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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 6, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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crime, heartbreaking and heartening. what's really driving the violence and what we can do about it. it's an incredibly important hour of television and i am really proud of my team and what we accomplished they are paired watch it tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m., dvr us if you are out and about. that is all the time we have, let's go to shannon bream who has been on the hill covering every aspect of the kavanaugh hearings, she has put in 100 hours this week covering the proceedings. i cannot wait to watch shannon. take it away. >> shannon: loving every second. laura, thank you so much. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i am shannon bream in washington paired we begin with a fox news alert. president trump campaigning for candidates in montana. they dove into the identity of anonymous. brand-new developments tonight on the senator cory booker front as now. chief coverage and working the phones on anonymous tonight, but
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first let's go straight to dan springer and live from billings, montana, where the president and his campaign stay. a speaker he gave a long one hour a 15 speech, perhaps an indication of how important the speech was dim giving all that is going on in washington, d.c. white house chief of staff john kelly was there, along with the white house communications director. the president gave his speech, and as expected, he hit a lot of high point about the economy and have strong economy is and how democrats took control of congress. they would reverse some of those gains. he also spent a long time attacking jon tester, the democratic senator here in montana and a purity spent a time talking about the supreme court. the tester is running for reelection against matt rosendale. he is a staunch supporter of trauma. tonight's rally is the second held in montana in the last few months. rosendale tabled tester in early polls, and according to the latest poll, may even have a lead.
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>> we are going to confirm or justices like neil gorsuch and kavanaugh, people that will uphold the constitution and defend your second amendment rights. >> tester is running an ad right now which highlights several bills which he has sponsored that were signed by president trump, but tonight trumps that on issues that really matter the most like tax cuts, border security, votes on judges, he always votes with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. from here trump travels tomorrow to north dakota where he will try to unseat another democratic senator in a state which he won handily, won by 20 points here in montana, also won north dakota handily. he wants heidi heitkamp to be defeated there so he will go and give a speech probably very similar to the one we heard tonight in north dakota. back to you, shannon peered >> shannon: and springer on the road with the president. thank you. new to balance on anonymous tonight. trump and administration official behind "the new york times" op-ed page
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that paints a picture of resistance within the administration paired the white house reportedly have a list of about 12 12 suspects. he has the latest from a new york, hey, ed. >> "the new york times," which published that op-ed, as you said, is now reporting that chief of staff john kelly has a list of about a dozen officials who could be anonymous, and they are weighing whether they should force officials to take lie detector test or sign sworn affidavits it to prove it is not them. assign the president is fighting fire with fire. it amounts to an act of treason, and he got air cover today ranging from the first lady to most of his cabinet. as a liberal senator elizabeth warren went on the attack tonight, telling cnn it is time for senior white house officials to invoke the 25th amendment and remove the president from office if they are really working covertly to prevent him from doing damage. warren lashing out declaring what kind of crisis we have. if the president cannot do his job and then refuses to follow the rules that have been laid
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down by the constitution. top officials are clearly dismissing that attack as key people close to the president circle the wagon. first lady melania trump, she declared they should stop using anonymous sources, went on to slam the official, to the writer of the op-ed, you are not protecting this country, you are sabotaging it with your cowardly actions. there was a flurry of speculation, may be vice president mike pence was a suspect, but the writer using the word "lone star" that was used when he was talking about the spaceports. using that were dependent on pens, who is aids today made clear that he has the guts to attack attach his name to anything. maybe anonymous is a man, maybe now it could be a woman. watch. >> president trump: nobody knows who the hell he is, or she, though they put he, but probably that is a little disguise, that means it is she. but for the sake of our national
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security, "the new york times" should publish his name at once. i think their reporters should go and investigate who it is. that would actually be a good school. >> a bizarre display of top officials today having to deny it is them, including the white house counsel. don mcgahn already under the microscope here he told reporters it was not him. there are now literally dozens of top officials, you see this long list, who have come forward with formal statement saying they have are not anonymous. that is patently false, the treasury secretary says it is laughable to suggest that he did it. all of these denials keep the story alive, as does the fact that they are talking about lie detector test. even rand paul says my detector test would be a good idea to and get out the weekly care. >> shannon: only if they are televised. this could be a pay-per-view
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situation. >> a reality show. >> shannon: something like that. now for the kavanaugh hearings. today he was confronted with his own words. ask about the mother investigation, and much more. a potential 2020 hopeful took his turn in the spotlight. democratic senator cory booker opened the hearing for brett kavanaugh with a dramatic pledge, saying he is willing to risk expulsion from the senate in exchange for releasing kavanaugh emails and documents not released for public consumption. one of the committee senior members cautioned booker. >> running for president is no excuse for violating the rules of the senate or confidentiality of the documents that we are privy to. that is irresponsible and conduct unbecoming a centenary. >> shannon: the documents booker referenced our emails from kavanaugh post rest time in the bush 4043 white house after 9/11. they include a discussion about
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whether rate or national should be used. they worked with booker to get the documents released, even walking across the room to shake on it. just after 11:00 a.m. this morning, he released four documents on twitter and said this. >> a lot of talk and no action. >> shannon: wondering at the documents were the ones that he worked with booker to release, we reach out to booker's office. got no response. a short time later, staffers told reporters that the documents in question had indeed been cleared by 4:00 a.m. and the senators had been notified shortly thereafter. we asked booker's office for clarification and whether he knew they were released. >> senator cornyn believes that i violated senate rules, i openly invite and accept the consequences. >> shannon: neither spokesman
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for the senator or mr. booker himself would answer all questions about when he knew the documents were ready for public release. rather than raising bipartisan efforts to get the documents released, booker told us this. >> they rush, subverting their own process, they rushed to delete release them after i shamed them publicly. >> shannon: question on hot hot button issues like roe v. wade. >> the right to abortion since the 1973 roe v. wade case is reaffirmed it many times. >> shannon: and the mueller investigation. >> my question to you is will you admit to recusing in any case involving the civil or criminal liability of the president will point you? or nominee? >> the judiciary requires that i would not commit how i would decide a particular case and to issue a commitment on a discretionary recusal issue in either direction. >> shannon: asked for that email discussing the possible use of racial profiling with relation to national security,
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kavanaugh's emails show he was advocating for a race neutral policy, leading reporters to say they believe booker's efforts forced out the documents and benefited the nominee. senator booker continues to release more documents on twitter. senate judiciary committee has not verified all of them yet, but tells me at least some of the documents are still classified as committee confidential. republican senator from nebraska joins me now, he is on the senate judiciary committee. good to have you with us. your reaction to what we saw this morning? >> i don't know. there are two sides to how you should feel about a hearing like this, right? brett kavanaugh is a great nominee and did a great job, both his temperament and the substance with the way he answered questions is encouraging, so that is good. the senate as an institution is a joke too much of the time. those hearings were a circus. there was so much nonsense, consistent dishonesty, in the way people would ask their questions. >> shannon: you call that a politicized circus.
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today your colleague lindsey graham said you are here to defend circuses because it is fun and you take your kids. you wrote this, too. brett kavanaugh has been accused of hating children and wanting dirty water. alumni of the a school and faculty members at the alma mater same "people would die of brett kavanaugh is confirmed." these hearings, do they serve the american people? are they worth the time? >> we have two branches of government and it needs to happen in front of the american people, even 80 something people, whatever the number was, who got arrested yesterday pair that needs to happen in the public eye in the legislator, but it was actually be more useful if we were debating of substance. it felt like a grandstanding show as people try to figure out how to rally their farthest left are based as they try to get
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their basic 2 1/2 years early. >> shannon: there has been a lot of discussion about the role of precedent, of course roe v. wade keeps coming up. you ask about that as well because it is possible to court to get things wrong and presidents do not last forever. here is a bit of what he said. >> the factors the supreme court looks at is whether decision is not just wrong but grievously wrong, whether it is inconsistent with the law that is grown up around it, what the real world consequences are, including workability, and then reliance. >> shannon: what about this idea, writing a judicial wrong at some point? >> i said can the supreme court make a mistake, and he said, absolutely, there are many mistakes, let's start with plessy versus ferguson. the supreme court's come out with this racist decision, and it is decades until brown versus board of education to write it. they should not make up rules to the game as they go along, and
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we want circuit courts to know how we were going to mete out justice in a consistent way across the nation. and yet it does not mean that every president is sacrosanct. super-duper precedent, there are precedents that are wrong. judge kavanaugh did not go anywhere near this, but i believe one of the grievous wrongs of the supreme court is roe v. wade. and so i serve any political branch, i serve in legislator, because i want to recognize that babies are babies and with due protection. so ultimately, while kavanaugh did not go near there, it was encouraging to hear him admit the court is often wrong and that it has reverses decisions in the past. he said brown v board is one of the greatest moments in history, and i agree with him. it was a correction of a lawn. >> shannon: one person above the law is saying that it is time to get rid of him already because he is perjured himself. they point to some comments from his hearing to his confirmation to his time on the d.c. circuit
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in 2006. they put that up against an email that showed he was invited to a meeting to discuss that judge's nomination. here's what they say now. if kavanaugh is confirmed, the democrats will now have grounds to call for his impeachment. every single day for the literal rest of his natural life, he perjured himself before congress. we now have more on him that we had on bill clinton. >> all my. today was a circus. the hearing has been a circus. what did brett kavanaugh do when he worked in the white house? he was a lawyer for a time for president bush, but he spent three years as the staff secretary. if you are president of the united states, there is a whole much of paper that comes and goes to you. democrats have tried to consistently say that they have not been able to get brett kavanaugh's documents. this has been an unprecedented amount of paper. more paper on brett kavanaugh has been handed over to the united states senate than in any confirmation in all supreme court vacancies in u.s. history. so much paper as the last five nominees combined.
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what democrats did not get is that every piece of paper that belongs to george w. bush, because brett kavanaugh was involved in shuffling at some point, so the idea that brett kavanaugh somehow withheld information because he was cced on an email or something, it is laughable. >> shannon: great piece by you in "the wall street journal" that was very thought-provoking. thank you for coming by, senator peters >> having me way past my back bedtime. >> shannon: senator cory booker cites the competition after rebuffing a report a question about his comparison of himself to a gladiator who challenged empire. >> i appreciate the comments of my colleagues here this is about the closest i will probably ever have in my life to an "i am spartacus" moment. >> shannon: chuck grassley also has a thing or two to say about the fireworks today. he is next. ♪ (music throughout)
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♪ >> shannon: they argue the kavanaugh hearings have devolved into partisan political theaters, getting booze from ba prominent senator. self-described "spartacus" moment today. >> the issue here is a group of
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emails that purportedly shows supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh discussing racial profiling when he was a white house lawyer post 9/11. new jersey senator cory booker said the email's were documents that could derail kavanaugh's nomination. then he called it an act of civil disobedience and release them. watch cared >> i'm going to release the emails about racial profiling. i understand that comes with potential ousting from the senate. >> note senator deserves to serve in the senate in my view if they decide to be a law unto themselves to bring the charges. >> this is about the closest i will ever have in my life to a "i am spartacus" moment. >> booker is referring to the movie scene when a roman general demands that slaves turn over their leader spartacus or face execution. watch. >> i am spartacus. >> i am spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus.
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>> but senator booker's releasing of the evils was formed from a spartacus moment because he did not break any rules. republicans on the judiciary committee had already worked with the george w. bush library to clear the emails. a lawyer for president book said, quoting, we were surprised to learn about senator booker's histrionics this morning because we had already told him he could use the documents publicly. "wall street journal" reporter byron tower tweeted, quote, i asked cory booker if his remarks in committee or a stunned. he told me i was violating the constitution for being in his way. white house deputy press secretary raj shah called booker's comments "embarrassing." it turns out the emails are not at all. they showed brett kavanaugh was against racial profiling, telling colleagues he favors, quote, effective security measures that are race neutral, which prompted this, quoting brett kavanaugh did not want to racially profile people after
8:21 pm
9/11. bravo, spartacus. ben shapiro road, cory brooker , reality, not a single element of this training is true. continuing to release confidential emails, and we are told that some of them have not yet been clear. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you very much. earlier tonight, senator chuck grassley stopped by the skybox where we have been reporting on the hearings this week to discuss today's dustup over the documents senator booker decided to release earlier this morning. >> it is true, they were requested late last night. we have to go to the department of justice to get final approval, whether or not it is within the law to release them. by 4:00, 5 1/2 hours before he made his statement, he knew that they were available for access by the public.
8:22 pm
so he really didn't do anything other than make a show, i think. >> shannon: what he has said, his team has said, he violated the rules last night when he talked about the documents in the hearing. throughout the day today he has continued to release documents that he says are committee classified. will there be any repercussions for that? >> that will be up to the united states senate. i doubt it will be in the jurisdiction of our committee. there are certain protocol for that, and i will just let -- >> shannon: let them handle it. okay, in the meantime, we are still getting criticism from the democrats who say they have not had enough time to look at these documents and that is leading some of these problems. how do you respond? >> well, they would've had more time if they are talking about committee confidential. because we did have at least one senator asked for them in a timely way, and a lot more could be done if they would have told
8:23 pm
us ahead of time instead of the midnight hour like last night, asking for some documents. so i would say, it is a little bit their own laziness about getting their request in. >> shannon: okay, see you talked about how the level and volume of documents that you have released for this nominee are more than the five previous nominees combined, but democrats will say to us as they are not the documents we do want, and there are a lot more from his time in the white house. >> these are all of the relevant documents that are necessary. in fact, a lot more than relevant. if i could tell you what a senator schumer set a couple weeks ago on the senate floor, and something that senator lee he said, soto mayor's nominatio nomination, she was a circuit court judge. i'm paraphrasing, but if you want to know what kind of a judge somebody is going to be on
8:24 pm
the supreme court, we know because you have a record. it is the best record to make a determination. this gentleman, mr. kavanaugh, has been on the circuit court for 12 years. he has a voluminous record, 307 opinions that he has written. i know that is ten or 15,000 pages of writing that he has done. his record that other people have said, i'm going to agree with them, it is the best way of knowing whether or not they should be on the green court. >> shannon: so, did the spartacus moment backfire? tonight's panel, ethan baron, vincent. i spent most of my day trying to run down what the senator booker knew and when he knew it. here is he said, we are told by the senate committee staffers, and you heard from the chairman
8:25 pm
himself that by 4:00 a.m. this morning, they knew, they were told these are released for public consumption, meaning you would not be in danger of being kicked out of the senate. but here's what cory booker said, allegedly knowing that. >> i will say that i did willingly violate the chairs rule on the committee confidential process. i take full responsibility for violating that. and i violated because i sincerely believe that the public deserves to know this nominees record. >> shannon: ethan, and neither he or staff would tell me what he knew when paired what you make of it? >> with the senate, there is a lot of theatrics that happen in the rules of politics. i think he played it to his advantage, although some of this information may not be as much to his advantage. >> however, i will say this, i think it is important that the american people get access to some of the documents. senator booker is releasing, it is important that we understand, the point behind this is to know
8:26 pm
what judge kavanaugh was saying in the bush white house to president bush and the other attorneys that were there. so we have a fuller view than just his judicial ruling. >> shannon: let me bring in guy. was the point for us to know more about what kavanaugh wasn't discussing? was at the point of what cory booker did this morning? >> of course not pair this was a preplanned stunned by cory booker as evidenced by thed with this preposterous show of self martyrdom, of "oh, look at me, look i am breaking the rules, have i mentioned i'm breg the rules, let me break them again." he is obvious the provisioning himself for future office. for approval and campaign dollars. he was also among the democrats who announced that they were opposed to judge kavanaugh on the very first day that he was named the nominee. so all of this other noise, i am sympathetic to some of the arguments that were made in good faith, but from people that cory booker, they absolutely
8:27 pm
were not. they're not interested anymore fax what judge kavanaugh. they are interested in getting themselves elected president. kavanaugh, to the chairman point, chairman grassley's point, he has been on the d.c. circuit court of appeals, a hugely important and influential court, for 12 years. before that he was confirmed. after working in the bush white house. the most important body of work is what he did on the bench. that is what should have been the focus of the democrats scrutiny, and in many cases, it was not. >> shannon: it has been in part, but i want to read something from "the new york times" today to your point saying the democrats grilling kavanaugh had their eyes on "20/20". there is no time like a stately supreme court nominee televised committee to gain. the hearings have been something like a campaign audition, is not fair? >> i think this demeans what is
8:28 pm
happening. why are the democrats so against judge kavanaugh? i think it is a very important time, he is the swing vote replacing justice kennedy. were talking with things like lgbtq rights, the civil rights act that we expand to include gender orientation. kennedy ruled one way and kavanaugh appears to be leading another way. abortion, roe v. wade, their major issues that this court is about to change with judge kavanaugh, and it reminds me of the luckier era, and i do not want to go back to that time time. it sure feels like that is where we are heading. if the federalist society wants another supreme court judge to be on and change the lay of the land. >> i would like two or three more of this after this justice, but in her conversation with the senator sasse, shannon, were talking with the accusation that judge kavanaugh perjured himself
8:29 pm
on that website above the law. the former editor of that website went on twitter today and systematically, meticulously debunked that ridiculous claim with context and fair-minded analysis. the democrats on the left have nothing on brett kavanaugh, which is why we saw the showboating and the shrieking from the protesters, because there is no substance to get him on peers >> shannon: speaking of the shrieking protesters, we have watch as dozens are carted off every single day. i want to know, do you think anyone stands up tomorrow and says "i am spartacus"? does not happen in the hearing, because we are for just about everything else? >> somebody showed. >> shannon: guy and ethan, thank you very much for your time tonight. late breaking news tonight on second james mattis, that story about where he is tonight when we return. ♪ of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake.
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♪ >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. jim mattis right in the middle of the storm twirling around the white house and at this hour, he
8:34 pm
is heading into an undisclosed spot on a secret mission. kristin fisher is here with what we do know about what the secretaries up two. >> good evening, shannon. it has been a very violent and deadly week in afghanistan. just hours ago, insurgents killed 19 afghan forces in a separate assault that happens the day after twin bombings killed mostly civilians and injured 90 more. ice's claims responsibility for that attack, and major sergeant timothy bolyard was killed in an insider attack. he was on his seventh overseas employment. he was shot by an afghanistan soldier. yesterday, defense secretary sounded optimistic about the where the the war in afghanistan stands. >> right now we have more indication that reconciliation is no longer just a shimmer, and
8:35 pm
now has some framework, open lines of communication. so i think that is different. >> president trump made it very clear that he wants to end the 17 year long conflict, the longest in u.s. history. according to bob woodward's new book, his frustration with the stalemate in afghanistan boiled over during a top-secret meeting at the pentagon last summer. he reportedly asked mattis and other leaders, "when are we going to start winning some wars"? he also went after senator john nicholson by saying "i don't think he knows how to win. i don't know if he is a winner. there is no victories." it turns out general nicholson's last day in that post was the day before those exerts dropped. a little bit of a coincidence there, shannon. >> shannon: kristin fisher, thank you very much. twitter fans conspiracy theorist alex jones, that .
8:36 pm
they are suspending his account permanently, citing his violence and hate speech. the permanent twitter brown means he will not be able to recreate his presence on another account. investigated as arson, and no suspects been identified. agents from the federal bureau of firearms and explosives are also looking at a potential political motive. a missouri college's yanking its uniforms that feature the nike logo following the colin kaepernick sponsorship. saying "if nike is the face of america, we are ashamed of them." president trump morning on twitter that he could declassify key documents related to the rush of probert that call prompting nearly a dozen g.o.p. lawmakers to urge the president to declassify fisa morse used to spy on carter page.
8:37 pm
when we return, kavanaugh by the numbers, are protesters being paid? fact-checking a senator 's claims on abortion, that takes center stage. plus, his robe wade settled law of the land? we will tell you what judge kavanaugh's emails say about that when we return. ♪ when we were dating, we used to get excited about things
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♪ >> shannon: democratic senator makes some corrections on key figures on abortion. that and more tonight's kavanaugh by the numbers. welcome back. >> shannon, protests were again a big story on capitol hill. nearly 70 arrested today according to capitol police. there are two categories of protest, those who stand in the back and shout, and those who dress up. we have women's dressed as handmaidens from the tv show and the novel. and also this man who made a bold statement about reproductive rights.
8:42 pm
the arrested protesters coming back to the hearings? they're not supposed to. there is agreement that if you get arrested you should not be coming back. many think it is not the perfect system. are they being paid to protest? not technically. sometimes they are paid to stand in line, but activist groups are covering the fines of many of those arrested. dianne feinstein is being criticized for being too nice to brett kavanaugh. she is in a fight this fall for her seat against kyle and deb lyons. liberal activist do not like it. here's a fund-raising pitch. he says "are you kidding me, he is trying to energize the liberal base against dianne feinstein. it is said that you campaign in poetry, you govern in prose. there is a reason that corey did what he did earlier today because he is campaigning. feinstein said there were as many as 1.2 million women who
8:43 pm
died after having abortions in 1950, but that number is believed to be about 200 to 31965. there are two republican swing vote was at, lisa murkowski of alaska and susan collins of maine. democrats want them to read a 2003 kavanaugh email about abortion. they say he did not tell the truth when he said that roe v. wade was settled law. >> shannon: thank you very much. under fire because of leaked emails from 2003, which critics claim. tonight, erica seconds and carrie severino. welcome to you both. long day of hearings, so thank you for you for being here so late. it is great to happy with us. let's start with the i am a that was leaked to "the new york times," we do not know who did this. this is the email, "i'm not sure
8:44 pm
that all legal scholars refer to row as the settled law of the land. they can always overrule its own precedents, and three current justices on the court would do so. he said today that he was referring to an article that was going to mention that every scholar agrees that this is settled law. he said he was making the point that he was trying to be accurate, saying that everybody agrees on that. he did not say it was about his personal views. >> i think he was acknowledging something that we all know to be true paired settled law is only settled law until the supreme court steps in and intervenes. what is important to note is in that email, he acknowledged that roe v. wade absolutely could be overturned, which is the reason why we are seeing it pressed so hard in the senate hearings today. >> yesterday this came up, we agree more than any other topic in these hearings. yesterday senator lindsey graham, a republican who has pushed for the 20 week ban on capitol hill, says it is not like you can say that you can say let's get some lunch and overturn roe. a lot of folks on the pro-choice
8:45 pm
side say those cases are coming. >> shannon: sure. but what we saw from the hearings is a lot of people trying to pin kavanaugh.. make and answer questions he know he is not going to ask answer. this is every member of the court has had the standard of they are not going to answer those questions. when people come up, asking them to effectively give campaign promises in exchange for their vote, that is not something kavanaugh can do. he has to defend in the independent of the judiciary. it is an interesting play back and forth. >> shannon: i want to play a little bit of what he said so they can hear from the nominee himself about what he meant in that email thing that all legal scholars agree that roe is settled law. >> the broader point was simply that i think it was overstating something about legal scholars. i am always concerned with accuracy, and i thought that was not quite accurate description of all legal scholars, but referred to all. to your broader point, roby wade
8:46 pm
is an important precedent of the supreme court, it has been reaffirmed many times. >> shannon: you're not going to get much more of a substantive answer. >> it is interesting they brought up ginsberg because it is in her hearing that we saw a substantive answer. she made it clear that these two things the right to an abortion is fundamental to a woman's rights in this country. a clear answer from kavanaugh, especially at the stake. coming into these hearings, he has already ruled against access to abortion. he has ruled to limit access to birth control. what you see is he has more than 12 times to clarify his position, even to the point of "does he believe that the constitutional right to privacy includes the right to abortion"? and every time has dodged, docked, in a way that we know does not mean much to the mark in public. >> shannon: do you think that is fair, carrie? my understanding was it was a case where he ruled that employers cannot be forced to pay for things, means of birth
8:47 pm
control that they may find personally offensive. along the lines of a patient. >> that was the case, and it was clear the live conclusion was based on religious freedom. it had nothing to do with roe itself, but we are seeing with these people going back and back to the question, it is the same grandstanding. they think they know the standard is. his order to clarify that he is not going to answer questions, which as you said, this is a question i could come back before the court, so of course he cannot talk about it. as a judge, has to be independent. continuing with the histrionics is actually doing the democrats themselves a disservice. i think you people like heidi heitkamp who are they spalling right now and just cringing watching these hearings. that is why you saw with the first day of question not even finishing before they are already coming out and saying he sounds reasonable, that is why you have people like donna really endorsing him, clinton's
8:48 pm
own lawyer endorsing him. he is an amazing judge, and if you can come out at a contentious thing like that, i just think he is failing through this process. >> shannon: do you think there's any stopping him at this point? >> i really think there is. there is a reason for the protest, women's are rightfully concerned that the health and rights are at stake. just take a look, he is somebody who coming into this had already praised the dissent in the roe vs. wade case. he is someone who has a stamp of approval from the foundation which believes that it should be overturned. president trump promised that he would nominate justices that would overturn roe vs. wade. we see it all over the country, antiabortion groups spending millions of dollars to try to get him confirmed. you do not do that just because he is good at coaching basketball. >> and we have seen an enormous pressure on the two key senator senators, the pressure is still very much there. we will watch those key votes
8:49 pm
pair thank you so much for coming on. major developed tonight in the catholic church of sex scandal. the role the church may have played in an alleged cover-up. ♪ ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. after bill's back needed a vacation from his vacation. so he stepped on the dr. scholl's kiosk. it recommends our best custom fit orthotic to relieve foot, knee, or lower back pain so you can move more. dr. scholl's. born to move. to and practice... kidlots of practice.tion.
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♪ >> shannon: the attorney general of new york and new jersey are diving into investigations of the catholic church. in response to the recent sexual abuse occasions involving 100s of priests in pennsylvania. ♪ >> it is a call for answers to investigate who knew what and when as both new jersey and new york's attorney general announced plans to investigate a sexual abuse. they will form a task force to investigate allegations while
8:54 pm
new york's barbara underwood is expected to subpoena all eight of the states roman catholic diocese. it comes just a few weeks after pennsylvania's grand jury found more than 1,000 cases of abuse by some 300 priests. underwood sang in a statement that the pennsylvania grand jury reports shined a light on incredibly disturbing and depraved acts by catholic clergy. assisted by a culture of secrecy and coverups in the diocese. victims in new york deserve to be heard as well. one of the largest catholic populations in the country, more than one-third of the state. in a statement, and archdiocese spokesperson saying "the states attorney general investigation is not surprising." she will find of the archdiocese of new york and the other seven dioceses in the state ready and eager to work together with her in the investigation. the latest round of sexual abuse revelations have become a watershed moment for pope francis, who has yet to respond publicly to calls for his resignation.
8:55 pm
he has announced the suffering of them in a report that he spoke about his meetings with victims in ireland. >> the meeting left a deep mark on me, and in many occasions, i asked the lord for forgiveness for the betrayal caused. >> the new york attorney general has crated a hotline for victims to call. she has also urging lawmakers td change the statute of limitation and allow older cases to be prosecuted. shannon. >> shannon: lauren green, thank you very much. by the way, a lighter moment during today's kavanaugh confirmation hearing, the judge has spoken many times about the girls basketball teams that he has coached. many of them are at the hearing today pure check it out. they were watching a man they call coach k, their very own coach k, being grilled. during a break, you can see they all came up posed for pictures. he named them all one by one, gave them shadows. we wonder how these young women would react to the numerous
8:56 pm
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i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." tonight, the news keeps coming. the president is scheduled to speak tonight at a rally in montana, one of the great states. we will take you there live as soon as he does begin.ea it got very heated at capitol hill today, the y confirmation hearing for brett kavanaugh, that hearing is stil going on at this hour. we will show you some of the intense altercations, includingh one with senator cory booker of new jersey, which was amazing. but first, donald trump has complained for months that the permanent class in washington is working in secret to undermine his presidency.


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