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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  August 21, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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really know what the deep state was, now i have experience with that and i side up close and personal. i've written a book and it comes out next month called "the deep state." >> so if people tell you that the deep state is not real, you can read his book and he will tell you. here is harris. >> harris: jurors indicate they are struggling to reach a unanimous verdict on all 18 counts. i'm harris faulkner and you are watching "outnumbered overtime." the jury submitting a note to the court on the fourth day of deliberations and it just a short time ago, we've been covering this in the past hour. that note asking the judge what it would mean for the verdict if they were unable to reach a consensus on at least one of those counts. the judge responding that this is not unusual and urged them to keep deliberating. peter doocy is outside of the courthouse in alexandria, virginia. peter, you are telling our team that there was something specific that we needed to know about that note?
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>> harris, that thing is that the note was edited. i have spoken since court went into recess with someone who saw the note and they said there was something crossed out before the word single. so the belief is that, originally, when the jury decided they wanted to go to the judge with a question about what happens if they can't get to a unanimous verdict, they were not just writing about a single account. a few minutes ago before it really started pouring rain here in alexandria, the manafort team came out and said they don't have any idea how many counts the jury is deadlocked on. >> do you think they are deadlocked on every count? >> we don't know. >> what do you think the question? >> it's a good point in this trial to have a question like that. >> he also asked judge ellis if he could just tell the jury that they were allowed to say they were hung. but the judge said he would not do that.
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he told attorneys that they need to be very careful not to say anything that would prejudice the jury right now. even though there is pressure for him to accept a partial verdict, he still wants them to come back with a unanimous verdict on all 18 counts. the judge also said at the jury sends him a message that they cannot get to a unanimous verdict on every single account, he will consider asking them where they stand. the judge said he brought the jury into the room and told jurors that they should not surrender their honest opinion. they must decide the case for themselves and he told them, they are not partisan, they are judges. and the judge sent them back to continue to deliberate something they been doing now for more than 25 hours. >> harris: peter doocy, we will come back to you as a news warrants as this case has been changing by the hour. i just want to let you know, we do have a former federal prosecutor coming up. fred tc will join us later this hour to talk more about that
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development. catherine herridge is also inside the courtroom so as that story comes together we will bring you all that breaking details. and if this is also developing. reaction to president trump in a wide-ranging interview with reuters insisting he has the power to step in and run the russia investigation himself if he wants to. he said "i could go in and do whatever, i could run it if i want but i decided to stay out. i am totally allowed to be out if i want to be. so far i haven't chosen to be involved and i will stay out. the present did not rule out. we are joined by my first guest, kellyanne conway. let's start with what the president means when he says he could actually run the rush investigation. >> >> kellyanne: the president
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and his team have been incredibly compliant and cooperative with the investigation. you have 1 million documents produced, 33 some witnesses have gone in testified under oath thusly, and this is a president that thinks it completely ridicules the system of justice if we are not looking at the other side of this investigation. you had a corrupt dealings all the way up the chain and obviously peter strzok and lisa page is gone, she left, jim comey on the shenanigans he pulled in front of congress and his silly book, and the fact that peter or is still there and we know that his wife was paid by fusion gps, the research firm that started the ridiculous dossier. which may i remind the audience is a fancy french word for a load of. the president, there is a level of frustration and consternation that we are not looking at all sides of the equation. the special counsel is under his
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purview and he seemed very cooperative as have that other people that have been asked to speak with mr. mueller. >> harris: you mentioned bruce ohr and his wife, ellie. is on the list of which the president said he may strip away his security clearances. i want to give you a chance to respond and then we will move o on. >> so not everyone has had a security clearance when they leave office. when they leave public service, i should say. some do. there are two primary reasons someone would. the first would be if the person wants to be helpful to the next administration and mr. brennan has proven he does not want to be helpful of this administration. he is now paid for his opinions on cable tv, that's his right. this is somebody whose claims were completely rebutted by the inspector general's report in 2014 as someone who has a difficult time being truthful
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and brought before a congressional committee and, chairman put it best last week. why if, mr. brennan, former cia director but current pendant on a local radio station, why would mr. brennan not have told the senate intelligence committee what he saw with respect to russia collusion and other matters? why didn't he make it part of, either his testimony or the information he provided, why did he wait to say that? this isn't about silencing critics, it's a professional courtesy to keep it a extended to someone who is no longer in public service, or to someone who wants to be helpful to the success of the administration. he's proven that he wants to be helpful. >> it's certainly not about silencing. it's >> kellyanne: and mr. clapper had some pretty tough words for mr. brennan as
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have had some others. >> harris: the president is switching back on a report that his advisors urged him to block president obama's access to intelligence briefings until h.r. mcmaster had to step in. the president tweeted this "fake news, of which there is so much, this time the very tired new yorker falsely reported that i was going to take the extraordinary step of denying intel briefings to president obama, never discussed or thought of." i want to get the white house response to that as well. >> kellyanne: it's nothing that i've ever discussed with the president or that he's ever raised with me so i'm not aware of that at all. he's actually explaining it to the whole world. he has been very, very helpful. i think and very respectful of former president obama's access to intelligence information, as that may be necessary. i remember standing in many places during the transition and commending what we thought to be than a -- of the desire for a
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smooth transition between the outgoing administration and the incoming administration. i was invited to the white house by valerie jarrett, a very close aide who served all eight years to serve president obama. president obama himself had instructed many people in his administration to be helpful to us coming in. so the president has returned to courtesy many times. as for others, what they were doing and perhaps but they were doing in the upper echelons of the fbi and doj at the time, we should all like to know, especially those who are calling for accountability and transparency. >> harris: i want to talk to you about opioid addiction now. we have heard that the life expectancy inside the united states has fallen and that's partly due to the drug addiction that we have going on in our nation. the president urged the republican led senate to pass legislation aimed at attacking the crisis. he tweeted, "it is outrageous
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that fentanyl comes pouring into the united states from china. the senate should push the stop act and firmly stop the poison from killing our children and destroying our country, no more delay." i have talked with congress members including chairman walden who has led the charge in getting legislation on the house side as well. can you give me kind of a progress report? because you and the president were tweeting about this yesterday. >> kellyanne: that's right, harris. this will be the most important part of our interview but the at the least amount of coverage because it's a complicated topi topic. drug overdoses in this country hit 72,000 last year and that's a 10% increase over the year before and the year before that it was a 22% increase. so it's going up as things slow down, in large part because the president's three-point plan to help the drug epidemic in our
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country includes a 30% reduction in prescribing over the three years and we are already seeing less prescribing. on the matter of fentanyl -- i beg everyone who has a platform to start informing america about this. they claimed 29,000 plus american lives last year. we have more people dying from drug overdoses than breast cancer or gun violence or plane crashes, certainly things that get a ton of attention and rightly so. but fentanyl is a synthetic opioid being brought to our country increasingly from china and mexico. the president is asking the senate to pass it back and put it on his desk for signature, that would have enhanced and advanced electronic data on packages that come from china, for example, through the u.s. postal service. by that carriers are already compelled to list the sender,
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recipient and content of the package and usps should do the same. because we are getting fentanyl through our own mail and into our communities. almost 30,000 people died of fentanyl overdoses last year and most of the country has no idea what it is, let alone that it's being placed into heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana. there was a report that 36 people went to the emergency room because of that. a 19-year-old -- so much heroin, cocaine and fentanyl on him was seized at the border. recently maryland state troopers stopped a tractor-trailer that had enough fentanyl to wipe out d.c. >> harris: i'm going to jump in because i want to talk about moving forward. you've seen senators make a difference in his home state of ohio, and you have seen some progress with this. that number of 72,000 that is staggering compared to where we are even a decade ago.
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i appreciate your time on this. >> passed the house, i think 353, put it on the president's desk and, it's usually bipartisan, not a partisan issue but it's starting for bipartisan solutions. the president passed the house floor hundred 12-3, and pass the house with unanimous consent. >> harris: kelly m conway, i want to bring you back to talk about this because it was more after the holiday that i know will be legislatively happening with this. we appreciate your time. >> kellyanne: you got it, take care. >> now we are joined by democratic congressman roger chrisman we ended up with something bipartisan and we want to give you a chance to talk about opioid's if you want to but there will be more to report coming up. so a quick word from you on that
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and let's hop into the days were news as well. >> rep. krishnamoorthi: thank you so much for bringing attention to that. that is an issue that is completely bipartisan or nonpartisan, whatever you want to call it because the opioid crisis ravages. it's hurting my district and i have one piece of legislation that's part of that package that passed through the house overwhelmingly, which is trying to figure out what our alternatives to opioid treatmen treatment. i'm hoping the senate takes action because this is an issue that goes beyond politics. it transcends party lines and we have to act in unison as quickly as possible. >> harris: congressman, thank you very much. i mentioned i talked with chairman walden, and it's something that you all are discussing. let's talk about the news of the day with the president and bob mueller.
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the president in this reuters conversation interview that he had it, kind of hinted at the factor that may be a little bit of a change. he's not necessarily advocating now that he himself sit down with robert mueller, he might even be able to run that investigation. you heard kellyanne conway making news of the fact that he believes in transparency. your response? >> it's true that the law enforcement agencies and specifically special counsel mueller fall within the purview of the executive branch, which obviously falls under the president's jurisdiction. that being said, i would strongly caution the president against, you know, getting involved in the independent investigation by special counsel molar. obviously at the end of the day, the president can do what he wants but, congress obviously has oversight as well and anything that would be seen as
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derailing the investigation or somehow inched obstructing justice, i believe would not be welcome by republicans on capitol hill. >> one >> harris: how could they weigh in? >> rep. krishnamoorthi: as you know, obstruction of justice in and of itself is a crime and where someone who is being investigated, or wears an investigation of someone else is happening, if any individual impedes that investigation knowingly or intentionally or otherwise, that could be viewed as a crime in and of itself. so at this point, transparency and cooperation is a good idea and i think that is something that would be helpful in this investigation. >> harris: let's talk security clearances now. i'm hearing a drumbeat from some democrats who say that the politics of former cia director
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john brennan are complicated and problematic. i hearken back to a time when democrats wanted to see him out completely, senator udall of colorado wanted to see them kicked out and resigned over past behavior. where are we in terms of how you see security clearances? they are not a right. >> rep. krishnamoorthi: it's not a right. it's usually something that former administration officials, former officers and so forth have access to for one particular reason, and harris. that is to assist the current administration with their constitutional knowledge. >> harris: if they are needed. >> rep. krishnamoorthi: exactly. now what i believe is it really problematic, we have to take the politics out of the intelligence community. we have to make sure that nobody
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is somehow penalized or their security clearance is revoked -- >> harris: congressman, i'm going to step in really quickly here. robert mueller's security clearances on the line perhaps, what would you say about the president being able to wipe that away? should he choose to? and he hasn't said one way or the other if he would but he did not deny that was an option when he talked with reuters. >> rep. krishnamoorthi: that would be a big problem, harris. i think that would be something that would be impeding the investigation because obviously, mr. mueller has to have access to some of the information that is at the heart of this investigation that might be classified. i think that revoking his clearance again in my humble opinion might be something that would be critiqued not only by democrats but also republicans. >> harris: it with there be fire on the hill from democrats? i think the it's interesting the
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first thing you went to was that it would be a problem. i just want to kind of -- go ahead. >> rep. krishnamoorthi: i think i might have understated the reaction. i think numerous democrats and republicans would be extremely upset about it. the last thing i want to say is, the russians are our adversaries there. the russians today we have learned are attacking not only democratic institutions but republican institutions. we learned that today in a report. >> harris: right, they want a metal. >> rep. krishnamoorthi: we have to protect ourselves from russians, we have to be one country. >> harris: i will bring you back. we have had a lot of breaking news and we are on verdict watch so i wanted to give a chance to get to lots of topics today. congressman raja krishnamoorthi, thank you very much. we are on verdict watch on the
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paul manafort trial in virginia after the jury signaled they were having trouble reaching consistency on a single account. we don't know if that was 1 of 18 or all of 18. we don't know what that means and there wasn't some editing to a note that was handed to the judge. the federal prosecutor will join the to talk about where the cases headed next. and a tragic develop of element in the search for missing college students molly tibbetts. her father has now confirmed that she is dead. it's absolute confidence in 30,000 precision parts,
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simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> harris: this situation you should know about. this airport in new jersey is very popular for executives to fly and there was a problem with the flight that took off about an hour or so ago. you see shepard smith on the left side of the screen, and that's because he's following it for us. >> the plane took off around 10:50 a.m. today from teterboro, and this jet, i've learned more about it, is a gulfstream for a built in 93. and it's now circling. we are now of the impression, multiple news sources are reporting including tmz that post malone is on this jet. post malone is a very popular
10:24 am
musician these days, known largely i guess for the tattoos on his face, and a great song, rock star, that one song of the year last year. or i should say last night. last night at the vmas, the video music awards on mtv. and a performance at radio city music hall last night. he won a song of the year, and had a planned, or has plans for a series of concerts in london. this jet was taking off for london. and i want to show you what happened after this jet took off up here in the big wall. if i can do that, that would be great. a video of the wall. so this is the take off from teterboro airport. this is the island of manhattan, new jersey, long island. after takeoff it was realized as the jet was taking off that two tires had blown. now we don't know which tires. there are two in the front end
10:25 am
to under each wing. this is a gulfstream four. the tail number on it is n101 charlie victor. that's our understanding, operated by a company called jet ready, which is a charter company from which you might charter a jet if for instance you and your band or you and your family members or others were traveling to london. the reason for the different colors, sometimes a green or blue, has to do with the altitude. green is a lower altitude to come blue is about 15,000 feet. it came over here and began circulating over what amounts to bridgeport, connecticut. it's made about six trips by our calculation. it was about 15,000 feet for a lot of those revolutions and has now dropped down at last check -- let's see, it's on to about 6800 feet. the plan now is to take it up to massachusetts and land at an
10:26 am
airport, barnes westfield airport, and here are live pictures from there. this is a municipal airport much like teterboro but not crowded and less widely used. it usually shares space with the military. there's also a gulfstream service center. it's burning off fuel and then waiting to attempt a in emergency landing in massachusetts at this airport near barnes, massachusetts. when will that happen? after they burn enough fuel to attempt such a landing. whether they been able to eject fuel, we don't know. post-malone who one song of the year, it is being reported by tmz and others, is on board this jet which has lost two of its tires and will eventually attempt to make an emergency
10:27 am
landing after aborting its trip to london which began in the late morning here in metro new york city. we will follow that on a very busy news day coming up. >> harris: absolutely, thank you very much. tragic developments in iowa, the father of missing college student mollie tibbetts confirming that his daughter is dead. police are set to give an update on the case later this afternoon. mike tobin is live for us in chicago and of course, mike, many people wondering where she was found in the details of that. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we are starting to learn a little bit, but sadly as you know as a family held out hope that somehow mollie tibbetts will be found alive, their worst fears have been realized. the father of mollie tibbetts, rob tibbets, is 1 of 3 sources confirming to fox fox news thae body found in rural poweshiek county is that of the missing university of iowa
10:28 am
student. investigators have not given us specifics about the location of the body, however a local television station is reporting that her remains were found about 10 miles away from brooklyn, iowa, which is where she disappeared. the medical examiner was seen leaving that area. the strongest indication we have a foul play comes from crime stoppers which changed the $400,000 reward for information about her location to now a reward for information that captures her killer. 20 years old, and petite, she was last seen going for a jog near her hometown of brooklyn, iowa, july 18. the next day, her boyfriend dawson jack texted her and he did not receive a response. when she failed to show up at work he reported her missing. the boyfriend was cleared of suspicion as he was away at a job. she just disappeared apparently into thin air at the time. a nearby hog farm was searched
10:29 am
and the owner question. investigators knew that she wore a fitbit and also had a cell phone and those items were not located. we expect an update from investigators a little less than four hours from now. harris? >> harris: wow, that story, when we look at where we were a month ago, all that that family had its hopes up for and what they did to search for her, it's heartbreaking. mike tobin, thank you very much. lawmakers are holding hearings on russia today and there are new signs that moscow is stepping up cyber attacks ahead of the midterm election. we will have a live report, stay close. ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting.
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i just want to find a used car start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new >> harris: lawmakers are holding two hearings on russia today. one day before the u.s. is set to slap new sanctions on the kremlin. microsoft is uncovering more russian cyber attacks ahead of the mid term elections in november. rich edson is following that
10:34 am
part of the story live at the state department with the latest on this. so they are perched to hit us again. >> that's according to microsoft and lawmakers in the administration, this is an continued effort and one that's been going on for some time. part of the administration's approach in dealing with this is sanctions in russia and that's what the assistant secretary of state wes mitchell was detailing over the senate foreign relations committee and the hearing that just wrapped. he told senators that the administration has sanctioned 217 russian individuals and entities and those russian firms have seen their operating revenues caught on average by a quarter and other asset values on average cut in half. his hearing also follows an announcement from microsoft that it has started an effort from hackers that had suspected ties to russian intelligence. they created bogus websites for organizations and when users would log on, instead they would go to these bogus websites in
10:35 am
the hackers would take their information and their account passwords. this is all what the administration says is a russian way of basically dividing american society. >> i think that we have to understand that we have a competitor who sees this as a strategic competition and is interested in dividing us internally. it's a strategy of chaos. >> the chairman of the committee says that the united states and the administration seem unified in their ways of countering russia in countering these types of interference from russia. but the commander in chief's comments they said are undisciplined and purposeful and can hurt the west. this is for russian shipping companies that according to the administration aided north korea in trying to get some energy supplies. so a number of different moving parts on russia policy today, it
10:36 am
administration getting question but also coming down with more sanctions, with congress now talking about additional sanctions against russia. we want to thank you very much. let's bring in republican congressman leeza selden of the house for neck affairs committe committee. are we doing enough to deter russia and are the new sanctions enough to keep them meddling in our election? >> rep. zeldin: there's not much more to do as far as the trajectory coming out of the administration and congress. you see the response as far as the use in violation of international law using chemical and biological weapons as you saw in the u.k., where innocent u.k. civilians either lost their lives or were injured. what has been announced today has to do with russia's supply and support to north korea and
10:37 am
there is one that was cutting off diplomatic relations towards russia and cutting off exports towards russia. we have already seen implementation a couple weeks back and also on the trajectory toward cutting off access to the american banking system. as far as that goes in the trajectory they were on it really isn't much more to do diplomatically because you're getting close to that point where you are cutting off all diplomatic relations with russia. >> i want to hit the pause button there because i understand what you mean. this is a president who policy rise, this has been tough on russia but you know not all times rhetoric wise has been. you cut off diplomatic relations and what does that do with the president's relation with putin and our relationship with russi russia? >> rep. zeldin: it likely only gets worse. russia has its own issues with
10:38 am
regards to its economy, they are spread thin and they are involved in syria, and elsewhere they do battle with afghanistan, they metal all the way over thousands of miles away towards us here in the united states. russia is spread thin and they are certainly facing a threat with increased sanctions so, while it's likely not helping with cutting off diplomatic relations those increased sanctions could force russia to the table. >> harris: and you've already said they could force options with the sanctions so it's already a jump to get to cutting off diplomatic relations. that's breaking news at this hour, i would say congressman. i want to talk to you about something you were tweeting about online because this was big news today. and you brought attention to it. former labor camp guard deported by i.c.e. we've had a lot of conversations about i.c.e. recently. talk to me about what happened
10:39 am
today. >> this is a really big deal. decades ago we found out that this monster living in queens, new york, got his u.s. citizenship fraudulently, and then there was a deportation order. that of the course of the next several years and decades, this person was able to live in our great country with all the freedoms and liberties that come with life in queens and life in the united states. what we are seeing with this deportation now is the person's back in germany. it sends an important message not just here in the united states but also globally because we must never forget that the holocaust took place and we must ensure that it never happens again. what we had kids in classrooms, they are going back to school and parts of the country now, they learn lessons that the holocaust took place in other parts of the world and they are learning in their classrooms that the holocaust and never took place at all. so the president is showing that it's important that our rule of law take place, and whether you
10:40 am
are a victim or survivor, a family member or service member, this administration is taking this seriously. kudos to the president and kudos to the congressman for getting the german government to accept him. he should be below ground but while he's living his final years he will not be on the united states soil. >> harris: thank you, great to see you. we are now going to move into an more breaking news this hour. former trump attorney michael cohen is reportedly in talks for a plea deal over criminal charges. remember in the last day or so we were reporting that news hit from a former taxicab medallion that he had here in new york. michael: in talks reportedly for a plea deal. stay close, we will cover the breaking news as it happens. if you feel like you spend too much time in the bathroom
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new reports that president trump's former personal attorney michael cohen is talking about a possible plea deal with federal prosecutors in new york. those reports say that a deal could come today. our panel, david avella, judy miller, . we learned in the last couple of days of these potentially in pending against michael cohen, having to do with the taxicab medallion which allows you in new york city to operate a taxi company, and tax fraud charges. judy? >> judy: this is what always happens. prosecutors tried to do the best squeeze they can on someone they hope will turn on their real target, in this case, president donald trump. so it's not surprising that michael flynn is being talked tried for something that has nothing to do with russian
10:46 am
collusion, and that's where they think the pressure point is for him. >> harris: so we have michael cohen on one hand, you bring up michael flynn -- >> judy: michael cohen is clearly somebody whom the mueller commission thinks they need to do a report and prosecutors want to squeeze so they can get information on the president. whether or not that works, is unclear. >> harris: and i know that's the reporter on in you that flows to michael flynn. >> it seems there is so much breaking news, what really is breaking news anymore? >> harris: well if you are one of the michael's, this is breaking. >> there is evidence of collision between the trump campaign and the russians which is how all of this started, and as we continue to see this investigation go on, and now we
10:47 am
have the breaking news coming out of the b-17 trial, that they can't come to an agreement on at least one of the accounts, it puts a lot of doubt. but let me say this. if he doesn't get prosecuted, pelosi and schumer will come out and say it's time to get rid of jury trials, they are overrated. >> harris: even if he doesn't get prosecuted. [laughs] let me say this about michael flynn, because we were just handed this memorandum and fox ten confirms that there is yet another delay in the sentencing for michael flynn who is accused of lying to the fbi. so in all of this, you may wonder, does that mean that he is also likely cooperating with the special counsel? that's what some reports are saying. i can tell you the language due to the status of the investigation, the special counsel's office does not believe it's ready to schedule that sentencing hearing.
10:48 am
we will be right back with more on this, stay close. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. new ensure max protein. when mit rocked our world.ailed we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege.
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>> hi, everyone, i'm dana perino. we are keeping an eye on the federal courthouse in virginia where the jury in the paul manafort trial is still deliberating. we have analysis from bret baier
10:52 am
and a former federal prosecutor. the current head of the agency joins me, along with a former epa official under president obama all at the top of the hour. see you then. >> harris: and here's the breaking news on the former attorney for the president of the united states, michael cohen. fox news is working to confirm what other outlets are reporting, that he has reportedly reached a plea deal. former federal prosecutors are talking about this. what do you make of this? are you surprised this might have happened? >> i'm not surprised at all. the fact of the matter is that the government has been looking at michael cohen who obviously has some liability, and although
10:53 am
we haven't seen it, that doesn't include to cooperate with his agreement with an ongoing investigation. >> harris: again this is "abc news" reporting this, this is not fox news reporting yet. what you are talking about, fred, has anything to do. a second delay in the sentencing hearing for michael flynn who was of course found guilty of lying to the fbi. what do you make of that? >> put aside whether or not the manna for it investigation is engaging in activities far beyond the scope. it got michael flynn, as part of any plea agreement for the government, for the cooperation
10:54 am
plea agreement, a standard provision is that you will agree to continue as your sentencing because it allows for flynn to do more and more things. and it gives more opportunity for him to do things or cooperate. as far as michael cohen is concerned, i'm sure what michael cohen is going to do once this is all confirmed as he will agree to plead guilty. i will also tell you that as a prosecutor you never convict on one what we call a dirty witness, one person on the witness stand who as a result of being convicted. >> what do you make of paul manafort at this point? we know that jurors are stumped at least on what happens if you can't reach consensus for a single count of the 18, we don't
10:55 am
know if that means they have reach consensus on everything else except for one, for they haven't reached consensus on even one. but whatever it means it's day four of deliberation. >> what we don't know, we are kind of trying to figure out what's in that envelope. i will tell you this about the manafort trial. rick gates, it's one thing to be a dirty witness, engaged in fraud and all these other things, but he stole millions of dollars from in a manafort itself. i think that's a fact and with which the jury may have tremendous consequences. either virtual in this case was not surprising. >> harris: is all of these men are pardonable. no matter how it shakes out? b3 ultimately they all are. >> harris: so why do you cut a deal with prosecutors? again, "abc news" is it announcing this about michael cohen, we can confirm that lisa sentencing for michael flynn is on hold. likely he's cooperating but we haven't confirmed that yet.
10:56 am
why would you even try to cut a deal if you know you don't have to? intellectually you know you don't have to but you are faced with what's in front of you right there, at that minute, at that time. no lawyer will not let his client make the best deal that he can. also the law is a little bit hazy on when the president can actually step in and pardon someone. they have no choice but they continue down that road and where it ultimately leads us up in the air. >> harris: if you called the special counsel investigation the blob. fred, thank you for being here for breaking news.
10:57 am
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>> harris: we began this hour with counselor to the president, kellyanne conway and from there we rolled with breaking news, thanks for watching. >> dana: michael cohen has struck a plea deal according to abc news. hello everyone, i'm dana perino and this is a "the daily briefing." abc reporting that former trump attorney michael cohen has reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors. rick leventhal is live now with me here, any details we have had? >> we've heard rumors about the steel in the works for the last couple days and according to abc, they have struck a deal. the former personal attorney pled guilty to criminal charges, we don't know exactly what he's get pleading guilty to or how much


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