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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 28, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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pumpkin stone, welcome to fall. enjoy the pumpkin spice latte. >> greg: set your dvrs never miss an episode of the five, special report cap next. >> bret: welcome to a very hot white house north lawn. aiming high, president trump fix picks a fight with the world's largest company. a justice department is grilled about his ties to the author of the trump dossier" the catholic abuse scandal bring down the pulp? this is "special report" ." good evening, i'm bret baier. the president is once again taking on news and social media, if you do a google search on the words of trump and google you get results with words like rage, rig, and conspiracy theor theory. he's not happy with google over what he calls suppression of
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conservative voices and positive news about his administration. john roberts has a specific tonight, thanks for joining us again. >> officials from google, facebook, and twitter are going to be testifying on capitol hill next week. the issue was foreign interference in the election. >> its corporate motto is "do the right thing" but today president trump accused google of doing the wrong thing of twisting search results to highlight negative stories about him and suppressed conservative voices. >> president trump: its taking advantage of a lot of people and it's a very serious charge. >> the president singled out google and facebook and twitter too. >> you can't do that, you're treading on tribal territory, it's not fair to large portions of the population. >> the oval office followed a
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morning twitter rant with the president said it might be illegal, insisting this is a very serious situation that will be addressed. a google search of the word trump yields mostly stories about his complaints about google. there's also a "vanity fair" article that comes up with the headline "trump is nuts." google denies any attempt to limit the positive and accentuate the negative. >> is not used to such a political agenda, we don't bias our results towards any political ideology. >> him president trump also drew a sharp response from mexico, the president said a border wall will be built and mexico will pay for it. >> president trump: the wall will be paid for very easily by mexico. >> mexico begs to differ. mexico's foreign minister saying we just reached a trade understanding with the u.s. and the outlook for the relationship between our two countries is very positive.
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we will never pay for a wall however, that has an absolutely clear from the very beginning. the wall dispute aside, the mexico trade deal caught canada's attention. the foreign minister came calling in washington after president trump threatened a 25% tariff on canadian built cars if it didn't sign on to a revised nafta. the president's chief economic advisor denied the white house was putting pressure on canada and other u.s. trade allies, the ultimate goal is to twist a few arms in beijing. >> i think china is now on the defensive because they see that the usa is beginning to get some momentum and i think that's great. >> the president's democratic critics are skeptical of this deal of mexico, the senate minority leader saying it's something like the north korean deal. it looks good on the surface but very little detail and who knows what's really going to happen? >> bret: last night the
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president had a dinner for evangelical leaders and there's a line that's catching some attention. >> there's a tape out, someone put out the recording, apparently he said something to the effect of if democrats take control of congress they will quickly and violently overturn everything that has been done. i spoke with pastor robert jeffress and he thought the president was using violent as more of a metaphor to talk about what the democrats would do, not suggesting there would be rioting in the streets. he himself says he was invited to speak to the crowd, he said if democrats take control of congress he believes 1 of 2 things will happen. they will either try to throw the president out of office or they will handcuff him and his administration. so he won't be able to get anything done. >> bret: stock finished ahead, the dow was up 14, the s&p 500 gained one. the nasdaq jumped 12, the last two the highest records for those indices. one of the americans behind the
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trump dossier was on capitol hill trying to explain the complicated web of intrigue and information surrounding that document. the fact that bruce ohr is still a high-ranking justice department official and his wife worked for the company behind the dossier made to the situation even more precarious. chief intelligence correspondent catherine harrison were sports from the hill. [reporter questioning] >> and how did your wife benefit from the contract? >> justice department official bruce ohr whose portfolio included drugs and gangs and not russia ignored fox's questions when he arrived on capitol hill with a closed-door deposition underway, republican lawmakers said ohr told his fbi contact there were issues with the dossier and its author former british by christopher steele who had an anti-trump bias. sources tell fox news the evidence suggests the security court was kept in the dark when it authorized a surveillance
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warrant for trump campaign aide carter page. >> not only to the fbi know that the dossier was unverified but they also knew there was real credibility issues. >> another lawmaker said the answers do not line up with the other witnesses including former fbi lawyer lisa page to sent anti-trump texts and glenn simpson who is a firm by the dnc and clinton campaign for anti-trump research. >> there's another factual conflict. in another circumstance, either bruce ohr is lying or lisa page is lying. >> after the fbi fired him, ohr's wife nellie worked for fusion gps on russia, lawmakers point to a financial conflict. >> although bruce ohr would appear to be without partisan,
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his wife since 2015 knowingly worked on the find dirt on trump, try to make this connection with the russians for which she was paid and he didn't properly disclose. >> the deposition concluded an hour ago after seven hours of grilling. democratic lawmakers did not attend, leaving the questioning to their staffers and lawyers. >> bret: catherine herridge on the hill. the second trial of former trump campaign chairman paul manafort is being pushed back a week. the judge has granted a defense motion. opening statements will not begin september 24th. jury selection gets underway september 17th, last week manafort was convicted on eight counts of fraud and other crime crimes. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he will form a bipartisan panel to solicit ideas on the best way to honor his former colleague john mccain. the arizona senator died saturday, some senators support
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renaming the russell senate office building for mccain. on the senate floor today, in an emotional speech, senator lindsey graham his longtime friend, mccain and he said be impossible to replace. >> i'm going to need your help, and the void to be filled by his passing is more than i can do. don't look to me to replace this man. look to me to remember what he was all about and try to follow in his footsteps. >> bret: mccain will lie in state and arizona's capital tomorrow on what would have been his 82nd birthday before and be transferred to the u.s. capitol friday. ms. go ♪ voters casting primary ballots right now.
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in oklahoma two republicans who want to be governor try to out trump each other, the governor's race in florida is also drawing major interest. phil keating is in orlando. first up, peter doocy in arizona and the republican senate primary that will set up one of the most-watched general election senate races in the country. >> at the first polling place we visited, a worker came out and asked our crew if we were there to fix their stuff. as it turned out the contractor hired by maricopa county the largest county in the state that was supposed to be setting up voting machines didn't show up to set them up everywhere. there were hundreds of calls of complaints first thing this morning for this primary that could tilt control of the senate according to the republican front runner in the g.o.p. binary martha mcsally. >> arizona is a firewall state. if they have any chance to flip the majority, i'm the firewall
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to make sure chuck schumer, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are not in charge in the senate. >> joining her on the ballot are dr. kelly ward and sheriff joe arpaio, the winner is likely to face the congresswoman kiersten in the winter. it would require me to believe in positions i don't hold on such issues as trade, immigration, and it would require me to condone behaviors that i cannot condone. even though the front runner to replace as the most moderate person on the ballot, flake says he has no regrets about not seeking reelection. >> this is the president's party, much to my consternation and i think to the long-term detriment of the party. i hope that's not always the case but today this is the president's party. >> i asked mick her if there wy
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similarities she wanted to share with primary voters, now to our colleague phil keating in florida. >> more than $150 million have been spent this year on the gubernatorial race and president trump plays a big factor in all of it. let's start with the republicans, it's going to be three term congressman rhonda sanchez versus agricultural commissioner adam putnam. sanchez took a lead in the polls after trump's endorsement. putnam has a much better grassroots ground game which could help him tonight. on the democratic side, a big field of five. gwen graham has been pulling a lead of seven points or more, she is a former congresswoman, daughter of a former governor and senator and thinks she alone can pull a female vote.
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philip levine spent 30 million of his own dollars on this race and showed up yesterday at the jacksonville mass shooting to tout gun-control and progressive tallahassee mayor andrew gillam hopes to become the state's first black governor and also has a senator bernie sanders endorsement. the primary is already a done deal for the national race, two term governor rick scott is hoping to unseat democratic bill nelson. moderate, pro-gun control, former astronaut does considered vulnerable in losing this seat which is held since 2,000. governor scott touts his record and job creation and president trump support. around 2 million floridians have already voted in this primary either in mail or early. that could be likely more than half of the total turnout. a big reason for that, this is the first year in florida since 1986 where both parties had a
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competitive primary to get to the governor's mansion. >> bret: thanks to phil keating and peter doocy. we may not know who wins north carolina's house elections and by extension who controls the house until next year. why is that? north carolina has been ordered to redraw its congressional district map with just 70 days to go before the midterm elections. correspondent jonathan serrie is in our southeast barrel with the reason why and what it could all mean. >> in a ruling that could affect the balance of power in congress, a panel of three federal judges has determined north carolina's congressional district map is unconstitutional. gerrymandered to favor republicans. >> i feel the maps as they are a failure, they were drunk consistent with the rules that have been in place for decades. >> advocacy groups to challenge the maps in federal court saying the current system which allows the party in power to set
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boundaries to disenfranchise voters. >> is not a good thing when lawmakers are drawing their own distress, the temptation is too great to game the system and that's what we have in north carolina and unfortunately across america. >> ten of north carolina's 13 congressional districts are in g.o.p. hands. republican state senate leader phil berger says the system works. >> i think the fairest way to do is to let the people elect legislators and let that legislators draw the maps. that's been the system. it was good enough for the democrats when they were in control, it should be good enough now. >> what's at stake goes beyond the boundaries of any particular district but the chaos that it could cause in congress. the court has yet to determine whether it would allow the november's election to go forward using the current maps and the opinion the court says we declined to rule out the possibility that the state should be joint from conducting any further congressional elections using the 2016 plan. >> it could make the difference in several health races in north carolina.
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it could delay when we find out who wins the majority of of the u.s. house of representatives. >> the court is giving the parties until five clock p.m. to submit briefs. and whether the general assembly should be allowed the first opportunity to redraw those districts. >> bret: jonathan serrie at our southeast barrel. up next almost a year after hurricane maria, the death toll in puerto rico keeps rising. first do some of the fox affiliates around the country. fox seven in austin, texas, the owner of a company that makes untraceable 3d printed to guns says he has begun selling the blueprints through his website. cody wilson says he believes that by selling the plans instead of posting them online for anyone to view or download for 3, he will not run afoul of a federal court order. fox two says missouri lawmakers approved legislation to ban companies from labeling lab
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3:21 pm
the story. >> rare voices of dissent in the iranian parliament. this is just a second time in iranian history they had some of the president to answer questions. four times lawmakers voted against him showing signs of deep internal division. as u.s. sanctions take hold, rouhani sought to blame the u.s. for the troubles. >> we will not allow a bunch of anti-iranians to plot against us. >> after months of protests, pressure is mounted on the public. in the head, it was day two of iran's attempt to have sanctions suspended by the u.n. using a little known a friendship agreement from 1955. they called the sanctions economics regulation. the u.s. defendant the sanctions saying they were legal and justified as a national security measure. >> iran has sought to characterize itself as a victim,
3:22 pm
a law-abiding state brought to its knees by unlawful u.s. sanctions. the suggestion that iran is a victim does not withstand scrutiny at any level. >> nor does the u.s. military have any doubt as to the iranian's true intentions, accusing them of supporting terrorists and brutal regimes. >> fundamentally, they continue to be the single biggest destabilizing element in the middle east. >> as if to prove it, iran has just signed a new security deal with syria. the defense minister arriving in damascus saying they have no intention of pulling their troops out. in another blow, news is breaking on writers that france, one of the few countries trying to keep the deal alive has told its diplomats not to travel to the country, citing a foiled bomb plot by iranian agents in paris. >> bret: benjamin, thank you. as tensions rise again with north korea, the defense department is saying it's continuing to prepare to defend its allies in the region.
3:23 pm
national security correspondent jonathan griffin tells us about it from the pentagon. >> just days after president trump canceled secretary of state pompeo's trip to north korea, defense secretary james mattis said there are no plans to suspend any future large-scale military exercises with south korea and other asian allies. >> is it time to restart military exercises with south korea given the recent news that the north koreans are not denuclearizing? >> we took the step to suspend several of the largest exercises as a good faith measure coming out of the singapore summit. we have no plans at this time to suspend any more exercises. >> during the singapore summit, president trump refer to these military exercises as provocative war games and agree to suspend three that would be
3:24 pm
taking place now including freedom guardians and annual exercise dating back to 1976. last year, 17,500 u.s. service members took part with eight other countries. the next tier one military exercise is slated for february. >> we suspended several of the largest exercises but we did not suspend the rest. there are ongoing exercises all the time on the peninsula. >> japan today reiterated its plans to bolster missile defense calling north korea an ongoing serious threat. >> the president canceled pompeo's trip to north korea after receiving what he believed as a belligerent letter by a secret north korean channel. today the state department spokeswoman read another letter, this one from pompeo to north korea saying america stands ready to engage when the time is right. >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. next, is the pope in trouble over the churches sex abuse
3:25 pm
scandal? several latin american countries are reportedly getting ready to join the international criminal court in determining whether to put venezuelan officials on trial for crimes against humanity. that's according to univision tonight. the country is named argentina, colombia, and chile. and as well is suffering from an economic and political crisis under socialist president nicolas maduro. an united nations report says the governments of yemen, the united arab emirates, and saudi arabia may have been responsible for war crimes during three years of battling rebels in yemen. reports say crimes including raping, torture, kidnapping, and murder. french police say amen suspected the for viciously slapping a 22-year-old woman near a paris cafe has been arrested. he became a symbol of sexual harassment after surveillance cameras captured
3:26 pm
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♪ >> bret: welcome back to the white house. there is growing concern tonight that the catholic church's sex abuse scandal could impact
3:30 pm
the highest leadership at the vatican. maybe even the pope himself. legend correspondent lauren green has the latest. >> the systematic cover-up at the highest levels. >> although we can't say what pope francis may or may not have known, pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro says he has evidence that the vatican knew about the sexual abuse. >> the facts and the evidence clearly show that the bishops and other church officials notified the vatican of these predator priests. what happened after that, i don't know. >> vatican spokesperson greg burke told fox news will need more details about the prosecutor's claims before commenting. the attorney general's allegations come in the wake of an 11 page letter from our -- he claims there is a homosexual
3:31 pm
current subverting catholic doctrine. in 2013, pope francis asked about the now disgraced cardinal mccarrick. he said at the bishops had a thick dossier on him, that he corrupted generations of seminarians and priests. the pope refused to answer the charges. >> i think the statement speaks for itself. you have sufficient journalists and capacity to reach your own conclusions. >> claims follow a two your grand jury investigation in pennsylvania uncovering more than 300 predator priests and more than 1,000 young victims going back to the 1940s. shapiro says that since the grand jury report released a week ago, pennsylvania's clergy abuse hotline has received more than 730 calls. meanwhile the american catholic bishops review board is calling for a full investigation of sexual misconduct within the church. >> bret: will continue to follow that story. an independent investigation ordered by puerto rico's government estimates that 2975
3:32 pm
people died as a result from hurricane maria. these figures contrast sharply with the government official death toll of 64. it's also about governments previous estimate of 1400. sexually transmitted diseases hit record highs for a fourth straight year. the centers for disease control and prevention said nearly 2.3 million new cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis were diagnosed last year. the panel is next as we go to break, president trump commemorates the 50th anniversary of the "i have a dream" speech by darden dr. martin luther king jr. 55 years ago tonight, he spoke from the lincoln memorial.
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♪ >> president trump: google is taking advantage of a lot of people and i think that's a very serious thing and it's a very serious charge. they better be careful because you can't do that to people. we have tremendous, literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in and you just can't do that. i think google and twitter and facebook, they're really treading on troubled territory. >> the search is not used to set
3:38 pm
the political agenda and we don't bias our results toward any political ideology. we continue to work to improve google's search and we never rank results to manipulate political sentiment. >> bret: google was on the mind at the white house. the president tweeting out and talking to the media's and google's for trump news shows only the reporting of fake news media, they haven't rigged it for me and others so that almost all stories and news is bad. fake cnn is prominent, republican, conservative, and fair media is shut out. 96% of trump news are from national left-wing media. google and others are suppressing voices, their controlling what we cannot cannot see. this is a serious situation, will be addressed. we'll start there with our panel. byron york chief political correspondent of "washington examiner" and mollie hemingway the senior editor at the federalist.
3:39 pm
your initial thoughts on this. >> i think the problem is what president trump sees is mainstream news sources and sources that are linked by a lot of people first and the search, is not left wing news sources if the mainstream news sources that people rely on. the analysis by a conservative group took a fault with the algorithm that google uses come out ranked usa today as a left wing news source and i can tell you that is not accurate. >> in the same way that you shouldn't just say what president trump is saying about google news and how they rank things as gospel truth, neither should you accept google's denials, particularly when you have this history of google admitting they'd be ranked based on their own conceptions editorial conceptions. you have examples of them censoring in other countries, you have them dealing with the lawsuit in their own company, of dealing with their extreme left-wing bias and they fired employees who were too
3:40 pm
conservative. you have eric schmidt admitting d ranking is used to help out some search results over others. we have a piece up at the federalist that shows that someone who appeared on fox news and cnn, his evidence that his fox news appearances were devalued and his cnn appearances were valued higher. there's a lot more that needs to be studied about their algorithms and particularly how when you have a company that is employed almost at school civilly progressives or liberals, how that might affect the algorithms that they create. >> bret: as you said, google is pushing back hard against that. in the campaign, donald trump was listed as the most digitally savvy candidate and his google searches and his searches were tops. as your president, the volume of stories dealing with a whole range of subjects increases. >> some of this is trump venting, it's part of his general pushback against the press. conservatives have had complaints against the big tech companies in recent years.
3:41 pm
facebook has made an outreach to conservatives, talking to them, trying to convince them that their algorithms are fair. the ceo of twitter has basically said we are all on the left. this concern is really difficult to see, to tell definitively if these algorithms are biased or what. i do think one thing will happen here. when the tech companies are under attack either from left or right, they will go to safety. they will start featuring the most mainstream news organizations, "the new york times," "the washington post" which are precisely the news outlets that conservatives accuse of bias. the problem will continue and we will hear more complaints about this. >> bret: down the row, do you think some regulation on google or other companies is coming? >> what president trump says is not the only example of people calling for this sort of regulation. i do think something is on the way in the next few years.
3:42 pm
>> i think there will be some more regulation although not necessarily because of the complaint that president trump levied today. there are complaints about privacy, the handling of real fake news by these big tech companies. i think there is an appetite to try to do more to regulate some aspects of this business. >> big tech companies are worried about deregulation and the answer of seeing private companies can do whatever they want isn't going to be sufficient for a lot of people they think they are putting too heavy of a hand on the dial when it comes to political discussions and electoral results. >> bret: we talked yesterday about the nafta and mexico situation, i want to move on to bruce or who's testifying behind closed doors behind capitol hil capitol hill. his wife worked for fusion gps. talking to lawmakers today, here is mark meadows on his testimon testimony. >> not only did the fbi know that the dossier was unverified,
3:43 pm
they also knew that there were real credibility issues where it would never end up in a courtroom. he worked for the department of justice since 1991 and never in his entire history was anything handled in the way that this was handled. >> bret: setting that up, meadows tweeted we've learned new information suggesting our suspicions are true. fbi, doj have previously leaked info to the press and used those same press stories as a separate source to justify -- his interview is even uncritical. we're hearing he had a lot of lack of memory in this testimony but we'll see where this goes. >> were hearing the testimony contradicting the sworn testimony of other players in this drama. we don't know what happened because it was behind closed doors but unfortunately that previous hearing with peter strzok was such a clown show, people figured it needed to be
3:44 pm
behind closed doors in order to get information. that comes at the expense of transparency for the american public. what we are hearing as he did admit he was profiting from fusion gps, that was the firm that employed his wife to the tune of $44,000 while funneling information from fusion gps that was this hillary clinton concocted dossier of russia conclusion and as people have noted, this is a very. it's not the way it people traditionally handle the investigation. i think we have a lot of questions we need answered. >> bret: what are the chances he stays on at the justice department after this? >> one of the chances jeff sessions stays on after all this? i don't know whether he'll stay in the justice department or not. congress certainly has a right and obligation to pursue investigations as they see fit but i would just note that we should remember the dossier was not the launching point for the russia probe. george papadopoulos talking in a
3:45 pm
london bar to unaustralian diplomat was the launching point for this investigation. i think that's a fact we should not lose sight of. >> i think representative meadows was assaying the fbi knew about these problems with michael steele and the dossier, because bruce ohr told them. the fbi knew well about the problems with christopher steele and his problems, even when it first applied for the fisa warrant to spy on carter page. >> bret: "the washington post" saying the president vented twice saying he might prior sessions in the past couple of weeks. next up, the primaries and the midterms to come, plus one state that could throw everything up in the air before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, lucy could only imagine enjoying a slice of pizza. now it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts
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3:50 pm
>> bret: that race tonight should be interesting, the governor primary where you have ron desantis and adam putnam. voters are going to the polls in arizona, oklahoma and florida but obviously this is all teeing up the midterm elections as we are closing in on that into the fall. we're back to the panel. i asked them to pick a race they are following or think is interesting, would start with you. >> florida is an interesting state to watch in the senate situation there, you heard the national trend the democrats are going to have this huge wave and they're going to take over all the seats in the house and maybe the senate. and yet the bill nelson is struggling in his race and rick scott is right there with him. it's interesting to see how the national dynamic plays out differently in individual races. it's also interesting to watch desantis running, it's an interesting state to say. >> bret: nelson and scott neck
3:51 pm
and neck. what races have you picked? >> home state of kansas, usually don't have too many toss ups. chris go back barely got through the primary, he's facing laura kelly. this race is rated a toss up even though this is a state donald trump carried by 21 points in 2016, it's worth watching. >> bret: don't count out the business man or men who is tried before as an independent. >> i picked the arizona senate race, if emma kratz win the house which is very likely, for the republicans the senate is going to mean everything. democrats would only have to win a couple of seats to pick up the house, it doesn't look good. arizona is one of their very few pickup opportunities. trump won the state and they've had a very roiled situation with the senate. jeff flake the current
3:52 pm
republican senator who is not running again because he is so anti-trump, he's completely out of touch with his party's voters in arizona. you just had the death of senator mccain and there will be a new republican senator appointed well before the election, don't know what effect that could have. it's a very ongoing situation. >> bret: as we had past labor day were going to break down all those senate races that are really interesting. a lot of red state democrats were facing some pretty tough races. we'll take a look at those and bring you around the country and take the show on the road as well. here's one state where things could be up in the air, north carolina. >> we could see a situation where that balance looks a little bit more like north carolina's slightly reddish purple. republicans still get a majority of seats but not the super majority of seats, it dilutes a voters vote. the power when you're packing a certain number of particular parties of one district.
3:53 pm
>> the idea we would take the authority to draw these maps out of the hands of the people elected by the people strikes me as just a real distance from where we are and where we ought to be in this country. >> bret: this has to do with redrawing districts, this could be a big deal in carolina. >> several republican members of congress could be at risk under redrawing districts. republicans were redrawing district lines. it could push the election later, it's possible north carolina would not be prepared to hold its election on election day because of this court fight. the supreme court does not stay the decision about the vote go ahead with the current district lines. that means they could have the vote in late november, december even early next year. >> bret: if you have the balance of power in the house hanging on five, six races, there's a lot of districts ther
3:54 pm
there. >> you'll have republicans talking more about judges. whatever the merits of this case. for the judges to do this, so close to the election, the states doesn't have time to mount the election for the regularly scheduled election day. we all knew when it was going to happen. this is another example of the judges just reaching too far. >> a divided three-judge panel, only two judges came up with this decision it throws the entire state into chaos and it disenfranchises an entire state in the name of protecting the voter -- the idea that the voters do not get to decide how their districts are drawn through the normal means of electing representatives to draw those is going to be a difficult argument to make. at the very least, north carolina should figure its way through to the next electio election. >> bret: it's getting into interesting times for politics, we love that. when we come back, britain's prime minister puts on her
3:55 pm
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4:00 pm
south africa on behalf of the u.k. others are using the hashtag may bot and some others are asking if the dancing prime minister is now dancing queen . fair, balanced and unafraid of, "the story" hosted by martha starts right now. >> martha: good to see you tonight. now this fox news alert, we have the first polls officially closing on a big primary night tonight. it tells a whole lot about where voters stand on the trump agenda right now as we head into the midterm season. we look at you the first of those numbers. florida will be first as they come in tonight, but first, the debate over supreme court justice nominee brett kavanaugh is really starting to heat up and what to is expected to be a brutal confirmation hearing which is now just days away.


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