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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 26, 2018 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> this is a fox news alert. i'm john scott in new york. arizona senator and war hero john mccain has died at the age of 81. mccain's death comes shortly after it was revealed that he was no longer in treatment for the brain cancer which was diagnosed in july of last year. the tumor was discovered during surgery to remove a blood clot. mccain was born august 29, 1936 at the naval station in panama. us territory, at the time. that became an issue during the 2008 campaign because he is not been born within the continuous united states.
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he was the grandson of four-star admiral, a four-star admiral and a son of a four-star admiral, mccain himself graduated from the naval academy in annapolis, maryland in 1958. then flight school in 1960. at the beginning of the vienna war john mccain volunteered for combat duty. in 1967 during a bombing on his plane was shot down. he landed in a lake, captured and held as a prisoner of war until 1973. for his service mccain was awarded the civil star, bronze star, purple heart and the distinguished flying cross. after his release he served as republican congressman and later a senator in the state of arizona. mccain ran for president for the first time in year 2000 but lost a primary to former president george w. bush. he eventually secured the nomination in 2008 is -- leaving
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the white house but lost the general election to former president barack obama. correspondent mike emanuel now takes look at the life and times of john mccain. >> johnson he mccain the third born in 1936 at the naval air station in the panama canal zone. mccain father and grandmother were both four-star admirals and the family moved often the two bases on the mainland and abroad. it was inevitable with pursue a career. he graduated from the naval academy in annapolis in 1958. this war broke out in vietnam he volunteered for duty. he flew attack planes near the north the enemies escaped june june 92671 a record of where the aircraft carrier accidentally struck mccain's plane. the explosions and fires killed 134 people. >> i felt this tremendous blow to my airplane and saw the fire coming out so i probably had
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reacted more quickly than those in the planes near me. some of those plays near me did not survive. >> on the 23rd air mission on october 26, 1957 his plane was shot down. this time during a bombing mission over hanoi. the north the enemies captured him and moved him to the infamous hanoi hilton prison. >> it was terribly injured, fractured arms, broken knee, left arm was out of the socket. he is often said and basically he was starving to death. >> mccain's captors offered him early release because he was an admiral son but he refused. he endured torture in more than three years in solitary confinement. he said air force colonel day is like. >> he was the most steadfast in the most inspirational and toughest of anybody that i must have something to do with his
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iowa upbringing. >> mccain released 1973 and awarded silver and bronze stars. a purple heart in the distinguished flying cross. his wounds left him with impaired physical abilities for the rest of his life. he retired from the navy as a captain in 1981 after marrying cindy hensley, a teacher from arizona. he moved to phoenix and got into politics serving two terms in the house of representatives. he was elected to the senate in 1986 redeveloped repetition as a maverick. while he voted with this party was the time it became clear is willing to buck the public and leadership and occasionally climate democrats. >> mccain's political career at about 1989 when he and four other senators, the keating five, indicated in a savings and loan scandal and accused of corruption. a senate ethics committee invitation on that mccain used poor judgment but he was not guilty of any wrongdoing. mccain said that experience pardon to co-author the mccain feingold bill and campaign finance reform which wisconsin
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senator past and 2001. as chairman of the senate commerce committee he took on the tobacco injury legislation to increase cigarette taxes. mccain published a memoir, faith of my fathers, in 1999. became a bestseller and later a film. in the meantime, he announced his candidacy for president appealing to independents and traveling aboard the straight talk express after defeat in the carolina governor george w. bush gain momentum and mccain will not lose nine of ten primaries on super tuesday. withdrew from the race in march 2000, returning to the senate. the senator through his support behind president bush and the iraq war. later criticized the bush and meditation for not sending enough troops to iraq. in the first with a senator to demand defense secretary donald rumsfeld that the nation. >> we are in one heck of a mess and the mac people telephonically last week they're not happy with the course of
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this war. either am i. >> he also continued to partner with colleagues on the other side of the aisle. mccain and democratic senator ted kennedy made a push for copies of immigration reform. >> the legislation failed, it passed both houses. the president bush's second term coming to a close mccain again announced his candidacy for president. >> i do so grateful for the privilege this country has already given me, mindful, seek the response abilities for reasons greater the myth of interest. >> this time mccain won the majority delegates on super today and in the march for primary giving them the lead he needed to secure the nomination. mccain surprised by presidential back was philip palin and the two surge ahead of democratic candidate in illinois senator barack obama bb candidate joe biden in the polls following the republican national convention. obama gain momentum and ultimately defeated mccain in the general election.
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>> these are difficult times for our country. i pledge to him tonight to do all in my power to help the leaders to the many challenges we face. as ranking member of the senate armed services committee mccain remained active on foreign-policy. he rallied for military intervention in libya against omar qaddafi, push for democratic reforms in egypt and after an ousted president mohammed and his muslim brotherhood party. he publicly criticized the obama administration for its handling of the september 11, 2012 attack on the us diplomat aggression in benghazi that killed four americans including ambassador stevens. >> i have no doubt, we are holding the president of the about 90 states responsible and he is responsible and he has n not, he's not given contrasting versions of events to the american people. >> in 2015 mccain game chairman of the senate armed service committee and use the platform to push for an extended your
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small terry presence in iraq and syria in a new strategy in afghanistan. >> we need to have strategy to win. strong as nation on earth should be able to and. >> as the 2016 presidential election candidates begin to emerge and campaign for zone senate reelection mccain is to support the eventual rebellion harmony. he pulled his endorsement of donald trump citing their differences in public policy issues like national security entrance controversy over comments about women. in the midst of the six senate armed he underwent surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye was later diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. despite a poor cancer prognosis he remained at them in a voice in the senate and the times were against his own party's efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. in july 2017 some senators audibly gasped as arizona senator give a memorable thumbs down gesture on the floor. mccain cast the deciding no vote which killed the gop's
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healthcare measure. all this is mccain released another memoir in his final da days, the restless wave, a brutally honest assessment of his highs and lows personal and professional. the maverick senator offered the candidate assessment writing i'm not sure what to make of president trump convictions his reaction to unflattering new stories calling them fake news whether they're credible or not is copied by autocrats who want to discredit and control prepress. lottery secures his friendship and criticism, his enemy. an audiobook expert the man who made public services life passion reflected on what he considered his unfinished legacy. >> maybe i'll be gone. my predicament as well, rather i am predictable. i prepared for either contingency or at least i'm getting prepared. i have things like to take your first, some work that needs finishing and people i need to see and i want to talk to my fellow americans a little more,
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if i may. >> john mccain is survived by his wife cindy and seven children. in washington, mike emanuel, fox news. john: we mentioned the john mccain was shot down over vietnam and prisoner of war, spent five and half years in the hanoi hilton. chad pegram is our senior capital producer and he joins us now from washington. you said that the senate will drape a black cloth over senator mccain in the senate. anything else we know about arrangements there? >> right. one thing we've been hearing -- we've not had something like this in several years will be exciting to lay in state in the capitol rotunda. you people who lay in state and lay in on her. only three people have laid in honor, one step below billy graham, the most recent. that was last year after he passed away. earlier this year.
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sometime, probably in the next week or so we've been hearing there will be services in multiple places and that's a big deal. the last person to lay in the state was [inaudible], democratic editor from hawaii who died in december 2012. we will have that make their money here for people to violence and they bring up what they call cloth for a big wooden platform which they use for president lincoln's role and position the casket right in the middle of the capitol rotunda. there are formal ceremonies typically in the public can file by. there is an honor guard the keeps watch over the body 247. there have not a lot of people besides president lane in state in the capital but that is something in a very public thing that people can come to and get in line and pay your specs to senator mccain. we expect that sometime in the next few days. the senate will come back at 4:00 o'clock on monday afternoon and a lot of senators don't get
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back in october before votes and there will be both at 5:30 but expect most of the focus will not be allegedly the business. it will be under mccain and what happens next honoring him and some people will start to talk about the political considerations. people were reluctant and it was a taboo subject to talk about what happens with john mccain next. arizona will require the governor to appoint someone of the same political party and this is important from the political calculus because it was 51-49 in favor of the republicans with mccain being there. they barely could lose about. that's why the vote that mike emanuel talked about was so important. they cannot lose john mccain's vote on healthcare. that person will be appointed through 2020. mccain was just reelected in 2016 in his term does not expire until 2022 but the way arizona state law functions whoever is appointed by arizona governor would serve until 2020 and that person would run a special
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election to fill the unexpired portion, final two years in 2022. john: i'm reading something that john mccain gave to news in a world of four in 1973 after he returned of his captivity and after the vietnam war was over. it was his first person account and talked about how the seeds of his political career may have implanted while he was in the hanoi hilton. it says that most important thing for survival is medication with someone. it's vital to keep your mind occupied and some guys were interested in mathematics so they worked out complex formulas in their heads and others would build a whole house from basement on up. i had more of a philosophical bend. i read history, spending the men going back over those history books in my mind, figure out for this country or that country went wrong, what the us to do in the area of foreign affairs. i thought a lot about the meaning of life.
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perhaps that is why we ended up with a senator, john mccain, because although he was tortured and suffered severely in the hanoi hilton he had a lot of time to think. >> absolutely. i remember of you to go with a worked on the federal foreign affairs bill and he was front and center in frustrated that the people were being sent off to war and the words the appropriate mechanisms here in washington with the department of veterans affairs to address that. a lot of this stemmed from the va scandal in his home state of arizona. i want to tell people there was a light side of john mccain, also. remember there was a story about how we lived in northern virginia, just across the river here, and he was seen shopping, pushing his own grocery cart at shoppers food warehouse in the strip all across the river. i remember standing outside the russell office building of years ago and he was getting into his
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car there is a dent in his car. i joke with him said really, the guy who ran for president, this is the car you drive and he had this fender bender and someone had run into his car. in that respect he was an average guy but he would joke with the press and, as ed henry said, spar with you and go back and forth but he could be tough as well. john: chad pegram, a capitol hill producer who has known john mccain for while, a couple of decades there in washington. thank you, chad alicea joins us now and she is in. next, arizona outside the arizona state house. alicea. reporter: hello, john. a sign that this was so expected is that things started to move in pretty quick fashion. after senator john mccain left this earth we saw the flags behind me at the capital building in arizona be lowered
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to half staff. the pow staff went down first, down there on his own for little while and then we saw it followed by the american flag. and then the arizona fight. we started to get the outpouring of love and prayers for his family and for his family that is now in morning, of course. we heard from cindy mccain, his wife, of 38 years and she said my heart is broken. i am so lucky to have lived the adventure of loving the suitable man for 38 years. he passed away the way he lived, on his own terms, surrounded by the people he loved in the place he loved best and that would be at the ranch in arizona, northern arizona, in [inaudible] arizona, south of sedona. it's a place that meant so much to him. his favorite place on earth. as he like to say, his family, those who invest he started saying there permanently starting in december.
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his last vote in the senate was december 7, his health started to begin at that point and he came back to arizona. he stated the place you like to barbecue and enjoy the water that he has there on his property and be with the people he loves and over the months he did welcome a lot of friends and family. in terms of the response from the people here in arizona because there's a theme here, if you bear with me, the governor in a statement said as we mourn his passing and celebrate his truly phenomenal life were also faced with the void of his absence it leaves in the heart and soul of our nation and also senator jeff flake of arizona wrote attribute in "the washington post" and said, i cannot bring myself to write this piece until today. it's not that i did not try but something in my mind convinced my hands that if i put it off, somehow john mccain might be with us a little longer. i needed that, the country needed that. that really speaks to the image
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and presence john mccain had. one political analyst we talk to about the legacy of john mccain is that there isn't a politician, anyone who is in politics who is alive now who can remember time with john mccain is not in politics in arizona. as you know, he made his mark here in 1982 when he decided to run for the house of representatives, the first time. this is a way that arizona got to know who they were getting. john mccain is a candidate was in the democrats who was in the race and was trying to paint john mccain as this carpetbagger, outsider because he was not from here. a military guy who lived all over the place and so he challenged him on that and john mccain came back saying if i ran for office in the place i live the longest i have to run in hanoi. he spent five and half years in the pow camp in hanoi. john: he broke both arms and his
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leg during the shoot down and was tortured severely by the north vietnamese and yet, as i mentioned, he was one of those who voted in favor of dropping the embargo against north vietnam. forgive, forget, that was his attitude. our special coverage on the passing of senator john mccain will continue in just one moment. hundred roads named "park" in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth,
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oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. john: just about four hours ago, 11:28 your time, 7:28 in new york, 4:28 in arizona that john mccain, a longtime senator from the state of arizona left this life. it was announced yesterday, yesterday morning that he had decided to forgo any further treatment for the very aggressive brain cancer that had plagued him for the better part of last year. he actually exceeded what his doctors that would be his life and work that diagnosis was made
2:24 am
in july of last year. he was a fighter and fought to the end. ultimately, the cancer in his life. captain chuck nash, retired us naval captain, is with us now, senator mccain was his squad commander. you must have fond memories of him as a naval aviator. >> john, i can tell you i do remember one particular thing that will forever stand out in my mind and that is when we as a bunch of students showed up in was called in naval terms, rag, which is a replacement or group it was va 174 and was 1977 and about 12 of us up and we were in a class going to go through to learn how to fly the [inaudibl [inaudible]. the executive officer squad came
2:25 am
in and they gave us a pitch, don't buy house because we have about a one third washout rate and it will be really tough and you will not make it necessarily and there are no guarantees. the skipper will come in and so, stand by. we were all thinking, oh my god. he lives and a few minutes later he comes walking back in and in walks john mccain, who was the skipper of the squadron. we were thinking, if the xo give us the speech, the skipper will re- fire down our throats. he came in and he said gentlem gentlemen, you are about to enter the most exciting portion of your life. you are going to fly an aircraft yourself, alone and hopefully, unafraid into combat. this will be one of your starting right now on the most exciting part of your life.
2:26 am
we were all stunned. he was this guy -- we knew his back on. we knew he had been shut down, tortured, we knew all of that. here he was talking up a bunch of young kids and we were, at the time, and it made a difference. it was leadership. it made a difference. john: we have the photo of him and it just changed but the photo of him in the hospital bed in hanoi while he was a prisoner. i want to read some of what he wrote about that experience. if anyone has questions of whether or not john mccain was a tough individual, listen to this. he writes about noon i was put in a rolling structure and taken to a treatment room with a try to put a cast on my right arm. they had great difficulty putting the bones together because my arm was broken the
2:27 am
places and there were two floating bones. i watched the guy try to be belated for an hour and a half trying to get the bones lined up and this was without benefit of novocain. it was an extremely painful expands and i passed out a number of times. he finally gave up and slapped a chest cast on me. this experience was very fatiguing and was the reason white later when tv films were taken and look to many people as if i had been dropped. i believe that is the photo that we are looking at there. this was a guy who could endure, chuck. >> well, john, you're talking to someone who tells the dentist he needs an extra shot of novocain because i have a low tolerance to pain. john mccain for all of the people who are his detractors and there are many but there are a lot of people who understand that he was the guy who was such
2:28 am
a rebel, such a standout that he takes off a lot of people but at the same time he had a fierce fighting spirit. that fierceness pulled him through that experience and brought him in to politics. you know, the politics aside, i don't want to get into the politics because i have no credentials to speak of but what i can pick about is the fact that i would hope that if i had ever been put into that situation that i could have acquitted myself as well as he did. i don't know that i could have but i would hope that i could. john: chuck nash who served with john mccain in the navy both as pilots chuck, thank you. >> you bet, john. john: george hw bush, president
2:29 am
bush, 41, is releasing a statement and writes -- john mccain was a patriot of the highest order a public servant of the rarest courage. view sacrificed more or sacrificed for or contributed more to the welfare of his fellow citizen and freedom loving peoples around the world. another american maverick and warrior, general george patton was observed we should thank god the men such as these lived and to that i can only add my gratitude to john's wife, cindy and his wonderful family, and the people of arizona who permitted this great and good man to serve with such distinction in a world greatest deliberative body. that, from president george hw bush, or the one, also, i might add, a naval aviator. the coverage on the life of senator john mccain continues in just a moment.
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john: john mccain, six term senator from arizona, died about four hours ago and his beloved ranch in the donna, arizona. we want to talk about his life and legacy. he's a republican strategist and cochair of the great america alliance. he knew senator mccain from working with him on many republican campaigns and this is a remarkable individual, one will be greatly missed in washington and in arizona. eric. >> and all over the world really. i think your legacy of john mccain's how inclusive he was and is a young staffer i was working for jones at the time was running for u.s. senate in california but i always remembered about mccain was how he would always ask for
2:35 am
everyone's opinion, the youngest person in the room starting first. always thought that was something, here he is, a legend, senator for so many years and what he always said is i will leave america better with the younger generation. he always asked for others' opinions for he gave his own. john: and he was somebody who is not afraid about party leadership were to go across party lines if he felt that he could accomplish something with, say, a ted kennedy or joe lieberman or any democratic senator. >> yeah, i think he earned that maverick label. at the end of the day that's what all politicians should be about. country over party, each and every signal time. he really, you can disagree with john mccain, i certainly does.
2:36 am
with him on many issues but at the end of the day you know where you stood and you always do where he stood. he was a family man and a man that cared very much about the country but he stuck to his corporate as well as in beliefs. john: he obviously ran against barack obama for the presidency, came up short but he did not seem bitter about that. can you comment on that. >> there were times where he could've been better. if you recall, president obama one time looking over at him at a roundtable and said, john, the election is over and people have spoken and he never went out of his way to embarrass the president. he appreciated and understood the power of the presidency in the senate and the decorum that goes along with it. he always stood for those principles, whether democratic or republican. john: it was well, not that close an election, i guess, barack obama 153% of the vote,
2:37 am
john mccain had about 46% but it was a lively campaign and based very much on the issues of the time. >> it was. i also don't think we should be represented by a presidential campaign. john: right. >> look at the entire body of work and of course, his military service. what i like to look at for many of our leaders and a look at this present time, as well, how they are family first. the one thing about john mccain, he always stood up for his family and stood up for his country. that's what leadership is all about. john: he was a hero as well as a patriot. eric beach, thank you. >> thank you for having me. john: joining us now on the phone, former arizona senator john kyle, served in the senate alongside other mccain from 1995 until 2013. senator kyle, i'm sure you will miss this man.
2:38 am
>> i really am. we all knew it was coming but once the reality sets in, it's a different proposition. we will miss him very much. john: arizona was very much in his blood. he loved the state. he loved his ranch. >> you know, he came here as an outsider, in fact, ran in a primary for the house of representatives simply outworked the other three candidates all of whom had long records in arizona. he won his first election. he served two terms in the house and went on to the senate, of course. it was his adopted state but he loved it greatly. he enjoyed the people and loved the state itself and the environment and native american culture and his beloved ranch.
2:39 am
hidden valley is what is called, oak creek canyon. john: and he very much loved veterans and those in the service. he was as armed service committee chairman, in a position to be able to do an awful lot for them and he never forgot the men and women who are serving the armed forces of this nation. >> no, that is very true. i will say that -- well, a lot of people remember them for different things but in the long run historians will recognize that his primary legacy was the united states was as a leader in international relations, particularly related to american national security interest. i don't think there was anybody, including secretary of state, who do more for leaders and would bend to more foreign places and you had better instincts about what us policy should be.
2:40 am
in order to protect american national security interests than john mccain. i think, again, history records all of this that will be his legacy. john: john kyle, former senator, fellow republican in the state of arizona who served with john mccain thank you very much, senator. >> thank you very much. john: john mccain passed away about four hours ago. we knew the end was coming when you straight we were told he would forgo any more treatment for the aggressive brain cancer that he was diagnosed with, a little over a year ago. we will be back with more on the life of senator john mccain right after this. before you can achieve a higher standard of craftsmanship, you need a higher standard of craftsman. see for yourself at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 2.9% financing on the 2018 ls 500. experience amazing
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john: those who are joining us now, john mccain longtime arizona senator passed away this evening at his home in arizona started by family and friends. he was just a couple of weeks shy of his 82nd birthday. joining us now to talk about his remarkable career, executive director of the mccain institute and former us investor to nato, kurt volker. there are few in washington who have done more for america military standing in america's military personnel than john mccain. is that for to say? >> that is fair to say. [inaudible] he knew the military very well and it was an ardent supporter of the military yet he was also a strict taskmaster
2:46 am
holding them to account in making sure that we are both giving military what they needed to do their job in making sure that they were being held in the high standard is possible for country. john: he was not one to just throw away money at the military but wanted -- >> not at all. exactly he was strict on human programs and budget and efforts to curtail cost overruns and he was a real taskmaster about particular programs and yet beneath all of that was the firm support and believe that our men and women of the armed services to make sure they have what they needed and they were even missions in the guidance necessary to be successful in their jobs. john: for those who only read about him in the newspapers or soundbites on tv maybe he did not get to meet him but what is your favorite john mccain story? >> there are too many to mention. i think if i could just say that
2:47 am
one of the misperceptions, i think, is he's a warmonger always looking for a fight and did not find a country he did not want to bomb and that they misperception. what he was with someone who combined an ardent belief in national security and taking care of our country and at the same time he believed in our core values, freedom, democracy, human rights, human dignity and wanted to support those things abroad. he was able to combine these things in a way that very few leaders are able to do. john: is that why he was looking to normalize relations with vietnam, even after the north families had so badly tortured him? >> he was able to rise above his own pain and no personal expense to think about the interest of the nations as a whole. he knew that the united states needed to heal the wounds of vietnam, establish relationship
2:48 am
and look ahead because he could see even then the importance of a rising china among us allies in the region and that this was that something that this division between the us and vietnam then needed to continue forever. we had to overcome it. he was in the unique position to do so having been a prisoner of war for so long and a veteran and therefore working also with john kerry at the time, another senator, to put together a coalition to get the pows and mias accounted for an biggest effort in our history to take your of pows and mias. with that said in stage for reassessment relations and been able to afford other than being stuck in the past. john: kurt volker, us investor to native nato. thank you for sharing your spot on the thoughts. special coverage of the passing of arizona senator john mccain continues after this.
2:49 am
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john: longtime arizona john mccain died at his home, he wa
2:53 am
was -- i mentioned earlier he is one of those who advocated normalizing relations with vietnam even though vietnam tortured him severely during his time in the hanoi hilton after he was shot down as a naval aviator. president clinton is the one who during the ministration made that formalization take place. he and secretary clinton are out with a statement and i will be part of it to you -- i will always be especially grateful for his leadership in our successful efforts to normalize relations with vietnam, our thoughts and prayers are with his wife cindy, mother roberta, and his children and his entire family. peter joins us final thoughts
2:54 am
from washington. >> john, a lot of the tributes that are pouring in about senator mccain are that he was a maverick but that does not mean he was deciding wellin advance that i would go the democrats on this issue republicans on this issue but he put a ton of thought into every single vote and a great example would be last july. we were outside his office until well past midnight while his senate colleagues were waiting on the floor of the senate for him to come and vote on the skinny repeal of healthcare. course, he famously went in and had issues with the bill and did not tell anybody leadership that he was going to go out and give a thumbs down and he did and i asked him about it the next day and i said, senator mccain, did you have any concerns about that
2:55 am
vote and what it might do and he said, of course, you always have concerns about a big vote so he is somebody who always was very thoughtful with everything he did and he's going to be missed by everybody who walked the halls of capitol hill. john: peter, thank you. the tributes to the late senator are already beginning on the road that leads to his ranch in arizona. cornell, arizona to be specific. a couple of neighbors step by to pay their respects here is some of that moment. >> we feel a kinship because we live here. we are neighbors. the sacrifice that he gave for our country is just amazing. >> it's obvious because of the history, pow, baby pilot, senator. >> the thing that got me is that he had the chance to get out of
2:56 am
encampment and imprisonment three years earlier and he would not do it because he said unless everybody, all the pows could go, could get out, he would not go without them. ♪. john: the hearse carried the body of the late senator john mccain once-daily toujeo® helps you control your blood sugar.
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[national anthem] ♪ ♪ >> good morning, and we start with a fox news alert. arizona senator john mccain has passed away at the age of 81. >> the senator, a war hero and former presidential nominee, using his year-long battle with brain cancer. >> on friday senator mccain's family announced he was discontinuing treatment. he passed away just days before his 82nd birthday. >> good morning, and we have, obviously, a sad day but also a day we look back and remember


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