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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 25, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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shannon bream coming up next. have a great weekend, good night from new york city, god bless you and god bless your families, the greatest country on the face of the planet, i am honored to be here. >>this is a fox news >> this is a fox news alert, donald trump canceling plans for secretary of state mike pompeo to travel to north korea citing insufficient progress on denuclearization. general jack keane ways in shortly. the president keeps the pressure on his attorney general, donald trump takes to twitter trying to compel jeff sessions to investigate corruption on what he calls the other side. stick around for fiery highlights from the president's speaking before the state republican party in ohio. tonight the family of john mccain says the arizona senator has chosen to discontinue
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medical treatment for his brain cancer. we go to capitol hill for reaction. it was just yesterday that secretary of state mike pompeo announced a new special envoy to help with denuclearization talks in north korea but tonight we are learning new details about why the president canceled that trip today. richardson tracking twists and turns. >> the president says north korea needs to dismantle its nuclear weapons and china for relaxing pressure on kim jong un. he announced he would cancel his trip saying because of our much tougher trading stance with china i do not believe they are helping with the process of denuclearization as they once were despite un sanctions. mike pompeo looks forward to going to north korea in the future most likely after our trading relationship with china is resolved.
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in the meantime i would like to send warmest regards and respect to mister kim. i look forward to seeing him soon. for weeks the trumpet ministration complaint china and russia are easing, sanctioning russian shipping companies from delivering oil. mike pompeo announced his trip to north korea naming a new top negotiator. they were planning this visit, a senior us official before canceling at the white house, there are also concerns north korea continues building its nuclear program. the international atomic energy agency published a report claiming, quote, continuation and further development of north korea's nuclear program and related statements are a cause for grave concern. mike pompeo last traveled to north korea in july, he never
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met with kim jong un during that trip. after leaving the foreign ministry called his visit deeply regrettable as he made gangster like demands. the of ministration expects north korea to destroy its weapons program. than the us would lift sanctions that help it develop its economy. north korea wants concessions as it dismantles its program. analyst point out they only agreed to broad outlines in june in singapore frustrating north korean and american negotiating teams. the president says he is looking forward to seeing kim soon though there is publicly at least no second meeting planned. >> more about what is behind the cancellation and what comes next, fox news senior strategic analyst general jack keane ways in, great to see you. the president says he asked the secretary of state not to go because i feel we are not making sufficient progress with respect to the end goal.
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>> what do we know? intelligence services have been leaking information in the last 4 to 6 weeks that north korea is advancing their nuclear program and missile program, certainly not denuclearize in. the president and secretary pompeo have considerably more information than that. i think they walked up to this final meeting and have some positive indications the meeting was not going to leave anything. the last meeting in terms of diplomacy was catastrophic. secretary pompeo put on the table, tell me where all your nuclear sites are and where you're ballistic missile sites are, all research, fuel, etc.. here is the timetable we suggest for denuclearization. they balked about that and then came the comment in the introduction, gangster style
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diplomacy. we came back and said we will give them a little more time. in the asian culture trust is important, takes time to establish trust. he came back and said we are dealing with a strategy of patient diplomacy quite similar to asian diplomacy that you and i are familiar with. they have run out of patience. they are going to see no positive signs. where are we now? the president is staying positive because he wants public diplomacy to stay positive and holds out hope. all the president's national security teams, mike pompeo, bolton, the cia know what is going on and have the intelligence. we have to start clamping down on sanctions to make sure they understand the military option is on the table. the problem with sanctions.
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jillian: the issue with china, we had reports from the un and others who said russia and china and others may be helping and may not truly be cracking down on sanctions. a well-known north korean expert and the center for national interest says china might be using north korea as the ultimate bargaining chip saying if you are not willing to play ball with us on trade because we have had trade talks this week we are not willing to play ball with you on north korea. how much do you think the trade talks with china, we are getting to put them in talking about another round of tariffs, is complicating this? >> the president mentioned it himself so he knows it is an issue. the russians have always been transferring fuel and ships off the coast and passing other commodities to it but here's the problem. the un resolution, when rex to listen was secretary of state
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got the country than nikki haley who support sanctions and slam them hard in terms of enforcement. when it comes to sanctions it is one thing for a country to say they will do it and another to enforce it. they claim down hard. they had the are of crisis, nuclear test going on, ballistic missiles being fired. there was imminent danger everybody felt. this guy hasn't done anything for 9 months. as a result the sense of crisis is not there and he is playing his cards pretty well. it will be harder for us to go back, we will put on china, not have any problems with the russians who always had the door open. it -- to summon the nations where it is financially enviable for them to be doing business with north korea. smaller countries to be sure. i think the administration knows what they are dealing with, they understood this from the
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beginning, they are quietly, not publicly going to get tough here on what is happening and if that doesn't work the president will get tough. >> some critics of the play chris murphy, democrat saying this wasn't going to work and so it is good for the president to kind of take back what he referred to as an embarrassing setback. no matter what happens there will always be critics. thank you for the inside scoop on this, great to have you. have a good weekend. are other top story tonight the president continues to take his difference with jeff sessions public. he is also taking on the, quote, negative nasty democrats as he speaks tonight at the republican party dinner. garrett tenney is live in columbus. >> donald trump is known for going off script and speaking his mind at these rallies so it is notable what he didn't mention in his speech tonight, he didn't mention john mccain's ailing help them he didn't
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mention robert mueller's investigation or his ongoing feud with attorney general jeff sessions. this morning the president kept that feud alive by taking a shot at sessions using the ag's own words rating department of justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations. this is great. what everyone wants. look into all of the corruption on the other side including illegal surveillance of trump campaign, russian collusion by dems. come on, you can do it, the country is waiting. another big piece of news the president to mention, new revelations the cfo of the trump organization was granted immunity by prosecutors. a source acknowledged alan wiselberg will testify against michael cohen. he helped to reimburse cohen for the hush money payments he
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arranged for two women during the 2016 presidential campaign. at the ohio republican party's annual fundraising dinner donald trump was on script with a heavy focus on the midterm elections where he wants to see a red wave and predicted it could happen in the senate but conceded it will be hard to do in the house. >> doing great against pretty well-known senators and some are sort of unbeatable and now even the polls against talented republicans, the senate will be a big surprise. the house is probably tougher, we have so many people running. >> this was the president's second visit to the buckeye state after attending a rally for congressional candidate troy balderson who was locked in at a special election race for ohio's 12 district, that race was too close to call for the last couple weeks until this afternoon when he was named the winner a few hours before donald
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trump began, to hold that seat for the next couple months, he has to win it again in november. >> the situation in ohio, thank you for the update. as investigators close in on top trump business executives will they soon be after the president's adult children in an attempt to get to the president himself? and is the justice department turning a blind eye to potential legal trouble on the other side of the aisle q the panel is here to debate, cohost of the 5 juan williams and chairman of the american conservative union, welcome to you both. great to have you both. i want to read something kimberly wrote in the wall street journal, the country has watch the fbi treat one presidential campaign with kid gloves, the others with conformance and eavesdropping. it is efforts at accountability as it failed to hold its own accountable, don't get them started on 1-sided media and witnessing unequal treatment of robert mueller's probe.
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>> this is an effort to distract from what is going on. it has been a tough week for donald trump and his supporters are saying let's go back and relitigate everything that happened with the democrats, logo back at hillary clinton and not only hillary clinton but jim comey, peter stzrok, lisa page and not focus on the man in the white house. >> i want to play something for you from spearheading new. he has some advice for the president. >> if he has any interest at all in not only saving his skin but the skin of his child, his children, his son-in-law, his grandchildren this is a time when he has to seriously think about it. >> a lot of people say the way to get to the president who says he is tough and likes these fights got go after his family
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might be a different thing. >> this is a coup. the people who lost the election in 2016 immediately went into this story about russian collusion through a series of keystone cops steps, got a special counsel, they are talking about what the president did 10 years before he was president and we can't even get an investigation about what obama did while they were in office. the advice of this lawyer is absurd and it is time for republicans and conservatives and trump supporters and fair-minded people to look at whether there was russian collusion, whether there was treason, whether laws were broken as far as the election is concerned, not donald trump's life from ten years before he was elected president. this is absurd. >> i want to play something to your point that rush limbaugh had to say about the organization, the business, what
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it is all about. >> getting rid of donald trump, doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter how. it doesn't matter, getting rid of him is all that matters. if they have to ruin ivanka or jared or don junior and eric so what, they will do it. that is what this is all about. >> is that what this is all about? >> i hope not. that would be unfair and from my perspective you do not want to politicize any judicial effort, any law enforcement action and if our politics comes down to somebody doesn't like donald trump or somebody says we are going to go after our political enemies and political foes, the person we beat in the last election, it lessens public trust in the integrity of the
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justice system of the united states. there are people who want to say to the conservative base in this country they are going after our hero, going after donald trump but i just listened to matt and thought to myself it seems to me from what i heard on the tape with michael cohen and in terms of the national enquirer if there was an effort in the midst of the 2016 election to stop any kind of disclosure of events that took place many years before that could have embarrassed or hurt the trump campaign if it became public but it seems to me that is very much relevant and i will leave it up to matt and the rest of the audience to decide a violation of campaign finance law. >> there has been quite a bit of debate in the legal field about that and other cases where there have been similar things that happened and people of gotten a
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slap in the wrist or nothing or whether this was simply about going after the president, if this was to avoid embarrassment weren't impacted election, all those things people -- they are very vague. of the government wants to go after you they will find a way but these are things, these are questions the president may have to answer. >> i applaud you for saying we shouldn't politicize any investigations but too late because they tried to, quote, stop him by using the fisa court. if you look at whether or not donald trump, what he did 10 years before he became president, most americans say that doesn't matter. finally -- >> may not be what happened ten years before but the point is look what is happening 6 months before the election. >> you are a lawyer and you know what you're talking about but when jim comey investigated hillary clinton's email servers
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and all the government information he said he couldn't prosecutor because it was a close call. if you talk to fcc experts and i talked to half a dozen of them they will tell you it is not a very clear shot at donald trump committed any violation against any sec code but the special counsel is pressing his advantage. wise at one set of rules for hillary clinton and another set of rules for donald trump? that can't stand. >> a lot of people asking that question looking at the john edwards case and others in the passing it shows a difference. i want you both to give me a yes or no. do you think of democrats take the house they will impeach? >> there's lots of talk about it but at the moment it is being used by republicans to stir up people, this is about impeachment. >> is that? kids get folks to the polls? >> yes. it is all about impeachment. >> have a great weekend. stricken with brain cancer
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senator john mccain's family sharing news about his decision about his medical case, we will look at his legacy. >> this place is important, the work we do is important. the success of the senate is important to the continued success of america. >> with confirmation hearings just days away brett cavanagh's supreme court nomination growing resistance from democrats but do they have any way they can stop him? we will convene night court for a timely discussion about immunity. many of you have questions. how long does it last, how does it impact witness credibility and whether the president is right that it should be outlawed? we will answer your questions coming up. coming up. get them started right with carnation breakfast essentials. it has protein plus vitamins and minerals to help kids be their best. carnation breakfast essentials.
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even here? we've got you covered. now they are all yours. to take on the go. on any screen. bingo! alright! and watch whatever you buy. wherever you are. head to to start watching. simple to rent, easy to buy, awesome to go. >>john mccain, arizona senator and former republican presidential >> john mccain, arizona senate and for republican presidential nominee is ending his medical treatment and his fight against brain cancer. the mccain family is a statement this morning, and outpouring of praise from colleagues on both sides of the aisle is followed. peter doocy has details from capitol hill. >> john mccain last voted here in december and colleagues in the senate he is welcome him back just got a set update from
12:23 am
arizona. john mccain top brain cancer for 18 months but he will no longer seek treatment. john has surpassed expectations for his survival for the progress of the disease in the inexorable advance of age rendered their verdict. >> hard to picture him giving up on anything but i don't think he has very long after this. i would suspect, this is speculation. >> the senate on services committee chairman is a 6-time us senator and was a prisoner of war for five years in vietnam. >> a guy who stood fifth on the bottom of his class at the naval academy. >> he ran for president twice, in 2008 is the gop nominee who tried to steer supporters towards civility.
12:24 am
>> know, he is a decent family man. >> he ultimately lost the general election to barack obama. >> the american people have spoken and they have spoken clearly. >> he developed a reputation as a maverick sometimes siding with democratic colleagues voting against bush tax cuts in the trump skinny repeal of obamacare but never took a big vote lately. >> any concerns last night about the no vote? >> i have concerns. >> before leaving dc to seek treatment mccain addressed concerned colleagues. >> i have every intention of returning here and giving many of you cause to regret all the nice things you said about me. i hope to impress on you again it is an honor to serve the american people in your company. >> reporter: mccain is being hailed a hero by said colleagues on both sides of the aisle. his wife cindy about her megan i thinking people who have taken
12:25 am
care of him and people magazine is reporting his mother roberta who is 106 now knows that her son has stopped seeking treatment. >> thank you. confirmation hearings for donald trump's nominee brett kavanaugh will begin september 4th and tonight democrats are doing everything in their power to block him but do they really have any options. jonathan hunt as an update. >> is confirmation hearings get closer so does the noisy debate over brett kavanaugh's nomination to the supreme court gets louder. vice president mike pence weighed in saying democrats are determined to unfairly delay and obstruct the nomination process. >> senate democrats have no intention of giving this good man in this brilliant jurist the consideration in support he deserves.
12:26 am
truthfully what the constitution says is advising and consent has turned into obstruct and oppose. >> the vice president's comments came when 10 democratic members of the senate judiciary committee called for a delay in brett kavanaugh's confirmation areas citing concern over his previously expressed doubts about whether sitting presidents can or should be investigated, amid what they called the possibility of criminal wrongdoing by donald trump. judiciary committee chairman senator chuck grassley is determined to stop hearing september 4th as scheduled and the judiciary committee spokesman dismissed the plea from democrats of the, quote, stunned. and politicians debates on capitol hill so do voters on the streets of washington dc with
12:27 am
demonstrations organized under the hashtag stop cavanagh and reproductive justice, fears among some that are more conservative leaning supreme court might overturn roe v wade. women's equality day with more than 200 events planned across the country to oppose kavanaugh's nomination. shannon: thank you. a very busy week, the president's former fixer takes a plea deal come his longtime friend from the national enquirer gets in the unity. what does it mean if anything for the president? we will deal in in night court. legal eagles will answer the questions you, our viewers, send, there were a lot about this immunity deal. our $19.99 oil change also includes a tire rotation. book an appointment online.
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(indistthat was awful.tering) why are you so good at this? had a coach in high school. really helped me up my game. i had a coach. math. ooh. so, why don't traders have coaches? who says they don't? coach mcadoo! you know, at td ameritrade, we offer free access to coaches and a full education curriculum- just to help you improve your skills. boom! mad skills. education to take your trading to the next level. only with td ameritrade. >>president trump once again taking aim at one of his favorite targets >> donald trump taking aim at one of his favorite targets, nfl players who do not honor the national anthem.
12:32 am
he criticized the league for the decision not to broadcast the anthem before games. >> cbs just joined the crew in the spn decided not to broadcast. can you imagine? cbs and espn. how do we like that? is that good? what is the nfl doing? do they not have a clue? >> regular-season games kickoffs optimistic. two stock indices of closed at an all-time high setting the record for the longest bull market in history, impressive milestone for the stock market. the definition of 133 points, the s&p climbed to its highest point ever after getting 18 points and nasdaq finished ahead 67 points which means overall the dow gained half a percentage point, the s&p was up almost a
12:33 am
point, the nasdaq was up 12/3 points. the administration is cutting $200 million in aid to the palestinians at the direction of the president, the decision prompted by a state department review which ensured these reviews were spent in accordance with national interest following a decision to withhold millions from the palestinian refugee agency. charged with illegally voting in the election, the justice department says defendants are from different countries including mexico, the american republic, nigeria and germany. some of those indicted have been accused of filing a false claim of citizenship to register to vote while the others are charged with voting illegally. time for night court. tonight our legal panel, experts will provide all the clarity you
12:34 am
need on the subject of immunity and take your online questions, the president has harsh words for flippers in the wake of michael cohen's plea deal and some trump organization executives and the publisher granted immunity during the investigation so what does this mean? let's talk about it with our legal eagles, and criminal defense and litigation attorney alex little, welcome to you both. a question from the manafort trial where the primary witness against him was rick gates who testified against him. john horn says how is it fear gates walks free and manafort goes to jail, almost $1 million were stolen from him. >> gates pleaded guilty, he had to admit his crimes, significant exposure when he goes before the judge to get his sentence so the government will cut a deal, and
12:35 am
the penalty for quite some time. >> you probably have gotten this question a lot, this one from fund record one. let's say an offense, the fed immunity to prosecute. >> generally speaking jurisdictions, you can't use the testimony composed by another jurisdiction but at the state level transactional immunity is often used in that is not recognized at the federal level. it is a blanket immunity and it looks like the feds can prosecute the witness for activities associated with underlying issue but not use their testimony is important to understand a lot of these rules are not as black and white, if they have an independent source of evidence they can be prosecuted.
12:36 am
shannon: people want to know how long this will last. if there is a statute of limitations on the immunity deal can they come back and question or indict you then? how does it work? >> immunity is a contract between prosecutors, the government or the cooperator. the terms depend but generally if they induce you to do anything, once you have done something for them they have an obligation to affirm the bargain. >> it can mean a won't prosecute you for certain things or there can be minutia in the way it is done. you can get away with any crime from now on. a lot of questions about credibility. steve reason tweets never understood the appeal, how can witnesses have credibility? house that explains to the jurors? how does this work?
12:37 am
>> in a trial prosecutors will say if you have information on the bigger fish, the more uncomfortable finds that you will actually convict, of course he will not be associated with fire boys, you have to believe this witness, he is despicable with his conduct that is credible in that he was part of the organization or whatever it was. that is often called into question and also why corroborating evidence is so important on the part of the prosecutors so the jury can feel comfortable with both forms of evidence. >> we had one of the manafort jurors speak with us, the day after the trial that was interesting because the
12:38 am
prosecution made rick gates such the star linchpin of the whole thing and yet the jurors, at least her, she said there were others, didn't believe him or question his credibility, looked at how much he had stolen from his employer and other other issues but they put together such a good paper trail that they were able to look aside from rick gates knowing he had a deal and follow the paper trail. this one i got a lot of questions about. hillary clinton and a number of people close to her were given immunity deals as she was going into the final question with the fbi before they made their decision not to prosecute. this week comes from deplorable henry the clinton lawyers who received immunity deal. can ever be prosecuted for anything connected to hillary? >> or. depends what deals were. my suspicion, there was not detailed reporting on this, when a federal prosecutor wants to talk to someone oftentimes a lawyer will say i don't want you to talk to my client him as he promised not to use this information against them and that immunity about specific details about the crime would never be able to be allowed to be used but if there are other issues, if they lied in the course of talking to the government they could be prosecuted.
12:39 am
>> we have a question, there are different types of immunity. i have heard of transactional immunity. what are the differences in the types? for people who are not legal eagles, how does that work, what are they? >> transactional immunity covers everything involved in that activity, and use and derivatives use means it is narrower, the use of that testimony of anything else from it, that could be crimes associated with it so think of it as an immunized witnesses testifying about a bank robbery and admits he purchased illegal drugs with the money he stole from the bank, that is an example of transactional versus derivative use and if there's an independent source you are never scot-free. >> we have more questions that you have been so enlightening
12:40 am
and helpful. thank you, we appreciate it. hurricane lane has not officially made landfall in hawaii yet. it brought a lot of wind and rain and we are told fire to the all ohio state. a live report coming up, when is a bear in a hotel lobby not the scariest thing about that hotel, we will tell you in our real news roundup. you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident - no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company.
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>>this is a fox news alert. hurricane lane is now >> fox news alert, hurricane lane now a tropical storm, expected to move dangerously close to the line islands tonight but it already made its mark on the big island. steve harrigan standing by live in honolulu. good to have you with us
12:45 am
tonight, steve. >> we have seen conditions dramatically change over the past several hours, the storm has weakened. structurally changed a great deal and the strength of its wind has changed, originally a category 5 hurricane, the most powerful, at this point it is a tropical storm, winds just 70 miles an hour. the real danger at this point is still from the rain. it is a rain event and that rain has proved devastating in parts of the state on the big island, some areas getting more than two feet of rain, enough to cause landslides, flash flooding and evacuations by air as well. the situation here in the a much calm her day. people have been told to prepare water and food for the next 14 days. doesn't look like that is going to be necessary. firefighters dealing with the problem on the island of maui, 3000 acres up in flames, brushfires, not clear their origin, who started them or how, but difficult conditions for firefighters under hurricane conditions trying to battle the fire and flames as well. a number of closures on the island in preparation for what they thought would be a major storm and major flooding, highways closed, schools close, government offices closed and
12:46 am
people told to shelter in place, a very relaxed attitude, a full day on the beach, the surfers still out there, waves not getting higher than 5 or 6 feet. looks like for this part of the island people have dodged the bullet. >> thank you very much. the satire website the onion sparking online outrage over a post many feel went over the line, that story tops the real news roundup. the onion drawing condemnation for posting this headline targeting john mccain's daughter megan. after the family announced he would be discontinuing medical treatment, this post is awful, you should be ashamed. despite the outcry the website published another an hour later. representatives from the biggest tech companies including facebook, twitter and google, discussing how they can prevent
12:47 am
their platforms from being manipulated in the run-up to the midterm elections following revelations the companies have halted misinformation campaigns traced to iran and russia. you may remember the family hotel was the inspiration for stephen king's thriller the shining will, the colorado hotel had another scare when a black bear not only wandered into the lobby but proceeded to stand on a table, stick around for a few minutes before letting itself out, letting the guests undisturbed and he did not make a stop at room 217. we are about introduce you to a pack of puppies and special people with them who are on a mission to make a difference in lives in a way you can't imagine. this wonderful story next.
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>>for the past 43 shannon: the past 43 years canine companions for independence provided highly trained assistance dogs to those who are free of charge. the executive producer raising jennifer williams is with us. and the president of canine companions joins me. so good to see you and the puppies. you were doing this, a lot of people know they have seen them on the show. >> that is the one question everyone asks. >> we have seen the things they do when they graduate, they help everyone with various disabilities like being in a
12:53 am
wheelchair, cerebral palsy, and >> how did you get involved. >> a graduate dog. and we don't want to do that. and finally we acquiesced. >> what is your puppy's name? >> they are having a good time. >> this is a family project and to know the end result, how is he going? >> that keeps you going and people say such wonderful work and give them up and we get as much out of it as we put into it because it is such a blessing,
12:54 am
all of our dogs that graduated, people stayed in touch, we get to see them. >> what about you? how do you fit this into your life? >> it is hard. we have a routine, took a cab to work every day, very supportive but that works really well and just came back from vacation which is why he is a little restless. it one advantage is at a certain age they travel with you, the socialization experience. >> 18 months, they moved to formal training, how does that work and what interactions you have with people they partnered with.
12:55 am
>> we have been fortunate that all of our graduates stayed in touch through social media or directly has got to meet with one of our puppies from virginia beach so we could socialize and they never forget us. >> they are such a part of your life. when spike makes a cut -- >> absolutely. not all the dogs doing that is okay. the puppy raiser and puppy, and get partnered with someone, the best results. shannon: if you don't make the cut, you can live in the greenhouse. thank you for what you are doing, thanks for bringing the puppies, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us in the
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judge jeanine pirro hosting "hannity" next. have the best weekend. we'll see you monday. ♪ welcome to this special edition of "hannity." the left agenda. i'm jeanine pirro in tonight for sean. for the hour, we will show you how democrats the deep state and the media are all working together against president donald trump. first we will address the special>>well, conservative agenda >>meanwhile, attorney general jeff sessions is nhe


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