pods are so much easier. we start this morning with a fox news alert. ainsley: a police officer is fighting for his life this morning after an ambush attack in phoenix overnight. ed: police say he was attempting a traffic stop when the suspect opened fire. steve: rob schmitt joins us in the studio with details on what we know. how did it unfold. rob: stories like this come in too often. a tragedy we hear about all too often. an officer senselessly shot while trying to serve and protect. the suspect shot the officer in the back after both of them got out of their cars during a traffic stop. the officer then returning fire on the driver. >> they don't know when, when they make a traffic stop, what's going to happen when that traffic stop. at the same time, day in and day out they get up, they put this uniform on, they
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put a vest on, and they go out and present our community. >> talking about the risks these officers take every day trying to keep people safe. fellow men and women in blue waiting outside the hospital waiting on the condition showing their support. this man has been on the force only for about more than a year. is he pretty new. 34 officers have been skilled in the line of duty so far in 2018. one more death would equal last year's total number of officers killed and it's only august. hopefully justice linebacker soon served for one of those fallen officers isaac king pleading not guilty this week to shooting and killing an arizona state trooper just last month. tyler he hadden whoever died while responding to a call on his last dave training. the 24-year-old previously serving in the marines. phoenix police currently conducting a study on why so many officers are being shot in the line of duty. and how to stop it. of course, a lot of speculations on why this is happening so much now, guys. send it back to you. steve: you are right about
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that. rob, thank you very much. we were covering just a couple days ago that story about how somebody came up behind a cup perform officers and shot them in the car and they were clinging o their lives. this guy was getting out of a marked car. clearly they knew this was a police officer and, you know, it just went south. ed: you look at those numbers already this year we are almost -- we have almost reached what we saw in 2017, 35 officers shot and killed last year. here we are, we haven't even gotten through august, 34 officers all around the country have within sho have bed killed this year. that is horrifying. ainsley: is he in critical condition. he is stable. that happened in phoenix where they have seen a 45% increase in the number of assaults on police officers in the first five months of the year compared to the first five months of last year. the police officers there or the police chief says they are spending $150,000 in a study to find out why that increase is so substantial
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there. they are saying out of the 41 documented assault cases, cops were being punched. they were being charged at. they are being charged at and even spit on. they continue to put on their vest. put on that uniform and go out there and keep the community safe. steve: the thin blue line between us and trouble. all right. we're traying for that officer. in the meantime, let's tell you about. this senator lindsey graham has written a letter to the fbi director and even though christopher wray wasn't there, five years ago, he wants to know hey, how come five years ago the fbi gave senator from the great state of california, dianne feinstein a heads up that she might have a chinese spy on her staff and then she eventually fired the spy. but they did not tell the trump campaign when they suspected there could be a spy in the form of carter page on their staff? there seems to be a double standard. ed: a staff on feinstein's stab for 20 years. a driver and liaison to the
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asian american community in california where you have a strong asian american population. he was picking up information about what the senator was up to. some of her meetings and all of that and then steve says, you know, the fbi goes to her five years ago and gives her a heads up. we are picturing this up. maybe we want to handle that she handles it quietly. fires the guy and never says anything. the investigation ends. that's the exact opposite what we saw with president trump. they never go to him and give him a heads up. used unverified dossier paid for by the d.c. as a reason to get a fisa warrant to go in and spy on his people that they were concerned about. and that's why lindsey senator graham sent that letter. this is an exclusive. he only sent this to "fox & friends" or "fox & friends" obtained it. it says a portion of the letter he sent to christopher wray says this: although i appreciate the fbi's diligencened appreciate the ties chinese government providing senator feinstein with a defensive briefing. i'm deepgly troubled that
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the trump campaign was not afforded the same treatment it appears rather than provide then candidate donald trump or trump campaign officials with a defensive briefing to inform them of the fbi's concerns, the bureau opted to use a confidential informant and dossier funded by the dnc to launch a counter intelligence investigation into the trump campaign. steve: why didn't they do for candidate trump what they did for then senator feinstein? lindsey graham was on our air a couple of days ago he said it looks like the fbi was playing political favorites. so christopher wray, who was not there five years ago, is going to have to try to figure out what was going on and why the double standard? and regarding carter page, why didn't they tell the trump campaign there is a problem with carter page. by the way, what was the problem with carter page, here we are fast forwarding and he hasn't been charged with anything. ed: two years later he hasn't been charged with anything. steve: he was the one that walls the spy. ed: president talks about the deep state and double
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standard and most of the mainstream media roll their eyes and say this is a conspiracy theory. you look at bruce ohr and some of the other officials and what's going on there and look at john brennan. look at the fact he was supposed to be a nonpartisan director of the cia. steve: goofed one. ed: comes out of the obama administration and immediately starts charging that president trump, you know, has committed treason without presenting any evidence at all. the president strichings his security clearance. ainsley: senator graham wanted to see what i want to see what the congress' policy is what walls the policy five years ago when diane spine stein did that and now. steve: now that the president hats stripped john brennan of his security clearance and keep in mind he is not the cia director anymore anyway. does he need it to be on cable television? i don't think so. but it sounds like the president has developed a list over the last month or two of other people he would like to pull the plug on. apparently, according to the "the washington post," he has told the advisors he is ready to strip hour.
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ed: not just the cia, james comey former officials there. steve: there is kind of a list right there. there you can see the one who has got it. pete: peter strzok has a security clearance. how about that one? steve: i was talking to d.c. insider last night. you know why they need the clearance. i said why? because when they leave government service, and they want to write a book about what they did and what they saw, they have got to go back in the front door of where they worked and they have gott to have the clearance or they don't get to see the documents and they can't write the book and make the big money. ed: it's about money sometimes. ainsley: jim jordan and rand paul they are on board. as soon as you leave your post with the intelligence community, then you need to be stripped of your security clearance. steve: all right. meanwhile, i love a parade and so does the president of the united states when he was over in france he loved the bastille day parade that macron had thrown. he figured we should have one of these there was a story on cnbc that the estimate for the parade in
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washington, d.c. was going to be $92 million. ainsley: quite a parade. ed: 60 parades to reach that. steve: early estimate maybe it would be 10 million. maybe it would be 20. here's the thing, secretary mattis, when he heard this report from cnbc blew a casket. watch this. here is the blowing of a casket. >> i have not seen an estimate of $92 million. the estimates are coming to me. i have given initial guidance but i have received no such -- i haven't received an estimate of 10 million or 92 million. whoever told that you is probably smoking something that's legal in my state but not in most states, okay? i would discount that and anybody who said that i almost guarantee you one thing they probably say stay anonymous no kidding because you look like annual idiot and whoever wrote it need to
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get better sources. ainsley: put on a parade for free. homecoming or college. you get your neighbor's truck and you put a bunch of people in the back and that is your parade with some flags. steve: couple hundred tanks though are going to cost a little money. ainsley: not 92 million. steve: mattis said whoever gave them that number they look like an idiot. not even close. according to a pentagon spokesperson any cost estimates right now are predecisional. i love that d.c. talk. we haven't decided so all those numbers are predecisional. ed: so would you like to see this military parade? maybe if it's a little bit cheaper we can actually do it. steve: 92 million is a lot of money. just a lookout. ainsley: hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: good morning we made it to the end of the week so far so good. we have a fox news alert. get you caught up on this story we're following. a missing mother and her two young daughters found dead in colorado. now her husband and the girl's father is behind bars. chris watts faces murder
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charges after reportedly admitting to police that he killed them. days ago he gave this chilling interview. >> it's not something i could ever ever fathom would happen in my lifetime. and i have no inclination of where she is. and this house is not complete without anybody here. jillian: shannon watts and her daughter celeste and bella were reported missing on monday. she was 15 weeks pregnant. 12 people hurt after a powerful storm causes a tent packed with people to collapse. look at that. the storm knocking two people gathered for a bank shareholders meeting unconscious. others have cuts and injuries to their necks and backs. six rushed to the hospital. three in serious condition it happened just moments before a legendary college football coach lou holtz was scheduled to peek at that meeting. he was not injured. ♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t what it means to me
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♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t. >> tributes pouring in this morning for aretha franklin. president trump tweeting, quote: the queen of soul aretha franklin is dead. she was a wonderful woman with a wonderful gift from god. her voice. she will be missed. crowds gathering at apollo theater in new york. known as her home. singing franklin's hit you make me feel like a natural woman on "the tonight show" ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman. womanains. jillian: franklin died after battling pancreatic cancer 76 years old. ainsley: so sad. she has been a part of our life. ed: absolutely. steve: hundreds of newspapers publishing antichurch yesterday. what did trump do. >> i want to thank you. thank you all for being here.
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if you like, you can stay or if you like, you can also leave. don't forget freedom of the press. steve: free document press. diamond and silk here with the message for the leftist media coming up next. jillian: elizabeth warren has a plan that will make bernie sanders a little jealous. nationalize every corporation in america. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. so my doctor said... symbicort can help you breathe better. starting within 5 minutes. it doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. doctor: symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day.
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shocking new proposal that would nationalize every major business in america. the new legislation called the accountable capitalism act would constitute the largest seizure of private property in human history. so what would it do to our economy? what would it look like with the government in charge of our largest corporations? let's ask the ceo of walzer wealth management rebecca walzer. good morning, rebecca. >> good morning and thanks for having me. >> ed: thanks for being here. what's your thought that the government would nationalize all these companies? >> i'm glad that she is bold enough to actually tell us exactly what she wants because now we can call a spade a spade. this is definitely socialism because socialism is public ownership of companies where all the profits are actually redistributed to stakeholders instead of shareholders. and. ed: let me break down the bill for you and pull it apart. this is what elizabeth warren says because, as you point out she something direct and blunt about
3:19 am
saying i want socialism. it restores the idea that giant american corporations, she writes, should look out for american interests. corporations with more than a billion dollars in annual revenue would be required to get a federal corporate charter. she says the bill also would give workers a stronger voice in corporate decision-making at larger companies and employers would elect at 40% of the directors it to address self-serving incentives in corporate management. that's what she says is in the bill. what's your reaction to that? >> ed, it's simply unnecessary. corporations already answer to the american public. look at the rise of social media. when somebody is not happy with something that corporations are doing, it's all over twitter. there is boycotts. we already have really ownership of public corporations through boycotting. if you don't like what they are doing you don't go there what she is trying to do vogelly say let's take the profits of these corporations and use them for our purposes and so when we have to look at is how good is the government at
3:20 am
taking resources and effectively using them and so the v.a. comes to mind. medicare comes to mind. social security comes to mind. financially inept systems and american businesses reach a billion dollars because they are privately managed and with regulation already government regulation they are free to do what they do. ed: i have 30 seconds. you mention medicare she and others bernie sanders have been call for medicare for all. vox, a liberal publication says you do that and free tuition it's going to cost tens of trillions of dollars over out next 30 years. in 30 years what's that going to do in the markets. >> government creates nothing, it redistributes only. money has to be created. we have to have free market capital creating money in order to be able to have money yiewssments the government seems to forget that. ed: rebecca walser if democrats take over in the mid terms this is what we will lay out. >> thank you, ed.
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3:25 am
arrested at the border from april to july with nearly 400 people crossing it every single day. some lawmakers are even calling for a border fence and they're pointing the finger at prime minister justin trudeau saying all refugees are welcome. he said that last year. steve: thank you, ainsley. head on terror in the middle teese terror in china. what are the most pressing threats currently facing this administration? with us now is former speech writer for secretary mattis and a former top gun pilot. he has served his country for many, many years guy snodgrass joins us live for our d.c. bureau. guy, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. good to be with you. steve: i know you left public service in the last couple of weeks. perfect personal coming straight from the pentagon to talk about the major threats facing the united states. let's start with terrorism it all started for a lot of people on september the 11th. this is still something we have got to worry about every day.
3:26 am
>> yeah. that's right. as you mentioned, i mean, since 9/11, it's been a 17-year long war. it's an area that we have been fighting both at home and abroad for the last 17 years. of course we have men and women deployed overseas fighting that conflict, that war on terror. frankly, as you have seen, i don't think there is a end in the near term. all americans need to remain vigilance. steve: when you think about terrorism 17 years later, guy, it's not just al qaeda or isis it's cyber as well. people can be coming at us trying to steal our stuff on the internet and blow things up that way. >> that's right, steve. you can have a whole wide range of things. i think the term terrorism has continued to shift and change over time. i think the one most people are familiar with is, of course, what we are doing overseas. you are right. can you have cyber terrorism as well. steve: north korea, i know the president sat down with kim jong un a couple of months ago. they seemed to be saying the right things. it looks like we are on a path towards a better
3:27 am
relationship. but, you say north korea is one of the things we have got to worry about as well. >> i think up until a few months ago, back in june as you mentioned when president trump had his historic summit with kim jong un, but prior to that, that had been a nation actively pursuing nuclear weapons and also the means to deliver them both to the united states and possibly against our allies over in europe and end dough pacific. so it's a country very specific towards pursuing a hope optimism. there is good opportunity ahead for us. steve: do you think, guy, people in the pentagon trust kim? >> yes, that's a fascinating question. i think it's a little bit like ronald reagan trust but verify there are specific arrangements and agreements made when president trump met with kim jong un. i think everyone is, of course, working in good faith towards meeting those arrangements and those agreements. but, always keeping a
3:28 am
watchful eye to make sure that both sides are meeting what they agreed. to say. steve: the president also met with vladimir putin. i know you have worked side by side, shoulder to shoulder with secretary mattis. why is russia still a clear and present threat? >> well, steve, the two threats you mentioned initially, terrorism, north norh korea, i would say, two threats for a long time the most urgent. those are the ones we have to deal with on a continual basis up until june when president trump had that historic summit with kim jong un. the reason rye russia is on the list is because when you think about a country that has the strength today to actually challenge the united states or challenge our allies, it's typically seen as russia. they still have a very credible, conventional military capability. they have a significant number of nuclear weapons still in their arsenal. they have the desire to remain on the international stage. steve: somebody else who has met with our president is president xi of china. we know there are currently troubles with trade and suggested tariffs and trade
3:29 am
war and stuff like that. china still is a real threat. >> that's absolutely right. of all the threats we talked about. you can call them threats. certainly state your name daily threat. we have to remain village length against. the remainder can you consider them to be competitors. if you think about china. they are probably the longest termed competitor we have to be concerned about. so certainly men and women overseas fighting a conflict against terrorism. when you think about what china has been doing. the aggressive actions they have been taking. i was stationed in japan six years. the last two and a half of those i was a quad deron commanders. launching missions every single day into the south china sea. i got see first hand the aggressive actions of china land reclamation. economically, diplomatsly, challenging us in cyberspace and space, too. steve: i know had you a long career in public service. you were working mad dog mattis. we ran one of his sound bites a little while ago whoever gave you that must
3:30 am
have been smoking something. what was it like working for him. >> it was incredible. couldn't find a greater american patriot coming out of his time. he served some years in uniform. took a quick break west of the rockies and to bring a real patriot like that back into the department of defense something he knows intimately well and now have you given him the opportunity to make significant change. over the course of the last year and a half have you seen that we have worked with the administration. have you the national security strategy, the 2018 national defense strategy, two years, it looks like of solid budgets for the military to increase readiness. really the one thing the secretary has been going after the entire time is just trying to create and restore america's military most lethal in the world. steve: guy snodgrass, former top gun by lookout worked for secretary mattis served his nation for decades, guy, thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. steve: 6:30 in no. what kind of josh can you
3:31 am
get with a degree in bashing the president? one university might find out. we're going to tell you about that. plus, governor andrew cuomo doubling down on these comments. >> we're not going to make america great again. it was never that great. [gasps and. [laughter] and lafayett laughter] steve: diamond and silk is next. good morning, ladies. ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪
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>> i want to thank you. thank you all for being here. if you like, you could stay. or, if you like, you can also leave. don't forget, freedom of the press. [laughter] steve: threw go, the president yesterday. ed: you don't hear him say that every day. ainsley: he said that because was it "boston globe," the "boston globe," they were the ones that spearheaded this effort. they reached out to you
3:35 am
newspapers all across the country and said we need to call on the president to stop attacking the press. steve: freedom of the people. ainsley: editorial boards writing articles about this yesterday so the president said come on in to cabinet meeting we have freedom of the press. ed: let's say come on in diamond and silk. ainsley: that's right. ed: they are joining us live this morning. ainsley: happy friday. >> good morning. thank you. ainsley: what was your reaction when the president says this is freedom of the press have you freedom to stay and freedom to go. come on in and listen. >> i loved it i almost club cold. that's what i love about this president. here is what the media don't get we are behind our president. >> that's right. >> we stand behind him 100 percent. and when he talks about the media, he is telling the truth. these people, they take and spread salacious gos sip. not only are they the enemy of the people they're the enemy of the truth. >> that's right. >> they spread lies that's why we call them the fake news. steve: diamond and silk, do you really believe that the news media are the enemy of
3:36 am
the people or simply they may be critical of the president but do you really think they are the enemy of the people? >> let me tell you why i agree with that. because whenever you take and you put out a lie and not give us the facts. >> that's right. >> you can create all kinds of chaos in our country. >> um-huh. >> that's what makes you the enemy to the people. you are supposed to report the facts, thought salacious gossip. not disparage somebody or fill via somebody or destroy their reputation. >> not to mention when you take our president's words out of context, you are reporting false information. when you chop up the videos and don't show the whole truth of the videos, you are reporting false information. and you are putting false information into people's minds and thoughts to believe that to be the truth when it is, in fact, a lie. ed: we don't want to chop up this sound bite. we want to give you the full context of what governor andrew cuomo here in new
3:37 am
york said about whether or not america is great. listen. >> we're not going to make america great again. it was never that great. [laughter] ed: ladies, what in the world was he thinking? >> i don't know what he was thinking. do you know what? what i don't understand is, he keeps saying that america has never been great. but it's been great for him because he has been able to obtain the american dream. >> that's right. >> he is the governor of new york. not only that according to google he is worth $5 million. how hasn't america been great for him? here is my theory, if he don't like america. >> that's right. >> and if he feels america cannot be great, greater than we have seen it of, about he needs to pack his rags and go to another country. ed: i think the republican party in new york bought him a one way ticket to canada. steve: really? ed: yeah, they did. steve: cynthia nixon you know her from sex in the city. she is running in the democratic primary to be the next governor of the great
3:38 am
state of new york. she said that it sounded like andrew cuomo is trying to woo the progressive wing of the party. and all the democrats are, for the most part, distancing themselves from those comments because they feel you can't say that. >> you cannot say that. >> that's right. >> we live in the greatest country on earth. his family migrated from another country here because they want to obtain the american dream. >> the american dream. >> i don't know what he was trying to do but he made himself look stupid. >> and ignorant. ed: there may be parties part of the greatest generation. thanks for coming, in ladies, appreciate it? >> thank you for having us. ainsley: you are absolutely right. i think about my grand father. they loved tom brokaw's book the greatest generation. they loved being called that they really were amazing. they fought author this country both of my grandfather's world war ii. ed: saved us from the nazis.
3:39 am
that was pretty great. steve: he is worth $5 million according to google. sometimes google is not accurate. ed: let's double-check that. ainsley: you googled your name? steve: i see all sorts of stuff. jillian: apparently you are worth 40 million. ainsley: really? jillian: all right, guys. get you caught up on a story we have been following for quite some time now. the body found at that filthy new mexico compound is identified as a missing little boy. investigators confirming the remains of 3-year-old abdul with a hajj. they brought him to the compound for exorcism. five people charged where child abuse after 11 children found starving at the compound. training the kids to become school shooters. week two of the nfl preseason and national anthem protest continual. philadelphia eagles malcolm jenkins standing in the tunnel before last night's game against the patriots. it was a super bowl rematch.
3:40 am
defensive end michael bennett stayed nut locker room. all of the patriots' players stood. and patriots whooped my eagles behind 37-20. a professor under fire for assigning anti-trump material as required reading. the topics and public rhetorics course at the university of colorado is mandatory for students majoring in rhetoric and writing. campus reform reports some of the books warm of the trump effect describing our president's support errors as prejudiced. pieces from liberal media outlets focusing on what they define as fake news. interesting stuff there. ed: steve is worth 40 million bucks. invite need dinner tonight. i might take him occupy on that. steve: janice dean is out in front of the famous dave's mobile unit on the streets of new york city. janice: yes. steve: as you can see it's right there behind the crowd. janice: oh my gosh. are you guying excited for
3:41 am
scotty mccreery? [cheers] janice: are you excited for famous dave's barbecue? [cheers] janice: we have great forecast for this morning. take look and meet some of these people here. 73 here and actually 78 in new york and it's going to be humid. but we're not going to see any rain in the forecast. that's the great news. we do have the potential for showers and thunderstorms across portions of the northeast drifting back into the plain states. watch for that potential for heavy downpours as well. all right. summer concert series. the summer is wrapping up. this one is going to be a big one. everyone is excited? [cheers] janice: oh my gosh. this is a great crowd. headed all the way down out block, guys steve, ainsley, ed, back to you. ed: you are excited they are excited. ainsley: he has a deep voice. nice guy. steve: newest video was actually shot at his wedding. it is beautiful. his song that he is going to be performing today will
3:42 am
become the it wedding song of 2018. ainsley: really, good. i have to watch it. steve: it's good. ainsley: is your child's food safe to eat? major concerns this morning after dangerous chemicals and metals are found in very popular breakfast foods. what every parent out there needs to know to keep your little ones safe. ed: hollywood rolling out the red carpet to get democrats fired up for mid terms. >> be on the right side of history. >> don't just vote this year. volunteer. it's that important. ed: bringing out hollywood worked in 2016, flight maybe thought. we will dig in deeper how that all worked out ahead of the mid terms ♪ hollywood night looking so right ♪ in her diamonds and pearls ♪ big city night
3:43 am
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watch me. for less joint pain and clearer skin, ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. ♪ >> good morning, welcome back. time for quick headlines. google now clarifying it still tracks you even after you turn off location history. web giant revise ago help page days after the a.p revealed it was wrongly describing how location history setting worked. it now achage nos some location data pa may be saved like search and maps. welfare investigators are tracking license flights help catch fraud in california. according to the sacramento bee a civil liberties group arguing it's a violation of state privacy law. sacramento county says investigators determined whether to use the data on a case-by-case basis. ainsley? ainsley: all right. thank you so much. is your child's food safe to eat? new lab tests revealing that
3:47 am
a weed-killing chemical has been detected in popular children's breakfast cereals including cheerios and lucky charms. and a separate report published just yesterday found many popular baby foods contain heavy metals that can cause long lasting health problems. so what do you, as the parents, need to know to protect your little ones, child nutritional expert jill castle is here to weigh in on this. jill, thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: what do parents need to know. >> what they need to know is that some of these elements that we are finding in food, we are finding, you know, just newly finding this stuff out. and children are, you know, precious. their bodies are smaller. they are absorbing potentially some of these additional items in food. and that's very scary for parents. but, one of the things that i think is really important for parents to know is that we have to feed our kids and so we have to feed them with responsibility and with knowledge. and when we hear things like this, we can panic.
3:48 am
and i don't want parents to panic. because i'm sure there are parents out there pouring cereal this morning thinking whoa, i have to reevaluate this. if you are feeding your child cereal every single day repetitively that exposure could be dangerous. rotate some different things newt menu. maybe you have cereal a couple of days a week. but rotate in scrambled eggs. rotate in a fruit and yogurt parfait. bring variety to the table. that is exposure. ainsley: general mills says our products products are safe. the epa has researched this issue and has set rules that we follow as do farmers who grow crops, including wheat and oats. if you look at the e.p.a. standards, that government run organization says parents don't need to be worried. they are meeting their standards.
3:49 am
yes, there are chemicals found n. there but not enough to be worried about. have you this other group, right, that are saying we are concerned about it. who is this group? >> it's the environmental working group ewg. their standards are a little tighter. and you know, when we think about what is in food, it is important to understand what's in food. as our food world gets more complicated, it is helpful to know what we're seating. i think there needs to be more transparency in terms of what is in food. but, again, you know, when we're feeding children, we're not relying on one single food to northbound themnourish then.key to raisingd but keys to battle some of these elements that are contained in food. ainsley: people get cancer at early age and trying to find out what is it that we
3:50 am
did that our generations didn't do. get cancer earlier. think about chemicals in our food. something we need to think about but maybe something we don't need to worry about so much. >> stepping back and having perspective, too. there is not one food. ainsley: correct. >> going to cause a health problem in your child. it's a conglomeration of things. ainsley: thank you so much, jill. ainsley: hollywood is rolling out the red carpeting to get democrats fired up for the mid terms. >> vote this year. volunteer. it's that important. ainsley: former home improvement star zachery ty brian is here with a message for his celebrity friends. there he is. we will talk to him coming up ♪ ♪
3:51 am
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3:53 am
3:54 am
♪ >> commit to taking action now. we are. >> if we all just take one day, a few hours to volunteer, we will be one step closer to a government that will hold this administration accountable. >> be on the right side of history. >> don't just vote this year. volunteer. steve: be on the right side of history. there have you hollywood celebrities rolling out the red carpeting to help turn out democratic voters for the mid terms this november. ed: here to weigh in actor, producer former home improvement star zachery ty bryan. sounds like they want people to be on the left side of history. >> yeah. that is kind of how it sounds. it's pretty wild that they're only just kind of pushing -- you know, as an actor one of the first things you are taught it's the fans that make you who you are. and a lot of those fans are watching in middle america. so it's kind of interesting to me to see them kind of make it so cut and dry. steve: it's almost like it's a business decision.
3:55 am
you know, i don't know about your politics, i don't know if you lean to the left or to the right, but, clearly, when you go out in public, zac, and you say, you know, support this democrat, or support this cause, half the country you are alienating. doesn't seem like a good business decision. >> yeah. it really doesn't. we are seeing in hollywood. now seeing in sports. yeah, i mean, people just -- i feel like we are at such a need of coming together and realizing we are all on the same ship and we don't want that ship to sink. and, you know, whether you disagree with the president are you don't, you know, he is doing what he feels best and he is representing a very large majority of people that live in middle america. i come from a farming town in colorado. and they are very big trump supporters. and, you know, i think we have to try to understand the other side and not just criticize the other side. and so much of it, in my
3:56 am
business, i feel comes from this elitist perspective where it's almost like they are better than you, or at least that's what i hear from a lot of my family down home. and that's kind of frustrating because these are really good hard working americans. ed: you had hillary clinton courting those elitist and shoving it down america's throat. there are people in middle america who rejected hollywood in the last election. >> that is right. i mean, you know, that's another perspective is, you know, we are here to entertain. we are here to take people out of their lives and let them think about, you know, to kind of get away from the daily routine. you know, i think there is kind of been this narcissism created that now because you're in the public eye all of a sudden you know more than the normal joe snow which isn't the case. let's see in the hollywood effort turns out, the people in november. zachery ty byron joining us
3:57 am
today out in left coast. zachery thank you very much. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank for your time, gentlemen. steve thank you for your time. we are going to step aside. more "fox & friends" for a friday coming up next. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive
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if your uc or crohn's treatment isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio®. entyvio®. relief and remission within reach. >> officer senselessly shot while trying to serve and protect. the suspect shot the officer in the back during a traffic stop. >> they don't know when they make a traffic stop what's going to happen. steve: now that the president has stripped john brennan of his security clearance it sounds like the president has developed a list of other people he would like to pull the plug on. >> i think what the left is ignoring is that i think he should have had his clearance revoked for cause. >> senator lindsey graham has written a letter to the fbi director. >> although i appreciate fbi's diligence in identifying the staff with potential ties to the chinese government i'm deeply troubled the trump campaign was not afforded the same treatment. >> the media invited to take a front row seat to a cabinet meeting after hundreds of newspaper editorials criticized his
4:01 am
treatment of journalists. >> if you like you can stay. or, if you like, you can also leave. don't forget, freedom of the press. [laughter] >> the pentagon postponing president trump's military parade. according to new reports, it would have cost $92 million. >> whoever told you that is probably smoking something that's legal in my state but not in most states. ♪ roll your window down ♪ hand in the air ♪ wild wind blowing through your hair ♪ run out of highway ♪ steve: steve was the secretary just suggesting that somebody at the pentagon was all pouted up? ed: we're smoking something this morning but it's where be could you. ainsley: that is exactly right. famous dave's is outside as you see that w. that grill that he uses to marinate the beef or ribs. scotty mccreery is going to perform for us coming up.
4:02 am
steve: all-american summer concert series brought to you by keurig. brian solve today. he is on assignment. we have ed henry in the house. ed: i came from washington for a little barbecue. steve: at love barbecue? ed: there is a lot of people out there competing for ribs. steve: they are here for scotty. he is going to kick off in about an hour. lindsey graham from the great state of south carolina has written a letter to the current fbi director to essentially say hey, what was going on at the fbi five years ago. ed: double standard, maybe? steve: completely. bark five years ago the fbi wrote to dianne feinstein, the senator from the great state of california and said, hey, we think you've got a chinese spy driving people around on your staff. ed: her driver for almost 20 years. he was her liaison to the asian american community. he depose on a trip to asia to meet with family and meets an acquaintance who all of a sudden turns out to be somebody tied to chinese intelligence. the fbi gives her a heads up
4:03 am
and says face to face you may want to take care of this this is not good. ainsley: she ends up firing the guy. senator graham is asking christopher wray to explain the doj's policy saying why did you do that for her but you didn't do that for donald trump when he was running for office? ed: he didn't get a heads up and instead they launched this secretive investigation. ainsley: using an unverified dossier. they used unverified dossier paid for by the dnc to get the fisa warrant to go in and spy on the president's campaign to see if there was someone inside working with russia. steve: and this is a portion of the letter that "fox & friends" received. lindsey graham writes although i appreciate the fbi's diligence in identifying the staff. this is on the california senator's team, with potential ties to the chinese government and providing senator feinstein with a defensive briefing, i'm deeply troubled that the trump campaign was not afforded the same treatment it appears rather than provide then candidate donald trump or trump
4:04 am
campaign officials with a defensive briefing to inform them of the fbi's concerns, the bureau opted to use a confidential informant and a dossier funded by the democratic national committee to launch an unprecedented counter intelligence investigation in to the trump campaign. and that brings us to where we are today, that, you know, it's still ongoing. we don't know how it's going to turn out. but does look like the fbi was playing political favors and so the senator from the great state of south south carolina wants to foe what's up with that. ed: lindsey graham said a couple days ago with martha before he wrote this letter look, the investigations against donald trump were corrupt to the core. those were his words the way all of this started was very underhanded and you compare that with dianne feinstein, it looks like you may have missed. this. steve: which was great that the finn did that. ed: they never did that with then candidate donald trump. ainsley: right. think about that. if they think she has a spy
4:05 am
as as a driver they tell her so it stops. what they did with president trump or donald trump at the time he was the candidate. they didn't -- how long did it go on? if they thought that people inside his campaign were colluding with russia, they were going to allow that to keep going on and sent spies in themselves? figure it out? ed: sweep under the scarpt what listening to didn't have a public accounting of that fired the guy to get rid of him. >> lindsey graham said why didn't do you for republican donald trump what you did for democrat dianne feinstein? steve: the president pulled the plug on the security clearance for the former cia director mr. brennan. well, then mr. brennan came out with an -- op-ed in the "new york times" which essentially says he, donald trump really did collude with the russians during the campaign. so, richard burr, the senator from the great state of north carolina, he.
4:06 am
ainsley: every state is great. steve: he now says if mr. brennan got this intel while at the cia, why didn't he include that in the intelligence briefing that he gave everybody regarding that. ed: before he los left office. steve: back in 2015. it continues with this. >> this is from his op-ed mr. burr. if he has other personal knowledge of or evidence of collusion, it should be disclosed to the special counsel, not the "new york times." , if however, director brennan's statement is purely political and based on conjecture the president has full authority to revoke his security clearance as head of the executive branch. ed: here is why this is important to richard burr is a republican. just defend guilty president trump. no. is he chairman of the committee critical of the president at times. saying look, we are investigating allegations of russian collusion with democrat mark warner and it's been seen as a
4:07 am
bipartisan nonpartisan investigation trying to get the facts saying i'm not covering for president trump here. if we'll find something, we find something, yet, here is he as an honest broker saying hang on a second, john brennan, going to the "new york times" allegations of treason without backing up, why didn't do you something if that's true while you were cia director? >> and if you develop something after you left the cia. go to robert mueller. something you heard while you there were at the cia. >> instead going to msnbc and the "new york times." steve: exactly right. mr. burr says look, if this is just essentially pundit talk on a cable channel. >> you don't need a security clearance go do your political hackery you don't need our intelligence secrets. steve: pull the plug. ainsley: white house says they are preparing to possibly pull some for security clearances from people. ed: james comey and bruce ohr. ainsley: he still works there and they could pull his security clearance. ed: dossier on candidate trump he has a security clearance and still has a
4:08 am
job at the justice department. steve: that's right. what's curious about him was he was involved in this counter terrorism stuff, but, fbi, he was a narcotics prosecutor. ed: justin department, yeah. steve: what is up with that. ed: and his wife worked for fusion gps that was digging up the dirt. steve: she was giving him the stuff and said honey, drop that off. ed: that's why the president has been saying there is a double standard here. he wants to talk about that sometimes. he also wants to talk about the economy. why is no one covering the good news? ainsley: yesterday they had the cabinet meeting. invited in for an hour, freedom of the press. talked about how great the economy is he took a shot at the past administration he said they claimed at one point that there were no manufacturing jobs to be had. listen to this. >> >> our economy is doing better than it ever has before. it was going in the wrong direction when we came on board. and now it's doing better than ever before. the african-american, hispanic american and asian american unemployment rates have all reached their lowest levels in recorded
4:09 am
history. and we are creating manufacturing jobs at the fastest pace in memory during the campaign everybody said that it was impossible to create manufacturing jobs. so the past administration i won't say who, i think you know, made the statement that we're not going to have any manufacturing jobs. and we're doing them by the hundreds of thousands. steve: and you know, the news has been from the economy has been really good. yesterday, the stock market took off because it sounds like we could be on the verge of doing something with china. then there is a big story today that it sounds like regarding nafta we have got almost a mexican half of it done. we are still working on. ed: canada, yeah. steve: interesting thing in some of the papers economy is going great thank barack obama's administration. all that stuff they did was a layup to the good economy. ed: in fact, i covered president obama and what president trump said yesterday is true that at rally after rally when he
4:10 am
was running for election and beyond that in 2012, barack obama would say those manufacturing jobs aren't coming back. we need to find other -- he is right that you have to find other sectors of the economy to grow. but, there were a lot of democrats saying manufacturing is never coming back. and this president said no, actually we are going to work on that and we are and now those jobs are come back. democrats were talking down and now it's coming back. ainsley: larry kudlow was on with us yesterday. ours is more than 4% right now. he said then in the obama administration they were hoping to get to 2. this president has been in office for a year and a half and his numbers are looking good. ed: i think he did a cable show before. i was noticing kudlow. ainsley: his tv experience fun to have him on easy to talk to and very real. steve: some of the stuff going on right now. for more we have jillian who joins us with a fox news alert good morning to you. jillian: that's right. good morning. sad news to report. let's get you caught up on this. a police officer is fighting for his life after an ambush
4:11 am
attack in phoenix overnight. he was attempting a traffic stop when the suspect opened fire. the unidentified officer then shot back. >> they don't know when they make a traffic stop what's going to happen in that traffic stop. at the same time, day in and day out they get up, they put this uniform on. they put a vest on. they go out and protect our community. jillian: according to our affiliate in phoenix they are both in critical condition. the white house is ready to slap more sanctions on turkey if an american pastor is not freed. >> turkey, they have not proven to be a good friend. they have a great christian pastor there. is he a very innocent man. i just think it's a terrible thing that they're holding him. ainsley: u.s. putting increasing economic pressure on turkey as the government refuses to release pastor andrew brun son. he was arrested in 2015 accused of spying and terrorism. he denies those charges. channeling the power of prayer. the father of missing iowa
4:12 am
college student mollie tibbets is opening up about his meeting with vice president mike pence. >> his chief of staff said a very beautiful prayer. we all bowed our heads and it was very emotional moment. and the whole meeting was very touching. jillian: mollie tibbets has been missing for a month. new website has generated 200 new tips just this week. ♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t ♪ what it means to me ♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t ♪ jillian: tributes pouring in this morning for legendary singer aretha franklin. the queen of soul aretha franklin is dead a great woman with a wonderful gift from god, her voice. she will be missed. nasa tweeting out a photo of this asteroid named after franklin saying it will continue orbiting beyond mars.
4:13 am
pop star ariana grande paying tribute singing natural woman on "the tonight show" ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ woman jillian: franklin died by family and friends in her detroit home after battling pancreatic cancer. she was 76 years old. send it back to you. ainsley: what a voice. steve: we listened to her voice all day yesterday she will live on. us. steve: she will indeed. jillian thank you very much. sources say president trump's military parade will cost $892 million. for a parade. that's not what secretary mattis says. >> anybody who says that i almost guarantee you one thing, they probably said i need to stay anonymous, no kidding because you look like annual idiot. steve: mad dog was just getting warmed up. ainsley: it just got worse
4:14 am
for that mexican restaurant who got death threats for serving jeff sessions. now relearned the media is getting boycott. rachel campos-duffy says shame on them and she joins us next to react. steve: good morning. come on in. book now at with advil liqui-gels, what bad shoulder? what headache? advil is relief that's fast strength that lasts you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels at priceline, to save you money.ways like mixing and matching airlines to get lower prices on flights.
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♪ ed: a mexican restaurant in houston under fire, still
4:18 am
under fire about a week long now for serving attorney general jeff sessions. that's all they did. steve: some on the political left are calling for a boycott of the mexican restaurant including anchors at spanish channel univision anchor salvido defending the attack. >> this what divided america looks like. there is something to be said about jeff sessions man, moral convictions of a man opposed every evident to broken immigration charge led the charge to de human mizeed criminalize immigrants. shows up at mexican order to order rancheros. ainsley: adding to the division of this nation. here to join us is rachel campos-duffy. >> thank you for having me. sessions comes to texas. there for official event. the restaurant only hears that he is coming -- an official is coming, secret
4:19 am
service. he doesn't even know the owner who is it is. shows up. the chef does what chef does a lot of times. they take a picture. the social media team posts it. and there ensues progressives decide they are going to boycott the restaurant. steve: social media just said it was an honor to serve him, right? >> that's right. let me tell you the owner of the restaurant had to take down the account. he said that his children were being insulted. his family was being insulted. and then univision decides to cover this story which i think is obviously going to exacerbate the problem for the small business owner who is only doing his job. ed: yeah. what's the alternative? don't serve him? we have seen that in other cases with sarah sanders don't serve trump officials. >> don't honor him by posting the picture. the message is very clear. the message isn't just to jeff sessions and the administration saying don't go to mexican restaurants. the message is very clear
4:20 am
from univision and all the elites and the hispanic community which is if you show any support for the trump administration, we will destroy you. we will shame you and by the way univision devotes 3 minutes to this story, this stupid boycott. they have had trouble reporting on the amazing economic news for hispanics. 62 persia62% of hispanics say ty are better off today than two years ago. support for trump has gone up by 10%. univision doesn't want their viewers to hear that. they definitely want to shame them if they decide to show public support. steve: rachel, it's an election year, maybe they don't want to tout the economic numbers. >> that's exactly what's happening. steve: we will be watching the two of them this weekend. rachel: yes, we are on together. tune in this weekend. saturday and sunday. ainsley: thanks so much. ed: good to see you. andrew cuomo doubling down on those bizarre comments. >> we are not going to make
4:21 am
america great again. it was never that great. [laughter] ed: well, joey jones begs to differ. he lost both leg leg serving in afghanistan. he says the geerch coward. he joining us ahead ♪ ♪ over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die.
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4:25 am
16 to 24 were unemployed. that's nearly a half a point drop from last year. and finally, $24.5 million. that's how much money you'll have to fork over if you want to be president trump's neighbor. the apartment directly below his, trump tower home, is currently up for sale and that ladies and gentlemen, is the price tag. and that's some of your news by the numbers. ainsley? ed: that's a pretty sweet apartment. new york governor andrew cuomo coming under fire after saying this about america. >> we're not going to make america great again. it was never that great. [gasps and laughter] ainsley: wow. let's get reaction now from joey jones retired marine corps bomb tec technician who lost both of his legs in a bomb blast.
4:26 am
, good morning. ainsley: you said you governor cuomo are a coward. how did you feel when you heard those words? >> it's pretty obvious that people are starting to say what they really believe. in 2016 the american voter rejected the idea that we'll somehow tax our way out of irresponsible spending and we want our daily lives regulated to the point of what we can drink and what we can't. those types of policies have been rejected by america. so governor cuomo has been defeated in his policies and so his reaction is to look at this and go, oh, you know what? it wasn't worth fighting for any way. america wasn't that great anyway. it's a cowardice move and one i take objection. to say. ed: president had a response we're not going to make america great again, america wasn't that great can you believe this is the governor of the highest taxed state andrew cuomo having a total meltdown. cuomo, of course, reacted what you said would be great again will note be great at all. we will not go back to
4:27 am
segregation, sexism, isolationism racism or the kk. like new york's motto says excelsior every upward. eric trump tweeting out when rfp bvr woongt he great when we beat the nazis and made he think about the greatest generation we should always salute. your generation, joey which we should salute as well. >> purdue university to their veterans one year, and i said i'm looking at america's next great generation. this is a generation of men and women who have volunteered to fight in. we have ever seen. even beyond all that, i want to give governor cuomo a little bit of a lesson real quick. make america great again and what he means and voters voted for here, make our elected representatives represent our greatness again, who we are as people.
4:28 am
there was a personal responsibility. time when you looked at someone with a different colored skin who prayed different place or ate differently than do you or had a different culture and you saw an american. there was a time when someone's house burned down down the street. you were the first one there to help them. i believe that those people still alive and well in our country elected representative. they don't see it that way. they don't look to represent that part of america. people like governor cuomo have little faith in us as a people that he is referring. to say you see, for elected representatives it's a lot easier to tell you what's wrong than to spend fixing it. when we talk about make america great again. we mean make our elected representatives represent who we are again and by that matter we are a great place. we have pretty much always been a great place. never utopia but always striving to be one. anyone in charge of a state as important as new york that can't see that has no place in the political discourse. ainsley: a state where 12 million people came into
4:29 am
this great country for a great life. you know why america is great? because we have great soldiers, warriors like you. heroes country, but protect other people thank you so much. lost both of your legs fighting for this country. yowe think you are great. hundreds of 234507s publishing anti-trump editorials nationwide. what did president trump do? >> i want to thank you, thank you all for being here. so if you would like, can you stay. or if you would like, you can also leave. don't forget, freedom of the press. ainsley: what does the media not understanding about the president? we're going to ask kellyanne conway coming up next. ed: plus we have country music star scotty mccreery he is over at the keurig corner performing live on the all-american summer concert series ♪ ♪ are you taking the tissue test?
4:30 am
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♪ >> i have not seen an estimate of $92 million. the estimates are coming to me. i have given initial guidance, but i have received no such -- i haven't received an estimate of 10 million or 92 million. whoever told that you is probably smoking something that's legal in my state but not in most states. okay? i would discount that and anybody who said that, i almost guarantee you one thing they probably said i need to stay anonymous. no kidding because you look like an idiot and, number two, whoever wrote it needs to get better sources. steve: there have you got mad dog out and about flying to an assignment and yesterday he was reacting to a reporter's question about how, we hear this presidential parade, the military parade could cost $92 million, according to the i think cnbc he said
4:34 am
where did you come up with that number because that's not right. ed: they must be smoking something. ainsley: they must be smoking something. no wonder they want to be anonymous because they look like an idiot. why would a parade ever cost $92 million? remember when the president went over to france and liked the bastille day there and he has been talking about having that parade. the resist movement doesn't like that and they say it's going to be very expensive. ed: first threw this idea out there. why in the world would you do something like this authoritarians do. the french, one of our key allies do all the time. now the argument shifts to well, it's going to cost too much money. you heard the defense secretary saying it's not going to cost that much. steve: kellyanne conway live on the north lawn of the white house. kellyanne when the number came out were people in the white house going where in the heck did that number come from? >> i'm just happy this president has been the best friend to veterans and military parade or no parade this calendar year. what he has done for our
4:35 am
great men and women in uniform over $700 billion in funding the first major pay raise they have had in many years. they have got the respect and the resources they need and they deserve. and look what he has done to our veterans absent a parade. let's run through the tape here and review some of it. the va choice act allowing our veterans who cannot access timely quality care through the v.a. system, which most say they can to go into the private sector and access those options. and not have to pay out of pocketed for them. the whistle blower and accountability act was really remarkable, helping folks to ferret out abuses or fraud and be protected in the meantime and more accountability in the v.a. also, this president through the gi education bill, he said that you use your benefits at any time. there was real uncertainty in that. the list goes on and on. and the opioid space which i work on here the v.a. has been a tremendous partner in helping our veterans understand that pain management may not always
4:36 am
mean pain medication. we don't need a parade to celebrate all this president has done for those brave men and women in uniform and all the people are so anti-american, america was never great, abolish ice, spitting on men and women in uniform. disrespecting the flag when they have the opportunity. i'm very proud to work for a man who loves this country and the men and women in uniform parade or no parade. steve: of course, the news today it sounds like. >> man mowing the lawn. steve: of course he is mowing on tv and there he goes. ed: a little parade going on behind you. >> here is our parade. ed: what do you think about lindsey graham coming out with this letter? we have heard so much about the president, the investigation, robert mueller and all the rest and then on the other side of the aisle you have dianne feinstein turns out she had a driver for 20 years driving around who essentially was a chinese spy. the fbi went to her secretly five years ago and said hey, you might have a problem. she fires the staff and kind of sweeps it under the carpet.
4:37 am
a little bit different than the way the investigation of the president has been handled. ainsley: is that double standard. >> we already know we are not looking for evidence out of whole cloth that she had a chinese spy looking for her, driving to her, listening to her conversations, i guess, catching her as she's drivers do in very personal moments when you are talking on the phone or reviewing documents. maybe speaking out loud to a person next to you a staff member, perhaps. we already have that evidence. it goes to the selectivity. people talk about media bias and i often talk the selectivity of what you choose to cover. and what you choose to exclude from public view. i'm a big fan of a free press and the president is, too. he made clear yesterday, a free press has to be a fair press. and with over 0% negative coverage of this president, folks aren't getting the information that they need. i think her having a chinese spy driving her around for 20 years is pretty remarkable. to that point, saying people have to get the information they need, we have been going back and looking at
4:38 am
some of the coverage right before the election in 2016, because it is starting to mirror the coverage before the election. people were biased then, repressing them through polling data. it didn't matter to the people they got out and voted. steve: the president has gotten a lot of mainstream criticism because of his decision to pull the security clearance of john brennan, former cia guy. now, what's backing up behind you now? what is going on there? what is going on there? ainsley: i think they are weeding, vert fisaing, growing, planting. >> now they are on national tv. so anyway, there is a story in the "the washington post" that says the president is about to or has decided that he may pull other people's security clearances. anything to that? >> so, in the terms of mr. brennan, i see many people saying that this is nakedly political because is he a trump critic. no, you keep those security
4:39 am
clearances as a professional courtesy or to keep an unbroken line for the next successor administration if you be helpful with respect to national security. he has proven neither. in fact, is he a cable news pundit now. and he is not just critical of the administration, it turns out chairman burr, that's beside the point, really. chairman burr made very clear that if john brennan felt he had information about collusion in the campaign, which, of course, he doesn't, why doesn't he make it a part of his testimony and what he has submitted to the committee? why is he doing it in the "new york times" op-ed? why is he screaming about it on a lower rated cable network? because that's where he is making his money now. so, i know it says former cia director. what is he doing currently to merit that security clearance? this is not about being a critic of the president there is a loft people, especially on social media yapping, clapping and slapping at the president and his defenders and his
4:40 am
voters, who cares? it doesn't really amount to anything. this is serious stuff. steve: will more security clearances be pulled. >> that's up to the president. he has the authority to do it. it's not willy-nilly. you see all the corruption at the tippy top level at the fbi and doj in the last administration when they were so desperate to prop up and failing and weak pathetic candidate. they are trying to dig up dirt and see these new emails from bruce ohr. only guy left over there the chief stands alone. you see it's very discerning to people that you have people at the top levels of the fbi. comey, mccabe, bruce ohr, lisa page, peter strzok, ohr's wife nellie. these should be household names now. and people should ask themselves why would these folks be there? why were they tipping the scales politically? and if it is meritorious. why do people have security clearance. some no longer do why do some? ainsley: talk about the press. editorial board newspapers across the country.
4:41 am
like 380 i believe attacking the president. the president yesterday at the cabinet meeting he said he was joking about freedom of the press. listen to this. >> >> i want thank you. thank you all for being here. if you would like, you can stay. or, if you would like, you can also leave. [laughter] don't forget, freedom of the press. ainsley: kellyanne, what's your response. >> he does believe in free document press. it's shocking when you have so many people now nakedly wearing their politics on their sleeves and not reporting the news. just offering their opinion, particularly in their capacities on news programs and on social media. i said many times it would not pass an editor's desk. even the most varntly anti-trump. i don't know that we needed a dave action to have the press come together and be against the president because they feel that they're duty-bound to do that pretty much every single day. i just have a slightly different perspective than everybody else on this. i'm not sure it matters much anymore. as i was saying, even before
4:42 am
the election in 2016, the media constantly fed everybody their repressive poll numbers, inaccurate. their spin, she can't lose. can he never win. what a joke. what are they doing? people turned out anyway. why? because they got the message directly from candidate trump and candidate pence and now the president and vice president's administration. they are getting their information many different ways and they are going to ignore the critics and the naysayers. they know what they see and what they see are fatter paychecks, a booming economy. consumer confidence. retail spending, productivity, manufacturing job creating. ed: are you saying a free press doesn't matter anymore i want to be clear. >> no. of course not. ed: what are you saying. >> absolutely not. it's a bedrock of our democratic society it is a bedrock but with a free press should come a fair press. and yes a critical press. criticism and skepticism have given way to cynicism. and frankly, i see people on tv every day he saying things that just aren't true. they are saying it as it's their opinion and they ought
4:43 am
to just say that they ought to say by the way, this is my opinion, i'm being paid in this particular forum to be critical. this is not news you can use, it is my opinion. of course we need a free press. it is the first amendment. one of the bedrock principles of our constitution. isn't it curious that the latest polls which you never see in any of those 300 papers show the press' approval rating at about 20% or so? i think that's caution causatiot coincidence they have earned that 20% approval rating people are tuning them out and turning them off. they know what they see and what thee see a booming economy and peace and prosperity in many places under the president's leadership. steve: we know unemployment is at record low number and we know that somebody is mowing the lawn before 8:00 on the north lawn. >> we're not pro-green. look at us over here. and look at us, a pro-press president has the media in the cabinet room for almost an hour yesterday and he did. steve: all right. kellyanne, thank you very much. >> thank you. ainsley: all right. well, he promised it would
4:44 am
not happen and now president trump says he really is making the economy great again. steve: she just mentioned that. >> during the campaign everybody said it was impossible to create manufacturing jobs we're doing them by the hundreds of thousands. yes. start them off right. with the school supplies they need at low prices all summer long. like these for only a 25 cents at office depot officemax. a hotel can make or break a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave.
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♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia.
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4:47 am
if you have asthma, and are taking asthma medicines do not change or stop your asthma medicine without talking to your doctor. help heal your skin from within. ask your eczema specialist about dupixent. jillian: good friday morning to you. back with headlines now. the lawyer for the former it aid to debbie wasserman schultz says his client deserves no jail time, why? they claim president trump and the media were mean to him and that's punishment enough? enron pleaded guilty to bank fraud last month and will be sentenced next week. he was banned from the house network after congressional investigators say he made unauthorized access to computers. president trump has tweeted about his scandal. he was arrested at the airport trying to fly pakistan. and to stop what you are doing and just take a look at this. a felon gets hit by a stun gun trying to run from police. just watch the guy behind the camera says hit record when he realized this wasn't
4:48 am
a, quote, cop charity fun run. >> the culprit just jump out of the bushes out of nowhere. okay. have you got to film this. is he about to get tackled and even better he got tased. jillian: colorado police say the suspect was wanted for felony assault. but, i mean, you just look -- he just like face plants into the ground, that's crazy. ed: remember that don't tase me bro? steve: we do. jillian, thank you very much. stuart is joining us and, stuart, you know, i'm sure on your show you were talking about how andrew cuomo said a couple days ago america was never great. the president in the united states in the last 90 seconds tweeted this out how does a politician cuomo known for pushing people and businesses out of his state not to mention highest taxes in his statement survive the statement we're not going to make america great again; it was never that great. which section of that sentence is worse, stuart varney? ainsley: lots of people retweeting it and liking it. >> the idea that america was
4:49 am
never great is utter nonsense. steve: you should know. you were an immigrant. >> i came here 40 years ago. did i make a mistake? was i coming to a lousy country? was i a fool to come here? i don't think so. i know what makes america great. it's that feeling of the ability to move up the food chain. is it doesn't matter who your mom and dad were. it doesn't count. it doesn't matter how are. can you do it? steve: american dream. >> brains, talent, drivability. you got it? come on in and see how far can you go. cuomo completely destroyed that whole idea of what america is all about. frankly, i'm sorry, you are laughing, but i took it personally, yes, i did. i don't like that kind of thing. ed: his father talked about the american dream in that '84 convention speech that got democrats excite bud mario cuomo run for president. about italian immigrant making it in america. >> slightest thing wrong as you look into the distant past. slightest thing wrong you can't say america is great. are we forgetting d-day the
4:50 am
moon shot the brilliant economy which provides a great standard of living to 300 million people? i'm getting wound up. calm me down, please. steve: economy is something you talk about every day for three hours. the economy is really buzzing right now. >> i have got two items to add to that yes, the economy is doing extremely well. point number one. youth unemployment right now this summer is at 50 year low. i call that pretty good. ainsley: why is that? >> we have a booming economy. we have a very tight labor market. so employers are finding and looking wherever they can. ed: real quick what's the second item. >> the second item is that consumers are spending like crazy. seen the sales figures from nordstrom, high end. walmart lower end. huge sales increases. ainsley: because of tax cut people have more money in their pocket. >> we have double the growth rate in our economy than we had 18 months ago in the last part of obama presidency. ed: fired up good news is you have three more hours coming up. >> i will need three hours
4:51 am
or more. steve: stuart, thank you very much. ainsley: happy friday. >> thank you. ainsley: scotty mccreery is outside gearing up for summer concert series. come on out if you are in the new york area. steve: he's next. ough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. talk to your doctor ♪ or pharmacist today ♪
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4:54 am
♪ steve: last summer this multiplatinum selling country star joined us with first number one hit "five more minutes." ainsley: is he back with new song "this is it" about his proposal to his high school sweetheart. ed: with some songs off his new album. here is scotty mccreery who just got married. >> yes, sir, how are you doing. thank you very much. i appreciate it. ainsley: two months ago. >> two months ago almost to the day. it's been an exciting year.
4:55 am
janice: everyone loves video. >> it was perfect. ainsley: 4 million views and it just came out. this s. it. >> i wrote it two weeks before we got engaged it's kind of our song. i sang it to her on our wedding night. steve: that's beautiful. we were talking about this earlier in the kissinger corner. this is going to become the it wedding song of 2018-2019. >> that would be awesome. steve: that would be awesome. here is something a lot of you folks don't realize he does travel. she does travel sometimes. she is over in the bus right now sleeping. keep it down. >> don't play the music too loud. ainsley: you said in her childhood diary she had little she was in love with you little. started dated in high school. never broke up. >> seven. met very first day of kindergarten class and grew up together. janice: that could be a lifetime series movie. >> i don't know about us
4:56 am
acting. ainsley: reality show. what's the secret then? >> we keep each other grounded. she is awesome. she loves this. but she could really care less at the end of the day. she is a nurse. she is doing the hard work. janice: she is a nurse. that's amazing. >> absolutely. she is an incredible woman. steve: that's great. i have saw you on the steve harvey "family feud" the other night. >> did you see that buoy how funny. ainsley: expressions. >> nerve-racking but really fun. steve: ever since you won "american idol" "fox & friends." we have been with you from the very beginning. today you are going to perform this is it for the first time on tv. >> announcing new tour as well. seasons change tour november 29th. starting up in dallas, texas. jimmy has an album out we are excited about. janice: are you guys excited? [cheers] >> all right. steve: we're going to hear it next hour. steve: thank you, scotty. >> see you all in a bit.
4:57 am
steve: meanwhile, president trump revoked john brennan's security clearance is that just the start? will there be more? geraldo rivera here to react coming up next on it friday in the summer on "fox & friends." [cheers and applause] not so cute when they're angry. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
4:58 am
. . . .
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5:00 am
♪ >> officer senselessly shot during a traffic stop. >> they don't know when they make a traffic stop what is going to happen. steve: senator lindsey graham has written a letter to the fbi director. ainsley: i am deeply troubled that the trump campaign was not afforded the same treatment. >> we'll not make america great again. it was never that great. [shouting] >> governor cuomo has been defeated in his policies. his reaction to look at this and go, america wasn't that great anyway. that is cowardice move. one i take objection to. >> invited to a cabinet meeting after hundreds of newspaper editorials criticized treatment of journalist.
5:01 am
>> if you like you can stay, if you like you can also leave. don't forget, freedom of the press. >> the pentagon postponing military parade. according to reports it would have cost $92 million. >> whoever told you that is smoking something that is not -- is legal in most states but not in my state. ♪ ♪ yellow lights on and off interrupting that good night kissing, i want five more minutes ♪ ♪ summertime the clock don't stop ♪
5:02 am
♪ ♪ give myself five more minutes ♪ steve: that is his number one song, five more minutes. scotty mcceery performing as all our american summer concert series today brought to you by our friends at keurig. he has one more hour. ainsley: they love country music. it tell as story. five more minutes, with your grandparents, imagine. life is so precious. enjoy your weekend, everyone. it is friday. you worked very hard. enjoy all the five minutes you are about to have with your family and friends. ed: fortunate to have time with you guys this morning. thank you for having me. steve: we have at least five more minutes with geraldo rivera, fox news correspondent at large.
5:03 am
geraldo, i'm sure you say lindsey graham sent a note to the fbi director. we have a double standard. dianne feinstein, the smart from great state of california, had perhaps a chinese spy on her staff driving people around, the fbi said we think you have a chinese spy driving around, where was the same courtesy given to the trump campaign? why didn't they say we have problems with george papdopoulus or -- ainsley: carter page. steve: carter page or any of these guys? >> tell you in 30 seconds, let me say that i'm very disappointed there won't be a parade come armistice day, november 11th, 2018, the 100th anniversary of the end of world war i, recognizing all the sacrifice that all our gis made in that war, the great war, all the wars since, we lost over 300,000 of them. in terms of the fbi's double standard, it is clear, isn't it?
5:04 am
that the fbi wanted dianne feinstein to know the risks in her own camp with this chinese driver because the fbi cared about senator feinstein and cared about the possibility of security leaks and the fact that guy could have been a spy. on the other hand with carter page and with george papdopoulus the fbi's motive seems to be to get dirt on the trump campaign. their prime motivation does not seem to me, having viewed so much of the data since this scandal has broken, that the fbi's prime motivation was to stop russian meddling. rather it was to find out who in the trump campaign was or could have been guilty of colluding with the russians and get trump, rather than help trump. ed: geraldo, you rightly honored our gis. what about the g-men and g-women
5:05 am
at the fbi supposed to be non-partisan, supposed to be equal justice under the law? if they suspect a chinese spy in a democratic senator's campaign or a russian meddling in a republican campaign, should there be a equal standard? >> i think the whole flap over john brennan's security clearance is very, very clear indication of where people stand in this controversy having to do with president trump. john brennan was a great head of cia, a great national security asset. he was a fierce defender of american security but he hates donald trump. now he has become, one of the most virulent pundits you could ever possibly be, saying some. most outrageous things about the president. see it in today's "times." john brennan writes in the op-ed, mr. trump is more desperate to protect himself and close to him, why he made the
5:06 am
politically motivated decision to revoke my security clearance in an attempt to scare into silence others who might challenge him. i have an alternate view. they cut him off, cut brennan off because brennan is supposed to be non-partisan. he is supposed to be apolitical. he is anything but. he is attacked this president with all guns blazing. ainsley: trying to silence him. he is clearly not being silent. he is writing op-eds, going on nbc and his job at msnbc. the president is not silencing him. he is just stripping him of his security clearance. >> stripping him of a security clearance, he is going on msnbc, he is going on cnn, saying some things about the president that are really wild and so harshly critical and construing everything the president did in the most evil way possible. john brennan has forfeited the right to appear before the american people as the objective, solid, you know,
5:07 am
low-key professional spy that worked for america and did everything -- he has become just another run-of-the-mill trump hater to me. i honor his service and the service of admiral mcraven who was in charge of rob o'neill and other guys took out bin laden on the fabulous mission, i honor their service, they can not, certainly john brennan can not sit there today and take the moral high ground that he has, you know, viewed the facts and circumstances of this in a sober and objective light and cares only about helping the american people. i think he is making a political point. i wouldn't be surprised if he became an active political partisan democrat going forward. steve: i tell you what, geraldo, another trump hater is the governor of this state andrew cuomo here in new york. he said a couple days ago, obviously donald trump had gotten under husband skin, and he said, paraphrasing the
5:08 am
president's motto, make america great again, cuomo said, america was never great. there have been democrats walking away from the governor because they can't believe he said that cynthia nixon, the comments were an attempt to woo the liberal wing. the president of the united states just tweeted something out in the last ten minutes, do you think he misspoke or he really means this. >> let me give governor cuomo the benefit of the doubt because i loved his father, mario cuomo. three-time governor was a dear friend of mine. a constant guest on my cnbc show, rivera live. matilda cuomo, one of the great active people in the new york state. andrew cuomo is a dear friend. governor cuomo, i can't believe that he meant, i think what he meant, let me help him out here,
5:09 am
america is will except that we did have slavery, we had discrimination and poverty. we have social problems. but to say it the way he said it, seems so clumsy particularly for a family storied for its eloquence. governor cuomo the first speech of the city on the hill and all that, he gave flourish to american political rhetoric and praising the country, extolling its virtues and wanting it to be even better than it was. andrew is much more plodding in his, in his speech than his dad was. i'm sure he regrets this. i have heard his remarks explaining it and, i have to give him the benefit of the doubt because i love the cuomo family. ainsley: why isn't he saying that, geraldo? >> i should pick up the phone. ainsley: we didn't mean it, you correct it the next day. that is not happening. he doubled down, he tweeted out doubling down. >> you know why, ainsley? you know the answer to this, and everybody watching knows the answer to this.
5:10 am
to admit that you made a mistake saying something about donald trump is something that sticks in the craw of most democrats. they just can't get -- trump -- he is right about that, what -- [inaudible] yeah it was. they did invent the cool stuff. ainsley: do you think he still win? >> he running against cynthia nixon is so far left, she will get 25% of the vote i would imagine. cuomo will walk into the re-election but i, i think, if you asked me in a broader sense politically, i think the too many pundits like john brennan are underestimating the strength of the president. the resilience of his appeal, and the fact that some people see through this. george papdopoulus, carter page, you should have told us about these dudes as soon as you suspected sew we could put eyes on them and make sure they didn't get sensitive information, instead of holding
5:11 am
it back, gotcha. ed: as geraldo 2018, he may be reelected. any chance 2020 is out the window. >> out the window. steve: 8:11 jillian has a fox news alert. jillian: we have the fox news alert. a missing mother and two young daughters found dead in colorado. now her husband and the girls father is behind bars. chris watts faces murder charges after reportedly admitting to police he killed them and leading investigators to their bodies. just days ago he gave this chilling interview. >> it is not something i could ever, ever fathom would happen in my lifetime and, and i have no inclination where she is. this house is not complete with anybody here. jillian: shannon watts and her daughters were reported missing on monday. she was 15 weeks pregnant.
5:12 am
a powerful storm cause as tent to collapse. knocked unconscious at a gathering for bank shareholders in alabama. other people have injuries to their necks and backs. three are in serious condition. it happened moments before college coach lou holtz was scheduled to speak at meeting. the jury in paul manafort's trial asked four questions, one definition of reasonable doubt. big stir before the jury got started, judge t.s. eliot, asking is mr. trump here causing heads to turn. turns out there was a prosecutor named mr. trump in the courthouse for totally unrelated case. 40 years ago grease was the word and this week the word is reunion. ♪
5:13 am
danny and sandy themselves, john travolta, olivia newton-john, showing same dance moves on the red carpet. the pair appearing with several other cast members at special 40th anniversary of greece in beverly hills. isn't that cool. ainsley: i could watch that. it is so cool. see what they look like now. steve: grease is the word. thankthank you, jillian. a police officer fighting for his life after being ambushed overnight in phoenix. the latest attack on police. ainsley: plus what kind of a job can you get with a degree bashing the president? one university wants to find out. not kidding you. ♪ -i've seen lots of homes helping new customers
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ainsley: we're back with a fox news alert. a police officer is fighting for his life after an ambush attack in phoenix overnight. steve: police say he was attempting a traffic stop when the suspect opened fire on him. ed: rob schmitt joins us live with now how it all unfolded. good morning, rob. reporter: yeah, guys, attacks we're hearing about all too
5:18 am
often a officer senselessly shot while working to protect and serve. police say that the suspect here shot the officer in the back after both of them got out of their cars during a traffic stop. that officer who has been on the force for about a year, returning fire on the driver. >> they don't know when, when they make a traffic stop what's going to happen in that traffic stop but at the same time, day in, day out, they get up, put the uniform on, put a vest on, they go out and protect our community. reporter: the risks they take to protect and serve. fellow women, men in blue, showing support, waiting outside the hospital for any news. according to the phoenix affiliate both the officer and suspect are in critical condition. this happening weeks after arizona state trooper tyler edhoffer was shot and killed responding to a call. the 24-year-old lofted his life on the last day of training. he previously served in the marines. 20-year-old ice act king
5:19 am
pleading not guilty to first-degree murder and attempted murder charges in that deadly shooting. phoenix police currently conducting a study why so many officers are being shot in the line of duty, especially more recently, how exactly they can stop it. guys, send it back to you. ed: important study to get to the bottom of it quickly. steve: rob, thank you very much. we'll keep you posted on the officer's condition. meanwhile, ed? ed: one nfl team wanted to make a deal with "blue lives matter." the group told them take a stand for the flag or take a hike. carley shimkus here with that and the day's trending stories next. ainsley: but first, carley, come over. first, scotty mcceery performing, wherever you are. hey. as pie.
5:20 am
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♪ ed: good morning again, some quick headlines. first it was guns and knives. now london's mayor wants to ban cars to keep the city safe. sadiq khan says he wants to keep vehicles away from certain spots around the city. his idea comes days after a man drove through a barrier outside the houses of parliament and injured three people in a terror attack. illegalling crossings in their country is a crisis ahead of crucial elections. police say 7300 people were arrested at border from april to july alone. 400 people crossing every single day. some lawmakers are calling for yes, a border fence. they're pointing the finger at prime minister justin trudeau, who says all refugees are welcome. he said that last year. steve? steve: ed, thank you very much. we're live in front of our building, with the live studio
5:24 am
audience, with carley shimkus as you can see right there. aretha franklin died yesterday. that is it what the internet is talking about. >> she was a legend, a once in a lifetime talent. people reflected so postively when she sang she made you feel something. this is bernadette a big fan of aretha franklin. everybody is obviously a big music fan because we're enjoying scott my mcceery, all about aretha franklin and her memory. what does aretha franklin mean to you? >> respect. she was always cool. gave a positiveness saning. she was a force. everybody loved her because she was that force. everything she sang about was very meaningful to me and to most people. >> what was your favorite aretha franklin song, so many to choose from? >> respect. >> that is mine too. steve: so many to choose one. >> that is the top one. i have a sister, when see went
5:25 am
through her divorce, that was it, that was the song she stuck by. >> female empowerment song. fantastic song. great wedding song as well. steve: indeed. something trending online, carley the fact an activist group sounded like they had a deal with the nfl and something went haywire. >> "blue lives matter" a pro-police group, they turned down the opportunity to partner with the jets, the new york jets, reached out to them, all because of the national anthem kneeling controversy which is hot button issue with a lot of folks. i think a lot of our viewers feel very specific way about it. steve: i wish we had somebody to talk to about that. >> let's turn to army veteran, ron. ron, how do you feel about the national anthem kneeling controversy? >> well, between myself, my dad, and my brother we have over 100 years of service. steve: wow. >> i was with the army special
5:26 am
force, 82nd airborne division, third infantry division. i spent four different years in vietnam. my family fought for this country. as far as i'm concerned that national anthem everybody should be standing. >> a round of applause for you, ron. thank you very much. thank you for your service. steve: ron, are you still watching the nfl? >> all the time. steve: okay. >> alshon jeffrey was one of my students. steve: very good. >> no jets players ever knelt for the national anthem. important to note. steve: there is some delicious food from famous dave. i don't see any french fries but french fries are burning up the online world. >> frenzy over french fries. a big controversy in maine. the restaurant received death threats hostility, changed the shape of the fries from cringe
5:27 am
kel cut to stretched cut. >> all that over cringe kel? >> my favorite kind of fries is the cringe kel cut french fries. >> interesting shape of a fry changes the taste. >> absolutely changes the taste. steve: that is good point. they were cringe kel cut and now they were what? >> straight cut. i don't condone violence but do a lot for waffle fries. steve: take a audience poll right now. the choice is, what do you like, krinkle cut, or straight cut. hands up. hands down. see the hands for straight cut. all right. hands down. >> i think we're really hungry. steve: can i see the hands for freedom fries?
5:28 am
[cheering] i think we have a winner. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. carley, thank you. >> thank you. steve: i will have some breakfast. ed, ainsley, back into you. ed: sounds like freedom fries won. ainsley: i like it. they had to change the shape of the french fry because the the krinkel was expensive. ed: in new mexico outrage grows over the judge who actually freed five jihadi suspects. you bet michelle malkin will be fired up. she joins us next. ainsley: what kind of job can you get with a degree in bashing the president? there is one university, they're hoping to find out seriously. ed: first here is scottry mcceery, with, see you tonight. ♪ so i'm coming over if it's all
5:29 am
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♪ ♪ we're all american guys and never giving up ♪ ♪ what we believe in ed: "all american concert series," you will here scotty mcceery in a little bit. go out to the hard of america in colorado where we formally find
5:33 am
our friend michelle malkin, host of michelle malkin investigates on crtv. ainsley: good morning, michelle. >> good morning. ed: good to have you. steve: i'm sure you've been following the same story we have, discovering last 10 days or so there was this compound out in new mexico we didn't know exactly what they were. they thought they might be trying to teach kids to be school shooters, and now we've seen that apparently some judge out there said, yeah, the, really haven't proven that this group is a danger to the community. so everybody gets out for $20,000 a head regarding bond. >> yeah, well first let me provide context. i've been reporting on the father of the siraj wahhaj for 13 years. he has been providing ideology.
5:34 am
he was placing propaganda on subways since 2005. i was reporting on muslim training grounds operating across the country essentially in plain sight for 11 years. there are many jihad watchdog investigators are warn about this, to their peril. not only because they invite death threats for doing their work but attacks from the far left, being what called, quote, unquote, islamophobic. i want to say to the reaction to the judge's decision, to consider releasing these suspects on 20,000-dollars bonds is, number one, death threats are unacceptable no matter what. but of course the press is playing that up because they are playing into cair propraganda. i absolutely believe in the presumption much innocence, not only federal guarranty but a
5:35 am
guarranty in the state of new mexico, however at least two of these, now detained, but may be released, two of these suspects have demonstrated a propensity to abscond. one is of course siraj wahhaj himself who has warrant for his arrest related to the disappearance of 3-year-old whose body was found on the compound. number two, jamie lavell, overstayed the visa, illegal alien from haiti, been here for 20 years. they don't have a national security entry exit database to prevent this visa overstay problem exploited by the 9/11 hijackers. ed: michelle, i read the judge's ruling on bail, you're absolutely right, at least one child was found dead inside there. even if there is presumption of innocence, oh, maybe they weren't training them for school shootings, at least one child in their care died, the judge basically said in this decision, we're not really sure the circumstances around it. how can you determine that they're not a threat to the community when at least one
5:36 am
child in their care, in their custody died? ainsley: look at the filth those kids were living in too. >> yes. one of the things that troubles me, i actually read the full ruling from this judge, is there is almost defensiveness i think that resonate among the far left, there is no clear and convincing evidence and i don't understand why the prosecutors are bringing up the quote, unquote, faith of the suspects. it is not their faith. it is the idea that this is, that it would be islamophobic to keep them detained for public safety reasons, she misunderstands it. it is their radical, violent ideology, and siraj wahhaj was an extreme muslim and his father is someone who believed that our constitutional government should be substituted with a caliphate. that's the problem. ainsley: michelle, let's change gears, something a little lighter. i know you have two children, you're sending one off to college this year like a lot of parents.
5:37 am
steve: what? ainsley: you don't look like you have -- i know you want to share some tips. lots of these colleges are liberal havens. >> yeah. that's right, i left my daughter this week on a college campus, for the most part these are places that are far left radical havens and the first piece of advice i gave her was to avoid all angry protesters, especially if they are setting flags on fire. they have been known to accidentally set themselves on fire. they pose a risk not only to themselves but to people like my daughter. stay away. i also believe that this is something, whether you're on the left or the right, that is very important. you want to encourage independent free thinking which is in rare supply on college campuses. i believe it is very important for kids going into these classrooms to verify first, then consider trusting. not the other way around.
5:38 am
and that goes for any kind of statistics. my daughter went to her had orientation before i dropped her off. and they was immediately bombarded with all sorts of statistics that i have reported on are phony. and i said, don't take my word for it. do your own research. never take anything on its face. steve: something else. having had three kids through college and high school and grade school, pick and choose your battles carefully. there will be something that will bother but you got to figure out, is this worth what it is doing inside of me if i'm going to say something out loud because there could be repercussions. >> yes. you know i get this question a lot when i speak on college campuses, and from parents as well. kids want to stick up their their principles. they have to decide because on the other hand they want to get their degree get good grades, want to make a difference in this world, everybody has to
5:39 am
make these kind of cost benefit calculations throughout life whether in the work or academic careers. they have to preserve their integrity, while at the same time insuring they will be able to put food on the fable. think carefully, when you need advice, call mom and dad. ainsley: be stimulated, stay stimulated. how do you do that? >> i think it means, getting out sight of your comfort zone. you know obviously my kids were raisedpy parents who have very ironclad principles that adhere to, limited government and the constitution, you unlike a lot of these professors and these academic officials, i want my daughter to expose herself to diversity of thought, and to me, when i was in college, 30 years ago, i mean it is hard for me to believe it is exactly 30 years, that i was in my daughter's position, that you know, you can be intimidated into becoming a
5:40 am
sheep. that is the absolutely wrong reason to go to college is to go to reinforce the idea thaw already believe n i do not want to turn my daughter into some sort of brainwashed automoton. steve: i have a feeling that is not going to happen. ed: you said iron willed, i think we can confirm that. the last comment, balance, balance, balance. >> yes, i moved out to colorado from the beltway because i did not want my kids to have this unhealthy sense that politics was the only thing that was important in life. and that is how you end up with so many of these unhinged leftists who think that is all there is and so, hiking fishing, getting out there, being healthy, exercising, and getting the full college experience. ed: yep. we'll send you some tissues. ainsley: i know. ed: congratulations. >> i will make it through. ainsley: was it hard? >> oh, my gosh, ainsley, the
5:41 am
hardest thing you do. ainsley: scotty mcceery sings five more minutes. they grow up so fast. steve: they do indeed. michelle, congratulations. thank you so much. ed: jillian want as few minutes of our time. jillian: couple minutes to do the news right now. start off with this fox news alert. moments ago a turkish court rejecting another appeal to release an american pastor from house arrest. that is according to turkey's state-run news agency. that ruling comes as the white house threatening to slap more sanctions on the turkish government for keeping pastor andrew brunson prisoner. he was arrested in 2016 accused of spying and terrorism. he denies those charges. also breaking right now, a pentagon report just coming into our newsroom confirming china is likely training for airstrikes against the u.s. it says the country is boosting its long-range bomber planes with nuclear capability and increasing defense spending. china has not commented on the report. people are trying to figure out what this giant fury sea
5:42 am
creature could possibly be. do you have a clue? it washed up on a beach in siberia. three times the size of human without a prominent face and eyes. one witness claims they saw a tentacle. a researcher thinks it is part of a decomposing whale. it is unclear they will do any dna tests. any guesses on that lovely looking thing? steve: part of something bigger? >> that is part of something bigger. ainsley: i want to know. i want them to do dna testing. jillian: i'm good. ed: out shied to janice and weather. then the all american concert. >> yes with hundreds of my very good friends. what is your name, where are you from. >> ava, elise. >> where are you from? >> what are the current conditions in new york. >> 83. >> and partly cloudy. >> my gosh they did great. tell you the potential for
5:43 am
showers and thunderstorms later on here in new york city, stretching back into the plain states. we could see some flooding as well. for now it looks spectacular. the fact that it is potentially dry and it is going to remain warm across the west. unfortunately unfor the firefighters have the work cut out for them. are you guys ready? [cheering] was the barbecue amazing? [cheering] we have scotty mcceery. steve: paying off a mortgage is usually a good thing but are there sometimes when you should not? property man bob massi with advice for all homeowners with a mortgage as we head to break. ed: as we head to break, here is scotty mcceery with, feeling it. ♪
5:44 am
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ed: paying off your mortgage is usually a good thing but a "wall street journal" article explains why that is not always the case. it says sometimes it is better to keep that money in the bank for other purposes, such as building retirement savings or paying down higher interest debt so what is the best strategy for you when it comes to your mortgage debt? who better to get some insight from fox news legal analyst, host of course, of "the property man," bob massi. good morning, bob. >> my friend, how are you, sir? ed: so great to be on with you this friday. i wonder, we heard for so long, so many years, pay it down in 15 years, instead aftra additional 30-year mortgage that is good
5:48 am
thing. that is not always necessarily the thing now. >> no it is not but is not buttal thing. old school guy, pay off your home, something happens to you, wife has roof over their head, kids have roof over their head, that is sort of an old school thought. saying that the question would be, well, can you use that money for something better to get income-producing and honestly, ed, you have to get advice on this. talk to some professionals to give you the best advice based on the circumstance you're in. ed: for example, if you're going to stay in the house longer, if you're not planning to sell in the next few years that may give you more reason to do what? >> well, look, if in fact you're going -- let's assume for the baby boomers it's the last house you're going to live in. if you pay it off, the only advantage, would be you don't have any mortgage payment, pay taxes and insurance. also opens up the opportunity of a reverse mortgage which a lot of baby boomers are using of course today to live on.
5:49 am
but as a result, when you look at that, you say, well, if you pay it off, what does that equity really do if you're going to live there for a long time? it sort of sits there. you look at it, you have to make a good financial decision, what is the best use of your home and your money. ed: sure some baby boomers need to build up nest egg, might be better to put in retirement savings. thank you, bob massi, "the property man." >> thank you, buddy. ed: up next, scotty mcceery performs his brand new hit, this is it. it's check in with the man, the myth, the legend, bill hemmer. >> where is brennan? military parade canceled. tell you why. some republicans bought a one-way ticket for governor cuomo. tell you where they want him to go. more on human remains found in new mexico. hogan gidley the headliner from the white house. join sandra and me in 11 minutes, on a friday, nine to noon, top of the hour.
5:50 am
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>> give it up for him. he will sing boys from back home on the "after the show show". >> keep coming back. you are famous and big and you keep coming back. >> bill: breaking news on a story you'll only see here on fox. back channels and conflicting reports as fox news obtains new documents that link a top justice department official to the controversial anti-trump dossier. we're live inside of "america's newsroom." >> sandra: it is friday, bill hemmer. i'm sandra smith. a review of emails and handwritten notes during the campaign showing bruce ohr had frequent contact with dossier author christopher steele even after the f.b.i. cut ties with steele as a source. congressman jim jordan said republicans can't wait to get
6:01 am
mr. ohr behind closed


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