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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  September 17, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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with judge kavanaugh. if we do, we will bring that to you. otherwise, i will see you at 4:00 p.m. eastern on fox business with david as men. that does it for us that outnumbered over time. i'm melissa. here is dana. >> dana: president trump the dispute for the first time since a woman accusing the supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh, of sexual assault came forward. hello, everyone, i am dana perino and disses "the daily briefing." ♪ the president could adjust the kavanaugh situation, as democrats call for a delay while the allegations are fully investigated. kavanaugh, again, issuing a strong denial and saying that he is willing to testify. the lawyer for his accuser says that she, too, is willing to speak before the senate judiciary committee. counselor to the president, kellyanne conway, saying we must hear christine blasey ford's story. >> she should not be ignored, she should not be ignored dumb i
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consulted, she should be heard, and so should he. it should be weighed with the considerable body of evidence that this man has about his character, integrity, temperament, exceptional qualifications. many women in his life, right, left, and center, ideologically, who have testified and said that. >> dana: john roberts is live on the white house on a busy monday. john? >> good afternoon. we will hear from the president shortly. i would be surprised if he says anything about this, because the white house really wants the senate judiciary committee and the judge to handle all of this. judge kavanaugh has been at the white house since about 10:00 this morning. he is often over here. clearly, the circumstances under which he is having meetings with white house officials today are a lot different than they were before this allegation came out. one of the first things the judge did this morning was to release a statement saying "this is a completely false allegation. i have never done anything like what the accuser describes to her or to anyone. because this never happened, i
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have no idea who was making this accusation until she identified herself yesterday. i'm willing to talk to the senate judiciary committee in any way the committee deems appropriate and defend my integrity." christine blasey ford's attorney says that her client describes it as an attempted sexual assault. listen here. >> she clearly considers this intended rate. she believes that if it were not for the severe intoxication of brett kavanaugh, she would have been raped. >> the question is how it unfolds. the white house is up to the judiciary committee to what happens next. the judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley seemed a little vague on what might lie ahead. he said "the standard procedure for updates to any nominee's background investigation file is to conduct separate follow-up calls with relevant parties. in this case, that would entail
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phone calls with at least judge kavanaugh, and dr. ford. consistent with that practice, i asked senator feinstein's office yesterday to join me in scheduling this follow-up. this thus far they have refused. as a necessary step. i will continue working to set them up." even white house officials tell fox news that some sort of hearing before the senate judiciary committee is likely. what's going to have to happen here, because if they weren't one, they would howl that the american public is not finding out what is going on. it's not getting a chance to hear from either the judge or from christine blasey ford. if it were behind closed doors meaning, that would probably be open to criticism as well. the white house is concerned that if you were to have an open-ended public hearing, that would turn into a circus environment. so maybe something that sort of a tight public hearing with a limited number of questions may be something that they are going for. they are trading some new ground, here, dana.
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it's going to take some time to figure this out. i figure it's probably a safe bet to say that the vote that was scheduled on this confirmation in the judiciary committee on thursday probably won't happen. >> dana: thank you for that. let's talk about this with brit hume, fox news senior political analyst, and chris, the politics editor. the editor of halftime report. if i could start with you, because i wondered if you had a little deja vu all over again when you saw this news break over the weekend. then, you have senator collins of maine tweet that came out in a short time ago. "professor ford and judge kavanaugh should both testify under oath before the judiciary committee. in addition to that, she said she's going to speak outside of her office on camera at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. what might she say? >> i have no idea what she's going to say. i assume she will affirm that this episode occurred, and the parallels, i must say, when you mention deja vu, to the clarence thomas and anita hill situation are really quite striking.
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it was very late in the process when anita hill came forward with this allegation of improper conversations from clarence thomas to her. that resulted in a last minute hearings of which he testified, to the point, dana, where we had a hearing at one time on a sunday in the senate judiciary committee. i remember being at a football game, i was assigned to the white house so i didn't have to cover the hearing. i never missed a word. i was at the game watching the redskins play, i can't member against him. i had the game in front of me, and the hearing. on the radio, had said said in my ear. intense times, they were. in the end it was kind of a standoff. anita hill couldn't prove her allegations, clarence thomas -- although he certainly denied them -- never could disprove them. it ended up in kind of a standoff. he got confirmed. >> dana: john roberts point that he does mention, the white house is allowing the judiciary committee to decide how to move forward.
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with what type of a hearing they might have. can you remind us -- in 1991, was there close testimony and then public testimony after that? >> i don't remember whether there was any dust or might been staff interviews. i don't remember any -- all i remember was the public hearing, in the old caucus room. i guess the judiciary committee isn't using that anymore. many famous earrings that occurred there. in the end, of course, it was thomas who basically said "look, this is a lynching. a lynching of an uppity black man." that seem to scare the daylights out of some of the democrats on the committee. the democrats held a senate, 66 to 44. thomas said that being confirme confirmed. republican senator from pennsylvania who we remember, arlen specter, he had been the prosecutor and was noted cross-examine her. he cross-examined anita hill and called her a perjurer. he publicly called her a perjurer. i don't think there is a
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snowball's chance that any such accusation will be hurled at this witness in this current "me too" atmosphere. >> dana: if i could turn to you, chris, you had senator jeff flake early on over the weekend say "i am uncomfortable moving forward with a "yes" vote until we hear from ford." it sounds like senator grassley is trying to do just that. he put out a statement saying that he has tried to figure out a time to do some phone call interviews, but that senator feinstein is not responding. >> look, we are on pause. nothing is going to happen here until the testimony. it's got to happen. the consensus is forming. i know, from talking to some people in a position to know, that republicans want to get this -- they want to get on with this. democrats, interestingly, kind of want to get on with this, too. a lot of them are pushing for delay, there is a political consideration, here. if this seat remains open, if there is either an extended delay or the kavanaugh nomination is ultimately taken down, if the seat is open, that
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puts a red state democrats in a very difficult spot of having to argue to voters that they should be -- >> dana: let me get your take, and then britt as we wrap up. last week, on friday, would have thought that it would be likely you can get four or five democrats to go ahead and vote for kavanaugh because there is no real reason not to. do you think that has changed, regardless of what happens in this testimony? >> i think for claire mccaskill, things got a little harder in terms of being able to vote for kavanaugh. certainly come with her base and her supporters. there is another political consideration here, too, which is that republicans can't look like ogres and they can't look like they are brushing aside these considerations when it comes to persuading suburban women voters who are going to be watching how they handle this very, very closely. >> dana: brit, what should we be paying attention to the next 48 hours or so? >> first of all, i think, dana, that this is going to take a while. democrats will do everything they can to prolong the process.
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they'll want the fbi possibly to conduct some sort a full investigation, because remember, that's refined center for the matter. the fbi said they pass it on to the white house. but they would want to have some preparation for hearing. they would agree to hearing any time soon. they are open to solace to the point were getting into october, and if they could somehow solace past election, they get control of the senate, kavanaugh would never be confirmed. in a democratic held senate. so keep your eye on the senator, republican senators, may be persuadable when we are another. jeff flake, susan collins, lisa murkowski. that group. they are the ones to watch in the days, and i think it will be weeks, head. >> dana: very interesting. brit hume, and chris, thank you very much. fox news alert, north carolina is facing even more catastrophic
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flooding as florence moves north. the rivers are still rising. the storm cleaving the lines of at least 18 people, leaving hundreds of thousands without power. jonathan hunt's live outside monroe, north carolina. jonathan? >> good afternoon, dana. we are at the site where one of those 18 tragically lost his life. 1-year-old kayden lee welsch. has mom was driving with him along this road late last night, in the middle of those appalling rainstorms that we've driven through. the creek that you see beyond the trees having received all the way back there was raging at the time. these fields right in front of us were completely flooded, and the rain was coming over this road across here, you can actually see were part of the road got washed away by those waters. his mom was driving, her car got swept away, right across these fields. it is actually in that tree line
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right now. it's difficult to see from there. that's where the car is. the mom got out of the car. she was able to get out herself. she was trying to extricate her son from his car seat. at one point, she just simply lost group of him. those raging waters swept him away. a few hours ago, as we were hearing, deny, tragically, they found the body of 1-year-old kaiden lee-welch. just one of those 18 who has perished so far as a result of this extraordinary storm, hurricane florence. there is still a great threat, it's a beautiful day here in north carolina right now. there is still, officials tell us, a major threat from all these rivers which continue to rise and threaten major flooding. >> dana: that's heart breaking news, indeed. we are waiting on the white house, focusing on the american worker. president trump is that to make his first appearance since brett kavanaugh's accuser went public
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with her allegations. we will see if he says anything. plus, a prominent conservative group launching a new ad to help judge kavanaugh get confirmed. as the "me too" movement puts the nation's capital to the test. ♪ give us the work no one else wants to do. we don't just go against the grain. we grow it. give us the frontiers. the places where success is measured in pushed limits. give us the middle of nowhere. where the only map is your buddies' tread marks.
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introducing the all-new lexus es. every curve. every innovation. every feeling. a product of mastery. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> dana: fox news alert, the conservatives judicial crisis network watching a one and half million dollar atlas supporting supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. then, growing calls to delay his confirmation vote over an allegation of sexual assault when he was in high school. an advisor for the group sang "we are not going to allow a last-minute smear campaign to destroy a good and decent man who has an unblemished personal record." david goodfriend's former staff secretary to president bill clinton and david hoppe's former chief of staff fort house speaker paul ryan. good to have you both here. this is certainly a turn of
11:16 am
events. let me just start with you, david, since we have two david's here today. does it give you any pause that senator feinstein has this information in july and decided not to do anything with it in the 36 hours of testimony that brett kavanaugh provided to the committee? >> she was protecting the wishes of the woman who wrote the letter, who actually, initially, presented to a house member from california. the senator from california, dianne feinstein. both of these women, i think, were trying to protect the woman who, at that time, didn't want her identity made public. now that is passes. the woman has made this claim and is willing to testify publicly. that expends what we hear about it now. i will say this -- you mentioned it to run up of the segment that a conservative group is spending $1.5 million. they would not be spending that money if they weren't afraid that somehow this did have the ability, the capacity, to derail
11:17 am
the confirmation. i think that's really important. >> dana: david, to you, the issue is that the conservatives have learned long ago that they could lose someone in a nomination battle. such as robert borg. >> obviously, the bork situation, if you look back at clarence thomas 'situation. if you look just two weeks ago at committee hearings. tv is not good for the centage, ntp is not good for hearings. while things, senator grassley has said, should move forward and they should be interviewed by the fbi and under oath, both to testify before the committee. not on camera, in my opinion. what you need to do, as senator grassley said, he is confused about why the lawyer for this person, who didn't have to release the person's name, didn't come to him and the committee and try and contact him. or, senator feinstein didn't. they never had to release the name to do that. yet, they didn't come forward. that is a confusing thing for
11:18 am
senator grassley. he is concerned about that. why it sadly comes out at this time, and comes out in a way that almost forced this woman, senator feinstein forces women to reveal herself. >> dana: now, christine ford is saying that she would testify, and brett kavanaugh sitting same. take a listen to kellyanne conway, just one other sound bite from this morning that is important. >> it seems to me, speaking to a few senators including senator lindsey graham, that allowing this woman to be heard in the sworn testimony, allowing judge kavanaugh to be heard in sworn testimony, about the specific allegations, would be added to the very considerable amount of evidence and considerations that folks will have when they weigh whether or not to vote for judge kavanaugh to be on the supreme court. >> dana: david goodfriend, do you think that they would be any of those red-state democrats who are up for reelection who might have been on the fence about voting for kavanaugh? do you think that any of them will vote for him in the end,
11:19 am
now? >> was interesting as the republicans here, two republicans on the on the senate judiciary committee, senator flake from arizona, senator corker from tennessee, have both said that they need more time. the republicans on the committee say "we need more time." >> dana: i'm just curious if you think that -- >> sure, i understand. if you also have susan collins and lisa murkowski, two republicans, republican women, who have just said that they need to make up their minds about this, no red-state democrat is going to get ahead of those four republicans. i would say to you this -- if, indeed, the republicans on the committee -- and the republicans in the senate -- are raising their own concerns about spending the time to analyze this, there is no way that red-state democrats or anybody else for that matter would say "no, we think we should press ahead. we will vote for the guy." that's not going to happen. this one issue has given cover to those red-state democrats better than anybody else could have. >> dana: david, i will give you the last word. >> other david.
11:20 am
[laughter] >> dana: thank you. >> i think we will have both of them testify under oath, as it should, before the committee. on camera. that's the best way to do this. as we go through this, hopefully the whole record will be considered an everybody will get a chance to testify as they ought to come under oath. that's what kellyanne conway said this morning. i think she said it very well. >> dana: david and david, thank you very much. we will have you two david's back sometime. we are keeping an eye out on the white house, present trouble be making remarks for the first time since kavanaugh's accuser went public with her story. plus, more epic flooding in the carolinas as thousands remain trapped in their homes. we go live to one of the hardest-hit areas. up next. ♪ what does help for heart failure look like? ♪ the beat goes on. it looks like emily cooking dinner for ten. ♪ the beat goes on. it looks like jonathan on a date with his wife. ♪ la-di-la-di.
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>> dana: fox news alert, the coast guard working around-the-clock responding to florence, conducting operations to airlift people trapped in floodwaters that are still rising as thousands remain stranded and water-log neighborhoods. christina is live in lumberton, north carolina. i know that town fairly well, christina. how are people in those areas being evacuated? >> the driver of this boat actually knows who you are. what you are seeing right now is a completely submerged -- a submerged gas station. this is a rescue boat. a volunteer rescue boat that i am standing on right now. what we did over the past hour and a half as we went inside the rescue boat. people had called from the town of mayfair, a small community over here. there are a lot of people who live back here. they are asking for help. that's the unfortunate thing, though, is that they need to have their cell phones in order to call the rescue boat. they are in that area, so we took out a family, as well as a woman and her three pets.
11:25 am
she had a cat and two dogs. they were successfully put on the boat. he was inducing to see her walk out, because she is barely -- he had maybe one bag, but chose to bring her cat litter, all the dog food for pets, because that was her priority. what you're seeing in front of you is just a completely submerged gas station, and convenient store. there is an atm that is submerged. the water is so deep that there are two cars, you are unable to see if the moment because they are in the far distance, that we almost drove over with our boat that are completely submerged in water. we have been doing with the volunteers here, going around to make sure that nobody in the area needs any help. this is an actual highway. an actual highway, completely submerged in water, dana. >> dana: are there still people that are refusing to be evacuated? >> yes, that's the issue with a lot of people have spoken to over the past few days. they survived the previous hurricanes, so they feel they can read this one out. as you can see, it's a very,
11:26 am
very warm, it's a sunny day right now. but the concern is the sewage systems here all have been completely backed up. the water, just from this morning when we come out, has risen a little bit to the point right can't even see the atm sign anymore. the people we met that don't want to leave believe that they think the water will go down, because the weather supposed to get a little bit better further down than a week. they feel they have enough supplies, they have a generator, however, that's the issue. you just need one storm to change things around. that has been some of the people saying this is worse because of the flooding. this time around, the flooding is a lot worse. were going to head in the direction of there. that's the town of wayfarer, behind me. what you are seeing, the homes are behind the trees in the far distance. we wanted to give you perspective of just how deep the entire water is behind me. literally, the fact that we are going to go through a gas station right now, differently not tall enough to touch the ceiling but this is just one example of many areas in north carolina that are completely submerged.
11:27 am
really quickly, dana, i spoke to one person that was living here. he told me that a lot of his neighbors, they survive on services. they are within the service industry. when you think, almost everything is shut down in this area, there's been no power, the same thing with our hotels. where are they going to work in the near future? that has been the problem. this economy has been hit a few times in the past by storms. it seems to keep happening. >> dana: a lot of thanks to you. we'll be back in touch with you as the story continues. another powerful storm heading half a world away. hong kong trying to recover after a massive typhoon slams into the city with more than 100-mile-an-hour winds and 10-foot waves. tearing the roofs off of skyscrapers and flooding the city. the typhoon then moved north, killing four people in southern china and forcing the evacuations of more than 3 million people. the storm devastated the philippines on saturday, killing dozens and horrific mudslides.
11:28 am
a new war of words over russia, tough talk from ambassador haley. >> russian corruption is like a balance. if we are not careful, it will make its way to the incredibly y and effective as of the secured council itself >> dana: how the ambassador responded, and what sparked this back and forth. judge kavanaugh said he's ready to testify, and we're hearing the same thing from his accuser. is it the current version of the anita hill -- clarence thomas show down? >> i don't think she did on a whim or for political reasons. she has a great deal of credibility. >> he is a reluctant witness, which is even better. >> she said "don't make it public, i just think the committee ought to know." then it leaked, and she said "make it public."
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♪ we're in memphis, tennessee, a city with one of the highest increases of women-owned businesses in the u.s. it's really this constant juxtaposition when you're a mom and an entrepreneur. with more businesses starting every day,
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how do they plan for their financial wellness? i am very mindful of the sacrifices that i make. so i have to manage my time wisely. ♪ plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. >> dana: on the kavanaugh controversy, senator susan collins will speak in about an hour and a half, and address the brett kavanaugh allegations. the main republican who is considered a key swing vote called earlier for both kavanaugh and his accuser to testify. both said that they will. peter doocy is live on capitol hill. peter? >> dana, right now the chairman of the dues share committee, chuck grassley, is trying to convince the counterpart day and find sent to hop phone call with him with a cabin on one call and the keys on the other call to figure out some more
11:33 am
background information about what exactly is behind these allegations. so far, feinstein's office is refusing to schedule a call like that, grassley says. she is pressing ahead with a call for full fbi investigation into the allegations, and she is joined by all ten democrats on the judiciary committee. franzen says in a statement, in part, "all senators regardless of party should assist the nbi dome i get back to perform its fully investigate the background." jeff flake jones was done because of the committee and wanted to hear more information about these decades-old allegations. none of those ten democratic senators of the judiciary committee have been planning to vote for him in the committee, which is the next step before a full senate vote. all ten are now trying to stop the process for the second time. remember, democrats also tried to hold up the confirmation hearing because they didn't think you had enough documents from kavanaugh's work history. the road to advance kavanaugh out of the judiciary committee is supposed to be on thursday,
11:34 am
and if they are going to be public hearings before the outcome the clock is ticking. because the senate is out tomorrow night, and then all day wednesday for yom kippur. still, grassley says in a statement, anybody use comes forward as dr. fort has deserves to be heard. i will continue figuring out a way to hear her out and in the probate, precedented, and a special manner." republicans do continue to express skepticism as to why these allegations are just coming out now, when democrats had hours and/or hours of televised opportunities to ask kavanaugh about them. they also had a grand total come here in the senate, of 65 private meetings with the nominee. do not? >> dana: thank you for that. more on where this goes from here, with john. he's a former deputy assistant general in the bush justice department. diesels are a law professor at the university of california berkeley. no better guest, at this moment, for me. let me ask you this -- peter was just talking about what the senate judiciary committee should do. what do you think it should do?
11:35 am
>> i also come in my resume, had once been the general counsel of the senate judiciary committee. there has been a standard process to follow. you can send the fbi agents out to interview ms. ford under oath, and interview judge kavanaugh under oath. and report back to the judiciary committee. the leadership of the committee and the other members can decide whether more hearings are necessary or not. it may not be the case you need to have more hearings, but you want to find out what people are going to tell you under oath first. that said, i find -- i doubt that a lot new will turn up, because this happened so long ago. about 35 years ago. the only other corroborating witness who was there said it didn't happen. judge kavanaugh said it didn't happen. ms. ford doesn't remember a lot of details apparently, not even the year when it happen. i don't think you're going to have any new information that is going to make a difference. but the senator still may want to look judge kavanaugh on the eye, the amount done like me want to look ms. ford in there to make a judgment about
11:36 am
credibility. i don't think they should take longer than a week or two, at most. >> dana: is at the white house that has to ask the fbi to reopen the background investigation? >> the judiciary committee can ask. when the fbi does one of these background investigations, they are providing it to the white house but they are also providing it to the judiciary committee. the judiciary committee can ask -- they can't direct the fbi, as you mentioned, the fbi does work directly under the president. the president is the chief law enforcement officer. but the senate could also choose not to move forward unless the white house cooperates. >> dana: them to get to have a topic with you, because we originally booked you to talk about the first day of the second paul manafort child. but before we could get to that, paul manafort has pled guilty. let me read to you what it was written about him by aaron blake in "the washington post," saying that "michael cohen pleaded guilty to eight counts of his own. in doing so, he effectively named trump as an unindicted
11:37 am
coconspirator in a campaign finance violation. ratcheting up the term's legal problem significantly. it could become although it's possible to say with any certainty, that this changed the calculus or metaphor it and that you get, then, demand for pleading guilty." my question for you is, why would metaphor it plead guilty now rather than before his first try where he was convicted and is now a convicted criminal? >> dana, i'm afraid i don't buy that conspiracy theory. i don't actually think that cohen pleading two different crimes in a different jurisdiction really affected men afford to. i don't blame metaphor it for pleading out. i don't know why he tried to roll the dice on a long shot hope that he might get acquitted by the jury. i think he was guilty on the documents. i think the government had at the second child. i do blame him for one to avoid -- >> dana: you say you think there is good news for president trump in this plea, that manafort jested?
11:38 am
>> there's good news and bad news. this will continue the investigation. i would hope you would accelerate things by trying to cooperate with mr. mueller. the good news for president trump's, even with the plea, you don't see any claims or links between the trump campaign on the one hand and russia. i don't see any evidence, any facts out there about any kind of conspiracy to violate federal law. that's what mueller is really supposed to be investigating. >> dana: so you think of a president, if he wants to see this end, he needs to cooperate. his lawyers are telling him he would be a good idea. >> i think the best thing for the president, and the best thing for the country, dana, is to get the investigation over with as soon as possible. the more president trump fights with mueller, resists sitting down and answering questions, the longer this is going to go on. i think he could end this long national fight by sitting down with mr. mueller in answering the questions directly about what he did and what he didn't
11:39 am
do. president trump said he didn't do anything wrong, so he has nothing really to be afraid of by telling the truth to the american people on television. >> dana: manna manafort is deag with issues as well. all right, john, thank you. a fox news alert, escalating tensions at the united nations today over disagreements on north korea. david lee miller is a live in new york with more. >> and vassar nikki haley and her russian counterpart had a less than diplomatic verbal confrontation today at the security council. call it a cold war of words. discussions were taking place about a report of the new u.n. panel of experts on sanctions against north korea. she accuse the russians of preventing the original version from being released in order to cover up these alleged sanctioned by violations. she called russian corruption -- here, followed by the russian
11:40 am
response. >> deny, distract, and live. we have heard this same song many times before. whether it was eating the assad regime with chemical weapons, te attempted murder of two people with a dangerous and are vintage in the united kingdom, whether it was election meddling in the united states, which didn't work, by the way -- >> >> translator: you would like to refer to so much recently and other insinuations to you shower upon our country shamelessly were absent from our statement. >> this is not the first time that ambassador haley has called that russia, in a recent interview she said "we don't trust russia, we don't trust putin, we never will." next week, president trump is going to chair a u.n. security council meeting come on proliferation of weapons. north korea, syria, and iran are likely to be discussed. the bottom line, expect more
11:41 am
fireworks. >> dana: then we will check back in with you for that. >> the crisis in north carolina continues. catastrophic flooding and tornadoes are still claiming lives and property. the danger is still immediate. speed by north carolina's governor urging everyone to remain alert, as florence flattens a state more flooding. but our vulnerable communities taking that warning seriously? you can watch "the daily briefing" on social media, please join us, the confirmation is on twitter and instagram and facebook. that, you can find. ♪ (man) managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority.
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11:45 am
at how this could affect the confirmation process. that's top of the hour, armed "shepard smith reporting." we will see you then. >> dana: a few other stories you should know about. it's our daily three. a woman's daring escape from a border patrol agent revealed that he suspected through killer. a man dies after the first fatal shark attack in massachusetts and over 80 years. and, thousands of messages that residents go home after the explosions and fires set off last week from over pressurized gas lines. florence relief efforts could go on for months as devastating flooding remains a concern for home owners. evacuees are of wondering how long it will be until they can at home. >> it's going to be some time before we can get people in here, and all the resources we are going to need to clean this place up. it's going to happen. the river is going to crest tomorrow, and things will get better as we get more supplies in here and more people in here to help us. but it's a long haul.
11:46 am
>> dana: lieutenant general russell led the federal response to hurricane katrina, and i'm so pleased that he dreads me now. sir, i miss talking to you. tell me what you think about this storm, the recovery efforts that come. i know people will be impatient to try and get back home, but i think it's going to be a while before they can do so. >> last year, we thought we had seen the mother of all storms, harvey, irma, and then maria -- here comes the storm. and it is going on and on and on. the difference between this one and the other ones is the compounding effect of moving so slow and then dumping all that water, then the water has to work its way back through the rivers and go back to people who hadn't had the effects of the storm for 24 hours. now they've got the effects of the water. this will be one of the biggest water events we have seen since katrina. where water is destroying homes, exclusively. >> dana: is there something
11:47 am
that you learned after hurricane katrina that you think is useful that other local governments have figured out or state governments, and now the coronation with the federal government being so much better? do think that recoveries are better? i also want to give you a chance to talk about something that you write about in your book, about the fact that we are going to have more damage because we have more people living in these areas. >> right. you picked up on that. we have got more and more homes being built in the flood zones. baton rouge, in 2016, had a big flood. we put at least three new subdivisions in places that flooded in 2016. those places are going to flood again, and it's going to be more of a pressure on the national flood insurance program to try and recover from that. that is a whole separate show we need to talk about some time, but in the case of what is happening right now, this is -- and about 36 hours, the most dangerous parts of this will be over with.
11:48 am
we've got cities of people in their homes now will be flooded tomorrow. because the worst part of this thing may be tomorrow, not what we have seen so far. that is the danger of this big runoff water going back out to the ocean. as far as recovery, we are going to have to find new ways to do that, because it's taking too long for people to get back in their homes. >> dana: you right in your book of a compromise infrastructure across the united states is a serious threat to national security. and it is made worse by changing weather patterns and city springing up where they perhaps don't belong. the fact that we are failing in our duty to protect our own people is not just stupid, it's shameful and grossly negligent. but completely reversible if we could muster up the will to address these issues. do you think that is a state government or federal government concern? >> that is a federal government, and it has been kicked down the road by at least four presidents. nobody has taken it on. that interstate 95, that is flooded, dana? that should not be flooded. it's billed at an elevation.
11:49 am
most of 95 is built off the ground. it has flooded before, the last time, that highway should still be carrying people between north and the south. between miami and all the way up to new york. >> dana: but an economic reason to want to get it improved. >> you got it. we've got to fix our infrastructure. because it's going to affect our economy. >> dana: i think there's probably a lot of people who agree with that. what would you start? do you think it's roads, bridges? is that the? zoning? you got to do it all, but we to pay more changes done like zoning. we've got homes that have fled multiple times, and the insurance program to rebuild those homes. you flood ones, you either have to raise your home where he got to move. because it has broken the national flood insurance program. is a shame, we got to fix that. >> dana: that's an interesting thing, because a lot of people don't even realize. a lot of times people don't have that insurance, but there's a big fight in congress.
11:50 am
at that of the day, no changes were made. to that national flood insurance program. your point, sir, i will give you the last word. we just have more of a kick of the ball down the road. >> yes, ma'am. we got to pause and fix it. guess what? we'll create a lot of jobs here in america fix our infrastructure. >> we know that's music to a lot of workers' ears if we can get it done on the will government side. lieutenant general russell, it's opposer to have you. the president of south korea has a third meeting with north korea's kim jong. it will be on the dataquest rug will have a live report upgh ne. ♪ i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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>> dana: kim jong un meets with the south korean counterpart tomorrow. in their third summit just this year, and greg palkot is live in london with more. what can we expect, greg?
11:54 am
>> dana, this all comes mid stalled talks on the nuclear matter between the united states and north korea. president moon jay union, starting tomorrow to meet with kim jong un and kim jong un and pyongyang. that will be three days they will be meeting. it will be intense. it will be in depth, and it will come according to moon and comments today, an effort to -- these are his words -- to reach a middle ground between the u.s. demands for a denuclearization, and north korea's call for a formal into the 70 year old korean war. that, dana, appears to be the sticking point. kim jong un feels that he has already made enough concessions. the united states has totally morbid coat donica forgets point. it's probably why kim has been making a direct pitch to president trump for yet another summit between the two of them. trump seems to be willing to do that. he'd been talking to my search,
11:55 am
but they wonder what can be achieved another summit. meanwhile, there is an important new report today, dana, that backs up some third party we've been during the last couple of weeks saying basically that while he talks, they've been building up the nuclear arsenal. we reported as many as eight bombs have been weighted built, as well as new missiles us and them up in the sky and may be down. david singer in a "new york times" report said that perhaps north korea sticky new approach now, not muscle-flexing about its nuclear arsenal, because they want to get concessions from the united states. but come all the while, becoming a more dangerous thing. >> dana: and hiding it. thank you for that we will keep in touch. hundreds trapped in floodwaters, help some people got out safely. ♪
11:56 am
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the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at ♪ >> dana: hurricane florence dropping historic rainfall
11:59 am
on the carolinas as we have been telling you. the flooding disaster trapping many people in their homes. and the good news is many people jumped in to help their neighbors. volunteer boaters going from home to home to get people out. >they have been awesome. if not, we would be stuck upstairs for the next how long i have no idea. i'm very grateful and i thank every one of them for their service and i hope they stay safe for the rest of the week. >> dana: hundreds of people and pets have been rescued from flooded homes. help won't stop. red cross many one of the many organizations helping with rescue efforts. team rubicon who we have had on as guests daily briefing several times they're out there as well. meanwhile, we are waiting for president trump to speak. he is in a meeting first meeting american worker group he has put together. what you are looking at there senator collins office, the senator from maine. she set to speak around 4:00 p.m. and will address brett kavanaugh confirmation hearings and the allegations
12:00 pm
of sexual assault and what will be done about it. so, stay tuned for that we have more for you at 4:00 and on "the five" at 5:00. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm dana perino. here is shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in north carolina where what's left of florence continues to kill. among the latest confirmed victims a 1-year-old boy whose mom couldn't hang on to him. when the water caught her car. now, forecasters say in some spots the worst flooding is yet to come. >> they're talking about flying in food and water because of roads being blocked by floodwaters. >> shepard: ahead, a look at the devastation from the air. and reporters in the middle of it on the ground. let's get to it. >> shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> shepard: breaking news we are waiting to hear from president trump at any moment now. his first public remarks since we learned of sexual


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