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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 21, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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delivering. >> dana: that was quite "the five." we appreciate you staying with us. stay tuned for fox news on the latest of all developments in the manafort verdict, cohen cas case, president trump rally >> bret: this is a fox news alert, i'm bret baier. specifically tonight, former trump campaign german paul manafort and former trump lawyer michael cohen. paul manafort convicted today on 8 of 18 counts of tax and bank fraud by a jury in alexandria, virginia. president trump commenting on the developments just moments ago, upon his arrival to west virginia. >> president trump: it's a witch hunt and a disgrace. this has nothing to do what they started out looking for russia involved in our campaign. i feel very badly for paul manafort. he worked for bob dole, he
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worked for ronald reagan, he worked for many people and this is the way it ends up. this was not the original mission, believe me. it was something very much different. it had nothing to do with russian collusion, we continue the witch hunt. >> bret: potentially far more legally and politically damaging to president trump, his longtime personal attorney pleading guilty to eight counts of tax fraud, bank fraud, and campaign finance law violations. michael: cohen reaching a deal that will include prison time, the charges include campaign finance violations being called a coordinated effort to influence the 2016 election won by his client and cohen telling the court the hush payments to two women before the election came at the direction of the candidate. peter doocy at the federal
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courthouse in alexandria, virginia, breaking down the manafort verdict, law professor jonathan turley in the studio with expert analysis. but we start off with john roberts with the cohen guilty plea. >> we heard from the president briefly as he touched down in west virginia for that campaign rally tonight, he didn't really mention too much about cohen talking mostly about paul manafort. let's play for you what the president said a few minutes ago. >> president trump: i feel badly, it had nothing to do with russian collusion. we continue the witch hunt, thank you very much. >> the president saying he feels badly for both, both michael cohen and paul manafort. let's start with cohen, he pled guilty this afternoon it was a surprise. we had gotten wind yesterday that he might be trying to cut a plea deal. he pled guilty on eight counts, 52 tax evasion and he also pled
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guilty to one count of filing fraudulent information to get a bank loan but the ones that could be most problematic for president trump are counts seven and eight in which he said he coordinated with a candidate for federal office whose name was not revealed and worked at the direction of that candidate to provide payments of $150,000 to one woman which would likely be karen mcdougall. remember that payment she received from the "national enquirer" was $150,000 and that was classified as an unlawful corporate contribution and a contribution of $130,000 to stormy daniels that was made on october 27th just a week before the election. again, cohen saying he did this on behalf of and the direction of and in coordination with a candidate for federal office, that person unnamed. just heard from rudy giuliani a
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second ago about all of this because people are talking about a connection between these payments and president trump, he's saying to fox news there is no allegation of any wrongdoing against the president, against mr. cohen it's clear as the prosecutor noted his actions reflect the pattern of lies and dishonesty but were a significant period of time. it doesn't look like the special prosecutor or the southern district of new york will have much of an act to hold over michael cohen's head to because he and his attorneys have agrees to sentencing, somewhere between three and a half and six years. it looks like that part of the case may be over in terms of michael cohen. now we will have to start pulling of the threads on this federal candidate directing and working with cohen to make these payments to affect the outcome of the election. that could be the most problematic part. >> bret: we heard the
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president addressed the manafort's development but not the cohen development, do we expect that is going to stick tonight as he's in west virginia? >> you never know with these campaign events, he could say anything. looking at the statement we got from rudy giuliani that may be the direction, there is no allegation of any wrongdoing against the president in these charges. >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn, . jurors said guilty to eight counts and could not reach agreement on others, peter doocy outside the federal courthouse in alexandria, virginia, . >> good evening, paul manafort set of stone faced on the court room on the ninth floor as the judge announced he was guilty on eight counts and a mistrial had been declared on ten others. this all unfolded after a late afternoon note from the jury
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room to the bench where jurors wrote after exhausting all options we have reached a verdict, we are not able to reach consensus of ten of the counts. the judge invited the jury who deliberated for 4 days into the court and asked all 12 jurors one of the time if it was ever going to be possible for them to come to any kind of consensus on those ten outstanding charges and one at a time they all said no. no chance of agreement in the jury room on the remaining bank and tax fraud charges. now the manafort legal team is plotting their next move. >> mr. manafort is disappointed of not getting acquittals all the way through or complete a hung jury on all counts. however, he would like to thank judge ellis for granting him a fair trial, thank the jury for their very long and hard-fought deliberations. he is evaluating all of his options at this point. >> the judge revealed that the
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end of last week that he had been threatened as a result of his role presiding over this case, that's why he denied a motion by a handful of news outlets who wanted the jurors names unsealed before the end of the trial. before dismissing the jury at the last time before 5:00 p.m., the judge urged them to not to talk to reporters because he wants to protect the deliberative process. if jurors don't talk to the press, it will be tough to tell who they are and what happened because judge ellis just said i have ordered that your names remained under seal. the mueller team has until august 29th to decide what they want to do about those ten outstanding charges that resulted in mistrials and whether or not they will retry them. that's not all that paul manafort has on the horizon, he still faces federal charges in a federal court in washington, d.c., and that a trial begins next month. >> bret: peter doocy outside
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the courthouse. if those two stories were not enough today, the special counsel team once again taking steps to delay the sentencing hearing for former national security advisor michael flynn. if this happened at the end of june, he pleaded guilty to lying to investigators, he was fired for lying to officials. a lot of reading into delay about what the delay could possibly mean or not. let's get the analysis, george washington university law professor jonathan turley joined us this evening along with fox news leave corresponded and host of fox news tonight, shannon bream. i want to start with the cohen case, these are the charges, the guilty pleas, five counts of tax evasion, one count of willfully causing an unlawful corporate contribution, the most potentially damaging legally, politically is the campaign finance violation.
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>> absolutely, unless it's bernie sanders it's bad news. or you're not paying attention. if the prosecutors accept what is in this indictment, than the president just became an unindicted coconspirator, that's a simple matter of it. if they believe what's in this indictment is true and he was directed to make this payment, they clearly believe that payment was a campaign finance violation and the president became an unindicted coconspirator and he can become unindicted coconspirator. that's enough to concentrate the mind of any white house lawyer, this is far more dangerous and what happened to manafort. the president does right, it's completely separate from him. cohen does not. >> bret: shannon, this deals with payments to the adult film star stormy daniels, and explain why model karen mcdougall that cohen made before the election. there will be people already out there that this is not a
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violation of campaign finance laws the prosecutor saying differently. >> it's interesting, in this we have a decision by michael cohen that he's going to lay out everything he confesses to in this information and they have negotiated this range of incentives for him possibly. it's interesting that he said he's not going to cooperate, that wasn't part of the deal. there is many people who say he's protecting the president by not having a big public trial over this even though it may have gotten him in criminal trouble. even though the president may feel stunned and burned, cohen keeping this private and agreeing to not help prosecutors is a bit of a win for the president. >> bret: i want to play two sound bites, the president on air force one and rudy giuliani talking about paying back cohen one after the other. [reporter questioning] >> president trump: no.
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[reporter questioning] >> having something to do with paying some stormy daniels woman 130,000, it's going to turn out to be perfectly legal. that money was not campaign money, sorry i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know. it's not campaign money. no campaign finance violation. >> they funneled through a law form? >> funneled it through a law form and the president repaid i it. >> there is no campaign finance law? >> zero. >> bret: is that the battle line? >> the president isn't actually named as an unindicted coconspirator and under the fact it implicates him. second michael cohen is a dreadful witness, he has a bad
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history in terms of statements that he has made. third, the defense is in fact the definition of the crime. one thing to keep in mind as this has always been a controversial area. they brought these charges against john edwards and it failed in court. they didn't have someone like cohen who is saying that i made these payments intentionally with the motivation of influencing the election at the behest of the candidates. that makes it a stronger case. this is always been controversial as to the motivation, or is it more because he's a married man and they wanted to bury the scandal? >> bret: critics of the mueller investigation will say this doesn't have anything to do with russia collusion, this is way outside the boundaries. are both of these potentially squeeze plays for these two characters definitely inside the circle? >> the judges in alexandria said
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they are obviously trying to get at president trump by bringing these charges against manafort. he's a hardened target form robert mueller. he can't go to jail for ten years, he's an older guy. if he wants a deal, he wants a walkaway that means a part in. there is no indication that manafort is changing from that strategy. >> bret: michael: just moments ago issued a statement. he said he took the step today so his family can move onto the next chapter. this is michael fulfilling his promise made on july 2nd to put his family and country first and tell the truth about donald trump. today he stood up and testified that donald trump directed him to commit a crime by making payments to two women for the purpose of influencing an election. if those payments were the crime for michael cohen, then why wouldn't they be a crime for donald trump? if anyone was doubting, lanny
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davis wanted to make sure we knew. >> this is something that has been debated hotly, a couple of justice department memos from 1973 and 2,000 that talk about this and essentially the understanding is you can't indict a sitting president in most normal circumstances. rudy giuliani has said he has had conversations with mueller's team and during that he said they've aurally acknowledged the doj guidelines. whether that means they agree with them or would seek some type of exemption, if not about indicting a sitting president. according to the justice department he can't do it. >> bret: a stormy daniels attorney has been out and about and a lot of tv shows tweeted today rudy giuliani, buckle up buttercup. you and your client completely misplayed this. the development will permit us to have the stay lifted in a civil case and will proceed under an expedited deposition of
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trump, we will disclose adult of the public. how much is that the potential problem? >> michael is my former student, i disagree with him in one sense. >> bret: >> bret: that's breakis right there. [laughs] >> it's hard to expedited deposition because they get a great deal of deference. >> bret: people look back to the clinton years and look at paula jones and say that was a deposition. >> what you have now are these cross in criminal investigations which gets priority with the courts and they have to be coordinated. i don't think you're looking at anything immediate or short-term in that sense. this is not a good day -- what cohen is saying here directly implicates the president of the united states and what is defined by the united states government is a criminal act of campaign finance violations. does that mean he would be indicted in office?
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there is this great debate i think it's now moot because mueller is going to follow the policies of the doj. that doesn't necessarily help things. the statute of limitations is still out there, he could still bring a charge after the president leaves office. more importantly, he can detail a criminal conspiracy in a report to congress just as the house of representatives might switch parties. >> bret: it brings us back to the fight over the campaign finance law and whether this -- if it all happened as cohen pleads to that violation. there are four former fec chain who says it didn't, obviously giuliani is making that case and you wonder where the lawyers are going to go. >> before the trial started, the judge in the manafort case said i think the prosecutor shouldn't have unfettered power. what you're may be doing here is to lay out for something that would involve impeachment of the
3:17 pm
president. all of the different investigation, all of the michael avenatti stuff, giving them plenty of material to say, they got one thing after another that could be connected to the president and the cohen stuff is the worst of it. >> bret: we don't know and what we've seen today if cohen will cooperate with mueller on other fronts whether it comes to money or russia or other things. >> that's right, but cohen is out there. he'll take a deal if it's good enough, he's made that clear. he can still have mueller come to him and say you're looking at six years. he says it's a major deliverable. the fact is, he ultimately gave a mueller what he needs today, he already went on the record to say president trump ordered him to make this payment. he is locked in as a witness. the question is does he have something more? are there some of the tapes relevant, is mueller now going to look at him and say i'm willing to do a side agreement with you, give you a partial
3:18 pm
deal and to ask the court to reduce your sentence? >> bret: does mueller have more power today? >> yes, he's in a much stronger position. >> bret: at shannon, jonathan thank you, we'll see you tonight at 11:00 eastern time. up next, please confirm they found the body of molly tibbets and the suspect in custody is an illegal immigrant, will have that story. here's what some of the fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. and charlotte, top officials at the university of north carolina system say the toppling of a confederate statue is unacceptable, dangerous, and income principle. last night activists yanked the bronze figure of a southern soldier known as silent sam off at stone pedestal. campus police say one person pays criminal charges. in milwaukee officials declare a state of emergency due to torrential rains that have caused widespread running aroung
3:19 pm
around madison. it has flooded major roads and knocked out power to thousands of customers. this is a live look at denver from our affiliate fox 31, a cloudy done for the big story there tonight a court appearance for the man accused of killing his pregnant wife and their two daughters. christopher wants is charged with first-degree murder, he did not enter a plea. he told authorities he strangled his wife after she killed the children after he wanted a separation. that's two nights live look out side of the beltway. we'll be right back.
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turn your wish list into a checklist. learn more. do more. share more. at home, with internet essentials. >> bret: another fox news alert, investigators and iowa are confirming they have found the body of a college student missing for a month and they have an illegal immigrant in custody, charged with her murder. correspond of the life tonight in iowa. >> police say 24-year-old christian rivera has been charged in first-degree murder and authorities say he is in this country illegally. investigators say he confessed he followed her while she was out on her jog, he approached
3:24 pm
her and she took out her cell phone and said leave me alone. he tells police he blacked out and doesn't remember what happens next. authorities say this morning he led them to a remote location roughly 13 miles from her hometown where they found what they believe is her body in a cornfield. authorities say surveillance videos showed her jogging and also showed his black malibu car, that's how they were able to track him down. police have not confirmed the manner of her death. police say rivera did see her prior to july 18th but can't yet expand on how often he might have seen her or if he stalked her before july 18th. >> he followed her and it seemed to be drawn to her on that particular day and for whatever reason he chose to abductor. >> police say he has been in this country for four to seven
3:25 pm
years and molly tibbets was set to return to the university of iowa as a sophomore. >> bret: live in iowa tonight, thank you. another fox news alert just in. california republican congressman duncan hunter and his wife have been indicted, charged with converting hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds and falsifying campaign finance records. the indictment states the hunters used a quarter million dollars, will follow this story as well. the last war crimes suspect facing deportation from the u.s. is in germany tonight. 95-year-old was taken by i.c.e. agents from his home in new york this morning. the former labor camp guard arrived in the u.s. in 1949 as a war refugee. he later confessed to being a guard who worked at a concentration camp, he was ordered deported but it took 14
3:26 pm
years to get it done. the trump administration says has removal shows the u.s. stands firmly against anti-semitism, war crimes, and violations. up next, trump launches a major counteroffensive on his predecessors more on coal. and it sergey lavrov is expressing hope for productive negotiations in september. iran is showing off a new fighter jet, it says the plan is all irani had made and has advanced avionics and fire control systems. state television shows the president sitting in the plans compact and it will enhance their capabilities and confronted the u.s. about 200 south koreans and their family members are spending the second day in north korea where they are seeing relatives for the first time in decades.
3:27 pm
337 south koreans accompanied family members participating in a second round of reunions from friday to sunday. to some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. n a differe. and the bandits, well, they got rocks. we protected your money then and we're dedicated to helping protect it today. like alerting you to certain card activity we find suspicious. if it's not your purchase, we'll help you resolve it. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
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3:31 pm
state, the president wants states to have the power to regulate coal-fired power plants, he wants the states to do that. it's part of another major rollback of his predecessor's environmental legacy corresponded kevin corke has more on the new proposals from the site of the rally in the next hour. >> president trump: we've ended the war on beautiful clean coal. >> a major theme on the trump campaign trail. and has been a rallying cry ever since. end the so-called war on coal, a fight that received a major boost today. >> this is a big day the unveiling of our affordable clean energy rule. what this will will do is a set of guidelines for the states to work with utilities around the country to make sure that every utility makes reductions on their co2 emissions going forward. >> acting epa administrator andrew wheeler is referring to the administration's affordable clean energy rule, a state focused approach to energy regulation and a sweeping rejection of obama's clean power
3:32 pm
plan which was finalized in 2015 and saw to cut admissions at 2:30 2% below 2005 levels by 2030. in 2016, the supreme court blocked the plans enforcement after several energy producing states suited. the trump administration's proposal would give individual states more authority to make their own plans regulating greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants. critics believe the new rule if enacted would have dire environmental and health consequences. independent vermont senator bernie sanders accused the president of actively destroying the planet, a brace and special interest handout said democratic minority leader nancy pelosi of california. >> this dirty power plan is king cole corporate welfare propping over the doors to aging polluting power plants at the expense of the public health. >> proponents point to the overly burdensome nature of the previous administration's approach to energy which in many states lead to fewer jobs and higher costs.
3:33 pm
>> it was an overreach in the obama administration, it didn't take into consideration the hardships in west virginia. >> thousands of miners and minors jobs that hurt our economy and what common sense regulation -- >> that proposed rollout coming ahead of the big rally a coal rich state. i should point this outcome of the public comment. mack is underway, the final decision is expected set to come sometime later this fall. >> bret: kevin corke live in charleston. the dow rose 62 today, the s&p 500 finished up a six and hit an all-time high this afternoon. the nasdaq jumped 38. a roman catholic priest in pennsylvania is acing charges in connection with the 17-year-old girl he met at mass including allegations that he sent her images of himself on social media and groped her during a hug. the 30-year-old kevin monaghan was charged with corruption of
3:34 pm
minors, a felony, and indecent assault. the charges come a week after the release of a grand jury report in pennsylvania accusing a succession of church leaders of helping cover up abuse of more than 1,000 children by hundreds of catholic priests in pennsylvania since the 1940s. russian hackers are going after american political groups in the run-up to the november midterms. correspondence doug mckelway tells us exactly how they're doing it. >> technology giant microsoft revealed two conservative think tanks have been hacked by a russian military outfit. the same outfit in which 12 officers were indicted last month by special counsel robert mueller. visitors to the websites would be redirected to fake states whether passwords were stolen. the hudson institute in particular was in russia's cross hairs for its recent paper which describes how russian oligarchs have exploited the world financial system to launder money.
3:35 pm
>> if you want to deter vladimir putin, whack him right in the oligarchs. >> armed with a court order, microsoft said it seized six unit domains and said we have no use of this approach 12 times in two years to shut down 84 fake websites associated with this group. a kremlin spokesman denied the allegations, it isn't clear he said who the hackers and questions are. it comes as a senators examine russian influence. the u.s. intelligence assessment founded russia favored donald trump over hillary clinton and worked clandestinely to affect the outcome. if democrats are fearful of a repeat in the 2018 midterms. >> if we can't come up with a way to safeguard the entire of our democracy, shame on us. >> republicans maintain that russian interference isn't favoring either party, but rather it's putin's strategy to
3:36 pm
so discard and deepen the divide. >> one of the ways he wants to weaken us is by dividing us internally against one another more than we already are. >> whatever russia's motivation the federal government wants to stop it. congress has improved $380 million for states to bolster their election security. only five states still rely on computerized systems. the rest are all returning to some form of paper ballots. >> bret: when we come back, the all-star panel joins me about what we talked about in the entire first part of the show, the guilty plea for michael cohen, the president's former personal attorney and the guilty verdicts for paul manafort. all that and more coming up. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla .
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3:41 pm
to make this payment. he is locked in as a witness. the question is does he ask something more? are some of the tapes relevant, is mueller going to look at him and say i'm willing to do a side agreement with you, give you a partial deal to ask the court to reduce your sentence? all of that is possible. >> bret: does is have more power today? exponentially? >> he is a much stronger position. >> bret: this first panel will deal with cohen, he pled today in new york in the southern district, rudy giuliani saying that there is no allegation of any wrongdoing against the president and the government's charge against mr. cohen. it's clear as the prosecutor noted his actions reflect a pattern of lies and dishonesty. lanny davis said he stood up and testified under oath that donald trump directed him to commit a crime by making payments to women for the principal purpose of influencing
3:42 pm
an election. if those payments were a crime, then why wouldn't they be a crime for donald trump? catherine, in the plea information that we have, cohen admits to reimbursing these payments for karen mcdougall and stormy daniels. in the case he agrees to reimburse the "national enquirer" to the payment made to mcdougall. the payment was made in coordination with the chairman of the coronation david packer and one or more officials from the campaign. it's the first indication from the plea agreement, a lot of developments today. let's focus on the cohen part. >> i think we'll talk about both
3:43 pm
cases. what we are seeing here is his personal fixer, he worked closely for many years about how these payments that we've been reporting on and talking about. back in april, i was on air force one with the president and asked him about if he knew about the 130,000 payment to stormy daniels. at the time he said he didn't know anything about it. the president isn't named in the court paperwork. but he's named by lanny davis and certainly it is pretty clear that this is who he is spoken about. >> bret: the inner circle for more than a decade, where potentially does this go? >> i think you see the outlines of the coming legal debate and it all centers around the legality of this payment.
3:44 pm
we ran through the tape with john edwards some years ago with a similar sort of issue and there at the was in question. now the same arguments are going to be applied over to president trump's alleged involvement in this payment. what i am struck by is that for years now donald trump has kept his enemies scrambled. they don't know how to criticize and how to respond to him. in the past few months what we have seen is the way to actually respond and get trump in trouble is by adopting his own reality tv approach to the world. who was causing president trump the most trouble these days? it's michael: who did the dramatic reversal and have the secret tapes, it's omarosa who did the very similar thing and it's michael avenatti who even though he has not a politician is garnering more energy on the democratic side than any candidate out there. >> bret: the critics of the muller investigation will say
3:45 pm
this has nothing to do with russia collusion. but potentially it could. if michael cohen somehow brings something else to the table. we don't know what we don't kno know. >> we are into month 15 of the investigation, we have launched in may of 2017 and we still have no evidence of russia collusion. indictments don't have anything to do with the 2016, with colluding in the 2016 campaign. i charge brought against paul manafort had nothing to do with his work for trump. the fact they are charging the cohen payment as a campaign finance violations suggests to me very strongly that if you color to something else it's not illegal. to a lot of people, it looks like a stretching and bending of a lot to fit this case, not the clear we know it to the campaign finance law says, you broke it. another question i find odd is most times when people get caught in campaign finance get
3:46 pm
fined. five figure fines and so on. why are people looking at -- we don't know yet i suppose but jail time, real serious consequences for things that have been treated as more or less like political traffic tickets for decades? >> bret: they are saying 3-5 years for all of these charges. catherine, last thing. the battle about what is campaign finance violation, whether you can argue about whether this was this or not, it may be a battle line being drawn already. >> were going to see michael: being charged with a number of things but were going to see what is the exposure for the president, where does this go? michael avenatti wants to depose him in the stormy daniels case he's hoping to let this stay there. that's one area. does the deal not expressly say that he's going to cooperate? but it doesn't necessarily preclude him from doing so. does he try to speak to mueller, does he do something else that brings more pressure on the
3:47 pm
president? >> bret: we break down the manafort decision on what he faces coming up when we come back. but what i do count on... is staying happy and healthy. so, i add protein, vitamins and minerals to my diet with boost®. new boost® high protein nutritional drink now has 33% more high-quality protein, along with 26 essential and minerals your body needs. all with guaranteed great taste. the upside- i'm just getting started. boost® high protein be up for life let your perfect drive come together during the final days of the lincoln summer invitation event get 0% apr on select 2018 lincoln models
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3:51 pm
hung jury on all counts. however, he would like to thank judge ellis for granting him a fair trial, thank the jury for their very long and hard fought deliberations. he is evaluating all of his options at this point. >> bret: kevin downing, paul manafort's attorney talking after the verdicts were read. the jury coming back with eight guilty verdicts and they are five counts of tax fraud, maximum sentence three years each. two counts of bank fraud, maximum sentence 30 years for each. serious charges, eight out of the 18. the others declared a mistrial. he's not done yet, were back with the panel. >> it brings me back to this point. why is paul manafort -- i'm sure he's done some sleazy things
3:52 pm
over the years. why couldn't the regular justice system have caught him at some point? why didn't the justice department as it exists, all the campaign regulations we have caught him? we had to set up a special counsel, empowered to look at one specific issue and it really just is looking at anything and it looks sort of like since it hasn't been able to fulfill its main charge which is to find something wrong with russia and the 2016 election, it's doing what special prosecutors tend to do when their main focus doesn't pan out and they just catch whoever they can catch to justify the existence of the probe. >> bret: we don't know what we don't know as far as the thought process of mueller and his team to put the squeeze on manafort and cohen. over under if the president is going to mention manafort, pretty high? >> i think it's certainly likely we will hear from him about
3:53 pm
witch hunt, he hasn't spoken nearly as much about cohen but certainly about what manafort what we've heard is that they really feel like this is nothing to do with this white house, it has nothing to do with russia, it is not directed at his presidency and they want to make that point. he spoke on his way off of air force one he was saying it was sad but it doesn't prove anything. >> were likely going to hear a lot about molly tibbets in this illegal immigrant who was in custody in iowa. >> that's safe political trade where he has a point about the problems illegal immigration are causing, we have the most visceral and tragic example of it. what am struck by is he is also on safe ground, it has nothing to do with him whether paul manafort was found guilty. it also means that the initial phase of the mueller probe, the face were were looking for collusion between the trump
3:54 pm
campaign and russia is coming to a close. were going to be reaching an impasse where president trump is going to have to decide whether he sits for an interview. i think all of the developments of the day suggests he will refuse such an interview and then we will get into the second phase which it seems to me it will be a lot about the revelations of michael: cohen. >> bret: just to put it in perspective you have duncan hunter indicted on charges, he's a second congressman to endorse candidates donald trump. remember, chris collins is the first he's also been indicted on insider trading. you have the former campaign chairman now guilty on eight counts and his former personal lawyer pleading guilty to eight counts. overall, this is a pretty bad day in trump world. >> it's certainly not a great day but you have to ask what's the real meaning of this over
3:55 pm
the long term? this is a probe that was supposed to find -- it still won't say what it's found it hasn't made anything public -- all the stuff that he gets convicted for his stuff that doesn't have anything to do with donald trump. will have to see how the cohen issue plays out. one of the things that seems notable to me here is the state has all these resources that they can use to investigate anybody he wants and bring enormous charges and unlimited lawyers. it seems like the real threat of tying these people together as they are close to trump. there's a lot of lobbyists, a lot of people evading taxes, these are the people that are getting focused on. >> bret: we will cover it all it's been a busy day. when we come back, something we all need. done. hit the snooze button and get low prices on school supplies all summer long. like these for only $2 or less at office depot officemax. like these for only $2 or less
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[puppy sounds] >> bret: thought you'd like that. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that was "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. here's my thought. >> martha: that was a nice break, we are about to dive right back in. three breaking stories to now the market right now is a president is about to take the stage at a rally in west virginia where we expect he will responded to all of these in one way, shape or form. former campaign manager paul manafort convicted today on eight felony counts, and former lawyer michael: pleading guilty in a separate case to paying off women at the direction of a candidate in a federal election. and certainly the president will have something to say tonight about this story.


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