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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  September 12, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> daryl and dean, thank you very much. they'll join us in the "after the show show". >> have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow. >> bill: thank you, fox news alert now and we're only minutes away from the latest briefing from fema, monster cat 4 hurricane barreling toward the eastern seaboard. a big part of our show today and the days to come. i'm bill hemmer. here we go with florence. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. more than one million people have been warned to head to safer ground. states of emergencies have been declared across four states as hurricane florence moves through the atlantic heading for a collision coast with the east coast. >> bill: millions of people are told to evacuate saying florence could be an historic event. >> this storm is a monster. it is big and it is vicious.
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even if you've ridden out storms before, this one is different. don't bet your life on riding out a monster. >> this has the opportunity of being a very devastating storm. the power will be off for weeks. >> president trump: they haven't seen anything like what's coming at us in 25, 30 years, maybe ever. it's tremendously big and tremendously wet. we've never had this on the east coast. i think we're very well prepared. >> bill: team fox coverage leads our hour. jonathan serrie in north carolina. first to meteorologist janice dean for the latest on the track and numbers and what you're seeing. >> a lot different than yesterday. we definitely know what will happen in the next 48 hours and past that all eyes will be on the storm and getting into a now casting situation. here is what we know. a very strong storm category 4. the last few frames of the
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satellite presentation are impressive. we'll get a new advisory at 11:00 a.m. complete with a new track. you can see the eye very well defined here. we have a window of opportunity to see a category 5, the highest on the scale. this is a monster to be sure. but what happens after 48 hours? right now it is moving northwest at 17 miles per hour but our area of high pressure in the atlantic will break down. it will move eastward and nothing to steer the storm for the next several days. this is our model. i don't want you to take it as gospel but give you an idea of what we're dealing with in terms of forecasting. this is saturday. it still technically hasn't made landfall but we're getting the effects of a hurricane. storm surge, hurricane force winds and heavy rainfall for north carolina and south
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carolina. sunday and monday it moves to the atlantic and makes a landfall across georgia as a weaker storm but georgia now you are in play. that's why the track is now reflecting a widespread cone 48 hours out. this storm is still barreling towards north carolina but what it does after 48 hours friday into saturday, it could meander or hug the coastline bringing widespread hurricane-force winds as well as rain and surge not only for north carolina but south carolina and georgia. sometime watching north carolina. they'll potentially take the worst of the impact. worst of the rain and storm surge. we'll have to watch thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday. still rainfall, two or three feet of rain. bill, yesterday we had a really good consensus. now past friday we might not have landfall until the weekend. >> bill: it could change by this time tomorrow. we'll be back with you soon.
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thank you. >> sandra: let's go to jonathan serrie live in wrightsville beach, north carolina where florence is expected to make landfall. what is happening where you are right now? >> as of 8:00 this morning we're under a mandatory evacuation. i don't want to say it looks like a ghost town. there is some activity on the streets. but it is all media here. we have seen stragglers boarding up businesses. over here this business shuttered up and this road is one of the main thoroughfares back to wilmington on the mainland where people are being asked to get away from the barrier island which will be vulnerable during the storm. one concern is not just the heavy winds and what damage they may do to structures on the island, but also knocking out electricity. how long will it take for power to be restored? listen.
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>> florence will be a devastating storm for north carolina. outages that will last days or weeks in some areas. >> they predict the power outages statewide will be in the hundreds of thousands and it could take some time before electricity is restored. now, in addition to the delays in getting power back on in the barrier island communities you have flooding of some of the highways. once you leave these communities you can't immediately get back in after the hurricane conditions pass. but again, people are being asked to leave this island. in fact, the city of -- the city here is planning on beginning to shut down the public water system to protect it. they'll start doing that this evening and then as the winds pick up the power is expected to go out and once the winds go above 50 miles an hour, first responders say they won't be able to get to you.
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you are on your own. back to you. >> sandra: jonathan serrie on the ground in north carolina. >> bill: right near there is wilmington, north carolina. the mayor is on the phone. can you hear me okay? >> i can, good morning. >> bill: what are you telling the folks that leave in your town? >> heed the information that the emergency management folks are telling you. this is a massive storm. this is a big storm. erratic storm. we don't know exactly when it will come ashore or exactly where it might make landfall. you have to be prepared. this may be the last day you can get out of town. i'm telling people if you are going to do it, this is the time to do it. once this storm is upon us, our emergency operations and personnel are not going to be able to come out and save you until after the storm passes. please make preparations now if you haven't already done so. i think most people have heeded
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the advice of the emergency management folks and have left town but there are still folks that are here. those who remain here and ride out the storm, make certain you have all your provisions and get ready to hunker dawn because this will be a whopper. >> bill: i'm familiar with your part of the country, having gone down there for decades with my own family. i think in a sense take this the right way, that the folks along the carolina shore have been lucky. they've dodged this bullet and that bullet. that has been going on for decades. and the last really significant storm was more than 60 years ago. i'm just wondering, is there a sense of complacency that set in because of that good fortune over the past several years? >> some people who never experienced an event like this think it might be fun to ride one of these things out. some people just don't want to leave their property. i understand that.
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but when these things -- events come on shore they are devastating. they are nasty. it takes us some time to clean up the roadways, get the power lines back up, get the power back up. and i tell people you don't really want to ride one of these things out. the best thing to do is board up your home, get your belongings and move out of the area. you will be able to see -- once you get back in here after one of these things passes but to ride one of these things out is not a fun thing. so, you know, i think most people have heeded the warnings, have heard what the media has -- the information that has been sent to them and shared with us, and i think most people have taken this thing very seriously and have left the area and made preparations. the ones will stay here have made the preparations to ride the storm out hopefully in a safe way. >> bill: thank you, sir. we'll be in touch with you and your office there in wilmington.
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you are in the cross hairs so far today. thank you for your time today. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: you think about the barrier islands that run up and down. a lot of construction over the past 20 years. low interest rates, people want to be by the shore. they've had really good fortune with mother nature. this one could be different. that's part of the reason why that message is going out so loud. >> sandra: we'll get a better sense of what is happening right now and what to expect. fema will be holding a press briefing at any moment now. we'll go to it live when it begins. noaa, fema, red cross. >> bill: we look forward to getting their latest information. i'm heading out later this afternoon and we'll split our show for the next couple of days. long days, too, for our crews on and off camera and up and down the coast. we're keeping our fingers crossed and hopefully we get lucky one more time.
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>> sandra: house minority leader nancy pelosi keeping her eye on the big prize. >> very comfortable the supportive in the caucus and that i will be the speaker of the house. >> sandra: what is going to happen in the house? our next guest also has intentions of becoming speaker, majority leader kevin mccarthy is on deck. >> bill: the lawyer for fired f.b.i. agent peter strzok going toe-to-toe with top republicans about a media leak strategy. what does it mean leaked strategy? jim jordan will join us today. >> when an f.b.i. agent or prosecutor leaks grand jury material it's criminal. what we need now is an objective investigation by the inspector general, by the office of professional responsibility into these leaks. making it easy for you n to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there.
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press conference with fema. let you know what we're learning about florence on that. meanwhile, nancy pelosi has an idea about her next job in washington, d.c. role this. >> people like to get started on what they think comes next and that's up to the caucus to decide. but i feel very comfortable that the support that i have in the caucus and that i will be the speaker of the house. >> bill: election day 55 days away. this guy has his it, too, california republican kevin mccarthy. good morning. welcome to our program. we might get interrupted with the press conference. want to make sure people get the most information. >> that's very important. i was talking to the president on all the preparations before i came up here making sure we're prepared. >> bill: we were in touch with the mayor and fema. back to this. what do you think about nancy pelosi being the next speaker of the house? >> it should scare all
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americans. if democrats won the majority i believe nancy would be speaker but believes maxine waters would be in charge of your banking and insurance across this nation. more and more individuals like that. the reason why i think they would elect nancy. remember who is winning in the primaries. the socialists, much more aligned in san francisco than the rest of the nation. >> bill: maxine waters mentioned the line impeachment. she said it seven times. is that motivation for democrats? are you concerned about that call? >> i'm concerned about that call but not shocking to the american public. the democrats have forced an impeachment vote already twice and tom stieers who spent more than 120 million dollars to get the democrats to take the majority. they bragged that his list for impeachment is larger than the nra list in america. think about that. not only do they want to
6:16 am
impeach the president, they want to abolish ice but the scariest part about this they would bankrupt medicare. government-run healthcare they want to do, would end the va. 55% of all america get their healthcare from their employer. that would end. you couldn't have that anymore. all seniors, you would bankrupt the medicare system. those are the three pillars of their agenda. >> bill: i'm hearing a little something next to you there. we're trying to override the microphone. here is the tweet from the president regarding maxine waters. he says crazy maxine waters we'll go after mike pence and will get him. where are the democrats coming from? the economy and history of our country. that's your job. you have to sell the message about the economy. i'm looking at these poll numbers and i don't know if that message is getting through. that's going to be on folks
6:17 am
like you. >> exactly. this economy is the best it's ever been. you look at today. unemployment in the last 49 years has only been below 4%. nine months and four of those nine months we lived through this year. more jobs available. pay is going up. it's reaching every person across this country. if you just have a high school degree you are in a better position. if you happen to be african-american or hispanic, one of the best numbers you've ever seen. we've been able to turn this around in such a short time. the last administration, the party in power, history says the party in power lose seats on the off election. the last administration that had six quarters of economic growth and gdp gained seats. remember where we were in the presidential race at this time? people thought hillary would win. don't underestimate where we are. this election will be about results versus resistance. if you don't want more
6:18 am
resistance if they take the majority. >> bill: another tax plan passes the house in the coming weeks. not going to go anywhere in the senate but you have to tell people about that. you have concerns about big tech. you represent california. you said this about google. gave a silent donation in your words to a left wing group to stop president trump. works with china and russia to censor the internet. ignores a senate hearing. an invite will be on its way. when do you expect that to be answered? >> i expect it to be very soon. facebook and twitter came in and we found time and again what has social media been doing. going after conservatives. google's motto was don't do evil. they had a silent donation where they tried to help people to help hillary win the election. also what are they doing? they're working with china and
6:19 am
russia to censor individuals on the internet but stopped working with the u.s. military. take for instance 90% of all searches come through google. if you don't make the first page on google only 5% go to the next. they're controlling the internet in a much different way. if you were searching the california republican party just two weeks before the primary do you know what it said the ideology of the california republican party? not the party of lincoln or reagan. nazism. there are a lot of questions that have to be answered. >> bill: some have been warning about this for years. we'll wait to see when you get answers. i have to run. you have a 23-seat majority. you look at the map today, can you hang on to that or do you lose in november? >> we can hang onto it based upon what we've done on this economy and the v.a.. the g.i. bill was 15 years or you use it. think about modern day slavery.
6:20 am
we've stopped it online and done more for opioids than any other congress before us. we have the ability to change the course where this country is going. i don't think they want to reverse back to nancy pelosi. her agenda is abolish ice, impeach the president. it wouldn't be a country that would get anything done. >> bill: i hope you come back. 55 days to go. thank you, sir, kevin mccarthy on the hill. >> sandra: as we gear up for the mid-term elections george w. bush putting skin in the game hitting the campaign trail this week as well. who he plans to support and the impact he could have on the election. >> 20 past. fox news alert. a u.n. support on syria claims a number of chemical weapons attacks this year went unnoticed and the unprecedented number of civilians that have been displaced.
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>> bill: as expected fema officials have the latest on florence. let's drop in for this. >> then move slowly south down the coast. this could mean that parts of north carolina and south carolina near the coast will experience hurricane-force winds and hurricane conditions for 24 hours or more. hurricane watches and warnings as well as storm surge watches and warnings are in place across coastal north carolina and south carolina. in north carolina, of concern is the river and sound and 9 to 13 feet of storm surge is forecast during times of high tides. also of concern is the wilmington area and surrounding beaches. once the storm does move in--
6:25 am
up to 40 inches of rain near the exact center of florence. there is a large area forecast of 10 inches of rain or more across much of the state of north carolina friday into saturday. now the remnants of florence will then dissipate and spread out. interest in the central appalachians, tennessee valley, southeastern u.s. and ohio valley should remain vigilant to some sort of heavy rain and flash flood threat as we get into next week. the next update from the national hurricane center will be at 11:00 eastern time. >> good morning again. i'm the associate administrator for response and recovery from fema. the president has declared declarations in south carolina and north carolina and virginia. i want to first thank the media for the messaging that got out yesterday and i want to continue in advance thank you
6:26 am
again today. we need our message out that this is a very dangerous storm that will impact many of our citizens in multiple states, not just on the coast but definitely inland. more to follow on that. this is a dangerous storm. we ask that you heed the warnings. today is the day. it's a team effort just as i thank the media. you are part of the team getting our message out of the importance and dangerous nature of the storm. it's time for our citizens to be a part of the team and heed the warnings and evacuate if you're in one of the zones. talk to your local, state government and make sure you have a plan. download the fema app, go to the main thing on evacuations is life safety. that's our priority. our effort will be stabilization. you need to evacuate if you are in one of the evacuation zones. i ask that you do that for your own safety and the safety of our first responders. we don't want to put additional
6:27 am
risk on our first responders when this storm -- we know it's coming. you hear noaa and hear the signs and know the dangers. this time i want to turn it over to the american red cross. >> thank you, jeff. we appreciate your administrator long's inclusiveness as being part of the team along with the other private nonprofits and faith-based organizations. we would like to encourage all residents to number one, have a plan, know what you are going to do ahead of time. don't wander about aimlessly and take off somewhere not knowing where you'll go and seek refuge. number two, get a kit. know what you are going to put in your kit. shelters are a safe haven but they are not a resort so you are going to need your toothbrush, maybe need pillows and things of that nature to
6:28 am
sustain. you don't forget your medicines and don't forget to take care of your pets as you come. number three, know how you'll get warned. know the apps you want to download, the news media apps that will warn you and keep you abreast of what is going on. i also encourage you like administrator mentioned to download the fema app. red cross also has an app if you would download that it will give you up to date information on where shelters are being opened as they are open. thank you. >> i'll open it up to q & a. please state your name and affiliation if you would. >> yes, ma'am. >> we're learning this morning that senator jeff merkley obtained the trump administration taking $10 million from fema that deals with hurricane relief and giving it to ice for more
6:29 am
detention centers. what can you tell us about this? is that funding -- would that funding have been used for hurricane relief? >> yes, ma'am, what i can tell you we have plenty of resources both monetary, staff and commodities to respond to the dangerous storm hurricane florence. we ask those residents in the impacted zones to heed the warnings now. this new information can be provided but right now we want to focus on what are the impacts of florence and what can our citizens do today, which is the last good day to evacuate and we really want to push that message. >> can you shed light on the funding that senator merkley is calling attention to. >> what i can tell you we have plenty of resources to respond and recover. that is not impacted our situation whatsoever. thank you. >> thank you for taking my question. do we have any insight and estimate into how much the damage will be from the storm impact and will there need to
6:30 am
be more funding from congress? >> good question. the question was do we have assessments of what the impacts of this storm may be? it will be large. i can tell you right now as far as the disaster relief fund, we're healthy in that fund. that's the fund we utilize with the stafford act. we have no concerns at this time. as far as what the exact amounts are going to be, it's too early to determine. i can say this, there will be disruptions in our services, the power will go off, infrastructure will be damaged and homes will be damaged or destroyed. time to act is now. we can rebuild that. the power will come back on and roads will be repaired but we cannot repair loss of life and we ask right now the time to evacuate is now. yes, ma'am. >> you mentioned the disaster relief fund. how much money do you have in the fund now going into this hurricane and then the second
6:31 am
question, do you guys have a better sense now as far as commodities, numbers, what is where and how much of it? >> well, to your second point as far as commodities we have adequate commodities we've laid across the full spectrum of the states. we continue to move additional resources. >> bill: all hands on deck for fema. federal government and local officials, too. some of the biggest news from that hurricane winds extend 70 miles from the center in parts of the carolinas will hit 40 inches of rain. that's an enormous soaker if not historic. >> sandra: heed the warnings, fema, red cross standing before us saying this is the time, get out now. evacuation orders for over a million people in that area, inland flooding threats they're saying are extreme. the carolinas, 24 hours or more they could see hurricane conditions. so the warning is there. fema continues to give an update there. we'll have more updates going
6:32 am
throughout the next couple hours. >> bill: when the next press conference comes off we'll take you there. let's get a break. jim jordan is up live on the other side. come on back. a man eating free waffles at comfort inn. they taste like victory because he always gets the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed, when he books direct at or just say badda book, badda boom. book now at today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice.
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an i am my college days. i just want to know, am i gonna be okay? i know people who specialize in "am i going to be okay." i like that. you may need glasses though. schedule a complimentary goal planning session with td ameritrade. >> bill: we were listening to fema officials give us the latest information on the break. they urge people if you are not obeying the evacuation orders, they are painting a picture of what could be left behind. no electricity and power and things get very uncomfortable in a good scenario. if you have damage to a home or if a home is destroyed along the carolina shore, all this message now going out. we mentioned a moment ago tropical storm winds 175 miles from the center from the eye of the storm. hurricane force winds 70 miles from the center. once this makes impact with land it will cause an awful lot of damage to a wide ranging
6:36 am
area. we expect landfall sometime around thursday evening moving into friday morning. the storm is expected to slow as it approaches land. the thing about these storms and hurricanes, however, is that you do not know what a storm does once it starts to interact with land. things can change. they can change in ways that no one can predict. they can change in ways that even with the best of forecasting we have no idea to tell you what could come next. overnight last night the track of that storm changed a little bit. it will veer into the north as some expected. it looks perhaps it could head west and make a jog to the southwest. this is something that the experts are watching every three hours. you've got a u.s. forecast, a european forecast. they differ a little bit, too. that difference could mean the difference for tens of thousands if not more people up and down the coast. a jog to the right or to the left could mean the difference between your home standing or not. so with all these barrier islands that extend all across
6:37 am
the north carolina into the south carolina shore, you have beach homes there that have been constructed over the past couple of decades and this has been a refuge for people in the northeast and the midwest and carolinas as well. this is their resort area. this is where they have gone to build and spend time with their families and during vacations that have gone on for decades, mine one of them. so we're saying the best prayer we can to mother nature to try to keep things under control and perhaps give us the best outcome given what we're looking at right now on the radar and the menacing storm that is florence. she is a big one and see what she decides in due time. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. >> sandra: north carolina congressman mark meadows firing back at f.b.i. agent peter strzok over newly released texts the congressman says reveal a media leak strategy within the d.o.j. to hurt president trump. both men accusing each other of
6:38 am
dishonesty and misrepresenting the fact. jim jordan joins us now. congressman, good morning to you. what should the american people take away from these messages that we've now seen and we're seeing this war of words between meadows and strzok's attorney. >> the argument that mr. strzok is making doesn't hold water and doesn't pass the smell test. the same guy that said we'll stop trump and same people who said trump should lose 100 million to 0. their bias was clear from some of the earlier text messages we see. now there was a media leak strategy to influence this whole thing. and we know this from the inspector general's report. one of the things the inspector general cited was 13 different f.b.i. people who were working with one reporter. now if that doesn't point to some kind of media leak strategy i don't know what does. >> sandra: what exactly is that?
6:39 am
strzok's attorney said the term media leak strategy and mr. strzok's test refers to a department-wide initiative to detect and stop leaks to the media. the president and his enablers peddling on theories. >> they sure didn't do a good job to stop the leaks because they were everywhere. the dossier was the key. it's what they took uncorroborated they took to the secret court to get the warrant to spy on the other campaign. that dossier was but russed by leaks they were giving to the press. press stories coming from the f.b.i. the very sources who put together the dossier. it is never supposed to work that way. but it did. for them to say no, we were working to try to stop this, just doesn't pass the smell test as i said before. >> sandra: i want to make sure we highlight this text that was first outlined in that letter
6:40 am
by mark meadows, the republican from north carolina. it said i had literally just gone to find this phone to tell you i want to talk to you about media leak strategy with d.o.j. before you go. and meadows is making the case about the media leak strategy while strzok and his attorney are saying that text is being completely taken out of context. >> again, look at the history, who are you going to believe? mark has it exactly right. i think peter strzok, with all we've learned about him. he was the guy who ran the clinton investigation and started the trump russia investigation. all these key people at the f.b.i., james comey director fired. andy mccabe fired, peter strzok deputy director first demoted then fired. chief of staff left the f.b.i. lisa page f.b.i. counsel was demoted and left the f.b.i. those key people ran both of
6:41 am
these investigations and they're saying don't worry, we were trying to work this out and stop the media leaks when we know they were used to but rees the dossier. >> sandra: there is a big piece on you today jim jordan gop leader. >> i have heard about it but haven't read it. >> they want the freedom caucus co-founders to succeed paul ryan. rack and file members aren't likely to abide. do you want the job? >> yeah. i've announced if we keep the majority that's priority number one i plan to run for speaker. almost every major conservative organization across this country is supporting us. i've been shocked and pleased with that kind of grassroots support we are getting across the country. i was in texas yesterday helping two of our candidates. the grassroots support was very strong. we'll see. the main thing is to keep the imagine -- acknowledge more
6:42 am
tee. i think we have to mostly -- focus on one thing. accomplishing the things we told the voters we would accomplish. >> sandra: that's what the four leaders say. the case they make in this article. i'm sure you'll check it out at some point today. jim jordan, thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> bill: millions bracing for what could be a looming catastrophe, a cat 4 hurricane taking aim now north carolina senator richard burr is how his state is getting ready. we'll talk to him live in moments. come to newday usa first. there's no money down, it's the best vehicle that a person who served in the military or is serving today has today to have a new home. if we can possibly get that veteran in a home we're going to do it at newday usa. why would you rent today when you can buy your own home and participate in the american dream?
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6:46 am
conference moments ago saying do not -- do not assume that this storm will pass you by. republican senator richard burr of north carolina with me now. good to have you back on our program. a lot of thoughts and concerns for folks back home. you head to winston-salem to be with your right. you have property on the carolina shore. it is such a beautiful stretch of the american coastline. what are you hearing from back home and what do you want them to hear now? >> well bill, what i want north carolina and south carolina to hear is listen to the evacuation notices. heed the warning, leave. this is an incredibly dangerous storm with a very unpredictable path as we've seen in the last 24 hours. it may be that the coast is affected by the surge and by wind but inland south carolina, north carolina will be devastated with flooding. we've seen that in eastern north carolina. i know what it can cause. we believe that there could be
6:47 am
well over 100,000 people displaced meaning they've left their homes and can't return. put that in perspective. there are about 44,000 in houston and the gulf of texas in the storm that they had. so this is two or three times bigger than that. >> bill: wow. what can the government do to people there now or for people? >> i've been doing this for 25 years and i can tell you this without question. the federal and state response and preparation to this point has far exceeded anything i've seen in my previous 25 years. fema is pre-positioning of equipment. coordination with the states, the early decisions by governors and the actions by the president to sign the emergency declarations, the pre-positioning of water and food, generators, the pre-positioning of power trucks to take care of the power losses. i've never seen as well a coordinated effort that is being put on right now. >> bill: that's impressive.
6:48 am
you've been through a lot of storms. >> been through a lot of storms and seen a lot of states respond not only north carolina but the governor of south carolina, governor of virginia. this could include the governor of georgia before it's over with the path of the storm. they need cooperation of not just tourists but residents to respond. >> bill: senator, thank you for sharing that message. want to make a bit of a difficult turn to another toing. i read an interview with the associated press about a month ago. i didn't see a lot of pickup on it but i read your comments carefully about what you think has been found or not found on the russian collusion matter. sir, can you say today that there has been no evidence, no factual evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and any elements of the russian government during the election of 2016? >> i can say as it relates to the senate intelligence committee investigation that we have no hard evidence of collusion. now, we're not over.
6:49 am
and that leaves the opportunity that we might find something that we don't have today. but the fact is that if this is all about collusion and our investigation encompasses more than collusion, that issue has not been finalized at all. >> bill: if that is your -- if that is your answer today, what is next or how does this end? perhaps that's the better way to ask that question. >> if you asked me 19 months ago would we be over today i would say yes. we found a lot of things we didn't anticipate we would find. we've had to chase a lot of threads that needed to be chased. i hope to complete this at some point before the end of the year. it will take probably three to six months to write the final report. but we've been charged with making a determination as to what happened and conveying that with facts to the american people to let them make their minds up.
6:50 am
i still intend to do that. >> bill: can you give us an idea what the conclusion would be? what is it? >> i can't really tell you. maybe we find something in the next several interviews that are evidence of collusion. i don't think so with what we've seen but clearly we were asked to look at russian meddling. today once again this administration said we aren't going to let russia meddle in our elections and we'll sanction people. the united states government, the whole of government is taken a tough stand on russia. >> appreciate your time. my best to you and your wife in winston-salem and all the people in north carolina. richard burr from north carolina on the hill today. thanks. >> sandra: u.n. report on the war in syria. what we're learning about the number of chemical attacks this year that apparently went unnoticed. >> bill: a case that gripped the nation in 2002.
6:51 am
elizabeth smart speaking out after one of her convicted kidnappers is expected to be released from prison at least five years early. what she is saying about that in a moment. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ experience a blend of refined ...and raw power. engineered to take the crown. the lexus ls 500 and ls 500h. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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6:54 am
>> sandra: fox news alert in syria. united nations war crimes team is saying the assad regime is guilty of more chemical attacks on its people is more than was first known. benjamin, should be we surprised by this report? >> you know, sandra, we knew the assad regime has been using chemical weapons, sarin and also chlorine going back a number of years. we didn't know the extent. this new u.n. report really
6:55 am
lays out the levels to which they've been doing so. 33 times since 2013 the u.n. says the syrian government has used chemicals. it has called them war crimes. 2013 was year when syria brokered a deal along with the russians for them to destroy all their chemical stockpiles. clearly they did not and today's report is just a reminder that again and again they have violated that agreement as well as international law and the timing of this is important. it comes just a few days after we heard that from u.s. intelligence sources that the assad regime has given the green light for their troops to continue using in chlorine in the upcoming idlib offensive. the world is watching to see how that comes out. nikki haley talked about that yesterday. have a listen. >> if assad, russia and iran continue down the path they are on, the consequences will be dire. >> but refugees continue to flee idlib. 30,000 have gone to the turkish
6:56 am
border. over a million civilians have been displaced this year alone. the largest number yet in this terrible war. the numbers are staggering, 11 million displaced in total. 6 million within syria. 5 million outside. the u.n. report lays bare the horrors of the syrian war and all eyes on the idlib offensive. >> sandra: benjamin hall reporting from jerusalem. thank you. >> bill: we have more than a million americans now on the move and heading for safer ground. a monster cat 4 hurricane closing in by the hour on the eastern seaboard. the governor of north carolina roy cooper about to give an update in a matter of mom epts at the top of the hour. keep it here for continuing coverage of florence when we continue.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> sandra: we're awaiting an update from north carolina's governor as millions of americans brace for hurricane florence as the storm of a lifetime heads right for the carolina coast. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. cat 4 hurricane could start hitting land late tomorrow night bringing life-threatening winds and throughout the night thursday and friday and possibly saturday. the governor warning coastal residents don't bet your life on riding out this monster. >> sandra: this dangerous hurricane also slowing down. which could make florence a storm surge machine. >> bill: we kick off this hour
7:01 am
live with team fox coverage. we begin to adam klats and what we're getting at this hour. >> you talked about the big story with the system. it is slowing down. that will be a problem. winds strong 130 miles per hour. it is inching closer and closer to the u.s. coast. staying a category 4 storm before pumping the brakes going to a category 3. this is friday morning. the next spot saturday morning. suddenly you are just crawling there. yes, storm surge, heavier rains, it means a lot of problems for folks in this area if it slows down to the degree currently the models are suggesting it will do. this is one of our tropical models to give you an idea with an hour by hour forecast. by getting close to land there on friday hovering all the way through the weekend. this is now sunday morning inland a little bit. rain still falling. that could be a lot of heavy rain just a long period of time
7:02 am
for rain to continue to be picked up in the ocean and dropped along the carolina coast. could turn out to be big numbers. this is one potential model here. what could happen that would be good is that this stalled a little bit out to sea. some of the heaviest rain to fall offcoast. if it moves inland you're talking several feet of rain, 30, 40 inches in some locations. that's still possible at this point. widespread we're looking at getting anywhere 6 to 12 inches of rain across the entire state of north carolina stretching perhaps into south carolina as wem. it will be a rain maker as well as a wind maker as well as storm surge. we have the hurricane warnings stretching from central south carolina up to the outer banks. that's going to be something that continues to maybe move and even stretch farther to the south if we see this system move that direction. the storm surge is going to be the other concern as you mentioned. 6 to 12 feet wouldn't be surprised. that will be strongest wherever the storm ultimately approaches
7:03 am
the shore. >> bill: the north carolina governor is speaking now. what is the water temperature off the coast? do you have that for us? >> it's right around 84 to 85 degrees. 80* water to fuel these. it will pick up the water. >> bill: the governor of north carolina is now talking. >> for those not under an evacuation order, finish your preparations today if you haven't already. move to safety if your home is at risk. bring in supplies if it's not. plan to be without power for days. understand that the rain may last for days and not hours. and this may be a marathon, not a sprint. this storm threatens life. the forecast shows a storm surge higher than many homes. the national weather service has just said it will be
7:04 am
unbelievably damaging and they can't emphasize that enough. violent winds can blow down power lines and trees. heavy, sustained rain that can flood our rivers and low-lying ground will be coming. and expect this storm to batter our state for days. floodplain experts at the north carolina emergency management have been modeling the storm's projected impacts. and from the storm surge alone, tens of thousands of structures are expected to be flooded in north carolina. we are sharing that information with local officials so that they can prepare. shelters began opening yesterday with more opening today to take people in who have been displaced by evacuations. there are at least 16 shelters that are open now and we are
7:05 am
truly grateful for the volunteers, the red cross and others who are helping us. i've authorized more north carolina national guard soldiers to report for duty. by 7:00 p.m. today 2800 soldiers will be on active duty joined by even more on stand by. these soldiers are directed to preserve life and safety and provide route clearance of roads and support communications and logistics. prisons and jails in vulnerable areas are being evacuated as well. long-term care facilities have been urged to work with local emergency management officials to insure resident and patient safety. today our state parks and museums are closed. state universities have canceled classes, and many
7:06 am
public schools are closing as well. plus providing their buildings as shelters. no matter where this storm comes ashore, it will have widespread significant impacts in north carolina. because we'll feel the blast first thing in the morning with damaging, life-threatening surge, winds and rain. those of you in central north carolina should be prepared to feel the impact of the storm from thursday night through the weekend due to the sustained rainfall and persistent wind. and western north carolina residents should be prepared for heavy rain as we remember earlier this year, that can trigger mudslides and road closings. in short, every county and every person in north carolina needs to stay alert and to take
7:07 am
this storm seriously. yesterday i ordered a state evacuation of north carolina's barrier islands from the virginia border to the south carolina line. thanks to our local partners many evacuation orders are in place for other areas. i urge residents to heed those orders. for those not under evacuation orders, gather your emergency supplies if you haven't already, food, water, flashlights, extra batteries, medications, important documents if you need to evacuate. remember to make plans for your pets. and clear your yard of debris that can cause damage in high winds. finally, download the ready nc app for updates and to learn the weather about the storm. call 211 for information or to
7:08 am
connect you with local resources. i want to thank everyone across our state helping us get ready for this storm. and i want to introduce part of north carolina's team here to provide input for you. to my far right is the director of emergency management. next is colonel glenn mcneil the commander of the state highway patrol. behind me is dr. mandy cohen, the secretary of the department of health and human services. we also have the secretary of transportation to my immediate left. we have our federal coordinating officer from fema, who is here with us in the middle there. and, of course, we have the general of the north carolina national guard, major general
7:09 am
lusk, who is here. i am going to recognize some of these for updates and then we will take your questions. so we'll begin with you. >> good morning, everyone. we continue to urge all north carolina residents and visitors to comply with local evacuation orders on our local jurisdictions. also like to thank our county partners for all their hard work as we prepare for the impacts of hurricane florence. the state emergency operations center is activated a level two. we anticipate going to a level one full up tonight. of course, we're an a 24-hour schedule. we're ramping up with additional national guard as you just heard the governor refer to as well as more swift water rescue boats. search and rescue task forces, helicopters, ambulances and a host of other assets to include commodities. we positioned some of these assets forward and we have staged others locally.
7:10 am
our federal, state, volunteer and private sector partners stand ready to provide the full spectrum of disaster response capability to hurricane florence. thank you very much for your support today. >> good morning. the state highway patrol continues to make appropriate preparations for this powerful storm as it approaches. troopers statewide have been placed on alert to insure they're ready should they be called in need at a moment's occurrence. it allows us to be readily organized and allocate members to the affected areas. yesterday in partnership with the department of transportation and today members assisted with the evacuation process along our ferry terminals and along the outer banks. additionally, the patrol is
7:11 am
removing -- >> bill: one of the headlines from the governor today, he says this is a marathon, not a sprint, which is a pretty firm warning that you need the preparation now. if you consider this could be not a 24-hour event but a 48 or 72-hour event. it seems to be more many that's the forecast. >> sandra: the governor said expect the storm to batter our state for days. do not try to ride it out. it will have significant impacts. expect the first blast tomorrow morning. >> bill: the rear admiral keith smith with the u.s. coast guard is in charge of this area between new jersey down to north carolina. sir, are you with us now? good morning to you. >> good morning. >> bill: tell us what your men and women are doing on sea right now and what they're telling you. >> right now we're in the position to get all of our resources into a safe haven. we have gone out and done search and rescue patrols.
7:12 am
we're in position to put our position in going north and south of the storm and get in position to respond once the storm makes land phil and be in a position to respond after the storm makes landfall. >> sandra: can you give us some sense of what you are seeing and hearing and give us some perspective? this is not the first time that you have gone through a significant storm. >> no, this is not. unfortunately for the state of north carolina this is not unusual. so what makes this storm a little unique is just the uncertainty of it. it is making a lot of movements at the end. we're working closely with our state, local and federal partners as we try to figure oust where it is going to make landfall. the coast guard is ready to respond. but people need to heed the warnings of the local officials. we're trying to make sure they respond to the notifications of the state and local officials and not be on the water. get off the water.
7:13 am
not get on the water. there isn't much we can do if they're on the water. we're putting our people in safe havens not ready to be on the water and to be ready to respond once the storm makes landfall. that's the main thing. try to be ready to respond once the storm makes landfall. right now there isn't much we can do as this gets closer and closer to the shore. people seem to be listening to the warnings. i see this magnitude of the storm approaching the shoreline. that's a good thing that they're listening. >> bill: do you work in coordination with the national hurricane center? how do you get your information? >> a lot of different sources. we have connections with fema, national weather service. we have a direct line and getting information there and working basically with fema and all the other federal partners and stuff. we have connections and coordination calls basically three or four times a day making sure we're all operating
7:14 am
from the same system and same information so we're all making decisions based on collective information from the same sources. >> sandra: so many different scenarios could still play out here. the best and worst case scenarios are trying to be predicted and anything could change at any moment. what are you most concerned about at this moment as far as the direction of this storm and the potential impact? >> well yeah, just on that piece. we made some last-minute adjustments to some of our helicopters and aircraft. we were going to send some to savannah and made adjustments to send them north based on the trajectory of the storm. we've had to make last-minute adjustments. on the trajectory of the storm it is headed more south. the biggest concern we have is where it is going to stall and the amount of rainfall it is going to produce. we were very concerned about it hit as a category 4 making
7:15 am
landfall with high winds at the high surge if it hits at high tide and causing a high surge. that's the biggest concerns initially. now as it starts to head south and where it stalls out, if it stalls out in certain areas it causes greater problems for us and stuff. our initial concern was if it makes landfall at high tide with the maximum amount of winds was our initial concerns. now we're concerned where it stalls out at. >> sandra: it is a coordinated effort and multi--state effort. i wanted to share with you a statement just put out by the governor of the state of new york andrew cuomo saying 50 airmen, aircraft, boats in delaware to assist impacted region. new york stands ready with additional personnel. a lot more resources could be needed. >> yes, ma'am. i think when this thing makes
7:16 am
landfall. the coast guard will respond. if this thing stalls and causes great flooding, this could be catastrophic and so coast guard will respond and ready to respond. the other challenge that you have is that you'll have a lot of aircraft flying in a very congested area trying to manage that in an area that may not have the ability to manage that. we are dealing with a lot of scenarios. getting a lot of resources is good. trying to manage them is a challenge for the state. we're connected closely with the state and other agencies. i think this could be very catastrophic trying to manage those, having coast guard and other agencies making sure we coordinate that effort will be a challenge. >> bill: we have a reporter on the beach in north carolina. one last question. richard burr the senator from north carolina was speaking with sandra and me. he said he has seen a lot of hurricanes in north carolina and has property on the shore. he has never seen a better prepared governmental response than this one. if he is right about that,
7:17 am
what's different this time? >> look, i think the coordination. as we talk, i talked to the governor, we talked to the governor of north carolina two days ago and talked to the -- everybody seems to be -- talk. last year we had the two category 4 hurricanes that made landfall and we continue to learn how to work better. we learn from each one of these storms and i think we get better. i think fema, the federal response agencies, states, we've been through a few of these. the coordination. we take the lessons learned and apply them to each store and get better prepared each time. >> sandra: we don't want to take any more of your time. thank you for your time this morning and best to you and all of your teams and all these efforts. >> thank you very much. appreciate the time. we appreciate the support. >> sandra: thank you. meanwhile griff jenkins is live in atlantic beach, north carolina where folks have just hours left to get out.
7:18 am
those evacuation orders, are they heeding those? >> not everyone is. they have to be out by 8:00 tonight. take a look here. a gorgeous day on the beach. a few people down here taking a look. you know what admiral smith was referring to is the unique situation, a big threat. the hurricane wind and storm surge but the extended rainfall will make this challenging even if you have pre-dispositioned the national guard and other resources and they're more prepared than ever. it was just two years ago just inland in towns like jacksonville and hurricane matthew they flooded 20 feet some houses under water. they haven't fully recovered. people are worried about and are saying they don't want to get trapped, it will be a lot of questions as this storm approaches. but for all intents and purposes if you are here in atlantic beach or surrounding area get off the island.
7:19 am
they're saying it is not safe to be here and you need to get off. >> sandra: stay safe. thank you for the report. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell warning republicans that the battle to control the senate will be a knife fight. our a-team weighs in on that and much more. >> bill: she was kidnapped at knife point more than 15 years ago. one of her kidnappers is to be set to released from prison. elizabeth smart has a lot to say about that. what she has to say in a moment. >> the board did not decide to release her early or grant her parole. this is a case of with her credit for time served, her sentence is expiring. making it easy for you to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal.
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7:23 am
>> bill: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell warning the mid-terms will be a battle. 55 days away now. republicans facing fierce competition to keep the majority in the senate. yesterday he said this, quote. all of them too close to call and every one of them like a knife fight in an alley. just a brawl in every one of those places. i hope when the smoke clears that we'll still have a majority in the senate. let's bring in america's a-team. james freeman. "wall street journal." leslie marshall. fox news contributor. josh holmes former chief of
7:24 am
staff to senator mitch mcconnell. the man on the spot today. did he use knife fight? >> he loves knife metaphors. usually a phone booth. >> bill: what he is referring to is texas and tennessee. places that you probably six months ago did not think there would be competition. what's going on? >> in a cycle like this. the party in power. the first mid-term after you win a presidential election is dicey. over the last 100 years there were only two occasions where the party in power hasn't lost a significant number of seats. 23 seat majority in the house you can see where it becomes a problem. what has gotten less focus is the senate. he rattled off all the states starting with north dakota, montana, indiana, new jersey, florida, they are all in play.
7:25 am
republicans feel good but it will be a battle right down to the end. >> sandra: what do you think, james? >> i think you have very happy consumers in the united states. we're seeing that. i think republicans need to make it a referendum on the economy and it's really all of the arrows are going up whether it's job creation, investment. i think that's the issue. that's why i expect these polls to tighten up a bit. generic ballot, democrat, republican, looking good for the ds now. >> i agree it gets tighter. we are up 12 points. tennessee, indiana, texas, i'm shocked. i'm a bit of a pessimist. the gop only needs two. the democrats have to sweep all that's without texas. i'm not as quite frankly as optimistic as senator mcconnell
7:26 am
is regarding democrats taking over the senate. we will take over the house. it will be lovely as a democrat if we do. speaker to numbers up. so are numbers of distrust and people who believe mueller and who believe the media over the president. at the end of the day it comes to numbers. not necessarily the economy. >> a plastic knife fight. >> more like a crocodile dundee knife fight. >> fork and spoon. democrats are learning to go low in other words. at the end of the day it does just come to numbers. >> all i hear from democrats is trump stinks. >> that's an incentive. >> bill: is that enough of a message? >> you know what my party does? it's great at marches and protests. we're great at tweeting and complaining. we need to be great at voting. in the mid-terms historically we haven't been. especially young people. >> sandra: it sounds like a warning for your party but what
7:27 am
about this warning from newt gingrich penned an op-ed. trump and republicans must do this or the left may just get the blue wave they're hoping for. majorities the in both houses will insure our nation will prosper through free, fair and reciprocal trade practices. if democrats gain the house we'll be in the media left democratic universe. they will oppose every trump plan proposed and likely try to impeach the president at the first frivolous opportunity. >> newt is good at painting in bold colors. what he is referring to here is a very clear choice and something james is talking about with the economy. with we've been the last year and a half. if you want to roll back tax cuts and get back into a socialized healthcare discussion and want to have impeachment of the president or
7:28 am
abolish ice democrats are providing that option for you. or we can continue on this path to prosperity. that kind of bold choice in the states defining this election is really something republicans should focus on. >> you do kind of wonder this move of former president obama coming out and kind of paying donald trump the ultimate compliment by trying to stake his claim to this economy. if it was obviously in bad shape he would be calling it trump nomics, he is saying it's mind. it reminds people that things were a little slower then. people didn't feel as confident quitting a job because they didn't know if they would get another one. not as many job openings. that's the discussion republicans want. >> sandra: they certainly like the possibility of 4% growth. >> i think that the fact that we have so many, you know, people just talking about left
7:29 am
or right. i really do think it's the reality for both parties, nobody is talking about the real issues and that's what will get those -- >> sandra: the economy is not a real issue. >> i'm really hearing on the right to your point, bill. on the left i don't like trump. i'm distancing myself from trump or on the right i'm trump's guy or girl and that will be a problem for voters that aren't identifying or happy with the democratic or the republican party. you are seeing more people registering to vote as independents. >> bill: nancy pelosi has her eye on a new job and talking confidently with cnn she can will be the next speaker of the house. kevin mccarthy house majority leader last hour was asked about that with us. p push >> if democrats were to win the majority i believe nancy would be speaker. that means maxine waters would be chair of financial services in charge of your banking and insurance across this nation. there are more and more
7:30 am
individuals like that. the reason why i think they would elect nancy because remember who is winning in the primaries. the socialists are. more aligned with where nancy is in san francisco than where the rest of the nation is. >> there was a time a few weeks ago where the democrats seemed to not want to have nancy pelosi out there and maybe not necessarily say she is going to be the speaker and shhhh, don't talk about impeachment. i think this is a problem as the party moves left, leslie, and the mask is off a little bit. it will be pelosi again. >> sandra: she is shaking her head no. >> the party is two parties in a sense. you have the democrats which i am part of that group and then you have people who do subscribe and like to use the term socialist, nancy pelosi may use the term. >> bill: they run her in ads all the time. >> she is not running for office and i think most of the
7:31 am
american people know that whether you are in california or in a national ticket come 2020. when it comes to speaker, though, i do think you are going to see a bit of fragmentation because we're hearing in those more red states or states that trump won democrats who are more moderate or sentist democrats saying and opposed to nancy pelosi remaining speaker. >> democrats basically did go through the period where it's not going to be nancy pelosi. now what the heck, it will be nancy again. >> it depends what democrat you talk to. >> bill: thank you leslie and james. >> sandra: as we continue to bring you the latest on hurricane florence, president trump making it clear to millions of residents along the coast that the federal government has your back. but some of his comments on the response to puerto rico is facing some criticism. the latest on that. >> bill: explosive new
7:32 am
accusations against hillary clinton from ken starr. what he is saying now about the former first lady. if you're turning 65, you're probably learning
7:33 am
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>> sandra: she was kidnapped from her bedroom at the age of 14 and raped and held captive for nine months. now elizabeth smart is blasting a new ruling freeing one of her kidnappers from prison next week. wanda barzi was convicted of helping her husband abduct the teenager in 2002. we have been covering the case from the very beginning and our reporter joins us now from denver. >> elizabeth smart says she is surprised and disappointed that the defendant will be getting out of prison next week. smart said it is incomprehensible how someone who has not cooperated with her mental health evaluations and risk assessments and didn't show up to her own parole hearing can be released into our community.
7:37 am
i'm trying to understand how and why this is happening and exploring possible options and will work diligently to address the issue of her release as well as to insure changes are made moving forward to insure it doesn't happen to anyone else in the future. the utah board of pardons and parole says it comes as a surprise because of a miscalculation made on their part saying they did not decide to release her early or grant parole but that she had credit for time served on her state and federal sentences of 15 years each. >> unfortunately we had a calculated consecutiveively and upon further review and legal advice realized she has to have credit for that time she spent in the federal system. that does accelerate her release. >> in 2010 she pled guilty but mentally ill as a co-conspirator to her husband's
7:38 am
kidnapping and sexual assault of smart. it captured the world's attention when she was taken at knife point from her bedroom by mitchell in june of 2002. it was an even bigger shock when she was found in march the next year with the couple. today smart is an outspoken advocate for children of kidnapping and violent crimes and says she plans to speak out publicly about this and soon. sandra. >> sandra: thank you. >> i think peter strock with all we've learned about him. he was the key agent. he was the guy who ran the clinton investigation. started and ran the trump russia investigation and all these key people at the f.b.i. james commie director fired. andy mccabe fired. those key people ran both of these investigations and they're telling us don't worry, we were trying to work this out and stop the media leaks?
7:39 am
>> jim jordan talking about new evidence of an f.b.i. strategy to undermine president trump. meadows says the new text messages from the f.b.i. agent strzok show there was a media leak strategy within the justice department to hurt the president. judge andrew napolitano senior judicial analyst here to explain more on this. strzok has given a partial explanation for it. what do you think about the action now? >> i wish congressman meadows who i know and like is in a friend of mine have waited until he interrogated strzok before he accused him of this. either former f.b.i. agent peter strzok and former f.b.i. lawyer lisa page were engaged in a coordinated effort to leak damaging information in order to damage the president, or they were attempting to stop others from doing so. now, strzok through his lawyer says my client wasn't leaking,
7:40 am
he is trying to plug the leagues. congressman meadows only saw one side of this. i'm looking forward to meadows interrogating him and give strzok under oath toex plain what the texts meant. do the feds leak? of course they do. they are the best leakers in the business. f.b.i. agents and federal prosecutors. if they want to tarnish the reputation of someone they leak. if they want to pollute the jury pool, they leak. if they want to make their own investigation look good, they leak. >> sandra: will the truth come out? >> the truth will come out. that's a great question. it will come out if the right questions in the right environment are put to peter strzok and lisa page. i say the right questions and the right environment. politicians aren't always the best interrogators. professional cross examiners are. i encourage as i have in the
7:41 am
past these committees that are interrogating these agents. hire some professional cross examiner to get the truth out. >> bill: gone to find the phone, i want the talk to you about media leak strategy with d.o.j. before you go. a statement from the attorney you referred to judge. the term media leak strategy in mr. strzok's text refers to a department-wide initiative to detebt and stop leaks to the media. the president and enablers are peddling unfounded conspiracy theories. >> put him under oath and sum onhim to the committee. i think jim jordan is the chair of the committee and meadows a member of the committee. one of the government oversight committees. summoning him and asking him to explain them and then show him
7:42 am
the leaks that came about. in fairness to mark meadows, the leaks are anti-trump leaks. did jordan cause these or did he fail to stop them? that's the question. whatever the truth is. >> sandra: i know you had said the timing with meadows is interesting and you thought he should have waited to make these allegations until after strzok had been -- >> i don't know when they're scheduled to interrogate him. i don't think allegations like this should be made to score political points. they should be made to provoke a witness into telling the truth. >> bill: thank you. talk to you soon. they leak. >> yes, they do. one more time, bill. >> bill: they leak. >> sandra: headed down to the big storm. the fda making a big announcement looking to curtail the rise in e-cigarette use by teenagers. >> bill: apple unveiling what could be the biggest and most expensive iphone to date. check it out next.
7:43 am
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>> sandra: get ready apple lovers. the tech giant is unveiling some brand-new technology today, iphones. it has been hailed as a massive overhaul of their key item, i guess you could say. let's bring in charles payne, host of making money over on the fox business network and brett larson. so is this still the days of lines around the block people waiting for the latest and greatest iphone? or is it losing its luster? >> we saw it with the iphone x. i wanted in line with them. they were excited. i don't think this will have that we'll wait in line around the corner thing to it. i laugh at the new technology of the iphone. a speed bump. the year we get a better camera, faster processor and
7:48 am
battery that will hold a charge and more memory. that's what i see. >> what's interesting is apple has been able to pull off the ability to get higher prices. last quarter their average selling price was $724. up 19% driven mostly by the iphone x. if you do the math you can see there is a large chunk of our population willing to pay $1,000 or more. so it depends on what kind of extra gizmos they get with it to see whether or not they can get the same sort of zeal with this. from a stock point of view apple is the first trillion dollar stock in america, if it was trading like amazon it is right now $220 a chair. if they believe like they do in amazon it would be over 300. wall street has been cautious with apple because it's a
7:49 am
commodity item and one day they'll stumble. >> hemmer talked to me about this every day. i have a personal one and work one. they're both broken. i have to buy a $1,000 phone and then buy a case? >> bill: you have two cracked phones. >> sandra: a phone that won't break. >> you might take it back to the apple store and sit you at the bar. you walk out with all kinds of stuff including a big screen. it's a tough one. also as the screens have more capabilities. they do more, you touch them and they give you more. they might become more fragile. the price point is an interesting point. samsung's had a $1,000 starting point. people aren't intimidated by the high price tag? >> bill: it was underpriced at $500. we're going to this thing 100
7:50 am
times a day. >> it's a critical part of our day. >> bill: would you rather lose your wallet or i-phone? >> it's all in one thing. i hope i don't lose it. >> a fat profit margin. >> sandra: looking sharp today. thanks, guys. all right. with a potential catastrophic hurricane closing in on the carolinas president trump doubling down on the response to hurricane maria in puerto rico. midsize car-the chevy malibu.ts i forgot. chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award for its light-duty truck the chevy silverado. oh, and since the chevy equinox and traverse also won chevy is the only brand to earn the j.d. power dependability award across cars, trucks and suvs-three years in a row.
7:51 am
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should i change something? well, you're asking the right questions. i just want to know, am i gonna be okay? i know people who specialize in "am i going to be okay." i like that. you may need glasses though. yeah. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade. >> bill: minutes away from the latest updates from the weather center. president trump says the federal government's response to hurricane maria in puerto rico. good morning. >> the white house is warning americans potentially more than a million in the pathway of hurricane florence to listen to local officials, stay out of harm's way, look at your neighbors and also saying this morning the white house is ready and prepared. let me take you to twitter and share part of what he had to say about his efforts already. he says this, we got a pluses for our recent hurricane work in texas and florida.
7:55 am
did an unappreciated great job in puerto rico even though inaccessible island with poor electricity and incompetent mayor of san juan. we're ready for the big one that is coming. the big one in this case being hurricane florence. clearly the white house is in coordination with fema. don't take this storm lightly. back to hurricane maria. the mayor of san juan, carmen cruz says the president's assertions on twitter and add insult to injury. you certainly remember hurricane maria devastated the region and left 3,000 people dead. to be fair the president cited the heroic effort of first responders and others trying to help the people on the island but also noted that recovery has been slowed by what he termed incompetent leadership on the island. more updates from the white house. we'll get to you. >> bill: kevin corke from the north lawn.
7:56 am
>> sandra: bracing for impact the most powerful storm to hit the southeast in decades. hurricane florence taking direct aim at the carolinas. the latest track on this monster form just ahead.
7:57 am
♪ call on me brother ♪ when you need a hand ♪ lean on me, when you're not strong ♪ ♪ and i'll be your friend ♪ ♪ i'll help you carry on ♪ ♪ lean on me ♪ mmm... ♪ lean on me... ♪ mmm... ♪ lean on me.
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>> sandra: fox news alert we're just moments away from an update from the national hurricane center on hurricane florence. the massive storm bearing down on the southeastern u.s. coast as we speak. if you live in that part of the
8:00 am
country, the message is right now get out. do not try to ride out this storm. you heard from the north carolina governor a short time ago and he said that this warning is serious and the impact could be big. we're awaiting an update from the national hurricane center in a few minutes. welcome back to "america's newsroom." hour three. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. there is a town in south carolina called florence, almost due west of myrtle beach. there is no doubt based on the size of this storm that florence will impact the town of florence, south carolina. and so many other parts as well. national hurricane center live now with the latest numbers. >> welcome back to the national hurricane center here in operations once again. here is the update at 11:00 eastern looking at the clock on hurricane florence. the structure very signature eye in the middle. the structure is maintaining
8:01 am
its strength. by the structure you look at a healthy hurricane. one thing i want to point out you see the rain bands start to form. it is important as we watch this system come in it's not always about this eye in the central part of the storm. it stretches well out from the center even tropical storm winds stretching out 175 miles from the center represented in the yellow circle. think about that as we come on shore and the advancements of this storm. you'll get rain bands and wind ahead of landfall. we look at the hurricane warning for stretches right around the north carolina down to the south carolina coastline and watch the slowdown. this is what we've been talking about all morning. really approaching the coast. you start looking at late thursday into friday and saturday. look how slow movement we have. each day a little bit of movement. it will compound some of our issues as we deal with this. kind of a prolonged period of time here. the other thing to make note of, you don't just have to be in the cone to get the impacts.
8:02 am
i talked about the winds being well outside the center and the cone. well, look at it here. we have the hurricane warning outside that cone as well representing that you don't have to be in the cone to get some of these winds. with time some uncertainty of where the system will be. no matter what, you will still have big impacts. one of those will be the rainfall. the slower the system, the higher the rains. 20 to 40 inches of rain along the coastline of south carolina stretching northward 15 to 20 and 6 to 10 inches of rain in charlotte. a very dangerous situation with the flooding amounts especially with terrain. we see the rainfall shifting getting into south carolina as well. a big reminder here small changes can make a big difference in the impacts. just because you are at the edge doesn't mean you are out of the woods. it can shift in different directions depending on the ultimate movement of this hurricane. storm surge is a very dangerous situation as well and we're keeping an eye on that real close and looking at some of
8:03 am
these values. storm surge warning. look at some of the values that we have here. incredible amounts of water being pushed in from this hurricane as far south as charleston. 2 to 4 feet. you get to the south carolina/north carolina border 4 to 9 feet. where the water gets funneled and trapped and pushed into these places where the water can't escape you start to get the high values 9 to 13 feet. it could be to the right of the center and where the onshore flow is pushing that water into all these little areas where it can't move anywhere. 4 to 9 feet we start getting areas well inland and flat and rivers, you see the big storm surge value. very dangerous situation. if you think about it, we need to talk about needing to wrap everything up today. you'll start getting rain bands and tropical storm force winds will arrive tomorrow. so we need to wrap up all preparations today. ken graham at the national hurricane center. >> bill: we get the updates
8:04 am
every three hours. that was live. i think he is describing from yesterday to today a worst case scenario, a storm that doesn't come on shore and blows out in 10 or 12 hours but lingers for a day or two or three days and changes direction. that's a big difference. >> sandra: let's go to janice dean live at the fox weather center. janice, you were listening with us as well. >> points well taken. if this storm is a major hurricane and stays off the shore of north carolina/south carolina that's a prolonged event of hurricane-force winds, heavy, steady rainfall and storm surge that could last for many hours. this is a worst case scenario. north carolina, you are still bull's-eye for the storm system even if it doesn't technically make landfall. a lot of folks are focused on the landfall and eye but the results will be widespread even
8:05 am
if it doesn't make a technical landfall across portions of north carolina. the latest crack as of 11:00 a.m. a very strong hurricane. a window of opportunity for it to strengthen, perhaps category 5 today and we'll start to see the impacts tomorrow afternoon and evening and we're expecting an overnight event thursday into friday and here are the hurricane-force winds. 70 miles from the center of the storm hurricane-force winds and if it stalls we'll be battered along the coast for many hours with hurricane-force winds and tropical storm-force winds 170 miles away from the center of the storm. we'll be feeling the effects inland as well. and this storm -- the center stays offshore for 12 to 20 hours if this forecast comes through. a prolonged event. north carolina, make sure your preparations are done and you are evacuating if they ask you to do so. if it lingers and moves to the
8:06 am
north or south you'll still have to be listening to your local officials and listening to your local forecasters. the messaging is the same with the rainfall. we could get upwards of two feet, three feet of rain for this area, north carolina down toward south carolina and virginia. you need to be watching this as well. bill, back to you. >> sandra: janice dean. we'll take that back. thanks. >> bill: roy cooper speaking last hour urging folks in his state get out before you feel the tropical storm force winds arriving tomorrow on thursday. we're live in atlantic beach, north carolina. how is it going? >> traveling through in the back of a pickup to try to give you a good sense of what it looks like here. pretty much ghost town. not as much as you might think. january is makes a great point. north carolina, despite the fact this is tracking more to the south you will still get
8:07 am
the sloppy side of the storm and folks here, you know, i don't know if they are as prepared as they could be. if we go back through the neighborhoods here maybe we take a right to get through the neighborhoods. i don't see as many folks boarding up. there were some people saying hey, if this comes in a cat 4 boards don't make any difference. the structures will be gone. if it doesn't come right in here and goes to the south, they still get a pretty significant hit. maybe we see -- look at this. this house is boarded. one of the few that is boarded. a lot of people just saying you know what? i'm leaving and then again there are some people who say they are going to stay. you always get some of those. i think there are more this time than i would have expected. a lot of people have gotten out of dodge but there are a lot of people staying as well. they've been through a lot of hurricanes here but not a cat 3 or cat 4 recently.
8:08 am
so we'll see how this goes. as you see, a lot of these homes no boards on the windows. they are just going to do their thing. >> bill: they dodged a lot of bullets. let's hope they dodge this one. right now it's tough to say. thank you, jeff. >> sandra: that was north carolina. but south carolina is also bracing for impact and joining us by phone now is congressman tom rice, a republican from south carolina whose district covers myrtle beach. as we watch this storm make its way how are the residents of your state preparing? >> they're doing a good job. the governor did a fantastic job of getting out in front of this thing and putting the evacuation orders out beginning yesterday well ahead of the storm. i live in myrtle beach. a big tourist destination. at any given day in the
8:09 am
summertime there are hundreds of thousands of tourists. all those folks are gone. the businesses, 90% are boarded up and closed. most of the locals are leaving today. there are some stalwarts that will stay. the goal here was no loss of life. that's a great goal and i think people are taking heed. this storm is one of the worst. i've lived here my whole life. i'm 60 years old. i evacuated for hugo, the first time. i lived here for over 30 years. evacuated for hurricane floyd and this is the third time. this is a massive, incredibly dangerous storm. doesn't matter where it makes landfall it will devastate for 100 miles on either side of the eye. people -- i remember when hugo was coming in and dan rather was on tv and he said it doesn't matter where it hits in south carolina. this is a massive, dangerous,
8:10 am
life-threatening and property-threatening storm. people need to take heed. if you are in an evacuation area, you need to get out. >> sandra: the threat to life is a big concern and as you noted myrtle beach one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country have to brace for the economic impact this could have. >> well, that's true. we've been through these before and we'll get up and get up quickly. the people are used to it. they've been through it before. they don't normally go through one this severe but we were open within a few weeks and back on track and we will be again. this is a great place. people love to be here. great family beach and we'll keep that tradition going. >> sandra: our best to you and the residents of your state and the first responders as well who could potentially have a big job to do. thank you very much, congressman. >> yes, ma'am. >> hugo in 1989.
8:11 am
floyd 99, a real soaker. you don't want anything like hugo or floyd. >> sandra: trouble is, a lot could change between now and tomorrow morning and potentially make landfall on the coast there friday morning. >> bill: we're watching it hour by hour. cat 4 storm charging for the carolina. president trump defending his response to puerto rico. we'll check in with what the federal government is doing that. >> sandra: mark meadows firing back at f.b.i. agent peter strzok over the newly released text messages. what he says they reveal. governor mike huckabee will join us next. >> we're two years into an investigation that quite frankly has produced no results. what the american people, my district wants, is they want transparency and they want it now.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. republican congressman mark meadows of north carolina says he does not buy what peter strzok is selling after his attorney said the newly released text messages refer to the f.b.i.'s efforts to stop leaks to the media. and not a media leak strategy within the d.o.j. to hurt president trump. let's bring in former arkansas governor mike huckabee and fox news contributor.
8:16 am
good morning to you. do you buy that theory from the -- do you buy what strzok's attorney is selling here? >> absolutely not. peter strzok has already disgraced himself. he got fired for his dishonesty and the fact he was carrying on an inner office' fair and weaponizing the power of the f.b.i. to try to hurt candidate and ultimately president donald trump. he has zero credibility and is smug, arrogant performance before a congressional hearing only validated people's concerns about him. on the other hand, congressman meadows, who i happen to know personally and am a big fan of, i would wear a t-shirt that says i'm with mead owes. he is an honest man trying to get to the bottom of the truth and he is being stonewalled every single attempt by the department of justice and f.b.i. i hope the president releases all these records and let's get the stuff out in the open and let the sunshine disinfect it.
8:17 am
>> sandra: mark meadows immediate lays out clearly why the timeline of these messages is concerning to him. april 10, 2017 strzok texts lisa page wanting to discuss a media leaking strategy. two days later he texted lisa page that two articles are coming out about her namesake, carter page. strzok then texts page, and this is a couple weeks later, article is out and well done page. what did you think when you got ahold of those text messages and saw the timeline? >> honestly, sandra, anybody with iq above plant life should be able to see that and realize he wasn't talking about stopping leaks. he was talking about creating some leaks in order to disparage carter page who was, of course, tied to president trump. this was clearly a conspiracy within the department of justice and f.b.i. to try to bring some impact on the election. why we haven't drilled down
8:18 am
deeper on this is beyond me. but for peter strzok to pretend this was because he was trying to do the honorable thing and stop leaks, please, spare me that sanctimony. nobody i believe could honestly look at that and believe it. >> sandra: strzok's attorney says it has been taken out of context and the term media leak strategy in mr. strzok's text refers to a department-wide initiative to detect and stop leaks to the media. the president and his enableers are peddling unfounded conspiracy theories to mislead the american people. we had jim jordan on a short bit ago on this program to respond to this. listen. >> the argument that mr. strzok is making doesn't hold water and doesn't pass the smell test. we know this from the inspector general's report. one of the things the inspector general cited was 13 different f.b.i. people who were working with one reporter. now if that doesn't point to
8:19 am
some kind of media leak strategy i don't know what does. >> sandra: what should the american people take away from all of this, governor? >> that we're being lied to by the highest levels of justice officials and that ought to make every american mad. i don't care whether you're democrat, republican, liberal, conservative. when we can't trust the people who lead the highest levels of law enforcement, then we're in real trouble. we are in real trouble because of it. it has to be sorted out, cleaned out, fixed. or we lose the republic. it's pretty simple. >> sandra: does that happen? do we eventually learn the truth here? >> if we don't, shame on us. that's what congress is there for to provide oversight. frankly, i think congress has got to push hard. i know they've pushed hard but have to get to the place where they demand those records. they have a constitutional right to have those records to see them. can't provide oversight if they
8:20 am
don't. i hope and i urge the president demand that those records be released unredacted not necessarily to the entire public until they're reviewed, but certainly to members of congress who have the authority to look at them and who have the security clearances to protect them. >> sandra: governor mike huckabee, good to see you. >> bill: in a moment hear from the vatican the pope taking on the church sex abuse scandal. what he told bishops around the world to do ahead of a meeting with american church leaders. back to florence, monster storm, landfall expected tomorrow evening, friday and saturday. time is running out for those in its path to leave. >> nobody plans for these sort of things to happen. nobody wants them to happen but that's the real truth about living on the water and next to the beach. everyone keep us in your thoughts as the next four or five days come about.
8:21 am
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>> sandra: developing story coming out of california now. gop congressional candidate injured in an attack with a man by a knife shouting obscenities about the republican party and president trump. >> i've come around the table and he is coming at me. i grab him, threw him on the ground. shirt got ripped, beer mug biftd. i got off of him and that's when he pulled the knife out and said he was going to kill me. >> sandra: peters is running for the seat held by swalwell was not seriously injured. the attacker is a 35-year-old. police charging him with felony assault and three other criminal charges. >> bill: vatican, the pope has called for bishops around the world to come to the vatican for a summit on the church sex
8:25 am
abuse scandal. he meets with u.s. religious leaders tomorrow. lauren greene live in studio. >> they're tackling the sex abuse scandal as catholic church members are demanding answers. he is calling all of the catholic bishops conferences from around the world to rome in february for a special meeting to address the crisis. this after the grand jury investigation in pennsylvania and subsequent investigations in various states and another meeting announced for tomorrow with the most senior members of the u.s. catholic church. the head of the u.s. conference of catholic bishops want pope francis to launch an investigation to mccare i can after allegations he groped a teenager. he said the cover-up claims
8:26 am
deserve answers. he will meet with the pope at the palace tomorrow at noon rome time along with archbishop from boston. vatican insiders say francis's closest u.s. advisor. another development last night as washington archbishop, who has been under fire for his handling of sex abuse cases in pittsburgh and d.c. announced he would travel soon to rome to discuss his possible resignation with pope francis. he submitted his resignation when he turned 75 in but it is up to the pope to accept it. >> bill: we'll watch that. lauren greene here in the studio. >> sandra: more than one million people have been told to evacuate as florence approaches. we'll hear from one unit next. >> bill: president trump addressing the country how the white house is planning to take
8:27 am
on that possibly catastrophic storm. details straight ahead on that as well. >> president trump: the safety of the american people is my highest priority. we are sparing no expense. we are totally prepared. we're ready. ♪ with a range of suv's perfect for any adventure, you can be in your element, in any element. ♪ experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> president trump: we'll handle it. we're ready, we're able. we have the finest people, i think anywhere in the world. fema and first responders are out there. they're going to stand through the danger of this storm. the storm will come, it will go. we want everybody to be safe. we're fully prepared food, medical, everything you can imagine we are ready. >> sandra: president trump addressing the nation as he readies the federal government with response to florence. details on the white house's preparations. >> good morning.
8:31 am
the president has already declared emergency declarations in virginia and in the carolinas now warning people this morning in georgia to watch out. the storm could be headed there. the president tweeted this morning the federal government, fema, dhs already to do whatever they can in the face of hurricane florence. it is looking bigger than anticipated and arriving soon. they're supplied and ready, be safe. the president received a briefing yesterday in the oval office from the fema administrator who you see on the right and the dhs secretary. here is what the president said afterwards. >> president trump: the safety of the american people is my absolute highest priority. we are sparing no expense. we are totally prepared. it looks to me and it looks to all of a lot of very talented people that do this for a living like this is going to be a storm that is going to be a very large one, far larger than we've seen in perhaps decades.
8:32 am
>> as was learned after hurricane andrew in 1992 and relearned after hurricane katrina in 2005 fema taking steps to pre-position personnel and materials in the potential disaster zone so they can respond a lot quicker. this was an area -- i covered hurricane fran right after bertha, both twin hits in 1996 that was really devastated. almost every home on one of the islands was wiped out. it looks like they'll get even harder this time, sandra. and not just by the wind but all the water that is being pushed and dumped by this storm as well. >> sandra: john, president trump was also asked about what lessons he is taking from the response to what happened last year in puerto rico. >> he seemed to suggest yesterday when he was asked that question after that oval office briefing there was nothing that the federal government had to learn from the response to puerto rico. the president indicating it was a home run. listen to what he said. >> president trump: i think
8:33 am
puerto rico was incredibly successful. the job that fema and law enforcement and everybody did working along with the governor in puerto rico i think was tremendous. i think that puerto rico was an incredible unsung success. >> those remarks drew criticism from san juan's mayor who called the president's comments despicable and treated says losing 3,000 live is a success? can you imagine what he thinks failure looks like? president went back at her. we got a pluses in texas, florida and did an unappreciated great job in puerto rico, an inaccessiblely and totally incompetent mayor of san juan. i was in the oval office after the hurricanes hit puerto rico with the president and governor of puerto rico. he was at that time. very complimentary of the federal response saying what the president had done.
8:34 am
then again he was in the oval office. i was told by federal officials at the time that the mayor of san juan was trying to fight the administration at almost every turn because she had an agenda different than the agenda they had. the governor seems to have changed his tune a little bit. in a statement released yesterday saying now is not the time to pass judgment but channel effort to improve the lives of people in puerto rico. i'm sure this morning it's time to focus on we're facing in the next 48 to 72 hours from people on the east coast. >> sandra: the president is urging caution to all the residents of those states. thank you very much. >> bill: at the moment a state of emergency declared in four states. hurricane florence moving through the atlantic. the state public affairs officer for the virginia national guard. are you there? >> you're north of the matter for the moment. what are you telling your
8:35 am
people in virginia? >> for the virginia national guard we are still on track to bring up to 1500 personnel on duty. we're staging them at key locations in virginia and that is still our plan. we want to get those people in place, get our equipment ready to go and then we will be on stand by to possibly reposition those capabilities if they're needed elsewhere. >> bill: are you taking solace at all in what appears to be at least for now -- it can change again certainly -- that the storm seems to be taking a different path now than it was yesterday? >> well, it does look better for virginia, but we're not through it yet. so we're still maintaining a high state of preparedness but we have our brothers and sisters down in north carolina and south carolina, both national guard organizations down there are working to help their first responders. so again, it does look like we might be okay in virginia but
8:36 am
until it's over we don't know for sure. and now we're really going to be pulling for the folks down south. >> bill: no question about that. what are you getting from the government? what sort of support are you getting? richard burr was on here two hours ago from north carolina, seen a lot of storms in his time. he says the response from the government has never been better. if he is right, what are you doing differently? >> well, that's really out of our lane. our job is to be part of the support that comes to the commonwealth. so the national guard's job is to provide additional capability to the state level to be able to fill in any resource gaps. we provide high water transport, debris reduction and other specialized capabilities. so we're part of the toolkit that the governor has and again the governors in north carolina and south carolina have their guard at that disposal. we're part of that solution to help those low kalts have the
8:37 am
capability they need to keep people safe. >> bill: when do you make a move? >> the key to being able to rapidly respond is having those -- that personnel and equipment positioned in the right place and for now we're setting up at the locations where we decided and we're just watching the storms and we're in contact with those other states if potentially they need help down here. it looks like we will be spared a big impact we're in constant coordination with them. for now we're sitting tight but monitoring the storm and we've got the capability to reposition that personnel and equipment if we need to. >> bill: you've seen the radar, right? this storm looks massive. >> right. that's why it's important that we have leaned forward. it is great that we've been responsive ahead of time. for the guard, you know, citizen soldiers and airmen have to get disengaged from
8:38 am
their full-time jobs, their families to be able to come on duty. we've gotten plenty of advance notice to get all of our capabilities ready to go. so we've all been watching it but it's been great for us to be able to use that time to get ready to go and so that way if we're needed we can get there quickly. >> bill: good luck, okay? thanks for your time today. >> sandra: appreciate it. >> bill: thank you, cotton. >> sandra: republicans facing a fierce height to hold their majorities in congress but also action in governor's races across the country. 36 races in play. 23 of which are currently in republican hands. peter doocy is live in st. paul, minnesota. has minnesota gotten more or less red since 2016 back when president trump narrowly lost? >> sandra, the republican candidate for governor here jeff johnson thinks that if the talks during the campaign stays about trump's policies instead
8:39 am
of trump's personality he has a good shot. >> i'm a norwegian lutheran from northern minnesota. donald trump is not. there is that issue. if you look at the policies where he is trying to take the country and what the results have been, i think by and large minnesotans would love to see minnesota go in that direction if you look at it that way. >> he won the primary of tim pawlenty. now jeff johnson says it would be great if trump came to help him on the campaign trail in the state that he narrowly lost in 2016. that's a different dynamic than down in colorado where the gop has a shot to upset the democrat in the race for the governor's mansion but says he doesn't expect the president's help. >> sandra: by the way, why does the democratic candidate think
8:40 am
he can win by pitching higher taxes? >> congressman tim wells believes that if the gas tax goes up people know they're paying more at the pump because the leaders need money for an infrastructure project they would like it. >> i think it's cultural in minnesota. you get what you pay fofrment an honesty about folks wanting to go. they're okay with paying taxes if they know where we're going. >> in deep blue connecticut high tax increases are so unpopular that the democrats are seen as very vulnerable in a very close governor's race there. >> sandra: peter doocy in st. paul, minnesota for us. >> bill: 20 minutes before the hour. what ken starr had to say about hillary clinton. he has a new book and doing some interviews. why starr came this close to bringing charges against the former first lady. alan dershowitz weighs in on that coming up live next.
8:41 am
>> i'll always remember that day because we all sat in a room. we had a draft indictment. we simply did not have sufficient evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. ntix. i tried to quit smoking for years on my own. i couldn't do it. i needed help. for me, chantix worked. it did. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. chantix, without a doubt, reduced my urge to smoke. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking or allergic and skin reactions which can be life-threatening. stop chantix and get help right away if you have any of these. tell your healthcare provider if you've had depression or other mental health problems. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix.
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he plays football, huh? yeah. believe it. geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> sandra: former independent counsel ken starr revealing in his new memoir he considered perjury charges against then first lady hillary clinton during the whitewater investigation but ultimately he abandoned the idea. starr writing in the space of three hours she claimed by our count over 100 times that she did not recall or did not remember. to be sure human memory is fallible but her strained performance struck us as preposterous. let's bring in alan dershowitz, author of "the case against impeaching trump." i'm sure many wonder what you would think about this and what
8:45 am
we're hearing from ken starr. >> too many people say they don't remember when they do remember. it's a serious problems in deposition and trial. as ken starr said it's hard to prove that somebody is lying when they say they don't remember. a good lawyer can press and press and press but in the end if they say they don't remember, you have to psycho analyze their most inner thoughts to be able to prove it. look, i generally agree that people should take a very cautious approach toward criminalizing political differences. to making something a crime when you disagree with somebody. so in the end i think ken starr did the right thing. he resolved against prosecuting. i wish this special prosecutor would approach his task in the same way. resolve all doubts against prosecuting, use the mighty weapon of the criminal justice system only as a last resort
8:46 am
for absolutely clear crimes, not crimes like obstruction of justice and other kinds of loosely-worded accordion like, every expandable crime. i commend ken starr for his thoughtfulness and ultimate decision to the no proceed against hillary clinton. >> sandra: when he claims they heard over 100 times she didn't recall or did not remember. he said he was upset over her performance and bringing it before a grand jury for perjury. he abandoned that idea but he said just that, you have to be able to prove the case. there are clear differences what a prosecutor knows and what a prosecutor can prove. if we could rewind -- go back in time, should he have done this? >> no, he shouldn't have. what he might have done is put that in a report and then the
8:47 am
american public, when she ran for senate, ran for president, could look and make a judgment for itself was she telling the truth, do we want to elect somebody who doesn't remember anything? it's a fair point politically. but to turn it from a political fair point to a suspicion, to an inference and ultimately to prosecution -- i think it's good that ken made the decision himself not giving it to a grand jury. a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich as we know. it doesn't serve as a protection much. sometimes it does but very rarely. i think the decision making lies in the hands of people like ken starr and now mueller and they ought to take their responsibility very seriously. the rule ought to be when in doubt do not prosecute. only prosecute the clearest cases. particularly when you are dealing with political opponents. because what's used today against donald trump, tomorrow could be used against bernie sanders, hillary clinton, the day after tomorrow could be used against you or me. i think we have to be very
8:48 am
cautious in the way we use our very powerful weapon of indictments and prosecution ken starr made the right decision. >> sandra: he wrote the clintons knowingly embarked -- interesting the hear ken starr explain the high bar for impeachment. i want to get your response after this. >> we have impeachment in the constitution. it is an important last resort. and the country did not feel as a whole that bill clinton, for all of his crimes -- he committed crimes and we proved that he committed crimes -- that he should actually be removed in his last year and a half in office. we have elections in the country and those elections mean something. >> sandra: get your response and final word on that. >> i agree completely with him. i wish i had had that quote when i wrote my book the case
8:49 am
against impeaching trump. impeachment is an absolute last resort. now we have maxine waters saying we'll impeach trump first and then we'll go after pence. nobody has even made an allegation that pence has committed an impeachable offense. maxine waters thinks that impeachment is simply a political weapon that can be used by one party against the other. it would demean the constitution and really undercut the power of impeachment when it's absolutely necessary. and i think ken starr has the right approach and i think in my book against impeaching trump i have the right approach and i hope americans will agree with that. >> sandra: professor alan dershowitz, great to get your perspective this morning. thank you. >> bill: in a moment the fda is taking action in the face of a spike in use of e-cigarettes by teenage americans. what the commissioner is urging manufacturers to do or else. po.
8:50 am
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8:53 am
>> bill: warnings of the government flavored e-cigarettes soon could be banned by the fda pulling the products due to an uptick of teenage use in america. marc siegel. first the news, tell us why it's happening. >> this is happening because the fda discovered oats an epidemic among our youth under the age of 18. 10 states you can legally use e-cigarettes and in the other 40 states they're getting marketed to them anyway via the internet. the fda is targeting five manufacturers which it hasn't done before. the five are responsible for 97% of the e-cigarette market.
8:54 am
the fda is angry because they think they're marketing them in ways youth will use them. they look like something you could plug into a computer and look cool. the fda is sending warnings. 60 days to change your ways. >> bill: so you can show you aren't targeting minors. a statement he got from the fda. while we remain committed to advancing policies that promote the a-- that work can't come at the expense of kids. we cannot allow a whole new generation to become addicted to nicotine. what is the attraction to an e-cigarette? is it easier to access? does it appear to be less harmful to individuals? what is it? >> that's where it starts. it starts where it has a great flavor, where other kids are using it. now 11% of high schoolers are using it. it has gone up almost 1,000% over the last four years alone according to the u.s. surgeon
8:55 am
general. almost 1,000%. your friend is using it, you are using it. the rub is a university of pittsburgh study shows that once you start e-cigarettes over the next year and a half you are four times more likely to go to regular cigarettes. and you know why? because nicotine is addictive. once you are addicted to nicotine you'll get it wherever you can. >> bill: powerful the way you describe it. is an e-cigarette more potent? >> it varies. they are playing that game. there is a lot of nicotine in these cigarettes that aren't supposed to be there. a lot of e-cigarettes have enough nicotine to get you hooked and cigarettes have the same amount of nicotine or more. the next thing you know you have a tobacco product and on the road to lung cancer. let's get them hooked on e-cigarettes when they're young and they go over to tobacco. fda has been targeting the tobacco industry for a long
8:56 am
time. it has to go to the source. >> bill: 60 days those five companies have to give the fda an answer. >> they can do pre-market blocking on these companies and prevent them from getting it on the market and warning. >> bill: dr. marc siegel. thanks. >> sandra: forecasters saying hurricane florence could be the storm of a lifetime for some parts of the southeast coast. officials have a clear warning for people living there. get out now. the latest on the path of this monster storm next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa!
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>> two hours away from another upsdat from the national hurricane center, we'll see where she, go charting the storm. we did not expect the news that we woke up this morning about this jog to the left and southwest. we'll wait and see -- >> the major forecasters say it does not look good, get out. are you heading there. >> we have a big team, we'll
9:00 am
split our broadcast tomorrow, friday, saturday. hoping for the best. you'll see folks on-camera, a lot of folks that you will not see behind camera working really hard to help bring the story. >> important to cover it, thank you for doing that. outnumbered starts right now. >> fox news alert on the beast of a hurricane, barrelling straight for the carolinas. people have been warned to prepare for the worst and it could be long-lasting because of all of the rain. leave nothing to chance is what authorities are telling people on the ground. you're watching "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. melissa francis, town hall contributor katie pavlich, democrat strategist jessica tarlove, and the center seat, chairman of the american conservative union and former white house political director for president george w. bush, matt schlaff, outnumbered. >> great to be here. >> harris: we'll do some


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