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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 29, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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jillian: welcome back on wednesday, august 29th. breaking overnight the power of the trump bump in florida and arizona. rob: primary results pouring in overnight and what they could mean for november. >> really taken advantage of a lot of people and it is a serious thing. they are treading on troubled territory. rob: interesting accusation. is google going after conservatives, the president seems to think that. jillian: his new warning for the text joint, sanctuary state california giving tens of thousands of criminals a get out of jail free card. rob: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪
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♪ hanging it up ♪ calling a rivalry ♪ getting longer ♪ just getting started ♪ already ♪ get started ♪ rob: if you like it hot come to new york for a couple days. it is unbelievable outside, 85 ° already. jillian: it is like that instant threat. it is delightful. rob: feel like orlando outside. "fox and friends first" wednesday morning. jillian: thanks for starting your day with us. key primaries decided overnight in florida and arizona. rob: candidates endorsed by the president faring pretty well, democrats also have a reason to celebrate. allison barber with a closer look at the big races. >> reporter: donald trump has decent reason to celebrate this morning when it comes to
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yesterday's elections but so does bernie sanders, tallahassee mayor andrew gillam, progressive democrats rope a major upset in the gubernatorial race, not at the top of reelection, he was outspend, managed to beat out the more establishment front runner. ron desantis secure the nomination on the right. he got a big bump in the polls after the president came out and publicly endorsed him. the sunshine state his opponents wing state and now it seems they are poised for major showdown come november. >> i want to thank him for his support, thank him for entrusting me with viewing me as someone who could be a great leader for florida. thank you, mister president. >> a right, not a privilege. jillian: primary ballot in florida, oklahoma and arizona last night. analysts are closely watching florida and arizona because they want to get some indication how
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state slightly come 2020, one of the most highly contested senate seats this november is in arizona, the seat vacated by republican senator and frequent trump. representative martha next alley be former sheriff joe arpaio and kelly ward. donald trump did not endorse anyone in this race but after make sally's when, martha make sally running in the arizona primary for u.s. senate was endorsed by rejected senator jeff flake and turned it down, a first. now martha, a great us very fighter jet pilot and highly respected member of congress was big, congratulations and on to november. make sally will face one of her colleagues and house, democratic congresswoman kiersten cinema. >> we are going to be in for what we now describe as a tossup race, evenly matched race between two good candidates and it is going to be a doozy. >> reporter: both candidates
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will stop campaigning two days this week to pay their respects to the late arizona senator john mccain. jillian: bombshell revelations as gop lawmakers grilled for 7 hours over the anti-trump dossier, doj officials claiming the fbi doubted the document's credibility but used it for a fisa want to spy on us from campaign aide. jim jordan was at the hearing, is outraged. >> the biggest abuse of power i have ever seen and i will keep digging and so will my colleagues into we get all the answers for the american people. jillian: those answers contradicting other witnesses including glenn simpson at fusion gps, paid by the dnc and clinton campaign for the dossier. worked for fusion gps. bruce ohr's testimony shedding light on the fbi, greg jarrett
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says we are seeing how much misconduct went on under comey's watch. >> we learned the james comey's fbi was far more corrupt than we ever knew. we knew they used a false document but today we learned bruce ohr told comey and his confederates that this was a guy christopher steele, said he was desperate to stop donald trump, virulently anti-trump. they should have stopped right there in their tracks, thrown his dossier in the garbage, but they didn't care, they moved ahead to lunch the investigation of trump and to spy on a trump associate. jillian: republicans are calling for ohr to testify in public. rob: major accusations that the fbi leaked information to the media to get fisa warrants, intel analysts reportedly
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telling congress the bureau would use news stories they essentially created as justification for surveillance warrants. the house freedom caucus chairman igniting a firestorm, new information suggesting our suspicions are true, fbi and doj leaked info to the press and use the same press stories as a separate source to justify fisas. the bureau says this does not happen. nationwide outrage, granting bail to alleged muslim extremist. prosecutors filing an appeal citing new evidence the group may have been planning an attack from their new mexico compounds, aimed at memorial hospital in georgia, the largest care center. the 5 suspects are accused of abusing 11 children in that compound training some of them to carry out school shootings.
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jillian: the united states will not conduct military drills on the korean peninsula, defense secretary jim mattis reversing course on the deal made up the summit with kim jong un. >> we took the step to suspend several of the largest exercises as a good faith measure, we have no plans at this time to suspend anymore exercises. jillian: the announcement coming in that north korea is not holding up their end of the deal to denuclearize. the us not standing for the use of chemical weapons, officials morning russia and syria against gas attacks in the middle east. >> the united states government and its partners will respond to any verified chemical weapons used in syria in a swift and appropriate manner. jillian: syria claims the terror group is planning such an attack at will blame it on the government to trigger a us
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response, donald trump has ordered airstrikes twice in response to syrian gas attacks. rob: the president accusing google of skewing search results and promoting fake news. jillian: kevin cork has more on the president ask exclusive claims and how google is responding at the white house. >> google has taken advantage of a lot of people and that is a serious thing. >> reporter: donald from going after google accusing the internet giant of rigging search results, setting out conservative news organizations and showing negative news stories about his administration. in his tweet suggesting the search algorithms are discriminatory saying, quote, google and others are suppressing the voices of conservatives and hiding information and news that is good, they are controlling what we can and cannot see. a serious situation. will be addressed. google searches are based on the parameters, we talk about algorithms, several different things they do.
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>> reporter: google responding saying, quote, when you type queries into the search bar our goal is to make sure they receive the most relevant answers in a matter of seconds. search is not used to set a political agenda and we don't bias our results toward any political ideology. >> every year we issue hundreds of improvements to ensure they serve as high-quality content in response to user queries. >> reporter: google the latest tech target for the president. you may recall it was earlier this month he went after facebook and twitter for allegedly censoring conservative and republican accounts. at the white house, kevin cork, fox news. rob: senators wrap up their work week after striking a deal on dozens of nominations, lawmakers confirmed 30 of the president's pics, a process that continues, 27 executive branch nominees and
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7 judicial nominations, senators will be taking a eight more judicial nominations when they return to washington next week. jillian: lindsey graham honors his close friend john mccain in an emotional speech on the senate floor. >> if you want to help the country, be more like john mccain. i believe there is a little john mccain in all of us. he lived in the shadow of a 4-star father and 4-star grandfather, always worried, would you disappoint? he did not. rob: what a speech. the south carolina senator fighting back tears, right next to where mccain sat, not topped with white roses. jillian: he will speak at mccain's memorial service saturday in washington and at his burial sunday at the naval academy in annapolis, maryland. rob: ten minutes after the hour, canada putting canada first. our neighbor to the north taking a page from the president's playbook. our next guest says this is an example of a country using america's booming economy as a
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you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? >> we will engage in a positive and constructive way and look forward to ultimately signing a deal as long as it is good for canada. rob: justin trudeau think there has been positive progress with nafta negotiations. jillian: the 24-year-old trade pact between united states, canada and mexico is under reconstruction and donald trump hope the new deal will benefit
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american workers more. rob: justin trudeau is taking a page from the president's book saying it must be canada first in the negotiations. what are the major holdups and what would a deal look like without canada? jillian: cpa and business analyst joins us now. we appreciate it. what do you think is the end game for canada? do they bend? >> they play hardball, trying to take one out of the trump playbook, not going to work. these things only work for donald trump because of the nature of his personality. the way i see it is they are not in a position of leverage, the united states is. divide and conquer approach the president is taking, now he has mexico with us. mexico wants to see a deal with all three countries involved, canada is under enormous pressure is what happens in my opinion, canada first is just avoiding canada last because they are going to be left out of
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this deal. one more thing to remember, the president has said if they are not going to sign on, auto tariffs, 20% to 25% put on canada. they are in a tough spot. he is weapon icing the american economy. rob: the president has so much disdain for multilateral trade deals, deals like tpp and nafta and likes to isolate countries and go one on one. tell us why nafta as a deal between the united states, canada and mexico was not as good as 1-on-1 with these two countries. >> the president made it clear he is following that plan. he made a deal with mexico. he made it clear that deal could stand alone. of canada wants to come in we could make adjustments or have deal with canada. rob: previously why was nafta so bad for the country he felt the need to do this?
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how were we losing on nafta? >> the president's position always has been we had terrible deals and the reason they are terrible is he believes in fair trade which means in effect let's get rid of tariffs completely or make them even. when they are not even there is something wrong. the president feels we could outperform other countries if we have a level playing field we win. we don't have that with nafta. jillian: what is next after canada? >> the president gets canada on board eventually, canada will claim victory because they signed on to this deal which avoids auto tariffs, saves their economy. than it is on to europe, working on a framework for a deal with the united states. auto tariffs brought them to the table. once the president gets north america to solidify, the big target, china.
2:18 am
that is where he is going. rob: china is hurt by the mexico deal. if it goes through they get a slice. >> no doubt about it. the president scattered all over the place. he is playing chess here and setting up for checkers against china. jillian: thank you for joining us. it is 18 after the hour. former cia director john brennan thinks he might still have security clearance but the white house is sending a word of warning. >> define who they are. anyone? >> helping them up. >> whenever possible. >> always possible. rob: we would like you to meet a gentleman named wally, the american hero going viral for his messages. ♪
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jillian: welcome back. a member of the dangerous ms 13 gang caught reentering the united states illegally, border patrol agents arresting this previously deported who was kicked out due to immigration violations and arrests involving dui and drugs, three other illegal immigrants caught with him near the arizona border will face charges. rob: 150 illegal immigrants arrested and one of the largest worksite operations in the last we 10 years. ice agents rating the trailer manufacturer 100 miles northeast of dallas where they are located, the company accused of hiring a document and workers
2:23 am
many to use fake ids. they are taking them to detention facilities in the dallas-fort worth area and oklahoma. it is unclear if the owners of that company will face any charges. jillian: the happiest place on earth lost a bunch of tax breaks. rob: tracy carrasco with more on how this will affect workers at disneyland. >> reporter: this came at the request of disney but that the anaheim city council meeting the city council voted to end agreements for the disneyland resort, several tax breaks. these incentives were designed to encourage disney to build a luxury resort. that project is on hold putting a lot of construction workers out of a job. also to invest in multimillion dollar expansions of the themepark. disneyland resort president saying in a statement, quote, that these tax agreements created an adversarial climate where there should be
2:24 am
cooperation. disney hoped by ending these agreements they would create a better relationship with disney but a lot of critics say this has more to do with wages than disney trying to get out of paying their employees fair wages. this is a complex issue. jillian: chick-fil-a adding more items to the menu. >> reporter: just in time for fall they are writing three menu items and a catering menu. here are the new menu items, the very count chicken nuggets, waffle potato chips, new and improved fruit cups and as far as the catering goes who wants a fruit cup? grilled chicken bundle, spicy grilled chilled chicken sandwich. jillian: who wants to go there for the fruit cups you go for waffle, fries, sandwiches. rob: the fruit cup has been improved. thanks. the most popular person at this
2:25 am
middle school is a 94-year-old navy veteran, wally richardson in sacramento giving words of wisdom. >> judging others does not define who they are. >> it defines who you are. >> helping them up. >> whenever possible. >> always possible. jillian: wally has been standing outside the school and talking about kindness for ten years. the korean war that is so loved they painted a mural in his honor, his most famous saying. isn't that fantastic? it is 25 after the hour. john mccain lies in arizona state m. we are live were thousand are expected to pay their respects this morning. rob: allows, no waterslides and no children. is it a good idea or bad for business? we are sharing your comments.
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>> thousands will pay their respects to john mccain today. the american petri will line state appears in the state capital ahead of the memorial service tomorrow. jillian: ray bogan joins us as final preparations are underway to honor mccain at the us capitol. >> reporter: it would have been senator mccain at 82nd birthday and in a couple hours he will lie in state at the arizona state capitol rotunda. 's motorcade is expected to arrive at 10:00 am local time with his wife cindy and family. the national guard captive team will senator mccain into the rotunda and then there will be a
2:30 am
ceremony inside, governor doocy will reside. arizona senator jeff flake will offer benediction and former congressman james colby will lay a wreath. the public will pay their respects starting at 2:00 pm and as long as there are people in line the capital will stay open. tomorrow there will be a memorial ceremony. speakers include arizona cardinal wide receiver larry fitzgerald and former vice president joe biden whose son died from brain cancer. saturday services continue in washington before mccain is laid to rest at the naval academy and maryland. ceremonies go on here in phoenix, all week senator mccain's colleagues on capitol hill have been paying their respects. listen to what lindsey graham had to say on the senate floor. >> if you want to help the country, be more like john mccain. i believe there is a little john mccain and all of us.
2:31 am
he lived in the shadow 4-star father and 4-star grandfather worried he would disappoint. you did not. >> in his final message to americans senator mccain city is the luckiest man in the world and americans never quit, we never surrender, never hide from history, we make history. jillian: live in phoenix this morning. now a story we have been following, tips pouring and nationwide over this disturbing video. police trying to identify this panicked woman ringing doorbells in the middle of the night before vanishing, she appears to be wearing just a t-shirt and if you look, looks like there are broken shackles on her wrists. police in montgomery county suggest she is a missing person from as far as canada. they are checking surveillance video from all over the area. officials are warning people who live there she could be involved
2:32 am
in a scheme so if you see her or get your doorbell rung call police. rob: very bizarre. the us standing up to iran accusing the middle eastern nation of supporting terrorism. the direct accusations coming in response to iran filing a lawsuit against the united states hoping the un will order that the united states sanctions will be dropped. the two nations have battled over the issue since donald trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal. the white house firing back at john brennan after the former cia director speculates he still has security clearance. >> i have not been contacted by anybody at all before or since then. whether or not my clearance is still uncertain. >> the trump administration says there is no doubt it is gone. donald trump took away his clearance earlier this month
2:33 am
citing erratic conduct and behavior. >> leading democratic candidate for california governor wants to give free health care to everyone including illegal immigrants. it works when he was mayor of san francisco. >> all undocumented residents latin america, very proud of that and proved it could be done without bankrupting the city. i would like to see if we can expand that to the rest of the state. >> reporter: or into an analysis, $400 billion per year to fund the plan. healthcare may not be a problem in san francisco but homelessness and drug use is and now the city is one step closer to creating a safe space for drug addicts. fake injection sites would allow people to shoot up at facilities under the supervision of trained professionals, lawmakers approved the measure and it heads to jerry brown's desk for his signature.
2:34 am
>> the state of wisconsin to declare state of emergency, possible tornado ripping across the state, destroyed home in the path of its destruction. jillian: rain forcing roads to close leaving this highway in pieces. a massive gap in this bridge. a heatwave is making the used coast. will we see some relief across the country friday? >> that cold front stalled out across the great lakes and midwest and that is why we saw severe storms yesterday. that will be stalled out in front of that where we see extreme heat. millions of people under excessive heat warnings. there is your forecast, the heat index later this afternoon over 100 ° for all the big cities including new york to boston and on friday we will get a break
2:35 am
but for now again dangerous heat, take all the precautions, stay inside, air-conditioning, make sure the kids are inside, hydrated, bring your pets inside. by friday a big drop in temperatures as the cold front arrives, 75 in new york, 72 in boston. there is your forecast, cooler across the west and that stalled out front will make its way towards the northeast and that is when we will get relief, strong to severe storms. jillian: very active time. >> next week we might see activity in the tropics in the atlantic. rob: a rainy labor day weekend? >> depends on where you live. i will make it sunny. rob: 35 after the hour. maxine waters paid her daughter in the firm you work for 3 quarters of $1 million in campaign funds. politicians in california can now continue to pay family members whatever they want but
2:36 am
should funds be a free-for-all? political panel on deck to debate that coming up next. >> it turned into a terrorist organization of its own. >> ice terrorists for donations, waiting 2 years and the next in its new debate demand. you're still here? we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen.
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>> maxine waters of california under fire for potential misuse of campaign funds, she paid her daughter karen with campaign funds and the firm she works for, total of $797,000 since 2003. now california governor jerry brown has vetoed a bill that would have limited campaign payments to family members but
2:40 am
should there be a check on this? kaylee mcinerney and jason nichols, thanks for coming on today. when you look at the numbers here i almost had to do a double take, had to recheck because i'm looking at $800,000 being paid out to a family member of somebody in congress, explosive amount of money. what are your thoughts on this? >> according to the bulls, they are completely legal and have been legal since 2004. as long as it represents fair market value it is not a problem
2:41 am
committed a campaign-finance issue is for been accused in a court of law is the president of the united states with his payments to stormy daniels and karen mcdougall. >> fair enough on that but let's talk about a couple election cycles here, mailing out mailers. i don't think this is a full-time job. it is a tremendous amount of money to be paid out but it looks of this stuff, mention outside the district, this ambassadors of the ship to the bahamas, she has been ranked by the center of ethics and responsibility, a
2:42 am
left-wing group as the most corrupt member of congress five times. voters know it, not a good steward of campaign dollars. rob: respond to that. it does seem swampy when you look at the headline. >> i think you can talk about whether you like it or not but one thing we know is it is legal and something she came up with in 2004. if the sec has a problem with that they need to change the rules, she's not breaking the rules so that is what we need to focus on. i know you don't think this is relevant that the only people breaking the laws are republicans, particularly the president of the united states. rob: corruption in this country is a bipartisan problem. bob mendez went through the ringer, barely got out of it.
2:43 am
might lose that seat. the la times a quote from jared brown, the amount politicians pay for services is a personal decision, left for the candidate and campaign manager. does that open the door to the potential of corruption, so hard for people, and millions of dollars into the coffers. >> common sense, pay your family fair market value. like maxine waters. to go after the president of the united states, the two sec chairs say it wasn't a campaign-finance violation, didn't find collusion, no campaign-finance violations but hang out with swan creatures
2:44 am
like maxine waters. >> a man who pled guilty and implicated the president of the united states, no question about it if there were no crimes he would not have pled guilty and my co-conspirator was the president of the united states. rob: got to leave it there. over to you. >> reporter: carnival cruise's newest ship makes a splash but not in a good way, crashing into new york city. after an 8 night caribbean cruise. you see minor damage, two metal support beams and a section of the parking lot above the dock. no word why it crashed but no one was hurt. if you want to set sail with your kids you won't be able to do that on this cruise line. viking river cruises banning all children under 18. the minimum age was 12 but guests force their hand demanding kid free vacations.
2:45 am
time to check on brian gill for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> reporter: i like the way you pretend you don't know. you know exactly what is on the show. >> i want you to have your time to tell us. let me tell you the roster of our guest list, kellyanne conway and what she will talk about, is it true the president is more determined than ever to fire jeff sessions? darrell isa behind closed doors with bruce ohr. let's move to number 3, john dowd represented the president for over a year and a half about the mueller investigation. how has mueller not told the truth to john dowd and why is he angry? the only man to wear a hat in this head shot, mike rowe, america's blue-collar worker, a chance to do a stroll with music legend john rich. we walked down broadway in beautiful nashville, tennessee
2:46 am
and end up at his bar. who would have thought? it is fun, i hope. watch it. i'm taking attendance. thank you. rob: i have walked down broadway in nashville. >> reporter: with john rich? rob: we will be right back. are we going to read this too? jillian: get out of jail free card. rob: i thought we were going. jillian: suspected no longer has to pay bail. how could you not want to bring in carly shimkus after the break? ♪ i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom.
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love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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jillian: welcome back.
2:50 am
she wants to abolish ice, universal rent control. jillian: cynthia nixon says her debate room with andrew cuomo needs to be warmed up beforehand because cold rooms are sexist. a very interesting idea she has here for the big debate in new york with sitting governor andrew cuomo as he tries to take the seat. >> comments pouring it over those debate demands from socialist cynthia nixon. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with reaction online to the cold room debate. >> reporter: a chilly relationship forming between andrew cuomo and primary opponent cynthia next and ahead of their one and only televised debate later tonight. next's camp send an email asking for the debate room temperature
2:51 am
to be set at 76 ° saying working conditions are notoriously sexist when it comes to room temperature. we want to make sure we are all on the same page here. cuomo reportedly likes to keep his surroundings cold. his campaign responded unlike cynthia nixon the governor has more important things to focus on than the temperature of the room. the frosty site is heating things up on social media. jamie says if they can't agree on a temperature neither -- we have bigger problems in this country. another twitter user says cynthia next and is wrong, if they start at 76 it will be 90 by the time the venue is full. randy saying she can't put a sweater on like everyone else? some people having fun with this sidebar story to this important debate. >> temperature debate is a real thing. rob: ask jillian about this
2:52 am
before. >> every coworker, the story. rob: carly was over there rubbing her arms. change the demand for debate. rob: they don't like each other very much. we will see what happens tonight. this is interesting out of california. they are talking about no bail for suspects awaiting trial, they wouldn't have to pay it. an interesting idea. >> the ultimate get out of jail free card. california doing away with its bail system for suspects awaiting trial. california governor jerry brown said it is about equality, california reforms its bail system so rich and poor alike are treated fairly. in lieu of male suspects will be judged on a case-by-case basis, those accused of violent
2:53 am
felonies won't be eligible, those accused of misdemeanors could be released within 12 hours so is this a good idea? some not convinced. somewhere there's a room full of judges shaking their heads in disbelief. another twitter user says feel like committing a crime, california making it easier for criminals. another twitter user says the status common criminals and putting victims at risk. what is going on in that state? questions whether this is a good idea. rob: no really for violent criminals. jillian: laughing yesterday at this, donald trump red cards the media. >> putting the media in a timeout but it was all a joke. the fisa president gave him a yellow and red card to commemorate north america winning the 2026 world cup and take a look at how the president handled the situation. >> when you want to pick up
2:54 am
someone. like this. >> very good. jillian: a lot of people laughing at the situation on social media including nancy who said love the red card. rob: it was a hysterical moment and the press was laughing harder than anybody. 54 after the hour. a little girl's reaction after finding out she is getting adopted. this will make your morning. >> i am going to be adopted? rob: that is a good one. heartwarming story only gets better. >> they are also waking up. jillian: the very real threat when the news becomes the news.
2:55 am
♪ . . ♪ ♪ so you have, your headphones, chair, new laptop, 24/7 tech support. yep, thanks guys. i think he might need some support. yes. start them off right, with the school supplies they need at low prices all summer long. now save $150 on this dell notebook at office depot officemax.
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♪ i'm on my way ♪ an old country lane. rob: welcome back.
2:59 am
can you seat haze. there is a look at the capitol building where later on this week the late senator john mccain's body will be lying in state there at the capitol rotunda. that will be have a very emotional. jillian: it will. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first we start with the good. this little girl's reaction after finding out she is going to be adopted will guarantee pull at your heart strings. watch. this i'm going to be adopted? jillian: that's 10-year-old ivy overjoyed after spending three years in foster care. her biological brother and sister were also adopted by the couple from georgia. rob: isn't that awesome? that's just fantastic. next the bad. the news crew is nearly run over by a driver live on tv. >> for the first time, they are also waking up. oh.
3:00 am
rob: reporter crystal shooting colorado when that car came pulling through. thankfully nobody was hurt. the driver didn't have a license. jillian: bees buzzing hot dog cart in new york city. they had to be vacuumed up. they had to escape the heat. aren't we all? >> so, thank you, mr. president. [cheers] >> the trump bump versus the far left. key primaries decided overnight in florida and arizona. >> bruce ohr grilled by republican lawmakers for seven hours. the information he revealed should rock the country to its core. >> this is the biggest abuse of power you i have ever seen. >> president trump going after google, accusing the tech giant of being politically biased against conservatives. >> they better be careful, we have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in. you just can't do that. >> the late


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