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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 1, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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"justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to a very special edition of "justice" this labor day weekend. the theme, "liars, leakers, and liberals." i'm jeanine pirro. thank you for being with us and once again make "justice" number one last weekend. we'll uncover the liars, leaks and liberals desperately working to take down the trump presidency. we have a big show on deck with house majority leaderkevin mccarthy, charlie kirk, mike huckabee and tom fitton. what don't you get?
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have you no self-esteem, self-regard, self-respect? where is your dignity. why would you stay in a job where you are not wanted, a job you took under false pretenses, knowing you wouldn't be able to do the complete job. nobody elected you, voted for you or petitioned to make sure got the job. you grostled and begged for the job and out of loyalty he gave it to you. you are so clueless, you don't even know you are being used. you don't even know you are nothing but a shill. the only constituency that wants you is the deep state that needs someone to re-protect their flank from an investigation.
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are you proud of yourself? you have taken the blinds fold off lady justice and weighted the scales in favor of anyone who is a democrat and refused to do your job to prosecute corruption by the democrats. i know you spend 20 years in the senate and did basically nothing. in 20 years you fostered 7 bills that became law. maybe your brain got jeweled while you enjoyed the fruits of the most of exclusive 50 help club in america, but why did you need or deserve to be attorney general. now, you recused yourself from the 2016 russian election probe. okay. but what's your excuse for not acting like the a.g. can't you see what's going on? for all intents and purposes the
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russia collusion investigation over because there is no russia collusion by president trump or his team. hard as they tried to frame the president, their unhinged conspiracy theory is dead. mueller moved on from russia to obstruction and now to here, whores, porn stars and campaign contributions. you want to talk campaign contributions. let's talk about the millions hillary funneled to the law firm that laundered the fusion gps if create a false document to con the fisa court. even a non-part spa -- non-partn group'. what are you doing about that? does she go scot-free again?
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if you are not corrupt and if the fix isn't in because they have got something on you, then you have been duped. can't you see the damage to this country by this fraudulent investigation you breathed life into by allowing them to run amok? can't you see that this nation is being torn apart as they continue to promote their lunacy against the president we elected. mueller's charge doesn't prevent you from investigating other corruption. how can you ignore the flow 100s of millions in cash from the hillary corrupt foundation. how can you ignore that hillary clinton set american foreign policy to coincide with the flow00s of millions to her foundation, and bill was a bag man. you know there has never been a
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real audit. comey and lynch gave up immunity like candy and no one was ever brought before a grand jury let alone prosecuted. hillary, cheryl mills, anthony weiner, bryan pagliano. how can she destroy evidence of 33,000 emails and put our classified information at risk. a door broken down at 5:00 a.m. and he's put in solitary confinement 23 hours a day before he's even tried. even your best friend lindsey graham and chuck grassley have had it with you and are ready to throw you under the bus.
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grassley is saying he could find the time to hold hearings to replace you. lindsey is saying you will likely be replaced. the vacancy reform act. look it up, jeff. allows for the appointment of a new attorney general on a temporary basis without senate confirmation. so now, jeff, isn't it grand. you tell the president that you are standing for justice. your standing is a shill for a corrupt deep state. and you have the nerve to talk about justice? and all the bad actors who desperately need you to protect them from the sword of damocles are blowing smoke and telling you to stay the course. they are laughing at you because you are allowing mueller and his band much trump-hating democrat
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lawyers to continue their investigation in search of a crime, any crime, now the president's business finances having nothing to do with russia. are you proud of yourself? i am the ag, the actions of the department of justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations. are you kidding? all of america knows the doj continues to be influenced by politics. that's why they elected the outsider president. see see it every day when the doj and the fbi smugly refuse to respond to congressional subpoenas. and when required to hand so documents, they are blackened out and unreadable. if you and your pals think you are get together president, think again. this president can take the shots. he's don't his own life. never underestimate him or his powers. but you need to do one of two
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things. resign immediately because you are not wanted, put on your big boy pants and be a real attorney general. that's my open. if you like my opening statement, you will love my new book, the "new york times" number one best seller, "liars, leaks and liberals." joining me now former arkansas governor and fox news contributor, mike huckabee. good evening, governor. >> great to be with you, judge. you are spot on with the opening. it breaks my heart to say i agree with you. i am a long time friend of jeff sessions. i like him a lot. i was personally ecstatic when the president named him as attorney general. but this situation as spiraled out of control and we have got to get to the bottom of the corruption, the conspiracy, the
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collusion and the cover-up going on in the justice department. and it doesn't appear attorney general sessions has the stomach to appoint someone whether it's a special counsel, or whether he gets people from the field offices far removed from d.c. but there has to be accountability for those people in the doj and the fbi who have made a mockery of true justice in this country. judge jeanine: sessions has to go whether you like him or don't like him. but the president just other evening said he's not going before the mid-terms. what does that tell you? that he's going the day after? >> if i were jeff sessions i wouldn't plan on buying any artwork for the office that would be delivered the day after the election. i will leave it at that. some cardboard boxes filling his
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office floor to gather up his things in early november would be a very good idea. judge jeanine: the sad part of all this is the president said he stayed out. he has been consistent in his statement to let the investigation take its court. in reality, 20 months, no collusion, nothing. all the collusion points to hillary clinton, her husband, strzok, christopher steel, ohr and all of them. i just want -- does he not understand -- let's assume the investigation against trump and d
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kicking doors down saying you are all fired and getting rid of people. this is a circuit we can't afford to have in this country. if we have people at the highest levels of the fbi and department of justice who not only concoct a plot to prevent donald trump from being elected president, but once he is duly elected by the voters of this country and has an overwhelming electoral college victory. for them to turn their sights on trying to delegitimize his election. that's the most of serious kind of crime conducted not against donald trump. this is a crime committed against the people of the united states and against the constitution that has a process for electing a president.
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judge jeanine: we all know it. but what are we going to do. the president fires comey on the memo written by rod rosenstein and rod rosenstein appoints mueller saying we have to investigate obstruction. this is corrupt. but what are we doing about it? what can we do? >> we are not doing anything about it. and that's the problem. judge jeanine: should christopher wray, the guy who will not hand over fbi documents unless they are blackened out totally, should he go? >> i don't know. i haven't had time to look through what he has or hasn't done. so let me give him the benefit of the doubt. the president is maybe at the point where he should order all of these documents released at least to the members of congress in the oversight committees. maybe not to the entire public.
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let the members of the congressional committees seat unredacted versions of the memos. judge jeanine: let's assume they see the unredacted version. who is going to prosecute? americans are fed up with this. every day they see probable cause and evidence of a crime, none of which is being presented to a grand jury. >> there are two big fall ours going on. one is the department of justice and the fbi. the government is not doing the job it's supposed to do to hold accountable to people who abuse their position and use their government-funded taxpayer jobs to weaponize a particular party in canada. the second, we have a media that is absolutely so in their disgust and hatred of donald trump that they refuse to look at what ought to be something
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that mission them want to gag every day at the cover-up of the highest levels of government. if we had a decent media, if we had a media that did its job of true journalism, you would have people asking the shard questions, demanding the answers, but we don't have it. when the president talks about journalists being the enemy of the people, they are. judge jeanine: the journalists can't prosecute it comes down to jeff sessions and a grand jury and making people accountable. so you agree jeff sessions needs to go. >> i think there is no doubt about that. he should do it himself. he should not force donald trump to fire him. the president doesn't need that politically. the attorney general should go to the president and say i don't think i'm being effective, i think you want me to leave, thank you for the opportunity, i'm going to alabama. judge jeanine: governor huckabee, thank you for being
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with us. charlie kirk and chris hahn ready to do battle on the panel. 65 days until the mid-term election. a lot to talk about with my next guest. kevin mccarthy joins me in a justice exclusive. you don't want to miss this. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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president trump: my administration is also stabbing up for the free speech rights of all americans, free speech rights. look at social media. a thing called free speech rights. you look at google, facebook, twitter and other social media giants. and i made it clear that we as a country cannot tolerate political censorship, black listing and rigged search results. you know it can goat other way also. we'll not let large corporations silence conservative voices. judge jeanine: that's the president vowing to fight censorship of conservatives by social media giants. my next guest is ready to fight for free speech rights.
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house majority leader kevin mccarthy joins me. thanks so much for being with us. the president seems pretty fired up and you are as well. tell me why. >> this is something the president and i have been working on for quite some time. 67% of all adults in america get some form of their news from the internet. it's become the town square. walk through a couple examples of things that happened. if you look at prager university that runs out conservative universities. they had one about baseballer israel with alan dershowitz, both of those were categorized in the pornography area but they wouldn't show it. then we find out it was employees. what about if you google the california republican party two weeks before the primary. they said our ideology wasn't
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the party of lincoln, but nazism. and they blame that on wikipedia. what about shadow-banning when it comes to twitter. the ceos need to come into these committees, jack dorsey the president of twitter is coming in and i give him credit for this. they say it's algorithms doing this. no, it's people writing these algorithms. a senior engineer at facebook said if he had views that went against the left leaning he was attacked like a mob and 100 people joined his group for political diversity. these algorithms, laura evening graham put something out on immigration and facebook said it was sensitive so people couldn't even see that. judge jeanine: i was talking
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about the department of justice and jeff sessions with mike huckabee it's like lady justice, she is bandaged. but when it comes to the republicans it's like take it bandage off and let her go after them. but all the crime we are hearing about, it's the same with social media. we have got to the point where these kren soreship operatives are only focused on the right making sure we are not here. diamond and silk. are you kidding? they were kre censored. people don't understand what you can do to preserve the rights all americans to say whatever they want to say. >> the view that the end justifies the means in their mindset. they are upset the president won the election. this is the difference.
6:23 pm
i say two points. you have to str have transparency and accountability. i'm all for somebody on there cite sizes me. but the idea that we have a conservative idea that you knock it down or you can't search for it. that's wrong. remember what google's line was, do no evil. 2/3 of all adults are finding their information on social media and it's growing day by day. i think there is a responsibility and especially before the next presidential election. judge jeanine: mark zuckerberg appeared before congress. you got ceo jack dorsey coming in from twitter. facebook is offering sheryl sandberg. but it seems google is not as interested. am i correct in that? >> they haven't come forth. but i think they need to come forth. google controls search.
6:24 pm
remember the power of the subpoena. our committees have the power to subpoena people. we don't want to do that. it's better if you believe in transparency and accountability and believe in doing no evil in is no reason you would hold back and not come forth. even though i have a didn't philosophy than jack dorsey politically. i give him credit. if you believe your algorithms which are written by humans aren't causing problems. show us. judge jeanine: i'm with you. let's talk about the mid-terms. the president in the primary this week, he helped with ron desantis in florida, and ron desantis was a come from behind candidate for governor. he was just in evansville, indiana this week from mark
6:25 pm
braun. what do you think he's going to continue to do, and will it help? >> the man never sleeps. he's work all the time. what a difference a new administration makes. what this election will be about is results versus resistance. history says once a party wins the white house, whatever party wins the white house usually loses seats on the off years. but history also says the last time you had a party in the white house that had six quarters of economic growth and gdf above 4%, they actually gained seats. in the last 49 years in america unemployment has only been below 4% 8 months. three those 8 months is this year. look what we have done for the va. we built our media. the president has shut down human trafficking, modern day
6:26 pm
slavery online. he shut that down and he's prosecuting that. judge jeanine: you know, paul ryan and i said on this show since he's not running again he should forget about being speaker. a lot of people say you are going to be the speaker. are you interested? >> well, i think what i'm most of interested in, i traveled to half the states in this union in the last month to make sure republicans can be speaker. you have to keep the majority. i have been working the closest with this president. we have an agenda we can win on. let's win that election then we can have that election. judge jeanine: that was a great two-step. next a labor day throw-down, turning point u.s.a. charlie
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visit and schedule an appointment with our cancer care specialists today. alicia: live from "america's news headquarters." thousands gathering in the washington national cathedral to honor and pay respects to an american hero. among the speakers. his friend senator joe lieberman who reflected on the senator's sense of humor. >> when he found a joke people liked, he told it over and over and over again. one of my favorites was about the two inmates going through the food line for dinner at the state penitentiary. one says to the other, the food is terrible here. and the other says, it was a lot better when i was governor.
6:32 pm
alicia: senator mccain will be buried tomorrow at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis, maryland. i'm alicia acuna. judge jeanine: will the american people see through the liars, leakers and liberals when they go to the polls? let's scw "my -- let's ask my panel, charlie kirk and chris hahn. what we have seen the last 18 months is impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. what we have seen in some of these primaries the people winning are so far left it sounds like they are from a socialist country. and they seem to not have a message. can the democrats win with their nothing more than impeachment
6:33 pm
message? >> i don't think the message is going to be impeachment. i don't think impeachment is a winning message unless you have republicans going along with that message. but accountability will be the message and the congress that performs its article one duty to perform a check on executive power. even people who like president trump and give him high approval ratings don't necessarily trust president trump. i think that's what's going to show up at the polls in november. history is on their side. only two presidents in the last 100 years have picked up seats in the mid-term election. and i think the democrats are going to take back control at least of the house and maybe even the senate. judge jeanine: charlie kirk. chris is saying the executive branch needs to have a check on
6:34 pm
it. what's he talking about? >> i'm so glad he brought up accountability. how about accountability of the doj and the fbi. how this crazy dossier was funded in the first place. how about the deep state undercutting the president at every turn. the fbi was undercutting the president during the transition process with peter strzok and james comey. if republicans lose the house, the oversight is over. they will politicize the committees against the president. chris, you worked on cap hill. you have got to be stunned what's coming out of the fbi and the doj. to have the high-ranking members of the fbi resign and fired. that's not normal. this is not the way the country should be operating. if the republicans lose the
6:35 pm
house, that ends immediately. judge jeanine: what do you think, chris? >> i think charlie is hilarious. republicans have had control of the congress for the last six years. they have control of the presidency, the courts and congress. they have all the oversight in the world. they performed no oversight, yet cabinet secretaries running amok. if you want to talk about strzok and ohr. ohr is there to go after the russian mob. that's why the president is probably against ohr. judge jeanine: are you kidding? charlie, hit it. >> i was going to make a joke, but it seems where we live in a fantasy where comedy has become reality. can you say with a straight face, the fbi is saying we are not going to let this happen.
6:36 pm
we have text messages from rank and file members of the federal bureau of investigation to obstruct this president. judge jeanine: chris, who paid for the dossier? >> it started with the washington "free beacon" which was paid for by a republican candidate for president. so we have to find out who that candidate was. judge jeanine: who brought the dossier to the fisa court and why isn't the fisa court judge freaking that he or she was laughed at and conned unless that fisa court ask judge is part of the con. that's the problem here and i am not nuts. chris, you can answer it. >> here's the thing, judge. all this talk about sessions and the presidential power. if the president wants to fire jeff sessions he should do it before the mid-terms so the
6:37 pm
voters can react to it appropriately. he can put on his big boy pants and go out there. everybody is playing politics. if there is a problem, address the problem. sessions swore alee zwroants constitution, not the president. judge jeanine: charlie? >> you mentioned accountability, and oversight. we need to investigate the russia hoax. it's democrat money that funded the dossier it's a fake investigation. judge jeanine: donald trump isn't afraid of anybody, and he doesn't need to put his big boy pants on with sessions. >> prove it. judge jeanine: he proiflts every day. the deep state wants to take down a president. john solomon and fox news legal
6:38 pm
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. judge jeanine: there is no better example of liars, leakers and liberals colluding against president trump than mueller's witch hunt. but what about the actual russia collusion mueller is not look into. investigative journalist john solomon. and fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett, gregg, i'll start with you. he's been a see crept character that flew under our radar for 18
6:43 pm
months. based on his testimony we know bruce ohr was facilitating christopher steele's contacts with the fbi and continuing them even after the fbi fired christopher steele for wrongly leaking to the media. he does this, and he's telling senior people in the justice department, the fbi agents know, they nope bruce ohr has a conflict of interest. they are working to discredit of donald trump during the investigation and nobody puts a stop to this and nobody in the justice department seems to be curious. bruce ohr says bob mueller never called me or asked me way was up to. it's kind of like girls gone wild at the doj. there doesn't seem to be anyone at the justice department who
6:44 pm
cares about this. judge jeanine: what is the legal significance of this with ohr back channeling and bringing this information to the departments of justice. gregg: andrew weissmann was a participant in the russian hoax using a false document, the dossier, to cry to incriminate and frame donald trump for things he didn't do. weissmann, according to bruce ohr knew that christopher steele come posed it, was discredited as a liar, and the document itself was not credible. this was like a detective who frames the suspect then appoints himself to investigate suspect over the crime for which he has been framed. judge jeanine: he gets the real prosecutor out of the way and
6:45 pm
says you are conflicted. gregg: whatever robert mueller couples with should never be believed. it's like the exclusionary rule. tainted illegally obtained evidence should be exclude. judge jeanine: this all fruit of poisonous tree. everybody knew hillary paid for the dossier along with the dnc. no one is even looking at that. and that campaign contribution, yet they are on the hookers and campaign contributions on the other side. >> i have talked to many professionals who worked in a different era of the fbi. only conspiracy they see is a conspiracy by the fbi to defraud and deceive the fisa court to get a warrant on false
6:46 pm
pretenses. i know people are talking about congress and jeff sessions. the president has another option. why not bring louie frie back and look at this and tell us what the fbi did right and wrong. i don't think we'll get an answer until we get something more independent look at this evidence. gregg: the fisa court was defrauded. evidence was concealed, the judges were deceived. the chief justice of the supreme court is in charge fisa court. he should direct the presiding judge to hold a for cause maring and gets to the d hearing and get -- hold a for-cause hearing. if she determines this was a fraud on the court, a criminal referral should be made to the department of justice. judge jeanine: forget about john
6:47 pm
roberts. but why wouldn't the judge who signed the original warrant and three subjects subsequent warrants hit the ceiling? gregg: they should be angry they were deceived and defrauded. judge jeanine: unless they were part of the con. john solomon, are you going now? >> papadopoulos started this. i have a column in the hill this week showing the information given the court was wrong. judge jeanine: next we'll continue the conversation with new details from tom fitton of judicial watch. don't go away. (vo) when bandits stole the lockbox from the wells fargo stagecoach,
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judge jeanine: breaking tonight. the justice department confirms to judicial watch that no hearings were conducted regarding the fisa surveillance of carter page. tom fitton joins us. every time i have you on my show i say but for you we wouldn't know anything. what you are telling us tonight is huge. and that is there was no hearings on any of the warrant applications that resulted in an
6:52 pm
order for surveillance of the trump campaign. talk to us about the significance of that. >> that's right. we were asking for documents about the fisa warrants. we got the warrant applications heavily redacted. we said were there hearings. they finally admitted this week there were no hearings. there was the initial warrant application, three renewals and four different courts decide they didn't need to conduct any hearings on this effort to surveil an associate of candidate trump. the most of recent renewal was signed by rod rosenstein under mueller's investigation. it raises questions about -- we have the initial corruption of the warrants themselves, but the courts we are relying on to provide oversight. it looks like they rubber stamped these corrupt fisa
6:53 pm
applications and asked no questions of the government when they were targeting the trump team. when you look at the fisa warrant application you know what they were after, they were after donald trump. and the court didn't bring them to ask questions about it. judge jeanine: tell my viewers how unusual it is to get a warrant to surveil an american citizen that is repeatedly reuped without a hearing. wouldn't the judge want someone to testify this is right, this is new, this what we learned in the last 90 days? >> this is a classified court process. it's not unusual for the fisa court to conduct no hearing. it strikes me as rather unusual or outrageous that they didn't ask questions over a surveillance of someone associated with donald trump. i can't believe the courts were
6:54 pm
so oblivious of the importance of what they were being asked to do. do they just rubber stamp spy warrant that are asked for only by the government. there is no one else there to say, hey, you should think twice about this. we rely on the courts to provide the oversight, and it isn't happening. it led to a corrupt fisa court warrant process that resulted from a dossier that was mishandled and misleadingly used to get the spy warrants to begin with. judge jeanine: if you have got a judge who has been conned, you and i both know they would be dragging those u.s. attorneys and fbi agents on that warrant application to court. but it appears nothing is being done, which is why there have been called for john roberts to do a review himself. but as far as i am concerned, if
6:55 pm
they have this surveillance against a presidential candidate and his operation, it's almost prima facia evidence of a campaign seek to know what's going on with the other campaign. >> you had the administration allowing this awesome power to get spy warrants in secret, abusing that process. abusing that power to spy on its political opposition, namely the trump team. this isn't about carter page. this is about donald trump. when you review the warrant you see the focus is getting to candidate number one, donald trump. the courts questioner out to lunch because the subjects subsequent renewals raised questions about christopher steele, the source, and they didn't bring him in to ask questions. incredible. judge jeanine: thanks as always. we'll be right back.
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member, you never have to miss justice. if you can't watch, set your dvr. thank you for watching. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice and the american way. greg gutfeld is coming up. enjoy the rest of the weekend and the holiday. i will see you next saturday. >> long week? relax with a glass and let's get after it. >> in other words, let's get after it. >> it's time to go deep, let's get after it. i will be good without the girly christ, crying is not girly and it's a show of sensitivity. get emotional intelligence going. is this the real truth or poppycock? poppycock. poppycock. greg: this is a family program. watch it, buddy. [cheering and applause] this week i saw my faith in my


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