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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  August 29, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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the branches and john mccain was sure that's was what he wanted. he handpicked many of these details. the mccain family will then join mrs. mccain and go inside the state capital, and of course, the honor guard and the national guard of arizona will handle the casket from beginning to end, while john mccain's casket is in arizona. it will be handled exclusively by the arizona national guard as per d.c. the green between the first family of arizona, the john mccain family is part of the cortege. when they go inside, the casket will be placed inside the state rotunda and inside the rotunda, they will bring in numerous first responders, as well as
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vietnam veterans, back from as far as world war ii. they will pay respects and hear from likes of senator jon kyl. let's just listen right now.
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>> loving god, see our tears for our brother, our father, our husband, our fellow citizen, our senator. let these tears bring blooms in the desert he loved, in the
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country he served and in all our hearts. amen. >> please be seated. governor ducey, governor brewer, governor simonton, governor napolitano, representative colby, senator flake, cindy john mccain and all members of the john mccain family and friends. john mccain believed in america. he believed in its people, its values and its institutions.
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he came to this realize azation as a p.o.w. in vietnam. i fell in love with my country when i was a prisoner in someone else's. as a result, he dedicated his life to serve his country. when he saw challenges to its institutions or values, he fought to protect them. -- his insistent detainees be treated in accordance with american values and laws. his beliefs led senator mccain to promote principles of freedom and democracy for others and in our military campaigns, to support our missions and our troops. john had a keen eye for american interests and spot
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adversaries right away, surge in iraq in the war there. i've been with senator john mccain all around the world and i will tell you he had better instincts about how and when and where to assert american power than any other leader than i've known. he had been to more countries, more foreign leaders and had a better krasp grasp of history, including than our secretaries of state. one illustration that we're all familiar with was when others were looking into vladamir putin's eyes with an eye of understanding him and reaching accommodation with him, john of course said, i looked into his eyes i saw k.g.b. john's greatest contribution was
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to american national security, we must comment on arizona interest, as well. in, he loved his adopted state, loched its beauty, committed to protecting water and our forests, worked throughout his career with native american citizens and with arizona's veterans. he was a big champion of our many military installations. some have disagreed with some of senator mccain's votes on policy positions, but that should not diminish our gratitude for his service and let's return to where i began, john's love for america and arizona. he represented our values all over the world, as senator from arizona and america is stronger for his fierce defense of our values. we can be proud he was our senator. i consider it a great privilege to have served with john and i
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will miss him as a friend and as a strong force for america in the world. we've all seen the grainy video, a young man in his 30s emerges from behind the folding doors of a bus, plows forward with strength. his feet land on the ground and he limps forward, towards freed freedom. it's john mccain and he's just spent five years as a prisoner of war, shot down, ejected from his plane, his right leg and
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both arms broken, he manages miraculously to save himself from drowning in the lake in which he landed, only to be captured by the north vietnamese. no one expected john mccain to make it through the night, but as one of his fellow p.o.w.s put it, dying was not in his plan. confined to solitude, tortured, this son and grandson of navy admirals, repeatedly refused release, until every other american brother was released with him. of all the speeches, interviews and town hall meetings that have been playd and replayed these days since john mccain has left us, it's this moment, more than any other, that can't help but stir a spirit patriotism deep
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inside every american, bringing goosebumps to your arms and leaving the hair standing on the back of your neck. because, as you watch his release, and learn his story,th wisdom, take on a much more meaningful context. when john mccain called on us to serve a purpose greater than one's own self-interest, it wasn't a talking point designed to win the next election, it was how he lived his life and continued to live his life, it's how he wanted us to live ours. his talk of country first wasn't simply a slogan on a yard sign, it was what john mccain had done and demonstrated over and over and over again in the navy,
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through vietnam and all the way to his favorite battles on the floor of the united states senate. in 2008, he electified indianapolis, proclaiming we're americans and we never give up. we never quit. we never hide from history. we make history. those weren't the empty words of some politician grabbing the microphone and the spotlight for a few fleeting moments. men had followed john mccain into battle and we knew we could do the same. this man was trusted and he was tested, qualities in increasingly short supply. we sometimes think politics is life and death, but john mccain knew better because he had actually seen death and dying
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and tragedy. make no mistake, he fought like hell for the causes he believed in. he plowed through election after election with the energy and focus of a warrior, but along the way, he did it with humor and humanity and without compromising the principles he held so dear. i'd rather lose an election than lose a war and we knew he was telling us the truth. in that way, john mccain was about more than politics, he brought us above politics. john is probably the only politician who could get us to set aside politics and come together as a state and a nation, as we have. like many of us here in arizona,
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john mccain was from somewhere else, but his spirit, service and fierce independence ultimately helped shape the state with which he became synonymous. almost exactly 20 years ago, john mccain delivered the eulogy at barry goldwater's funeral, that other great legendary arizonan, who america holds dear in his heart. where barry goldwater was born in arizona, john mccain was arizona's favorite adopted son. nearly 45 years old when he moved to arizona, this is the first place, he said, where he truly found a connection. arizona has enchanted and claimed me, he wrote, i love it so much and i'm so grateful for the privilege of representing the state and its people.
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but in reality, we were the ones who were privileged, privileged to have john mccain fighting for us, privileged to learn from him, privileged that when he was back home to run into him at the movies or at a ball game or starbucks, just like he was any one of us, privileged to proudly call him a fellow arizonan. to the rest of the world, john mccain was arizona. when all of us here traveled and told people we were from arizona, people knew two big things about it. john mccain and the grand canyon. imagining arizona without john mccain is like picturing an arizona without the grand canyon, it's just not natural. the woman who brought john mccain to arizona, cindy, thank
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you. the hearts and prayers of angela, and i and our entire state and nation are with you and your family at this moment. always known for your elegance, grace and compassion and those qualities have been on full display this past year. you are a model for us and an inspiration. arizona loves you, cindy mccain. to the woman that brought john mccain into this world, mrs. mccain, roberta, 106 years young, you raised a remarkable son and we are truly blessed that you are among us still. when we look to you, there is no doubt where john mccain inherited his determination, resilience and tenacity, it was built into his d.n.a. you see it in john's children, who carry on his spirit of
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service, doug, andy, meghan, sydney, jack, jimmy and bridget, may god bless you and keep all of you, your father was very proud and so is the state of arizona. in may, angela and i had the great honor of visiting with john and cindy at their cabin. before lunch, the senator broke the ice by sharing what was weighing on his mind most of all, breaking into his signature grin, he said, my biggest challenge is deciding whether or not to run for re-election in 2022. dying, as has been observed 50 years earlier, was not in his plan. the john mccain was a fighter and he called on us to fight with him, for american values, for the ideals and character of
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a free people, for justice and opportunity for all, for each other and for this blessed and bountiful country. none of us were ready for this, we never would have been ready for this, but john mccain often said of americans, we never surrender. so while we grieve today as a state and as a nation, john mccain's fight for america isn't over. it's a fight all americans are obligated to continue on his behalf. as we march forward with the courage and resolve, he would of demanded, may we take comfort in knowing in that fight, john mccain will always have our back.
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a >> our heavenly father, we're grateful to have been gathered here today in the arizona state
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capitol to honor the life and of john sydney mccain. we are grateful for his life and for his sacrifice. gathered in this spot, we are especially grateful that john made arizona his home, more than seven million of thy children have done likewise and all of them, all of us, are grateful for john's able representation over these many years. we ask for thy spirit to abide with us as we mourn his passing. we ask for an added measure of thy spirit to be with john's sweet family, who have sacrificed so much for so long in sharing their loving husband and father with us for these many years, send the comforter
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that they might be reminded that joy cometh in the morning. now as we go forward, let us remember thy humble servant with gladness and cheerfulness, to answer his call, to summon the better angel of our nature, to see and appreciate the humanity in our opponents, to more freely forgive so that we might be forgiven. of this we pray in the name of jesus christ. amen. >> amen. >> please stand. we have thanked god for the blessing that john mccain is, continues to be for us. let us go now from this place in
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peace and comforting one another in the sheer knowledge that one day we will join john in his home in heaven with his god.
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>> there you have the mccain family touching the casket, paying respects, began with cin cindy mccain. you saw meghan mccain break down as she touched the casket. remaining members of the family, their spouses and of course the public viewing will be later. we heard in remarks from the former senator jon kyl who said he traveled the world with john mccain and he called john mccain a man with great understanding of the world, but yet he was a champion of arizona and of the military installations in arizona and he worked and fought for what he believed in in arizona, the governor of arizona doug ducey talked about what an electrifying man john mccain was
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and how he fought like "hell" quoting there, for what he believed in and he tried to get americans to come together. governor ducey said when they would leave the state of arizona, people knew arizona for two things, the grand canyon and john mccain. and then we heard from jeff flake, the current senator of arizona, the outgoing senator, who has many times said that john mccain was like his big brother, he said going to the senate and having john mccain there as your big brother was like having someone that nobody would mess with and jeff flake offered the benediction, the prayer, saying that we will hope to see the humanity in our opponents and then, of course, they had the family addressing the casket. they will lead directly behind us, casket will stay. john mccain will lie in state for the next 24 hours. the public viewing begins in
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about 3-1/2 hours from now. and it will last for several hours. it was supposed to go from 2:00 local time until 8:00. we now believe, there are expected to be 10 to 12,000 people coming to pay respects, it could go from 2:00 until midnight or early hours of the morning as people do what is being done now, go through and pay their respects to john mccain. those thousands of people are now at the arizona fairgrounds, and they're being held together in some shade because it is 100 plus degrees out here, will be brought to state capitol in shuttles, go through, pay respects and be taken back to the fairground and that will go on for several hours. i want to bring in mollie line, in new york, watching this with us, she is fill nothing for harris faulkner today, on "outnumbered overtime." as you watch and see the great
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respect his colleagues had and his family, he passed away last friday, to see megan -- meghan mccain break down, give you idea how much she, the family and arizona will miss the maverick of the senate. >> yes, we -- you mentioned seeing his children seated with his wife cind nee. he was a father. sons adopted and a daughter sidney, married cindy, they had four children, meghan most well known to the american public due to her career, two sons who served in the military, john and james, known as jack and jimmy, and his daughter, the youngest, bridget. there is a moment here where we see the family for the first time since they've had private time to grieve. now joining the public, really, we're expected the public to come through. this is a chance for the people of arizona. this was their senator, a chance for them to say goodbye. as much as he served his country
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and took pride in speaking as an american and wrote this beautiful final letter to my fellow americans, he was also the senator from arizona, his adopted home state in a place he warmly embraced, the governor thanking cindy for bringing him there so long ago and he had a chance to serve for the people there. joining me now congresswoman claudia tenney, republican from new york. she had a chance to travel with senator mccain to munich not long ago and you know him personally. condolences to you. having interaction with your colleagues, it is sad to lose a colleague. you kind of hit it off from the beginning, it is because you both are military families and understand that sense of service. can you tell me a bit about that story. >> claudia: seeing meghan mccain there losing her father, i remember when i lost my father 14 years ago, how close i was to him. obviously we know senator mccain, but i had a moment to
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meet him my first time actually was in i think in philadelphia in 2017. and he was hosting a panel and i ran up to go introduce myself and i was very excited because he was a naval academy graduate and my son graduated from the naval academy and he spoke at the naval academy when my son was there. i kind of said hey, my son is a graduate, you're a graduate. and he said, it was really funny, he caught me off guard, he said, how did he do. you mean at the naval academy? he did really well. toward the top of his class. he goes, i didn't, i didn't do well at all. he asked where he was. my son chose marine corps, commissioned asthma rein. he's currently a marine captain. later on, i had the great opportunity to go to munich security conference, i was with joe wilson about to do a meeting
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and senator mccain saw us and recognized me and said, come on in, we're going to meet the kurdish delegation, we'd love to have you as part of our delegation, we got to sit in and john ran the meeting, senator mccain went around the room and made a kwip quip my son didn't stay in the navy, he was in the marine and could have made a better decision. cute and thoughtful of him to remember. as you point out, this is a memory of military families, this shows his tremendous courage and his support of military families and people who are serving this country. i'm looking at this amazing footage. this is a legacy, a journey of someone who served our nation, whether you agree with him or not, i didn't agree on everything. what a great legacy. they are grieving, but his family has been given a gift and i think they are realizing that now. they are sorry he's gone, we all
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as american citizens have this gift. >> congresswoman, in that brief story you told of a couple quick interactions, we see the sense of humor senator mccain had and his ability to bring in younger lawmakers and open their eyes to everything going on in the world and give to the next generation. do you feel that is what he's done for you? >> yeah, i think it was incredible to me, the activity at the munich security conference and for him to recognize me and say, come into our meeting. we want you to be part of this. later on there was a lunch and he was always really kind. he has a sense of humor, a little bit of sharp sense of humor. i grew up with a family like that, i can take it. i thought it was great and certainly that is his signature is he's a little sharp and he was that way. to me, i think it means a lot to reach out and help fellow legislators. we worked in his office recently, even though he hasn't been around the capitol, but
10:35 am
working with his staff and very involved up until the end. there are many things dealing with national defense authorization and my district and having important issues they worked on with us. we are grateful, he wasn't able to serve in washington physically, he was still serving the nation right to the end. >> all right. >> thank you. >> thank you, congressman claudia tenney, for joining us and sharing those stories with us. >> thank you. it was an honor. >> bring in our next guest, douglas holtz-eakin, advisor for senator mccain 2008 presidential campaign. doug, condolences to you, your relationship with the senator. give us a sense, when we watch the campaign unfold, there were some iconic moments where he grabs the mic and corrects the woman who called his competitor "arab," even in those moments that are challenging and being on the campaign trail can be challenging in the areas where you are surrounded by constituents of whatever state
10:36 am
and they are throwing questions at you. he really is someone that has shown grace under pressure so many times, if you could talk about those years in particular. >> sure. before doing that, i think the events today sadly after his passing are really quite wonderful in a sense that americans get to see all of john mccain. many of us saw only glimpses, saw him on platform with ted kennedy and immigration reform or a town hall or advocating for the surge or a glimpse of him and to see the whole man, the fierceness with which he was proud of his country, to see the family he drew so much strength and important part of his life, i think brings him into focus much better and provides complete picture of the man. he was just a force of nature to campaign with him was to marvel at how someone who was frankly much older than me, was so much more energetic than i.
10:37 am
i never thought i would outlive him, to be blunt. he was unbelievable campaigner. he grew great strength from the process of campaigning. he loved politics. he loved exchanging ideas, he thought that is what america was about, that is what democracy is about. he literally would physically draw strength from it, see him do four town halls in a day, the 10:00 a.m. one, i don't know, by 8:00, he was going 100 miles an hour and fantastic. quite an experience. in this letter he had written that was read after his death, he said we have always had so much more in common with each other than disagreement f. we remember that and give each other benefit of presumption we all love our country, we'll get through the challenging times. heard storys from fellow lawmakers and from both sides of the aisles and the the way he has helped younger lawmakers grow and serve this country, that seems to be a part of this
10:38 am
central message. he had a chance here during this final year of his life to craft that and drive home that. is that what we're seeing now in these days of remembrance? that message, that legacy, what he wanted to leave behind, people getting that? >> i think so. he said many times and it could sound like a slogan, he was important to serve a cause greater than one's self. that is how he managed to reach across, the cause was the american ideals, it wasn't john mccain, it wasn't just conservatives or the republican party and you could reach across and not compromise your belief in those kind of things, republicans, conservatives because the country was more important. that was the lesson of his life, how he lived it and people are beginning to understand it. great lesson at this time. >> do you have any personal stories? every person that has come on
10:39 am
and probably have so many, have told moments, generally that and you laugh, generally he had just had a wonderful sense of humor and was able to even in briefest of interactions, portray some of that humor that he very much probably needed to get through the remarkable life that he led. >> he had a fantastic sense of humor. as the congresswoman said, it could be sharp. i love john mccain, it is like loving loving a porcupine, he would jab you at every juncture. one of my favorite moments, after the campaign i was doing a television show on competing network and got irritated with the other person on the show and sort of lost my temper on the air, it wasn't the best moment. i got off the set and my cell phone rang and it was john mccain, you need to learn to control your temper and just started laughing. >> you brought up something at the beginning of this interview, you talked about john mccain,
10:40 am
the senator, as a family man and in that letter he wrote, he said, i'm the luckiest person on earth and wbt on to say owe the satisfaction to the love of family. never had a wife and children that he is prouder of than i am of mine. watching the video of his family there paying in a sense a few days here final respects among the public now. they have had private days. but, family dynamics can be complicated and being on the campaign trail as a family can be a challenge. can you talk a little bit about that, what it takes for the family to be a part of all this and how he managed to handle that with grace and to bring them in along the way? >> i think for me personally, to have watched that footage is one of the most heartbreaking things. they gave him to the country so much and now they have to give him up one more time for good and they really were tremendous
10:41 am
in supporting his efforts and would show up on the campaign trail and they would want to help and cindy is the definition of great under pressure and a person you could rely on and meghan just starting her career at the time, was just a sponge and wanted to know how to do things and wanted to do things. you could see in her that insatuable desire to make a mark like her father has. runs through the family and inspiration to the campaign staff to see them show up, this is not just one man, this is tradition and important tradition in america. >> douglas holtz-eakin, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. as we continue our coverage here, we've been watching as the family comes out into the public light and here we're replaying some of the video of the senator's arrival at the state capitol, where the public will have a chance to say their goodbyes, as well, in the next coming day and a half before he makes the journey back to
10:42 am
washington, d.c. he'll travel through the streets by motorcade, on the way to north phoenix baptist church for the ceremony going on tomorrow in the afternoon, before that final journey back to washington. this is a chance for the people of arizona to say goodbye to their senator and we'll continue with coverage, we'll be right back. . we'll be right back. we'll be right back.we'l. . i've always looked forward to what's next.
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>> arizona as mourns senator john mccain, there is new reaction to last night's big primaries. mcsally beat two other in a fierce race n. florida, shocking upset putting trump back conservative, ron desantis against liberal democrat andrew
10:47 am
gillum in the race for governor there. early numbers indicate more republicans cast votes in florida than democrats. bring in the power panel, amos snead, republican of missouri and jeanne zaino, political science professor at iona college. thank you for being here. kickoff with florida, the perennial battleground, so much fun to cover politic necessary florida. republican turnout there is very strong. president trump did manage to eek out a win that was obama territory in previous years, now things set up for a battle in november. going to be a good one. but, what we're seeing is the liberal progressive side of the democratic party and a trump-backed candidate is that the scene center for the vote? jeanne zaino. >> jessica: turnout is the
10:48 am
biggest story, republicans and democrats turning out record numbers in races. to your point, what we'll see in november, the progressive leftist candidate in the democratic nominee. sanders, you know, backed nominee versus trump-backed nomin nominee? florida and georgia gubernatorial race, as well. looking at two african american candidates on the democratic side. traditionally, we always talk about the fact as you get to the general, everyone runs to the center. i'm not certain that is going to happen this year. i think what we're going to see, candida candidates trying to get out their bases. i don't see either turning to strt more than than already have. >> amos, your thoughts on that, trump candidates have done well. on the democratic side, branded themselves closer to socialist and more to the beran part of the party. it is not as clear as to how successful that will be on that side. >> if you are looking at
10:49 am
florida, last night was a win for president trump and for very liberal democrats in the state of florida. what we'll see, basically a proxy battle between the bernie sanders wing and president trump's wing of the republican party play out in florida. i do agree with you, we are watching both parties run to their extreme corners. i think it is different than we'll see in any general election we've seen to date. >> what do you think the chance can reclaim the governor's office in the g.o.p. hands for a while now? >> i'm the republican sitting at the take, i think it will stay a republican office in florida. however, watching the media coverage and the conversation on social media today and last night, a lot of energy on the democratic side, especially from progressive wing of the party. >> yeah, i absolutely agree. you think florida and you think we saw the establishment candidate on the democratic side, florida doing traditional thing running to the center, didn't work out so well. you have somebody coming from behind, which i think agree with you, speaks to the energy with
10:50 am
little name recognition, but this incredibly powerful story and you see the energy on that side. we don't know if it will carry through in the general, i think the left wing of the democratic party -- >> arizona has a hot contest, one to watch. we'll talk more about other big shake-ups coming up after the break. the ask you guys to hold over for that. who is leaving there and what it means? we'll be right back. guys, i know it's so hard to trust but you've got to be strong. remember janet? she got cash back shopping with ebates and hasn't been skeptical since. where'd the money come from? stores pay ebates. psh!!! psh!!! then ebates pays you. psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! and they'll send you a check. psh!!!! oohh!! sign up for free. shop your favorite stores. get cash back. ebates. something to believe in.
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>> big shake-up for president trump's legal team. president announcing white house counsel mcgahn will leave his staff. we learned mcgahn has cooperated extensively with mueller's team and the power panel is back to talk about this. amos snead and jeanne zaino. thanks so much. let's talk about background on this. senate judiciary chair grassley doesn't want to see this happen, says you can't let this happen. there is report extensive amount of talking with mueller's team over the course of 30 hours, across many months. it looks like he's on his way out. jeanne zaino, what does it mean? >> mcgahn deserves credit for one of the best things and i say
10:55 am
this as a professor, trump administration usherring through with the supreme court. his replacement doesn't have to be confirmed by the senate and it is not unusual historically for people to leave this job. it is a tough, 24-hour-a-day job. >> and mcgahn has been pushing for emmett flood to replace him as we head down this road. >> some white house turnover is expected. deserves to be in the white house hall of fame. been there, stuck around. >> there has been some turnover. >> he has a record to run on. two supreme court nomineeos his watch and conservative bench he ushered through. he is in the white house hall of fame. >> we have a few seconds literally, tough job ahead for whoever steps in. >> democrats take the house, they won't be on the offensive, but the defensive. flood is the person to do it, done it before. >> yeah, one of the toughest jobs in washington. >> thank you for joining us
10:56 am
today, we appreciate it. we will be right back. is mealtime a struggle?
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11:00 am
say their goodbyes as well as a ceremony at the baptist church before he will say a final farewell. the community to their late senator. "the daily briefing" with dana perino starts now. >> dana: the flag draped coffin of senator john mccain arriving at the capitol in arizona as the state he represented in congress for more than three decades pays tribute to his life and legacy. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing".


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