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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 29, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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doctor liebman is extremely important and sorry we didn't have more time but we will stay on this with a longer segment this week, next weekend on the radio so tune in tomorrow but we want to hear what you have to say about tonight's show so tweet me at ingram angle and the great shannon bream and the fox news at night team are up next. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert, results pouring in from primary elections in arizona, results from the races in florida, major upset leading to a big november showdown as a socialist backs candidate wins tonight pitting them against the trump supported, special team coverage coming your way and you will hear from congressman jim jordan who spent is a grilling doj official bruce ohr over his ties to christopher steele. and leaking stories to the press, to justify getting a warrant, team coverage on the highly contested primary race tonight.
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what do the results actually mean? peter doocy is live in arizona? phil keating live in florida. the balance of power in congress next year and some other big nailbiter's down there. >> first to the governor's race, and ron desantis rolling to an easy primary victory over his republican opponent, adam putnam. winning by 20 points. fox news called this race as soon as the polls closed and they took the stage to cheer a short time later. he spent half as much money as his opponent but had something far more valuable, donald trump's endorsement. >> i pledge to you as governor i will work my butt off to accomplish great things for this state. i will show the courage to lead
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and keep florida great and make it even greater. god bless you guys, thank you so much. >> trump tweeted this, such a fantastic win for ron desantis and the people in the great state of florida, ron will be a fantastic governor. on to november. on the democratic side a crowded primary field of fire but in the shocker of the night tallahassee mayor andrew gillam surged from fourth place in the past month while glenn graham constantly led by 7 in the polls but tonight gillam hoping to become the first black governor, a progressive liberal with the endorsement of bernie sanders and once medicare for all unexpectedly beat them all. now to the senate race in florida which without any competition had no drama. november two to republican governor rick scott who is leaving office open 23 term democrat bill nelson.
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republican -- nelson is very vulnerable and the gop could pick up the seed for the first time since the year 2000 making it difficult this november for democrats to take the senate but the real interesting thing in florida from here to november will be governor's race, desantis versus gillam. a proxy battle between donald trump and bernie sanders which has implications for 2020. shannon: thank you very much. for now we head to arizona where results have started coming in. peter doocy is live covering results in arizona. >> reporter: officials of the mc sally campaign expect to see her the results any minute. they are confident in the fighter pilot turned
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congresswoman's chances of advancing to the general election. mc sally told me she believes arizona is a firewall, republicans need it if they want to keep control of the senate but it is not a sure thing that a republican will succeed jeff flake. a few hours ago some polling places didn't open up on time because the company hired to set up the machines did not send workers every polling place. there were hundreds of complaints about that and talk about extending voting hours but it didn't happen. they do expect 1 million to vote in this primary and officials have only been counting for an hour. others on the republican ticket are doctor kelly word and county sheriff joe arpaio. even though mc sally won the endorsement of senator flake she didn't want any association with him. their common complaint is he has been too tough on the president, not helpful enough of amending the trump agenda and all say they want the president's help in the general election where
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they would face kiersten cinema most likely, she doesn't need any high want surrogates to help her. they plan to stay off the campaign trail for the next couple days as remembrances of john mccain's life continue in arizona and that this early hour neither one -- >> the big story bernie sanders backed democrat andrew gillam taking on ron desantis. let's turn to chris as we wait on arizona. this could be an interesting matchup come fall, a bit of a proxy war. >> in for a barn burner down there.
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scott senate race, scott and nelson is going to be the big one. it will be goat roping of the magnitude, the politics are always rough and a big deal. behind that, what might be the future of the two parties. on the one side, he worked his tail off but had big money for tom stier positioning for 2020 run. and is cultivating these sorts of self-styled progressives, trying to be the koch brothers and donald trump in the democratic party and gillam is a big success story for him and bernie sanders to a certain degree but on the other side, in his tv ads talked about impeaching trump. you to have donald trump's single most ardent defender in
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the united states congress who has been there at every turn to undercut the justice department and prosecutors going after trump's associate so you have the absolute quadruple blast m aga versus mister impeachment and the end of the story for florida voters, not talking as much as they should. shannon: you will be unable to escape the ads, they will be on tv night and day, you will not be able to get away. and the trump affect, in not much time he made up a lot of ground, 20 points, that is quite a wild thing in not a lot of time. >> give sanders himself some credit. he would little-known to florida politicos outside his own district. south of jacksonville, he didn't
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have connections or big career outside that area compared to put them who has been since the earth cooled has been in florida politics and activated big network. desantis was taken with little doubt, the trump endorsement was huge but the other part that was huge was as voters saw him in the ads started to run and money poured in from out-of-state from other trump supporters, voters liked what they saw. shannon: as we wait on arizona we check back with you. thank you very much. the debate over bruce ohr's testimony, testifying behind closed doors, republicans coming up at a hearing giving different information claiming they heard things and learn things that would shock americans.
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kristin fisher with what you can find out about today's hearings. >> reporter: house republicans heighten their concerns. and during the 2016 election, and told his context at the fbi there were issues with the trump dossier, former british spy christopher steele and yes when it came time to obtain a surveillance warrant with the trump campaign, the fbi did not include those issues. >> not only did the fbi and dossier was unverified but they also knew there was real credibility issues where it would never end up in a court room because of the inherent way it was collected and the bias associated with it. >> reporter: mark meadows of the
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office of information suggesting the fbi leaked -- the resulting article to help obtain surveillance warrants. >> we know that some people at the department of justice and fbi actually gave information, the stories were reported that they used those reports to justify further investigation, that is like saying we will incriminate on one hand, it doesn't work that way. >> reporter: the fbi intelligence analyst who works with peter stzrok and lisa page, they pushed back saying the fbi does use media material to corroborate their work product, the analyst, quote, never said directly he utilized fbi weeks. the national security court.
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democratic lawmakers, and in the past, they focus too much on bruce ohr saying this is an attempt to undermine the special counsel investigation. >> our next guest said he wanted to learn who at doj knew what and when. getting understand the basics, bruce ohr, his wife worked with a firm hired by the clintons to put together the dossier which was the key thing to get the warrant to spy on donald trump's campaign. we did analysis and learns when the fbi took the dossier to the secret court to find carter
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page, paid for the document and didn't talk about ohr's involvement in the document, extreme bias against donald trump. they should have disclosed to the court and -- >> your colleague, mark meadows had this to say, when talking about the evidence that may have been used to get information. new information, true fbi and doj, previously leaked info and use the same press stories as a separate source to justify fisa. the interview with even more critical, did he ever do this? did you talk about potential for leaks, articles that came from those leaks justified further investigation? >> remember the one diagram the
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inspector general produced in his report. 13 people at the fbi talking to one reporter. you know the game was going on, talking to the press all the time instead of focusing on doing their job, this, remember chairman nunez's memo talks about the news story, they used that, the dossier and get the warrant. shannon: what you heard from different witnesses, what started the entire russia investigation, here is what the congressman said. >> in the first hour of testimony it became clear there are factual conflicts.
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either bruce ohr is lying, either bruce ohr is lie or lisa page is lying. >> he talked about the fact they need to be testifying together to the conflict and find out what the truth is. >> i do think we have a conflict between what mister simpson said and when he didn't talk, the doj and fbi is what mister ohr conveyed an emails we had a chance to look at, there is a definite conflict, to have glenn simpson in front of the judiciary committee. shannon: congressman ice are characterized him as having a poor memory. >> there were times, don't rightly know when that happened, the exact timeframe but you got to come back to the basics. all these key people who ran the
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clinton investigation and the justice department launched and ran the russia investigation. we have seen things we have never seen before, director comey was fired, the former chief of staff, jim baker comes in, was first demoted, fbi chief counsel, left the fbi, lisa page, fbi council demoted the left and peter stzrok, deputy head of counterintelligence, demoted, then fired. although the doj side, sally yates was fired and bruce ohr was demoted two times, the key people involved in all this and i never saw where you have top people who ran two key investigations, so many fired, demoted or had to leave their respective employment, something i never witnessed before and this is why it is important to have these depositions and get the answers to important questions. shannon: the special counsel
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investigation, whether you can answer specifics or not, whether he or his wife nelly have been contacted or had interviews with the special counsel. >> we asked those questions, we are not supposed to give the answers. i hope we release the transcript of the didn't talk about that. we had lots of questions, some interesting things that also happened. when the fbi terminated their relationship with christopher steele, bruce ohr continued to meet with him. that is important and there are other things associated with that that are important and when those come out, that is something else to talk about. >> reporter: any timeline on that? >> as soon as possible. nothing should be public. we had this rule that when it goes public we don't get the details. shannon: a quote from a former
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federal prosecutor who was a longtime deputy. he said it seems bruce had two since, he met with bruce steele and his wife who works for fusion gps, none of that seems wrong to me, he was totally nonpartisan as we all were expected to be. >> reporter: bruce ohr gave the dossier to the fbi, peter stzrok told us that, very round of questioning. bruce ohr was passing the dossier to the fbi. why did they need bruce ohr? christopher steele was already communicating with the fbi, paid by the fbi, working for the fbi, why did he need to run the information that he handed to the fbi? when i give it directly to the fbi? why was bruce ohr involved? for some reason he was. my guess is because the associate deputy attorney general at the department of justice, one of the top justice department officials, that added weight to what they were trying to do about this dossier which
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was the key to everything. you don't need bruce ohr, he could have handed him the dossier which he did, also run it through bruce ohr, that is important issue we need to discuss and explore some more. shannon: we will look forward to that transcript, thank you for your time tonight. breaking news from arizona, fox news decision test can predict congresswoman kristen cinema will win the arizona democratic senate primary defeating attorney aboud to run against jeff flake. will be mc sally, ward or joe arpaio. that is next.
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♪ >> shannon: right now we have the g.o.p. nominee hoping to run for senator jeff flake's seat. it is the congressman martha mcsally, fox news politics editor chris stirewalt here with an encore performance as well. let's talk about this in arizon arizona, congresswoman kyrtsen sinema will be the democratic nominee. a three way -- essentially, more people, down to three top contenders in the g.o.p. let's talk about where you see this race is shaping up. >> this is a huge relief for republicans. this was going to be a tough race no matter what.
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arizona is politically changing, it is turning a little bluer, and it's going to be tough and jeff flake decided to retire when it became obvious you might not be able to make it through a primary because kelli ward, john mccain was going to come back for him, and he come as one of the president the strongest attractors, a difficult situation. but then flake flipped the script, he stepped aside, mcsally, represents a district in the southeastern corner of the state, she stepped up, she runs, she was who mitch mcconnell on the senate leadership wanted, she is the candidate for the race empirically speaking. but there was a danger for republicans that this would turn into such a nasty primary that even if mcsally could get through, she wouldn't be in good shape. she is cruising. she's blowing the doors off each other two and we are going to be and for what we now have described it as a toss-up race. an evenly matched race between two good candidates in mcsally
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and kyrtsen sinema and it will be a doozy. >> shannon: we see them reacting marriage mcsally headquarters, excited, and looking at those numbers, as you said, cruising to victory, not a tight race. there's been a lot of criticism that mcsally is more establishment, you mentioned she was the preferred candidate of mitch mcconnell. the folks who are very supportive of president trump, who didn't indoors come unless i missed something, they have beer pio on kelli ward were splitting the antiestablishment vote. a set of what happened? >> no. you put the two of them togethe together. they are still not being the bulldogs. the only bias that i seem to notice consistently with mitch mcconnell, the teams that he and his team are backing, the ones that are most likely to win in november, and i promise you this, if kelli ward asserted may, and joel arpaio
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had won in this race, you would see republicans take it off the board. democrats would have walked away with it. martha mcsally was the only one in the race he was going to be competitive. she figured out a way to talk to arizona republicans in such a way that made it clear that though she was not a ground-floor team maga, she was go with them, and she could go on a beauty kyrtsen sinema. she was already pivoting to the general election before it occurred and she was contrasting kyrtsen sinema as a code pink protester versus herself in a flight suit and you will see more of that. >> shannon: let's talk about kyrtsen sinema because she's portraying herself in commercials and speeches and all the things she was doing, a centrist. there really is a different historical background for her getting to this point. she has had some pretty progressive positions along the way in the past. so how does is go down with arizona voters because i'm sure a lot of that will be dredged up on both sides, that is part of
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the campaign but sinema has taken a different tract heading into the fall race? >> voters will forgive you if you change your positions, if you're moving in their direction. so sinema will have to defend the positions she took as an activist and where she was as a young woman and all of that stuff. she, at the district she represents, which is a suburban phoenix district, she has learned how to speak the language of arizona politics, and she has been unambiguous. she's not supporting chuck schumer, she's not for abolishing i.c.e., she's not going left, and she's going to try to hold that spot braden is going to be a bad year for republicans in a lot of places. arizona is one of those places. sinema figures she can pipe the right to it, she hit she can pi right to and hit that.he can pi we will see if mc sally can position herself, she survived and thrived in that ceremony, i'm a republican and a
12:27 am
conservative but i'm also, appeal to the suburban voters who are down in the gop right now. this is a race that we will see football play. with a talked about issues of military and other things they can connect on. he has never been anti-trump, at least not publicly, kelly ward and sheriff i pyo, and every position he has taken. >> in florida for the governorship we were talking about earlier trump, one of the deciding factors in that race. republicans were smart in arizona, national republicans didn't get involved. let nature take its course, they had two bad candidates and sally, not anti-trump but more
12:28 am
independent-minded politician. they didn't come after her and the protective cloak of mitch mcconnell who was behind a lot of the president's victories help her too. republicans know this is not an easy year but in a tough year, if you want to gain that in the senate, just don't give away any turf and the battle starts in arizona. jillian: both sides of the race firming up with a democrat and republican. what do you make of that? >> peter doocy, probably no one is happier that mc sally won the race. this helps him because they are simpatico, they can run together, the conservative republican who can be in harmony, they can run complimentary campaign, i don't know we will move based on today's outcome, the chances to
12:29 am
hold that seat. shannon: thank you for being with us. lieutenant governor of california, the democratic nominee for governor of the golden state said he would like to extend universal healthcare to everyone including illegal immigrants. >> the only undocumented residents in america, i would like to see that we can extend that to the rest of the state. shannon: john cox in recent polls in california. how serious is the trump/sessions viewed? the president is considering replacing the attorney general. jeff sessions has achieved, supporters caution the president could create new special counsel headaches if he askes sessions. our panel ways in. richard fowler, jason chaffetz and todd starnes are all ready next.
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>> shannon: new reports address that president trump is shannon: new reports suggest donald trump is revisiting the idea of firing jeff sessions and top republicans are resigned to the inevitability of such a seismic action but some close to the president are telling him don't do it. fox news contributor richard fowler, radio host todd starnes and congressman from utah jason chaffetz. jason is author of the upcoming soon-to-be bestseller the deep state. was the name of that? >> the deep state. you can order it now but it is on sale september 18th. shannon: we want to start with what we are hearing about the president being interested in firing jeff sessions. from the washington post
12:35 am
article, trump, illustrated the depths of historic ability to one of his political supporters who is attorney general has carried out part of the president's agenda most popular with the base including things like religious freedom and all kinds of other things the president said he wanted but he is not focused on that. he is angry with his ag. >> he is more than angry. he has done nuclear over this. a terrific idea the president does fire jeff sessions. he has done a good job but he recused himself, probably should have let the president know ahead of time i may not be able to do this for you and give him prior warning but here is the thing, he can't do it now. even if he did it is not going to matter so i think the president's team is right to hold off until after the midterm or the mueller investigation. shannon: senator graham's quote
12:36 am
is trump dozens like him. the relationship has sired. i'm not blaming jeff. it can't go on like this. >> i guess he deems jeff sessions not to be loyal. firing your attorney general in the middle of an investigation centered around you is problematic. it speaks to the argument folks are making in the media about obstruction. richard nixon did the same thing. if history is a teacher. when he did his new attorney general had to appoint a special counsel in the watergate investigation. history shows us firing your attorney general in times like this is not the best idea. shannon: i want to quote this article saying his attorney, rudy giuliani, advised him mueller could interpret such an action is an effort to obstruct justice and for the investigation.
12:37 am
aids tried to convince him this could stir more problems than it would solve. sounds like from what we can divine that mueller is more about going after the obstruction of justice thing than he is on russian collusion from what we can tell. >> if that were true, if he was looking at obstruction of justice, rod rosenstein should be recusing himself. he went to the present recommending the firing of james comey, how is it he still oversees the investigation of the special prosecutor? a lot of people believe there should be a second special prosecutor or get rid of jeff sessions. he is the most ineffective attorney general we have probably ever had in the history of this nation, he should never have recused himself and not playing with and even hands. shannon: how do you really feel? i want to move on, we talked with congressman jim jordan, part of the question of bruce
12:38 am
ohr about links he had, doing work on investigation for the dirty dossier, christopher steele, author of the dossier even after the fbi fired him, this is what congressman jordan had to say about the possibility information was leaked to the press and those articles were used to justify applications, here's what he told us. >> remember the diagram the inspector general pursuit in his report talking about 13 people at the fbi talking to one reporter. we know this game is going on, talking to the press all the time instead of focusing on doing their job. shannon: what do you make of these claims? >> 560 page report from the inspector general, the inspector
12:39 am
general is investigating the fisa abuse. the leaks uncovered by the inspector general show deep-seated politics engaged in the fbi and we don't the evidence they are cleaning that up. another reason jeff sessions needs to go. the senior leadership is in tatters. they are absolutely decimated. no leadership trying to instill the confidence into the system. shannon: let me ask, we talk about the fact that apparently from what we can divine the special counsel, robert mueller has not called nelly ohr to talk about this. if they are investigating collusion. why wouldn't mueller reach out to the ohrs. >> bruce ohr and nelly ohr two different people, nelligan have a career without her husband. >> they are husband and wife.
12:40 am
shannon: i agree with you. it is very offensive to people in washington when people are linked together. she was working on the dossier. >> let me continue. point number 2, bruce ohr, not to mention the fact he spent ten years investigating russian mobs and this type of russian oligarchs, he talked to mobsters and gangsters. it has nothing to do with the russia investigation. the russia investigation -- it had nothing to do with carter page. shannon: they found a lot of information that leads to questions about what triggered this.
12:41 am
>> what this exposes is a deep state attack on donald trump and it is not just the justice department, not just the fbi but the mainstream media as well. let me finish talking, you have been talking the whole session. the president understand this, the american people understand this, people who listen to my radio show understand this, they stand with the president and it is time to drain the swamp, this is appalling. shannon: leave it there, please come back soon. when we return we often see in accurate reporting on gun statistics, the department of education reports 135 school shootings in one year but a brand-new investigation reveals a much different truth. >> in 160 one of those 231 cases, districts or schools told us nothing at all happened.
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jillian: a night for primary politics, trump candidate and bernie sanders candidates, mayor andrew gillam prevailing over gwen graham, endorsed by bernie sanders, gillam will face ron desantis, the republican congressman defeating adam putnam and a short while ago the fox news decision disc projected arizona congresswoman martha mc sally got the nod to run for jeff flake's seat. he will face off against democrat congresswoman kristin cinema. in response, governors raising the death toll in 6 month following hurricane maria from 64 to 2975 people. researchers say the poor and elderly were hit especially hard by the perilous conditions in the wake of this devastating storm.
12:47 am
guns are turning out to be a key issue in battleground states like florida and democrats up to capitalize on anti-gun activism in november. the department of education report on school shootings over one year has turned into a part of that debate but there are new questions into that report. i would be surprised, anita vogel separating fact from fiction on that report. >> reporter: is it fake news or just a bunch of careless mistakes made by individual schools was the department of education reported during the 2015-16 school year, 235 schools reported one incident involving a school shooting, national public radio reached out to every single one of the school district and of the 75% that responded only 11 incidents were confirmed being real. here's a clip from that npr report. >> 160 one of those 235 cases we did learn districts or schools told us nothing at all happened. the biggest chunk of those
12:48 am
overall was cleveland municipal school district reporting 37 shootings. the best guess is that number 37 was placed on the wrong line of the survey. >> reporter: the npr report goes on to other numerous examples of how schools misreported incidents. listen to this example from one school district in southern california. >> the santa monica, malibu, school district, 16 affluent schools, four shootings listed, district spokeswoman says no one remembers any guns fired going back 26 years but they say there was a codeing mistake. >> there was a code selected for student. >> reporter: that got inflated into a gun going off. >> reporter: are you search organization assisted npr in analyzing the government data.
12:49 am
deborah told me on the phone this speaks to the nature of data collection. she told me, quote, it is important to go through and validate these statistics and make sure you are accurate and important to know such a sensitive number is a correct number. the department of education says it plans to issue an erratic to correct the numbers but has no plans to republish the original document. a spokesman said misreporting is the school's responsibly, not the department. shannon: thank you for digging into that. vladimir putin flexes his military muscles, announcing the biggest wargame in 40 years. why now? are they directed at us? we will check into it when we return.
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shannon: next month russia will hold its biggest wargame since the fall of the soviet union which involves the chinese army. should we be worried? >> prepared to hold its largest wargame since the fall of the soviet union. today russia defense minister announced massive military exercises will take place next month on the eastern borders involving 1000 military aircraft, two naval groups, almost a third of the country of soldiers and all of its airborne units. on top of the russian forces thousands of troops from china and mongolia are expected to take part in the exercises as well making it the largest joint military drills to date between moscow and beijing as the two dish additional foes show unity against sanctions on moscow and tariffs on beijing. today vladimir putin spokesman says it indicates the broadening of interaction between these two allies in all spheres.
12:55 am
officials believe tensions with china over trade are impacting denuclearization talks with north korea. donald trump canceled mike pompeo abstract of north korea after receiving what he perceived as a belligerent letter to his secret north korea channel, james mattis says there are no plans to suspend future military exercises with south korea and other asian allies. >> time to restart the very exercises with south korea given the recent news that north koreans are not denuclearize in. >> we took the step to suspend several of the largest exercises as a good faith measure coming out of the singapore summit. we have no plans at this time to suspend anymore exercises. >> reporter: the state department said the medic efforts are ongoing and the us is prepared to talk to north korea when they show they are
12:56 am
prepared to keep their commitment to denuclearize. jillian: thank you for joining us, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. making cars lighter, it's a good place to start, advanced oils for those hard-working parts. fuels that go further so drivers pump less. improving efficiency is what we do best. energy lives here.
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rob: wednesday, august 29th, and new revelations from bruce ohr at the center of the fisa scandal. jillian: what happened behind closed doors that has republicans crying conspiracy. the power of the trump bump in arizona. rob: primary result pouring it overnight and what they mean for november. she called ice a terrorist organization. now a cold room. jillian: wait into you hear about her thermostats and from. "fox and friends first" starts now.


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