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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  September 8, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> tomorrow we have some kind of video from the skydiving. i don't know what yet. if we live! >> that means you are doing it. >> it was the weakest recovery we've ever had. and now, this is called not recovery, this is called rocketship. >> we hear how great the economy is doing right now. let's just remember, when this recovery started. >> we have the best economy in history.the stock market is at record highs. >> beset the longest streak of job creation in american history by far. a streak that still continues, by the way. thanks obama. >> the best economic numbers,
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the best numbers on unemployment and employment. that we have ever had as a country. the strongest economy we've ever had. >> by just about every measure, america's better. and the world is better than it was 50 years ago. 30 years ago or even 10 years ago. neil: to any remember there it cursing duck season, rabbit season, duck season, rabbit season. did you feel like this about who is to credit for this economic boom? and i think obama says maybe the democrats should take a bow. president trump's estes is firing on all cylinders. i think it is republicans, the white house, me. and the back-and-forth on the recovery and the market that has already been historic by anyone's definition.
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but who is right and who is wrong? welcome everyone i am neil cavuto, happy weekend and happy economy! it is on all cylinders but who gets credit for that? barack obama this week and the first of many such occurrences where he will at least get his opinions out there. the president of the united states right now, the president in the white house and whatever he said is wrong, pay attention to me. the back-and-forth can have a lot to say about how the midterms go. we begin with ellison barber at the white house. reporter: it is a war of words. not necessarily surprisingly think about republicans and the democrats. it's often the case one side says one thing and the other senses the other. the president loves to talk about the economy whenever he talks about successes of the administration. the economy is usually one of the first things he mentions when he criticizes the media he often says we don't spend enough time talking about the economy. he says the economy will lead republicans to victory across
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the board come november.when you talk to democrats most of them will say the economy is doing well now because of policies and steps that president obama took his time in office and the many upward trajectories began in the obama years. something president obama agrees with. >> i am glad it continued. but when you hear about this economic miracle, that's been going on -- when the job numbers have come out, monthly job numbers, suddenly republicans are saying it's a miracle! i had to kind of remind them actually, those job numbers are the same as they were in 2015. and 2016. reporter: president trump not taking the very public pushback well. he responded at a fundraiser
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north dakota a couple of hours later saying he had watched the speech and he said that he thought the speech was good for sleeping. that he fell asleep. he then went on to say that essentially, he did not believe president obama deserves any of the credit. saying if the democrats got in november instead of having 4.2 up i believe you have 4.2 down. even hit obama get a fundraiser shortly after that north dakota fundraiser in south dakota. neil: thank you very much. we are not red or blue here we just follow the green i am the resident nerd here at fox. that would break down economic statistics for each president. over each term in office. keep in mind president trump has only been in office 19 months but with all of that we thought it would be a good opportunity for susan to break it all down and she is here to do just that. >> for the record we love our resident nerd.
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the jobs number better-than-expected 201,000 in august, jobless rate holding 3.9 percent and lots of sectors hiring last month. professional business services adding 52,000 jobs. trade related jobs might be surprising given the tariff battle went up 22,000 for transportation while housing also 20,000 for the month. most of the hiring when it comes to couriers and messengers, construction jobs trending higher up 23,000. manufacturing which has been a big focal point for the u.s. president, shedding 3000 jobs last month. still hiring double the rates from last year. people are thinking maybe tariffs are fighting when it comes to jobs in manufacturing. the auto sector shedding 4900 jobs as well. the big story in the employment report, wages finally improving 2.9 percent. the biggest jump since the middle of 2009. it has taken almost a decade to
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get here to see this big of an improvement. but who deserves the credit for this market? with the unemployment rate still having close to the 18 year lows? president obama as you heard said that jobs are just as good as they were in 2015. we did some comparisons paid on employment rates have fallen under both presidents. when obama left office in january 2017 it was 4.8 percent. now it is under four percent. as for wages, we told you they are rising close to three percent over the past year. it is better than under president obama but, the financial crisis definitely hitting paychex in those first few years. as for the overall economy, the average annual gdp growth under president obama, less than two percent. so far under president trump, north of two percent. the latest quarter topping four percent. i guess only time will tell. don't you love that phrase?
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of course 2008, the financial crisis years, that might suppress some of the gdp figures in the court that we saw under obama in the first term. back to you. neil: very well done, susan thank you. working the weekends as well. very good overview. who deserves to take a bow on all of this? and can both take about? let's go to those interested. we have a fox news contributor, a magazine publisher and from exit strategies -- madison with begin with you. he takes the credit? >> i think president trump takes the credit here. he is doing what people said it was impossible in 2016. over four percent growth. historical. historic highs for consumer confidence, stock market woman, i can go on and on all day about the incredible things. policy, regulation, i could go on. that he has done to push the economy forward. neil: it is certainly the case
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-- >> they are very good for the economy, regulatory reform, tax reform. it is disingenuous for obama to argue we are seeing similar economic results when economic policies are different. we are a vastly different policymaking era now. we're seeing really sustained growth at a really remarkable rate. sustained job growth and friendly wage growth is coming and i because the labor market slack is declining. more and more people going back to work and is putting pressure on wages to go up. we are finally seeing in its policy change but not a function of luck or gratuity. it's really about a different course. president trump should get the credit for that. >> what you think? crisis talk about the jeff bezos and other tech executives deserve the real credit for america leading the world in the last 10 years with economic growth and low job numbers. the president does are some of the credit but not as much of the company is driving their
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own economy. >> also federal reserve. -- >> these, i do not want to knock the policy helping the companies they are having higher earnings now because of the corporate tax policy. some companies might have left if we didn't have gone in this direction. i don't want to say it had no effect but the effect is that we have the best businesses in the world here right now. as far as they both -- there policy that probably got us, cash for clunkers. you wouldn't do that in this economy but at the time when it happens it made sense. there are long-term negative to both peer. >> that was just on the margin -- [multiple speakers] >> there was mortgage refinancing deals at the time were probably needed to keep this out of serious -- >> there's an argument that both presidents could take a
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bow but on all cylinders, regulations under president trump, where do you stand? >> look at what he inherited. we cannot forget what he inherited. he inherited this roaring economy thanks to obama. i consider that roaring. [multiple speakers] it wasn't the recession or depression but roaring is not exactly -- >> i think it's the opposite of what obama had inherited. >> fair enough. i think so, why not? but wonderfully give the other one a beautiful handoff. it was a wonderful handoff. >> i think you have to look at how far along we are in this economic expansion. usually by this point we are seeing significant signs of slowdown. we are not saying that, we sing strong economic growth in gdp numbers, strong job growth, continuing to see businesses -- >> recovery is normal but -- [multiple speakers]
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>> i think and i talked to a lot of ceos, they did an enormous amount of good because that was saving immediately. the tax cuts were huge in and of themselves but it was really after-the-fact. the regulatory pressure, no president really had -- it did change the math. >> absolutely, the regular tray component is much more significant in a lot of ways. you look at the energy sector, health care, those two in particular have been positively affected by the presidents regulatory is. >> in the beginning, that twin approach, regulations, was substantial. then the tax cuts for corporations, it was a dramatic difference. >> and i think regulations were actually one of the most incredible things he did. we look at this and there was 100,000 regulations when obama left office. donald trump credits under
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62,000. >> had he not done those two things, is it your view that the recovery, would not have lasted? >> i think obama was a good slow economy present and donald trump is a good strong economy present. it had policies that work the environments. in a flip-flop situation out of the donald trump would be the right president. i don't think obama is a white-hot economy president. >> when he said he wouldn't be the right president is that because he is for government intervention?>> i think the handout level would be, it wouldn't be there. i think you need it at that time but in this economy you want to get things hotter than they got under obama. >> a republican might be more likely to do the government things -- >> you want a republican in that boom. >> obama would have done great. imagine what he did -- [multiple speakers]
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>> the guy who started all of that. >> well -- >> my only point, i know we look at, it's what we have to go on. and to the earlier point, a lot was going on under each president but i think it's fair to say both can take a bow. i think it's dismissive of obama not to give trump any credit. >> it is dismissive. the real test will be when the federal reserve ratchets up rates beware of seeing that increase this month another one in december. we have had a couple this year already, that will be the test. we been living in sort of little to no -- >> five or six rate hikes. >> the markets basically have not stumbled at all. they said rate hikes are, we will build that in. the presumption is the economy strong and i think the policy is response. >> i think it will continue when we talk to average
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americans across the country, they are happy and it's affecting them directly. wages were stagnant under obama. they have had over $1000 income gain per family. >> i don't think people republican or democrat on the subject if you're feeling better about the economy, you are just happy. politicians, shut up! just follow the green. >> that's all we have. >> let's all hug. we could have said about the brett kavanaugh hearings. [video] worry free nights, and wake up feeling fresh and free for a free sample visit that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day.
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>> we cannot possibly move forward mr. chairman. >> i extend your very warm welcome to judge kavanaugh. , his wife ashley -- >> mr. chairman i think we ought to have this loudmouth removed.
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[shouting] >> i'm going to release email about racial profiling and interest in it because of potential ousting from the senate.>> running for president isviolating the rules of the senate. >> okay all of that went well! i guess. brett kavanaugh facing a chaotic supreme court confirmation hearing. but all the noise, the expectation is that he will still be approved. too early to tell but will he be sitting on the high court before his opening session on october 1? former tunica president bill clinton, bob bennett. when he makes in all of this. the author of the book, in the ring, the trials of a washington lawyer. that could extend a guess and theme the trials or the supreme court candidate p what you make of how this week went down? >> well, i think it was just a
7:19 am
disgusting, depressing performance by the democrats. this is not the way we should be testing a nominee for the supreme court. neil: but what happened, bob, i apologize. when you look at how this went, the protest groups and then the back-and-forth over emails and risking senate -- there were a number of theatrics here that we have not seen probably dating back to the clarence thomas hearings which were different. it seems like the wheels are -- >> agree with you. it's getting worse and worse. i think to be fair, while there is no justification for what the democrats did, there is an element of payback for, to be candid with you, what i thought was the disgraceful manner that
7:20 am
they treated merrick garland. you know the irony, kavanaugh and garland are probably two of the very best judges in our country. with long records to look at. truly, they come from different angles. but they are outstanding people. and they don't deserve to be trashed by congress. neil: is what it is i guess in the republican numbers being what they are, it doesn't look like judge kavanaugh has any possibility of not becoming just as kavanaugh but what are your thoughts? >> i don't know, i am not as convinced as you are. a lot will depend on susan collins and murkowski. neil: on the rover swayed in prior comments ray said it necessarily was not president, right? >> yeah.
7:21 am
but i think you will get through but you never know. the deals that are made behind the scenes. >> exactly.the whole process though is very polarizing. this was evidence of that. i am thinking with bill clinton, is even more polarizing than those days? >> yes, it is more polarizing. and i don't think for a supreme court nominee, it should be polarizing at all. i mean democrats were saying they didn't get all the documents. brett kavanaugh has been on the bench for about 12 years. he has written hundreds of decisions. you know, that is what they should be focusing on. and i bet most of them didn't even look at those. neil: thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule on a weekend no less. i appreciate it.
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i never thought i'd say this but i found bladder leak underwear that's actually pretty. always discreet boutique. hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel. so i feel protected and pretty. always discreet boutique. neil: you hear that guy? pretty good. welcome back. you are getting a good close-up view of the back-and-forth and this time before the midterm elections, who take credit for what and what is crucial and where. in florida it's really the epicenter so much. the presidential elections and this one, the battle for who controls the governors mansion,
7:26 am
i'm talking about ron desantis, the nominee for republican top spot there. his running mate joins us as well, state were -- represented. and the office of gillam says they hope to have something soon. we will make sure that we talk to all parties and we are delighted to have both of you with us, congressman desantis and representative. >> thank you. we are on a roll in florida. unemployment rate is under four. we have opportunity to drive more investment. that will not happen though if we end up turning to andrew gillam 's policies who has aligned himself with the bernie sanders and cortez. a single payer healthcare system.we are committed to making sure that doesn't
7:27 am
happen. neil: he still even with you in the polls which given some of the comments he made there, startling how floridians would put someone up there like that and have a meeting with you. >> here's the thing. no one thought he was going to win the primary. he skated through, he never had a single negative ad against him. a lot of floridians do not know what he necessarily stands for. they just know he's a democratic nominee. we are obviously very competitive state. i am the other hand, i say 17 million in negative attacks coming out of the primary. we had a big victory anyway. we will start educating the public on the distinctions between the two approaches. and i think the more we do that, we will continue to solidify strong support and be able to bring this in for a good victory. neil: representative, were you concerned about the comments when there was the fox and friends interview and talk
7:28 am
about monkeying up the process, that it was misinterpreted as racist, did that give you pause? do you say that was weighing on his poll numbers and both of your poll numbers? >> of course not. i think that is ludicrous and i think the floridians are focused on what congressman desantis said. continuing prosperity in making sure that we present the right message to florida with his exactly what we plan to do in the coming months. >> and that gives you another opportunity to clarify that. and i know that you have or tried to across the state and elsewhere. but in retrospect, do you regret using that term? >> it is a phony controversy. it is being drummed up to try and distract from the clear issues that we have front and center. placing floridians. nobody has been able to be elected florida running on a 40
7:29 am
percent tax increase. he wants a single-payer system. neil: what do you credit? nothing racially charged by it? >> of course not! of course not! neil: if you could do it again would you use the term? >> here's the deal, we cannot go down the road of nonstop political correctness and people will be demagogue what you say. that's where we are in the country the voters know it's a non-, it is nothing. and i will continue going forward speaking the truth. but i will not be derailed by these fake controversies. neil: representative, we use travel across the state. obviously, congressman would say came out of nowhere but it helped out president trump 's blessing his full support. he went out for winning in his own right. i'm wondering whether you too would welcome this in florida. >> absolute. i think you look at what we've
7:30 am
been able to accomplish. the continued progress for citizens of the united states of america. i think you'll see that we will do the same for florida.i am proud to stand along congressman desantis. he is a veteran that serves with honor and fought the good fight in washington. alongside myself, fighting the good fight in tallahassee and we look forward to bringing our message to the voters of florida and showing them why we are not only the best choice but really, the only choice for floridians. neil: congressman, the president is still worried about this anonymous author and this editorial in the new york times, he wants to see the attorney general to try to pursue this. how do you feel about that? >> look, you have problems serving in the administration. the honorable thing to do is tender your resignation.the idea that you will have a column, doing your own thing trying to undercut the president, and what really struck me about that op-ed, was
7:31 am
the writer saying donald trump is undemocratic. what he is doing is trying to undercut the duly elected present peer donald trump won the election. neil: apparently they feel that there are a lot of people supporting this shadow rebellious movements. that is a little scary in and of itself. what did you make of that? >> no, i think it is. remember when donald trump directed you had people in a bureaucracy rebelling against him. we saw an unprecedented amount of leaking, very sensitive information to try and damaging both during the transition and the early part of his administration. and so look, if you're a sinner administration official, you can present your case and you can argue with the president and try to move him in policy. but you can't try to be destructive behind the scenes. you just don't have the authority to do that. i think the person should come out and reveal the names and stand up and take the fire.
7:32 am
don't hide behind anonymity. >> thank you. >> thank you. neil: welcome back controversy with colin kaepernick but what about nike? is it really worth it? after this. but when it matters most, you count on tracfone to keep you connected for less. ♪ our smartphone plan gives you talk, text and data with unlimited carryover starting at $15 a month, no contract. all with nationwide 4g lte coverage. get top smartphones or bring your own phone. tracfone. for moments that matter. nike comic-con, amid growing
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calls for boycotts, criticism and the president's and the national association of police organization present with us. we have not received a statement from nike. it's good to have you thanks for coming. enough is enough, right? >> yes, sir thank you for the opportunity. yes, enough is definitely enough. we feel nike made a huge error in judgment and put in the face of colin kaepernick as an
7:36 am
individual has sacrificed everything. it was stated in our letter there are members of the military public service that pay the ultimate sacrifice on a regular basis. and we were offended by the fact that nike chose to use him as their example and we made it known, not only to nike but to the members that we represent. across 241,000 nationwide as members of our association. neil: if i understand correctly, you're urging a boycott of nike products, right? >> yes, we are. the shame of it is, we just finished a nationwide campaign, our police officers in shop with a cop, back-to-school shopping.i'm sure there are many children in the community that purchase nike products. coaches, mentors, we where the nike emblem. but to have them represent their spokesperson, the face of
7:37 am
their product has come out an anti-police position is quite frankly unacceptable. neil: there are other athletes as you know, featured in this ad. i thought for example it was -- nike is arguing it is bigger than colin kaepernick. you say what? >> well, i am sure that is their opinion. again, we believe it was a poor choice. just off the top of my head i'm not in the advertising business. you want a famous athlete who paid the ultimate sacrifice? how about pat tillman for that would be an excellent example of someone that paid the ultimate sacrifice in their belief. again, we have over 23,000 names on a memorial wall in washington d.c. of the men and women who believed in the sacrifice of providing public safety to our nation. and actually did pay with the
7:38 am
ultimate sacrifice that of giving up their life. also to be a slight to the men and women of our military who on a daily basis, are providing the opportunity for nike, mr. and even myself, to express our belief and feelings. quite frankly, i feel they have made a huge error in judgment and select him and i realize it's an ongoing campaign. but again, we stand by our letter and we stand by our position but he did not make the ultimate sacrifice. he is a multimillionaire. as a result of being an athlete. now a spokesperson for their product. neil: michael, the president did weigh in on this and he agrees pretty much everything that you have said. where do you think that he or what you think he should do? other say his comments alone will get a reaction and response. maybe a change in behavior.
7:39 am
or that he should go even further. what do you think? >> i think quite frankly, the position of president does not need to interfere in the conducting of business. we are greatly appreciative of his support. that only the president but the administration has shown for the men and women who provide orbital safety throughout the united states. and are much appreciative of that support. >> i would be curious, we got one professional game under our call, the eagles and falcons game on thursday. the ratings were down. a year ago, opening game, eight percent. i don't know whether it is the nailing or not or the anthem issue. -- or not ready at the mission. what you think is going on? >> i think clearly there's a response for the nation that has an issue with politicizing
7:40 am
during a sporting event of somebody's belief. often times those of us that work in every aspect of society enjoy going to a sporting event with our family. as a time to de-escalate, relax. it is really probably a poor arena for someone to express their political beliefs or what they believe is injustice. neil: michael, thank you very much, sir. early on a saturday i do appreciate it. >> i appreciate the opportunity, sir. neil: we have more coming up including the fight on social media going too far. they make money hand over fist and right now it seems that they're getting political fist back over how they run their businesses. is that right? what should the government do? fn
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7:44 am
into account that led to prominent conservatives including members of the u.s. house of representatives, not being included in autostart suggestions? >> with mr. jordan, mr. meadows, -- being diminished, is only because it complained that it got fixed? >> in 600,000, if there were 1000 republicans and 10 democrats, it still seems somewhat biased. >> we agree that the result was not impartial. that is why we corrected it and fixed it. >> so you do agree there were more republicans and democrats? >> i did not say that. but i do -- >> you cannot have it both ways, sir. neil: here's how boring some of those hearings were. that is the best of it. but we just showed you was the best of it. [laughter] right or left, that is the whole thing out of control
7:45 am
here. back with us on whether social media companies go too far, not only in weeding out -- whether they are biased against anything conservative from the site, let's get the word from susan. we have kathy and conservative commentator, jenna who said she was censored by social media. what do we do? >> yeah, it's really the question. should the government come in and interfere with it? we have to remember it is a private platform. in the issue here think is transparency. because if twitter has their terms and conditions that they say they can update any time, and they are so vague and actually suppressing content, -- neil: what have they done? >> facebook actually was taking down mine for 40 ousting it was spam and somehow violated -- neil: your piece? >> mine was talking about the cohen plea and specifically about what a plea agreement is. what it isn't. it was definitely pro-trump in
7:46 am
the sense that it was talking about the cohen plea not being as obvious. neil: i want to be just focused on you but what did facebook tell you or how did it explain what happened? >> it didn't. and actually tag both facebook and mark zuckerberg a post inquiring appeared the tags were immediately removed. facebook actually never got back with me. it was only after fox news acquired that they blamed and said we apologize, it was a result of our algorithms. but it is really funny how the algorithms always have targeted this content but not liberal content. neil: what you make of it? >> it sounds like the wild wild west with this industry and they are pioneers. i don't exactly know what to do so perhaps the government does need to step in and let them know, get some guidelines. i do not think they know what they're doing. when they are asked what of the guidelines and what you go by?
7:47 am
they say our values, to come up with words to explain why they do what they do. neil: here you have a woman that has been censored. and she has been hurt by it. he doesn't want that. >> they do need regulations. this industry does not know what it's doing. neil: you know the back-and-forth on this in order to stop the kind of stuff that happened through jenna, for apparently no reason. >> someone needs to regulate it. neil: but what do you get? >> i hate to say that we are in the world of heightened scrutiny. more regulation. i spoke with uber ceo this week. and are they silencing conservative voices? he said, if there is a bias is not purposeful. but he does recognize a silicon valley does need to get better in terms of hearing everyone's side. >> i was here that it's not purposeful. and without disparaging the right or the left, it is just like in the fbi investigation. i have yet to see someone texting wonderful things about donald trump over there.
7:48 am
all of them, they hated him when he was running for office. all of the poems that you here seem to be quieting the right. so there is a pattern of bias, isn't there? >> so must erase the coded algorithm so far. we just a few years away when it will right itself. neil: no why do they shut off stuff that generates enough stuff that let's say, michael moore? >> under the weather did not get back to her, they only have 2 billion customers. [laughter] >> i like to think i was censored. but it is not that. it's just bad tweets. >> you will argue and i'm not playing because i think both sides hate me. but i'm saying that when 99 percent, are against conservatives, you have to wonder why is that? >> here is why. because okay, the outrage machine is telling them how to
7:49 am
recode the algorithms. that's what's going on. and that outraged mostly about a certain kind of content, and alex jones kind of thing. neil: can you explain? we are losing viewers. >> is where the weekly world news for years that made up stories and conspiracy theories and the bad boy, people did go to the drugstore as he had to take it off of the newsstand because it's all lies. neil: how do you know those 10 foot aliens were allies? >> today disguise making up stuff. >> but that's what the twitter platform is. i think that the solution actually is for people, for example, my article in the washington examiner peter wasn't taken off of the site. for users to assume that the newsfeed is giving them all of the content that is relevant that they need, it's actually being a lazy consumer. you need to go to the actual url and not rely facebook and twitter and social media to generate -- neil: you know, we are free to
7:50 am
be ignorant as well. it should be up to the government to compel us to look for the source of material. i mean it is nice but once the government is in that role, be careful. >> that's what i think as well. because twitter and facebook are still private platforms. as long as they are abiding by the terms and conditions, that is the one piece that does bother me as a conservative. even though i am not necessarily paying for a subscription, i saw the user agreement. and it is so vague i have no idea why they are censoring my content. then i have a problem with that. and i don't have transparency and understand why my piece was removed? neil: so what do you say? i'm out of here? >> it might be a solution. >> would you do that? >> i personally wouldn't. because i am okay with being part of different -- neil: is a market solution right there. >> but social media 10 years
7:51 am
ago we didn't have these problems. these are brand-new problems. they are pioneers, new issues and they need to be addressed. >> may be, origins of the washington examiner. conservative, a new vehicle. they were targeting the washington examiner.would that bother you? >> it would bother me. censorship, it should bother everyone i think. in this country, yes. >> there are other platforms to use. >> right. the point about bias just to get back to what uber ceo said, why does it happen? he says in silicon valley with people clustered together with the same mindset in california, the same democratic mindset -- >> you people genuinely upset on -- we need to take a quick break and look at hurricane season upon us. ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪
7:52 am
there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands? >> you might remember before
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7:55 am
hurricane season was upon us we were talking about the busy season and sure enough, it is a busy season. these things are backing up like airplanes at laguardia. florence is the latest raising eyebrows and concerns. rick, what is going on? rick: i think we are most concerned about -- we've had incredible amounts of rain in the carolinas through pennsylvania and virginia. a lot of rain falling this weekend. some spots will see 5 to 6 inches. it will cause flooding. i say this and that the ground here is really saturated. it is waterlogged already. now potential storms coming in later this week. it will cause inland flooding. folks, not even along the coast need to be watching us as well inland. take a look at this. this is the average hurricane season. we are right here at the
7:56 am
climate peak of the season. along with that activity. three storms across part of the pacific. one will get close to hawaii in the next couple of days. bringing more rain there which they don't need. and we have three storms in the atlantic. we are watching helene, we will not worry about that. this is florence, that will likely later today or tomorrow will become isaac and a category one hurricane may be around areas of the lesser antilles. by five days. five days from now with what we are watching more closely, florence. take a look at this. a lot of models had been putting this out to cp now are getting a lot more consensus will have impact here across part of the southeastern areas of the us. bermuda i think will be fine from this. we're not that worried. which is good news for you. not good news across the coast. there is one model that may be carving a little north, another bunch pushing towards the carolinas. take a look at this, it just came out the 11:00 advisory. category four storm wednesday
7:57 am
into thursday off the southeast coast. this weekend, it's time to get preparations in place. neil: wow, scary stuff. thank you rick. elon musk, a billionaire that decided to do an interview smoking a joint and sipping scotch. as if. always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today. ... - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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8:00 am
>> america is in unprecedented territory when a white house staffer feels they have to write an anonymous op-ed to warn the american people about what's going on in the trump white house. >> what it really means is we don't have a president -- we have a president who's there, but he is not capable of doing the job or living up to the responsibilities. >> if senior administration officials think the president of the united states is not able to do his job. then they should invoke the 25th
8:01 am
amendment. neil: and on and on we go. so many out there on that anonymous op-ed. and senator warren saying maybe the 25th amendment when he's not up to the job and out of there. and they're hurting the democrats much more than the president, the senator says. >> thanks for having me. neil: what did you make of the basic argument that this is the start of something, that this anonymous writer, whoever he is, is speaking on behalf of others who feel the same way, that they have to be there and do what they're doing because they have a duty to protect the country, you say? >> yes, so first i think the editorial in context. excuse me, it's an editorial board who really doesn't like trump and an author who is anonymous, so we have to take it
8:02 am
with that context. that said, the president ran for office saying that he was going to cut regulations and he was going to lower taxes. he has succeeded. he wanted to and i won't quote him exactly because we're g-rated here, he wanted to go after isis and he wanted to reset things with the north koreans and he has succeeded in that all. that was his stated goal. now, are there times when his advisors have to say, mr. president, you can't do that? i can believe that as well. but in the thrust of what is going on, the president has been successful pursuing his goals, i'm willing to let the president have a little bit of -- a little bit of wiggle room, if you will, how he approaches these things. neil: you know the president very well, and this argument raised anonymously, this editorial has been expressed by a number of books and musings on the president in the last 18, 19, 20 months, that he has a
8:03 am
volcanic temper, he can be an abusive boss, tough on people and some argument that he can act nutty and rip papers off his desk so he doesn't do something that the nation might regret. do you give that serious thought? >> what i read from one person is that when he tweets, they wait for the official order. the president clearly likes to vent. now, i have not been with him when he has vented, but if he's venting in a tweet, but then the official order never comes through, well, then that's just our president. would some people like him to be different? absolutely. but on the other hand-- >> i appreciate what you're saying and i appreciate certainly what the president is saying and others arguing in his defense, the economy is strong, the market is strong so if he's such a crazy guy, give us more crazy stuff like that, i understand. but on the behavior issue and aides who have reportedly, you know, taken papers off his desk and done sort of that, that's a
8:04 am
little weird, if true. does it bother you that now and then that might have happened and does it cause you some discomfort? >> so, let me just say, we're speaking about hearsay, things that are not known, but rumored. neil: but if that were true and it's been raised a number of times, so, go ahead and vent your thoughts, if it were. >> yeah, neil, i discipline my mind to say wait a second, here are rumors, until i know what the facts are i don't venture a statement. when you venture a statement based upon rumors, people take that thought as if it were true even though that may not be. neil: then what do you think of the president's move to get his attorney general to find out the identity of this individual? are you comfortable with that? >> clearly the president is hyper aware of the loyalty of those around him. and that which might be seen as
8:05 am
a strength by some, as a flaw seen by others. and so, on the one end it doesn't surprise me. but other administrations have similarly bedevilled by leaks and gone after leakers and never had success. i don't think this president will either. neil: senator, thank you very much for taking the time. we do appreciate it. >> thank you. neil: all right. so let's get to our panelist and what they think. susan lee, jonas max ferris, kathy, and madison. madison end with you and begin with you. the president can always fall back, in fact, just tweeted now that the economy is the bedrock, everything's going well, we're breaking all jobs and economic records, but our country has tremendous potential and all we're hearing is the economy and that's the one thing that dismisses all of this other stuff. >> i think the economy's extremely strong.
8:06 am
it's been incredible what he's been able to do in under two years, i can't imagine what we'll see in 2020, 2022, 2024, talks about deregular haitian and tax-- deregulation and reinvesting in america, coming into this compared to the obama administration. we've created jobs during the trump administration and-- >> focus on the good and if there's upheaval among the staff that we've talked about before, and talked about earlier in the week, if the staff is nervous or anxious around them or taking documents off his desk not to tempt him or do something that they think would be bad, what do you make of the whole mixed signal? >> the mixed signals from the white house and how it applies to the u.s. economy? >> yes. >> there's no doubt about it, the investors have proven given the record levels we're at and the stock market, the economy is strong, but there's also this concern about what happens in
8:07 am
the white house, upheaval in the midterms. what does it mean when you get nothing done if indeed the house goes to the democrats. because history has proven if you have a democratic congress and a republican-controlled senate and a white house, nothing gets done. it's paralyzed. stock markets do not do well and economies do not do well under that scenario. neil: you always hear, jonas, a lot of people have problems with this president's behavior. they don't have problems with what he's economically brought us, what's going on in the markets and the economy, to the point last hour, the president gets all the credit, he'd certainly get all the blame if it were the other way around. so having said that, do you think this is a non-event? do you think the anonymous editorial and now the woodward book coming out saying that this is legion and this is a brushfire. >> whether the economy, the stock market is hot or not, you don't-- if it was bad we'd make a decision to remove the president, now we're going to
8:08 am
take you out, my 401(k) is down. i would say bill clinton in the back drop of a strong economy and richard nixon on the back of not. >> and if it's super hot -- getting back to should this be done. this is disturbing to me. i'm not against the bob woodward book, and questionable sources, reality stars, whatever. this is a strange situation, if this is true, do things, take the papers away so there's not a russian attack. and this person is an idiot. imagine it's the reagan administration, and they say at the end, say that he would let's go attack-- you wouldn't write an anonymous story about you're doing it while you're doing it.
8:09 am
neil: the whole things sounds a little-- you're not being very-- >> take the papers away, whatever. neil: one thing that democrats have been seizing on is that it's bedlam in the white house and things are out of control and the guy is crazy at a bed bug and let's invoke the 25th amendment. >> right. neil: do you think that's getting out of control? >> the piece itself was actually boring. i mean, there was nothing really new in this anonymous piece. i don't see the big deal. i don't know why the president is looking into it for national security. there was nothing in there we already don't know. neil: well, if it had been under barack obama and someone had done that, what it's raising is this idea of a potential shadow government doing things against the will of the people. >> they're just repeating what we all read on twitter every day. he's unpredictable, he's wild, this and that. the twitter feed tells us that, we didn't need anonymous op-ed to tell us that. neil: in trying to mete out this person, you would have the same view if it was a senior official in the obama administration.
8:10 am
>> he's doing as much damage to himself as any anonymous op-ed piece did. i don't think either side cared for that piece. neil: there are a lot of people who put the narrative it's a nutty place to work and-- >> we've heard that. neil: is that fair to the president then? >> no, it's not fair to the president. i think it's unprecedented what happened. i think it's gutless, as the president said it's gutless for them to do this, put your name on it. neil: and let's ask why it happened. why do friends and confidantes tape record phone calls with them. what is going on. >> i wouldn't consider the person who wrote the op-ed to be someone that he'd trust. neil: if it was, would it bother you. >> and i don't think he would having someone-- >> they end up writing tell-all books when they leave and gathering notes in office. >> that tells me nothing gets
8:11 am
done the swamp is a life and well. what does it mean for the average american and economy. neil: you know what i like about your approach to this. >> what is that? >> if i can make money on this, i'm okay. [laughter]. >> you're arguing, it's a valid argument, i've heard this expressed by others, if it means there's a log jam all of a sudden and nothing is getting done, there's an old saw that says that wall street is happy with that. >> now, i spent time at the new york stock exchange this year and that's all they talked about. they don't care about politics. neil: what. >> they tear about making money, cut regulations, cut taxes. neil: if the president can't do a lot of this stuff because he's stymied on the soap opera stuff would that worry you? >> that's a risk for the markets. if he's stymied, he can't pull the policies and invests can't get their gains and that's when they get concerned. neil: what do you think, jonas. >> this person is going to have a book deal and not be anonymous, i almost guarantee it. neil: we'll know this person's identity by next week.
8:12 am
>> we don't know what's going on. a lot of stuff during the eisenhower administration they were putting hits out and governments and-- >> don't start me on the eisenhower administration. >> great economy though. >> in the 50's and 80's, and started young people working in the white house are probably used to different ways, that's all. the best way i could look at it. neil: he's minimizing it. >> i think when we come down to it, what he's a been able to accomplish with anti-trump resistance in the white house. and we've been looking at it for two years and when we get them all out. >> it's impossible. neil: and many on the left are so eager to toss out this president that they lose sight of the fact that the guy behind him their obsession. neil: is a vice-president who supports everything he's doing. >> exactly. exactly. >> so are a lot of your friends just being a little too eager in
8:13 am
risking having a midterm nightmare? >> they're so obsessed over the anti-trump movement that i don't think they're thinking about the next step and the consequences and, yes, you do have a vice-president that is-- i'm sure there are many, democrats, liberals are now on brand new medications thanks to the trump administration. neil: we'll take a quick break here and suggest medications for both sides. meanwhile, the protesters at the capitol hearings. you know what i wonder, how do they get in there. they freely let people know we're protesters and they come in and then this happens. >> we need to protect-- for two times faster absorption so you can have worry free nights, and wake up feeling fresh and free for a free sample visit that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success.
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8:16 am
>> stop kavanaugh. stop kavanaugh! stop kavanaugh! >> okay. a little bit of miscue there,
8:17 am
maybe protesters are miscueing. these are in front of the judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley. they wanted to stop brett kavanaugh's hearing altogether saying they were waiting on documents and call kind of stuff. the capitol police arresting over 200 individuals over the course of the three-day hearings. what happened there? it's a record number. woo we've never seen anything like this in a justice hearing in the past. and counsel us now the chief counsel for the judicial crisis network. do you know, the ones constantly thrown out at the hearings, were they identified as protesters coming in? did the capitol police know ahead of time, you say you're a protester and we're going to let you know anyway and that's the rule of thumb? >> they were trying to be very careful of people's right to speak and witness the hearings. you walk past a line of people waiting to come in and a lot of
8:18 am
them would have their shirts you clearly knew which side they were. they weren't standing up and shouting, and what was more egregious was watching the senators not only egg on the disruptive and disrespectful programs, but 2020 contenders booker and harris were engaging in their own grand standing and made for tv circus, asking questions that they totally knew were false and it turns out, you know, i think a lot of that is splashed back on them. the people really cringing are the democrats in red states, joe manchin, heidi heitkamp, and what is my party doing here, making a mockery of themselves? i don't think that is going to make that democrat happy because it won't make most americans proud about the hearings. neil: but the protesters were
8:19 am
bugging some of the democratic senators asking questions because they got in the way of them asking their questions and i noticed ultimately both sides had a way to simply quiet down as the protesters acted up, waited for them to be removed and then continue. and it was almost as if in the end they weren't there. you heard they were there, obviously and see shots of these guys carried out, what have you, the next protest would roll in, but it almost got in the way of the democratic questioners who wanted and had legitimate beefs on writings of juf judge kavanaugh in the past, et cetera. and the protesters hurt that cause. >> i agree. there were people asking real questions, talking about the actual cases the judges decided. that's what we should be looking at. this guy has a dozen years on the butench and 300 plus opinio. they were interrupt republicans, but senator leahy and senator feinstein. like they fully didn't get the
8:20 am
memo or-- >> they were interrupting both sides, but let me get your sense, where do you think it stands? we're told maybe some of the revelation of the prior e-mails dating back to his days working back for president bush seems to think differently of roe vs wade that it's not established precedence and he said it was more legalistic than anything else. could that sway, let's say susan collins who might have heretofore about a judge for the judge to be a vote against him. >> i don't think so. when you look at those memos, it's very clear what's going on. he's helping someone edit an op-ed one you're referring to, all scholars agree that roe vs wade. and he said that's not an accurate description and the supreme court might say it's not settled law, you should modify that so that it's most or something like that. that's hardly, you know, that's hardly egregious statement. i think it's an accurate description of fact. susan collins knows that and it
8:21 am
sounds like in her comments she's frustrated by the antics they're seeing in the hearings and i think she knows that what we've seen brett kavanaugh as a judge with bipartisan appeal. liberal law professors and supreme court advocates, also, pro choice and think roe versus wade was correctly decided, but who stand up and say that judge kavanaugh is so responsible as a judge, independent, even-handed, this is kind of person we should want on the bench and i think at the end of the day, that's compelling to more than just susan collins. i think a lot of people. neil: so you think he's approved? >> i think so, yeah, he's on the glide path to confirmation. we'll see him in october sitting on the supreme court. neil: we shall see. if you're wrong we'll dig up this tape. if you're right-- . all right. when bernie goes after bezos. bernie sanders has a problem with the liberal ceo over the issue of what is fair pay and
8:22 am
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he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. >> it's getting loud on the left. they're calling it bernie versus bezos. talking about bernie sanders accusing amazon's billionaire founder jeff bezos miserly with his employees. and bezos says that it's misleading that the average worker is more than $34,000, a popular figure here at this wonderful network, an author of popul popular positivism. >> good morning.
8:26 am
neil: it's weird, these are two liberals, but very different views how far you go on some liberal issues. jeff bezos never once responded to criticisms from donald trump, but he didn't waste a nano second from criticism of bernie marcus-- not bernie marcus. >> because he doesn't like being attacked from the left that way. it's interesting, when you look at what bernie is saying, and the ability to do this, although they'll do it next week. neil: attacks on companies that don't in their view pay people enough because they have to rely on government benefits. >> like food stamps. this is interesting because actually i think they're correct in their diagnosis of the problem, but totally wrong in their prescription. the reason they're correct is that it is absolutely true that this welfare bureaucracy that costs the taxpayer hundreds of billions is partly caused by the fact that millions and millions
8:27 am
of workers work full-time, but don't earn enough to live on, and so their salaries are propped up by the taxpayers and that's what bernie is arguing is an outrage. his solution is, we'll take the amount of the top up, the subsidy to amazon and other companies and tax them that amount, raising taxes on business. i think there's another way of doing it, finally one that i recommend in my book, more right of center if you like, say to amazon and these companies may your workers enough to live on so we don't need the government welfare, but to make it affordable for you as a company, we'll cut your payroll taxes by the same amount. rather than increasing them, we cut them and then take out the government middle man. that, i think, is the title of my book. neil: that will never happen. >> a popular populist way of doing this. neil: i've heard from liberals on this show and elsewhere and
8:28 am
maybe you've talked to them as well, companies who have gotten enormous benefits from the president's tax breaks, and they could well afford to be more generous with their workers. amazon's case, it's decidedly more generous than walmart was when all of that was going on and walmart found that offensive at the time that was going on. so, bezos can logically stand by his pay figures, which are above the national averages, substantially and ignore this guy. >> yes. neil: but do you buy the argument that some are raising, hey, these guys got a huge tax break, they can share the loot? >> no, i think that's the wrong way of thinking about it. it's a business, i've run businesses and basically the incentives are there to pay the market rate. it's not about generosity. but there's also a problem when we've got this giant welfare bureaucracy that's basically cycling money around. it's taking money from the business in the form of
8:29 am
corporate taxes and payroll taxes and giving it back to the workers who don't get paid enough to live on so get rid of that whole welfare bureaucracy merry-go-round of money and require the companies to pay a living wage, but cut their taxes. now, that's not about generosity, that's just about creating the right incentives, and creating-- >> i don't think that we're going to be happy no matter what. amazon was a target in seattle, its home base. we're going to put a tax on you to bpay for the homeless that we're dealing with and that was shot down and the latest broadside on attacks to could have workers who are getting anything from the government. where does it end? >> it's ridiculous and what's forgotten in all of this, you need business to be successful in order to create the jobs and generate the wealth that we depend on for the government services is generated by business, but i think there's a pro business way of solving this problem of low pay. the low pay issues is a real issue. president trump talked about it in the campaign rightly and that's why he was different to
8:30 am
the other candidates and that's why i always say, you know, he actually ran as a populist and not a republican and that's why he won. it's a big issue, but there's a popular pro business way to respond than the left. which is higher taxes. that doesn't help anyone in the end. neil: the president was making a remark about the strong economy and everything else in the face of barack obama's criticism, but he talked about it in one of the speeches, montana, north dakota, junior which stai don't remembe state. and he said i don't want to touch social security. you could grow out of it. economic growth can deal with problems. i don't think that economic growth is going to deal with these issues. what's the answer? >> i agree with you. funny enough when i worked back in the u.k. government, we didn't make that kind of promise prior to the election, we actually said before the election, look, that situation is out of control. the brief labor government built
8:31 am
up and we'll have to deal with it with tough measures, for example, on the pension issue, the retirement age, people are living longer and so on. s these are not easy things. the right way to confront them, tell people before the election you'll have to make the tough choices, that's what the politicians never do. they say it's going to be great before the election. neil: before you lose the election. >> we prove that's not necessarily the case. we made the tough commitments before the election, still won and then had a mandate to do it. neil: all right. very good seeing you. so glad. and your staff is right near my office, a great staff. >> great staff. neil: they say horrible things about you, i don't know why. just kidding. and you've got a great book out. i've not read it. i promised i would read it and get him back to talk about it and popular populism in this
8:32 am
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>> so if you don't like what's going on right now, and you shouldn't, do not complain. don't hashtag. don't get anxious. don't retreat. don't binge on whatever it is you're bingeing on. don't lose yourself in ironic detachment. don't put your head in the sand. don't boo. vote. vote. >> all right. he says don't complain, but he spent an hour complaining. anyway, fair and balanced, it's politics. and president obama hitting the campaign trail in california and he's trying to rally democrats. and one of those he's rallying against is diane harky.
8:36 am
a member of congressman issa's seat. and the president argument and campaigning on his behalf and we heard back from him, but i'm happy to have you here. >> thank you for having me. neil: where does it stand and this race stand? the president and his predecessor, both arguing it's about doing what we are constitutionally bound to do and to keep something going. one party arguing in the case of the democrats that the direction we're going is bad. the other, that it's going well. president trump has been saying a lot of the things that president obama said, which is wrong. what do you think? >> well, i will just tell you that the academy is doing well. the job market is so tight because of the low unemployment in this district and quite honestly in california in spite
8:37 am
of our taxes. we have low employment and we're striving to get enough employees to hire. there's not enough talent out there. that's a good problem to have. there will be salary increases. inflation is very low and all of these things are very good for the economy so what we need to focus more on is job training and not just college, but the training for the jobs that people will need. and so, i think i'm very excited about this election. i have an absolutely beautiful district. i know we're on the west coast and people don't seem to think california matters. california matters hugely and let me tell you why. what happens here spreads across the nation. if, you know, any product, anything is done here because the market is so large and the markets being that large drives the trends across the nation. so i think we've all seen california on the national stage with nancy pelosi. we saw the, you know, the 2% was supposed to be the new growth normal.
8:38 am
the 16, what was it trillion dollars, neil, that was debt on national debt during a very short time that was supposed to be stimulative. neil: now we're adding to that debt, right? the rap against this president, he's doing good things, but the debt is adding up. an and darrell issa, the candidate you want to replease, he barely won and he's among 40 republicans stepping down maybe fearing a blue wave. there are bigger things that you can't control. does that worry you? >> no, life is full of things you can't control and whenever you're making a plan, something else happens. neil: and are you surprised it's a good economy and quite right to point out, exactly right the good examples and yet, republicans are not seeing that. that might all prove wrong in the midterms, and surprise, surprise things happen, but does it worry you that we have given
8:39 am
that very strong back drop, it's still looking difficult for you guys? >> it's going to be very much a turnout election. it's a matter of stimulating the base, which is why obama is here for his candidate. you've got to get your people out to vote. in california it's going to be really, really important. we have the highest taxes. we have a gas tax repeal on the ballot. there are a lot of things, issues that cross party's lines and that we need to work on and quite honestly, i've represented this area for ten years. i've represented a quarter of the state. i'm a constitutional officer, you know, in california, and i understand the district, understand the state, understand the people and i understand the industries and i've really got great support. neil: do you want the president to campaign for you? >> you know, i don't think he's planning on coming to california, but i think you need to have, whatever it is that gets people out to vote works for me.
8:40 am
neil: and if you called and said, hey, i could really use you here? >> i think others have. i haven't called him. i don't think i have a direct line. i guess i could tweet, right? >> if he saw this segment now and said hey, i heard about you and he offered to come, would you want him? >> i don't think that anybody should turn down anybody that wants to campaign for them and quite honestly, this is not necessarily a trump state, but we have a lot of trump supporters and i do believe that people believe that the economy is getting better, that they see the growth, they see the need for employment. you know, qualified people to be employed. i think the tax reform is going to play very, very well in this state. neil: and that's the thing. if he phoned and said i'm coming, you'd accept it? >> well, why not, neil? why not? [laughter] >> thank you. i run my own campaign. neil: it's a democratic state, but a safe republican district for quite a few terms. we shall see. >> it's really not -- it's still
8:41 am
got a republican voter reg, but it was a strong hillary turf last time as you understand. neil: i understand it was close. thank you very, very much. good having you. >> thank you, a pleasure. neil: we did reach out to mike levin her democratic opponent. hope springs eternal. fair and balanced. and north korea heating up this week showing off military muscle. what are we going to do in response? after this. of my bladder, not today thanks to tena intimates with proskin technology designed to absorb so fast, it helps to protect and maintain your skin's natural balance so you can feel fresh and free to get as close as you want all day, and now all night for a free sample visit
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>> all right. the state department confirms that secretary of state mike pompeo did receive a letter from north korean leader kim jong-un for president trump. no matter what it ultimately says, it could have mixed messages. he does want to denuclearize before the end of the president's current term. can we trust him? all of this as the country is planning a big military parade. and image is present.
8:45 am
and commander that served under grade tragedy. great to have you, commander. >> great to be on again. neil: you have raised concerns about north koreans making good on promises. sure enough there were gives and takes on both sides as to whether they were moving to denuclearize to the point that the president stopped his secretary of state from making a fourth visit to the country. and now this, this letter that seems to be the north korean leader's attempt to make amends. what do you think? >> well, nice parades, nice letters, nice talk, those are all good things. in the meantime, the clock is still ticking. they're continuing to develop their nuclear weapons and carry out acts throughout the world, whether it's the chemical weapons attacks, cyber attacks. so north korea at this point really has to be measured by one standard alone, and that is what are you doing? we don't have a path to
8:46 am
denuclearization yet. we need to get that nailed down. if kim jong-un, in fact, wants that before this president's term is over, that's a very technical and complicated issue and we need to get down to the specifics. neil: do you think of the president, with the best of intentions in opening up a conversation with the north koreans, a meeting with the north korean leader, was hoodwinked? >> i don't think so, neil. when you look at it at this point, 30 years of presidents standing by on both parties and several administrations, what did they accomplish? a nuclear armed north korea with missiles capable of reaching the united states. so, past is not going to be prolonged in the future and we are going to have to look at the fact that this president took a risk, start add dialog, and now we have to get down to the details. neil: what if he tried to do something different and tried to go in a different direction and this guy can't be trusted? and like his father and like his grandfather? >> that may ultimately end up being the case that he may not
8:47 am
be able to be trusted. if his actions do not lead to the specific steps required for denuclearization, then united states has to start turning the screws. china is continuing to use north korea as an influencer for their regional dominance that they're after. china needs to be held accountable. and russia, violating sanctions to get oil and gas into north korea and these are approved by the united nations and yet, those two countries alone are continuing to prop up and keep that regime going. china has aided and abetted where north korea is with nuclear weapons. we not only have to hold north korea accountable, but china as well. neil: thank you, commander. >> thank you, neil. neil: to the other end of the ledger on this and worrying about a company's future to say nothing of the billionaire
8:48 am
founder, the controversy over the interview over the course of two and a half hours left a lot of people worrying and wondering, what is going on with elon musk? (male speaker) stop by bass pro shops and cabela's today for great labor day deals. like ladies' v-neck t's starting at under $13.
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this bass pro 6 1/2 quart fish fryer for under $30. and these merrell waterproof hikers for under $90. this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in?
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brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. i'm ready to crush ap english. i'm ready to do what no one on my block has done before. forget that. what no one in the world has done before.
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all i need access, tools, connections. high-speed connections. is the world ready for me? through internet essentials, comcast has connected more than six-million low-income people to low-cost, high-speed internet at home. i'm trying to do some homework here. so they're ready for anything. >> i mean, it's legal, right? >> totally legal. >> okay. >> how does that work? do people get upset with you if you do certain things? there's tobacco and marijuana in the there. >> well, that's all i can say. >> when i first saw this, this guy is a billionaire, you can do what you want and go through two and a half interviews and that, man, oh, man, it seems like a desperate cry for help. i have no idea. i've go the susan lee, and jonas max ferris and madison, i'm telling you, this is wheels off
8:52 am
the wagon time here. >> i mean, he seems to be losing his mind, neil and it's reflective-- >> he's a brilliant guy. >> this along with erratic behavior and concerning shareholders. the shares have fell. and the chief accounting officer haven't had a job for a month and executives are leaving, employees say they find him sleeping under the desk on the floor sometimes. neil: that's every day with jean n jonas (laughter) . >> i think the stock is in freefall. >> do i think he's the first ceo to smoke marijuana. no. do i think that we're talking about him too much, yes. neil: by the way, you realize we're doing a segment. >> i know. would tesla be better 0 of without him? i would be on the fence. as i mentioned many times, tesla is built on elon musk and the cult personality.
8:53 am
do you bring in an adult as chairman? i think that might be a better move. >> i don't see him quitting. they've had a lot of quitters the last couple of years. neil: i think beginning to look like a jail break here. >> which is why the stocks are falling, not because of his-- >> i agree with susan. the company needs a ubiquitous company. >> he's an innovator, made it cool to have electric car. he's cool and the car is cool. neil: well, the cool-- >> and so tesla is like the software and the other cars like hardware. so, he's an innovator. the car company changed the way that people think about electric cars. neil: and a lot of these visionaries, the modern day thomas edison's. they said that about steve jobs. and they're not warm and fuzzy characters, appears to be of that ilk. if he was gone, the company even
8:54 am
with adults in charge that could be dicey. >> it could be. he's the visionary and i think he's taking a page from president trump's play book. thin-skinned? yes. vocal? yes. does he do what he wants, does he get publicity. neil: i wonder if they compare notes. here is what they want to do. >> and he's acting like trump so they can extend the tax credits about to expire on tesla which could cause all kinds of problems for this company and that's problem if it's up to trump. neil: ins a dangerous time for this company, obviously. >> they're burning through a lot of money. the tax credits are expiring. they don't really make anything that is economically viable today without the government. i think that-- and the great products, he's a genius. neil: they could. their cars are a huge draw. >> he's the future. neil: the buyers just like a lot of buyers don't need a $7500 tax credit. >> that's true for the buyers of the $100,000 super electric cars. when you sell $35,000 cars,
8:55 am
then-- >> explain that's the lease and the other vehicles. >> i think you're getting to the heart why he was smoking weed on the show. because without, in current state of unviable, he has to be cool. he's not samsung or bmw. there's a reason for him to make-- >> that's the argument, is it a tech company or a car company? if it's a tech company it should be trading at higher valuation. neil: let's say it's never going to be ford or gm and hope to be a major car company. you can be a niche product. and app pell was a niche product that people were higher happy to buy. >> i go back, i think his employees and shareholders are concerned and they need him, he's the visionary. they need him at his best. >> that's arguable, maybe he is at his best. >> i would say he's not at his
8:56 am
best. >> to be blunt, maybe this is exactly who he is, and they need someone to hold his hand, a ceo to come in and hold his hand and he will be the face and smoke pot and maybe someone will keep and retain those executives and take tesla where it needs to go. >> i don't think it's just the pot. he's made a lot of comments throughout the summer that people were upset about and-- >> he always has. so many quotes you can look them up on the internet. >> it's getting worse. neil: and he's getting particularly nutty in the last few months. >> i would agree. the whole back and forth with the cave diver, and why go there? you don't need to go there. neil: you don't need to go there. >> it's possible-- >> the problem is the internet is reminding him he's a genius and-- >> like you and i, sometimes it's hard to get there. >> the 420 buyout was a pot reference and now we know. neil: thank you all very, very much. we will be exploring this a lot
8:57 am
more next week about the ceo's who see their potential careers go up in smoke, but not necessarily. i was going to say something we might do after the show, but we're not, we're not. fox continues. >> pg-13. free sample visit tes
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>> president trump celebrating a booming economy, tweeting today, quote, our country has tremendous future potential. what that means for the midterms and your 401(k). white house trade director counsel peter navarro with us. >> plus, as the senate judiciary committee prepares to vote on president trump's supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. our scotus panel is here with their report card on the hearing. leland: will the president shut down the government for border wall and new insight into his calcul calculus. ♪ welcome


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