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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 4, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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that wraps hope you have a great day. >> tuesday, september 4th. fox news alert. >> we pray for his health. >> police department asking for prayers after an officer shot in the line of duty. jillian: fireworks expected is brett kavanaugh faces lawmakers for the first time today. rob: a single vote could make or break this confirmation. former vice president is running where? >> the reaction to joe biden out for a jog. "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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♪ >> good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" this tuesday morning. rob: it will be a hot one in new york. summaries unofficially over. about 1000 ° today. brett kavanaugh in the hot seat, countdown to confirmation is on as donald trump's supreme court nominee faces the senate. jillian: democrats are determined to slow the process. >> reporter: not only delay things but the rail if you can.
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blasting the administration by -- documents they did not have time to read before the hearing start today. schumer tweeting republicans know this has been the least transparent process in history and the hearings should be delayed until we can fully review brett kavanaugh's records, pushing back this statement from the department of justice, the volume, depth and breadth of production of his document surpass the smaller and narrower productions for previous nominees. 440,000 documents are produced in comparison to 180,000 for neil gorsuch as judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley had this to say. >> you are hearing from a lot of people that can't find anything wrong with the qualifications of brett kavanaugh. many democrats and before they he was nominated they would vote against anybody on that list so the bottom line is how much more do you need to know?
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>> reporter: republicans will point to his career as an appellate judgment democrats will grill him on a number of hot button issues, abortion and the future of roe versus wade and executive power, democrats worry he will protect donald trump from the russia probe and a number of senators could affect the outcome, republicans, lisa murkowski will be interested in his views on abortion rights and democrats in red states, manchin, doug jones in alabama and a chance we could see protests out there. we saw that when brett kavanaugh was nominated. it will be an interesting week. rob: thank you, we will analyze more later in the show. and insider attack in afghanistan. circumstances remain unclear but it comes one day after a new commander took over ahead of us
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forces in afghanistan, quote, the sacrifice of our service member who volunteered for a mission to afghanistan to protect his country is a tragic loss. we honor him, care for his family and continue our mission. the unidentified soldiers the sixth american service member killed in afghanistan this year. a police officer shot in the head, 34-year-old covington georgia police officer matt cooper responding to a call of men stealing bandannas at a walmart, he was shot chasing a suspect across the street and the shooter then killed himself. >> have the in our hearts, we ask everyone viewing this, to pray for his help and he could pull through. >> reporter: the community gathering to pray for the officer, 6 year veteran of the force in serious condition, an army veteran, husband and father of two.
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>> breaking of a bar fight, connecticut police say he was punched in the back of the head while vacationing in south carolina. 2 dozen were shot in the citizens memorial day. and protesting violence in the city. the group aiming to shut down a major expressway near o'hare airport. >> please turn around and walk back to the grassy area. ♪ nobody going to turn us around ♪ >> some protesters are calling for democratic mayor ron emanuel to redesign his shooting violence plagues the city.
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>> executives from the top tech companies prepared to be front and center on capitol hill as accusations mount over censoring conservatives. jillian: jillian turner has more on what we can expect. >> reporter: social media company to capitol hill for a high-stakes hearing on foreign interference in november's midterms. the committee will hear from twitter ceo jack dorsey, facebook coo sheryl sandberg and potentially larry page, ceo of google's parent company, google declined to send it ceo which regarded criticism from lawmakers the second time the senate intelligence committee called on these companies to testify but the first time their executives participate together. the hearing comes as donald trump zeros in on social media platforms as the new fake news. >> we as a country cannot
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tolerate political censorship, blacklisting and rigged search results. >> reporter: accusations of optical bias, the companies are not rolling over, facebook issued a response emphasizing, quote, we look forward to sharing with the senate intelligence committee the work we are doing to prevent bad actors from abusing our service. republicans are likely to follow the president's lead and press the companies hard on allegations they censor conservative speech. a major social networking player linkedin is drawn into the fray. a counterintelligence official disclosed china launching a super aggressive espionage effort to manipulate americans. rob: the united nations trying to prove it doesn't need the united states to operate.
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class is back in session as united nations schools for palestinian refugees call this despite uproar on the decision to suspend $350 million in relief funding for the palestinians, the international body calling on donations to make a $17 million deficit. benjamin netanyahu praising the decision. >> donald trump accusing jeff sessions of jeopardizing the midterms, two easy wins in doubt because there is not enough time. seems to be referring to investigations into duncan hunter and chris collins. hunter and his wife were indicted on charges of misusing campaign funds for personal use and indicted on insider trading charges in new york. >> primary day in massachusetts, just hours from now they will decide between incumbent governor charlie baker and attorney scott lively in the gubernatorial primary, john
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maclachlan, a former pollster joining "fox and friends first". >> it keeps the liberal progressives in a box they don't drive everybody out. he has a strong -- this is a republican primary in massachusetts. rob: democrats j gonzalez and bob massey will battle for the nomination and entry of republicans compete for the chance to unseat liberal senator elizabeth warren. jillian: democrats trying to derail brett kavanaugh's nomination hearing. our next guest says they are wasting their time. >> you tell them they are not welcome anymore anywhere. rob: some democrats like maxine waters called for americans to attack the trump administration but the plan backfires for the restaurant that kicked sarah sanders out.
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jillian: welcome back. brett kavanaugh's first hearing begins today and efforts to delay all the process in full force but will their obstruction efforts work? >> chairman bradley scheduled a hearing for brett kavanaugh too soon and i am calling on him to delay. >> i am considering all the tools available to delay this nomination. >> he was involved in kenneth starr's investigation of president clinton. what is in these documents other -- republicans don't want to share with the american people? rob: the director of the national security law and policy
2:14 am
program at george mason university, thank you for coming on this morning. just to start off, 50-49 in the senate and if you read state democrats think this gets through. >> i think so. susan collins and lisa murkowski, joe manchin and joe donnelly recognize brett cavanagh is a qualified nominee. jillian: there are ten senate judiciary democrats urging delay of this hearing, 42,000 pages of documents were released and chuck schumer tweeting nobody will look through these documents before today. so many documents have been released, what are they looking for? what do they once? >> it is unclear. you see more documents from this nominee than the last five nominees combined in total.
2:15 am
10% of all that has been released and majorities of gone through every page of the documents. in the next few days democrats failed to do so also and at the end of the day the key issue is brett cavanagh's record. the reason is there is nothing there. he is an indiana judge and a good judge. >> right after that grassley got through all 42,000 pages, i thought that was interesting. interesting that these pages are withheld. i'm curious if that is commonly done in other justices cases. is their executive privilege invoked? >> absolutely. it is very common.
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the senate didn't even request her documents as solicitor general of the united states, the most recent job before she got on the bench and senator grassley ran evenhanded process giving democrats 20 of time, longer than any modern nominee in history. jillian: we had a graphic on screen yesterday showing how many documents were released as compared to past nominations and so many more documents. how long will this take? >> the hearings going forward on schedule, at that point the committee would vote within the week to move brett kavanaugh to the next part of the process. at that point it is a matter of getting through the process. if all goes properly he should be on bench for the setting of the court. >> democrats say brett kavanaugh doesn't think the president should be indicted.
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and he attacked bill clinton during special counsel. what is the defense of that? it seems contradictory. >> he did not stress is opinion nor should he. at the end of the day whether or not the president have a common point of discussion, most legal scholars believe is sitting president can't be indicted does that mean a special prosecutor, congress can't consider impeachment articles? that is the normal process with a sitting president. with president clinton that is the process to be followed. >> 17 after the hour, the democrat who called for a boycott of in and out burger, a constitution in california met his own resistance. why he is doing an about-face.
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2:22 am
fans are throwing the flag when it comes to the process, nike teamed up with colin kaepernick making the and them protester the face of its 30th anniversary just do it campaign. he is writing, quote, believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything. the endorsement deal will feature him on billboards, tv commercials and online ads. not only that and he will get his own clothing and shoe line. he currently does not play for an nfl team. he kicks off and protests in 2016 by taking a knee on the 5 on, he is suing the nfl claiming they conspired to keep them off the field after he was not hired by a team following the season. and attorney their rage on nike. >> going to go ahead and say hey, buy them our shoes.
2:23 am
not only am i burning my favorite pair of nikes but burning your sales. >> reporter: nike defending their choice thing we believe colin kaepernick is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation who leveraged the power of sports to move the world forward. former marine joey jones, there is protesting and then there is the actual actions and words of colin kaepernick, it is disrespectful to anyone to anyone who is patriotic or proud of the flag and then some are supporting oppression in doing so. other athletes in the just do it campaign include serena williams and nba's lebron james, both outspoken supporters of colin kaepernick. >> the conversation will continue for a while. rob: the nfl is desperate to move past the politics surrounding the anthem protest
2:24 am
and play football. jillian: the chief national correspondences this is a problem of the league making. >> nike time to do the beginning of the season and now i'm guessing the president will tweet about it and go after nike and it will be on all over again and people will focus on politics again which is the last thing they want to focus on, they could have done something on this by sitting in anthem policy or knowing what to do. it doesn't look like anything will be resolved before the season starts. >> mary writing on facebook nike is out of their mind. of all the true patriots this is who they choose? time to boycott. jillian: bad business decision, new jersey the top seller the
2:25 am
past two seasons. rob: jack, is this nike's equivalent of the participation trophy? jillian: joe biden is running for the pittsburgh labor day parade. rob: the candidate for president taking part in the annual event for pennsylvania democrats. >> this is one of the most important years to win back the house for the democrats. jillian: he is trying to catch up to the group jogging along the parade route. rob: he insists he is focused only on the midterms right now. 25 after the hour john kerry not rolling out a 2020 run either. >> are you going to run? >> thinking about it. >> i hear the passion in your voice. >> never retreated or retired, just speaking out. rob: what does donald trump think of this potential
2:26 am
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rob: tropical storm gordon bearing down on the gulf coast. it could strengthen into a hurricane after drenching south florida. jillian: winds up to 60 mph bringing heavy rain and flash flooding. rob: mississippi under hurricane warnings. jillian: janice dean tracking when the storm could make landfall. >> tonight. it is a fast mover, that is one good thing, it will be inland in the next 12 hours. tropical storm gordon has its
2:30 am
act together and we saw incredible amounts of rain across florida and now hurricane warnings from the mouth of the pearl river in louisiana for mississippi and alabama and part of the florida panhandle. making landfall along the mississippi coast line in the next couple hours overnight tonight and quickly dissipate as it continues to move northward. a quick mover. the hurricane center says we will have a minimal hurricane as it makes landfall perhaps around the biloxi mississippi area. we have tropical storm lawrence that could affect bermuda as a hurricane and all these waves off the coast of africa. this is peak season and we think september is going to be very busy in the next couple weeks. we have gordon, florence and a couple hurricanes, it will be
2:31 am
busy and we will keep you up to date, preparations have to be made and completed. jillian: we will keep close attention on those forecasts. the founder of the how connie --haqqani network is dead. he was paralyzed for years. they broke ties with taliban and al qaeda and been under many coordinated attacks in recent years. the group responsible for a truck bombing that killed 150 people last year. his son has been running the group since 2001. gun smuggling exposed in a fox news exclusive report, the number one state sponsor of terror using a civilian airline
2:32 am
to transfer arms to hezbollah, two routes from tehran to lebanon in the last two months. the planes carrying parts to iranian weapons factories in the region, iran has been supporting hezbollah since 1980. brett kavanaugh in the hot seat, the supreme court nominee faces the senate judiciary hearings, democrats trying to delay the hearings over the release of his documents. republicans will highlight his 12 years of service as an appellate judgment democrats will grill him on a number of issues like guns, abortion and executive power. donald trump weighing in after former secretary of state john kerry gave this hint at a possible 2020 run for the white house. >> are you going to run in 2020? >> i have never retreated or retired. >> reporter: the president
2:33 am
responding i see john kerry, the father of the now terminated iran deal is thinking of running for president. i should only be so lucky although the field currently assembling is really good for me. john kerry lost to george w. bush in the 2004 presidential race. rob: the film first man under fire depicting america's triumph in the space race being slammed for leaving out a key moment of the moon landing. >> we have serious problems. rob: why is it important to show the american flag during the pivotal moment of history? let's ask former astronaut andy allen. thank you for coming on this morning. they didn't show it to being planted on the moon at the time, a huge moment for this country.
2:34 am
what are your thoughts? >> first thing i would think about from a personal accomplishment, one of those defining moments for the astronaut, neil armstrong would be the success of his mission, the accomplishment of what he was sent to do, which was to plant the flag on the moon. at the same time this was an american endeavor, american leadership, american taxpayers and america's blood, sweat, tears and lives that got us there. rob: a space race between two competing powers, there was a lot of importance to what was happening with this race outside of going to the moon. here is buzz aldrin who was there with neil armstrong who we can't hear from because he has passed away. proud to be an american. very patriotic, showing the flag on the moon, the planting of the flag on the moon.
2:35 am
it is clear to see how he feels about it. how would neil armstrong have felt about the controversy over the film? >> i can't speak for neil armstrong. i would think neil was encouraged and driven by his sense of duty and honor, one of those blue blue that took an oath to support and defend the constitution of the united states and their allegiance to the same. he risked his life as a navy pilot and risked his life as a test pilot and an astronaut. rob: the star of the film, the film does show the flag on the moon, just doesn't show the moment when the flag was planted which a lot of people say was an important moment, communism versus democracy, space race, two dueling world powers. brian gosling said that moment was more of a human moment, that
2:36 am
transcended countries and borders, he said, quote, this is why it is regarded as the human achievement, that is how we chose to deal with it but if you look at history the only humans that worked toward that eventual outcome were americans and ryan gosling is a canadian born actor. people took issue with that. >> i think this was an american achievement but also america is a great country and are plentiful country and america is the best country in the world that does things that better all humankind and this is one of those great achievements led by america and the benefits for all humankind were certainly there. it was an american endeavor. rob: the director of the film is very popular in hollywood and very liberal it would appear. is he at this time in the culture of this country, was spooked by possibly appearing to be patriotic by showing that moment when deciding whether to put it in his movie?
2:37 am
right now i feel like it is patriotic in hollywood to say something bad about you. >> that would be disappointing. that is not the way history prevailed and the fact that we did this, america did this. of that was built intent that would be a disservice to this nation and this flag. rob: former astronaut andrew allen, thanks for coming on, appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. jillian: 37 after the hour. remember what we told you about? the democrats who took aim at the burger chain is doing an about-face. rob: the left once snowflakes to turn those frowns upside down, $30 million plan to get millennials to stop pouting and get them out to the polls.
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jillian: anti-gun activists trying to use donald trump's tweets against him raising money for a billboard like this in texas to display his negative tweets about senator ted cruz. he is about to campaign despite their bitter rivalry during the presidential primary. severe anti-trump critic david is helping with the fundraising. rob: therapy dogs get young people to vote? liberal group next to jenna america launching a new strategy pups to the polls showing up on college campuses when a young people pedagogues if they register to vote. more surprising is the price tag on this gimmick, $30 million. the goal is to get students to the polls during the midterms.
2:42 am
jillian: a new 9/11 memorial days from opening, killed in the crash of united flight 93. rob: a new landmark you have got to see and hear. >> the cool older sister i never had. >> there is only one word to describe how he felt on 9/11. >> in shock. >> reporter: his cousin maureen, senior flight attendant of united airlines killed in the hijacking of flight 93, the crash like in shanksville, pennsylvania for quite memorial of the 40 who lost their lines on the flight. a final piece of the memorial will soon drown out the silence. this is a simulation of what visitors, this tower of voices is completed. >> the only windchimes structure of its kind we know of in the
2:43 am
world. >> reporter: designer spent $9000 ironing out details of the project. >> only get one shot at doing this. >> 40 is a significant number. >> 40 times for the 40 on the flight and 40 ° angles throughout the structure to represent the angle of impact, 40 ° is the angle of the branches on the trees that were destroyed. >> a very long time, 17 years to get this memorial completed. >> reporter: the air traffic control tower made a final attempt to reach out to flight 93 that morning, they never heard back but now through this tower their voices will finally be heard. rob: i can't believe that. major league baseball star enjoying seeing a cincinnati reds fan, he traded shirts with him. >> he wanted to exchange shirts
2:44 am
with one of the reds fans here. you see him giving his jersey for a t-shirt. >> assigned jersey, unfortunately for the fans, it is not a good luck charm, but a kind gesture. >> if he wanted to be president he could but i doubt he wants the job. >> calling it quits, the football team frozen a towel after losing the first two games of the season, is it teaching kids that if they are not good at something to quit. our parenting panel is live 2-way in. rob: let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> reporter: they lost two games and said we are done? jillian: 102-0 combined four. >> a little extreme. may be they are just not good at that yet.
2:45 am
i look forward to this panel coming up. coming up on "fox and friends" in 15 minutes chuck grassley, chairman of the senate judiciary committee joining us along with senator mike lee of utah giving us a preview of a fiery and contentious confirmation battle that starts today on capitol hill for donald trump's supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. a very busy day. plus, the navy seal who came up with the exercise program, jillian will join us and we will be out on the plaza. rob: i would rather watch this. >> we will have a thorough work out. sweeping america. jillian: can't wait. rob: we will be right back. mother...nature!
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>> california democrat does an about-face have to calling for a boycott of the burger chain in and out, the boycott is now off after raising so much money in small donations, the hashtag boycott in and out after he led the chain donated $25,000 to the state's gop, phil williams inviting the chain which is an institution out west to his state with open arms, live in the 7:00 hour of "fox and friends," democrat plan to harass trump administration officials in public didn't pay off. business is down at the red hen restaurant in virginia the
2:50 am
refused to serve sarah sanders, following sanders to another location to continue harassing her after telling her to leave, other businesses struggling to stay afloat in that town. jillian: calling it quits. high school team turning in their uniforms two games into the season. they suffer two shutout losses. is this the message we want to send our kids, that it is okay to quit? our parent panel joins us, radio host kathy barnett, attorney and parent richard st. paul and adolescent family therapist fox, appreciate it. we were talking about this in the break. let's lay out the scenario. the first two games the team lost by a combined record of 102-0. that is pretty tough to swallow for a lot of kids. a lot of the articles haven't seen a decline in numbers of kids wanting to sign up and play football, do you think?
2:51 am
>> as americans they have the right not to participate if they choose but on the other hand, administrators would be concerned with instilling this idea that when things get tough just quit. what i found out is according to us news and you will school ranking they have students between the grade of 9-12 so they have the population of students from which they could, what i also found interesting is they have mass competency of 29%, 60% in reading so i am beginning to think perhaps this
2:52 am
school has a bigger issue of just finding ways to extract the best out of their students overall and perhaps this may be a wake-up call for the community, parents and school to find ways to help their kids excel. jillian: as i understand it after the first or second game, the players don't want to play anymore. and they call the team meeting and discussed what it means, and how do you handle that? >> the important thing is you take away the focus on winning and talk about what we can do, show up, do the work and see how much better you can get. the whole idea is being a part of a team bigger than your self and something we don't teach very often which is important,
2:53 am
not individual but what can you do to get better. to tie into your point, if you work on the football field and learn the perseverance and resilience you can translate that to anything. jillian: you learn by being part of a team when you are younger. you mentioned you your self played football at one point. don't know if this has anything to do with it but i wonder if schools see low enrollment numbers because of the conversation, and prevalent in society. >> and more so than high school and college but a lot of opportunity. for folks to get scholarships so there's a lot more
2:54 am
participation. you have more to say. >> having played your self, if your team lost -- >> state champions honing skills at that time, sign up for a season, i remember playing the number one team at the time, i was on defense, to mix it up a little bit. >> find ways to make these experiences out of the negative. we went to read the statement, quote, we decided to do a blind vote and 7 of 13 said no, they don't want to move forward so we disbanded the varsity team. thank you for joining us,
2:55 am
appreciate your time and your insight. up next, siblings jumping into action overturning an suv in a roadside dish to save a baby, the amazing rescue caught on camera. how can we say when you book direct at you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed? let's say it in a really low voice. carl? . . om washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? new cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time.
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. as always, we start with the good. heroic somebody blinks lift an overturned suv to save a baby. racing into action after the car got hit and rolled into a ditch in florida. >> i just immediately thought about like my daughter and, you know, if i was in that situation. jillian: incredibly, everyone will be okay. rob: nice job. next the bad. homeowners in oklahoma capturing a very unusual suspect using a hamper. >> all right. rob: oh, he is a little good night. police showing up to get that baby gator out recording the entire incident on their body cam. >> remember insane video of
3:00 am
a mom baby high speed in texas. >> still high rate coming up to the creek. >> oh dear, oh dear, 1050. >> look at mugshot it looks like you would imagine. anyway, she is in jail. have a good day. rob: we'll see you later. ♪ >> i think you're hearing from a lot of people that can't find anything wrong with the qualifications of kavanaugh. >> democrats are certainly trying to delay these hearings. chuck schumer blasting the administration for releasing 42,000 pages of kavanaugh documents last night. >> president trump publicly reasoned that the weight of court cases involving republicans could be a drag on the g.o.p.'s midterm candidate and pointing a finger at his attorney general jeff sessions. >> not only am i burning my favorite pair of nikes you are burning your sales. >> angry customers protest this brand new ad campaign featuring collin kaepernick. >>


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