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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 24, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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as long as office gossip travels fast, you can count on geico saving folks money. craig and sheila broke up! what!? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." mid-fall elections coming up. a lot at stake. not just on the policy question questions. at this point if the democrats win, they will immediately try to impeach the president. they have wanted to impeach trump since the day he took office. the first crime was the collusion with russia. then they claimed obstruction of justice for firing james comey because firing people in the federal government is by definition is obstruction. then they fantasized impeaching the president for the supposed crime of pulling out of the paris climate accord. then the immigrant family separation.
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then the helsinki press conference with vladimir putin they told us was treason. now the news this week that trump paid off on ex-girlfriend in extortion scheme and they are claiming that impeachable, too. no doubt there will be other high crimes they tell us about. the pretext doesn't matter. the democrats want to remove trump from office because they hate him. that is the reason. if they get the congressional majority back they will start the process on day one. they have to do because the base demands they do the. look at the polls. that tells you the whole story. s the republicans are horrified by this but they shouldn't be. unlike a special counsel investigation or sabotage by the career federal bureaucrats impeachment is legitimate. a constitutional process. if you think the president committed high crimes you impeach him. that's what the document tells us to do. you let the senate decide guilt or innocence. there is nothing secretive or stealthy. it takes place in public and a totally transparent process. the voters get to decide what
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they think and then theyns render their judgment at the ballot box. the last time congress impeached a president the voters did not like it all. they punished the party that did it, republicans, in mid-term elections of 1998. that was 20 years ago. democrats with a long memory remember it well. that is why they are lying a about their intent to impeach trump right now. the democratic lawmakers act like the thought of impeachment barely crossed their minds. "impeachment? what?" that is the tactic forth immigration and other issues. hide the real goals and hope the country doesn't notice. we have noticed. let's have a debate. joining us is the president of new heights communications. christie, thank you for coming on. you will concede, i hope, there is really no -- this is not an attack. merely observation. there is really no question that the democrats will have to initiate the impeachment proceedings against trump ifav they retake the house. >> i'm not sure about that. i think the democrats want some measure of accountability.
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we have been extremely frustrated by the last 20 months in which no matter what trump has done. whether it's a series of things that most americans find immoral or un-american oror even at this point actively criminal behavior. republicans sat on their hand and have done nothing about it. we have seen hearing after hearing on the e-mails but none on let's say to get to the bottom of the trump towerr meeting. >> tucker: there has been i think, i think we covered it every night for the year and a half the russia investigation. two of them. one by the congress and the other is special counsel. why is it that everybody is so embarrassed of thehe impeachment? that is thef constitutional remedy. it's a political process. the rest of us can participate in it by voting. are democrats lying about im -- why are the democrats lying about impeachment? of course you are going to impeachment. if you think he committedbo crimes impeachment. why is it scary thing to say? >> it's one of many options. right now we are looking atca
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several ways i believe that the president could be held accountable. the biggest one and the salient one for most democrats are the november elections. in which yes, there will be measure to hold the president accountable if the democrats take back the house. maybe even the senate. the other way is judicial accountability. we are now talking about the president that has potentially committed crimes. unindicted coconspiracy with michael cohen.nt >> tucker: let me ask the third time this question. why not say the most accountability form of accountability is impeachment. it's transparent. unlike the legal proceeding we are watching and certainly unlike the creepy special counsel investigation. nothing hidden in impeachment. why are they lying? we're not sure. if you think he committed crimes why wouldn't you impeach him? >> some people call for that but the political reality is it takes 67 votes in the
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senate. >> tucker: the public doesn't like it. i get it. if there was broad public support for it, you would do it. if he is an obvious criminal why isn't there public support? >> why isn't there republican support for it? that is the political reality. >> tucker: voters don't want it. that is why. it's simple. >> why wouldn't they want it given if he committed a crime. more than one federal crime. >> tucker: they disagree with you and disagreement is allowed -- despite the let's opinion. why doesn't the majority of america want him impeached? i'm confused. >> i'm not sure they don't. >> tucker: the polls show they don't want that. >> the immediate goal for the democrats should be political accountability. >> tucker: is you have
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political accountability. it's caused impeachment. does that give you pause? you spend two years telling everyone he is a racist and a felon but they don't believe it. maybe they don't believe you. >> i think the views are changing. if you look at the democraticat base for example, they actually do want that. >> tucker: i know. exactly. >> majority of the independents do as but at the same time i don't think it should be the only option. >> tucker: but it's the legitimate one. rather than use bureaucratic to undermine the president in the least legitimate possible way, why not man up and do it in an honorable constitutional way. that is my plea to you. please do it. get to crime. you will concede he was extorted by stormy daniels. he paid her $100,000 because he didn't want her to talk. that is extortion. >> no. it's paying off a porn star to keep silent about something he --
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>> why is it not extortion? if i tell the public something bad unless you pay me. that is extortion. >> that is a pattern of behavior with trump, not just stormy but other women he slept with. >> i'm not denying them. i don't think he should have paid them. it's immoral. that is my view. but paying someone to keep quiet. if i demand you give me money to keep me quiet i'm blackmailing you which is a crime. why would you support that? >> i don't support donald trump's white house -- i believe this is unprecedented -- he asked for not just n.d.a.s for everyone working there and non-disparageing agreements soso nobody -- >> tucker: you are not answering my question. >> i am. this is the way he operates. >> tucker: he paid her or else she would besmirch his reputation. that is extortion. where is the crime? i miss that. i think you can argue it's immoral to cheat on your wife. you don't believe in marriage so you are not going to argue that. >> i sit here as a married woman. >> tucker: but that is the real argument. but campaign finance
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violation? it's not. >> it is a campaign financeig violation if you are using money from the campaign to pay off the woman. >> tucker: that is a crime. but that is not what he is accused of doing. he's not accused of usingme campaign donations to pay hers off. that would be a crime. >> i believe he is. that is why he said no, no, no -- >> tucker: no.>> because look, if i'm wrong i s will stand corrected. i will not defend that by the way. that would be a crime and people go to jail for that. my impression is his money.. nothing to do with the campaign. >> i think that is what he m said but the story changed quite a bit to i didn't know anything about to i learn about it --ng >> tucker: my producers who are on this. there is no evidence he used campaign funds. that would be a crime and i would be the first to say he should be prosecuted for that. why crime to exceed to extortion demand? i'm honestly confused. >> the reason why people exercised about this. it happened at suspicious time. october before the election. couple of weeks after the
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"access hollywood" tape had e come out and truly damaged his candidacy to the point of people wondering if he'd have t to drop out or something. >> tucker: he won anyway, right? >> it was going to come out potentially at the same time. he wanted to make sure it didn't. >> tucker: so you are saying if people had not found out that trump might have committed n adultery, something he bragged about on howard stern many times you are saying people wouldn't have voted for him. or when he bragged about his low sexual standards. so what you are saying doesn't make sense. >> but his approval rating dropped significantly. the polling dropped. >> tucker: so paid off in the 1996 campaign, monica lewinsky to the job. paid her off for the silence, that wasn't campaign finance violation. but this president paying off his -- >> bill clenton was extensively investigated -- >> he was. he was impeached. he shouldn't have been.nv i agree. he wasn't charged with
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campaign finance violation. why? h >> they are apples and oranges. >> tucker: okay. apples and oranges. i'm calling apples on that. i hope you impeach him so we can have an honest conversation about it. >> thank you. >> tucker: dan bongino is a n.r.a. tv contributor and author of "spy gate." i'm the only person right of america to welcome impeachment trial. i'm sick of the efforts taking place hidden. i would welcome open conversation of what the alleged crimes are. why don't we have an impeachment trial and get it over with? >> the democrats don't want it right now. they would get absolutely smoked in the senate. christie is right. 67 votes? you would be lucky to get 40 votes. the american public would be furious as they learned from the clinton operation. the american people in the w impeachment trial for clinton spoke loudly.
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if you are going to overturn a duly elected president, bring the goods. what do they have now? taxi cab medallions -- cab medallions? this is what you've got right now? we are told for a year and a half you slam the emergencyll brake on the operation donald trump colluded with the russians to win the election and you bring us the "national enquirer" an manafort die who didn't pay his taxes allegedly years before he met trump and bring us taxi cab medallion case. this is the best you've got? one more thing. your prior guest is nice but she doesn't have the basic facts of the case right. donald trump was not accused of paying with the campaign funds. >> tucker: i know. >> it's personal funds. that is a big deal before you k go on the air and call for accountability.
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you don't know the facts of the case. >> tucker: i was confused by that. of course, campaign funds. jesse jackson jr. went to prison for that. a lot of people have gone to prison for that. that is not the allegation. i'm confused. why is stormy daniels not charged with extortion? if someone came to me and said i'm going to destroy your reputation unless you pay me money i would call the cops immediately. even if i did it. of course. that is extortion. nobody mentions she blackmailed the guy. he went along with it but she still blackmailed him. why is that not an issue? >> if trump was an issue it would be an issue. i'd be on the front page of the "washington post." they would attack her credibility like they attacked ken starr. remember that? what i find fascinatingym about that, you had a democrat guest strategist talking about accountability. talking about this specific payment. but they ignore that the clinton team paid with the
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real campaign funds a law firm that then declared legal services, declared the payment legal services and used the money to hire a foreign agentt to spy on the trump team. that was done with actual campaign funds to put together a fake dossier. nobody seems to care. they worry about trump and daniel stormy or stormy whatever her face is. this is it?r this is why we have slammed the brakes on the country for a year and a half. this is the best you can do.o. this is like the biggest joke in american history. unfortunately the joke is on us. >> the ruling class hates populism above all.. we are out of time but i have to say i hope we can talk about it off camera. at some point we need to reassess what happened to john edwards. i thought he was a sleaze. but they got him and tried to send him to prison for payingug off a girlfriend. why is that? he wasn't liberal. he was a populist. that is what they hate most i think. dan, thank you. great to see you. >> yes, sir. >> tucker: we have heardir endlessly for a couple of years now about the threat that russia poses to the democracy. if you are looking for threat to the democracy how about
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♪ >> tucker: you know the creepy porn lawyer can suck a person's soul through a television screen. that is bad enough. but he wants more. he wants to consume your wallet as well. cpl has created his own political action committee to support his inevitable run for president. he says the p.a.c. willra finance his, travel. that is scary, more travel means it's easier than ever for him to sneak in the local television statement and the basement. remain on the lookout. whatever you do, don't donate. it makes him more aggressive. just like in yellowstone. >> so many people accusing hollywood, right wingers beingd, fake and hypocrites. they are not wrong. we have to stop the rot at the
9:19 pm
top. it affects everything. t if we can get rid of the rot we can be a free and a better society. i know this. >> tucker: we know this. that was actress and moral voice rose mcgowan. the harvey weinstein accuser, a leader of the #metoo movement. last year she downplayed the importance of due process saying, "it's quite simple. all have worked with down predators do three things. believe survivors. apologize for putting your wallet before knowing what is right. three, grab a spine and denounce. if you do not do tease thingset you are still moral cowards. she drew a line in the sand. and then this. fellow weinstein accuser argento is accused of paying off a man she is accused of sexually assaulting when he was under ange. now -- he was under age. and now mcgowan is saying something different saying none of us know the truth of the situation. moral will be revealed be. gentle.
9:20 pm
we are joined by christina hoff summer, an author that is hosting a podcast and she is very smart. thank you for coming on. due process looks more appealing on the receiving end of the mob justice. doesn't it? >> yes. due process for me but not for thee. we need consistency or it looks like hypocrisy and cronyism. >> tucker: shouldn't everybody get due process? even if you say he did it, there is a reason we go through the steps. it's not kabuki. there is a principle worth why does nobody say that? >> somehow in the excitement around the #metoo movement we have lost sight of that. and it became to a moment where it's guilty because accused. and a lot of people without g evidence had their reputationn ruined. there are people that are
9:21 pm
guilty of serious harassment. >> tucker: yes. >> and we have make themem accountable. but some of the guilty include women. >> tucker: so i think most of us understand that most people accused not just of harassment but of anything are probably guilty. but not all. some are innocent. it used to be ---- >> absolutely. >> tucker: i have been accused of something i didn't do. so i know that for a fact. liberals used to remind of us that. those on the right would say they are all guilty. but they are not. where is the left now reminding us that due process and civil rights are real. and they are very important. >> the whole idea of due process has been lost on the college campus where we have had, by now hundreds of cases
9:22 pm
of young men suggest to kangaroo court justice. no one was taking their side or very few. those of us on the outside and groups like fire making a plea for due process. i agree with rose mcgowan that we should proceed with care, in all cases. >> tucker: yes. >> i wish she applied that consistently. >> tucker: has the fever passed do you think? >> i think that the revelations about asia argento and there is a professor at n.y.u., a luminary, feminist luminary scholar female who has been found.of harassing a young male graduate student for years. she talked him and was texting. she was obsessed with him. there is evidence that she actually attacked him sexually. so this changes the focus. the idea of believe women.
9:23 pm
well, maybe, we should -- i don't think anybody deserves, you know, to be believed until we examine the evidence. every victim should be taken seriously and treated with dignity, man or a woman. the case of the n.y.u. professor, the young man that accused her, a group of famous feminist scholars gathered around and wrote a letter and said well, he is a liar. she is an important dignified feminist professor, how can we take him seriously? and it was astonishing to theki academic community to see this kind of hypocrisy. i do believe in the #metoo movement. i think it's an occasion where there is more consciousness about the need for more dignity an respect between men and women in the workplace and
9:24 pm
everyday life. but it has to be something. that men and women do together. it shouldn't be we treat men as the enemy. we look at harassment as something only men do. this is a human undertaking. >> tucker: exactly. >> i hope that these revelations about these women harassers and the predators will help us to see that. h >> tucker: yeah. i'm certainly not taking any more lectures from rose mcgowan. i'm starting there. christina hoff summers, thank o you. good to see you. >> thank you. >> we heard a ton about the russia theat to democracy butde very little about the much greater threat to the democracy, to our elections, to the self-government from silicon valley. that is real.. the analysis ahead. ♪ experience the versatility of utility. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get up to $2,500 customer cash on select 2018 nx 300 models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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9:29 pm
>> tucker: well, you have almost certainly heard it once or twice. or 1,001 times. russia is an existential threat to american democracy. maybe the single dumbest talking point of all time.e. but it's an article of faith in the democratic party and so it's repeated robotically by the servants in the media. here is an example. >> the democracy is at risk. russia attacked our election. >> russians are equal opportunity malevolent actors. >> the one person he hasn't blamed is the person responsible. vladimir putin. >> the russians are once again waging a campaign to interfere in our elections. >> tucker: well, the whole topic is like an i.q. test. you saw some of the kids who failed. how about this. if a few russians buying facebook ads threatens our democracy -- that is what they are telling us -- how about the threat of facebook itself?k or other tech giants? representatives from a dozen tech companies including facebook and twitter held a
9:30 pm
sec wet meeting to discuss -- secret meeting to discuss how to deflect the platforms. but could the companies themselves be manipulative? could they and not the russians imperil our democracy?er nobody studied this more careful than robert epstein from the institute for behavioral research. and he joins us tonight. thank you for joining us.or i want to say at the outset. i don't know what your politics are. i don't think you are a conservative. i don't think it matters. you care about democracy. should we be concerned about the manipulation of democracy by the tech companies?nk >> tucker. great to be back. i'm not a conservative. we should be extremely concerned because i request tell you the bottom line isxt content no longer matters. all that matters is the filtering and the ordering of content. that is completely in the hands of google and facebook. to a lesser extent twitter. >> tucker: so what would happen -- i know you gamed
9:31 pm
this out to some large extent. how would a company -- you are not accusing them of this. but potentially how would a company like facebook or gaggle manipulate public opinion to achieve a desired result in an election? >> i think they are doing it all the time, actually. we are well aware of the fact that they suppress material. sometimes they announce it. sometimes they don't. we are aware of the fact that google puts some items higher in search results than other items. well, the search results favor one candidate. that shifts the votes. i think we are aware of the fact that the news feeds on facebook seem to favor one political point of view over another and that shifts votes.
9:32 pm
there is an article coming out that says ten big ways they can shift million of notes in november. i calculate in november they will shift upward of, upwards of 12 million votes of just in the midterm elections. >> tucker: well, i mean, iff they have the power to do that and they have a demonstrated political reference and a demonstrated willingness to exercise that preference suppressing information they disagree with, as we both have seen, why shouldn't we been terrified they will subvert our democracy completely? >> well, i think democracy has been subverted, actually. because at the moment, you see there are no specific rules or regulations that are stoppingbe the companies from exercising the power they have. that is a problem. the other problem we have no monitoring system in place. i'm working with academics and business people to build monitoring systems but until they are further in place, you can't really track what it is they are doing, what they are showing people. we have big problems at the moment.
9:33 pm
i think problems can be solved at some point. but at the moment democracy is in trouble. >> tucker: so republicans don't want to do figure because they are free market absolutists under the narcotics sway of the libertarian religion. and democrats don't want to do anything because they know it helps them. but without congress acting, would anybody trust our electoral system as honest and
9:34 pm
on the up-and-up? >> well, i wouldn't trust it at the moment. because, you know, in the research i do, you know, i have found number one that it is easy to shift a lot ofwe votes without people knowing that they are being influenced. so that is a problem. and the other problem is you can do this without leaving a paper trail. so at the moment we are in deep trouble. you hit the nail on the head. republicans are not doing anything about it. democrats are not doing anything about it. each for their own reasons. t >> it's terrifying. thank you for coming attention to this. you are one of the only people who has. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> robert mueller's hunt for russian collusion has turned into a permanent one-sided into a permanent one-sided fishing expedition where people's lives are being destroyed for no good reason. why is the investigation continues? someone who has tracked the investigation from day one joins us next.
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9:39 pm
what justifies the existence of the investigation? few ask but kim strassel does. and joins us tonight.. what is the pretext for continuing this at this stage? >> it is hard to know. we were supposed to talk about the trump-russia collusion. so far in all the time that the special counsel has gone away he has not found any evidence of that. now his mandate did say any related crimes so i guess ift. you were going to give them the rationale, they could say if you found evidence of wrongdoing he has an obligation to follow those leads as well. one of the frustrations out there among a lot of people watching this is that you now have a very one-sided probe where all the people who were n accused of things, and werene not necessarily found guilty of any of those accusations are still under the spotlight. whereas, those who made the accusations, potentially has done some criminal activity of their own are getting no scrutiny whatsoever.
9:40 pm
>> tucker: so look, i'm not a defending michael cohen who i always thought was a ridiculous sleazeball. but if at the end we found out he didn't pay taxes on the sale of a handbag and brokered a deal to a porn star. that is not really ending the business of government for two years? is it? is anyone going to admit that? >> no. because they are so invested in this point at legitimizing or rationalizing -- look, askk this question which is somewhat mystifying. michael cohen has been brought up on two felony charges of breaking campaign finance laws. i have written about campaign finance laws a lot. it's exceptionally rare that they are already prosecuted atti a criminal level. they are almost all civil charges. why do it if they did it to have a connection with trump and all the headlines we have had this week. that is the only thing that i can think of for why they t would have gone down the path. especially, because we read they had close to 20 charges
9:41 pm
they wanted to bring against him and they dropped a number of them. just so they could get the few they got on taxes and banks and the campaign finance violations. >> tucker: i mean, how destabilizing is this for the country? if you find out the president is colluding with vladimir putin, you know, bust him for it. if people come awayha thinking -- on both sides. everybody watching knows what this is. a bunch of people who hate trump trying to bring him down by any means necessary. when the smoke clears does anyone trust the justice system at all anymore? >> no. here is one of the problems. a lot of americans when bob mueller was first put in place thought all right. get to the bottom of this serious accusation. was there trump-russia collusion? >> tucker: exactly. >> that was a big deal.
9:42 pm
we deserved an answer to that. but if you now go down the line to prosecute other things and not even look at the people who they have done wrong in making the accusations and lodging that very serious accusation at the top echelon of our government where it was acted upon by the f.b.i. look, if you are going after michael cohen for campaign finance violations why is nobody taking a look at the hillary clinton campaign or an d.n.c. who hired opposition research firm but did not state that accurately on the campaign finance forms? they ran it through a law firm and called it legal services. >> tucker: it just makes everybody so cynical. it just degrades the country that will be hard to recover from. you are one of the clearest explainers of what is going on and we appreciate that. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: american has seenle two alligator attacks in a single week. one of them killed a woman. why are we putting up with the carnivorous reptiles living inso our midst? that is a question worth asking. we will after the break. also, hurricane lane is headed for hawaii.
9:43 pm
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♪ >> tucker: a woman in south carolina has become the latest victim of crocodile attack, alligator attack. kindergarten teacher sandra klein was dragged away and walking her dog on hilton head island. attacks like this are uncommon but growing in frequency.n in florida, 24 people killed by gators since 1948.s but 14 of those occurred in the last 20 years. nonfatal attacks have risen
9:48 pm
dramatically as well. lisa lange is the senior vice president of p.e.t.a. and she joins us tonight. i know what you will say. i hate to put words in your mouth but you say the gator attacks are the fault of people because they are too close to gators. you are probably as a biological matter is right. i believe that. but it doesn't change the fact that people are more valuable than gators. gators are highly unattractive prehistoric carnivorous reptiles. why do we put up with this? >> yeah, i mean there a lot of human encroachment and pollution but you have too answer the question: what do we do about it?? >> tucker: yes. >> after the tragic incident this week in south carolina it is important to know as you said that the incidents are exceedingly rare. but i think what is especiallyre tragic about this, too, is this is 100% preventable. we are seeing a number of problems. in this age of the social media for example, you are mobile not going to be surprised to hear that a big problem is people feeding alligators.
9:49 pm
people are doing that with alligators and with or wildlife for a perfect selfie or to put up a youtube video. that endangers the person doing the feeding but it gets the animals more used to interaction with human beings dangerous for next person down the line and the animals loset their life. >> tucker: i get it. i love animals. i support -- i think p.e.t.a. is a little lunatic but i support a lot of what you do because i love animals that much. a these are reptiles and you are blaming the victim. this shouldn't a death penalty offense. wouldn't it be easier to shoot the alligators? why is that so bad? >> well, they are important part of the ecosystem. anytime we jump in and we start to kill predators or animals we don't like because they look different from us or they are prehistoric looking it's a mess for the environment. they control the rodent populations. they control the nutria populations. it's a bad idea for the ecosystem and ethically. back to whose fault is this? i doubt highly this woman knew what the risks were.
9:50 pm
there is no way she would havean walked that close if she had known. >> tucker: the alligator went after the dog. if you have to make a call between a dog or a reptile you have to choose the dog. put up on the screen. this is a gila monster. there is a springer spaniel, the most notable of all dogs. you would shoot the reptile because there is a hierarchy of animals. a house fly is not the same as a golden retriever. >> absolutely. my dog means more than myve neighbor's dog. but i'm an outdoors person.
9:51 pm
i backpack and trail run and there are seasons that i can't take my dog with me because of the rattlesnakes or i know there is an area that will are mountain lions near where i live so i don't take herhi because i know that -- if i put myself at risk, that iswh one thing. but i won't put her at risk. there are certain things. were there signs she could see? where i trail run there are reminders that there is wildlife there to be careful of.. >> tucker: what about the little kid that was dragged out to pond in disney world in florida. you won't blame him? >> no, no. it's never the victim's. >> tucker: are we going to miss alligators? be honest. we wouldn't missm? them. >> we would. >> tucker: no, no. you would miss them? >> yes. the ecosystem would miss them. that i are here for a reason. if you don't feel warm and
9:52 pm
cuddly about them, they serve a purpose. to kill them, unless you kill all of them, which no one is proponent of, then you, they will make up the numbers and adjust their strategy, the number of the babies. >> tucker: we are out of time. you have come back and finish the conversation. i might a from opponent of that. i don't know. lisa lange, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tucker: hurricane lane on track for hawaii. we hope the conditions will allow steve harrigan to get the shot up for us. taking a risk being there at this time. we'll check in with him after the break. craftsmanship, you need a higher standard of craftsman. see for yourself at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 2.9% financing on the 2018 ls 500. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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9:57 pm
the southern poverty law center 4500 bucks for "educational support" as well as a training course in "bison hate crimes." fortunately, a spokesman told the program they no longer use the splc for training purposes and haven't done that since 2008. we are glad to hate, care that. as for the fbi, they told us that they have an "open mic relationship" with the southern poverty law center, which is outrageous, but denied that they have an "partnership" with the splc. we have no idea what that means. the bureau has called the splc "credible" and allowed it to brief fbi agents who are armed and can arrest you, we've repeatedly asked the fbi to tell us the truth, to clarify its current relationship with the splc. it's dishonest and infuriating. a spokeswoman told us, "we welcome information from any organization or individual regarding any potential crimes or threats. in other words, the fbi won't clarify whether it works with the splc's atomic style.
9:58 pm
they don't answer. we'll keep after them until they do. >> this is a fox weather alert. i'm jackie abundance in in europe where the national weather service downgrades hurricane lane to tropical storm status. it remains dangerous. forecasters say it is expected to be her last, strong, gusty winds on much of the island change. the flow movement of the storm" dominic increases the heavy rainfall and flash flooding and landslides by the storm center is not expected to come ashore t the eyeball could pass dangerously close to those special islands, some areas may see as much as 40 inches of rain before it's over. it's already dumped as much as e big island. there have been road damaging landslides on maui, while wahoo residents experience with wind gusts and showers, plunging into powerful waves at waikiki beach.
9:59 pm
honolulu's mayor had to urge tourists to stay out of the waves. there are no reported deaths. lane started brush fires in dry areas prone to fire. some residents were forced to evacuate their homes because of the flames and the only highway in and out of the west side of oahu was closed in both directions. people living in the area and are for the best. >> just shocked. never have i seen something like this in 43 years. we used to run on this park as little kids and now it's a raging river. >> i feel like it's going to come more and our house is going to get knocked down. i just am praying to not make it happen. >> i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "tucker carlson tonight" already in progress. >> tucker: that's about it for us tonight. tune in every night, 8:00 p.m., they show that is a sworn enemy
10:00 pm
of lying come pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. we mean it. not just a talking point. he a lot of pressure to conform and we consistently refused. we hope you will come too. judge jeanine hosting "hannity" next. had the best weekend. we'll see you monday. ♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome to the special edition of "hannity": the left side agenda. i'm jeanine pirro into night for sean. for thew hour, we'll show you hw democrats, the deep state, and the media are all working together against president donald trump. first, we'll address the special counsel's partisan probe into russian pollution. this administration pushes a sound conservative agenda, and mueller's witch hunt is dividing the country and wreaking political havoc day after day. meanwhile, attorney general jeff sessions is nowhere to be


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