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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  September 21, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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i made an appalling and inexcusable mistake, in a way that identified cavanaugh as a classmate. i take full responsibility for that mistake, and i deeply apologize for it. i realize that this does not undo the mistake. >> bill: we are closing in on the 11th hour. the conditions for her to testify. this is a big story. we are going to develop at this hour. welcome. i'm bill hemmer, live inside "america's newsroom" ." b2 good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. attorneys for dr. christine blasey ford say that she is open to testify, but it has to be on her own terms, and here's what she is asking for. no lawyers. only members of the senate judiciary committee, and what kavanaugh cannot be in the room. and the judge must go first. >> bill: so president trump is out in vegas, continue to back his nominee when he said this. >> i want to tell you that brett
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kavanaugh is one of the finest human beings you will ever have the privilege of knowing or meeting. a great intellect, a great gentleman, an impeccable reputation, went to yale, top student. went to yale law, top student. so we've got to let it play out. >> bill: peter doocy this morning, and washington. what else is dr. ford worried about, peter? >> her security, bill. now some democrats have been asking the fbi to research or investigate her allegations of sexual misconduct, asking the fbi to look into threats against her. they wrote a letter to the fbi director. part of it says this. we are increasingly concerned by reports of alleged death threats against her, the hacking of her email, and with the harassment and intimidation that dr. blasey ford has been facing
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after being forced into the spotlight late last week. in d.c. this morning, this is a crowd that is very motivated by conservative supreme court justices in 2016. a few moments from now, mitch mcconnell is going to talk to this crowd, and we will watch very closely to see if they are discouraged or moved at all by these allegations and the possibility of the rocky road ahead. >> bill: any indications that the senator is aware of dr. ford's conditions? >> just heard back from grassley's office that he is thinking about it right now. in fact, after grassley got off the phone with her lawyers last night, chairman grassley staff had a call with her attorneys today to discuss her testimony and the judiciary committee. we will consult with his colleagues on the committee. he remains committed to providing a fair forum for both dr. ford and judge kavanaugh. we do know already what kind of
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accommodations that they might make. brett kavanaugh one head and cleared his calendar for monday. he already sent an rsvp to the judiciary committee. thank you for the invitation to appear on the judiciary. i will be there. i look forward to the opportunity to testify before the committee. and if it chairman grassley sticks to the schedule that he laid out earlier this week, then we should know whether or not the potential hearing of the year happens at all at the top of the next hour. >> bill: peter, thank you. peter doocy live in d.c. thank you. >> sandra: president trump holding a rally in las vegas last night. he was there to support dean heller in a tight race. the goal? keeping an even expanding majority in congress. >> we have to get out for the midterms. promise me. you've got to get out for the
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midterms. don't be complacent. you've got to get out for the midterms. you've got to vote. you've got to vote. we need more republicans. you know, when they say we have a majority, it's like this. if somebody has a cold, we don't have a majority of that day. >> sandra: today, the president is heading to missouri to campaign in another big race. kevin corke's live in las vegas this morning. kevin, is it fair to say that it is an indication of things to come until the election? >> yeah, no question about that, sandra. i sprint to the finish. we saw the president last night emphasizing the importance of g.o.p. voter turnout for the midterm elections. we will be hearing a great deal about that in the weeks ahead. in las vegas, throwing his support behind senator dean heller, who is in the throes of a real political dogfight, trying to keep his seat after the midterms.
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>> we started out. we were in france. i didn't like him, he didn't like me. and as we fought and fought, believe it or not, we started to respect each other. then we started to like each other. then we started to love each other. and the fact is, and the fact is, he has been a tremendous supporter, ever since i won the election. >> obviously, heller is hoping that the president will help him in a hard-fought victory in the silver state. right now, he is trailing in the latest survey. taking a smaller lead, 42-41, well within the margin of error. again, the emphasis here, if you are a g.o.p. voter, you better get out there and vote. >> sandra: the president also took aim at the new look for the democratic party.
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>> yet. he certainly did. indeed, the democratic socialist, like alexandria, and bernie sanders. both of whom espouse many viewpoints, as you can well imagine that the president strongly disagrees with. >> the new platform of the democratic party is radical socialism. open borders. i won't allow the united states of america to become the next venezuela. that's what they want to do. >> as you mentioned, later today, the president makes his way over to missouri, but not before he has a veterans hearing in the beautiful state of nevada. we will have the details for you, but for now, back to you in new york. >> sandra: kevin corke it, very early morning on the
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las vegas strip. >> bill: let's get back to that kavanaugh business. judge brett kavanaugh is a fine man with an impeccable reputation, they don't want to know the answers. they just want to destroy and delay. facts don't matter. i go through this with them every single day in d.c. >> he has a point. and i think it is being clearly manifest in the nomination. they have had the hearing, they were able to interview judge kavanaugh about his views on the legal system, on the law. we got past that, we were ready to vote, and now we have ms. ms. ford's accusations, which it looks to me, bill, what the democratic game plan is, she is asking to have the hearing delayed for monday to thursday, to simply push this hearing as far down the road as they can and allow the publicity around it to grind down the republican candidates out there with her this bad aura.
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>> bill: late yesterday, he writes "i continue to want the hearing as soon as possible so i can clear my name. the moment i first read this allegation, i categorically enter he quickly denied it. i remain committed to denying this." >> well, that is the key question, especially with what the democrats are doing, the nullification of the idea of the rule of law. to me, it is the irony that the ideas that they are going to have his forwarded testify, or she is insisting that judge kavanaugh testify first. a reversal of due process. her then, they are going to vote on his nomination. this is the supreme court. the embodiments of the rule of law in the united states, and yet the process they are using is something akin to the mob and the roman colosseum. thumbs up or thumbs down.
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the difference being that the mob at least had an open mind. we know that the democrats, no matter what happens next week, will though thumbs down. >> bill: here is your peace in "the wall street journal." "what democrats have become." resistance is the word normally known in this context, justifying attacks against this presidency since the evening of november 18th 2016. anything goes, whatever it takes, but kavanaugh is not much more than a casualty. what do you think he decides? >> i think chuck grassley decides to go forward monday, rather than thursday. i know they are trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but her plan keeps changing. they wanted an investigation, they told him they cannot allow the fbi to investigate. she wanted witnesses. we don't know who the witnesses are. now, she wants it changed it to thursday with judge kavanaugh
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going first. this is a lawyer negotiating, obviously intending to push this out into the future. so i think chuck grassley and the republicans have got to draw the line by doing this. it has become a watershed political -- >> bill: you are saying that monday is arbitrary. you could argue that thursday is arbitrary as well. you cannot hijack the process, and it was a hearing that has always done mike already been concluded. >> the democrats are trying to muscle a defeat of judge kavanaugh. they are trying to degrade the confirmation process. >> bill: you, sir. -- >> sandra: he will not mince words when he goes to the u.n. next week. >> with iran, he does not think that we should turn away. he doesn't think that we should let our focus go to waste. he thinks that there are issues, and he thinks that the international community has to take that into account. >> sandra: more on that, and the message the president is expected to send to the
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6:15 am
still early in the investigatio investigation. >> sandra: the suspect also took her own life. >> iran is going around, trying to get everything that they can. it is time for us to have a real discussion. >> bill: nikki haley, a preview for the major story. expected to focus on expecting protecting u.s. sovereignty. there is another meeting that has more significance. of how are you doing? well come here. the focus for that meeting, my suspicion is, iran. what's yours? >> well, i think that's absolutely right, bill. i should say that nikki haley is same as last night were outstanding. i think that she really is
6:16 am
emerging as the iron lady of the united nations. we need that kind of strong leadership on the world stage. i suspect that president trump will be sending the same message at the united nations next week. he is going to deliver a major address on tuesday. followed by his chairing of a security council session, where absolutely the main focus will be upon the iranian threat. and the president will be calling on security council and the world to rally behind the united states, a brutal and barbaric regime. that is the world biggest a state sponsor of international terrorism, determined to acquire nuclear weapons. that is going to be at the heart of the president's message. >> bill: he will essentially say that iran is dangerous. the most-watched security council meeting ever. she is probably right about tha that. >> i think so.
6:17 am
absolutely, all eyes will be on how the president handles this meeting. and i think to the president's great credit, president trump has been very, very robust and standing up to iran. the disastrous nuclear agreemen agreement. which fundamentally undermines u.s. national security. answer president will be calling upon u.s. allies, especially in europe, to join the united states in standing up to 315. already, we are seeing large numbers of european companies withdrawing from iran, the nuclear agreement. already, the united states making a huge impact internationally on the iran front. american leadership really does matter. incredibly weak and need in the face of the iranian threat, president trump has been extremely strong and robust as
6:18 am
nikki haley pointed out last night. we need to see this very strong u.s. leadership. the president standing up for u.s. national interests on the world stage. >> bill: we are giving the europeans a decision. you go with the iran or the u.s. "exercising the prerogative of the chairman, mr. trump wanted to focus on the activity around the middle east. european diplomat said that they fear this will only underscore this unpopularity of his decision, out of the iran nuclear deal." do you agree with that? >> yeah, i think within europe, around the question, european union officials and european leaders need to decide whose side they're on, whether they're going to stand with the united states and the free world, or whether they're going to stand with a monstrous dictatorship.
6:19 am
it is a very clear-cut choice. i do hope that european leaders are going to follow the right path here, by standing with the united states against a monstrously evil regime here. they have a clear-cut choice, and president trump has turned on the got lent americans allies in europe. i hope that they will stand with us. >> bill: it is going to be a big moment on tuesday and certainly ones as well. thank you for your analysis there. >> sandra: democrats have been unrelenting in their calls to delay a vote on brett kavanaugh, as we inched closer to that 10:00 a.m. deadline. so what will happen next? the president continues to tweet on this issue at this moment. >> bill: also, the fbi now working to during the election of 2016, on deck today, our headliner, devon nunez, will tell us what we need to pay attention to next.
6:20 am
>> i ask every witness, give me all of the evidence that you have of collusion, coordination, conspiracy, regardless of whether you believe it, no one had anything."
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>> bill: fox news alert, they are in stable condition this morning after an early morning savagery in queens, new york. happened inside of an overnight day care facility. the youngest victim, only three days old. police arresting a 52-year-old day care worker. two adults were also stabbed there. another worker, and also the father of one of the babies. police have not released a motive, but this is now under significant and serious investigation. we will keep you updated.
6:24 am
>> sandra: meanwhile, dr. christine blasey ford, playing out the conditions for a potential interview next week. for members of the senate judiciary committee. at her legal team maintaining that they would prefer the fbi conducts an investigation beforehand. the congressman telling bret baier last night, the case is not the bureau's responsibility. >> the fbi does not have jurisdiction over state sexual assault claims. if they want to locate witnesse witnesses, if there are witnesses that know whether or not this happen, i'm all for it. and i'm all for them being compelled to come testify. judge kavanaugh does not have the burden of proving his innocence. he has said he was not present. it's been >> bill: i have no dot if the attack was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately file. i either her or her loving parents. i ask that she bring those filings forward so that we can
6:25 am
learn to date, and place. there is another one sent out a short time ago as well. dr. four-seam, 30 minute phone conversation yesterday. they include no lawyers, only members of senate judiciary questioning. kevin i cannot be in the room, and kavanaugh must go first. he said that last factor is unknown go. that's like saying you swing, and then you pitch. this is part of the legal maneuvering that is underway, sandra. >> sandra: you know, watching all of this play out, having heard from alan dershowitz on this program yesterday, listening to jonathan turley this morning. there are requests that are being made right now that are outside of the ability of what is being asked. and that is really at the crux of the matter right now, as we wait to hear what will happen. chuck grassley, the chairman made it very clear that he was willing to set up the questioning to happen whether it was on capitol hill, publicly, ,
6:26 am
go to doctor for his home state of california, laid out to many options that were available to her and her legal team. fiona republicans have suggested that they would hire a female lawyer and she would ask the questions. i don't know how far that has gone on the questions, but chuck grassley has a decision to make. about two days ago, he had set the deadline of 10:00 a.m. eastern time today. top of the next hour for four-seam to give him an answer as to whether she would testify. it appears that the negotiations are wide open. but from "the wall street journal," he says that he doesn't believe that grassley is going to budge. he believes that there has to be structure. and you stick to that structure. >> sandra: we heard the president at the rally last night speaking to our own sean hannity. he has also woken up and started tweeting this morning on dr. ford. "judge kavanaugh is a fine man with an impeccable reputation.
6:27 am
he is under assault. they don't want to know the answers, they just want to destroy. i go through this with them every single day in washington, d.c. "that is one of the first roots from the president's this morning. i have no doubt that if the attack was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local law enforcement by either her or her loving parents. i ask that she bring those forward so that we can learn date, time, and place. he has been saying that all along. i want to hear her story. >> bill: my gases there is a bunch dominic bit of a debate. when you think about john cornyn, the republican from texas, you can't hijack the process. i imagine that these views are being exchanged. how you are fair to both sides. how you figure out due process for a case 36 years later, where
6:28 am
essentially, it is her word and his word it, played out for the country to decide. >> sandra: we will be all over this. also, in a few minutes now, the market is going to open. >> bill: stock soaring to new heights. president trump spreading the word too. talking about the new hires. the dow and the s&p 500. >> economic growth, so they say. when i took this over, i'm telling you, it was a sick puppy. >> last quarter, we had gdp, 4.1 adjusted upward, 4.2%. right? >> bill: now, the trend continues. the chairman of the council of economic advisors will join us from the north house lawn. we will talk to him in moments. also -- >> sandra: you if they did a game in nearly two years, and now, the cleveland browns, the fans there are finally celebrating. ♪
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>> sandra: fox news alert, the academy. it is heating up. hitting new highs. the markets opening just a few moments ago. take a look. off to another positive start. the dow already up 80 points. last night in las vegas, the president of course taking a victory lap on this issue. >> new unemployment claims recently hit 49 year low. you know what that means? that means people are working. they are working. you know this, you've been hearing. now it's even better. african-american unemployment has recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded. >> sandra: joining us now,
6:33 am
kevin hassett. kevin, welcome back to the program. great to have you on. here we are, nearly 3 minutes into trading. a friday session, and we are looking at fresh all-time highs for the u.s. stock market. this is another record-setting morning. 26,700 on the dow. many of us just wonder, can this continue? >> yeah, i think that what is happening is that markets are responding to what the president was talking about. the economy is right now on a trajectory that is better than anything i have seen, really going back to release the '. it is kind of a dreary day here in washington, but it is not dreary and markets. president trump mentioned last night, the workers. wages are growing. unemployment is at the lowest we have ever seen. people getting laid off is the lowest it has all the way back to world war ii. so all this stuff is basically the turnaround that promised us. the economy, when he was elected, it was kind of like last year's cleveland browns.
6:34 am
now we have what the cleveland browns looked like after that game. >> sandra: fair comparison. the cleveland browns don't take a win like this, not discuss how to keep this going. what is your biggest concern? what is this white house and presents biggest concern right now, when you look at the escalating trade risk going on with it china? there is a major concern that there could be some retaliation from china when it comes to u.s. businesses doing business in china. what do you worry about a night? >> right, so you mentioned a trade. trade is not my biggest concern as an economist. president trump has promised that he will make trade deals better for american workers. you notice that we have a great deal with mexico, much better than it was. and with the europeans, something similar. we still have some work to do in china, but i think president trump has proven he is a trade reformer.
6:35 am
what i most worried about, he has 4% growth, just like he promised that he would deliver. and that 4% growth could turn really quickly back into the old normal that we had under president obama if the democrats reverse our policies, said the democrats going, they hiked taxes, re-regulated, all of that kind of stuff, than all of the progress that we made will be lost. >> sandra: you mentioned enough to have. that is still outstanding. where does that go? >> we are still talking to canada. we are getting very, very close to the deadline here. we are going to have to move ahead with mexico. i am a little bit surprised that canadians haven't signed up yet. they have got a really, really good deal that they should be participating in. that's up to the negotiators, but i worry that politics in canada is trumping common sense because it is a very good deal, designed to appeal to canada. they are not signing up. and so hopefully at the last minute, they'll come in.
6:36 am
if they don't, we will move ahead with mexico. we will get canada a little bit later. >> sandra: you know, i haven't seen him tweet yet on the stock market. he did yesterday, and then the dow, and now we have record highs this morning. does the president watch the stock market closely, as he makes decisions? whether it is on trade, tariffs? does that play into his decision-making? >> you know, he watches everything. one of the things that was a big surprise for me. my job is that i get the economic data, all the data, the day before, so that we have a plan in place, in case the markets wake up and see some really bad news. and first one that i am alive to brief with is a president. we talk about the date all the time. he is very much into not just the stock market, but the job market, retail sales, industrial production, he loves the data.
6:37 am
he digs into it, very often, when we start talking about it, we just keep going. >> sandra: it is sort of uncommon to have a president's comments on all the data. we did not hear that as much. so it is sort of a curious matter as to how that plays into his decision-making, but wage growth is still a concern. the president touts the strong economic numbers when it comes to jobs growth, unemployment rate coming down, those jobless claims hitting multi-decade lows. if there is no doubt that the economy is booming. but what good is jobs growth and the unemployment rate, if you are not seeing that wage growth? what do you do to stimulate that? >> well, we are getting the factories coming back to america, the capital spending is booming. that usually leads to wage growth. i don't know about you, but i don't get my wage adjusted every month. it is usually like once a year,
6:38 am
sounds a booming economy like we see now, we will start to see the really big adjustments lastt january. >> sandra: what kind of growth are we talking about? >> right now, we are seeing a just a smidgen less than 1.5%. and i imagine that it will be 2.5%. >> sandra: everybody was shocked when we saw that u.s. gdp growth over 4%. >> and to the third quarter is looking pretty close to that too. >> sandra: yeah? is there going to be another 4 in front of it? i mean, that is really something. we talked to larry, standing right near here. after the 4.1% number came out. he said that is sustainable. how sustainable is it? what are we projecting? >> it's really simple. it's just this. right now, gdp is booming because the factories are coming home. the second half of this year,
6:39 am
into next year, those factors are going to start producing. so it's a kind of growth that is really sustainable because we are buying things that are going to produce output. next year, really for years to come, we are going to be making things here in the u.s. this is exactly the kind of sustained growth that an economist would love to see. even with it being the highest we have ever seen, except for during his .com boom of the '90s, this is the best that i have seen. we will have you back for another discussion. really good to have you on the program. come back soon. >> thank you. >> bill: hello, cleveland. browns fans finally have something to cheer about. there teams win streak is finally over, ending after nearly two years. they beat the new york jets and i come-from-behind victory. right there. baker may feel that coming in to replace tyra taylor.
6:40 am
it was their first win since christmas eve 2016. >> sandra: much needed. >> bill: congratulations to them. >> sandra: naturally you are a cleveland browns fan. >> bill: naturally, never. i am a bengals fan. >> sandra: well mike. a reaction. >> bill: did you see this? they had it up electronically, that's when the lab rounds win, the padlocks come off. free beer. bud light. come and get it. >> sandra: meeting with special counsel robert mueller. watch would he offer his team, if anything? >> bill: also, what he calls are radical left-wing assault on his nominee. today, we are going to get a lot more information as to what happens next. will brett kavanaugh's accuser
6:41 am
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lets your family buy a home with no down payment. now you don't have to save up to move up. why rent when you can buy? call newday usa right now. go to, or call 1-855-630-9103. >> sandra: fox news alert, the president's attorney meeting with robert mueller steam multiple times in the past month. "the wall street journal" reporting michael cowans dealings with investigators. the report comes amid talks about potential wheeler, trump interview. it lawyers say they are pleased with the process of those negotiations. >> bill: it is almost 10:00 a.m. on the west coast. at deadline for the woman accusing brett kavanaugh to give
6:45 am
an answer. including their request for kavanaugh to testify first. the president tweeting this moment they appear the radical left lawyers want the fbi to get involved now. why didn't someone call the fa 36 years ago? with me now, sir, good morning to you. now, you were involved in the roberts nomination. >> in the senate. >> bill: correct. what does chuck grassley and his a committee do now? >> well, today is the test. it has been clear from the beginning of this process that the democrats goal was to do everything they could to disrupt and delay these proceedings. remember, the very first day of his hearings, they try to stop it from the beginning. so the question for the committee now is whether dr. ford's lawyer is just playing game as part of that
6:46 am
process, or she legitimately wants to help your client to tell her story. and we will see what is happening in these discussions. the list of conditions that they have laid out, including some that are reasonable, and some that are clearly not. >> bill: no lawyers during the questioning, apparently. only members of the senate judiciary committee can question. i am not quite sure why that is, kavanaugh cannot be in the room, and he must go first. of just those four that we have listed there, what is negotiable? >> i think asking that kavanaugh not be in the room is entirely reasonable. having him go first is absurd. he's the man that is being accused of something. he has to respond to those accusations. so of course dr. ford should testify first. i don't understand the argument either of why they don't want lawyers during the questioning. i think lawyers might bring professionalism to it, take the politics out of it. we have been hearing all week that it would be insensitive for older white men to be doing the
6:47 am
questioning. so i don't know what they are doing there. look, chairman grassley has tried to be flexible. i think he will be reasonably accommodating to dr. ford. to help her tell her story, but he is not going to let her or her lawyers tell them how to run the judiciary committee. that is his job. this process is not going to get hijacked. >> bill: are we safe to assume that there are debates happening among this committee right now? >> i am sure, but i am sure that senator grassley is in the driver's seat. he and his team, only they know, really, how accommodating and reasonable dr. ford and her lawyer are being in this proces process. >> bill: we apologize for that that. >> i think that chairman grassley chose to schedule a hearing for a week later without asking or ascertaining whether or not dr. ford was available, and has been insisted on going
6:48 am
forward without entreating a seriously her request and an expanded background investigation. he is not interested in hearing her allegations. this doesn't need to take months, but it should take a few more days. >> bill: what do you think of that? >> the idea that republicans aren't interested in hearing the allegation states not have a lot of credibility when dianne feinstein sat on this letter for weeks, did not even show up at the hearing, the form to discuss allegations like this. and now, in the last week, chuck grassley and his team have been interviewing witnesses under penalty of a felony. if the democrats have been boycotting those proceedings. >> bill: if you look at the calendar, the objective was to have kavanaugh on the bench by the first of october, right? for the fall session of the u.s. supreme court. if you were to move from monday to thursday, does that change things dramatically, do you believe? i mean maybe nuts october 1st,
6:49 am
but in the end, does not make a big difference? >> well, the question is whether the senate will be in town to have the vote at the right time. and the question i would have if i were working for senator senator grassley, of dr. ford's attorneys is why? what changes from monday to thursday? if they have a reasonable story, they will be more prepared to tell the senate what she says happen to her 30 years ago, a couple of days later, maybe that is reasonable. but if it's just part of this continued strategy of delaying these proceedings, then no. >> bill: why would her team picked thursday? is there any logic behind that date? >> nothing that i can -- >> bill: wooden thursday just be the same? >> i would think so. i don't understand. we were hearing that she could not wait to tell her story, now she wants another few days. we simply don't know why. >> bill: greg, thank you, sir. we will tell you what is decided
6:50 am
in about 11 minutes. >> sandra: floodwaters may be receiving, but we will have a look at one of the hardest hit areas in north carolina. >> soon, these waters well received, and we are going to have to rely on the resilience and north carolinians to bring us back.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> sandra: floodwaters from hurricane florence are starting to receive. now, residents of the north carolina's are getting their first look at the damage. there is a lot of it. you are at a motel that was completely destroyed. all right.
6:54 am
looks like we can see him, but we cannot hear him. obviously, a lot of this is a first look at the storm damage. a lot of residents are just now returning to their homes for the first time since the floodwaters have been receding. and some of these hardest hit towns, people have not even been able to get back to their homes. >> i think what we need to understand, some of these places are 60 miles from the atlantic ocean. think about that. the storm came on shore, passover, and the damage and the flooding end of the devastation, going 60 miles inland. that cover such a huge area. for your home to be under water for three days, you cannot go back and lived in that house. the mold gets inside the walls. some of these homes will have to be bulldozed and torn down. >> sandra: some of those residents have no idea the damage that they face when they finally get back there. you are standing in one of the hardest hit areas. have you been able to catch up
6:55 am
with many residents there? >> you know, sandra, i talked to the owner off-camera, a mom and pop hotel, said he did not want to go on camera. let me just show you what has happened here. that is this tree line here, beyond that, now the water was above the roots of this. wiped out this entire 28 hotel room. that means that there was more than 30 feet of water coming out top of this. yesterday, i happen to catch up with governor cooper. he said why this would be -- a billions of dollars, meanwhile we have in the southeastern part of north carolina as well, although water that was here is down there in wilmington where you are, bill. south carolina, causing waters to rise. at this kind of damage is going to continue. you can see the insurance adjuster on the roof now, trying to get a handle on the situatio
6:56 am
situation, this is just one of the many areas of what is not best described as total devastation. and this is why you are here in governor cooper and others saying it is going to be months, maybe even years for many of at least the business owners to get back on their feet. >> sandra: completely levels there story. thank you for your reporting. >> bill: president trump has agreed to make public numerous documents. so when do we see them, and how will they change the story? devin nunes, he will give us answers in a matter of moments. top of the art. come on back. >> well, it has to stop. it is so bad for our country. i call at the witch hunt. it to stop. we give more women great hair days - every day. pantene. you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed?
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>> sandra: this is a fox news alert. new twists in the drama surrounding the confirmation process for brett kavanaugh. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: and on bill hemmer. dr. christine blasey ford legal team saying that she is going to testify, but only under certain conditions. meanwhile, president trump it tweeting his response. he is under assault by a radical left-wing politicians. you don't want to know the answers. they just want to destroy and to delay. facts don't matter. i go through this with them every single day in d.c. mike emanuel is watching chuck grassley's office, and what do we know about the demands on
7:01 am
behalf of the doctor? >> good morning to you. what they want, no letters during the questioning. only members of the senate judiciary committee can ask questions. she does not want kavanaugh and the room with her, and she says that kavanaugh must go first. they are a nonstarter, according to the senate. the committee does not issue subpoenas in the process of considering nominations. other alleged witnesses have made clear they have no intention of testifying. it only makes sense for the accused to respond to the charges. it judge kavanaugh would obviously follow dr. ford. he has been eager to testify publicly to deny the allegations from 36 years ago against him. kavanaugh sends a letter to chuck grassley last night, saying he would be here on monday and very much wants to clear his name. kavanaugh a writing "since the moment i first read this allegation, i have categorically
7:02 am
and unequivocally denied it. i remain committed to defending my integrity." kavanaugh is ready to go on monday. professor ford would prefer thursday. bill. >> bill: what is the reaction from lawmakers? what are we hearing from the white house? >> well, president trump has been active on twitter, writing "i have no doubt that if the attack on dr. ford was as bad as she said, charges would have immediately filed with the authorities by either her or her loving parents. i ask that she bring those filings forward so that we can learn date, time, and place." meanwhile, democrats are rallying behind her. >> judge kavanaugh hast not asked to have the fbi review these claims. is that the reaction of an innocent person? it is not. >> the chairman of the house oversight committee sounded shocked by those attacks. >> when i walked into the studio tonight, there was a presumption of innocence.
7:03 am
did not have to prove your innocence, so i am a little bit surprised about what the senator from new york said. >> i am told that they are speaking with members of the community with nifty 9-41 majority. he cannot afford to lose susan collins. >> bill: thank you, mike emanuel. >> sandra: president trump pumping up the crowd last night in las vegas. taking fresh aim at robert mueller's russia investigation in an interview before the rally. >> it has to come to an end. it is so bad for our country. i call it the witch hunt. it is so bad. when you see mccabe with his lies, he gets fired for lying, you see all of those things. james comey. a lying and liking. it has got to come to an end. so bad for our country. >> sandra: it is time for our headliner, devin nunes.
7:04 am
he joins us this morning. great to have you on the program. if i may first ask you, the president monday ordered these key documents, the text messages, to be declassified. the weight is on. when do we see them? >> i think the president is getting to experience a lot that we have been. every time we would make a request, one of these television communities, we would get stonewalled for many, many days or months. so the president is getting to experience what we have for a while. >> bill: do you have a little bit of trouble with your earpiece? >> i am out here in california, it is early -- >> bill: why do you think the president changed his mind now after so many republicans have said you got the power to release this information, go ahead and to do it why now? >> it is just the evidence. you can actually almost see, the
7:05 am
left is telegraphing, the people involved at the time, telegraphing, by going out there and saying crazy things like this is going to destroy the intelligence community. this is a great example of where you have the left actually accusing you of what they already did. so if you go back and look at all the major leaks, and just a few of them, but the obvious ones, they have probably linked one of the most sophisticated collection sources that they have. that is of general flynn talking to russians. let's start there. i was leaked. you have the fisa -- today is the two-year anniversary of the famous yahoo news article that was used as a pretext to go and get a fisa warrant on carter page. why is that story important? because it has since monday
7:06 am
dominic been declassified, it wy yahoo! news. they were taking that same dirt, known as the dossier, feeding it to the fbi, peter strzok and page and company take that article, let's collaborate the two of these. these must be true. when in fact they knew that was not the case. it was circular reporting. so this is what has been happening. we are on the two-year anniversary of it today. we have no evidence. >> bill: what is the summary? how does the story change once these documents are made public and we can all read them? >> well, i think what you will see as the mainstream media and the left, they have run this play before. now, they were so busy on kavanaugh, this would be all that they were focused on. what you would see them doing is
7:07 am
national security is going to be ruined by donald trump and the republicans. they are going to reveal sources, methods. nobody is ever going to want to talk to our intelligence agencies. we have heard that all before. meanwhile, they are the ones who have linked all this information. so then once it comes out, the american people get to see exactly how dirty these people are. what they were willing to do, the links that they were willing to go to to get a warrant, so that they could go and gather up all of the emails, correspondence, phone records to look at what the campaign was doing when you have won a political opponent essentially spying on the other. people will be able to see all of that. they will probably do character assassinations on me, the president, other people involved. they continue this nonsense of look at all the people who have been around a donald trump. that sounds really nice, but
7:08 am
let's not forget, this was started as a counterintelligence investigation into a political campaign. so you have seen the people keep us safe. no, they were turned and used peer to then they got a warrant on american citizens i clearly would documents from a campaign or emails associated with a campaign. all of this is really wrong. the american people will know it. the sad part will be that there are so many people around the country that are falling for this. and they follow it step-by-step. those people will be satisfied when this declassification is done. however, you will have the rest of the country that only listens to the left. >> bill: 18 months ago, you said to a degree, because of an alleged conflict of interest. what has changed over 18 months, that you knew then, that you have greater knowledge of now? what has unfolded in the story
7:09 am
that you were not aware of at that point a year and a half ago that you will understand today? >> well, what we were aware of is that they were unmasking from campaign associates not affiliated with anything to do with russia. so many people in the white house, other agencies, they were taking raw intelligence reports, hearing that back so that they could actually see the person. typically, that is only done in real serious national security concerns. now, we know that that was done hundreds and hundreds of times. we knew that then. at the same time, we knew that the dossier was really bad and really dirty, but we did announce that the clinton campaign had actually paid for it. that is what we discovered through all this. now we know that it was used she would get a fisa warrant on an american citizen. all of these things that are so unfortunate. >> bill: your position is that
7:10 am
it has only gotten worse. >> well, yes. it has only gotten worse, bill. it will continue to get worse because the longer the doj and fbi and the former administration officials continue to cover this up, and the media, who is part of all this, you can't give the media a pass. they have totally been fooled by this. you have people who believe everything in that dossier. even though many people at that time knew that that dossier was total nonsense. anybody who has ever looked at an intelligence report would know that it was not done intelligence reports. you had yahoo! news, two years ago today, they ran a big story on that. i mean, this is really embarrassing for the mainstream media. they are all in to try to take down this president, take down the republican party, and it is really sick. it is really sick what is
7:11 am
happening. it is really scary. at >> sandra: this is what we hear from them time and time again. he wants what he calls the wind shut dominic -- how do you see the timing of all of this play out. for these documents to be declassified, you're commenting on how that is going to change. midterm elections quickly approaching. >> i would say this. the timing has nothing to do with what republicans are doing. the president was very clear. he said i made a declassification of all of this information, with no reductions. it's really simple. immediate with no read actions. that was on monday. today, it is friday. the doj and the fbi, the same people who we had to walk through stonewall after stonewall to get this information. >> sandra: so what about the intelligence? what should that tell us about
7:12 am
our intelligence communities? clearly defining orders from the president. >> well, i think what it is, speaker ryan said this a few months ago. he put them on notice. he said you can either be part of the cleanup crew for the cover of crew. and it's pretty clear that they are looking to be part of the cover-up crew at this point. >> bill: one do you think we see the documents? days away or weeks away? >> look, it could be -- i haven't made copies in a while myself. all you would have to do is go to doj, take those documents, it's about 20 minutes, take the copies, put them up on the internet. these millennials are young people know how to do this stuff. it would take them three and a half minutes, it would take me 30 minutes. this could be done in the next few hours. the fact that it hasn't happened
7:13 am
yet, that should worry the hell out of the american people. >> bill: devin nunes, our headliner out of california. thank you. it is 10:12? so that deadline has come and gone. the accuser agreed to testify. it we are hearing that chuck grassley is meeting with republicans for the latest on what we are hearing out of that meeting when we continue life. >> sandra: and to the family of a murdered jogger in d.c. is breaking their silence. what they are now saying about the woman who was randomly stabbed to death while on a run in a safe washington, d.c., neighborhood. >> these last seven days, she was trying on her wedding dress. i never thought she was buying the dress for herov burial. g en.
7:14 am
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>> bill: the family is speaking out after the newly engaged woman was involved in a deadly attack in washington, d.c. wendy martin is one for our run when the suspect, anthony crawford, stabbed her seven times. police have not mentioned the motive. the martinez family is now
7:18 am
speaking out. >> she ran for friendship. she ran just for the hell of running. >> my daughter was a fighter. my daughter was the most beautiful, special, vibrant young girl. she fought up to the last second for her life. >> bill: really strong family there. he has been charged with first-degree murder. washington, d.c. >> sandra: well, it's the talks before the talks. at dr. blasey ford agreeing to testify against brett kavanaugh, but only of the senate judiciary committee agrees to certain terms. we've got it here. shall be holliday, "wall street journal" video reporter, adrienne elrod, former campaign director, all morning
7:19 am
covering this. it is sort of a wait and see at this point. what are your expectations for this? >> i think it has just shifted again. we have no idea where it is going. if you had asked me an hour ago, i would have said that i think judge kavanaugh is in a strong position. now he is questioning dr. ford's account. why didn't she go to the police? the white house has been making such a big deal, he is not attacking the woman here. he is just praising it judge kavanaugh. i don't want to overreact, but it seems to be a big mistake to take a situation that has been coming down, there are negotiations over testimony. i think the republicans have had the upper hand this week because it started with this shocker on sunday and "the washington post." there is a problem here. she needs to be heard, and the republican said let's hear from her. >> bill: now, this is the present. >> the president intervening. >> but it is his nominee, so i think it will actually be a big deal here.
7:20 am
if you look at "the washington post" story that actually came up, she said at the time she never told anyone, including her parents. she was very worried that they would know that she was at a party with alcohol. she did not tell anyone in detail until 2012, so his tweet ignores all of that and says to relate told the police. but he says surely she told the police and her loving parents, would have come forward with violence. so it is confrontational, it is messy. it is not really based on any facts. she did not tell the police. so i think this changes a lot. they were negotiating in good faith, they had a date that they were tentatively looking at. her lawyers last night canceled two television appearances so that these negotiations could continue in good faith. now, i am curious to see how this might impact those negotiations. >> sandra: we should make sure that we throw that up on the screen. if they want to get involved now, why didn't someone call the fbi 36 years ago?
7:21 am
he asks this question, talking to sean hannity last night. he also reiterated his stance, which has been we need to hear from her too. and we will. she has made it very clear that she is willing to testify under certain conditions. she is not just going to go into the judiciary committee on someone else's terms. she wants to control it. by the way, 11 white male republicans sit on the judiciary committee. i think it is a bad thing, absolutely. >> republicans have offered to bring in a woman to do the questioning. >> which i think is smart. >> bill: that has been rejected by her side. why would that be? >> i think that they are negotiating the terms with this committee. republicans have had a problem here. of course, his tweet this morning just piles onto that, right? you've got a woman who, by the way, she was 15 years old when this happened. i think her last thing on her mind was to go to the fbi when
7:22 am
she was 15 years old. >> bill: no lawyers. only they can question. cavanagh cannot be in the room. >> that is the starting basis. this is why i don't think the president should have tweeted. they are all males, the republicans on the committee. okay, well in those states, that's who got elected. that's who on the committee. just because there then, doesn't mean they don't understand sexual assault. >> bill: well, susan collins answer this. she says i chose to be on other committees. my point is justice, the conditions that are out there are somewhat ridiculous. like one of them saying that judge kavanaugh has to testify first. this is america. the accuser goes first, and then whether it is a man or woman, you get a chance to answer your accuser. i am just saying why is it that she is setting the conditions?
7:23 am
this is not good for dr. ford's legal team. all of these conditions. we had alan dershowitz on "fox & friends" this morning. it's absurd that the defendant would go before the accuser. the conditions are kind of ridiculous, and so for the president to intervene right now, when things were going the republicans way -- >> it is anti-due process. there is a process. and i would also point out that they are showing that even though we haven't had the hearing, we haven't gotten to that step yet, kavanaugh is losing support for the first time since this poll started, the supreme court nominee is underwater. more americans think he should not be confirmed. >> bill: i think it most of these americans don't know yet. from 12 hours ago, the president was sean hannity in las vegas. listen here. >> i think it's a very sad situation. why didn't somebody call the fbi 36 years ago? i mean, you could also say when
7:24 am
did this all happen? what's going on? i have been accommodating. i say let her say what she has to say, and let it all come out here they have delayed a week, and they have to get on with it. >> bill: senator gillibrand, the democratic side said this. >> they are giving her an option, the option is show up monday or don't show up at all. i consider that to be bullying. i consider that to be disregarding. i consider that to be something set up for failure. they would like he said-she said scenario because you know what happens in the scenarios? the men are typically believed. >> bill: here is what i see happening here, what i see developing. if she testifies, it is her word against his word. >> well, that's the point. there is no dna evidence. there wouldn't be any dna evidence. she is not accusing him of rape.
7:25 am
the burden of proof, brett kavanaugh is the one who is trying to be the next supreme court justice. there is more at stake for him then for her. >> bill: 's he has to prove his innocence? >> i am just simply saying if he wants to get confirmed by the senate, the burden of proof is on him. he's got to prove that he wasn't there. >> bill: this is anita hill, this is clarence thomas. >> and republicans don't want another anita hill. >> bill: again, if she sits in this room, all of america will sit back and to judge credibility. kavanaugh will be brought into the room, and all of america will watch his credibility as well. >> and then look at like richard blumenthal, democrat from connecticut. he said "i believe her." how do you know that? i can't say i believe him or her. we haven't heard from either of
7:26 am
them. i'm sorry, but you are saying basically that judge kavanaugh, that the burden of proof is on him to prove that he didn't group her. he has denied it. he said i wasn't even there. >> he is trying to get a lifetime appointment on the supreme court. so yes, the burden of proof is on him. he is underwater. this is the first time since harriet meyer, by the way, did not go on to become a supreme court justice. >> bill: can all three of you hang on one moment? we have more news. in the meantime, president trum president trump, back in las vegas. firing up thousands for dean heller. that is a very tight election there in nevada. a booming economy as well. >> wages, right now, are rising, and poverty, you can see it. poverty is plummeting.
7:27 am
jobless claims just hit a 50 year low. >> bill: also, up and away for the stock market. money men charles payne will tell us what is moving now. record highs again? how about that? ♪ plete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant, it could cost you your life. it's time to get out of line with upmc.
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7:32 am
>> i am amazed. >> sandra: are you a radio dj in your free time? >> if the classics. >> bill: we are going to talk about the stock market. we are booming right now. >> here's the thing. sandra will back me up on this. it has always been considered the teller of things to come. what is going to happen in the next 6-12 months? right now what the market is telling us is that this economic boon we are in is going to continue. it is telling us that this massive flow of profits is going to continue. we learned yesterday, also the quarter profits, of $2 trillion. in the second quarter. >> bill: talking to the white house. this is what he said about what is happening out there. >> the president and i talk about the data all the time. he is very much into not just
7:33 am
the stock market, but the initial claims from employment, industrial production. he loves the data. >> sandra: he loves the data. i thought that was fascinating. i asked him, does the president's his decisions on that? he didn't say no. i mean, is not unusual to hear that a president so closely is a leading stock market movements with the decision-making process in the white house? >> it is unusual, but i would push back on that in the sunset remember when the stair war initially broke out. all the experts said it was going to derail the economy and the stock market. it was initially under some pressure. president trump did not let that dissuade him from that. he would ratchet it up every other week. they covered more items. so very, very afraid, that would have been in july. they said of all the hits that the global fund managers take, but a trade war, the number one
7:34 am
concern. but if we are following that line of logic, he would abandon this. i know he loves the stock market. he likes it as a reflection of the overall economy. there are a lot of things that go into it. i am not sure that he is making all of his decisions. >> sandra: no, no, he did not say that. >> he is proud of it. we are up now $7.6 trillion since election day. >> bill: eventually, that's real money, isn't it? >> at some point. >> bill: he was talking to the head of the fda. they are very concerned about e-cigarettes among teenagers in america. the fact that it has come out twice now, the government is going to take some action on this. >> they have given them 60 days to come up with a plan to show how they are going to curb the use among youth. sound this industry is in serious trouble. i've got to tell you, cigarette
7:35 am
companies look at this as their future. you go to philip morris' website, on their home page, they talk about noncigarette world. tobacco products that don't use heat. to smoke or digest. so -- >> sandra: we are referencing this searching is vaping trend in the united states. they are up 75%. there is crazy trend going on here. >> bill: there is. the fda spending $60 million to go against us. they call it "the real cost." by the way, proponents are saying look at the end verse. what is the percentage of them using actual cigarettes? lower than it has been certainly in a long time. so the proponents of the products are actually saying that there are benefits to this.
7:36 am
now, you will have arguments over whether it is a gateway to smoking real cigarettes, or is that an alternative that is saving them from something that is a lot more harmful? a lot of people think that it is that an epidemic right now. thank you. 2:00 p.m., that will start in october. >> more joy than pain. >> sandra: all right. bring it. breaking news and the cabin a confirmation battle. mitch mcconnell says "in the very near future, much more on that when we talk to ari fleischer. can he hold back a blue wave? more on that coming up in just a moment. >> boy, does this president know how to pack the people in one room? this is incredible. a [cheers and applause] mr. president, i think you just turned it red today.
7:37 am
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7:41 am
>> we have to get out for them midterms. promise me. you've got to get out. don't be complacent. you've got to get out for the midterms. you've got to vote. you got to vote. >> bill: president trump making big push for voting in the midterms. campaigning for senator dean heller, back with america as a team. here he is. easy, ed henry. shelby holliday. no nickname, but we are working out of. and adrienne elrod. making friends left and right today. >> oh, yeah. >> bill: i just want to show you two things today. in nevada, becky rosen, dean heller are neck and neck. okay, there it is. the president flies there. josh hawley has a slight edge,
7:42 am
the republican leading the democrats and that race. we will go to our neutral panel here. shelby holliday, tell us what happen. >> wait, what am i? >> shall be. get this. >> i don't have a crystal ball, i can't see what happens, but it is not looking good for democrats. however, they are putting up a pretty good fight and most of these neutral states but also in some of these deep red states, tennessee and texas, places where republicans never thought they would be under siege. going to places to try to rev up the base. it is really ground zero for the midterms. again, 51 seats in the senate. you lose two. the legislation. i mean that next year could look very different. >> bill: you know what i saw from that poll there? be afraid. be very afraid.
7:43 am
both parties. you have an incumbent in nevada, missouri, and you see that 42%. the old rule and politics politics husband if you are under 50% this late in the game, it is pretty darn hard to get back over 50%. haller is at 42. not a bad place to be. my point is i think we are going to be surprised on midterm election night, and a lot of people think it will be a really bad night for trump and the republicans. i think there will be surprise incumbents in both parties. >> that may be the case, but i'm going to take a little bit more of an optimistic view towards democrats. you've got to look at nevada. hillary clinton carry nevada. it is more and more a blue state. i would definitely put the damage they are on the democratic side. when it comes to missouri, that is a tight race, but i have never met claire mccaskill. she knows her constituents well.
7:44 am
so i would not bet against her. i also want to point out that some of the more recent polling data that has come out since dr. blasey ford has come forward has shown a democratic advantage in some of these races. >> sandra: so you are an optimistic democrat? "the wall street journal" writes this about kavanaugh, the impact on the elections. they are spreading the claim that kavanaugh lost, it could have a midterm upside. candidates would light up the base by highlighting their ambush tactics, voters would rush to the polls. an ultimate confirmation. >> bill: that is interesting. "the new york times" is saying the opposite. if kavanaugh goes on, you're going to see evangelical christians and republicans, they are going to be really disappointed that he did not stick with kavanaugh. that's what they did not help them across the finish line. you see two different arguments.
7:45 am
this was an 11th hour ambush. we will see what the facts are. i don't want to prejudge them. dianne feinstein, the fact of the matter is, even if this is a legitimate claim by dr. fort, dianne feinstein had it in july and sat on it. >> she sat on it because ford did not want to come forward. >> she could have gone to the fbi or the police or someone who would have kept this confidential. one would expect. number two, later on in the process, she shared it with other democrats and then it leaked out. it not from the republicans. i keep hearing democrats say they wanted to protect the victim's identity. >> bill: this hour, he said in the very near future, judge kavanaugh will be on the supreme court. keep the faith, follow-through, and to do your job. back to missouri. josh hawley was on with you today, right? >> a bit earlier today. >> bill: he made a strong case
7:46 am
as to why this election is so close. it is really neck and neck. >> president trump won the state by almost 20 points. missourians love it president trump appeared they love the job he is doing. it is tremendous to have him here. this is the biggest senate race in the country right here. this one against claire mccaskill. it is an honor to have him here tonight. >> bill: here is the issue. the numbers will change. that could be the case in missouri. >> it could be, i think it is interesting to watch the candidates embraced trump. if you watch any tv interview holly does, they say that they are so happy to have his backing. if you go to states where trump is unpopular, sometimes trump showing up at a rally may not be the best thing for you. i think generally, we are seeing a lot of ads when he does go there. they pop in the sound bites, you've a great ad. but in a place like nevada, tbd. we will see how that helps.
7:47 am
>> bill: it seems like he is the issue, for better or for worse. when we are talking to charles payne, i would suspect republicans would want the tax cuts, cutting of regulations. these economic booms should be front and center. they haven't yet gotten that front and center. >> sandra: if there is an economic boom in the country right now. >> i want to go back to this race. dean heller could not get further away from trump when he was first elected, right? now he is embracing him. he invited him for a rally. to the point that they are both making republicans embrace trump, especially in some of these very close races because trump's endorsement could push republicans over the finish line. >> bill: think about texas. lying ted. >> he is using his awkward relationship with him. he talks about the affordable
7:48 am
care act, ultimately voted for it. she is using trump as a negative against her opponent. like i said, we will see how that plays out. we are starting to see numbers. >> bill: 's i know president obama was our real good. a lot of people turned out for him. that is what everybody must in 2016. we didn't understand the lines up, stretched out so i've come around the corner. that is what we saw in vegas last night. we might see it again in missouri. thank you, shelby. thank you, adrienne. >> sandra: the internet might be split into. how is that even possible? president trump firing off some tweets. when will house republicans get a look at those. we will ask arizona congressman,
7:49 am
andy pigott, next hour. >> there are multiples on the table or understand the details and get approved in as few as eight minutes. by america's largest mortgage lender.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> sandra: in ten years, the internet could be split into coke. predicting there will be two branches. one will be led by the u.s., the other led by china. brad larsen is here.
7:53 am
please do explain. >> this is a sad story because china has some serious regulations on what you can say and what you can talk about. and so their version of the internet is very sensitive. the original point of the internet was to exchange information. free exchange of information. originally, it was a way to stay in touch after of potential nuclear war. 55, for universities to exchange information. google's ceo, eric schmidt, saying that china has a very robust economy, robust internet. they are going to end up having their own private internet. there is talk about the great firewall in china, where you can't access things like google, facebook. they have a different version of twitter because the government government -- >> sandra: what implications does that have for our side of the internet? >> our democratic ideas aren't going to reach them.
7:54 am
they are not going to have the ability to have free thinking that we'll get to have. and it saddens me that because of that, we have to have this whole other internet that is going to be separate. it may have some roadblocks in terms of e-commerce, in terms of reaching the very valuable audience there in china. >> bill: i see this as entirely possible. they are always cutting deals behind the curtain for beijing. >> we have seen this in the past couple of weeks, where they have been working on a search engine that will work inside china, meaning it is going to be a censored version of a search. and a lot of the engineers and a lot of the employees at google said absolutely not. we don't want to be a part of that. we don't want to help this government that sensors the way that people think. scores on your behavior, and all of these sorts of things that we don't have here. and that, not to sound cheesy,
7:55 am
but it is something that we could easily take for granted because we have it. i can go on twitter right now and to tweet at present. hey, great speech last night, or terrible speech last night. in china, you don't get to do that. i see this being sort of a sad thing for life and humanity. >> sandra: separately, google has been developing project a dragonfly, which is a censored version, which could lead to authorities in china. >> that is where they are saying full disclosure, we don't want to help the government censor the internet. >> bill: not to cheesy. >> thank you. >> bill: and a moment, twists and turns throughout the hour. will we hear from dr.
7:56 am
dr. blasey ford? plus, chris wallace and many more giving analysis. mike emanuel has been in touch. we will have the latest on that at the top of the hour. miprovti miprovti with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy!
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7:58 am
7:59 am
>> sandra: we are now one hour past deadline set by the senate judiciary committee for dr. christine blasey ford and her lawyers to say whether she will testify about sexual assault allegations against brett kavanaugh. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" ." >> bill: friday. one more hour. you've got it in you.
8:00 am
senate republicans trying to forge ahead for hearings for kavanaugh, as president trump doubles down on supporting his supreme court nominee, tweeting this about two hours ago. "judge brett kavanaugh is a fine man with an impeccable reputation. he is under assault by left-wing politicians who don't want to know the answers. they just want to destroy and delay. facts don't matter. i go through this with them every day." settling the issue last night in las vegas. >> why didn't somebody call the fbi 36 years ago? you could also say when did this all happened? what's going on? to take a man like this, now with that being said, let her have her say, and let's see how it all works out. but i don't think you can delayed any longer. >> bill: white house correspondent from vegas right now. good morning. he pumped up the crowd last night. in missouri today. good morning.
8:01 am
>> good morning. you are right. it seems to me at least, based on nothing more than just a sort of how the president has been sort of talking about this, his tone seems to have shifted, especially when compared to earlier in the week. let me take to twitter, where he seems to be challenging the motivation and even the memory of dr. ford. he said this among other things. i have no doubt that if the attack was as bad as she says, charges would have immediately been filed with local law enforcement authorities by either her or her loving parents. i asked that she bring those filings forward so that we can learn date, time, and place." to be clear, he has also said consistently that ford should be heard, that she does not run the process of confirmation. the senate does. last night.that make america great rally, he expressed his unwavering support for judge brett kavanaugh.
8:02 am
>> you know, one of the reasons i was elected was because you believed that i was going to pick great supreme court justices. brett kavanaugh is one of the finest human beings you will ever have the privilege of knowing or meeting. a great intellect, a great gentleman, an impeccable reputation. >> now for his part, kavanaugh is ready and willing to testify if called, which is precisely why the president is pushing to have the situation wrapped up, so his nominee can get a vote and presumably get to work. later say here in nevada, the present will be meeting with veterans. that before he heads off to the state of missouri. >> bill: we shall follow it. thank you, sir. >> sandra: for more, let's bring in chris wallace. good morning to you.
8:03 am
>> good morning to you, sandra. >> sandra: what are your thoughts on the 11:00 hour on a friday morning here? >> as i was listening to kevin corke's piece, hearing the present comments. it is clear that there has been a lot of reporting, the white house has been really trying to keep the president under wraps, not to go after christine blasey ford. you see in those tweets, i'm sure she must have reported a 36 years ago, so where is the police report, that he is getting more aggressive. really, no politics since the confirmation room. and then in terms of the midterms. when i say inside the room, clearly republicans, very mindful of what happens in the hill-thomas hearings, do not want to appear that they are in anyway a railroading or bullying a woman who claims that she was the victim of sexual misconduct. on the other hand, if they've got a lot of pressure on them. the republicans in the g.o.p.,
8:04 am
the idea of conservative justices, he nominated brett kavanaugh, who would be a very conservative justice. they are under pressure to follow through come up with this guy on the bench. there is a lot of pressure on them both to give her a fair hearing, but on the other hand, in the end, they end up with brett kavanaugh, and this could also play out in terms of the midterms. depending on how that hearing goes, it could be very much a mobilizing effect for the democrats in the midterms, or for the republicans. >> sandra: what did you think of the conditions that she and her legal team laid out? she and kavanaugh cannot be in the room. and he goes first. >> first of all, i am kind of stunned of the idea that the witness is setting the terms. usually, congress does this. this is another indication of
8:05 am
how the kids of a time that we are in and the #metoo era. they do not want to appear that they are railroading christine blasey ford. have the hearing on thursday, rather than monday. what different doesn't make? kavanaugh not being in the room, he never would have been in the room. things that i think were questionable, the idea that kavanaugh would testify first. he doesn't even know what she's going to say, so how can he testify and answer questions when he doesn't know what she is going to say about date, time, place, other people who were at the party. they make the allegations, the accuser then answers them. so i don't think that is going to be -- i think that will be a nonstarter. in the end, she has leverage because of the #metoo movement movement. she is going to have to come,
8:06 am
owned her argument, and if she doesn't do that, then he will sail through, and she clearly don't want that to happen. my guess is it will happen, it will probably be a compromise between what she wants and what the committee wants. >> sandra: i want to add to this breaking details that we are getting right now. he is being told they are not willing -- and by the way, this is all after the 10:00 a.m. deadline. that is the original deadline that was set by chairman jeff grassley. but chad is being told that we are not willing to pull out of a monday hearing at here no one will completely close the door until we get to the end of the day today. no decision has been made, despite the 10:00 a.m. deadline this morning. but he also is adding to this, we are being told, not willing to rule out on monday hearing it. that is the same update. trying to bring that into the picture, so you can further
8:07 am
comment. >> like the godfather, make them an offer they can't refuse, make them an offer they can't accept. i think there is something that she is asking for that they can't accept. they can have it monday, they can have a thursday. him not in the room as i say, i can't imagine that he would ever be in the room. to say that he has to go first, doesn't get a chance to revolt, i can't so much and not republicans or kavanaugh would agree to that. as i say, on the one hand, she has leverage because if she feels that she is railroaded and she refuses to testify, it looks like republicans were unreasonable. i can't help the democrats in the midterms. but they have the leverage because if she doesn't testify, and i think it kavanaugh sales through and he gets confirmed. only in washington, one of the reasons that we all got into this. it's a moving target. we don't know whether we will know at the end of the day. it is one of the reasons that you want to watch
8:08 am
"fox news sunday" ." we do know that this will probably change for your four times. we'll have lindsey graham, a republican come on the committe committee. tell us where things stand. we hope to have a democrat. all refusing to come on and talk about it. and then we are also going to have an interview with the secretary of state, mike pompeo. the u.n. general assembly start starts. a lot of foreign policy issues. north korea, whether or not they are going far enough, fast enough to satisfy the u.s. when it comes to denuclearization. and as possible trade war with china. lots to talk about with the secretary. >> sandra: sounds like an excellent show lined up. and by the way, further discussion here, if i could get a few more seconds of your time. republicans are talking about the president's approach to kavanaugh here.
8:09 am
that he has been consistently pretty restrained in his comments about all of this, saying we need to hear from both sides. he has sort of had this change of strategy that you and i talked about. especially with that sweet angela comments that he made. he tweeted this morning "why didn't someone call the fbi 36 years ago?" is this sort of -- i guess republicans are going to respond this morning to what looks like sort of a changing strategy on the part of the president in reaction to all of this. >> i can tell you, the white house officials have been trying to keep the president -- he has gotten praise, talked about the fact that he got praise for being so restrained. i still very much supports kavanaugh. a change in tone, quite rightly, as he would point out, when he starts talking about let down like left-wing lawyers. we need to see date, time. we already know that blasey ford
8:10 am
did not tell anybody. it sounds like he's not believing her, which is something that i don't know about the republicans want to do before they even hear from her. >> sandra: we will be watching watching. >> bill: 10 minutes past the hour now. maybe 42 people, getting a better look at the devastation from florence. randy anna's has made his way to north carolina. a lot of the damage in the agricultural centers as well. >> good morning, bill. it is the top industry. this was his corn crop. 100-mile-per-hour winds snapping of the stocks in half. of the corncobs falling on the ground and wet mud. others are now spreading, making them on them unusable. he will lose half of this corn crop, at least. and he is not alone.
8:11 am
worst counties hit by floods. the top agricultural account, and they are saying that the storm come on top of the low commodity prices driven by the tier four, it has a lot of people on the brink. >> it's probably not going to pay anything because of the guarantee levels that we have, they have already been met. so not really expecting anything from federal crops. we all hope that they make some sort of small settlement. hopefully. we don't know. >> probably going to put a nail in the coffin for a lot of our farmers who are already financially strapped. >> making matters worse, the state's number crop, loss of electricity, it has ruined the tobacco, turning it into a chocolate color. glenn and jason are trump supporters, but they say look, they are strapped in loan debt, and they need that farm bill passed now.
8:12 am
that is not going to be enough. the flooding continues. some 47 rescues taking place. those rivers still rising. >> bill: bryan llenas, thank you, sir. >> sandra: mike pompeo responding to criticism over an apparent lack of progress in north korea. why he is suggesting there could soon be a second meeting between president trump and kim jong un on. >> bill: also, the deadline has come and gone to tell the senate judiciary committee to as whether she will testify on monday. we wait to hear whether she will appear. we are watching the latest on this. next. >> i don't think you can delayed any longer. they have deleted a week already. they have been accommodating. i say let her say what she has to say, and let's see how it all comes down. they have deleted a week. and we have to get on with it.
8:13 am
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8:16 am
>> brett kavanaugh is one of the finest human beings you will ever have the privilege of knowing. a great intellect, a great gentleman, an impeccable reputation. went to yale, top student, went to yell tim mcgill law school. >> sandra: brett kavanaugh faces accusations of
8:17 am
sexual assault from more than three decades ago. joining us now, attorney and a journalist, tim o'brien, who covered the supreme court two decades ago. you heard the president last night. you know about what has come and gone this morning, where does this go? >> well, i think the assessment of judge kavanaugh seems to be on the money. i and you however have known some people, producers in our own industry, who appeared to be pillars of the community, turned out to be something quite different. so this is a tough case. as your anchor, chris wallace, pointed out, i thought republicans are in a dicey situation here. there was a time where they might be able to look the other way. that is not today with the #metoo movement. they have to treat us fairly, and it has to be perceived as fair. she has to have an opportunity to present her case as best she can.
8:18 am
it is going to be tough to prove that this happened. how does judge kavanaugh prove it didn't happen? if you treat her fairly, i think that is in the republican's best interests. >> sandra: are her requests fair? >> well, i agree that it is unusual to have the accused appear first. i don't think that is going to fly, necessarily, or he has to be out of the room. that is another interesting factor that she is demanding. i think they are going to go along with that. keep in mind in a criminal case, you are entitled to face your accuser, but this is not a criminal case. by the way, it is quite a bit different. with anita hill and clarence thomas, they said it we have a presumption of innocence. that is certainly not the case with supreme court nominations. she has to come through with some evidence that is clear, convincing, persuasive. >> sandra: here is senator mitch mcconnell this
8:19 am
morning. >> in the very near future, judge kavanaugh will be on the united states supreme court. [cheers and applause] keep the faith, don't get traveled by all of this. we are going to plow right through. and to do our job. >> sandra: that's was mcconnell speaking at the value voters some of this morning. i want to get your reaction to that. >> he could be right, but keep in mind, the rules of engagement have changed dramatically. to the ends seem to justify the means here, but democrats want to defeat this, just as they did not want to have a hearing for mary garland. that may have been unfair to mary garland. this may be unfair to brett kavanaugh. i think each party views this takes as much higher than it is. this is the court itself that is on the line. the most critical issues of our time, the ones that divide the parties, that divide the
8:20 am
country's, today does immigration, health care reform, same-sex marriage, gun control. they all come to the supreme court. abortion, separation of church and state, all of those issues go to the supreme court. one vote, very likely this vote, would make the difference. so it may be sad that it has come down to this, but it should not be surprising. >> sandra: trey gowdy was on "special report" last night. he lays out what he thinks can and cannot happen. >> the fbi can't interview her end of judge kavanaugh and then repeat back what they say. you can't determine credibility that way. i hope she comes. i hope she will testify. i think she will be treated fairly. >> sandra: pretty much in line with what we heard from you, but final thoughts as we leave it off your? >> well, intntntnt were t t t t questionitnesses ad question peoplplplpl who may hae
8:21 am
some knowledge about that, they may be more interested in telling the truth because they could go to jaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaii theeeeotm lis simply , at this nominee, this witness, dr. ford should be treated fairly. it is very important that it be perceived that she is being treated fairly. anything else going to undermine the process. >> sandra: jim o'brien. thank you very much for your perspective. >> bill: now, more delays in the expected release of declassified documents that relate to the russian investigation. president trump saying the inspector general will now review them. we will hear from a member of the house judiciary committee as to when we will see them, coming out there's nothing small about your business. with dell small business technology advisors, you get the one-on-one partnership to grow your business. the dell vostro 14 laptop. get up to 40% off on select pcs. call 877-buy-dell today. ( ♪ ) call 877-buy-dell today.
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>> sandra: terrifying video showing firefighters playing tug-of-war with a fire tornado. the fiery twister grabbed their hose, pulled it high into the air. unbelievable footage there. when they got the hose back, it was melted. british columbia is in the middle of their wildfire season. >> bill: breaking news overseas now. thousands of protesters here on the ground. images came in a moment ago, tense situation unfolds. our jerusalem bureau, they are now. >> that's right. we are here along the israel-gaza border. there are kites being launched over the border. that black smoke you see from tires that have been set on fire by protesters. certainly escalating here. this is the 26th friday in a row that they have gathered here along the border. we are getting new numbers today
8:26 am
also from the gaza health minister that says since these started in march, 183 people have been killed. more than 20,000 have been injured. today, looking at the scene behind me, the white smoke that you see, that is tear gas being by israeli positions on the side of the border. additionally, any of the large hills of dirt, snipers who have been firing ammunition. today, something different that we have not seen in past weeks. grenades that have been throughe over. you will hear a large explosion. that is coming from the blasts of the small explosive devices that have been thrown over the border. certainly of concern here, along the border for the israelis, these protests could erupt into something much larger here in the region. one indicator of this concern does exist for the israeli
8:27 am
military. they have moved iron dome positions. meant to shoot down any sort of rocket fire that would be shot over the border towards israel earlier this summer, we did see a number of rockets over the border at different israeli communities in southern israel, but this is certainly something that the israelis are concerned about moving forward. one other key point is that these protests have really erupted into something much larger. the very beginning of the summer, even early in the spring, when gathering first started here, the focus was very much on specific political moves, such as president trump moving in jerusalem. thousands of people behind me very much focused on long-term grievances that the palestinians have come regarding the israelis and the relationships between them. right now, there are negotiations that are taking place. long-term negotiations in cairo, where the united nations are
8:28 am
trying to bring the israelis to the table, even the palestinian negotiation to try to find some sort of common ground for all of these parties to avoid a larger conflict. a grenade thrown over the border, i do want to show you the scene here. that smoke that is filling up with. also the tires that have been lit on fire by the protesters. we are getting some teargas here. i will toss it back to you now. >> bill: thank you. we will watch it. sandra. >> sandra: democrats are still trying to put a vote on confirming brett kavanaugh on hold until his accuser can testify before the senate judiciary committee. is this about the learning the truth, or is it just rub playing politics? ari fleischer is going to weigh in on that. >> bill: what is happening behind the scenes, and what can we believe? >> it is not going to happen overnight. we knew that. but that would be doing it like
8:29 am
previous administrations. we have to do this completely, fully, and we have to do it by making sure that we are continuing to hold north korea. - [voiceover] this is an urgent message from the international fellowship of christians and jews. there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. - this is a fight against time. what we're dealing with is coming out, meeting someone who's 85, 90 years old,
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>> bill: now sending letters to the president, urging him to launch an fbi investigation about brett kavanaugh. this is before the vote. not sure that is going to happen. ari fleischer, fox news contributor. got a little bit more information this hour. mitch mcconnell saying that this is going to happen. what do you think is the best way to handle this right now? >> well, i am where i was when this came out. she should be heard, and she should be heard quickly. i hope the democrats don't continue to further delay this. there is no point in further delaying this. the republicans need to make sure it happens. have the hearing, let her be heard, she needs to go first, as
8:33 am
always. brett then needs to respond. >> bill: here is the tweet from 4 minutes ago. from the president. "senator feinstein, the democrats had the letter for months, only to really sit with a bang after that hearing was over. it let her testify or not and it takes a vote." this appears to be a clear calculation on behalf of the white house. change their posture and to go on offense. do you see it that way? >> i think the base is already locked in. it is locked in against brett kavanaugh. the real issue is a couple of swing senators. people of that nature. and the question is does the donald trump tweet helps him to make a judicious decision about how they will vote? my suspicion is that the answer is no. let the senators be senators, let the witness be the witness,
8:34 am
and then let her make her case. if her case is credible, then they will have to decide what to do. if not, then this is a clear shot, but i think it is time for deliberation. it is less of a time for the president to weigh in. >> bill: so you are making a case that it is the credibility of each person that will ultimately decide this. the american people, the senators, republican senators, decide. >> clearly put yourself in the senators shoes, and you have people with different arguments. one says it happens, one says it doesn't. they are going to have to use their judgment. they have different political biases. that is how our system is designed to work. there is no other way. at the end of the day, it will be up to the senators to decide. i do think that the democrats have one goal and one goal only, and that is to delay this beyond
8:35 am
election so that they can protect their senators and red states. so that they don't have to risk them before election day. of course, the lawyers for professor ford, they see the same line of get this beyond election day. that is a problem here. >> bill: so you are saying it won't happen. you are looking at the calendar. speak out it will happen. mitch mcconnell knows how to steer the ship, to be judicious, to allow for professor ford to have her day in court. and spend the process will proceed. that's the way that it only can work. >> bill: the democrats in rhode island seem to suggest that if they get the majority back, they will still proceed. >> well, if you say that he committed a rape, then of course
8:36 am
you pursue it. but what evidence is there? what evidence is it that he tried to inadvertently murder someone? it makes it even more questionable that dianne feinstein sat on the letter. if you are a united states senator, given an argument, an allegation, i should say, that somebody did something like that, you have a constitutional duty, to question the defendant in this case. to ask him did he do it. she never did that. this is all about delay by the democrats, the senators and red states. it is not about right or wrong. >> bill: kavanaugh put out a statement. i want to clear my name, he writes. from the moment i first heard this allegation, i categorically and unequivocally denied it. apparently the opening negotiation on behalf of her lawyers contain the following elements. no lawyers during the
8:37 am
questioning, only members of the senate judiciary committee, kavanaugh cannot be in the room, and kavanaugh must go first. that last one might be a "no" started. is this ground for as negotiation? >> let me take this out of politics and go right to human nature. if you are charged with doing something, someone says you did something horrendous, your natural reaction is to say i didn't do it. you can't wait to go public, sit at the table, tell people i didn't do it. that is exactly what brett has done. if you are making an allegation, maybe you are wrong, made maybe are other factors. you don't quite remember all the details. that is what we are seeing from the lawyers who are trying to get this into a negotiation. though i think human nature tells you something very quickly about their willingness of judge kavanaugh. he is chomping at the bit to go
8:38 am
forward about this. so in terms of those negotiated demands, it is absolutely unreasonable to say that brett kavanaugh needs to go first. come on. who came up with that? he needs to hear what she says in order to respond to it. i don't think he needs to be in the room. he would not have been in any case, so i think that is a nonissue. no lawyers, they are saying no women asking question. think about that. the democrats who have been making all these charges about men and women, our roles in society, we don't want a woman to ask her a question. that is really what it is getting at. they don't want the republicans to have a woman to ask question questions. >> bill: we will see how that negotiation goes. chuck grassley and others are having some deep conversations. so the last word, ari.
8:39 am
>> it is not up to the witness. congress does not ask them. they have consent for the constitution, the witness doesn't. >> bill: thank you, sir. >> sandra: fox news alert, the trump administration making progress on denuclearization. saying the u.s. is making headway, even though it's not always reported. joining us from the state department, where he just interviewed pompeo. >> good morning, sandra. this week it, the north korean leader, kim jong un, said he wants to have a second meeting with president trump appeared we asked mike pompeo if the administration is preparing for that. he says they are. >> we are working on it. there is still some work to do to make sure that the conditions are right, to make sure that the two leaders are put in the
8:40 am
proper position. >> he had a trip planned, which would have been his fourth to pyongyang in the latter part of last month. they canceled it because of the lack of progress north korea was making in giving up its nuclear weapons program. >> sandra: he says the u.s. is ready for election interference. >> he says the number of countries are already trying to interfere in u.s. elections. it goes beyond russia. he named north korea, iran, china. he also says that the government is focused on that. >> i think that we are in a place that we have never been before in terms of our preparedness. >> on iran specifically, he suggested the evidence of that is that you are getting a number of european companies leaving iran and not doing business with them, as european governments are trying to get their companies to conduct business with iran to help save the deal.
8:41 am
>> busy day there. but thank you. >> bill: demanding the release of classified fisa documents. president trump tweeting about when that might happen. andy biggs is our guest on that with the answers coming up next. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. new ensure max protein. you're smart,eat you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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>> bill: the so-called yoga ball killer spending the rest of his life in prison. the jury gave a life sentence to a hong kong doctor convicted of using gas from a yoga ball to kill his wife and daughter. he filled the ball with carbon monoxide, putting it inside of his wife's car, the ball slowly leaked and led to their death. >> the president said i made a declassification of all of this information. with no reductions. that was on monday. today, it is friday. we have nothing. who is covering it up? the doj and the fbi, the same people that we had to walk through stonewall after stonewall to get this
8:45 am
information up to the american public. >> sandra: devin nunes , that was there, calling for the release of the fbi fisa documents, relating to the russia probe. the inspector general has been asked to review them before they are made public. let's bring in andy biggs of arizona. member of the house judiciary committee. congress, great to have you this morning. you obviously heard a very frustrated devin nunes there. where does all of this go next, and what do we eventually get a hold of here? >> he has right to be frustrated. it has been a continuous slow walk. not really where i would like to see it because he has to understand that as the inspector general has done his investigation, he has been limited as well by the doj, refusing to classify names and information that he has been looking at. so to say that we are going to have a review makes me very concerned that this information is not ultimately going to get
8:46 am
out when we needed to get out. we have been pleading, begging, controlling. i think ultimately, we need to actually get back to these policies that congress has over the doj. >> sandra: watch of the american people take away from what you just said and what we heard from devin nunes earlier? >> it is consistent with what we have said. somebody is covering up something. they need to understand that, that every time the fbi doj says national security issues, it has been proven to be false. they are just embarrassed by the information that comes up because they have had biases at the highest level. >> they continue this nonsense of luck at all the people who have been busted around at donald trump. well, that sounds really nice, but let's not forget this was started as a counterintelligence investigation into a political campaign.
8:47 am
so the people who keep us safe, no, no, it was used against a political opponent. >> sandra: i wanted to get your reaction to that. >> he's right. the biggest issue with all of that is that they are using the police power of the united states to spy and prosecute for political purposes. we just can't have that in an open and free society like we have in america. that is why we have to put the kibosh on it. we have to declassify this information. we know that there is a false dossier used to spy on americans. we have to get to the bottom of that. >> sandra: i met with the doj concerning the declassification of various unredacted documents. if they agree to release them, but stated that so doing may have a perceived negative impact on the russia probe. also, key allies asked it not to release.
8:48 am
therefore, the inspector general has been asked to review the documents on an expedited basis. i believe he will move quickly on this, and hopefully other things which he is looking at. in the end, i can always declassify if it proves necessary. speed is very important to me and everyone. that was the president this morning, congressman. >> right. i saw that tweety and i was concerned because it sounds like the doj is again making these claims of "we have to be protected, ." it gets back to the inspector general. he is a great guy. i have come to know him a little bit, i trust him, but even he was routed out of the declassification when he was doing this investigation before. i'm not sure that you actually get to the bottom of it. we need to declassified, we need it done immediately. we need the transparency that comes with that, so that we can get to the bottom of it. >> sandra: if and when we finally do you see them unredacted, what will it tell
8:49 am
us? >> it's going to tell us that they used a false dossier, that they got information that they should not have before the fisa. if they got warrants that they should not have had. they were abusing the power for political gain. >> sandra: congressman andy biggs . good to have you on this morning. thank you. >> bill: "outnumbered" follows us. quick review with melissa and harris. >> hey, bill. christine ford's lawyer ruling out on monday hearing. she will talk later in the week. he tells the committee he will be there on monday. where we go from here, and whether the committee will agree to all of those conditions. >> harris: it literally has changed hour by hour. she had 10:00 a.m. deadline. the president's are raucous rally. he gave howlers opponent one of his signature nicknames.
8:50 am
a message that the party was wanting to hear. whether it will deliver for him, we will see. >> melissa: happy friday. >> bill: same to you. see you in a couple of minutes. the straw that broke one states back. banning plastic straws at restaurants. how do the owners feel about that? we are about to find out. 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit. the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va. they could close your loan in as little as 30 days.
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8:53 am
>> bill: so first it was a plastic bag it, then the plastic straw. banning most restaurants from handing them out. it could be a hefty fine if you violate the law. live in l.a. to check in on this. explain the new law. >> well, first of all, it is largely symbolic. the lawmakers say that they hope it is the beginning and other
8:54 am
states will follow their lead. plastic straws here are not banned. you simply have to ask for one. it is only in full-service dine in restaurants. lawmakers really want to make a difference, they would have included fast food outlets and places like starbucks, but they didn't. violators do get a warning, and stan at $25 per day fine. plastics are choking our planet. it is a very small step to make a customer who wants a straw, a plastic one, to ask for it, and it might make them pause and think about an alternative. >> it such a good move. all of us feel just a little bit better. >> in today's environment, i think it's insane that we are even having this conversation, that our government is going to ban plastic utensils, yet our government can't ban assault rifles. >> americans reportedly use
8:55 am
about 170 million straws per day. that sounds like a lot. they contain plastic, thus the rational for the band. >> bill: so they point out inconsistencies. >> well, it is true. california takes pride in being a very progressive state. yesterday, los angeles did vote to ban the sale of her. period of mandating restaurants only advertise and serve milk or water, unless the parents ask for soda. san francisco, by the way, gives out 400,000 free syringes and needles amongst two addicts, but they only collect about half of those. most of them end up on beaches and city streets. many of them do band them entirely. a styrofoam take-out containers. the goal is to ban all single use plastic items. it silverware, if you will.
8:56 am
that could make a difference. >> bill: it is on its way, perhaps. sandra. >> sandra: brett kavanaugh's accuser laying out the terms for her testimony, but the deadline for her to agree to testify has already come and gone. so what happens now? so simple, so good. get the recipes at
8:57 am
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>> that's it for us on a friday morning. >> i'm doing fine, how are you? you sure about that? >> i took them on a run yesterday at my knee needs a little repair. it just on the surface. it's coming around. so to be all good by monday. i run so fast, that's the problem. >> you've got to slow down. >> that was a fun friday. >> we thought we might get a resolution on the cavanagh matter and hasn't happened yet. perhaps this afternoon. >> a lot can change. have a great weekend.
9:00 am
thank you. and thanks for calling me out. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: is big and with his fox news alert, the senate judiciary committee still has not ruled out a hearing accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh sexual assault tickets to go. christine ford could testify or not testify. and attorneys says they're willing to talk about fair terms for her hearing next week, but ruling out testimony on monday suggesting thursday instead. sources also saying ford's legal team is calling for the judge to testify first and once only members of the committee, not attorneys to question dr. ford. if you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. fox business network anchor dagen mcdowell, jessica tarlov tarlov, and pete hegseth, a civilian salute for us, so


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