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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 28, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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[cheers and applause] >> sandra: fox news alert on the key figure in the early stages of the russia investigation, justice department official brews or heading to the hot seat on capitol hill this morning set to appear in a -- before a joint meeting of the house judiciary and oversight committees. good morning, i'm sandra smith live inside america's newsroom. >> good morning, i am eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. lawmakers are trying to connect the dots between mr. ohr and christopher steele, the former british spy who put together that infamous antitrust dossier. >> we know just from the documents that he was functioning almost as an intermediary between the clinton
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campaign and fusion gps and the obama justice department. we need to know who else at the fbi knew what he was doing, we need to know when he started dealing with people like glenn simpson at fusion gps, what his interactions were with christopher steele and the financial interest that he had. >> eric: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is on capitol hill right now, right outside the door for that hearing is going to be held momentarily. good morning, what can we expec expect? >> that's right, good morning, and the last few minutes we've had a rolling thunder situation, numbers of republican lawmakers arrive here on capitol hill and was in the last 10 minutes, the justice department official bruce ohr has also arrived. he appeared to be with two other officials from the justice department and from a distance, fox news showed a series of questions and ohr did not respond. let's listen. >> mr. ohr, did you authorize your contact with the fbi?
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were you acting alone or with authority from a justice department official? how did your wife benefit from the dossier did you have a conflict of interest? mr. ohr, will you take our questions? >> bruce ohr worked at the justice department and the fall of 2016 and his portfolio was narcotics and gangs, it was not russia. but testimony as well as emails and text messages showed that bruce ohr was part of a back channel communication. stand by just one second, we have congressman jordan who has just arrived here. let's just drop in for a second. what are you expecting to learn from bruce ohr today? >> i want to know what the doj new and certainly looks like he continued to meet with mr. steele after the fbi terminated the relationship. >> did mr. ohr break the law when he took actions that financially benefited his wife who he worked for fusion gps?
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>> i don't know, but the fundamentals don't change the fact that department just as officials as working on the firm. if the fbi uses the dossier that they're getting from bruce ohr, peter strzok told us that to go get a warrant to spy on the trim campaign. so that's a big concern. did sally yates know what was going on? i don't know. we have lots of questions for him. >> thank you, congressman. so that's live on the fly with congressman jim jordan, 1 of 4 republicans will be asking questions along with staffers today. again, the main point is that bruce ohr acted as a back channel with the former british spy christopher steele who was the author of the dossier and that contact continued with the fbi in the fall of 2016 even after the fbi had fired a steele because he had lied about his contacts with the media and in those contacts, using the
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dossier. >> eric: a way to go, that is real journalism here on the fox news channel and pointed questions that you were shouting at ohr that he refused to answer. we will see if he also refuses to answer and if he takes the fifth floor of those two other justice department officials if they are lawyers who counsel him not to say anything. it is behind closed doors. meanwhile, ohr's wife was a contractor for fusion gps, will they be hearing from her any point in how to achieve it and it this? >> i don't want to give you bad information because i haven't had any indication that nellie ohr will be called to testify and will appear, but the important thing for folks at home is that bruce ohr's wife worked for the group that put the dossier together and she did research that was part of the dossier in the set of questions i just put the congressman jordan is whether bruce ohr may have a violation of federal law here because government officials are not allowed to
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take action in their official capacity that financially benefit members of their family and nellie ohr was receiving what i understand to be a significant income from the firm fusion gps that was behind the dossier. so that's another important issue to watch here. >> eric: certainly a lot of questions about those reported contacts between mr. ohr and christopher steele. if >> if i could just say one more thing, it's more than just a contact with christopher steele and the fbi. what the text messages obtained and reviewed by fox news show is that christopher steele, the british spy try to use bruce ohr as his go-between with the special counsel and robert mueller. so this kind of back channel communication really continued long after director comey was fired in 2017. >> eric: after steele was dubbed by the fbi for violating regulations. we'll get you back to the hearing and see what happens.
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thank you. >> sandra: meanwhile, president from breaking his silence and paying his respects to john mccain honoring the arizona senator's long service to our country in a new message. the president also ordering flags of the white house to be lowered to half-staff again. >> also, our hearts and prayers are going to the family of senator john mccain, there will be a lot of activity over the next number of days and we very much appreciate everything that senator mccain has done for our country. so thank you very much. >> sandra: kevin corke is live from the white house for us, is it fair to say that with respect to the way it handled the response to the death of arizona senator john mccain, the white house would like a mulligan? >> i think that's a pretty fair statement and understand this, there's a bit of nuance here. on the one hand, white house officials are full throated in their support for the mccain
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family and obviously honoring the memory of the late arizona senator, but on the other hand, the bad blood between the president and his former political rival certainly impacted the way the white house rolled out its response to his passing. i don't think there's any denying that. but let me just share down a bit of back and forth. people at home certainly heard a great deal about this yesterday, the lowering of the flag to half-staff, than raising a 24 hours later, then bowing to political pressure lowering it once again. the president issuing a proclamation yesterday obviously hoping to quell some of the blow back. he said despite our differences on policy and politics, i respect senator john mccain's service to our country and in his honor, i've signed a public proclamation to fly the flag of the united states at half-staff until the day of his internment. i've asked of vice president mike pence to offer address at the ceremony honoring senator mccain at the capitol at the request of the mccain family, but also authorize military transportation of
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senator mccain's remains from arizona to washington, d.c., military pallbearers and of course and transport during his service at the u.s. naval academy. finally, i've asked general john kelly, secretary james mattis and ambassador john bolton to represent my administration that his services. mccain famously voted against the repeal of obamacare which of course guilty and ministrations effort by that one single vote. despite earlier pledging to vote in favor of. that move you certainly know this angered the president who was some also said has questioned mccain's alleged handling of delivery of the steele dossier to the fbi so there's some back-and-forth political blood blood there but the white house certainly hoping to put an end to all that as we honor the service in the memory of senator john mccain. >> sandra: meanwhile, another big story out of the white house. a new trade agreement announced during this program yesterday with mexico. some are calling the president announced agreement with mexico
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half of nafta. what can you tell us about that and what happens next? >> i like that by the way, i think we can work with that. effectively what the white house is telling us is this is an opportunity to protect american workers but more importantly, it also enhances the opportunity to make better trade deals with our partners to the south and may be hopefully get canada on board. as you know, their foreign minister is en route here to washington hoping to stave off some more possible tariffs that the u.s. could place on canadian products in particular timber and auto. let me share very briefly just one of the headlines of this, a lot of talk about auto yesterday and i think the folks at home and certainly in the rust belt will find this captivating to learn. is there trying to change the rules of origin for auto parts, 75% of auto content now has to be made in the u.s. and mexico, that is obviously a shot across china who has been funneling parts through mexico. just part of the demonstrations efforts, we learn from larry kudlow earlier this is something they're very proud of.
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congressional approval will come down the line. back to you. >> sandra: kevin corke at the white house this morning, thank you very much. >> eric: for more on hafta, let's bring in james freeman, the assistant editor for the washington editorial page. also borrowed time, two centuries of booms, bus, and bailouts. i like that. is it hafta or is it a major breakthrough? >> investors are looking at this glass as hafta a fall because it could have been so much worse. this has been made all this great tax cutting and cutting of red tape in washington that has really driven economic growth, trade has been the big fear and we have seen tariffs going up, a lot of concern and i think the relief rally on wall street is investors saying this is not as bad as it could have. if we look like we are moving in the right direction, got to bring canada in, but we will see the details, maybe not too much damage. >> eric: how about jobs?
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as kevin pointed out, 75% of the cars don't have to be made in mexico where the u.s. 40% of the factories have to pay at least $16 in minimum wage. that can bring jobs back here to our country but others say this could hurt the carmakers down south that are nonunion like alabama and tennessee. >> this is the best news if you are in a unionized autoworker in the u.s. and it's geared in part to speak to that political constituency. but i would say it's going to raise consumer prices on cars at the margin. if even for those foreign manufacturers dimension, their stocks rallied and i think it's because they felt like it could've been a lot worse. so we will help again to see canada get into this. there are some good things. >> eric: the president is giving canada a deadline of friday, what are they to do? to the jump on board? >> he would obviously like to see that come down. for everyone, what you hope is
6:12 am
that they come to an agreement quickly that still allows companies to dispute resolution process and doesn't get them into bureaucratic fights in each local area. and that's one of the beauties of nafta right now is that you have a quick arbitration process and you put limits on the government's ability to interfere. >> eric: you think canada will agree? >> i think they will. stay when the president has certainly put pressure on both of them. thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert here as we learn new details about the suspect and the deadly shooting had a video game tournament in florida over the weekend, what investigators are revealing about david katz's medical history. >> eric: startling admission from michael cohen's attorney about the 2016 trump tower meeting, now that's putting some say mr. davis' credibility at least on this issue in question. former arkansas governor mike huckabee will join us on what lanny davis says was an error. if >> sandra: justice
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department official bruce ohr has arrived as you saw just a short time ago on capitol hill for a closed-door grilling about that anti-trump dossier. if what does congressman mark meadows want to know when he's in that room? he joins us live next, but first, here is congressman darrell issa. >> peter strzok gave us direct testimony under oath of bruce ohr's involvement. i think it gives us a strong opportunity to ask him for answers. if we don't get them, then bring them in from a standpoint of real contempt. watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ ) joni: think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it. they're moving forward with cosentyx.
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6:17 am
another question is can we get him to confirm the evidence or will he deny the truth right before us in writing? >> sandra: republican congressman darrell issa putting doj official bruce ohr on notice on this program is a gears up to testify before a closed-door session of the house oversight and judiciary committees before arriving in this, just moments ago on capitol hill. mark meadows of north carolina is also a member of the oversight committee and the chairman of the house freedom caucus. good morning to you, i am sure this is a moment many of you have been anticipating for quite some time. >> we have come and i think there are three different lines of questioning. congressman isaac talked about it. we'll bruce ohr verify what we already know? one of the interesting thing is we have evidence that would suggest that fbi informants were told that there was no collusion
6:18 am
and yet it seemed to be ignored. additionally when you have christopher steele and nellie ohr being paid tens of thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars to put forth a false dossier, why would they rely so much on those two witnesses and ignore others? there's about 60 plus questions that i have come hopefully we'll get some truth to be able to report back to you but we are looking to honestly have a full day of questioning here. >> sandra: your colleague jim jordan just walked in a few moments ago when he tweeted this out. ohr's wife worked for him to produce the dossier or pass the dossier to fbi. if. if fbi salacious and unverified dossier to spy on the president's campaign. who all knew about this at the doj. congressman, i think a lot of the american people who are watching and looking on at this moment are wondering if we are actually going to get any answers, if you're going to get any answers today.
6:19 am
>> we are going to get some answers today but i can tell you in continuing to drill down, it's really your viewers, the american people that need to be the judges of this. i believe we need to have complete transparency, take some of the documents that we've been able to see, declassify them and allow the american people to see it and when they see it, they will be appalled at what happen within our fbi and doj and it should never happen in a constitutional republic. >> sandra: you also tweeted this, we learn new information suggesting our suspicions are true. fbi and doj previously leaked info to the press and then use those same press stories as a separate source to justify sizes, tomorrow's bruce ohr interview is even more critical. he did he ever do this? what he think the answer to that question is? >> i believe he did. we know some people at the department of justice and fbi actually gave information to the
6:20 am
media month and the stories were reported, than they use those reports to justify further investigation. if that's like saying we are going to incriminate on one hand and be the jury on the other. it just doesn't work that way. so we believe that we will get some clarity on that today. we have some hard evidence that will be hard to refute. >> sandra: what is at stake here? >> a republic and the integrity of the fbi and doj is at stake. when we really look at it, 99% of the doj and fbi workers are truly great patriots and yet we have about seven or eight that took things into their own hands and so is the credibility of lady justice that should have a blindfold and yet we are seeing they were peaking and trying to tilt just as one way or another based on their own political bias. >> sandra: do you think will learn anything today? obvious it is as close door, gets underway shortly here.
6:21 am
he suspected to last hours, go for a pretty long day here, will we learn anything today that comes out of this closed-door interview? >> juggling a lot of the specifics on his closed-door interviews does not get shared in the media, it allows for further investigation that goes on, but i do believe that we will learn in general terms some of the other areas of concern. so i think that later reporting today would suggest that perhaps the involvement, who authorized bruce ohr to get involved if there was someone who did that, those of the critical questions that have to be answered. >> sandra: you got a big day ahead of you, thank you for coming out ahead of that big interview today. >> eric: meanwhile, a key primary in florida. voters at the pole there to pick the republican nominee for governor. one candidate support from president trump be the deciding factor? we will take a look straight ahead. and you heard about what actor john goodman said about the abc's new spin-off show the
6:22 am
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speak to us >> sandra: a fire e statue of liberty, took two hours to contain the fires. officials say they found a 100-pound propane tank on fire near to other propane tanks, and one of those had tipped over leaking fuel. luckily, there was no damage to the statue of liberty. >> eric: its primary day in a couple of states in down there is down to the wire for one of the most closely watched races in the country as voters head to
6:26 am
the polls to pick the republican nominee for governor of the sunshine state. right now, republican candidates adam putnam and congressman ron desantis even though he has the president's backing, they are vying for the nomination on who could go to tallahassee. so if he joins us live from a polling location in orlando. so polls showed this really down to the turnout today. >> absolutely, but in very competitive competitive gubernatorial contest by both parties. a more than $100 million have been spent on this race and president trump has played a very large factor. first, let start with two republicans. three term congressman ron desantis versus former congressman and karen agriculture commissioner adam putnam. both candidates are touting their full support of the trump agenda but only ron desantis has won trump's endorsement. has the endorsement of republican attorney general pam
6:27 am
boundy when does have more ground game which could be a close call on today's contest. on the democratic side, big field of five but them's top three are considered viable. a gwen graham has been consistently pulling a lead of seven points or more, she's a former congresswoman, daughter of former governor and senator bob graham and things she can pull women voters in november. democrats, independents, and republicans. from a miami beach mayor philip levine has spent millions of his own dollars and showed up yesterday at the jacksonville mass shooting site to tout gun control. progressive tallahassee mayor andrew gillam hopes to be the first black governor in florida history and has the endorsement of bernie sanders. and president trump on both sides of the aisle down here, both parties, both tickets is really played a factor. all five candidates really competing against each other to be the most anti-trump candidate and of course the two republicans trying to be the most pro. >> eric: that the division. meanwhile, there's a senate race
6:28 am
that the country is watching. >> people across the country are certainly watching this race but no drama because everybody already knows who is going to be on the november ballot. it's going to be a two-term republican governor rick scott was term limited out right now hoping to unseat the term democratic senator bill nelson. if a moderate and former astronaut is considered extremely vulnerable this november, although in the primary today, he is unchallenged. pro-business governor scott has a huge money advantage and president trump's full support about 2 million floridians have already voted by mail or early and that could be more than half of the total primary turnout and this is the closed primary in florida, so you have to be a registered republican or a registered democrat to participate today meaning of the fastest growing group, the independents 3.5 million floridians cannot vote. >> eric: how about that?
6:29 am
will have coverage throughout the day, thank you. speak to honoring john mccain for his long service to the state into the nation. what arizona has planned for the late senator and the stirring inspirational message mccain had in his final letter to the country. >> eric: we are also only one week away from the start of brett kavanaugh's supreme court confirmation hearings. we'll have the latest on democratic efforts to try to block that confirmation. louisiana republican senator john kennedy is here, there he is standing by in the russell office building and he will tell us what we can expect. >> sandra: we look forward to talking to him, meanwhile record check after president trump's announcement of a preliminary deal with mexico on nafta, markets open 30 seconds from now. will be right back. >> both with canada and with mexico, i will terminate the existing deal. i will be terminating the existing deal and going into this deal.
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>> sandra: fox news alert, let's get a quick check on the dow, really taking off yesterday as the president announces a trade deal with mexico. if that's leading to more optimism as we start the second trading day of the week firmly above 26,000 26,000. u.s. stock market hitting a fresh record this week. >> eric: it inspirational and heartfelt final farewell message from senator john mccain. his last letter was read by his longtime aide rick davis. he was on a prepares to honor his long service to our nation. >> do not despair of our present difficulties. we believe always in the promise and greatness of america because nothing is inevitable here. if americans never quit, we never surrender, we never hide from history, we make history. farewell, fellow americans.
6:34 am
god bless you, and god bless america. >> eric: some great words live in phoenix right outside the capital. the late senators honored by his colleagues on capitol hill. certainly has been an emotional time of remembrances and tributes. >> absolutely, very much so and late yesterday afternoon, senator john mccain colleagues and friends returned to the senate floor, many of them taking turns to speak about the man who was larger than life in many respects, often a great ally, but also someone who stood his ground on issues he felt were the right thing to do. even when it ruffled feathers. and as per tradition, they draped a black cloth over his desk with flowers placed atop. one of his closest friends, senator lindsey graham talked about his mentor on hannity last night. >> if i had to pick one person in the entire country to explain america to a foreigner, it would be john.
6:35 am
he had a romantic view of the nation that never died. he loved america, willing to die for it and he could be tough on his colleagues, but the fact that everybody he knew. this stories we could tell, which we won't, but he can forgive two. >> services begin tomorrow what would have been john mccain's 82nd birthday. >> eric: lindsey graham is close friends certainly and has pegged him for what he means for his friends into our nation. meanwhile, he will lie in state of the capital, what can we expect to go on in phoenix? >> absolutely, so tomorrow morning, the senator 's casket will be brought here, the building behind me were he will lie in state and then his family will be here for a private ceremony that they will attend and some of the speakers will include former senator john kyle, instead of governor john ducey. and senator jeff flake. later, the public will be
6:36 am
invited to pay their respects. they will be a celebration of mccain's life and legacy of the north phoenix baptist church, former vice president joe biden another good friend of the late senator will speak. secretary of defense jim mattis will be one of the pallbearers and then from here, the memorials and services will move on to washington, d.c. and finally to the cemetery at the naval academy where the senator will be interred. >> eric: are very crucial and important week, thank you. >> sandra: new remarks from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle as they remember their colleagues, senator john mccain for his wit and candor. >> and more than 30 years of the sender, he never failed to marshal a razor-sharp wit, a big heart, and of course, a fiery spirit. >> he was unafraid to take on presidents, he was unafraid to take on his own party, he was equally parts funny and furious,
6:37 am
foulmouthed and statesmanlike. >> sandra: the spring and that we as a senator john kennedy, serves on the judiciary committee. it is nice to see you this morning. i was watching you as you are listening on at your colleague they are, what morning as she was just reporting mccain will lie in state at the arizona capitol tomorrow? >> i had the honor of serving with senator mccain for 20 months. he treated me as an equal, has a brand-new senator. we are equal but i appreciated the gesture. senator mccain played outside the pocket. he was a warrior. john was not at least in my experience, he was not a turn the other cheek sort of guy. he believed if you turn the other cheek too far, you would just get it in the neck. he would fight. i disagreed for example with his
6:38 am
vote on repealing the affordable care act, but from day one, john said we were going about it the wrong way. it wasn't some moment, his no vote at the last minute. from day one, he filed against it and said you're doing this the wrong way. i'll tell you a quick story. we have speakers when we meet for lunch, we meeting republicans and many prominent speakers and one day, we had a very prominent speaker, i won't use a name but you can probably guess who it was. i came late and there was one seat left, the table right in front of the prominent speaker next to senator mccain and i didn't know why, there was is one great seat left. i sat down and i found out pretty quickly. senator mccain kept up a running commentary and critique of everything that our speaker said. it was under his breath of course and it was alternating caustic and funny and i was
6:39 am
trying not to smile and not to laugh. i knew immediately why that seat was open. >> sandra: is nice to hear these stories as we remember john mccain. changing gears here, it's back to work for many of you in congress this week and next week, the confirmation hearings for brett kavanaugh. are democrats still trying to stop this nomination? >> yes, but unsuccessfully. i hope next week or the week after next that we have a reason discussion about the qualifications of a man who the president has appointed to the most powerful an elected position in the most powerful country in the history of the world. that's what i hope. it could end up being a junior high school cafeteria food fight. that's entirely up to the democrats. i think it would be fair to say
6:40 am
that the votes are there to confirm judge kavanaugh. i'm going to do my job. i sit on judiciary. my job is to ask them tough questions and i'm going to do that. >> sandra: what are your questions for him? >> i'm not going to tell you because then he'll have time to prepare ahead of time. he is smarter than me, i read most of his materials, particularly his law review articles and i have no doubt he'll be able to answer them. the guy is a first-class intellect who knows what his judicial philosophy is and he's going to be prepared to defend it. >> sandra: how do you think this all will turn out? will democrats plans to stop this fail? will he ultimately be confirmed? >> yes. i think their plans will fail, i think think you will be confirmed and i predict that he will receive at least two democratic votes in all republican votes and may be more votes. based on what i've seen, and i'm going to do my job now, based on what i've seen it, i like what i
6:41 am
see in the manner qualified. >> sandra: big picture, what does this mean for your party as we head towards the midterm election? >> i think it's a big win for the country. for the first time, we will have a majority of members of the united states supreme court said in my opinion understands the role of the judiciary, and are free equal branches of government. politically, i think it's a win for president trump. in he ran and i think many people voted for him in part on an issue of his supreme court appointments, he is delivered. neil gorsuch and judge kavanaug kavanaugh, now just as justice gorsuch and judge kavanaugh, no fair-minded person can doubt their intellect. they are legal rock stars. and i think the president has fulfilled his commitment.
6:42 am
>> sandra: pleasure to have you on a program this morning, thank you. >> thank you. >> eric: it is an important week. michael cohen's attorney lanny davis has come and of. admitting that he was the source for the anonymous source for that disputed story about the infamous trump tower meeting. how could that admission now affect the mueller probe? in a moment, will talk to former arkansas governor mike huckabee about that. >> sandra: plus iran's president talking tough, taking aim at the white house. his warning for the u.s. next.
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6:44 am
6:45 am
>> eric: lanny davis doing some serious backpedaling and now admitting that he was the anonymous source for a cnn story that claimed michael cohen had information that them candidate donald trump knew in advance about the 2016 trump tower meeting with the russian lawyer. dave is saying i should have been much clearer than i could
6:46 am
not confirm the story of the trump tower meeting. i take responsibility for not communicating more clearly my uncertainty. i regret the error. if what is this mean in this case? governor mike huckabee joins us now. so cnn aren't regretting anything, the networks as it stands by its story, quotes multiple sources they say thing we are confident in our reporting. is that good enough for you? >> i find it amazing that cnn is standing by a story that the source closest to the story says isn't true. how do you stand by that? that is absurd. >> eric: they point to the other people and say lanny is off base. >> they won't name those sources, they're not telling us who they are the most fascinating point of it is the person closest to the story, the one who source would be most prominent and have the most veracity has said no, didn't
6:47 am
really happen and they're sticking by it anyway. this is why the president rightly calls them fake news, they hate the title, but they have worked really, really hard to earn it and it's going to be hard to wipe that stain from them. >> eric: an old saying in journalism, but they said in chicago. if your mother says she loves you, check it out and if it's wrong, come clean and say you did. he was with the president tweeted about this on saturday. michael cohen's attorney clarified the record saying his client does not know the president trump knew about the trump tower meeting out of which came nothing. the answer is that i did not know about the meeting, just another phony story but what he calls fake news. so what should cnn do and what is lanny davis do? what is is due to his credibility for did he do the appropriate thing i saying i made a mistake and i regret it? >> he basically has said that he walks it back, he made a mistake, he wasn't clear, he wasn't accurate. he said all of those things and
6:48 am
i think that's commendable. i like lanny and i commend him for at least being a stand-up guy and saying i made some of that stuff up. but it doesn't help his credibility. more importantly, it really hurts the credibility when his credibility is already in serious question because he's been all over the map and this is not good news for those who are trying to persecute or shall i say prosecute him in order to get him to say something about the president. >> eric: what if indeed he does make a deal? can you imagine what defense attorneys could do to make mincemeat out of him? >> mincemeat is being very charitable. and that's why is it is not helpful in the long term for michael collins veracity as a witness, it's not going to help him to be able to be somebody that can be depended upon. but it's another example of how this case has unraveled so far from the whole idea that it was about russia meddling in the
6:49 am
election and there's nothing in this that's about russia and the election that has been proven even to be remotely true. so i think the president has a point. if it's time for mueller to put up or shut up. this is a classic moment of this thing dragging on and on and there on a fishing expedition but now instead of catching the fish they've gone after, they're down just a catching trash fish and picking up anything on the bottom and hauling it up and taking a picture with it and it's time for to stop. >> eric: but finally, there is a question that some say obviously that that meeting itself essentially legal and it may doesn't need michael collins operation. had jared kushner and manafort meeting with the russian lawyer, the email said they were meeting because official documents and information that would incriminate hillary, part of russia and its government support for mr. trump. vince is 31 to one,
6:50 am
contributions by foreign nationals. it shall be unlawful for a foreign national directly or indirectly to make a contribution or donation of money or other thing of value were to make express or implied promise to make a contribution. so there's that other thing of value, critics would argue the other thing of value was this dirt on hillary clinton that was coming directly from the russian government to the trump campaig campaign. >> there are several questions, is not a thing of value that would be constituting a contribution, i think there is real questions to whether that would be construed. since nothing came out of that meeting that was of any value, then the argument would be there was no contribution, but it denies what really ought to be the focus is not what happened in a campaign with unpaid government campaign workers. the question is what was going on in the highest levels of our government at the doj and fbi that was partisan?
6:51 am
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>> sandra: actor john goodman speaking out for the first time since the cancellation of the hit show roseann defending his former costar against allegations of racism. jonathan hunt joins us now for a west coast barrel for more on this. what did he say about roseann? >> the headline was exactly that, that he defended her against these charges that she is and was racist. if goodman telling the london sunday times "i know for a fact she's not a racist."
6:55 am
roseanne herself responded on twitter saying i think john goodman for speaking truth about me despite facing certain peril from producers and networks. she was fired of course after a racist tweet about the former president obama made valerie jarrett. the show the ratings for which was high was canceled immediately. goodman said of that, i was surprised. i'll put it this way, i was surprised at the response and is probably all i should say about it. he also said he went through a period of depression after the cancellation. he will of course be the star of the spin-off show the corners, that starts this fall with no roseanne. the roseanne character will be killed off, goodman revealed. >> sandra: another comedian caught up in scandal back on stage? >> luis ek returned to the stage in new york on sunday night. if you remember, he disappeared from public view after being accused and then admitting
6:56 am
abusing women over a period of years. he was back on sunday night as a seller, another comedian said of his performance it was like classic louis. really, really good. the club owner said he was surprised that louis c.k. chose a live venue, he thought he do a more controlled environment. no word from the women he abuse abused. >> eric: a fox news alert, justice department official bruce ohr, the controversial official arriving as you can see on capitol hill. early this morning, he is behind closed doors right now giving a closed-door testimony. we will report on what he could say to lawmakers. sensor and this machine are integrated. atta, boy. & yes, some people assign genders to machines. & with edge-to-edge intelligence, you'll know your customers love this color,
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>> sandra: some of the progress the president made in his talks with north korea may be in jeopardy amid reports that rogue regime has sent a hostile letter to secretary of state mike pompeo. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's newsroom on this tuesday morning. >> eric: i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. the secretary of state vowing to keep the pressure on north korea. that after the president abruptly canceled his fourth trip to pyongyang on friday. north korea officials are wrapping bracketing up their tough talk and bluster accusing us of hatching a criminal plot to unleash a war. >> sandra: live at the state department for us this
7:01 am
morning, what are state department officials saying about all of this this morning? >> good morning. officials are saying that that claim that eric just called out is a pretty far-fetched idea that the u.s. is playing some type of invasion. officials say they are still trying to figure out a way to get some progress here to get north korea to surrender his nuclear weapons program. the korea worker daily party newspaper put out a statement shortly after the president decided to secretary of state mike pompeo is not going to go to pyongyang this week and said we cannot have a serious double-dealing attitude of the u.s. as it is a busy staging secret drills involving a man killing special units while having a dialogue with a smile on his face. the president also reportedly canceled secretary pompeo's trip after receiving a belligerent letter from a top north korean official. that's according to "the washington post." state department refuses to comment on that. he says a second time that a belligerent statement has called the president to cancel a
7:02 am
meeting with north korea if you remember about three weeks before that june 12th summit in singapore, the president said that some it was off before returning and saying that he would eventually meet with kim jong un and they did. >> sandra: any chances trip could be back on? >> is under consideration and officials are still trying to get to the point where they can get these talks going where the u.s. and north korea can make some progress, but there are substantial differences on the positions of these two countries. when you look at the u.s., he wants north korea to dismantle its weapons program, once that happens, it will lift sanctions and help north korea develop its economy. if north korea wants to receive benefits as is destroying its weapons. it also expects the u.s. to agree to a peace treaty ending the korean war. officials say they will continue fully enforcing sanctions against north korea until the kim regime disarms. the ministry should has also blames china and russia for easing their sanctions enforcement and just recently penalized for allowing or
7:03 am
enabling oil transport to the north korean regime. >> sandra: thank you. for more on this, let's bring in our headliner this morning, south dakota senator is a republican on the armed services committee and a veterans affairs committee. thank you very much for coming on with us this morning. first off, my question would be what do we do next? >> we continue with the sanctions, the administration has taken the correct position suggesting that until we actually see progress, we are not going to be changing our sanctions attitude. that's a step in the right direction. so we haven't taken any sanctions off, sanctions are still in place, north korea still feeling the pressure and if they want to play games with us, that's fine, they're not going to have any sanctions relief. at the same time, we are suggesting very clearly that we are prepared to negotiate with them but the sanctions do not come off until we see progress.
7:04 am
>> sandra: the progress is the question because we were led to believe through the state department that we were seeing significant process. here speaking on behalf of the state department just days before the president canceled the strip, listen. >> the concentrations continue. we have made significant movements over the past six months. in fact, we have had more conversations and consultations with the north koreans in six months then we have been virtually the past ten years. so we think we are on fairly strong footing here. >> sandra: the progress to which she refers is being called into question right now. >> i think it's one thing to say we are moving forward, we are progressing in terms of negotiations themselves but until we see actual progress, until we actually have clear evidence that they have started the dismantlement and that they actually start the denuclearization process, we are not going to see this administration i don't think any
7:05 am
way change the attitude that we have taken and we are going to continue to have these harsh penalties in place when it comes to north korea. and i don't think we should be changing that. naturally, the president has at his disposal the ability to negotiate and to make deals, but clearly north korea seems to have a different point of view in terms of what their expectations are. >> eric: do you think the north koreans really are sincere that kim jong un really wants to denuclearize? here's a "washington post" editorial about that saying trump is an expected to totally abandon diplomacy he began at the singapore summit but unless he responds positively to his latest move, he could side with them and want to apply more pressure to the regime to increase sanctions or other means including national security advisor john bolton. that's important because john bolton once told me the joke how can you tell of the north koreans are lying? he says their lips are moving. so he's very clear eyed and
7:06 am
perceptive about the misguided north korean intentions. >> there is clear evidence in the past and north korea will talk but they're not necessarily going to move away from their nuclear program. so we want to see progress, there has to be clear evidence that there have been changes in the nuclear program and north korea. >> eric: do you expect they'll do that? you think they actually will? >> time will tell. but in the meantime, we want to see the evidence that it actually happens, simply saying they're going to is one thing and that's the part that in the past they've talked to multiple presidents. we hope to have peace, we want peace, we want to see the peninsula they are being denuclearize, but at the same time, we go into us with our eyes wide open. it has not happened in the past, we are still dealing with a regime which is found that presidents in the past have negotiated with them and in some cases have relaxed sanctions for to this president is not going to do that. if you be you give them a care and you come back with a baseball bat.
7:07 am
george w. bush took them off the tariff list and that didn't work. president clinton had the oil for food deal and that didn't work, it just went straight ahead. if >> there's nothing wrong with negotiations but in order to change the sanctions that we have in place, we want progress being made and that means we want to see the first steps in denuclearizing the peninsula. and i think ambassador bolton is certainly the guy that understands that and this is in a matter of wanting to go to war, this is a matter of demanding that at some point we make the world safer by eliminating nuclear weapons in north korea. >> sandra: next up, i want to ask you about iran's president now allowing to overcome these newly imposed u.s. sanctions against tehran. he said they will only serve to unify their nation saying we are not afraid of america or the economic problems we will overcome the troubles. how do we were respond to iran? >> we continue being consistent in the message that we sent them
7:08 am
out which is the sanctions will remain in place and there will be new sanctions imposed on november 5th i believe is the date for the second round of sanctions. august 7th was the first round, november 5th is the second round. what we've done is taken some pretty tough measures with them, these are impacting their economy. their currency is worth about half of what was going a little bit less than half of what it was in january of this year. the economy there is faltering right now. a lot of it has to do with the fact that they can't get access to international banking the way that they have in the past. those are very important sanctions and they are having an impact. the people in iran are feeling the effects of this country's clear intervention in yemen and in syria as well. >> eric: some of the opposition groups, still protest going on in iran and tehran's behavior was absolutely outrageous to iranians accused
7:09 am
of targeting american citizens and the opposition group the national council of resistance of iran. so should the administration do about a regime that apparently targets americans right here on our own soil? >> the administration at this point has made it clear that they did not want regime change and in fact, if you had regime change, he might very well end up with some hardliners then what is already there. so the administration i think it does have an appropriate policy, they are simply saying we are going to impose sanctions, we are going to see these guys start changing their attitude and if they want to go into the international economy, they're going to have to quit some of these excursions that they've taken into the other countries around them. >> eric: do you think this theocracy will actually really ever change its behavior, this radical theocracy that has been a ruling that nations the revolution? >> our battle is not with the people of iran.
7:10 am
our battle is with a ruling class right now which has this thought process of having for them and empire and the middle east and having impact on all of their neighbors. at the same time, if you take a look to since it was put in place back by president obama, iran has increased a military spending by 90%. it is so clearly, they have that intention of having an impact on their neighbors. they've been actively involved in syria and just most recently have announced that they are signing a deal with syria to help support. >> sandra: i wanted to ask you about that because this is a big deal. iran and syria got together in this meeting between the defense ministers, signed a deal for military cooperation. iranian forces as we know backed assad in the of the war and it was u.s. national security advisor john bolton who said just last week that iran should remove its forces from syria.
7:11 am
so what does this action tell you? >> it codifies with already been going on. they have been troublemakers in the middle east with their neighbors. our allies there have clearly seen the intent of iran. they want the crescent moon, they want to be a part of that throughout the entire middle east. they are not our friends in terms of this regime which is there right now and then right now, the best thing that we can do is to continue with the sanctions and allow the people of iran to have influence on the government and iran. >> sandra: senior iranian officials say they have no immediate plans to withdraw there. thank you for coming on the program this morning, we appreciate your time. >> eric: meanwhile, michael cohen's lawyer lanny davis reporting this this morning, he walked back his claim that the president knew in advance about that meeting between donald trump jr. and the russian
7:12 am
lawyers. so how will that impact the mueller -- investigation? >> sandra: >> sandra: plus doj l bruce ohr behind closed doors on capitol hill facing questions about the trump dossier in his relationship with british spy christopher steele. should he be relieved of his duties until the investigation is over? >> for him to be in the justice department and to be doing what he did, that is a disgrace. pah! that will never work.
7:13 am
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>> sandra: department of justice official bruce or testifying behind closed doors right now before it joint meeting of lawmakers from the house oversight and judiciary committees. they want to know about his ties to ex-british by christopher steele. the author of that unverified trump dossier. let's bring in are a team this morning, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. associate editor of commentary magazine, and michael blakeman, dnc vice chair and new york state assemblyman. wonderful to have you all here this morning. so this is happening right now. if bruce ohr is sitting down, walked into the room this morning, we saw jim jordan, mark meadows on their way in.
7:17 am
they are likely to be grilling him. would you expect to come out of it? >> i'm anxious to hear the leaking that comes out of it but as an american, i want to see them not behind closed doors, i want to see ohr in the hot seat where the world can see him. >> sandra: some say this gives a lawmakers a chance to would not put on a show for the tv cameras and asked the real questions, try to get some answers. >> i think we could've gotten some real answers before the american people and when i'm very much concerned about is ohr's relationship with steele. when the fbi cut him off, ohr continue this relationship. ohr's wife was an employee of fusion gps. if this whole dossier was used in order to surveilled a political opponent of hillary clinton. this stinks from top to bottom. >> eric: you think there was a conspiracy here because you have a meeting supposedly 60 times. not meeting, but having texan
7:18 am
communications and with christopher steele. >> there is no doubt the fbi at the highest levels was bending over backwards to do things that they would not do in any other case and using information against a candidate for president. it's unheard of. if >> lets make sure we don't ignore what happen. you just conveyed that a question on conspiracy which is as ludicrous as this would sound right now, let's talk about the facts of the matter. when we talk about how the warrant was issued, it was not because of the dossier, number one, number two, we think about credibility, clearly no real credibility that's been happening especially when we talk about close doors and behind closed doors in that aspect thing we need to do these things to be able to protect president trump. so i agree on the one aspect of course this should be transparent but let's not ignore the critical and event as you conveyed what you said yes. >> the conspiracy and fbi, a conspiracy with questions in the
7:19 am
fbi leadership and his wife. >> the question was as you believe this is a conspiracy is? that's pretty ludicrous statement dated we believe there's a conspiracy happening? >> sandra: congressman darrell issa was on his program and suggested that bruce ohr and his wife nellie should admit that they were part of the conspiracy against donald trump. so this isn't just a theory of his. here hearing it for members of congress. >> what we know about bruce ohr's relationship with christopher steele and when he talked to the fbi is according to justice department officials on background, talk to abc news, they said it went beyond that. nellie ohr was a consultant for a political consultancy. she was a russian speaker, probably was contracted to do some russian-speaking work and that's far from being an employee but the most important point, i'm the only person with pain all the things we shouldn't be transparent about all this. he is an unprecedented maneuver to get the memo out of his committee, we put a fisa memo in
7:20 am
front of the public. according to "the new york times," russian sources in america's sources the report to the cia have gone underground, we do not talk to them anymore as a result of perhaps most likely the outing of a cia informant who was a former republican guy working at cambridge university. this is all unprecedented, really bad for national security and is a reason it's called a representative republic. we are not supposed to be privy to this information. >> as long as the american public doesn't have all the facts, they are in the dark and some people think there's a conspiracy by the fbi to get donald trump, others do not believe that is all, they still think it's a political talking point. do the american people deserve an answer about what is going on in his government on both sides? >> the responsibility for being clear to the american public is we shouldn't be putting fisa memos in front of the public to be making judgments. in the snow what they're supposed to do what is going to result in more confusion and more distrust of the government. >> sandra: we spoke with
7:21 am
congressman mark meadows who is fired up about all of this on his way to to the room that ths morning and asked them what is at stake. >> when we really look at it, 99% of the doj and fbi workers are truly great patriots and yet we have about seven or eight that took things into their own hands and so was the credibility of lady justice that should have a blindfold and yet we're seeing that they were peaking and trying to tilt just as one way or another based on their own political bias. >> we talk about getting political bias, devin nunes had a fund-raiser, conveyed that the republicans keep the majority in order to protect donald trump and to avoid continuing investigations will be want to talk about bias, talk about the one that are overseeing the investigation. i do acknowledge there is absolute legitimacy and making sure you have some information and is protected. no question about that. however, we can't ignore that there is confusion that exists and whether it having redacted
7:22 am
material of some sort, some information should be out there. why are going behind closed doors given the magnitude of what's happening right now? >> eric: is there an argument that there should be some release of material that is unredacted, protect sources and methods but let some of this unredacted material get out there? >> there is no question that ordinarily, i would agree. that sources, methods should be protected in order for the national interest. but not in this case where there's a cloud over the fbi and the american people are outraged at the nature of the fbi getting involved in politics and using sources and methods that are really unheard of. so yes, we need to open this up, and the cleansing i think will be helpful not only to the institutions, but also to restore confidence. >> sandra: that closed-door interview is going to go on for hours suggested by members of congress who were on their way in there this morning so we'll see what comes out of all that. meanwhile, the attorney representing michael cohen lanny davis got asked what's going on
7:23 am
with him because he is now backtracking on some comments he made an interview admitting that he was the anonymous source for that bombshell story in trump tower. here he is on cnn. >> i think the reporting of this story got mixed up in the course of a criminal investigation. we were not the source of the story. >> sandra: said the reporting on the story got mixed up. so backtracking on what he said earlier. >> is called lying. when you know you're the anonymous source, you are asked about it, you lie about it, it comes out, you are the source, first of all, lanny has a long history of partisan representation. the last higher should be lanny to represent you. and the fact is, lanny played too cute, he lied, and now he has shot his credibility and he is hurting his client. >> eric: what if it is just a misstatement?
7:24 am
>> doesn't pass the smell test. >> sandra: he admitted he was the anonymous source to buzz feet. "i made a mistake. i did not mean to be cute. ">> was cute as when republicans talk to me about with lying or not lying, let's go back to the element, the meeting supposedly about russian adoptions so now you're out you're talking about lanny davis. at the end of the day, we have a president of the united states, we have all of those around him and that have consistently lied to. >> sandra: what you think about lanny davis and what's happening here? >> its secretary. >> sandra: he is the attorney representing michael cohen. >> where they repeatedly lied throughout. so yes, we could acknowledge it is wrong for him and his anonymous source but the more critical issue is that they lied throughout this entire effort. >> they shouldn't be surprising to anybody. the second the michael cohen took a deal, lanny davis began chewing the scenery being very
7:25 am
dramatic and saying my client shall not accept a pardon from that rep scallion in the white house come he was being as theatrical as possible in order to ingratiate himself with the resistance, the democratic left. and he was saying whatever it felt good in a moment and among those things is that my client has information about russian collusion. that's what they wanted to hear, he was telling them what they wanted to hear. >> eric: final thoughts, was a collusion or a conspiracy with the russian lawyer? >> i won't use the word conspiracy but we do know they lied. they said it was about adoptions. they conveyed on air force one that they were working on it so the reality is you have an administration that has been lying at the core issue. >> eric: you think that shows coronation with the russian government? >> we don't know that but we do know the trump administration and those around him have inconsistently lying about what's been happening. >> sandra: that is it for the first part of our a-team, thank you guys. we will see you again for just a few minutes. >> eric: knew details coming to america's newsroom on that horrible shooting in jacksonville where police are now saying this morning about
7:26 am
some of the issues that may have let that suspect to open fire on his fellow gamers. >> sandra: plus the markets reacting after the president announces a tentative new trade deal with mexico. the dow up again today 34 points heading to yesterday's big game sitting pretty above 26,000. just ahead, charles payne on the potential impact on the economy and some stocks breaking records today. >> so many market openings here, financial services, intellectual property rights, entrepreneurship, it's going to help the farmers. this is great stuff. not tariffs, market openings on both sides. ♪
7:27 am
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7:30 am
and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> sandra: alive look at the markets this morning as the dow looks to extend its record run after the president announced that preliminary trade deal with mexico yesterday, dallas 35 points right now adding to earlier gains, 26,000 plus for
7:31 am
the dow and a lot of stocks hitting all-time highs today as well, more on that in a second. i had to take that all in for a few seconds this morning, a little music. sounds nice my lovely. talking more with him about this tentative new deal with mexico, you always give it to us straight up, do you like to steal the president announced or not? >> i do like the deal in it puts one part of this contentious nafta situation where a lot of people thought at best they were going to have the midterms or maybe never so i like the way that came together, i think they were concessions on all sides, i think it makes it easier for us to get china in a coarsening of the trade minister cut her trip short to europe but when you get that, next would be the e.u., mexico, canada, then we can take on china.
7:32 am
>> eric: what about it could raise the cost of cars and maybe hurt heard at a mobile manufacturing alabama and tennessee down south because they are nonunion? >> what people have to look at is net and the globalists, the purists, "the wall street journal" ," thy have to explain to the american people the 7 million manufacturing jobs that have banished in the farming income that has plummeted well before trump even took office, where is the compassion for those people? i think the american public thinking that if it's all about the corporate profit margin that has to supersede everything else, they're going to make a huge mistake. we already see america pushing back huge and capitalism. 1829 euros completely rejecting it, only 47% think it's a good thing. it means we can have a country where we look for american jobs because if you have more americans were working, they can become consumers.
7:33 am
if their consumers, that means it all shifts. that's what we want right now. we don't want to just be a nation of consumers that doesn't make anything. >> sandra: that doesn't really work. larry kudlow, the president's chief economic advisor was on fox news earlier this morning and he was trying to clearly lay out the benefits of this deal. >> it opens up a lot of markets, it protects intellectual property, it actually extends patents and copyrights for new drugs, all of this is very helpful. it protects workers. >> sandra: and the president tweeted this this morning, nasdaq has just gone above 8,000 for the first time in history. the larry kudlow laying out the benefits of the deal, the market seems to be applauding it. record after record, the nasdaq, the tech heavy nasdaq which for so long wasn't keeping up with the rest of the u.s. stock market all of a sudden, here it is at a record. >> the russell 2000 which is the domestic economy up, the s&p up
7:34 am
in the dow is up 5%. this deal is actually better than tpp with respect to intellectual property, protecting our biological industry, or agricultural industry. it is superior to the plan that again was trying to be forced down our throats. so i don't know if you ever going to have the ideal plan but we are going to be a global player. we want to level the playing field and i think most americans right now are down for fair trade, not the old-fashioned version of free trade where we enter these deals we have cheap tvs but our neighbors lost their jobs. >> eric: not really talking about the deficit in the budget deficit and what we face and that has grown. are you concerned about that? >> i'm glad you brought that up because neither political party has a will to do anything about it. it's a ticking time bomb that when they will blow up, we just don't know when. >> eric: what should we do? >> we should stop government spending. it is a money problem. the coffers are beautiful and i believe in a cycle and i leave
7:35 am
that works, we are going to build the government coffers, we just have to stop them from spending money that they don't have to spend. >> sandra: for all of our stock watchers, two big names hitting all-time highs, apple and amazon. big news. >> that is huge. consumer confidence before i came on, the highest level since october of 2000. we are on fire, firing on all cylinders in this country. >> sandra: "the wall street journal" didn't like this deal. we will see where all this ends up in what happens with china and canada. >> eric: good to see you. and we switched to a fox news alert because there are no details emerging on that suspect from sunday's horrible mass shooting at the florida jacksonville video game tournament. if we are learning that that suspect david katz had previously been treated for psychological and emotional problems, police say katz did kill two of the gamers were playing the games, competitors there and he wounded at least ten others when he opened fire
7:36 am
before turning the gun on himself. rick leventhal live in jacksonville at the scene with the very latest. >> there is a news conference less than 30 minutes from now and a lawyer's office nearby announcing the intent to file the first lawsuit on behalf of one of the victims of sunday's shooting here and as he mentioned, we are learning a lot more about the gunman things to paperwork that was filed during the parent's divorce. about ten years ago. the gunmen david katz was hospitalized twice in psychiatric facilities as a teenager, he was prescribed meds for mental disorders, he was said to play video games until four in the morning, went days without bathing, was failing all of his classes and fought often with his mother. police called to the home at least 20 times. police also say he bought those two handguns legally earlier this month from a licensed dealer in baltimore along with extra ammo and a laser sight. when he lost in that madden qualifying tournament, he left
7:37 am
the venue and came back minutes later passing other customers to target players in the back room using one of the guns to shoot 12 and killed two before killing himself. the fbi and other law enforcement searched katz's father's home in baltimore as to clues to why the young man snapped. if both parents said to be cooperating. jacksonville landing is reopening today and ea sports last night announced that it is canceling the next three madden qualifying tournaments while he reviews at security protocol. >> eric: meanwhile, what do we know where learning about the victims? >> the one victim who was in serious condition has been upgraded to good condition. a several people have been released from the hospital and all of those who are wounded are expected to be okay. but of course, as you mentioned, two people were fatally shot here. they were 28-year-old taylor robertson and 22-year-old elijah clayton, both gamers, both
7:38 am
played high school football. clayton's cousin said he left behind six brothers and three sisters. >> my cousin has to bury her firstborn and it is just as terrible as that sounds. our family has been forever changed. nothing will replace a love that we have for elijah. there was a hole that will never be filled. >> she said elijah loved football and had never been even in a fist fight. >> eric: just so incredibly sad and tragic. >> sandra: thank you, rick. the battle for control of the senate playing out today in arizona and florida. the a-team is back with a look at what to watch for is voters head to the polls in both states. they went on the russian dossier, the ex by, and the u.s. justice department. this man, bruce ohr right now testifying behind closed doors on capitol hill. what is he saying to members of congress? arizona congressman andy bigs is with us become a member of that
7:39 am
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>> eric: key primaries underway right now in arizona and florida. we are back with our a-team to talk more about this. welcome to you all. let me start with you. are these contests really attest of president drums endorsement? >> it isn't so far he's had a great record, 15 endorsements, 12 came in so he's doing great but i think the american people have to realize is it's a selection process coming up to be selected by the party before you are elected by the people. so it's really going to be told in november. for the candidates we are selecting tonight as a party the people who can be electable in november? but so far, trump has had a great record, the key i think in arizona is the fact that trump has not endorsed the u.s. senate
7:44 am
race because you have two trump favorites but i think it's going to be an exciting night both in two really important battleground states. >> eric: he pardoned sheriff joe, would you think will happen? >> they're going to to split the right vote. she's a rock star. the first combat women veteran. she is just exactly what the doctor ordered for republicans of that state and is going to be a hotly contested race. >> sandra: she has clearly emerged on the front runner in the senate race as far as arizona governor doug ducey, the president tweeted this, strong endorsement. the governor doing a great job, it would be really nice to show your support tomorrow by voting for him in tuesday's primary. strong on crime, the border second amendment, loves our military and our vets. he has my full and complete endorsement. knowing your expectations. >> i don't think he is facing a very difficult environment, he's going to be reelected probably
7:45 am
very strong margin. i am mostly interested in florida to see what happens there were ron desantis is the trump not to me, adam putnam who has a career just later and moving on to a state played office was groomed for this office, very good conservative but he doesn't have the trump backing so that's really the test away you're going to see the right say trump's endorsement is more important than a career political officer who was got my ideological inclinations and i think donald trump is going to pull that one out because again, he has had a very good career. >> eric: brad talked about the fact that this is a selection process for the party, not the election. what do democrats do? >> we are feeling pretty good about what your signal across the country. because of the new lines that have been drawn, 25 districts around the country is that hillary clinton beat donald trump in so you have two of those districts in florida, four of those congressional districts come on you see early voting, it's already exceeded 2014 and also exceeded 2016.
7:46 am
the republicans are essentially doing what they usually do, the voting has been pretty remarkable. >> eric: they say there's an enthusiasm gap. >> clearly, the better turnout for democrats everywhere. >> sandra: to go back to your point, the president strong endorsement here, a special person is an incredible job route running in tuesday's primary, strong on crime, borders, less the lower taxes, will be a great governor and want stomach has my full and total endorsement. when he made his official endorsement, he really changed that race. >> absolutely, and democrats should be concerned about what's happening in florida and ohio. these are states that we are focused on so much in the last decade that were the swing states. there's an incumbent in florida and an incumbent senator who is vulnerable all of a sudden. nobody thought he was going to be vulnerable, he is facing a very difficult reelected.
7:47 am
martha mcsally, she pulled that out in arizona and is facing a swing state but these are two competent candidates who are going to emerge that can keep the senate and the republicans. >> eric: i think you have a question for a second. >> i trust that more than i trust republican data. this thing that florida is a writer when you see that you have the increase of puerto ricans that are there, we see in ohio to see republicans shouldn't even be competing and when it came to danny o'connell, that is factually inaccurate. we talk about the gaps that have been close to your question that was raised earlier, it is clear that trump as he should is impacting what's happening in the basement it comes to primaries. we look at competitive races in a general election, and a special election. democrats have been over performing. we are going to take back the house, we are making continued progress. the republican should be concerned about what's happening right now. >> sandra: was the plan then if you overtake the house? >> we are not worried about that, we are on jobs and education in the real things. it seems like the publicans are only focused on talking points and we try to help people. >> wishful thinking.
7:48 am
history is against republicans and the midterms since the civil war, we lost an average 33 seats in the house, to when the senate, we can't afford those merges but trump has defied history time and time again and i wouldn't count your chickens because i think republicans while history may be against us, we have a record of accomplishment. the economy has never done better and people tend to vote with their pocketbook. >> democrats are going to have a good night and they're probably going to take back the house. but at the political report writing in "the new york times" said if there was a uniform a point shift from 2016, democrats would take the house easily. it would also lose four seats in the senate to the g.o.p. that's how bad the masses and how bad democrats haven't looking at taking over this. >> those chickens had to november so we will be waiting. >> sandra: thank you for our 18, thank you to all of you. google now responding after president trump -- what amazing there?
7:49 am
went after the tech giant this morning. it's a full moon today. so the big question is why he is accusing google of suppressing the conservative voice and saying he will do something about it. cancer ... it's very personal. each of us is different. and each cancer is different. how it reacts, how it evades and adapts. and how we attack it. that's why at cancer treatment centers of america, we use diagnostic tools that help us better
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>> sandra: other headlines making news this morning and who better to talk about them than this group? 24/7 crew brett larson is not by himself today, welcome back. we have two-thirds of the team back. still enjoying a little bit of a summer vacation. so good morning. who shall we start with first? >> google is in trouble with the president again. the president sent out some tweets as morning claiming that google is biased to right wing media and saying that when you google the president, if you google trump news on google news, you get fake news which is weird because here it is, you can see search results, only the reporting of fake news media. i encourage the president to sit down in front of a computer and google trump news is i did this morning because the first story i found was one on "the wall street journal" about this tweet on "fox & friends" this morning that shows you how the google search results work. if google search results are based on several parameters, we talked about their algorithms a lot, there are several different
7:54 am
things that they do and it is a trade secret so we don't know them exactly. but they look at things like if it's a mobile ready web site, they look at how much content the site actually creates. so you tend to go towards more reliable news sources. you're going to go to a fox news versus jerrod max and friends news which may only have a thousand reviewers where's fox news is going to have several. >> sandra: let's get this in here, so we are the president side of the story because he woke up tweeting about that. google has now responded to the president's tweet saying this. "when users type queries into the google search bar, our goal is to make sure they receive the most relevant answers in a matter of seconds. search is not used and set a political agenda and we don't bias our results towards any political ideology." >> from all the technology that i understand and all the algorithms that we know, that is true. what google is saying is true. >> eric: a lot of conservatives say it they think it's cute against them.
7:55 am
>> the word that we sell is relevant, relative to whom? is that when it comes down to? >> google searches are also based on your own google search history so it also has something to do with a user where you go, where you live, that is also going to come into effect. >> sandra: let's talk about the big money in football. >> odell beckham jr. makes the prettiest catchers of all receivers in football, the great one-handed grabs for the new york giants so he gets a five year contract extension worth up to $95 million. what's most important here to look at is that 65 million of the $95 million is guaranteed. piercing a big change in the nfl in the last couple of months, a lot more money and guaranteed contracts. the current bargaining agreement wraps up in 2020 and a lot of people say we are going to have a strike, there's going to be a work stoppage because the players want to be pushing for fully guaranteed contracts. if you have it in major league baseball, fully guaranteed contracts in the nba except for
7:56 am
some rare buyouts. in football, a study found injuries are almost five times more likely to happen in an nfl game. of these are the guys who need it. but i would very much like to see, let's look at the little guys. all the special teams players, the guys weren't going to make it that long. i would like to see mandatory minimums for guaranteed contracts for all players. >> eric: just like baseball. >> sandra: five years, 95 million bucks. brett and jared, nice to have the two of you back. getting the whole band back together. thank you very much to both of you. the dow still climbing higher. we are watching at a 51 points right now, 26,100 as investors respond to the president's trade deal with mexico. we will be right back.
7:57 am
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>> sandra: president trump reaches an agreement with mexico on trade moving closer to checking another campaign promise off his list. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's newsroom tuesday morning, i'm sandra smith. >> eric: i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. of the president as you know announcing plans to revamp the north american free trade agreement, he reached a tentative deal with mexico to boost regional automotive content in an effort to increase automotive production here in our country. of what has economic advisor larry kudlow says the agreement could open up even more jobs
8:01 am
indoors. the >> it keeps the integrated supply chain going in north america, that is huge for business confidence. it opens up a lot of markets, it protects intellectual property, it actually extends patents and copyrights for new drugs, all this is very helpful. it protects workers. >> sandra: chief white house correspondent john roberts trends is not from the white house, good morning. >> good morning to you. so the big trade deal, the provisional trade deal has been struck with mexico. now the president is running on canada and whether or not it will be part of this big new trade deal with the united states. the president is giving canada until friday to decide whether or not it wants to work with united states to revise some sections of the north american free trade agreement. the president really holding an ax over canada's neck saying that they don't want to make a deal, he will simply slap their auto industry with tariffs at 25%. the president spoke with
8:02 am
canadian prime minister justin trudeau yesterday, canada's mr. of foreign affairs is coming to washington today protects with a u.s. trade representativ representative. while they are clearly putting the squeeze on canada, they dismissed the notion that they are using pressure tactics on america's closest ally. >> that's your word. i think we have usa and mexico have generated a strong deal, a free trade deal, pro-growth deal as an example. canada should study how we put this together. there were a lot of issues that we could deal with. >> eric: they dismiss the idea that they're putting pressure on canada. white house officials will readily admit that the new trade agreement with mexico is a shot
8:03 am
across china's bow, specifically these new rules of origin provisions at 75% of components for automobiles have to be made either in the u.s. or mexico. china had been doing a big business funneling a cheap car parts through mexico, that new deal is going to put a significant dent in that. we are where they want china to come on and encroach. they won't let us in their place, so they're going to have to protect our own workers. and on and on and on, i just think it's a very pro-growth, it shows you two sides with goodwill can sit down and work out what is essentially a free trade deal, free trade fair trade and get it going. >> eric: white house officials tell fox news this is just the first shoe to drop at a plan to revamp a lot of america's most significant trade deals to try to make the terms more favorable to the united states. president trump on twitter this morning taking a shot at the
8:04 am
naysayers tweeting i smile at senators and others talking about how good of free trade is for the u.s., but they don't say is that we lose jobs that are over $800 billion a year on a really dumb trade deals that these same countries tariff us to death. these lawmakers are just fine with this. clearly the president not fine with it. he's got the deal going with mexico, he'd like to get a deal with canada, also want to deal with the european union. and then take on the big kahuna of trade deficits, china. the president strategically waiting until he gets a lot of these other deals in place to go to china and say what about you? >> sandra: sounds like a lot but the markets are optimistic, they keep going up and up again. john roberts of the white house for us this morning, thank you. >> eric: and a big kahuna so to speak on capitol hill, major closed-door hearing linked to the russian investigation this morning. what has lawmakers on two committees hearing from former associate deputy attorney general bruce ohr about his ties to the spy behind the
8:05 am
anti-trump dossier. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live on capitol hill in a hallway outside of that hearing room where mr. ohr is testifying in earlier, she peppered ohr with questions. good morning. >> good morning. and the committee room behind me, they have been behind closed doors now for just about two hours and what we understand from some lawmakers inside is that bruce ohr arrived with as many as four lawyers, some personal lawyers and others, government lawyers in the deposition. earlier, when ohr arrived on capitol hill, we threw some questions to him that go to the heart of the deposition but he refused to answer. >> mr. ohr, did you authorize your contact with the fbi? were you acting alone or did you have authority from the justice department official? how did your wife benefit from the dossier contract?
8:06 am
did you have a conflict of interest? will you take her questions? bruce ohr's portfolio at the justice department was drugs and gangs, yet in the fall of 2016, he became the back channel on russia and the dossier between the former british by christopher steele and the fbi and what's important about that timing is that steele had been fired for cause by the fbi because he lied about his contacts with the media. in the last few minutes, we heard from one republican congressman gates who said based on the testimony so far, he said there is a conflict between what ohr is saying, what they heard from former fbi lawyer lisa page as well as glenn simpson. his firm was behind the dossier and the conflict he says is about the transfer of evidence and the timing. >> you had bruce ohr going very rogue in the absence of authority or direction choosing to take it upon himself to meet
8:07 am
with his wife's employer to transmit information from political opposition research into information relied on by the intelligence community. >> was in context, the credit lawmakers participating today, but we do have democratic staffers who were able to ask questions as well. >> eric: the questions you ask certainly are at the heart of the matter in this investigation and those questions. meanwhile at the heart, nellie ohr, his wife who worked for fusion gps, the company behind the dossier, do we expect that she will eventually testify? >> we haven't had indications that she will be called to testify but it is important to understand the record for the network of elation shipped here. if you have bruce ohr who was passing information to the fbi which is going beyond standard procedure, his wife nelly ohr was employed by the firm was putting together the dossier. she worked on the dossier and the person he was paid for that
8:08 am
work glenn simpson got money from the dnc and the clinton campaign and one lawmaker said this morning that bruce ohr may have violated federal law when he took the actions he did in the fall of 2016 that may have benefited his wife's employment. >> a legal job income now stated is in fact a violation of the law, but the penalties are very low and in this case the mother going to have to step it up and find ways to appropriately deal with people who hide for purposes like this of the outside income. >> the expectation is that this closed-door deposition could go well into the evening hours tonight, so running into the eight, ten, 12 hour time frame. >> eric: has a long time and perhaps later on tonight we will learn more about exactly what he is saying to the committee. thank you. >> sandra: voters heading to the polls choosing candidate for
8:09 am
key senate and governor 's race is. arizona, florida, and oklahoma holding what could be the most contentious primaries of the midterm season. president trump not shy about weighing in on all of it hoping to boost his favorite candidates and some of the high profile races. joining us now is tim carney, commentator and editor at the "washington examiner." he set it up for us, what are your expectations here? >> if you look down in florida, you see some of the most interesting contested races down there in part because what you had to give adam putnam, the state agriculture commissioner running for the republican nomination and ron desantis a congressman also running for the republican nomination for governor. trump has come down and endorsed him. it is very interesting because in 2016, it was the trump wing of the party versus the conservative movement as embodied by ted cruz or marco rubio. he is combining both of those, very powerful political down in florida, he is fighting against
8:10 am
big sugar trying to pin that on adam putnam. it's a simultaneously doing this drain the swamp fighting against special interest. opposing subsidies for big sugar. so they could be the future of the g.o.p. is bringing together the conservative movement. >> sandra: that will be one of the key races to watch here, fox news early this morning sounding very optimistic. >> we are poised to have a strong victory. all the credible holes that actually pull like the republican primary voters show us a really strong lead and it's really been that way for the last two months. coming out of the fox debate at the end of june, every single pole we've taken our campaign has had me up and up strong and i think you're going to see a strong victory, victory that shows strength in all quarters of florida. >> sandra: that is where the momentum for him change not only with the president's endorsement but also that debate that he referenced there.
8:11 am
ron desantis, you have suggested that he may be the future of the g.o.p. why? >> it's because in that debate, he attacked putnam for being the errand boy for big sugar. this is a way to combine the donald trump drain the swamp attitude with a sort of fiscal conservative small government message where he stands for these corporate welfare programs in effect for big sugar and he is saying we are not going to have big government and we are going to take on a special interest. republicans aired in the past it was by standing too close to the special interest. trump smashed that, this could be a way to put it together. when you have the democrats on that side and we don't know was going to come out of that primary, but one of the candidates down there is andrew gillam who is definitely the candidate on the left.
8:12 am
a lot of conservatives sometimes when they see the democrats nominate a real liberal come on saying that's good, they're overreaching. i don't think that's right. i look at what the tea party did in 2010 and every time they nominated a real bomb there were conservative, it actually gave more momentum to this party movement. >> sandra: we will see. a real quick given your expectations on arizona and oklahoma before we go. >> in arizona, i think it looks like you're going to get that republican primary and she is a conservative but the more establishment conservative. real anti-immigration crusaders down there, they sort of ate up each other's space by the end, he is attacking kelli ward not even going after the front runner martha mcsally. >> sandra: a race to watch for sure. we have to leave it there, we'll have more on oklahoma and
8:13 am
watching all of these primary elections coming up, thank you for your time this morning. a lot to watch there. >> eric: new words this morning that progress made at the trump-kim summit could be in jeopardy. now secretary of state pompeo's trip to north korea has been called off. upcoming, how pyongyang has reacted and the secretary of state is bowing to do. >> sandra: plus, we are hours away from a key deadline in the paul manafort case, but they have to decide what could impact the former campaign chair and the mueller investigation. we'll be here live with his tak take. it's absolute confidence in 30,000 precision parts,
8:14 am
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8:17 am
prevention begins with prevnar 13®. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13®. >> we know that some people of the department of justice and fbi actually gave information to the media, than the stories were reported, then they use those reports to justify further investigations. that's like saying we are going to incriminate on one hand and be the jury on the other. it just doesn't work that way. we believe we will get some clarity on that today. >> sandra: congressman mark menno explaining what he will hope to learn in a closed-door session that is underway right now. house lawmakers grilling the justice department official about his involvement with the ex-british by who put together that anti-trump dossier. joining us now, andy bigs, republican from arizona who sits
8:18 am
on the house judiciary committe committee. congressman, we can only imagine what's happening behind those closed doors right now and you will be a part of it all today. set it up for us. >> obviously we're going hour by hour. we have a whole laundry list of areas that we want to get answers from mr. ohr, the democrats do as well. mr. ohr is another one of those focal points because his wife at one hand is working for fusion gps and then on the other hand, bruce ohr is if i can use this word, he's kind of the handler. he's a guy who was funneling information when peter strzok testified, he said i got information from bruce ohr about christopher steele. so he is right at the center of all of this we need to get to the bottom of it. >> sandra: there's big expectations now for many people who are watching on and hearing republicans walking into that room is saying that they've got
8:19 am
all these questions. jim jordan, catherine herridge a reporter on the ground there was able to grab him as he was walking into the room earlier and he said this. >> the fundamentals don't change the fact that justice department officials working for the firm that clinton has hired to put together for the dossier and then they use the dossier that they're getting from bruce ohr, peter strzok told us that, to go get the warrant to spy on the trump campaign. so that's a big concern. the doj knew that. did sally yates know what was going on? i don't know. we have lots of questions for him. >> sandra: lots of questions can i do think you're going to get any answers? >> i think were going to get some answers. bruce ohr has indicated a willingness to cooperate. may not be as full and complete as i think they should be but he has been so far willing to pitch some answers to us which also always leads to more questions, so i think that that's been good. i think what we really need to get to the bottom of this is how
8:20 am
come this culture existed at the very highest levels where peter strzok felt like he could do what he wanted to do, bruce ohr felt like he could do what he wanted to do and we were the supervisors and who knew about this and to use the information they were getting to get fisa warrants to spy on american citizens in particular in a presidential campaign that tried to impede that outcome, this is a very serious for a republic form of government. so we are all over this. >> sandra: your colleague mark meadows was on the program earlier today and he really set it up for us. what's at stake when it comes to the integrity of the fbi and the doj. watch. >> when we really look at it, 99% of the doj and fbi workers are truly great patriots and we have about seven or eight that took things into their own hands and so with the credibility of lady justice that should have a blindfold and yet we are seeing
8:21 am
that they were peaking and trying to tilt just as one way or another based on their own political bias. >> sandra: we expect this to go on for a long time today and the american people want answers too. >> we have to get answers. i think when you do a couple of things, the inspector general and is to keep looking into this as he's told me he has and i think jeff sessions needs to answer what the judiciary committee asked him to do over a year ago. give us a second special counsel who has the authority to actually indict and go after people in this because i believe there was some criminal misconduct at the highest levels of these two bodies. >> sandra: congressman andy biggs, thank you. >> eric: a startling revelation this morning that cnn over offensive over the coverage of the trump tower meeting with those russians. (woman) learned to play an instrument.
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>> eric: the cable network cnn standing by its report the 2016 trump tower meeting with that russian lawyer despite a huge denial by one major source of that story. the network cited multiple sources and claiming president trump knew about that meeting ahead of time. now michael cullen's lawyer randy davis is revealing that he was one of the sources for the story and he is now walking back that statement telling "the washington post" "i should have more clear including with you that i could not independently confirm what happen. i regret my error. so what does this mean? fox news media analyst and host of media buzz. so the network says that "we stand by her story and we are confident in our reporting of it. is this just a sense of confusion or is it something much more serious and deeper here? >> it's a pretty serious matter.
8:26 am
cnn is hanging out there with a story about a major acquisition but michael cohen supposedly allegedly ostensibly it is prepared to make against president trump for about advance knowledge of that trump tower meeting when its own source or one of them as you say lanny davis, michael collins lawyer said is not true. i just got off the phone with lanny davis who have dealt with 25 years and has always been a straight shooter with me and is owning up to an ever hear. he says he made a mistake which he regrets and unintentionally misleading cnn. here's his quote. i should not be talking to reporters on background on something i'm not certain about. it's a bad moment for me. if i had a redo in life, i wouldn't have said anything about the subject. >> eric: what about the other sources? cnn is standing by this story and apparently say they have other sources saying that that's true. >> first of all, cnn initially said nothing about this. i asked for comment last friday and they put out this terse statement that they stand by the
8:27 am
story. if there are other sources, how could they know something that michael cohen essentially through his lawyer is saying is not true, did not happen, that he doesn't know the president knew anything before this meeting with the russian lawyer took place and beyond that, cnn no longer has an obligation to protect lanny davis, he has outed himself as a source and also acknowledged he talked to "the washington post" but didn't go as far as cnn. just saying we stand by the story, imagine if the white house was caught in this kind of blunder, wouldn't every news organization including cnn say we need a more detailed explanation of why you still believe this is true when the guys own lawyer said this. >> eric: would cnn offer that? why should they? off and they say we believe in our reporting, we stand by our story, ben bradley said that during watergate on and on. what do you think? >> when "the washington post" made a major mistake during
8:28 am
watergate. testimony that had next been presented to a grand jury, "the washington post" did not stand by the story and said it was wrong. maybe cnn can conclude this hasn't so far. let me go back to the interview with lanny davis. he told me he said to the cnn reported that he could not confirm this business about the advance knowledge of the trump tower meeting but he encouraged them to check it out which he now thinks he may have unintentionally sort of miss interpreted that as a green light with a wink and a nod. beneath that, he said joe should've told him as an unsubstantiated story, don't pursue it in one last point and this is important, lanny davis is now seeing the error he made in his going further and walking back claiming on msnbc about what president trump had any advance knowledge of the hacking of democratic emails during the campaign, he says he was describing his beliefs but has no hard evidence and that is something as he now recognizes he should not have done. >> eric: any corrections from any of these?
8:29 am
>> aside from cnn, the story last month spread like wildfire, lots of folks picked it up. fox news did to modest coverage. i haven't seen much correction or clarification in other places. some have but many have not. >> eric: as they said years ago as you and i have worked in the vineyards of journalism for so long, if your mother says she loves you, check it out. thank you. >> sandra: robert mueller's team closing in on a deadline to decide whether to retry paul manafort on charges the jury could not reach a verdict on them. alan dershowitz weighs in on that next. >> eric: and we have a fox news alert coming up about iran. the president under fire in his own country. the iranian people blaming him for their economy going down the tubes. >> we watch very carefully what happens in iran and obviously,
8:30 am
us having the president withdrawing from the iranian nuclear deal is something that i think has put additional pressure on iran. g referral ser. for the past five years, i've spoken with hundreds of families and visited senior-care communities around the country. and i've got to tell you, today's senior-living communities are better than ever. these days, there are amazing amenities, like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars, and bistros, even pet-care services. and nobody understands your options like the advisers at a place for mom. these are local, expert advisers that will partner with you to find the perfect place and determine the right level of care, whether that's just a helping hand or full-time memory care. best of all, it's a free service. there is never any cost to you. senior living has never been better, and there's never been an easier way to get great advice.
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>> eric: a fox news alert on iran, the president under pressure today. lawmakers are blaming him for an economic nosedive in that country. iran's parliament for only the second time in its history has ordered the sitting president to appear and testify before it. this as i ran appeals to the international court to suspend the reimposed u.s. sanctions. benjamin hall is live in london now the very latest on all of this. so the specific reasons come alive as the president summoned to explain things to parliament? >> quite incredible scenes that we saw today. the president called before to answer questions on the economy. it is in free fall. more important, he was called to answer questions on his role in responding to it because he is
8:34 am
being blamed by many in parliament about the economy and of course, this raises many questions about iran and the growing divisions within the parliament as well as within the country and his future as leader. as you say, this is just a second time in iranian history that parliament has ordered a president to answer questions and on four separate times today, lawmakers voted to say that they were unconvinced of his answers about iran's recession. his main defense had been that the economy was suffering because of anti-iranians in the white house. the questions that will be sent up to their judiciary for further review and what it does it serve as a real warning that his political stature is slipping away so what it means for him is uncertain but certainly hardliners already circling him in parliament and the streets of iran with protest growing interest dress on all sides for him. >> eric: meanwhile, besides that, iran is fighting back against our sanctions in court, what are they doing?
8:35 am
>> they are using a very little-known 1955 friendship agreement between iran and the u.s., side long before the iranian revolution when iran and the u.s. were allies and are trying to use that to get out of sanctions and put them on hold. it was just a two of that hearing today in iran asking the international cause of justice to suspend u.s. sanctions calling them economic strangulation. the u.s. defended strongly against them saying that sanctions were legal and justified in a national security measure. >> iran sought to characterize itself as a victim, is a law buying the stated route to his knees by unlawful u.s. sanction sanctions. the suggested that iran is a victim does not withstand scrutiny at any level. >> everyone now looking ahead to november when new sanctions will hit. they will hit oil exports and observers say that may lead to a total collapse of their economy. if >> eric: maybe if they stop supporting terrorism, it will change, benjamin hall in london, thank you. >> sandra: 's special counsel
8:36 am
robert mueller deciding whether to retry paul manafort on a handful of charges on which jurors could not reach a unanimous decision. the federal prosecutors have until tomorrow to inform the judge of their decisions, so will his team bother with a retrial? let's discuss all of this with alan dershowitz, harvard law professor and author of the case against impeaching trump. if thank you for coming on the program this morning. so time is running out for mueller, but ultimately does he decide to do here? >> is a no-brainer, of course he's not going to try the hung jury count for several reasons. number one, he's going to get the same sentence. the judges can take into account, charges on which there was a hung jury. judges can even take into account charges in which there was an acquittal in sentencing. that's how open end of sentencing rules are. second, he's going to want to hold these in advance in the event manafort appeals and
8:37 am
succeeds and reverses his conviction, they can then bring all the charges in a retrial. but right now, the retrial would be a waste of the taxpayers money and i can't believe that he would actually move forward with a trial on those counts. >> sandra: so it's fair to say that the retrial would not benefit manafort but it wouldn't benefit mueller to do this? >> it wouldn't benefit anybody and the losers would be the american public as we are paying for it. the only conceivable purpose it would have would be to add pressure to manafort to clip and testify and i think they have enough pressure on them now. but the convictions in virginia and they certainly anticipate convictions in washington as well where they have more favorable jury venue in a more favorable judge. >> sandra: so it sounds like you're saying he is unlikely to bother with that. meanwhile, got to ask you about lanny davis. we've had a few conversations about him recently representing
8:38 am
michael cohen who just entered into that guilty plea. he has now admitted that he was the anonymous source for this story on the trump tower meeting and he is now sharing his regrets over his ever as he's calling it. what are your thoughts on all of this as it unfolds? >> lanny is a friend of mine and a terrific lawyer and it's commendable that he has admitted his mistake. this is the problem that happens when you have a flipped witness who has an incentive not only to sing but also to compose and it may very well be that michael cullen began to collaborate and embellish a little bit in an effort to get a better deal and cohen may have told lanny davis these stories and lanny has now checked them out and there's no corroboration for them so he is performing a very important service and telling the public that no, he withdraws that he is working it back and you
8:39 am
shouldn't presume that either the president knew about the meeting before it occurred or that the president knew about the hacking before it occurred. his walks back both of those very serious accusations and i think he acknowledges that they probably shouldn't have been made. it is probably a dynamic going on between the client and the lawyer that we will never know about these kind of things happen. i've had to happen in my experience where client has told me something and i've doubted it and i've done some checking and sure enough, the client wasn't telling me the truth. he was trying to elaborate on the story to get a better deal and i had forbidden the client from making public any of those statements. so lawyers ought to few with great skepticism stories that are told to them by clients who have been flipped and fly into have an incentive to make their stories little bit better. >> sandra: i don't have time to play the clip, but he suggested that a bit different than that, but does not only hurts the credibility of lanny
8:40 am
davis, but also the credibility of his client. >> it does. i think it certainly does. if we don't know the dynamic. we don't know who told who and may be is falling on the sword for his client. so whenever there is a complicated issue like this i want to withhold judgment because i don't know what the client told the lawyer, how the lawyer evaluated with the client said and why the lawyer is now pulling back on it. but undoubtedly, it does affect the credibility of the cohen team. but i think acknowledging the mistake helps bolster the credibility. be to thank you for coming out america's newsroom this morning, thank you. >> eric: thousands lining up in detroit today to pay their respects to the queen of soul, aretha franklin. today is the first day of republic viewing at the museum of african-american history.
8:41 am
her fans are looking on at franklin's gold casket brought into the building, you can see all the flowers and the people there. aretha franklin's body will lie in repose for two days ahead of the funeral which will be held on friday. she died earlier this month after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. she was 76 years old, and she is a beloved grand american, not just on the stage but a civil rights symbol, an amazing beloved voice. >> sandra: a beautiful display there as well, the golden casket and the beautiful flowers that are seen there, all saying good-bye to the queen of soul, amazing that she's gone. >> eric: we play her stuff. >> sandra: if you are flying jetblue which many of you do, you might want to packet light. why the airline is raising the price on your checked luggage. what you need to know countries that we traveled-
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>> sandra: jetblue raising its baggage fees, $5 more than delta, american, and united. jetblue also hiking its other baggage even including the price passengers will have to pay for overweight bags. the airline pointing out that blue plus fares which are typically ten to $15 more than economy still come with one free checked bag. we went diplomacy with north korea hitting a roadblock. secretary of state mike pompeo promising to keep the pressure, but you know the north koreans, the rhetoric from the kim jong un regime, just gets worse and worse especially after the secretary of state cancel the trip and that trip was called off. >> sanctions are still in place, north korea still feeling the pressure and if they want to play games with us, that's fine, they're not going to have any sanctions relief. at the same time, we are suggesting very clearly that we are prepared to negotiate with
8:46 am
them but the sanctions do not come up until we see progress. >> eric: are the north koreans releasing fear, retired four-star general jack keane joint is now. seems like we've been at this rodeo before. we have seen this movie before. >> we have. you take a step forward and is two steps back, going to be a long process. everybody who's been involved knows that. what's happening here is secretary pompeo got sent a belligerent letter from his counterparts, showed it to the president and the president said let's call off the meeting and this is about leverage. he wants to use this pullback as leverage to get concessions out of the north koreans. >> eric: strategy really did work for the summit, the north koreans had no idea what to do after that. what you think the reaction to counseling this, do you think the walks on his back.
8:47 am
>> south korea has limit for them is to end the armistice. in other words, and the war and have a treaty as a result of it. now there's a trap there for the united states and that trap is once you have that treaty in place, why do you still have u.s. forces in south korea? that is what the next shoe that will drop by the north koreans we are not going to fall into that trap, we are not putting that on the table yet. if that will come at the end of the process as opposed to the beginning of the process. >> eric: we have forces deployed in germany, they remain there for so long and nato. why would that be such a trap if indeed congress did say that the korean war is over? >> i think the south koreans would support it themselves and their in a little bit in the orbit of china and china would support it. for president trump goes in the
8:48 am
far east is the prime minister of japan and they talk on a regular basis and really gives the president very sound advice and is constantly telling him stay the course, he's a hard-liner for sure, tough negotiator with the north koreans. the north koreans have blown off all the request that we have made of substance and certainly we've got hostages back, we got remains back, but the request of substance were simply this. one, identify for us all of your sites. nuclear sites, ballistic missile sites, have not done it. 2, let us have access to those sites we can verify them. we know where some of them are but we don't know where all of them are in the third thing is, here's a suggested timeline for denuclearization and they have pushed back on all of that. we're not going to make any progress until they come forward with some of that. >> eric: so my question is are they sincere? they lied and cheated before with the oil will deal in 1994
8:49 am
with president clinton, they did not abide by the outreach from president george w. bush taking them off the terrorism list. do you think that kim jong un will ever really denuclearize? >> the safe bet is they probably will not. but again, they've never had to deal with president trump. they've never had to deal with the sanctions that we are imposing and also with the credible threat of a military option. so that actually i think is really what brought them to the table. now we are we going from here? i do believe if we are going to make any progress, we will see that in the next few weeks that koreans will have to make some kind of a concession on the three things that i mentioned. if not, maximum sanctions, the problem with the sanctions is china has opened the door little bit and they are moving commodities and if you will. russia has never shut the door. and with the crisis of no
8:50 am
ballistic tests and no missiles flying into the ocean, the crisis removes the danger and it's harder to keep all of the countries enforcing their sanctions without that crisis mentality. >> eric: we will see what happens, maybe they will step back. good to see you and good to have you here. thank you. >> sandra: the general is always welcome. meanwhile louis ck on a sand upstage for the first time in months, making a surprise comeback in new york city less than a year after admitting to sexual misconduct allegations. so how does the audience react? will have that for you next. your fantasy draft, the computer won't autodraft a kicker in the 7th round. or... you could just trust duracell.
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>> sandra: comedian louis c.k. returning to the stage last night, his first public appearance since he admitted to sexual misconduct allegations. meanwhile, john goodman is breaking his silence on the firing of his former costar roseanne barr. jonathan hunt is covering it all live in los angeles, he's got more on this. it's been a good morning, john goodman coming to roseanne's defense in an interview with the london sunday time saying of his former costar "i know, i know for a fact she is not a racist. roseanne tweeted in response "i think john goodman for speaking truth about me despite facing certain peril from producers and network. roseanne barr of course was fired by abc after posting a racist tweet about former president obama advisor valerie jarrett. her show was also canceled immediately. goodman sang in the interview of that, "i was surprised. i'll put it this way. i was surprised at the response and that's probably all i should
8:55 am
say about it. good minimal this fall fall in a roseanne spin-off with the roseanne character killed off according to goodman. if new stew of another comedian brought down by a scandal, comedian louis c.k. returning to the stage for the first time sunday night after admitting last year he had abused and sexually harassed a series of women over a number of years. he was on stage at the southwark comedy club in new york. to the club owner himself surprised by the appearance telling "the new york times" "i had thought that the first time he would go one would be in a more controlled environment. but he decided to just rip the band-aid off. now a fellow comedian at the club said the performance was "a classic, really, really good." that we have gotten no response to the appearance as yet from those many women that louis c.k. abused over the years.
8:56 am
>> sandra: jonathan hunt from los angeles for us, thank you. >> eric: back here in new york city, another hot and humid day outside. old man winter is getting a head start. would you believe this? the first snowfall of the season? coming up, we will tell you where. >> sandra: get ready. ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels
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the number on your screen to get a no obligation quote, or go online check this out. when unseasonably cold storm system dropping several inches of snow, the first snow of the season and more is expected for areas of about 6,000 feet. while summer is not going down without a fight around here,
9:00 am
millions of americans are under heat advisories or warnings this week. new york city, a high of 94 degrees today. >> that is beautiful, but it's nuts. >> thanks for joining us everybody, "outnumbered" starts now. >> justice department official bruce ohr right now facing accusations on capitol hill and in numerous contacts with the author of the numerous trump dossier. fox news contributor lease of booths, and director of strategic, christian elrod, and former state advisor for president donald trump and george w. bush, and senior fellow at the center for national interest. you are "outnumbered" for the first time. we are very happy to have your expertise in the state department


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