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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 25, 2018 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> tropical storm lane brushing by hawaii's most populated island as we see, dumping record levels of rain and get this, screen right, major wildfire burning on the island of maui. adam housley on the ground as the sun breaks. elizabeth: plus, we're tracking robert mueller's next moves as trump again lashes out at his attorney general for recusing himself in the russia investigation. leland: live to phoenix, there's an outpouring of support for senator john mccain a day after he tells the world he has ended medical treatment for his brain cancer. ♪
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>> last saturday in august, can you believe it? summer went by too fastments no, and it was one of the busiest news weeks of the summer. leland: we say that every week, don't we? this is america's news headquarters from workout. i'm leland vittert. >> i'm kristin fisher. and right now, hawaii is being hit by one of the biggest weather events to hit the islands in decades. tropical storm lane dumping heavy rain as it moves slowly to the north and now they've got brush fires to deal with as well. our adam housley is live on the ground in maui. adam, what's it like there? it doesn't look too bad where you are. >> no, it really depend where you are on the hawaiian islands. in fact, kristin, it was just told to us that hurricane lane is the top five storms of all time in the u.s. for rain amounts, but that is in a very small area right noup. there's been areas here, we've got heavy rain and high surf at
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times, but about 35 miles to my right on the big island on the hilo side, which is the east side, they've gotten massive amounts of rain for the last 48 hours. mudslides, swollen rivers, waterfalls usualry with a nice amount of falls, looking like niagara falls. the water and clouds were hitting the east side of the island and volcanos would suck the water out of the clouds causing the problems. back on maui, we've had rain at times, winds and surf at times, but generally look a rain storm. you go further east on the island and there's actually two brush fires. there were three at one point. so, kind after weird situation, even fema talked about it. anyway you look at this, there's still the possibility of a flash flood or a possible mudslide depending on the bands that's breaking up. nailing one area of the islands
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and officials here say do not let your guard down. >> doesn't mean it's over. we'll have rain, wind, local flooding and we need to be vigilant and we don't want to let all of our guard down. >> we pre positioned the equipment to remove debris and employees across the state are prepared to respond should there be ponding or backups. >> and we could actually smell the smoke here this morning. the fires would be to my left. if you look at a map of hawaii, guys, it's on an arc and the way the islands are stretched out with the big island being the furthest south and furthest to the east and how that storm came in and basically spun, that's why it hammered the east side of the island and really, the east side of the big island has saved a lot of the other islands from getting the torrential rain that hilo has been getting. of course, there will be a lot of damage this when this is all done and some cleanup and some folks will need to be helped there. but the good news for the wide chain of islands, kauai, and
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here in hawaii so far damage has been minimized. >> boy, adam, what a tough year for the big island. you've got first that volcano and now these fires and flooding rains. adam, thank you so much. leland. leland: joining us now from honolulu, central pacific hurricane center meteorologist, chevy. we see the track of the hurricane behind you. honolulu's mayor about an hour ago saying, we dodged a bullet now, as they look at things saturday morning, sunrise. accurate? >> i'd say accurate, yeah. it could have been much worse. maybe folks on the big island would not say that they dodged a bullet because they've been dealing with catastrophic flooding for the last couple of days and the rain is going to continue to fall as we go into the weekend. so, but i would say, you know, up in kauai, they probably don't realize there's something going on because they haven't seen much weather at all.
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oahu, even. oahu is going to see some rain this afternoon depending how fast tropical storm lane moves to the west. not nearly as bad as the big island. it was a category five just a few days ago and yesterday morning, it was a category two. and then in the evening, it was a tropical storm. so, the shear just tore it apart and weakened it considerably. leland: we're looking at video from hilo where there is that flooding that you talk about coming down through some of the rain forest there. that western side of the big island, which is not where honolulu is, honolulu is farther to the west. the western side of hilo that adam housley was talking about there, give us a sense how bad the flooding is and how populated that area is. the pictures look terrible, but we're not seeing house us wash away. we're not seeing cars wash away.
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are there people who are trapped? is there rescues underway? what's the situation? >> well, talking to civil defense overnight last night, so what they've had is a lot of -- you had landslides due to the heavy rain the last couple of days. they have water covered roads and, yes, people are trapped. it's like the situation on the big island is, you have one road, one source of an access to like hilo, for example, and people have their populated areas in the southern part of the island and that's their only way to get out of there. so some of those roads are closed and they can't get out and they're trapped until the crews can get out and clean things up. leland: chevy, we know you continue to watch this storm as it moves off to the west from there in honolulu. hopefully is the some point you and your team can get some sleep. we know you've been working hard. thank you. >> thank you, aloha. leland: i'll be back, kristin. >> everyone here in washington
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is reeling from this crazy news week. you've got the manafort conviction and two immunity deals. president trump didn't mention that to ohio republicans. instead he focused on the strong economy and is hoping that the economy will translate to strong votes. >> we're going to talk a lot about wave action for this election. blue waves, red waves, you name it. what are the prospects for a red wave in congress come november? that's certainly president trump's hope for the midterm elections. here is his bold prediction from the ohio republican party state dinner last night. >> we have the strongest economy in the history of our nation and i hear about a blue wave. i saw why is there a blue wave? we are doing better now with jobs. today there are more people working than at anytime ever in the history of our country. so, i don't think there's going to be a blue wave. i hope there's a red wave. >> well, that would run counter to conventional wisdom which
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says that the party that controls the white house loses seats in the midterm elections. the democrats would have to flip 23 seats, but they are within striking distance of doing that and there may be an enthusiasm gap. our recent fox news pole show that voters to backed hillary clinton are more likely than trump voters to be extremely interested in the 2018 races. >> we're calling the democrats soft favorites. which means that if you have a blue wave, we don't think at the current time it's going to be one of these tsunamis that wins you 30, 40, 50 seats. the democrats needing 23, more like they're just over that number right now. maybe it will grow before november or maybe it will pop back, but right now, they're soft favorites to take over the house by some modest margin. >> maybe, we'll see. the senate though is another matter even though the g.o.p. margin of control is much narrowing. democrats have more seats to defend this year, and some in states that president trump carried. it seems more likely that
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republicans will retain the majority, but you never know until election day. in the meantime, the wave talk will persist. >> 70-plus days to go until the midterms? >> something like that and the president is going to be active on the campaign trail. >> he loves it. thank you, doug, thanks for being in on the weekend. >> glad to see you both. all right, president trump firing back on twitter. he is at his golf course here in washington today. he's been defending himself and blasting his former attorney michael cohen, who, as you might remember, entered into a plea deal earlier this week, in case you were living under a rock and miss that had bit of news. garrett tenney is live at the white house with more. >> the president has not addressed these developments that have come out the last few days on camera. he's been very active on twitter. this morning he took shots at media outlets who report last month his personal attorney michael cohen claimed that candidate trump knew in advance
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about the june, 2016 meeting at trump towers where russians were expected to offer dirt on hillary clinton. those reports which cited anonymous sources contradicted that he knew about the meeting. and michael cohen's lawyer says he was one of the anonymous sources who confirmed the sorry despite not knowing whether in fact it was true. michael cohen's attorney clarified, saying he didn't know if president trump now about the trump tower meeting. the answer is i did not know about the meeting, just another phony story by the fake news media. as we learn more about the investigations into various trump allies, alan dershowitz says those cases outside of the special counsel's investigation are what the president should be worried about most. >> the real worry is the southern district of new york, which is looking into kind of technical, corporate violation. and so, i think any
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vulnerabilities that the trump organization or the campaign has will be in the southern district of new york and not in mueller's investigation. >> today the president is also keeping his very public feud with jeff sessions alive. jeff sessions said he wouldn't allow politics to influence him because he doesn't understand what's happening behind his position. and angry dems are having a field day as real corruption goes untouched. no collusion. several top lawmakers are suggesting that they would support the president and the fact this he may choose to replace attorney general jeff sessions after the midterm election. leland: a lot of discussion about that posted on the interview on fox and friends, talking about michael cohen and manafort, guilty findings by the jury. garrett tenney at the white house. kristin. >> we've got a lot more on this. here to weigh in, former federal
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prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, john sales. i want to recap one more time because this was such an insane news week. you've got president trump's former lawyer and campaign manager going to jail. the lawyer has implicated him in a federal crime and then you have these two immunity deals, one against his cfo, the cfo of the trump organization and one of the head of the national enquirer. of those things, which one should trouble president trump the most? >> well, i think what should trouble him the least is michael cohen. and note, he has a plea agreement, but he does not have a cooperation agreement. and i think the reason for that is that the prosecutors in the southern district of new york where i was an assistant u.s. attorney, they do not believe his-- to anything he says and i don't think he has any value as a witness. his lawyer, lanny davis, who is a good lawyer, but has tried on television to offer his
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testimony to the team, and nobody seems to be buying. so, i think that michael cohen is the least of the threat. regarding the other two immunity deals, obviously, they would not immunize two people like that simply to build a case on michael cohen. they would have had an abundance evidence against michael cohen having nothing to do with the president based on the search and seizure, and thousands and thousands of documents they seized. so, i think there is some concern. >> fair to say that the most troubling would be the cfo of the trump organization's immunity deal? >> well, the cfo would know everything that's in the records, but he doesn't necessarily know what the president's knowledge of these transactions and for criminal liability, you need to have criminal knowledge, criminal intent and i don't see that the cfo adds to that one way or the other. >> let me ask you this, doesn't this only now in the territory, this personal territory, once
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deemed off limits by president trump that we're now in the very personal financial dealings of his organizations, transactions before he became president? didn't president trump at one point say that that would be the red line for him? >> well, the red line-- first of all, even president of the united states, is hard pressed to set a red line where he can or cannot be investigated, but i think he was referring to the special counsel. there's really no red line for a u.s. attorney and what apparently the new york state attorney general and the new york county district attorney are also opening investigations and the pardon power would not protect the president there. but i want to emphasize, i don't think any of these folks have the kryptonite to use the superman expression. >> right. >> to really prove the president's culpability. the best example, don mcgann. i wrote an article in the hill,
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30 hours of testimony, but not one word that's been suggested that any of it incriminated the president. >> we'll see, and find out once the testimony comes out. nobody knows what was said during that 30 hours. in terms of cohen, president trump has weighed in and spoke about it on fox news just a few days agoen i want to play you exactly what he said. his response to his former attorney essentially flipping on him. watch this. >> if somebody defrauded a bank and he's going to get ten years in jail and 20 years in jail, but if you can say something bad about donald trump and you'll go down to two years or three years, which is the deal he made, in all fairness to him, most people are going to do that. and i've seen it many times. i've had many friends involved in in stuff. it's called flipping and it almost ought to be illegal. your reaction to that. president trump saying that an ought to be illegal? >> well, let's look at paul manafort. he is being threatened with more than 20 years in jail and he has not quote, unquote flipped.
9:16 am
and there's one reason that nobody is suggesting, maybe he can only quote, flip, with truthful testimony that incriminates the president and maybe he doesn't have any truthful testimony that would incriminate the president and maybe that's why he has not flipped. despite the fact that he's got another trial coming up. >> i was just going to say, we've got a second manafort trial coming up in a few weeks right here in washington d.c., the first one across the river in virginia. so, jon, what are you going to be watching for in this second trial? >> well, on the second trial, it's probably going to be much stronger for the government than the first. he has a more friendly jury pool, he's not going-- the government won't have such a hostile jury and mr. manafort is facing life in prison, but he can't flip unless his truthful testimony would ip incriminate the president ap everybody is overlooking that. there may be not anything there. there may be no "there" there. >> jon sale, thank you.
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>> thank you for having me. leland: fox news sunday, a lot more to talk about about this. sandra smith in for chris wallace. an an exclusive interview with somebody who knows a lot about flipping plea deals. alberto gonzales, check your local listings. howard kurtz talks with anthony scare mariucciically and we'll talk about michael cohen and so much more. that begins at 11 a.m. eastern and kristin and i are back 1 p.m. eastern tomorrow. comp up, pope francis on his historic trip to ireland. what he's saying about the fallout from the pennsylvania sex abuse reports. and the three-way race to be the republican senate candidate and why president trump is refusing to endorse. and the world reacting to news that senator john mccain has chosen to stop medical treatment
9:18 am
for brain cancer. alicia acunas on the ground in phoenix. hi. >> hi, leland, yes, and an outpouring of love and support for senator john mccain and his family right now. we'll have more when we come back.
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>> pope francis is in ireland today responding to the global outcry over new claims of sexual abuse and coverup in the catholic church. the pope says he, too, is outraged over the church's failure to punish priests involved in the scandal. ireland has one of the worst records of catholic priest abuse in the world. and this is the first papal visit to ireland in almost four decades. decades. >> rare bipartisan agreement in washington this weekend on the greatness, for lack of a better word, of senator john mccain. colleagues from the both sides of the aisle as he announces he's ending his treatment. hi alicia. >> family and friends have been gathering in cornville, arizona where the mccains have a home south of arizona, and you are
9:23 am
exactly right. the response to the sad announcement has just been incredible. just this morning, the senator's wife, cindy mccain tweeted the entire mccain family is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from around the world. thank you. of course, yesterday we got word from his family, the six-term u.s. senator from i remember-- arizona and american hero decided to stop the treatment from the glio blastoma. and he's described this way. >> he's our senator, but he's a national and even international senator. he's almost the united states representative to the rest of the world because he transcends presidents because of his senate tenure, and his foreign policy knowledge and his willingness to engage in those tough issues. >> he also said this, that there
9:24 am
is no one alive in arizona politics today that knows what it's like to be in politics without john mccain. something mccain's fellow senator from arizona knows all too well. >> everybody, other than john mccain, is just called the other senator from arizona and i've grown accustomed to that title, but it's tough to imagine washington without him. it's obviously in the last days and i certainly am going to miss him. >> and we have this from one of mccain's closest friends, senator lindsey graham in a statement, above all else, i know that john wants his family and friends and staff to understand how much he appreciates his love, care and kindness and of course, leland, these statements and expressions of love continue to come in. leland: as well they should. alicia acuna, thank you so much. a little later in the show, fox news medical analyst dr. manny
9:25 am
alvarez joins kristin to discuss senator mccain's conditions. it's been amazing the past couple of days. it's easy to forget in the news cycle, the reminders of the some of the great things the senator has done. the stand he took in favor of his opponent, barack obama during the 2008 debates. whether it's some of his words and actions and his time as a p.o.w. these are flooding back and obviously we'll hear more in the coming days and weeks. kristin: the other thing that's just so striking, this is all happening now in the middle of one of the most partisan political climates on capitol hill and for so long, he was that senator that went back and forth between democrats and republicans, although now it's become so hot with president trump who has yet to really reference or say anything about senator mccain. leland: now we're at least 24 hours in the story and haven't heard either via twitter from the president. we'll watch that. kristin: ahead, we have president trump touting strong economic numbers while doubling
9:26 am
down on his criticism of the russia investigation. what the president is saying about his former attorney. and tropical storm lane causing major flooding in hawaii. adam klotz is standing by with the latest on conditions in the pacific. >> hay -- hey there, yes, it was a hurricane and even though it's now a tropical storm we're tracking showers across the island. i'll talk about that and plus have the track of the storm coming up after the break. the day after chemo shouldn't mean going back to
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>> tropical storm lane continuing to pound hawaii with heavy rain. that causing heavy flooding. right now, sunrise in hawaii. and the fox extreme weather center with the latest tracks. hi, adam. >> hey there, leland. there's good news with this system because it continues to weaken. we saw that shear tear it apart. the winds currently at 60 miles
9:31 am
per hour making it a tropical storm. as we remember this was a large hurricane, but it's not helping the problem with the rain. still 110 miles off shower and lots of heavy showers falling across the big island of hawaii and flash flood warnings in that particular location because the rain is still falling several days later. now, the heaviest rain likely has passed and still no rain on saturated ground is not good news. the good news that we have, this storm is about to head off away from the islands. so we have some good news there. it will continue to weak so it will be wrapping up today into tomorrow as it slowly, slowly moves that direction. take a look at the models and see how this is going to move. the farther it gets away, the bet for the big islands where they've seen the most rain. now, we've seen total rainfalls, at least reports on the eastern edge of hawaii island. 45 inches, that's the highest report i've seen. widespread 30 to 40 inches and
9:32 am
even over towards maui, seeing rain and oahoahu. the rain continues to be the big story, but at least we're seeing movement as this going to start to push off away from the islands. leland: adam housley is standing by there as the cleanup begins. adam klotz tracking from the weather center. thanks. kristin: president trump is going after attorney general jeff sessions today again on twitter. a few hours ago he tweeted out, jeff sessions says he wouldn't allow politics to influence him only because he's not understanding what's happening underneath his position. and they're having a field day as real corruption goes untouched. no collusion. for more on this, let's bring in american conservative union chair, matt, thanks for being with us. >> great to be with you. kristin: i want to start with the sessions tweet. i'm not going to ask you if president trump has confidence in his attorney general because
9:33 am
it seems pretty clear based on that tweet and previous statements, if he doesn't, he certainly is heading in that direction. why hasn't he fired him yet? >> i think both of these men feel boxed in. i think the president clearly believes that an attorney general who has recused himself from the biggest issue dominating the political conversation in the country for 18 months is a problem for him. by the same token, i think that jeff sessions believes he has to soldier on in this difficult situation and will only resign when the president tells him to resign. i think there's a little bit of a standoff here. i will say it is dysfunctional and it's not helpful. i think they used to be close friends. i think that the attorney general has to look at the situation and when the right time to exit is. the biggest mistake jeff sessions made was rod rosenstein. he doesn't have the confidence
9:34 am
of any of us. and to mismanage the special counsel and what they can and can't go after. this is all about an investigation on russia's involvement in our elections and what the special counsel has spent all of his time on is almost everything, but that unless he has something blockbuster in the next 30 days on the russian collusion it's going to be look political and like the doj mismanaged it. kristin: the special counsel has six guilty pleas and one conviction under his bet possibly more with the manafort trial underway in weeks. six convictions. >> he had a good week. paul manafort didn't pay his taxes and wire fraud and nobody can look at that and condone his activity. mr. cohen seemed to run a criminal operation in his business and once again not paying his taxes and failing to disclose to the government. both said i rooted out the
9:35 am
wrongdoing i think so looks good to people, but what is ironic, remember the country is split 50-50 almost in every poll. right? sometimes trump's numbers are worse than 50. so we have a split country and what the special counsel should be doing is figuring out what happened in the 2016 election, and reporting to the american people. what he did to general flynn, i think he railroaded him and i think when they get the pleas, most people have no choice, but to sign them, the alternative is you go to prison. kristin: regardless of what happens, it certainly seems as if the special counsel is kind of closing in on the white house and you've had the cohen guilty plea, the manafort conviction, these two immunity pleas, immunity deals just this week. what is your sense? i mean, how worried is president trump right now? >> i think he's frustrated that this has been mismanaged and it's no longer about russian collusion and now it's about his activities.
9:36 am
think about this, his activities ten years before he was president. we knew about what kind of life he had, we read about it in the tabloids. kristin: and and the is-- >> and you even have mr. cohen in his plea agreement signing off on crimes that aren't even crimes so, yeah, i think a crime is a crime. a crime is. a crime would be working with foreign government to up-end our election results. tell you what a crime is, using political money to create a dossier to go to the fisa courts to deceive them to give you warrants to spy on your political enemy. those are the most serious political crimes we've ever heard, way more than nixon conceived of or j. edgar hoover and that's why the president is frustrated. why 50% of americans are frustrated. kristin: this brings us full circle back to the president's initial tweets about jeff sessions, why he hasn't taken actions against those kind of things that you were just
9:37 am
detailing. if there is a new attorney general, perhaps maybe sometime after the midterms, do you think that then that could be potentially reopened? >> the previous wrongdoing by hillary clinton and barack obama? there's really no statute-- >> what are the chances of that happening if sessions is out? >>en fortunately, i think the answer is that most likely yes. what i would like to do is resolve the issues around 2016 and go forward. you said the special counsel is closing in on the president. that's the problem. it was never just about trying to find something wrong with the president. it was about explaining to the american people what unlawful activity happened around the 2016 campaign. they couldn't find that illegal activity so now it's everything they can do to get trump, including trump before he even announced for president. i think that's a disgrace. kristin: we're going to have to leave it there. thank you so much. leland. leland: all right. still ahead, senator john mccain ending his cancer treatment after more than a year of battling the disease.
9:38 am
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9:43 am
citizenship for illegal immigrants currently in the united states up from 46% nearly four years ago. leland: and with all of that in mind, voters in arizona head to the polls on tuesday with arizona senator jeff flake stepping down. well, his seat is now up for grabs. three republicans vying for their party's nomination. current congresswoman sally. kelly ward and maricopa county former sheriff, sheriff joe. but sheriff joe arpaio pardoned, and he has not endorsed any candidate. a man who has enforced one candidate, garrett lewis, his hat is firmly in with kelly ward. good to see you. >> good to see you.
9:44 am
leland: we're three days out and give us an unbiased reading of the landscape as you can. >> well, an unbiased reading is the establishment is completely in for martha mcsally. joe has literally zero chance, and kelly is trying really hard to get people out to the polls to get whatever votes they can to try to make it a very close race. leland: all right. fair and unbiased. appreciate it. what turns this for kell will i-- kelly ward? she's aligned herself as most as she can with president trump and his movement. everyone can agree it's been a lot so great week for president trump. you've got cohen and manafort both with their own either guilty pleas or guilty convictions and pecker and weisselberg taking immunity deals. and how does that affect voter enthusiasm and turnout? >> i think it fires up trump's
9:45 am
base to get out and vote. and this is what my listeners tell me and i listen to it. this has nothing to do with russia, this is people on the swamp left and right to stop trump from doing what the american people want him to do. so trump is out there, hey, i need as much support to get my agenda do and you elected me for this. and it reminds them to vote to get somebody in there to back up trump. leland: that's what you're saying your listeners are saying. is it possibly this is an echo chamber and a lot of folks who turned out for trump simply because they didn't like hillary clinton aren't going to be the ones turning out in the primaries or come november? >> there's always a chance. we live 0 our bubble and have a tough time looking out, but my listeners and myself and all of america were inundated for a couple of years that hillary had is 98% chance to win and on election day, the only poll that mattered, trump won. a lot of people don't put a lot
9:46 am
of stock into polls no matter where they come from because they saw what happened on election day because it's a complete opposite of everything going up to election day. leland: let's look forward towards november. this from u.s. news and world report about the race for senate in arizona. arizona hasn't elected a democrat to the u.s. senate in 30 years, it's never sent a woman. kristin cinema, the 42-year-old third term bisexual, bespeckled congress woman, that's david catanese. certainly a respected supporter, but i suspect you disagree with him? >> no, she's trying. and watching the national reporters report and places where they don't live. she is hasn't had anybody go after her. she's had the freedom to paint the image she wants people to see. after tuesday, whether it's
9:47 am
martha or kelly you'll see people with ads out exposing her and martha released one of kirsten protesting the troops in a pink tutu in 2003. and the past is coming out-- >> so what you're saying even though she leads in one-on-one polls against each one of the three possible republicans is because nobody's laid a glove on her? >> exactly. okay. all right, garrett, good talking to you. appreciate it. and the good news is that whoever wins, your candidate or not, we're going to have a lot to talk about come november. >> it's going to be a very busy time. leland: we already know how you feel about the democrat in in race so it will be a fun one. talk to you soon, my friend. >> be well. leland: kristin. kristin: ahead, a surprising 180 for eccentric ceo emon musk. why he's talking about the electric car. after fighting aggressive cancer
9:48 am
more than a year. senator john mccain is ending his treatment. what this means for his prognosis. >> we just want to give our thoughts and prayers and know that he's in our hearts. i never count the wrinkles. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on... is staying happy and healthy. so, i add protein, vitamins and minerals to my diet with boost®. new boost® high protein nutritional drink now has 33% more high-quality protein, along with 26 essential and minerals your body needs. all with guaranteed great taste. the upside- i'm just getting started. boost® high protein be up for life with our largest variety of crab all year! like new crabfest combo. your one chance to have new jumbo snow crab with tender dungeness crab. or try crab lover's dream. but hurry in. 'cause crabfest ends september 2nd.
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9:51 am
>> when senator john mccain's family announced he was ending
9:52 am
treatment for an aggressive brain tumor, they said he'd already surpassed his expectations for survival. that tumor glioblastoma has one of the low eest survival rates. and for more on the type of battle he's had. dr. alvarez what makes this so deadly? >> it's very aggressive. there's limited treatment for it. usually, if you catch it early, you can offer surgery, you could offer radiation. there are some experimental vaccines and anti-cancer vaccines that are tried, but with glioblastoma, again, in order to make the diagnosis, you know, you do it when the patient has symptoms. you know, headaches, loss of memory, speech problems, and many many times when you x-ray,
9:53 am
an mri or cat scan of the brain, the tumor is embedded and the prognosis is poor. kristin: this is the kind of tumor that killed senator ted kennedy, and beau biden, the son of joe biden. and it's a cancer familiar with a the love folks-- with a lot of folks in washington. the decision to stop treatment. what happens next? >> well, when the treatment becomes ineffective and the doctors know exactly that there's no further treatment that they can offer, it's because there isn't, decisions are made to kind of take the patient home, make them comfortable, and i think that, you know, that's the heroic action that senator mccain took when they cannot take care of themselves, feed themselves and that sort of thing. the family unites because it's about family love, it's about dignity of the patient, and of course, it's about faith and those three things, senator
9:54 am
mccain is someone that represents all of those virtues in a great way. and you know, they take him home, they make him feel comfortable. usually there might be a nurse in the house just to help out with any kind of clinical questions that might arise, but you want to bring the patient in a setting that he could enjoy his last few days in a very dignified and lovable way. kristin: senator mccain and his family have repeatedly thanked his doctors. no doubt he has had top-notch treatment over the course of this difficult year. is there anything else that could have been done on the front end from senator mccain, to anybody else that might be suffering from this type of cancer? what else can be done to get that early diagnosis that is so vital, if anything? >> well, again, the cancer is very rare, so, early diagnosis is going to be just predicated
9:55 am
on whether or not there was an incidental finding that a doctor could find on an x-ray or a cat scan. i think for senator mccain, remember, the average lengths of survival for a glioblastoma is just slightly over a year. and he really, i think, because of his physical nature and his faith and his willing to live, really gave it a good fight for sure. kristin: yeah. >> so the doctors did the best that they could. kristin: no doubt about that. senator mccain known for being such a fighter. >> a hero. he is a hero. kristin: a hero and fighter all the way until the very end and i know he's surrounded by his friends and family. it's hard to believe we're at this point. dr. manny alvarez, thank you. >> thank you. leland: tesla's ceo elon musk says the company won't turn private. he tweeted he was thinking about
9:56 am
going private earlier this month. that tweet, shall we say, was problematic and prompted an investigation by the security and exchange commission, and caused the stock to crash after it surged. on friday, investors urged him not to go with that surprise plan. kristin can't figure out a defense on this one. here is the statement from musk. i knew the process of going private would be challenging, but it's clear he found out even more time consuming and distracting. you don't say-- >> he made a mistake. he's very busy. he's in charge of spacex, tesla, other companies. leland: i want her as my lawyer. she is he going right up to the hard break. more on kristin's thoughts in the musk defense coming up. te, or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't.
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>> welcome back. the second hour of "americas news headquarters" from washington. i am kristin fisher. >> the first hour was so good with doing it again. iam leland vittert . this is what's making news. tropical storm lane is moving at a snails pace alongside hawaii's island, dumping a record amount of rain and causing massive flooding. adam housley is live in maui. >> plus, president trump is trying to turn to the booming economy but cannot help
10:01 am
slamming jeff sessions again today in tweets to request present. a high profile meeting from kim jong-un and secretary of state, mike pompeo. what this means for the president's north korean policy. leland: tropical storm lane may be weakening but there are still threats of heavy rain and dangerous flash flooding continues across parts of hawaii. the big island there has seen over 40 inches of rain. adam housley is joining us live just west of their in maui. adam, forgive everyone to thinking it is saturday morning on your beach vacation based on this live shop but there are certain parts of hawaii that are just getting pounded. reporter: in fact, we are getting rain right now here. that would be the case for the next few days through hawaii. we will get random rainstorms heavy at times. you mentioned the actual rainfall from what was once hurricane lane.
10:02 am
now tropical storm lane. we are told in a few short hours may be tropical depression lane as it gets broken up. really the one area that has protected the rest of the chamber taken the brunt of the storm is the east side of the main island. the big island of hawaii. which is basically separated down themiddle by the volcanoes. the east side was taken without protection and they really have in some places, 40 47 inches of rain. in hilo 35 inches of rain. that's one of the top five rain producing storms in u.s. history. hurricane harvey is still number one when it came to rain totals per the number can still go. obviously flood and mudslide problems in the hilo area on the east side of the big island. here on maui we are getting random rainstorms and also fires here believe it or not. everyone was waiting for the rain to come ashore there were three fires. they have been contained. we can still smell the smoke
10:03 am
this morning. despite all the issues going on in the fact that the storm is breaking up significantly, those who are watching this on the federal and state level are telling everybody, do not let your guard down. >> we should continue to see this weakening trend. we give you a quick update. >> you just heard is that the storm is weakening as predicted but we still feel very important to have the military be postured to respond to any threats. our priorities right now are saving lives, preventing suffering. reporter: over the four days we've been here we've seen hotels prepare for possible category to a category three hurricane by taking everything that can blow away inside. now they put it all back. we saw and a lot of tourists were here from around the country. many coming from the west coast because it is a closer flight. they decided to write this out because they felt had a good chance the storm would break up and fortunately for them and
10:04 am
those in most of the island areas, that is the case. unfortunately for the hilo side will be damage. they have possibly more rain to come. as is hurricane, not tropical storm, soon to be a tropical depression continues to break up. leland: we've heard of people perhaps trapped by the flood waters. adam, thank you. kristin: tracking all we have another adam, our meteorologist adam klotz with the latest on tropical storm lane and its path. i know this is a slow moving storm. how much longer until it is completely away from the island? adam: unfortunately because of the very slow movement, the rain isolated deposits of rain will continue. it is moving in only three miles an hour. it is crawling. the wind is beginning to die down. down to 60 miles an hour. it would continue to weaken the next 24 hours or so.
10:05 am
despite that it has not stopped it from raining.the big island stretching across the chain, the heaviest rain we are seeing has probably already passed but there still additional showers. the ground is very saturated particularly on the big island. there is no way for additional rate to go. this is the motion of the system. it will begin to shoot off to the sea. in the very slow motion north to three miles an hour weakening as it goes off into the distance. you can see these are the forecast tracks. each of one of these, the spaghetti mild look at how slow that is. it means we will see rain lingering through the rest of the day before eventually maybe winding down a little overnight tonight into tomorrow. as far as the rainfall totals, their ribbon spots over 40 inches in hawaii's big island. widespread 30 to 40 inches per the further west you are the more rain you will get. i do think the worst of this unfortunately, the rain bands and the slow mover will continue to bring some additional rain throughout the
10:06 am
rest of today. kristin: it's good to hear the worst is almost over. adam klotz, take you so much. as a tropical storm continues to hit hawaii, the tourist industry and vacation properties across the state they're trying to get some 270,000 visitors either back home or safe inside. joining us now, the hawaii tourism authority president and ceo. how is everybody doing there? how are the many hundreds of thousands of tourists there in hawaii, how are they holding up? >> first of all aloha and good morning to you, kristin.from the very beginning, we have been working closely with our visitors as you mentioned. 270,000 visitors on the state on any given day. we have asked them to be
10:07 am
vigilant. the visiting industry, they are so well prepared for these types of crisis. please stay close to them, listen to them, listen to the defense people, the hawaii national weather service as well. kristin: is the end of summer, labor day weekend is coming up. what do you have for folks that have vacation planned to hawaii next week? >> we are not out of the woods right now, as you heard. especially on theisland . but we would tell people to really speak to the travel agents. the worst is past us right now. there's hurricane lane has not behaved very well but it is moving very slowly, moving west and will hopefully be out of here soon. we're trying to stay very vigilant but we are telling people that we are open for business again. hawaii is always perceived as one of the safest, cleanest, healthiest, most exciting destinations in the world. that is who we are. kristin: it is such a spectacular place but you've
10:08 am
had such a tough year. especially on the big island. first the volcano another tropical storm, brushfires. overall, how is the economy doing since tourism is such a huge factor? >> that's a good question. 2017 was a very good year for us. the six months of 2018 have been very robust. by all measurements, we've had a tremendous year. again, i think hawaii is in demand. i think all the incidents have been very challenging but at the same time, they have made us better preparing for this type of crisis. again, the visitors industry, the state, the city, the counties all working together collaboration has the best i've seen. we were prepared for the hurricane. these past instances make is better for preparation.
10:09 am
kristin: best of luck continue to keep everyone safe and clean up efforts ahead. thank you so much, george szigeti.>> thank you very much, christine. leland: reasonable people can agree it's been a bad week for the present. democrats are salivating over what this could mean for november and the midterms with the president. but he has different ideas telling supporters in ohio a strong economy means the blue wave is just a democratic dream. doug is with us with a preview of what we are about to hear for closing arguments. which is, the economy. >> everything in terms of midterm elections at this point were so relatively close them taking place. the president is talking about the economy and just about at every turn. he saw that last night as he addressed the ohio state dinner for republicans trying to quiet summer fears in republican circles of a democratic blue wave and the upcoming midterm elections. >> we have the strongest economy in history of our nation. i hear about a blue wave. i say where is the a blue wave? we doing better now with jobs. today there are more people working then at any time ever in history of our country.
10:10 am
[applause] i don't think there will be a blue wave. i think i hope there is a red way. >> that would certainly defy history and conventional political wisdom that the party in control of the white house usually loses seats and democrats need to flip 23 to win the house. the recent poll shows the democratic party favorability numbers among registered voters has an 11 point edge over the gop and some democrats are even thinking about the possibility of winning the senate. with an antitrust vote. >> be a check and balance to donald trump whenever appropriate. preserve people healthcare. lower the cost to get better healthcare. lots of other things we will talk about but those are the two that seem to unite our entire caucus and are really helping our candidates so that we are a lot closer to getting a majority than the popular within the pundits would think. >> the problem democrats will run into in the senate is that the numbers are just stacked
10:11 am
against them. there more seats to defend this time around so the odds seem to be the republicans will retain control of the senate. the house is another matter. >> are defending a lot of seats. and in state the present won by double digits. nice to see you, thank you so much. especially for being here on a weekend. kristen, more on politics. kristin: as doug just laid out it was a rough week for the present with michael cohen 's plea deal and paul manafort being found guilty on eight charges regarding to bank fraud. the president is not backing down. this morning he took to twitter to defend himself again. garrett tenney is live at the white house with the latest. what is the president saying this afternoon? reporter: the president has been very active on twitter the past couple of days but he has not addressed the revelations of two of his closest allies have struck immunity deals with federal prosecutors in their case against michael cohen. on friday a source close to the investigation confirmed to fox
10:12 am
news that the trump organization longtime chief financial officer, alan weisel berg was given immunity in the southern district of new york. it is believed prosecutors wondered wanted him to shed light on certain things.we learned that the owner of the national enquirer, a longtime friend and confidant of mr. trump had also struck immunity deal for his testimony in the case. the hush money payments which michael cohen testified were made at then candidate trumps direction suggestive violated campaign finance laws. this morning though, harvard law professor alan dershowitz citizen the prosecutors are simply searching for anything they can use against the president. >> this is another effort to create a crime in order to target somebody he was unpopular. that is the problem. when you get an effort to target somebody, instead of just looking for the facts and let them unfold. i do not think we will see much here.
10:13 am
>> this morning the president through more fuel on the fire and is very public with jeff sessions tweeting jeff sessions said he would not allow politics to influence him only because he doesn't understand what is happening underneath the command position. highly conflicted robert mueller and his gang of 17 angry democrats are having a field day, as role corruption was untouched. no collusion. this has been going on for more than a year now and this week several top lawmakers suggested the president could choose to replace jeff sessions after the midterm elections. this morning the president certainly gave some credence to the idea. tweeting quote - from lindsey graham saying that every president deserves an agent have confidence in adding cabinet positions are not lifetime appointments. kristin: garrett tenney, live at the white house, thank you so much. leland: grocery store well -- a
10:14 am
grocery store truck full of food was no match for an oncoming train. exactly how this went down and how the cleanup is going. plus the president calling off next week's planned meeting between kim jong-un and secretary of state, mike pompeo. why and what this means? and the controversy i had a football season slamming broadcasters for their handling of it. >> great, beautiful, wonderful, nationalanthem . i just heard cbs joined.and espn decided not to broadcast. get them started right with carnation breakfast essentials. it has protein plus vitamins and minerals to help kids be their best. carnation breakfast essentials.
10:15 am
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10:17 am
10:18 am
try grocery store truck scattering food in all directions. north of fort lauderdale on friday. fortunately, no one was hurt in the crash but look at that. gallons of milk and other goods spilled all over this busy street. it took hours to clean up for the train clipped the back end of the truck but it's not clear why the truck -- leland: cleanup on aisle five! [laughter]
10:19 am
democrats thinking capitalize on the residence badly. hoping they can bring a blue wave 73 days from today when the americans vote in the midterm. chicago there is a meeting underway with a focus on how to tailor the message across each congressional district. democrats say there's a reason to be hopeful. just look at these polls. fox news shows 50 percent of clinton supporters are more excited to vote in the midterms in the 2018 midterms then compared to in the past elections. trump supporters are less enthusiastic just 37 percent say they are excited to get to the polls. joining us now, democratic strategist robin -- you for joining us. it is not hard for democrats to be more enthusiastic than they were to vote for hillary clinton, right? lowball. >> the understatement of the year, leland. leland: so why have so much shall we say, stock in these polls?
10:20 am
it seems as though hard to gauge against 2016? >> it is! but you know the dnc actually, they come under a lot of fire for not having a coherent message but that is actually because they've got a custom tailored message for each of the 435 districts they are running in. it is a strategy and working really well for them. leland: it did not exactly work in ohio for the election. more portly though, in a time when you really have a referendum on the president and polls are showing us. it is a national election really rather than 435 individual elections. the president and republicans have been so good at taking the most french elements of your party and hanging them out to dry. making everyone answer for nancy pelosi.kind of dangerous, don't you think? >> it is! and you know there are fringe elements on both sides to be honest.leland: weighed many just that it is working now
10:21 am
you're telling me is dangerous. >> no, hey, am saying that the truth of the matter is there are fringe elements on left and right. it is just a matter of fact. the message is strong because it is custom tailored to each constituents that the candidates are running in. leland: all right, let's look at the latest polls peers certain to vote in november. 76 percent of clinton voters say that they are certain to vote in november. 67 percent of donald trump voters, their 73 days, a lot can happen. earlier in a report republicans are now renting on a simple democratic principle which is, if the economy is stupid, record low on employment, you have job growth and you have record high stock market. how do democrats convince people that the economy is really terrible and you have to change jockeys in the middle of the race? >> well, the economy is not terrible.we are continuing and awkward trend. we have straight economic
10:22 am
growth under obama right before the election. our message is just that we are still protecting the economy. and we will continue the economic growth. leland: i'm trying to follow the message. democrats should become the majority party in order for protecting the economy that barack obama helped grow even though president trump's election said rocket fuel to the economy? >> if you file the graph is basically a straight line. leland: the stock market is -- >> that's true but you know, who knows what the terrorists will do. here in the near future. our message is basically that we have had a solid model and it will continue to grow. we're looking at donald trump as being dangerous because of the tariffs. >> we hear at least there is some reporting out there that a deal with mexico which would change a lot of the calculus in terms of tariffs, could be shortly so we'll see if that is the october surprise. >> i hope.
10:23 am
>> you hope? that's interesting. the president seems to as well. i want to ask you what is happening in the meeting in chicago. someone who showed up there, people might recognize from television. that is michael avenatti. better known as stormy daniels attorney. here is what he told reporters. he said, i think i'm a man of substance, frankly. perhaps you need to tell people you're a man of substance your losing the conversation. but here he is, he says when people hear me speak into an answer questions about the issue, they are taken back in a significant way. you were taken back by just the mention of his name. [laughter] >> well, he certainly was not my candidate of choice but i've learned you know donald trump taught me not to discount anyone. i was one of the first people when he came down the escalator that said, it is never going to happen. as far as him he is not my pic
10:24 am
but he has a powerful voice. as i said, anything can happen, leland. leland: do democrats see a danger in him in the same way that you know your drawing that power and all of the president that is interesting. our democrats also not counting him out? >> they are not. i think initially, we did. but you know the more he is out there, making headlines and showing up at these events. >> where is the disdain in your voice coming from? you sound pained talking about it! [laughter] >> i just did not see him as a serious candidate. [laughter] leland: you don't say? >> stormy daniels attorney, come on! i do not think you do either but he is here whether we like it or not. we'll have to listen to him and see what happens. leland: it doesn't matter what i think it just reports on what is out there. we are talking about himself it is something.
10:25 am
robin biro always good to see you, i appreciate your honesty as always. we will talk to you again soon my friend. great conversation. >> thank you. kristin: the president canceled the trip for mike pompeo to north korea. he believes or has not been enough progress with denuclearization. also on putting pressure on north korea. gillian turner here with more. the president is not pleased with process that kim jong-un has made since. >> absolutely not. he is very displeased by all accounts. it has been a week of policy decoration with sharp -- when it comes north korea policy. pompeii was supposed to depart this morning for his trip where he was slated to meet with kim and continued negotiations towards denuclearize in the entire korean peninsula. the president abruptly canceled the trip yesterday. just one day of the secretary pompeo said this. >> using diplomacy to resolve the north korean security threat once and for all remains
10:26 am
one of the presidents greatest priorities. >> the president announced reversal by twitter shortly after commuting the meeting with foreign policy team at the white house. saying the north has not made sufficient progress towards ending the nuclear programs since the singapore summit last year. but he is not closing the door entirely. also adding via to quote, senator pompeo looks forward to going to north korea in the near future. most likely after the trading relationship with china is resolved. in the meantime i would like to send my warmest regards and respect to chairman kim. i look forward to seeing him soon. this decision comes several days after the iaea released a concern that north korea continues to develop the nuclear program. also barring inspectors from key nuclear sites with a major research facility and several imagery shows construction. the report concludes quote - clear violations of relevant un security council resolution are deeply regrettable. the president told fox news
10:27 am
earlier in the week that this is been shaped in part by the relationship with china. >> the reason i waited was because of north korea. because i wanted to help otherwise i would've done it soon.and it's been a big help. >> but the president then lashed out at johnny assisting i do not believe that helping with the process of denuclearization as they once were. so the policies christian, the reversals are par for the course at this point. the president canceled his first some with kim jong-un in may. only then to reinstated a few days later. >> and a few months ago president trump had said that he believes north korea was no longer a nuclear threat. now it appears it still is. gillian turner, thank you so much. later in the show we'll talk to olivia, an asian policy expert with heritage foundation on what is next for u.s. north korea relations. leland: president trump did not talk michael cohen or paul manafort with republicans in ohio but he is firing back at
10:28 am
the former attorney today on twitter. what he says there has been no collusion in the administration. and possible tropical storm lane lingering causing this. i'm not sure if that is a river or not. it is a lot of water. how long it will stay over the state as major flooding continues. >> i've never seen it like this before. >> i am just shocked. never have i seen anything like this in 40 years. stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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10:33 am
aside from some gust of wind and some rain. but that is what has come to many of the other islands. it is coming from the storms snail like pace. it is only moving three miles an hour about 100 miles to the southwest. we've seen the impact from the storm slow movement already. 46 inches of rain fell on parts of the big island in 48 hours. the torrential downpour led to streams becoming more like rivers and also caused multiple landslides as a result, flash flood warnings that are being renewed like clockwork. however, we just learned the tropical storm warnings for the big island have been revoked. now in maui people say the palms of the island water treatment facility lost power. in addition, firefighters rush to put out three brushfires. the biggest burned over 1500 acres of land. >> this is yet another example of all hands on deck. and we have federal, state, counties here to make sure that
10:34 am
we are protecting the health and welfare of all of our people. including by the way, close to 300,000 tourists who were in the state right now. reporter: a lot of the tourists are here in honolulu. you can see this is a live look. the beaters technically closed, less than two hours ago people started showing up to serve and enjoy the view. there are about 50 surfers out there right now. with lane and the rain slowly creeping toward oahu, officials are hoping that residents and tourists will take these warnings seriously. >> we saw what happened earlier this year with flooding out on the east side of oahu. with just a limited amount of rain we are seeing total rainfall that could get up to 20 inches or more.we don't want people after the fact saying why did you alert us and why didn't you tell us? reporter: although officials still have their guard up, they are hoping for things to stay better here in honolulu.
10:35 am
his planner and other city services are going to be back open on monday. we are expecting another update on the storm from the central pacific hurricane center in about 30 minutes. leland: ray, we see the surfers off of your shoulder there. there is always those that will go on the water. this is prime tourism season, tourism is a big business for hawaii. is it a ghost town or did a lot of people decide to stick around and ride the storm out? reporter: it seems like a lot of people decided to stay here and write it out. i looked at my hotel window yes and i cannot believe how many people were walking up and down ocean avenue. around the beach, relaxing and even swimming. there were a few people that left but i spoke with one father and his two sons from australia who said, they've never seen a hurricane before. they were just going to wait it out and see what it was like. [laughter] leland: it doesn't matter with the hurricanes come you always get those folks. we appreciate it, enjoy your time in hawaii.
10:36 am
maybe you'll get a couple of days of shaved ice. talk to you soon, buddy! one year ago today hurricane harvey, the second costliest u.s. hurricane in history made landfall over eastern texas. one year later, we have a little more information on things. official estimates of they say the storm caused $125 billion worth of damage and killed more than 100 people. the question of recovery lingers today. harris county, down near houston, are deciding on $2.5 billion worth of flood recovery bonds. about whether to issue those. we may have forgot about some of these images. people there are continuing to live this storm one year later. >> certainly not forgotten it is my hometown. kristin: it's been a rough week for the president who -- michael cohen accept a plea deal.
10:37 am
join us not to discuss all of the fall out from the trauma team we have blueprint strategies ceo, and former republican congresswoman haworth. i have to start with the phrase i've been hearing over and over this week, this is the worst week of the trump presidency. nan, do you agree with that? >> not at all! first and foremost everyone easter member that the investigation was meant to seek out evidence of so-called collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. there has been no evidence whatsoever of collusion. the manafort conviction has nothing to do with that topic. the plea has nothing to do with the topic. so from that standpoint, this was a perfectly fine week for the president. and when we talk about -- kristin: antoine i have a feeling you will disagree. what do you say?
10:38 am
worst week of his presidency? >> although it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for the president, my friend on the right-hand side of the aisle has it right. it is not the worst week because the special prosecutor is not done with his work. but i disagree with you fundamentally that this has nothing to do with the special prosecutor job. the republican party of conduct themselves in a matter in which they believe he is supposed to ignore crime as long as he comes across along the way. that's not true. the bad part is that his personal attorney went down. lord knows what may happen as a result of that. and so, the worst could be to come for the president. kristin: certainly. and of all the things that happened this week, the manafort condition, the cohen plea, the immunity deals for
10:39 am
the cfo of the trump organization and the head of the national enquirer. of all the things which of them should concern the president and the white house the most? >> well, i think it is all a matter of how the president continues to basically do his job. in the face of the continual cackling by most of the mainstream media. mr. cohen 's plea -- >> here we go! >> others are giving immunity. it had been quite some time ago and in fact, nothing has emerged except for the present use his own money to provide for certain expenses. which is perfectly okay to do. it is not in violation of anything. >> that is not true. what emerged after this week
10:40 am
was we confirmed what most of us already knew, that the president is a liar. first, he did not know who stormie daniell was. then there was no payment. and then it didn't come from the campaign account. we keep moving the ball down the field could actually keep moving this along the way and so his support is on the people that have been drinking the kool-aid all of this time about one simple thing like stormy daniels. the truth has come out. and we do not know what other truths may come out, i.e. the campo and if they collude with russia, whether he knew anything about it, did not know about the don junior meeting. that he does know. the bottom line, it is important for the special prosecutor to keep his word and the investigation going until we get to the bottom of what we all want to know. kristin: nan, i will give the last word. >> of the public should be doing is reading the incredible blockbuster report in real clear investigation about how the obama era fbi and justice department, james comey, loretta lynch, peter strzok, systematically ignored all the
10:41 am
signals from the discovery of 600,000 emails on anthony weiner 's laptop that they lied about. those are the lies, they lied and said they investigated the emails. they did not. and they did not in a way that was systematically pursued point by point, this piece in real clear investigations is an indictment of that process and that is what needs to be investigated. kristin: all valid points. but it does not negate the fact that the special counsel now has six guilty pleas and one conviction and we have a whole another trial coming up. >> and not to mention we are just getting started. and nan, here you, you've done a good job but the special prosecutor is not done. sit back, put on your seatbelt and let's enjoy the ride! kristin: thank you have to leave it there!
10:42 am
leland: hard to top the energy in that! so had north korea mike pompeo, scrubbed and the reason why. what it means for the north korean nuclear deal. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit leland: secretary state, mike pompeo planned to be on his way to north korea right now but he is not. and the trip is not happening. president trump canceling this trip tweeting and filigree are not making sufficient progress with respect to denuclearization of the korean peninsula. with that we bring in olivia from the heritage foundation. first thing is first i got it right, didn't i? >> you did! leland: mission accomplished. now we move on to a slightly tougher mission. i thought there was no nuclear
10:47 am
threat according to the president? >> i think is clear, the reason we came to the korean table is to denuclearize and we have not seen progress since then. i was actually in singapore during the summit and i think there was high expectations around the globe that maybe we will make significant forward movement on denuclearization. every sense singapore we are really not seen any changes. leland: how much of this is a negotiating tactic? before the singapore summit, the president yanked it and cancel the and two days later it was back on. >> i think unfortunately this is really a recognition that north korea is not taking the steps forward that the president expected north korea to take. and frankly, the president has incorrectly linked north korea's due nuclear station to china and the trade war which really made no sense at all. i think it's a revelation. the last meeting between secretary pompeo and north korean counterparts really did not go well. leland: a revelation of the north koreans are being like north koreans all over again.
10:48 am
you might say. the president before the summit laid this out pretty much as a binary choice. either we are going to get a deal and they will denuclearize or there is going to be war. you seem to be laying it out now that the binary choice has dropped off for denuclearization peacefully. are we on a war truck again? >> war is not an acceptable option with north korea. leland: is ever an acceptable option? frankly, probably not but does depend on the situation. i think the primary goal for the trump administration to return to a maximum pressure policy. frankly i think it was unfortunately during the singapore summit, the president did not raise human race challenges with north korea either. spoon you talk about maximum pressure. the white house will tell you that it quote - unquote continues. you dug a little deeper though and you see that essentially,
10:49 am
the boot is off the neck of the north koreans especially by the chinese. especially by the russians. >> yeah. that was an unfortunate income after the singapore summit. many of the countries in the international community thought we don't need to keep putting pressure. leland: the way you're playing this is that we got played for lack of a better term. >> unfortunately this is what we have seen time and time again. north korea takes a play out of the playbook and play hard to get when it comes to denuclearization. i do think there was a sincere and genuine attempt and i think that is unfortunate. leland: certainly they have not been good actions to follow their good words in singapore. we appreciate it, olivia enos. thank you so much. kristin: coming up, the president criticizing some t.v. networks for their call to not air the national anthem before nfl games.we will tell you which networks will not show the anthem and what the president thinks about it. so, i,
10:50 am
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thank you. you're welcome. that's a prop apple. now, you might not believe any of this since this is a television commercial, but that's why they're being so transparent. anyways. this is the end of the commercial where i walk off into a very dramatic sunset to reveal the new esurance tagline so that you'll remember it. esurance. it's surprisingly painless. kristin: president trump lashed
10:52 am
10:53 am
out against espn and cbs news or cbs at a dinner list with ohio republicans. calling out the networks for not airing the national anthem before football games. bryan llenas is live with more.
10:54 am
reporter: earlier this week, the president of espn says the network does not plan on broadcasting national anthem before nfl games but the network also said, they would play it by ear if it becomes newsworthy they may choose to cover like if players continue to take any during the anthem. to protest police shootings of unarmed black men. cbs also told usa today consistent with their past practice, they two will not be broadcasting this anthem unless it warrants. the president suggested they are unpatriotic for not airing the anthem. >> with cbs i just heard they just joined the crew. and espn decided not to broadcast so they don't have any -- can you imagine? cbs and espn. had to be like that? is that good? what the hell is the nfl doing? what are they doing?
10:55 am
do they not have a clue? leland: fox sports is reportedly going to air the anthem during special games like thanksgiving and the playoffs. nbc sports is not decided yet but here we are less than two weeks before the start of the nfl season and players kneeling has become a hot topic during the midterms. let's look at the most recent fox news poll and by the way on the topic. it shows the player protests have taken a toll on the nfl popularity. more people now have an unfavorable view of the nfl than a favorable view. 43 percent to 42 percent. and again, the nfl popularity has nosedived since 2013 when 64 percent of the public had a favorable view of the leak. kristin: bryan llenas, thank you.leland, here we go again. two weeks out from another football season with players kneeling will be -- leland: everywhere summit the national anthem, not the game and what's happening on the field. they say if it is newsworthy we
10:56 am
will air. last year it was the controversy paid vice president mike pence walking out of a game. kristin: yeah, i guess i'm confused that, this is what is networks have done before. it is just now getting a ton of attention because of the president, right? >> in that way it was not newsworthy before. what happened during the national anthem was expected it was not unusual. now with people kneeling once again, it becomes news. kristin: as it again and i will say it again and no one's not a popular opinion but i'm all for anything that keeps the football games just a little bit shorter. things can drag on a bit. leland: yes, because we would all rather be watching ballet performances or bravo television. right? kristin: absolutely not! that is it for us.
10:57 am
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try mr. clean magic eraser with durafoam. what i just introduced you worto my parents.g? psst! craig and sheila broke up. what, really? craig and shelia broke up!? no, craig!? what happened? i don't know. is she okay? ♪ craig and sheila broke up! craig and sheila!?
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♪ as long as office gossip travels fast, you can count on geico saving folks money. craig and sheila broke up! what!? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> a fox news alert per the president doubling down on his defense in a series of tweets today pushing back against the reported claims of his former attorney michael cohen. and also stepping up his feud with attorney general, jeff sessions over his recusal in the russia probe and the handling of the justice department. hello everyone and welcome to a brand-new hour inside "americas news headquarters". i am molly. >> hi molly! >> i am happy to see you. >> mike emanuel. and a plea deal with federal prosecutors this week in a separate case. the president again reiterating that there was no collusion and
11:01 am
slamming recent repo


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