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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 25, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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that. rob: do you like cats? arthel: i love cats. i have two dogs now, but i love cats. that skin is gorgeous, so pretty to look at. rob: awesome animals. arthel: it's been nice to work with you. rob: good to see you. arthel: see you around. rob: that does it for us. jon: president trump fighting back on twitter amid mounting legal pressure in the cohen case and the russia investigation. i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. the president firmly on offense after his former attorney michael cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations in federal court amid reports that cohen is willing to testify against the president and tell the special counsel that his long-time boss knew in advance about the infamous trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer. president trump and his allies argue that cohen is anything but a reliable witness. >> this special prosecutor has far more powers than any other prosecutor in the department of
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justice, and they are using those to bring people in like michael cohen. you know, michael cohen at this point i think would plead guilty to just about anything. jon: this as the president lobs shot after shot at his own attorney general accusing jeff sessions of ignoring corruption on the left while allowing the mueller investigation to go on unchecked. garrett tenney has the latest from the white house. garrett, let's start with those reports, michael cohen is willing to testify that president trump lied when he said he didn't know about the trump tower meeting ahead of time. what is the president saying about that? >> well, jon, the president is saying what he has said all along, that he did not know about that meeting beforehand, and there were a lot of questions about whether or not that was the case last month, when a number of media outlets reported that michael cohen was willing to testify the opposite and say mr. trump did know about the infamous meeting with the russians promising dirt on hilary clinton. those reports cited anonymous sources, and this week cohen's attorney lanny davis admitted that he was one of those sources
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who confirmed the report, but he also admitted he confirmed them without knowing if they were actually true. this morning the president tweeted his vindication writing, michael cohen's attorney clarified the record saying his client does not know if president trump knew about the trump tower meeting, out of which came nothing. the answer is that i did not know about the meeting, just another phony story by the fake news media. jon? jon: the president is also going after his own attorney general. what's the latest on that today? >> yeah, very public feud is not going away or dying down. today the president threw more fuel on the fire by once again going after attorney general jeff sessions for the statement he released earlier this week which was directed at the president and said while i am attorney general, the actions of the department of justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations. well, this morning president trump tweeted jeff sessions said he wouldn't allow politics to influence him, only because he doesn't understand what is
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happening underneath his command position, highly conflicted, bob mueller and his gang of 17 angry dems are having a field day as real corruption goes untouched. no collusion. now the president followed that up by tweeting a quote from senator lindsay graham saying every president deserves an attorney general they have confidence in, once again, stoking this idea that sessions' days as attorney general could be numbered. this week, though, several top republican senators said that they are open to that idea, after the midterm elections. jon? jon: garrett tenney at the white house, thank you. let's bring in alan smith, senior political reporter for business insider, not a good week for the white house with the cohen pleading and the manafort conviction. but this president has been counted out many times before, and, you know, he says this is a whole lot of nothing. >> yeah, it would certainly be wrong to think this is game over for the president now. we have seen this time and time again, these crises sort of mount up, keep building, keep
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building, and the president seems to keep carrying through. he seems to think totally unscathed. i think this week these two are really much more serious than some of the things we have seen in the past. this is a man who worked alongside by the president for more than a decade, cohen saying the president directed him to make these payments for the benefit of campaign and then he said that he personally knew that what he was doing was illegal and not proper. he did not say, however, that the president was aware it was improper. he simply said that he knew it was improper and the president told him to do it. so it's unclear if the president was a knowing and willful sort of co-conspirator in violating these campaign finance laws. jon: so cohen says he bought the silence of stormy daniels and the other woman karen mcdougal using money that he himself provided and then was reimbursed for by president trump or the
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trump organization. that is said to be a campaign finance violation because it becomes a campaign contribution from cohen; right? that's what makes it a campaign finance violation? >> it is a campaign contribution because the main purpose of the payment was to benefit the campaign. jon: right. >> at least if you are take to cohen's word under oath to a federal judge, again at his word. jon: so here's what the president's lawyer tweeted out the other day, rudy said -- rudy giuliani we're talking about her says if there's any justice left at doj why is payment by hilary clinton and dnc to fusion gps for the phony steele dossier not under investigation. under your theory cohen plea it's an illegal campaign contribution. does he have a point? the clinton campaign was paying for the steele dossier which was designed to influence the election in the same way that
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buying the silence of stormy daniels was. >> well, under the part of jeff sessions recusal said he would step back from any investigation related the 2016 presidential campaign and to russia. that doesn't necessarily seem like something that could begin under his purview. now, if you're to take, you know, senator graham and some of the other republicans who have hinted that there could be an attorney general replacement after the midterms, under a new attorney general, you know, who knows what could happen, but jeff sessions i would say it doesn't seem to be sort of the appetite to dig into some of these -- jon: not so much a question about sessions personally, but about the kind, the nature of the contribution we're talking about here. i mean is the steele dossier was definitely employed or was assembled to try to denigrate candidate trump, why would that not be a campaign contribution? >> it is interesting. you know, personally i have not looked into it as much as i have been covering sort of the
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ongoing cohen investigation in recent months, but i'm sure that special counsel mueller has at least taken some level of interest in some of these things. we know that he had dug into tony podesta, the brother of john podesta who was leading the clinton campaign at the time, so he's clearly taken some level of interest in a lot of these players who have, you know, circled around this whole entire investigation. jon: it came out that the president's long-time cfo in the trump organization allen weisselberg is getting an immunity deal, but apparently we are told that the trump campaign or the administration has known about that for quite some time and his testimony was given quite a while ago. a former trump advisor says he's not particularly worried about what weisselberg might have to say. listen to this. >> i don't think just because they have immunity we can expect that they are going to -- that they are rolling on the president and creating some kind of a wave of charges against
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him. i'm willing to sit back and wait. i'm not getting too excited about those immunities. jon: so everybody, you know, a lot of other people are getting excited about immunity deals because if you get one, it suggests that you have a great deal to tell, does it not? >> it does. i will say with the weisselberg immunity, we found out about this after the cohen plea deal, but it was pretty clear in the reporting that's come out that this was immunity he was giving beforehand, providing testimony to the payments specifically and related to the cohen investigation. his witness testimony would have been related the deal and the charges that prosecutors were able to make related to cohen. they said they had witness testimony that backed up cohen's admissions that he was directed to make the payments and he knew that they were not proper and some of that witness testimony would have likely come from weisselberg and someone like american media inc. ceo who also
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received an immunity deal. jon: we will see it goes from here. allan smith, thank you. >> thank you. jon: former presidential candidate romney expressing admiration for his one time political rival john mccain after senator mccain's family announced he is no longer seeking medical treatment for an aggressive form of brain cancer. romney releasing a statement saying quote it is not he's universally loved heaven knows how he's been attacked by members of his own political party, including by his president, rather it is a matter of his character, in a sea of politicians blown about as polls and passions he is immovable as an anchor held fast by rock. for more on senator mccain, let's go to alicia acuna. >> the love and support from both rivals and friends has been pouring in since news broke yesterday that the senator is discontinuing the treatment for cancer, really speaks to the impact he has had on this country. but right now it is about john
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mccain, the father and the husband who is with those that he loves at their family ranch in northern arizona upon news he is ending the cancer treatment, arizona governor said in a statement quote john mccain is an american hero, always putting country before self, from vietnam to the halls of the u.s. senate, the spirit of service and civility that has guided senator mccain's life stands as a modded for all american -- model for all americans regardless of political affiliation. mccain has represented the state of arizona and washington since 82, first two term congressman then six term senator. those who have known him here say while he worked for them, he belonged to the world. >> institution is a big word. he's earned it. you know, politicians are generally people that are inauthentic and are striking a pose for the moment in order to capture the right electorate, and the john mccain we know in
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arizona has never done that. >> two of mccain's closest friends have expressed their thoughts as well, former senator joe lieberman, senator lindsay graham and mccain made up what was known informally on the hill as the three amigos. lieberman writing becoming john mccain's friend has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. today i'm praying for him and his family. graham in a statement writing above all else i know john wants his family friends and staff to understand how much he appreciates their love care and kindness and jon i also spoke with former arizona senator briefly on the phone just before coming here to talk to you. he reminded me that they were colleagues for 18 years in the senate. he said they did a lot together. they accomplished quite a bit. he said there's really not much silver in this cloud, but if there is, it is that senator mccain right now is at his favorite place on earth, that ranch in northern arizona, with his family. jon? jon: alicia acuna, thank you.
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former hurricane now tropical storm lane dumping nearly 3 feet of rain on hawaii's big island causing flash floods and mudslides and forcing widespread evacuations. steve harrigan is live in honolulu. what's the latest? >> jon, as the danger from wind, this hurricane has largely fallen apart. there's no longer a hurricane. no more a tropical storm warnings either across the state of hawaii. we just heard the mayor of honolulu a short time ago saying the state has dodged a bullet. but still as a rain event, there is still danger ahead. we have seen more than 45 inches of rain on parts of the state, including the big island. there's been some flooding there of highways, some people rescued from their homes as well, and fema administrators have warned that the state is not out of the woods yet. >> any time a hurricane or tropical storm is losing -- is moving less than 10 miles-an-hour obviously the -- it has a high propensity to dump
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torrential rains and that's what we're worried about right now. >> it looked like here in honolulu we could be facing a direct hit. instead that storm veered quickly to the left and people here were told to prepare two weeks of food and water, but as you can see, the relaxed atmosphere and a full beach behind me. the danger here has passed, jon? jon: but there are reports of fires in maui sparked by high winds? >> that's right, it seems unusual situation during a hurricane to have fires, brush fires on the island of maui. one 3 thoukz -- 3,000 acres, hundreds of people had to be evacuated. no reported casualties. one of the fires caused by downed power line, difficult situation for firefighters batting the flames during hurricane situation. people taking refuge from the hurricane in a shelter had to be
4:14 pm
moved to another shelter because of the wildfires. tough day for people in maui, jon. jon: scary times there. thanks. a collision between dump truck and passenger train killed two people on the truck and injured several on the train, two of them critically. 11 people hospitalized after the accident in fort worth texas today. the collision blew out windows on the train and smashed the front of its locomotive. witnesses say it took the train about half mile to come to a stop. the cause of the crash is under investigation. pope francis arriving in ireland for the first papal visit in nearly 40 years on the heels of another sex abuse scandal in the catholic church. what the pope is promising he will do to change the culture. plus, president trump calling off secretary of state pompeo's trip to north korea saying kim jong-un hasn't done enough to shut down his nuclear program. >> we have long said that none of this in terms of working towards denuclearization would be particularly fast. we go into this eyes wide open.
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with him. you know, we have a good chemistry together. jon: nuclear disarmament talks with north korea at a stand still now after president trump cancelled secretary of state mike pompeo's planned trip there next week saying the north has not made enough progress on ending its nuclear program. for more let's bring in gillian turner. ? >> hi, jon. things kept changing this week when it came to president trump's foreign policy. first he flip-flopped on north korea. the secretary of state was slated to head to pyongyang this morning for what was to be his fourth trip to the kingdom to move nuclear negotiations forward with kim jong-un, but the president cancelled the trip yesterday shortly after meeting with his national security team and he announced his reversal to the world on twitter. just a day earlier, though, on thursday, secretary pompeo had said this. >> using diplomacy to resolve the north korean security threat once and for all remains one of president trump's greatest priorities. >> pompeo had also announced the
4:20 pm
appointment of a new envoy for the nuclear talks. the president's rationale for the last minute cancellation, the north hasn't made sufficient progress toward ending its nuclear program, he wrote on twitter. this in direct contradiction to his own declaration on june 13th, that north korea no longer poses a threat to the united states. jon? jon: president trump also brought china into the mix with his tweets yesterday. it sounded like he was pretty frustrated. >> it did. he lashed out at china's government tweeting quote i do not believe they are helping with the process of denuclearization as they once were. but again, this is a curious statement coming only a day after he told fox news the exact opposite. it seems policy reversal has
4:21 pm
become something of a signature for the president when it comes to american policies toward east asia. president trump scheduled, then cancelled, then rescheduled his first summit with kim within a period of just days. jon? jon: gillian turner in washington, thank you. the u.s. is cutting more than 200 million in aid to the palestinians due to a deteriorating relationship with the palestinian leadership. the state department cites the islamist militant group hamas control of gaza as part of its reason for reallocating those funds. the u.s. and israel both designate hamas as a terrorist group. a senior state department official says the money originally designated for programs in the west bank and gaza will now go to high priority projects elsewhere. pope francis responding to a global outcry over the abuse scandal in the catholic church he heads, arriving in ireland for the first papal visit there in almost 40 years. the pope vowed to rid the church
4:22 pm
of the scourge of sexual abuse no matter the cost. but some survivors say condemnation is no longer enough >> this is the moment when he could acknowledge the cover up and the vatican states responsibility for it. yet again he completely refused to acknowledge the role of the vatican and its responsibility. jon: kitty logan is in london with more on the pope's visit. >> hi, jon. well this is a difficult time for the catholic church, and the pope was aware of particularly sensitivities in ireland where many of those historical abuses have occurred, but the pontiff was mostly given a very warm welcome. he was first invited to meet dignitaries at dublin castle and there some strong words from the irish prime minister. >> people kept in dark corners, behind closed doors, cries for help that went unheard, and these wounds are still open, and there's much to be done to bring about justice and truth and healing for the victims and
4:23 pm
survivors. >> while acknowledging the abuses, pope francis stopped short of a full apology. >> translator: with regard to the most vulnerable i cannot fail to acknowledge the great scandal caused in ireland by the abuse of young people by members of the church, charged with responsibility for their protection and education. >> the pope also offered a prayer to victims. some were disappointed the pontiff didn't offer them more reassuran reassurance. in the evening the pope attended a concert in his honor. ireland is traditionally a catholic country but in recent years many young people have turned away from church guidance. around 500,000 people are due to attend a special papal mass in dublin on sunday, showing there still is a great deal of support
4:24 pm
for the church in ireland. jon? jon: kitty logan reporting from london, thanks. president trump casting doubt on democrats' hopes for a blue wave in the midterms. some new polls showing which party could catch a wave come november. plus nfl broadcasting partners announced a new policy regarding the national anthem and president trump is not a fan. >> we're not going to let it happen because we need our law enforcement. we need respect for our national anthem and for our flag. alice is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer
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4:29 pm
november. but a new fox news poll tells a different story. the generic congressional ballot shows democrats leading by double digits. doug luzader with more on that. >> what are the prospects for a red wave in congress come november? that is certainly president trump's hope for the midterm elections. here is his bold prediction from the ohio republican state party dinner last night. >> we have the strongest economy in the history of our nation, and i hear about a blue wave. i say why is there a blue wave? we are doing better now with jobs. today there are more people working than at any time ever in the history of our country. so i don't think there's going to be a blue wave. i hope there's a red wave. >> that would run counter to conventional wisdom which says that the party that controls the white house loses seats in midterm elections. democrats would have to flip 23 seats but they are within striking distance of doing that, and there may be an enthusiasm gap. our recent fox news poll shows that voters who backed hilary clinton are more likely than
4:30 pm
trump voters to be extremely interested in the 2018 races. >> we are calling the democrats soft favorites which means that if you have a blue wave, we don't think at the current time it is going to be one of these tsunamis that wins you 40, 50, 60 seats, it looks to us with democrats needing 23, more like they are just over that number right now. maybe it will grow before november or maybe it will pop back. but right now they are soft favorites to take over the house by some modest margin. >> the senate is another matter. even though the g.o.p. margin of control is much narrower there, democrats have more seats to defend this year, and some in states that president trump carried. so it seems more likely that republicans would retain the majority. jon? jon: doug luzader, doug, thanks. well the democrat party revamping its presidential nominating process. members approving key changes at the dnc summer meeting in chicago, diminishing the role of super delegates preventing them from voting on the first ballot at the convention.
4:31 pm
dnc chair saying in a statement quote today is a history k day for our party -- historic day for our party, we passed major reforms that will not only put our next nominee in the strongest place possible. these reforms will help grow our party, unite democrats and restore voters trust by making our 2020 nominating process the most inclusive and transparent in our history. rising employment putting new pressure on the white house in congress to reduce the number of americans on food stamps. william la jeunesse has more. >> we have created almost 4 million new jobs since the election. >> with entire industries begging for workers. >> right now all of agriculture is facing a labor shortage. >> the trump administration wants americans on welfare back on the job. >> statistics show more jobs available than we have people to fill them. >> which is why critics accuse the administration of hypocrisy. while the president says he wants able-bodied adults to work
4:32 pm
for food stamps, that's not what the department of agriculture is doing. waiving work environments in 33 states >> this program has been on autopilot for years and it needs to stop. that's why you need to see the president and the secretary step in and put on the brakes >> today we are ending welfare as we know it. >> president clinton made welfare work fair in 96, but when unemployment hit 12% in 2009, president obama approved a nationwide waiver and a loophole, allowing states to keep food stamps for adults even though now the recession is over. unemployment, the blue line, is at a record low. food stamp enrollment remains, however, stubbornly high. >> saying they shouldn't have fresh food or good food is wrong. >> california has 500,000 job openings and more than 800,000 food stamp recipients eligible to fill them. yet last month the state renewed its waiver. >> i've inquired several times of how we could deny these
4:33 pm
waivers, but we are statutorily precluded from denying the waivers if they fit the criteria. >> that's what the farm bill state mate is all about -- stalemate is all about. the house bill gives the veto authority over state waivers. the senate bill does not. while senate democrats say they won't approve any bill requiring recipients to work, negotiations with the house continue. in los angeles, william la jeunesse, fox news. jon: more than ten u.s. airports are now using biometric facial recognition scans. at dulles international airport, customs and border protection agents say the technology helped them catch a man posing as a french citizen because his facial features did not match the man in the passport he presented. with more on this brand new technology, here's claudia cowan. >> whether it's going through customs or boarding some international flights, your face is your boarding pass and id. in a pilot program at lax, cameras used biometric facial
4:34 pm
recognition to match passengers unique features to government pictures already on file, from passports or visas. >> the algorithms are so sophisticated, they are able to determine matches over 99% of the time in our testing. >> most passengers were impressed. >> it is quick. i just was afraid maybe it wouldn't recognize me, but it did. so i'm going to london. >> as far as getting through, i like it. >> so far it seems these e-gates do make it easier for people to board and get to their seats and settle in for the long international flight, but some critics argue people may be sacrificing privacy for convenience. >> my concerns are that this technology will be used beyond its current scope. i worry that facial recognition will migrate from airports all across federal law enforcement, putting the privacy of law-abiding americans at risk. >> customs and border protection maintains the software is safe and secure and along with facial scans of those who enter the u.s. at customs will generate a
4:35 pm
biometric record of exit, a border security measure mandated by congress in 2004. passengers who feel those e-gates might be too much like big brother can opt-out and board the traditional way, but customs and border protection says biometric boarding is the future and hope to have the technology installed at airports around the country within four years. in san jose, claudia cowan, fox news. jon: from mass shooting survivor to police officer, sworn in as the newest member of the springfield police department in oregon. she says her decision to join the police force came from her experience dodging bullets in the mass shooting at a country music concert in las vegas last october. she recalls her relief at the sight of police officers running toward the chaos. now she says she wants to help other people who may be in danger. president trump says u.s. relations with mexico are getting better by the hour. could a trade deal be on the
4:36 pm
horizon? plus, tesla founder elon musk makes a stunning turn around, two weeks after blind siding investors. what he's doing now. and here's jesse with a preview of tonight's watters world. >> big show tonight. and coulter, mark levin, dnesh d'souza and an actual spy hunter shows me the tricks of the trade, watters world. and put ir. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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4:41 pm
and all working closely together, a big trade agreement with mexico could be happening soon. president trump continues to attack the nfl for allowing its players to protest during the national anthem. this time the president is going after two broadcast networks covering nfl games. cbs and espn both say they will not air the playing of the anthem. >> cbs, i just heard they just joined the crew, and espn have decided not to broadcast so they don't have any -- can you imagine? they are not going to broadcast the -- cbs and esnp. how do we like that? is that good? what is the nfl doing? what are they doing? do they not have a clue? >> in a fox news poll, 61% of registered voters approve of an nfl rule that requires players on the field to stand for the national anthem. the enforcement of the rule is currently in a freeze while owners and the players association work on a solution.
4:42 pm
tropical storm lane dumping a ton of rain on hawaii's big island, making a mess for residents and tourists. coming up, a live look at the forecast for the storm and how it might affect you. plus, one year after hurricane harvey devastated houston, the city looks to the future, with a new plan for any future storms. i'm ray and i quit smoking with chantix. i tried to quit smoking for years on my own. i couldn't do it. i needed help. for me, chantix worked. it did. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. chantix, without a doubt, reduced my urge to smoke. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems,
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jon: tesla founder elon musk scrapping plans to take the electric carmaker private more than two weeks after blindsiding investors with a bombshell tweet. robert gray is live in los angeles with more on that. robert? >> thanks, jon. the electric carmaker ceo keeping analysts and investors on their toes. elon musk now saying tesla will
4:47 pm
remain publicly traded, that reverses his controversial tweet from just a few weeks ago, that he was going to take the company private. elon musk last night writing that he changed his mind after getting feedback from investors including some large institutions that said they have rules limiting the amount of money they can invest in to a private company. musk releasing a statement reading in part, quote, given the feedback i've received, it's apparent that most of tesla's existing shareholders believe we are better off as a public company. musk says he consulted with several investment firms as well. the ceo's august 7th tweet said tesla would pay a 23% premium to buy out shareholders and take the company private. it would have valued the company at 72 billion dollars. now, that tweet of course saying that musk tweeting the stock roared up 11% the day of the tweet now it is back below that level from when musk first tweeted. the sec is looking into whether
4:48 pm
musk was trying to manipulate the stock price and there are now at least two lawsuits that have been filed against the company related to the tweets. meanwhile, the tesla board in a statement saying it's dissolved a small committee researching a go private transaction, and that it still fully supports elon musk as ceo. jon? jon: robert gray in los angeles, thanks. new hope inside one of the world's deadliest viruses. congo's health ministry saying two of the first ten people to receive an experimental treatment for the ebola virus and the latest outbreak have recovered and they are looking into what role the treatment played. this development comes as health officials warn an ebola outbreak in congo spread to areas of high security risk, endangering the health of medical teams. the city of houston is getting ready to vote on a proposal that would set aside 2.5 billion dollars for flood protections. this as the community marks one year since hurricane harvey
4:49 pm
slammed ashore, with devastating results. we have an update on the city's recovery. >> the water came just above the bottom of our cabinets here. >> for susan thomas and her family life is still upside down a year after hurricane harvey. >> all you can do is one day at a time and be grateful for what you have. >> susan's contractors estimate the down stairs portion of her southwest houston home will be finished by labor day, then? >> so this is the office. >> work can begin up stairs. >> it is just stuff. it really doesn't matter. and i have continued to think that throughout the experience. >> the thomases had flood insurance. repairs are taking a little extra time because across the bayou. >> today i'm happy to be back here. >> her elderly mother and father took first priority. >> the water started coming up and it came up so fast.
4:50 pm
>> gail and jack hillman are finally getting settled back in their house after spending the last six months in a friend's garage apartment. the hillmans were featured on fox news days after the storm hit as they sifted through what was left. >> we've been here 25 years, and we never expected it to flood. >> 12 months, lots of tears and sleepless nights later. >> they took everything out, all up to here. >> things are just now starting to feel somewhat normal again. >> everybody was so helpful. everybody was so kind. >> harvey's historic rainfall put one of the nation's largest cities under water, damaging more than 200,000 homes across the region. many victims were rescued by boat or air because the waters rose so quickly in places never seen before, and many turned to a familiar face. >> we will never forget the horrors of hurricane harvey, but also the humanity of hurricane harvey. >> mattress mack as he's affectionately known around town opened the doors to his giant furniture show rooms to take in victims.
4:51 pm
he and his team gave them dry clothes, hot meals, and a place to sleep, just as he did more than a decade before for katrina survivors. >> i feel i'm fulfilling my obligation that my parents taught me. i was very fortunate in my life to have wonderful parents that taught me that the essence of living is giving. >> he is also willing to give even more in the form of higher property taxes as a harris county business owner to help fund 2 1/2 billion dollars bond package the county is hoping to get passed. the cash infusion would fund improvements and repairs to the area's antiquated drainage system. >> we have over 2,500 miles of channels that drain harris county. that's the distance flying from new york to los angeles. >> voters are expected to pass the bond measure with no real organized opposition. officials estimate the average property owner will see a $10 hike in their taxes per year to pay for it. >> i've learned a lot about the power of nature. i've also learned a lot about the power of man. >> a year of lessons for so
4:52 pm
many. each family with their own story, touched in a different way. the national hurricane center estimates harvey's damage at about 125 billion dollars, making it the second costliest disaster in u.s. history, behind hurricane katrina. in houston, fox news. jon: tropical storm lane now downgraded from a hurricane, but still dumping torrential rain on hawaii. adam klotz is in the fox extreme weather center with an update on the storm and what to expect in your area. adam? >> hey there, jon. harvey was the wettest hurricane on u.s. record. we now know that what was hurricane lane isn't going to be in the top five as they continue to see heavy rain. as much as 45 inches of rain it was reported in some areas on the big island, and that's where they have gotten the brunt of it. we have good news, winds continue to die down as the system is falling apart. currently at 50 miles-an-hour. notice the direction. it had been moving closer and
4:53 pm
closer to the islands, but how the we see it shifting to the west -- but now we see it shifting to the west at 7 miles-an-hour. that means it is leaving the islands and will continue to do so. there are still spots among the island chain particularly the big island where you continue to see showers. as it moves farther west, that does mean we will clear off probably later tomorrow with all the rain. here's a look at how that is going to move. away from the islands. as it moves it continues to weaken becoming a large low pressure system. as i said, it was a huge rain maker. most of that rain did come down there on the big island. spots getting 30 to 40 inches. some spots more. and then widespread. even over towards maui, 10 to 20 inches. this has been a major rain maker. the sooner it can move away, the better. now back in the states, back in the continental united states, the big story in the western half of the country continues to be elevated fire danger. these are red flag warnings which means just a better chance the winds are strong, the air continues to be very dry, jon. and it is still hot from the
4:54 pm
mountain west stretching over closer and closer to the coast. fires are going to be an issue. now the one thing that they do need where it would be helpful would be a little bit of rain. this is our rain forecast across the west taking you into the middle of the up coming week. there are spots that get rain. everywhere i just highlighted, where the fire danger has been the worst, where the winds have been the worst, unfortunately there isn't any rain on the horizon. it is going to be a story of the heat, which we continue to see, across the middle of the country and out to the west. it is going to be a story of dry conditions, jon. unfortunately, the rain that they desperately need, it isn't coming any time real soon. jon: adam klotz, thanks for the update. >> yep. jon: tennis star serena williams trying now to defuse a clothing controversy after the head of the french tennis federation said he was banning something she wore at the french open. williams say she spoke with that official and that everything is fine and they resolved the issue. the ban sparked heavy criticism with some fans calling it racist
4:55 pm
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fever, chills, or other signs of infection. verzenio may cause cau l lowwhite blood cell counts, which may cause serious infection that can lead to death. serious liver problems can occur. symptoms may include tiredness, loss of appetite, stomach pain, and bleeding or bruising more easily than normal. blood clots that can lead to death have also occurred. talk to your doctor right away if you notice pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain or rapid breathing or heart rate. tell your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or plan to become pregnant. common side effects include nausea, infections, low red and white blood cells and platelets, decreased appetite, headache, abdominal pain, tiredness, vomiting, and hair thinning or loss. i'm relentless. and my doctor and i choose to treat my mbc with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. jon: the paris zoo debuts their baby jaguars. born last month weighing 2
4:59 pm
pounds apiece. it also has two baby fossas, a relative of the mongoose. events organizers held a one-day pooch party. >> we had to search the venue first find one that's dog friendly so they could have the full run of the place. they are the main customer, the dog. jon: all canine visitors got free popcorn. a lot of fun, but i'll bet it's loud in there.
5:00 pm
that's how fox reports the 25th of august, 2018. i'm jon scott. "watters' world" is up next. [♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. it's been nearly two years since president trump was duly elected. for every day for two years politicians as well as the media have made it their sole goal to stop donald trump and his agenda. it's not working. he continues to move forward in a way that hasn't been seen in years. now the left is in a panic mode. you can see that where


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