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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 7, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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great exchange. what was surreal was the billionaire he was talking. to say not a good day. not a good moment. we have more on this morning on cavuto live picking apart how ceos can destroy their careers. five now. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm dana perino. along with dagen mcdowell, juan williams, jesse watters and that guy greg gutfeld it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ barack obama launching the opening shots of what is shaping up to be a heated war of words with president trump on the road to the mid terms. during his return to the campaign trail, in illinois today, obama unloading on what he calls the political darkness of the g.o.p. and his successor in the white house. >> i is just capitalizing on resentments that politicians have been fanning for years. the politics of division and resentment and paranoia has
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unfortunately found a home in the republican party. they are undermining our alliances, cozying up to russia. what happened to the republican party? we can't just put walls up all around america. walls don't keep out threats like terrorism or. [applause] or disease we do not pressure the attorney general or the fbi as a judd july to punish our political opponents. >> you need to vote because our democracy depends on it. >> dana: the former president taking a shot at fox news while criticizing trump for his attack on the media. >> it shouldn't be democratic or republican to say that we don't threaten the freedom of the press because. [applause] they say things or publish stories we don't like. [applause] i complained plenty about
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fox news. [laughter] but you never heard me threaten to shut them down. or call them enemies of the people. >> dana: president trump quickly responding during his speech in north dakota. >> yeah, very popular guy here was just interviewing me. you know who i'm talking about, great guy. and he said what did you think of president obama's speech? and i said i'm sorry, i watched it but i fell asleep. [laughter] i found is he very good for sleeping. >> dana: greg, which is funny because president trump doesn't even sleep. he doesn't need sleep. >> greg: that is an ambien. what a contrast in style. >> dana: is:00 and 2:00. >> greg: president obama is like drinking a dozen mean mean coladas on the beach.
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throw up and remember nothing. greatest president. he lost 76 house seats and 15 senate seats so good luck with having his support. it's not going to help much. and the problem with all of his digs, you don't have to look very hard to find out that he is guilty of every single one of them. talks about trump targeting the press. james rosen tapping phones and emails. come on. trump tops that game but obama acted it and we talk about resentment and paranoia, that was the progressive wing of the democratic party, always the oppressor. talking about cozying up to russia this guy mocked mitt romney because romney said russia a threat. he mocked him. how can he say nazis are bad. trump sent a nazi back that was in the country while you were president and you couldn't even say radical islam. >> dana: the good news is, jesse, barack obama can still get a rise out of
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greg. >> jesse: greg must have had pena co-da coladas last night. boring speech. trump says more in 10 minutes than obama says in one hour. so refreshing this president compared to the last president where you could drive a truck right through each sentence. but if you look at the specifics and i will go through it again, division. president obama wept out and called half the country bitter clingers. he said if you disagree with me, you are racist. he said if you want border security you are xenophobia and he said if you are against radical islam you are an islamophobic and trump is a racist? please. you have been around with farrakhan and reverend wright your entire life. cozying up to russia? he was whispering sweet nothings in putin's deputy's ears and said i will do whatever you want after the elections. let putin run wild. don't give me that he is saying trump is abusing the attorney general's office? it was obama's team that spied, that abused fisa,
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that wiretapped their political enemies. so don't give me that and advice for the democrats? he left that party in shambles if i was a democrat i would say no thanks. >> dana: president obama is out there on the campaign trail he wants to ginn up the liberal base the democrats. president trump is on the campaign trail because he wants to gin up the conservative base. but, at some point does president obama risk overshadowing the next generation of democrats because barack obama is not on the ballot he will never be on the ballot again. when he is not on the ballot democrats haven't done that well. >> no. when you are in a situation where president obama is welcomed especially in states where there are important swing elections. you will see a lot of obama in california, for example, dana. you will see him in illinois. he will make very targeted, strategic trips. because i think they are aware that he is a figure that the greg gutfelds of
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the world want to beat up on. >> i love obama. >> dana: even if he goats to those local targeted races which i know he has picked seven in california where the challenger is right on the heels of the republican there or even ahead every speech they give is now national. >> juan: you have to consider is he doing a lot of private events. >> dana: fundraising. >> juan: and that kind of thing. what you are letting in this midterm election is people are saying you know what? we need all hands on deck. you need the power of the former president. some people would argue he is the leader of the democratic party. >> dana: until there is a new one. >one. >> juan: i think they want him out there. i think they value him greatly. contrary to what greg says, you know, the justice department. >> greg: and don't forget jesse. you always pick on me. >> juan: you know i don't mean it. >> dana: get -- what president obama said about
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the economy and what president. >> action we took on the crisis turned to help the economy grow and initiated the longest streak of job creation on record. i mention all this just so when you hear how great the economy is doing right now. [laughter] let's just remember when this recovery started. >> dana: the recovery did start then but one thing that's interesting is it was the tax cut package and de-reg piece that put the fuel on the fire to make it roar. >> it was president trump's policies that have taken this economy to a higher growth plateau that you have -- the recovery started in 2009, but this morning we found out that last month wages are growing at the fastest pace in the recovery since 2009. that we have job growth this year that is actually so far in the first 8 months on average, it's faster than it was last year.
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that is utterly remarkable. consumer confidence 18-year high. factory growth 14-year high. this economy is firing on all cylinders. it's because of the tax cuts, because of the deregulation, and not one democrat voted for the tax reform, the tax cut package. >> juan: thank god. >> dagen: what are you going to run on? run on the deficit? he doubled the national debt. >> juan: who trump? >> dagen: president obama did. >> juan: to get us out of a terrible recession. wage growth flat in this country right now. >> dagen: i will not sit here and have somebody tell me it's flat. >> juan: it's flat. >> dagen: disposable income this country adjusting for innerflation is growing at 2.9%. that is adjusting for inflation and largely because of the tax cuts. and by the way the policies that pulled us out of that deep recession it was the federal reserve and it was president bush who came up with the bank bailout. and the bailout of the
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autos. whether you like it or not. >> juan: you don't want to give credit where credit is due. talk about the economy now. you see consumer confidence high. and i think that is a tremendous boost to our economy at the moment. but, guess what? people are spending on credit. their credit cards wages are not increasing. >> jesse: you didn't build that. that's what i would say. and he didn't. trump super charged it. it was the weakest recovery since world war ii and now we have a much better economy. >> juan: you want to play politics with this just like ridiculous. >> jesse: steve forbes i just watched it on fox business network which is a great network by the way. head coach led a team to a bunch and 8-8 records he was there four or five or eight years and then a new coach come in the first year they make the playoffs, that would be like the old coach saying you know, that was all me. did i that no. new coach, new system, new game. >> dagen: i believe in my heart that president obama, when these -- these jobs numbers come out and economic numbers come out,
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he is sitting there watching them going miss, miss, miss. that they're rooting for the economy to stink to high heaven. that's a loser. >> moore said he wanted the economy to crash. >> juan: way you feel economy democrats. that's why you go after president obama who in fact lifted in economy up and should be saluted for it. it is just like the speech today. >> dagen: he didn't get enough salutes when he was in the white house in eight years. >> juan: president obama being hopeful, speaking to better nature of americans calling on to us try to save this republic. oh, didn't obama criticize fox news? yeah, he didn't try to shut it down, which is what trump is trying to do. calling people enemy of the american people. >> greg: trump is not trying to shut it down. what we are doing here is we are seeing a pretty decent contrast. president obama is all eloquence, feel good words, no deeds ever. trump his words are blunt and rude and particular
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ticks people off and deeds are really good. best contrast. you have a smiley face to gets nothing done or a jerk who gets nothing done. is he a jerk. >> juan: why don't you try telling that to usama bin laden. try telling that to the federal reserve when you say who rescued this economy. >> greg: i shook rob o'neill's hand over that. >> dana: it's an interesting time. >> greg: finance going to get better. >> dana: president trump raising the stakes in the hunt for the "new york times" op-ed resister up next ♪ nothing but a big old rock ♪ only a mountain ♪
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♪ >> when abraham lincoln made the gettysburg address speech, the great speech, do you know he was ridiculed by the fake news. they had fake news then. 50 years after his death, they said it may have been the greatest speech ever made in america. [applause] pretty good. i have a feeling that's going to happen with us.
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[laughter] >> jesse: president trump blasting the fake news media at his rally last night now calling on the justice department to investigate the gutless author of the anonymous "new york times" op-ed criticizing him and his administration. >> i think it's a disgrace that somebody can do that and i think it's more disgraceful that the "new york times" can do it. but that somebody is allowed to do that it's very sad commentary because i think it's national security. i would say jeff should be investigating the author of that piece was because i really believe it's national security. >> jesse: put aside trump for a second, dana and go onto the jefing jeff sessions ae do you think it deserves investigation national security. >security. >> dana: i would do it through the secret service not the justice department. >> jesse: why not. >> dana: i don't think a crime was committed and you
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have the first amendment. like you can say stuff even if you say stupid stuff and even if you say stupid stuff and don't put your name on it. you are still allowed to say it and the newspaper is aloud to print it. if he is concerned that there is a national security component here and i think that the u.s. secret service looking into it would be better because. >> juan: what national security issue? >> dana: he is saying because, well, this is not my my logic. the national security concern is that he is the duly elected president of the united states. he has national security issues that he wants to put forward. and have you somebody who is saying that, no, they are disrupting that and getting in the way of him being able to carry out his plans and decisions for the united states of america. >> jesse: if that was happening under barack obama you would call it sedition, juan. >> juan: no. look, first of all, it never happened under president bush. never happened under -- i can't think of a president where someone on his staff says this guy is so dangerous to the republic i
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better tell people i'm here trying to hold people together. >> jesse: you should hear what they say but, juan. >> juan: to me there is no crime. the big crime here is in his mind. our foe abe lincoln thinks somehow anybody who criticizes him has committed a crime and on national security violation. deign day i just told you what the thinking is. >> juan: how ridiculous. he thinks the justice department should go after his critics. this guy is authoritarian. >> jesse: hillary clinton during the debate compared herself to honest abe which prompted a lot of. laughter. >> juan: i hope. >> jesse: she is not though. >> dagen: "wall street journal" has great editorial about this today. they said they wouldn't have chosen to run this because it's not news. it's not news that officials in the administration or white house have tried to block president trump's bad instincts and belly flops.
2:19 pm
sonny perdue, agricultural secretary persuaded him not to withdraw from nafta. jim mattis persuaded him to calm down about nato. mcgawnel don't fire bob mueller. the list goes on and on and on. >> juan: wish he had followed that advice. the wish goes on -- no, mcgahn told him not to fire the special counsel. the special counsel is still sitting there doing his investigation. >> jesse: you are saying the persuasion is different than the interfering and on instructing. >instructing. >> dagen: the "new york times" ran this to take aattention away from bob booed ward. >> greg: i have been thinking of the same thought all day. the actual story to this is relatively common and boring. have you disgruntled flunky, probably mid to low level whining about being ignored by the new boss, the new manager who doesn't really like his ideas.
2:20 pm
this happens everywhere i have been the whiner. i have been the whined upon. note the context for this is really, really bad. so, instead, now it's like the secret resistance. no, it's just a disgruntled, probably beta male whiner, you know he has probably a really poorly man cured goatee, he probably listens to maroon five. let's be clear. >> everyone with a goatee in the white house. >> what are his complaints is that trump is really mean but, wait, you are actually trying to block him from doing his job. and he is really mean. that's called cause and effect. so when you are blocking what he is doing. he should be a little mad and he should kick your butt. forget the criminal stuff. i'm assuming it's a guy. maybe it's not a guy. i'm assuming it is. >> dana: someone else who doesn't argue very well. not the most well-written. president trump could just blow it off.
2:21 pm
this person is irrelevant. is he not even brave enough to put his name on it as nikki haley at the u.n. if i'm going to challenge the president i do it directly. >> greg: let me offer you alternative scenario "the five," someone on the production staff is leaking to newspaper stuff about you, saying that you are a diva. dana perino, she is a diva, her dog has its own dressing room and we have to eat its scraps. imagine that. >> dana: the thing is i'm not a person at this table who has been called a diva. [laughter] >> jesse: speaking of divas. >> greg: wait, don't stop. >> jesse: spartan can you >> jesse: jess spartacus is not backing down ♪ liberty mutual accident forgiveness means they won't hike your rates over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness
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>> i will say that i did willingly violate the chair's rule on committee process. this is the closest i will probably have in my life to i am spartacus moment. >> juan: senator corey booker not backing away from i am spartacus moment despite g.o.p. ridicule. the new jersey democrat boasting all over the media about being a rule-breaker and he is now vowing to release even more documents related to supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> i violated the rules. and i am violating the rule. number one last night i broke the rules. also last night when i broke the rules. i am breaking the rules. i am breaking the sham rules. that's why i was pushing. that's why i showed that defiance. that's why i broke senate -- broke committee rules. i will continue to release them all day in defiance of their rules because their rules are a sham. >> juan: meanwhile some of booker's republican colleagues including orrin hatch of utah jumping on the
2:27 pm
bandwagon poking fun at booker. what do you think, jesse, mitch mcconnell is saying he may have to have him before the senate ethics committee. >> jesse: i think that's overkill. i mean, booker is a flamboyant nerd. the kid in class who tries to misbehave during senior prank day and brags about it yeah, yeah, you are allowed to rank prank on senior prank day. it's fine, we get it you are a show boat. if you look at his whole career and there is a great article in the american spectator about that. [laughter] it's talking about the myth of cory booker. when he began in new jersey he has been a guy who likes the spotlight. he used to camp out on the corner with crack dealers. he used to live in the projects. and some of that ride around with the bullet proof vest. some of that stuff is good as a politician because it shows that you care. when it becomes all about the speck ke spectacle of cory r i think i smell a phony here that's what i think i smell here.
2:28 pm
>> juan: look at that dagen, what do you think? i'm struck by the idea that the night before i finally get some of the documents unclassified at booker's request. some of the republicans say he shouldn't have said i am spartacus. open season on him. >> dagen: too much to ask for a politician to tell the truth and say i asked for the documents and i got them and here they are. instead, it's the rehearsed theatrics of cor cory booker not like a teenager toddler eaten a roll of toilet paper when parents trying to have cocktail party. >> jesse: did you steal that line from gutfeld? >> dagen: no. i'm working to please greg gutfeld on that. by the way, you know he rehearses these faces in the mirror in the bathroom the night before. i just want to point out despite all of, this your two local newspapers they put a real actor on the front page burt reynolds, not cory booker after your little display down in d.c.
2:29 pm
>> juan: dana, what i'm struck by some documents still not released and yet the republicans say this is a done deal and they would rather talk about cory booker. >> dana: this whole document thing is a ploy to try to avoid having to deal with the real thing. they don't have the votes to block judge kavanaugh. judge kavanaugh did not do anything during the hearing that would put senator paul, senator murkowski or senator collin off of their plan to vote for him at least not that they have said. so, yes, the confirmation looks assured. he showed amazing temperament. the intellect and if you are advising and con sent like this guy he is the kind of judge you would want. the email that he was so reckless in putting out that got approved was about racial profiling. and it showed that brett kavanaugh was actually against racial profiling in the wake of 9/11. so, have at it you want to send out more emails like they are going tone courage people to look at brett kavanaugh even in a more favorable light than they already do. great. i got to tell you one joke i saw cory booker goes to
2:30 pm
olive garden i'm paying for bread sticks. the bread sticks are free. i'm paying for the bread sticks. he just wants to be in trouble. he didn't actually do anything bad. >> juan: greg, mock away. >> greg: it's too easy. i'm going to defend him in the end. it does suck when you have created your own nickname. he will be known as spartacus for the end of time. it's worse than pocahontas because he gave it to himself. the idea of him like somehow is he risking his capital, his career. like me saying, you know, i'm going to risk something here on fox news by saying i love america. i hope i don't get fired for saying i love america. but i will say in his defense he might be like trump in that he is incapable of embarrassment. i mean, might be like he gets up the next day and rolls off his back which, i mean, cnn made fun of trump for being this way. and trump became president. you never know, this guy
2:31 pm
could sneak up on you. >> dana: left wing they want a fighter even if it's fake fighting. [laughter] >> juan: i think you are done. i think your job is gone. >> greg: i'm covered for the next year. >> juan: you said something critical about trump. you realize you said that. >> greg: i said sometimes the butt of the joke kicks your butt. that's what i'm saying. >> juan: it could be. >> greg: i have proven many people that in my career. >> juan: one last point to dana, i think the whole notion on settled law on roe v. wade, questions about how -- his attitude. >> dana: you can't throw that out there with 10 seconds left. what he said the question comes to a staff secretary will you approve this document in the staff secretary's job to go through it line by line. one of the lines says something about settled -- that all justices think that the roe v. wade was settled law. what he said was i don't think can you actually say that all justices think it is settled law.
2:32 pm
that doesn't say what his opinion is he is saying i don't think we can say that everybody here holds greg's view that we love america. you would have to ask them. >> greg: you hate america, dana? dana hates america. [ laughter ] >> juan: what i'm saying to you with 97% of the documents still available i there is some question. i agree with dana. >> dana: murkowski collins and rand paul are not concerned. >> dagen: meantime booker is at home congrats a little himself. congratulating himself: >> juan: stay right there. fan mail friday is next ♪ if you want to have a good time ♪ don't stop me now ♪ having a good time ♪ to be their best, kids need good nutrition. and practice... lots of practice.
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2:37 pm
ifive had to change its name, juan, what suggestions would you offer? >> juan: if we weren't called "the five"? >> juan: barflies run wild. we are a drinking show. 5:00 in the east. everybody watching is either in the gym or at the bar. maybe they are cooking dinner. but a lot of people would think this is the cocktail hour. >> greg: dagen what would you call "the five" if it wasn't called "the five." >> dagen: godfather or good fellows or apocalypse now. >> greg: people would turn it on and movie and be very confused, jesse. >> jesse: jesse and his crew. >> juan: jesse and his crew cut. >> jesse: still talking about the hair, juan. >> greg: dana? >> dana: spartacus. is happy hour already taken? >> greg: that was a show on
2:38 pm
espn, skinny kid with the long hair, what's his name. >> dana: cody willard. >> dagen: it's not on there anymore. it's that older guy. >> greg: i would call it fox and friends. you know who the fox is, right? [laughter] what channel -- this is from reilly murrow, what tv channel doesn't exist but really should, jesse? >> jesse: trump tv. we already have that. >> you walked into that one. >> we would have problems if there was trump tv. juan? >> jesse: i like that christmas you'll logs comforting, calming ridiculous, outrageous, did you see that? hey, if there was a tv channel to calm you down that's pretty good.
2:39 pm
>> greg: that's not a bad idea. a big screen honing in on a xanax. [laughter] dagen? >> dagen: there should be a network dedicated to just reruns of alice. alice is not on enough. >> jesse: what's that show? >> greg: linda lavin. >> dagen: collin holiday kiss my grits. deign. >> greg: i do that with the golden girls what's your dana. >> dnz. >> jesse: i thought that was the daily brief. >> whoa. >> dana: make you cry like did you last time. i'm going to get you on that show and you will be fabulous on the show. >> jesse: that wasn't the right pitch for that. >> greg: i would like to seat topic. network all my best clips just on a loop. because you can't get enough of it. this is good one from last
2:40 pm
week. i'm prepared for this question. carol says what thing has someone tricked you into doing. >> dana: i'm pretty gullable. flying to mix on a plane. >> dana: that wasn't a trick. >> greg: troy got you on his bike. >> dana: the chiropractor. >> greg: nobody tricked you into something? >> dana: i'm pretty gullable. real quick after that. >> juan: also, dana will pay you back in a minute. one that happened to me just the other day eye went for walk at aquatic garden. i'm walking along with my grand kids. pepper says to me popop there is a spider on your back. all kinds of crazy animals, mosquitoes there is a spider i said knock it off. she said have you got to bend down. i said okay. she jumps on my back.
2:41 pm
a piggy back ride. >> greg: that was very clever. a 6-year-old to ou outwit a 64-year-old. >> greg: did you check for your wallet? that's a smart kid. that's the next step. day began? >> dagen: on a date because i was a country girl somebody conned me into eating the entire ball of wasabi. >> greg: then you can't get pregnant. that was always the gullable lie. >> juan: that's justth way he treats people. detailing san diego i'm self-edited because i don't want to get fired. >> juan: just say america is great again. >> jesse: i think i got tricked into doing this show today. i don't want to really tell the real story. >> jesse: i was driven out into the middle of the woods for a fake hunt and given a weapon and i had to walk home. >> greg: what do you call
2:42 pm
that snow. >> jesse: supposed to hunt something. >> dana: my husband tricked me into believing a hagas small bird four short legs i t. to run around on the hill a certain way and i believed him. jess jets i got tricked into eating sweet bread in the middle of the mill meal they told me it was glands and then i had to excuse myself. >> greg: this question was last week so i actually thought about it. on red eye you know jonathan hoenig, he came on red eye. that's him in the middle dressed as a character from cats. he showed up dressed like that. i go to him why do you dress like that he? said i'm in an off broadway rendition of cats and i have to do it after red eye i said oh, okay. i believed that. he was totally full, he just came dressed as the a cat.
2:43 pm
>> jesse: that's ann coulter some guy in a cat costume. hell of a show have you there. all you need is diamond and silk. will. >> greg: all right, our colleague and breast cancer survivor gerri will solicit gearing up to lead team fox in a race for the cure. she is here to tell us all about it. that's next ♪ poll. [polkave music] not so cute when they're angry. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪
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call or visit ♪ i'm a survivor. >> gerri willis is not only my friend and fellow business network colleague gerri is also a warrior, a survivor beaten stage three breast cancer. this sunday gerri is leading the charge for team fox in the 28th susan g. komen race for the cure. army of survivors and thriverrers will be in central park in new york city for the event and, gerri is here right now. >> let's just talk about it. it's also about not just supporting women who are battling breast cancer who survive breast cancer, people who have lost loved ones to breast cancer, it is about money to fund research. pitch it, lady, pitch it. >> amen, sister.
2:48 pm
komen fox funding to fund that research. looking a lot right now at the breast cancer that goes outside the breast me tastic breast cancer. that's a big call to help women who really are fighting the worst fight of all. and i have to tell you, we're doing great. we have raised more than $41,000. much of it the last two days, our employer is pony up dough, matching our contributions, can you give alongside us. komen if you live in the new york city area, come on out sunday morning 9:00 a.m. we're going to have a great time. >> juan: you know what struck me, i was reading your piece that you wrote about this really about people coming around to support you when you were going through treatment, there were people like jennifer griffin in washington or cody here in new york who help you get
2:49 pm
through chemo treatment. >> you can't do it on your own. that's the thing you learn. people have to assist you, it's a lonely trip to take and if you are on your own. your chances of not making it through are far, far higher. >> i want to say this to you, gerri, i have said this to you privately. my mother had stage four lung cancer and fighting it for four years i lost my brother-in-law to glioblastoma same brain cancer that killed john mccain. he only lived five months. it removes the stigma or individual or family member might feel about talking about it in the workplace to just share. and it really does lift everyone up. and it gives you strength. even though the family member in myriad ways and it's hard. because you're fighting for your life and then you are sharing what you're going through in terms of the treatment. and for me, it's been invaluable. i just can see you down the hall.
2:50 pm
and it really does gives strength. >> caretakers face a big hurdle. it's really hard. i have noticed with my husband like what he has had to do. he has to put up with me every day anyway. with this, it was so much more, right? and it's a burden. >> >> dana: i have a question about the komen foundation and the research. how important is it to fund this organization? like how much are they doing? >> here's the deal they raised $2.1 million for research over the time they have been in business. that is more than any other entity say the federal government. they are research for breast cancer in this country. they are the ones who do it. so, if you want to help find a cure for breast cancer, nobody should be dying from breast cancer. you have got to fund komen. >> jesse: how often should women go to the doctor and get their breasts checked. >> you go as often as your doctor says at least once a year don't listen to those nonsense people who say that young women should not go. when i was in treatment i saw women in their 30's who
2:51 pm
had breast cancer. and needed to have the mammogram and needed to get checked. don't listen to them. make sure that you get checked. i was checked for the very first time six months before diagnosis. but i had a very rare form of breast cancer that is difficult for a mammogram to see. had i been going over time, they would have been more likely to catch it earlier. greg? >> greg: i find you very annoying. whenever we are on 18th floor she always asks me how i'm doing i always answer and complain. oh, i always eat something at lunch that disagrees with me. i have end guess. i always see you when i'm running to the bathroom because your office is on the way to the men's room. by the way the 18th floor men's room is disgusting somebody better clean it hey greg how are you? oh, god, i think another case of explosive diarrhea and she is like and then i walk away and i realize i go i am complain talking who is like completing fighting this incredible battle and, you know, i'm such an idiot.
2:52 pm
but, anyway, more power to you. >> listen, it's been a great journey. and people at fox have been a great support. >> dana: you won the award from the komen foundation this year, right? >> i got this huge award. >> dana: celebrate that. >> that was super exciting. i thought i was going to have heart attack though. all of fox management came and i had to speak in front of them. >> dana: you speak in front of them every day on television. >> jesse: they're watching? [laughter] >> 20 feet away from me. >> dana: good luck to you and thank you for coming. >> thanks for having me. give komen i have said it enough? >> dana: thank you. >> dagen: this is in memory of andy goodman. we miss you. one more thing is next ♪ my fight song ♪ this is my life song ♪ prove them all right song ♪ you
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greg. >> all right. tomorrow night we have a great episode of the greg gutfelt show. we asked dana perino, 10:00 p.m. on this channel. now it's time for greg's "i won't be ignored" book news. last night, the president of the united states had this to say. >> i have books stacked up this high. actually the ones that are
2:57 pm
really good are number one, two, and three on the best seller's list, right? judge jeannine, by gregg jarrett, how about bongino has a successful book. >> are you kidding? you go to bongino? what's wrong with you! what is wrong with you! [laughing] how hard would it have been to slip in gutfelt monologues. >> he'll help you out. juan? >> i feel for you, baby, that's not right. [laughing] the nfl season kicked off last night, folks i've got a story that is going to touch your heart. this week pete carroll, the coach of the seahawks, announced sha keep griffin starts at linebacker on sunday. griffin is a rookie, but only has one hand. you heard me right, his left hand was amputated due to a birth defect. during this year's nfl pre-season he led the seahawks
2:58 pm
in tackles. and what makes this story even better, dagen and i talked about this, his twin brother is also starting for the seahawks this sunday at cornerback. so for anyone who thinks they can't make it that, there's something big that they can't accomplish, man, i got to tell you, let this story inspire new your life. >> i called this, because i watch the nfl combine, and shakeem did so well. it was an obvious fit. >> i love it when entrepreneurs do great things and make great products. this company certainly does that. rollback, the guys are amazing clothing, polo shirts, active wear. bandanas for dogs. i got one for jasper, it's cute. check out their insta dpram page, cute dog of theirs as well. this is cool. companies like this are donating back to veterans groups, especially groups that deal with tbi, traumatic brain injury, and
2:59 pm
post traumatic stress. and they donate a percentage of their profits to the american humane shelter to service program. that has rescued shelter dogs and trained them as service dogs to help veterans. congrats to them and thank you for all you do. >> and the dog over at rhoback. the eagles, big w., first game of the season thursday night football. unveiling the championship banner, there it is, the owner, with brian dawkins, former eagle hall of famer. and we kicked it off with philly special, trick play that we used during the super bowl, call goes out, almost breaks his leg, goes on the side lines, he's fine. win the game 18-12 against the dirty birds. also, dirty birds, dirty waters, "watters' world," 8:00 eastern, 5:00 p.m. pacific. bruiserback, baby, what is this world coming to.
3:00 pm
>> we didn't rev. any time for dagen. >> video of the golden retriever. why do dudes refer to sports teams as "we." you aren't on the team. >> see you back here on monday. "special report" is next. i believe we have baier. >> bret: he's not on the field, thank you, dana. i'm baier in washington. we begin with a skirmish, if not outright battle between two presidents. today former president obama unleashed a scathing attack on his successor and the republican party. during a long speech marking his reentry into election year politics. the current commander in chief responded moments later, with humor instead of venom. john roberts at the white house has details on the president's efforts to try to find out who wrote that "new york times" op ed about a resistance within the administration. we start off, though, with doug mcelway and executive level trash talking. >> good evening. no


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