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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 29, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> thanks so much for helping us out. >> sandra: evidence of the trump bump manifesting itself yet again in florida as ron desantis wins his party ticket pitting himself against a bernie sanders-backed progressive come november. good morning, everybody. i'm sandra smith live inside "america's newsroom." >> eric: good morning again. glad you're here. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. the race between desantis and gill um is build by some as a trump/sanders showdown. both candidates determined to win the governor's seat in november. >> i believe there is no limit to what we can accomplish here as long as you have the courage to lead. i pledge to you as governor i'll work my butt off to
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accomplish great things for this state and we'll keep florida great and make it even greater. >> i sincerely believe what will deliver us to victory in november is the fact that there are everyday, hard-working people in this state who believe they deserve a voice in our government, too. we're going to give it to them. >> eric: president trump doubling down on his support of desantis this morning. not only did congressman desantis win the primary but his opponent in november is his biggest dream, a failed socialist mayor named andrew gillum who has allowed crime and other things to flourish in his city. not what florida wants or need. >> sandra: let's go to orlando and phil keating. talk about a come from behind wind for gillum. >> a month or so ago the little-known mayor was fourth place in the polls facing a
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billionaire, millionaire and the woman in the race who had the most name recognition. but in a shocker of a primary night in the state of florida progressive democrat andrew gillum beat them all. he also looked surprised some thought as the result numbers came in. he took 34% of the vote in a crowded field besting gwen graham and daughter of one time senator bob graham. graham led in the polls for months of the last two months. >> we have to get out there and bring all the people -- >> he won in endorsement of bernie sanders, also he has called for the impeachment of president trump. but in november he has now the chance to make history in the state to become the first elected black governor of florida.
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sandra. >> sandra: on the republican side, close polls turned into an election night landslide. >> yeah. that was more than some people thought would happen as well. the trump endorsed congressman was clearing a 7 point lead last week. well, when the results came in, as soon as the polls closed in the panhandle for the fox news election team called it. after that desantis and casey walked onto the stage waving, smiling to cheers and applause. in the end he trounced agriculture secretary and former congressman adam putnam by 20 points. 56-36. which even desantis attributes to his ringing endorsement by the president. as for his now-democratic opponent -- >> he is the most liberal candidate that the democratic party has ever nominated in the state of florida by a country mile. this is not -- this guy can't run the city of tallahassee.
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there is no way florida voters can entrust him with our entire state. >> the nation's eyes will be watching this governor's race from here to no. it is a proxy showdown between trump and bernie sanders. progressive liberal ideology versus the trump-style orthodoxy. it has implications for who the candidates are to take on the president in 2020. sandra. >> sandra: you set it up for us, phil keating from florida for us. keep it right here. congressman ron desantis will be joining us to talk about that big victory. the president's endorsement and his campaign heading into november. join us live for that at 9:30 a.m. eastern. >> eric: we'll be looking forward to that and for mr. desantis being here. another key race last night in arizona where congresswoman mcsally defeated joe apio in the republican senate primary there with more than 51% of the
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vote. well that setting up a november battle that could determine the control of the u.s. senate. mcsally wasted no time attacking her democratic opponent congresswoman. >> this is how i see this campaign. it's a choice between a doer and a talker. between a patriot and a protestors. [cheering and applause] between a career fighter pilot and a career politician. between proven grit and hollywood glitz. >> eric: they'll battle for the seat now held by retiring senator jeff flake. whoever wins will become the first woman senator to represent arizona. >> sandra: senator john mccain will lie in state at the arizona capitol today. there will be a private ceremony followed by a public viewing this afternoon.
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the hearse will arrive in a few hours. yesterday senator lindsey graham delivered an emotional farewell to his friend on the senate floor. >> he had wanted to be president, he was prepared to be president. but it was not his to have. and i remember above all else the speech he gave that night. john taught us how to lose. john said that night president obama is now my president. so he healed the nation at a time he was hurt. >> sandra: we're live from phoenix with more. >> in two days of services and ceremonies will happen here in arizona before things move on to washington, d.c. here in arizona things are set to get underway at 10:00 this morning local time. 1:00 p.m. eastern.
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and as you just mentioned, this week his colleagues did pay tribute to him first on monday, then as you just saw one of his closest friends, senator lindsey graham, spoke yesterday. here is a little more of what senator graham had to say. >> if you want to help the country, be more like john mccain. i believe there is a little john mccain in all of us. he lived in the shadow of a four star father and grandfather. he always worried would he disappoint. you did not. >> today john mccain's wife of 38 years will come with her family for a private ceremony to be held as her husband lies in state for the day. a former senator will deliver remarks as well as the governor and the benediction by senator jeff flake all friends of john mccain. on thursday his life and legacy will be celebrated at the north
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phoenix baptist church where former vice president joe biden will speak. 1,000 seats for the public have been set aside as well. in addition to family, neighbors and notable business and political figures members of the sports world will take part including retired outfielder luis gonzalez. arizona wide receiver larry fitzgerald. and sandra, senator mccain, as you know, was a rabid sports fan. representation of friends, family and the sports world. >> sandra: he was indeed. thanks. >> president trump: really taking advantage of a lot of people and i think it's a very serious thing and charge. i think that google and twitter and facebook, they are really treading on very troubled territory and they have to be careful. it is not fair to large portions of the population. >> eric: that's president trump
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doubling down on his claims that google buries conservative news in its search results. the company is denying that. fox news contributor jason chaffetz joins us now and author of the up coming book "the deep state." do you think the president has a point? >> he does. i think it's attracting the attention of the fcc. i think they're looking at what's happening in europe. i think the republican lawmakers are hesitant to try to regulate these successful companies but when the face books of the world decided to go ahead and get google to try to manipulate content as opposed to verifying users and who is supplying that information, the consequence has been something that has tilted to the left and it is not fair. it is not balanced. and there is going to be some congressional action. >> eric: you just mentioned
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europe. specifically google was find from e.u. regulators for this type of bias and other things. what do you think can happen in our country? >> well, i think the peg for congress is going to be our youth. minors in this country have a protected status and yet you have user agreements where people are signing up using instagram, facebook that are minors. those companies are using that information, including now moving towards facial recognition, to sell data about that information. that will be the peg that will attract congress's attention. then if you look at the privacy concerns. there is a story out today in the "wall street journal" about how yahoo is scanning emails for content and selling that advertising. and other companies have been doing that for a long time and they deny that they are doing it, some of them. but i really think the people like google and g-mail have a lot to answer.
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when i send an email to my wife saying let's talk about a new couch, guess what? suddenly all the ads pop up. it's pretty easy to see. i think the privacy concern -- >> eric: that's really weird. congressman, some people would say you push that button and sign up with all the legal language and pages that no one reads and buried in there is their right to do that and what about the first amendment argument that look, it is a violation of their first amendment rights to try and regulate them? >> well, a 12-year-old cannot enter into a legal agreement. they can't sign terms of agreements and so when they are selling that content and profiting from that content, that will attract the attention of users. the other thing that's going on in europe is to right to be forgotten. i think that is something that congress will look at as the privacy issue comes about. i think it will be facial recognition that will scare the living daylights out of people. some people say that's good but
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when you walk down the streets of boston or in denver you shouldn't necessarily be able to have that information go to your government and you don't necessarily want the gaog also of the world manipulating that data so there is more information about you than you ever thought you signed up for. >> eric: even though it's public there are serious privacy concerns, congressman jason chaffetz, good to see you this morning from utah. >> sandra: lawmakers on capitol hill grilling d.o.j. official bruce ohr over what he knows about the infamous anti-trump dossier. >> so we know beyond a shadow of a doubt it was a unique set of circumstances the way bruce ohr engaged is very troubling especially in light of the back drop was a presidential election. >> sandra: what we're now learning about ohr's testimony. andrew mccarthy joins us next with his take. >> eric: the u.s. military is saying it will not be stopping
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6:17 am
yesterday as republicans from two house committees learned the f.b.i. doubted the credibility of the salacious anti-trump dossier that figured into obtaining a fisa warrant to wiretap former trump campaign aid carter page. andy mccarthy is a former u.s. attorney and fox news contributor. we would have loved a camera to be live in the room so we could have seen it we're learning some of what was exchanged in that room. what do you know so far and what do you think? >> i'm pleased to hear that he appears to have answered a lot of the questions, although they're saying there was some problem with not being able to recall things. i was a little bit concerned that they would try to cut off entirely important areas of inquiry. that apparently didn't happen. there are a lot of questions about what the f.b.i. and the justice department knew about this information from steele
6:18 am
before they gave the information to the fisa court. whether they were straight with the fisa court when they were describing who steele was. importantly and something that hasn't been covered much, what about the information that steele was transmitting to the justice department and the f.b.i. through ohr after the first fisa application >> sandra: i'm sure we'll hear more about what was exchanged in that room. issa came on earlier what they learned of ohr's explanation of the dossier. here is what he told us. >> one of the things that bruce ohr us, it took a little work to get it, was he clearly knew this was opposition research paid for by quote, opponents to donald trump. you know, he said he didn't know it was the dnc at the time nor did he need to.
6:19 am
his wife was happily doing op research and turning it over as evidence. >> sandra: what did you think of that? >> i think this is crucially important. it also goes to what the f.b.i. and the justice department knew at the time that they initially applied for the warrant. this information came from fusion gps, which is contracted ultimately by the clinton campaign. and you know, i think it is important to emphasize this. fusion gps's job was not to investigate donald trump or help the f.b.i. investigate donald trump. fusion gps's job was to get hillary clinton elected president. and everything they did and everything they touched in terms of what their project was on donald trump has to be looked at through that prism. sometimes you read this stuff and see this reporting and you would think that, you know, fusion gps is just like another f.b.i. unit in the country. they were a campaign component
6:20 am
that was trying to get a candidate elected. >> sandra: do you think it's strange that bruce ohr has not been interviewed yet by robert mueller? >> well, you know, whether he has or not i'm not -- i don't know that we can be confident that we know the answer to that. i'll tell you this. when you are dealing with somebody who is a government official and who is still inside government, that's a lot easier investigation for a prosecutor to carry out because you don't need subpoenas and court process in order to get your hands on the relevant documents. so it may be if mueller hasn't spoken to him yet, it may well be that they're trying to assembly all the documents before they talk to him. i would be surprised, sandra, because we know from the paper trail that ohr was passing along to mueller the desire of steele to have a path into mueller's investigation and to
6:21 am
speak to those investigators. it would be odd if ohr was playing for role for steele and yet not dealing with mueller directly himself. >> sandra: i want to ask you about one of the president's latest tweets this morning. he wrote hillary clinton's emails, many of which are secret and got hacked by china. after all the other miss steps their credibility will be forever gone. i have to leave it there. the president's final word calling into question the credibility of the d.o.j. that's where we are today after that line of questioning by lawmakers. andy mccarthy. thanks for coming on the program this morning. >> eric: california governor jerry brownish -- issuing changes in his state. >> sandra: a news crew nearly hit by a car. what police say the driver was trying to do. >> the vehicle hitting the
6:22 am
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>> sandra: a tv news crew nearly hit by a car. the camera was rolling for the whole thing. you have to watch this. >> the first time they're also waking up -- oh, oh. >> sandra: this close call happened in colorado springs. thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. the driver was not trying to hit anyone. he was just trying to make his way through the traffic. he was arrested for an outstanding traffic warrant. you could see the urgency when she saw that car coming. she had no idea it was there. >> eric: as a reporter, it can be dangerous to be out on the streets. nothing to do with the story
6:26 am
you're covering. >> sandra: glad everybody is okay. >> eric: california becomes the first state to eliminate cash bail for people awaiting trial. suspects will either be released ahead of trial or they will not. based on the assessment of the risk that they pose to the public. it turns out that money won't be a factor. jeff paul live in los angeles to explain how all this works. good morning, jeff. >> good morning. eric. governor jerry brown says it's all about treating the rich and poor fairly. supporters saying too many people are overcrowding jails and getting stuck in custody simply because of their economic status. so instead of using money as a factor, the change will focus on using risk assessments for release. someone who is determined to have a low risk to the public safety would likely remain free until their trial. under the new law most suspects arrested for non-violent misdemeanors would be released within 12 hours of being booked. someone who is facing more serious charges like sex crimes
6:27 am
or violent felonies could remain in jail until they face a judge. >> we've replaced this system with money system with a detention system where a judge looks at you and if they think they can let you out with an ankle monitor, we know it works. >> a little unclear how exactly the risk assessment system would work. each county in the state will set its own procedures. it's set to go into effect october of next year. >> eric: meanwhile people aren't happy about all this. what are opponents saying? >> some concern it give judges greater power and unjustly expand the number of suspects in pre-trial detention. some state senators are worried the change could create safety risks with more people charged with crimes roaming free. >> we should have justice for all but we don't want to forget the law abiding citizens in this country first. our duty is to protect law
6:28 am
abiding citizens first. >> lobbyists for bail agent associations are set to be preparing to block the new law from taking effect. >> eric: controversial. we'll see how it works. >> sandra: a court order is not stopping a texas company from redistribute -- distributing blueprints for 3d guns. >> everyone will continue to get the files and i'll sell them and it will be a success because of all the attention and the tens of thousands of sign-ups i've secured on my website. >> reaction pouring in from this controversial story next plus this. >> i was able to talk the president and want to thank him for his support and thank him for entrusting me with -- viewing me as somebody who could be a great leader for florida. so thank you, mr. president. >> eric: that was a thrilled ron desantis last night. he won his primary for governor. what is in store for him and he is up early this morning and smiling and he will join us to
6:29 am
talk about his race straight ahead. >> sandra: and later president trump having a little fun with the media. what he handed out in the oval office. [laughter] brother back before we get going. he scored me a billy big mouth bass. the singing wall fish? for the man cave. i love those things! [take me to the river...] [drop me in the water ...] secure mobile banking from navy federal credit union... our members are the mission.
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>> sandra: stocks opening on wall street as we get word that economic growth is even stronger than initially reported. here we are a couple minutes into trading. you are looking at the dow off 24 points or so. you've been seeing this dow march higher this week in the wake of really excellent economic data when it comes to the u.s. economy firmly above 26,000 by the gdp number second quarter growth was revised upward higher to 4.2% from the initial 4.1% reading. trade talks with canada set to kick off later today in washington so we'll see. a couple minutes into trading and stocks hovering around the flat line.
6:33 am
>> he is the most liberal candidate that the democratic party has ever nominated in the state of florida by a country mile in a governor's race. he wants to abolish ice, a billion dollar tax increase, a single payer healthcare system in florida, which would bankrupt the state. i'm trying to make florida even better. he wants to make florida venezuela. >> we've got to get out there and bring all the people that we can to our side. we've got to do that y'all, not by being hateful or divisive but by reminding florida of who we are. >> sandra: congressman ron desantis wasting no time attacking his opponent after winning the nomination for governor. he takes on andrew gillum in november. tallahassee mayor scored an
6:34 am
upset after the bernie sander's endorsement testing president trump's power in the critical state. congressman ron desantis joins us live now after the big night. how are you feeling this morning? >> we're feeling great. we ran a good campaign. i thought we were going to have a good night. it is gratifying to win a big victory. it was a victory that had big margins in all parts of the state. we won almost 70% in miami-dade county but also won 60% in pen -- pensacola. it gives us momentum going into a general election. >> sandra: you got the endorsement of the president, fox debate and started taking over as the frontrunner and then last night we saw such a decisive win it wasn't close. why? >> well, i think it's a number of things. i really believe if people knew that i was an iraq veteran, that i had a record of principled conservative
6:35 am
leadership and the president was supporting me, that would have been the profile they would want to nominate as their candidate for governor. so we drilled those three things over and over. when you have an opportunity to debate on fox news, which when we polled after the debate a huge percentage of our primary voters watched that debate. that allowed people to size us up. i think the combination of the president doing the tweet on june 22, the debate on fox and then us finally starting to spend money on television advertising. when i was down, you know, i had $12 million dumped on me. we started to spend money and hit our stride. >> sandra: the president this morning tweeted this out not only did congressman ron desantis easily win the republican primary but his opponent in november is his biggest dream. a failed socialist mayor named andrew gillum who has allowed crime and other problems to flourish in this city. this is not what florida wants or needs. how do you plan to beat him? >> this is -- florida elections
6:36 am
are always competitive. this is a guy who, although he is much too liberal for florida, he has huge problems with how he has governed tallahassee, he is an articulate spokesman for the far left views and a charismatic candidate. i watched the democrat debates. none of it is my cup of tea but he performed better than the other people there. we have to work hard to make sure we continue florida going in a good direction. let's build off the success of governor scott. we don't need to try to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state. that is not going to work or be good for florida. so i'm going to fight for what i believe in because i think i'm the guy who can really lead florida in a good direction. >> sandra: gillum had a strong come from behind win. to what do you attribute the momentum he suddenly saw? >> look, at the end of the day i got almost twice as many
6:37 am
votes as he did. i got close to a million. he got 500,000 in that range. he did do momentum but you had the vast majority of democratic primary voters rejected him last night and so he has a lot of work to do just to get his party on board. but look, i think that he had grassroots energy. i think some of the other candidates were overrated and he was able to capitalize off that. there is a difference between getting some of the bernie sanders people to vote for you in a primary and then going to the broader florida -- i think we'll be successful. >> sandra: last night after your win the president sent out such a fantastic win for desantis. ron will be a fantastic governor. on to november. we saw how the president's endorsement played out for you in this race. how do you think he plays out for the rest of the country, for your party come november?
6:38 am
>> look, i think that we have a lot of good things going. you just showed the gdp4.2%. unemployment 20 years low. neil gorsuch on the court. kavanaugh who will be put on the court. tax cuts, cutting of red tape and regulations. we have the iran deal and the dust bin of history. the embassy is in jerusalem from tel aviv. those are concrete achievements. when voters look, do they want to gamble on the democratic party that has gone so far to the left? saying you'll impeach trump and abolish ice, i understand how it may appeal to a small segment of your party. that is not what the broader american public is looking for out of people running for governor in a state like florida or for the congress and senate nationally. >> sandra: we have reached out to your opponent for november. we're trying to reach out to andrew gillum and welcome him on the program as well. ron desantis, thank you for coming on the program and congratulations.
6:39 am
>> thank you. >> eric: the owner of a texas company starts selling the blueprints for 3d printed guns on his website. that one day after a federal judge blocked that company from publishing them online. it's quite a controversy out west. let's go to casey stiegel live this morning in dallas. good morning, casey. >> good morning. good to see you. the man running this austin-based business says that he is just selling the blueprints and that he will either mail them to you on a thumb drive or eventually he hopes to be able to send them out in an email link that is downloadable. and he says that these are all to paying customers which he claims he has hundreds of. the gun advocate thinks that keeps him within the court order saying he is merely providing people with information that is already widely published and available to the public. >> i don't find there to be a
6:40 am
meaningful difference between going to my website, clicking a button and getting the file by email versus getting the file delivered to your browser by clicking. >> attorneys general of 19 states and district of columbia filed suit that prompted a federal judge in washington state to issue the temporary injunction. critics have said all along this puts citizens at great risk. these 3d printed guns are also known as ghost guns because there are no serial numbers and can't be traced. pressure is now being put on congress to act. >> we don't think this is a partisan issue. this is a public safety issue. we believe that it needs to be addressed now before the technology advances to the point where, you know, printing a 3d gun gets much easier. >> the technology is already there and becoming more affordable. even two years ago a 3d printed
6:41 am
gun discovered in a passenger's lugiage in nevada. the firearm was loaded with live ammunition. we wait. attorney generals are considering new options to get this entire thing shut down. >> eric: absolutely. casey, thank you. >> sandra: the senate race in new jersey is heating up with a political newcomer and marine veteran working to take a long-held blue seat from senator bob menendez. that republic bob hugin joins us next. >> eric: democrats are still trying to block the hearings of kavanaugh from happening. senator john barrasso will be here. he is our headliner this morning. don't miss him on kavanaugh and all the breaking news on "america's newsroom." ♪
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>> leaders go where the problems are. washington has lost the concern of our people. healthcare needs a radical transformation. we need compassionate immigration reform. i'm bob hugin and i approve this message. >> eric: a new television ad for first time political candidate for senate from new jersey bob hugin. the republican is trying to unseat controversial democratic senior senator bob menendez. his lead has narrowed in the race to single digits. take a look at this. that race in the blue state of new jersey getting tighter. menendez leading in nearly 42%. look at hugin at 33.5% in the real clear politics average of polls. why is it so close? mr. hugin joins us now here in the studio in new york. welcome. why are you running? >> eric, the people of new jersey deserve better. bob menendez has been in washington for 25 years. 16 years with a democratic president and new jersey is
6:46 am
dead last. we get the least back from washington in any state in the country and it is getting worse. and he has failed us morally. cited for violating federal law, abusing the power of his office, disgracing the senate. not the role model our kids should have. corrupt and ineffective. time for change. >> eric: he did beat the rap that ended in a hung jury. he says he hasn't been convicted and the campaign says he does deliver for the people of new jersey. let me read you something from the burlington county times. they're touting the senators record pointing to a status as the democrats ranking memo of the senate subcommittee and track record of looking for greater infrastructure for new jersey and to protect the so-called dreamer immigrants. he would say on policy he is
6:47 am
getting things done. >> have you ever ridden new jersey transit and driven on the roads of new jersey? >> eric: yes. >> it's embarrassing some would say they delivered on infrastructure or immigration reform. it is talk. he has failed to deliver. it's embarrassing and time for change. not just ineffective but the corruption is bad. new jersey deserves so much more. >> eric: he wasn't convicted. the prosecutors decided not to retry him. >> what did the senate ethics committee say. violated federal law. abused the power of his office. >> eric: what is it with you guys in new jersey? between the mayors of camden and others, everyone is getting charged right and left in that state. >> we deserve better. people of new jersey are good people. i'm proud of having been born in new jersey, first in my family to go to college. served in the marine corps after college and made a
6:48 am
difference. >> eric: he has criticized the business. >> a great anti-cancer company. made sure no patient didn't have access to life-saving medicines. invested in r & d to cure cancer. it is a great company. there is time for change in new jersey. >> eric: why have you gained such traction? it is such a blue state. it has elected republican governors in the past but in terms of the senate, the batting average hasn't been as great for republicans. >> absolutely. i think the people of new jersey are tough, good people and they know when you've gone too far with corruption and failed leadership and not delivered for the people. when you are 50 out of 50 and get the least back from washington we're not a rich state. we're a high-cost state. it is time for change. >> eric: high property taxes. >> the most unforwardable state in the country. it is time for change. >> eric: you've been a businessman for years, princeton, the whole thing. phil murphy is the democratic
6:49 am
governor now. you guys share something similar in that you were both outsiders. he is a democrat. you are a republican. why do you think it's caught on in the blue state? >> look at new jersey how unaffordable it is. property taxes are -- kids can't stay in the state. we have the fastest out migration of millennials. the only thing we're number one, the percentage of 20 year olds that have to live with their parents because they can't afford to live elsewhere. it is time for change. we can do better for the people of new jersey. >> eric: an election coming up. thank you for joining us and being here. we've reached out to senator menendez's office offering him an opportunity to come here just like his republican opponent. we look forward to if senator menendez does accept our invitation. we would like to have him on. thank you, sandra. >> sandra: one democratic candidate pushing for healthcare for all including illegal immigrants. will it help or hurt gavin
6:50 am
newsome win in california. there will be a debate you won't want to miss with our a-team. or just say badda book, badda boom. book now at so you have, your headphones, chair, new laptop, 24/7 tech support. yep, thanks guys. i think he might need some support. yes. start them off right, with the school supplies they need at low prices all summer long. now save $150 on this dell notebook
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6:53 am
>> eric: president trump finding a new way to -- he received a stack of red cards from the soccer president. they're the most serious ones in the sport to removed penalized players. >> the yellow card is a warning. and when you want to kick out someone, you show them this. >> eric: the president jokingly showing the read card to the journalists in the room and throwing it out to them sparking quite a debate online. >> sandra: there was some laughing in the moment but not so much on the part of the media. there was some serious debate that spurred from that moment. >> eric: how about a yellow or
6:54 am
green card, not the red card. >> sandra: now this. a fox news alert as we learn the death toll in puerto rico from hurricane maria is nearly 50 times greater than first estimated. authorities now saying nearly 3,000 people were killed in the storm that hit the u.s. territory. the white house releasing this statement. it reads the devastating back-to-back hurricanes were met with the largest domestic response mission in history. we're focused on puerto rico's recovery and preparedness for the current hurricane season. steve harrigan is in atlanta. steve. >> one year after the massive storm there is simply a huge gap. initially the government of puerto rico saying 64 people died. now they're saying 2,975 people died. the island that was not prepared for this storm was also unable to count the bodies afterward. at this number it's the largest hurricane death toll in the past century in the u.s.
6:55 am
>> my only consideration is the well-being of the people of puerto rico and was getting the best available information and the truth out there. so yes, i made mistakes, yes, in hindsight things could have been handled differently and my commitment as governor is accepting that criticism but also building upon it. >> the new numbers from the government comes on the heels of a report by george washington university which looked at indirect deaths from the storm. things like delayed medical care after the storm and also the gap between the number of people who actually died in puerto rico with the expected number to die during the weeks and months after the storm. so the number itself is an estimate and could change. right now on the island fema has said it is beginning to cut back emergency aid to puerto rico after one year. they spent $3 billion on debris removal and road reconstruction. another $3 billion on
6:56 am
electricity for the island. the local power supply company says electricity has been restored across puerto rico but many critics say the power grid itself is still fragile and could be vulnerable in the next storm. >> sandra: one year later. thank you. >> eric: president trump celebrating victories last night in two highly contested primaries in arizona and florida. you know that's setting up some dramatic races this november. straight ahead our headliner is wyoming senator john barrasso joining us in the next hour to talk the mid-terms. john kavanaugh's confirmation fight and a lot more straight ahead here on "america's newsroom." - [announcer] i've had the opportunity to speak with
6:57 am
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>> sandra: the results are in for two key primaries in florida and arizona. florida congressman ron desantis backed by president trump in the race for governor beating state agriculture commissioner adam putnam, an establishment favorite. he will face off against andrew gillum. a far left democrat. in arizona congresswoman martha mcsally winning the republican nomination and face off after a centrist democrat. another fox news alert on democrats stepping up their push to delay confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh.
7:01 am
welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> eric: good to be with you also. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer today. with those hearings set to begin in less than one week, democrats are launching a full-court press to pry to put them on ice. senate judiciary committee chairman senator chuck grassley is holding his ground calling the democrats' tactics a smoke screen to hide kavanaugh's qualifications. mike emanuel live on capitol hill with much more this morning. what is being done ahead of next week's planned hearings? >> good morning to you. the notice went out late last night that the hearings for judge brett kavanaugh will start next tuesday morning bright and early at 9:30 a.m. just after the labor day holiday and we've learned that two people who will introduce judge kavanaugh are condoleezza rice, the former secretary of state and senator rob portman, the republican of ohio both served with kavanaugh in the
7:02 am
administration of president george w. bush. other top republicans say there is plenty of information available for how judge kavanaugh will handle himself on the high court. >> the best evidence of how judge kavanaugh will perform on the bench is how he has done in the last 12 years as a member of the d.c. circuit court of appeals. he has written 307 opinions. all of that is before every member of the committee. and in total there are more than 400,000 individual pages of documents that have been produced. >> the hearing was moved to earlier tuesday morning to try to limit the possibility of stall tactics by senate democrats. >> eric: the democrats are really going after kavanaugh claiming they haven't had enough paperwork. what else are they saying ahead of the hearings? >> all 10 democrats on the judiciary committee sent a letter in complaint to chairman chuck grassley writing, quote, unfortunately the judiciary committee is currently engaged in a process to evaluate a
7:03 am
supreme court nominee that has never been used before and is woefully inadequate and senate democratic leader chuck schumer has made similar complaints on the senate floor. >> unfortunately chairman grassley has so far frustrated our effort to get full access to the judge's records. first, he requested only 10 to 15% of the kavanaugh's white house record declaring the bulk of his time in the white house irrelevant. >> chairman grassly suggests democrats are playing games trying to stall kavanaugh's confirmation. >> sandra: let's go to senator john barrasso of wyoming. thank you for being here this morning. >> great to be with you. >> sandra: great to have you on the program. tuesday is going to be a big day. what do you expect from these hearings? >> a couple of things. first let me say the senate
7:04 am
canceled the august recess and i think it's been one of the most productive work periods you could ever imagine. we have confirmed yesterday another seven judges. we have eight lined up for next week. 27 additional nominees that the president has gotten confirmed. we passed 9 of 12 appropriations bills lined up for next week's hearings with justice kavanaugh. people will see a well-respected mainstream highly qualified nominee who has written over 300 opinions and he is going to do terrific when the hearings start tuesday morning. if we hadn't canceled recess we wouldn't have been at this position right now to get him confirmed. >> sandra: the democrats don't have the documents they're looking forward and you heard from chuck schumer saying it is unprecedented secrecy. >> i've heard it all before from him. they have over a half million pages of documents. more than twice the number of documents that any other supreme court nominee has ever
7:05 am
produced. there are 300 court case reviews that justice kavanaugh has written that they have reviewed. it is really interesting, sandra. they want more documents but so many of the democrats came out opposing judge kavanaugh even opposing any nominee from president trump. they were saying that before the nominee was even named. so it's a bit -- the hypocrisy is amazing. they want more documents but they announced they'll be against him and chuck schumer on the floor of the senate said very early on he will do anything he can possibly do to stop this nomination period. doesn't seem that more documents really matter at all to him. he is looking to delay and distract. >> eric: senator, even absent the documents can't the democratic senators on the panel, don't you expect them clearly to ask kavanaugh the questions about those issues, about his role in the george w. bush administration in terms of the documents that they want?
7:06 am
>> of course they will. that's not going to be a surprise. they'll ask lots of probing questions, the judge will answer honestly and then there will be a vote. the vote will be in september and he is going to be confirmed and on the court by october 1 when they meet their for new term. >> sandra: grassley is responding to this democratic opposition to this hearing and he said this. some of my colleagues on the other side, including democratic members of the judiciary committee ask that i delay judge kavanaugh's hearing. they asked me to delay it because of some el issues. it is not clear to me what one has to do with the other. but this is by my count the third strategy democratic leaders have used to try to delay judge kavanaugh's hearing. i wanted to get your response to that. >> they have come up with a number of different delay tactics. the argument they're using is one that could have been used when bill clinton was president of the united states and there were nominees being considered at that time.
7:07 am
look, if these were respectful times, judge kavanaugh would get confirmed with 100 votes. these are not the respectful times. i think the americans would love to have. judge kavanaugh is ready to go, he is well respected, highly qualified, a mainstream judge and will be seated on the supreme court october 1st. >> eric: another issue that is troubling a lot of people, north korea. it appears that kim jong-un is backing away from the promises that he gave president trump in terms of denuclearization. what are your thoughts and concerns. >> i think this is the part of what i called the rodeo that we'll be in with kim jong-un. mike pompeo and the president will say mike won't be in north korea for upcoming meetings. the sanctions are going to continue. they are biting sanctions, kim jong-un will ultimately have to make the right decision. but the president was right, i believe, to meet with him. the president is very clear eyed on this. it may work, it may not work.
7:08 am
we cannot allow north korea to proceed with nuclear weapons that will be stopped. >> eric: the sanctions may increase and get tighter. here is u.s. ambassador nikki haley warning of just that when she spoke before the foundation for the defense of democracy. she received an award. listen. >> when it comes to north korea, is it moving fast? no. we never thought it would. we knew this was going to be a slow, tough process. are they wishing or maybe changing their mind on denuclearization? it is possible. but we're not going to change our mind on the sanctions. >> eric: do you believe that kim jong-un will give up his nuclear weapons? >> i believe he wants to stay in power. he will do anything he can to stay in power. his desire is to not give them up. i think everyone in the united states understands that. but when he looks at what is happening in iran right now with the sanctions there and the loss in the value of their currency and the disruption in
7:09 am
the streets and the fact is sanctions work. you need to continue them. tougher sanctions as nikki haley has called for. it is ultimately going to be in kim jong-un's best interest and he will only look at this from his own best interest to give up his nuclear weapons. >> sandra: it is interesting the way marco rubio, we chatted with him a lot on this. his take is that this has failed and the fault of kim jong-un only. but he says he has never had much hope for talks with him because i knew north korea wasn't serious about denuclearization. the president took a gamble to try a peaceful resolutions but this effort failed and kim jong-un is 100% at fault. are you willing to go that far and where we are in the status that we are in with north korea? >> no, i'm not. i don't believe these have failed. i believe that kim jong-un is not interested in going as far as i would like him to go but we know that the world i believe is safer today than it was when president trump came
7:10 am
into office because of the discussions with kim jong-un. we're not seeing rockets being fired anymore. not seeing underground testing of nuclear weapons at this point. we don't see the kind of aggressive advances that north korea was making. so i think the president has made the right move and especially with his secretary of defense and secretary of state with the statements that they've made. we'll move ahead with i believe the joint next year work between our military and south korea's but there is testing and practice going on every day with our -- with the navy, with the air force, all of those things aimed at making sure that north korea comes to the table and actually delivers. >> eric: secretary of defense mattis said just that. kim jong-un wants our 28,500 troops out of the south korea and wants us to end those exercises but here is mr. mattis saying that we will continue with those. >> we took the step to suspend
7:11 am
several of the largest exercises as a good faith measure coming out of the singapore summit. we have no plans at this time to suspend any more exercises. >> eric: between sanctions and continued exercises, do you think kim will walk some of this back? >> i believe he will. he continues to see what he can get away with. when he sees he can't get away with something he moves back. that's been the standard. but what president trump is doing differently than previous presidents is he is sticking to what he said he will do. he is not giving up relieving sanctions or giving money or aid or food and saying please do something better. he is holding out to make sure that actually the behavior changes before there is any relief. >> sandra: meanwhile senator barrasso we say goodbye to your friend and former colleague john mccain this week and i know that you have issued a statement saying your goodbyes. wanted you to share some of that with us this morning.
7:12 am
>> i'm going to be going to arizona tomorrow for the services with the mccain family. he was a wonderful friend and incredible colleague. a man of truly such courage, such credibility, such character. i've traveled around the world with him. people looked up to him. listened to him and respected him whether it was the truth or foreign leaders. i was with him last summer memorial day in vietnam and we went to hanoi to the prison where he had been held a prisoner of war. and to think that anybody could for five and a half years sustain the torture and beating and then be strengthened by it and come to lead the nation in so many ways is a remarkable man. he was met with a hero's welcome by the people on the street, in the presidential palace and we went to the ship named after his father and grandfather. we had a meeting with all the
7:13 am
officers and enlisted men on the deck of the s.s. john mccain. he addressed all of them. he was beloved around the world and respected around the world. truly stubborn courage, heroic patriotism one-of-a-kind and we are truly going to miss him certainly in the senate. in his home state of arizona but around the world this loss is going to be felt for a long, long time. >> sandra: thank you for sharing those sentiments with us. the nation is remembering his life and legacy this week and we appreciate your time this morning. thanks for coming on. >> eric: thank you. >> people are voting in just 43 days. it's a big deal. this is how i see this campaign. it is a choice between a doer and a talker. between a patriot and a protestor.
7:14 am
>> eric: that's arizona congresswoman martha mcsally. they won the primary to replace jeff flake. we're getting reaction from president trump. martha mcsally is an extraordinary woman. she was a very talented fighter jet pilot and a highly respected member of congress. she is strong on crime, the border, and our under siege second amendment, loves our military and vets. has my total and complete endorsement. peter doocy covering the race in tempe, arizona. the general election race kicked off. how did she start, peter? >> with a moments of silence for the late senator john mccain. she talked about how it's tough for her to celebrate anything right now but then she did transition at a victory party afterwards and the former fighter pilot spent some time talking to supporters who she calls wing men and wing women and to us in an interview after outlining the race to come
7:15 am
between her and the democratic congresswoman. >> the real contract are in the security areas. border security. she is so weak on these issues. she supports the left open border policies. the bill that they all got on basically encouraging child trafficking in open borders. she wanted to cut ice. voted against funding the department of homeland security. >> she is trying to make her democratic opponent seem as liberal as possible. she has a new nickname calling her hollywood cinema and mcsally told me president trump is the king of nicknames and hopes he comes here to campaign for her soon. >> >> eric: hollywood cinema. i guess that works. cinema plans to call on prominent democrats to help her. what are her plans?
7:16 am
>> you know, she actually told us that she does not think that big rallies with big names will be a big difference in this race. >> arizonians don't care about other people coming into our state. they're independent and make up their own mind about who they will choose. we'll be working hard to listen to their concerns and answer those concerns by presenting plans and actions to solve real problems. >> we still don't know who will be appointed to fill john mccain's seat. this contest could wind up producing or could wind up sending arizona's first female senator to washington both candidates will take a few days off the trail so that people in the state and people around the country can concentrate on these remembrance services of the late senator mccain's life and service. >> eric: very special and meaningful and emotional week this week coming up in arizona. peter, thank you. >> sandra: thank you.
7:17 am
the frontrunner for california governor has got a new platform he is pushing. free government healthcare for allstate wide including illegal immigrants. so how will california pay for it? and what both sides are saying. >> eric: plus the u.s. and mexico are hitting a wall over who will build the wall along our southern border. our a-team will weigh in on all of this and so much more straight ahead here on "america's newsroom." >> president trump: the wall will be paid for by mexico. it will ultimately be paid for by mexico.
7:18 am
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about cosentyx.
7:21 am
>> eric: california lieutenant governor gavin newsome is back to universal healthcare for all of the state's millions of illegal immigrants. >> did universal healthcare when i was mayor and regardless of your immigration status. san francisco is the only universal healthcare plan for all undocumented residents in america. we proved it can be done without bankrupting the city and like to see that in the rest of the state. >> the a-team. hugo gurdon, leslie marshall
7:22 am
and david asman, from after the bell. welcome to you all. hugo, let me start with you. full healthcare for everybody. is this a good idea? >> it's a terrible idea. socialized medicine always reduces quality and doesn't reduce the price in the way the left says it does. i think that the taxpayers of california will be pretty upset about the idea of paying for illegal immigrants and the costs will go up. i think gavin newsome in the next governor of california. >> sandra: this is free healthcare for all including illegal immigrants, david. what could go wrong? >> exactly. free, free, free. nobody pays for it. a lot of people pay for it we know. we saw what happened in vermont, for example, when they tried to have universal healthcare there. they voted for it and decided to scrap it before it was implemented because they realized it would make the budget go bust. what concerns me you are right about the quality and the cost, both of which suffer as a result of universal health care
7:23 am
for socialized medicine. let's be honest but what worries me the type of immigration it encourages. you look at the immigrants in florida, for example, who came here to work and make money. they turned that state around. mostly cuban americans. it's the kind of immigrants who come here to work rather than the kind of immigrants who come here for our welfare policies that we want. that's what concerns me as well is how it encourages people to come here just for the benefits. >> sandra: do you agree with any of this? >> the lone -- i actually don't agree with this particular proposal by who will be our next governor in california gavin newsome. in san francisco since he was mayor what he doesn't talk about is runaways flocked to san francisco and so did the homeless because of policies like this. i live in los angeles. we have the highest homeless population in the united states. the problem we can't get under control. there is the cost. it will cost a huge amount that whether people are democrats or
7:24 am
republicans they aren't going to support. i am right now -- there is healthcare for undocumented migrants. my husband is a physician. he gets called in if you don't have healthcare, he has to treat you. that is the law if he is on call. he took and oath and when he is on call. speaking of hospitals, it will be a burden. we don't have the medical staff and facilities to cover this amount of people. >> you say it's a humanitarian issue. >> we have that covered. look, my husband is not going to say is this person here legally or not when he gets called in. he has a duty and oath that he took to fulfill. but this is just not the way to go about it. these are very separate issues. first of all you have the multi-faceted immigration problem which you legislate. then you have healthcare, which you work on. in the state of california this would just bring more undocumented immigrants and more homeless.
7:25 am
>> isn't newsome flexible enough that like vermont they scrapped it you before they implemented it because it wouldn't make sense. don't you think it's a phony campaign promise? >> obviously. when they see the cost -- >> sandra: the california panel today. california wants to do away with the bail system so that it can, quote, rich and poor alike will be treated fairly. here is what governor jerry brown is saying on this overhaul of the bail system today. today california recalls it bail system so rich and poor alike are treated fairly. what happens with this? >> it seems to me that with a system without bail has been tried and tested for generations, centuries even. what you'll get is more people not turning up for their trial. judges will decide is it okay for this person to be out free? the thing that really is intriguing here is that although people will say this will be -- lead to more people
7:26 am
in custody because they won't be paying bail, more people in custody waiting trial. what judges are likely to do does this person deserve to be in custody. they'll think no, i don't want to put this person in custody and they'll be out without bail. a lot more people on the streets without bail who have committed crimes. >> couldn't they with illegal immigrants and given the ticket to come back and so many skip the hearing, leslie. wouldn't it be the same situation here if you don't have any financial responsibility you have nothing -- no responsibility there so you can just skip on out? >> i went to agreeing with disagreeing. i support this. currently i feel the bail system not just in california but nationwide per pet waits the inequality we see in the prison system. we have a vast overcrowding system in the prisons in california. many individuals are there not for a violent crime but because they can't pay the bail. to your point if you're wealthy and you have committed a violent crime, you are out on
7:27 am
the streets and you are a bigger flight risk because you have that passport or the private jet. you have a friend that has it. i feel this is fair. i think it is the right thing to do because it looks at who is more or less a danger to our society and i do think it levels the legal playing field in the state of california. >> eric: no new york they haven't been able to come up with the dough. $50 or $100 and they're in jail for months. >> what we found out in new york and had an amazing victory over crime in new york. 2,200 murders a year and now down to 300 a year. it is an extraordinary drop in violent crime. we found that if you allow the small crimes to go unpunished, the big crimes grow because a lot of times the people that commit the small crimes are also the ones that are committing the big crimes. so you say it's for non-violent crimes and so forth. okay, that's fine but if you let those go, if you let people
7:28 am
out immediately who commit the small crimes, very often they are involved in big crimes as well. you have to be careful of that. >> eric: that was the broken windows theory. >> sandra: jerry brown has been pushing for this since 1979 in the state of the state address calling it a tax on poor people. bail agents talking about how it will reform the criminal justice system. some are threatening to leave california because of it. we'll be watching all of that. we'll see more from the a-team in a few minutes. the breaking news first. out of iran as we get new comments from the supreme leader there saying it could abandon the nuclear deal with world powers after the u.s. pulled out. a live report on that developing story. we'll have that next. >> eric: americans encouraged by the recent economic progress. consumer confidence has hit an 18-year high. what it could mean for growth and for our pocket books and wallets straight ahead. for the past five years, i've spoken with hundreds of families
7:29 am
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>> sandra: months after the u.s. pulled out of the 2015
7:33 am
iran nuclear deal now the supreme leaders said it could abandon the accord. trey has more info from our mideast bureau. >> the war of words continues as iran's supreme leader says iran could completely abandon the deal that jcpoa deal if it doesn't serve his country's interest. iran should give up home that europe can save the deal that unraveled after president trump's decision to leave earlier this year. as the iranians are refusing to negotiate further with u.s. officials going so far as to call them indecent and in light of his speak there is fear iran could start its nuclear program. rouhani said european partners
7:34 am
must work faster so the united states can get back to the deal. the supreme leader saying he has given up hope to save the deal. the iranian president urging europeans to bring the united states back to negotiations and president trump saying he is willing to meet with the iranians saying he will come to the table and have this conversation regardless of what the iranians would like in terms of pre-condition. >> sandra: they're taking physical action in the region in the persian gulf. tell us about that. >> that's right. it's important to look at nikki haley's words this week saying iran could turn into the next north korea. this as the iranian military announced on monday they have gained full control of the persian gulf and the strait of hormuz. it is of concern to allies in the region to the united states because this is really ratcheting up the tension. the strait there in the persian gulf ultimately used as a major oil export route coming on the heels of an announcement there
7:35 am
will be renewed sanctions leading to november where the iranians can't export any oil whatsoever under the new u.s. sanctions imposed by the trump administration. creating more tension in the region with this war of words that could turn into something larger. a concern of allies here in the middle east. >> sandra: trey from our mideast bureau. thank you. >> eric: iran has not controlled the strait of hormuz because the u.s. navy is there. back here at home there is more good news on the economy. look at this. consumer confidence soaring to an 18 year high. let's bring in christina from the business network. consumer confidence index. >> it measures whether you and i and americans across the country are confident about their spending habits and confident they can afford goods. so this is coming out as a positive like you said. we haven't seen these numbers since 2000. strength in the economy. it is a big deal but i want to
7:36 am
point out there is a consumer confidence index or sentiment index that comes out from the university of michigan. it told the opposite story. it came out a few weeks ago. it could be a few weeks timing. a smaller poll so it is smaller but they're saying the opposite. that americans are very concerned about higher prices in the near future with inflation. we know gas prices have been climbing higher. however, as the news from aaa that said gas prices after labor day will be coming down. i would like to end to bring full circle, we have the u.s. economy. gdp numbers coming out. the economy grew 4.2%. much higher than expected. businesses are finally investing back into the economy. >> sandra: a big deal we made of the 4.1% and now 4.2. the white house says it's sustainable. consumer confidence number is interesting. we've been seeing retailers
7:37 am
reporting earnings. tiffany's sales are surging. charles payne is talking about wal-mart and target and earnings through the roof. we're seeing it across the board. >> people are shopping right now. the question is will this be sustainable into the near future? you do have interest rates that are climbing higher. when they climb higher the mortgage rates will be more expensive, loans could be more expensive. it adds up. >> eric: what about the concerns over the deficit. >> thank you, yes. how do you think we paid for the tax cuts? it cost a lot of money. tax revenue came in and helped fund security and a lot of government programs. now the tax revenue is not coming in. where is the money come from to sustain the programs? it has to come from elsewhere. we're seeing the deficit grow much higher. seeing corporate debt higher, consumer debt higher. we're shopping more but i don't know about you guys but credit cards are higher. >> eric: when will washington do something about the deficit? >> it's funny.
7:38 am
conservatives are supposed to be fiscal. we're seeing the opposite right now. they say in order to sustain the economy let's have a deficit. not necessarily a bad thing. >> eric: you don't see a danger in that at all? >> of course i do. i come in as a business journalist and not talking left or right. it is a concern for the economy going forward. deficit is so high. even the imf has raised warning signs about it as well. >> sandra: the president continues to take on google and he did so standing in the white house yesterday. watch. >> president trump: i think what google and others are doing if you look at what is going on at twitter and facebook. they better be careful. you can't do that to people. you can't do it. we have tremendous -- we have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in and you just can't do that. so i think that google and twitter and facebook, they are really treading on very troubled territory and they have to be careful.
7:39 am
it is not fair to large portions of the population. >> sandra: something the president has shown he is feeling very passionate about. >> i don't know if anything will be done in terms of government regulation into big tech. that goes against a lot of what these guys in the white house believe in. but if we're talking about his comments whether it's rigged, that is coming from one study right now. one story that came out from pg media and aired on lou dobbs on fox business. i think the president is referencing that. that story puts the economists and reuters, a news wire associated press on the left. even people magazine is on the left and only us fox news and a few other sites are on the right. so i don't know -- i still want to see the facts coming in as a journalist. you want to see where is the research showing there is -- >> eric: google denies it. >> i don't trust google, either. they say there isn't political
7:40 am
bias. somebody tell me how the algorithms that they're truly neutral. >> sandra: i can help you out with calculus. a specialty of mine. thank you very much. >> eric: thank you. >> sandra: president trump confirming this moments ago. don mccann will be leaving his legal team tweeting this a few minutes ago. he will be leaving his position in the fall shortly after the confirmation hopefully of judge brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. i have worked with don for a long time and truly appreciate his service. fox news has been reporting this departure has been expected for some time. the president making it official. meanwhile nuclear talks with north korea appear to be in limbo. now word the u.s. will continue military drills with south korea. former u.n. ambassador bill richardson just ahead on
7:41 am
"america's newsroom." >> eric: other candidates backed by the president. they won their primaries in florida and arizona last night. so how many more candidates can he help cross the finish line in november? >> you see the effect of the trump presidency throughout these primary results. this president has made clear like he did in 2016. in 2018 he will be the most prominent campaigner in chief out there helping these candidates who agree with his agenda. done. hit the snooze button and get low prices on school supplies all summer long. like this case of paper for only $29.99 at office depot officemax.
7:42 am
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i never thought i'd say this but i found bladder leak underwear that's actually pretty. always discreet boutique. hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel. so i feel protected and pretty. always discreet boutique.
7:45 am
>> florida elections are always competitive. this guy is too liberal for florida, i think he has huge problems with how he has governed tallahassee, he is an articulate spokesman for the far left views and a charismatic candidate. we have to work hard that we continue florida going in a good direction. >> sandra: ron desantis earlier
7:46 am
on "america's newsroom" taking aim at his liberal rival in the race for governor. desantis backed by president trump in a state he carried easily in 2016. the president did tweet this. big election wins last night. the republican party will make america great again. it is happening faster than anybody thought possible. it is morphing into keep america great. we're back with our a-team. what did you think of last night? what a night that was in particular this win. >> it will be an incredible show. granted, florida i think is too conservative for mr. gillum. but the fact that you have a bernie -- i don't know if he is a socialist like bernie but on the bernie side and bernie was a supporter of him facing off against a strong trump supporter like desantis. an interesting rate and probably be lopsided in favor of desantis but there will be a huge amount of money, leslie can talk about that coming from
7:47 am
people like soros and others. that's the reason why this guy probably won the primary. >> eric: isn't it a proxy war, trump versus bernie? >> this makes it exciting and we have jobs for a while with stuff like this. what it does in florida which is becoming demographically, you know, quite a rainbow if you will. and i think we're looking at black and white seriously in addition to far left and far right, pro-trump and anti-trump. you talked whether or not he is a socialist. he doesn't say he is one he does support medicare for all and abolishing ice. these are two things very favorable among democrats in the state of florida because of the demographics of that state. >> sandra: it was a decisive victory for gillum as well as
7:48 am
desantis. >> voters were denied trump versus sanders two years ago but getting it this time. i have agree with the panel that probably gillum is too liberal for florida. it has to be remembered that donald trump is more popular in florida than many of the other swing states he won in 2016. i think that's probably going to help both desantis and the senate race as well. >> can i say one thing about immigrants in florida. we mentioned this before. immigrants are not all the same. they don't think from the same way in everything. the immigrants who came to florida starting with the cuban americans and then the nicaraguaians in the 1980s are running away from socialism. these people don't embrace welfare policies. they have an abhorens for a lot of welfare policies proposed by gillum because they were promised the same in nicaragua
7:49 am
and castro and chavez in the 1990s and it turned into socialism. they know socialism fails. >> the haitians and other african-americans. >> haitians have a great respect for the free market. >> what we're seeing right now in the democratic party is female african-americans come out in numbers like never before except when barack obama ran. i do think we'll see the same in florida not just african-americans but african-americans females and we've been lacking that group in the democratic party. >> sandra: the president tweeted this: >> i think martha mcsally did a masterful job. she did not totally embrace him but didn't spurn him.
7:50 am
she is a military pilot. i think she has a good shot. the republican party will be delighted she is defending this seat rather than one of the other two candidates. >> eric: we'll continue with our panel in a moment. you can expect a heated debate in the primary showdown for governor of new york. in fact, the democratic candidates are butting heads already over the room temperature, believe it or not, for the debate. why one said says the air conditioning is, ready for this, sexist. wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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>> eric: other news making headlines this morning. who better to break it down than the 24/7 crew. carley, welcome back from vacation. you came back to quite a story. cynthia nixon and andrew cuomo. he is the governor. she is running against him. i ain't showing up to the debate. it is too cold in the studio. >> there is a big debate in new york between governor cuomo, cynthia nixon. one of the big headlines today is about their battle over the thermostat. the temperature of the debate room. cynthia nixon's spokeswoman sent the email saying the debate room should be set at 76
7:55 am
degrees. cuomo likes to keep things cold and she said office settings and workplace environments are sexist in terms of the temperature. i think what she is referring to is how offices are sometimes cold maybe to cater to men wearing suits as opposed to women in dresses. i always thought it was to keep people awake. >> i thought it was to keep us awake. >> sandra: can we reach a compromise here? in the middle? >> this goes on every night in bedrooms across america. >> exactly. >> this is a serious debate. they have a lot to worry about. this is one of the biggest fights i have with my husband. i'm always freezing and he is always hot. >> you have to meet in the middle. >> apparently cuomo won't shake her hand or something. >> who doesn't complain about the temperature in the room, robots. at a hotel in miami they'll
7:56 am
deliver room service. i love this idea. i haven't seen it yet. i'm excited about this. we have robots that are security guards that can roam around college campuses and parking lots. >> eric: what's next? robots giving the news. >> no, no. >> sandra: maybe if it makes your hotel cheaper. house republicans expressing new concerns about surveillance after bruce ohr's testimony on capitol hill. whether the concerns are justified and what it means for the russia investigation. a new hour begins next. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ ) joni: think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> sandra: a fox news alert. president trump saying white house counsel don mcgahn will leave his post this fall after the brett kavanaugh confirmation vote. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." it is wednesday morning. everybody. i'm sandra smith. >> eric: good to work with you this morning. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. president trump confirming that news at mcgahn's departure moments ago. one of the view remaining aides who has been with the president since the beginning of his presidential campaign. john roberts live on the north lawn of the white house with the latest breaking news. >> good morning to you. the fact that the president is talking about it is new but this is something that we here at fox news have been talking about for months. i remember it really caught fire back at the beginning of
8:01 am
may when ty cobb left as the president's in-house counsel on russia and another person was brought in to replace ty said to be handpicked by mcgahn to be his successor. it was widely believed that justice kennedy was probably going to retire and don mcgahn who led the confirmation of neil gorsuch wanted to lead the confirmation of the next supreme court justice. the president made it official this morning said, quote, white house counsel don mcgahn will leave his position in the fall shortly after the confirmation hopefully of judge brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. i worked with don for a long time and appreciate his service. he was in the news for cooperating extensively with the special counsel robert mueller. his cooperation was something that was the idea of ty cobb who we talked about and john dowd, who was the president's
8:02 am
outside counsel until the beginning of april. they thought that it would be a better idea to get mcgahn to cooperate with mueller rather than risk mueller subpoenaing everyone in the white house. mcgahn spoke with mueller a number of times. 30 hours of questioning, which is why this morning john dowd said on fox and friends there is no reason for mueller to sit down and interview the president. listen here. >> he is the one that asked for the witnesses. he is the one that asked for the documents. he told us that everybody told the truth. he told us he didn't need anymore documents. all those documents and testimony answer, all the 49 questions, and all the topics he raised, we put it in our january 29th letter. offered to write it up again. >> again, even though we've known this was likely coming for months, a rather unusual response from chuck grassley, the chairman of the senate judiciary committee who just
8:03 am
tweeted president trump, i hope it's not true mcgahn is leaving white house counsel? you can't let that happen. people who know don mcgahn say it's likely he will return to his former law firm which is jones day where he was plucked from to become white house counsel. one reason some people have speculated the whole story came out about mcgahn's involvement with the special counsel to let people at jones day know mcgahn saw it as his duty to protect the office of the presidency, not necessarily protect president trump. the likely successor will be emmett flood. he was brought in to replace cobb as the russia counsel. flood and mcgahn have known each other for a long time and believed by people who i talked to about this months ago that mcgahn handpicked flood to come in knowing that he, mcgahn, was eventually going to leave and
8:04 am
wanted somebody he trusted in that position as white house counsel. eric. >> eric: a transition at the white house, john. thank you. >> sandra: ceremonies getting underway in arizona today honoring the life of senator john mccain. two hours from now mccain's motorcade will arrive at the arizona state capitol in phoenix where he will lie in state for a public viewing. lindsey graham spoke about john mccain on the senate floor yesterday and shared one of the greatest lessons he learned from his friend. >> john told me i have become better from my failures because it teaches us. and i've been tempted by my success and without my failures i would have never been successful. so to those who are striving as a young person, remember john mccain. he failed a lot but he never quit. >> sandra: we're live in phoenix this morning. >> good morning, lindsey graham touched on a major theme you'll hear over the next five days.
8:05 am
john mccain never quit, whether the fighter pilot, prisoner of war, congressional candidate, the senate candidate or presidential candidate you'll here again and again that john mccain never, ever quit. you can see behind me the flags at the arizona state capitol are at half staff. the honor guard is here waiting to receive john mccain's casket. we expect it to arrive in the next 1:45. at that time the governor of arizona will greet cindy mccain and the remainder of the mccain family and they will all walk in together while the casket of john mccain is in arizona it will be handled exclusively by the arizona national guard. they will walk it into the capitol rotunda where he will lie in state for approximately the next 24 hours and that rotunda will be filled with military personnel as well as first responders. we will also hear from the likes of the former arizona
8:06 am
senator john kyle as well as arizona governor doug doocy, jim kolby and outgoing senator jeff flake will all speak at today's ceremony. the pall bearers you'll see will be a mix of professional athletes and political people from both sides of the aisle, well-known business people. it is a very good mix. that's what john mccain wanted. we anticipate the ceremony today will go on for maybe 30 minutes to an hour and, of course, the public viewing begins today at 2:00 local time in the afternoon, sandra. >> sandra: how many people are expected at the capitol building today? >> thousands. we talk about john mccain as america's senator but very much arizona's senator. when he campaigned, whether it was a congressional race or senate rate john mccain canvassed this state. he went to some of the smallest towns in the farthest reaches
8:07 am
of arizona where some towns had 45 or 90 residents and hold town halls. they would pay it back today and come and pay their respects to him. 106° waiting in line for hours. >> sandra: trace gallagher in phoenix, thank you. >> eric: the testimony of justice department official bruce ohr raising lawmakers' concerns about possible surveillance abuse of the f.b.i. ohr suggested that f.b.i. investigators withheld key information in obtaining a fisa warrant to spy an a trump campaign aide. andy mccarthy told us this earlier today on "america's newsroom." >> what about the information that steele was transmitting to the justice department and the f.b.i. through ohr after the first fisa application? did they include that in the later ones and not tell the court where it was coming from? i think this is crucially important and also goes to what the f.b.i. and the justice department knew at the time
8:08 am
that they initially applied for the warrant. >> eric: joining us now for more on this is charlie hurt. opinion editor at the washington times and fox news contributor. this is unbelievable. ohr formerly the number four official at the department of justice reportedly testifies that the steele dossier could not be relied on, it could not be used in court, the f.b.i. doubted its credibility but despite all that it was still used. >> it really does raise some alarming questions that ought to alarm everybody whether you like donald trump or hate donald trump. whether you're a democrat or republican about the ability of the f.b.i. at the highest levels to get this kind of clearance to spy on somebody on -- using information that is at the very least suspect, certainly unverified. and it raises all sorts of questions about whether or not -- what was the motive. why were they trying so hard to use unverified information to
8:09 am
look to spy on counter page? >> eric: some would say because they hated donald trump. >> if that's the case it's a very alarming thing. we don't do that in america. we don't spy on political opponents or use our espionage efforts to spy on opponents in this country. if that's what happened. it is interesting to remember all of this stuff has come dripping out in drips and drabs. i think if everyone learned what we now know, which is that the previous administration did use our surveillance operation to spy on a political opponent, i think that alone is a pretty bombshell revelation. but a lot of questions remain. we don't know how high up the chain of command that went in the f.b.i. we also don't know why -- one of the big questions that remains unanswered at the moment is why didn't the f.b.i.
8:10 am
go to the trump campaign and say hey, you've got this guy working for you. we have credible evidence that he is working for the kremlin or whatever. >> eric: some would say that would tip off the trump campaign. >> exactly. >> eric: there were legitimate concerns that the russians had influenced the campaign and connections with the russians among top trump campaign officials. >> if that's the case, then that supports the other point that you just mentioned, which is they had every intention of going after donald trump. and whether they genuinely believed he had been corrupted by the kremlin or not, that is what -- that was their frame of mind. and, you know, it raises all kinds of alarming questions. >> eric: they haven't all been answered yet. perhaps they will. charlie hurt. got to scoot. >> sandra: iran's supreme leader says he could abandon the nuclear deal with the west. what it could mean for a
8:11 am
nuclear arms race in the middle east. we'll get reaction from congressman francis rooney coming up later in hour. >> tensions are rising with north korea after the nuclear talks with kim jong-un's regime. they have hit a standstill amid a showdown. there is former u.n. ambassador bill richardson. he will join us next from harvard with his analysis next. >> this wouldn't be easy from the start and it could be a somewhat lengthy process. overall sometimes we move forward, sometimes we stand right where we are. we look forward to future negotiations when the time is right. this is not a bed.
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8:15 am
>> we took the step to suspend several of the largest exercises as a good faith measure coming out of the singapore summit. we have no plans at this time to suspend any more exercises >> sandra: james mattis discussing the possibility of future joint military exercises with south korea. the news coming amid news signs of trouble in dealing with north korea as nuclear talks come to a standstill. joining me now is former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and former new mexico governor bill richardson. thank you very much for joining us. there is a big question about is the current policy on north korea, is it working as far as the progress that we're making?
8:16 am
>> well, what i think is important is what secretary mattis did, which was to suspend a concession that we had made to the north koreans at the singapore summit. i've negotiated with north koreans. they always want you to go first and then when it is time to follow through on their commitments they don't do it. they have done nothing an denuclearization as they said they would. so this is going to be a frosty period, but i am convinced that negotiations eventually will resume. and they should resume. but i think it's the correct decision for the secretary of defense to keep the pressure on north korea, reinforce our relationship with our allies of south korea that we're still with them on military exercises. but this is typical north korea. i think it was a mistake at the singapore summit to have let the north koreans have that first concession, which they
8:17 am
wanted. no military exercises with south korea. but now that's suspended so we're back on an even keel and i think that's good. >> sandra: is it fair to say at this point our dialogue with them is stalling? >> yeah, it is stalling. but this is common with the north koreans. they did this with the bush, clinton and obama administrations. you have to pin them down and have verification and timelines. you just can't have summits where you shake hands. and i think secretary pompeo has done a good job so far. but what the north koreans want to do is string out their commitments, delay them. they don't think like we do. they don't think in quid pro quo. they think they're always right. but they are stalling. the fact that there is not tension there, there is going to be more tension now with this announcement. but you know they haven't shot
8:18 am
missiles. they haven't detonated nuclear weapons. so i think pompeo probably will go back and negotiate. that's good. but i think this step that secretary mattis took was the correct one. >> sandra: there are questions about perhaps what some might see as mixed messages coming out of the white house and coming from the administration when you see certain statements that were coming from the state department as far as our progress that is being made there and then quickly seeing the president cancel that would be or scheduled meeting between mike pompeo and north korea. senator barrasso was on last hour and he was making the point he sees the policies on north korea working. >> i believe that kim jong-un is not interested in going as far as i would like him to go. we know the world i believe is safer today than it was when president trump came into office because of the discussions with kim jong-un.
8:19 am
we're not seeing rockets being fired anymore. we're not seeing underground testing of nuclear weapons at this point. we don't see the kind of aggressive advances that north korea was making. >> sandra: a lot of positives he lists off there. perhaps what are we not hearing from the administration? >> well, the administration still has mixed messages that i wish didn't occur. the president saying, you know, kim jong-un, good man, we made an agreement. even though we're taking negative steps. i think the president needs to have his secretary of defense and secretary of state the spokes people. there is less tension because they're not detonating nuclear weapons but the dialogue is now probably suspended for now. the north koreans are not going to react positively to the military exercises with south
8:20 am
korea, concessions that we made that we shouldn't have. so i think the negotiations have to be kept back on track. it is too important an issue. we have american troops there. we have troops in japan, troops in south korea, we've got a lot of interests there. so a lessening of tension is important. yes, there is less tension but i think maybe we need a readjustment of our policy with one messenger and no more mixed messages. >> sandra: former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. bill richardson. good to have you on this morning. >> eric: top republicans are split in supporting attorney general jeff sessions amid his very public feud with the president. coming up bret baier will be here to tell us what he thinks going forward. >> sandra: blueprints are on sale for making the 3d printed guns. why a texas company is selling them after a federal judge blocked the company from posting them online. >> the only thing that can stop
8:21 am
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8:25 am
controversy. casey stiegel is following the story from dallas. >> indeed it is. the attorneys general of 19 states and the district of columbia say that they are now exploring their next sets of legal options to get this entire operation shut down because many public officials, even some supporters of the second amendment, say that this is not a partisan issue, it is a public safety issue since these so-called ghost guns are made on a printer and have no serial numbers and cannot be traced. >> we do believe in the rights to own a gun, it's a policy of ours, but we also believe that in this country our rights rest on a foundation of shared responsibility to keep all members of our society safe and we believe that is the job of congress. >> legislation has been introduced addressing this very issue but so far no movement on
8:26 am
it just yet, eric. >> eric: wilson, the gun owner, has figured out he won't use the internet. pop the instructions in the mail and let people spit out their plastic guns from their printer. >> that's right. this temporary injunction that was issued that halted the download, the direct download of the blueprints that was issued by that federal judge up in washington state, but it does not specifically address these alternate methods of delivery that you speak of. and so instead, the austin-based company says he is selling the blueprints and mailing it to customers on thumb drives. he further says that if people thought this court ruling was going to stop him, well, think again. >> they are going to go out into the press and say i've been stopped from sharing things. i have to contradict them. sorry, that's not what this is about. >> his argument has been all along he has curated information that is publicly out there and you can get the
8:27 am
blueprints already of these weapons on various websites or going to the library and looking at manuals in books and publications and things of that nature. to be continued on this one. >> eric: quite a controversy. thank you. >> sandra: puerto rico updating the death toll from hurricane maria. the new number 50 times higher than first estimates. >> eric: california making changes to its criminal justice system that is causing a lot of waves. why one lawmaker says ending cash bail there was something they needed to do. >> 46% of people in america don't have $400 to come unless they borrow or sell something. the average bail in california is $50,000. filled with soft surfaces that trap odors and release them back into the room. so, try febreze fabric refresher. febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics and cleans them away as it dries. use febreze every time you tidy up
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>> eric: puerto rico's governor dramatically raising the death toll from hurricane maria. the dimensions of the disaster are far worse than previously reported. steve harrigan is live with the
8:31 am
update. hello, steve. >> for almost a full year the official death toll from hurricane maria in puerto rico stood at just 64. now suddenly that number has been changed. 46 times higher, 2,975 making maria one of the most deadly storms in u.s. history. >> yes, in hindsight things could have been handled differently and my commitment as governor is accepting that criticism, but also building upon it. >> the new numbers come after a report released by george washington university which looked at indirect deaths from the storm, things like people having delayed medical care while all the groups across puerto rico were hard hit, old, poor men were among those who suffered the greatest. right now on the island fema has announced it has cut back on emergency spending across puerto rico. they spent more than $3 billion
8:32 am
in the past year on debris removal and road repair. another $3 billion on the electrical infrastructure. trying to get power to everyone on the island. critics say the grid is still fragile and prone to disaster should another storm hit the island. back to you. >> eric: just so frightening and tragic. steve, thank you. >> here is what i know, that trump didn't like him and that this relationship has soured. it's not good for the country. >> sandra: senator lindsey graham on the trump/sessions feud amidst reports the president discussed firing the attorney general earlier this month. mitch mcconnell is coming to session's defense telling reporters i have total confidence in the attorney general. i think he ought to stay exactly where he is.
8:33 am
joining me now bret baier. where does this all go? >> i think it goes to a place that jeff sessions eventually leaves. who knows when. the going is sometime after the mid-terms as senator graham has said, this is becoming untenable. it is something the president focuses on a lot. he tweets about it a lot. we've seen the list of tweets come on jeff trying to get him across the board on other sides of the investigation that he feels are not being looked at. and i think that it's all going to come to a head but it is probably not going to happen before the mid-terms. >> sandra: kellyanne conway was asking questions as far as the president's thoughts on all this today and here was her response. >> he is working hard on ms-13 gangs, opioid crisis, immigration, the initiative you
8:34 am
probably haven't heard about called s.o.s. >> does he still have the president's confidence? >> he is the attorney general. they're doing great work on the d.o.j. >> eric: how do you read into this response? >> they're tip toeing through the response. the -- jeff sessions is one of the most successful cabinet members of getting actual things done that the president really wants on his agenda when it comes to immigration, as kellyanne conway was talking about fighting ms-13 and a number of other different elements that had been on the wish list. he is knocking them out. but when it comes to his overseeing of this investigation, the president is clearly not happy. he has just tweeted in the past few minutes about bruce ohr and how can he still be at the justice department. it is a disgrace. the president has the ability to fire or take away the
8:35 am
security clearance, essentially fire him, but he hasn't. >> sandra: the words dysfunctional were used to describe the relationship by lindsey graham who is doubling down on what he has already said about all this, right? the president of the united states should have the confidence -- should have confidence if his attorney general. if it's not there, what are the president's options here? the political fallout is different than the fallout if he does stay in the position, attorney general sessions. >> i think there has been some evolution up on capitol hill not only from lindsey graham but chuck grassley and others who suddenly have warmed to the possibility of actually another attorney general. in the interim before you would have a hearing it would be rod rosenstein who would take over and the president has his issues with the deputy as well. you're right. the president does have the
8:36 am
ability to have who he wants. the problem is that you are in the middle of this mueller situation and until that comes to resolution, it's politically perilous to start firing those folks. >> sandra: as we know the president's call has been for sessions, while he does maintain this position, to look at the other side, the president has called on him to do saying come on, jeff, you can do it. the country is waiting. do you expect any response on that side of things? >> i do expect some of those investigations to start popping up and you will hear probably more of those in weeks to come. from what we're hearing, that there are investigations that have been going on. i don't know if senator sessions -- attorney general sessions is going to be at the forefront of that, but i think you will see some more movement on that side. >> sandra: bret baier on a wednesday morning. thank you for your time and we'll see you tonight on special report at 6:00 p.m. thank you very much.
8:37 am
>> eric: california becoming the first state in the nation to abolish cash bail. now suspects will either be released ahead of trial or kept in custody. that based on an assessment of the risks they pose to the public. we're live with the controversial change. >> supporters of this change say it comes down to evening the playing field. they believe the current system unfairly keeps poor people who can't afford bond in jail and allows those who are rich to pay their way out. the new law focuses on risk assessment. those accused of non-violent misdemeanor crimes would be considered low risk and released within 12 hours of being booked. people facing charges that involve violent felonies or sex crimes would be seen as high risk and likely spend their time in jail before facing a judge. some senators fear it could create more risk with criminals free in the community. those who push for the change
8:38 am
feel too many people are crowding jails because of their economic status. >> one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. not for the rich, not for those who can afford bail, but for all. >> we should have justice for all but we don't want to forget the law-abiding citizens in this country first. our duty is to protect law-abiding citizens first. >> among those who are against the new law the bail bonds industry but also the american civil liberties union. the aclu is concerned over the law giving more power to judges to decide. the organization says racial disparities are worse wherever there is discretion. >> sandra: a little while ago we had ron desantis the republican nominee for governor in florida to discuss the florida election. during the interview he made an
8:39 am
inappropriate comment. he has clarified his comments in a statement saying quote, ron desantis was obviously talking about florida, not making the wrong decision to embrace the socialist policies that andrew gillum espouses. to character it as anything else is absurd. florida's economy has been on the move for the last eight years and the last thing we need is a far left democrat trying to stop our success. we do not condone this language and wanted to make our viewers aware that he has since clarified his statement. also mayor gillum will be on with shepherd smith today at 3:00 p.m. >> eric: iran's supreme leader cass casting down on the nuclear deal in the past. we'll talk to congressman
8:40 am
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>> sandra: severe weather pounding wisconsin causing extensive damage there. tornadoes uprooting trees and leveling a barn and snapping power lines. hundreds of train travelers stranded for hours because of flooding on the tracks and an 11-year-old boy rescued. he was pulled to safety after a firefighter saw the boy's finger pointing to a manhole cover 30 feet away. >> eric: we have a fox news alert on tehran as it negotiates with europe to try to salvage the iranian nuclear. the supreme leader saying his government is ready to abandon the pact if it no longer serves iran's interest. the country is struggling with an economic crisis made much worse by the reimposed united
8:44 am
states sanctions. republican congressman francis rooney joins us now on the house foreign affairs committee. do you think iran will pull out of the deal and what will it mean if they do? >> thanks for having me back on. this is a typical iranian diplomatic move to apply maximum pressure on the europeans. after we pulled out, the european dissidents opened themselves up to this exact kind of move because they showed weakness. i wouldn't be surprised if iran were to pull out of it in the event that the europeans undermine our sanctions. >> eric: isn't it all about money for the europeans and the companies doing business with iran? they want to try to save that. >> unfortunately it is. remember when it was said about the capitalists selling them the rope they would use to hang him with. >> eric: that is what they're doing by continuing the agreement and funneling billions of dollars to iran, some of which they use the
8:45 am
support terrorism? >> i absolutely think so. as long as iran is taking that money and supporting hezbollah and hamas and maybe participating in chemical weapons in syria, that just broke this morning, and as long as they continue to seek mayhem around the world, i don't see how it's in our interest to support relaxing sanctions. >> eric: the state department still has iran as the number one nation in the world as the state sponsor of terrorism. here is what he said about the duly. the nuclear deal is the means, not the goal. if it does not serve our national interest we can abandon it. he also calls the u.s. indecent and being as you pointed out brazenly defiant in syria and they signed a military deal to stay in syria despite the u.s. and israeli calls to get out and move their line back.
8:46 am
congressman, they're not budging even with this deal. >> well, if we can't inspect their bases, there are a couple of gaping holes in the deal that give us great concern and the i think the president and the secretary of state is right. if europe doesn't want to follow our sanctions well oel have to put the pressure back on europe. >> eric: you mentioned the nuclear sites. they are banned from inspection by the international inspectors, believe it or not. they have to get the permission of tehran to go to a military site. the inspectors went to one site once and they want to go back and there is a delay in order to do that. do you think that if the deal falls through this is what critics say, that would mean tehran would race for a nuclear bomb and would open up the nuclear capabilities and at least now with the deal in place, tehran is prevented from being a nuclear power with
8:47 am
nuclear weapons? >> we don't know what iran is doing because of the loophole you mentioned. they could be enriching uranium right now. if they're making progress on a bomb now, why not cut off the money supply now and make it harder for them. >> eric: the e.u. says they have been compliant. what do you say to them that they are complying? >> they always say they're complying on the basis of where we've been and what we know. we don't know what's happening in the gaping loopholes like on the military bases and things like that. >> eric: you just mentioned hearing things. what are you hearing about what they may be doing under cover? >> our committee, we've heard several people mention the suspicion they're enriching uranium on the military bases and talk about ballistic missiles. how can you have a treaty and
8:48 am
continue to have them talk about developing medium range ballistic missiles? >> eric: what do you do with a missile. that potentially could reach us? what do you put on top of that? >> exactly. there is nothing you put on top of that that's good that doesn't have uranium in it. >> eric: finally there is a little reported story they've been causing trouble diplomatically, some iranians have been arrested targeting the iranian -- targeting americans, the case of two iranians who were just arrested last week and also trying to bomb or planning to plot to bomb the groups gathering in paris which former mayor rudy giuliani attended and others attended. you're talking about accusations about targeting opponents of the tehran regime.
8:49 am
>> i think we're seeing dissidence take place in iran because the regime is totally removed from serving the interests of the people. we've had the green revolution which we missed an opportunity to support. we just had some of these recent uprisings. i know for a fact that the broadcasting governors and voice of america has a very significant market share in their farsi broadcasts. there are opportunities to work with the people who continue to develop the resistance to this corrupt government. >> eric: the national council of resistance of iran has a satellite channel and the demonstrations and anti-government protests are taking place in various cities. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me on. >> sandra: the fda approving new drugs at a record pace as the trump administration works to try to lower prices. could it mean a lack of
8:50 am
adequate vetting? at&t provides edge-to-edge intelligence, covering virtually every part of your healthcare business. so that if she has a heart problem & the staff needs to know, they will & they'll drop everything can you take a look at her vitals? & share the data with other specialists yeah, i'm looking at them now. & they'll drop everything hey. & take care of this baby yeah, that procedure seems right. & that one too. at&t provides edge to edge intelligence. it can do so much for your business, the list goes on and on. that's the power of &. & when your patient's tests come back...
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oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. >> eric: an earthquake rattles folks in southern california. look at this video and you can see the items on the shelves moving around. well, the 4.4 quake was felt in the los angeles area. it happened about 7:30 last night. thankfully there are no reports of any injuries. look at that. no injuries or serious damage. >> sandra: the fda approve prescription drugs at a record pace to lower costs. it is raising concerns that some medications could be marketed without proper vetting. garrett henne is living in washington with this. >> the fda's goal is three-fold.
8:54 am
enhance competition, promote innovation and lower drug prices for folks across the country. they approved a record 1027 new generic drugs. the record is not expected to last long. this year as part of the trump administration's goal to cut regulations and get rid of a lot of red tape. the agency released new guidelines to get generic drugs to the market in months instead of years and they're approving new drugs. the 46 new drugs approved last year is the most since 1996 when a record 53 were approved. this year the number of approvals is more than all of 2016. some critics argue the fda is lowering the standards for drug approval with new guidelines and putting patients at risk. the secretary of health and human services says the agency is not sacrificing safety in its push for efficiency. >> we are not driving for any kind of cheap gimmicks or quick
8:55 am
solutions. we're doing things the right way and structurally rebuilding this entire segment of the economy to lead to enduring, lower prices that are sustainable and support innovation. >> a lot of the new drugs the fda is approving is for the treatment of rare diseases in patients that may not have a lot of other options. today the agency also announced its latest efforts to tackle the opioid epidemic and new guidelines for drug manufacturers to help encourage them to develop pain treatments that are not addictive. sandra. >> sandra: thank you. >> eric: ceremonies honoring senator john mccain are about to get underway in phoenix with tributes from colleagues in his home state. we'll have live coverage from arizona state capitol where he will lie in state just ahead on "outnumbered."
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit >> the world's best food fight turning a town in spain read.
8:59 am
look at this. 20,000 people taking part in the annual festival, revelers hurling tons of ripe tomatoes at each other and the streets were falling down flowing with pulp. it was inspired by a food fight with children there back in 1945 and it continues. you say tomato, i say tomato. >> it looks disgusting. actually it looks like a lot of fun. can you imagine doing that in your town, driving down the street? if you have rules, don't bring bottles or hard objects, don't rip other people's t-shirts and you have to squash the tomato first before throwing it because it reduces the impact. >> he's really getting serious about this. good to have you. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> dagen: this fox news alert, we are awaiting the start of the
9:00 am
first of five memorial tributes honoring the life and legacy of john mccain. a private ceremony held inside the rotunda of the arizona state capitol where mccain's body will lie in state today. it's an honor that only two other citizens of arizona have received in the past 40 years. this is a "outnumbered." i'm dagen mcdowell and here today, fox news analyst and host of "benson and hearth" marie harf. morgan ortega's, a host of the evening edit on the fox business network, a list of elizabeth macdonald, and joining us for the very first time on the couch, gregg jarrett, author of "the new york times" best seller, "the russia hoax: the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frames on donald trump." use our "outnumbered. >> gregg: it's a


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