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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 21, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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freak show. >> bret: one week. thank you for inviting us in your home tonight. fair, balanced, unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum's hosted right now. have a great weekend. martha? >> martha: thank you. will the president decide to fire rod rosenstein based on this scathing story in "the new york times"? more on all of that in just a moment. also, senator grassley situation this evening is a moving target. the chairman of the senate judiciary committee says they will give it till 10:00 tonight, but that is the final deadline. we've seen this pushed and pushed again. they are saying 10:00 is the final deadline. if they do not hear that there is a plan, then they say they will vote on that nomination on brett kavanaugh come monday. there are more developments, we'll give it to you in just a moment. good evening, i am martha maccallum and this is the
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story that's changing by the hour. we are also waiting for the president of the united states, no doubt that we'll have some comments on both of these stories these evening. he's obviously in missouri tonight. it will take you there in a second, but he's probably going to weigh in, which he did this morning in a bold way with a tweet earlier this morning. all of this is sure to come up as we get into this rally about 30 minutes from now in springfield, missouri. it's a rally for josh bolingbroke who is running against senator mccaskill. and kristin fisher live at the white house with the latest. any reaction we are getting there tonight on both of these stories. hi, kristin. >> hi, martha. the white house has been waiting all day to see if judge kavanaugh's accuser would accept the counter offer from senate republicans to testify on wednesday. the original deadline for the counter offer had come and gone. it was close of business today. moments ago, the chairman of the
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judiciary committee senator chuck grassley put out a statement saying that he had extended the deadline. i want to read it to you in full. he said i'm extending the deadline to yet again 10:00 this evening, so three hours from now. providing a notice to a vote in the event that dr. ford's attorney do not respond or dr. ford decides to not testify. we've got to wait three more hours before we find out whether or not this hearing on wednesday is going to be a go or not. let's talk a little bit about the terms of this counter offer from senate republicans today. what they want is they wanted a wednesday hearing. they want a female attorney to do the questioning. they say that ford would have to testify first, then kavanaugh. ford's team wants a thursday hearing, no outside attorney asking questions, they want kavanaugh to go first. the two sides have quite a ways to go, but the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, sure
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sounded very confident while speaking with conservatives at the values voters summit here in d.c. listen to this. >> friends, keep the faith. do not get rattled by all of this. we are going to plow right through it and do our job. >> democrats are blasting this counter offer by republicans. senator rick leventhal saying that the rational deadline is -- no basis on factor simply humanity. as for president trump, it's clear that he's running out of patience. ever since the allegations first surfaced, he's been uncharacteristically restrained. but that changed when a series of tweets from the commander in chief, "i have no doubt if the attack on dr. ford was as bad as she said, charges would've immediately been filed with local law-enforcement authorities either by her or her loving parents." that did not sit well with republican senator susan collins. a critical swing vote. she said she was appalled by the
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president's tweets. she called it inappropriate and also wrong. she said she had no problem delaying this hearing for a few more days. martha, it's very clear that clear that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and president trump are we tired of waiting. they want this hearing to happen. we are going to find out in exactly three hours whether or not christine blasey ford agree to their demands. >> martha: with more chemically to, republican campaign finance attorney -- thank you, both, for coming here this morning. i know you've been following this closely and tonight the latest word, cleta, is that extended the deadline from 5:00 to 10:00, which might've indicated that they were getting closer, there was reason to believe that they were coming to some conclusion on the arrangements here. at least one source familiar with the situation tells me that's not necessarily the case,
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cleta? >> i believe senator grassley is bending over backwards to accommodate this accuser. he's offered to have a hearing. she says she wasn't going to come. they offered going to california. they didn't accept that. what ended up happening is that democrats keep moving the goal posts. let's be very clear about this. senator feinstein had this letter in july. she didn't notify anyone. not the chairman of the community, none of her colleagues. she didn't raise these allegations when she met privately with judge kavanaugh. she didn't tell any of her colleagues, the 64 private meetings they had with judge kavanaugh? they were not able to raise it. she did not even attend the private session where senators can ask a nominee about more sensitive kinds of information. didn't even attend that. didn't raise it during the three days of hearings or the 1300 questions posted afterwards. this monday, one other thing.
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on monday after the hearing record had closed, that's when this allegation came forward from senator feinstein in a redacted letter that they still did not have a complete, unredacted copy of. brett kavanaugh presented himself monday, this past monday, 480 transcribed under oath interview. the minority staff, the democrats did not even show up to ask questions. >> martha: very interesting. they are lack involvement and interests in the opportunities that were in front of them to pursue some of these details. the other thing i find highly questionable is the fact that they haven't even seen the raw form of the letter that she wrote about what happened that night. they are going on the report that came in "the washington post" but haven't seen it in her own words and don't know if the words were taken out of context or differently. makes it pretty tough. >> it's very irregular.
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for the ranking member to refuse to hand this over to the chairman of the committee, that is a gigantic breach of senate procedure. normally senators are very courteous with each other in that way? that sends a huge rift through the senate judiciary committee. it's just another misstep, even understating it. she has mishandled this affair profoundly. it interesting. the senate judiciary committee has already been -- the other people they were determined to allege to be here at the party, all the ones they've been able to reach have said no. senator grassley wanted the democrats to participate. under normal circumstances, that would be bipartisan. the democrats were simply too busy standing in front of cameras demanding an investigation to actually do it. this whole affair just reeks of a circus and a media sideshow. they are not taking it seriously. senator grassley is taking her allegations much more seriously
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than the democrats who are simply treating it as a partisan football. >> we've seen a copy of one of the outrage letters that was sent to someone who was believed to be at the party asking them if they could have a confidential conversation about what they remember from that night. as you say, at least at this point, they haven't gotten responses on that. cleta, let's fast-forward a moment. if they aren't able to put forward a meeting on thursday, obviously the story doesn't go away. i would imagine that dr. ford would find another way to get her story out and democrats will continue to go after judge kavanaugh even if he passes this belt and try to undo it. >> look, this whole thing is being carried out by people who announced their opposition to him the moment that president trump nominated him. you have the minority leader of
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the senate chuck schumer who announced that he would do everything he could to stop this confirmation. and you have people like tammy baldwin, the senator from wisconsin, who was hosting a fund-raiser with the lawyers for this accuser until she was found out then it was canceled. if you want to do something about tammy baldwin, send money to her opponent leah boutonniere. this is all being carried out by people who have said that they are not going to support judge kavanaugh under any circumstances. i just am appalled -- but i will say this. this is actually in keeping with the feminist playbook that was started during the obama years where colleges and universities nationwide were instructed to adopt procedures that where there is an accusation of sexual assault that the accused gets no due process, right? last week, we said that's a
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violation of the constitution. >> it's very interesting. the #metoo movement started with the initiative from the obama administration and it's been a long time, being corrected on college campuses. that process is just beginning. i want to point at the tweets that president trump said this morning. getting a lot of credit for being reserved on this issue and not speaking out, not vilifying her in any way. this morning, "no doubt if the attack on doctors be 22 was as bad as she said, charges would be immediately filed with local law enforcement -- so we can learn the day, time, place. everybody knows that doesn't exist. was that helpful or unhelpful in your mind? >> there are many occasions where women don't come forward to. it doesn't go to the heart of the charges, but it goes to the
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question, these are very difficult allegations to even go back and verified because they are so old, they are so vague. at the end of the day, "the washington post" who really helped break the story and everyone else has gone forward with the story that's very, very thin on fact. now they are trying to railroad a process that turns a lot of rule of law principles on its head where she's making demands, a witness making demands of the senators. saying things like, well, the accused has to testify first. that's never come in 800 years -- >> martha: that would never happen. >> it has to be rebutted. >> martha: hasn't heard specifically what he's charged of except when he read in the newspaper. thank you very much. good to see you tonight. >> appreciate it. >> martha: another fox news alert developing right now on who leaked memos to "the new york times" claiming
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>> martha: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein pushing back on in your report in "the new york times" that came out late this afternoon and is quiet and a blockbuster report. it claims that he suggested that he can wear a wire and talk about invoking the 25th amendment in an effort to remove president trump in early may of 2017. it was shortly after the firing of james comey. so that report is based in part on memos from fired fbi official andrew mccade. he says he does not know how "the new york times" got their hands on the memo. other people think he was behind that. he's coming out with a book come december. also under investigation by the inspector general michael borowitz. there's a grand jury that's reviewing the charges right now.
4:17 pm
trace gallagher joins us from los angeles with the back story. hi, trace. >> hi, martha. sources tell fox news the meeting took place one week after president trump fired james comey, his fbi director, one day before robert mueller appointed special counsel. told 5-6 people at the meeting including attorney general rod rosenstein, former fbi director andrew mccabe an fbi council lisa page who had the affair with disgraced fbi agent peter strzok. said rosenstein talked about secretly taping the president to expose the chaos in the white house and told mccabe and homeland security john kelly to pursue comic begin proceedings to remove president trump from office. sources tell -- in the meeting and both mentioned a heated
4:18 pm
moment between rosenstein and mccabe were the deputy ag asked mccabe if he wanted him to wear an f-ing wire. if someone asked him if he was serious, "yeah, i'm serious. what do you expect us to do"? another senior at the meeting said -- >> joking about having them forcibly remove does not help your case either. you are now in charge of the special investigation, technically. mueller reports to you. a lot of things you can joke about. one of those not one of them. >> but he says "the new york times" story is not correct. i will not comment on -- advancing their own personal agenda. but let me clear down might be clear about this. based on my personal dealings with the president, there is no basis to invoke the 25th
4:19 pm
amendment. this could be the tipping point to fire rod rosenstein. senate majority leader chuck schumer said firing him would be corrupt, enabling the president to hire someone who can interfere with the special counsel investigation. martha? >> martha: thank you very much, trace. joining me now, howard kurtz. fox news media analyst and host of "media buys" and jonathan turley, constitutional law attorney and a fox news contributor. good to have you tonight. this story, as soon as it came out, there was a lot of does about what actually happened in the room. the pushback from rosenstein's side is that he was newly hired, he had gotten to know the people in this room, there was an aggressive stance from andrew mccabe about pushing back against the president, and that rosenstein basically was annoyed
4:20 pm
by the way that mccabe was behaving in the room. sad, what do you want me to do? do you want me to wear a wire? something along those lines. jonathan, when you think about that, and the tension of the moment with james comey not being fired days before, the activity in the room, what does it say to you? >> what it says it's a matter of interpretation, that interpretation could have considerable consequences. i have a column in "the hill" today talking about how trump could use this as a way to fulfill what he's wanted for a long time. not only to replace rosenstein but also replace sessions. he could say this is a case of insubordination, not obstructio obstruction. go ahead and fire rosenstein and replace him potentially with a person he wants to become ultimately attorney general. if you follow that course, he would end up with an attorney general who had direct
4:21 pm
control over mueller's investigation. that is a series of events that's going to be viewed very differently by both of these parties. but it's ironic that this newspaper that the president loves to call "the feeling "new york times"" may have given him the ability to do that. >> martha: let's talk about "the new york times" and how the story was presented, howard, because there's also reports from people who were familiar with what was going on in that room that the notes and the memos are all typed up. they are not asked him various notes scribbled down, notes that were made later. and, for one thing, lisa page wrote a very copious notes and andrew mccabe's notes were a little bit scratchy air. she wrote all these notes and yet she didn't mentioned any reference to the 25th amendment that was said in the room. she said -- the take away is the only thing discussed in the room is the wire moment and there are some suggestion as to why "the new york times" lumped both of those things together and whether or not they can really
4:22 pm
back that up. >> unnamed sources often have agendas, and the unnamed sources behind the story may have been putting the wrong twist to it, probably in an effort to damage rod rosenstein. if the line was sarcastic, as sources have told fox, "washington post" also has a similar account, it may just be they were having a heated exchange, rosenstein and the former number two, andrew mccabe rosenstein pushing back. i do have to say that his denial here leaves a whole lot of wiggle room. he says the article is inaccurate, but he doesn't deny a specific detail in it. he says he doesn't now believe the president should be removed on the 25th amendment, but doesn't say anything about whether he speculated about that or talk to others about that back in 2017. >> with regard to the anonymous "new york times" editorial that everyone has been trying to figure out who it came from, it also referenced this idea of using the 25th amendment and donald trump jr. piped them
4:23 pm
pretty quickly with a tweet saying, we likely have a winner in the search for anonymous, and he -- let's put up the actual piece of the anonymous op-ed back then which said, given the -- early whispers of invoking the 25th amendment which would start a complex process of removing the president. your thoughts on all that, jonathan turley? >> first of all, there's no basis for starting a 25th amendment process of removal, let alone have it be successful. it is beyond, really, any sense of plausibility. in terms of who was the anonymous source, i agree with howard. there is a lot of weird fingerprints on this story. someone leaked these memos which may be classified. that could cause a serious issue with the special counsel or the department of justice. i do not know what their status may be. but there was clearly an agenda
4:24 pm
here. one possibility is someone wanted to trigger trump to see if this would push them to firing rosenstein. i don't believe he should fire rosenstein. i don't think you should fire sessions. this would complicate this and be bad for the country. this does open up a pathway for him to say this is a case of insubordination. this fulfills the narrative i've been talking about, that there are people who are not supporting me and are seeking to undermine me and he could clean house. that would change a lot of things. >> president trump to test rod rosenstein because he's the guy who appointed bob mueller, got the guy who oversees the investigation which he considers an illegal witch hunt. if we ignore the irony of a newspaper he distrusts to do that, that would set off a political firestorm. some of these sources would like to prod the president or this direction, but this would not be
4:25 pm
without a heavy political cause, his own appointee, who is overseeing the pro. >> martha: of all the people you could possibly want to put the story out there, president about to take the stage. we are going to see her doll might something about this fired out up. coming up, do people support dr. ford or due process, or is there a way to have both in the kavanaugh allegations? my ladies' night panel ready to go on a friday night after this. >> brett kavanaugh is one of the finest human beings you will ever have the privilege of knowing or meeting. flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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allergy to the ingredients, or pregnant. may cause nausea, constipation, headache, and vomiting. reduce hunger, help control cravings with contrave. now you an talk to a doctor online and get free shipping at >> about two and a half hours to go until the deadline set by the senate judiciary committee, and cavanaugh's accuser to agree to terms for a hearing next week on allegations that the supreme court nominee sexually assaulted her years ago. president trump quiet, got a lot of praise on that. this morning that change and fired off two explosive tweets about this writing, "i have no doubt that if the attack on
4:30 pm
dr. floyd was as bad as she said, charges would be filed by local law enforcement authorities either by her or her loving parents. i asked you bring those files forward so that we can learn date, time, place. then, "the radical left lawyers want the fbi to get involved now. why don't someone call the fbi 30 years ago?" lisa boothe with marie harf and jenna alice. this has been such a difficult week discussing all of this, waiting for her attorneys to come forward. we need to hear from her, which everybody really wants to do. it seems like the president lost his patience on that quite a bit this morning. we all know there was no fbi report that no one went to the police, that was part of the early facts of this case. was that a political mistake for him, lisa? >> that does not help him. that being said, i think he's tired of seeing his candidate
4:31 pm
get railroaded by democrats and i know they've been against his nominee from the very beginning and have been looking for any avenue to try to derail them. clear weaponizing these allegations to try to hurt cavanaugh and to derail him. also i do not think it's unfair for him to question the veracity of the claims that christine ford is making considering the fact she doesn't remember when it happen, doesn't remember where it happen, doesn't remember how she got there, doesn't remember how she got home. but because of the metoo movement we are automatically allowed the believer claims because she is a woman. we need to treat each of these things by looking at the facts. furthermore, after 30 years, the only evidence or anything written down was by her therapist that contradicts what she's saying now. the witnesses have named say they don't remember this happening or they don't recall this incident ever happening. i find it dangerous that more people aren't questioning the validity of her allegations considering the fact there is nothing there.
4:32 pm
there is nothing to support -- >> last night we played this video of all these hollywood actresses saying, i believe you. i am thinking, how do you know that? everyone has sympathy for someone who went through an assault, but you do -- i mean, we don't live in a society where you jump to that kind of conclusion. you have to wait, look at what the facts are. politically, i want to get back at this. the president's tweets, then you have susan collins of maine saying she was appalled by the tweet. and moments ago, susan collins came out and said, i need to look at the mirror to know what i did was right. they could lose collins, they could lose flake with this kind of talk, jenna. >> the president is probably reflecting the american people by saying that we are all very tired of this and we understand due process is in place for a specific purpose. this is just a delay tactic. what i think is interesting as well is "the new york times" and cnn both ran a piece talking
4:33 pm
about christine for depositor's background and she's scared of flying. she did an internship at the university of hawaii. how exactly did she get there. this is a delay tactic, and if he's not ultimately confirmed, this is going to impact the -- they want to preserve and protect the constitution. this is not the correct procedure. >> the last time the american people thought republicans in congress railroaded a nominee under the supreme court who was accused of sexual harassment, the next election cycle a record number of women voted and a record number of women were elected to congress for the first year of the woman in 1992. already talking about how this could be the year of the woman, record number of women are running in midterms, 45 days from now. the republicans on the hill have been so careful, martha, to walk a fine line to look empathetic, to try to give her her ability to state her case.
4:34 pm
and judge kavanaugh to defend herself. donald trump, who has been accused by over a dozen women of everything from rape to sexual assault and sexual harassment is not the person republicans want on the hill to step out in the firestorm. they are trying to walk a very fine line where women, independent women, are fired up. in every poll, they are moving away from the republican party. from a political standpoint, donald trump is hurting his party. >> i think chairman grassley has handled this as well as he possibly could. he's been very patient. he made a lot of authors. we'll come to you in california. you could be questioned by a number of individuals. i do not know what her reasons are -- he is shy as she has a lot of personal issues she had to deal with in california. you cannot do -- the american people are going to be frustrated with not being able to move forward on this. at some point, what about brett
4:35 pm
kavanaugh? he's got to make it through another weekend of waiting and waiting and waiting to find out if his life is going to fall apart based on these accusations or if he's going to end up on the supreme court. is it fair to him? >> it's a very difficult situation for every person involved in this. i think she should testify. i think if you make these claims, you should testify and brett kavanaugh should have a chance to get his side of the story. martha, i also firmly believe there are no other accusations and the other allegations that brett kavanaugh will tell his side of the story, he will ultimately get confirmed. this is a tough contest. you have to give, though, the woman who has come forward with the accusation, the time to tell her story. if it's monday, wednesday or thursday, they will get to it, he will get his side to the story and the senate will evaluate that. that is the way the process should work. >> dianne feinstein also said she can't say that everything is truthful in response to reporters' questions.
4:36 pm
you see the media and the left run rampant, already accusing cavanaugh doing something from 36 years ago, i reiterate and restate the accuser herself cannot remember anything. >> not enough for investigation. going to have a profound impact on whether or not if we are truly conserving the rule of law -- >> i'm sorry! both lives matter! >> but this idea of people jumping on tv saying, i believe you! how good you ever make that statement? >> because it becomes a political question. >> lindsey graham last night, this is an unsolvable problem. if she has little details, there is no way -- >> vote for him! there is not enough for an
4:37 pm
investigation. >> perhaps you will. perhaps they'll magically come together, they'll figure it out by 10:00 and we'll see here on wednesday. thank you, guys. thanks for being here tonight. coming up next, we are watching the president's rally in missouri. basically because there are two huge stories we are waiting for him to react to as the deadline, the clock is ticking. the president has been more vocal on this then he has throughout the course of this whole story and we expect we are going to hear more tonight. what's he going to say about rod rosenstein. former president obama back on the campaign trail today facing off against president trump in the past few weeks. getting very interesting. brand-new statements from former president obama next. >> this time the stakes really are high. the consequences of any of us sitting on the sidelines are far more dangerous.
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>> martha: we are watching a couple of big stories tonight. the president coming out in springfield, missouri, where he was there to root for josh holly who is running against claire mccaskill. this is one of the closest watch senate seats there. keeping an eye on the 10:00 deadline as we wait to hear on the attorney for christine ford. let's go to harry kenny, he's there in missouri. hey. >> hey, martha. a lot of folks very excited to see the president here tonight. tonight's rally like last nights in vegas, it's all about republicans holding on to the senate in the midterm elections. possibly adding a cr to go to their majority. missouri is one of their top targets to make that happen. claire mccaskill is in one of the top tourist election battles in the country.
4:43 pm
again stated he told me his popularity will help energize voters to get them to vote for holly in november. mccaskill is a moderate democrat in an increasingly red state. he's hoping to get voters out to support holly six weeks from now. martha? >> thank you very much. watching the president as he walks around the podium area here before he gets ready to speak. as garrett wasn't saying, this is 1 of 10 senate seats we are watching very closely because it's a red state. claire mccaskill has been in office for some time. she's hoping for another round in the senate. josh holly, her attorney general, hoping he can get the seat from her and build on that to be momentum from the 2016 election where as garrett said he's a head by 19 points. the race is pretty much neck and neck if you look at the reads on it, it is going to be a toss up
4:44 pm
at this point as most of those ten states are. democrats would need two states that flipped the senate in their direction. they would need to clear two states. the g.o.p. hopes that make big gains in the senate to increase the lead, which the president has said it so tiny small makes it impossible to get a lot of things done. he is there to ramp up the crowd. one of the main reasons, we want to listen to some of his comments tonight is because he has been really a lot more out there on the issue of brett kavanaugh today in terms of his strident take in his tweets this morning in brett kavanaugh's accuser. >> president trump: let's listet again. >> president trump: hello, missouri. i'm thrilled to be back in the american heartland. i love you people. with thousands of crowds,
4:45 pm
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winning like ever before. and america is being respected again because we are finally putting america first. and it's all going to start with josh holly. we love josh. we love josh! he's a star. and he just said it -- i didn't say it. he just said it. he said, this place broke every record they've ever had. look at this place. now, the fake news will never say that. they'll never report it. they will never report it. but that's okay. because we all know it. by the way, obviously, look at what happened in 2016.
4:49 pm
obviously -- remember all the phony polls, the states we were supposed to lose? and 8:00, this data closes. donald trump has one make the of texas! donald trump has won -- remember? remember? for months, texas was too close to call. let me tell you, missouri was never too close to call. remember, georgia was too close to call? utah was too close to call? okay, so it's 8:00. they close in texas. the poles have just closed in texas. donald trump has won the state of texas. donald trump has won the state of utah. donald trump has won the state of utah.
4:50 pm
i thought it was so close. we won in, like, two seconds. do you know why? they are phony polls! they have phony polls. they are called suppression poles. what they do is, you know, you are with your wife. you say, alice, i love trouble, but he just can't win. suppression. let's go to a movie. sadly, we'll go home and watch what turned out to be the most exciting night in the history of politics. right? about six months before the
4:51 pm
election -- not this one coming up. please go out and vote! please go out. but in 2020, about six months before the election, every single one of those haters is going to endorse us because without us they have nobody watching television. they have nobody. they have nobody reading the phony papers. nobody. we expect endorsements from every body. we'll get "the new york times." we expect to get "the washington post" -- >> martha: we are watching the president. we are waiting and listening to see if he reacts to the two big stories we've been covering for you tonight. one of which is the kavanaugh story as we wait to see as the clock ticks down to see if there is any agreement made for a hearing next week in washington. if not, we are told on monday there will be a vote. also, the rod rosenstein story
4:52 pm
which is really catching fire out there. let's talk about those and let's bring in tom rosen, commentary, writer, jessica tarlov, and fox news contributor. good to have you both here tonight. this is a key senate race. the president has a pretty tight schedule. basically going to as many of these places as he can. jessica, when you look at the possible impact of the midterms, the kavanaugh story, potentially even of the rosenstein story if the president or to the side that was enough to fire him, how does it look to you? >> largely the same that it did as the democrats who have the goods and down a chance of the house back. the 33% chance that they take a set back, and i hear that that a lot of things going on with dr. ford is a delay tactic so maybe we can get the majority to get back the senate and have a possibility of a liberal
4:53 pm
justice county line. the president said that if someone has a cold, we won't get our votes through. the rob rosenstein story, and certainly feeds the president's argument that he's been making all along, even though rosenstein categorically denied that he never said anything about the 20 that the amendment nor that he should be removed, but the president has a lot of fodder for the rally to be sure. he spoke about the economy more than insulting alleged victims of sexual abuse, that would be the preferred path to take. >> martha: i want to get your thoughts on this rosenstein story and the suggestion that he would wear a wire and perhaps he could get john kelly also lived in an jeff sessions looped into the idea of removing the president with the 25th amendment. also brought up earlier today that rosenstein was a couple of weeks in the job at this point, haven't worked with john kelly,
4:54 pm
highly unlikely, according to one source i spoke to today that he would be suggesting that in this room. what dynamic, who is going after him, what do i see in the story? break it down. >> i think the clear point here is we are going to need an investigation. i had a piece about this this afternoon, their relationship because of the power of the deputy attorney general, especially in relation to the russian investigation and the importance of having a judicial branch that can command the respect of the american people, but critically there are a lot of questions here about political modification leading the story. andy mckay did andy mccabe under investigation. others leaking this as a way to d legitimate rod rosenstein and play into the president's hand in terms of getting him in. i think the fortunate thing here is unlike so many of these
4:55 pm
investigations when we do get a look into this because it's such a powerful allegation, it would be resolved at relatively quickly because the doj, the department of justice, will know exactly who's in that room "the new york times" reports on because they take a list of all those names. one way or another, we'll get to the bottom of this quite quickly. >> martha: matt gates from florida has already called for an investigation tonight saying that he wants to talk to every judiciary committee to discuss with every person in the room to get to the bottom of what was said in that room since there are some serious suggestions in that story tonight. quick thought, jessica on that before we go to the right? >> people who where they are suggesting that he said that sarcastically, and he's quite a sarcastic person. before i said it feeds into trump's narrative. i'm sure we'll hear from devin nunes and we'll have another
4:56 pm
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and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, glaucoma, prostate, bladder, or urinary problems. these may worsen with anoro. call your doctor if you have worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about anoro. ♪ go your own way get your first prescription free at >> martha: what a story. that is the story for this
5:00 pm
week. we'll see you back here on monday as "the big story" goes on 7:00 -- as "the story" goes on at 7:00. and tucker takes over. have a great night. ♪ >> tucker: well, the president is speaking at a rally in the state of missouri. we are keeping a close eye on what he is saying. there is a lot of news going on and if the president responds to any of it, we will bring it to you right away. good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." one of the stories we're following, there is a new deadline for brett kavanaugh's accuser chrstine blasey ford to respond to the senate judiciary committee. her attorneys according to the chairman of the committee, have less than two hours from right now to respond and explain when and where she will testify. if they don't, the vote will be held on monday. obviously, we're monitoring that. the other big story, blockbuster. "new york times" dropped remarkable allegation today abou n


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