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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 29, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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violation from umpire after she took it off to turn it around a move some are calling sexist sings men are allowed to remove their shirts on the court. i didn't think it was that big a deal. good for her. thanks for joining us. i'm dana. here is shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in washington where president trump says the top white house lawyer is on his way out. the president says the time something all about the supreme court. but don mcgahn also a key player in the russia investigation. there was one big primary upset across our nation last night. it happened in the democratic primary for governor in florida. and it sets the stage for an epic showdown come november. a bit of a proxy battle of sorts between president trump and bernie sanders. we'll have the candidate, a man who did and could make history live. and senator john mccain would have turned 82 today. in arizona his family, friends and people of his
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state say goodbye. >> shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> shepard: good wednesday afternoon from the fox news deck. first today, president trump holding a round table on fighting youth substance abuse. and moments ago weighing in on the white house counsel don mcgahn, the latest high profile official to leave the white house. the president tweeting today white house counsel don mcgahn will be leaving his position in the fall shortly after the confirmation pair ren they willl they parenthetict kavanaugh for the united states supreme court. i have worked with don for a long time and truly appreciate his service. foxconn firmed earlier this month that mcgahn cooperated extensively with special counsel robert mueller's team and that mcgahn was trying to protect himself from taking the fall in the russia investigation. he testified, we're told,
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for some 30 hours. president trump claims he personally approved mcgahn's interviews with investigators as we know. we have also known that mcgahn could be on the way out for a while now. our chief white house correspondent john roberts first reported back in the month of may that don mcgahn was talking about leaving by the end of the summer. john is live at the white house on fox top story. hey, john. >> shep, good afternoon to you. one of the emit was brought to ty cobb that was an indication that don mcgahn was preparing to leave emit flood is the a friend and colleague of his person he would like to have as white house counsel. people began discussing that mcgahn might leave as early as this summer and wait in the midterm elections. then rumors started flying about the pending retirement of justice anthony kennedy and mcgahn would likely want to stay on through kavanaugh's confirmation. we saw out president's tweet
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about that. let's listen to what the president said about the white house counsel don mcgahn just a moment ago. ago. >> good man. excellent guy. don mcgahn is a really good guy. been with me for a long time privately before this he represented me. he has been here now it will be almost two years. a lot of affection for don. and he will be moving on probably the private sector, maybe the private sector and he dual very well. but he has done an excellent job. >> any concern about what he said to the mueller team? >> no. not at all. not at all. >> president asked about what mcgahn said to the mueller team the president said no. we do know that mcgahn talked with mueller on at least three occasions. talked to him for some 30 hours or. so the president's attorneys at the time, jay sekulow and john dowd were assured by don mcgahn's attorney and rudy giuliani was also later assured by don mcgahn's attorney william burke that he didn't say anything in those interviews that might
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have been incriminating toward the president. it was the president's former outside attorney john dowd and ty cobb whom emit flood replaced who initially came up with the idea of having mcgahn cooperate fully with the mueller investigation. mcgahn had been reluctant to cooperate at first. dowd and cobb were worried that mueller might come after everybody in the white house with subpoenas. so they hatched an idea let's let mcgahn talk to him and let mueller talk to everybody at the white house. that's why it ended up with all of those interviews. more than 30 of them with white house officials. and all the those tens of thousands of pages of documents and emails that were turned over to the special counsel's office. so, none of this really came as a surprise to anybody here at the white house. the only thing they are not certain of is exactly what it was that mcgahn told mueller to the fullest extent during those interviews. but they have been reasonably assured, again, that he didn't say anything that would have been incriminating towards the president. certainly the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell had glowing things
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to say about don mcgahn wells the president. mitch mcconnell saying quote he is the most impressive white house counsel during my time in washington. i have known them all. his departure from the white house whenever that would be would be a big loss for the trump administration and the country. not everyone though thrilled with the prospect of mcgahn leaving the senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley of iowa saying in a tweet quote at president trump: i hope it's not true mcgahn is leaving white house counsel. you can't let that happen. no official announcement yet on who would be replacing mcgahn. again, we believe it's emit flood. he was a partner at williams and conley. brought on to take on the russia investigation as in-house counsel for the president. he was also served as counsel for president george w. bush, vice president dick cheney and at one point bill clinton. so well-versed in the ways of washington. shep? >> shepard: clearly. john roberts at the white house. thank you. there was one major political upset in the big contest yesterday as i
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mentioned and this huge upset, unexpected by everyone came in the biggest battleground in all the land. the tallahassee liberal mayor beat out more moderate candidates in the democratic primary for governor. andrew gillum made history becoming florida's first african-american major party candidate for governor. we'll speak to the mayor in just a moment. in november he goal up against the candidate president trump has endorsed and did so just moments ago. the congressman ron desantis who easily won the republican primary last night. today he spoke to fox news about his next opponent. >> i think that he had grassroots energy. i think some of the other candidates were overrated. and he was able to capitalize off that. you know, there is a difference between, you know, getting some of the bernie sanders people onto vote for you in a primary and then going to the broader florida electorate and trying to sell that message. >> shepard: here to respond the democratic candidate for governor of florida the tallahassee marianne dre
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>> maria: tall andrew gillum. >> thank you for having me. >> shepard: you never led in the poll. fourth amongst democrats. last two weeks you surged and when all the votes were counted last night you beat a woman from a florida political dynasty and all the rest. how did you do that? >> well, i will tell you, it was a slow and steady process of 18 months i literally moved around this state retailing my way through neighborhood associations, church conferences, anybody who we could get to talk to us we talked to about the state of florida. it also helped i was the only non-millionaire running for government in the democratic primary. born to my mother a school bus driver and my dad a construction worker. my every day experience in this state really better reflected that of the every
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day floridian over everybody else running. i think that really played an important part in our messaging and how we came across and what we communicated around, i think, the kind of change that our state is looking for and what we deserve. >> shepard: you took a new path compared to democrats in recent cycles in the state of florida. rather than running as a moderate you ran from the left. you ran on legalizing marijuana for floridians. you ran on more attention to the environment. abolishing ice and abolishing the stand your ground law. will you be moderating for the primary as democrats are want to do in that state? are you going to stay left? >> well, i will tell you, i'm going to stay true. i'm going to stay consistent with my values. and i'm going to offer voters something to go out and vote for and not just against. i don't think it is a blue or red or a purple issue to say that you want clean air to breathe. clean water to drink. oceans that are not producing dead sea life because of blue green
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allegey that is suffocating the west coast of florida. pay teachers what they are worth here in the state of florida where teacher's salary is the 45th lowest out of 50 states. criminal justice system. >> shepard: since you mentioned money, mr. mayor, you also ran on universal healthcare, lots more money for schools and special for teachers, raising the minimum wage to $15 for all floridians. specifically, mr. mayor, if elected governor, how are you going to pay for that? >> yeah, well, what we have proposeside an increase in the corporate tax rate which in the state of florida is lower than. >> shepard: increase from where to win. >> alabama and georgia. right now we are at 5.25. and we have suggested going up to just over 7%. >> shepard: that won't do it? >> puts news line with many other states. it creates a billion dollars in funding for our public education system. and part of it is that i just don't believe that corporations choose states to locate in when they are
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40th out of 50th in the public education system. they don't choose states to locate when they have got blue green algae of guacamole content flowing in and out of the state. corporations choose places where they can identify a good, strongs workforce and ensured that their employees will enjoy a good quality of life u that's simply what we're offering here. that's how we are going to grow, in my opinion, a more robust florida economy. >> shepard: analysts i have heard said others didn't pay much attention to you in this primary because you are so far back. the attacks are coming and come fast and furious. are you ready for that? >> yeah. i mean, listen, i have been elected for 15 years. i don't mind taking oa punch and i can deliver one myself. the truth is 245 what florida voters are looking for is a candidate speak to their issues. sick of the gutter politics. they hate this atmosphere of division and derision, they want a candidate who is going to talk and speak directly to the things that impact them at their dinner
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table. that's what we did through this primary election and that's what's going to allow to us win on november 6th the in general election. >> shepard: one of the things they will probably come with you with there is a big scandal in tallahassee and everybody in florida and south georgia and everybody else knows about it fbi agents came into tallahassee and went undercover. "u.s.a. today" calls it the biggest years indictments are sure as afternoon august thunderstorm. you said you are not a target in this investigation you were at wine and diane with good friends who very well face federal subpoenas. i wonder how you will explain that and if you ensure the voters of florida that you nothing to do with it and no trouble is coming your way. >> i have no doubt in saying that expect no trouble in my way. i know my conscience and how you vote and what my values and principles are. the difference between me and ron desantis when it comes to the fbi. i welcome their
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investigation to get to the bottom of any corruption that might exist. in his case, he and donald trump have done everything that they could to undermine the fbi. that is, in my opinion, where we draw a strong difference with each other. and, again, i'm happy to talk about what the issues are in this race. i'm not going to be lectured, however, by any of my opponents, certainly not ron desantis and donald trump about the fbi. especially given the way in which we have handled their investigation into any impropriety done by any individual by comparison to how they do. >> shepard: your november opponent ron desantis was on fox news channel this morning and since then there has been a bubbling on the internet. it's trending. at the top of most political web sites, something that he said to our host sandra smith regarding the upcoming election. i want to let our viewers hear what was said. >> so we have got to work hard to make sure that we continue florida going this
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a good direction. let's build off the success we have had on governor scott. the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state. >> shepard: it was the monkey this up part. sir, your response? >> yeah. that part wasn't lost on me. it's very clear that mr. desantis is taking a page directly from the campaign manual of donald trump. but i think he has got another thing coming to him. if he thinks that in today's day and age florida voters are going to respond to that level of derision and division, they are sick of it what we are trying to offer. >> shepard: was that racist or a figment of speech? >> well, in the handbook of donald trump, they no longer do whistle calls. they are now using full bull horns. >> shepard: that was a bull horn? >> what i have got say about
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that is we have to make sure that we stay focused, i think, on the issues that confront everyday people. i'm not going to get in the gutter with desantis and trump. there is enough of that going on. i'm going to try to stay high and talk about what the north star and future is for the state of florida and people of this state. i think that's what people want. they are so sick of this divisive derisk politics that have been coming out of washington and now infiltrated the politics of this state vis-a-vis ron desantis very clear on day one that he is willing to go down to the gutter. in our opinion, we are going to win this race because we are going to stay high and remind floridians of what the true spirit of the american way is and that's what i'm going to do as governor, help us reach that high mark as a state so we are a leader again and not a back of the pack state. >> shepard: i have got 30 seconds left. what did you say to your kids last night? >> oh my gosh. well, shep, they were with me as we saw the results coming in. and i don't mind sharing with you that they had zero
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interest as they rolled in. we just enjoyed each other, loved on each other and am so blessed. >> shepard: all the best. thanks for coming on fox news channel. the news continues right after this. these digestive issues can start in the colon and may be signs of an imbalance of good bacteria. phillips' colon health caps have this unique combination of probiotics to help replenish good bacteria. get four-in-one symptom defense. also try our delicious new probiotic gummies.
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>> shepard: 17 minutes past the hour now. i mentioned congressman ron desantis the republican nominee if you will running as republican for governor for the state of florida and the words that he used earlier today on fox news channel since then his
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spokeswoman stephanie lawson -- no, his spokesman stephen lawson has released a clarification as they are calling it and here that is. ron desantis was actually talking about florida not making the wrong decision to embrace the socialist policies that andrew gillum espouses to characterize it as anything else is absurd. florida's economy has been on the move for the last eight years and the last thing we need is a far left democrat trying to stop our success. that battle in florida is going to be a heated one. they always are. this one special will be. ron desantis running with the president in many ways and andrew gillum running with the backing of bernie sanders and the money of george soros and all the rest. florida will be a barn burner through november. lawyers for president trump's now convicted former campaign chairman are asking a judge to move his second trial out of the nation's capital. this was expected. we kind of got a heads up
12:19 pm
yesterday that they would try. this they say paul manafort will not be able to get a fair shake because of all of the publicity in washington. manafort's lawyers tried ahead of his -- i should say tried to get ahead of this in virginia. the judge didn't go for it. last week the grand jury found manafort guilty on eight federal counts including bank fraud and tax evasion. the next case focuses on lobbying for pro-russia ukraine positions. manafort pleaded not guilty to all charges in both trials. now will they move this thing? chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with the news live in washington. what do the tea leaves say? >> shep, according to this 9-page cord filing, manafort's legal team argues under the sixth amendment their client has a right to a speedy and public trial with an impartial jury and they argue they cannot get that in the highly politicized climate of washington, d.c. reads in part the investigation into any links and/or coordination between the russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of president donald trump and any matters
12:20 pm
that arose or may arise directly from the investigation has dominated the news cycle. from the outset a significant portion of the media coverage has focused on mr. manafort, the first individual indicted by the special counsel and the first individual to be convicted at trial. the filing also notes that more than 90% of the votes cast here in the district of columbia for president were for democrats. there is also kind of an interesting moment in court over this very issue between the federal judge army burman jackson and one of manafort's defense attorneys richard wes ling. where do you want to got judge asked and west ling said i don't know if i have an answer to that judge. so not even manafort's team is certain where they ought to change the venue. this idea has been floated really since the beginning of the indictment and one option that was put out there was the federal court in baltimore by the defense team because of its capacity and high level of security, whatever happens, the judge is on a very short time line
12:21 pm
because jury selection is set to begin here in washington on september 17th, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge on the hill, thanks. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: president trump's deadline for a trade deal with canada is just days away. now, the canadian prime minister justin trudeau is talking about how close they are to reaching an agreement. and iran's supreme leader threatening to abandon the country's nuclear deal. why he says iran should give up the pack.
12:22 pm
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12:25 pm
on monday, the president announced a new deal with mexico and said we'll see about whether canada can reach its own agreement. the fox business network's christina is here. how is it looking. >> everyone is using the word optimistic. we know the prime minister of canada just recently said we'll have a deal. probably inching toward a deal for friday but a bad nafta deal is not -- essentially signing a deal is not as good as getting a bad deal they don't want to rush to it even though the president has put deadline. sis sentiment is issued by -- spoke to reporters a few hours ago. listen in. >> our workers have deny concerned for a long time. it was one of our election issues. about the ways in which trade agreements can harm blue collar workers in high wage countries. there are some important things that we believe we have accomplished. together with the united
12:26 pm
states. >> the reason she is bringing up blue collar workers a lot has to do with farmers in canada and supply management. the united states is very upset about all those tariffs on cheese and dairy products entering canada. they want to eliminate that completely. canada, on the other hand, doesn't want that to happen. >> shepard: a lot riding on this really for our neighbors. >> tons. if you can look at the amount of exports leaving canada, 75% come to the united states. so there is a lot of back and forth between both countries. you have canada right now financially very dependent on the economy and the united states. that's why there is a lot of pressure for them to sign this deal. however, will it go through in congress? they do have 90 days there is a fixed deadline. you want this to happen before december 1st with the new mexican president. all of this is wait and see game. canada being optimistic for now as always. >> shepard: aren't they? very optimistic. thank you. iran is warning it could abandon 2015 nuclear deal after the united states withdrew from that deal
12:27 pm
earlier this year. iran's supreme leader says his country should give up hope of europe saving the deal. trey yates is live in our middle east newsroom. trey? >> iran's war of words continues as the supreme leader ayatollah h you a nuclear deal if it keeps serving interest. today the ayatollah said iran judd give up hope europe could save the deal quickly unraveled following president trump's decision to exit the deal he will earlier this year. as iran is refusing to negotiate calling them indecent and in light of the ayatollah's commence this commet europe there is hope in the international community deal fall apart paving the way for iran to restart nuclear program. earlier this week hewny said he would like to see european partners in the deal work faster to develop a way to get united states
12:28 pm
back to the table. you have a bit of a complex situation here, shep as you have the country's supreme leader giving up hope. you have the country's president saying he would still like to work with european partners in the deal. then have you president trump earlier this month who said ultimately he would be willing to meet with the iranians without any sort of preconditions. but, from the perspective of the trump administration, this is becoming a major foreign policy headache, shep, something that u.n. ambassador nikki haley this week compared to the situation on the korean peninsula. shep? >> shepard: trey, the newest member of the fox news family. thanks. talks with north korea after leaders make it clear that the country will follow through with denuclearization. as if that might ever happen. but that's the word from the state department. last week president trump scrapped the planned meeting between the secretary of state mike pompeo and north korean officials. the secretary was set to go to pyongyang this week but it's over. the president said the dictator kim jong un had not made enough progress on denuclearization. but now the president says we're doing well with north
12:29 pm
korea. so, rich edson is live at the state department. there is a lot here, relationship. >> therhitch.>> there is. the officials are saying they stand ready to engage with north korea and even stressing there has been progress with north korea. the examples they site north korea hasn't launched any ballistic missiles in several months. hasn't exploded any nuclear weapons and at the very least the united states and north korea are talking. but, still, there is a lack of concrete steps from north korea to show that it is didismantling program. that's something they need to see. united states and south carolina suspended exercises. that is an issue as well. back to you. >> shepard: we will go live to arizona where people are saying goodbye to an american hero. senator john mccain. the state's governor says arizona, without john mccain
12:30 pm
is like arizona without the grand canyon. more tributes from that memorial service just ahead. and pope francis making his first comments since the former vatican insider accused him of a sex abuse coverup and called for the pope to resign. but, first, tens of millions of people sweating it out on the final days of august in tiny town today. feels like, i don't know, 105 or something. our meteorologist adam klotz live in the fox extreme weather center. hi, adam. >> hi there, shep. it is incredibly hot across the country. as you are looking at spots the entire eastern half of the country in the you were 90's. feels like temperatures are higher as you look at close to 100 degrees. boston in triple digits in washington, d.c. as well with all of this heat we have advisories and few warnings stretching across the east coast running up into new england. you get a warning that means dangerous to be outside for any length of time. that's going to be something folks need to pay attention to today and tomorrow there is a cold front on the way.
12:31 pm
eventually going to knock some of this heat out of air. we will bring thunderstorms on thursday. take a look at temperatures from highs in the mid 90's typically sitting in the mid 80's, by friday we cool off falling back down into the mid 70's, 74 degrees in new york city. more shepard smith reporting coming up after the break. sometimes, bipolar i disorder
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12:34 pm
glow. a road rage incident causing a truck filled with candy to spill over. this happened in new jersey just outside of new york city. the driver of an suv told police that the truck kept changing lanes, cutting the car off, no one was hurt and police issued several charges to the drivers including reckless driving. the news continues with shep. do you need the most trusted battery
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>> shepard: today would have been john mccain's 86th birthda8ththe latesenator mccaie third person to receive this honor in the past 40 years. the arizona governor doug ducey reminded us why. >> his talk of country first wasn't simply a slogan on a yard sign. it was what john mccain had
12:37 pm
done and demonstrated over and over and over again. in the navy, through vietnam, and all the way to his favorite battles on the floor of the united states senate. >> shepard: it was a mighty tough day for the family. our friend, former colleague, meghan mccain, man, just such a hard thing anybody who has ever lost a parent can certainly sympathize so much love to them and their families as she approached her father's casket. trace gallagher is covering the proceedings for us in phoenix and is live there now. hi, trace. >> hi, shep. that was a very tough picture to see meghan mccain. i will tell you it is very impressive and inspiring to see the outpouring of love and support of the people of arizona toward john mccain and his family. it's about 10 miles from the funeral home here to the state capitol. when people left people were lining the streets with
12:38 pm
flags and cheers when they arrived here at the capitol. his casket was greeted by the honor guard. cindy mccain was greeted by doug ducey and his wife. and the guard brought john mccain's casket inside so he could lie in state for the next 24 hours. and, among the first to speak was former senator john kyle. watch. >> john's love for america and arizona. he represented our values all over the world as senator from arizona and america is stronger for his fierce defense of our values arizona governor doug ducey also spoke saying john mccain was an electric phiing man who fought like hell for what he believed in listen to doug ducey followed by jeff flake. >> to the rest of the world, john mccain was arizona. when all of us here traveled
12:39 pm
and told people we were from arizona, people knew two big things about it. john mccain and the grand canyon. >> let these tears bring blooms in the desert he loved and the country he served and in all our hearts, amen. >> that, of course, was the pastor. it was not jeff flake. jeff flake always considered john mccain the big brother of the senate. really as you watch the mccain family go through this very tough to watch, shep. this was just the first ceremony. there are several more in the coming days. >> shepard: 106 degrees there today or it's gonna be, trace. i'm told that the public viewing is overwhelming them. >> and they are coming out in droves. you are right. it is very hot here if you can't tell. it's one of those things where john mccain, when he was campaigning for congress and the senate he would canvas this state and he would go to the nooks and
12:40 pm
crannies, the towns that had population of 55 and hold town halls there. this really have pay back. have you people coming from all over the state to come and pay their respects to john mccain. their well-being is really the first order of business. so they're staying over at the fairgrounds where they can get some shade and they are being shuttled over and then the bus loads will bring them here and bring them back to the fairgrounds. they were having these hours about 2:00 until 8:00. when they figured out there would be 10, 12, 15,000 people showing up, they extended the hours so the viewing, shep, really could go until the wee hours of the morning. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher live this afternoon in phoenix. fans are pouring into detroit to pay their respects to the queen of soul. people lining up outside the charles h. wright museum of african-american history there. aretha franklin's funeral is set for friday. last night more than 1,000 of her sorority sisters came together to celebrate her life. she became an honorary member of delta sigma feta
12:41 pm
back in 1992. another member, congresswoman brethrecongressbre service. she said aretha franklin loved the sorority's ideals and her life was an inspiration. pope francis talking about the abuse in the church. he made his first vatican appearance and a some shell report accusing him of covering up accusations of sexual misconduct against an excardinal. the pope mentioned church officials' lack of response to abuse in ireland, but he did not mention the abuse accusations in the united states at all. our chief religion correspondent lauren green has the news now. lauren? >> help, shep, as you know, the weapons general audiences are supposed to be a spiritual event pilgrims all over the world can seat pope in person sometimes for the first and only times in their lives. well today's audience had a dark cloud over it. as you mentioned it was the pope's first public appearance since the controversial letter was released by a former vatican
12:42 pm
official. the church has been embroiled in a sexual abuse controversy and calls for the pope himself to resign. the letter alleges he knew the depth and scope the abuse long before it became public in pennsylvania's grand jury investigation. the pope did not address the letter or the investigation but expressed remorse for sex abuse victims in ireland whom he met with during his recent trip to the country. >> church authorities in the past weren't always capable at adequately handling these crimes. the meeting with some survivors, 8 exactly left a deep mark on me and in many occasions i asked the lord for forgiveness for the scandal and sense of betrayal that was caused. >> now, since the letter's berelease the bishop's national review led by investigation non-clergy members into the misconduct into the church. shep? >> shepard: and we're hearing from the archbishop who wrote that letter. >> right. vegino he broke his silence today in italian blog what
12:43 pm
he did was out of love for the church. he said he was serene and at peace but saidenned by attempts to undermine his credibility. he also said, quote: i spoke out because you by now the corruption has arrived at the want to church hierarchy. his claims have thrown the papacy in to turmoil because francis has always expressed zero tolerance for sexual abuse of minors and now calls of bishops to investigate the accusations in the letter. shep? >> shepard: lauren green live in new york. are you a yahoo user? have you read your emails lately? there's apparently a good chance that the company is looking at them as well to make a little money. yahoo. hang on. ♪ ♪ or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty,
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>> shepard: there is word yahoo is still going through its users' private emails scanning for data to sell to visors. that's according to
12:47 pm
reporting from our cousins at the "wall street journal." the parent company tells the journal it's because running a free email system is expensive. and users can opt out if they want. or if they know that they need. to say. >> that was actually part of it. >> shepard: you have got to opt out? >> kind of expensive. >> shepard: opt out of them reading your emails? >> yes. and in their defense, i guess we will be generous and start with that first, they say if they are reading your emails, it's really because they are only going through these kind of mass emails like let's say you bought something at the gap, they are not going to know exactly what you bought. but they will know what you did business with the gap or let's say you have a brokerage account perhaps they know to put ads that pop up while you are online about investing. they are really saying we are not going through and know your weekend plans we know the companies that you do business with. but 200 million users between yahoo and aol which as we know now form oath and
12:48 pm
verizon is the parent of 2017. >> shepard: what do they form? >> yahoo and aol. they are call oath. i have animals. i have lots. but the idea is that listen, your emails are not private. let's just go with that. nothing is at all. yahoo also. >> shepard: other companies doing this, too? >> so google, g mail stopped actually last year because people were complaining about it so much. after a lot of back and forth google actually said okay. we're not going to do that anymore. microsoft has said never ever. we have never done this to you to your user and apple said we don't do it to you but our privacy policy does state that if there is something in an exchange that could be of importance
12:49 pm
for law enforcement, perhaps or a public issue. then they have a right to look at it. >> shepard: don't want it seen, don't write it down. there is your bulletin from the biz. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> shepard: california just made historic change to justice system. the governor there jerry brown says it's a move to make sure that the system treats its rich and its poor fairly. critics say it will let people accused of crimes walk away and skip trial. the details ahead. ♪ ♪ ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. i love the custom ink design lab because it's really easy to use. they have customer service that you can reach anytime. t-shirts help us immediately get a sense of who we are as a group. from the moment clients walk in, they're able to feel like part of the family. - [spokesman] custom ink has hundreds of products for your business and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at
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>> shepard: california has become the first state to get rid of cash bail. advocates for criminal justice reform says the system let's wealthy people pay to get out of jail while poor people are left sitting behind bars. critics of the change say getting rid of cash bail could end up putting
12:53 pm
dangerous criminals back on the streets. jeff paul with the news live in our west coast news hub. hey, jeff. >> hey, shep, yeah, a risk assessment will soon be used to decide who is free and who stays in jail. suspects accused of nonviolent misdemeanor crimes would likely be considered low risk and released within 12 hours of being booked. more serious charges that involve violent felonies or sex crimes would be seen as high risk and likely result of suspects spending pre-trial in jail. supporters of the new law say this will help in overcrowding of jails. also ensure people aren't getting stuck in jail just because of their economic status. >> here's a bail schedule. it's literally a price list for freedom. you get arrested by an officer, if you have got the money in your bank account or the credit to be able to post, you're out. there's no i do no, sir stick as to whether you are a public safety risk, write a check get out. harvey weinstein a million dollars, you're out. >> now, it's stale little
12:54 pm
unclear how exactly the risk assessment system would work, but each county in the state will set its own procedures. the new law is set to go into effect october of next year. >> shepard: what about the opposition? >> yeah, shep, not everyone is in favor of this change. some state senators are worried it could make communities more dangerous with more accused criminals roaming free. anyone in the bail bonds business is also against it because it essentially eliminates the industry. career bounty hunter don chapman spoke about it when it was up for debate saying the poor aren't in jail because they are poor. they are jail because they broke the law. >> these guys should not be left no matter what color they are in jail like that for so long on a victimless crime. but if there's a victim, people, please let's keep it like it is. bail has been successful. >> the aclu which was once a co-sponsor of the then bill is now against the change. it's worried the law now
12:55 pm
gives judges too much deciding power saying racial disparities is the worse when there is discretion. >> shepard: jeff, thanks. a look at the celebration after major world war ii victory that happened on this day in history. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done!
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>> shepard: on this day in 1944, some 15,000 u.s. troops marched down in paris. they did it to celebrate the city's freedom from nazi germany. historians say supreme allied commander dwight d. eisenhower, originally planned to put off liberating paris. the reason? to focus on other missions. but a french commander told him at the time, if the allies don't help, he would send in his own troops on his own. after two days of fighting, and
12:59 pm
it was fierce, allies forces reached the center of paris and the german general surrender. it continued for days and days and u.s. troops got a hero's welcome 74 years ago. today. it has big, big day on the dell, stocks were down, but they hit the green by about 10:30 this morning wall street time and stayed in the game only about two tenths of a percent. leading the charge, the tech company. microsoft, google, apple. amazon was up $65 a share at last check. amazon is right around, not too far from, $2,000 per share. incredible, right? right after this newscast, we will be on facebook watch which is where we are every day. for facebook watch, live updates
1:00 pm
from your friends at fox. stories to take you through the day. you can find is now on your facebook feed at facebook watch. it will be up there in about 3 minutes. we will break in, because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. >> neil: all right, feeling sweats because the heat is on more than 60 million americans. getting hit by a very dangerous heat wave. 13 states. is there any relief in sight? welcome everyone, i'm neil cavuto, and this is "your world" ." cities across the eastern seaboard including this city. they are trying to do things to avoid this. does anyone remember the chaos that resulted from the blackout in new york city way back in 2003? similar instances and the '70s, and '60s, they did not have train service. there is no


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