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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 6, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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it looks like it could very well happen that we will not renegotiate. but these disastrous policies were on the ballot box in 2016 and they lost, and they lost big. that's why we are here. in 2016 the american people voted to reject this corrupt globalist. they voted to reclaim their independence and their pride and they voted most importantly to make america great again. it's very simple. soon we would be changing it to keep america great. keep america great, soon. when should we do that, by the way? okay, wait a minute, soon we will have to change because, we are doing well. so when do we change make america great again to keep america great? i don't know, soon.
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we are draining the swamp and the swamp is fighting back. but don't worry, we will win. we always win. this november you need to vote republican. vote for matt rosendale and vote to put america first. [cheers and applause] republicans stand for stopping illegal immigration, fixing horrible trade deals, cutting your taxes in a major, major way, biggest tax cut in the history of our country. and in addition to that, we have and more. you know what that is, in alaska? they've been trying to get that approved for 50 years, and we
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got it approved. we will be defending your social security which the democrats will destroy, and we are going to be defending your medicare and protecting the safety net for truly needy americans, and not for people coming into our country illegally. democrats want to raise your taxes, they want to raise them. i don't think -- ladies and gentlemen, you are going to raise those. they want to raise your taxes. maybe they know something, i don't know. blue wave, we are going to raise your taxes and let crime go all throughout the country so that as the crime comes in, none of
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our people that are so tough -- these are great people but these are tough and strong, these are warriors. i don't want to do it, and these are people in the front row, two of whom i know. they don't want to do it. i.c.e. doesn't like, let's go out to dinner. so they want to raise your taxes, they want to open your borders, they want crime to pour in because that's what's going to happen when you open your borders. how about the governorship of california? he just announced he wants to open borders, and then he wants to pay for all medical and for all school. what happens, i said it, if the entire world wants to go to california because i get free health care, and free medical
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care, california just increased in size to 500 million people. california has just become one really large person. california -- think of it. he says, i want to open the border, i want everyone to come in at the same time for illegal aliens and illegal immigrants. lots of different names. he wants to get rid of us. he wants to cut down on law enforcement and he wants to pay for their medical, health care and education. it's all about common sense. i think i won because of common sense. and because like you, like you, you, me, we are smart, very smart. but i said to myself, common sense, i may even move to california to get free
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health care. i may move there. the last time democrats were in power, they cut medicare by more than $700 billion to pay for the scandalous obamacare. now democrats want to steal trillions of dollars from medicare. they will ruin your medicare, watch. they want to turn america into venezuela. i don't think so. booing 's democrats would destry medicare with medicare for all, until they run out of money which would be like on the third day. [laughter] and then, it would be medicare for none. for one-tenth medicare for what you used to get. they want to rob our seniors of their medicare benefits and they want to raise your social security, they will
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destroy your social security and i'm going to save your social security. we are not touching your social security. do you remember when i ran? i said, i'm not touching social security. everybody said -- and everybody else wanted to do things with social security. i said, we are not touching your social security. i didn't touch your social security. remember what i said? growth. growth will take care of it. and that's what's happening, we are growing beyond what anyone expected and beyond what those people thought was possible. we are growing. it's called growth. a lot of money is coming in. democrats also want open borders and all of that equals massive costs. massive. and massive crime and massive tears. tears. look at the families that have been so badly hurt. republicans want strong borders.
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we want to finish the wall. we are up to 3.2 billion. we have done a lot of work on the wall. a lot of people don't understand that but that's okay, we have to finish the wall. we look at that approved. i could do that whole thing and one year but these guys are holding back. the only thing democrats are good for is obstruction and resisting. the whole campaign is resist, resist. i don't get it. we would have no crime. we want to protect america's great people and its great citizens. we want to protect american benefits and we are doing that, and i've done it. in maryland, the democrat candidate for governor wants to give illegal aliens free college tuition, courtesy of the american tax payer. come on in, free college.
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in florida, the democrat nominee for governor wants to abolish ice and release hundreds of criminals onto our states. streets. he also wants to take care of their medicare and every other thing that you can take care of. you name it and he wants to take care of it. and florida will be a disaster. florida is one of the most successful states in our union and it will be a disaster. you have a great candidate in florida, it's called the republican candidate, ron desantis. [cheers and applause] run for governor. this election is a choice between democrats who want to abolish i.c.e. and republicans who want to abolish ms 13. it's very simple. people have no idea how bad they are. nancy pelosi got extremely angry at me when she started yelling,
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they are human beings, don't talk to them like that. don't call them animals. remember, she said don't call you them animals. then you see what they do and how they do it in the viciousness of it. no, i'm sorry nancy, i hate to tell you, you are going up the wrong tree, nancy. republicans stand proudly with the brave men and women of i.c.e., with border patrol and with our law enforcement. [cheers and applause] every single day, i.c.e. is tracking down drug dealers. child predators, gang members and vicious killers and we are either throwing them in jail or getting them out of our country, and we are doing it fast. [cheers and applause]
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this election isn't about safety. this election is about jobs. its safety and its jobs. thanks to republican leadership, our economy is booming like never before in our history. think of it, in our history. nobody knew this was going to happen. if i would have set this on the campaign trail, if i would have used 4.2, he saw it was adjusted upward from 4.1. 4.2 gdp, the press would have gone after me and they would have said, impossible. jobless claims just fell to a 50 year low. 50 years. we have created over 4 million new jobs since the election and lifted almost 4 million americans off of food stamps. think of that. [cheers and applause] not only is it good for them,
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our country saves a tremendous amount of money. but it's good for them, they have jobs. we've added over 400,000 new manufacturing jobs that the democrats say are gone and that number is going to very shortly with what's happening in certain areas for well over 600,000 manufacturing jobs. [cheers and applause] something that makes me very happy. it makes a lot of my friends very happy. african-american unemployment recently achieved the lowest -- think of this. the lowest ever recorded in the history of our country. remember i said it, what do you have to lose, go with me? so good. we are going to have a tremendous african-american support because they say and daisy. i said it before, what do you have to listen, you say see,
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look what's going on. the lowest unemployment in the history of our country. hispanic-american and asian american unemployment has also reached their lowest rates in the history of our country. youth unemployment has just reached its lowest rate in nearly half a century. unemployment for americans, this is so important. without a high school diploma has reached the lowest level ever recorded. think of that. women's unemployment recently reached its lowest rate in nearly 65 years. we have added 100,000 jobs building pipelines and supporting production of oil and natural gas. [cheers and applause]
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we have added something great to our portfolio by increasing exports of the clean, beautiful coal by over 60%. 60%. [cheers and applause] and montana knows something about coal. think of that. over 60%, we've freed it out to break natural resources. i call it clean, beautiful coal. what they can do with coal today. in the first eight months of 2018, montana coal production increased by 2.5 million tons. that's a lot. that's a lot. to continue this incredible momentum we need to elect more republicans like matt rosendale. you've got to do it.
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because it can be turned off so quickly. last week we made another truly historic announcement. we are replacing nafta with a beautiful new brand because it is a much different deal. it will be called, the u.s.-mexico trade deal. one on one. and hopefully, canada will come into that deal and if they don't that will be fine and if they do, that will be fine. either way, we can live and we will be very happy. i think they will because we love canada. we do love canada. they have treated us pretty badly in trade for the last 40 years, but that's okay. it wasn't my fault. [laughter] you're going to make a fair deal with canada. just like we did with mexico. we are cracking down on unfair trade practices emanating from
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china. america is tired of getting ripped off. we are going to get a great deal for our farmers and ranchers and factory workers. we are giving our workers and businesses a level playing field. republicans passed the biggest package of tax cuts and a very importantly, tax reforms. the average montana family of four will take home 2,281 extra dollars this year and many will take home much more than that. and our tax cut saves family farms and ranches and small businesses from unfair estate tax, also known as the death ta tax. now, you have a beautiful farm
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and you love your kids and by the way if you don't love your kids, don't leave it to them. don't worry about it. this will help too much. but we got rid of that tax, that's a big deal. so you can leave your small business or your farm or your branch and they won't have to go into a big bank and say, gee whiz, wouldn't it be great if we could borrow some money? by the way, that little thing, i fixed it. we are canceling obama's illegal anti-coal so-called clean power plant. that sounds so beautiful. you know what that means. you know when i did it i said,
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this is a tough one. it sounds so nice, clean power plant. there's only one problem, it doesn't work. it will put our country out of business. it took away our greatest natural resources and we couldn't do anything with them. it was such a pretty term, clean power plant is out of business now. we will have clean power but it's not going to be under the clean power plan. we are strongly protecting our public lands for hunters and fishermen and everyone who loves the outdoors, like my son, don, who comes here a lot. [cheers and applause] my son comes here a lot, a lot of you know my son don, he comes here, he loves hunting. we passed veterans toys, giving our veterans the right to see a public doctor, if he has to wait in line for the rest of his lif
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life. we also passed the landmark va accountability act. they've been trying to pass both of them for more than 45 years and i got them both past. with accountability now when the bad government worker abuse is one of our great veterans, and we love our veterans, we turn to them and we say, you are fired, folks. we secured a record $700 billion for our military this year and $716 billion next year for our military. and at my direction, the pentagon is working hard to create a sixth branch of the united states united estates armed forces. the space force. that's so important. people don't know. i mean we are not just talking about going up to the moon and
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going up to mars, we are talking about, you need it. now you need it. you look at russia, you look at what's going on and what they are doing. we will be the best of the world very shortly in space. i withdrew the united states from the horrible iran deal and i also recognize the capital of israel and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. big deal. and the embassy is already built, it's built about 20 years ahead of budget and schedule. i would say about 20 years, i'm not going to tell that story but we built it really fast. they are all looking for a location and a friend of mine, the ambassador to israel said, we already have the best piece of land in all of israel.
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best piece of land in jerusalem and we have a building on it, let's renovate it. so instead of spending 1.2 billion, we spent $400,000. instead of opening it in ten or 20 years or maybe never, we opened it about four months later. it's been open for a long time. we have the embassy already open. do i get credit for saving a million, billion bucks? not really. someday. you know when abraham lincoln made that gettysburg address speech, the great speech, you know he was ridiculed? he was ridiculed. he took the horse and carriage up from the white house and voted for, partially in that carriage and partially at a desk in the lincoln bedroom which is incredible by the way in the white house, and he went up to gettysburg and deliver that
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speech. and he was excoriated by the fake news. they had fake news then. they said it was a terrible, terrible speech. they said it was far too short. it's not long, many of us know it by memory. it was far too short and it was far too flowery. four score and seven years ago, right? too flowery. and he died. 50 years after his death they said it may have been the greatest speech ever made in america. [cheers and applause] pretty good. i have a feeling that's going to have been with us. in different ways, that's going to happen with us. for years, you watched as your leaders apologized to other countries for america. they apologized.
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we are so sorry, so sorry. so sorry. now you have a president who's standing up for our country. [cheers and applause] look at the size of that guy. look at this guy. do i like him? [cheers and applause] we are not going to mess with him tonight, i tell you. thank you man, that's cool. that's really great. thank you very much. we are standing up for your values, we are standing up for montana and we are standing up for our national anthem and our
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flag. [cheers and applause] but if democrats get back into power, they will try to reverse all of our incredible gains, gains like nobody thought possible. so this november you need to get your friends and get your family, get your coworkers, and to get out and vote republican. get out and vote for matt rosendale, he's going to be a great senator and he will always vote for what we want to. he will always vote for america first, so make america great again. matt will always be voting for us. it won't just be talk. loyal citizens like you helped build this country and together we are taking back our country. sometimes not so easily, but it's happening, and it's happening fast.
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we are returning power back to where it belongs, back to the american people. our american ancestors braved of the oceans, teams of the wilderness and one a resolution and fought to victory in two world wars. we defeated fascism, triumphed over communism and we delivered millions into freedom. our ancestors built the railroads and linked the highways and they proudly planted an american flag on the face of the moon which is not shown in that movie. they did not show that in the movie. see what they are missing is that that movie would have been a much bigger success if they planted the flag like they were supposed to. we stand on the shoulders of
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generations of american patriots who knew how to work. you have to fight and knew how to win. just like them, we are going to keep on fighting and we will keep on winning. we will not bend, we will not break. we will never give in, we will never give up. we will never, ever back down and we will always fight on to victory. we are going to have victory to keep it going. because we are america and our hearts bleed red, white, and blue. [cheers and applause] we are one people, one family and one glorious nation, under god. and together we will make
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america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and above all, we will make america great again. thank you very much, montana. thank you. ♪ president trump just finishing up a rollicking rally in billings, montana. a lot of news to unpack for you tonight. congressman jim jordan and mark meadows will be here exclusively to explain why they are urging the president to release some documents from the russia investigation and, they have some is to break and just moments. you do not want to miss it. but first, let's unpack tonight, the president's comment about anonymous. some interesting news about
7:27 pm
north korea, and the cavanaugh hearings, all of it. day of bossy, former deputy chair of president trump's campaign and richard goodstein, former advisor to bill and hillary clinton. dave bossi, tonight the president was tear, the best of campaign and he reminded everyone, i beat all of these candidates and the bush dynasty. why does that stick in my craw come up before we get to other means? [laughs] >> he loved to reminisce with the people. this is what he's built for, he's built to be on the road and to talk to directly to the american people. why he does so well is why he beat cricket hillary. >> the gutless person who offered the anonymous op-ed, he had them pretty hard.
7:28 pm
we will have more news on "fox & friends tomorrow, about how it could affect national security. >> he had them pretty hard and he did say what that they were a coward and he repeated what he said the last couple days but that was not a big part of the speech. he spent more time talking about social security and protecting social security than heat data about this washington brouhaha which was probably a very smart thing for him to do. he does hit the democrats a lot a lot for planning to impeach him saying, how in the world can you think about impeachment when things are going this well. and he talks about 4.2% economic growth. it was really a very sharp speech going through all the things that he thinks should matter to the voters. >> and he brought up the maxine waters desire to impeach richards. for those of you who missed it, let's watch. >> they use the impeach word. maxine waters said, we will impeach him.
7:29 pm
but he didn't do anything wrong, we will impeach him. but i say, how do you impeach somebody that's doing a great job, that hasn't done anything wrong? our economy is good. how do you do it? >> is either impeach richard or tonight elizabeth warren back on the 25th amendment and we will get a move on that. your reaction to that? >> i think the people talking about impeachment mainly are republicans. the leader of the house of representatives has said to the candidates, don't talk about impeachment. >> sean: >> laura: they want toh him. >> first of all they look at the senate and if they have the votes, which presumably they do, they sent something over to the senate where he could shoot somebody in the middle of fifth avenue. >> laura: impeach on what basis? >> the fact that every single republican stands shoulder to shoulder when he said what he said in charlottesville.
7:30 pm
that's an impeachable offense offense. >> gets to say there's no evidence that the people in the senate -- >> laura: i got it. but i think the point is what he raised tonight and what byron touched on is this underlying mania to oust the president. some call it a slow rolling coup whether it's from inside or deep state. we have news tonight on bruce ohr, the anonymous column. unnamed sources and michael wolf's book. things that turned out to be false, what cnn published about an unnamed source. all of it is a slow rolling attempt to undermine a duly elected president. meanwhile, anonymous says the president is anti-them anti-de.
7:31 pm
i don't get that and i think he pointed that out. impeach what? the 4.2% gdp? firemen? >> on on them is also said that president trump is making the country safer and more prosperous. now on the impeachment thing we do see democratic leaders trying to walk on egg shells on this that they focused focus group at this and talked about holding him accountable for the base does appear to want to consider impeachment. we had a number of polls where 70 or 80% of self identified democrats say they want to see president trump impeached. democratic leaders will not be able to engage ignore that. >> laura: i respect maxine waters for at least saying what she really thinks. if that's what you want, why are you not campaigning on it? >> what that's exactly what the democrats don't want want. they don't want to talk about it because the american people could rise up and not vote for them this november. they don't want to take that risk and they think it's a safer bet politically to try to tamp it down, even though it's their only agenda item, to impeach the president. they have nothing else to roll on, and that's a fact.
7:32 pm
so we just need to get down the road here, the next 60 days. this anonymous letter, this gutless coward as the president said, i totally agree. this person should resign, it's outrageous. this person didn't get one vote. this president got 62 million votes. >> the fact of the matter is, the public is now -- the polls showed 41 for trump and 54 in the real clear politics average. he's underwater, he feels the walls closing in. mueller. woodward. anonymous. >> laura: what is he talking about? [laughs] >> most of them are strongly against which is why republicans are getting their clocks cleaned in the special election. >> what the democrats are going hard left. they have left america they are going so hard. >> he will run on his
7:33 pm
accomplishments over the next 60 days. >> .him on accomplishments, not anonymous guys. talk about a potential bombshel bombshell, president trump suggesting that the classification of the russia investigation documents mightnce coming soon. exclusive news, up next. but even though you see and feel your eczema on the surface of your skin, an overly sensitive immune system deep within your skin might actually be causing your eczema. so help heal your skin from within. with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid, and it continuously treats your eczema even when you can't see it. at 16 weeks, more than 1 in 3 patients saw clear or almost clear skin, and patients saw a significant reduction in itch. do not use if you are allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening eye problems, including eye pain or changes in vision. if you have asthma,
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which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. >> in my conversations with the president and the administration, he has been very consistent on wanting transparency and i have not seen a major push back on this request, as long as it protects sources and methods. >> bruce foretold the key people at the fbi that christopher steele, the author of the document was desperate to stop trump from getting elected. they knew both of their involvement but didn't tell the court that. and andy mccabe knew, peter strzok nous and andrew weissmann knew as well. be one that was mark meadows
7:37 pm
calling for the declassification of russian documents that could reveal big-time corruption at the doj. joining me now, the aforementioned congressman themselves. welcome to both of you. congressman jordan, the more we learn about bruce ohr's contact with christopher steele that predates what we talked about months ago, now the timeline has been pushed earlier. and yet, and his wife worked for the fusion gps firm. did they not know this at the justice department? why is this conflict not blaring across every media outlet tonight? >> it should be but you have a top justice official hired to work for the firm, and everyone at the fbi knew about it. and now we know andrew weissmann, the key player on mueller's team knew about it as well. they knew about it before they went to the fisa court. they knew about the involvement and who paid for it and they
7:38 pm
knew what bruce or told us that he told the fbi what christopher steele said. christopher steele, the guy who wrote it was desperate to stop president trump from becoming president. >> laura: and none of this was enough eyes application? >> we have not seen the actual application but from the footnotes that we have come up from the memos that we have -- >> can it all be declassified? all of these? >> listen. the american people need to judge for themselves and we believe that it is time, not a month from now, not two months from now, but days from now, to declassify this information. show it and it, what we believe we are going to see based on nonclassified documents is that information was collected in an abnormal way. it was verified in an abnormal way and prosecuted in an abnormal way and that's all because there was a bias towards this.
7:39 pm
>> and this information was never presented to the court. >> laura: russia viewed carter page as an idiot. they want to recruit everybody, but they didn't put that enough eyes application either, correct? how do you get an application to spy on carter page when the russians themselves tossed him to the side as, that's not someone -- >> and mueller is not even going after carter page. here we are two years into it and not doing anything. here's the other thing, laura. i shared with you, one of the things that we have recently found out. >> laura: is this the exclusive reveal tonight? >> and a new batch of text messages there was a coordinated effort by those of the fbi to actually leak to the media. we now have documents to prove it, where they leapt to the media and then use the same information to verify the veracity of their claims and
7:40 pm
actually use that for the fisa warrant. you can't do that. the fbi had a leak to the media and it was troubling. >> it sounds like the game telephone. so they leaked to the media and then they cite the media report? >> this is insane. why do these text messages just keep showing up? >> you know, i've been very critical of the doj, and they have been -- these are new text messages that we viewed in camera. >> laura: so the solomon report tonight where we referenced bruce ohr's efforts to secretly reshape the trump probe started earlier in summer of 2016, that's important for our viewers to understand why. >> i think the biggest part of that is when it started earlier it was also poorly supposedly about papadopoulos.
7:41 pm
now we see it had nothing to do with george papadopoulos. all roads lead to the dossier. >> laura: but there was a footnote that said in some way the president could have been. >> after they fired christopher steele he continued to meet with bruce ohr and the fbi continue to get briefings about those conversations that bruce ohr was having with him. >> we are out of time but he was forthcoming behind closed doors? >> he actually met with steel more times after he was fired than before. >> laura: oh, my god. i want the text messages to never stop coming. congressman, thank you so much for coming in tonight. democrat cory booker violated senate rules today in an attempt to scott bolden next, governmen.
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>> laura: do you remember when cory booker found himself in trouble for apparently making up a story about being threatened by a drug dealer in new york named it t-bone? well, booker's at it again, invoking a fictional character. this time that brett kavanaugh's confirmation hearing. >> i did willingly violate the
7:45 pm
chairs role in a confidential process. i take full responsibility for violating that, sir. and i violated it because i sincerely believe the public deserves to know this nominee's record, in this particular case's record on issues on race and the law. this is about the closest i'll ever have in my life to men, i am spartacus moment. >> i am spartacus. >> i am spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i am spartacus. the one i saw kamala harris down there. it's an email cory booker originally disseminated were already cleared for release but tonight he released more emails that were not cleared to try to write the wrong of the stunned earlier today.
7:46 pm
and they should have remained confidential. joining me now for a reaction is sol wisenberg. former deputy independent counsel to the bill clinton whitewater investigations and scott bolden, democratic strategists and attorney and always spartacus to me. >> i don't know if that's a compliment. [laughs] >> okay. you know that's true. so what do you make of this? >> well i think there is a lot of theatrics but let's be real clear. he violated the clearance issue on wednesday because he used the document to cross-examine cavanaugh. so whether he knew it was cleared or not cleared, the bottom line is why with these documents confidential. there were no personnel, no national security interest and that's why the democrats were complaining that one day the document dump, many of these were being held by the bush lawyers but if you look at them there's nothing confidential about them at all which is
7:47 pm
fundamentally wrong. what do the republicans want to hide, what don't they want the democrats to see, what don't they want american to see about kavanaugh? >> laura: this is what anderson cooper tonight asked cory booker about this whole thing on spartacus, when the emails were released and cleared earlier in the day. let's watch. >> was that just a stunt? >> the amazing thing about that is, he threatened me first with expulsion. so there's a lot of bluster but i was raised and taught that with unjust law you have an obligation to stand against it. last night i broke the rules and then they scramble to release the document but i continue to release documents. i have released 20 so far that they have not cleared. my breaking the sham rules. >> laura: so what is the point of this? we've been around and see how
7:48 pm
these things go down. ruth bader ginsburg's documents from when she was at the aclu were not even requested. i don't believe, by anyone. not sought and not released. what's going on here with the spartacus moment? >> he is just incredibly brave. i can't even fathom why you are so cynical. he's just gandhi and martin luther king rolled into one. think a couple of things are going on here. number one, he is running for president, has several people have pointed out, and he wants to be a hero to the loony left democratic base which is just as wacky as some of the people on the republican face. >> not all of us are lonely. >> i'm sorry, i didn't mean the quad xylem a democratic left-wing vegas. >> saul is back from vacation and ready to rumble.
7:49 pm
[laughs] >> the whole thing is a farce. it's theater and it's trying to find that, gotcha, moments. they know not only is he a stellar candidate but he has the most extensive written record of anybody who has ever been nominated, including, they have a video of every speech he has given. so they are looking for that moment and that's what's going on. it's sad, it is a spectacle and it's pathetic and i hope it hurts him. he won there was one moment, very brief from kamala harris where she referenced the constitution an interesting way. let's watch. >> it means rights that are protected by the constitutions even if they are not specifically mentioned in the constitution. so they are not in that book that you carry. >> laura: i mean it's just kind of a cavalier reference. >> i don't think it's cavalier, i think there was part of that video before that that should have let up to that because i
7:50 pm
can't tell exactly what she was talking about. >> laura: my point is, it's all auditioning for 2,020. all of them have pretty much that they are not going to vote, most of them, for him. and they've already said he is going to be confirmed. >> if it's the most documented paper trail to any nominee, then turn it over. i don't think the democrats think they can stop him but i do think they want to flesh out where he is. and because of his paper trail republicans are hiding these documents. but the document out there and let america judge and let the democrats cross-examine him on it. what are the republicans so afraid of, what's the rush? >> i think the democrats are so afraid, they have one of the smartest lawyers and smartest judges in america. >> but he should be evaluated like everyone else. >> he's not running for congress. >> white house documents, let us see them.
7:51 pm
>> you think a staff secretary -- is working for a boss. we are out of time. herman cain up next exclusively revealing a new venture aimed at taking down the term resistance. the big reveal, next
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
>> laura: 2012 presidential candidate herman cain has an exciting new project to fight back against the antitrust resistance and he joins us and now exclusively in studio. finally in the studio to tell us all about it. what's going on, when you crush the antitrust resistance? >> is called, america fighting back, which is the new organization i'm part of. you can go to a f lee all american fighting, to learn all about it. here's the thing, the liberals, the democrats, the socialists, whatever they call themselves today, have been trying to delegitimize this president who is legitimately elected by the people. we want to be able to get that message out and push forward with the truth rather than be inundated with all of the negative noise generated around this. >> laura: so you will speak to trump supporters, speak to diverse audiences helped by the trump agenda.
7:55 pm
african-americans, latinos, women, focusing on specialized media abilities, what's that mean? >> we got over 32 million email people in our accessibility right now. we are using that. and the way that we are going to speak to those different audiences is we are going to do something and that is we will have a paid media advertising campaign so we can put a face and a voice on the fight against the resistance. you are looking at the face and listening to the voice. >> laura: we see the faces of the big silhouette of an honest, the deep state. you have the omarosa types, you have michael wolf. it's a flurry of all a piece of the same thing. >> what makes it unique is we have a consistent face and voice with consistent messages. we have call to action messages, we have message messages. in order to this resistance that's out there by all these people who can't determine their identity. we know who they are.
7:56 pm
>> by the way, general kelly said tonight that they have it down to a little over a dozen people who this anonymous could be and suggestions by rand paul and others that they polygraph these people. do you agree with that? >> i would agree with that. but one thing that no one has brought up, what if somebody inside "the new york times" wrote it? no one has ever brought that up. >> that would be perpetrating a complete fraud on the american public. >> well i didn't say i thought they did it, i said that's not being talked about. but that's another possibility. >> i actually don't think that, i think there are plenty of morals and in that administrat. i think they either burrowed into the civil service or the deputy assistant of x, y, and z. >> i would absolutely agree but for "the new york times" to go printing stories for anonymous sources to printing stories that are anonymous, that tells you.
7:57 pm
>> laura: all right, we will be watching and following the promo. great to see you in the studio. we will be right back. special announcement about tomorrow night's show.
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>> a quick programming note about tomorrow night's show. last week wilke traveled to chicago where i held a fascinating town hall on the wars on levels of violence seen in the city's west and south side. we talked to community leaders,
8:00 pm
law enforcement, victims of crime, heartbreaking and heartening. what's really driving the violence and what we can do about it. it's an incredibly important hour of television and i am really proud of my team and what we accomplished they are paired watch it tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m., dvr us if you are out and about. that is all the time we have, let's go to shannon bream who has been on the hill covering every aspect of the kavanaugh hearings, she has put in 100 hours this week covering the proceedings. i cannot wait to watch shannon. take it away. >> shannon: loving every second. laura, thank you so much. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i am shannon bream in washington paired we begin with a fox news alert. president trump campaigning for candidates in montana. they dove into the identity of anonymous. brand-new developments tonight on the senator cory booker front as now. chief coverage and working the phones on


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