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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 27, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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groupthink, which are almost overwhelming right now. we pledge to fight back, that's the only way it will stop. in the meantime, good night from washington. guess who's next? sean hannity. >> sean: i'm waiting. >> tucker: three seconds early! >> sean: tucker, good to see you, great show as always. welcome to "hannity." if breaking news, multiple fronts. just a few hours from now bruce ohr, the twice demoted corrupt doj official at the very center of the deep state effort to stop donald trump is set to testify before congress. coming up we will detail how ohr became a cd central figure in what is the destroyed trump movement. plus we have breaking news tonight, a new report from sara carter showing how a government whistle-blower allegedly punished after sounding the alarm on a strange million-dollar contract given to a key player in the government's effort to surveilled the trump administration. this will blow you away. also tonight there is a new
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scary list circulating on capitol hill. it previews the democrats shocking postelection agenda. none of it is to help you. we have it, we will share it with you. savvy 71 days to go until the most important midterm election in our lifetime. it should serve as a warning to everybody. protect what you voted for in 2016. and good news from the international front, the u.s. and mexico have agreed to a strong new trade deal. what happened to the trade war? meanwhile, the stock market is surging, the president's poll numbers remain steady despite last week's media historical breakdown. we will bring you all of that, plus we will honor the life of an american patriot. he was a hero, he served his country, john mccain with his longtime friend and colleague senator lindsey graham. sit tight, buckle up, we start without breaking news opening monologue. ♪ >> sean: once the fourth highest ranking official in the justice department.
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associate deputy attorney general bruce ohr cultivated a close relationship with former clinton paid for foreign spy dirty dossier author, he doesn't even believe the dossier himself, christopher steele. and allegedly without the permission or knowledge of then-boss deputy ag rob rosenstein. ohr and christopher steele maintained a close relationship both before, during and after the 2016 election. two weeks ago right on the show we first showed you dozens of texts and emails and handwritten notes that detail specifically how ohr and steele worked together to spread the dirty dossier throughout some of the highest levels of our government and to also spread lies, propaganda, disinformation to you, the american people so you would vote for one person over another before the election in 2016. this contact between steel and ohr continued even after the fbi got all official ties with christopher steele because he was looking to the press
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information he knew was not true. and of course bruce ohr knew that the dossier was in fact bought and paid for by the clinton campaign and the dnc. he knew that steele was doing clinton's bidding has an opposition researcher for the group fusion gps without funneled money through a law firm. he likely knew that the contents of the dossier were unverified at best. now debunked, most of it. bruce ohr's wife, nellie ohr, she worked with christopher steele at fusion gps, a massive detail that bruce ohr failed to report to the justice department he worked for while some of his colleagues used the contents of clinton's dirty dossier as the basis for criminal investigations and of course lying in pfizer court applications. the ohr-steele relationship was so seedy that in 2017 christopher steele expressed his concern over james comey's upcoming testimony writing to bruce ohr, just wondering if you had any news.
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obviously we are a bit apprehensive given scheduled appearance at congress on monday. that would be comey's, hoping that important firewalls, plural, will hold. many thanks. meanwhile, according to bruce ohr's handwritten memos christopher steele was "very concerned" about the combing hearing and afraid they will be exposed. other communications show steele's efforts to reach the special counsel investigation, including robert mueller. november of 2017, ohr wrote to steele "i have passed on the questions apparently to the special counsel mueller but haven't gotten an answer yet," so ohr was actually feeding steele russian lies to bob mueller and his democratic donor witch hunters. he later wrote back "i'm presuming you've heard nothing back from your special counsel colleagues on the issues you have kindly put forward in front of me. to say this is a disappointment
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is an understatement." tomorrow is the big day. you the american people finally deserve answers and during this hearing ohr will appear before the house oversight committees. it is important we get answers. these are just a few of the questions. what did steele mean when he said "hoping important firewalls will hold"? what are those firewalls? why was steele worried about "being exposed"? who in the doj knew that steele was feeding information to ohr? was bruce ohr really working on the russia probe without the deputy attorney general rob rosenstein's permission or knowledge? remember rosenstein signed off on the fourth fisa warrant. we knew by then the bulk of the information was the clinton bought and paid for phony dossier. who in the special counsel investigation did ohr pass along steele's information to? and this is important.
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did any of those can contain information from ohr's work with christopher steele? was he working with his wife? and what role did nellie ohr play in this phony dossier? these are just the tip of the iceberg. new article in the federalist outlined several important topics that also must be addressed. this has nothing to do with taxi medallions or bank loans or tax returns but we will update you on this real case of collusion tomorrow after the hearing. also tonight have another breaking report that exposes potential corruption again at the highest levels of your government. according to sara carter, this is an interesting story, a defense analyst named adam avenger was targeted and stripped of his security clearance, gone. it why? because he exposed what is a bizarre and strange million-dollar contract between the department of defense and staff on helper? who is that? you might remember he was the guy that the fbi used as the
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undercover important, otherwise known as spy against the trump campaign. in the lead up to the 2016 election. it gets deeper and according to sara carter, and she will join us in a minute, he raised concerns over diplomatic meetings with foreigners. by the way, including russians, something not allowed in his role as a contractor. we did reach out to him in the department of defense genic. they haven't responded, shockin shocking. we will talk to sara carter and sean bigley. we are currently tracking another huge developing story that could spell very bad news for robert mueller tonight. a federal court case stemming from a decades-old murder. we were actually set to decide whether or not information from grand jury investigations can actually be released to the public. if the court finds that such information cannot be made public, that would mean robert mueller could be muzzled and prevented from releasing a
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report at the conclusion of his witch hunt when he writes the stupid report. it usually grand jury information is kept secret. and remember, only prosecutors get to make the case to a grand jury. in other words, there is no defense case before a grand jury. in america you can't indict a ham sandwich. i will keep you focused on this case as arguments are set to begin next month. meanwhile we have another setback for anyone breathlessly hoping and praying for mueller to find the trump-russia collusion that we have not heard to this point. the attorney for michael cohen, our old friend lanny davis, he's now backpedaling on his claim that donald trump knew about the now infamous 2016 trump tower meeting. this is a big deal. davis is now saying that he should have been clear and now he cannot confirm that information that he had once confirmed. cnn fake news reported this raises another important question. is michael cohen really being served well in this case by his
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attorney? lifelong clinton ally, politically motivated against the president. as lanny davis has said, his client would never accept a pardon from president trump. okay, he would rather serve five years in prison? that really was a bad thing for any attorney to say. we will have more on that in a moment. but first we will turn to the midterm election. 71 days from tonight you will be tuned in, you will be watching election results. you will decide, the power is in your hands, the future of this country. for months we have been warning you about the democratic postelection agenda. if they take back the house, they are coming for -- they call it crumbs, the tax cut, but they still want the crumbs back. they said they will rescind president trump's tax cuts. we know, and i've been saying forever their number one goal, they won't tell you, but they want to impeach this president. how does obamacare work out for you? did you get to keep your dr. plan and pay less?
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they want to keep obamacare. they want to block brett kavanaugh from the u.s. supreme court. if they want open borders, they want to abolish ice. they want to kill off the deep state investigations and abuse of power that we have been exposing every night on the sho show. and according to a list first obtained by axios, congressional republicans are now previewing a series of what will be investigations the democrats will likely launch if they regain power in the house. by the way, if you look at the list, it's interesting. that list, nothing is about making life better for you, your family, the forgotten men and women in this country. none of it, and some are calling it a hell list for president trump and his allies should they take back power and 71 days. inquiries and the president's tax returns. family businesses, the president's dealings with russia. james comey's firing. rob rosenstein recommended it. stormy daniels, the travel ban. jared kushner, ivanka.
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a hurricane response in puerto rico and so much more. keep that list rolling. let this be a clear warning. if you don't vote and 71 days, if you don't understand what's at stake and republicans lose the house, i'm telling you right now this is not my first rodeo. we were on this network when we launched in october 1996. i promise you that this will all happen. the trump agenda will be stalled, anti-trump investigations will feed into the media frenzy that we now see ratcheting up every day. that's why i keep telling you it's the most important midterm elections in your lifetime. if you voted for donald trump, you like the results of donald trump, then you better pay attention to this november, 71 days away because that's what they want to do, and more. without a doubt the trump agenda is working. just today the president
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announced a strong new trade deal with mexico. this is a win for this country. take a look. >> we just signed a trade agreement with mexico and it's a terrific agreement for everybod everybody. it's been in the works for a long time. it's an agreement that a lot of people said couldn't be done. but we did something it was very special. great for our farmers, our workers. and stock market just broke 26,000 for the first time ever in history so today we have the highest stock price we've ever had. and we are happy about that. i said that was going to happen and it's happened. and everything i said is going to happen, it ends up happening. >> sean: following that announcement, the nasdaq jumped to a record high. already surging economy continues to strengthen. good day on the dow as well. record low on employment rates across the board. 14 states record low unemployment for hispanic americans, african-americans, asian-americans, women in the workforce. youth unemployment is now at,
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what, 48 year low. consumer confidence at an all-time high. more jobs than we have people on unemployment available. a key reason why the president's approval rating in spite of all of these vicious, vile, day by day predictable media attacks remain steady and strong and subsequent impeachment obsession even after michael cohen and paul manafort last week. we have a lot to get to tonight. joining us now, the author of "the new york times" three weeks in a row best seller, the russian hoax. number one, the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and fran donald trump. gregg jarrett. and also fox news investigative reporter contributor sara carter. security clearance defense attorney sean bigley is with us. sarah, let's start with your breaking news. it gets complicated but at the heart of it this is a really big case because adam lovins are represented by sean, who was with us, he basically was able
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to expose and now you have seen the documents that say? >> he was basically able to expose stephen helpers. he was a professor at cambridge who was the central player in the fbi's cross fire hurricane investigation into president donald trump. he was the man "the washington post" in "the new york times" when they published their stories on cross fire hurricane, he was the person they didn't want to out, the name that nobody wanted to reveal out of fear, based on intelligence community warnings that people could either be killed or that his life would be in danger if his name goes public. eventually his name did go public and that was stefan helper and what we discovered is he was actually involved in every aspect of the fbi's investigation. >> sean: i want to explain why he's important. so we did have the case of the
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fisa warrant but then we have the case of the spies in the trump campaign. and explain. >> he was, prior to them taking on and asking the foreign intelligence surveillance court for that buys a warrant on carter page. he actually became acquainted with page in 2016. he was invited to one of his cambridge intelligence seminars and that's where he befriended him. he was continually asking carter page questions, asking him about his thoughts on russia, asking him about this and that. >> sean: did this by in the trump campaign have connections to russia? >> this is what's even more interesting. stefan halper has direct ties to russian intelligence because at his cambridge intelligence seminars, twice invited the former -- >> sean: slow down. he invited the russians to the seminars. a sty in that dumb economics by
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the trump campaign. and then the client -- >> accidentally stumbled on it. he was doing his job at the pentagon. he was going through contracts and he realized here's this professor who is basically getting over a million dollars in contracts to write reports? i don't understand what's going on here. >> sean: $2,000 a page the report said. that's a lot of money, good work if you can get it. >> and nobody get that money. that's almost impossible. >> sean: so stefan halper is now that also -- he has all those russian contacts. >> that's right. >> sean: $2,000 a page. the former cia director of obama, hayden, correct? >> we don't know that for sure. what we do know is he was working with the pentagon. directly with high-level officials at the pentagon and that he was going overseas, he was making a lot of money and he was conducting what appeared to be diplomatic relations, which is forbidden under federal law
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when you are a contractor at the pentagon. this isn't something that's part of our normal work routine. but let me bring up something really quickly. he is also directly connected to george papadopoulos and reached out to him in september 2016. where he asked him what would you write a report for me? i will pay you $3,000. come to london, let's talk. and then even more interestingly enough. >> sean: that sounds like poor papadopoulos was set up. >> that's exactly what george papadopoulos his wife has said over and over again in interviews saying that george was basically set up by stefan halper and another professor >>s carter page in the story. >> yes. so carter page, who develops a very close relationship with stefan halper continues to email him and according to the sources that we've spoken with and according to the reports written in "the washington post" and "the new york times," stefan
6:18 pm
halper was reporting back to the fbi information. but really quick, he also goes back to lieutenant general michael flynn and i don't want people to forget about this. in 2014 when flint was at one of the seminars and attended a dinner one night it was stefan halper who not only invited flynn but also invited a russian woman, i hope i'm saying her name correctly, and it was stefan halper who allegedly spread the rumor, the disinformation campaigns that apparently flynn had some kind of bizarre contact with her. >> sean: your client adam stumbles across this information. by the way, i know you've seen it. sean, i know you've seen it. and stefan halper is the nexus that drags in papadopoulos, carter page and general flynn, and he's a spy -- literally a spy within the trump campaign? >> sean, this is unbelievable.
6:19 pm
it's an absolute bombshell and i will tell you this, what we have essentially learned is that stefan halper invited the trump campaign officials into the lion's den. this was not a set of organic meetings. this was not halper reporting things that he's witness that he thought were concerning. >> sean: documentary evidence e? >> an ironclad document trail that showed that he invited the russians, halper foisted the russians on the trump officials -- >> sean: the spies looking for the russians as the one bringing the russians into the campaign and surrounding all the people that have now gotten in legal trouble with russians? the guy that the government put there. is that a fair statement? >> absolutely. this is a classic espionage tactic. you accuse the other side of doing what you are in fact doing and that is the entire genesis of the mueller investigation. >> sean: did anybody like jeff sessions ask for this material? >> this is breaking, this is
6:20 pm
today. this is brand-new bombshell material. >> sean: watch our show and learn something. we found a lot of connections. hillary paying for lush and russian lies. rationalize being spread is propaganda to the american people. there's a lot of russia here that have nothing to do with bank loan applications, tax returns or taxi medallions. gregg jarrett, let's go to you. >> but they appear to have everything to do with the other side. >> sean: that's correct. >> there's no question. there was a conspiracy afoot here and that was to use people to insinuate themselves into the trump campaign as spies and in order to set up individuals as scapegoats essentially for the trump russia collusion probe. in the fbi is all in on this. they are paying for this. >> sean: is this the insurance policy? is this where the firewall is holding, we don't want to be exposed, does that all come together?
6:21 pm
>> papadopoulos bartok was never the precipitous moment for triggering the campaign, the election. it was the dossier and the dossier was fabricated by a british spy being paid for by hillary clinton and the democrats. where is jeff sessions and rod rosenstein investigating that? which is clearly illegal? >> sean: sean bigley, these documents will prove as such, correct? >> absolutely. let me tell you briefly what the show. number one, stefan halper colead his series of seminars with a noted putin apologist who spent a decade at the state academy in russia. number two, stefan halper cotaught the seminars at cambridge university with the former head of russian intelligence and number three and perhaps most damning, stefan halper accepted funds for a front company for the russian
6:22 pm
intelligence service, or what am i six believes to be a front. >> sean: everything has boomerangs. i know mike i said this year is the year of the boomerang. i hope your client -- this is going to be interesting. let's see if robert mueller pays little attention to something russia. instead of bock companies and people who will never get in a courtroom, maybe he can pay attention now if he cares about truth and real russia collusion. we will follow the story. thank you all for being with us. congrats on the book, sarah great report. if you want to read the whole report. it's long but it's worth a read. when we come back, bruce ohr is going to go face-to-face with lawmakers tomorrow behind closed doors. catherine herridge has a full report from washington and alan dershowitz, andy mccarthy as we continue straight ahead. ♪ experts say to eat a lot of fruits and veggies, but are you getting enough of their nutrients? new one a day with nature's medley is the only complete multivitamin
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>> sean: tomorrow disgrace doj official bruce ohr will testify on capitol hill behind closed doors. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has a full report from washington. catherine. >> tuesday's interview behind closed doors will focus on ohr's decision to share information with the fbi from the former spy christopher steele after he was fired from the bureau as a source. investigators tell fox news they also question what the fbi knew about steele's hatred of candidates from. and if that's true, why the bureau still used the unverified research to secure a surveillance warrant on a trump campaign aide? he was not part of the official justice department job. investigators are also drilling down on the relationship with glenn simpson, the firm
6:28 pm
fusion gps was played by the dnc and the clinton campaign. simpson employed ohr's wife. they leveled serious allegation allegations. >> we want him to confirm what we already know from hard evidence, that he and his wife were part of a conspiracy to in fact create this narrative of involvement and wrongdoing by the president relative to the russians. if we a lot of evidence. now the question is can we get him to confirm the evidence or will he deny the truth right before us in writing? >> 2017 text messages obtained by fox suggest steele also asked ohr to be his go-between with a special counsel robert mueller's team. a spokesperson declined to comment in the doj had nothing to add. >> sean: catherine, thank you. joining us now with reaction, author of another best seller, the case against impeaching donald trump. harvard law school professor alan dershowitz and fox news contributor andy mccarthy. i watched you out there,
6:29 pm
professor, i watched you both last week and it was great hysteria as the manafort verdict came in. a great speculation. lanny davis has backed off a lot of his comments, which is pretty fascinating. and professor, you kept saying this isn't even jaywalking as it relates to the president. can you explain to america's dumb pundit lawyer class why you are right and they are so wrong? >> first, i completely understand why people are so anxious to try to find crimes against trump, but you just can't make it up. you have to look at the rule of law and if you look at the statute, the statute says that a candidate can contribute any amount of money once into his own campaign and president trump has said the money came from him personally. also, there's an obligation to report -- the reporting obligation is on the treasurer of the campaign, not the candidate himself.
6:30 pm
so unless new evidence develops i see no indication of any criminal violation of any of the campaign finance statutes. if there are any, let's hear, where's the beef, where's the statute? point to me where the violation occurs. i know why people hope there is a violation but hope can't substitute for reality. >> sean: i would love for you to weigh in on this. you come at this from a different point of view. 20 years in the southern district of new york. your track record is impeccable. i got to interview a former colleague of yours. he's brilliant, he is on your page. rudy is obviously on your page. where are the crimes here? where? >> i think in the context particularly of the president, what is relevant here, especially because what we are talking about given the justice department guidance is impeachment, not indictment, the history of this set of statutes that professor dershowitz just
6:31 pm
referred to is that the two government agencies that are primarily responsible for enforcing them have come to contradictory conclusions about what a crime is. so you have in the john edwards case back about five or six years ago you had the federal election commission saying that these kinds of payments were not in-kind political contributions and then the justice department turns around and indicts him on six felony counts, the case that the judge lets it go to the jury but it ends in disaster for the justice department. one acquitted count and five hung jury counts and my only point is if the two agencies of government that are primarily responsible for enforcement can't even agree on what a crime is, how can you conceivably have a high crime? >> sean: i've known him for a lot of years. i like lanny. i know he loves the clintons. he and i agree to disagree, but he said things that he had to back off of that were really
6:32 pm
important. my client says that the president knew about the infamous meeting at trump tower. the words in the plea agreement, professor with michael cohen at the direction of the president, that's all contradicted by even michael cohen's testimony before congressional committees. >> but it's so confusing. it's so confusing because if it was at the direction of the president and the president agreed to pay it back from his own money, then it's a perfectly awful, legitimate aspect of this. so i don't get why the justice department felt the need to add at the direction of the president. it put them in in a catch-22 because at the direction of the president, then it's a campaign contribution from the president which is perfectly lawful. all that was required was reporting and the reporting would have happened after the election, so no harm, no foul here. i just don't get it.
6:33 pm
i've been teaching criminal law for over 50 years and you just have to show me where the crime is and i agree with my distinguished colleague that if you get two different agencies of the government disagreeing, you can't have criminal action and thomas jefferson said criminal jefferson must be so clear that the average person can understand it while running. i can even understand the statutes while sitting. how can you make them the basis for criminal charge or an impeachable offense? >> sean: last word. >> i would just add to that that what i'm disappointed about is the government and the southern district of new york in particular usually goes out of its way to avoid naming an accused person until they are actually ready to put their money where their mouth is and formally accused them under circumstances where they have all the due process protections that pertain to that. if you go out of your way to name someone under the circumstances, it's just something i don't understand why they would want to go out-of-bounds like that.
6:34 pm
>> i complained when they did that to richard nixon years and years ago. if you don't name people as unindicted coconspirators and give them no opportunity to respond in the court of law. >> sean: never claimed michael cohen was part of the conspiracy. they didn't claim that. >> it would be very hard to find a conspiracy. it would be a conspiracy not to register. that doesn't seem like much of a conspiracy, it's a real stretch. >> sean: good to see you both. the great one mark levin weighs in on this and more straight ahead. ♪ let your perfect drive come together during the final days of the lincoln summer invitation event get 0% apr on select 2018 lincoln models plus one thousand dollars bonus cash.
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♪ >> sean: joining us now with more on tonight's breaking news, the host of crtv's live-in tv, a host of life, liberty, live in right here sunday night, the number one show when it's time slot on the fox news channel, with all of the great one. let's start with the president and the hysteria that came out last week and the so-called experts have been so wrong the
6:39 pm
entire time. >> the president is actually in great shape when it comes to the law and when it comes to impeachment. on impeachment all we have to do is vote and make sure the democrats don't win and then he won't be impeached. there is an idea. anyway, that's the headline. the president is in very good shape. you cannot impeach a president on events that occurred before he was president. i don't know people are aware of this, the president in 1873, judges different, president, vice president on events that occurred before hand so even if they load up their phony list we have to keep that in mind read also, there is serious doubt on whether mr. mueller in his report can use grand jury information that goes public. member, grand jury's are secret. grand jury information is supposed to be secret. there's a big case going on the washington, d.c., related to this. congress passed a statute to keep this information secret because when an individual is in front of a grand jury they don't
6:40 pm
have a lorry. the other side can't be told. there's no counter to what the government is doing. so they will have a big hurdle i think to get over to even allow the information that's in front of a grand jury to get to the american people by way of mr. rosenstein because that is a miscarriage of justice. what else? obstruction of justice. i'm going through what they've been arguing. the president cannot obstruct justice for firing a subordinate, period. now what about this new thing they've come up, conspiracy to defraud an election? i would like to know, this conspiracy, exactly who to the president conspire with? who is it? had they been charged, they have they been prosecuted? who did the president conspired with? he didn't conspire with anybody because there is no such thing. and of course the big enchilada, which is a sitting president cannot be indicted, which i've been saying for 18 months which makes all of this entirely bogus. now let's move to the district in new york. they are pursuing campaign violations that did not occur. while i agree with aspects of
6:41 pm
what professor dershowitz said, i disagree with this, these are not crimes, period. intent, who paid home, doesn't matter. these are events that are not defined as campaign violations, but i would ask the southern district of new york, which candidates have you or any other u.s. attorney prosecuted for violating these laws when they used private funds or corporate funds to settle a private legal matter? can you give me one? can you name one, two, three, four? if this is the law, i'm assuming you've used it on a whole bunch of other people. where is the case law? because i don't see that. the one area that bugs me is the new york attorney general, who was a hack and the d.a. in manhattan, another hack. these are elected democrats. so they can look at these areas too. the immunity on indictment doesn't necessarily apply to them. if i were the president i would look across the united states and i would hire the five or six
6:42 pm
toughest, smartest, most aggressive litigators in the country. i would pull them together around my table and i would say i want you to do everything you can to go on the offensive against these political prosecutors. i don't care if you have to drag out their cases. i don't care how many motions you have to file. it's time to go on offense against these political phony prosecutors in the state of new york and in manhattan. if you don't mind, i would like to briefly talk about this bruce ohr because i think he is very, very key. >> sean: i don't have any questions, you are doing great on your own. >> thank you. i view this guy bruce ohr is kind of a mole to be perfectly honest with you. he's on the staff of the deputy attorney general of the united states. first sally gates and then brought rosenstein. there's a ton of questions this man needs to be asked because he seems to be the center of the wheel and that is, what role or roles did he play in the
6:43 pm
production of this dossier? his relationship with fusion gps where his wife worked, his relationship with christopher steele, the full extent of it is what we need to know because he clearly was a back channel for opposition research in the united states department of justice. i want people to remember the fbi director is gone. he's a leaker, he was fired. the deputy fbi director is gone, he is under criminal investigation. mr. strzok, he was fired. ever see anything like this before? in the deputy attorney general's office you should have a guy who was colluding with the former british spy, a foreigner who can affect our election whose wife just happens to be working for the opposition research outfit funded by hillary clinton and the dnc, stick with me because it's very simple and they are the ones that colluded with russia, so the question is not only what was his role, who did he communicate with at the fbi? who did he communicate with at the department of justice?
6:44 pm
what did he tell sally gates? what did he tell rod rosenstein? did he talk to brandon, did he talk to clapper? did he talk to white house? every single person -- what media outlets did he potentially speak to? we need to know that too. this is all very, very important and any members of congress that he talked to? did he talk to read, did he talk to adam schiff? if you talk to any of these people? and who provided what information to home on this dossier? was he a behind the scenes prodding along to make sure the application was written the way they wanted it to go to the fisa court? what we will be watching tomorrow is the democrat party. the democrat party is the obstruction party. almost anarchist. they do not care if the department of justice was lawless. they do not care that the senior level of the fbi wiped itself out. they've been defending them, they've been special leaders for lawlessness. that's the question. >> sean: mark levin, thank you thank you. the show's number one on cable. right here 10:00 p.m. on the
6:45 pm
fox news channel. when we come back we will check in with lindsey graham, one of john mccain's best friends, straight ahead.
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♪ >> our hearts and prayers are going to the family of senator john mccain. there's going to be a lot of activity over the next number of days and we very much appreciate everything that senator mccain has done for our country. so thank you very much. >> sean: the president earlier tonight at the evangelical leadership dinner at the white house praising senator john mccain for his unmatched service to this nation after we learned this week and of course that senator mccain, he's been on this program many times, agreeing and disagreeing quite often actually and his colleagues, probably his closest
6:50 pm
friend of the senate, senator lindsey graham tweeted "america and freedom have lost one of her greatest champions and i've lost one of my dearest friends and a mentor. i'm sorry about your loss, i really am. >> thanks for what you said to me privately and what you said publicly. it means a lot to sandy and the kids and the family to hear all these nice things said about john, so thank you. >> sean: would also tweeted was -- you and i have fights, political fights and i had them with senator mccain but i am proud i got to know his wife cindy, lovely, and megan. former colleague, radio and tv. >> traveled everywhere with us. >> he was the better choice by far. and what he did in vietnam five years in a p.o.w. camp, bones broken. and i know that he didn't like the president. they fought, so what? >> i wish we had more time but it is what it is.
6:51 pm
they fought so we will look forward. we will give him the send-off he deserves. i have cried a lot and i am going to try to get over it and i will speak tomorrow in the senate. his desk is right by mind and i hope i don't crack up and i will tell people about learning from john, and it was a lot. perfect is not john mccain. >> sean: i remember when he came back. to remember when he said -- >> good, decent, honorable. >> sean: don't listen to those guys on tv or talk radio. they can go straight to hell. he didn't mind listening to me in 2008 when i was helping him. but he was a hero. >> if i had to pick one person in the entire country to explain america to a foreigner it would be john. he had a romantic view of the nation that never died. he loved america, willing to die for it and he could be tough on his colleagues but the fact that everybody -- >> sean: you know that's an understatement. >> the stories we could tell. which we want.
6:52 pm
>> sean: you said it to me privately, i hope you don't mind. you said in many ways the president and ham are alike. i don't know what you meant by that. >> pretty hard edged guys. at the end of the day -- >> sean: put out a statement earlier. i guess somebody had changed the flag at half-staff but they put it back. >> john kelly, i don't know if he's listening. he called right after john passed, the president tells general kelly whatever they need to have. we will talk about what does it mean for the country for john to have been in the senate. what does it mean for us to have been around him, what can we do to build on this legacy? where can i help? >> sean: do you notice what i've noticed? all these people that said i supported john mccain '08. i went to work for john mccain john mccain. but all these people that are like he was the greatest -- i
6:53 pm
can go worse in chapter how vicious they were to him. is it better to be nicer in life? like ronald reagan, they trust him. he passes on, one of the greatest presidents. that's not what you said back then. >> do know what john would say? take it where i can get it. the same guy in 2008 who ran a campaign like george wallace, but the fact that people say good things about him now, i appreciate but the family appreciates it. he's got a family. he's got a son coming back from afghanistan. he's got a son has been in iraq and afghanistan. megan. they all appreciate this. >> sean: you said the president has a right to his own attorney general. i agree with you. what has happened to jeff sessions? >> i like jeff, but it ain't working. if they can't repair this relationship, and i don't see that happening, the president deserves an attorney general he feels confident in that can leave the department of justice in a more effective way. >> sean: is it wrong that
6:54 pm
hillary got away with the email stuff? as it wrong that pfizer courts would like to? is it wrong that russian lines were paid for and disseminated to the american people and where is mueller? >> the hillary clinton investigation was corrupt. they liked her, hated tron. the initial russia investigation was corrupt at its core. the same guy started the russia investigation, peter strzok. i don't know why we have a special counsel. i can't explain it to people in south carolina. >> sean: pfizer courts, would you ever lie to a judge? would you delete subpoenaed emails? >> i would tell him he's on the payroll, you better consider that. the bottom line it was corrupt and we need to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> sean: but we are going after people for tax evasion and loan issues. >> the bottom line is this is just going to be a lot of noise if he did not collude with russia, and i do not believe he
6:55 pm
did. >> sean: our thoughts and prayers to sandy, megan and the entire mccann family. >> i am better off or have known him and he left his country. as a little john mccain in all of us. if we can bring that out the country would be a good spot. >> sean: thank you, senator . more "hannity" after this. after walking six miles at an amusement park, bill's back needed a vacation from his vacation. so he stepped on the dr. scholl's kiosk. it recommends our best custom fit orthotic to relieve foot, knee, or lower back pain so you can move more. dr. scholl's. born to move. "have you lost weight?" of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle.
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♪ >> sean: third during an interview yesterday, tiger woods was asked about his relationship with president trump. here's what he said. >> i've known donald for a number of years. we played golf together. you know, we've had dinner together. yeah, donald -- prepresidency, obviously, during his presidency. he's the president of united states. >> sean: he's the president of united states, respect the office. something the media might want to learn. tiger, you are so phenomenal in this come back. it is one of the most exciting things in sports and we look
7:00 pm
forward to you winning your next championship. that is all the time we have left this evening. let not your heart be troubled. we are not the destroy-trump-media. we don't make up fake news. there she is, missing in action. ingraham is back. where were you? where did you go? >> laura: i'm just really special. >> sean: [laughs] i agree. i'm not debating that. >> laura: they change to the desk, hannity, and i understand that you golf with tiger woods, have you not? >> sean: no, i've never golfed with tiger woods. i wouldn't dare good on a golf course with tiger woods. are you kidding? >> laura: you played tennis with roger frederick. >> sean: no, but i did line judge -- >> laura: were you with a ball boy for the jimmy connor match? >> sean: how did you know? you can see it in the video. >> laura: you had this


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