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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 3, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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that's it for us. this special edition of "the five." have a wonderful labor day. we'll be back here tomorrow. set your dvr. >> an american service member in afghanistan is killed in an apparent insider attack. tropical storm gordon threatens to watch out the labor day festivities in the southeast. why some high schools are pulling the plug on their football teams. this is "special report" ." welcome to washington. i am mike emanuel in for bret baier. this labor day is a sad and tragic one for the united states military in afghanistan. it appears a member of the afghan military killed one american and wounded another. lucas tomlinson has the top story from the pentagon. >> the second time in two months a u.s. service member apparently killed by the very same afghan
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forces he was there to train. six u.s. troops have been killed in afghanistan this year. in a statement announcing the latest casualty, the new head of u.s. forces in afghanistan said "the sacrifice of our service member who volunteered for a mission to afghanistan to protect his country is a tragic loss. our duty now is to honor him, care for his family, and continue our mission." admission that is stretched for nearly two decades. general scott miller becomes the ninth u.s. general in 17 years to lead all u.s. and allied forces in afghanistan. miller is the former head of joint special operations command responsible for leading elite commando unit such as delta force, seal team six, and the 75th ranger regiment. today's apparent insider attack comes one day after miller took command. >> the world recognize this afghanistan cannot be a safe haven for terrorists. i know this has been a long
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fight. i understand the reason we are fighting i know why we are here and i know terrorists seek safe haven. >> a point echoed by britain's defense minister. he warned of the ever-growing threat from isis pays big we've seen terrorist groups operating here in afghanistan, evidence they are linked back not just of the united kingdom but the whole of continental europe. >> fears of a similar attack to last year's in manchester. today 15,000 american troops remain, down from over 100,000 during the obama administration. lastly, the u.s. military's top officers had the reduction marketing strategy put in place by president trump a year ago. >> i certainly don't expect that the current forces in afghanistan represents an enduring large military commitment. >> the pentagon says it kills kd the head of isis in afghanistan.
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the u.s. military dropped more than 3500 bombs in afghanistan, double the number over the same period a year ago. >> mike: lucas tomlinson, thanks a lot. the united states is suspending $300 million in military aid to pakistan. the pentagon says pakistan is not doing enough to battle terror groups inside of the border. the move must be approved by congress. in january, the pentagon suspended nearly a billion dollars in aid for the same reason. here at home, tropical storm gordon lashing florida. it has spoiled many labor day cookouts. garrett tenney is here with a look. >> good evening. the bad news is we could be looking at our first major hurricane of the 2018 season. the good news, this is a fast-moving storm and that can help keep the rain totals down. you can see this was not a sun and sand kind of holiday.
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a number of beaches, including those in miami-dade county, were closed due to a dangerous rip currents. flooding is a major concern. tropical storm gordon has dumped four to 6 inches of rain. conditions across florida should start to improve as the system pushes out into the gulf of mexico. gordon has been growing throughout the day. in the past overcome the national weather service that it expects to continue the next 36 hours. a hurricane watch is in effect for the central gulf coast from around new orleans, across mississippi, to the alabama-florida border. we could be looking at sustained winds of 74 miles an hour and 4 to 6 inches of rain. flash flooding and life-threatening surges. new orleans mayor said they are not taking any chances. >> gordon will merely be a rain event but the potential of high winds throughout the city and
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storm surge in areas outside of the levee protection system. public safety is our absolute first priority. >> the next couple days are the ones to be the most concerned about. by wednesday, gordon is expected to start losing strength as it moves inland foot between now and then, folks along the gulf coast will have to keep an eye on it. >> mike: first responders and meteorologists will have their hands full. president trump marked labor day about going after the face of organized labor in this country, and he is also taking another shot at his attorney general, jeff sessions. correspondent peter doocy is at the white house tonight. >> president trump walked to his motorcade for a daytrip wearing golf clubs but he immediately stopped and turned around, went back inside, never left. the white house says it was so he could make calls on trade and other international issues. but that was not the only thing on his mind today.
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>> why not commit to jeff sessions past november? >> for the first time president trump publicly reasoned that the weight of court cases involving republicans could be a drag on the midterm candidates and he's pointing a finger at jeff sessions, tweeting: "two long running, obama era, investigations of two very popular republican congressmen were brought to a well publicized charge, just ahead of the mid-terms, by the jeff sessions justice department. two easy wins now in doubt because there is not enough time. good job jeff." before that tweet, a big part of the presidents midterm strategy has been to stress the benefit of ongoing trade talks. he tweeted this weekend: "there is no political necessity to keep canada in the new nafta deal. if we don't make a fair deal for the u.s. after decades of abuse, canada will be out. congress should not interfere with these negotiations or i will simply terminate nafta entirely and we will be far better off."
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cutting canada out concerns afl-cio chief richard trumka. >> i said i would call balls and strikes. when he was did something good for workers, did something bad for workers, we would oppose him. unfortunately, today the things he has done to hurt workers outpaced what he has done to help workers. >> the president and his allies called trumka out. stickley is not calling balls and strikes. i think he is at the concession stand. >> as long as the economy stays strong, the president may continue tying economic policies to foreign policies, which he did in asia. >> i have a fantastic relationship with chairman kim. i had to move on china from the standpoint of trade that is it really was not fair to our country. >> lawmakers started responding to the latest criticism lobbed at the attorney general by president trump. republican senator ben sasse just released a statement where he said that the united states
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is not some banana republic. he also says it's not the president's job to comment on ongoing investigations. apparently senator sasse is referring to the two investigations into republican members of congress they caught the president's attention today. >> mike: peter doocy live on the north lawn. thank you. president trump is welcoming speculation that former obama secretary of state and one-time democratic residential nominee john kerry may be making a comeback. the president tweeted delete this afternoon: "i see that john kerry, the father of the now terminated iran deal, is thinking of running for president. i should only be so lucky, although the field that is currently assembling looks really good for me!" president trump's pick to fill the vacancy in the spring court will face his critics and supporters tomorrow. fox news chief legal correspondent and anchor of fox news that night shannon bream, looks at the issues. >> a judge must be independent, must keep an open mind in every
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case. >> is a promise every nominee to the supreme court makes. an ideal that inevitably runs into partisan pushback. >> we have a lot of issues about presidential power. because he has weighed in these issues, the profound burden to show he will serve as a fair and independent check on the president. >> trump introduced brett kavanaugh. groups rallied and sounded the alarm. >> will undermine marriage equality. >> the supreme court may confront other divisive issues. whether a 40-foot latin cross entering world war i veterans violates the prohibition of the government endorsing religion. state regulations on surrogate pregnancy. medicaid funds used for abortion. the limits of executive power. ongoing challenges to
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president trump's immigration, environmental, and regulatory policy. >> the supreme court has become the decision-maker of last resort on so many issues that have polarized our society. >> judge kavanaugh a decade ago suggested providing sitting presidents with a temporary deferral of civil and criminal prosecutions. >> it makes sense to make sure that we give our president is much room as possible to operate free from the usual burdens of the citizenry. >> that has many democrats worried that brett kavanaugh will protect the man who nominated him from any subpoena. >> judge kavanaugh's judicial philosophy incorporates an almost monarchical view of executive power. animated by belief that our chief executive gets to play by a different set of rules. >> while working for kenneth starr, kavanaugh advocated an aggressive approach to get
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president clinton to detail under oath the extent of his relationship with intern monica lewinsky. >> and he is suggesting is congress take a look at this and consider whether to essentially have a postponement or timeout. it's a perfectly reasonable position but he is speaking is a thoughtful observer and not as a judge periods big republican say the judge's views are being distorted and that his record is earned bipartisan praise. supporters note capital has not voted in any election since becoming a judge. to take himself at least in his own mind away from the political process. just be a neutral, nonpartisan judge. >> mike: thank you. bret baier and martha maccallum will coanchor our special coverage of the kavanaugh hearings tomorrow starting at 9:15 a.m. so far, democrats have complained about judge brett kavanaugh but seemingly have accomplished little. correspondent doug mckelway looks at the reasons why. >> it was only hours after brett
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kavanaugh was nominated to the supreme court that progressives rallied with an unmistakable directive to senate democrats. >> i have one message for every senator ! the keys to our future and our freedom are in your hands! >> the word went out. $5 million spent on attack ads. >> call your senators and tell them to oppose trump's extreme nominee. stop brett kavanaugh. >> progressive's faced obstacles. change the rules that harry reid set in motion, requiring a simple majority vote. when the senate changed hands, majority leader mitch mcconnell upped the ante, flying that changed to supreme court nominees too. lacking the votes, democrats hoped for republican defections but rand paul, susan collins, lisa murkowski signaled their support for kavanaugh.
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hopes were temporarily revived with the conviction of paul manafort and the plea deal of michael cohen. >> we should be pushing to postpone the kavanaugh hearings. this nomination is now tainted with a legality. >> hopes were revived when democrats accuse the administration withholding documents from kavanaugh's years as a lawyer in the george w. bush of administration. >> there's frustration. they look like they are going to rubber-stamp it. >> the volume of kavanaugh's paper trail, over 900,000 pages is white house associate counsel and millions of other documents from the d.c. court of appeals. a close examination of that would have delayed his nomination well past the midterms. that's a time frame senate republicans wouldn't tolerate. hearings get underway tuesday. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he fully expects kavanaugh to be seated on the high court bench when the next term begins october 1.
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mike. >> mike: doug mckelway, thank you. up next, high tech comes to hill took talk about election interference. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 29 in san antonio. the texas department of public safety releases video of the high-speed chase involving a woman and her baby. the chaise happened in june. the pursuit reached speeds of 100 miles per hour, and troopers trying to stop her using spike strips but she kept on going. she eventually crashed into a truck. the suspect jumps out of the suv, grabbing a baby out of the backseat, trying to run. it appears to show the woman trying to carjack on the other driver. state troopers eventually catch up to her and arrest her. fox 11 in los angeles. authorities say four people are missing following the crash of two boats on the colorado river. they say that the votes sank and passing voters pulled victims from the water. nine people were injured. >> this is a live look at
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chicago from fox 32. one of the stories there tonight, chicago activist and 11 other protesters were arrested today as they try to shut down part of an especially near o'hare international airport. reverend gregory livingston says the march was aimed at drawing attention to protesters demands which includes more investment in neighborhoods where the bulk of chicago shootings occurred. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ hungry eyes
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at home, with internet essentials. >> mike: executives from top tech companies will be in washington this week, as they are under increasing attack from a president consumed with countering what he calls fake news. correspondent gillian turner has a preview. >> the big three social media companies headed to capitol hill wednesday for a hearing on foreign interference in novembers midterms. the senate intel committee will hear from twitter ceo jack dorsey, facebook coo sheryl sandberg and potentially larry page, ceo of google's parent company, alphabet. google declined to send its ceo. a move that initially garnered criticism. >> facebook and twitter have stepped up.
3:20 pm
google has not taken as many actions. >> this and it's time to senate intelligence committee is called upon the companies. it'll be the first time the executives participate together. president trump zeros in on social media platforms as the new fake news to make using them of trying to control what americans see, read, and learn online. >> you look at google, facebook, twitter and other social media giants. i have made it clear that we as a country cannot tolerate political censorship, blacklisting, and rig search results. >> faced with accusations of political bias, the companies aren't rolling over. facebook issued a response emphasizing "we look forward to sharing with the senate intelligence committee the work we're doing to prevent bad actors from using our service." insiders the republicans are likely to fall the presidents lead. pressing that companies hard.
3:21 pm
democrats plan to drill down on a different key issue: privacy. >> is google protecting privacy? what is he doing with the vast data it harvests from us? i don't think we should be racing to regulate based on the president's subjective experience one morning. >> a linkedin is getting drawn. on friday unofficial disclosed china is launching super aggressive espionage efforts on the site to try to manipulate americans. >> mike: gillian turner, thank you. preparations underway for what may be a final effort to wipe out opponents of syria's government. >> iran is teaming up with syria for which could be a major assault. iran's foreign minister is in damascus today.
3:22 pm
they are hammering out details for this military operation against syrian rebels. unicef estimates 1 million children are in danger should the assault take place. the organization is requesting appropriate access. >> if we are not given access, there will be limited support we can give. >> the city is home to an estimated 3 million. amid them, 30,000 rebel fighter fighters. later this week, iranian president hassan or honey is scheduled to meet with russian president vladimir putin and turkish president recep ergogan. discussing whether there is a possible solution to avoid military options. divided on an islamic military group, many members live in idlib. >> this is the problem about
3:23 pm
idlib, this area, it was marked the de-escalation zone. there must be separation between armed opposition and terrorists. >> u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo pushing back, adding that any chemical attack in idlib would be met with a sharp response by the united states and its allies. >> mike: thank you. up next, if you are just getting home from labor day travel, your wallet is probably a little bit lighter. beyond our borders. smoke still rising from the burned-out whole of brazil's national museum. recriminations fly over who was responsible for massive fire that destroyed at least part of latin america's largest archive of historical artifacts and documents. protesters gathered outside the museum trying to push into this site. they demanded to see the damage and called on the government to rebuild. police pushed back the crowd with pepper spray, tear gas, and
3:24 pm
batons. mexico's outgoing president has given his last date of the union address and blames police for the surge in violent crime. president enrique pena nieto says the federal government has success in significantly reducing the capacity and size of criminal games but he says others have not been effective. a court in burma has sentenced two reuters journalists to seven years in prison for illegal possession of official documents. the ruling that comes as international criticism mounts over the military's alleged human rights abuses against rohingya muslims. the journalists contend they were framed by police. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back.
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for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ ♪ >> mike: millions of americans heading home after a busy holiday travel weekend. for those of you who drive, it's not been cheap. here is correspondent laura ingle. >> if you ventured out on the highway this labor day, you weren't alone. people are not slowing down when it comes travel. millions of cars hit the road today, an uptick in overall summer travel, as experts point to the booming economy and low unemployment rates for the increase in the hickey letter vacationers. aaa says 35 million americans
3:29 pm
are traveling over 50 miles, a 5% increase. 16.5 million will be airline travel, up 3.5% from last year. >> summary is synonymous with vacations. when the economy is performing better and people have more change in their pockets, they are inclined to spend it on travel. >> labor day is the fifth most traveled holiday each year. historically the fall sees a drop in national gasoline prices. this is attributed to the lack of demand after the summer, stable crude oil prices, and a switch to the cheaper winter blend gasoline. this weekend began with the highest gasoline prices for a labor day holiday in the past four years. with the national average of $2.83. that number is expected to go down to about $2.70 this fall. >> people aren't worried about higher gas prices. when we hit $3.25 as a national average, it changes things.
3:30 pm
at $3 or below, people are going to continue to travel by car. >> retailers hoping for a combo of high consumer confidence and low prices that the pump as we head to the holiday spending season and in case you're counting, christmas is just 16 weeks away. >> mike: laura ingle, thank you. a man who was told no more tickets were available at an ice cube concert at a race track was shot by a sheriff deputy after he fired a gun into a crowd. police say he pulled a gun at the ticket window at delmar fairgrounds and fired several shots. the identifying man was taken to the hospital. his condition was not immediately available. labor day weekend is the unofficial start of fall, school, and football, but as many students returned a high school, they will be doing so without a team to root for. >> high schools across the
3:31 pm
country are pulling the plug on their varsity football programs after too few students signed up to play. >> it came down to safety. >> in virginia, only 18 players attended the first varsity practice this year. >> noncompetitive students against very competitive students is a safety issue. it is not going to enhance their high school experience. people talk about character building but there's no character building when someone is beating you 70-0. >> happening in high schools across the country. according to the national federation of state high school associations cooperative the patient is down another 5% from a ten-year big during the 2008-2009 school year, a decrease of almost 55,000 players nationwide. >> probably a couple reasons. one is the concern about concussions and head injuries. more people are aware of it. second has to do with
3:32 pm
demographics. we have a lot more immigrants and children of immigrants in this country now. they haven't grown up really with the culture of american football. >> other factors, increased competition with other sports on the high cost of equipment. this student played as a freshman and now has to play at junior varsity. >> this is taking a step back for them, it's going to give him an opportunity to find his skills. >> the quarterback was allowed to transfer. >> it's hard to start over. i don't really know that many people. it's worth playing football. sports has pretty much always been a really big part of my life. >> one school trying to buck the trend is centennial high school in maryland. head coach billy martin explains what it takes. >> we are going to have to reach
3:33 pm
at the middle school level and try to generate interest so the by the time there in high school, they are ready to play and we built relationships. >> despite the trend, football ranks as the most popular sport among students. more than a million participant participants. another u.s. service member killed in afghanistan. we will talk about that war and trade wars when the panel joins me after a break. so you can have worry free nights, and wake up feeling fresh and free for a free sample visit you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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♪ >> to the taliban, i say you don't need to keep killing your fellow afghans. you don't need to keep killing your fellow muslims. the time for pieces now. >> the world recognizes that afghanistan cannot be a safe haven for terrorism.
3:38 pm
i know it's been a long fight. for us, for the african people. >> mike: former obama administration defense secretary leon panetta says the issue is a lack of strategy. >> i think what's needed here is a strategy to secure the country of afghanistan. we have troops there. but what i think is lacking is a specific strategy for how were going to secure that country and the specific strategy for how were going to deal with afghanistan was never really laid out. by any administration, frankly. >> let's bring in the panel. steven hilton, host of "the next revolution." author of the brand-new book "positive populism." mara liasson, national political
3:39 pm
correspondent for national public radio. chris stirewalt, politics editor here at fox news. national security analyst morgan ortagus. >> i think what this administration is doing right on afghanistan is the regional approach with pakistan and india. looking at secretary pompeo. clearly a lot of these discussions will be about afghanistan and we have seen the funding withdrawal from pakistan from the u.s. side. we have also seen pakistan continue to get closer to the nefarious countries, from our perspective, like iran. a minister was there recently and welcomed with open arms. afghanistan has been a struggle for three administrations but the right approach is the one the administration is pursuing now, taking into account the regional context. we had 100,000 troops there and we still cannot completely
3:40 pm
decimate the threat. we are not going to do it with the 13,800 that are there now. we have to hold pakistan to the fire. >> mike: the top story tonight was another. insider attack killing more of our service members on the front lines. your thoughts. >> we have two presidents in a row, the obama doctrine and that trump doctrine, they are very similar. it's very much the same idea. because both of them ran on basically the same thing. let's bring the troops home. let's cut back our commitments overseas and let's focus on, as both of them have said, nation-building at home. the net effect is that the war doesn't get much attention. the commanders in chief, we've had two and a row, these troops deployed over there and dying and fighting for a country and for their livelihood, their survival. we don't hear very much about it and it's hard to bring a war effort to bear when you have white houses that won't talk
3:41 pm
about it. >> this is the longest war america has been involved with. one of the questions i have is how much patience does donald trump have for this? he really did have to be dragged kicking and screaming into this latest troop commitment and he didn't want to do it. i think he would be less willing than president obama to defer to his generals who say we can't pull out completely. i'm really wondering if things keep on happening, casualties here and there, if he's going to continue to agree to have troops there. >> mike: steve. >> it's right to say there's no strategy and has never been but he's wrong to focus it on his phrase, securing afghanistan, f that is the -- as that is. it's a generational challenge. the idea that you solve the big problem by trying to wade into a
3:42 pm
country and "security" is ridiculous. >> mike: there is a trade war, there is back-and-forth. >> our economies are integrated. the three countries of north america, they economy is pretty integrated and it's pretty hard to see how that would work without having canada in the deal. nafta has had a devastating effect on the working people of this country for the last 25 years. we have been aggressively pursuing an agreement that works for the workers in all three countries, and i can say we are not done yet. >> mike: steve, your thoughts. >> i think the first thing with all this trade stuff going on is to remember that we are in the middle of a negotiation. it's a little early to evaluate whether it is succeeding or failing or what the impact is going to be. it's a very public negotiation. we are in the middle of it. the more important point is that
3:43 pm
this isn't something president trump has just started. the establishment types jumping up and down at the first sign of things going a bit wrong. they really should show our humility. as richard trumka said, for the last few decades, we had a trade system around the world that's completely broken nose caused economic pain and let's remember community disaster, the way the communities of been ripped apart by the effects of the global trading system. all of that to be acknowledged. while we also hold this administration accountable for want of trying to do. >> donald trump has been tweeting that he's going to, might leave canada out of the deal. what richard trumka said, you can hear almost every single republican senator say privately they don't want just to deal with mexico. they want to deal with all three countries and that's been the big problem for trump. he seems to have gotten an understanding with mexico, not a complete deal.
3:44 pm
but he hasn't been able to close the deal with canada. >> mike: the auto industry in particular cares a lot about canada being part of this. gm runs plans on the other side, right there in windsor ontario. this is important to them. so much trade back and forth from canada and nafta has been really good for both countries. in the u.s. canada relationship, there is something that can be said about what happens with mexico but for u.s. and canada, it's been a prosperous relationship. >> i think canada and trudeau has overplayed their hand. if nafta goes away, we would go back to other provisions. i think mexico was smart to engage this president early on. canada has negotiated with this administration on the easier issues but on the tougher things, they are leaving it to the last minute. trudeau was going to have to concede on these issues. while he waited until the 11th
3:45 pm
hour to talk with the president on the toughest issues when he's in the most vulnerable position was a big flaw. >> mike: next up, preview of tomorrow's hearings of the president's supreme court nominee. ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands? your society was dearled by a woman, who governed thousands... commanded armies... yielded to no one. when i found you in my dna, i learned where my strength comes from. my name is courtney mckinney,
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>> there has been more concealment of documents concerning his public service and his position on issues than ever and the history of the united states. >> senator grassley has been very fair. more documents than anyone ever nominated. >> anyone would be hard-pressed to say that the review of judge kavanaugh's record has been transparent, open, and fair. >> the democrats have more than enough information to understand this is a highly qualified tourist who should be the next supreme court justice. >> mike: here we go. kavanaugh confirmation week on capitol hill. among the war of words is whether a president dealing with the robert mueller investigation should be able to have a judge approved. take a listen. >> when clinton was under investigation, we approved justice breyer. my democratic friends did not have this view when clinton was president. >> there was no suspicion that the moment clinton was going to
3:50 pm
brush to the side until you have no authority to even question me. now we have a different situation. there is a serious question as to whether this president given the opportunity will end the mueller investigation. >> mike: back with the panel. steve, mara, chris, morgan. >> up i am looking at the numbers, i don't think there's any way he is not confirmed. 41 democrats are against him. despite the bipartisan rhetoric at mccain's funeral, they are still going to vote against him. you get to 51 very quickly. my question -- i think the president is going to have other republicans. what are the 11 swing senators do? i think it is a done deal, knock on wood. how does the progressive base react? reports that they are incredibly
3:51 pm
frustrated with their leadership for being unable to prevent trump from getting his second supreme court justice. does the progressive base of the party take it out on the democratic leadership, which is already under fire. >> for democrats who didn't do their homework over the holiday weekend, the president provided them with a nice first question for kavanaugh today with tweets about jeff sessions. saying he's disappointed that the attorney general is not engagingly and politically motivated spiking of prosecutions. it is going to be a ton of stuff about trying to get kavanaugh to say something that will upset trump because the democrats will know trump is watching and they will try to get kavanaugh to say things about executive power and say things about trump's abuses of executive power that will get the president upset. trolls troll each other. >> judge kavanaugh judicial philosophy incorporates an
3:52 pm
almost monarchical view of executive power and accountability. animated by a belief that our chief executive gets to play by different set of rules. >> for congress to make sure that it situation that occurred in 1998 with clinton versus jones and the resulting criminal investigation doesn't occur again while a president is in office. >> mara. >> the guy who wrote much of the starr reports. he had a change of heart. when you're talking about documents being provided were not provided, you are losing. on the other hand, i agree with morgan. the math is incontrovertible. without the filibuster which protects the rights of the minority, you cannot stop this. i think whatever happens with the mueller investigation, whatever happens in the
3:53 pm
midterms, donald trump after kavanaugh is confirmed, will have cemented his legacy. he will have pushed the court in a conservative direction for a generation or more. not just the supreme court but is also getting other judges confirmed at a rapid clip. that will be the most significant impact he has on american life. >> mike: heading into the epic week on capitol hill, republicans feel democrats haven't laid a glove on judge kavanaugh. >> they are certainly going to try there's no guarantee he will sail through though his past suggests he will give a good account of himself. the democrats are so frustrated. they have no one to blame but themselves. why did the filibuster go away with harry reid? >> it would have gone away. do you think mitch mcconnell would have kept the filibuster? >> the longer-term point i want to leave with his when the criticism is made of the traditional style and approach and philosophy, what chuck schumer said, it's
3:54 pm
ridiculous. if anything, these judges, i would describe them as pro-democracy in the sense that they are very clear about the limits on the unfettered exercise of power by the bureaucracy, the administrative state, not by people elected and accountable to the citizens. to describe it as monarchical is ridiculous. >> you have a brit on the panel, don't start talking about monarchical. >> who are you going to watch tomorrow? >> the lawmakers on the committee come off the committee. manchin, heitkamp, donnelly. there's going to be -- on wall street they call it a flight to surety. you're going to see these guys and gals want to get down as quickly as possible. kavanaugh is going to end up getting 55 votes i would imagine by the time it is said and done. >> the democrats have to decide, isn't more important to preserve the seats in red states are more important to be unanimously opposed. >> i am going to be watching who
3:55 pm
is running for president in 2020. i think that is what tomorrow is about for. hillary hillary clinton tweeted. a.b. cory booker and kamala harris are not the only democrats. >> mike: when we come back my bipartisanship caught on tape. to most people, i look like... most people. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief from moderate, to even severe fibromyalgia pain and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters,
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♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪ ♪ >> mike: finally tonight, a sweet exchange between former president george w. bush and former first lady michelle obam michelle obama. at senator john mccain's funeral service saturday the former president can be seen sneaking a piece of candy to mrs. obama with a little bit of help from his wife laura. we would like to think this moment of bipartisan friendship made the late senator mccain smile. i wonder what kind of candy it
4:00 pm
was. that is "special report" for this labor day. if competence of coverage starting tomorrow morning, 9:15. martha and brett. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. hi, martha. >> martha: thank you, mike. good to see you tonight. breaking this evening, the president appears to be working over his attorney general yet again. this a short time ago. too long time obama investigations of two very popular republican congressman or to a well-publicized charge just ahead of the midterm is by the jeff sessions justice department. two easy wins now in doubt because there's not enough time. good job, jeff. the latest attack comes on the eve of a monumental day for this president. just hours from now the confirmation hearings for his nominee to the supreme court brett kavanaugh will get underway. reports indicate cavanaugh spent the weekend in a building not too


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