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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  September 20, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> thank you for the great birthday cake. >> heavenly. >> and his wife. she is so amazing. a great chef. >> we love you, ainsley. >> bill: welcome, the accuser now has 24 hours to decide whether she will speak to congress. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. >> sandra: good morning, bill hemmer. everything is good. i'm sandra smith. so here is where everyone involved stands. making it clear that dr. fort can testify however she wants appeared in public, in everett, on capitol hill, or even throughout the whole state of california. >> bill: so far, democrats continue to push for a delay on this. >> where i am focused right now is doing everything that we can to make dr. ford comfortable
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with coming before a committee, either in an open session, or a closed session. >> it needs to be done by nonpartisan stuff, and the fbi, particularly the supreme court justice nominee would have been done. >> i think we need to have the hearing. >> just absolutely stunned at why we are so opposed to letting the fbi do what the fbi has done for decades, and that his background checks on nominees. it is not unusual at all. >> sandra: we go live to peter doocy in washington. what is the latest word? will she or won't she? >> sandra, now dr. ford's attorney is saying that she doesn't want to come forward if the only people testifying our her and a judge kavanaugh. the latest letter from them says in part that the committee's plan to move forward, only have
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two witnesses, it is not a fair or good faith investigation. there are multiple witnesses whose names have appeared publicly and should be included in any proceeding. he says that his investigators all are doing their best to touch base with witnesses. he is trying to finalize the witness list by tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. that is also the deadline for dr. ford to say whether or not she is coming on monday. >> sandra: peter, what is the key piece of evidence that republicans are missing? >> the actual letter that raised red flags from dr. ford that outlined allegations of sexual misconduct. dianne feinstein, and he writes my staff has made repeated requests for this document, which has become a significant piece of evidence in judge kavanaugh's process. your staff has so far refused to provide a copy of the letter. the only copy we have is a redacted version contained in
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the supplemental fbi background investigation filed that only senators and a handful of very select staff are authorized to read. some senators are now doing their own investigations. susan collins, and undecided republicans, was on the phone with the deputy fbi director yesterday, trying to figure out how they are much discussed background investigations, like the one the democrats want to reopen nonjudge kavanaugh actually works. sandra. >> sandra: peter dechant capitol hill forest. thank you. >> bill: meanwhile, holding a big rally hours from now, hoping to get the republican senator , very tight race for reelection. here with the lowdown on what is happening out there. good morning to you, and welcome back. >> good morning. i was good to be here, bill. >> bill: real clear politics here. he now leads by 0.7 percentage points. that is about as tight as it gets. what is the issue in nevada?
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is that the economy or more than that? >> well, nevadans have benefited greatly from the tax cuts. the average middle class family is getting a savings. and 54,000 new jobs have come to nevada since president trump has been in office. he is a fighter, he works for nevadans, and having the president coming today is going to be a big boost in his campaign. >> bill: financial and job numbers are fantastic. plenty of new high-paying jobs available in our great and very vibrant economy. if you are not happy where you are, start looking, but also remember, our economy is only getting better both in midterms. here in new york about two weeks ago, you had an air of caution, almost hesitation for what is happening on the house i. do you still feel that way? >> well, historically, the house is always in jeopardy in the first midterm of a sitting president, so we haven't taken anything for granted, that is why the rnc has raised
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$250 million, and 28 states, with field organizers. we have made 1 million voter contacts, which is more than we did in 2016. we have to keep the house if we are going to keep these gains for the american people. higher wages, jobs coming back. our country is on the right track. we don't want to reverse it. >> bill: it seems like you were wishy-washy. >> i need every republican to go vote. i don't want them to think this is a sure thing. we don't won if republicans don't get out and vote. so every day i'm going to say don't take it for granted to every candidate. work like it is your first race. everybody needs to run like they are from behind. that's how you were in my collections, by not being complacent. absolutely, the house is at risk. we've got to pick up seats in the senate, and we have to hold seats like nevada, where the president is going today. >> bill: brett kavanaugh is a big story right now. how it plays out in midterms, people are paying attention. here's the present yesterday on that.
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what. >> well, i'd have to see what she has to say. i've given her a lot of time, we continue to give her a lot of time. we held up the whole hearing. why didn't the democrats -- they knew about the letter. she was showing it to democrats. why did they wait until everything was finished and then bring it up? that doesn't look good. >> bill: here is the case of the democrats are making. do you -- do you believe this has the potential to do the same? >> i think the democrats have been shameful and how they've handled this allegation. dianne feinstein had this letter for 45 days, 45 days before she revealed it. during that time, there were 30 hours of testimony. she met with judge kavanaugh judge kavanaugh one-on-one. they held it in their back pocket for political reasons. that is not how you treat an allegation that you are taking seriously. and now, they are calling for an investigation, when really, we are going to have to hear from dr. ford under oath in front of
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congress. the chairman has been exemplary in how he has handled this. he has that we will come to california, we will do this privately, but they're going to have to hear from dr. ford in the end, and if she is not willing to come forward, these proceedings need to move on, and we need to nominate judge kavanaugh. >> bill: conversely, what do you think the deal is for democrats right now? if she doesn't show? >> i think they have turned this into a political parlor game. of the voters are looking at it. they know that they sat on this letter. the voters know that they held in their back pocket. that's not how you treat a serious allegation. and they are seeing through these tactics. it delay, delay, delay. this is not how we want supreme court nominations to be for the rest of time in our country. democrats have degraded the process. >> bill: head of the rnc. thank you very much. 25 hours from now, we should have an answer. maybe less. thank you for coming back today. >> sandra: president trump
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getting a firsthand look at the damage done by hurricane florence and the carolinas. handing out meals and words of encouragement to people affected by the storm. officials are warning there is still the potential for more flooding, even as waters receded in some areas. >> the job you've done has been incredible. incredible. they are talking about it all over the world. we want to keep it going that way because some of the hard work is now. >> be on the ground through tomorrow to make sure that i verify that we are doing everything that we can right now. this event is not over, we still have a lot of work to do. >> sandra: jenkins is live in fayetteville, north carolina. what is the situations like for everyone over there now? >> the sun is out, and it's bright. they want to get back on their feet here, but you can get a look here, even looking into the sun, it is very fully crested,
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61 and a half feet yesterday, setting a 70 year record, and if you look at this drone footage we got from the city council, it just shows the extensive flooding that happened there. the problem now is all of this water you're seeing here, it is still hovering around 60 feet, and flood levels are just under 35 feet here. now, all of this water, sandra, is going to have to go south. it is going to have to work its way down towards remington. that is why they are saying it is going to be probably until saturday or sunday. much of this water will get out of there. now, there is a lot of power restored for fayetteville. a lot of roads have opened up, but there are still a lot of roads that are still flooded. so even this far north as a challenge, and as you get to lumberton and all the way down to wilmington. also still closed in some parts because of flooding. so the sun is welcome, but the
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flooding is far from over. >> sandra: what are you hearing from local leaders on the ground there? >> well, they are saying it is going to take years to recover. we got a chance to speak yesterday with the mayor here, mitch coleman. he said he was encouraged by the presence visit, what he has done in terms of coordinating federal and state wide with local resources, but he says is going to be a long road. here's what he told us. >> i would like to thank him for expediting the emergency declaration. second, i would ask that he would allow free flow of resources from the federal down to the state. we have a great relationship with the governor, who has been doing an outstanding job keeping you fayetteville and the priority list. hopefully it is those resources from the federal level to the state. i would ask it to make sure that any barriers are removed. >> and the local businesses hope that customer start coming back into coffee shops, they will see
6:11 am
customers today. they haven't seen them for over a week. >> sandra: griff jenkins, continue thank-yous for your reporting down there. >> bill: some of these folks, their homes have been surrounded by water for three days. it is tough to live in a house like that, with the mold growing, some of them will have to be taken down. >> sandra: some people have anyone gone back to their homes to see the extent of the damage. >> bill: another big story today, president trump and north korea. >> a lot of people thoughts that it was inevitable we were going to war. in north korea. and now, their relations, i have to tell you, at least on a personal basis, they are very good. >> bill: and secretary of state mike pompeo adding to that. should be nuke free in three years. we will talk about that deadline. >> sandra: plus, report now says that iran is still a leading state sponsor of terror. retired four-star general jack keane is on deck.
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>> sandra: a gunman opening fire at a wisconsin software company. identified the suspect as an employee, perusing officers for the quick response. >> the suspect was staffed by those responding police officer officers. very heroic in their actions, from what i have been told. and i believe that they prevented it much more bloodshed from happening. a lot less chaos occurred because of their actions. >> sandra: investigators still searching for a motive. >> we have made a study, albeit slow progress. but it's always, we've always known this was going to happen. the south koreans had a successful engagement in their
6:16 am
relationship, it is good, so we are making the progress that we need. >> bill: that interview with secretary of state, mike pompeo, could be nuke for you by 2021. the leaders of north and south korea wrapping up a third summit this year, the institute and strategic analyst. how are you doing, sir? is this progress something that we can believe or not? >> there is some progress. they will be able to observe this. that was the same test site months ago, that they said they were destroyed. obviously, they haven't. the reality is this. they haven't destroyed a single nuclear weapon or dismantled a facility that supports that weapon. not a single ballistic missile has been dismantled or destroyed. and the third thing is, this is
6:17 am
the thing that secretary mike pompeo wanted right from the outset governing the identification of their sites, so that they can verify that location and one have observers dismantle them. >> bill: you need more. they are talking big. the railway lines, how we, security guards. >> will, this is one of the concerns that our government has with president moon. we won't talk about it publicly, but he wants a detente with them, economically, socially, to some degree, politically. he is not pushing for denuclearization the way that the united states has. he is actually opening up some economic opportunities with north korea. if that takes place, in violation of the sanctions. so i think we've got to get the brakes on president moon a little bit here. our administration certainly knows that.
6:18 am
but these things are, solely, they are good steps, but they are not denuclearization. >> bill: you are saying that you believe that he is too nuclear when dealing with them. >> that is a good way to put it. he is too eager. they are concerned about the south koreans. kind of keeping an eye on them here. make certain they don't get out in front of what you're trying to achieve. we have to stay focused on what we really want. no more nuclear weapons, number ballistic weapons. that's the focus. >> bill: iran still leading state sponsor of terrorism. coming to new york next week for the united nations assembly. my sense is that iran is in the cross hairs. next week, by these world leaders. >> i think you put your finger on it. clearly, this administration, since the 1980s, to confront the iranians. their initial ballistic missile
6:19 am
test in the month of january. and they have been pushing back on the iranians ever since. obviously, pulling out of the nuclear deal, slapping sanctions on them is having an impact. by the way, even though the oil sanction does not take effect until next -- in november, the first week of november, iranian exports are down. oil exports are down 35%, so they are already being hammered because people are pulling away with all the sanctions being imposed. and once the sanctions are going to be imposed, i think we will see iran possibly reach out to the united states and say let's talk. because listen, the economy is in the tank. the currency is spiraling absolutely out of control. just shortages, electricity shortages almost on a weekly basis. it is occurring every week and i ran, civil unrest, the noose is tightening around that regimes
6:20 am
leadership. >> bill: sanctions work. >> all, he appeared >> bill: they have an effect when they are done the right way. >> and that is the concern. leveraging at the sanctions, and credible military threat, that is why we don't want south korea opening up economic opportunities for the north. >> bill: thank you. with this next week as well if you think you, sir, very much. coming up in our 11:00 a.m. hour, bill richardson will join us with his thoughts on what is happening with north korea. we will talk to the investor then. >> sandra: a president trump getting a firsthand look at the catastrophic flooding in the north carolina's. we will hear from the mayor of a town completely underwater at this moment. >> bill: also, the supreme showdown, clarence thomas, anita hill, someone in the white house as the drama unfolded them. >> this tuesday is a travesty.
6:21 am
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>> over the next couple of days, it is going to get rough for south carolina. so the federal government is behind you. what we are doing on a federal basis, what you are doing on a local basis, and the coordination has been absolutely incredible. >> one great thing that we have helping us is this man standing behind me. president donald trump, one in a million. [applause] >> sandra: president trump in
6:25 am
south carolina yesterday, surveying the damage from hurricane florence. my next guest was one of the people who greeted the president. he is a mayor of a small town devastated by the storm. loss in battle. a mayor, thank you for your time this morning. obviously still a long road ahead for the people of your town. what can you tell us about the latest? we are getting some brand-new video, coast guard video of the area there, and you are still completely underwater. >> yes, we are completely underwater. it is actually higher than it was in 2016 from hurricane matthew, which completely devastated our town. all homes except for six. all churches, all businesses. and the water is still reaching. >> sandra: the president made a visit there. are you getting everything that you need and that you are asking for to try to recover? >> so far, yes?
6:26 am
we can't even get back into the town to check everything out to assess everything. even the military, their vehicles can't make it down there right now in certain spots. >> sandra: based on that, what is your plan? >> we're just going to work and it do the same things that we did in 2016. but we just have to have a lot of help. we are going to have to have a lot of help from the government, from the state, they have been great so far. but it is complete devastation. we only had about half of our homes, half of their businesses. and then for this to happen twice in two years, some things have to be done, some prevention measures. ways to protect from flooding. and a lot of money to help these people that were so property stricken before. >> sandra: what was that
6:27 am
meeting like for you? why was that's important for the present to come get on the ground and see the damage and destruction? >> well, it showed me that the mayor cares -- excuse excuse me. though the president cares, which i know he did, to come to a small area like this. to do what he did, just wonderful things. now, we can see the results. >> sandra: it just sounds like you are in a bit of a helpless situation until you can get on the ground here. this video that we have been showing, it is really something else. it is a bit of a helpless situation. how are you working with the communities around you, as you wait, being able to actually walk back into town on foot? >> working with the county is great. the county has been wonderful. on the state level, it has been wonderful. but it will be probably a week,
6:28 am
12 days before we can weigh it back into, actually. >> sandra: what did you talk to the president about when he was there? >> just talking about how we need help. we knew that we had worse weather to come. >> sandra: what do you think timewise it looks like for your town to recover? obviously, yesterday, he warns that the worst can still be ahead in some areas, and days coming years, what are you looking at? >> we were still in the recovery process from hurricane matthew. and i think we were doing good, but we still had a long way to go. now this is a complete setback. you know, we are really going to have to work and get special help fast. realistically. >> sandra: do you have any idea what that number looks like
6:29 am
as far as federal help and money is concerned? >> until we can get in and assess it, no, ma'am. >> sandra: do you know how your residents are doing there? >> i haven't talked to many. they are so spread out. we did prepare better this time. we did work very well with the state and with the county. since saturday. saturday it a week ago. i forget what day it is. but we are prepared. we got all of our citizens out this time. we just planned better because we had to do so many rescues by vehicle last time. and we just got them out this time. just they are so dislocated throughout the state. we don't even know where everyone is. >> sandra: mayor lawson battle, from nichols, south carolina. a still a really difficult situation. we won't re-touch base with you.
6:30 am
we hope the best for you and your residence there. please stay safe. because thank you for your time. >> bill: extraordinary. the clock is ticking on brett kavanaugh's accuser. she has until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow as to whether she will show up on monday. he supports his nomination. the latest on that is next. >> moving to the goalpost. all i can say is i hope she comes monday. i think it would be a huge mistake if she doesn't to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis.
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>> bill: stocks are popping right now. opening triple digit gain right now. we could be looking at record highs today for the dow and the s&p 500. the fears of a trade war with china, they still fear, they are still out there. however, investors are shaking it off. if the snp closes, that would be
6:34 am
a record close of all time. >> sandra: that's a big deal. >> bill: it sure is. well, that was the high that we would get right after the election. 2017. so we are right back at those numbers after dropping off a little bit. well mike. >> sandra: just in the last few weeks, analysts have started to call into question whether the stock market can continue. there is a bit of doom and gloom over trade and tariffs, and here we are, back in record territory. >> bill: you can find trouble anywhere you like. the bears are going to come back. right now, the bulls are runnin running. >> sandra: we will bring a charles payne right back on this. >> bill: yes, it is going to look great. >> sandra: all right, the supreme court short on is getting more and more tense by the date, as republicans and democrats dig their heels in over sexual misconduct allegations. dr. christine blasey ford's attorney saying that they want
6:35 am
the fbi to investigate first, but the g.o.p. insisting she decide by tomorrow and give her testimony, no later than monday. justin walker is a law professor at the university of louisville, who also use it to clerk for judge kavanaugh. he joins us now. justin, thank you for your time this morning. important to point out that you have supported him all along this process. to become the next supreme court justice. and this is the first time you are appearing on television after the allegations against him. first of all, i just want to get your thoughts here, as you have been watching this process play out. >> well, my thoughts are that first of all, without reservation and without hesitation, i believe in a judge kavanaugh's work. there are certainly men i know that i have worked with, whose denials i might not believe. but i have known judge kavanaugh for ten years. and i trust him. a very short list of people whose word i trust without any
6:36 am
kind of reservation. judge kavanaugh is on that list. he says he didn't do this, i believe brett kavanaugh. >> sandra: what did you think when these allegations surfaced? >> well, i wondered why the democrats, if they thought they were credible, had not investigated them in july, when they found out, and i wondered why, if the democrats didn't think that they were credible, they would like them to the press, at the moment when it was most likely to delay this confirmation process. so it did raise a lot of questions about how the democrats have handled this, and you know, i think the results of that has been unfortunate for all parties involved. >> sandra: what do you think happens now? making it very clear that the clock is ticking here. and you know, he's being praised for how he has been handling this. he saying you don't have to appear publicly. you can appear behind closed doors. we will come to your home state
6:37 am
of california. we will do whatever, but the clock is ticking. we need to move on, come monday. what do you think will be of the response on the part of the judiciary committee? >> i think that the senator has tried ever since he found out about this allegation, very late in the process, it was kept from him from the democrats. he is trying to handle this in no way that will provide an opportunity for dr. blasey ford and also for judge kavanaugh to speak. and i think that has been made a little bit more difficult, a lot more difficult, by the way of the democrats handling this for the past six weeks. so i don't know what will happen next week. what i do know is that i believe brett kavanaugh is the kind of person who would rather lose the job then tell a lie. that is the brett kavanaugh i know. >> sandra: you and a group of harvard students, taught under
6:38 am
judge kavanaugh, who have come out to support him. meanwhile, senator kennedy, one of the many republicans who is saying we need to hear her story too. she needs to be heard, not ignored. his concern is that the rules keep changing as we go through this process. >> our job is to protect the american people. our job is to advise and consent. it is up to us, and we are trying very, very hard to hold a hearing, as dr. ford requested, and give her a chance. she keeps moving the goalpost. all i can say is i hope she comes monday. i think it would be a huge mistake if she doesn't. >> sandra: she wants an fbi investigation. first, what do you make of that request on her team's part? >> you know, i think that every woman who makes an allegation has a right to be heard. and i hope that people on both sides of the aisle provide that
6:39 am
opportunity. i believe that senator chuck grassley has. i don't know what will happen next week, but as i said, if judge kavanaugh says it didn't happen, and he does, then i believe him because i trust his word. >> sandra: i get a sense of this is very personal for you. that you have come out to speak publicly and support of a man that you have known for ten years. there are some, and criticizing democrats in this process, i just want to quickly get your response. >> i expect the men in this country and the men in this committee and many of them, believe me, because we all signed onto this letter, to demand an fbi investigation, but really, guess who is perpetuating all of these kinds of actions? it is the men in this country, and i want to say just shut up and step up. >> sandra: what did you think
6:40 am
when you heard that, just in? >> sandra, you said it. this is personal for me. it is on many levels. first of all, it is personal because i believe the #maytoo movement is one of the most important. it is a civil rights movement. many of its leaders are heroes. it is also personal because i believe in this case, judge kavanaugh has been accused of doing something he didn't do. and i believe that. because i believe in judge kavanaugh's word. >> sandra: thank you for coming on the program this morning and sharing your side of the story and your experience with judge kavanaugh. we appreciate it. >> thanks, sandra. >> bill: is really delegations heading for moscow today. an attempt to ease tensions after a plane was shot down by syria antiaircraft. moscow blamed israel. a live in jerusalem with the start of these talks.
6:41 am
>> well, good morning, bill. israeli delegation is headed to moscow today. this coming afternoon, and incident were syrian antiaircraft missiles shot down a russian paint plane appearede same time, the air force was firing on a target in western syria, said to be holding iranian weapons for the lebanon military group. responded by trying to intercept the plane. israeli prime minister trying to ease tensions between jerusalem and -- of bruising officials on what exactly happened. this comes after a phone call between vladimir putin and not yahoo earlier this week. vladimir putin says do not let an incident like this happen again. now, the trump administration also weighing in. mike pompeo saying about
6:42 am
ultimately, this was a tragic situation. but that they need to find a political solution. >> bill: thank you. we will follow it from there. sandra. >> sandra: well, a possible showdown between judge kavanaugh and his accuser. comparisons between clarence thomas and anita hill. we will speak to someone who was in that way south as the drama unfolds. >> bill: also, our headliner today, alan dershowitz, digging in deeper on the sand a whole lot more. 100 home loan for veterans. it lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. the newday 100 va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments an average of $600 a month. call them today. go to, or call 1-866-551-9967. if you're a veteran, own a home, and need money for your family, call newday usa to use your
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>> this is a circus. it is a national disgrace. and from my standpoint, as a black american, as far as i am concerned, it is a lynching. who in any way think for themselves. >> bill: won a moment that was, 1991, firing back at sexual harassment allegations against him.
6:46 am
stunning drama. my next guest was in the middle of it. governor, welcome back. good morning to you. are those fair comparisons, 27 years later, on the cavanaugh matter? >> well, we are making that comparison, so i guess we have to say it is a fair comparison. look. it was a serious issue then, that everyone felt that anita hill's claims had to be treated in a serious way. and so every effort was made to allow both sides to make as many presentations to the committee as they felt they had to. the interesting thing is that those who testified that only new anita hill, of course, supported anita hill, those who testified who only new clarence thomas supported clarence thoma. but interestingly, the many who knew both clarence thomas and anita hill also reported
6:47 am
clarence thomas, and as a resul, with two-thirds of america believing justice thomas and not anita hill. >> bill: president george w. bush, he put out a statement yesterday. here is the statement from president bush. he said that long have i known and respected brett kavanaugh. since he was nominated. that yesterday, just a double down on that. there are democrats who believe that republicans paid a price in the early '90s because of anita hill. it do you into that? something like that this year? >> i think there is something to that. the liberal press has certainly changed over the last 25 years. change the perception of the reality of two-thirds supporting justice thomas. but this is a serious issue, and no matter what the political consequences, it has to be treated in a serious and
6:48 am
responsible way. dr. ford clearly seems to believe her recollection, and she has to be respected for that, but that doesn't mean that the recollections are with reality. i think it is unconscionable the way that democrats have exploited this woman and ignored her wishes. she did not want her name public. she did not want to have to be seen in the public eye. she did not want the notoriety. and when she kept insisting to the democrats on that, chuck schumer and feinstein and the others, just ended up having their staff leaked her name to the press, knowing that the liberal press would make notorious circus out of this. and i think that is unconscionable, what they did to dr. ford. and the democrats, and exploiting this, are the ones that ought to be seen as being anti-dr. ford in the long run. >> bill: we have this quote from
6:49 am
an anonymous republican senator said this. apparently, mcconnell's message was "get it done." there are a few issues that they care about. this is one of them. i mention that because you're about 4090s away from midterm election. i think that they are obvious ones to watch for for the republicans. senator collins thinks that the committee should go forward and get a full vote in the senate. >> i think senator jeff is the one to watch. he said hang on for a moment here, but even he seems to have come around to the idea that if she doesn't show on monday, then they should go forward. >> yeah, look at the pressure they are putting on poor dr. ford to do something she doesn't want to do. even when she is calling for this fbi investigation, you know, those are words put on the table by chuck schumer.
6:50 am
forcing her to ask for a delay, which will keep her name in the press. i don't think it is full consideration for how this is going to impact her. and i think using the phrase "unconscionable," it is unconscionable, what they are doing. they are asking for an fbi investigation. what do they mean by that? that they're going to go back and get fingerprints off of adorno? there are no specifics. she doesn't know the wearer or the wind. the answer to the question, who was there. she gave two names. both of them support judge kavanaugh's strong condemnation of this period that it didn't happen. south there is nothing for the fbi to investigate. forcing dr. ford to keep asking for an investigation, the democrats are just looking for a delay without any consideration
6:51 am
of the consequences on her. >> bill: thank you, governor . >> sandra: former new york city mayor, michael bloomberg, considering a run for president in 2020. he's not the only one. details on all of that straight ahead. siness technology advisors, you get the one-on-one partnership to grow your business. the dell vostro 14 laptop. get up to 40% off on select pcs. call 877-buy-dell today. ( ♪ ) call 877-buy-dell today. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy!
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6:54 am
>> sandra: michael bloomberg considering a run for the white house, but we are being told that he would run for the white house as a democrat. laura ingle has that story. we think he is serious about this? >> you know, he confirms to fox that he is considering running as a democrat and the next presidential election. now, bloomberg is getting involved in upping the ante for the midterms. recently saying that he would give $80 million to democrats in hopes of living the house of representatives while attending
6:55 am
a global climate summit last week. listen. >> there republicans in washington have had years to show that they can lead on this issue, and they have failed. so over the next six weeks, i will be supporting candidates who will take action on climate change and other issues, including gun violence. >> democrat, republican, now an independent. he told "the new york times" that only a major party candidate could win back the white house, and is leaving the possibility open to change his party registration in the coming months. money matters, of course. a lot of people taking a look at how much he has, versus president trump. we will see how it looks. >> sandra: very interesting, laura, thanks. >> bill: showdown between republicans and a democrats heating up by the day. we should know by the end of the day today as to where the story goes next. breaking down the controversy, as republicans look forward. alan dershowitz is on deck. so much more. coming up next.
6:56 am
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6:59 am
>> sandra: it is crunch time in the confirmation process for brett kavanaugh. republicans give his accuser exactly 24 hours to decide
7:00 am
whether she will speak to congress. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" peered the clock is ticking. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: today, i believe, we will see where the story goes. republicans have said that 24 hours from right now, christine blasey ford will decide whether or not she will testify. giving her a wide range of options. >> sandra: reactions pour in from both sides of the aisle of the clock ticks down. >> i don't think it's just a question of the process. i think it's also we need to have the facts. she has a right to that. nonpartisan source, like the fbi expert. committee staff can be partisan. >> they need to see dr. ford and at kavanaugh side-by-side. and a judge for themselves. but if she changes her mind, i will reluctantly agree to that. >> i am just absolutely stunned
7:01 am
at why that republicans and the president are opposed to letting the fbi do what the fbi has done for decades, and that is background checks on nominees. it is not unusual at all. >> bill: mike emanuel on the hill, watching this. as professor ford expected to testify? what are you hearing? >> well, bill, sandra, good morning to you. she has 24 hours to decide. christine blasey ford's lawyer put out a statement, moving forward with a hearing that has only two witnesses is not of fair good faith investment inv. they have appeared publicly and should be included in any proceeding. that is not know on behalf of professor ford. chairman grassley explains why he set the friday morning deadline. >> planning for a hearing, it is going to come tomorrow. there is a certain time, we have got to notify people that there will be a hearing. i don't have to notify anybody about that yet because i have
7:02 am
hopes that this person who pleaded through "the washington post" and i didn't learn anything about this until i read her name in "the washington post." >> grassley also sent a letter to judiciary top democrat dianne feinstein, demanding to see the original letter from professor ford, reading "sexual assault allegations deserve some serious attention, and those who make such allegations must be heard. they should not be deployed strategically for political games. clearly irritated that the media has more information than he does." >> bill: what are they saying? >> essentially, they are firing back. dianne feinstein is defending her actions on twitter. "she did not want her story of sexual assault to be pulling. she requested confidentiality, and i honor that. it was not until the media outed heard that she decided to come forward. you may not respect women and the wishes of victims, but i do. i asked to sign a democrat if it is realistic for them to get to
7:03 am
the bottom of allegations from 36 years ago, without a specific time or location. >> if there was a party, there may be some. about the fbi is pretty good. i mean, i prosecuted 38-year-old cases here they are pretty good about locating witnesses and finding people. that's their job. they are a lot better at it than the the senate majority or minority staff. >> bill: republicans note that they said she was ready to talk. they are saying that monday is her chance. >> bill: mike emanuel, if something changes, let us know. >> sandra: let's bring in our headliner. alan dershowitz, author of the book "the case against impeaching trump." he joins us now live in studio. we can get you right in front of us. so the clock is ticking, what is happening? >> she has to testify. nobody should be referring to her as a victim and him as a perpetrator until we hear from both of them under oath, subject
7:04 am
to cross-examination. there is nothing more essential to american justice than the opportunity to cross-examine your accuser, to confront your accuser. it is in the constitution. essentially, it goes back to magna carta. the idea that we are calling somebody a perpetrator and somebody also victim, based solely on he said, she said is wrong. it is un-american. they should also call and the judge and any other witnesses who were at the party, who weren't at the party, sure. as far as the fbi investigation is concerned, don't count on that. there is not going to be very much the fbi can do. first of all, it is not an alleged federal crime. second, the fbi doesn't make credibility judgments. all it does is investigate and try to get all the witnesses on board. so i don't think -- >> sandra: what could they do? >> they could make sure that they speak to the judge, if he refuses to speak to them. he is the other person who is allegedly in the room, jumped on
7:05 am
her. they can subpoena him. he can be forced to testify. >> bill: the other guy had knocked him off. >> that's right. but he's there. >> knocked him off. >> bill: ending the context, allegedly. >> look, it could have happened, it could have happened involving a different person. it could have happened, but not the way that she describes it. there are so many possibilities here. in the end, i think we're going to be stuck with he said, she said. i don't think we are going to get very much more. the american public is going to have to decide two things. first, who do you believe when you have a situation like this? either men or women were born with jean to lie or tell the truth. women forget, men forget. these are very emotional issues. so that decision will have to be made. do you disqualify, a qualified
7:06 am
person, whose political views i disagree with, but who is qualified for something that allegedly happened 35 years ago. then we come by and let you go, you will never know for sure, it is 35 years ago, kavanaugh testify truthfully now, those are the three elements. in the end, you can get to those elements without her testimony. >> bill: from the jurisdiction, apparently the fbi has no jurisdiction there. 36 years later. >> the fbi has no jurisdiction over this kind of thing. let's assume for the sake of this discussion, if there was illegality, and there is no evidence. dr. ford said there is, but the fbi doesn't investigate that. what do they do? they do background checks. this information is already public. i think the important thing to do here is to allow dr. ford to have the opportunity to address her allegations in a setting that she is comfortable with appeared publicly or privately, under oath.
7:07 am
>> bill: do you think this happens on monday? >> i think it happens. it has to happen. if it doesn't happen on monday, the republicans will be able to ram this through by saying that she didn't come forward. he is a great lawyer. he is partly right and partly wrong. no jurisdiction to investigate a crime, but they do have jurisdiction to do a background evaluation. i know that we have all been asked. what do you think of them? they can do a background evaluation, but they can do it after the testimony. it makes much more sense for her to testify. she's not going to learn anything new. her testimony won't change based on the fbi investigation. she testifies if she provides new information, the fbi can look into it. then i -- >> sandra: you started out by saying very specifically how the constitution works. that it is quite clearly being ignored here. just to give you the extent of the rhetoric that is out there
7:08 am
right now, here is a host on "the view" talking about this. >> men are supposed to protect you from these predatory males. they are not doing that. >> we have to get people in congress right now, that senate judiciary committee. these white men, old, by the way, not protecting women. they are protecting a man who is probably guilty. >> bill: first of all, "probably guilty" is not good enough under our system. there is no other indication other than her words that he is guilty. he may be, that is important to note. look, that is what has happened today. in many respects, men are denying even the opportunity to prove their innocence. colleges, universities. it is enough for a preponderance of the evidence. 51%. that means 49 out of every 100
7:09 am
people accused on college campus and convicted may well be innocent. >> bill: you believe that she shows up on monday. if she doesn't show up on monday, she has violated his core right to confront his accuser. if she shows up, what is he going to respond to? she has to go under oath. >> bill: somebody said that they will go at him like a pinata if she is not there. you heard the whispers about this report. >> yet, they were rumors. >> bill: how many people do you think were involved? >> capitol hill is a place of rumors. a number of people heard these rumors. they were very unspecific. and of the word was don't worry about it. it has gotten into the hands of the rich people. and if there's anything to it, it will come out. but people knew about this on capitol hill well before the first to stores appeared in the newspapers. at least they knew that there was something going on.
7:10 am
>> bill: these at pfizer docs that are going to be made public a -- >> sandra: youth the declassification that he ordere ordered, on monday, do the american people, do they have the right to see what is in here? >> talk about presumptuous. there ought to be a strong presumption in favor of openness, the american people seeing everything. the only thing should be matters that would endanger national security. and we have to have a better process for classification because i would say that the vast majority of classified material today is classified to protect the reputation of peopl people, not the national interest of the united states. more transparency and, it is the essence of democracy. and we need more transparency. >> bill: he was given 14 days in jail. maybe he is out in ten for good behavior. what does the general think it? >> after all of this, does he get a week?
7:11 am
what is this worth? >> bill: i don't think he should get a day. i don't think he committed a crime. >> i don't think that what he said constituted a crime, that he was pleading guilty to. i think he was threatened. i think his family were threatened, his children or threaten. if i had been a defense lawyer, there is no way i would have allowed him to plead to you that crime. >> bill: thank you for your time. i hope you come back. alan dershowitz. >> sandra: thank you for being here. >> 100% support. we have all of our local faith and federal partners working together to make sure we get resources on the ground. >> bill: the governor of north carolina surveying the damage yesterday. president trump joining him yesterday. meanwhile, in brunswick county, the worst of the flooding is still yet to come if you can believe that even today. water back on the ground with us today.
7:12 am
what do you see? >> we are on a boat right now with the brunswick county sheriff's department. it is just devastation flooding that we have not seen here since our conflict. in fact, worse. we are in the river floodplain, on the border of north carolina and south carolina. take a look at the type flooding we are seeing here. that is a home that was evacuated. you can see those two dog statues, it looks like, how high the waters peered over there on your right, you see a little paddleboat. brian king is there. he lives down the block. his family evacuated, but he stayed with his home. it is down the block. did not flood. he just -- the currents are strong. you look over here to the right, you can see the vehicles over here that are flooded as well if you that just gives you an idea. we are talking about some 17 feet. and this river, it has not even crested yet. as we move here on this boat, he will start to see the level of devastation we are talking
7:13 am
about. water is a big killer here in terms of the types of deaths that we have seen. 24 of the 27 deaths in north carolina have come from flooding. i merely people in their vehicles. and as you see, we are going to move a little faster. this is the big concern. the rain was not necessarily the big issue. during the storm, yeah, they got 13 inches. but now you're talking about the water coming in from the north. coming down the river, and that is why we are seeing this access flooding. again, the worst is expected tomorrow, when the river crusts. we are talking over 30 feet. had a mark on his tree from hurricane floyd. he already had that watermark way over there. you can see some of these tool sheds that are underwater and seeing some of these homes. actually it belongs to a deputy. bill, the situation here, the
7:14 am
flooding is the big concern. these folks, it is all about when they're going to come home. they need to be careful with this water. >> bill: going on a week now. thank you. >> sandra: thank you, brian. president trump hitting the campaign trail. tonight, he will be heading to las vegas. senator heller is in a tight race for reelection there. >> bill: also, secretary of state mike pompeo slamming john kerry for interfering he says with u.s. foreign policy. it is time for him to get off the world stage. america's a-team is on deck to analyze and experience >> it's okay to talk with him, but you have to be working for america, working for american foreign policy, and they are not. they are working for foreign policy, not the one that belongs to the united states. welcome to the place...
7:15 am
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>> charges the defendant with the crime of murder in the first degree. >> sandra: the man accused of killing holly tibbets pleads not guilty. he was arraigned yesterday, arrested a month ago, after police arrested molly's body.
7:19 am
police were searching a corn field near brooklyn iowa. according to the criminal complaint, he ran after the college student while she was jogging. allegedly said that he panicked and got mad when she said that she would call the police. the trial is expected to begin in april. >> 54,000 new jobs have come to nevada since president trump has been in office. dean heller is a fighter. he works for nevada, and having the president come in today is going to be a big boost to his campaign. >> bill: republicans fighting to hold onto congress. opinion editor of the washington times. contributor. marie harf, and cohost of "benson and harf." hello. >> hello. >> sandra: that's an a-team. >> bill: it is 49 days away, how are we feeling about it? >> they should be running scared
7:20 am
right now, i think. there is a lot of enthusiasm on the democratic side. i think republicans have a very good argument to make. they have every good reason to run smart campaigns and win, but they better be running scared. >> i agree. all of the historical data says that the party in power should be scared, and then everything we have seen about the selection specifically shows democrats are out raising republicans in these districts. pulling continues to grow. the democrats are enthusiastic. we have seen a lot of evidence that the republicans are not, and the houses definitely looking better than the senate. i would put pretty good odds on it. you are now seeing competitive rates in places like tennessee, texas. there republicans may hold on, but they're going to have to spend money in more places than they wanted to. >> sandra: he is going to las vegas to do what he does best. bringing a little fire to the situation there. he let off this morning with a
7:21 am
tweet about the economy. >> of course he did. it is a good new story in nevada as well. the employment rate, we have seen job creation, which is increasing. nobody expected the economy to be this strong at this point. if you go back to the election of president trump, nobody said we are going to be up 4% growth, below 4% unemployment. that is a huge x factor. i know it doesn't always get day-to-day headlines in the media, but at the main street level, money in your pockets matters more than anything else. >> what is interesting is that while the economy is going, his approval rating continues to fly. so he has not reached to my group to the benefits, and what will be interesting is that for republicans running on the ballot are trying to tie themselves to president trump appeared will he be able to have some appeal here when he is not on the ballot? historically unpopular lows, and people want accountability p.
7:22 am
they don't see that happening under republican rule. >> bill: real tight race here. dean heller is at 42.7. he won that seat by about a point in nevada. meanwhile, cory booker, he had a run. of course the president will be something i consider. it would be irresponsible not t to. everybody is running. >> i also think that cory booker is a prime example of this. democrats are at risk of hurting themselves when you have things like this brett kavanaugh hearing, where they really didn't do themselves any favors. they looked pretty ridiculous at times, and i think that the latest stuff about brett kavanaugh, it opens an opportunity for them to kind of continue. obviously, their supporters hate donald trump. they hate everything about donald trump. and as they get away with a lot by going after him on everything. but he remains very focused on
7:23 am
the economy. and i think all of his antics actually hurt them. >> bill: you mention kavanaugh kavanaugh. seeing these 36 euros allegations, without specific references to time or location. wait for it, here it comes. appearing before the judiciary committee, it is not about alerting the truth, but this process with how to tamper with elections. >> don't you think that this is how a lot of americans see the issue? i think if you look at what is going on, look at the issue, this is politically motivated. it is not about finding the truth. it is not about getting to the bottom of it. it is actually about delays. and that is what people see. they get tired of it. i am not actually going to vote on the basis of this. i think it is all political. >> bill: if it is true, what is the next arrow in that quiver? i will do it on tuesday? go back to new york. now, you're looking at another
7:24 am
week. >> i think they don't know the next step here that has been the story. it has been grasping, grasping. they were grasping at completely different things. they are looking for anything. >> sandra: i know that you want to jump in there. the economy, it is about this as well. he is calling on republicans, they want to know where is the money? and is a ridiculous spending bill, and where will it come from after the midterms? of course, border security, republicans must finally get that. >> i think this is where you see some lack of enthusiasm among republicans. republicans in congress have failed it to you -- donald trump won on a couple of key issues. there is no key issue more important for his victory then to secure the border. the fact that republicans have not been as ardently and supportive of his efforts in that regard, that is why i think
7:25 am
that they are facing some of this. >> bill: mike pompeo with laura ingraham last night. you know, john kerry apparently getting back involved in the iran nuclear deal. here is what he had to say. >> the secretary cannot seem to get off the stage, and you have to. when i am the former secretary, i will get off. it is one thing to me, with a counterpart. it is another thing to do with secretary john kerry. frankly, what the whole gang has done, which is actively seek to undermine what president trump is trying to achieve. >> i have so many thoughts on this. >> bill: coming to the conclusion on collusion that we have been searching for? >> how long did it take you to come up with that? here's the truth. secretary john kerry, he did meet with them, and encourage
7:26 am
them to stay in the iran deal, not restart their program. he has talked about that openly. they had no problem when they briefed him, starting with henry kissinger, condoleezza rice, jim baker. they have this kind of outrage. there is nothing unusual or secret about it. so there is political controversy because people want to be partisan about it. there is nothing untoward here, john kerry told the state's department what he was doing. >> bill: do you what he is doing when he talks about this now? >> well, you weren't in those meetings with iran. john kerry has said when i spoke to the iranians, despite what the trump administration does, you should stay in compliance with the iran deal. i think we can all agree that iran not restarting the nuclear work is a good thing. i absolutely respect what he is doing. he is trying to prevent everyday nuclear weapons.
7:27 am
mike pompeo is playing to an audience of one, and that is donald j. trump. >> bill: i am not following. >> any time now. i am waiting, any minute. do you want thank you. >> sandra: thank you. all right, the jobs market is hot, and it is getting even hotter. he economic numbers dropped to their lowest levels since the beatles were topping the charts. and that's a good thing, by the way. a record high, fresh high. it money men charles payne is on deck. >> bill: also, kim jong un reportedly offering another olive branch. could a second summit be in the work soon? >> we have made study, albeit slow progress. but it's always, we've always known that this was going to take some time. as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value.
7:28 am
if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361.
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7:31 am
>> bill: just getting word, fox news alert, the sheriff's office reporting a shooting has happened there.
7:32 am
reports about multiple victims. there is not more information than that, northeast of baltimore. we are just getting word from the associated press. more information on that as it comes in. >> sandra: multiple victims situation. please avoid the area. they are urging nearby. all right, we will have more on that. first up, president moon at sharing a message with president trump. from north korea later kim jong un, following a three day summit, we have new details on the talks between north and south korea. what is the latest from the korean summit today? >> sandra yes, that just wrapped up. just might have kick started talks for denuclearization of north korea. kim jong un and south korean president moon jae-in visited a historic mountain. and he gave a progress report. once you finish denuclearizatio
7:33 am
denuclearization. as fast as possible. kim wants another summit with president trump quickly. again, his words. he wants it secretary of state mike pompeo to come to town soo soon. he said the u.s. wants to engage immediately in negotiations with north korea. for himself and his staffers, they want to get it all wrapped up. again, his statements by januar. one north korea wants is something they claim what was promised to them in the summit with president trump back in june. a declaration of the korean war, he says that he, they, wanted by the end of the year. but the u.s. thanks that is a big concession. they are still looking for a timeline to get rid of it all. and about that secret message that came from kim jong un and
7:34 am
is bound for president trump, president moon will be meeting president trump on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly in new york on monday. he will give the letter at that time, and all will be revealed. thank you. keep watching. >> sandra: we will. greg palkot, thank you. for more on the progress of nuclear talks, former u.s. ambassador bill richardson will be joining us i had in next hour of "america's newsroom." stay tuned for that. >> bill: the stock market hitting a record high. dropping to about 200,000. that is the lowest level that we have seen in almost 50 years. big board right now. check it out. 180. right at 26.6. that is our all-time high. we touched it last hour. closing above.
7:35 am
at 2:00. how are you doing, buddy? >> i'm doing great. by the way, that is a great song. one of the greatest albums ever. i want to say, this jobless claim is interesting. the last time it was this low was on november 15th 1969. i was celebrating my seventh birthday. >> sandra: well, that means your birthday is coming up. we will have to remember that. >> bill: i am having to do math right now. >> it is great. look how wonderful this is. everything is working out. the overall economic picture is absolutely phenomenal. and the beautiful thing, we are seeing an impact in everyone's lives. i think it is amazing. and if we do get back to this record, it will be the 100s of record close since the election. i always think that we should measure presents not on the day that they are not graded, but afterwards few that is when the economy starts making moves.
7:36 am
>> sandra: on election day. >> after election day, that is when consumers make moves. i have always said that the market really starts to make moves. >> bill: he governs with half an eye on the market. we want to know how things are responding to the decisions that he is making. the tariff issue. >> he did not let the initial downward markets dissuade him from the bigger, greater picture. here is the irony. the worst day for the market, with respect to tariffs, came on march 22nd, march 23rd when japan said we are going to retaliate. the dow was off. we are now of 3,000 points in the tariff or with china began, when it officially began. >> sandra: let me play you a little something. it does not go up like this forever, at some point, you have to say it is either going to take a break, or something is going to change. that is going to change the economic picture, whatever it
7:37 am
may be. can this really last? it sort of scares me that there is a little bit of complacency out there. >> there is no complacency, though. i use them as my gauge for this. the individual investors, they are neutral, they are indifferent to the market. on the professional side, professional money managers around the world, managing trillions of dollars, they are underexposed to the stock market. they -- this has been a stealth rally. there is no enthusiasm about it. none of the media, this will not be on the front page of "the new york times" tomorrow. i get where you're coming from. >> bill: do they not believe it? or? do they think that we have the run off. is it time to relax? >> they were concerned about the federal reserve. three of the four worst days this year, don't forget, in february, we had those big down days. down 1100 points in the dow,
7:38 am
1,000 points. those are all associated with central-bank policies. they were afraid, worried about the trade situation, and worried about other things like liquidity. >> bill: he always have to worry about something. i mean what is going on with these weeds? >> how to stocks in the market right now. august 30th, the stock was 59. yesterday, it hit 300. let's not say a lot per se, came back from the highs of the day. still 30% of the session. i asked people who bought it who watch my show, i thought it would be smart, any time you make three or four on any stock, you want to take profits. it happens in less than a month. i will say that it does underscore the fact that at one point, this will be a real industry in this company, country.
7:39 am
one of the biggest, if not the biggest beverage company in the world, they made an investment a couple of months ago. they are making their competitors product. so you've got states that have legalized cannabis. it's a big major industry. but obviously, -- >> sandra: you are into it? sorry, not like that. the stocks, you recommend them. >> oh, absolutely not. i do think it is a real industr industry. >> sandra: you have to forgive me, the reason i was looking down when we are having the conversation about the largest money managers around the world, how they have been kind of out of the stock market rally. i was looking down. i couldn't remember. i had an interview with jim rogers. i think he lives in singapore now. he is a big money guy. and i talked to him shortly before donald trump was elected. he forecast that there would be bankruptcy and war. and remember, there were a lot of forecasts like that out there.
7:40 am
still to this day, pretty bearish. >> bill: i love rogers. he is a brilliant guy. made billions of dollars, one of the best investors in the world, but i think a lot of people got president trump wrong. and it is unfortunate because i think a lot of people have gone down on the rally. it means a lot of people aren't enjoying things. i think the average person putting out the noise, they are making more money. >> sandra: put on your political head for a moment. does it translate to republican votes? >> i think it does, although not as much. the irony is that they will be victimized by their own success. 12% of americans think that the economy is important. guess what? one present obama ran, it was 86%. no longer important. i >> bill: 15th, baby. charles payne. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: police in washington, jogger who was stabbed to death
7:41 am
when running. 35-year-old wendy martinez. stabbed multiple times in the neck. she stumbled into a chinese restaurant for help it. later died at a hospital. police now saying that they have a suspect in custody in washington, d.c. >> sandra: now we can confirm that there was a shooting. it was in aberdeen, maryland, where multiple victims we are hearing have been shot. special agents from baltimore are reporting to a shooting incident in harford county maryland. that is about all that we know at this time, and they are warning residents or anybody in the area that the situation is still fluid. multiple victims are reporting, and to avoid the area. we are on that as we get updates, we will bring them to you. >> bill: northeast of baltimore. it has been almost a week since florence and swept into the carolinas. we are still dealing with so much. look at these images. the danger far from over. some areas expected to get more
7:42 am
flooding. our fox coverage continues. >> sandra: plus, the woman who helped kidnap elizabeth smart and watched her husband assaults the teenager, the victim says she is still a threat. >> all indications are she is still of the same mind-set that she was when she pushed him to come down to the house and of dr. elizabeth.
7:43 am
7:44 am
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>> bill: the woman who helped kidnap and abuse... smart when she was only 14 years old his release. in custody for 15 years. the prosecutor in the elizabeth smart matters, thank you for your time. first of all, the attorney, he said this about geographic research that they are willing to consider. >> we have volunteered to
7:47 am
restrict her geographically from certain areas that the smart family may frequent. >> bill: is not a way to resolve this, do you believe? >> i think there are a couple of things that are important. the geographic restrictions, but the no contact provision in her condition, something that we were fighting to make sure was in there, make sure that it was very broad. >> sandra: it's an incredibly difficult situation. i can't even imagine what the family is going through, brett. for elizabeth smart, does she have any options as far as appealing this? it came as a shock to her, her release. >> it was very shocking, a moment, to have that discussion. she called me. she wanted to know my thoughts. we learned some of the legal arguments that we may have, a basis to have the board reconsider. it was a moment of near panic. but she quickly got over that
7:48 am
and she started to focus on what she was going to do going forward. >> bill: i have heard her in various interviews. did this my team, the prosecution side, did you have any recourse to fight this? >> you know, we did not have any legal recourse to change the decision that was made. they were basing the decision on statutes that apply and gave her credit. it do i think there are some changes that we can do in the future? i do. and right now, our only hope is that while she is being watch for five years, that if she does violate her condition, she is immediately sent back. >> sandra: what specifically are the conditions of her release that she has to adhere to? >> she has a curfew at 9:00 p.m., she has to live in an approved housing. she has the no contact rule, obviously. she has to have a job, if she is unemployed, then she has to have permission to seek certain jobs. she also has come of the most
7:49 am
important thing for elizabeth and for me, she has requirements to participate in mental health treatment. i think that is the most significant. >> bill: she said it has just been a roller coaster of emotions. i imagine that is what she was going through. here is her father, ed, who has been public since the very beginning. >> my concern is the predatory behavior, and if she is willing, if she is not willing to take health, not willing to take medication, i believe that she still poses a threat. hopefully not too elizabeth and her children, but certainly to those that are around her. >> bill: is not a significant problem, in your view? >> yes. we know that individuals are going to get out of prison. he is absolutely correct that if they don't participate in rehabilitation, they continue to be a threat. melissa truly believes that she
7:50 am
is a threat to vulnerable people still in our community. >> sandra: we have discussed how to address this in the future, our criminal justice system, how this works, any possible changes going forward, it may prevent an attack like this. >> that's exactly right. if we don't address the fact that 95% of all inmates are getting out, do we want them to get out with rehabilitation or out? as a country, we are going to be facing these problems. >> bill: from salt lake city, thank you. >> sandra: president trump ordering classified documents to be made public on monday. why has that not happened yet? alright, i brought in new max protein
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7:54 am
>> sandra: puerto rico marking a grim day. it has been one year since hurricane maria hammered to the island with category four winds. it still recovering from the devastation and mourning the loss of so many lives. live in puerto rico. >> recovery and rebuilding are still happening on this u.s. -- here, the martinez house still unlivable. >> bill: that's a shame. hang around a moment, maybe we
7:55 am
can still get phil here. there we go. >> the disaster relief organization, handed out 75,000 blue tarps this past year. sometimes, blue tarps instead of rooftops are the only thing protecting people. totally destroyed by maria. turbine graveyard. and for many puerto ricans, life is still a struggle. >> it's really hard to not have a safe place with my two kids. >> it has been almost a year since the hurricane, and we still find people that are living under a piece of plastic for their only roof. and for us to be able to come in and rebuild homes. just give hope all over the silent, i think that is incredibly important. >> leaving about one dozen homes to collapse into the sand several months later. and for the rubble still says here.
7:56 am
>> took a direct hit from maria, lost power for months. in fact, some neighborhoods here just recently i only have had electricity restored. the governor tells us despite the billions of dollars that have been spent this past year, when the next hurricane hits, it could all happen again. >> we have some stronger infrastructure here, we, all we have done right now, lift up the old system. some parts are more vulnerable than they were even before mari maria. >> and there are ceremonies around the island by the governor and marist today to commemorate what happened here last year. back to you. >> bill: thank you, phil. what makes this simple salad
7:57 am
the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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7:59 am
8:00 am
>> sandra: an update on that shooting in maryland, authorities now say there are multiple victims from an active shooter situation in aberdeen, maryland. the hartford county sheriff's office says the situation there is still fluid and people should avoid the area. the fbi's baltimore field office is responding. atf is also sending in special agents there. we are also hearing the fps crisis squad is in route. we are monitoring this, and we will bring you updates as we get them. meanwhile, the drama consuming washington, d.c., right now, with senate republicans giving christine blasey ford until
8:01 am
tomorrow to decide if she will testify about her allegations against brett kavanaugh. welcome to our brand-new hour, our third hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, sandra, nice to see you again. the committee vote on the nomination, if she does not appear in monday's hearing. dr. ford still pressing for an fbi investigation about her claims, and so far, that is not moving forward. last hour in america's newsroom, he was in the middle for anita hill and clarence thomas. told us this. >> i think it is unconscionable, the way the democrats have exploited this woman, and ignored her wishes. she did not want her name public. she did not want to have to be seen in the public eye. she did not want the notoriety, and if the democrats have been exploiting this. they should be seen as anti-dr. ford. >> bill: back live on the
8:02 am
hill, do we know if she may testify on monday? >> bill, no one has rsvped yet, and that is something that christine blasey ford is not happy about. they are planning to move forward with hearing that has only two witnesses, it is not a fair or good faith investigation. there are multiple witnesses whose names have appeared publicly and should be included in any proceedings, and a democratic senators are saying it is not fair to ask professor for to do anything she does not do. >> she has for confidentiality, but one that was being undermined, her name, where she worked was being leaked, she decided that i'm going to tell my story. that's what she is only able to tell her story now. she preferred not to be out on the open on this. >> we are now within 24 hours of the deadline. he wants prepared remarks and a biography, if she intends to show up on monday. negotiations continue. >> bill: what about republican
8:03 am
senators? do they feel comfortable voting on cavanagh if there is no hearing with the accuser? >> they are saying that if there are no ways to check out these allegations, that is not going to change their mind, and they cannot investigate it, so it is not going to change their votes. >> we have seen these allegations that have been out here in the press. we have been presented with no further information. we have heard his denial, i imagine that that is what we would hear, and then based on that information, not just that, but everything else that we know, we will have to make a decision. i continue to be supportive of his nomination. >> with republicans only having small majority, susan collins, republican of maine, she is still undecided. she was on the phone to go over the process of what the fbi investigates in terms of background checks and what it does not, just to see exactly what democrats are requesting.
8:04 am
>> bill: it will change by the hour, likely. >> sandra: for more on all of this, bret baier, good morning to you. this has all taken another turn with his deadline quickly approaching. what can you tell us? >> the focus has changed from what is important to point out, they have not only offered testimony, but also private testimony behind closed doors. also, offering to send the senate back out to california to have a private kind of death
8:05 am
deposition, all of which have been turned down, so barring that, i think you are going to see republicans say it's time to move forward with the vote. >> sandra: rather than turn down, her team has responded by saying if an fbi investigation takes place first. what can actually happen on that front? i mean as far as meeting that request, what can be done? >> listen, the white house could come of the could ask the fbi to do something. it is not something they do. they are not a private investigative firm. you could get an independent investigator, former fbi, former investigators, the senate committee hires to look into this. let's go back to the original allegation. she says that she can't put a time of when and where. does she say something to somebody at the time? how did she get to the house? was it in the summer? what's cool in session, did
8:06 am
other people know about it? there are so many things that we don't know. what we do know is that as senator gillibrand said, she wanted to be anonymous. she didn't want to be out in the spotlight. she hires an attorney, and then takes a polygraph test. why? if she didn't want to be out and to tell the story, then why go through that? i think the questions, there is a long list of them, and so far, it doesn't seem like she is going to answer. >> sandra: so when you talk to lawmakers, are you getting the sense that she is going to show up on monday? >> no. and i think that we are at a point now where this deadline is tomorrow. you know, i think that grassley is going to hold the line. they're going to move forward. what is a real challenge, red state democrats, who i think you're going to be released, once i got to the magic number. probably some ritzy democrats who were going to vote for brett
8:07 am
kavanaugh because they politicay would be better positioned in their home states. i don't think that it's possible now. we have already seen claire mccaskill say that she is not footing for brett kavanaugh. i think the vote goes forward. the hinge point is senator collins. maybe senator flake. but i think that he is on board as well. >> sandra: we had a ronna mcdaniel on. she was talking about the impact of everything. it democrats have turned it into a political parlor game. she called it "shameful." voters are looking at it. what is the significance and impact of this right now, as best as we can assess that on the midterms? >> i think it does fire up both sides. washington at its worst. taking it past the midterms, and effort for democrats to control both chambers. it delayed this.
8:08 am
democrats, should it go forward, they are going to -- it is a double-edged sword. it could play both ways. >> sandra: the president heading out to las vegas tonight to do what he does best. a campaign rally out their teenage. >> las vegas is a place, nevada has the highest -- 5% of job increase. that is a good story to tell for senator dean heller, trying to hang onto that incumbency. >> sandra: we will see how it goes. bret baier. we will see you on your special report. >> thank you, sarah. >> bill: back to the carolinas carolinas. nearly a week after her confluence hit land. blame for at least a 37 deaths. the flooding is a good 60 miles inland. chris jenkins live in fayetteville, north carolina, . what are you seeing there, chris? >> the sun is out, the water is
8:09 am
receding. one of the 37 here in fayetteville, the local leaders are concerned that it can take not only days but maybe weeks, months, and maybe even years in some cases. that is why the mayor here, we spoke to him a little bit earlier. he said he has a message for the president. he hopes for the resources he needs. listen. >> i've been here for 45 years. i've never seen anything like this. i don't think we were prepared as a community for what to expect. i would like to thank him for expediting the emergency declaration. i would ask that he allow a free flow of resources. the federal level to the state. i would ask that any barriers were removed if possible. >> bill, the real culprit here -- let's just have a look at the cape fear river.
8:10 am
pressing yesterday, record level. just up to 61 and a half feet. i was out here, it was at 59.8 age. so that of course is just down a tiny bed. this drone footage, shot by the fayetteville city councilman, it shows the actual depth and a damage that it has been here. of course, recovery crews trying to get in here. most of the power is actually doing okay, but a little farther south, where there is double the amount of rainfall, still and 95, i 40 closed in some areas. i am learning just now, that he is expected to make a visit here in the next couple of hours. >> bill: thank you, griff. >> sandra: meanwhile, we are getting an update from south korea. the leaders of north and south korea, what did could mean from jump-starting u.s. make u.f
8:11 am
nuclear talks. >> bill: are they trying to politicize the fbi? the supreme menominee, brett kavanaugh. >> look at the pressure that they are putting on him. something that she doesn't want to do. forcing her to ask for a delay, which will keep her name in the press, i don't think it is full consideration for how this is going to impact her. well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. ♪ plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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8:15 am
>> bill: the latest on that shooting, just trying to gather some information here. it is an ongoing event, reports came in at 9:00 eastern time. two hours ago right near the intersection of paramin. an industrial area, multiple victims described by our fox crew, and also the associated press. victims with injuries, here is an eyewitness who just came in a moment ago. >> i saw all these police cars. i saw like two ambulances come barreling out. some people pulled up in that little alcove, trying to watch. i was still hearing gunshots. i was like oh, no, they meant right here in the neighborhood. and it just got really chaotic really fast. >> bill: that is from a moment ago. a live picture of maryland, as the picture goes white or it
8:16 am
looks like some sort of industrial park. not confirmed. it appears to be that way in the image. multiple agencies responding. the atf, the fbi. so we are moving towards the scene as well. peter doocy is there. we will see what we can figure out coming up here on "america's newsroom" ." >> if she shows up and it's a credible showing, that will be very interesting. we will have to make a decision. but i can only say this. he is such an outstanding man, very hard for me to imagine that anything happened. >> sandra: as we wait to learn whether christine blasey ford will testify, critics are accusing senate democrats of trying to politicize the fbi, by backing reports to investigate her sexual assault allegations before she testifies on capitol hill. let's bring in john yoo, former deputy assistant, attorney general, law professor
8:17 am
at berkeley. thank you for your time this morning. if you could, tell us. "the wall street journal" editorial board published a piece basically detailing why it's a wildly inappropriate for democrats to even be backing this request. >> i think people are confusing here the job at the fbi, it is not doing the job of investigating a crime. these events have a 35 years ago. there is no physical evidence, no forensic evidence. it is really just now down to the words of two people, and maybe a third person. who knows? this is not something -- i think people talk about this as if it is proved that mike beyond a reasonable doubt. that is going to take place anyway. so if this had, months ago in a normal background investigation, the fbi could have gone out and interviewed mark, try to figure
8:18 am
out what happened, but it came in at the last second. i think a clear attempt at delaying judge kavanaugh. so in this case, the real question is why it's our senators going to make of the credibility of two people who have been up here before them, telling their stories. the centers have to look them in the eye, decide he was telling the truth, decide how to take that into account on giving their advice and consent. i think dragging the fbi into it is not going to really help. >> sandra: it can be very dangerous to politicize the fbi. they are being politicize. they want to turn agents into judges of the nominee character. in it, the journal published that the senate is the ultimate judge of the fitness of the nominee. in this case, senators must assess whether they think her allegations are credible enough to disqualify judge kavanaugh. they can't advocate that has for the fbi. much less, order and executive branch agencies to do its own
8:19 am
advising and consenting, making their view on this very clear. john. >> i think that's right. the fbi is an executive branch agency within the justice department, ultimately works for the president. the senate can ask the fbi to go out, but it is still up to the executive branch to allow to go forward. as the editorial says, as the constitution says, the ultimate job of consent here is with the senate. they have to take this into account. they can't delegate or ask another agency to make the choice for them. that is why senator grassley's decision to have the hearing is so important. that is where they both have to appear, testify under oath, with the opportunity for examination by both people on both sides, and that is how in our system, we learn the truth. >> sandra: and that process that chuck grassley has set up your, being praised by many republicans. he is doing a great job at
8:20 am
handling this, it includes senators and their staff, asking them directly about the event. reading that straight from the editorial piece. deciding how to vote. this is the essence of political accountability. you know, do you think about chairman grassley has handled this the best he can, based on what he is with? >> i use to be general counsel of this committee. i think senator grassley is in a tough spot. he has been confronted with last-minute allegations, which are essentially unverifiable. there is no corroborating evidence one way or the other. i don't blame him for saying that what we ought to do is have a hearing, treat them respectably, but the facts are going to come out. it will really make a difference to the key votes on whether judge kavanaugh gets confirmed. so i think he's doing the best he can. i don't actually see what other option he has. he could send the fbi out and it
8:21 am
delayed for several more weeks, but based on what we are learning, it is not going to make a difference, so why not cut to the chase and let them make up their mind about who is telling the truth. >> sandra: if you could offer me sort of your predictions on what he see playing out, how do you think it will go? >> i think dr. ford has got to testify. if she doesn't, then i think the senators rightfully will go ahead and vote. otherwise, any stress accusatio accusation, unverified, uncorroborated, without anyone coming forward to give evidence, enough to prevent the confirmation of any nominee. we can't allow that to happen. >> sandra: john you, thank you. >> bill: multiple deaths after a horrific shooting here. police are getting ready to hold a news conference that is going to happen about 20 minutes from now. we will take a left, try to fill in some details as to what we are learning here.
8:22 am
this news breaking about 30 minutes ago. a delay it of about an hour and a half, why? we don't know. back to that scene, as we move there after the commercial brea break. some debt you plan for, some just... (crash) ...happens. putting it all on credit cards just wasn't working. but a loan through lending club was a cinch. no branch office, no stuffy suits. consolidating our debt saved us nearly $300 a month. that's not sofa change.
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8:25 am
>> bill: a we are now hearing that the shooter may have been a woman, it is no longer an active shooting situation. an ongoing event, as maryland law enforcement, the fbi, atf responding in force and appeared about two hours in 15 minutes after the first reports came in, at 9:09, near aberdeen, maryland. northeast of baltimore, multiple victims, several of the victims,
8:26 am
the ap's reporting, sandra, that three are dead. we have not been match that reporting, but a number of agencies now responding. >> sandra: as of a few minutes ago, this is no longer an active shooting situation. as you set up the top there, bill, getting word that this may have been a female shooter involved. the sheriff confirming on twitter, that the shooting happened. this sort of industrial area. multiple victims. the governor has also posted an update here, we are closely monitoring this horrific shooting in aberdeen. our prayers are with all of those impacted, including our first responders. ready to offer any support. we we will continue to watch how the situation plays out. we are waiting for a media briefing to happen shortly on this.
8:27 am
as we get any pictures or updates here. we'll continue to bring them to you. >> bill: the governor's office, we will be in contact with him as well. larry hogan. very active governor there in this day. perhaps he shows up at the press conference as well at 11: 45:00 a.m. multiple media agencies have reported already. it is a situation that has not yet been sorted out. we don't have the name of the business, location, the house, whether it was inside, outside. all of those details have yet to be filled in. >> sandra: thursday morning, nearly lunch hour. possibly a very busy time for this area. 11:30 a.m. eastern hour, and all we can report to you about this time is that there are multiple victims. we don't have any numbers of fatalities. that is why we are waiting on this media update that should be happening shortly, so we can understand exactly what has happened here as this is still an ongoing situation. we continue to learn more. >> bill: just scanning the
8:28 am
latest, 2 minutes ago. an official says three people have been killed, according to the ap, in a shooting in harford county. they describe it as an active shooter matter. law enforcement officials have acknowledged the shooting but not authorized to talk about it. hartford county. that is the area, tweeting that there was a shooting thursday morning that involved multiple victims. the baltimore field office, tweeting its response, assisting the sheriff's office in this matter. atf responding, as we mentioned a mom to go. looking for more information on this. >> sandra: they were on the scene at 9:09:00 a.m. it talking about the situation that has been ongoing for just over two hours now. we are still waiting on the details. we will certainly bring those to you in that press briefing gets underway. we will go to that. meanwhile, north and south korea holding the third summit this year. secretary of state mike pompeo says that there is new progress
8:29 am
with pyongyang. the deadline for the north to denuclearize, he is here, he will join us on the next. >> we have made a steady, albeit slow, progress. we have always known this was going to take some time.
8:30 am
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8:32 am
>> sandra: we have an update on that shooting in maryland. the latest update that we have gotten, that the shooter may have been female, and that this is no longer an active shooter situation. we are looking at life pictures of an intersection in maryland, sort of an industrial business area, of hartford county. right now, the ap is reporting that three people have been killed in this shooting. other than that, authorities are telling us that there have been multiple victims involved in this. we are waiting on some details on what has been happening there. and news conferences coming up
8:33 am
at 11:45 a.m. we are going to bring that to you so that we can understand fully what happened here, what businesses may have been involved. you can see authorities are on the ground there. atf has been called in. so we are waiting to learn more. here is one witness. >> i don't think anybody quite knew what was happening. we had it -- god -- so many police cars. we had at least three choppers that i counted in the air. i know that they are still there. roads are still close, they are still looking and investigating. it was just crazy. you wouldn't think with this kind of sleepy, common area, that anything like this would happen. >> sandra: still an ongoing event. a multiple victims, several injuries. several ambulances headed to the scene. of the first call came in at
8:34 am
9:09 a.m. we will bring you updates when we get it. >> bill: apparently making progress. it from considering a second so much with kim jong un. we will see what happens. these talks could go until january of 2021. multiple trips to north korea. sir, will come back here. it is good to have you back on. we heard a lot of talk. a north and south korea getting together, proposals for the olympics, taking away security guards. it all sounds very good. what is your read? >> well, it is good on the north korea-south korea front. less tension, countries that have been at war, , an enormous difference is getting closer. talking even about having a joint olympics. this is good. there is a lessening of tension between north and south, but what i worry a little bit, i did not hear any commitments by
8:35 am
north korea in these talks with south korea about denuclearization, about these materials come about nuclear weapons, bone vessels. it talked about oh, we will destroy some of the missile sites. the launching pads, the plutonium facility. but no real commitment. so i think the secretary of state is right. saying that this is going to take some time. number two, there is still some stumbling blocks. i would hold off, bill. if i were advising the administration, don't give them the summit yet. let them do more, let them at least to clear number of nuclear and missile sites that they have because they had a lot of them. so i would be patient. continue studying negotiating processes. and i think this last meeting brought a little progress. not much. >> bill: what do you think of mike pompeo putting out the
8:36 am
dates of 2021? that would be the end of the first term for president trump. >> well, my view, it is going to take longer. he has to do that. i think the administration, when they went in, and singapore, they said you've got to denuclearize first, and then we will take of the sanctions. north korea is not going to do that here they are going to wait it out. they are sly. they make a lot of moves to delay, and then they want you to go first before they make commitments. i think we made a mistake in saying we are going to stop the south korea-u.s. military exercises without getting anything from the north koreans in return. so i think this time, the president should listen to mike pompeo. it is going to take some time. maybe beyond 2021. the north koreans, they have nuclear weapons. it is going to take time. >> bill: i hear the skepticism
8:37 am
in your voice. i think there is a lot of that on the u.s. side. >> i don't know if it is on behalf of the south korean leader. he seems very eager to get a deal on. when the north koreans that we are going to take a take a path of muscle facility and they say will take a part of the nuclear complex of the u.s. does something similar in turn, without giving details on that, what do you think that they are expecting on that? >> well, what the north koreans want is they want a peace treaty, which means that they can then negotiate demands that the u.s. and south korea with weekend the alliance. so i think you are making a good point. we can to -- we have to work closely with the south koreans. you know, he has been very eager to lessen tensions. we have to coordinate better with them. i think there is a little gap
8:38 am
there. they are going maybe a little bit too fast. basically endorsing the north korean position, which is okay, we have a step-by-step process. you use sanctions. that is will the north koreans once. we want north korea to do something on denuclearization, which they have been done. we have to coordinate better. we have to bring in the japanese as well. they are not participating, they are scared of missiles from north korea. this is a complicated process. the years where i think the president can't get ahead of things and say mission accomplished. my buddy, kim jong un. let pompeo go ahead and negotiate this strongly. at the same time, recognize that north korea is up to their usual moves to gain an advantage over us. >> bill: they are a k.g. sort, aren't they? things were coming back, i hope that we can talk soon again. >> thank you, bill.
8:39 am
>> sandra: we are now learning in the fatal stabbing of a woman jogging tuesday night in washington, d.c., we have the latest on this from washington. julian. >> so, sandra, a young woman, jogging alone in the streets of washington, d.c., as she approaches her to make this intersection behind me, she was apprehended by a stranger and brutally stabbed. she then hobbled, dragging herself into this chinese take-out restaurant right behind me, where she was immediately attended to by some local patrons, one of whom happened to be a nurse. she later succumbed to her injuries, though. she passed away. police then launched an epic manhunt and released surveillance video that may have been the linchpin in solving this case. >> we believe that there was only one person involved in the assault. we do not have any information to suggest that wendy knew or had any association with the
8:40 am
suspect in this case. we also do not have any information at this point to suggest that it was a robbery, so the motive in this case right now is unknown. >> police have arrested 23-year-old anthony crawford, look old d.c. resident. he has a criminal background, but they haven't released any specifics feared by all accounts, the victim, wendy martinez, at 35 year old woman in the prime of her life, recently engaged and beloved in her community. here in the press conference emphasize how unusual this case is because of the random nature of it and because it happened in such a safe neighborhood. >> i think that it is unsettling for anyone who lives in the city to see something like this happen. of this is a very isolated instance. you don't see crimes like this very much, even during the course of my career. so it is a very unlikely thing
8:41 am
that occurred here at this intersection. >> something we learn from the press conference i just wrapped up here a few minutes ago, surveillance video, it is the linchpin that may ultimately help them solve this case. sandra. >> sandra: thank you. we will see if that starts on time. we are learning more details as to what happened at 9:09:00 a.m. this morning. we will give you more details after this.
8:42 am
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8:45 am
get ready to talk, we will bring you back there. ♪ >> we've heard this same story over and over again. the same people that are out there that are running around saying all, there are national security concerns. we are going to rebuild some sort of method. they happen to be the same people who are involved. they are covering up for their agency, or they are involved. and that is totally unacceptable. >> sandra: that was devin nunes on "hannity" last night, talking about the size of the documents. he is wondering why they haven't been made public yet. he is also the author of appropriately so, the deep stag stage. working to destroy the trump agenda. good morning to you. good to see you. i am sure that you are in the devin nunes can put.
8:46 am
>> when i was in congress for eight and a half years, we fought for years. it doesn't seem to matter which administration is in place, the deep state, they don't want to be revealed. they don't want to be uncovered. so even though in this case, you have the president of the united states offering, issuing a directive, those documents should be in the hands of the congressional committee right now. i can guarantee that we come back here in a month, they won't have them all. i think they will start to drop them off. we will get them to you. no, these are text messages on government forms, so by definition, they are unclassified, and the fisa document is just pages long. there is no reason why the moments that he issues out, it should not be in the hands of the president. >> sandra: alan dershowitz was with us earlier. there's got to be a better way for this declassification process. >> we have to have a better
8:47 am
process for classification. i would say that this majority of classified material is classified to protect the reputation of people, not the national interest of the united states. we have to disclose more. transparency is the essence of democracy. 27 years ago, he chaired a committee, they have actually issued a report and said when everything is classified, nothing is classified. it is time for this president to appoint a commission to deal with this because it is frustrating to everyone. you cannot allow some nameless bureaucrats to sit on information that the president has directed be released to congress. >> sandra: what about the national security concerns? >> hogwash. they had not from them, i think it was mr. mccabe, he spend tens of thousands of dollars on furniture. it is more to cover their own actions then it is true national security. they use that excuse all the
8:48 am
time. they come up with new classifications, law enforcement sensitive. that is not enshrined anywhere. it is just an excuse not to allow members of congress that you have security clearances. i was a chairman on the oversight committee. i have all of the security clearances that i need, and they still would not give to us. >> sandra: budget surely eventually the american people will get them. >> do you remember months ago when the attorney general said that they are going to released those documents? the congress still doesn't have those documents. no, they make these announcements, and then they don't actually do it. i'm sorry that i'm so negative on it, but they should be there right now today, and not just some. that is the trick that they do. always release thousands. tell us what percentage that you have given. when you are going to know. until you get to 100% -- >> sandra: what option do they have to follow up on that? >> you're going to have to get under the skin of the president.
8:49 am
the department of justice wants to do, they want to go to court because then they can lock it up for years. >> sandra: wow. a jason chaffetz, always good to see you. bill. >> bill: watching the images come in right now. we should know in a matter of moments what happened here. this is about 30 miles north east of baltimore. that 9:09 up this morning, three are dead. we have that conference. we should get details and conversation in a matter of moments, so we will give that to you live after a commercial break.
8:50 am
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8:53 am
monday hearing, while democrats say that the processes rush. where does it all go from here as we face the midterm elections in less than 50 days? >> and as soon as tomorrow, we could see some of those russian investigation documents that the president ordered declassified, saying it is part of a political plot. we are going to debate that one. >> we've got a sham and upload. we will see you at the top of the hour with our guy in the middle. speech one don't tell my >> bill: thank you. three people were killed thursday morning at rite aid at distribution center in northeast maryland. law enforcement saying that the number of debt is placed on preliminary information. we will see whether that holds up. it not authorized to talk about details. gibson is reporting that the
8:54 am
shooter is a woman. it happened at 3:12 a.m. in maryland, and as i mentioned, te right a distribution center. those victims with injuries. so we see the ambulances and of the police, atf, and now, we have the fbi. >> sandra: one of the newest bits of information, it took place near a distribution center, and a spokesperson for the drug store, rite aid, speaking out, saying that it happened on the campus of a company distribution center there in aberdeen. he described it as a support facility next to a larger building. speaking out on behalf of the company there. so a lot that we still don't know about what happened here. we do know that the initial call came in after 9:00 a.m. eastern. it is almost 12:00 here on the east coast, so we are still waiting. multiple victims is what we can confirm were shot in what was an
8:55 am
active shooter situation. a reporter telling us that is no longer the case, and the update that this could have been a female shooter involves, so for the rub, hopefully will will get an update shortly. >> bill: i mentioned that 9:09 a.m., and that is crucial because we did not get word on it for at least an hour and 15 minutes afterwards, which is uncommon for something like this. it appears to be at the moment that we could keep the word concealed for that amount of time. in this day of technology, the way the news travels, it just does not happen that way. whether or not there is anything to explain for the response or what happened on the inside, we don't know. details, names, all of that have not been yet made public. >> sandra: the latest report is that three people were killed. a law enforcement official saying that the number of people that they are reporting data is based on preliminary information. so again, a lot more details it.
8:56 am
>> bill: we do not have a two-minute warning, but we will squeeze in a quick break here. back to maryland.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> sandra: we are still waiting on the news conference on the shooting that happened this morning in northeast maryland. the aberdeen area. sort of a business and industrial area where the shooting took place. ap is confirming the three people were killed. we know right now is that there were multiple victims. we expect an update to this from law enforcement officials shortly, because there is a lot we don't know. for example, reporters are telling us that the shooter could have been a woman and that this is no longer an active shooter situation. that is what we know. >> bill: waiting for more on that. peter doocy is en route, so we will see what happens when they brief us. the ap says this is a distribution center for rite aid, in an industrial area there of aberdeen, maryland. it's a little bit right now, but
9:00 am
not a whole lot. >> sandra: expect an update shortly. thank you so much for joining us in "america's newsroom" on a thursday morning. doing all right? see you tomorrow morning. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we are focused on this situation that is happening in aberdeen, maryland. there was a shooting earlier this morning and it's being reported shortly after 9:00 a.m. you're looking at those microphones because we are expecting a news conference at any moment now. to give us more details about what happened, and what is currently going on. the ap is reporting that three people were shot. we know it was at a rite aid dissertation center. we don't have many details beyond that, which is why we are focused on this microphone and this press conference coming up to give us more information. >> melissa: let me tell everybody why they see the signs of residential area there. you see some school buses. this is the city of perryman, 3f


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