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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  September 18, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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putting this book together. this is exactly the book you need. >> melissa: we will meet back here and fight about it. at noon eastern, maybe tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: you just saw it playing out live, president trump saying he still supports his supreme court choice amid new sexual misconduct allegations, and he went after democrats for their handling of the situation. saying judge brett kavanaugh's "outstanding" and is anxious to hear his name. he and his accuser have been invited to testify before lawmakers on monday. still waiting to hear from her, we will see what happens. the president also criticized democrats for how they handled the entire situation. >> it's a terrible thing that this information wasn't given to us months ago and they got it, they could have done that
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instead of waiting until everything was finished. that's what the democrats do, its obstruction, it's resistanc resistance. >> harris: democrats on the hill are demanding the fbi reopen judge kavanaugh's background investigation to look into misconduct claims before holding that hearing. democrat chris it's on the disciplinary committee. >> it's important if the senate judiciary committee is to weigh the testimony, to have what other evidence can be reasonably uncovered by the law enforcement professionals and the fbi. >> harris: let's get to peter doocy with the latest from capitol hill. >> republicans are hiding in majority leader mitch mcconnell's office trying to hash out what's going to happen if professor ford doesn't show up for the hearing on monday. she still hasn't rsvped but the judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley is moving forward like it's going to happen and he's trying to come up with ways
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to make up for the fact that all 11's of the republicans to question her are men. >> it's been suggested that because all members of the republican side are white men, that you ought to appoint a special counsel to conduct the questioning of professor ford should she appear. any consideration to that? >> i would say that everything could be considered now and all of those things are being taken into consideration. >> we just cut team at caught up with an undecided senator lisa murkowski and it sounds like she is hanging her vote on what she hears next monday. >> i think that's exactly why we have this process, before the committee, to determine that. all i have is what you have,
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which is the letter. but we have a woman who has come forward, she deserves to be heard, it's important that her voice and her story is shared and determinations will be made at that point. >> other republicans have raised eyebrows about why senator dianne feinstein sat on the allegations for six weeks. democrats believe she did the right thing by the accuser. >> she was not only fearful for what it would do to her life but the life of her children and it was only later in the process that she released senator senator feinstein to make this public, and that's when it happened. >> republicans are insistent, it should happen next monday when they wanted to happen. lindsey graham was just asked about the possibility that monday may not be a good time
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for dr. ford and graham said the committee is running the hearing, not her lawyer lawyer. >> harris: new developments while you are talking to us, for more on what we can expect, let's bring in mike warren, senior writer for "the weekly standard." good to see you. we are learning that there is a group led by senator blumenthal, they want to reach out to the white house counsel to see what he knew about the situation. >> i think there is clearly an effort here to draw out this process as best they can, that tracks with what democrats have done throughout this process. and i guess we will have to see whether he cooperates, what he knew beforehand, although it's sort of beggars belief that had he known something about this that it would've gone to this
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point, of kavanaugh getting the nomination, he's a somebody who would have been advising the president about who to nominate. i think, harris, the more important issue is not the politics being played around this but a very specific and practical question, judge kavanaugh has denied categorically that anything like what professor ford alleges in the letter, that he did anything like this. either in high school or otherwise. that seems to be the big question here, that additional questioning ought to be trying to elicit. >> harris: i'm curious to know what you think democrats are looking for in total in terms of evidence, the fbi has looked at this, we know the statute of limitation has run out, you have to have some strong evidence at this point anyway but what do you think they are looking for? a pattern or what? what gets to the point where this gets pushed off the calendar completely? that's what they want but what accomplishes that?
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>> i don't know because we are not dealing with something that is a criminal case, it's political. this is a decision made by the senate and i think what they are looking for is casting doubt on kavanaugh's character and if there is a pattern, which this is all being talked about in the context of the metoo movement, what's been remarkable is these men who have been credibly accused have been credibly accused by many women of improper sexual assault, that has been to the metoo's boon that they have been credible and they've shown a pattern. if they can show a pattern with judge kavanaugh, i think that helps the case, particularly as we are hearing now, we are not going to hear anything more from professor ford if she decides not to go and speak to the judiciary committee. >> harris: i want to talk
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about women's voices in general and how they are perceived politically because i understand what you are saying, if there is a pattern, we've seen with others that what it took was more women coming out as potential victims. what about women on the other side who support judge kavanaugh, these are not women who just met him for a minute, these are women from inside the george w. bush presidency, inside the white house, worked on the staff with brett kavanaugh, coming out in the letter to senators, saying look, consider our point of view, the white house is a tight space, we get to know each other and they vouch for his character. the white house looking to some of those women. i'm curious to understand, don't their voices count, too? >> sure, i think anybody with anything to speak to brett kavanaugh's character or his actions has a voice here and of course women can disagree about these things and it also only takes one event. maybe i should revise what i
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said, i think the other thing that has made the metoo actions, and gave them legs, at the specificity in the details. we don't have a lot of details about this particular incident. we don't have even the date, the house where this party supposedly happened, the fact that these other women are coming out and giving character assessments doesn't mean what professor ford said didn't happen. but they are details on the sort of pro kavanaugh side of the ledger and what we need from all of this are more details that would suggest one way or the other is the truth in this question. >> harris: mike warren, thank you very much, always good to see you. i want to talk more about this issue, the white house is said to be looking to women who will attest to kavanaugh's character, cnn is reporting that officials are reaching out to as many as
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65 of those women who wrote that letter in support of the judge and two of his former girlfriends who defended him last night on this network. watch. >> he was nothing but kind and polite and respectful. i've known him since high school, i dated him briefly in college and we have remained close friends ever since. >> harris: my next guest, a veteran of those kind of strategy sessions, ari fleischer served as white house press secretary for president george w. bush and his fox news contributor now. what if this woman does not show up on monday, this alleged victim now, they have not heard from her and there is a meeting going on right now in mitch mcconnell's office talking about what happens next. >> i find it baffling that she hasn't already accepted. i understand brett kavanaugh, somebody was quoted saying he is
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chomping at the bit, he wants to speak. if you are accused of something you didn't do, you're an actual reaction is to want to address it. if you make an accusation under hesitant to go forward, it can raise doubt. i'm sure she will testify on monday. if she doesn't i think republicans must go forward and vote immediately. that tells you everything you know if she will not step forward and he does. >> harris: take us inside the white house from your experience and perspective on how much conversation is going on between the current president and staff and majority leader mitch mcconnell, that's important to know. >> i think in large part this is being driven by the senators in mitch mcconnell, this is a senate decision. the only decision the white house makes is who are they nominating and helping the nominee get prepped. the decision on how to proceed and when to proceed is an institutional senate decision. it's their body making that
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decision. and i think they are wise to proceed while giving her time, when the story broke, saying she deserves to be heard and she is being afforded that opportunity which is important, we need to hear from her. that's why i can't imagine she will not step forward having made the accusation. >> harris: the president says the fbi should not be involved in investigating kavanaugh, let's watch. >> i don't think the fbi should be involved because they don't want to be involved. if they wanted to be i would do that but they say this is not really their thing. i think politically speaking, the senators will do a very good job, they are going to open it up and they will do a very good job. >> harris: the fbi said it handed over some of its notes and documents to the white house already. >> listen, harris, everybody knows this will be a judgment made by senators on the basis of
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what she says and the basis of what kavanaugh says, that's a political decision. this is not going to be csi where they find evidence 35 years later. i think the real issue is what the democrats are trying to do, protect their senators and red states so they don't devote before election day. that's what's driving all of this and the democrat hope they can take back the senate and force republicans to either do this in a lame duck or not do it at all. that's what's driving the whole timetable the democrats want to delay and come up with every excuse they can and that's not the way our system should work. republicans have control of the senate, they should proceed. >> harris: i want to know what you think should be the white house strategy on this and how you think they're doing with their messaging. >> the white house strategy is going to be to let kavanaugh talk and i think people will see, it's human nature and it has nothing to do with being in government, if you are accused
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of something you did not do people can read it, they can see it when you talk about it, when you're eager and want to talk about it because you want to defend yourself and i think a similar thing is true about professor ford. people will gauge her and react to her. one thing i will be sure to do if i were the senate judiciary committee, i need the voice of women. a bunch of old white men asking these questions, they need the voice of women. allow women to ask questions directly, the senator needs to say here are the questions i received from senator collins, these are their questions. >> harris: interesting. there was an idea that we talked about with jason chaffetz last hour, a b you hire a female attorney, somebody on the staff of one of the senators to come ask the questions but what you are saying is no, purpose your elected officials to have them come from women, that's fascinating. i want to give you the last word on that.
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>> these senate hearings do have flexibility, they can bring in a council, that's been done before. the point is that i think if you are a woman and you've gone through something, questioning is important, the empathy expressed in the questioning which still has to get to the truth is important and republicans would strengthen their hand if it came from a woman, i think it would strengthen the credibility of their ability to ask a witness important and empathetic questions. >> harris: and telegraph to women over the country that the process with respect from everybody's perspective and understanding the moment we are having right now, it gets the truth out there hopefully. sunlight being the best disinfectant, let's hope that's what we get is the truth. good to see you, thank you. china heading back after president trump announced he will slap new tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese imports. details on the latest move and
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what it could mean for the midterm elections. a special guest coming up, it's going to be great. plus, president trump ordering the justice department to declassify documents related to the russia investigation, including text messages from former top officials. what they now could reveal about the origins of that whole investigation. >> you're going to find out if there was any collusion, the fbi, fusion gps, and attempt to bring down president trump before he was elected during this campaign. trying your best p to buy your own home someday. today is that day. because, by using your spouse's va home loan benefit, you could buy a home with no down payment. no. down. payment. at newday usa, you don't have to save up to move up. why rent when you can buy?
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>> harris: fox news alert, president trump is ordering the declassification of documents related to the fbi's russia investigation. this will include 20 pages of the surveillance application. the president is also directing the department of justice to release text messages, related to the russia probe. republican congressman mike mccall voicing his support for the president's decision, watch. >> when i worked there, you didn't wear your political stripes. it was a badge of honor to be
10:20 am
nonpolitical and i've never seen this kind of politics and the fbi department. the fact that they used political opposition research is evidence to get a warrant to spy on an american citizen is so extraordinary, i think it calls for transparency. >> harris: the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee, adam schiff called the move a "clear abuse of power." catherine herridge and i was details. >> we are going to get to adam schiff in just a minute but a short time ago we heard from the president and what he told reporters is that based on what he's been briefed and read in the media, he feels it's time to throw all the records out there for the american public to decide. >> i want total transparency. this is a witch hunt, republicans are seeing it, the democrats know it's a witch hunt but they don't want to admit it because it's not good politics
10:21 am
for them. it's hurt our country and the things that have been found over the last couple of weeks about text messages back and forth are a disgrace to our nation. >> the house intelligence committee's ranking democrat adam speaks for many of his party, as you mention he called the presidents declassification paul call an abuse of power. he says to protect sources and methods, draw a redline and refuse the presidential order. >> they are going to have to stand up to this president and say no. they are not going to release material that they have committed to keep confidential to protect people. >> the president says russia-related texts from former senior fbi leadership release without redaction, no sections
10:22 am
blacked out. these texts are expected to shed more light on two tracks, an effort to build obstruction case against the president and so-called insurance policy that's discussed in their text messages two months before the presidential election. a source close to the review process tells fox news that the records are out to the agencies for review right now, they will recommend redaction's to shield sources and methods. when reviews are over, the recommendations will go to the white house and president trump can accept or reject the recommendations because he is the ultimate declassification authority. based on executive order as well as supreme court precedent. republicans want the results in the public domain in days, not weeks. >> if the leader of the free world, the president of the united states who has had to deal with this nonsense for this long, if he orders it done this shouldn't take more than a few days. but we are ready for it to take
10:23 am
more than a few days. >> if folks a home want to know how they'll be able to read these documents, the best information we have is the physical release of the documents is going to be standard to what we've seen in the past, think about the freedom of information act request, they've been posted to the fbi's web site so we should expect something similar this time around as well. >> harris: that's very helpful to know. thank you very much. republican congressman mike turner sits on the house intelligence committee and he is up on the mezzanine today. let's start with this idea of sources and methods, what are the sources and methods democrats are so concerned about being revealed in the process of declassifying these documents? >> i don't think they are worried about their sources and methods so much as their ability to conjecture and talk about these documents, the public being able to read them themselves. there are in some intelligence materials real sources and methods issues you have to be
10:24 am
concerned about and that goes to whether we have technology or access to a certain venue that gives us information we would not have, an individual cooperating with the united states, we want to protect their name but in this instance what we've learned is that the materials that were first used were actually opposition research materials funded by hillary clinton's campaign and the democratic national committee themselves. there is no sources or methods there to that need protecting. we know who the text messages are by and between, it's laughable for them to be saying this is an abuse of power, it's within the president's power and it's going to be a process to review these documents to determine if there's anything inadvertent that would have been disclosed by their full release. >> harris: what is your response to the accusation that this is an abuse of power by the president? >> is laughable because it's
10:25 am
within his power to determine those items that need to be classified are not classified. >> harris: are you surprised it's taken this long for the president to do this? there were strong calls for him to do it so we could see exactly the origins of the russia investigation. >> absolutely and i think on the republican side, many of us have called for their declassification. i believe the american public needs the opportunity to read these rather than hear cnn, msnbc, fox news have people on, they need to be able to have them and read them and see that this was an abuse. >> harris: have you had them and read them? >> yes and i tell you, anyone who loves the constitution will find this whole process shocking. that here we have a secret court that documents were used that were funded by a political campaign, opposition research to get surveillance approval against another political
10:26 am
campaign. i've drafted a bill that would prohibit that but i think most people would say that's a violation, that's not what we would expect these courts to do. >> harris: i've got to slow you down, you had to draft a bill to keep this from happening? you think it will happen again? we are still investigating what happened this time, why are you so concerned? what is going on on the hill that makes what you're saying possible again and furthering out to these agencies? >> people say there's nothing wrong with this, the politically funded off a opposition materials can be used as soul evidence. there were no other materials being used to prove the veracity of the materials. if that's possible, and it's okay, then it's okay in any presidential campaign, donald trump can do it to his next opponent and so on down the line. we then have they have the politicization of the intelligence community, and
10:27 am
that's just wrong. >> harris: quick question for you, leaks and to many, your thoughts on it? >> if someone reads a classified material and lies to the press about what's in it, they haven't committed a crime. it's only if you leak the actual classified material, so the public are left with information that is inaccurate and wrong. this will give them an opportunity to look at the information and decide. >> harris: glad to have you on the set and see you in person. the trade war is escalating as china strikes back against president trump's biggest wave of tariffs yet. what could it mean for the midterm elections? charles payne is on neck on deo weigh in. stay close.
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>> harris: let's get the latest on florence, the death toll has risen to at least 34, forecasters warning the flooding will get worse in the coming days, rivers rising and expected to crest at record levels. president trump is expected to tour some of the hardest hit areas tomorrow. rick leventhal is live for us in wilmington, north carolina. >> 1 of 3 food and water distribution points where the city says it is serving 60,000 residents a day. they are weary but grateful to get 1-2 cases of water, military meals ready-to-eat per vehicle. they are also getting tarps to help those in those cases to protect damaged roofs. 100,000 still without power across the state and that means basic services are in high demand, including ice. we saw a long line at a nearby ice store earlier today, folks waiting 90 minutes or more to buy the ice there.
10:33 am
$4 for 20 pounds of ice, they were selling 1,000 bags of it a day or more, it's a necessity to keep their food cold if they have any food so they can keep the power back on and the floodwaters continue to rise, may not crest until early next week. flash flood warnings are in effect, the death toll continues to climb as people try to drive through some of the high water areas. speaking of which, authorities are telling us there is still no safe and reliable way in and out of wilmington for the public to use. they are using one route to get supplies in here but 1000-year-olds 1,000 roads closed across the state. trying to at least give the residents something to eat and drink while they at least ride this thing out. >> harris: thank you very much for the update. that's tough. china pushing back against new u.s. tariffs by imposing
10:34 am
punitive measures of its own targeting $60 billion worth of u.s. goods. president trump accusing beijing of trying to sway the midterms with this latest move. the president commented on the new round of tariffs. >> we can't -- i have been telling him, we can't let it happen. we may make a deal at some point but we just composed $200 billion, as a retaliation, we are going to kick in another $257 billion. that will also be at 25%. >> harris: let's make some sense as i like to say, where are we with the dow? >> the dow is up, being led by sensitive names like boeing or
10:35 am
caterpillar. an interesting reaction, counterintuitive if you look at the headlines, financial publications in the media. even overnight, china's market was up, their shanghai market was up almost 2%. there is a couple of theories. one is that perhaps the escalation of this gets us closer to a resolution. also the 10% tariffs announced weren't 25%. there is a few things that work here. >> harris: is there a time to get this to the point where it is not so escalated? you always hear time is running short, you know the component china plays in north korea to denuclearize. is there a timetable we should be aware of? >> it could be to date -- the ceo of alibaba said it could take 20 years.
10:36 am
this week or in a year, 2,038. i think it could be resolved fairly quickly and i think there is a lot at stake for both countries. i do believe that we have the advantage and i think if we were ever going to fight this fight, which is long overdue, this would be the time to do it. >> harris: what would you say to those companies that are feeling the pinch of these tariffs that we are putting forward in this process? >> the smaller companies that are involved, it is tough. the one thing i set from the very beginning as the white house should articulate over and over that this will be tough. i'm happy president trump address this today in a tweet, there are retaliation efforts being taken by china and other countries that specifically target trump voters. those are against wto rules, punching under the belt. when there is company like apple, i think it's disingenuous. they are going to be able to save more than $39 billion on
10:37 am
profits from overseas, last quarter they saved $1.3 billion. let's just say $45 billion in the calendar year. their phones went up 19% year-over-year. corporations i think shouldn't bellyache and i think should be a part of the process. maybe bring some manufacturing back and trade some americans. >> harris: short on time, mexico, how does that play a role on tariffs? >> it was a great role, put some pressure on canada, we can go for front with all of our trading partners after china. >> harris: this is so helpful. the president is speaking on this today and continues to. thanks for stopping by, appreciate it. the white house and republicans defending the president's supreme court nominee as democrats vow to make decades-old assault allegations an issue against judge brett kavanaugh. no reports of g.o.p. concerns that it could hurt the party in
10:38 am
the midterm election. the power panel weighs in, close. ♪ lstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands?
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>> harris: we are awaiting a press conference now with president trump and his polish counterpart, they are inside the oval office today and meeting here. he already has in the last hour and could do it again, the president last hour took a shot at democrats as well, accusing them of springing these allegations at the last minute, watch. >> this is a terrible thing that took class and it's frankly a terrible thing that this information wasn't given to us a long time ago, months ago, when they got it. instead of waiting until everything was finished and springing it, but that's what the democrats do. it's obstruction, its resistance, whatever you have to do. >> harris: dan heninger, deputy editor of "the wall street journal"'s
10:43 am
editorial page, judy miller, both fox news contributor's. let's investigate. we may or may not find out from each person what happened all those years ago, if anything happened, because we have yet to hear from the alleged victim in this case. go. >> i think what the republicans clearly want to avoid here, this is a republican nightmare, a repeat of 1991 anita hill. if there is another instance of which you get a bunch of old white men cross-examining a woman about attack or accusations thereof, and they are insulting or questioning her character, this is going to rebound very badly for republicans and that's why the president himself has been so cautious, talking about letting the process work, it's terrible that the democrats did this but he knows that vulnerable republicans are the ones he has to worry about right now.
10:44 am
>> i guess the idea is republicans are vulnerable to women voters out there. it remains to be seen, this is an unprovable accusation that happened a long time ago and i think it's entirely possible that if some of these republican senators came in and pull back for nominations, republican base will be furious for allowing an accusation like this to take down or supreme court nominee. >> harris: how do you play this politically? >> i think the way they are playing it. what democrats insist upon was a hearing for dr. ford. >> harris: one thing i would add, they are asking for more witnesses and that -- i don't know if they can pull that together, i guess there's a lot of time between now and monday. >> they are trying to delay that nomination, push it back.
10:45 am
>> harris: what does that accomplish? >> it accomplishes the possibility that it could go past the election and the senate will turn to the democrats and they will say it would not go forward. they are trying to kill president trump's ability to nominate an individual to the supreme court. >> harris: you believe the demand that they could because that kind of a delay? almost a two month delay by pressing this forward? even the fbi has said we handed over the documents, statue of limitations has run out, not a lot of evidence. >> i don't think this is a legal issue. this is an effort by democrats to use the allegations and prolong the process and hope something will change in november. i agree but i think it's important that she be heard. this is not 1991, we will not
10:46 am
have someone being called -- that's us of that happens today. >> harris: one of the topics they were talking about insanity senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's office. >> i think judge kavanaugh will be confirm for it with. >> harris: there's all these unprovable's, we saw with the anita hill case, but what does it do to the process? >> i think it damages the process, consider, this is a nomination to the supreme court of the united states, the essence of the rule of law in this country and what is going on here is the absence of the rule of law. no evidence, it's simply a verbal accusation. >> harris: we are hearing from women in that letter, people who worked in a tight pool inside
10:47 am
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>> hi, everyone, i'm dana perino, president trump is about to hold a news conference at the white house where we expect questions about the allegations against judge brett kavanaugh. plus new information from a source who has been in touch with him since the accuser came forward. senate republicans meeting right now to discuss the strategy from monday's hearing, mitch mcconnell will take reporters questions and we will have that for you, too, all coming up on the daily briefing. >> harris: president trump said to hold a joint news conference, at any moment in the white house. there the commander-in-chief could field questions again about his decision to declassify documents related to the fbi's russia investigation. including part of that fisa application and the text messages from multiple former
10:52 am
top officials, republican congressman pete king defended them move amid criticism from democrats. >> there is going to be no sources or methods being disclosed here. the american people will find out that there was no basis for these warrants, that the important information was kept from the court, there's going to be a disproportionate influence of the dossier. >> harris: power panel comes out, dan heninger and judy miller. the point of this is without the information from the court that should have been correct according to republicans, might never have spied on carter page. >> presumably the fbi needed a substantial basis for obtaining that warrant against carter page and this narrative goes back to january of last year. we've never gotten a complete narrative of what the fbi presented, they leaned on the
10:53 am
dossier or not. i think everybody in this country including the media should be extremely interested in seeing these unredacted documents related to that report. >> harris: what you are telling us is don't go go to sp on this issue. what is it, drill it down. >> was the surveillance of carter page and the other people who were surveilled in the name of an investigation into whether the russians were trying to use them in any way or collude with them, where these -- was the surveillance justified? and if it's not was this misuse of the justice department, the fbi, its procedures and was the state spying on us? i want not just 21 out of 412 pages of these documents released, i want to see them all because of the president selectively designating some pages to be released just
10:54 am
doesn't smell right. you want them out, let them all out. >> harris: right now those documents are inside agencies and they are deciding what they think, they will put their lines through things and so on and so forth. mike turner of ohio sits on the house intel, republicans told me a short while ago that sources and methods he said were laughable in the instance of these documents, he's seen them. the question becomes why not put them all out and if you do, chairman nunez says we will see what that insurance policy was to get the president out of the white house. >> i think we will get more of the complete story. by and large i believe the fbi, perhaps the intelligence services have some embarrassments they didn't want to get out. not so much about sources and methods, but about the way they did pursue the idea that there's been some collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. >> harris: can you give us a
10:55 am
rough example to find out on democrats? i know you do your own reportin reporting. >> i think the most embarrassing thing is the role of the steele dossier, which was of course funded by the democrats and created by fusion along with steele himself, and the question is did the fbi rely solely on this unsubstantiated sources to get the warrant? >> harris: at this point, these points of the president can buy it declassify these documents are better to wait until after the midterm elections, just talking politics. >> talking politics, the president is doing exactly what's in his interest. the question i have is in this in the nation's interest. is it selective declassification? >> harris: it's more than we would have known the day before.
10:56 am
>> congressman turner said just as i was talking to him, he said most of the documentation is already public. if it's already public, declassify it all and let the american people decide whether there was an abuse, if the fbi was abusing carter page's rights here. >> harris: we are awaiting president trump's news conference with the polish president as well. you see the lectern set up, we will go to it live as it happens. stay close. families and visited senior-care communities around the country. and i've got to tell you, today's senior-living communities are better than ever. these days, there are amazing amenities, . . like the advisers at a place for mom. these are local, expert advisers that will partner with you
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>> harris: the president speaking on one of the big stories on fox today earlier. and now will he be asked again about judge brett kavanaugh's nomination to the supreme court? we're watching. i'm harris. here's dana. ♪ >> dana: fox news alert. president trump set to take questions moments from now at a white house news conference with the president of poland. earlier the president praised judge brett kavanaugh and blasted democrats as sexual assault allegations threaten to derail his supreme court nominee. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino and this is the daily briefing. this just in. a source close to kavanaugh saying the judge claims he does not know his accuser, christine blasey ford. as senator grassley says, he still has not heard whether dr. ford will testify on monday. majority leader michigan mitch l sure to face questions when he speaks.


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