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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 31, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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practiced people can make this a really great nation. >> bret: that is it for this report fair balanced and unafraid. we will have complete coverage of the funeral service at the national cathedral tomorrow. i will be alongside martha maccallum. her show now. >> martha: see you tomorrow. hello everybody tonight from the story. we are overlooking the united states capitol this evening as we also keep a watch on the vietnam veterans memorial here in washington, d.c. one of our nation's most iconic, most solemn monuments you can see a veteran there putting his hand against the wall as he walks by. it will be the site this evening of a candlelight remembrance in honor of senator john mccain who spent five and a half years in prison in the hanoi hilton. so we will keep a close eye on that. bring you back there later tonight. several stories to get to this evening. shocking accusations leveled at the very top executives
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tonight at nbc news. did they bury the story on harvey weinstein and why? trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with these allegations this evening. hi, trace. >> hi, martha. the accusations come from former nbc producer rich mchugh until this month worked in nbc's investigative unit. in august of last year mccune and ronan pharaoh were working on the harvey weinstein story as they were about to fly to los angeles to interview a woman with credible allegations of rape against weinstein rich mchugh told fox news that from the highest levels of nbc i was told quote not to do the interview and stand down thus effectively killing the story that was unethical and a massive breech of journalistic integrity. nbc says mchue's assertion is an outright lie claiming at the time ronan pharaoh didn't have a single on the record victim or witness by any misconduct by weinstein.
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going on to say quoting fair ferraro believed his reporting was ready for air. he chose to leave for print outlet that was willing to publish immediately. of course two months later the story ran in the new yorker. so far ronan far row has last october fa farrow did go on members talking about why he left nbc. >> you would have to ask nbc executives 'the details. i'm not going to comment on any news organization story that they did or didn't run. i will say that over many years, many news organizations have circled this story and faced a great deal of pressure in doing so. and there are now reports emerging publicly about the kinds of pressure that news organizations faced in this. and that is real. >> this week the daily beast
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reported that nbc news general counsel threatened to smear ronan farrow if he continued to report on weinstein. the story also claims that one of weinstein's lawyers threatened farrow saying nbc had assured him in writing that farrow would not use any information he obtained about weinstein while reporting for the network and, of course, both nbc news chairman andy and on oppenheim come under fire for reports that both were involved in the decision not to run farrow's story. former producer rich mchue says something else had to be going on because you never let an explosive story walk out the door. plar that? >> martha: interesting that he decided to leave. trace, thank you very much. here now mark steyn, journalist and political commentator. mark, good evening. good to have you on the story tonight. you listened to trace's recount of what we know so far in this story and that this producer just left one
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more quote i want to get your thoughts on rich mchugh telling the "new york times" that weinstein associates were trying to squash the story and he said external liver i had weinstein associates calling me repeatedly. i knew that weinstein was calling nbc executives directly. one time it happened when we were in the room. what are your thoughts on all this, mark? >> yeah, that's how he did it that's how weinstein operated. if it worked for him in los angeles and new york and toronto and rome and london and paris. all over the planet. and i think what we understand from this story and ronan farrow is not to my taste politically. he is on the opposite side of the spectrum. but, without ronan farrow, there would be no me too movement. there would be no me too story. the weinstein story would never have broken. and obviously, in the case of ronan farrow it comes because of his particular differences within his own
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family that he was determined to stick to this story. and for that reason, i think he deserves even more credit. because if he had just been the typical mid level nbc news staff, he would have done what everybody else did and figured it wasn't worth it to his career to go up against harvey weinstein. >> martha: in fact, at least according to this story, the weinstein folks tried to pressure nbc by also saying you know, this is woody allen's relative, essentially. and you guys can't let him run this story because he has a conflict of interest. that was one of the other things they did for fresh presse him. journalistic questions raised and whether nbc should have ran with it here is the tape that they did have by ms. gutierrez who was wired in his conversation she had with harvey weinstein. let's play this just to remind people. this story goes back a ways. >> i'm feeling very uncomfortable right now.
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>> come in one minute if you want to leave. >> you >> he said i'm used to that. which i love. doesn't that tell you everything you need to know? then an abc spokesperson told daily beast about that tape. the tape on its own was colored. added to already known accusation while it was absolutely significant to hear her voice, the tape alone would not expose weinstein as a serial sexual predator as been alleged. that was one of the reasons that they gave for why they didn't go with this story, mark. >> mark: i think that's ridiculous, because i think that tape just in itself indicates what's going on there. even if he hadn't actually if she hadn't said why have you touched my breast just the pressure and that's exactly what he did weinstein women from four different continents. it's dozens of women. what i think is -- this nbc
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story confirms is that in effect the defense that we didn't know this was going on is actually not true. it's not just low level staff employed by weinstein were hired to facilitate these encounters, and to protect him when the person own receiving end started causing trouble u it's also that high level people throughout the rest of the industry, like nbc senior executives were in on the coverup, too. that's absolutely shaming for hollywood and for the media entertainment industry as a whole, too. >> martha: one of the questions been raised noah oppenheim writes movie scripts and whether he was concerned this might make it problematic for him. as you hear in this report they obviously were calling nbc executives they had a matt lauer problem, too which apparently they knew about before people really started to come forward with that. i want to get your thoughts on one other issue here that
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kind of has to do with the press and with this canada trade story. it's another big story tonight as president trump has blasted a toronto newspaper for publishing off-the-record remarks that he made to bloomberg news yesterday in the piece president trump said that canada is, quote: going to tell -- going to make a deal at some point but the toronto star published these remarks from the interview that it had, from an anonymous source off the record the deal will totally be on our terms, totally. the star wrote that trump isn't making any compromises but that he can't say that publicly because he feels, quote: it's going to be so insulting they won't be able to make a deal. the president responded to all of this, wow, i made the off-the-record comment with bloomberg concerning canada and powerful misunderstanding blatantly violated. oh well, just more common? nest reporting, i am used to it at least canada knows where i stand. oh boy. >> i said on the radio in toronto last week that everybody knew where they stood. that basically the u.s. and mexico had we placed nafta
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with a u.s.-mexico trade deal and the justin trudeau who is a very nice handsome chap always well dressed washes her hair he would be invited to the signing ceremony. i didn't know anything about it, but that looks like it was the cunning sinister master plan all along. and basically canada doesn't have a choice here. trump is right on the issues like the dairy protectionism, which actually is basically a french canadian react that discriminates against english canada. and i think the fact that he has actually gone ahead and done the difficult part with mexico, he is absolutely right that canada will sign up to whatever deal it can take. >> martha: o canada, o mark. thank you very much. good see it you tonight. thanks for being here. good to have you on the show. thanks for being here. one of the most hotly contested senate races in the country about to get a little bit hotter after an old police report has surfaced on ted cruz's
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>> martha: they say everything is bigner texas, right? this year's senate race is mighty big, folks. republican incumbent ted cruz finds himself in a close race with democratic challenger congressman beto o'rourke. the race is shaping up to be the most expensive in the country and o'rourke is outraising cruz at the moment. the polls say that it's within one point. some of them have a slightly larger spread than that today in a clear sign this is a tight race a story broke about a previously known 1998 dwi arrest for o'rourke now claiming that he had attempted to flee the seen also at the time. he issued this statement today i drove drunk and was arrested for a dwi in 1998. as i have publicly discussed over the last 20 years i made a serious mistake for which there is no excuse. this, as senator cruz is getting a long awaited boost from president trump that man who once lovingly referred to him as lyin'
4:15 pm
ted, do you remember that with this tweet the president says i will be doing a major rally for senator ted cruz in october. i'm picking the biggest stadium in texas we can find. as you know ted has my complete and total endorsement. don't you love politics, chris stirewalt joins me now fox news politics editor. remember the lyin' ted days and now i will be the best buddy down there. >> and his wife and dad and zodiac killer. 2016 when it was really at its dankest, it was the trump-cruz feud with some very ugly business. >> martha: how much of a problem is this refusing for beto o'rourke? >> not a problem. george w. bush. this is well trampled ground and by the way i think texas republicans are making a mistake when the narrative that they're shaping around o'rourke is he was a wild child. he was in a punk band. he was so cool. >> martha: skate booeder. >> he cleaned up his life. obtained success in business and went on in to politics.
4:16 pm
that's not the narrative that they want to reinforce that's something that a lot of texans will admire. they will think it's cool. >> martha: see it like the cool guy versus not so cool guy. >> never would anybody say ted cruz is not the so cool guy. >> martha: maybe even ted cruz would drop to that what's the deal with the debate? will we see a debate between these two do you think. >> they better. who would be good at moderating that. >> martha: how about me and bret baier? >> that's an interesting idea. >> martha: apparent supposed to have one they turned down. they couldn't agree on the terms. we would be happy to give them terms that they could probably agree. to say. >> call me. >> martha: talk to me about the money and support. you know, how from a strategy perspective, how do you think this is shaping up? >> so, look, the great, our polster, daronn shaw did the poll that you mentioned that had within one point. that poll also as they made clear had huge undecideds
4:17 pm
because they didn't push anybody a lot of way. a lot of races came to within one point. texas is going to revert to being texas at the end. those undecided voters come in predominance overwhelming predominance are registered republican. guess what's going to happen as they make up their mind, they are going to tend to prefer the republican candidate. i would say this is the analog for the race in new jersey where bob how longen looks very close. as you get closer to the end it will get harder and harder. >> a lot of similarities. i completely agree. these are the top three stadiums in texas and president trump, i, this you know, he draws a huge crowd as we know. put the stadiums up there the biggest stadium. talk about big. 181,000. i don't think they will go there. keil field gets 102,000. texas memorial 102,000. they will go for the arena. >> nitro funny car one of those funny car racers and put him on the texas motor speedway, maybe -- >> martha: how many days until the election? >> 67 but who is counting.
4:18 pm
>> martha: take a look at the map because president trump is going to spend 40 of the next 67 days out on the road. mostly in those states. that's a familiar little collection. isn't it. >> those are mostly red states. i think the nevada choice is highly questionable. missouri somewhat questionable. but in texas he will only do good for -- he will only do good for cruz because, they want to squeeze that undecided toothpaste out of the tube and it will be red in color when they do. >> martha: they will love it chris, thanks. >> welcome to d.c. >> martha: thanks. it's good to be here. take a live look now. we will go back to the vietnam veterans memorial which if you have not visited this place in washington, d.c. it is a really stirring monument to the vietnam war. it lists the names of all of those lost and it starts very small on the left-hand side and the names and numbers get bigger and bigger as the war goes on. there is going to be a candlelight remembrance there in just a few moments. we will take you there live
4:19 pm
as soon as that gets underway this evening. also tonight, my exclusive interview with the russian dissident who was twice poisoned by vladimir putin and who was hand i can 'ed by john mccain to carry his casket tomorrow. >> i can tell you as somebody who has been involved in the pro-democracy movement in the opposition movement for russia n. for years we had no bigger friend and supportser on capitol hill when it came to defending the rights and freedoms and dignity of the russian people than senator john mccain. come on dad! higher! higher! parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese
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with humira, control is possible. >> martha: you are log at joint pace andrews tonight. president trump has just landed back in the nation's capital after a day of events in charlotte, north carolina. think are about ready to move the scare case over as the president exits to head back to marine one and then back to the white house this evening. and in the meantime, senator john mccain's casket, as he lies in state at the capitol rotunda tonight. you watched today as we saw that ceremony play out and not far from there at the vietnam veterans memorial site they are going to hold a candlelight remembrance as brothers in arms gather this evening ahead of tomorrow morning's service at washington's national cathedral. 15 pallbearers chosen by the
4:24 pm
senator himself. among them anti-putin activist vlad who sad down with me exclusively to talk about his role in tomorrow's service and how he and the senator bonded. >> martha: tell me a little bit about the origins of your friendship with senator mccain. >> we first met, the three of us the russian opposition leader senator mccain and myself at the beginning of 2010 and n. that building just behind us in the russell senate building where senator mccain's office was and this was about the legislation bill introduced in the u.s. astronaut and senator mccain was one of the main driving forces behind that bill. what that bill proposed to do was to impose individual personal targeted sanctions not against russia as a country but against corrupt officials and human rights abusers in vladimir putin's regime. impunity whereby the same people who have for years been attacking and undermining and violating the most basic norms of
4:25 pm
democracy in our country in russia would then come to the west and enjoy the privileges and opportunities west. open their school and open bank accounts. put a stop to that and finally passed by congress and signed into law in 2012. >> martha: unliked by the putin enclave. >> the thing i hate most. >> martha: talk a little bit about him asking you to be -- you will be one of the ball bearers for the national cathedral memorial service. tell me about how did he ask you to do that. >> he passed me the message in april through a mutual friend and can i tell you it's the most heart breaking honor one can think of. but, it will be very important opportunity for me to say one last goodbye to somebody who has been a pillar of strength and support over so many years. and you know there are some political leaders in western countries including here in the u.s. who like to pay lip service to such thing as
4:26 pm
human rights. political freedom human dignity to this grandstanding. and senator mccain didn't just speak about those values. you know, he lived those values. he believed in those values. he stood up for those values. with him the words and deeds were always the same. and unlike some others who have subscribed to this notion of -- cut cynical deals with authoritarian and theocratic regimes senator mccain never did that for him to do this would be against everything he believed in. he was one of those political leaders who were the earliest to speak the truth about the putin dictatorship and putin authoritarian and the first time he publicly sounded a warning of putin's coming authoritarian was in february of 2,000 during a republican presidential primary debate in south carolina. >> i'm very concerned about mr. putin. he might be one who wants to make the trains run on time. >> recall most western leaders were praising this new young final who just came into the drem lynn who
4:27 pm
spoke to you in german who supposed willly ensure the stability. john mccain said putin is somebody who would want to make the trains run on time. historic call mussolini, he sounded warning of putin's coming on the world stage and proved to be right again. one of the biggest lies that have been propagated by the kremlin media by russian state run media is that senator john mccain was somehow an enemy of russia. nothing could be further from the truth. senator mccain was enemy of the crooks in and around vladimir putin's regime and kremlin. the people who are robbing the citizens of russia denying the rights and freedoms of the citizens of russia certainly an enemy of them. he called deserves to be called. i can tell you as somebody involved in the pro-democracy movement for many years. no bigger supporter on capitol hill with it came to defending the rights and freedoms of the dignity of
4:28 pm
the russian people senator john mccain. his voice will be maced not only in arizona and washington and u.s. but it will be missed to the furthest corners of the globe. martha thank you very much. good to meet you tonight. thank you for being here. >> martha: so interesting talking with him last night. so, tomorrow morning, bret and i will anchor coverage live of the mccain memorial at washington national cathedral which gets underway at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. but coming up here tonight, next, on "the story" on the roof top here in washington, d.c., the life of a college football player ruined after this woman admits that she falsely accused him of rape. she is going to jail. but how does he get his life back now? joining me live next is this young man. stay tuned. >> i just hope that, you know, she knows what she she has done and the fact that my life will never be the same.
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>> martha: a promising college football player's life dreams shattered as he was falsely accused of rape. his accuser 19-year-old told police she went to a party where two football players forced her to have sex in a bathroom. she later admitted that she had sex willingly and was afraid that if she admitted that another student wouldn't want to date her. malik speaks out here exclusively tonight for the first time about the case but first trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with the back story here. hi, trace. >> hi, martha, at the time nikki was attending sacred heart university in fairfield, connecticut. she claimed the incident happened at off campus party that two sacred heart football players pulled her into the bathroom, took turns holding her down and sexually assaulted her. she claims she repeatedly told the men she didn't want to be there. that she had friends waiting for her outside and please
4:34 pm
let her go. both men admitted having sex with her but said it was consensual. the players were not arrested but one lost his scholarship and both say they were pressured to leave school while they awaited disciplinary action. then nikki drastically changed her story. admitting in a sworn statement that she made the whole thing up because, quote: it was the first thing that came to mind and she didn't want to lose another male student as a friend and potential boyfriend. the document goes on to say she hoped that when the other student heard the allegation it would, quote: make him angry and sympathetic to her. she was sentenced to a year in jail for falsely reporting an incident and interfering with police. malik, one of the players wrongly accused said he spent 18 months trying to keep his name out of the news but finally he felt compelled to appear at the sentencing to talk about the significance of her actions. watch. >> my life has been altered and shaped in ways that
4:35 pm
nobody could imagine. i just hope that, you know, she knows that she has done and the fact that my life will never be the same. like i have anxiety. i have like ptsd from this. >> she made more headlines during sentencing by rolling her eyes and smirked several times. her attorney claimed she was moving her eyes in innocuous ways adding she was forced to stand in handcuffs for 30 minutes and couldn't get her hair out of her eyes. he called reporting of her bad behavior a manufactured story line. martha. >> trace, thank you. joining me now exclusively malik saint heller and his attorney frank, welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> martha: football player spread heart most valuable player team captain, right? serious about what you were doing. you go to college you go to this offcampus party and like that your life has changed. what has your reaction when
4:36 pm
you herds what she was accusing you of? >> well, to be honest, it was crazy. that was biggest type of accusation somebody can make like the only thing close to that is murder that was just to have a sister and mother and people that i care about and somebody to accuse me of that, it was life-changing because, you know, people don't look at you the same way. people don't talk to you. people, you know, everybody, special because of how everything played out, i didn't even have a chance to even clear myself. so automatically i'm looked at as something and someone -- >> martha: you felt like everyone automatically believed her. >> no. not automatic. people that knew me, they knew better. you know, but just people if you didn't know this story and you just heard of it, all you hear is somebody is accused of that and because that was the case it was hard to go through things to
4:37 pm
be accuseee of that. >> what did her claim do to your life. >> it really did a lot. at that moment i had to leave school. we were suspended from school. we weren't allowed to attend classes. and then trying to get back into school is very difficult because we no longer had the aid that we had scholarship that we. >> i wasn't on football scholarship at the time. that year that semester i was trying to transition into communications but i was on scholarship. i had received scholarship from harlem week and things did i within the community of new york city. so, from that, it was just crazy because i didn't even have opportunity to gain those things and to transition my life into what i wanted to transition it to. >> martha: tell me about the moment that you learned that she had recanted her story, that she was admitting that it didn't happen that way? >> well, at that moment it was a breath of fresh air a little, you know, it was because like finally she is telling the truth. like finally she is coming
4:38 pm
out and saying what really happened because but i was still out of school. i was still having difficulty. so even though she may have come out and told the truth, the damage had already been done. >> martha: were you angry? >> i was less furious. i was more -- i was more confused and just trying to figure things out. and at that moment, i just had a lot of pain in me and what i did was really just, you know, turned my pain into passion. >> martha: do you think that young men in these situations on college campuses get a fair hearing? do people listen to their side of the story? >> i mean, i think that was one of the issues was the fact that when this happened we didn't even give a statement. we had no opportunity to even give a statement when it happened. so,. >> martha: kicked you out without explaining what happened. >> i was not asked what happened before being suspended from school. >> martha: unbelievable. >> yes, extremely
4:39 pm
unbelievable. >> one of the issues too is the title 9 process in general. >> martha: yes. >> you had a guest on your show on wednesday that spoke of this very issue. these obama era policies created a no sphaciousd of proof. i know betsy devos is working on a new set of proposals that will add due process to raise the ability standard of proof and present evidence, review evidence, that does not exist in the title 9 concept right now. >> martha: unbelievable that no one asked you or the others your side of the story. you were told to pack up your stuff and leave? >> yes, immediately. pretty much packed my stuff that upcoming week and had to figure out what to do from there. >> martha: what's your next dream? how are you trying to put your life back together? >> really from this what i have been doing is putting my pain into passion. my passion has been music
4:40 pm
recently. i have been putting out a lot of music. i performed in new york city. i have been trying to turn my life around and put this into -- use this situation to better myself putting this situation into my music. >> martha: make you think twice about your interactions with women. >> oh, no doubt. it gives me definitely i have -- like i said, just some anxiety and there is a lot of different things that go on now when i'm around women or when i'm just around any situation just in any environment because i did nothing wrong and then all of a sudden i was getting recourses as if i did something wrong. >> martha: malik, you a good young man and good to meet you. thank you very much. >> pleasure to meet you, too ma'am. >> martha: i wish you all the best. >> thank you. good to see you too. >> martha: coming up next, president trump says that now we have the tax cuts but it's time to start dealing with out-of-control federal spending. so is congress going to support him on that. arizona congresswoman and republican senate candidate martha mcsally joins me
4:41 pm
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>> martha: one move at a time announcing putting a freeze on federal pay raises saying that our national
4:45 pm
debt is just out of control and that's one of the levers that he can use to do it. 2.1% salary increase for civilian federal employees was set to go into effect in january. congress may have the power to override that move. here now congresswoman martha mcsally now running for jeff flake's senate seat. she just won her primary so good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> are you supportive of this cut in salaries. >> i agree with the president the federal federal bureaucracy out of control. bureaucrats who continue to really fail but it's very difficult to fire them. i saw that when i was in the military even with department of defense employees. so i agree that we need to freeze the spending. but i want to work through in the house version has already done that we have got like border patrol agents, for example, those working in our ports of entry those actually putting their lives out there on the line. i think there is a way for a not one size fits all and make sure we are cutting the fat where it is. we are rewarding a merit based system. we have to move the whole
4:46 pm
system away from. >> martha: potential carveouts to protect those folks. >> democrats including my senate opponent who wants to protect the union workers instead of actually the taxpayers. and that's where we need to be for the tax pair. >> martha: we will watch that this is you earlier today obviously for all arabsens it's been a very emotional week as you saw say goodbye and nation says goodbye to john mccain. here is you saluting his casket earlier today. >> it was. we salute out of honor. is he a legend and hero. i'm just so honored that i got to know him instead of just study him like did i when i was in the military about what it means to live a life of duty honor and country. when i ran for office i got to know him. treated my like a pilot.
4:47 pm
he leads a hole in the heart of our state and country. bigger than grand canyon. >> martha: that's what governor ducey said the other day. i thought that was a beautiful image and great point that he made. obviously, jeff flake who you were hoping to replace hasn't been the biggest fan of the president. you said some things about the president during the combine. he has been very supportive of you. just but the a tweet out there. the question is what kind of senator do you see yourself being? are you going to be a jeff flake? are you going to be someone who is up against the president and, you know, critical of him if you get to washington? >> i'm going to be a martha mcsally senator and i'm working very closely with the president and the administration. i have 97% voting record with the administration. i'm over there all the time. we're talking about border security. sanctuary cities, ms-13 gangs. and so i have been working with him and i am really grateful for his support and i will continue to do that in the senate. this is a consequential race. we need to make sure we have
4:48 pm
a historic opportunity that we have people in the senate that are willing to stand up and fight for what matters to us. and the things that really matter in arizona loving the tax cuts. but we have got to secure our border. we have to support our military and my opponent is pretty extreme on these issues. you may have seen, you know, we put me side by side me in a flight suit and her in a do you do you protesting our military. that's the choice we have. i will continue to work with president trump when i'm in the senate. >> martha: we will continue to talk to you as we watch this race. interesting one to watch. good to see you tonight congresswoman mcsally thank you very much for being here. so, coming up, hollywood heart throb ryan gosling playing neil armstrong walking on the moon on the big screen but he says they decided that they didn't really need the part where he plants the flag on the moon. ladies night coming up ♪ man on the moon ♪ man on the moon ♪
4:49 pm
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>> we started out not as a president and first lady, a senator, a secretary of state, we started out as like a aretha groupies or something. [laughter] >> nothing sounded better to me than the way my grandma sings her voice made you feel something. her voice brought peace. ♪ we're going to miss you. ♪ it's really going to be different without you ♪ for the rest of my life ♪ going to be thinking about you ♪ >> martha: there was some
4:54 pm
beautiful performances today at aretha franklin's funeral in detroit. the guests ranging from world leaders to musical legends and one special controversial figure seated in the front row many people kind of wondering what the unapologetic anti-semite louis farrakhan was doing up there. i'm joined by kelly florence marie harf. moving jennifer hudson was amazing and gladys knight was amazing did i keep myself distracted by louis farrakhan in every single shot. what was he doing there? who wants to start there. >> it's interesting you saw him because, you know, i looked in. so coverage of this and a lot of outlets, variety, abc, nbc had pictured published in the web site cutting him off. showed the front row with president clinton, jesse jackson, al sharpton and they cut farrakhan off. i thought that was very telling that they did that clearly, they thought wow, why is this guy there, too?
4:55 pm
they had the all. >> guest of honor right near bill clinton. >> supposed to be about aretha franklin became about some of these gentlemen who were right behind. >> we forget that he was really at the head of the election movement for year. respect natural woman that was a part of the movement. >> martha: what does it have to do with lewis farrakhan. >> he also was a part of the movement. >> it was her funeral who who she wants there and how she wants people sitting. >> martha: do you think she arranged al sharpton and jesse jackson and louis farrakhan to be up there. >> i think she wanted them at her funeral. >> martha: i wonder how much jockeying there was for prime position. i thought he was pushing his website and all of this on twitter. i thought gee, that's kind of a little bit unfortunate.
4:56 pm
it was distracting in that way. said awful things about jewish people and gay people and white people never the message i heard in her music. unfortunate. this moment with arianna grande she is dancing and she's guys are like staring at her from the back and, of course, that was all over -- look at these guys i mean, i don't know. marie, what's your reaction? >> if i were ariana grande, i would have worn something longer. >> she didn't realize she was going to be standing in front like a bad version of "american idol." that is not appropriate to wear to a funeral even aretha franklin's funeral. she could have done something a little longer with see agains. >> she looked great. it's not her fault that those guys were lehring at her. >> i don't think they were lehring. >> look at bill clinton's face is priceless. >> there is a lot of meals online right now about bill clinton and jesse jackson talking and what they were
4:57 pm
saying in that moment watching. >> good lord. aretha would have loved. this it was a great day. >> she would have loved the performances. >> no doubt about it the performances were beautiful that was like a comedy of errors back there something going on. ryan gosling has a movie out which i'm really looking forward to seeing. first man on the moon neil armstrong amazing story, amazing american story. they decided to leave the part, this part out, okay? the flag planting on the moon they decided we don't really need that part. ryan gosling says i think this was widely regarded in the end as a human achievement and that was how we chose to view it as i oppose i guests an american achievement. >> i'm a former film critic. film critics tend to be a pretty progressive bunch. they are eating it up. i went to look at some reviews i'm glad this film avoids the kind of diswring gism in america right now. this was during the cold war there was a reason that they put the american flag this was symbolic victory in the cold war freedom can take us
4:58 pm
anywhere even to the moon. it's a human achievement doesn't mean it's not also an american achievement. america, if it wasn't so free and prosperous it wouldn't have had the resources and money to do the research to send a guy to moon. exactly. >> i am progressive but i actually don't agree with whatever critics you are reading. this is a classic american story and we're the ones that got to the moon. i actually am surprised it's not in there and i wish it was. i'm on the opposite side of the aisle from some people who might be arguing that i think it's crazy crazy to not have it in. >> there we keep on revising miss i have and we do this a lot in biopic films even the one with jackie robbison i did a couple of games in the end everyone was rooting for him and that's not what happened. he planted the flag and the flag suspect there. >> martha: he definitely did. the space race was a big battle between the soviet union and the united states. putting the flag um there
4:59 pm
was huge. i don't know if we have time for the woman who took her shirt off at the u.s. open. 99 degrees out there. she -- her shirt was on backwards. she flips her shirt around took it off for one second and she gets a penalty i mean, and the men don't. the men do the same thing full shirts off no penalties i'm glad they fixed this and apologized to her this is crazy. >> stop policing women's bodies i appreciate it. >> people have changed since brandy took the shirt off in world cup. one thing i will say, they used to be called sports bras now bra tops. suspects it's the same garment a little more acceptable to be wearing it they are pretty big sports brass. >> martha: not really showing a whole lot there. >> not victoria secret style. [laughter] >> martha: thank you very much, ladies. thanks for coming out on ladies night. >> all we need is champagne.
5:00 pm
>> martha: that is our story tonight. have a great night. we will see you back tomorrow morning when bret baier and i join you for special coverage of john mccain's funeral at the national cathedral. good night, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome to a special edition of temperature kerr carlson tonight. tech tyranny. waging a war on privacy, culture and freedom of speech the portal through which all human information flows and they have their thumb on the scale. the results of the searches you conduct online they control those, your phone. they own it in effect. they track you everywhere you go even when the phone is off. they collect intimate information on you. they sell to to advertisers for a profit. they give now details about this. these companies are politically radical. they are funding the activism that's changing our country right now. there is nothing that you can do to check


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