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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 17, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the judge. we don't know what the note says yet. it's day two of deliberations. you can imagine the jurors want to wrap it up but also do a good job. i'm dana. here's trace. >> we begin with breaking news. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. jurors say they want to go home early. the jury passing a note minutes ago. it comes during a second day of deliberations on the fate of president trump's former campaign chairman. still no verdict, but president trump has made up his mind. he defected manafort today and called him a good person. manafort facing 18 charges of bank and tax fraud and the possibility of life behind bars. here's what the president said earlier today. >> the whole manafort trial is very sad. when you look at what's going on there. it's a very sad day for our
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country. >> the president made those comments to reporters as he was leaving the white house this morning about ten miles from the scene where jurors are deliberating manafort's fate. prosecutors and special counsel, robert mueller, say manafort ran a multimillion dollar -- we have breaking news. the defense attorney is speaking now. let's listen. so the jurors have just left for the day. they're on their way out. the defense attorney didn't say anything to the cameras. you'll recall yesterday the jurors asked a couple questions. one was about the documents and how they pertain to the various counts. the other one they want another definite figures of reasonable doubt. at that time the defense attorneys came out after those questions were asked and they said it was a victory for paul manafort, a good day for them. they believe that boded well for
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their defense. you can see today there was nothing at all from the defense attorneys and still no word from the court. remember, paul manafort ran a tax and bank fraud scheme. the defense argued that manafort left many details of his finances to other people. manafort has pleaded not guilty to all charges. a source close to the manafort defense team says the longer we wait for a verdict, the better it can be for president trump's former campaign chairman. we'll have more on that in a moment. meantime, we have team fox coverage on today's headlines out of d.c. the fox business network's blake burman has more on president trump cancelling the controversial military parade and kevin corke has more on the president's comments. but first, live to peter doocy live in alexandria, with the latest on the jury deliberations and them leaving. peter? >> trace, this is brand new information. the jury sent a note to the
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judge asking if they could leave today at 5:00 p.m. because one of the jurors has an event. so obviously that suggests that they are not ready to have a verdict done. they just want to end deliberations today by 5:00 p.m. on the way out, paul manafort's lead defense attorney says he doesn't know if that means that the jury is dead-locked inside. earlier today he said he thinks the longer that these deliberations drag on, the better for paul manafort. >> it's a great sign for the defense. thank >> [question inaudible] >> i don't know. >> a source close to the defense told me this morning the mueller team was ready in their closing arguments to present jurors with a key so they could match pieces of evidence to the corresponding charge. for some reason, they never introduced it. that is what the jury asked the
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judge for yesterday, but he told them they were on their own with the evidence. trace? >> and peter, the judge responding after some news organizations requests the release of sealed information apparently. >> right. he turned down some news organizations because handful of them including "the new york times" and a.p. and "the washington post" filed a motion to intervene. they wanted the judge to unseal everything that's been said at bench conferences, which the mueller team and the prosecution agree isn't necessary right now. the outlets wanted the judge town seal the names of the trial's jurors, which the judge said he could not do without risking their personal safety. when the lawyer for the news organizations pushed back and asked how their safety might be threatened, the judge said there's been threats and he has u.s. marshals going with him everywhere he goes. that is new as the trial has worn on. one of the first days, jake
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gibson saw judge ellis leaving a grocery store carrying his own bag. no u.s. marshals in tow. trace? >> yeah, peter doocy live for us at the courthouse. back to you when breaking news happens. the jury said they want to leave at 5:00. the defense attorneys have left the courthouse. we're waiting for the prosecutors to lead. there's word a juror may have an event to attend, which is an indication as peter said, there will be no verdict today. it's unclear if they'll begin deliberating again tomorrow morning. the judge has said they could do that or they'll pick this back up on monday. we'll continue to cover breaking news out of arlington, virginia. president trump threatening to revoke more security clearances even though he's facing growing backlash for doing just that to former cia director john brennan. the president now taking aim at a career justice department official named bruce ohr whose wife has done work for fusion gps, the research company behind the dossier claiming ties
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between president trump and russia. president trump has accused bruce ohr of being involved. >> i think bruce ohr is a disgrace. i suspect i'll be taking it away very quickly. i think bruce ohr is a disgrace with his wife, nelly. for him to be in the justice department and to be doing what he did, that is a disgrace. >> important to know we have seen no evidence at all that bruce ohr helped dig up damaging information on the president. or just one of several current and former officials whose security clearances are under review by the white house. critics are accusing president trump of trying to silence people that challenge him. a dozen former top intelligence officials including cia directors that served under republican presidents have now come together to condemn the president's actions. kevin corke is live for us at the white house. kevin? >> trace, the argument the white house is making when you ask
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about whether or not this is purely political is, listen, the list of people could change the depending on circumstance. what that doesn't do is it doesn't answer the question why does it seem like all the people currently listed -- you showed a graphic -- are all critics to some degree of the president of the united states. perhaps with a notable exception of bruce ohr who we have not seen at least publicly, him criticize the president. the president did talk about this before making his way up to the tri-state area for a working weekend in new jersey. he's criticizing not only john brennan but bruce ohr as well. i want to share first what he had to say about john brennan who lost his security clearance yesterday. >> there's no silence. i'm giving him a bigger voice. many people don't know who he is. now he has a bigger voice. that's okay with me. i like taking on voices like that. i have never respected him. >> he said he never respected the former cia director.
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now, i want to make mention for the folks at home the number of people -- some significance names, trace, that signed the letter that you cited. we're talking about david petraeus, michael hayden, george tinnet, leon panetta. a who's who of directors that signed the letter. they say this is about silencing critics of the president. i'd like to share quickly a quote from that letter. it reads this. "we all agree the president's actions regarding john brennan and the threats of similar action against other former officials has nothing to do with what should or should not hold security clearances and everything to do with an attempt to stifle free speech. trace? >> kevin, president trump also brought up special counsel robert mueller today. >> yes, he did. the president has made it clear, he feels like at the very minimum the special counsel is conflicted. the president laying out this idea that he's not only friends with james comey but he has a number of entanglements that
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should make him cautious about how he proceeds. that said, the president has agreed, look, i'll let this play out but he didn't just say that he also seemed to throw shade at the special counsel's way. here he is. >> sadly, mr. mueller is conflicted. let him write his record. we did not do anything. there's no collusion. if he was doing an honest report, he would write it on the other side. when you look at criminalality and problems, take a look at what they did including colluding with the russians, the other side. >> trace, i'm obviously looking ahead to the president's working weekend in new jersey. i'm also in touch with some fairly decent contacts that may have more on the security clearance status of bruce ohr. as soon as i get something, i'll pass it along. now back to you. >> thanks, kevin, live on the north lawn. president trump cancelling plans for a controversial military parade this fall in d.c.
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he blamed local politicians for what he called the high cost of the event. the fox business networks's blake burman is live at the white house. blake? >> hi, trace. away we go. the idea of a military parade has long intrigued president trump dating back to when he went to france in the middle of last year nor bastille day. since then, there's been questions whether or not a parade here similar to that of what happened in france is necessary and if so, what exactly is the price tag. there was a report out yesterday saying that the price could be somewhere in the area of $92 million. at the time when asked about it, the defense secretary jim mattis pushed back saying whoever said that is probably smoking something. hours after that, the pentagon put out a statement saying a parade that the president would want would not happen at any point this year. the president took to twitter saying instead, he would go to a parade at joint base andrews. in november of this year, go to france to commemorate the 100th
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anniversary of the ending of world war i. this was part of his response earlier today on twitter. the president writing "the local politicians that run washington d.c. poorly know a wind fall when they see it. when asked to give us a price for holding a great celebratory military parade, they want add number so high that i cancelled it. never let someone hold you up." the mayor here in washington d.c. is muriel bowser. she said yes, i'm the mayor of washington d.c. the local politician that finally got through to the reality star in the white house with the realities 21.6 million of parades, events, demonstrations in trump america. she ends by writing, sad. bottom line, trace, with this, no parade that the president wanted here on the streets of washington d.c. and the price tag still remains to be seen, trace. >> yeah, blake, you asked the
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president about how companies report their earnings. >> right. the president took to twitter saying that he would like to see the securities and exchange commission's look into the possibility of companies only having to report twice this year. currently publicly traded companies as you might know have to report four times a year. the president said he got this idea from the outgoing ceo at pepsi last week when he was hosting business leaders at his place in bedminster. the president seemed to endorse this concept earlier today of companies only having to report two times a year. listen here. >> i'd like to see twice. we're going to see. i thought of it. you know, we're not thinking far enough out. we have been accused of that for a long time, this country. we're looking at twice a year instead of four times a year. >> so the sec will study this issue. there's a lot of questions with this, especially since you're
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talking about a lot of money here potentially, including when might the sec start this study, when might they wrap it up and the big one, what might it lead to, trace. >> it is a bunch of dough. blake, thank you. up next we'll talk about this with chris wallace from "fox news sunday." from the president's comments sympathizing with paul manafort to the controversy over security clearances. that's all ahead on this summer friday afternoon. "shepard smith reporting." in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
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>> trace: more now on a busy news day in washington. day two of jury deliberations. we're waiting for a verdict for paul manafort. president trump said he's not finished revoking security clearances despite backlash. let's bring in chris wallace the anchor of "fox news sunday." great to see you. look at this, the president saying today, he's not trying to silence his critics. he's giving paul manafort -- i'm sorry. we have paul manafort in the brain because the jury is out. he's giving john brennan a bigger platform and the truth is, he is. john brennan is everywhere today. twitter, newspapers, television. the question becomes is the president secretly enjoying this? does he want to build up john brennan as his new big rival? >> i certainly think that's a possibility. i'm not going to say he's trying to do it because i don't know. nobody has told me that.
12:17 pm
but it certainly seems like it. the president likes to pick the foils, the people, the opponents he feels most comfortable with. i don't think it's a surprise that he's keeps calling maxine waters the leader of the democratic party. she is. he likes to call her that. he's fine debating maxine waters. i think to a certain degree, he's perfectly comfortable with john brennan being seen as the leader of the resistance and dealing with him. the problem is that when you go after john brennan, it doesn't just stay there. you saw today that bill mcraven, the former chairman of the u.s. special operations command who was in charge of the bin laden raid, he went after president trump and said please revoke my security clearance. a dozen officials like bob gates, defense secretary for george w. bush and barack obama
12:18 pm
said that he was opposed to what the president had done, pulling brennan's security clearance. that's the problem sometimes. you open that door and you don't know who will come out. maybe john brennan and a bunch of his friends. >> trace: what are the repercussions of that? you talk about a dozen people. it could be higher, 13, 14, 15 people that have joined that list now as the white house kind of moves forward with this list. bruce ohr is a new name, not new, but maybe the next person to get his security clearance revoked. what does that do to the white house going forward? >> it depends what the white house does. the president, all he's done is move against brennan. i think the controversy stays where it is. if on the other hand, he goes after other people that have not been -- the one thing about brennan, even if you think it's wrong, he's crossed a line that no other of those officials have in terms of being nakedly partisan in going after president trump.
12:19 pm
he has accused him of high crimes and misdemeanors. he's accused him of treason in the way he handled but on the at the helsinki summit. if he starts going after more people, this will only escalate. one of the concerns in washington people are talking about is, would the president revoke the security clearances of robert mueller and some of the people on his team because that's a way he could stop this investigation without actually firing mueller. >> trace: you know, we did the story earlier around talking with a national security expert why the former officials need the security clearances. i got answers but not good answers. has somebody given you a good answer why they need to remain in place in the first point? >> here's the thing. it speaks to a different era in our politics than the one we have now. used to be that when you had a secretary state or a cia
12:20 pm
director, somebody might think that they were useful and when a new administration comes in, even a different party, they might want to call that person in and ask for their advice on the middle east or russia or terrorism, some pressing issue. if you want to share classified information with them. they don't get it automatically even if they have a security clearance. just means if you want to share it with them, they have the clearance to read it. in today's washington, nobody would dream of the trump administration asking advice or help from the obama administration. so maybe it seems more out of date. but it's the way the system used to work and i think it's actually a good idea that you'd like to get advice from people that have been in those jobs before. >> trace: and there's some that say you can give the temporary -- you can reinstate the security clearances if it's needed. chris wallace, "fox news sunday," thanks very much. this weekend on "fox news sunday," chris will speak with former joint chiefs of staff chair admiral mike mullen.
12:21 pm
also senator ron johnson, republican from wyoming and the chair of the homeland security committee as well as white house budget director mick mulvaney. that's this sunday on your local fox station. check your local listings for times. the u.s. military facing threats on two levels. reported laser attacks on u.s. air force pilots and another country's military preparing for possible strikes against american targets next.
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>> trace: the united states military facing new threats from around the globe, including high tech attacks on u.s. air force pilots in the middle east. more on that in just a moment. but first, pentagon officials say the chinese military is likely training for strikes on
12:25 pm
american targets. a new report shows the chinese army has been practicing for potential long range bombing missions. the national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live for us at the pentagon with more. hi, jen. >> hi, trace, this annual pentagon report to congress warns china's military is likely training for strikes on the u.s. targets as you mentioned. the people's liberation army has gained experience in critical maritime regions and likely training for strikes against u.s. and allied targets. ney have shifted to a nuclear mission. in may, strategic bombers landed for the first time on the disputed woody islands, an expansion in the oil rich south china sea. china signed a 99-year lease for a port in sri lanka that could
12:26 pm
be used for a base. they opened a base in the horn of africa, deploying marines and equipment next door to a u.s. base in the horn of africa. cyber attacks on computer systems around the world, including those owned by the u.s. government. the chinese foreign ministry responded by the pentagon report accused of the u.s. of display ago cold war mentality, trace. >> trace: jennifer, military officials say there's a rise of laser attacks on u.s. pilots? >> that's right. we reported pentagon concerns about laser beam attacks routinely blinding pilots taking off and landing next to the chinese base in djibouti. but now new figures in the middle east show the incidence are on the rise there. the number of lasing incidents was around 700 in 2015. in 2016, there were an estimated
12:27 pm
600 laser attacks. followed by 400 in 2017 and 350 so far this year. the preponderance have occurred in syria and afghanistan. it's exceedingly difficult to pinpoint the origin of a short laser engagement, so we can't source most laser attacks. those we assess that most come from insurgents and terror organizations in the region. the story was first reported by the "wall street journal," trace. >> trace: thanks, jennifer griffin. thank you. president trump slamming new york governor andrew cuomo over his comment that america was never that great. now the governor walking back a bit. we'll take you to new jersey as we wait for the president to arrive at his golf club there for the weekend next.
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>> a fox report now. more of today's headlines. family and friends remembering loved ones that died in the bridge disaster in italy. a church in naples holding services for some of the victims. the bridge collapse killed 38 people. officials are planning a state funeral for this weekend. the man responsible for a mass shooting at a florida airport will spend the rest of his life behind bars. in january last year, esteban santiago opened fire in a baggage area at the ft. lauderdale international airport. five died. six injured. santiago pleaded guilty as part of a deal to avoid the death penalty. some brave folks in china got quite a view from a new suspension bridge today. it's because the bottom is made of glass. the bridge is more than 1,000 feet long and hangs 500 feet above ground. a visitor described the experience as fabulous. the news continues after this. your insurance company is gonna raise
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>> trace: president trump landing moments ago in new jersey. he is heading to his golf club in bedminster. he's coming from new york after a fund raiser in the hamptons. that after blasting andrew cuomo on twitter today. ellison barber has more. >> hi, trace. we heard from cuomo and his team a couple times in response to this controversy over those remarks. first, there was a statement that came from governor cuomo's spokesperson and cuomo commentand responded on twitter and now he's speaking directly with reporters. in a phone call he told reporters that his comments were inartful adding of course america is great and america has always been great. my family is evidence of american greatness. he made his initial controversial comment at a bill signing in new york. >> we're not going to make
12:34 pm
america great again. it was never that great. we have not reached greatness. we will reach greatness when every american is fully engaged. >> he went on to talk about inequality. a spokesperson said he believes america is great but it's not reached its maximum potential. president trump said cuomo made a career threatening statement writing on twit they are morning "when a politician admits that we're not going to make america great again, there doesn't seem to be much reason to ever vote for him." and that is just one of three tweets president trump posted today referring to cuomo. he accused the new york democratic governor of having a meltdown in a tweet on wednesday. governor cuomo treated this.
12:35 pm
>> now, cuomo might be walking back statements but he's not walking away from criticism of president trump with reporter. he said trump's policies are anti-american. as for president trump personally, he called him vindictive, small and petty. trace? >> ellison, the governor's opponents are using the comments against him. >> right. his republican opponents as well as those on the left. primary challenger, cynthia nixon told new york -- he essentially suggested the governor is a phony. she told new york one this. "this is just another example of andrew cuomo trying to figure out what a progressive sounds like and missing by a mile." recent polls show nixon 30 points ahead of cuomo. cuomo says right now he doesn't have any plans to run for office
12:36 pm
in 2020. trace? >> ellison barber live in new york. a live look outside the courthouse in alexandria, virginia outside of d.c. where not long ago jurors in paul manafort's trial asked the judge to leave at 5:00 p.m. tonight after deliberating for more than 12 hours this week. let's bring in an attorney practicing civil law in state and federal courts. somebody has an event. judge, can we leave at 5:00? >> it's not big deal. it happens frequently. the jurors have lives outside of the trial. they wanted to let the court know we want to deliberate until 5:00 p.m. and be excused. can they come back with a verdict? it's possible. a few more hours. we don't know. >> trace: doesn't look likely. the defense attorneys walked out. yesterday they asked can you redefine reasonable doubt for us. the documents, can we put them to the different counts and the
12:37 pm
judge said no, you can't do that. the defense attorney said this is a big win for manafort. >> the defense is confident. they didn't put on a case or any witnesses. that tells me they believe the prosecution has not met their burden of proof. if the burden is on the prosecution to prove their claims beyond a reasonable doubt. the defense said weave done enough through cross examination to say we don't need to put on witnesses. that's a powerful message to send to a jury. >> trace: they talked about the different documents. the judge said no, the prosecution came in and said this is what you need to focus on, the documents. forget about rick gates. he fell apart in court. don't count on gates. count on the documents. these people are in the jury room saying i don't know which documents go for which couldn't. that is not good. >> and if prosecution should have laid that out for the jury,
12:38 pm
this is a complex case. you're talking about 18 criminal counts, hundreds and hundreds of pages of exhibits, financial documents, tax documents. as an attorney, i might be confused. they sent a message to the court that they're confused. the prosecution should have explain that. that's not the job of the judge to do. the judge was right in not doing that for them. >> trace: prosecution called 27 witnesses. the defense called zero. >> right. >> trace: prosecutor put up 388 pieces of evidence. the defense put up ten pieces of evidence. 18 counts. you look at this and paul manafort needs to run the table because he gets convicted on one, two, three, he's still going to spend a dozen years in prison. >> he will spend time in prison if he gets convicted on a few counts but the defense had a good strategy. they put the defense's star witness on trial. in the cross examination, they said he's told lies, admitted that he embezzled men and stole from manafort here. and more importantly, they
12:39 pm
elicited and the jurors heard this, he got a sweetheart deal by the prosecution to testify against manafort. that is very telling. he was facing, trace, up to 100 years on all the charges. now ten years and he may even walk. so the question for the jury is, could he be lying? does he have an incentive to not tell the truth? the defense did a masterful job of proving that his credibility is not so great. >> we've said except for o.j., the larger the jury goes, the better it is for the defendant. >> from my trial experience, the cases i've tried, i never lost, but i digress. never lost. >> never lost. never lost. >> never not once. i will say that you can never tell the verdict that the jury will return based on the amount of time that they have deliberated. that is impossible to do. so we really just have to wait and see. they're doing the best that they can do. the jurors are in there. they're deliberating. they're asking questions. this is how our system is supposed to work. so we can't rush them.
12:40 pm
we can't say why haven't they rendered a verdict yet. it's been 1 1/2 days and a very complex case. it's a federal trial. so let them do their job. >> i have to go. five seconds. guilty, innocent? >> i can't predict. i think we'll soon find out. >> trace: i hear you never lost. >> never lost a case, trace. >> trace: thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> trace: the trump administration pulling more than $200 million of funding for projects in syria. mike pompeo says that money will go towards other foreign policy priorities. this comes as the administration considers taking back about $3 billion in foreign spending. rich edson is live at the state department with more. rich? >> good afternoon, trace. on syria specifically, the state department argues that they have more money to help stabilize syria to use money to help get rid of mines in that country, to help with freshwater and electricity. that is because the trump administration has secured some $300 million from other countries in that effort. still the removal of u.s. funds
12:41 pm
is meeting opposition, particularly from democrats. this is from bob menendez from the senate foreign relations committee. he says "the u.s. congress funded syria stabilization program recognizing our nation's lasting stake in the stability of the region. to avoid the strategic mistake of failing to finish the fight after investing u.s. lives and tax dollars into a military campaign." the administration says the u.s. is still the overall lead in these efforts. the administration says they will spend this $200 million for other foreign policy priorities that will not answer as to what specific programs they'll fund with that money, trace. >> rich, the administration is talking about cutting $3 billion in foreign aid. >> that's right. this is an effort from the trump administration. as you know, the administration has already implemented this money, gone to spend this money. it's been an effort to pull back the funding. congress, when it comes to
12:42 pm
foreign aid has always spent more money, this is an effort to get the money back. already the administration is running to opposition from democrats and republicans. trace? >> rich edson live at the state department. thank you, rich. well, coming up, a mystery motive in colorado. a husband accused of killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters. investigators say they're trying to figure out what could have driven him to snap and murder his family next. for a single dad, and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. ♪ experience the great lengths we go to in testing our performance line. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2018 is 300 and is 300 all wheel drive for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> trace: investigators in colorado say they're trying to figure out what would have caused a husband to kill his pregnant wife and two young daughters. shannon watts painted a portrait of a happy family on social media. in june, the mother of two posted a facebook picture with a sonogram of the couple's soon-to-be baby boy saying i love chris, he's the best dad us girls could ask for. now police in frederic about 35 miles north of denver said
12:46 pm
33-year-old chris watts killed his family and then dumped their bodies. william la jeunesse has more. >> why is the mystery? the couple's closest friends had no idea why this happened. why this nice suburban working couple, allegedly, had until monday, appeared that way, that he allegedly confessed to killing his pregnant wife and two daughters that today were mourned by family and friends. >> the hardest part about it all is when you're closer with the family, it's the why. the why gets bigger. >> everybody is like what about the husband? what about the husband? i'm like no, he wouldn't do anything. and then i've seen his interview. i was like oh, my god. something is not right. >> so police reportedly have a video from a neighbor's security camera showing watts back his pickup in the garage at 5:00 a.m. hours after his wife
12:47 pm
got home on a business trip filling the back of the truck with large bags, including a gas can. >> what happens next in this? >> well, police say they've got the confession. of course now they have the physical evidence, that watts will likely be charged on monday with murder and this is him in court. after his arrest. several bizarre interviews in which he admitted that he and shannon had an emotional conversation the day she went missing and he would "leave it at that". >> if somebody has her and they're not safe, i want them back now. i was hoping that i would just get ran over by the kids rushing in the door. but didn't help me. >> shannon, if you're out there, please come home. >> so hours later, police say watts confessed and yesterday police found his family in a parcel of land outside the small town in northern colorado.
12:48 pm
>> the body of mrs. watts has been recovered. it was recovered basically in the south part of the county in an open space in a field. >> so watts right now is being held in jail on no bail, no bond and he will likely be charged with murder on monday and they haven't decided on a death penalty. >> i remember scott peterson doing the interviews and he was so cool. you never thought he killed his wife, this guy the same thing. your heart goes out for him. an amazing story. >> but no emotion there either. that's why the one friend said why isn't he broken up. read it both ways. >> trace: william, thank you. coming up, we're learning more about a desert compound where police found children and a body. that's next.
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>> trace: investigators have say they confirmed the remains in a desert compound in new mexico are those of a missing 3-year-old from georgia. police arrested five adults. they're facing child abuse charges. alicia acuna is live with more. >> the cause of death will determine whether more charges will be brought by the district attorney. prosecutors told the judge that some of the 11 children found at the compound told investigators the man was denied his epilepsy medication during a ritual. the father is in jail being held on an outstanding warrant out of georgia where he's accused of abducting his son. investigators say they found the child's remains on the compound.
12:53 pm
a man from brooklyn and the child's grandfather came to the jail today to visit the adult suspects. >> of course, we're sad. this is my grandson. we were hoping that he would be okay. you have to remember, we're trying to find him. eight months. >> if he looked familiar, the iman was a character witness for the sheik in the 1993 bombing of the world trade center. trace? >> trace: alicia acuna live in new mexico. thank you. ahead, billionaire ceo elon musk getting emotional during an interview about turmoil at tesla. his electric car company's stock is now taking a big hit next. for just $59... ancestrydna can open you to a world of new cultures to explore. with two times more detail than any other dna test... you can get a new taste of your heritage.
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12:57 pm
that's what musk told "the new york times." cork to the times, musk choked up multiple times and struggled to maintain composure during an hour-long interview about turmoil at tesla. musk has been facing business problems and now a possible federal investigation. tesla's shares took a hit after "the new york times" interview with musk came out. kristina partsinevelos has more. hi, kristina. >> shares are down lower because there's reports now that elon musk's board of directors and security exchange commission could meet next week. that's what we're seeing on the share price. overall, a lot of drama because elon musk tweeted out that he wants to take the company private at $420 a share and he has funding secured. he said that $420 miles an hour has nothing to do with a marijuana reference. he said that when he was on the way to the airport when he did it. he didn't notify the board
12:58 pm
before sending the tweet but it created a lot of chaos because the stock prices dropped. people wonder where he's going to get the funding. like you mentioned, the interview with "the new york times" showing how he's struggling working 120 hours during the week, sleeping on the factory floor, taking marijuana, ambient the help him sleep. he's had an excruciating year. musk says he doesn't plan to step down. >> and what makes the tweet such a big deal? >> the big deal is it really about trying to secure funding or is it a way to go after short sellers? that's those that are taking bets that tesla's stock will drop. when it drop, they reap the benefits. musk has said that he doesn't like that and he's verbally attacked them before. some people are wondering is that the reason why he put out that tweet, that $420 per share. when he put it out, the stock
12:59 pm
jumped 11% and all of the short sellers lost money. overall, it has to do with market manipulation and whether or not he should have shared that information with the public via twitter. so that is part of the whole process as to why the sec is looking into the case. a lot on his plate. he will have lawsuits as well against sellers that think that they were targeted. >> trace: yeah. kristina partsinevelos, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> trace: the dow is up. the dow is up 105 points. not bad. the corner of wall and broad. actually, a good week down there for them. after the show, you can catch me on facebook. watch for the fox news update. i'll steam live on facebook. watch home screen in just a few minutes. you can always watch it there on demand. if you missed it at the top of the hour, the jury in the paul manafort trial has said they want to go home at 5:00. so the jury in an hour wants to
1:00 pm
be out the door because one of them apparently has an event. there's a small chance that they could come down with a verdict, but very small. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: all right. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world." we're about to upend the financial world if the president hints he could have his way. the dow continued to advance today largely on optimism that corporate earnings will be a-okay. speaking of those earnings, we get them every quarter. the president is looking into the idea maybe not every quarter. maybe twice a year. they do that in germany. other countries do as well. the idea is take the pressure off of companies to be so short term oriented. for investors to cool it and you cool it and financial journalists to cool it and not get so hot and bothered by events that change every f


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