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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 28, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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or now with 2 times more geographic detail than other dna tests. order your kit at >> neil: mr. president, there are many in your party who are salivating at the midterms. many of them are mentioning the letter i word, impeachment that they get to the house. what you think of that? >> not me, i don't talk about impeachment. i think that is the wrong thing for democrats to do. >> neil: a word of advice from democrats from one of their own, go slow. while former president jimmy carter says it risks backfiring. that is not all the longest serving nations present said, listen to what president jimmy carter thinks about what the current president
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is doing on trade, the economy, market, scandals, much more paired welcome, everybody. i'm a neil cavuto. it is not everyday that jimmy carter pops up on fox. in fact, it has been more than a decade since he has joined this fine network. but today, on fox business network, we get caught up. he gives both parties the business. you could say that the man is plain feta. the washington polarized from everything from a senator who deserves it, to come aground on solvable issues because americans want it. president carter has been out of office, but it is not your typical ex-president submissions. no fancy speech, book contest, no fancy anything, really. he is still building homes for the poor as much is trying to build bridges for the world. you might also say, when we get into this that he makes a number of references to when i was an intern for him.
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nearly four decades ago. jimmy carter. by my count now, your better than 4,000 homes, better than 14 countries, you be doing this. i'm looking at some of your fellow ex-presidents who have been making a fortune and book deals, billions of dollars, combined speeches. if you are, 93 years young, building homes paired what are you thinking? >> i will soon be 94, as a matter of fact paired my is 91. we are still struggling along. we don't work in business as we did in the past, but we still do our jobs on the habitat side. it is very appetizing that ratified for us we get more out of it and we put into it. sometimes it is very hard and overwork on occasion. habitat is a wonderful organization. i would urge everyone that is watching this program to consider either making a contribution financially, or
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volunteer to help on occasion. >> neil: it reminds a lot of folks who have been tracking your career, mr. president, especially since you left the white house, that you have never been about accumulating wealth. i think you had said, it had never been my ambition to be rich, he said, he doesn't like big shots. he doesn't think he is a big shot. do you have a problem with big shots? >> no, i don't. i get along well with people who consider themselves to be big shots. they are not my favorite people, as a matter of fact, quite ofte often. you know, i've written 32 books. i will be very pleased if my books brought as some of the others did. but of got nothing against some of the others that are wealthy. it is not one of my top priorities. >> neil: i was thinking of you, mr. president, this time with everything that is going on in the country, very polarizing, i guess as you have indicated,
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we have had indications of polarizing times. these seems especially nasty. how would you describe it right now? >> i think we go through a phase of difficulty in which our country is more polarized than it was before. there is much more disparity between the rich people and the poor, working class people at than it has in the past. but, we have been able, down through history, over, as you know, more than 200 years, to overcome difficulties of that kind. i don't have any doubt that the basic principles of americans and the status of equality between people will prevail in the long term. >> neil: do you think that what you are doing now, and those who are at a disadvantage are going away? a lot of people have been
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criticizing president trump saying that the focus has been on the market and the boom. it has been a palpable boom, as we see. when you were president, did the markets matter to you chris mark they matter to this president. he mentions them a lot pretty think they are very important. what do you think? >> yes, it's very important to me, because i thought that having a fair and equitable relationship with as many countries around the world as we possibly could and friendship with them was good for america in the long term and for individual americans as well. i still feel that way. i don't have any doubt that eventually, we will work out a really good deal between the united states and mexico, which we might be doing now, and china in the future. i talked to janet today earlier on television they are concerned about the future of the relationship to replace not the people i think they will continue to benefit
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from international trade. president trump's approach is not the same as has been in the past and not the same one that i preferred when i was president. but, he has his own ideas. and, my hope is that he will be successful. as a matter of fact, i pray for president trump. i pray that he will keep our country at peace and promote human rights and that he will be successful as president. >> neil: not too long ago, you argued that this president has a problem with the truth paired what did you mean by that? >> i think that it has been proven on a number of occasions, president trump has made statements that were not exactly correct. i think that john mccain and i -- we were in the naval academy when i was in end with a principal of integrity.
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any kind of misleading statement that you have made at the naval academy would result in instant dismissal. there was no two questions about it, no trial, you were just gone. so, i think that elevating the truth to a top position, you are careful to not ever make a statement that was misleading to someone else, it's a very worthe thing to do. >> neil: the president had a very acrimonious relationship with the late senator john mccain. you know about the half-staff flag, and up to full staff and back to half-staff, not putting out a statement, then putting up statement. what did you think about all that? >> i thought that president trump made a mistake at first by not recognizing john mccain's unquestioned commitment to our country and navy and as a prisoner of war,
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and also his service in congres congress. his critics, and also his supporters made it plain to him that he had made a mistake when the flag was up and down and so forth. but, i think his last statement that i read yesterday basically corrected that. and now, the flag will be lowered in honor of john mccain's service to our country. until appropriate time. i think the early mistakes that were made have been adequately corrected. >> neil: mr. president, there were many in your party who are salivating at the possibility of the midterm blue way. many of them are mentioning the i word, impeachment if they get control of the house. what he think of that? >> not me. i don't talk about impeachment. i think it is the wrong thing for democrats to do. i think that the outcome of a 2018 elections are just
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completely unknown now. i'm not actively involved in politics anymore, as you know, but i'm helping the democrats as best they can. i presume that you will be voting republican, i don't know for sure. you don't have to tell me. but, i think that the american people will make the right choice. >> neil: well, you would be surprised. let me ask you this. president trump has said that if democrats pursue impeachment, you can kiss this market rally goodbye. stocks with tankard what did you think of that? >> you know, i think the president has much less influence over the economy that he certainly publicized by the president himself. i know that when i was in office, some bad things happened with the economy. i never did feel that i personally was responsible for it. the economy on taxation and
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federal reserve on the access to money and things like that, and a general attitude in the business community has much more to do with the economy than the income it president. whenever the economy goes up, the president wants to take credit for it. when it goes down, the president wants to avoid responsibility. i think it has been that way in our country since we started. >> neil: witness president and the stance on hiking interest rates, and if anyone could have made the case, the moaning interest rate hikes, you didn't. the rates are going up, half a point, a full percentage point at a time. what did you make of that? why didn't you publicly state anything? >> well, i guess you are talking about when i was president. >> neil: when you are president.
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>> i was deciding who to appoint to be the head of the reserve bank. i decided that paul would be the best choice because i thought that he would take steps, even though it was not good for me politically, it would be good for our economy and for our nation. and so, that was one of the most difficult decisions i ever made, to put paul paul volker in cha. >> it was a negative factor in the election, it was not the cause of the election. it was the right thing to do. i'm glad i did it. paul volker, since then, has become a good friend of mine. we had a gone fly fishing could we get together on fishing and so forth. so, paul volker has been a hero of mine, economically speaking, ever since then. >> neil: mr. president , it has been great chatting with you. i remember getting coffee and working the copier.
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>> [laughs] >> neil: thank you very much. >> thank you, speed speech whee five. thank you for your work on the television. >> neil: the music you heard was from the construction guys in the back. the habitat for humanity project. they were doing their thing. that is the way jimmy carter wanted it in the way they wanted to do it. they are building homes for the poor. better than 4300, this president has done just on his own. we come back, the take from newt gingrich. jimmy carter's view of what happened then and the lessons that we could learn. after this.
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>> neil: all right, you might have heard this, former president jimmy carter expressed his concern about the ongoing trade negotiations. mexico is concerned about if canada comes on board and the posture on trade here.
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they said, all of this second-guessing what he is doing, particularly in the knighted states senate senators and others talking about how good free trade is for the u.s. paid what they don't say is that we lost jobs and over $800 million a year on a really dumb trade deal. and these same countries tariff us to death. these lawmakers are just fine with this!" ohio republican senator, who i don't think he is talking about, those who are your colleagues are complaining don't realize that we have been getting the shorter end of the stick. is he right? >> he is right with regard to some countries, typically china, as you know. that has been the focus of a lot of us over time. how do you get a level playing field with china. that regards to being tougher. that is why we have to do some of the top things that we're doing. in other countries like canada and mexico, we need to have an
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agreement. i was for a new nafta agreement, we needed upgraded. it is almost 25 years old. but we also don't want to have no nafta, because the biggest trading partner is ohio and other states. we do have lower tariffs and other countries as a result of some of those agreement. >> neil: in "the wall street journal" today, saying this trade agreement with mexico is actually worse than it presumably will replace before did you make of that? >> at the beginning of the editorial, they said it is half-and-half. have good and half not direct so good. there are some great things there opening up the market for mexico among others. really good stuff along intellectual property. and also stuff along biologicals, to have a longer period. there are some good things in there for the united states and our workers and our farmers. but, the sunset provision has been a concern of "the wall street journal" and mine. the second is this arbitration panel for investors.
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those two things were a lot better than the original agreement two months ago. i think this agreement with mexico is a step in the right direction. i think if we can now complete a similar agreement with canada, we are off to not just a better relationship with the three countries, but to a stronger u.s. economy. >> neil: senator, i got the impression out of jimmy carter that he is worried about the effects of the trade. it might get us the goods and the deals, but it might be -- i don't want to put words in his mouth, burning friendships. >> we have been tough with some of our friends in regard to using 2:30 two, which is the national security waiver. the u.k., canada, true allies who have been with us in iraq and afghanistan and share so many values. we have to be careful. i think that if it all begins to
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be negotiated out, we will have a trade agreement with those countries and that will be better for our relationship. i have not been, as you know, supportive of using this national security waiver with countries that do not create others national security threat. if you want you know, president carter was also talking about the fact that the democrats keep mentioning appeasement. you have almost at the same thing about the republicans campaigning on the notion that they are. it does become a popular issue. when you make of all that? >> impeachment? i think the lesson of bill clinton is that impeachment may feel good politically, but it isn't good politically. so, it depends. there are impeachable offensive, high crimes, misdemeanors, yeah, but it should not be used politically. it backfires. we have so many thing to do in this country to keep us on track. we have done good things in the tax reform front. i've talked a lot about this but we are heading in the right direction. we should not get distracted, in my view, by some of these other
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shiny objects out there. we should continue to solve the opioid crisis, fix these trade disputes that we have and keep the country moving in the right direction. >> neil: all right, center, thank you very much. >> i never knew that you are an intern for jimmy carter good i see a different neil cavuto now. we want to make sure it wrapped conundrum. a very good cafeteria there. >> you in my life might have been there at the same time. >> neil: is that right? >> i'm not going to ask you what you're like as a young man. >> neil: very, very fashionable, very operant guard thank you very, very much. >> thanks, neil. we will take a look at what is the latest former big official to come before congress that has anything to do with this. let's say, he was not exactly talking. after this. >> you authorized your contact with the fbi to mark where you
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>> mr. ohr, who authorized your contact with the fbi? did anyone from the justice department know that you are contacting the fbi? did you communicate with the fb fbi? >> neil: while she is trying it again, bruce ohr on capitol hill to testify behind closed doors. what came of it, well, she knows. catherine? >> thanks, neil. bruce ohr is a career government
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employee. he has nearly three decades with the justice department. he is senior. his portfolio is drugs and gangs, but in the fall of 2016, he was putting himself almost in charge of russia as a back channel between the former british by christopher steele and the fbi. the timing matters, because at that time, christopher steele had been fired by the fbi as a source over his contact with reporters about the dossier. here is congressman mark meadow meadows. >> not only did the fbi know that the dossier was unverified, but they also knew that there was real credibility issues because of the inherent way that it was collected. the bias that was asserted with that. >> also, one of the headlines that came out of today's testimony according to republican lawmakers, there is a contrast between the stories
1:26 pm
relayed by bruce ohr today, former fbi lawyer lisa page who sent the trump text, and also recent lee gave her deposition n capitol hill. he is a critical character in this development because -- paid by the dmc and research. here is congressman my case. >> in the first hour of testimony, it became very clear that there are a number of factual conflict. either bruce ohr is lying or glenn simpson is lying. in another situation, either bruce ohr is lying or lisa page is lying. >> the testimony will be going on for another hour. lawmakers talk about having a public session and bringing back some of the key players, ohr, age, simpson, and just as a footnote, we have not been
1:27 pm
interviewing democratic members of these case, because none of them have come today, they left the questioning whether staffers meal. >> neil: great effort there. let's go to mark penn, the former clinton campaign strategist but where is this all going? >> well, i don't know that it is going anywhere. because, i think now that the investigation test taken a michael cohen twist. i think the questioning of bruce ohr is very significant, because, look. they said we fired christopher steele. but, was he really fired? if really bruce ohr's wife was hired by gps fusion, working on the trough dossier, and also, bruce ohr was in constant contact. thank goodness for text messaging. apparently everybody in the fbi thought that if it is a text message, nobody would get it. they put all of their information on these text
1:28 pm
messages. someone who should not have had anything to do with the investigation albeit i think it is one of the most significant elevations. it answers the questions, how did this echo chamber get created here that there was truth and this dossier when it doesn't seem to have been anything approaching real verification of any of the information? >> you follow this more closely than i. but from a brief story today, peter strzok, lisa page, all of these individuals who had disparaging comments to make. and on the innocence of donald trump. i have not had anyone on the other separate anyone who likes donald trump, anyone who thought that the prospect of him become a president was not necessarily a bad idea. you know that a lot of the republicans view this as a biased powder keg. i see little evidence, no matter what you think of that, very little bias for donald trump.
1:29 pm
>> well, as you know, i felt very strongly about this, even as a democrat. i think we have to look at the actions here of the fbi, cia directors and say, these seem to be unbiased, fair reactions that created this investigation? the truth of the matter is, the more you hear about what was going on, no, they don't seem to be that way at all. the evidence here is that the dossier was front and center of this whole investigation that created, not only this carter page, but the whole echo chamber of information that has resulted as one of the biggest criminal investigations in history. investigating virtually every member of the president's family, the administration of the campaign. there's never been anything like this. >> neil: yeah, no idea when it will be wrapped up, either. i was good seeing you beard thank you very, very much. for those who watched earlier, president jimmy carter saying that the president really did
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make a mistake, but that he has more than made up, let's move on. that iphone is. what does newt gingrich think about that? or after this. my mom's pain from
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>> neil: all right, president carter, you might have heard earlier, was not excited about the comments on john mccain's passing, but says that he has made good. not everybody is moving on. former speaker of the house, newt gingrich on all that. it speaks to the times in which we live. a lot of democrats are not heating the former presidents advised that it is time to just say bygones be bygones, the president made good on statements that was complement repute and that is that. apparently, it is not that. what you think? >> well, first of all, i think it is very generous of president carter to take that position. i think essentially, most americans would agree with him. but look, you have a partisanship today where, whatever trump does, there will be a group of left-wing democrats that hate it. if trump came out in the morning eating vanilla ice cream, there
1:35 pm
would be an entire faction saying it was racist that he was eating white ice cream. if he came out eating black -- chocolate ice cream, they would be saying he is totally hypocritical, we all know that he is not interested in black people. they have decided, they get up in the morning and go, i know trump is wrong, i wonder what he did. that is where we are. >> neil: where do we go now? you think the president should do anything to get ahead of that? ignore that, not beat it? what you think? >> i think the president has a pretty good sense of what is going on. we are in a cultural civil war between a group of left-wingers who believed in open borders, socialism. you just had the democratic nominee for governor in california come out and say that he wants to provide universal health care for illegal immigrants. i don't know what that would
1:36 pm
cost in california, but it would be billions of dollars. so, the left in this country is now in a position where there is not much negotiation. either they are going to lose, or they are going to create a very different america. probably the person who understands that best is donald trump. that is why he drives them crazy. he has the role here that margaret thatcher had in the 1980s in great britain. he is the personification of taking apart what the left is trying to do and it drives them crazy. that is why you get these reactions that are automatic, intense, and hostile. >> neil: doesn't he create -- especially when he goes on the warpath on google? it might justified because of their bias against conservative, the same about twitter. it gets -- it appears you off course at times when he wants an
1:37 pm
agreement with mexico, points to real progress and get distracted on other stuff that just seems silly. >> yeah, it looked. i there are interesting parallels between trump, as a very disruptive personality, andrew jackson, the american president, and winston churchill. all three of them had these personality traits that, just at a point where they were totally right, and you can almost imagine people coalescing around them, they would do something, and you would be jarred so badly, you would be wondering about what was that all about? i think that is unfortunate for the president that i want you know, about 10% of the time, he feels a need to go an extra step to pick an extra fight want to do something he doesn't need. i don't think it helps. but it also tells you what an enormous, underlying power that there is in the policies he is undertaking, that despite all of that, despite everything the
1:38 pm
liberal media does, -- i watch lunchtime politics every day. he has consistently at about the same level of support, week after week after week, and that is because, for a huge number of americans, they get it. he is the change agents produce other people are people who hate change. they're going to do everything they can to hurt him. he's going to keep trying to change things. his base, as you see in these primaries where trump endorsed candidates overall, have done amazingly well. his base is very will. it believes in him and it believes in him for practical reasons. they are seeing real results. >> neil: we can talk later about the jackson and churchill comparisons. but i do want to get your take on the midterms and how they are looking right now. jimmy carter was very quick to sculpt democrats who want to mention the i word or campaign on impeachment. he doesn't believe that is a good strategy. i am paraphrasing here. is it your sense that if democrats were to take the house
1:39 pm
at the very least as axios has reported to but we are looking at a lot of investigations that could freeze things in time for two years? >> sure, look. and the democrats gain control of the house it will be a total mouse for two solid years, because the economy, frankly, is going to drown everything the democrats do. i'm going to surprise you a little bit. i was pretty accurate in 2016 when all of these so-called experts thought that trump could not win. you might be shocked election night this year and you might see the republicans actually gain seats in the house, and gain seats in the senate. because as the democrats get more and more crazy, they are setting themselves up for an absolute repudiation. i have never seen anything quite like it, except the loony left in great britain under thatcher. i think that there is a one in three chance that we will actually gain seats in the house and they will suffer a crushing
1:40 pm
defeat in the house. >> you are saying that the republicans -- this has the makings of a wendy's burger bets. we will come back and talk about that. >> let me give you one quick thing. if the average californian understands what gavin promised paying for, universal health care or illegal immigrants, what that would mean over the next ten years for california, he would lose the governorship, in a way that would shock everyone until they look at the data. no normal person wants to pay for universal health care for people who -- by the way, would be attracted to the u.s. everybody in central america will say, gavin newson wants us to have free health care. >> neil: a news flash. it is california people. i love the state, i love the people. but it is calpurnia.
1:41 pm
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>> neil: you know, we are just about settle now, especially tonight with the table place setting for the midterms and who is going to challenge home. get the latest. hi, peter p >> neil, the primary for senate is open here becauseg republican senator does not think that there is a place for him and president trump's party. he does have a pick for a successor. >> sally will win. i hope she does. that is the only shot that, obviously, republicans have to hold onto sep it is even difficult then.
1:45 pm
congressman mick sally who says he will win, doesn't want anything to do with him. >> i don't want to to go there. he is his own person. i want people to look at what i have done with my life and my time in congress. and my work in this administration. >> the front runner in recent polls, as facing off. the winner is expected to face off against democratic congresswoman. hurt democratic primary for senate is supposed to be easy. different story for democrats down in florida where established candidates are trying to hold off the bernie sanders backed bill gillam for governor. >> we are not going to let trump and his friends divide us up. >> the g.o.p. fight for governor their pit agriculture commissioner adam putnam against
1:46 pm
trump back governor. >> i think we are poised to have a strong victory. i think all of the credible pol polls will show us what the really, really strong lead. it has really been that way, brian, for the last two months. >> here in arizona, we have confirmed that the contractor hired by the state to set up voting machines at polling places did not show up everywhere until polling machines were not set up everywhere that they need. the county is going to the process to keep some places open later for voters. >> neil: peter, thank you. here, amazon thought they dodged a bullet in seattle when local officials were trying to tax it to help pay for the homeless. that went down to defeat. bernie sanders coming down to say companies like amazon should be taxed because they do not pay their workers enough. that to compensate for those workers going on federal assistance for all that stuff.
1:47 pm
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>> neil: well, if at first you don't succeed, senator bernie sanders telling big companies that if they do not pay their workers what he called a living wage, be prepared to pay up. susan joins us with the latest. what is he talking about? >> the point that he says is to incentivize big companies to pay their workers a fair living wag wage. the built that bernie sanders wants to introduce will require companies like amazon, walmart, and mcdonald's to fully call the cost of housing, and other federal assistance programs at their employees might need. sanders tweeting, "billionaires should not be on welfare if the
1:51 pm
owners of large corporations won't pay workers, we will tax them 100% of the public assistance benefits that they are workers are forced to rely on. that is dollar for dollar. so if they need $300 of food stamps, they will pay $200 of taxes to cover it. groups say that this will not help lift wages, it will lead to more job losses, more automatio automation. amazon and mcdonald's for any comments, still waiting to hear back from them. >> neil: amazon, i think, as a company, collectively pays its people pretty well. walmart learned that if you do boost wages a little bit, you can get these kind of issues off of your back. any hints out of amazon whether it would? >> amazon did a study, and the average amazon worker, they employ 575,000 people. the average $20,000 a year. that is $4,000 above the poverty
1:52 pm
level. and far more than what jeff bezos is worth. we reach out to amazon previously and they set him at this is not a 575,000 full-time workers project account that a lot of these people are part-time, and yes, they are paid hourly, which they say is above the minimum wage of $15. >> neil: wow, susan, thank you very much. be careful what you wish for and shape it you might ultimately get what you want, mr. president. but, in the end, you barely made it our friends. they might not be coming back. after this. ess. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at upload your logo or start your design today oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven
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>> they are very concerned about their future relationship to replace nafta. i think they will continue to benefit from international trade and president trump's approach is not the same as has been in the passed.
1:56 pm
he has his own ideas and my hope is he will be successful. >> neil: that was from our earlier chat with former president jimmy carter who hopes the ends justify the controversial means by which president trump has given concessions to our friends in trades partners. he doesn't want any real -- residual collateral damage. >> when i asked steven mnuchin earlier today on the north line of the white house whether or not the president wants to see a three way reworked nafta type deal, the u.s. canada and mexico or if the preference is to get a bilateral due with canada like they have with mexico and have two separate deals. the treasury secretary telling me they just want to deal with canada. matt, whatever form it comes in. the president has already floated the concept of potential
1:57 pm
auto tariffs going canada's way should not be ideal, larry kudlow said today that tariff number could be in the range of 20 to 25%. the commerce secretary wilbur ross that on the fox business network earlier this morning that canada needs to come to the table because they need this deal. >> the canadian economy really can't survive very well without a deal with the u.s. they are too dependent on us and particularly too dependent on the automotive sector. >> congress will have its say on the deal that was just tired out with mexico, and whatever might happen with canada down the line. as it relates to mexico, the top democrat on the senate, chuck schumer, said he wants to see more details about this. >> i am a little worried this one is like north korea. they have a nice announcement but then we don't see the details and who knows what we
1:58 pm
will see afterwards. we are in a period of watchful waiting. let's see the details. >> the foreign minister in canada, she's here in d.c. we believe that the trade reps office negotiating with the top trade rep for the president, bob lighthizer. this moves fast with canada, the deal with mexico was announced yesterday and senior-level talks started neatly. now the foreign ministers here in the u.s. >> neil: time is a wasting. if the canadians want to be part of this, they've got to move fast, right? because the administration wants to send a letter to congress on friday, this friday, three days from now. they could structure this letter, formulated, write it in a way this has maybe canada signaling its intention to work with us. it remains to be seen if a deal can be hammered out by friday with canada. it took a year for the u.s. and mexico to get to this point.
1:59 pm
the way they are positioning it, as they present congress it with a letter potentially friday about the deal with mexico, they can write it so they leave open the possibility that hey, canada could come to a deal with us at some point down the line. >> neil: they seem perfectly fine, and this is where it bothered jimmy carter a little bit, not that the trump administration would be concerned but that it leads to problems down the road, that if we leave the canadians at the altar. don't come together come out and we put tariffs on autos coming in here. we have plants that are jointly owned, it could get really, really ugly. >> i think the administration would argue and they have in the past that the threat of tariffs work. they have threatened auto tariffs on the european union and there's a framework to work on a deal going forward. we just heard that threat again put on canada. we will see how it shakes out between the united states and canada but i tell you when you talk to people here in the
2:00 pm
white house, they feel the deal will get done with canada. canada was calling. canada needs this deal, and you are there from the commerce secretary wilbur ross and they are hopeful. >> neil: thank you very much. here comes "the five" ." ♪ >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with tammy bruce, juan williams, brian kilmeade. she snowboards on a soap dish. dana perino. "the five" ." last month, cnn announced a bombshell that michael: said president trump know about that meeting between his son any russian claiming to have dirt on hillary. something as rare as air. it was one of 1,000 final nails in the coffin of trump's presidency. but then lanny davis, hillary


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