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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  September 9, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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the former president punches back at the current one in a midterm election showdown. >> we have a chance to restore some sanity in your politics. >> the truth is the american people in 2016 rejected the policy and direction of barack obama when they elected president donald trump. the search for an author of a scathing op-ed in the "the new york times. >> the "the new york times" says it would not participate in such a blatant abuse of government power. >> right now? yes. >> i don't see a problem with everyone getting higher income and having more taxes. >> this is very important.
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>> stole a point from me. you're a thief too. >> naomi osaka, quantum leap, u.s. open champion. do you have the results of our poll? it is henry going skydiving? >> 92% of america says yes. >> i'm going to have an even better time when ed and i go skydiving. ♪ ♪ there was some uncertainty as to whrorpt ode woul to whethd follow through. but you did. >> of the two people on this couch, ed steps up. >> i want to apologize in advance for the toxic masculinity on the couch. clearly on the other side,
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lacking. what happened? >> i had plans. you can't say i'm going skydiving tomorrow when you got plans. i got kids and a lot of things on the calendar. >> you are the military guy and ed and i were sitting in the plane, the plane was this big and we're terrified. and the one guy who could talk us through this is not here. >> he assured you a little bit. >> he did. >> i lost the field goal competition. i had a. >> you lost because the paul tilted up in favor of pete. >> there we go. that was good form. >> there you go. >> there were say lt of people on the sidelines saying that your ball, it was tilted upwards. you had an advantage. i feel like you won the battle and i won the war. jedidiah and i, we got suited up. >> it was quite a harness. >> you're going to confiscate
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the trophy. >> a little gun show. >> that's me leaning back taking direction well out of fear of what was going to happen. >> we're going toa to have foote of this on the show later. >> we are. >> there's another trophy out there. i've seen this one. we'll let you vote >>. the guy who won the quomp tition on the show or the guy who finally jumped out of the show. >> i'm going to have to keep the peace here. >> there's a bigger trophy at stake in november. the midterm elections. the president is making his case. he was in montana. pete was there to interview him. there's a senate battle, a lot of gubernatorial battles that the president has gotten involved in and you have former president barack obama raising the stakes, giving a blistering speech on friday attacking
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mr. trump repeatedly. mentioning himself more than 100 times. he was in anaheim yesterday, not mentioning the president by name but still on the attack. >> he's in anaheim helping a number of house democrat candidates. his whole effort -- i think it says #takebackthehouse. his goal is to bring the democrats back to power in the house and we know what they want do if they have that power. this is what former prawsm saidt obama said yesterday alluding to president trump. >> when you look at the arc of american his, there's always been a push and pull between those who want to go forward and those who want to look back, between those who want to divide and those who are seeking to bring people together, between those who promote politics of hope and those who exploit the
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politics of fear. >> it's always tempting for politicians, for their own gain and for people in power to try to see if they can divide people, scapegoat folks, turn them on each other. it's a consequential moment in our history. and the fact is that if we don't step up things can get worse in two months. we have a chance to restore some sanity in our politics. >> trump wasn't kidding when he said it was putting him to sleep, honestly. this is insanity. i feel like i've seen the speech 75 times already. he's acting like he's on the campaign trail again and he talks about how the democrats are the party of optimism compared to republicans. and in the same breath says maybe our kids won't have as bright a future if we don't step
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up. if we don't step up things are going to get worse. you're going doom and gloom. it's ridiculous. >> sit toward socialis socialisa smaller government? i don't think so. >> bigger government. >> bigger government. >> it is towards a smaller government. >> smaller military is what i meant, bigger government. things could get worse. we could go back to the obama years where we had a terrible recovery and a terrible economy, jobs were not coming back to america, isis was on the revival, signed a terrible iran deal, be benghazi not a conspiry theory. obama talked about that. we've been to when it was worse and that's why we rejected president obama and went with president trump. >> there's a long list of accomplishments from this president that clearly former president obama doesn't want to talk about. look at this list. we've got it on the wall. part of the reason he doesn't want to talk about it, it would bed admitting defeat for former
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president obama that the current president is ripping apart his accomplishments piece by piece, like the iran deal. >> national security. >> look at the jobs, unemployment rate, folks going back to work, wages rising, unemployment at lows. these are things that the democrats claimed as their mantle. president trump says if you derg late and raise taxes, companies want to be in america. president obama said the jobs are gone, they've never coming back. the economy will always be slow. >> manufacturing jobs are coming back. we saw president trump had a little humor. >> he's sitting at the podium saying things were so great during the obama years. >> he's relying on the media to back him up. it makes americans out to be dumb. americans were sitting there strug thring with their health
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costs, struggling because the taxes were too high. so real life speaks greater than these speeches and people, we're struggling and that's why they rejected the agenda. no matter how many good speeches you're going to get it wasn't matter. >> this led to president trump saying he was literally tired. vice president mike pence in on exclusive with chris wallace takes it a step further saying it's not that he's falling asleep, it's a tired argument. >> very disappointing to see barack obama with the tradition of former presidents and become so political and roll out the same tired arguments that he and liberals have made over the last eight years. the truth is the american people in between rejected the policy and direction of barack obama when they elected president donald trump. >> that's it. and tha that's why obama is frustrated and he's going the
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try to make it a former president obama-president trump showdown. >> that's 100%. we're turning now to your headlines. we begin with extreme weather. the east coast is on high alert as tropical form florence is gaining strength in the atlantic. the storm could potentially hit as a high category hurricane in the coming days. russia and syria launch violent air tricks killing four people, including children. the forces targeting the rebel-held territory with more than 60 air raids accordin. the bombs come after president trump warmed that attacking would be a quote great mistake. north korea staging a military parade overnight without its nuclear missiles. marching soldiers, colored balloons and flowers marking the
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country's 70th anniversary. experts believe that north korea cut out the nuclear missile to show president trump's its commitment to denuclearize. north korea is known frs boasting his powerful weapons during military celebrations. >> i'll take this one. an upset in college football as arizona state upsets michigan state on a last-second field goal win in a top 20 showdown. stanford held off cal and georgia routing south carolina 41-17. what didn't make the headlines are sean romais the florida gatn last night. >> they went down against kentucky. >> and i know we've got a lot of florida fans. sorry about that. a big outrage here in new york at the u.s. open tournament. i mentioned last weekend i was there to see serena williams beat her sister venus williams.
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she was headed, a lot of people expected, towards another grand slam title. i think it would have been her 24th. but nig naomi osaka wins her fit grand slam title under some controversy. a big meltdown by serena. she was upset with the umpire who called her out for coaching. broke the rules. base which there were hand signals going back and forth between serena and her coach sitting there. my understanding is this happens a lot. you can't walk on to the court and literally coach them so you come up with a hand signal system. move to the forecourt, move this way. hire's what's happening. you're not supposed to do it. here's the outburst. >> cost her a game penalty. >> say you're sorry. you stole a point from me. you're a thief too. are you kidding me? because i said you're a thief because you stole a point from
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me. but i'm not a cheater. >i don't cheat to win, i would rather lose. i've never cheated. you owe me an apology. there are men out here that do a lot worse. and i'm the one, you're going to take it away from me? that is not right. and i n i know you can't admit t but i know you know it's not right. i know you can't change it but it's not right. >> the american audience overwhelmingly on her side but she really went after the umpire saying it was sexism that was working against her. >> she had called him a thief saying there's guys that play sports that say a lot worse things than that. i'm cure use as to what the viewers think too. do guys get away with more. was she taking issue because she was a woman standing up for herself. >> in twine she went after an umpire saying i swear to god, i'll take the bleeping ball and
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shove it down your bleeping throat. >> a tough woman. >> she's tough as nails, you got to give her that. but if you're at the top of your game, you're a champion, man, woman, whatever, you've got to show -- when she was talk about her daughter, you've got to show kids that you're going to be a good loser sometimes and you're going to accept defeat. and what was really heartbreaking that we didn't show is osaka wins her first title. she starteds crying. >> she was getting booed. i felt the worst for her. >> this was supposed to be a great moment for her. also a young woman who's doing well and all of the sudden she's crying. >> two fierce ge competitors. colin kaepernick is in the spotlight with his new ad at the nfl gets ready for the first sunday of the season. michigan senate candidate onjames here to weigjohnjames he
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. the november midterms are fast approaching and up michigan, our next guest, retired army combat veteran and businessman is hoping to shake up the political establishment, debbie salvestablishment.john j. an exciting race you're in. your b biois biossm is face nat. you may notice that a businessman just got elected a president. that's a key asset. why are you a different kind of politician. i feel like this experience is pivotal for people to know about. >> people don't care about the breaking news of the day. they care about their situation, their economic insecurity. they care about having a brighter future for their children. they care about electing somebody who has the experience,
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understanding the toughest of situations and succeeding in getting results. and my experience if combat, working and making life and death decisions in split decisions and bringing my people back safely, understanding how to keep americans safe is what we want. but also in terms of business, understanding what it's like to grow jobs and bring economic opportunity, understanding that we need to keep the economy growing, keep making sure that the unemployment rate is low and continue to increase everybody's opportunity to have the american dream. that's what we need more of in the u.s. senate. >> you've got some big backer, the vice president is supporting you actively and the president came out tweeting this after your primary win saying, congratulations to a future star of the republican party. a big and bold victory tonight in the great state of michigan, the first of many. noft can't come fast enough. i'm sure you feel that way. have you seen the polls closing? what's the race looking like? >> first of all, i'm not star. i'm just a servant.
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you understand this too. we both stood up and fought for our country. i want to fight for the state like i fought more my company. we have stavanow, we's been in the u.s. senate for 18 years and only gotten five bills into law. and after that she's gotten $4 million in that time frame in salary. that's not good enough for the people of the state of michigan. they want people who's not going to play left versus right, black versus white. it's all about red, white and blue. the polls have gone down and the momentum is continuing. we're excited about the m momenm that we have. we have a chance to flip the script. we have a chance to broaden the back of the elephant to include mmillennials and minorities. >> i have to ask you about colin kaepernick and how you feel about him being the face of nike want very controversial.
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how deuferl abou do you feel ab? >> as far as colin kaepernick is concerned, i disagree with the method of protest. but i will defend to my death his first amendment rights and the ability of all americans to protest. as far as nike is concerned, it seems a little bit like this johnny come lately. it seems a little bit like where were you two years ago. it's one of those things where they're profiting from protest. it seems like -- they made $43 million in the first day of the ad. if they take that $43 million and put it back in the communities, put anytime the naibtds that are buying your products, give it to people to make sure we can make the communities better. how much of the $43 million is going back to the people who need it. the republican party is the
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original social justice party. the par i of emancipation. the party of is suffrage. i don't have a black or white message. i'm not about divisiveness. i fought for this country, all americans and i'm going to fight for all americans when i get to washington because i love this country. >> the michigan senate race is going to be one to watch for sure. john james, thanks a lot. >> thank you for your service. still ahead, he was at the base of the towers when the second plane hit on 9/11 and right by the side of america's mayor, rudy giuliani and the days after. with the 17th an verse we just days away, former nypd commissioner bernard kerr rhett is here to share his thoughts. could kanye west soon be in the west wing in a new tweet that has everyone talking this morning.
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a couple of quick headlines for you. the white house pledging support for venezuelan democracy after reports of secret meeting to overthrow the current regime. a national security council spokesman saying in part u.s. policy preference for a peaceful return to democracy in ven venea remains unchanged. the president is firing back at apple over tariffs. the president tweeting in part, there's an easy solution, make your product in the united states instead of china. sounds good to me. this coming after the tech giant warned that billions of dollars in tariffs would affect their prices. thanks, pete. the nation is set to mark the tragedy of 9/11 17 years ago this month, just in a few days from now. but to honor the extraordinary bravery and american spirit
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displayed on that day. our next guest had been commissioner of the niepped fdnt over a year when the city was attacked. >> there were a number of people taken to the hospital. >> can people be heard in the rubble? >> i can't get into it right now. >> in the days that followed he led the nypd through the aftermath. here to share his reflections and he's got a surprise 17 years later, former police commissioner bernie carrick and he's authored the new book "the grave beyond the graif grave ." you shared with me a memo you won't that i don't think the president has seen. and you would do a weekly report every thursday. 9/11 would throw things off. you would do a weekly memo about how many people had been arrested, a normal week. this one on september 27th starts, on tuesday september 1 is, at 8:48 a.m. and again at
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9:03 a.m., to passenger occupied boeing airlines pie lited as unidentified terrorists were intentionally flown into the north and south towers of the world trade center. was struck by the opening line. for children who don't know what happened on that day, people who are already starting to forget, the simplicity of what you wrote there is striking. >> well, i think the report is historic, number one. and number two, it outlines the magnitude of the efforts that we went through in new york city. and i think there's one thing that the american public, they haven't grasped yet, and that is the first responders of new york city, the fire department, the police department, the port authority police, the nypd, they affected the greatest rescue mission in the history of this country taking 20 to 25,000 people out of the buildings and
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the surrounding area. but more importantly a million people out of man hat intoon the four boroughs almost effortlessly. and i think they constantly have to be celebrated. >> what struck ask you said positive ide id has been made o7 bodies remain unidentified. in addition there are 407 unidentified pieces of human remains. i'm getting emotional reading that and what you were going through in those days. >> look. people dissent grated. they were vaporized. look at this building. this one building. there were two buildings, 102 stories tall, that basically imploded into dust. and many of the people that were in those buildings did so too. >> this is about a ten-page memo, on page six you said -- you're writing this in 2001.
3:28 am
just as the finest steel sword is forged, tempered and strengthened by the scorching flame and heat of the fu fur th, the indomitable spirit of new yorkers shall emerge from this, stronger and keener, more resolute. 17 years later you say. >> now i'm getting teary eyed. listen. new yorker, the country was resilient and the country was united. and today when you look at the polarization of our country, you have to wonder where are those people. where are the people that was, you know, cheering george bush, you know, cheering the nypd. you know, things are changedded and it's terrible. >> with your permission we'll post this on the fox and friends website. the book is "the grave above the grave." thank you. george papadopoulos speaking out for the first time following
3:29 am
his 14-day prison sentence. plus, former president obama, he's turning the midterm battle into a fight between he and himself. jason chaffetz is here next. the man running in california want to give free health care to immigrants in california. >> i believe journal health care is the right that every person should have. >> i think everybody should get free universal health care.
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. the only check on that behavior is going to have having a congress and other electing officials across the country who stood up for american values. and american ideals. >> that is former president obama in an internet video yesterday. here to react this morning, we're going to bring in jason chaffetz, fox news contribute cr and author of the upcoming book "the deep state." thanks for joining us. this morning. >> good morning. >> he talks about violating norms. wasn't the election of president trump, to violate the norms of the way washington was doing business? >> yeah. barack obama talked a lot about hope but donald trump delivered the american dream and the reality of making that available to everybody. all of the economic indicators,
3:34 am
here's whapg overseas, donald trump has proven to be far more successful than barack obama ever even thought he could be. barack obama, his administration was one of the most scandalous we've had in my lifetime and donald trump is delivering the american dream for the american people. given an opportunity to extend the obama legacy, the voters rejected that overwhelmingly and put donald trump in the presidency. >> congressman, do you think that president obama will be successful at this? i mean he started as a community organizer. i think he does this because he legitimately can't help himself. like campaigning than the job of being president. will this work? will he turn out democrats to vote for people across the country? >> i don't think so. i think it shows the lack of leadership on the democratic said. they also don't have policies that resonate with the american people. remember it was during the obama
3:35 am
administration that democrats across the country lost more than 1,000 seats, 1,000 from the house, the senate and at the local level. i think people have figured out that his policies do not work and that republican policies, a conservative agenda is actually what the country needs to move forward. >> and jason, there's something else the american people may be figuring out. maybe robert mueller's investigation is turning out to be a whole lot about not a lot. and ge george papadopoulos, we e promised he's going to deliver the goods, bring down the president. he's speaking out for the first time since getting a 14-day sentence. here's what he said. >> i receive an unsolicited e-mail from steven helper, who i thought was a cambridge professor. he reached out and said i want you to write a paper for me on your expertise. i joined me about a week later
3:36 am
over drinks in london where all of the sudden he pulls out his phone, everyone has phones when they meet with me, and he places it in front of him and begins to tell me, so, george, of course hacking is in the interest of your campaign. of course the russians are helping you. these open-ended questions. and of course, you're probably involved in it too. that's correct, right? >> so jason it sounds like a setup, first of all. and second of all, i thought if he was going to get a light sentence of 14 days he would be singing like a canary, telling us there was collusion, instead he's saying there's a whole lot of nothing. >> with all due respect to mr. dop louse, h pop papadopouly low level person engaged in the campaign. he's found guilty here of lying to the fbi. this has nothing to do with
3:37 am
collusion, has nothing to do with russia. this is something they went after and got. i wish him nothing but the best. he's going to pay a bit of a penalty. don't lie to if feds. other than that, move along. there's not a lot here. >> obviously it's serious. you should tell the truth to the fbi. >> yeah, don't lie to the fbi. >> however we've had months and month bs, years of niftion that at its base doesn't seem like a whole lot. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you we're turning now to your headlines. prosecutors are backing off claims that an accused russian agent traded sex for political access. u.s. attorneys saying they misunderstood the text messages sent from the leader of a russian pro-gun organization.
3:38 am
teen a school bus driver suffers a deadly heart attack behind the wheel. three kids taking control of the bus, keeping it from crashing into a ditch in texas. good samaritans pulling over giving the 73-year-old cpr. his wife says he loved every kid who rode his bus over the past 11 years. a fast food restaurant bans employees from wearing political flare but some are sticking to their abolish i.c.e. buttons. at burgerville near portland, oregon. the organization calling the chain's new policy disgusting and deeply disturbing. burgerville received several complaints about the political messages on uniforms. the ban goes into effect on thursday. kanye west, speculation that he may run for the white house with one tweet. the rapper posting 2024 pushing his political ambitions back after previously saying he would run in 2020. the tweet coming after john
3:39 am
legend revealed that west is serious about the presidential bid saying that west sees some aspects of himself in president trump. wow. and those are your headlines. >> so much in one small. >> you never know who is going to run for president these days. >> get ready. i'll tell you who's tan, rested and ready. rick. >> completely the opposite of all of that. won't get rest for a week. a huge storm coming to the u.s. we've also had a lot of rain and flooding. three people drown yesterday in texas from flash flooding that's happening there. really heavy rainfall. take a look at this rain here in the northeast. i say this because the ground is very saturated because of a wet year that we've had so far and we have a lot more rain coming now. this is over the next couple of days from what is not part of hurricane florence and then take a look at what will happen likely from hurricane flores, we'rflorence,probably 20 inches. this is ground sach waite saturm
3:40 am
one of the wettest summers. three storms we're watching. isaac is going to move into the caribbean. this will be the first storm potentially getting close to puerto rico since last year's storm. we're going to watch that five or six days from now. this is what the models look like now. good guidance, south carolina, north carolina potentially for this storm. could stay right offshore. that's a less likely solution. but we're probably going to have a major hurricane here sometime on thursday making landfall across the eastern seaboard. if you're one of the people out there, be getting all of your plans ready. have an evacuation plan. all of those things that you should know if you live in that area. today is the day to get it ready. >> good advice. well the democrat running for governor in california, he wants to give free health care to illegal immigrants. sounds a bit crazy to me but apparently not. >> i think everyone should have free universal health care. everyone in the world.
3:41 am
>> i believe universal health care ashealthcare is a right evd have. >> i think everybody should get free universal health care. >> free everything. >> do they know who is going to pay for it? diswhr we are are. i got to cross skydiving off of my bucket list and i took ed along with me. >> what about pete? >> pete? pete? you know what, pete is not here.
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. some quick headlines. happening tow, a 9/1 is memorial dedicated to the hea res on flit 93 in pennsylvania. the tower of voices memorial stands 93 feet tall in the field where the plane crashed. the tribute donning 40 chimes for the 40 passengers and crew members who died on board, stopping hig hijackers attempt o
3:45 am
on and hit the washington capitol. the two-day holiday marks the start of the jewish new year. taking part in traditions, eating some special foods. well california's democratic candidate for governor pushing his very liberal agenda to a whole new level, pushing for free health care for illegal immigrants. >> so what do the locals any aboulocals thinkabout this? >> universal health care is a right that every person should have. >> i think everybody should get free universal health care. >> will joins us with more. how are you doing? so what did you find when you went out to the street here? this seems a little crazy for me, that people who broke the law are now being we regarded on a basic level. what did you find? >> i found that most people
3:46 am
believe in a utopia. but as we know, as more conservative people, u to utopis don't exist. this is the trend in california, that most people believe free universal health care is free and that the government is paying for it but it's not a burden on the taxpayers. >> you asked them how are they going to pay for it and this is what some of the folks say. >> i don't see a problem with people getting higher income and paying more taxes. >> if you're paying taxes it would go toward that as well. >> do you think that illegal aliens pay the same taxes that we as natural citizens pay? >> do i think they do right now? yeah. >> you guys got to give something to take something, right? >> explain. >> please try. >> go ahead, will. what do you make of those answers? >> it's crazy that people think this. california already has such a burden on our taxpayers and this plan is supposed to cost
3:47 am
$400 billion. to putting more of a burden on the taxpayers is going to cause each more distress in california. we need to money for the roads falling apart, the homelessness crisis. business owners are fleeing california because of the high taxes. this is only another step in the destruction of california. >> the assume assumption is thae illegals are paying as much in taxs as citizens do they not understand how it works? >> i guess they don't. when you don't have a social security number, you don't pay the same taxes that you pay if you're a citizen in this country. they don't understand that. they think that everything work out and they get things for free, that they don't actually have to pay for these things and they think that illegals deserve it coming to this country. we saw trump talk about it in montana when he was talking about the open border policy matched with the free universal health care policy and those things don't match up. >> will, it's just sort of like, here you go.
3:48 am
>> well, if you're giving it away. >> a little mit bit more. >> plus you got bernie sanders out there telling everybody everything is free. >> thank so much. keep the videos going. >>.>> jim carrey just said this. >> there are certain people in your society that need to be taken ware of. we have to say yes to socialism. we have to stop apologizing. >> yes to socialism. >> oh boy. >> from the canadian. we'll discuss that next hour. and in 2016 fox business anchor gerri willis is diagnosed with breast cancer. today leading the fight against a deadly disease in the wake of the cure. first she is here. i cannot wait. needles. essential for the cactus,
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thousands of runners about to lace it up at this moment to race for a cure as the susan g. komen greater nyc kicks off this morning in new york city, the 28th annual race is raising money to combat breast cancer. >> the cause is personal for fox
3:53 am
business anchor gerri willis diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2016. >> today she is raising awareness at the race later this morning. gerri joins us right now. >> we've been preparing for weeks and i'm so excited to say we have raised 68,000 dollars. can you believe that? >> that's phenomenal. >> this is going to help women get mammograms, this is going to research. the organization susan g. komen here in new york city, komen nyc .organize/fox. joins us new york. it's a little drizzly but who cares. we're new yorkers. give. you can always do that. everybody knows someone, one in eight women will face a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime and we're just starting to see men get diagnosed with breast cancer. some 9/11 guys. >> walks and runs throughout the
3:54 am
country. go to the website schek it out. >check it out.>> you've talked e importance of community. and based on your journey, what is the real importance of this race and things like it when people are going through somewhawhatyou've been through. >> what i have found is you cannot be alone. that's the major thing. you know what's going on here? i'm getting a call. >> sorry. >> so popular. >> but the race is transformative and here's why. because you can't be alone. when you have breast cancer. what i found is your ability to combat the disease is entirely dependent op having been surrounded with positive reinforcement and this race is nothing but positive reinforcement when you go out there today and run. people are on fire. it's so much fun and so exciting. and you can still register by the way. register up until the race starts, until like 8:30 they'll take your registration right
3:55 am
there. so let me tell you, if you know somebody who is in a situation where they haven't gotten the mammogram or maybe they've gotten the bad news, tell them, like, the diagnosis does not have to be the worst thing in the world. >> take a little bit about your journey. when i got to new york a couple of days ago, my doorknob was a pink wristband and a lot of our colleagues are wearing them. from talking to you and others you're not in this journey alone. >> no, i'm not in this journey alone. i've had a lot of support. i've had support from my family obviously, also my fox family has been incredibly supportive. amazing. i would get a call every month when i was in treatment, and i was in treatment for nine months from my bosses say, not when are you coming back to work but what can we do for you. are you okay i? can we tbet you something? that put me so much at ease and ready to get better. i was stage 3 lob lar, abvery aggressive breast cancer, tough to fight. but because i had the support i was able to see it through and
3:56 am
that's what i wish for minute ay out there today facing this. you can find support by going to komen and other organizations there are so many. >> and a big fox group is going to be there today. >> we have so many going to be there. we're going to have an incredible group of fox people there. >> very cool. >> not just tv producers but on-air talent are going to join me. we're going to take pictures. social media bombing. >> thanks, gerri. >> thaipght thanks for coming. mike huckabee, candace owens all live coming up.
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
. former president barack obama raising the stakes, attacking president trump in saying the democrats can't be come placen't. >> we have a dhoon chance to ree some sanity in our politics >> the search for the author of a scathing op sed in the "the new york times." >> it's a disgrace. i think the author of the editorial and frankly the "the new york times" should be ashamed. >> there are certain people in our society that need to be taken care of. we have to say yes to socialism. >> this is very unfortunate. >> you stole a point from me. you're a thief too. >> naomi osaka, a quantum leap, u.s. open champion. >> ed and i go skydiving.
4:01 am
pete? you know what? pete is not here. >> nothing, huh? anything for chicken head? no? ♪ ♪ a lot of footage of you guys on the ground. >> you're going to see it and you're going to be like, i missed out on a really good thing. it was really cool. >> we were going up 13,500 feet and the whole way i think we wer both a little more nervous than we were letting on. we were trying to be brave. and a couple f times we looked at each other and the there were no words. and one of us is like, we're really doing this. >> this is because jedidiah said she never wanted to go skydiving. >> and they opened the plane door at one point and it's open and we're like raising eafer ed
4:02 am
turns around and he's like -- i'm like, wow, this snot going g to go well. >> we're going to have great footage of you two facing your fears. >> jedidiah was braver than me saying she would go first. and i thought that's really hard. but it's harder to go second. you see your friend go, just like free fall and you have five seconds. you're like, i'm not getting out of this. that's me. and my stomach was dying here. >> that's why i did it. >> we got this certificate at the ebbed and end and i asked d beget a participation trophy. >forpete and he said everybody s to participate. we can't get you one. >> can we roll tape with me jumping with the golden knights? >> we don't have that. >> i would have liked the participation ribbon, please. >> you have to do it. >> i was there in spirit. >> you have to put in the work. >> you were there in spirit.
4:03 am
we talked about you a lot. >> we did get you a gift and we'll reveal that gift later on this hour. we had some of the guys jumping with us with gopros. we have video of us. >> i haven't seen it. >> absolutely. you want to talk about doom and gloom when you're going into a fre fall out of a plane 13,000 feet in the air, this is what former president barack obama is talking about now. it's all gloom and doom. it's not positive about what the democrats want to do if they take over. it's all about donald trump is wrong, this is what his blistering speech was about on friday when he had his unveiling. yesterday in anaheim, california, the former president did not mention president trump by name but the something messas unmistakable. >> he's hitting the campaign trail. we saw him on friday, another campaign rally speech in california. he's stumping for democratic
4:04 am
house candidates because it's all about taking it back for barack obama and the democrats. of course they want to impeach president trump if they can. this is what barack obama said yesterday. >> people get a sense that if we don't change things fundamentally that maybe our kids won't have as bright a future as we did. people are worried about whether they're going to be anyone to retire. this is a consequential moment in our history. and the fact is that if we don't step up things can get worse. two months we have a chance to restore some sanity in our politics. >> it's so depressing to listen to him. oh, everybody is suffering if we don't do something. in the meantime people are at home saying i'm keeping more of my money, my taxes are lower, my business got a boost, i'm
4:05 am
looking at freedom in my health care choices, the border is about to be secure. we have a president who is standing up to dictators and they're making a list saying this isn't a reflection of the life i'm actually living. >> do you think they want to make barack obama the focus of the election? >> they don't necessarily s hava choice. they want to talk about the good ogoodold days that weren't so g. that' a contrast president trump would welcome. he's brought a new style to politics. i'm going to tweet what i think, say what i think and i'm going to have these rallies. that's why his critique of barack obama, i feel asleep while hi was talking. we want sanity back in our politics. no. we wanted to disrupt the status quo. that's why president trump was elected. >> he does a good job of ignoring the fact that he was
4:06 am
president. he acts like he wasn't there causing a lot of the issues that people ran and voted against. it's almost as if he's doing this like you deleted his presidency saying policies of the post. policies of the past that people rejecterejected, those were your policies, obama care. but he has nowhere else to go. >> we decided to dig into the archives to give you an idea of what barack obama was saying days before he was president and the days leading up to the presidential election. >> we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. >> so you love america so much that you want to fundamentally transfortransform it. it's the girlfriend, you're so beautiful, i love everything about you, you're wonderful if you could go about and fundamentally transform yourself, everything would be great. michelle obama said, for the
4:07 am
first time in my adult life i'm proud of my country. they're proud of america when they're in charge, a smaller military, globalist agreement, climate change, all of the things that elites care about. it's almost like it's obama first versus america first. i love that. let's have that on the ballot. he's going to embrace socialism, universal health care. >> now democrats are going even further. >> oh yeah. >> barack obama as president was going sort of halfway. i'm leaning in here. now democrats are saying we're for socialism. when you say ocasio-cortez rising. >> jim carrey has some comments about that. listen. >> i grew up in canada okay. we had socialized medicine and i'm here to tell you that this [bleep] line that you get on all of the political shows from people is that it's a failure. the system is a failure in canada. it is not a failure in canada. i never waited for anything in
4:08 am
my life. i just got back from vancouver and i keep hearing canadians are so nice, they can be nice because they have health care. because they have a government that cares about them, that doesn't say [bleep] swim pal. we have to say yes to socialism, to the word and everything. >> i can respect him in a way, though. he's being blunt hi honest. ocasio-cortez are unapologetically saying we want socialism. they're not trying to pass obama care they don't want that cab, y want medicare for all. socialism has failed everywhere, it's a disaster but you got to respect the honesty. >> do you think jim cory is being honest about waiting in line for anything when he's a multimillionaire? >> no. >> i prefer to get my political advice from ace ven ventura. >> he was a good detective.
4:09 am
>> he was good at that. >> i did that yesterday, laces out, dan. so e-mail us, do you believe that we should go straight up socialism with jim carrey and the like who go from canada and then to bill mar's show in their cocoon of liberalism and project to us that socialism is going to work for us. take canada, it's not what he flames it as in canada or the uk. >> but we also have some serious headlines. >> we has have to turn to the headlines. we begin with extreme weather. the east coast is on high alert as tropical storm florence is gaining strength in the atlantic. virginia and south carolina are going north carolina is declaring states of emergency. the storm could hit as a high category hurricane in the coming days. this coming as rushing flood waters in texas kill three people, including a mother and their toddler daughter stranded
4:10 am
in their vehicle. marching soldiers, colored balloons and flowers marking the country's 70th a anniversary focusing on peace and economic develop experts believe that north korea cut out the nuclear missile to show president trump's its commitment to denuclearize. north korea is usually known for boasting its powerful weapons during military celebrations. the man accused of sending donald trump jr. a threatening letter pleads guilty. the guilty plea coming seven months after the tea terrifying scare. this is one of six letters sent to high profile people across the nation. his wife opened it and was sent to the hospital as a precaution. naomi osaka makes history as the first japanese tennis player to win a grand slam championship but that overshadowed by serena williams stunning outburst. >> she went out. >> you owe me an apology.
4:11 am
>> williams is docked for yelling at the umpire and calling her a thief for penalizing her. boos filled the stadium during the ceremony. osaka apologized with tears in her eye for beating the fan favorite. >> it is also football sunday, i must say. >> i like the purple. >> i wore my vikings tie. >> i didn't even notice that. >> and cool socks too. >> i saw we're number three in the power ranks in the new york post. >> her cousins moved from washington to minnesota. >> i'm hopeful. i took a sharpie and covered over my nike thing on my jersey. i'm wearing it today. >> that's commitment. >> it's at home. i'll take a picture for you later. >> you probably have another birthday party to go to. >> today is a football party i have to go to. >> that's a little better president obama creating a
4:12 am
firestorm saying this about ben benghazi. >> embrace wild conspiracy theories like those surrounding benghazi. >> former u.s. army ranger and benghazi attack hero is here to respond next. plus, corey lewandowski is here live. > and i got to cross somethig off of my bucket list and i took ed with me. stick around. >> that's coming up. ♪ ♪ with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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4:16 am
over our politics. systematically attacked voting rights, casts thousands of votes to take away health insurance from ordinary americans. embraced wild conspiracy theories like those surrounding benghazi. >> you heard it. benghazi, a wild conspiracy. in a blistering speech, former president obama blasting the gop over the benghazi probe while he was in office calling it a con searcy theory. and now our next guest, a hero from the 2012 hero attack which happened on 9/11 is firing back. he was a cia security contractor guarding the benghazi annex. joining us now. you hear those words. your reaction? >> yeah. you know, you guys assessment this morning hit it right on the head. he's a true narcissist. just an elitist that -- i believe he thinks it didn't happen. he did nothing wrong that night. he sent no support. benghazi was made up.
4:17 am
we lost two f 0 our friends and it was a fantasy. it's disgusting. it just raises the bile inside of me. i had a hard time watching the speech itself. i just wanted to see what he had to say. when that came across, i wanted to reach through the screen and grab him and choke him saying are you kidding me, are you kidding me that you would have the ga gall to gis grace the memories of my teammates and what he did there to call it a conspiracy. that's a narcissist for you. >> obviously you've r ear you'ra great deal of frustration. you lived it. i read the book and watched the movie. not the same thing. it wasn't a before, during and after scandal. it wasn't just what happened. it was blaming it on a video which they since per pech rated. >perpetuated.>> and throwing the the video in prison, essentially destroying his life, what obama did. he continue to double down and compound it.
4:18 am
and thing is though that his base honestly believes that. i know there are people out there today -- i can't stand social media and i'm on twitter, but they say it didn't happen, say we're making it up. he caters to the easily manipulated. and it's just -- i can't just sit by and not do anything about it, not say something strongly against it because he's -- honestly the man is a disgrace, a complete disgrace. >> it's not just benghazi. just that the world was better under his administration. >> yeah. >> calling isis the jv team and their comeback, it took donald trump to decimate them. >> and people forget before benghazi happened, when the election was coming up, a al qaa was on the running he kept saying terrorism was on the run. al qaeda was not on the run. they took part in the attack on us that night. but that's what they did. if they doesn't fit their
4:19 am
narrative, they're going to rewrite it. where did he come out with this talk? it was at a university with college age kids. in college i wa easily manipula. he's going to portray it there, especially in chicago. but it's completely offensive and something i wish i had the man sitting in front of me right now. i really do, without his secret service. >> we'll be careful with that. he's a former president. >> yeah. i know. but it doesn't get yourself away from saying comments. >> i understand your sentiment. we're six years from this attack. a lot of people -- just like we're 18 years from 9/11. we're going to have to remind the next generation. do you think the legacy of what happened there will be remembered or is this something that will turn into a talking point for the left? >> you know, i do believe that it will still remain a talking point for the left, the far left. i do think there are good
4:20 am
democrats out there. you've got democrats and then you have liberalists. there's a difference. but i think as far as the conservatives go, as far as veterans go, as far as the military is concerned, it's going to stay as a beacon in history as a courageous event. tyron and bob were courageous warriors that might to save their lives to save two dozen. it's who you talk to and who's going to be in office too. >> we remember those men and what they did for this country, that sacrifice and the heroism there in benghazi. thank you for your service to this country, chris. appreciate your time. we'll remember you this week. >> thank you. still ahead, is trump critic ben sass considering leaving the gop? a new tweet raising some serious questions this morning. plus, you voted and they went, ed begrudgingly, but he did it. jedidiah crossing skydiving off
4:21 am
of her bucket list and she took ed with her. we'll show you the big jump coming up next. . with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish,
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this isn't just any moving day. this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments
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4:25 am
had on saturday so i couldn't do it. but ed stepped up. i'll give you credit. >> you're happy you did it. >> i am. >> i am so grateful to the viewers who put a little peer pressure on ed. it wouldn't have been as fun to do it on my own. >> watch how this played out. it was wild. literally wild. ♪ >> we really doing this? come on, jedidiah. >> you do it. i'll wait here. >> i'm doing this because of you. you're facing your fear. >> the things i do for frend "f& friends." >> we forgot something. >> pete. >> pete? >> pete is not here. >> we ready? >> we're ready. >> let's do it. ♪ >> fly, baby fly. whoa! >> ed, nice to meet you. >> jedidiah nice to meet you.
4:26 am
>> my name is joe. welcome to the ranch. >> is this where we sign our lives away? ♪ >> here to make the first skydive. >> welcome. >> make sure the paperwork is all good and then we're going to go from there. >> got any paperwork for pete? >> not that i can see. >> anything for chicken hegseth? nothing? >> where are we going to land? >> you're going to land right here. ♪ >> so here we are. >> nice. >> i will probably not panic just yet but it will happen. >> that's totally normal. you're wearing a harness with four hooks, two on your should arance two on your side. that's how i connect you to me. just reach down and pull them up over your knees for me. >> you ready for the gun show? >> i am. >> come on with us. we're going to head out. >> whoa!
4:27 am
>> getting real. we're about to get into a plane this big and then we're going to jump. ♪ >> now it's getting real. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> oh my god!
4:28 am
amazing! whoa! >> i can't believe we did it. i cannot explain to you what that's like, but it's unbelievable. guys thank you so much. oh my god! whoa! >> this is the first time we saw the gopro video. we're in tandem with an instructor and there's a single person with a gopro who jumps before jedidiah. they got the shots. and my guy, what you didn't see on tv, my instructorrer saying, oh, our gopro guy, he had to bail because it's little windy and he was going toward somebody's house, not towards the field and i'm like, we're good, right? and that guy, the gopro guy was very experienced, he was fine. but i'm like what does that mean for us? >> what's that like? >> we got t-shirts. >> we got t-shirts for you. >> skydive the ranch.
4:29 am
they treated so well, dealt with my panic beautifully. >> you looked -- actually you did one of these things but once you were flying. >> once i was flying i was like gentleman. it'ya. yeah. it was so funny the contrast. >> if i think about it i'm going to get really stressed. we got you a birthday hat. you skipped out on us for a birthday party and we want you to have one of these. >> this is just like yesterday for me. since jen told you couldn't do it. we just wanted to make sure. >> is that what happened? >> i thought it was going to make noise. >> yeah, like new year's eve. >> but thank you skydive the ranch and thank you for jedidiah for letting me come along. >> and thank you "fox & friends" for letting me cross this off my bucket life. so cool. former president obama turning the midterm battle into a fight between himself and president
4:30 am
trump. corey lewandowski is hea here to react next. ♪ ♪ like a small cough can be a big bad problem for your grandchildren. babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough.
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you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed? let's say it in a really low voice. carl? lowest price, guaranteed. just stick with badda book. badda boom. book now at it did not start with donald trump. he is a symptom, not the cause. he's just capitalizing on resentments that politicses have been fanning for years.
4:34 am
>> i'm sorry i watched it but i fell asleep. i they he's trying to take credit and now this is called not recovery, this is called rocket ship. >> quite a contrast right there. here to react, we're going to bring in corey lewandowski coauthor of "let trump be trump." former president obama saying that president trump is the symptom, not the cause. what is the symptom? >> the symptom is that for the eight years of the obama administration he was a globalist and the voters went to the ballot in 2016 saying we don't want a globalist, we don't want hillary clinton. we want donald trump. and what donald trump has been able to do is to fix the problems of the obama administration. look, i listened to the speech and i highlighted nine fallacies that president obama talked about, including, not the least of which was you know the economy is booming because of him. under his administration we had a 2% on average growth rate over
4:35 am
the eight years. under the trump administration we're growing at 4% and in the atlanta federal reserve thinks it will be 8%. time and time again the media has gifng barac given barack ob. and the revisionist history they're trying to rewrite is amazing. and every day that barack obama is on the trail he's helping republicans remember what they don't want to go forward in november. >> the hubt is continuing for the author of the anonymous "the new york times" editorial. what do you make of that? do you have any insight into who the source may be? should jeff sessions get involved in trying to figure this out? is it a national security risk? >> what the president said and what the american people agree is there s there's an individual inside his administration which is leaking information or is privy to information that could be leaked that's a security concern. we have already seen individuals who work in the administration
4:36 am
have leaked private conversations between this president and other world leaders. and now if you look at the stories coming out, staff membersmembers were taking papef of his desk or trying to stop his agenda from going forward. if they're doing that there needs to be accountability. there's a legal resource involved because they did swear an oath to the constitution to make sure that they're beholding what the commander in chief is supposed to to be doing, which is protecting our country. >> on friday we were told that john kelly has a list of roughly a dozen names that people inside the west wing think are likely suspects. do you and other trump insiders have a sense of a couple of different people who you're zeroing in on? >> well, look, i'd love to play the guessing game but the bottom line is we're going to let the people look into who this is. we don't know the level of the person. the notion that this is a senior administration official is so
4:37 am
broad, that could refer to anybody. there are literally thousands of people who are designated. but what the truth is, if a person is so concerned about what is taking place, give them the forum to come out in public, let's see what credibility that person has and let's have a discussion. the bottom line is donald trump is winning, our economy is stronger, the military is trorng, we're more secure today than we've ever been and the economic opportunity that he's put in place is helping make our country great again. let's have that discussion if someone is concerned about what he's doing. >> you were the campaign manager of president trump's campaign. one of your very senior senior senior campaign staffers, george papadopoulos, of course when he was indicted the left and the so-called mainstream media thought this was the beginning of the eme end of donald trump. now he's speaking out after his heavy prison sen tis of 14 days. he's speaking out about his view of what happened. listen to george papadopoulos. >> i receive an unsolicited
4:38 am
e-mail from steven helper who i thought was a cambridge professor inviting me. he reached out saying i want you to write a paper for me. i joined him about a week later and he begins to tell me, so, george, of course hacking is in the interest of your campaign. of course the russians are helping you. and of course you're probably involved in it too. that's correct, right? >> so he was propped up as the key to the case. now here we are. your reaction? >> here's the thing. this guy had nothing to do with the campaign. he literally attended one meeting which lasts 25 minutes. i never spoke to him for more than 15 seconds over the course of the year and a half i ran the campaign. he was never a campaign employee. he was a volunteer. and this goes to show you how dumb the collusion story is. they go try to flip a volunteer who had no access or communication with any senior member of the cam pin.
4:39 am
nobody is talking about the fact that hillary clinton campaign paid $5 million to fusion gps to come up with a false dossier to give it to nelly orr, bruce orr's wife and there's still been no criminal prosecution of that. that's the only collusion that took place here. let's hold the clinton campaign -- where are the people who were in charge of the clinton campaign. how come they haven't been brought before the mueller investigators or a federal grand jury and held them accountable. this is the double standard that the justice department needs to fix. >> maybe he was a senior volunteer. >> he was not even a senior volunteer. he never drove a vehicle for us. he did literally almost nothing. >> thank you, cory. >> we are turning now to your headlines. we begin with a fox news alert. a manhunt is under way for a gunman opening fire near auburn university overnight. one person is dead and four others injured at an alabama mcdonald's. officers believe a fight led to the shooting hours be after the
4:40 am
university's first home football game. a 20-year-old man was killed. the other victims injured. range in ages from 16 to 21. one is in critical condition. the other three are expected to be okay. trump critic ben sass says she often thinks about leaving the republican party. the nebraska senator tweeting yep, regularly consider it in response to someone sells saying they left the democratic party and asked if anyone else has similar thoughts. he was among the republicans who toork shots at president trump. the tunnel to tower foundation standing behind the gold star family of a fallen army ranger. the foundation given the wife and daughter of christopher so o lease a brand-new home. members of his pl platoon and te family members took part in the tunnel to tower 5k in va spra the family has raised $7 million
4:41 am
for family to pay off mortgages. go to tunnelstotowers .organizeo donate. let's go now to our good friend and close colleague, rick. how are you? >> a lot of rain across a big chunk of the country. down across parts of texas. take a look at the map. we had flooding in texas, cost three fatalities. we have heavy rain across pennsylvania, upstate new york. i say that because once we get the moisture that's coming from what will become hurricane florence, i think we're going to see a lot of inland flooding. problems not just along the coast. that's the track of the storm. it's going over very warm water, plenty of warm water for it to strengthen. this is a wind sheer. that's what breaks storm apart. where you see the blue, that's the ocean. cutting right to the west of bermuda. that's where the storm is going. there will be not be able to
4:42 am
inhibit strengthening the storm. all of the models indicating a strong storm, perhaps ramping up in intensification today and tomorrow, and a major hurricane sometime on thursday along the carolina coastline. and because of the saturated ground we're going to see impacts far inland. these are the two models that we watch and both of them in better agreement so we have more confidence in that direction. >> thank you, rick. former president obama drying to discredit president trump for a booming economy. but whose side has the facts on their side? charles feig fain is here live o break it down. ♪ ♪ blp it looks like jonathan on a date with his wife. ♪ la-di-la-di. entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps your heart... so you can keep on doing what you love.
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4:46 am
trump can fix the economy. listen. >> when you hear about this economic miracle that's been going on, when the job numbers come out, monthly job numbers, suddenly republicans are saying it's a miracle. i have to kind of remind them, actually those job numbers are the same as they were in 2015 and 2016. >> he's going to bring all of these jobs back. well how exactly are you going to do i that? he says i'm going to negotiate a better deal. how exact h exactly are you goio negotiate that. what magic wand do you have? >> didn't think it w was positie there. here to react, charles payne. how are you going to do that? i don't understand. how do you create more jobs. i don't understand. >> you saw by removing the road blocks put in under the obama administration. it's not something that gets headlines but the regulations
4:47 am
first and foremost. but even before this, i think historians should measure economies and markets the day after the president is elected. that's when the businesses go into movement. in november of 2016 small business confidence went through the roof, straight through the roof. the very next month, home builders measure their confidence by foot traffic. foot traffic expanded for the first time in 123 months with, december of 2016. so the motions were there, the excitement and anticipation and then the fruition of it we're seeing. the last two quarters under president obama wur 1.9% and 1.8%. as for the jobs, some kind of magic wand had to be waved because 400,000 new manufacturing jobs have been developed in this country since january of 2017. we are seeing what happens when
4:48 am
you remove the barriers, when you remove the barriers that's not getting to the consumers. what we're seeing from the individual consumers with, people are going to malls, okay, the death of the mall has been put on hold because people are actually getting off of their sofsofas and going to malls and restaurants. >> it's the free market capitalism, yet the left seems to say we want to go back and flirt with socialism and free health care. >> i would want the elites and the establishment on both sides, republicans and democrats not to dismissively put off the socialist movement on the left. i think corporate -- the corporations in america are going to have to figure something out. you cannot brag about making $2 trillion in three months while you have 40% of americans saying they can't meet certain bills. by the way, banning straws isn't
4:49 am
the answer. so there's a loud call to corporate america and you know what? a lot of it is playing out with the tariff stuff. when the companies like the journal say hey why do we want more jobs in america. they didn't like that part. be careful. >> thanks so much all right. well, it is service dog awareness month. we're honoring the canines that assist our vets when they return home from due fi. we'll introduce you to this marine vet and his dog zoe next.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
we are honoring the canines who help our vets readjust to civilian life. after returning from iraq, this marine veteran suffered from depression and ptsd. then he discovered the animal rescue foundation's program. he was matched with a rescue dog named zoe. now a year later they're about to finish their training together. michael and his service dog zoe join us now. thank you so much for being here. thank you so much for your service to our country. zoe, you are amazing and beautiful. thank you so much for doing this segment. we're really honored to have you. >> i'm honored to be here. thank you so much. >> how did you first find out about the animal rescue foundation and how you came to be paired with zoe. >> i was at the veterans hospital in martinez, california waiting for my prescriptions and i met another veteran with his service animal and i began to ask him question, hey, where did you get your service dog. so he gave me some contact
4:54 am
information and it took me a few days to think about calling the number to inquire about it because i was thinking imha cann a service dog do for me and my issues. after i made the phone call, all of the worries went away. thanks to the program and everybody in the program, the whole staff diswhr how long was it until you and zoe were made into a team? >> they told me it would take anywhere between three to six months until i received a dog. but i think it was two weeks after i made the official phone call me called me, michael, we have a german shepherd for you. would you like to come see here. >> that's you, zoe. >> yeah. the next thing you know, we're together. it was actually a year yesterday, one year yesterday. >> happy anniversary. one-year a anniversary. tell us what that training is like. the training is supervised, your training was supervised by danny who is also a vet, which must have helped the process along. what do you teach each other, learn together.
4:55 am
what does that look like? >> the training is once wit a w. danny did a great job of explaining everything, barney style for the most part. it's true because he is a combat veteran it made things more comfortable for me. the training was fun. he gave us a lot of tips and advice. it was basically like we had to go home and do the home work ourselves. what you put into it is what you get out of it and he emphasized that a lot. yeah, i put in a lot with her. as much as i could. >> it's definitely a bonding experience. i have a dog and i can't get her to do anything. i'm so impressed with zoe. the purr rrhea dog chow released it salute a dog campaign. raising money to eng expand thes to vets program. how can the viewers get involved. >> there's an awesome video that features me and zoe and some
4:56 am
other great veterans and thar service animals as well too. for every share of that video, purr reena donates money to the program which is great to held program find other veterans like myself to pair animals like zoe. and we're on the back of a dog chow food bag. >.>> i saw that. >> purina donates money toward the program to help benefit veterans like myself. >> thank you so much for bringing light to this thank you zoe for being here. we appreciate you. thank yes for your service again. >> thank you. still ahead, mike huckabee, candace owens, greg jarrett and maria bartiromo all here coming up live next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
4:57 am
we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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. . . you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. former president barack obama raising the stakes, he's attacking president trump and saying that 2k5e78 democrats cae
5:00 am
placomplacent. >> he's a narcissist, a complete disgrace. >> the truth is, the american people in 2016 rejected the policy and direction of barack obama when they elected president donald trump. the search for the author of a scathing op ed in the new york times. >> if there's an individual inside administration which is leaking information, there's a legal recourse involved. there are certain people in our society that need to be taken care of. >> we have to say yes to socialism, to the word and everything. >> ed and i go sky diving. >> let's do it. >> it's unbelievable. this is awesome. thank you so much. oh, my god! ♪ i love rock and roll. ♪ put another dime in the juke box, baby. ♪ i love rock and roll.
5:01 am
we love rock and roll. we fuwe love fun on this show. how high up were you guys? >> i looked like a crazy person. >> more than a mile, right? >> it's really high. >high.>> when you get down to 6,000 feet, the parachute, your tandem partner opens up the parachute. there's the plunge. there's that -- it's a free-fall. >> it's like you don't realize what's happening right away. you're just flying through the air so fast. it's an amazing feeling. >> you overcame your fear. >> i overcame my fear. snakes, i touched a snake. i know that won't kill me. sky diving, that didn't kill me. it was a nonvenomous snake. i needed a partner to do it. they weren't going to send me alone.
5:02 am
pete didn't step up. >> i had to go to a birthday party. >> there's some hats, some little -- >> thank you very much, guys. >> i'm getting mentally prepared for football today. it takes a full day. >> you got the vikings. >> we're readily. > kneeling. >> we're going to do tailgating. we'll have big daddy salgoto out there. he's bringing barbecue. >> some food, never forget to mention the food. >> a little bit of football as well. it's almost like the nfl, it's almost like game on between president trump and president obama. it kicked off friday when president obama broke this long-standing tradition of former presidents of staying on the sidelines, not getting out on the field, and in fact vice president pence this morning in an interview with chris wallace is really going in on that and saying that he thinks it's ridiculous that this tradition was broken and that, pete, the american people according to
5:03 am
vice president pence, they spoke in 2016 and said that they wanted to go in a whole different direction. >> but former president obama says things can get worse. listen. >> people get a sense that if we don't change things fundamentally, that maybe our kids won't have as bright a future as we did. people are worried about whether they're going to be able to retire. there's a consequential moment in our history and the fact is that if we don't step up, things can get worse. in two months we have a chance to restore some sanity in our politics. [ cheering and applause ] >> we've all keyed in on different aspects of that. a lot to say. i haven't commented on the last line, though, we'll have more sanity. if the democrats take the house and move on impeachment hearings things will get really sane in
5:04 am
washington, d.c. >> they had a crack addict this week who had a very serious confirmation hearing for a seat on the supreme court. were they unified? >> i have to comment, because as you were talking about this, i'm looking at a media comment, but usa today had a column, the title is we have a chance to restore some sanity, president obama's quote, and then it says obama takes softer approach toward trump. that's softer? es been declaring everything that's been going on under the trump administration insane. it was madness. >> it can get worse, like we can remind bacrewind back to the oba administration where jobs were leaving the country, isis was rising, we were calling in the j.v. team, we were saddled with obama care. there's a a reason why the voters went to the ballot box, they rejected the eliteism of barack obama and his party and what hillary clinton would have
5:05 am
continued. they want our government behind our brave warriors at every moment. >> a lot of the jobs are coming back. we saw these dramatic jobs numbers on friday. we've got a long list of achievements that the president has accomplished and yet you don't see a lot of people in the media talking about that long scroll. >> that's right. whether it's the unemployment rate, whether it's wages rising, manufacturing jobs, we played a clip of barack obama in 2016 saying these jobs are never coming back, these deals -- he thinks you can renegotiate them. how do you renegotiate a deal? the community organizer never reorganized a deal in his life. the deal maker in chief is in the white house, he's staring down mexico, staring down nato, the e.u., saying w better have deals tha that are good for us. >> mike pence had something to say about this. >> it's disappointing to see
5:06 am
president obama break with the tradition of former presidents and become so political and roll out the same tired arguments that he and liberals have made over the last eight years. the truth is, the american people in 2016 rejected the policy and direction of barack obama when they elected president donald trump. >> it's interesting, there was a republican campaign event, i believe a fundraiser in new york city yesterday, new york times got an audio recording of it. mick mulvaney and the rnc chair were here and this audio recording shows that mick mulvaney was saying there are a lot of accomplishments for the president to talk about but that republicans have to find a way he said in private to subtract the president's divisive persona from those accomplishments. i wonder what you think about the fact that, yeah, there's a lot of good things for the president to tout but when his budget director is allegedly telling republican donors, the president's got high negatives,
5:07 am
that's not something the white house likes to admit, i wonder how republicans do that. >> that's a fair point. i think there are people attracted to different aspects. some say my job's coming back, my life's improving, wages are up, this is a good thing for my family. there are people who say we needed this cultural flash point, we needed someone to break glass in case of crisis and that's exactly what president trump has done in his own style. if you can play that dynamic, i think there's voters you attracted to both of those. >> i think republicans and president trump have been talking about positive things. i see him talking about the commit you asked about the kavanaugh hearings. to me a lot of folks on the left look unhinged. there's a decembe desperation. you watch the kavanaugh hearings, and you hear from the start it sounds like a circus, in addition to protests you have people, spartacus was in there, making his case. it seems like a desperation from the left, rather than coming out with their own positive message. >> a new low maybe this week
5:08 am
when you saw the new york times publish an anonymous op ed piece, something that is an extremely rare step. they acknowledged that. the new york times said they believe there was news value because this anonymous senior official, as we call him, we don't know how senior, they're now having to defend it. in this piece out now, they said in our view this op ed offered a significant first person perspective. we have not presented this to our readers before, that of a conservative explaining why they felt that even if working for the trump administration meant compromising their principles, it ultimately served the country, while helping to resist some of his worst impulses. even former president obama in history speech was saying things like this was a cowardly act, the person should have attached their name. because former president obama's point was that if you're going to stand you up, this anonymous person was not elected, is not accountable to the people.
5:09 am
president trump was elected. he's the elected president even if democrats don't want to admit it. >> we will find out who wrote it, in due time. >> they're saying conservative. the new york times version of a conservative may not be our version of a conservative. that will be interesting to find out. >> exactly. is it an obama appointee. is it a never trumpers? are they senior? are they not. we will find out their credibility is at stake. vice president pence was asked about this, one of the charges made in this op ed was that were thinking about invoking the 25th amendment and removing this president. this what is the vice president said. >> well, i wouldn't know. what i can say is it's a disgrace. i think the author of the anonymouan --anonymous editoriaw
5:10 am
york times should be ashamed. it seems to me an obvious attempt to distract attention from this booming economy and president trump's record of success. >> one of the claims made in the op ed is a that there had been discussion of invoking the 25th amendment to even remove the president from office. have you ever been part of a conversation about that? >> no, never. and why would we be, margaret? >> that's the vice president talking to margaret brennan. there is also an interview with chris wallace, you'll want to check that out throughout the afternoon and evening. you see the vice president firing back, making sure -- there was an initial speculation in washington, maybe vice president pence was involved in it. he is trying to show there's no daylight between he and the president. >> i wasn't sure how contagious trump derangement syndrome is. clearly it's made it to the top. >> the virus has president. >> the former president is infected. someone call a doctor. he's got the derangement
5:11 am
syndrome. >> two days in a row you're saying that. >> 100%. it is what it is. they can't handle it. >> we are turning now tour headlines. we begin with a fox news alert. a manhunt us under way for a gunman opening fire near auburn university overnight. one person is dead and four others injured at an alabama mcdonald's. officers believe a fight led to the shooting. a 20-year-old man was killed. the other victims injured, range in age from 16 to 21. one is in critical condition. the other three are expected to be okay. turning to extreme weather, the east coast is on high alert as tropical storm florence is gaining strength in the atlantic. virginia and south carolina are joining north carolina in declaring states of emergency. the storm could potentially hit as a high category hurricane in the coming days. this as rushing floodwaters in texas kill three people including a mother and her toddler daughter, stranded in their vehicle.
5:12 am
the first japanese tennis player has won a grand slam championship. serena williams had a stunning outburst. >> [ indiscernible ] >> she called the umpire a thief for penalizing her. boo's filled the stadium during the award ceremony. owosaka apologized for beating e fan favorite. >> you're pulling for the american. you want serena to win but that's some tough stuff. you may remember this emotional photo when president trump greeted this young boy honoring his father. the fallen soldier at arlington national cemetery in 2017. that mom is here with a message for colin kaepernick and nike on true sacrifice, just ahead. plus, north korea marks its
5:13 am
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three... we've got this under control. two... you're a bunch of boys. you don't have anything under control! one... first man. rated pg-13. i received an unsolicited e-mail from stephan halper who i thought was a cambridge professor, inviting me, he said i want you to write a paper for me. i joined him about a week later and he begins to tell me, so, george, of course hacking is in the interest of your campaign of course the russians are helping you and of course you're
5:17 am
probably involved in it too. that's correct, right, george? >> that is former trump campaign advisor george papadopoulos speaking out following his 14 day prison sentencing detailing his interactions with an fbi informant and alleged source for the anti-trump dossier her doss. we have greg here with a reaction. there was so much hype in the media when george papadopoulos first admitted he lied to the fbi. i don't want to minimize, you should tell the fbi the truth. he gets a two week sentence. i thought he would blow the case open. turns out he's got nothing. >> mueller must be proud, a 14 day sentence for a junior, young associate for the campaign, who heard a rumor and passed it along that the russians had hillary clinton's e-mails.
5:18 am
papadopoulos should have told the truth. he was really prosecuted for being stupid. there was no evidence of collusion related to papadopoulos at all. >> while robert mueller, special counsel, has been pursuing these kinds of charges that have amounted to not a lot, on the other side you have president trump saying hey, special counsel, why aren't your guys looking at bruce ohr and the other side of this. you've been reporting that the president's hedging closer perhaps to declassifying key intelligence that will shed light on bruce ohr and others. >> there's four sets of documents, the renewal of the fisa application. >> to go after carter page. >> and the gang of eight documents, the bruce ohr documents and a fourth set of documents. >> let's go to bruce ohr. a 302. as i understand it, you're the lee expert, that's the record of
5:19 am
the fbi sitting down to interview you. if bruce ohr didn't tell the truth about his interactions with fusion gps and christopher steele, we've got a problem. >> he would be in legal jeopardy. he never disclosed his wife was being paid for helping compose the dossier that he pedaled. he's profiting by virtue of his office and his wife's work by pedaling this phony dossier. so he's already in legal jeopardy. but i think all of this information once declassified by president trump -- he really needs to do this. congress is entitled lawfully to those documents. >> talk about the significance. >> i am told that this will really be explosive. it will be not only exculpatory
5:20 am
of the president. it will show false intelligence was used to launch the trump russia investigation. >> you hear this may be coming as soon as this week? >> that's what i'm hearing. >> explosive story, greg jarrett, appreciate you bringing it to us. check out the russia hoax. thank you. colin kaepernick claims he's sacrificing everything in his new nike ad. you might remember this emotional photo of president trump greeting this young boy, honoring his father, a fallen marine at arlington national cemetery in 2017. that boy's mom is here with a message for colin kaepernick and nike on true sacrifice, that's coming up next. ight have a condition called dry mouth. biotène is clinically proven to soothe and moisturize a dry mouth. plus, it freshens breath. biotène. immediate and long lasting dry mouth symptom relief.
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5:24 am
you're going to remember these striking images of president trump greet ago young boy as he honored his father, a fallen marine at arlington national cemetery on me more l y'all dayf 2017. now that boy's mom has a message for nike after a new ad was released. joining me now, the widow of the marine sergeant, britney jacobs. thank you for joining us. thank you for all you represent and certainly your husband. tell us about your husband, marine sergeant christopher jacobs. >> my husband was in the marine corps. he served for almost 11 years. he was killed in 2017 in a -- ia training accident. he was a very patriotic man. >> he sacrificed everything for his country. people forget the training can be extremely intense and dangerous. when you hear nike and colin
5:25 am
kaepernick insinuate that he's sacrificing everything, how does that resonate with you? >> to me it's upsetting. this is a man who knelt before the flag that my husband and that me and my son we love, it's so dear to us. my husband did sacrifice absolutely everything for the flag, for the country and for all that it stood for. to see someone who knelt before it be able to say that he sacrificed everything, it's hard. it's sad. it's not right. >> britney, your son -- go ahead. >> i was going to say, if knee any could just -- they could have chosen anyone and they chose a person who disrespected the flag. if they could look at my son for a moment, look at his eyes, they would see a dear sacrifice. there's so many great men and women in this country who have sacrificed everything. colin kaepernick is not one of them. >> your son will remember his
5:26 am
father, your husband and that will be what real sacrifice looks like. a lot of other sons and daughters are watching this nike ad and they think kneeling before the anthem and repercussions of that is sacrificing everything. what's the cultural impact of holding that up as opposed to the type of service your husband gave? >> my husband would be disappointed. i think it's a good thing that we can protest in this great country and stand up for what we believe in, but it doesn't mean that we all have to agree on how people do it. i think he would be highly disappointed and it's sad. >> it sure is. i think there's a lot of people that feel like -- everyone agrees protest in this country is ingrained in who we are as a fabric. wrong spot. when you stand for the anthem and your son will be taught to stand for the anthem, what are you thinking about when you put your hand over your heart? >> i'm thinking about the men and women who sacrificed everything from this great country we live in thinking of
5:27 am
the rights and freedom we have, the unity we have. i'm not thinking of any of the bad things. i'm proud. i have so much pride for this country that we live in and so many men and women do and i feel that nike could have made a better decision and chosen someone who was more he deserving or someone that our children can look up to and disrespecting our flag isn't one of them. >> colin kaepernick put on a football uniform. your husband put on the uniform of the u.s. marine corps. why deserve? >> my husband comes from a long line of marines. his mother was a marine. his father was a marine. his grandparents, his great grandparents were all ma reasons. i would say it was in his blood. he want todd serve this country. he was so proud to do it. i personally would like to invite nike and colin kaepernick to meet me and my son at arlington national cemetery and see what a true sacrifice is,
5:28 am
see what it is like to sacrifice everything for something that you believe in. and then they can personally look in the eyes of my son and see what a dear sacrifice was made and they can look around and see thousands and thousands of people who sacrificed also everything for something that they believed in. >> so well said. that is true sacrifice. god bless your husband, your son and what you're doing to continue his legacy. if folks want to know more about sergeant christopher jacobs you can visit sagtchristopher jacobs. more "fox & friends" on the other side. engineered to take the crown. the lexus ls 500 and ls 500h. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. when you hear about this economic miracle that's been going on, when the job numbers come out, monthly job numbers, suddenly republicans are saying it's a miracle. i have to kind of remind them, actually, those job numbers are the same as they were in 2015 and 2016. >> just the same as 2015 and 2016. we'll have to check the stats on that or we'll just ask mike huckabee. governor, thanks for joining us. we're hearing a lot of revisionism in the name of winning campaigns, president obama obviously trying to stump
5:33 am
for democrats in 2018. is his message going to resonate and is it grounded in truth? >> only with people who have extraordinarily short memories, because if they do, they'll not realize that the economy was struggling, worker wages were not going up, people were not getting bonuses and pay raises, businesses were sitting on top of a lot of cash and weren't spending it and there was a lot of money going overseas. all of that has changed under president trump. the deregulation, the tax cuts have resulted in bonuses, pay raises, extraordinary job growth, best job numbers for women in 50 years, greatest numbers for minorities in history. i don't know. i guesses going to take credit for it. and his great role in it may be the best kept secret since the manhattan project back in the '40s. >> i find it fascinating that you have president obama out there talking about how president trump and republicans are a threat to our democracy.
5:34 am
i find that really rich, given that a lot of democrats right now are out front, advocating for socialism, directly. is socialism not a threat to our democracy? >> it's the greatest threat to our democracy in terms of not juts economics, -- just economics, but the heart and soul of what makes america great. the greatest difference between conservatives and liberals is this. conservatives believe in the individual, liberals believe in the group. if you group think and you believe you're tied to the success of whatever group, whether it's labor, whether it's ethnicity, whether it's religious philosophy, if you're tied to the group, you can't do better than the group does. conservatives believe that we are individuals, that we have individual responsibility, individual possibility, and so i would just remind people that if you think that america is a bunch of groups, then you're probably going to be a liberal. if you think that your future is in your hands and that you can
5:35 am
make it what you want it to be, you need to realize, like it or not, you're a conservative. >> governor, you mentioned 2020. popotential challengers seem toe coming out of the woodwork. watch this. >> if senior administration officials believe the president of the united states is not able to do this job, they should invoke the 25th amendment. >> i'm going to release the e-mail about racial profiling. this is about the closest i'll have in my life to an i am spartacus moment. >> we can't afford another trump accolade in the house. >> get off your rear end and get out and vote! >> we have a presidency which is off the rails. >> governor, i have to admit, i'm disappointed in you this morning. i listened to the answers you gave already. usually you come prepared and you have not yet mentioned
5:36 am
spartacus. i'm very disappointed in you. >> you haven't been reading by twitter feed lately. if you had, you would have a lot of spartacus references. that had to be one of the most comical thing i've seen happy in a senate hearing. corey booker, he had all that information but he was too busy getting his makeup done that he forgot to read t mails from his staff. that was outrageous. if you listen to the democrats, they're doing everything they can to try to keep donald trump from running again in 2020. there's a reason for that. they deep down know that he's going to get reelected until they can come up with some plan, whether impeachment, or whether it's the 25th amendment, which is so bizarre, so totally out of control, it's like they they've never read it, they don't understand it, i think they know that america is doing well under this president and he's going to win re-election and there's not a lot they can do about it. i don't know if you're old
5:37 am
enough to remember the movie billy jack and he said i'm going to take this foot and put it on that side of your face and there's not a thing you can do about it. sometimes i think president trump is like billy jack. there's not a lot they could do about this. >> i knew if you got warmed up you would bring this in. >> i don't know the billy jack reference. >> you're too stinking young. >> we're going to go overseas. the president made a big bet when he met with kim jong un, hoping the denuclearization of the peninsula could happen. there are signs that they may be not abiding by the principles of the deal but there's a sign they may be are. they throw parades in north korea. we see them all the time, military missiles and might they're trying to show to the world. on the 70th anniversary of the regime, they didn't a different parade. there weren't missiles.
5:38 am
it appears there were flowers and floats which is different than the ballistic missiles. will the media give the president credit? >> the media wouldn't give president trump credit even if kim jong un dumped every ocean he had into the ocean. what people need to understand is this. first, we don't know if this is going to turn out well. we hope it does. we're certainly further along than we've been with any president in the 70 years. that's the good news. the other piece of this is, and this is really good news, there has not been any fireworks firing off in the sky from north korea since these talks started. so president trump has already had a significant level of progress. he's not getting the credit that he deserves for it. he, mike pompeo and others have done i think a terrific job. this is a process. it's not a one single event. the president understands that. but he is taking us through the process and getting us closer to
5:39 am
a significant and permanent peace deal in the korean peninsula. >> governor, you get us as close to spartacus as we've ever been. >> and billy jack. >> spartacus. >> well done, governor. >> thank you, governor. >> have a great weekend. we are turning to your headlines. california governor jerry brown sending a stark message to the white house. he signed two laws blocking president trump's plans to expand offshore oil drilling along california's coast. the governor said in part not here, not he know, we will not let the federal government destroy our treasured coast. think you've had bad dates? you probably haven't met this guy. the infamous dine and dash dater slapped with four new felony charges for his actions. paul gonzales facing a decade in jail. he's accused of ditching women on dinner dates across southern california before the chec check came. he was busted trying to skip out
5:40 am
on a $130 dinner. that's terrible. >> what a creep. a home coming queen trades her at this arres tiara for a ft and wins the game. a winning kick just hours later. the mississippi teen was crowned before the game and helped her teen to a 13-12 win in overtime. she said she was confident she would make the kick but not so sure she would win queen. in minutes, thousands of runners will be racing for the cure in new york city. the cause is personal for fox business anchor geri willis who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. >> you can't be alone when you have breast cancer. your ability to combat the disease is dependent on being
5:41 am
surrounded with positive reinforcement. >> so far, they have raised $68,000. if you want to donate, go to komennew those are your headlines. we can't be at the race. we're with geri in spirit. >> i love you geri we're with you. let's get outside to rick. >> i've got the bracelet she hadn'ted off to me. it's a little cold out here with a lot of rain. we're going to have rain for a couple days here across parts of pennsylvania, across areas of virginia, west virginia as well and along with that potentially flooding. this is a rain we'll see over the next couple days, some spots, maybe 3 to 5 inches, same for parts of texas and then we have moisture that will come in from what will become hurricane florence later on today. that's i think going to cause a lot of inland flooding. this is what the forecast looks like for the storm, the latest of it.
5:42 am
all of our model guidance getting in line. i think we'll h be seeing landfall. the options of it not impacting the u.s. are gone. we will probably feel the effects late wednesday night. this is the time to get your plans in place. i want to point out other storms out there. that storm you see that's helene, we're not worried about it. isaac will be the first hurricane moving into the caribbean since last year's big storms, a lot of places are still recovering from those storms as well. guys, send it back to you inside. >.>> i can hear the rain, rick. glad the weather man has an umbrella. free hell care is something jim carrijim careycan get behin. >> there are certain people that have to taken care of. we have to say yes to socialism. >> we'll discuss that next. democrats putting on a kai jotic display during brett kavanaugh's confirmation
5:43 am
hearings. the disruption leaving many wondering where was the civility? is it a preview of 2020. father jonathan morris here to weigh in. ♪ what might seem like a small cough can be a big bad problem for your grandchildren. babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. like concert tickets or a new snowboard. matt: whoo! whoo! jen: but that all changed when we bought a house. matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪ i'm awake. but it was pretty nifty when jen showed me how easy it was
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5:45 am
but we can protect your home and auto we really pride ourselves on >> temaking it easy for youass, to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there.
5:46 am
>> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ comb back president obama welcome his right hand man back to instagram. the former president breaking his own no selfie rule to post this picture with vice president biden. biden returning to instagram, i wonder why, for the first time since leaving office to post a picture, a good picture with a team of wounded veterans. and second story, kanye west fueling speculation of a white house run with one tweet. the rapper simply posting, 2024, pushing his political ambitions back after previously saying he would run in 2020. this comes after john legend revealed that west is, quote, serious about the presidential bid. >> he's going to have to get
5:47 am
through jim carey first. >> he can't run for president. i think he was born in canada. >> jim carey. he's out there talking. use pointed out earlier, you've got democrats now, they're bold, they're open, they're transparent saying they want socialism. >> i go for it. run on -- i say go for it. let them run on socialism. what they're not going to want to talk about when they talk about socialism is the fact that you have to tax people in order to make that happen, that people lose freedoms, you don't get to choose your doctors anymore, you have government imposes restrictions. it's interesting when jim carey talks, he talks about government and he says in canada they have a government that caring's about them. here we go. >> i grew up in canada. okay? we had socialized medicine. i'm here to tell you that this [bleep] line that you get on all of the political shows from people is that it's a failure. the system is a failure in canada. it is not a failure in canada. i never waited for anything in
5:48 am
mifmy life. i just got back from vancouver. i keep hearing canadians are so nice. they can be nice because they have health care. [ cheering and applause ] >> they have a government that cares about them. that doesn't say -- we have to say yes to socialism, to the word and everything. >> rich hollywood guy never waits for anything. shocker. >> the government is not your mommy and daddy. the idea that government is supposed to do everything for you, to provide everything for you, that's absurd. what ever happened to people working hard and making things happen for themselves. this is america. >> you're so old fashioned. this is why -- you say bring it on. i understand that. at the same time, it is really bad for america. bernie sanders, the socialist from the bronx, maxine waters, these kids have been learning about this in college. kids in universities are told captainly. and free markets is about profit and agreed and hitting the little guy and exploitation, the
5:49 am
west has exploited people to get to the top, it's a real problem. it will be a total dichotomy. >> david alexrod, he was sitting there, his face was like, well, i don't know. but we're all getting response from him and from you. michael e-mails in, as soon as jim carey writes a check for 90% of his net worth to the treasury department, then he might have a foundation for his argument to look at socialism. >> chet sent in this tweet. jim carey network $150 million will tell you why socialism is actually a good thing. >> he benefited from captainly. >> we have an e-mail from carol, keep your socialism in canada and stop with your diatribe in the usa. >> you know what happens when you gut your budget to pay for the welfare state, your military get itty bitty. we live in a world where armies and navies and air forces and maybe a space force, that matters if you want to stay
5:50 am
free. >> maybe you and i should think about the space force. >> we've already -- you'll be lagging behind. >> i don't have to -- >> you'll catch up. former president obama now trying to discredit president trump for the booming economy. >> i have to kind of remind them, actually those job numbers are the same as they were in 2015 and 2016. >> but whose side are the facts on? we'll take a look next hour. democrats putting on a chaotic display during the supreme court nominee hearings for brett kavanaugh. the disruption and theatrics leaving many wondering where was the civility. father jonathan morris has sunday morning thoughts about that coming up next. ♪ (vo hand) can we talk?
5:51 am
you know i miss playing catch with the... grandkids and teaching them how to give a good handshake. now look at me... i'm all bent out of shape. (vo tv) if you have bent fingers and can't put your hand flat, talk to your doctor. it may be dupuytren's contracture. (gary) see ya! (hand) you're all about friendly service, and you won't even shake hands? come on! (vo) your hand is talking. isn't it time you listened? learn more about dupuytren's contracture... at the information could be quite handy.
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5:54 am
four days of chaotic hearings, a lot of protests at the hearings for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh that wrapped up friday. >> there was disruptions from democrats including multiple protesters being tracked from the public gallery. this left many wondering where has the civility gone. joining us now is father jonathan morris. >> there was a lot of yelling and screaming in the hearings. >> our country doesn't agree on a lot right now. >> that's okay. >> it's okay. are call calls for civility empt this time? >> i think two areas that could really be improved upon is, one, is you don't have to make it into a circus. you don't have to have all of these people, one after another,
5:55 am
interrupting. why don't we put students from civic classes in high school to watch the judicial hearings rather than just people who are wanting to make a disaster of it. that's one area. secondly, among the politicians, there's always going to be grand-standing. but this seemed to be a little bit over-the-top, trying to trick kavanaugh for example, i think the newest thing monday will be trying to get him to perjure himself. that's not civility. that's not seeking the common good and that's can change. >> something else here, they're trying to turn this man into some sort of a de demon, a bad , not that they just disagree with his policies. you know him. i know him as somebody who knows father john ensler who runs
5:56 am
charities. he feeds homeless on a regular basis, that's not just for show. the idea that you have to demonize people -- >> it's bad. what should we do to change it? i think it requires those who don't have an agenda, for example, corey booker, he's running for president, right? he's going to grandstand. we can't expect him to be the one who is going to be creating this -- no. those who are in the middle, i don't mean just in the middle politically but those who really want civility and -- work together to decide on both sides of the aisle, we're not going to turn this thing into a circus. it's not good for the country. >> good message for this sunday morning. we appreciate you coming in. still ahead, we have a great lineup. charlie kirk, andrew mccarthy and maria bartiromo all here live. and we're psyched, it's time for a tailgate barbecue on fox square, formerly known as the plaza. it's from one of the best places in new york city, i think it's
5:57 am
in brooklyn. brooklyn barbecue, that's coming up. >> all good things come from brooklyn. ♪ (director) cut! nice, candace, but this time bold. did someone say "bold?" (gasping) starkist jalapeo tuna in a pouch! loaded with bold flavor. just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go bold! try all of my bold creations pouches!
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6:00 am
former president of bam ma obama is attacking president trump. >> the truth is the people of 2016 rejected the policies of obama when they elected donald trump. there is a massage for nike. >> there are so many great men and women that sacrificed everything. colin kaepernick is not one of them. the rapper kanye west posted
6:01 am
2021. john legend said he sees himself in district . >> you were on fire. >> you signed up for this mega. >> you are seven hours in for the gig. >> i didn't image pythons a baby gators. >> many americans are wondering why pete didn't join us. his cover story was there were
6:02 am
kid birthday parties and then off-camera this morning he told us he was taking a nap while on the plane. what were you doing? >> i had plans and also took a nap. naps are important. >> i'll take the trophy. >> listen, i survived the weekend with these two guys so i should get the trophy. >> we have a lot of fun coming up. we have a little bit to say about the nfl. we don't want to forget our colleague jerry lewis.
6:03 am
race for the cure is happening. she's racing money for breast cancer. >> post race 2017 is on in full forces. you heard about what barack obama said. >> people get a sense that if we don't change things fundamentally our kids won't have as brought of a future. people will worry if they will be about to retire. there is a monthmented in our history and the fact is that if we don't step-up things can get worse. in two months we can restore
6:04 am
sanity in our politics [ applause ] >> oh, boy. we had l low energy jeb. >> i feel like i lived through this twice. are we sure he's notarying to change-up the rules. >> he's really into it. >> joe biden is thinking about running. pretty small percentage running with obama. the point is yes, brownsville, texapresidentobama did pull us a depression. >> very slowly. >> you see president trump saying this is lock rocket fuel. a lot of people were naysayers lead by barack obama saying how would you fix the economy. a lot of people think on the left we have forgotten.
6:05 am
we have it on tape what they said then and what they are saying now. >> when you hear about the economic miracle that's been going on. when the job numbers come out, monthly job numbers. suddenly republicans are saying it's a miracle. i have to remind them those are the same as they were in 2015 and 2016. >> he's going to bring the jobs back? how will he do that? i'll negotiate a better deal. how will yu-na gauche ate that. what magic wand do you have. >> he showed you how and he did it. the problem for obama is how will he talk about donald trump and the economy in a negative way when people are living and feeling better.
6:06 am
that's the issue. i'm waiting to see the same nonsense rollout. people are feeling it. when you can afford to send your kids to summer camp. when your taxes are lower. >> you know why, he will justify it. he will justify it by saying we are in a dyer situation. he acts like the respect given to him has to be overruled. he thinks he can only fix it. i felt likely money try was in dyer place. i was watching my president say he wanted to formally change our country. folks left at benghazi. i would have loved to have george w. bush ride in on his white horse and say lets resist
6:07 am
him. >> he left the stage. >> out of respect. barack obama can't help it. we have a list of accomplishments right there they want a great and free america. obama can't help it. let's have it. let's have that one too. we heard the obama case on friday and saturday. we'll have maria come on and talk about the facts and who deserves credit for the economic credit. we are turning to your headlines. the east coast is on high alert as tropical storm florid florens gain being ground. the storm could potentially hit as a high sca category hurrican.
6:08 am
a mother and toddler daughter were killed in a flood. someone sending the president white power in an envelope. this was one of six letters sent to high profile people. trump jr.'s wipe opened it. they face-up to 30 years. naomi won the u.s. open as the first japanese tennis player. >> you owe me an apology. >> she stopped the game and called the umpire a thief. boos filled the stadium. she apologized for beating the fan favorite.
6:09 am
>> she should have had a opportunity. >> none of it was her fault and it fell -- fell on her. >> i stuck on the word penalizing. i always say penalizing. >> i'm from brooklyn, you never know what you will get. the nfl is back in full force and the controversy remains. one fallen soldiers widow was on. she had a massage. >> they could have chosen anyone and they chose the person who disrespected the flag. there are so many great men and women that sacrificed everything. colin kaepernick didn't sacrifice anything. i would like nike and colin kaepernick come meet me. see what it is to sacrifice everything for something you
6:10 am
believe in. they can personally look in the eyes and see what a dear sacrifice is made. >> it makes you want to stand. the nfl won't enforce their anthem policy. we talked about this all weekend. we want to enjoy and embrace things we share in sports. i love my team, they didn't kneel. that's my caveat. it's a wet blanket on the whole thing. >> i took heat yesterday. i was saying i wore nike. i didn't realize what i had on. the question is how do people feel about the boycotts. if you have cloths from the places do you continue to wear them. i disagree with a lot of hollywood celebrity. i can't boycott everything. maybe i won't continue to embrace them. if i have them already or things
6:11 am
i enjoy i put the politics aside. >> that's what people want and respect the politics. i brought a jersey and it's a nike jersey. >> it's hard for families when you joke about that. you are a middle-class family and you can't burn it because of this situation. you just bought it for your kid. >> you buy adidas. >> can i just get gym shorts. how are you handling it. a lot of people have different ways to deal with it. coming up, we'll take a look at the budget shutdown. the border wall is in play. will the government be shutdown?
6:12 am
we'll ask maria. i went skydiving. we'll take you on the big jump. we'll show you the video from the coast coming up. >> amazing. (burke) fender-biter. seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ whoever came up with the term "small business", never owned a business. are your hours small? what about your reputation? is that small? owning your own thing is huge. your partnerships, even bigger. with dell small business technology advisors, you get the one-on-one partnership
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6:15 am
that's not sofa change. we had enough to start saving again, and a little extra to send these two to summer camp. being outdoors was good for them? (vo) check your rate at we will shutdown the government will wall funding is not included. >> we will shutdown the wall. so many people would rather not do it before but after the election. they don't want to upset did apple cart. i would shutdown government over border security. >> that was president trump not ruling out another government shutdown if that what it takes to not get congress to support his border wall. >> he went onto say i'm in charge of it but i don't think
6:16 am
i'm going to. people tell me it's a bad idea. >> the president is walking back the threat if the money is not there for the border wall he will shut the government down. he recognizes this is there before the presidential election. it seems to me if the spending bills are not there the government shutdown and the money will be there. i don't think the money for the wall won't be there? >> why not? >> that's a head scratcher. there is a real debate about getting this done before the midterm election. you would think they want to stand with the president and keep the promises he made. >> conservatives say you have to shut it down. there shouldn't be a massive panic. >> you know what, it doesn't mean the end of the world. they are still operating and
6:17 am
running. you are catering to a political talking point. >> you are right, shutting it down before the midterm elections will goodive the other side a real narrative. >> couldn't this give them rocket fuel. >> some expect his police police officer lit electrica -- politil instincts are good for him. >> that's what i think too. we'll have the majority leader to talk about what is the priority for the upcoming spending showdown. i would expect you would think the base and support for the president will only get stronger if you say we'll protect the border. realty is it doesn't look like they will get the money ahead of the showdown. it doesn't look like they will
6:18 am
allow the government to shutdown. >> we talk about a lot of issues. it's important to take a breath and think about the anniversary coming up. we have bernie on in the first how shall and talking about the sacrifices of so many americans who rushed in and gave their lives. i remember watching the coverage on wall street that dark day. if you can reflect on the memory and also be positive and hopeful. we thought the economy was crashing down. >> we really have and that day was a dark day, li literally. i saw the plane hit the second tower. the entire area turned pitch-black. you had to close your eyes because you would get soot or something in your eyes. i remember being across the
6:19 am
street in the metlife building and hiding as the buildings collapsed and everything was flying in the air. the new york stock exchange was shut, it was blocked off. there was wood be in the windows. eric, the security guard pulled me back in. i broadcast all day there. from your terms of hope we all lost friends. i lost so many friends on september 11th. it's a day we'll never forget. we'll remember september 17th the monday after the attacks. the chairman of the stock exchange forced the markets to reopen. he rang the opening bell with the nypd, the fire department, the first responders, the mayor, the governor was on the podium and ringing the open bell. it was a day that we all were so, sort of feeling, we were feeling we are down but not out.
6:20 am
we will rise again. the opening of the market did that on monday september 17th. it was such an important moment. >> presiden president bush stood on the pile. >> we have kevin mccarthy coming up on the midterms. we have lindsey graham from the kavanaugh hearings. we'll talk about bob and where he stands in the investigation. there are a lot of interviews these guys want to do. that's coming and that will hopefully come on the top of the midterms. >> thank you for sharing important reflections as well. president trump just wished hillary clinton happy anniversary. this is an insurance commercial.
6:21 am
but let's be honest, nobody likes dealing with insurance. which is why esurance hired me, dennis quaid, as their spokesperson because apparently, i'm highly likable. see, they know it's confusing. i literally have no idea what i'm getting, dennis quaid. that's why they're making it simple, man in cafe. and more affordable. thank you, dennis quaid. you're welcome. that's a prop apple. i'd tell you more, but i only have 30 seconds. so here's a dramatic shot of their tagline so you'll remember it. esurance. it's surprisingly painless.
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6:24 am
several arrests were made in a violent protest over the silent sam statue on a north carolina campus. [chanting] >> eight arrests after ordering the mob to leave the chapel hill grounds. the monument was toppled last month. a rescuer scales a wall pulling the man from the water. the man was trapped for 30 minutes between a boat and document he was taken to the hospital and since been released. as we know, i had a opportunity to concur a fear. ed was gracious enough to come along for me. pete, we can't say the same for
6:25 am
you. pete was at a birthday party. it was amazing. taking a look at this. ♪ [ music ] >> we really doing this? come on. >> you do it. i'll wait here. >> no, you are facing your fear. >> i think we forgot something, pete. oh, you know what, pete is not here. you ready. >> fly baby fly. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> my name is joe. this is where we sign.
6:26 am
>> welcome. >> nice work pete. >> anything for chickens? nothing. >> where will we land? >> right here. ♪ [ music ] >> so, here we are. i probably won't panic just yet but it will happen. >> that's totally normal. you will wear a harness. it's four looks that you will be connected to me. >> ready for the gun show. >> i am. >> whoa, it's about to get real. we are getting in the plane and about to jump.
6:27 am
>> now it's getting real. ♪ [ music ] >> i can't believe we did it. it was unbelievable. oh, my god.
6:28 am
i thought the easiest way was no resistance. >> we went on a hot air balloon. we went in a packet and it freaked me out. i can't image what you would do if i come back. >> we'll try. >> when the door opens what's going through your mind? >> they opened a few times. that's the moment ed turned to me it was pure fear. once i saw that i said uh-huh. i started saying our father's. i didn't think any bad would happen but just wanted to pray.
6:29 am
we were at skydive the ranch. >> surprisingly affordable. >> check it out. you pay extra for the go pro. >> it's totally worth it. >> well done you two. >> remember when hillary clinton said this on the campaign trail. >> you can put half of trump supporters in the basket of deplorable. homephobic, genphobic. >> candace owens and charlie clerk will weigh-in on kanye west running for president.
6:30 am
6:31 am
6:32 am
6:33 am
♪ [ music ] yeah, haters get used to it. >> we shall see. candace owens communications director is here. we'll go to that topic. a tweet from kanye west said 2024. his friend said this about whether or not he will run for office. >> i would think he's serious.
6:34 am
if i would guess he would run as an independent. he sees aspects of himself in trump. he felt like trump winning means he could do it too. candace, is this a serious thing? >> he will run as my vice presidential candidate. >> we are breaking news here. >> i'm being funny. never discount kanye west. people tell him he can't do something he accomplishes it. if he's serious and willing to understand the tenants of this country there is no reason he can't be successful. >> i'll say this, when he broke the internet and said i love the candace owen thing he didn't back down. the mob came after him. he said i support the president. then he tripled down with the
6:35 am
united states omake america gre. he's giving a whole segment of the american population permission to support the most successful president of our lifetime. for an a list pop icon to do that it's very great. >> can they understand the depth of what he's done. >> of course, that's why they try to aside t -- assassinate hs character. they understand the implications. he's willing to open the cultural conversation that needed to happen before we had a controversy. >> charlie, president obama is back from the campaign trail. i want you to take a listen and get your reaction. >> it didn't start with donald trump. he's a symptom, not the cause. he's just capitalizing on resentments that politicians had
6:36 am
been fanning for years. paranoia has found an home in the republican party. if we don't step-up things can get worse. in two months we have the chance to restore sanity in our politics. >> i've heard speech 75 times now in various years. >> if you want to fire up our base he should continue to go on television and talk like that. >> people who don't know about this president. oh, that's why i came out and voted for president trump. it's the elitest i know better than you. no, people in middle of america were suffering. >> what is presiden president ta symptom of. >> obama's failure.
6:37 am
he came to the response of the failures of obama presidency. the hail mary from the obama policies. we are seeing this in the kavanaugh hearings as well. i'm completely onboard with this. >> i love how he takes credit from everything. >> he said trump would crash the economy. he either has full responsibility or doesn't. happy anniversary. it's the second anniversary of this statement from hillary clinton. >> you could put half of trump supporters in the basket of deplorable. if racist, homephobic. >> happy anniversary to the basket of deplorable.
6:38 am
we had a tremendous 19 months. they are still doing that. they are still making the same mistakes of marginalizing people in the country. you would think they would learn. >> obama said we need decency. he called us klingers. anyone that's pro-life is klingers. he said we need to bring decency back. >> elitist talking about everyone. >> doesn't work. well said and happy anniversary. a fast food restaurant banned employees from wearing political products. the workers threatening legal action in burrerville near portland oregon. they received several complaints about the political massages on uniforms. >> maybe they want to ban ice from the drink.
6:39 am
president trump obama said - president obama said he was once kicked out of disney planed. >> a few of us were smoking in the bathroom and they escorted us out. i was booted from the magic kingdom. >> during a campaign event he admitted to the incident. it happened while he was in college. ben thinks about living the republican party. he said regularly consider it. he was responding to someone else stating they would leave the democratic party. he was among those who took shots at the president after his meeting with putin. >> hi, ben. >> he was dying to get in on that one. >> i'm saying hello to rick. >> hey, rick. >> don't leave us.
6:40 am
>> hold on. >> we have silent rick right now. >> i turned my mic off. >> and you still have it off. >> it's coming. >> i was trying to protect you. she was hoping i was rob schmitt. >>reporter: let's take a look at the weather map. we have a lot of per sippation falling over the next few days. when we look at hurricane florence. across parts of the carolinas it's ground that's really saturated already. we'll look at significant flooding. florence looks like this right now. it's still a tropical storm. by the evening it will be turning into a hurricane. it will go through rapid transform medications. it will hit hurricane status by tomorrow. it will maintain that straight
6:41 am
until landfall that will happen sometime thursday evening. it's too soon to say were. it doesn't mat matter the storme big. the rainfall totals could be something in the excess of 20 inches. that's why we are concerned about flooding. there will be a storm surge. the next thing is major inland flooding. today is the day you need to make your preparations and tomorrow into tuesday have everything ready. >> you are dry? and you lost your voice. >> we wouldn't hear you either. now we do. >> i'm in trouble. >> uh-huh. meanwhile, ro rod rosenstein
6:42 am
has questions for the attorney deputy general. he will join us live, next. ♪ all the tools you need for every step of the way. make it, squarespace
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first man. rated pg-13. robert mueller has been going on with his investigation for 16 months. the deputy attorney general hasn't shown a crime being committed regarding russian collusion. this has lead some to question the validity of the attorney general. aandrew mccarthy, good morning, sir. >> good morning, ed, how are you. >> i would like to try to connect dots. we had greg jared on earlier. he was talking about the documents president trump made declassified including fisa warrants signed off on by rod
6:46 am
rosenstein. this would be the surveillance of the former trump adviser. he was part of that? yeah, i think, ed, the biggest thing is the degree to which the dossier was unverified and cobb rated was used to get it from the fisa court. what crime after two years of the investigation, what crime is president trump suspected of that when -- at around the same time rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, signed off on the warrant we are talking about. he also gave a memo a am platfom
6:47 am
of feabringing upthe crimes. we haven't been able to see if there was a fracture bases. more to the point. i'm asking if he used the dossier for purposes of the fisa warrant. why wouldn't he have real estate lied on that? >> good question, how do you answer the question you mentioned a moment ago you have been trying to get at. what's the underline crime. we don't want to minimize the fact that he shouldn't have lied to the fbi. he should have told the truth. that was the underlined crime. >> i don't think there was one. that's why i think this is scandallest. everythin --scandallest.
6:48 am
>> in our system we don't assign a prosecutor so a person and tell them to go off and find a crime. first there is a crime then you assign the prosecutor to investigate and if necessary prosecute it. what i think happened here is is outside the regulations a counter intelligence investigation of russia. that's important because they don't call for or authorize a special council for the obvious reason that counter intelligence is not prosecuted. it's not intended to build a case. >> i have one minute. what's the bottom line for the viewers today. is this mueller investigation finally maybe running it's course. he's now willing to take written
6:49 am
answers from the president's team. that suggests there wasn't any collusion and they are wrapping it up. >> i don't think he's ever had collusion or there has been a crime in the nature of collusion. wrapping it up, what does that mean? does he have a crime or write a narrative report that the president is erratic and has bad judgment. the federal prosecutor is there to investigate crime. >> that leads to the question if that report would go to house democrats if they take-over the majority and try to impeach rather then a criminal prosecution as you suggest. we appreciate you breaking it down, andrew mccarthy. >> thank you, ed. it's the first sunday of the nfl season. rich is making his super bowl picks. he has good news for me and sharing it next. ♪motorcycle revving
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it may be the first sunday of the nfl season and we found something everybody can stand from. >> this is from morgan's barbecue. first, we'll meet the chef. >> chef, how are you? >> i'm good. >> he's back by popular demand. tell us about it. >> we smoke it for 12 to 13 hours. i removed it today 6:00 a.m.
6:54 am
>> this beautiful peace of meet, you can see the way i cut it. >> we can slice it. >> can you slice and talk at the same time. >> this is a brice -- brisket. >> this is the oldest cut. >> what's your secret? >> season it and the way you cook it. >> yeah, we have more over here. >> we have a barbecue sauce that's spicy and sweet. it's so good. >> as you slice pigs head you have predictions. let's start with the afc.
6:55 am
>> i'll stick to my guns. i'll see the jaguars making it all the way this year. no, they didn't pay me to say that. >> watson was on my team last year and they have a good defense. >> they will be a contender. i like the chargers as well. it will be an interesting year. >> how about the vikings in the nfl. nfc. >> no. i predict, everyone can laugh at me gajaguar/giants in atlanta. >> you have been doing this for a lot of years. have we ever gone back to check your picks?
6:56 am
>> yeah, i think out of a ten year run i had three picks. >> i need you to tell me something cool to say when i go to parties. >> this year is the first time we have a set of twins that will be playing from week one? >> no. >> that's pretty cued. they are both on the new england patriots. >> you are not allowed to talk about the patriots. >> anything that i can say about football that will make me look cool. >> go to morgan's barbecue in brooklyn. >> more fox and friends moments away. (burke) that's what we call a huge drag.
6:57 am
6:58 am
seriously, that's what we call it. officially. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
6:59 am
♪ [ music ] we want to thank jen for
7:00 am
joining us. >> you made me feel at home-like my family. you drove me crazy. >> morgan barbecue and big daddy football joined us. see you later. good sunday morning, everyone. democrats try to derail the kavanaugh confirmation hearings but at what cost. republicans force ahead with tax reform 2.0. social media executives. good morning, i'm maria. judge kavanaugh will be our next supreme court justice. many americans were asking about sahphecivility and bipartisansh. they will force ahead


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