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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 23, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> why the president would authorize cohen to take care of so-called small deals including payments to people who may have damaging stories to tell if he
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wasn't a player of significance? >> president trump: he was a lawyer for me for one of many. they always say the lawyer and they like to add the fixer. i don't know where that term came from. he has been a lawyer for me. didn't do big deals, did small deals. not somebody that was with me that much. they make it sound like i didn't live without him. >> you hear the president's description there cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations which is an interesting thing to plead guilty to, considering there are a great many attorneys, including some i've spoken to here, who don't think that rises to the level. see how that all plays out in sentencing and moving forward. jon, back to you. >> jon: more to come on both of those cases. kevin corke at the white house. >> sandra: another exclusive interview for fox news shan an bream sitting down with one of the jurors in the paul man fort trial and how close the jury
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came to returning verdicts on all 18 counts. >> there was one hold-out. we tried to convince her to look at the paper trail and laid it out in front of her again and again and she still said that she had a reasonable doubt. in the end she held out and that's why we have 10 counts that did not get a verdict. >> sandra: let's bring in alan dershowitz. good morning to you. could you first respond to some of the color we're getting out of that courtroom now hearing for the first time one of the jurors? >> it's not surprising. one juror can sometimes refuse to go along with the other jurors and that's the right of the jurist. they have a reasonable doubt, they shouldn't change their mind. the only legal implication this has is if hypothetically manafort would appeal his convictions and win and then there were to be a retrial, the government would prob life decide to retry all the counts
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because they know they had 11-1 in favor of conviction even on the counts that ended up being dismissed. that's the only real legal implication. otherwise it's just interesting color. >> sandra: we're hearing a lot from the president this morning via the exclusive interview with ainsley on "fox & friends" this morning. the key question is and if i could ask it simply to you, did president trump do anything wrong when he gave cohen money out of his own pocket to make those payments? >> absolutely not. if he gave the money out of his pocket. that has been disputed but if the president gave the money out of his own pocket he can give a billion dollars. he could have put a billion dollars in the campaign and paying 100 million of women who accused me falsely, etc. it wouldn't be a violation of any campaign law as long as he reported it. if the campaign failed to
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report it, it would be on the campaign, not on the candidate himself. so if president trump, candidate trump paid the money himself, there would be no violation of law at all. either for cohen or for trump. if on the other hand cohen did it on his own and made a campaign contribution of $280,000 to pay hush money to these women, that might be a campaign contribution but that would be on cohen and not president trump. >> sandra: the president in the interview this morning stating very clearly he does not see those cohen payments as illegal and he goes even further to make a comparison to former president barack obama. watch. >> president trump: those two counts aren't even a crime. they weren't campaign finance. my first question when i heard about it was did they come out of the campaign? because that could be a little dicey. and they didn't come out of the campaign. obama had it, other people have it. almost everybody that runs for
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office has campaign violations, but what michael cohen pled to weren't even campaign related. they weren't crimes. >> sandra: is the comparison of the cohen allegations to obama fair? >> well, only if you think that what the trump campaign did is failed to report contributions. that's what the obama campaign was accused of and they had to pay $300,000 fine. if -- that assumes that the payments were made by candidate trump out of his own funds. if he did make the contributions out of his own funds, then failure to report them would be comparable to what was alleged against president obama's campaign. but remember, it's the campaign, not the candidate, who commits the violation for failure to report. >> sandra: lanny davis, cohen's attorney came on fox news for the first time since he began representing cohen yesterday on this program, professor.
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and he said without question he stated right here that trump committed a federal crime. watch this. >> there is no question that he has committed a federal crime and whether he can be indicted has never been decided. i think there is a traditional view that you don't indict sitting presidents but that's an unsettled question. >> sandra: a big question, professor that seems to be coming of all this how can there be such varying legal takes and opinions on all this? >> i'm right and he's wrong. it is as simple as that. i've been teaching law for over 50 years. he is wrong when he says there is no question. look, lanny is a great lawyer and good friend of mine but there is a deep question about whether any crimes were committed by president trump himself. and i think that we ought to acknowledge that there are serious questions about that. how those questions get resolved in the end nobody can predict because the laws
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regulating campaign contributions are so murky that justice scalia once said he couldn't figure out what these laws mean. but the one thing that is clear is that a candidate is entitled to pay as much money as he chooses to to support his own campaign and that paying hush money is not a crime. so i would love to have an opportunity to debate my friend lanny on your show or any other show and we can see whether there is any question about whether there is a crime. i think the answer is clear. there are deep and difficult and troubling questions and the criminal law shouldn't be used against people when it's up in the air and confused and subject to questions. thomas jefferson once said the criminal law should be so clear that you can understand it while running. i couldn't even understand these laws while sitting. so they're not as clear as lanny claims they are. so lanny, i welcome you to come on show and let's have a debate, a friendly discussion and let's see who wins.
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>> sandra: we'll see if we can arrange that. see you again soon. >> jon: new details about the illegal immigrant charged with the murder of iowa college student mollie tibbetts. his former employee said the e-verify system was not used to vet cristhian rivera who is also believed to have faked his identity. matt finn live from brooklyn, iowa. >> jon, rivera's attorney said in court that rivera is in the country legally but so far immigration officials have challenged that saying that rivera never submitted a daca request. there
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>> sandra: as we get closer to the mid-terms president trump saying voters should look at one thing before heading to the polls. we'll tell you what that is when we return. >> president trump: this election is bigger than any one race. it's about whether we want to continue the amazing progress we've made for america, whether we want to surrender that progress to the forces of extremism and obstructionism. wio and got more.
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simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit >> president trump: i got rid
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of regulations, the tax cut was a tremendous thing. but even before the tax cut right from the first day i got rid of regulation. i approved the pipelines, 48,000 jobs. but i did a lot of things. had hillary and the democrats gotten in, had she been president, you would have had negative growth. >> jon: president trump touting the strong u.s. economy in an interview with "fox & friends" as the latest fox news polls show the president's approval rating at 45% and republicans trailing democrats in favorability as the mid-terms approach. let's bring in fox news politics editor chris stirewalt. interesting stuff in the fox news poll. normally the economy trumps everything. i'm not trying to issue a pun there. normally that's the number one issue on voters' minds. here you have a pretty strong economy and the president's approval rating stands at 45%.
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why? >> never forget. americans like divided government. people always say i wish washington could get things done. but americans tend to have a preference for divided government because they're distrustful of government when it gets going hot down one path or the other. mid-terms have historically and traditionally been a moment when voters say let's put a check on the party in power when you have unified control in washington that's a big part of what republicans are running against this year. >> jon: let's look at how people feel about the respective parties. right now this sort of generic poll asked if people across america if you were going to vote for a member of congress this time, would you vote for a democrat or republican. 49% say democrat. 38% say republican. and, you know, that's got to have the folks at the rub can national committee a little worried.
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>> it has been consistent and hard number. republicans have tried to change the dynamic here but that kind of gap has been really consistent all along through this year. now we do remember one thing. always when we're talking about this poll in any year for republicans. republicans enjoy a fundamental built-in advantage in these elections for a couple of reasons. they generally have a higher propensity for voting. a given republican is likelyer than a given democrat to go to the polls. the way some of the districts are gerrymandered. the republicans get a three-point edge on democrats. but when democrats start to get out to 8, 9, 10 points you get the makings of a potential what they're calling a blue wave but you have the makings of a big shift in a way of election. >> jon: you have a 10-point spread right now when asked voters who voted for hillary clinton in the last election
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are you interested in the 2018 elections or how interested are you? 58% of clinton voters are extremely interested versus 48% of trump voters. there seems to be a certain complacency that sets in when your guy occupies the white house. >> it's a double whammy for republicans this time around. in the first part there is complacency. we got what we wanted, averted the disaster. we made it and got it done. then there is the other part which are those disaffected voters we're talking about a lot of female voters, a lot of suburban voters who don't feel comfortable with what's going on inside the administration and the scandals and tweeting and for those voters, it may feel like a good time to hold back a little bit and let the river flow against republicans for a while. sometimes not voting, sometimes a reluctance to vote it was getty lee who said if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.
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>> jon: i would love to discuss this with you but i just want to mention it, 36% of american voters in this fox news poll say it would be a good thing for the u.s. to move away from capitalism and toward socialism. all you high school teachers out there, take that up with your classes. because that number as tounds me frankly. we'll talk about that another time. >> next time. >> sandra: meanwhile, we're watching hurricane lane already drenching parts of hawaii and the worst is yet to come as the category four storm moves closer to the islands. how residents are now preparing. that will be next. >> we are anxious. we looked at the track this morning and saw that it is coming nearer than we thought. >> even if we dodge it, it will be a lot of rain, a lot of strong wind, and i'm expecting and fearing damage for my house.
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>> we haven't really faced a hurricane of this magnitude as far as history as i can remember. it is going to be a new experience for everybody if it maintains its current track. i'm hoping and praying that it will diminish in strength. we can just hope and prepare the best we can. >> jon: the mayor of maui issuing an urgent warning to residents as hurricane lane closes in on hawaii. it is sparking panic across the islands as hawaiians are told to stock up on two weeks of food and water. adam housley is on maui where a hurricane warning is in effect.
6:26 am
we begin with meteorologist adam tracking lane from the fox extreme weather center. >> it's a big storm. 145 mile-an-hour winds kicks it up to the category 4 level spinning off shore but everything in front of it, heavy rounds of showers beginning to fall particularly on the big island where at times there have been down right downpours coming across that region. as much as 2 to 3 inches and hour in some locations. as you continue to run up along the islands, this is going to be a weakening system. by the time you get parallel to honolulu perhaps weakening to a category one storm. as it gets closer to population centers it is weakening but a wide berth for track and leaves indecision. how quickly and sharply it turns back out to sea. when that turn happens it will make a big difference what folks feel. these are several different
6:27 am
forecast models, each one a possible track. some turning out earlier and others landfall before turning out. whether we hit or not it will be a huge rain maker and the big island from 15 to 20 inches of rain in some spots. it will be a problem whether it makes landfall or not. >> sandra: now let's go to live to adam housley live on the ground in maui. adam. >> you heard from adam what the storm is doing. we just got a report in hawaii talking about that wind sheer. two things, one preparation and second is wind sheer. we see heavy rain bands at times. the seas are calmer than yesterday this time but that is expected to change. we also have some video coming in from the big island. they are are getting drenched right now. the rain expected to come here and moving across the islands. we're expecting to get some rain this morning in maui.
6:28 am
potentially as much as 3 to 4 inches and hour as adam talked about they're getting on the big island as the rain move towards us and a new update in hawaii in an hour and a half where the storm is going. we're being told by some forecasters they expect it to be downgraded but not for another hour and a half. preparations, we got here yesterday morning and everybody is prepared. oahu and the other islands did not take it lightly. it is the third in modern history to hit the islands directly. the first one in 26 years. we aren't overly -- we have been lulled to sleep by having these storms in the past. they know this is serious and the governor and other officials in the state have for two or three days said you need to make sure you are prepared. take a listen. >> just want to remind everyone to be prepared to shelter in
6:29 am
place. get food, supplies and water, medicine, other necessities that they would have. people should not go through floodwaters. don't assume that you can make a safe crossing if water is crossing the highway. >> all the talk here is about those potential flooding rains. the big island of hawaii 26 miles to my right already getting them. then comes maui, and then on to the other major islands in the chain. everybody bracing for the rain and hoping that wind sheer will calm down. >> sandra: be safe adam housley covering it on the ground in maui. >> jon: wall street it is officially the longest bull market in history and the markets are set to open a couple minutes from now. will the arrows continue to point up? we'll wait and see. >> sandra: president trump calling for tougher immigration laws after the tragic murder of mollie tibbetts. can congress get anything done? >> president trump: dealing
6:30 am
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breast cancer experts at cancer treatment centers of america. visit appointments available now. >> sandra: fox news alert. a quick look at the dow opening three minutes ago. markets are opening to the down side, down 56 points out of the gate sitting pretty just below 26,000. wall street marks the longest bull market in history yesterday. the milestone was hit. president trump celebrating it on twitter saying this. longest bull run in the history of the stock market. congratulations america. we'll keep an eye on the dow for you and talk about how long the good times could continue to roll. we'll have that coming up later in the show. >> jon: after the downfall that began in 2007 it is nice to see things pointed north. >> sandra: this bull market has been in place since 2009. it is unbelievable run. >> jon: that's the resilience of america. >> sandra: more on that coming up.
6:34 am
>> president trump: she was killed by a horrible person illegally here. found by ice, our great ice who are abused by the democrats and left. dealing with the democrats is very tough. the immigration laws are horrible. you can do a lot better if you have good laws. they'll all get changed but we have to elect more republicans. >> sandra: president trump pushing for immigration reform as an illegal immigrant charged with the death of mollie tibbetts goes to court. reigniting a heated debate on immigration. kayleigh mcenany joins us now. a horrific tragedy that as a country we all saw this play out. we did not know it would end like this. it did. the president now in the wake of mollie tibbetts' murder by an illegal immigrant is calling for tougher immigration laws in this country but how tough it is to work with democrats on
6:35 am
this issue. can congress get anything done? >> my heart felt thoughts and prayers are with the family of mollie tibbetts. a heartbreaking tragedy. i prayed for her multiple times and i encouraged the nation to do so as well. democrats, you're right, they aren't working with us. case in point the president put forward a very smart compromise on immigration where we gave daca recipients some sort of legalization in exchange for the wall, in exchange for the funding, in exchange for an end to chain migration. 67% of americans supported the plan. schumer and pelosi threw it aside and talked about daca and used it as a talking point rather than making meaningful change. one question i want to ask is why is it with democrats that they don't seem to care about the american citizen, the american citizen is last? when obama's intel community warns about refugee flow and the fact that isis is trying to infiltrate.
6:36 am
they talk about more refugees. when ms-13 invades our countries, 10,000 members across 40 states nancy pelosi talks about the spark of divinity and when mollie tibbetts loses her life, elizabeth warren says let's talk about the real problem. let's talk about illegal immigrants on the border and how to help them. the american citizen is also last. >> sandra: it may not be the most important election issue as polling for americans the economy and healthcare are up there. but immigration is a close third and you hear the president and he tweeted about it yesterday saying democrats are not going to do anything about this. and looking at what democrats are saying in the wake of mollie tibbetts' murder iowa democratic party chairman troy price says the iowa democratic party will honor the wishes of the tibbetts family to let them grieve in private. it will not turn that senseless tragedy into a partisan fight. so how will that message or lack of a message it seems like they want to avoid the issue,
6:37 am
how is that message going to play for democrats? >> this is to me one of the most underreported issues. when we survey the whole mainstream media, it will be one of the most important election issues. when you have the left saying let's abolish ice on the heels of us seeing this tragic murder, it is not about abolish ice, it's about protect americans. that message resonates and throughout the elections and will in the mid-terms. it's a big problem. sandra. you look, 1/5 of those in custody in federal prisons are illegal immigrants. you look at some of the state data, texas alone between 2011 and 2018, 663,000 criminal offenses from illegal immigrants. most illegal immigrants are good, hard working people but nevertheless the crime rate for illegal immigrants should be zero. not a single american should lose their lives. >> sandra: lieutenant governor kim reynolds said she is angry
6:38 am
that a broken immigration system allowed a predator to live in our community. a fair point to be made that when we talk about immigration and our border, we're often talking about this problem existing in states like arizona, texas, other border states. this happened in middle america, iowa. and in iowa republicans are defending two congressional seats that democrats have high hopes of winning. you wonder how this is going to change the dynamic in iowa. >> it will definitely change the dynamic. ms-13 aren't relegated to border states. they're in 40 states. the example in iowa is another example this happens in the heartland. it happens across the country. i sat across from a mother that lost her son, dominic. i've seen her tears and i've seen the locket she wears around her neck with his ashes. it's a real problem. not a single american citizen, not the tibbetts family steinle
6:39 am
or any family should lose their child and be permanently separated because the laws were not enforced. american citizens must come first. >> sandra: our thoughts and prayers are with mollie tibbetts and her family. the debate continues. kayleigh mcenany, thank you. >> thank you so much, sandra. >> jon: florida's supreme court clears the way for the release of new video from the deadly shooting at parkland high school that left 17 people dead. media outlets pushing for its release hoping to learn more about the police sponsor lack of that day. phil keating live from miami. >> a total of three florida courts all ruling that these videos are in the public interest defeating the efforts of the school district and prosecutor to keep them secret. what many were expecting to see and hoping to see is not in the video. all of the footage comes from five cameras around the outside of the freshman building where
6:40 am
the valentine's day mass killing happened. as bullets fly for the first two minutes students are seen going to the school gates to escape. somebody redirects them and run north towards the shooting. another video shows responding officers locked out of the gate finally let in and then trying to assess the situation. we know now that at this point the shooting actually had stopped and the killer was walking away. what the videos do not show is what some police officers allege, when they arrived at least four broward deputies on the scene were taking cover behind cars or trees instead of storming the building as trained while students were bleeding and dying. much like this previously-released video showing the school resource officer assigned to that school doing just that. if his fellow deputies did the same it is simply not seen on this external camera footage. additional footage shows what you would expect at a high school shooting.
6:41 am
terror and chaos during the six minute, 150-bullet rampage. this angle appears to show a wounded student being rushed to safety on a golf cart. none of the released videos came from interior cameras in the freshman building. nobody sees the shootings or carnage nor the movements of nikolas cruz that day, a former student and confessed killer. jon. >> jon: thank you, phil. >> sandra: the leader of isis making his first statement in years. what he is urging the terror group's followers to do. congressman adam kins with join us next. >> president trump: we're gathered together this afternoon to pay tribute to a fallen warrior, a great warrior. a hero our nation will forever
6:42 am
remember, technical sergeant john chapman.
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6:45 am
>> sandra: president trump awarded the medal of honor to chapman. he gave his life to help save his fellow troops in the early days of the war in afghanistan. the president praising his courage. >> president trump: in this final act of supreme courage john gave his life for his fellow warriors. through his extraordinary sacrifice, john helped save more than 20 american service members. our nation is rich with blessing but our greatest blessings of all are the patriots like john. >> sandra: chapman's family accepted the award of his behalf. the first member of the air force to receive the medal of honor since the vietnam war. >> jon: french authorities say they are not investigating a knife attack that killed two people as terrorism despite isis claims of responsibility.
6:46 am
as the leader of isis issues a new message acknowledging the loss of territory but urging his followers to keep on fighting. joining us now illinois congressman adam kinzinger a member of the house foreign affairs committee. to the french situation the number of people stabbed to death. french police say it isn't terrorism even though the suspect was on the terrorism watch list and isis is claiming responsibility. your thoughts on that. >> i mean, they may have information i don't because it sounds like a terrorist attack from what i've heard. maybe they know something. i think it's important to note that any time anybody just randomly stabs people that it is an act of terror. whether this is linked to isis or not i guess will be up to the french. the point is this is going to continue in europe and continue around the world for a long time because frankly we're fighting an ideology that has no regard for innocent life.
6:47 am
has no regard for humanity and actually thinks that somehow there is a god that is going to reward them for randomly killing innocent people. frankly if that's god, that's no god i want to follow. >> jon: we have heard this message from baghdadi, the isis leaders urging his followers to fight on. what is the effect of that do you think? >> sounds like adopt hitler in the waning days of world war ii. it's a losing organization but still a mindset. we need to realize that this is a generational fight. probably for the rest of my life we'll be battling terrorism in some form. what's important is when you have a group like isis that claims that they are the coming caliphate and land is very important to that prophesy, when you destroy that land holding and you take away their
6:48 am
holdings basically you're saying this is the caliphate. the u.s. marines and air force and army wouldn't be crushing your face and taking away your territory. with that happening he has to send out this desperate message this is just a test for followers. in depriving land to these groups we're depriving them of their recruits. it is important to keep in mind there will be an isis ii or al qaeda iii. we'll have to stay on offense probably for the rest of our lives. >> jon: the new commander in afghanistan has essentially said that. despite the longest war that america has fought in its history, the taliban is still a very potential opponent there, a very potent opponent. >> that's right. we have gotten used to having this sudden end to a war, world war ii for instance ended in a massive victory. the new way of warfare will be
6:49 am
the perpetual low-grade fights. it isn't fun. i wish it was different. we're a popular force in afghanistan. we aren't an occupying force. the afghan people want the united states to stay engaged and we'll continue to embolden the afghan soldiers as well. if you look at south korea and bosnia, areas we've engaged in the past we have a residual force there to embolden. if you look in afghanistan as we leave you'll have resurgence of the taliban, afghan government will fall and have another safe haven for al qaeda and isis. absolutely, look. there is concern that the russians are actually supplies the taliban. the russians have no interest in the united states gaining a victory or the afghan people gaining a victory. these are the same people in syria are bombing hospitals indiscriminately every day. i think this is something the president is right in
6:50 am
negotiating with the taliban. every war ends in a negotiation at some level but the russians can't be involved in this. they are a failing economy, weak army and not the future of this world. >> jon: adam kinzinger, republican from illinois and member of the house foreign affairs committee. >> sandra: more senate democrats set to meet with supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. some are demanding a delay in confirmation hearings. >> jon: congressman duncan hunter and his wife set to face a judge on a slough of corruption judges. he says he is innocent. we'll look at the case against him next. >> it's my responsibility and my account didn't have as much visibility on my personal finances as i should have. ♪
6:51 am
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>> sandra: duncan hunter and his wife due in court today days after being charged with campaign finance charges. what is the congressman saying about these charges? >> like president trump hunter claims it's a political witch hunt. timing is proof. after a two-ier investigation why now just after the primary and before the general. too late for a new candidate and if he resigns republicans hand the seat to democrats. >> i'm not going to resign with a bunch of leftist government folks throwing allegations at me. there is a trial. this means nothing. the indictment is all they have. they only have what you have now seen. that's it. i've done nothing wrong. >> prosecutors say hunter and his wife used $250,000 in
6:55 am
campaign money for private -- they claimed golf shorts and golf balls for wounded warriors and they overdrew their bank account 1100 times. >> there is nothing illegal about being poor. i don't think there is anything illegal about not having money in your bank account. >> arraignment at 10:30. no cameras in the courtroom. >> sandra: how are voters reacting to all this? >> republicans out number democrats by 14 points. this now moves from a safe gop seat to a competitive one. along with his father, the hunters have is represented the district for 38 years. some are loyal, others are not. >> i'm not going to judge congressman hunter. and i'm not going to judge anybody else. and let the cards fall. let them have their day in court. >> you can't believe someone
6:56 am
will take $10,000 for vacation, tuition for his kids and etc. and has no knowledge of the fact he is misusing funds. it is obvious. >> hunter now campaigns and we'll see if voters believe if he deserves the benefit of the doubt or not. >> sandra: we'll be watching it. william la jeunesse, thank you. >> jon: white house launching a full floated defense of president trump saying the president is not implicated in any wrongdoing despite his former attorney pleading guilty to campaign finance violations. the a-team takes it up at the top of the hour.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> sandra: a fox news alert. president trump and the white house doubling down insisting the president did nothing wrong when it comes to michael cohen's hush money payments. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott. michael cohen's legal team disagrees with in the after he told "fox & friends" that he never used campaign finances to make payments to stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. >> they didn't come out of the campaign. they came from me. i tweeted about it. i tweeted about the payments. but they didn't come out of campaign. in fact, my first question when i heard about it was did they come out of the campaign? because that could be a little dicey. and they didn't come out of the
7:01 am
campaign. that's big. but they weren't -- it's not even a campaign violation. >> jon: rick leventhal joins us. bring us up to speed. >> things have only gotten worse for michael cohen since he pled guilty in federal court. he got a demand he dissolve his taxi business. you may recall cohen testified before the senate intelligence committee last year saying he didn't know if the president had advance knowledge of the trump tower meeting with russians. last month cohen was quoted saying the president did have prior knowledge. the intel committee now says we recently reengaged with mr. cohen and his team whether he stood by his testimony. they responded he stood by his testimony. now they're asking him to come back and testify again. >> there is information about russia. if he has information about it, we need to know that for what we're doing in intel.
7:02 am
>> in new york investigators from the tax department issued a subpoena to cohen after his admissions in court to see if he may have information whether the trump foundation violated state tax laws and new york's taxi and limousine commission has given cohen two weeks to sell his yellow cab medallions. their value has plummeted from a million bucks each to less than $200 grand. in an interview at the white house ainsley earhardt asked the president for reaction to his former attorney's troubles. >> he didn't do big deals. he did small deals. not somebody that was with me that much. they make it sound like i didn't live without him. i understood michael cohen very well. turned out he wasn't a very good lawyer, frankly. >> the president said cohen flipped on him to get a better deal for himself. cohen, because of that deal, he will be sentenced 3 to 5 years
7:03 am
in december. >> jon: thanks. >> sandra: thanks. for more on all this we have a newsroom a-team leading off the 10:00 hour. jessica tarlov, brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to george w. bush and tom rogue an a commentary writer for "the washington examiner". examine this for us, tom. the white house seems to be doubling down. you heard the president in that exclusive interview with ainsley this morning saying he did not do anything wrong when it came to these payments. >> unless there is some forensic financial link that the f.b.i. can show that ties the president directly towards it, i think it's sort of -- i don't see the connection point that cohen brings down trump. the problem is two-fold. it presents this image of the president as someone who is connected to bad people. we have two felons now. >> sandra: that's not illegal. >> no, but what else comes out
7:04 am
in terms of the mueller investigation. right now we have two indictments on the book. two effectively prison sentence and plea deal on the books. so does other stuff come out? if it doesn't the president -- if i was a white house advisor i would say to the president stay away from this a little bit and let it die down and see where the cards are in a week. >> lanny davis needs to show how it was a campaign violation. we need to know exactly where the finances came from and actually i think the point should be raised again we need to know if this was a business expense that he deducted. there are a lot of people saying we need to see his tax returns, which is something people have been saying for years. now we have good cause to ask that question again. it is my understanding that it can be a campaign finance violation if this was an elaborate plot to cover it up. if cohen paid this for trump in order to circumvent registering it and making it formally available for everyone to know,
7:05 am
that can be a campaign finance violation as well. whether the money came from his private account. we know cohen submitted a bill for $400 grand with the payoff. it was padded up. was it because -- >> that's what lawyers do. >> it's more than hyping up your hourly bill if he was taking care of something to protect the campaign and then on top of that deducting it as a business expect which paying porn stars for sex and to be quiet afterwards. he didn't pay for the sex, he paid for the being quiet after. >> i think the president is a victim of having some really bad people around him. having said that there is no guilt by association in america. they are stand alone crimes. based on what i've heard and seen and made public, i don't think the president committed a crime. i think he hired a lawyer to try to get him out of a situation that was an embarrassment and if having an
7:06 am
extramarital affair is criminal, then bill clinton should be on death row. he paid off in the same situation to try to prevent embarrassment to himself and family and leading up to his presidency. if anything, the president is a victim of having some really bad lawyering and cohen is paying the price. >> he is a grown adult. he hired michael cohen decades ago and surrounded himself with people -- >> who didn't serve him well. if you're a lawyer -- >> he is not a victim is the point. he had an affair. he paid them off. got to have people who would end up in jail. cutting bad deals. >> what the lawyer did on behalf of him. lawyers aren't hired to commit crimes. if donald trump asked him to do something that was criminal, the lawyer says no. imnote doing it. get another lawyer. >> jon: there is a difference in the kind of lawyer you might hire if you're a new york developer versus the kind of lawyer you might turn to if you're the president of the united states, right?
7:07 am
>> right. that's why the president has many lawyers. he testified himself he had cohen as his personal lawyer and lawyers in his real estate and lawyer in the white house. >> sandra: i'm hearing a lot from you the president has surrounded himself with bad people. that's not in violation of the law. alan dershowitz was just on the program at the top of the last hour making it very clear that the president has not broken law here, watch. >> president trump, candidate trump paid the money himself there would be no violation of law at all either for cohen or for trump. if on the other hand cohen did it on his own and made a campaign contribution of $280,000 to pay hush money to these women, that might be a campaign contribution but that would be on cohen and not on president trump. >> sandra: i did share with him the frustration a lot of people have right now in the varying interpretations of the law. how can there be so many interpretations of the law? the law has to be the law, right? >> we're a democracy.
7:08 am
law is defined by the best lawyers and the court. but i think the broad point here is dershowitz is correct. that if this is all there is, there isn't some tangible audio of the president explicitly saying that would seem to contravene campaign finance law it won't be prosecuted. it is not going anywhere. political scandals come and go. this doesn't go to that level at the moment. we have to wait and see. more interesting is the manafort stuff because of the ukrainian organized crime figures and their connection to the kremlin. >> so we have the audio of president -- then candidate trump talking to michael cohen about these payments. that was something he lied about with ainsley where he said he didn't know. but if he did order michael cohen to take care of this, which is what michael cohen is alleging and we have audio confirms he knew about it ahead of time and michael cohen said i'm sorting it, doesn't mean it
7:09 am
could be responsible for this? >> he asked his lawyer to take care of something and expected his lawyer to do it within the bounds of the law. cohen is responsible for his own actions. if cohen knew he was breaking the law, then he had an obligation to tell his client that he is breaking the law. >> sandra: do you agree he changed his story? he is saying he found out after the fact. before he said he didn't know at all. >> let's go with what we do know. >> that he lied. >> that's the tape. lying is not necessarily >> i'm not saying he is going to jail for lying to ainsley earhardt. >> the fact they discussed a settlement is not criminal. even alan dershowitz said that. so you can make settlements with people. the problem is when you hire a lawyer, you expect them to act within the bounds of the law. cohen did not do that. the fact if a client asks you to do something that was illegal it is up to the lawyer to tell the client i can't do that. >> jon: it bears repeating, tom, i find it so interesting
7:10 am
that all this started with a charge to robert mueller to go see what the russians were doing to try to meddle in american elections and now we're down a bunch of side paths that don't have anything to do with russian election meddling. >> we are. i think there has to be a distinction here. f.b.i. agents in this case find stuff they have to follow the evidence. but the broad point i think, jon, is correct. that in a country where the investigative process is a democracy should be based on identifications of laws broken, follow that train. we're pretty far away from where this was set up. as senator rand paul yesterday or the day before, it brings into a concern the perception of law enforcement, the g men and g women is politicized. that by itself is problematic. >> sandra: perhaps more interesting is what is going to happen next with paul manafort and the president. the president was asked by
7:11 am
ainsley about a possible pardon. here was his response and we'll get a quick response. >> are you considering pardoning paul manafort? >> i have great respect for what he has done in terms of what he has gone through. he worked for ronald reagan for years, worked for bob dole, he worked i guess his firm worked for mccain. he worked for many, many people, many, many years and i would say what he did, some of the charges they threw against him, every consultant, every lobbyist in washington probably does. >> sandra: it wasn't a no or a yes, either. >> i'm a consultant and a lobbyist in washington and i didn't do that. most of the people i do know have done that or come close to that. paul manafort is a bum and he needs to face the music. he is a traitor to america. he didn't pay his taxes, he lied to banks to get loans that he did not deserve. no, the jury did the right thing. and the president, this is where i disagree with the
7:12 am
president. he owes nothing to paul manafort. >> sandra: what would the fallout be if he decided to pardon him. >> great. paul manafort faces another trial within the mid-term season. the court should hold off until the mid-terms. democrats will politicize it and make it a campaign. he is a convicted felon and await trial after the mid-terms. >> jon: meantime, all of this is throwing new fuel on the fire in the battle over supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. some democrats calling to hold off his confirmation hearings. mitch mcconnell says any delay is not in the cards. our doug mcelway live on capitol hill with the latest on that. doug. >> good morning. it's plainly obvious that senate democrats don't have the votes to block judge cavanaugh's nomination to the
7:13 am
supreme court. they're now portraying the pick as the illegitimate choice of a corrupt president. feinstein writing about cohen's plea deal. if true the president committed a felony in addition to guilty verdicts for his campaign manager and scandals around his top advisors and cabinet. in light of these developments kavanaugh's hearing shouldn't move forward on september 4th. the senate minority leader said what he has often said in the past. he believes judge kavanaugh is president trump's get out of jail free card. here he is. >> i asked him that in the most extreme situation a criminal investigation against a sitting president where our national security is at stake, could the investigator subpoena the president. he wouldn't say he would. >> the chairman of the senate judiciary committee who will preside over kavanaugh's hearings is having none of what he considers to be nonsense on the part of democrats.
7:14 am
>> other member said judge kavanaugh threatens destruction of the constitution of the united states. the goal has always been the same, delay the confirmation process as much as possible and hope that the democrats take over the united states senate in the mid-term elections. >> no senate democrats, many of whom are former prosecutors themselves, have an explanation for the cohen deal. prosecutors as we see happen in courtrooms across america pile on excessive charges. threaten the defendant with decades of jail time and say you have a choice. spend time in jail or sing like a bird. as we all know many defendants choose to sing like a bird. president trump addressed that this morning. >> president trump: i've seen it many times. i've had many friends involved in this stuff. it is called flipping and it
7:15 am
almost ought to be illegal. >> one of the iron east in all this is process of impeachment is a remedy. the mid-term elections are shaping up as a referendum on impeachment. >> jon: a lot of talk about that on capitol hill. >> sandra: a juror in the paul manafort trial is speaking out. >> convinced me he was guilty of all 18 counts but it just didn't end up that way. the paper trail was just -- there was so much of it. >> sandra: how the evidence swayed the jury and what they saw about the credibility of a key witness. >> jon: president trump using the longest bull market in history to tout the economy. so what's next? will the upswing keep going despite president trump's recent legal blows? >> president trump: black
7:16 am
unemployment, asian unemployment, women unemployment, hispanic unemployment, historic lows. it has been an amazing thing. to rent a movie?
7:17 am
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7:20 am
moves there, charles payne. you got them. the red hot economy bringing no pain as it surges ahead. president trump taking a victory lap trying to put it all in perspective. >> president trump: we have the best economy we've ever had in the history of our country. and more jobs today, literally today we have more jobs and people working in the united states than ever before in the history of our country. >> sandra: charles payne from the fox business network. you are touting the economy, one of the strongest period of times this country has ever seen. >> i'm looking at the numbers. it's remarkable for two reasons. we wrote it off. we got to the point where we said this couldn't happen, that 3% growth was unimaginable, bringing back manufacturing jobs was ridiculous to even think about anymore. that this sort of enthusiasm. a couple months ago 600,000 people came back into the labor force. so, you know, you couple that with what we saw early on
7:21 am
immediately after the election with the sort of surveys, consumer sentiment and confidence. they went through the roof. now we're seeing the manifestation of it. yesterday target reported earnings. the ceo said it was the best retail environment in its entire history. this morning children's place posted their earnings. the number one sales in the history of the country. something is happening. forget about polls. wal-marts was phenomenal. >> jon: the 600,000 people came back into the workforce. unemployment numbers are still strong despite the new additions. >> last month almost 500,000 high school grads came back to the labor force and have found employment. it's remarkable. >> sandra: the president was asked this morning by ainsley in a sit-down interview at the
7:22 am
white house what would happen if, as the democrats keep calling for, he was actually impeached. he said this would be the result. >> president trump: i'll tell you what, if i ever got impeached i think the market would crash. i think everybody would be very poor because without this thinking you would see -- you would see numbers that you wouldn't believe. >> president trump is the architect of this market rally based on fundamentals, it's not based on gimmicks or the fed pumping money into it. you go back in history. i use the clinton impeachment saga. the market in july 1998 the s & p is when all the ken starr rumbling started to get high. it crashed. it went down 19%. ironically the ken starr report in september was the low point. we started to climb up and went sideways when it went through the house and senate. it would be more severe. we would have a minimum of a 20% correction, which is a bear
7:23 am
market and crash. >> sandra: you are saying it's largely fundamentals that have resulted in the market and the robust economy we've seen. a lot of it is rhetoric, too. the business-friendly rhetoric that has been coming out of this administration. you talk to so many small businesses and they were longing for that for so long. >> i remember in new york where people were if you did shop at a place like bloomingdales you brought a different bag. you didn't want people to know you were shopping at that point. so profits became a four-letter word. no longer. the psychological cap which meant business investment. this is one part of the story not being told. business investment through the roof. >> sandra: maria bartiromo told that story here yesterday. >> jon: it is also about the reduction in regulation this administration is pursuing. it has a huge effect. >> it does. here is the thing. when president obama was
7:24 am
elected the pendulum has gone so far in the wall street shenanigans went so far we put clamps on everyone. when we do this it's the big companies that survive, right? the big banks got bigger. they were too big to fail before, how do you like them now? it's the small businesses that can never compete when we go crazy over this kind of stuff. >> sandra: charles payne bringing the pain. always good to have you. >> jon: an illegal immigrant working in this country for years now charged in the death of mollie tibbetts. >> we are still shocked to learn that one of our employees was involved. >> jon: the iowa student's death reigniting the immigration debate in this country. >> sandra: iowa senator joni ernst is calling for the passage of sarah's law who was killed in a car crash with an illegal immigrant. >> jon: dan patrick, lieutenant governor of the border state of texas weighs in on all this straight ahead on "america's newsroom."
7:25 am
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>> we now know that mollie was murdered by a 24-year-old undocumented immigrant who has been in the united states illegally for four to seven years. this raises questions about his immigration, employment, and criminal history, and we must receive answers. >> sandra: chairman chuck grassley sounding off there. one of many republican lawmakers calling for tougher immigration laws after learning an illegal immigrant has been charged with the murder of university of iowa student mollie tibbetts. the president echoing that call from the iowa senator. we now know the farm that hired the suspect did not use the e-verify program and the 24-year-old faked his identity to get a job there. let's bring in texas lieutenant
7:30 am
governor dan patrick. thank you for your time this morning, sir. if you could, let us know your thoughts as we're hearing republicans and democrats on this issue as well as the president this morning. >> well, it's time for the republicans and democrats in congress to do something about it. don't misinterpret my passion for anger. anger gets us nowhere but passion can. i'm tired of mitch mcconnell not changing the rulers to by pass chuck schumer and the democrats. it is time for the republicans who are in the majority to follow the president's lead, fund the wall and secure this border. when i look at what happened just on msnbc or cnn, one of their professor says fox is talking about a girl in iowa, this isn't a girl. this is a young lady whose name was mollie tibbetts. i can only imagine the fear in her eyes, her heart beating in terror as her life was taken away. she will never get
7:31 am
married, have kids, the blessing of grandchildren and a career. everything was taken away from her. i look at chuck schumer and in my view from pure politics the blood of her and kate steinle and the thousands across america who have been killed by criminal aliens, many of them here illegally. the blood is on chuck schumer's hand and every democrat and the republicans who won't change the rules. we had a few knucklehead republicans and democrats that blocked it. we changed the rules in the senate so it wouldn't happen. we banned sanctuary cities. >> sandra: she was killed in iowa. we talk like it's a border state issue. she was in rural iowa. >> i have been saying for years
7:32 am
with you and other fox shows, every sheriff in america is a border sheriff. they will tell you that. when criminal aliens brought here by cartels -- you don't cross the border without the cartels allowing you to cross -- come to the heartland of america and grab this poor girl and take the life out of her, the town of 1400 people, america better wake up and in the states like indiana and montana and missouri and north carolina and west virginia that have democrat senators, republicans better get up and get out and vote. if mitch mcconnell won't change the rules we'll have to get close to 60 republicans in the senate so chuck schumer can't block these bills. this is pure politics. it's not just about the american lives who i don't think they give a damn about but the people who want to come to this country through people came through ellis island legally.
7:33 am
most of the people that cross the border and come here for a better life. they don't want to swim the river or stuffed in an 18-wheeler. they want to come here legally and live out of the shadows and be part of this country. but until congress fixes this, it's not going to happen and we'll see more americans die. in texas in the last seven years we've had hundreds killed by illegal immigrants. we've had over 150 kidnappings. nearly 6,000 people sexually assaulted by criminals and we're spending billions of dollars of our taxpayer money to do what the federal government was not doing under obama and this president is doing everything he can. >> sandra: he can only do so much. >> he needs congress to act and he needs republicans to change the rules, to get around the democrats. the people of this country, if this doesn't wake them up, you aren't safe anywhere from ms-13 or illegal aliens.
7:34 am
and bill and jon on this issue, this company, this is a game they play. they turn in fake social security numbers until they get caught up by the social security system and you know what happens? under the laws you can't ask them about it. you just say we have a false hit by social security on you. did you make a mistake? that illegal person goes to another company and does the same thing. >> sandra: in the interview this morning the president made very clear he can only do so much and congress has to change the laws. here he is. >> president trump: the wall is going up. a lot of people don't know it. i would like to build it even faster but dealing with the democrats is very tough. the immigration laws are horrible. we're doing an incredible job. we're doing a record breaking job but we have bad laws. you can do good but you can do better if you have good laws. we have to elect more republicans. >> jon: the president made the building of the wall a cornerstone of his campaign. he won the office and yet congress is balking.
7:35 am
why? >> on the left it's pure politics. they are playing with people's lives. again, american citizens and people who legitimately want to come here aren't criminals. they're playing with their lives for politics. the democrats have this wrong. in texas -- i ran on a very strong border security campaign four years ago as lieutenant governor and i got nearly 50% of the hispanic vote. hispanic americans want law and order. they don't want hardened criminals talking the border into their neighborhoods. a lot of this crime goes on in their neighborhoods. republicans need to get a backbone and change the law. >> jon: they want people to follow the laws. i've spoken with legal immigrants who waited my turn and i'm proud to be an american. >> absolutely. and there are more people who want to come to this country. we're a country of immigrants. we honor legal immigration. but the president has to get the funding for this wall. mcconnell has to change the rules and the voters in this country in november have to be
7:36 am
sure we don't lose congress to the democrats and we have to be sure we get more senators. >> sandra: politics in the state of iowa where mollie tibbetts was killed senator chuck grassley -- he said districter border security measures including increased personnel. listen. >> stricter border security measures, including increased personnel, enhanced technology, and modernize infrastructure could have prevented this man from crossing the border. in other words, secure the border. stronger interior enforcement and addressing weaknesses in e-verify could have prevented this individual from working and would have allowed immigration enforcement authority to initiate removal proceedings years ago. >> sandra: he says e-verify
7:37 am
could have prevented this. >> we passed e-verify in texas for all of our government contracts and private business as well. we've put billions into border security, added 250 state troopers another texas ranger company. the president is right on this. look, i've lived this issue as a border lieutenant governor and senator. i've been down there many times. congress has to act. you know, again, the cnn, msnbc's, most of the print media and democrats are all accomplices in the death of this young girl and the death of everyone else. even geraldo rivera, i've never met to guy. seems like he has a good heart. i saw him on fox saying i feel badly about this but. there is no but. i'll be happy to debate geraldo rivera any time, any place, anywhere on this issue. we have to secure this border and protect the lives of american citizens. >> sandra: we hear your passion.
7:38 am
>> it is my passion. >> sandra: thank you for being on the program this morning. >> sometimes there were two, one would turn around and change her vote from one day to the next. >> jon: an exclusive interview. one of the jurors in the paul manafort case describing the emotionally charged deliberations inside that jury room. peter doocy is live at federal court in alexandria, virginia. peter. >> there are apparently tears in the jury room that was mostly filled with democratic jurors. she says with the exception of one hold-out they were ready to convict manafort on all counts even though, she says, the mueller team had a hard time keeping their eyes open. >> a lot of times they looked bored. other times they cat napped, two of them did. they seemed very relaxed, feet
7:39 am
up on the table bars and they showed a little bit of almost disinterest to me at times. >> the mueller team's star witness rick gates whose secret life was exposed during pros examination was not much of a factor in the trial's result. >> i think he deserves a special place in hell. he was just as guilty as paul manafort, maybe even more. he embezzled from his employer. he seemed very nervous, did a lot of closing his eyes, squeezing them tight, opening them. a lot of us said even if rick gates didn't testify the paper trail pretty much led us to what we decided. >> duncan is a supporter of president trump who believes the manafort trial was a witch hunt looking for dirt on trump
7:40 am
and still voted to convict him even though she doesn't think he would have been caught without his work with the president. >> i wanted so badly for him to be innocent and no one said anything other than he was a brilliant man who did his job very well, which is why president trump had hired him to help in his election. but it's hard. he still broke the law. >> duncan also told us she plans to vote for president trump in 2020 and drove to court in alexandria every day with a make america great again hat in her car, jon. >> still voted to convict. she has the courage of her convictions. thank you very much. >> sandra: dueling messages in the mid-terms. democrats and republicans taking different tacks to make
7:41 am
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>> sandra: sizing up the state of play with the mid-terms back with the a-team. jessica tarlov, brad blakeman and tom rogan. >> this week's news hasn't been conducive for the president and paints that it's the party ever cronyism. when you look at the fact of this election cycle different stories every week, when you see the strength of the economy, when you see some pretty good republican candidates in certain places in marginal districts, i don't think -- i think there is much more to play for here including in the house than people say. i think republicans hold the senate but as a conservative i'm optimistic. >> i'm optimistic. i think history is against us since the civil war.
7:46 am
on average the party that controls the white house loses about 33 seats in the house. about two in the senate. we can't afford that. don't underestimate the power of the president. this president has defied the odds every time. i agree we'll probably hold the senate. i think the house is still too close to call. i think we have another week before we actually head into the mid-term season after labor day. we have to focus like a laser beam on the economy. >> jon: you're the democratic strategist here but listen to newt gingrich has to say. >> we're in the middle of a two universe fight over the nature of america. the left would like paul manafort and all these other legal things to be the deciding issue in september and october. we want to have a debate in which our universe is universe of real accomplishments and their universe is a universe of
7:47 am
essentially trying to block everything. and i think if we communicate that correctly, we'll win by a huge margin. >> jon: what do you think how he assesses that? >> it makes a lot of sense for him to be saying that. that's what republicans have been focusing on saying that we're just the party that talks about russia all the time. the fox news poll came out yesterday there is heartening news. we saw obamacare has a higher approval rating than the gop tax bill. 51% for the tax cuts. that should be the message of every republican that's running. they are getting pulled into the other stuff and asked questions about michael cohen and paul manafort. immigration, 51% disapprove of the way president trump is handling immigration, 47% say it's an important issue. healthcare is also the key to the mid-terms. democrats are running on it all over the country and very successfully. winning by large margins on the
7:48 am
issue of healthcare. the number one issue especially among women. the gop failed to replace obamacare. that was the big promise for years and years. >> sandra: republicans can tout the economy, jessica. >> why is obamacare more popular? >> sandra: people responded it was the most important issue, economy, 18% say it's the most important tied with healthcare. control of the house 14% president trump, 13%. these are the issues. economy is number one. >> no doubt about it and it always will be. when people walk into the voting booth. am i better off today than previous administration? yes on every metric of the economy, whether the stock market, tax cuts, jobs. the president has -- this president, who we know has a lot of bluff and bluster, he has under promised and overdelivered. he has done it on jobs, the
7:49 am
economy, across the board. we're actually doing better than even promised when people like jessica in the campaign democrats pooh-poohed it. >> sandra: promising the growth in the economy the sustainable. >> and one of the challenges i think democrats would have a lot more opportunity if they had tried to embrace the notion of the party of fiscal restraint alongside that we'll be pragmatic. the how do you pay for healthcare for all? i do think with the economy if you look especially with the terms of the long-term structural things. reinvestment of money from abroad, job growth, increase in labor participation, business investment, it is hard for a republican politician to make the case corporate tax cuts i think were superb but you can do that if you look at this graph, bring out -- trump
7:50 am
should bring out the graph. look at this. >> sandra: i don't know. maybe karl rove can lend him his white board. >> jon: thank you. facebook is banning a popular personality app saying it mishandled user data. the app makers are firing back. 24/7 crew weighs in on that next. are you a homeowner age 62 or older that would like more money to live on each month? would you like to reduce or eliminate your monthly mortgage payment?
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> jon: another big headlines this morning. let's get help from our friends the 24/7 crew. facebook in trouble again, brett. >> we'll have red spots on our foreheads from hitting our palm against it. once again facebook having to step in after the fact and say one of the apps that many of us may have used, the my personality quiz was capturing data there by in violation of our terms of services. they wouldn't allow us to do an audit to see what data they collected and the data may have been shared with other people but it becomes an oops, sorry, guys. >> sandra: people don't change their behavior. people keep using facebook. >> the reality is facebook easy way to stay in touch with friends around the globe. >> sandra: a lot of people
7:55 am
could have had data compromised. >> urban meyer, if you can win three national championships maybe they go easy on you. the ohio state foot ball coach was suspended three games by university. not going to coach the buckeyes for the first, second and third games all about what he knew or didn't know about the former wide receivers coach because of alleged domestic abuse he was fired. it comes down to did urban meyer fail to prevent further abuse. they found that in his phone that his text messages only went back one year. when he recently found out the story was blowing up there was a conversation he had with the football staffer trying to find out how do we change the settings on the phone so we only see the texts? a lot of people are saying so much seems dirty here but if you're a three-time national champ and bring in that much
7:56 am
money and owed millions of dollars. >> jon: people complain his players have gotten more punishment for less offenses. >> he is a big fish. he has succeeded the most and get the shot to keep going. >> sandra: urban meyer and facebook. thanks to you this morning. our 24/7 crew. no place to run as hurricane lane takes direct aim at hawaii. we're live on maui where emergency preparations are in full swing at this moment. that will be next. w, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate
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>> sandra: top of the hour. a fox news alert on new reaction from president trump after the convictions of two of his former top aides. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer today. in an interview with fox news the president did not seem to rule out a pardon for paul manafort praising his former campaign chair who faces serious prison time. on michael cohen the president makes it clear he did nothing wrong saying he reimbursed cohen for those pay-outs with his own money and not with campaign funds. alan dershowitz here on "america's newsroom" agrees with him. >> he could have announced i'm putting a billion of my dollars into the campaign and paying 100 million of women who
8:01 am
accused me falsely, etc. it would not be a violation of any campaign law as long as he reported it. if it the campaign failed to report it, it would be on the campaign, not on the candidate himself. >> jon: john roberts joins us now live with more. >> good morning. the president and white house continuing to insist that the president did absolutely nothing wrong in connection with payments to two women in an interview with ainsley earhardt on "fox & friends" this morning the president strongly disagreeing with what michael cohen said when he said he worked at the president's direction to pay for non-disclosure agreements. the president said he didn't know anything about the payments ahead of time and they do not constitute campaign finance violations. >> president trump: latter on i knew. did they come out of the campaign? they came from me. i tweeted about it. my first question when i heard about it was did they come out of the campaign? because that could be a little
8:02 am
dicey. and they didn't come out of the campaign. that's big. >> cohen's attorney lanny davis said if cohen is guilty of a campaign finance crime then the president is, too. davis gets strong disagreement from alan dershowitz who said if the president paid the money, it is not a crime. >> if he had written a letter to these two women saying you are going to hurt me in my campaign and i'll pay you $150 or 130,000 delay and you have to keep it quiet it's hush money. no crime. i challenge any of those saying it's a crime to find me anything in the criminal law that would make it a crime for a president or candidate personally to pay in order to save his own election. >> the president minimizing his relationship with michael cohen even though cohen worked for him for more than a decade. the president with glowing things to say about paul manafort and the way he
8:03 am
conducted himself throughout his trial. >> president trump: i have great respect for what he has done in terms of what he has gone through. so look, i didn't know manafort well. he wasn't with the campaign long. they got him on things totally unrelated to the campaign. they got cohen totally unrelated to the campaign. i'm not involved and not charged with anything. >> as you pointed out at the top the president not ruling out but not ruling in a potential pardon for paul manafort. it is in his interest to talk nicely about paul manafort. manafort, unlike cohen who agreed to a certain amount of jail time. doesn't know how much time in prison he will face and there is another potential trial that he is facing here in washington, d.c. so robert mueller could use that to put a lot of pressure on him to cooperate with the special counsel's investigation. >> jon: some are suggesting the second trial should be moved until after the mid-terms. we'll see if that happens.
8:04 am
john roberts, chief white house correspondent. >> sandra: for more on this let's bring in karl rove former deputy chief of staff to george w. bush. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> sandra: we all see your opinion piece in the "wall street journal." cohen, manafort and the mid-terms talking about the impact of these two cases on the mid-term elections. you write the convictions make the democrats' hand stronger but they could overplay it. are democrats in jeopardy of overplaying their hand with this? >> sure they are because the american people are not really excited about having the country plunged into a political battle over impeachment. democratic leaders like pelosi and schumer understand that. the democratic base and many democratic candidates inflamed by the california billion onwho is spending tens of millions of dollars on this issue are taking a different tact. >> sandra: some of the latest polling as far as preferred
8:05 am
candidates in congressional races. vote for congress in your district. democratic candidate 49%. republican candidate 38%. seems to be moving slightly in favor of democrats there since the last time polling took place, karl. >> that's a big number. that would show that the republicans would lose the house and lose the house badly. the good news is we can take these polls, polls there are outliers. it is better to take good polls and average them together. the pattern on the generic ballot. in the real clear politics average the democrats had a 3.2 advantage. by the middle of july grown to 7.3. mid august it claimed to 3.9, which would point to the republicans keeping the house. but as of today it's back up to 6.6. as you can see reuters had it at 4, fox at 11, monmouth at 5. events have an impact.
8:06 am
my sense is this number is likely to get a little worse here in the week or two ahead because of the information of the cohen and manafort guilty pleas and convictions get built in. but this number will flow back and forth. the question will be where is it toward the end of october when people start early voting and make up their minds finally to go to the polls in november? >> sandra: i haven't seen the white board in a while. let me ask you about this other fox news poll. of those interested in the 2018 elections, clinton voters 58% of them extremely interested. 10 point difference of trump voters, 48% extremely interested. what does that tell you? >> well, not as much as you might think. look, this number will matter more the closer we get to the election. the democrats have an advantage. but i'm a little bit dubious of the extremely and somewhat.
8:07 am
you can be somewhat enthusiastic and likely to turn out as somebody who says they're extremely. again, this -- we have to watch it. democrats have an advantage today. how much of an advantage do they have as we go into the election? there is one number i watch more than others. that's the presidential job approval. i look at the generic ballot first. presidential job approval has a great deal to do with enthusiasm and turnout. i compare here the fox news polls between july and today. in july strongly favor of trump's performance was 28. it is now down to 26. somewhat 18, now down to 15. somewhat unfavorable steady at 10 and the strongly unfavorable is up from 41 to 46. the election will be determined by how well the president does in the somewhat unfavorable and somewhat favorable and the democrats how big can that number? how strongly unfavorable? >> sandra: this just coming
8:08 am
into us. a new tweet from john brennan. the first that we've seen a tweet since the day he tweeted when the president revoked his security clearance since august 15th. i take no delight in seeing the steady collapse of a u.s. presidency but i take strong comfort that the rule of law and great government institutions are prevailing. things ultimately will get better and we will heal as a nation. wanted to make sure i got that in there. karl, your response. >> well, i think he is right, the rule of law will prevail and the country will get better. i don't think john brennan has contributed to it. i accused the president of treason. if he has that knowledge and knew it at the time he was director of the c.i.a. he had a moral responsibility to come forward with it. i think senator burr is accurate. if he thinks the president has committed treasonous act. simply meeting with vladimir putin is not a treasonous acts.
8:09 am
remember when president obama tell vladimir i have more -- brennan served our country well as c.i.a. director and intelligence community but served our country ill by the kind of over the top comments he has made. he has dishonored the role he played in our country and he is not contributing positively to america's political circumstances by making these over the top and outrageous comments. >> sandra: great to have you on this morning. thank you. >> jon: fox news alert and all eyes on hawaii as the islands brace for hurricane lane. right now the powerful category four storm is south of the big island. get a load of this. nasa capturing these images of the monster storm from space. the president already issuing a
8:10 am
disaster declaration. adam housley is somewhere under that cloud cover live in maui. adam. >> cloud cover breaking up a little bit. new category is coming in keeps the hurricane at a 4. we're told they haven't flown any planes into it this morning here in hawaii. they're basically estimating all this off satellite imagery. they hope to get a better idea when the sun comes up here. meantime it has been a rain event. the rain stopped in maui for a short time but getting heavy bands coming through here. to the east of here on the big island 25 miles from where i'm standing the rain has been coming down in some places torrential rain for 12 hours. in fact, on the hilo side, the east side. areas have gotten 13 inches of rain already. when you go to the west sign on kona, the big island, they have only gotten .400 of an inch. maui starting to get the rain.
8:11 am
oahu getting rain as well. the next 24 to 48 hours will be very wet hours here in the hawaiian islands. if the hurricane continues north it would be the third major hurricane to hit the hawaiian islands. the first one in 26 years. people have been prepared. they've been preparing for a couple of days. no one took the storm lightly. we were at stores all day yesterday. the shelves were empty in some cases, restocked in others. now it's the watch and wait hoping the wind shear knocks this thing down. people are waiting for the rain throughout the island chain. >> jon: first volcano, then hurricane. thank you very much. >> welcome to hawaii. >> sandra: as the u.s. works to keep our election secure for the mid-term elections the dnc says an apparent cyberattack on
8:12 am
their voter files was not what it seemed. we'll explain. >> jon: is the white house strategy on russia working? new signs moscow is feeling the pain from economic sanctions. as president trump pushes back against his critics. >> president trump: my meeting with putin was a tremendous success. i got killed by the fake news. they wanted me to punch him in the face. with putin they said i was too soft. my meeting with putin was a tremendous success. - why are drivers 50 and over switching to
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8:16 am
>> jon: first a cyberattack, the dnc said it was an unauthorized test of its security system. a third party set up the simulated attack which committee officials mistook for a fishing attack. the dnc reassuring voters no sensitive data was compromised. >> sandra: the state department now confirm that secretary of state mike pompeo will travel to north korea next week. scott taylor, a former navy seal. thank you for your time this morning. your reaction to that that's coming in to us from the state department. >> great to be with you again. thanks for having me. i like this approach. no question about it. when you are engaging at this high level of diplomacy and building trust and being there and have taken a hands-on
8:17 am
approach enable secretary pompeo to fill in gaps and put meat on the bones to have details in the plan to move forward that we can obtain. it will take persistent diplomacy to be able to actually get something in terms of this nuclear deal. i like the fact he is staying engaged and going over there and meeting with kim. >> sandra: we'll await more information on that. the only other bit of information we have there is that pompeo will be joined by the state department's new special representative for north korea, a man who was just announced to that position. is the strategy there working, congressman? >> the strategy in north korea? >> sandra: yeah. >> i don't think anybody was under any illusions it would be a quick things. you haven't seen missile tests or nuclear tests. you have had reports of them engaging in some activity there. you've seen better relations with the south, of course, you just had pictures of reuniting
8:18 am
families. i think it's moving in the right direction. this is something going on for a couple of decades, right? i'm under no illusion it will be very quick and cautiously optimistic this will bear results. >> sandra: wondering whether or not the white house strategy in russia is working. the president was asked in this exclusive interview on fox and here is what he had to say. >> president trump: my meeting with putin was a tremendous success. i got killed by the fake news. they wanted me to punch him in the face. i want to get along with russia. i want to get along with everybody. they said i was too rough on north korea. but with putin they said i was too soft. my meeting with putin was a tremendous success. >> sandra: is the strategy there working? >> there were things in the presser i was not happy with. at the same time you look at --
8:19 am
we should get along with them in some respects in certain areas but no question they've been bad actors in syria, ukraine, subverting western democracies. we need tough measures on them. the house and senate passed new authorities for the president to put sanctions on russia. there have been some strong sanctions. in syria there were hundreds of russian soldiers unmarked that were killed because they came within danger close to some of our ally folks. there has been some tough actions against russia and obviously the sanctions that just happened with the freezing of their assets, $5 billion by a swiss bank is a big deal. >> sandra: credit suisse has frozen money because of the u.s. sanctions. switzerland is one of the most important destinations for money and for the wealthy for that money leaving russia. how overall are you seeing these new sanctions are
8:20 am
affecting moscow? >> you are having reports of moscow and russia, of course, shoring up their gold reserves in response. so they are definitely having an effect. no question a lot of russian elite put their money in swiss banks because of the political stability and now you are hurting that. the president has the authority and the ability to step it up if necessary for imports and exports in russia as well. i think that you have to have a balance. no question. i've been an advocate in terms of having a policy for the united states that tells the world they will not interfere with our elections or our power grids or financial systems in cyberspace. we need to have a definition of what is an act of war, aggression or disruption. you have to take a balance between russia. there are things that we have to work with them on the international stage, no question. but at the same time they need to know where they will not go in terms of meddling with our
8:21 am
elections or anything on our power grid or cyberspace. >> sandra: a big move by credit suisse. >> jon: a major phone company is facing -- >> sandra: the murder of mollie tibbetts sparking a debate on immigration as an illegal immigrant is charged with killing her. >> president trump: we're building the wall. it already started. he we spent 3.2 billion on it. asking for $5 billion for this year's funding. the wall is going up. while i was in the navy,
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
i decided that i wanted to go for electrical engineering and you need to go to college for that. if i didn't have internet in the home i would have to give up more time with my kids. which is the main reason i left the military. everybody wants more for their kids, but i feel like with my kids, they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them.
8:25 am
>> president trump: mollie is this beautiful young girl. she was killed by a horrible person that came in from mexico illegally here. i just think it's so sad. we're building the wall. it has already started. we're doing a record breaking job but we have bad laws. you can do good but you can do a lot better if you have good laws. we have to elect more republicans. >> jon: president trump calling for tough new immigration laws after the murder of mollie tibbetts in iowa. an illegal immigrant is now charged with killing the college student. let's talk about this case with francisco hernandez. why should her death not be atrit uteable to lacks immigration. >> it's a shame we're politicizing this murder. the problem is yes, the laws do need to be changed. yes, president trump, you promised to change them. congress has a majority. electing more republicans won't get it done.
8:26 am
we have a majority now. why can't we do immigration reform now? what happened to mexico building the wall? you want to stop illegal immigration i'll tell you how you stop it. stop using drugs so the cartels don't bring them and stop hiring people. you don't need to change the laws except we have to go back for ratings and vilify 11 million people to blame for the murder of one person. it is a shame that we're politicizing that event. >> jon: but it has happened again. we saw the murder of kate steinle in san francisco at the hands of an illegal immigrant. you can't use a broad brush to label all of the people who come in here illegally but at the same time when you have cases like this, it certainly sets back the argument. >> let me tell you the kate steinle case. did you realize that the murderer had an immigration hold since he was in l.a. he didn't go to san francisco.
8:27 am
he was taken there by law enforcement authorities. why wasn't he in federal prison five years ago for a 20-year sentence? that's under existing laws, under enforcement under existing laws. now we're trying to blame 11 million people that have nothing to do with that one. it's a shame we're politicizing those events. >> jon: the president says he wants the wall. if it were in place, would it not make it tougher for the cartels to bring not only drugs but people across the border? >> no. okay, build a wall. we'll have to legalize 100,000 mexicans to build it. that's a good start. we cut deals. our government cuts deals with certain cartels to be able to manage the flow of the drugs and the people. we're as much to blame but i just told you, you know how to solve it? stop using drugs and stop hiring illegal aliens. let's fix it that way. we can't. we're not going to stop using drugs because we don't want our
8:28 am
roofs to cost three times as much we need to manual labor. we are at a severe labor shortage. separate the people who want to harm our country from the people who want to build our country. dan >> dan patrick is fired up. >> every sheriff in america is a border sheriff. they'll tell you. you don't cross the border without the cartels allowing you to cross. when they come to the heartland of america and grab this poor girl and take the life out of her, the town of 1400 people, america better wake up. >> jon: it happened, francisco. it may not be -- >> he is running for governor. >> jon: it may not be the case with all the 11 million people you're talking about but it happened. how do you look mollie's parents in the eye and say this
8:29 am
was just a paperwork snafu. >> you know what? i can't look at their eyes. i can't feel their pain. i can't say i know what it feels like. i know not to go on as a politician on national television pandering to the fear of people in this country. dan patrick wants to be governor and that's all he is doing. according to him his sanctuary bill fixed the entire issue in texas. it didn't. let's get on to true immigration reform. the good, bad and ugly. we're going to have to get to it. a republican majority, republican president. get to it. >> jon: you call it pandering, he calls it passion. thank you very much. we'll have more on this later with iowa senator joni ernst. she will join us to talk about her push to pass tougher immigration laws. >> sandra: we look forward to that. isis claiming responsibility for a deadly knife attack in france. why authorities there are not
8:30 am
investigating it as a terror attack. >> jon: also turkey still detaining an american pastor on espionage charges. national security advisor john bolton says our nato ally is making a big mistake. senator thom tillis also weighs in and he will join us next. >> i hope this is the last time that i have to come to this floor to talk about releasing pastor brunson. i hope next week i'm coming to the floor thanking the turkish leadership for doing the right thing. t see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate
8:31 am
to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me now. i'm still clear. how sexy are these elbows? get clear skin that can last. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx.
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8:33 am
>> jon: fox news alert. moments ago on capitol hill south carolina senator lindsey graham urging president trump not to pardon his former campaign chairman paul manafort. >> pardons are normally given for somebody who has reformed themselves. mr. manafort hasn't even been
8:34 am
sentenced yet. a pardon in this case would be viewed as self-serving to the president and i would advise against it. >> jon: president trump expressed sympathy for manafort. he was found guilty of eight counts of tax and back fraud and faces up to 80 years in prison. >> sandra: french officials saying a knife attack that left two people dead was not an act of terrorism even after isis claimed responsibility for it as the leader of isis issues a new message urging his followers to keep fighting. while acknowledging that the group is losing ground. benjamin hall is live in london with more details on this. >> this is the first that we've heard from baghdadi in 11 months. since then there have been numerous reports about his death. this audio tape is proof of life and a rallying cry to his followers. 54 minute audio tape entitled give glad tidings to the
8:35 am
patient he urges lone work attacks in the west using cars, knives and whatever they can get their hands on. it was released wednesday evening. in the tape baghdadi makes reference to to current he convenience including turkey's row with the u.s. over brunson's release. it comes as the syrian allies and the u.s. have an offensive against isis in syria and it is thought where baghdadi is hiding. prosecutors say it was a domestic issue. he killed and stabbed his own mother and sister isis claimed responsibility. although isis has lost 95% of their territory they've morphed
8:36 am
into a group carrying out lower level attacks in iraq and syria and that is important report that came out by the u.n. and u.s. that said up to 30,000 isis fighters and supporters still live in iraq and syria. the territorial battle may be almost won but the ideological one is far from that. this audio tape is proof of that. >> jon: national security advisor john bolton calling out turkey slamming the turkish president for not releasing american pastor andrew brunson saying the curbing -- turkish government made a big mistake. that mistake continues. this crisis could be over instantly if they did the right thing as a nato ally, part of the west and release pastor brunson without condition. joining us now north carolina senator thom tillis from the armed services committee. what do you think what bolton has to say there?
8:37 am
>> agree completely and appreciate his work and the work of the president to make this a top priority in terms of the relationship between the united states and turkey. >> jon: turkey has been moving more and more in a religious direction. their secular presidency seems to have sort of gone away under president erdogan, a mistake on their part? >> i think it is. if you take a look at that move which is largely against the wishes of a good number of turkish people and you add to that some of the decisions they've made economically, i think those are the key factors driving the economic problems they're having today. >> jon: the president is continuing to put the squeeze on turkey through some of these sanctions. is there more that should be done or do you think that they should be given time to take hold and see what happens with regard to pastor brunson? >> i think that first off we need to keep in mind that pastor brunson is the one who we focused on. there are others we also need
8:38 am
to have a discussion with but the first positive step they could take is to release pastor brunson. i think that now we should have them look at the actions that we've taken and understand there are far more actions that the administration and congress can take. if we will and don't see relief. >> jon: this is a nato ally, after all. how do we walk that fine line between trying to lean on the turkish government without essentially punishing an ally? >> at some point a nation needs to send a very clear message that one illegally-detained and properly detained person is sometimes more important than an alliance. turkey is an important nato ally. we would like for them to be a tighter economic ally. an important partner in the middle east and done great work with us in afghanistan. i appreciate that. i want to get to the point to where i become a cheerleader for increased positive relationships with turkey. but if you look at the details
8:39 am
of this case as i have, spent time in turkey, spent time in a turkish courtroom you could not leave without the conclusion that this man should be and must be freed. >> jon: how do you avoid pushing erdogan into, you know, vladimir putin's embrace? he is looking for friends right now. how do you have avoid doing that? >> i think that turkey has to take a look at the other consequences that would come from a large step in the direction of vladimir putin. it would have economic consequences, it would have their own homeland security consequences. taking too far a step at acquiring the s-400 missile defense system from russia raised concerns with those of us in nato. those wouldn't be helpful to what he needs to do to heal the turkish economy. i think there are other factors that would come into play. i don't see a big step towards
8:40 am
putin. i know it's a threat but if you take a look at what is at stake for the turkish people i think president erdogan knows that as well. >> jon: hard to see a nato ally purchasing russian military equipment. >> that has serious security implications with a nato partner. >> sandra: we're awaiting remarks from the white house. president trump is hosting a round table discussion event with members of congress at the white house right now. we are expecting some playback from the president's remarks. this particular round table discussion is on the foreign investment risk review modernization act. they're in the roosevelt room right now. the administration says they hope to have something fully implemented when it comes to that in 18 months. the president could answer questions. we don't know. he could talk about the latest cases involving paul manafort, michael cohen, you never know.
8:41 am
we're waiting on the comments from the white house. we'll play those for you when we get them. the murder of mollie tibbetts reigniting an immigration debate sparking new calls for congress to take action. senator joni ernst pushing for sarah's law named for another iowa woman killed in a car crash involving an illegal immigrant. she will join us live next.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> jon: we're awaiting remarks from president trump. he is meeting right now with business and other leaders. a round table event in the white house called the foreign investment risk review modernization act. a bulky title but with the press in the room you never know what the president might have to say. will he speak about paul manafort or the michael cohen plea deal? we don't know. the president is, we expect, talking to the press and we'll hear from him shortly and have those remarks for you when they
8:45 am
become available. >> sandra: the murder of mollie tibbetts. it's a case that is sparking new calls for tougher immigration laws and a push for congress to pass sarah's law. legislation named for another iowa woman sarah root, who died in a 2016 car crash involving a driver who was here illegally. her mother talked about the case earlier this summer. >> when sarah was killed january 31st of 2016, i had nobody. but i was thankful for my politicians in my area and you know president trump was one of the first ones to reach out to my family. >> sandra: iowa senator joni ernst who first introduced sarah's law in 2016 joins us now. thanks for your time this morning. this is an issue you're passionate on. what is sarah's law?
8:46 am
>> sarah's law is in honor of sarah root, we heard her mother, michelle, speaking there. michelle has been a great supporter of this initiative. it would require the federal government specifically ice, to detain those that are here illegally and those that have harmed other people whether they have maimed them or killed them. it would require their detention. what the legislation would also do is force the federal government to provide timely updates to the families of those that have been affected by those injuries by illegal immigrants. we think it's the right thing to do. it would have helped in sarah's case. in that case her murderer was released on bond. he was probably gone from the country before sarah was even laid to rest. that can't happen. we need to prevent those types of actions. >> sandra: it sounds so simple and straight forward and i'm sure it does to many people at home.
8:47 am
we're all left wondering, especially in the wake of the president's recent comments about getting anything done in congress, can this pass? can you get anything done when it comes to tougher immigration laws in congress? >> well, certainly, sandra, it has passed through the house. we need it to move through judiciary and onto the floor of the senate. it is simple and straightforward but unfortunately we have a very heated argument surrounding anything that deals with immigration reform. we have to get beyond that as politicians. we have to focus on the policies that are right for the united states and not get caught up in just all the anger and the hurt that's out there. we need to focus on good policy. i think this is good policy. >> sandra: a response from iowa democratic party chairman troy price. he said this to fox news. the iowa democratic party will honor the wishes of the tibbetts family to let them grieve in private and will not
8:48 am
turn this senseless tragedy into a partisan fight. what does that tell you about democrats in your state and how they are dealing with now a story much like sarah's in the case of mollie tibbetts? >> unfortunately they are letting evil in the world continue. we know that he was an illegal immigrant. we also know he was a stalker. there are several different issues that need to be addressed in this particular case. it is largely about illegal immigration. but it is also about other types of violence and stalking. we need to focus on those things. if there are loopholes that exist in our system we need to fix those. you know what? if our immigration had been fixed and we were able to close up the loopholes, she would be with us today. mollie tibbetts would be with us today and her family would not have to grieve. >> sandra: how are the people of your state doing in the wake of mollie's death? >> they are not doing well.
8:49 am
i will be honest. over the past month any time an iowan was visiting in my washington, d.c. office they would wonder when is mollie going to come home safely? is she going to come home safely? we have been on pins and needles and we've seen resolution in the past week. unfortunately it is not the resolution we had hoped to see. now we have a state that is grieving the loss of a beautiful, caring, loving young woman. a young woman who won't ever receive your diploma from the university of iowa and never walk down the aisle with her father, a woman that will never experience the joys of being a mother herself someday. she has been cut forever from that life, from that path. and we have to do better. >> sandra: senator joni ernst pushing for sarah's law. thank you for coming on "america's newsroom" this morning. >> jon: let's take a look at what's coming up on "outnumbered." melissa francis and harris faulkner are here.
8:50 am
>> good to see you. the president talking exclusively to fox saying his payments to michael cohen were not a crime and criticizing jeff sessions saying he failed to take control of the justice department. president trump also saying he may order the release of those controversial fisa spying documents. we'll hash that out. >> good thing we have an hour. democrats call to delay brett kavanaugh's confirmation hearing keep growing with more democratic senators refusing the meet with kavanaugh at all. the white house is calling it desperate. we'll talk about it. >> all that plus the #oneluckyguy. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> jon: see you then. new information on the deadly parkland, florida school shooting as authorities release new surveillance footage of what happened during the time of the massacre. what it reveals about the police response that day. and i'm still going for my best even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem.
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>> jon: new information about the deadly school shooting in parkland, florida earlier this year. authorities releasing more than two hours of new surveillance video showing the scene outside the high school as a former student gunned down 17 people inside. we have more on that live from miami. phil. >> the state supreme court ruling that these long sought-after videos are in the public interest to assess the performance and response of the broward county sheriff's department and a big defeat for the school district and state attorney who didn't want them released. what people were expecting so see isn't there. the footage comes from five external camera. two minutes into the six minutes massacre dozens of students are seen running for
8:55 am
the school gates. someone redirects them and they run north. others responding officers locked out of a gate let in and trying to assess the situation. at that point the shooting had stopped and the killer was already walking away. what the videos do not show is what some corral springs officers allege. when they arrived on scene at least four broward deputies already there were taking cover behind cars or trees instead of storming the building to engage the killer and save students. like this the previously-released school shooting. resource officer assigned to the school doing that. if his fellow deputies did the same, it is not seen on the external camera footage. additional footage shows what you would expect on the day of the high school shooting. terror and chaos among the fleeing high schoolers. this appears to show a wounded student being rushed to safety on a golf cart.
8:56 am
none are from internal cameras inside the freshman building. none of the carnage and shooting and the victims on the floor of the classrooms and hallways was made public. those are still off limits to the public. but the confessed killer, his movements that day also not seen on these videos. he remains jailed charges with murpds and attempted murder. >> jon: thanks, phil. >> sandra: a reminder we're awaiting remarks from the president at a round table discussion meeting with members of congress at the white house. we should get those comments just a few minutes from now. stay tuned. we'll be right back. reak a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave.
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>> thought three hours flew by. >> thanks for having me today. >> we are awaiting those remarks from the president, they should be coming in from the
9:00 am
white house. that's it for us, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: president trump in an exclusive interview with fox news doubling down on his assertion that he did nothing wrong during the 2016 campaign and he defends payments made by his former attorney, michael cohen, to two women. this emits after he copped a plea. if you are watching "outnumbered" and i'm harris faulkner. here today is melissa francis, most of kennedy, kennedy. and former ohio democrat state senator, capri cafaro. and lawrence jones. editor in chief of campus reform, and he is outnumbered. from texas, big loss.


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