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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 22, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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i can't believe it and he eped the show tonight. we are going to miss you. thanks for everything you have done for the show. making manual filling in. mike: welcome to fox news at night, this is a fox news alert. the lawyer for the woman accusing brett kavanaugh of sexual assault 36 years ago in high school is asking for an extra day to consider terms for testifying, she was facing a 10:00 pm deadline set by the republican judiciary committee. new reaction from rod rosenstein out a short while ago to a new york times report that suggested
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wearing a wire to build a case for invoking the 25th amendment to remove donald trump for being unfit for office, kristin fisher tracking the latest on both these stories. let's start with brett kavanaugh. >> reporter: the ball is back in a judiciary committee's court, they can either vote on brett kavanaugh's confirmation monday or they can acquiesce to the latest demand and give her one more day. the judiciary committee spent 45 minutes before the deadline, this 10:00 deadline is arbitrary and it's sole purpose is to bully doctor ford to make a concerted decision that has life altering implications for her and her family. she has been forced from her home and is subjected to harassment, hate mail and death threats. are modest request is she be given an additional day to make her decision. that republicans are offering the following. a wednesday hearing with a female attorney during the
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question, ford will testify first, then brett kavanaugh but ford's team want something else a thursday evening with no outside attorneys and they want brett cavanagh to go first, the two sides have a ways to go but mitch mcconnell sounded confident when speaking to conservatives in washington. >> keep the faith, don't get rattled by all of this. we are going to plow through it and do our job. >> as for donald trump it is clear he is running out of patience. of reasons the accusations first surfaced he has been uncharacteristically restrained but that changed this morning with a series of tweets from the commander-in-chief, quote, i have no doubt that if the attack on doctor ford, charges would have been immediately filed, local a person authorities by her or loving parents. that did not sit well with susan collins, critical swing vote,
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she said she was appalled by the president's tweet calling it inappropriate and wrong and tonight's rally in las vegas donald trump was more on message. >> we have to fight for him, not worry about the other side. by the way women are for that more than anybody would understand. >> that was not vegas, that was last night in springfield, missouri but bottom line, the ball is in the senate judiciary committee, we have to wait and see whether they agreed to doctor ford's demand. >> did the president say anything about the allegations surrounding rod rosenstein? >> allegations are from a report in the new york times that rosenstein suggested a meeting with todd doj officials in
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may 2017, right after donald trump fired fbi director james comey. fighting anonymous sources the times also claims rosenstein discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th amendment and remove donald trump from office. rosenstein is responding to all this with a statement that reads, quote, i never pursued or authorized any suggestion i have ever advocated removal of the president is absolutely false. that is a second statement in a few hours but according to a doj official who was in the room during the meeting rosenstein did say something along those lines but he was joking. this official says he was in the middle of a heated exchange with andrew mccabe who rosenstein said something along the lines of what you want me to do? do you want me to wear a expletive wire? the statement was sarcastic and never discussed with any intention of recording a
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conversation with the president. where these accusations coming from? senior doj officials believe they are from mccabe. they think he is leaking his own memos but he put out his own statement saying it wasn't him so believe what you will. >> two blockbuster stories, many thanks. the republican-led judiciary committee making a case that if the democrats and brett cavanagh's accuser were interested in getting to the truth they would have brought up her allegations months ago. the fact that democrats asked on the letter since july not only hurt her case but is a sign this is about politics and not justice. >> there was a mutual interest in delay that was served by giving the letter to senator feinstein who kept it until the hearing was over and then tried to start the clock again and you can't encourage that kind of behavior. this is not a court, it is a political decision and part of
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the political decision is whether to encourage that kind of behavior. >> should the republicans push ahead with the vote on the brett kavanaugh nomination? attorney sarah bulgaria was part of the campaign victory council in 2017, and attorney general under george w. bush, great to have you both. your reaction to what we heard from the former attorney general. >> it becomes increasingly evident to me that republicans are not interested in getting to the bottom of what happened here. they are interested in a dog and pony show to be a lip service to women in the me too movement and i find it offensive. i think this is a life altering decision doctor ford made to go forward and she should be given the extra day she requested to make up her mind whether she wants to testify and under what conditions she would like to do so. i think republicans are understandably upset the democrats have played some
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politics with this but what you don't do as a republican is use that anger to further bully or victimize someone who is claiming to be a victim of an alleged rape and you don't take that anger out on the american people by confirming and pushing at a nominee for someone to the highest court in our country with the allegation is true would not be qualified to sit on the court. >> your thoughts if democrats wanted to investigate this did they mishandled the citizens the frustration building with the president? >> years, no question the democrats mishandled that. i think a lot of democrats have either admitted that and i don't see much bullying going on. i think the republicans are doing what they can to accommodate doctor ford. they said they would take her testimony in washington, come to california to get her testimony, they offered to let her testify
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in public, in private. the places her lawyers are pushing back are unreasonable. where she said she wants to have brett kavanaugh go first and then she response, i don't think that is reasonable, not the way our justice system works where you have the accused testify before the accuser. i think they will reach a reasonable accommodation and will allow doctor ford to tell her story and but brett kavanaugh tell his version of events. >> the legal team is asking for more time to make a decision. >> that is more than reasonable. the judiciary committee, so gracious to give her an extra day and setting an arbitrary deadline to make the decision. this is a woman who has been suffering, she didn't come forward for 36 years and now demands that they do it on their terms when they have no idea what they have been through.
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these people have not been there, to tell her they want it done her way is unreasonable. >> they have to move the confirmation process forward. it has been delayed in the extreme and are asking for another day. if they want another day that is fine but ultimately she needs to decide whether she's going to tell her story and i think the republicans are going the extra mile, several extra miles to enable her to tell the story in a context where she feels comfortable doing so. i'm optimistic and hopeful she will accept this opportunity and tell the story. mike: the rod rosenstein story, is a major shakeup coming to the department of justice? >> i will say yes but not in the near-term. i would say there would be a shakeup after the midterm election. today's news is hard to make of it and i would take it with a grain of salt. we don't know the sources for this. we heard rod rosenstein deny saying anything along those lines so i view this story with a lot of skepticism. clearly reinforces the notion the president's perspective, there are people trying to undercut and sabotage, that will
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fuel his view of the justice department. >> i agree it doesn't help the narrative that there is a deep state, still going after him to undermine donald trump at every turn. the 25th amendment too cavalierly, nothing from has done rises to that level and it would be ridiculous if it was considered. >> thanks very much. she says he sexually assaulted her, he denies it. it is possible neither one are lying. and up associated press headline making the point memory's frailty may be playing a role in the brett cavanagh matter. shannon filed this report on how shaky memories could be playing a role in all of this. >> the doctor ford say she is not making this up? >> we are talking sexual assault, a situation where she thought she might die. >> brett cavanagh called the allegations, quote, completely false. after a phone call monday
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republican office says he told orrin hatch she was not a party like the one she described in doctor ford acknowledged to the washington post she did not remember details of the incident, may be mistaking him for something else was the white house backs the president's nominee. >> i don't think we will ever know what happened 36 years ago. >> psychologists agree memory is a dynamic process that many are at odds over the current reliability of long-ago traumatic events. some label them suspect, memories can be inadvertently induced during therapy or the passage of time. others say stress hormones released a terrifying experience render central features of the experience vivid and memorable even if peripheral details are not. doctor ford says it was definitely brett kavanaugh but she does not pinpoint the location or dates. >> we don't know that because she doesn't remember.
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they have been pretty vague in terms of details but that is to be expected given it was 36 years and she was 15 at the time. >> the professor passed a polygraph after privately revealing the allegations with psychologist and later lawmakers. senate supporters say the me too movement so the victim's credibility cannot be ignored out of hand. >> women give up so much when they come forward and the presumption should be they are telling the truth. >> they need to be believed. her account is credible. >> ford's lawyer is there are multiple witnesses who should testify. >> trees have a statute of limitations to benefit people who have been accused, if someone is accused of a crime, can't mount a defense after 30 years witnesses have lost their memory, the passage of time makes it impossible to prove allegations this old. >> a legal matter, corroborated evidence is rarely pursued. >> senator cory booker, democrat
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on the judiciary committee wrote groping a high school friend as they fumbled on a bed, his words. an opinion piece on cnn says attempts to explain what makes cory booker's groping incident different from allegations against brett cavanagh, the author says two top reasons are he wrote publicly about it, used it as a way to explain how he has involved as a person and he is an elected official who stands before voters. if the voters believe his groping incident is disqualifying they get to have their say. what to make of that? richard fowler and former congressman jason chaffetz. is there a double standard when you consider cory booker and brett kavanaugh? >> i think there is a double standard. the voters have already rendered their verdict just like voters
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render their verdict about donald trump and his alleged accusers who said they were assaulted by him or whatever. here is what we have got here. a situation where republicans made it clear no matter what this woman says next week they plan on voting for brett kavanaugh to put him on the supreme court so why not give her an extra day? why not let her story the hurt if you know you're going to vote for her regardless? >> you've got that backwards. let me answer. all the democrats already said they are voting no no matter what. you have some republicans like jeff flake and corker and others that have said susan collins, they haven't sent definitively they are voting for brett cavanagh, jeff flake is on the judiciary committee. it is only the democrats the definitively said no matter what they are voting no. >> that is false. >> name one democrat that is a yes. >> mitch mcconnell is the head of the united states senate. he said there will be a vote and
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they will plow through it, that is the quote. number 2 chuck grassley said whether she comes are not we are voting to confirm him on monday so i don't understand if they know they will confirm him why not give her one day to phasor accuser? >> they haven't said whether they would give her the extra day but i willsenator grassley bent over backwards giving her four options, private, public, in california with staff, in washington dc, bent over backwards to do this. he did notice they are going to have a vote on monday if they can't come to terms of the senate and the to testify to the senate in advance, every time you get an invitation to the senate it is not a negotiation. >> i'm perfectly fine with figuring out who goes first or second but let's take a moment to realize how brave this young lady was.
12:16 am
she came out, told her story and said all i want is for my chance to be heard. >> and democrats squashed it. they silenced her for 7 weeks. >> i don't and i democrats blended this but let's talk about where we are now. the fbi is investigating death threats against here and there is no sympathy from republicans on the judiciary committee. >> hateful emails against brett kavanaugh and his wife as well so let's be fair. >> he is under public scrutiny because he's going in for a lifetime appointment. >> if you read the emails you would not be defending anything -- >> i'm not defending them, he underwent up excluded by excepting the nomination. >> fair enough. are we going to have a hearing or are they going to agree to disagree? >> i think there will be a hearing. >> democrats keep moving the goal posts and i don't know that
12:17 am
she ultimately wants to testify and i wouldn't blame her. she is going to put her life out there on public display and i don't blame her if she doesn't do that but senator grassley gave her the option to do it privately and not go before the cameras but doing an interview with the washington post is not enough. that is not evidence. >> i agree, i give you that and i believe she should testify and it should be heard by the american people and folks that make the decision but with that being said there has to be some leniency evans the fact that what this young lady went there and the validity of her story, i don't see that coming from republicans. we are 50 days out from the selection and remember who is voting at the ballot. >> the ball is in chuck grassley's court. richard fowler, jason chaffetz, thanks so much. coming up the march to the midterms, a live report as donald trump and his rally in
12:18 am
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>> red shimek red state democrat senator claire mccaskill of missouri facing a reelection fight and donald from throwing his weight behind her gop challenger. >> good evening. this senate race is one of the closest in the country and one of the gop top targets for the midterm elections, look at the most recent polls where missouri's attorney general leads by less than a point. senator claire mccaskill is a moderate democrat in an increasingly red state the president won by double digits so tonight donald trump said a good part of his speech listing mccaskill's agenda items she voted against. >> doesn't represent the people of missouri. she represents the radical democrats in washington. she voted no on case law.
12:23 am
how about case law? you know why she voted no? because schumer and nancy pelosi told her to vote no. >> the top two issues for missouri voters our healthcare and the economy but the sun deciding issue could be supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. this week senator mccaskill announced she plans to vote against brett cavanagh's confirmation. recent fox news poll found a quarter of likely voters may change their mind before election day and among that group 32% said they would be less likely to support mccaskill if she opposed brett kavanaugh. tonight both her opponent and the president went after her on that issue. >> the president said he would put pro-constitution judges on the bench and he has. judges who love the constitution, judges who love our country, judges like brett kavanaugh. >> mccaskill voted no on our
12:24 am
supreme court justice neil gorsuch. how good is he? she's not going back on a no vote on somebody who is truly spectacular. >> reporter: rex emphasis the president told his supporters a vote for any democrat in the midterm election is a vote against him and his agenda. i should note we did reach out to senator mccaskill's campaign for a statement on the president's rally. we did not receive a response. >> thanks a lot. this past tuesday a retired game warden named pete florez did something remarkable for a republican in district 19. he won. the district covers 400 miles of the texas mexico border, 66% hispanic, it has been held by democrats for 139 years but it is turning red. the houston chronicle headline
12:25 am
claims democrats should be demoralized by the victory. texas republican governor dan patrick is president of the texas senate. great to have you. texas senate debate was held tonight. let's take a listen to some of senator ted cruz and his challenger going after it. >> ask you to tell us something you admire about your opponent. >> thank you for public service. >> you are absolutely sincere like bernie that you believe and expand the government and higher taxes and i commend you for fighting for what you believe. >> through to form. >> is that a winning message that he is too liberal for texas? >> he is too liberal for texas, too liberal for america, he would fit in sweden very well.
12:26 am
he is a socialist. is the big deal about this election and why pete florez won the other night. democrats are on the wrong side of the issues and as newt gingrich and donald trump said this is a big choice election. people need to put all the personal insults and attacks on the side. where do you stand as an american? i know where texas stands and where hispanics in texas stand. the district republican senator pete florez won is 66% hispanic. republican has never held that district since 1879 and why did he win? because let's look at the big issues? he is for secure border, democrats are for open borders including beto or road, his first smaller government, democrats for bigger government and higher taxes, people is the republican for second amendment rights, protecting your second amendment, democrats want to take away your guns and a big issue with hispanic voters is the pro-life issue.
12:27 am
the majority, the vast majority of hispanics in this country and especially in texas even down on the border where they say it is all democrat hispanics respect innocent life in the woman democrats do not. these are big core issues and the old saying be bold, be bold or go home, republicans in this election nationally have to be bold or they might go home. where other republicans, where the democrats? there's a grand canyon divide difference between core issues that are american values. >> i cover the texas legislature years ago and to be clear texas state senators represent a huge area of turf, a lot of people. >> texas senate district is longer than a texas congressional district, representing 800,000 people. i was a senator before becoming lieutenant governor. three texas senate districts is as large as the entire state of iowa in terms of population so these are big districts. this is a big election and it
12:28 am
was won because pete florez stood on the president's agenda which is america's agenda. the president didn't win two years ago because he was wrong on the issues. he won because he was right on the issues and hillary clinton was wrong and beto or is wrong. republicans have to remember this. sometimes they look at democrats and say that person doesn't sound bad but if you are democrat in the general election you didn't get there by being a conservative or moderate in the primary. the only democrat to get through their primaries are wild eyed leftist liberals that sound like bernie sanders or hillary clinton. >> we have to leave it there. thank you for your time, great stuff. have a good day. high-tech accused of censorship as email so google users trying to counter donald trump's travel ban after the nra accused youtube of political censorship. oliver north, a man who knows what it is like to be in the middle of a political storm is
12:29 am
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>> there is no ammunition tonight for conservatives who accuse google of >> new ammunition for conservatives who accused google of trying to silence them and promote left-wing ideology. hillary von joins us from los angeles with how google workers brainstormed ways to push back against donald trump's immigration policy. >> reporter: new developments breaking tonight, google's ceo is warning employees against political bias saying if anyone violates user trust they will be held accountable. google admitting some of their employees were strategizing ways to use their roles at the tech giant for political activism by suggesting they make changes to google's search feature to control what users see. in an exclusive email exchange, management are caught contemplating ways to fight back
12:34 am
against donald trump's travel ban. in the email chain, the marketing manager mckenzie thomas floating the idea they should actively manipulate search results including the word mexico, hispanic, latino, islam and muslim, comments that, quote, i know this would require a sprints to make it happen but i think this is the sort of super timely and imperative information that we need as we know this country and google would not exist without immigration. google's product manager chimed in saying we are absolutely in, anything you need, excellent initiative, google says this kind of brainstorming is encouraged but even though the ceo is taking a tough stance on the issue just this evening google telling me they are not taking action against any of the employees exposed for trying to exploit google services for their own political bias because
12:35 am
they say no changes were made on the platform. >> this is not the only internal exchange google had sparking controversy. what is google saying about an internal memo detailing plans to roll out a censored search engine in china? >> google is in denying the memo exists, they are only confirming to me that a new product didn't coming anytime soon saying our work has been exploratory and we are not close to launching a new search product in china. the memo in question is causing outrage among some google employees protesting the creation of what would be a censored search platform and to appease the communist regime in china. reportedly the search system named dragonfly would hand over all user data to a partner in china, would require users to enter login information to use the basic circuit junction, the system would track their
12:36 am
location, the possibility of a censored search engine is drawing concern that the company could be feeding into a communist agenda that could lead to government retaliation against its own citizens. share make things a lot. we are joined by oliver north, president of the national rifle association. his organization has experience with alleged google censorship and he has experience with being at the center of a political and media onslaught like brett kavanaugh, a lot of folks watching tonight, first memory of you will be 1987 when you were in the middle of one of these big controversies in washington. what did that do to you and your family? >> it taught me about the fairness of the media which is almost nonexistent, fox didn't exist at that time, national mainstream media, every single
12:37 am
day and night, reporters have headlines at local newspaper, headlines with if north is convicted of treason he could be given the death penalty, that same kind of thing is happening to the kavanaugh family. the fairness of it, what is happening to those kids, i will give you a prediction, you will be around to see this. and brett kavanaugh's obituary there will be a sentence whether he is confirmed or not that he was once accused of, fill in the blank because of what is happening right now. same thing happened to me. when i was sitting on that witness stand and things were going badly, they subpoenaed me to be there. i was there. at one point the senator from alabama puts up on his screen a
12:38 am
check that said it is made out to willie's lingerie. were you buying undies for your girlfriend? i was stunned. betsy was sitting behind the desk and said that was for our daughter's 6-year-old la lessons and never came back. what the left does is they try to destroy you. that is what they're trying to do to brett kavanaugh. i know what his kids are going to because my kids went through it. the good news is my kids are over it. his kids will be over it but somewhere back there will be the little nagging thing that says i wonder how that could happen to my dad so i feel for him. >> your day job at the nra, your thoughts on this google controversy. >> it is irrefutable, they did knock people off searching for things that were pro-second amendment.
12:39 am
they deny they have algorithms that will do certain things. i don't believe it. what we have done it the nra, telling people don't are going to google, go to nra tv, you want to know about the nra or the second amendment or a firearm and why we stand up for the second amendment go to nra tv and you can see it like fox nation will have all the shows available for streaming. >> more concerned about youtube. >> i have concerns about all those things. i'm not a big government regulation guy, they are getting away with it because they are not regulated. you say certain things on this show you and i will get day for it because we are regulated. the fact is google and youtube, none of them are regulated by anybody and i'm concerned, people of a particular political persuasion are writing
12:40 am
algorithms for artificial intelligence programs you and i would never be able to decipher and they can put a lot of people's eyes but they don't shop for congressional inquiries you wonder why. share make nfl season underway, your thoughts about the flag controversy is someone who wore the uniform all those years. >> it is outrageous that we put out a video on nra tv, telling the american people those of us who served who believe in the second amendment, for your freedom and hours are going to stand up for the american flag, put our hand over our chests and respect the rights of everybody. >> thanks for your time. sacramento on edge after a sheriff deputy is killed in the line of duty and the sheriff under fire for urging police supporters to counter blacklight matter protesters. scott jones joins us from sacramento next.
12:41 am
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>> sacramento, california boiling tonight over the death of a black man share mexico into boiling over the death of a black man killed in the line of duty.
12:45 am
scott jones is getting some heat because he called for a counter protest the black lives matter when he asked people to support law enforcement. scuffles in food. scott jones joins us now. great to have you. >> thanks for having me on. mike: condolences on the death of one of our deputies. how is your community responding after that incident? >> the community is always great, we don't ask their support very often, we are the one supporting and helping them but when we needed the communities there for us and there are no exceptions, it is incredibly difficult but communities helping us get through it. mike: for those outside the community what is the issue to black lives matter? >> we have a local contingent. i can't speak for every chapter. there are a lot of good discussions that have to be had
12:46 am
but the local chapter there was a convergence of different factors, we had a statewide law enforcement organization having a training conference to better police their communities and the local black lives matter chapter chose this time to protest block the cop expo. it happened to be the protest was a day after our officer got killed. the previous evening when the community was looking for a way to help and show support, i suggested they come down and show support for law enforcement. there is no violence, no scuffle, fairly peaceful on both sides. it got heated at times but we had a dichotomy on the street corner in front of the conference. mike: talk about the role the department plays, it is a massive law enforcement agency. >> we are the largest agency of
12:47 am
any kind in north carolina. we have 1600 officers in an area of 1000 mi. , 1 million folks in sacrament of county we serve from rural and suburban areas to densely populated urban areas. we have many aspects, the metropolitan police department and all the things traditionally associated with the sheriff department. mike: are california elected official supportive of law enforcement? >> it is tough. some of them are but not just the democrats but the progressive liberals just continue to make public safety disaster and poor decision and substituting their judgment for that of law enforcement professionals. it has been going on and they realigned the criminal justice system and the effects of those things are felt and will be for several years to come.
12:48 am
it is a dangerous place to be a law enforcement officers but we have folks who feel the calling and step up and do what other folks do. mike: are politicians taking sides in the black lives versus blue lives matter? >> it is a typical thing, the few that stand up and scream artist get the attention. they get stories on the media, they make sexy media stories so it fools people into thinking it is the narrative but the reality is we have tremendous support for the community. the protests from black lives matter generally is focused on the sacrament of police department, the things they have gotten into. they represent a few but certainly not the majority of folks. >> thank you for your time. as california gone too far? governor jerry brown said laws needed to help the environment, critics say it is the last straw. that story when we return.
12:49 am
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>> federal data released earlier this month showed that california's still leading the way when it comes >> california leading the way when it comes to poverty. t the golden state has highest poverty rate at 19% higher than the national average. and another capacity banning plastic straws. >> this is largely symbolic but lawmakers hope other states will follow california's lead. some facts about the new law, plastic straws are not banned, use of the have to ask you one. it only applies to dine in restaurants. lawmakers really wanted to make a difference, critics say they would have included fast food restaurants and coffee shops in starbucks but they didn't.
12:54 am
violators will get a warning and a $25 a day fine. in signing the bill governor jerry brown said plastics in all form are choking our planet. it is a small step to make the customer who wants a plastic straw to ask for it and it might make them pause and think about an alternative. >> it is such a good move. it makes all of us feel a little better. in today's environment it is insane we are having this conversation, that our government is going to ban plastic utensils you can't then assault rifles. >> of the critics say california is turning into a nanny state. yesterday the city of los angeles voted to ban the sale of her. brown signed a bill mandating restaurants only advertise and serve children milk or water. there are inconsistencies. he signed a bill allowing people
12:55 am
to ride a scooter, 35 miles an hour without a helmet. san francisco gives out 300,000 free syringes and needles a month to addict but only half as many, leaving the rest to be found at a beach or city street. many california cities ban plastic straws, malibu, take-out containers, the goal is to ban all single use plastic items like flatware. that then, the next two. mike: thank you. this is a fox news alert, judiciary chairman senator chuck grassley tweeted his response to christine ford's attorneys request to have a day before she decides to testify. brett kavanaugh granted another extension to doctor ford to decide if she wants to proceed with a statement to testify to the senate. she should decide so we can move on. i want to hear her. i hope you understand it is not
12:56 am
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"hannity" is next. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." rod rosenstein is in big trouble tonight as are others as we are witnessing a deep state coup. i'll explain in detail. there is no doubt any longer. by the way, we have a very special message for the president of the united states. he needs not to fall in a trap. according to breaking news from the "new york times" today in the spring of 2017, the deputy attorney general actually plotted to secretly record his conversations with president trump. but there is also more. the "times" is reporting that rod rosenstein floated an idea to invoke the 25th amendment.


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