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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 30, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> making services will be part of the coverage this afternoon. >> and the president's rally as. next week, we look forward to the and kavanaugh hearing. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert, another emotional day in arizona with this tribute for john mccain set to get underway this hour. the motorcade carrying his body will depart the arizona state house any moment now heading to a memorial service at the north phoenix baptist church. following that event, the senator will depart arizona for the last time as he heads to washington. this is a "outnumbered," by molly line, and here today we have dagen mcdowell, lisa boothe, marie harf, and joining us on the couch today, political director of, fox news contributor and the other half of benson and harvard radio show, guy benson.
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welcome. >> guy: great to be back, thanks for having me. >> molly: and we are awaiting the motorcade carrying john mccain's body to depart in route to the statehouse and the church rather memorial service will be taking place. vice president joe biden will speak at that service along with two of the late senator 's children. about two dozen sitting senators and former senator 's and other notable leaders from the state of arizona are expected to be in attendance. yesterday, mourners lined up for hours to under senator mccain as he lie in state inside the rotunda of arizona state capitol. wednesday evening, members of the mccain family grading some of the thousands of people waiting in the sweltering heat to pay their respects. some of the well-wishers reflecting on what they admired most on the late senator. >> all the important things that we as americans hold dear, from duty, honor and country, he represented all of that. >> i think he was really down to earth. it didn't matter where you came
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from or what party were affiliated with, he seemed to respect everyone. >> i think he brought a unity, brought change from the beginning to the end, and he died a great man. i wasn't always about the politics that he did but i loved the man. >> molly: trace gallagher joins us outside of the church for the memorial service will begin later this hour. >> we just talked to john mccain's people and they say now apparently the casket will leave the arizona state capitol sometime in the next three or 4 minutes and make its way here to the north phoenix baptist church. the trip is about 10 miles and it should take somewhere around 30 minutes and the streets will be lined with people saying goodbye to john mccain and paying their respects to him. we have just been notified that the local high schools that are on the procession route will also let out of school and a day to, will join in with the flags and the cheering to say goodbye
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to senator john mccain. talk about an amazing history lesson, if yesterday really was about paying their respects to john mccain, today is all about saying goodbye, as you alluded to. at 2:00 this afternoon, john mccain's casket will then be loaded onto an airplane in route for d.c. and that will be of course his last time leaving his adoptive and beloved state of arizona. you can see at the capital, it is kind of the same in reverse as we saw yesterday. you have the mccain family being taken, cindy mccain by the honor guard and of course the casket will be brought out and placed into the hearse and brought here. it's kind of been reversed, the mccain family also on scene. you mentioned earlier, we will hear today from andrew mccain, john mccain's son from his first marriage, and bridget mccain, his adoptive daughter. we will hear from both of them during the services along with
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the former vice president joe biden. if you think about joe biden and john mccain's relationship, it goes back more than 40 years. remember, john mccain before he entered congress and in the senate, he was the navy liaison to the senate so he and joe biden will do a lot of overseas trips. during those trips they became very tight. of course the sad irony of all this is that joe biden's son died from the very same cancer that took senator mccain's life last friday. you can see here, the honor guard and every branch of the military will be lined up outside of the state's capital. if yesterday we saw this amazing outpouring. they just could not have been more impressive, more inspiring, as senator mccain's casket now being carried by the honor guard out toward the hearse and then will make its way on that route 10 miles here to the north phoenix baptist church. this is the grand ceremony. yesterday we had a smaller ceremony, we heard from former
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senator john kyle, we heard from the governor of arizona, doug ducey. the governor will also be here today, he will not speak. and there will also be some 24 current senators on hand for today's ceremony and a four former senators. we are talking about everybody from lindsey graham who was very close to john mccain, joe manchin, ben sasse is directly next and we will be able to bring him in moments from now, to lamar alexander and senator john kyle, the former senator of arizona will also be here. this is one of those powerful moments that you will see repeated not just today and this afternoon but again tomorrow in the nation's capital, where john mccain will go into the capitol rotunda and he will lie in state there for 24 hours. the funeral will be held on saturday. as you look at all of this, you have to think that john mccain himself began planning this for
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or five months ago. he personally called former presidents obama and george w. bush saying to them, we are pleased speak on my behalf. president obama and john mccain had not only a very tightly contested race in 2008, but there was some acrimony between them. and yet john mccain became a big fan of president obama and when he asked him to speak, the president immediately said yes. george w. bush will also speak at the ceremony and washington tomorrow. as they place the casket into the hearse, let's just hold off on second and hear this.
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first closing the door on the hearse, that will happen a few more times today and if you think back to yesterday, the powerful emotional picture of watching meghan mccain, our former colleague, as she addressed her father's casket. and she broke down. you think -- you go back to nancy reagan and ronald reagan's caskets and you go back to the state funerals that we have seen, and these are the poignant
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moments that you will see throughout the weekend. this is a 15 car procession that will go from the state capital here to the north phoenix baptist church. this wasn't john mccain's home church, just to let you know, this happens to be one of the largest churches in the area, it can handle the crowd. not only are we talking about former senators, house majority leader kevin mccarthy, dan quayle and joe biden, we are also talking about a thousand people from the public. we had 15,000 people who came through last night and waited in line. it was 100 plus degrees and some waited for three or four hours in line so that they could pay their final respects to john mccain. it was impressive and inspiring and amazing to watch this. to see this repeated today, and
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as we watch this again, you look at john mccain's 15 car procession, what goes through your mind? >> you talk about high schools lining this route and what a history lesson it is, i got to learn about him and anywhere you go in the world, enlisted and officers, young troops that were men or women, they all delayed their promotion ceremony if they heard john mccain was coming to town sometime in the future because they wanted him to read them the oath, they wanted to be sworn in and promoted by john mccain, he was everyone's hero. >> you often mention kind of a similar political attitude, and when we talk, i was teasing earlier saying there were 24 former senators or current senators and the breakdown is 14
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publicans and 15 democrats. >> i was a lot more conservative than he was and we would fight about policy but an awesome thing about john mccain, for a guy that had been in prison for five years, he didn't have patience for small stuff. the thing that john mccain glove was the people that wanted to fight about big thing where less and ignore anything little. >> i was talking to jeff flake yesterday and he was talking about the fact that john mccain was like his big brother in the senate. you knew that nobody was going to mess with you so when he went into the senate it was like, no one will mess with john mccain john mccain. >> i had known him out of the history books, and that is a man destined for the history books. he endorsed against me in my primary because he thought i was too conservative. it was like, i don't even know this guy and he's endorsing against me so when i won my primary i cited to talk to him.
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i said you're a hero, i volunteered on one of your own campaign and i said by the way, you are a jerk. and right away, he let out this string of expletives and i knew we would be fast friends. >> he was at town hall one time and he blurted out something that some people thought was inappropriate and he countered by saying, look, i have this personality disorder, i'm a wise guy, that's who i am. i can't help it. i speak my mind and i try to speak the truth and sometimes it offends people. >> i think those of us on the end of a mccain tirade, it was a badge of honor. this guy was tortured so long that he couldn't even lift his hand up high enough to calm his own hair. he wanted to get out there and celebrate the troops and promote the american idea. >> it's it's amazing, i want to focus on the left part of your
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screen, the cortège, the procession, the motorcade to come up whatever you chose to call it. 15 cars, 15 vehicles. it will take us probably 30 minutes to get from the state capital here. if you missed it earlier, the high schools have been let out so they can join in this. we talked about 15,000 people come here yesterday to pay their respects to john mccain from all over the state of arizona. i mean the farthest reaches of arizona, from surrounding states. and it was payback. we talked about this, it was payback because john mccain when he would run for congress in the early years in the senate, he made an habit of canvassing the states. and senator sasse, this is one thing i talked about, he went to these towns with 50 people living in them and held town halls. that's just the man he was. >> he is a worker. it's weird to say as a 46-year-old that john mccain, an 81-year-old, became my
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friend. but he became my friend because he wasn't stuck at some moment in history company was always active in the now, he was tireless. >> do you expect funny moments to happen today? we will hear from former vice president biden, you know there will be some funny stories about him. >> john would be terribly disappointed if people weren't were irreverent at some moments. there are all these conversations about naming an office building after john and i personally think you can't reduce his legacy to marble. but if a senate office building is renamed for him and it becomes the mccain s.o.b., senate office building, he would love that. >> he was such an avid sports fan, he adopted the diamondbacks, and there will also be some funny stories about how john mccain was such an
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avid sports fan. it was the phoenix coyotes that became the arizona coyotes, and it's amazing. a lot of those people will be pallbearers including luis gonzalez who had the game-winning hit in the 2001 a world series for the arizona diamondbacks when they weep beat the new york yankees. that was one month after 9/11 and the world was kind of pulling for new york saying, come on. and john mccain said, no, we are pulling for the arizona diamondbacks because this is their home team. the yankees have had the pennant, it's time for us. >> when mccain is out there singing the song of america, free speech, liberty, religion, press and protest, he shows up and basically says i'm here as his bodyguard. >> and you know john mccain, if you don't know, he planned every detail of this. he called those to speak to
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eulogize him in washington on saturday but even today they will play amazing grace by the brophy school choir. that is where jimmy and jack mccain, john's sons went to school. so there's a big connection with that school and john mccain. it's a very close mitt community over there and a lot of that will happen. of course the last song in today's ceremony will be frank sinatra's "my way" and that's what he wanted to leave the ceremony under. >> it's a fitting thing. i'm 1 of 8 people in the senate who has never been a politician. i've only seen one person stand up at us and at lunch, scream at his colleagues and i cussed them out, walk out and then slammed the door. and he could come back and when you all back immediately. >> it's amazing for me to see how the mccain family has handled this. cindy mccain, the grace and the composure as she handles
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each of these different events, and meghan mccain broke down yesterday but she composed herself again. the mccain family going out last night as you watch the motorcade come down, i believe this is highway 17, coming down and making their way here to the north phoenix baptist church. it's amazing that the mccain family last night after a celebration at a local hotel went out and to thank the people in line for hours in the hundred plus temperatures that came and pay respects to their father. >> it is an amazing thing. this state loves john mccain, i've been up in the northern part of the state, in the desert, where they have their ranch. people in the community if they hear that john mccain is in town they want to come and salute the guy. >> senator sasse, i know that you have to go, thank you very much. very good at, great insight. so that cortège is maybe 15 or 20 minutes away and they will arrive here. when they get here, we will kind
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of go to the same ceremony again and we will take you there live. let's go back to the "outnumbered" crowd on the couch because they are watching us. it's truly awe-inspiring to see these types of state events. before thank you so much, fascinating interview with the senator got one of many who will be in attendance from both sides of the political aisle. a republican antidemocratic, speaking to how senator mccain lived his life reaching out across that bipartisan aisle. as we look at the screen and come up we can see the motorcade as it travels through phoenix and this is an opportunity for the people of the state to state her final very well. senator mccain slated to go to washington later today. let me bring in guy benson, sitting on the center of the couch in the hot seat. as he watched all of this unfold, we've been seeing for days the out outpouring. what are your thoughts? >> guy: i think the greatest
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test amount is 15,000 arizonans lining up in brutal temperatures for hours to pay their final respects yesterday. at the very end we heard from trace gallagher talking about the family. we have all sat on his couch with meghan mccain. i have never lost a parent, thank god. and i can imagine when that happens one day it will be really, really hard. i can't imagine being so public about it over the course of many days, with the eyes of the nation watching you, to me that has been really profound. watching the family grieve the loss of someone that was not a historical figure, not a war hero necessarily, it was a dyadic, a husband. a deeply personal experience for them. but playing out on national television, it's got to be really tough. >> molly: thank you very much. we will continue to watch these
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>> molly: you are looking at live pictures of the funeral procession of senator john mccain making its way from the state capital in phoenix, arizona, headed to the north phoenix baptist church.
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it could be -- it's a short drive normally, the family following the hearse in phoenix, expected to arrive roughly about maybe 15 minutes from now. and what a service it's going to be. this service is choreographed by the senator himself over an eight month period, every song selected and even the movement of his body in the casket throughout phoenix, throughout his home state and on its way to washington where the senator will lie in state. and the nation's capital to another large funeral celebration at the cathedral on saturday and then he will be buried at the naval academy in annapolis,
9:24 am
maryland. we are watching as this funeral procession or cortège is making its way to the north baptist church there. this is something that every american, whether you met john mccain, guy, got to witness is his sense of humor and his irascible nature. >> guy: everyone has lost someone and our nation has lost someone great. we could go around the couch, with probably had our own frustrations with john mccain at some point, and if he were here he would come right back at us, but you can't take away from him what he sacrificed for this country. i think the ultimate reminder of that will be his final resting place at annapolis, right at the naval academy and the branch of service in which he served and was shot down and tortured for five and a half years, declining to come home early. imagine the character that it
9:25 am
takes to have the opportunity to leave a and come home and see your family and say no, for your fellow men who are in that prison for you to only have the beatings become worse. that's how john mccain was forged, part of his character was forged... young age. -- at that young age. then he came to washington, and we will see two days of ceremonies and tributes to him in d.c. because he was very much a fixture of washington for decades. >> molly: and very much the man of arizona, the home that he and cindy chose when they were married in 1980. as teresa pointed out earlier, this north phoenix baptist church was selected because of its size and there were a thousand seats in this church that were set aside for the public. the list of speakers including vice president joe biden, they have shared a career with, a friendship with us, and again,
9:26 am
the vice president's son died of the same glioblastoma brain cancer that ultimately took senator mccain's life. but also larry fitzgerald, the longtime wide receiver from the arizona cardinals will also be paying tribute to the senator. so again, it's going to be tears but it's going to be laughter, it's going to be stories, as senator ben sasse was telling us, his wit and his tongue and his love of saucy language. >> exactly. and that's the way that he would want it. i think one of the things that trace reported was the high schools that are lining the route that are in phoenix are letting their students out so they can be part of it, they can watch this happening and they can show the respects. most of these kids -- vietnam to them is ancient history, right? but if these kids can see the respect that people from across the political aisle are giving him by being part of this ceremony today, and if they
9:27 am
learn something from that, that really hit me. it was also interesting, as he said, to hear trace gallagher when he was interviewing ben sasse say, it's basically almost split 50/50, the democrats and republican senators and former senators who will be in attendance. we all remember joe biden going on "the view" with meghan mccain talking about his son's death of the same comfort cancer, and comforting megan. their friendship i think helped of the entire mccain family because joe biden had gone through this. i think is friendship not just to john mccain with the family help them navigate these past months since he has been diagnosed. >> and i think we saw that if you watch that episode, we saw that connection with the former vice president and meghan mccain and the closeness that they had and the journey they share. i like your point about the students as well because i think this is an important lesson for
9:28 am
the country to honor those who served, honor those who served in the military, who were willing to lay their life down on the line to protect this country and protect the freedoms that we hold dear and also service in congress, a 35 year career in congress. i like the term celebration of life. guy come up to your point earlier about meghan mccain, anyone who has gotten to know her during her time at fox knows how much her dad meant to her. my heart breaks for her and her family throughout the five days of events. i can't imagine how painful it has to be to just continue to relive that. so my prayers and my thoughts are with meghan mccain and her family and just praying for comfort for them to give them the grace to handle this and prayers to the mccain family. >> dagen: we are watching the
9:29 am
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joint pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. prevention begins with prevnar 13®. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13®. >> molly: we are just watching the motorcade carrying senator mccain to the north phoenix baptist church. it's been traveling quite a distance, an opportunity for people there on the ground in arizona. he was there a senator, to say a final fair farewell if they were unable to do so, or if they don't have a seat inside the church this afternoon or this morning. stephen joins us now, who also covered senator john mccain on capitol hill for 20 years. as well as the senator's 2008 run for president. i will start with this. running for the president press
9:34 am
not easy. and incredibly, they were on opposite ends of the ticket and yet they remained friends throughout. senator mccain specifically designed it to be this way. you can say a little bit about that relationship and why this has been so important. >> john mccain was the style of legislator that they don't see anymore. and these are guys who grew up making deals in the senate, working across party lines and able to go at it in the political arena on the campaign trail and whatnot, but they still knew at the end of the day they had to get together in washington and work on the deal that actually kept the government running an open, and to take care of the other big issues that are there. mccain always remember that and there was a style of legislator such as kennedy and biden that he was part of. those friendships last and, those two men in particular,
9:35 am
mccain and biden built one based on that. >> one thing about the senator is he had a number of political failures but he bounced back, each time bounce back big and remains this iconic figure. in 2008, 2,000, somehow he always managed to recapture the imagination of his constituents and recapture the aisle. >> we called bill clinton the comeback kid, he has nothing on john mccain. originally he was a navy pilot and had his eye on admiral like his father and grandfather, and then switched careers to politics, reinvented himself as a congressman, then a senator. had a stumble with some campaign finance issues and stumble actually hurt the other three or four people involved in that, they got washed out of their seats. he survived that and reinvented himself as a campaign finance warrior, ran for president on that, for loss george w. bush in
9:36 am
2,000 and came back as the most important republican senator in the chamber. then came back and reestablished himself as a dog go to republican if you wanted to get a bill done on capitol hill. >> he was clearly someone who valued his country above all else. he wrote a final letter to his fellow americans and that's what he was known for, and service to country but also this powerful senator from the state of arizona. we've been watching people lining the streets as the stay of final farewell, as the constituents of his state have a time to say goodbye as well. if you talk about what it was that mean if such an advocate for the state, it wasn't such an original for his home state. what it was that made him such an advocate for them? >> partially, he ended up on some key committees that we really got to know them. indian issues which are a huge part of arizona, he was a major
9:37 am
advocate for the indian committees and had some of the big bills dealing with indian issues over the last 20 or 30 years to his name. grand canyon, some of the environmental issues surrounding that. it's a beautiful state, anybody who has been there, it's been tough not to fall in love with arizona. it's tough not to fall in love with it, but he really took that to heart. in particular as you are seeing from these images, arizonans really embraced him, from both parties, one of the most amazing things that we have seen in the last couple years or so, when we look at polling, is more popular than an arizona democrat and he is among arizona republicans. there are a number of folks like to have this deep connection to him because of his defense of the state at the way he handled himself here in washington. >> molly: thank you. we are showing you, just moments away from the arrival at the north phoenix baptist church where we are expecting the family to be greeted by the pastor. there will be a brief break, ten or 15 minutes, and then we are
9:38 am
not long now from the ceremony getting underway. i'd like to send things back on the ground now to trace gallagher. >> you look at this picture we are watching now and those are the students that we have been talking about, those are the high school students whose high schools were along the procession route and they were let out to come and watch this, to come and pay tribute or to at least learn about john mccain, to learn about what this means to the state and what he meant to their state. i also want to point out that we just got the program for what we are about to see unveiled. the brophy student ensemble -- brophy is the school that john mccain sons jimmy and jack attended, they are very close with the brophy community. the pastor led the ceremony is there yesterday. the first song that they will say meat is titled "arizona." it reads in part as follows: i love you arizona, your mountains, deserts and strings.
9:39 am
the rise of those cut bases -- which translates to "twin peaks." he loved the song and he picked this song. he wanted the brophy ensemble to play the song. it goes back to the fact that the high school kids have been let out to watch this. he was very tied into the college preparatory school of brophy that his sons attended. he would love the fact that these students were at least getting to take part in a moment of arizona history because he clearly loved arizona so much. as for timing, looking over my shoulder, i can show you here as we look at the motorcade and you can see the honor guard is read ready. you can kind of see the same procession, i mentioned the honor guard and it will be
9:40 am
carried inside by the arizona national guard who has taken care of the casket from the time it arrived in the funeral home until it was placed on a plane later today. i want to bring in nancy bowden however, a national spokesperson for senator mccain. i know that you are very close with the senator and as you watch the ceremonies unfold, what does it mean to you to see this happening in his home state of arizona? >> i think it has been incredibly meaningful to all of us who are as you call it, mccain-vioxx. it's amazing how emotionally you feel when people are telling the stories and remembering the moments sitting around the
9:41 am
senior staff table, and it just brings it all back. in full color if you will. and that's poignant. it's funny and it's fearful at the same time. >> i look over the pallbearers and the ushers, the current and former senators who have been invited here. you go back and read some of the history with john mccain and there were some contents contentious moments. and yes, here they are, ready to come and pay their respects and pay tribute to the men they either served with were new in some capacity over many, many years. >> i think he was the quintessential american leader in that respect. when your job is to translate another human being perspective on camera company spent a lot of time trying to crack that code. it's a very tight political philosophy for example, what is
9:42 am
it that motivates them? i realized very early on that for senator mccain it was his personal code of honor. once you got that about john, then it explained everything. >> the family through the whole ordeal has been so gracious. i saw megan break down yesterday when she addressed her father's casket, but the way they handled this with the dignity last night and personally thanking the people who waited for hours in these 100 plus degree temperatures, it really is, it shows an eloquence that is remarkable. >> and its emblematic also of how they handle themselves throughout the 2008 campaign. i can remember the senator coming into my office to encourage me, and to thank me for fighting for him. all i could think of was, please
9:43 am
god let me take a picture of this mentally and emotionally and never forget it because it was so humbling to have him in n their thinking me when it came to what had been done for his country. >> i want to set the table for our viewers, those who are joining us, the procession is maybe a couple minutes away from the north phoenix baptist church. again, this is not john mccain's home church, this is the biggest church in the area that is able to handle the outpouring of tributes that is so wanted for the people of arizona. there are a thousand people on hand here from the public, they reserved a thousand seats and there will be as we mentioned, the former vice president joe biden will speak. we will hear from larry fitzgerald who can really point out what a crazed sports fan that john mccain was.
9:44 am
and john mccain's children bridget and andrew will also both speak at the service today. i've said this lots of times, john mccain started planning this ceremony, his funeral, all of this was planned by john mccain going back several months and he was really kind of indicative of what he wanted. >> i also think he would have viewed it in part has a sense of duty. also understanding the statement that this is making right now to our country, about how we accomplish great things when we pull together. and he felt very strongly about that. >> let me just jump in here. the procession has now arrived and you can see it coming directly behind me. you have the state police that are guiding this to the north phoenix baptist church and of course you can see these
9:45 am
vehicles coming through. then you will see the hearse carrying john mccain. what will happen is a very much like what happened yesterday. you have the honor guard addressed, every branch of the military represented here. there will be vietnam veterans and first responders here as well, and then cindy mccain can either do this one of two ways. we are told that cindy mccain may at some point go into the side door and will greet some of the guests who are here. once cindy mccain walks into the sermon, they will immediately begin. poor cindy mccain can stand and wait for the hearse to stop for the honor guard and the arizona national guard to bring the casket from the hearse into the church. this whole procedure takes about ten or 15 minutes, but the church has been filling up for the past two or three hours. the public lined up, and they
9:46 am
have been streaming into the church for a while now. i had nebraska senator ben sasse with me a short time ago and he had to go in and get his seat because this is one of those events we have seen many times, a estate event where the pastor in this case would give us the beginning, the opening prayer and then the speakers will start. you can see the hearse has stopped, and it's really right over here. we have a good shot of it. then the mccain family will get out of the follow-up car and cindy mccain will be led over by the honor guard to greet the casket and then she may or may not actually head into the church to greet some of the people, and then we will go from there to figure out exactly how long it will be before the honor guard takes the casket in. this is as many have said, this
9:47 am
is the goodbye john mccain. 15,000 people came out yesterday and pay their respects and that was what yesterday was all about. paying their respects to john mccain, paying back john mccain for what he did over the years. he was a very, very staunch campaigner. he would canvass the state of arizona going to the smallest towns, populations of less than 100 and he would hold these town halls with these people. we are now waiting here for cindy mccain who is now just gotten out of the car, and the arizona national guard will bring the casket out and then bring it into north phoenix baptist church. we are going to pause for one moments to let our fox news stations join us.
9:48 am
this is a fox news alert, this is coverage of the memorial service of senator john mccain. i'm trace gallagher in phoenix, at the north phoenix baptist church. this is where the ceremony will take place honoring senator john mccain. this ceremony is the last time that arizonans have two pay their respects and say they're their fond farewells to john mccain. at 2:00 this afternoon, he will be placed onto an airplane at sky harbor airport and flown to the nation's capital to lie in state in the capitol rotunda. his funeral and then his internment at the naval academy. and then of course, the service today is remarkable for a couple of things because we will see 24 current senators along with four former senators and the breakdown is 15 republicans and 13 democrats. i was talking to nebraska senator ben sasse, and this is
9:49 am
for a reason. john mccain often went across the aisle, he had dear friends on both sides of the aisle and really emblematic of that is his relationship with the former vice president joe biden. they go back some 40 years to when john mccain was the navy's liaison to the senate, and in that capacity john mccain would often travel with joe biden to these overseas missions and they got very close and they have been friends for many years. the sad irony is that john mccain, the disease that killed him, the glioblastoma, was the same cancer that killed joe biden's son several years ago. i want to bring in kurt volker, is a former u.s. ambassador and director of the mccain institute. as we wait for the hearse to open at the ceremony to begin, what are your thoughts on today? >> i can only echo what nancy said earlier, this is much more
9:50 am
emotional than any of us who worked on these issues with senator mccain could have imagined. you really feel that in your gut when you see these images. second is, this is such a great tribute that arizona is paying to senator mccain and that the country is paying to senator mccain, and that kind of tribute is being paid all of the world right now, too. from countries that he touched whether it was the ukraine or georgia or vietnam or the middle east, there are people who felt that john mccain played a special role in their lives, helping their countries and building an alliance to help support freedom and democracy and security. it's amazing outpouring globally for this man. >> you mentioned that globally it's a great outpouring, but you go locally, how impressed are you. how important do you think it is to john mccain that you have
9:51 am
his adopted state? >> absolutely. he was 110% committed to arizona, and i don't think that can be stressed enough. i only became involved, and it was very important to senator mccain that we be linked to their and that we hold an annual sedona forum every year to bring people to arizona so he could showcase this to the worl world. >> what i find fascinating is, we have heard from some of mccain's children last night when they came and they thanked the crowd who came out to see and pay respects to their father and today we will hear from andrew and his adopted daughter, bridget. it's important that the mccain family speak and that people get a chance to know them and to see exactly how strong the feelings were for what their father accomplished, not for their father because we know they
9:52 am
loved him dearly but for what he accomplished and who he was and what he represented to the stat state. >> i got to know many of the family members as well and i think people as they see them speak over the next few days will be impressed that they are a strong, resilient, passionate family, and very much in the spirit of senator mccain and cindy mccain. i think that they will be ones who will be making sure that this legacy that john mccain represented of values, character and leadership, but that is understood and carried forward for years to come. >> but we've been kind of going over it, i read part of the song that the student ensemble is going to sing and brophy for those that don't know is a college preparatory school that
9:53 am
john mccain's sons, john and jimmy, jack john mccain the fourth, went to, and jimmy mccain. i read this and it's important to because it's called arizona. it says, i love you arizona, your mountains, deserts and streams, there are two very famous "twin peaks" and "twin peaks" in arizona. and the outlaw i see in my dreams, we will first hear from andrew mccain and bridget mccain and we will hear from the former vice president joe biden and he will talk about, we are told to come up the relationship going back 40 years. he will also have some very funny stories and we will talk to larry fitzgerald, the wide receiver for the arizona cardinals will also speak. it is an amazing tribute to know that there are professional athletes from every sport, from
9:54 am
local arizona teens, and the passion that john mccain had for his hometown teams, the cardinals, the coyotes, the sons, and of course the arizona diamondbacks who won the 2001 world series. what is it that you think that john mccain, who planned all this come up with think about ceremonies today? biko he clearly did put a lot of thought in this. it was important to him that he showcase arizona, and you mention the sports figures, that is tremendously important to him. he saw parallels between leaders in sports and leaders in other walks of life in the world. >> sir, i want to stop you for one second, i want to listen if we can because the arizona national guard has no taken the casket out. let's pause and listen.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> would pause for that because every step, every click of the heel, it is tradition. it's tradition for the military, it's tradition for the man that
9:58 am
senator mccain was. so it's important to hear that. he saw the men who followed in the casket, those are the honorary pallbearers and there are dozens of them and they range from business leaders here in arizona to athletes. louise gonzalez was one of them and louise gonzalez was the man who hit the game-winning world series winning single that brought the arizona diamondbacks that victory in the world series of 2001 over the yankees, one month after 9/11. the world was pushing for the new york yankees to emotionally bring that victory home and john mccain was adamantly pushing for the arizona diamondbacks to when that world series because he was so passionate about the young team and this young state of arizona. it was a marquee moment for them. as they fill this hole, you can see that there are a thousand plus people inside this church. we mentioned this earlier, the
9:59 am
reason this church was selected was because of its size. clearly the mccain family had some ties in this church but it wasn't the primary church. it was selected for its size because not only do we have dignitaries from around the country, 24 current senators and four former senators, house majority leader kevin mccarthy is also among them. but also 1,000 seats were reserved for the public that john mccain was so endeared to. they started streaming in early this morning and they are now filling the chapel or have filled the chapel and the ceremony -- i want to bring back nancy, she served as a senior policy advisor and national spokesperson for senator mccain's 2008 campaign. the church is now filled and the casket has been brought inside and you can see right there, vice president joe biden who
10:00 am
will deliver the keys speech in today's ceremony. very quickly, i want to get your thoughts on this before we may have to stop and turn it over to the ceremony. >> my overwhelming feeling right now is to imagine what senator senator mccain would think if he can -- and i believe he probably can look down from heaven and see all of this but i would be surprised -- he would be surprised to see how much people care for him. he was a person of fierce emotion and when he felt love and loyalty, that got across. i'm just so incredibly pleased to see how many people care enough for him to show up for him and to honor what he did for our country. >> do you think john mccain would say too much? we have heard him say over the years, i don't need that. he carried his


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