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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 25, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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vietnam and widowed who received this on 26th wedding anniversary. paul: that's it to this week's show, i'm paul gigot, hope to you see you right here next week >> this is fox news alert, president trump firing back at week of legal bombshells slamming the russia investigation and reported claims of his former attorney michael cohen, the president stepping up feud with attorney general jeff sessions over his decision to recuse himself from the russia investigation and his leadership of the justice department. hello, everyone, welcome to brand new hour inside of america's news headquarters, i'm mike emanuel. >> claiming cohen is prepare today tell robert mule they're mr. trump knew about the june 2016 trump tower meeting, his campaign officials had with russian lawyer. president trump tweeting this morning. michael cohen's attorney clarifying the record saying president trump does not know
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about trump tower meeting of which came nothing, the answer is that i did not know about the meeting, just another phoney by the fake news media. garrett tenney live in washington, garrett. >> molly, a little bit of context to that tweet, michael cohen was to testify he did knew about meeting ahead of time. the reports cited anonymous sources, this week michael's attorney conceded that he was one of the sources and confirmed the reports even though he didn't actually know whether or not they were true. telling the new york post in part, i regret that i wasn't clear enough to the post, i should have been more clear, i could not independently confirm the information in the cnn story, i'm sorry, that i left that impression, i wasn't at the meeting, the only person who could confirm that information is my client. now, today the president threw more fuel on fire in public feud
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with attorney general, latest back and forth started wednesday when president trump told "fox & friends" that he felt jeff sessions never took control of the justice department when he became ag, following the criticism sessions fired back with statement, i took control of the department of justice the day i was sworn in. while i'm attorney general the actions to have department of justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations, now, the president has repeated tweeted sessions, he did so this morning, jeff sessions said he wouldn't allow politics to influence him only because he doesn't understand what is happening underneath his command position. highly conflicted bob mueller and gang of 17 dems is having field day as real corruption goes untouched. no collusion. this week several top republicans suggested that president trump may replace sessions after the midterm elections and today the president certainly add today that speculation by tweeting every president deserves to have an ag that he has confidence in.
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molly. >> all right, garrett, thank you so much. for more let's bring kelly, deputy editing editor for weekly standard. >> thanks for having me. >> the president has tweeted quite a bit. one of the tweets he talks about jeff sessions saying that he wouldn't allow politics to influence only because he doesn't understand what is happening underneath commanding position, your thoughts on that, what the president says about sessions? >> a bit confusing, molly, he says he doesn't understand what sessions is doing under command and immediately moves talk about robert mueller investigation, robert mueller is not under jeff sessions command because he rescued anything doing with the investigation of the trump campaign as he was part of it and so it's deputy ag rod rosenstein who is in charge of that. of course, donald trump is not happy about that but that's the way it is and, you know, jeff sessions does not have control over that at all and he shouldn't, you know, the reason he rescued himself was the
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advice of career lawyers in the justice department. it wasn't just a whim of jeff sessions, this was a serious consideration went into this. i'm sure jeff sessions didn't want to recuse himself but that was the advice he got. >> the president has been loudly lamenting sessions' decision to do just that. sessions pushing ban on his part saying essentially that the actions to have department of justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations, that's the thing that he shot back, your thoughts on that? >> yeah, i think the other thing was -- that was the beginning of the statement, at the end of the statement he mentioned that the people in his department and him are committed to advancing the rule of law and i think that was a very important thing too because he's basically suggesting there that donald trump is trying to get the justice department to do his bidding is trying to avoid the rule of law, rule of man rather than rule of law, i think jeff sessions had strong words there and in a way it's kind of funny, i'm surprised that democrats
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aren't, you know, celebrating a little bit more with what jeff sessions is saying, he's saying the things that democrats have been worried about all of this time which is that donald trump would not be a guy who would appreciate the rule of law. well, here is jeff sessions strangely enough one of trump's earliest supporters who is saying just that himself. >> there's a lot of speculations about mr. sessions' future where things go from here for the attorney general and one of the most prominent republican senators has weighed in on this, lindsey graham and the president noting that the sentiment was made by mr. graham that every president deserves attorney general they have confidence in. i believe every president has a right to their cabinet, these are not life-time appointments, you serve at the pleasure of the president which led to considerable talk that perhaps session wills go perhaps soon maybe after midterms. your thoughts on that, will we see sessions go when and what does it mean? >> yeah, you know, i think it's probably inevitable, i have to say i don't understand the strategy and the fact that they're saying that president trump would wait until after the
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midterms proves that they know it's politically a terrible idea and i can't figure out going into the midterms why donald trump would hint that he might fire attorney general afterwards because this midterms are going to be all about turnout and you don't want democrats to be enthused and excited to get out there but when donald trump says i might fire attorney general, he's playing right into the democratic hands because the leaders are going to say, hey, with knee toad win the senate, we need to get that senate because otherwise donald trump is going to fire jeff sessions. now to get a new attorney general and he'll have to get that person confirmed by the senate, so if they -- republicans have a minority or even a narrow majority, that gives the democrats a chance to keep out any new attorney general and so i don't really understand the strategy. i think it's very bad politically and just completely unwise, you are basically trying to get democrats to go to polls in november. >> certainly pushback from republicans implying they don't have type for the scene --
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scenario and that being said the president has never been shy as far as getting rid of staffers that he doesn't want on his team anymore. if he wants somebody gone, he doesn't care too much about the criticism of holding that person or not holding that person. he seems to make the decision that he wants to at the time. do you think this could lead to a certain of amount of unpredictability, in this case potential that the attorney general could be let go before the election? >> yeah, you're right, molly, anything is possible, of course, donald trump at one point said he wasn't going to fire rex tillerson, a few months later fired rex tillerson, we heard rumors about john kelly being oust with donald trump, he still continues to be in office. i think really, you know, donald trump probably is desperate to fire jeff sessions but he knows that it's a terrible move politically and the fact that, you know, people are telling him wait until midterms, shows how bad of a political move it is. he may find it hard to resist but i think, you know, at this
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point the mueller investigation is so far gone, they so far into it that firing jeff sessions will not end the investigation, he would have to fire rod rosenstein as well and fire robert mueller, so, you know, it's too much politically going on and so i wish donald trump if he wants to, you know, keep the senate, keep the house, you know, quit talking about this, just let it take its course and talk about the successes the republicans have had, talk about great economy and longest bull market ever, i can't figure out why he wants to distract people and remind them about investigation that don't bode well. >> we will see what unfolds fine now and then, thank you for insights today. >> thanks, molly. >> fox news weather alert, dumping 3 feet of rain on parts of hawaii's big island causing flash floods and mud slides, federal officials that lane is danger to hawaii even though
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it's no longer hurricane. live fox team coverage adam klotz tracking the storm but first we go to adam housely in maui. hey, adam. >> hey, mike, good afternoon from maui, still good morning here, they've actually canceled the tropical storm warning for the entire state of hawaii, you look around people are getting out and about, as that's good news for much of the hawaiian highlands, -- islands, hilo has gotten 45-inches of rain, now this storm and now tropical storm lane, soon to be tropical depression lane is dumped now, one of the top five most amounts of water in u.s. history, hurricane harvey coincidently came year ago is number one, but hurricane lane more than 45-inches in hilo, mud slides, swollen rivers and still chance for more issues there as fema will tell you. >> it's been downgraded to tropical storm but that's no
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reason for citizens in hawaii to let their guard down. there's still projecting more than 2 days worth of rainfall to continue to inundate the state and quite honestly we could see record-breaking rainfall that surpassed what we saw last year with hurricane harvey. >> and they still have 15-inches to go to catch hurricane harvey but still more rain coming up in hilo and bands that can come through other parts of the state. we had fires here also in maui, three we are told, 2 under control and the third one 30% contained, they are getting handle on that as well. quite a few days on here on the islands, more than 250,000 people, mike r here right now as tourists throughout the chain, many of them decide today say and ride this out and now they are getting life back to normal. shelters on the islands are closing at noon today and most of the stores and shops are reopening we are told by the end to have day today. good news for much of the state
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but unfortunately for the hilo area, mike, massive amount of water in the last few days. >> stunning visualses coming from the great state of hawaii, you have the flooding, you have the fires, adam housely live in maui, thanks very much. >> for more on the track of lane let's get to meteorologist adam klotz in fox extreme weather center, adam. >> hey, there molly, the storm continues to weaken, winds falling down to 60 miles an hour, there's the center of circulation, hard to find at this point, still slow mover, big island is continuing to see some of the showers and everyone will at least see some bands of rain, here again, there is what should be the center of circulation and bands of rain stretching from the big island across island, most of the rain continuing to fall on the east side where they have seen at least in some isolated areas 40 to 45-inches, the slow movement should begin to pick up as we head through overnight hours but it's going to be move get away from hawaiian islands and weakening as it continues to do
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do running in upper level winds and that's been tearing apart, what will continue to tear apart is what continues, these are numbers continuing from now. we have seen as much as 35 to 40-inches in some spots on the eastern edge of the big hawaiianan island, well, perhaps we could see another 5 to 10-inches, the ground is saturated, that would be bad news for poll incomes the area, otherwise taking you to mainland of the u.s., we continue to see fire being shush as elevated fire danger across the west stretching down back to some mown -- mountain states, a spot where they could use the rain unfortunately they aren't going to be getting it. so those watches and warnings, this is rainfall across western states over the next 5 days and you notice all of these spots i just highlighted, molly, staying completely bone dry, so folks out there are going to continue to have full hands full as well. >> challenging situation, thank
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you, adam. mike: the family of senator john mccain say it is war hero and former presidential nominee has made the decision to end treatment for aggressive form of brain cancer and since yesterday's announcement there has been a huge outpouring of support, now his wife cindy is responding, we have live report from arizona next. plus senate democrats officially call to go delay confirmation of president trump's supreme court pick but can their latest plan to postpone hearing actually work? >> five senate democrats announced they were oppose today president trump's nominee to the supreme court before president trump nominated judge brett kavanaugh. that's not advised and consent, that's simply obstruct and oppose.
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1:18 pm
now along with other members of the family and some friends. they are at their ranch here in arizona and this morning cindy mccain tweeted, quote, the entire mccain family is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from around the world, thank you. of course, yesterday we got word from the family of this american hero, he has decide today stop the medical treatment of his brain cancer he was diagnosed last july, a long-time analyst in the state explained senator mccain's presence this way. >> he's our senator but he's really a national even an international senator. he's -- he's almost the united states representative to the rest of the world because he transcends president, because of senate tenure and his foreign policy knowledge and his willingness to engage in those tough issues. >> also made the point, there's
1:19 pm
no one alive in arizona politics today that knows what it's like to be in politics without john mccain, something mccain's fellow senator from arizona knows all too well. >> everybody other than john mccain is called the other senator of arizona and i've grown accustomed to that title. it's hard to imagine washington without him. he in the senate from my very first day there i saw that he was the conscious of the body. >> we are hearing from two of the three amigos as they were informally called, lieberman and lindsey graham. today i am praying for him and his family, graham in a statement writing above all else, i know john mccain wants family, friends and staff to understand how much he
1:20 pm
appreciates their love, care and kindness and molly, these types of statements and expressions of love continue to come in, molly. >> he has led remarkable life of service, alicia acuña, thank you. >> senate democrats on judiciary committee denying post postment of brett kavanaugh's confirmation hearings due to the president's legal issues, chuck grassley has shot down any requests by the democrats to delay hearing. vice president mike pence believes kavanaugh is a worthy nominee. >> judge brett kavanaugh deserves the support of every member of the united states senate and we are going to fight to take his case all the way to confirmation. >> joining me now elliot shapiro and editor-in-chief of the cato supreme court review, elliot, great to have you.
1:21 pm
>> good to be back. >> judge kavanaugh's confirmation hearing to be topic and is that the only play as minority party? >> they are grasping it strong. there was the attack that he liked baseball too much or beer too much, all the different things and making political argument that a president under investigation or whatever doesn't get to nominate someone. if they had the majority, they should stop processing nominee but they have eye on fall midterm elections, but we will have hearings as senator grassley said. mike: judiciary chairman chuck grassley, doesn't see precedent for delay, he calls it absurd, are -- is he right? >> i think so. it doesn't connect him to russian collusion or michael cohen or anything like that, it's not like some president under some cloud is i --
1:22 pm
illegitimate, it's not like richard nixon. until and unless trump is impeached, this nominee continues and he's going to be processed in the normal course. he's being processed about the same pace that the last five confirmed justices have been. >> yeah, typically 66 days for nomination to confirmation, what about the challenge for senate democratic leader chuck schumer, how necessary is it for him to show the base that he's willing to fight, fight, fight? >> he's between a rock and hard place, it was certainly not advisable for the democrats to force the republicans to get rid of filibuster for neil gorsuch, they would like to have filibuster now to replace justice kennedy and not justice scalia, they don't have it, the base wanted blood and schumer had nowhere to go, now, they are basically pounding the table and trying to make hay out of this but nothing that we have seen thus far is near anything that
1:23 pm
could possibly derail the kavanaugh confirmation. mike: there seems to be effort to link the president's former associates to judge kavanaugh, any reason to believe that he's somehow ties with some of those former associates getting into some trouble? >> anything that we've seen. we have a lot of -- a a lot of emails, documents, historic documents including making lunch plans with high-ranking officials and law firms and interesting to see what they were doing in early 30's, nothing that has come out thus far, i think, deals a body-blower or wounds kavanaugh in any way. mike: democrats pushed for more documents under president george w. bush, does that material indicate how kavanaugh would act as a supreme court justice? >> certainly not the staff secretary materials. all documents that are going to the president come across the
1:24 pm
staff secretary's desk. it's much less indicative, we have 300 opinions to go through that. this is another political point. most of the democrats were complaining about the lack of documents have already come out against being kavanaugh, what's the point? mike: is there must -- frustration among democrats? >> well, he's a conventional conservative, if you will. that's really the main problem. a lot democrats see donald trump as having been elected illegitimately and so everything he does is wrong or -- or illegitimate and that's the real attack, it's not really anything specific to brett kavanaugh, the attacks on whoever the nominee would have been probably would have worked the exact same way. mike: we will be looking at hearings after labor day with midterm elections just over horizon, how much in the way of fireworks are you anticipating?
1:25 pm
>> well, they are going to pick up a handful of cases that might make kavanaugh look bad, hey, it's the roll of the senators on both sides to ask tough questions, not about specific cases but about how would you interpret certain parts of the constitution, educate us about legal thinking and knowledge and that sort of thing but i think so far based on what we have seen it's going to be grasping at straws and we have not seen indication that there's anybody from the republican caucus that is going to vote against him and all you need is a one-vote margin which is what they currently have. >> elliot shapiro from cato, thanks for your time. >> my pleasure. >> secretary of state mike pompeo's trip to north korea is off, why deciding to abruptly cancel it and what does it mean to scrapping nuclear program, a new report is claiming about those emails, plus just how involved might the president get, our panel picks up that discussion next.
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>> president trump abruptly canceling secrary of state mike pompeo's trip to north korea, the president making announcement on twitter. i have asked secretary of state mike pompeo not to go to north korea at this time because i feel that we are not making sufficient progress with respect to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. let's go gillian turner in washington for details. >> good afternoon, molly, the secretary of state was supposed to depart for fourth trip to pyongyang where he was to meet with dictator kim jong un and continue negotiations towards denuclearizing the korean peninsula but president trump abruptly canceled the trip yesterday just 24 hours after secretary pompeo says this. >> using diplomacy to resolve north korean security threat is
1:31 pm
president trump's greatest priorities. >> the president announces reversal via twitter after meeting with team at the white house saying the north hasn't made sufficient progress towards ending nuclear program since summit in june but not closing g the door entirely adding by tweet, secretary pompeo looks forward to going to north korea in the near future most after china trading relationship is is resolved. in the meantime warmest regard to chairman kim. i look forward seeing him soon. this comes after iaea that north korea is continuing to develop nuclear inspectors barring inspectors from key nuclear sites and satellite imagery that shows new construction, clear violations of relevant resolutions are deeply regrettable, not just reversing
1:32 pm
north korean policy, on thursday he told fox news china has been a big help on north korea only to claim the opposite yesterday, he tweeted that china is not helping on north korea as much as they once were, molly. >> gillian turner, thank you very much. >> you got pit. mike: president trump again blasting the fbi's handling to have hillary clinton e-mail investigation while appearing to reference a story from real clear investigations reporting that federal investigators directly examined just over 3,000 of the 694,000 clinton emails for classified information. the president tweeting, quote, big story that the fbi ignored tens of thousands of crooked hillary emails, many of which are really bad, also gave false election info, i feel sure that we will soon be getting to the bottom of all this corruption at some point i may have to get involved. let's bring in brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to george w. bush and dave brown, democratic strategists and
1:33 pm
former senior adviser and committee council to washington senator patty murray. president trump keeps pushing jeff sessions to probe hillary clinton and the democrats considering the public nature of the criticism, brad, are you surprised sessions -- sessions -- excuse me, has not resigned? >> no, i think if anything he wants to be fired and it's clear senators have made it clear that at this stage before the midterms it's not a very good idea to let sessions go and would only get ourselves involved an give democrats a great talking point for the fall because it's up to the senate to confirm the president's next choice, so it doesn't make political sense, the timing is bad and sessions right now, i think, is -- is somebody who is probably on his way out and that'll come after the midterms probably by the end of the year, but the president i don't think has the leverage he thinks he does with regard to the fbi and the justice department because you can't demand them to do
1:34 pm
something they just won't do, the only other thing to do is to let people go and replacements i don't think are going to be anymore favorable than what the president has now. mike: dave, should attorney general jeff sessions resign in protest and if he did, what would happen? >> ultimately that will be a question for the attorney general. i don't think he should resign on protest because i actually think that he's doing what he's supposed to do as attorney general which is to maintain independence of the department of justice from the white house and rebuking rejecting the president's attempts to political interference not only with the business of the doj but also with the fbi and ultimately, let's be clear, all of this why we are talking about this because the president wants to distract from the mueller investigation, he feels arm of justice is inching closest to him, two associates were indicted an found guilty this week and in fact, the president is part of the michael cohen plea agreement is all in name unindicted coconspirators and
1:35 pm
no, jeff sessions should be held in office. mike: brad, you want to take aim at that? >> no, he is not. that's wishful thinking on the part of democrats. the president as of this date, there's certainly no collusion which is the crux of the purpose of special counsel and any prosecutions, any guilty that have been taken is by associates, maybe you wish it to be but that's not the state of affairs. >> brad i'm not saying that guilt by association, i'm saying part of plea deal refer today candidate number one the president of the united states -- >> but doesn't mean -- >> directly to violate federal election law. the facts speak for itself. >> no prove of that. >> the mueller investigation has to be allowed to continue. >> of course, it is. >> we will not know till mueller publishes report.
1:36 pm
[laughter] mike: is there a double standard, brad, in terms of the president's frustration that nsa leaker got 5 years in prison and he's saying that hillary clinton did not get any punishment? >> absolutely. there is a double standard and i understand the president's frustration and he's rightfully to be frustrated. there are two standards, one for the clintons and democrats and there's another for republicans. if any other person had done what hillary clinton had done as government employee they would be in jail. she got favorable treatment. the president is right to be frustrated but at this point very little the president can do. maybe when he gets another person in as attorney general, that will change but i don't think that's going to change under this current attorney general or this current fbi director. mike: dave, is it possible that other presidents have been frustrated with their attorneys general over the years but didn't come out and say it? >> michael, i think that's probably a certainty but look,
1:37 pm
there's a real interesting historical analogue tell, the saturday night massacre with president nixon when he ordered attorney general to fire the special prosecutor in that case cox, the attorney general refused, the deputy attorney general also refused and then failed to at the time solicitor general act and of course acting attorney general bork to fire cox and he carried out that order and so, look, there's a historical context to all of this and if anything i think the nixon case really i list-dye lust rates the danger of the white house subvert rule of law and to attorney general to do something that's improperly outside of what's appropriate -- well, not yet, brad, you're sort of talking on both sides of the issue. >> you're anticipating -- >> asking that hillary clinton be prosecuted which is essentially a direction that a political enemy, political opponent be criminally prosecuted, i think that is double standard, brad.
1:38 pm
>> the president is peaking support unfairness, he hasn't directed anything to do anything, a lot of americans believe -- >> do you think if he thought he could make that order to jeff sessions and jeff sessions would carry that, do you think he would order that? >> look, if the president would want to order it he would order it, he has not. mike: i would lake you take the fight to the green firm, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> democratic national committee making changes to nominating process today vote to go limit influence on super delegates who have the party east high-profile members and make 15% of the count. candidates will count on the delegates they won during state primaries and caucuses, if there's a need for second ballot, super delegate who is are not bound to a candidate can step in. former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders reacting on twitter, quote, today's decision by the dnc is an important step forward in making the democratic party more
1:39 pm
open. democratic and responsive to input of ordinary americans, this has been long and arduous process. i want to thank tom pérez. mike. mike: president trump going after the nfl once again over the protests during the national anthem. this time he's taking aim at a couple of broadcast networks that have decided not to show the playing of the anthem, we will have that story next.
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>> fox news alert, people killed after fiery crash between train and dump truck in texas. officials saying the truck burst in flames real close to fort worth, two of them in critical condition, emergency responders say it is the worst crash they have seen in a long time.
1:44 pm
so far no word on what caused that crash. >> we are standing up with the heros who protect america, we are standing proudly for our great beautiful wonderful national anthem which cbs, i just heard, they just joined the crew and espn have decided not to broadcast. mike: president trump again criticizing the national football league in broadcast partners over national anthem. the president firing back at cbs and espn for the decision not the air the playing to have anthem before football games, bryan llenas live here in new york with the latest, hi, brie -- bryan. >> has been common practice to not air national anthem before nfl game, the first time we really started seeing national anthem air before games was the last two years when more and more players began to kneel
1:45 pm
during the anthem to protest police shootings of unarmed black men, both espn and cbs say they will continue to not air the anthem before game unless news warrants, at a rally in ohio president trump suggested the networks were unpatriotic. >> i heard they joined the crew and espn have decided not to broadcast so they don't have con troughers -- controversy, cbs and espn, how do we like that? is that good? what the hell is the nfl doing? what are they doing? do they not have a clue. >> latest fox news polling in june mound more americans, 43% have unfavorable view of the nfl than favorable one 42%, the nfl's popularity has nose dived from 64% favorability in 2014, the topic of kneeling has made its way into midterms
1:46 pm
particularly the senate race in texas where democrat beto orourke is trying to unseat republican ted cruz. orourke went viral about his thoughts of nfl protest saying in part, quote, i can't think of nothing more american than to peacefully stand up or take a knee for your rights any time anywhere any place, to that senator cruz said this. >> when you see an nfl kneeling what they are doing is they are attacking the police officer who is are standing there to protect them. >> nfl regular season kicks off in less than two weeks, mike. mike: bryan llenas, thank you very much. >> the navy bringing back cold era naval command, russia activity in the atlantic ocean, vladimir putin and nato would get in war of words over the deployment of troops in russian
1:47 pm
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mike: after president trump cut more than $20 billion used in foreign aid help today stabilize
1:51 pm
areas in syria, the administration announcing that the u.s. will withdraw more than $200 million in aid for the palestinian areas this following review of the funding for projects in the west bank and gaza, the trump administration says it also took into account the challenges of providing assistance in gaza which is controlled by the radical islamic terror group hamas. >> claiming a surge in russian submarine activity in atlantic ocean u.s. navy reestablishing atlantic fleet to check out moscow's military expansion. this comes as vladimir putin accused of nato of moving its military assets closer to the russian border, let's bring in embassador kirk, former u.s. ambassador to nato and institute, thank you for being here today. >> no problem. >> let's start with the fleet, the u.s. navy reacting, second fleet, deactivated in 2011, this was something that the u.s. was
1:52 pm
depending on and return today that, earlier this year admiral john richardson told reporters that the submarine activity is more than we have seen in 25 years from russia, specific to the atlantic, so what does this mean that the fleet is being put back in action and that we have seen so much activity on the part of russia? >> first off, as you pointed out this is a fleet and presence that has on historical basis not only cold war but world war ii where we were escorting vessels back and forth to european continent and continued throughout the cold war and we did have a high degree of soviet submarine and naval activity, the quality of naval forces declined -- bli but in the -- bli has been deploying them more and
1:53 pm
more aggressive and you think about the routes that we are talking about, this is both through air and through submarine navigating iceland going through north atlantic all the way to u.s. coast towards venezuela and knack and to it's only prudent that the u.s. which had abandoned command years ago given the lack of russian activity just prudent to put something back in place that we have some capabilities on the table. >> is it about sending a message? >> i think it's sending a message that russia just can't expand force and capabilities unchecked. they'll be a monitoring of that, they'll be american presence as well, we do do attach tremendous enforcement of freedom of navigation and maintaining presence in surveillance capabilities. >> now nato and russia, nato has moved assets deploying 4,000 troops to eastern part, the alliance dubbing the action to be defensive, though, noting
1:54 pm
that russia is the one with troops in ukraine, georgia, mall -- maldova, is this a sign of escalating in tensions between nato and russia? >> it has no doubt increased tensions between nato and returnia -- russia. he said russia will be reasserting itself in ways that it had not done for the previous 15 years after the fall of the soviet union. so what we have seen is as you said russia invaded georgia, invaded ukraine, seized territory from ukraine including the crimea peninsula and has conducted massive military exercises close to baltic state which is are now members of nato, close to black sea in region as well and what nato has done in response is create more forward presence. this is still relatively small
1:55 pm
numbers compared with the number of troops that russia has in the region but, again, meant to be symbolic step to show that nato cares about these countries, any kind of action against any of the baltic states, for instance, would involve many nato countries all at once and this is the whole heart of the idea, collective defense, an attack on one is attack on all. >> there's also been tension as far as nato, the united states, russia and turkey. a lot of back and forth, they are part comes some tension comes from the u.s. turning to kurdish elements in an effort to defeat isis. there's an american pastor that's been held there. but the big thing that has people so concerned that turkey may be aligned to align more closely with russia, your thoughts? >> well, i don't think turkey is about to do that. i think turkey has a very strong interest in its own self-defense and nato being a collective defense alliance, something that turkey values quite a lot.
1:56 pm
i have seen recent statements by turkish officials that confirm that. on the other hand, we do have a major problem in the u.s.-turkey bilateral relationship, we are not seeing eye to eye strategically at the moment and particularly as you said over syria and we have to do a lot more to work together to bring ourselves into alignment. >> one of the most challenging relationships we are facing right now. i hate to cut you short but i want to thank you for your time. >> thank you. all right, well that does it for us, great to be with you. >> great fun, have a great week. >> the news continues tat top of the hour arthel neville. how do you win at business? stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs.
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>> we begin with fox news alert, president trump with fierce pushback on twitter denying reported claims of former attorney michael cohe, in that the president was aware of june 2016 trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer as the showdown over the mueller probe appears to reach a new level, hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville, welcome to brand-new hour america's news headquarters. rob: good to see you, i'm rob schmitt, once again denying any collusion, the president remaining defiant amid a fire storm of legal developments this week after cohen


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