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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  September 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the world has trended towards democracy and freedom because of it. senator sanders, i would love to tell you where to go. but i'm on fox news. were not allowed to curse. it's been a pleasure to be here tonight. stay tuned for steve hilton. >> breaking tonight, new allegation against supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh. just as the stage is set for his first accuser to testify on capitol hill this week. good evening and welcome to the next revolution. this is the home of popular populism. we are live in new york. we will bring you all the information and analysis you need to be ready for a momentous week ahead. i have a special announcement about positive populism and an exclusive offer you don't want to miss. later in the show will bring you up a special swamp watch on the
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democrats outrageous hypocrisy about brett kavanaugh. first, the new yorker dropping a bombshell report within the past hour about a second woman accusing brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct decades to get. his 53-year-old debra ramirez her said kavanaugh exposed himself to her and thrust himself towards her when both were students at yale university in the mid- 1980s. now, both white house and kavanaugh issued statements within the hour on the new allegation. cap nursing quote, this alleged event from 35 years ago did not happen. the people who knew me then know this did not happen and have said so. this is a smear, plain and simple. he looks forward to testifying this week. the white house responded saying quote, this 35-year-old claim is the latest in a coordinated smear campaign by the democrats designed to tear down a good man. the statement says the claim is
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denied by all who are said to be present at the party includ incg the latest accuser. the white house stands firmly behind judge kavanaugh. that's not all. michael evan nardi, stormy daniels lawyer, he says he now has a client who has quote credible information regarding judge kavanaugh and his friend, mark judged. information he promises to make public tomorrow. all this is both kavanaugh and christine bossi ford are set to testify this thursday and capitol hill. in a moment will bring in these but first, chad his life for us in washington, d.c. chad, just until a few minutes ago we thought we had a clear timetable with the hearing
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agreed to on thursday, the accuser doctor for testifying. how does this new allegation change the timetable? >> nobody quite knows. you can almost imagine at a ski resort about to start an avalanche coming down the hill. that could be a problem for brett kavanaugh senators on both sides of the aisle interpret these allegations is credible and they need to hear from other witnesses. we thought we had the hearing set up for thursday, probably the biggest hearing on capitol hill for a generation. but, there's an old saying on capitol hill, nothingness agreed to until everything is agreed to. if you start to have other republican senators saying we have questions that are not quite sure, you cannot change congressional physics. you either have the votes or you don't. the vote drop down is 51 republicans - 49 democrats.
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if they lose anybody on the republican side starts to be game over. you can imagine this work it sticky for brett kavanaugh, and for that matter republican senators are going to raise questions about the latest allegations in the hearing on thursday. that's the problem for brett kavanaugh. the objects are bad. what is past is prologue. in mid july there is a nominee seconds away from a confirmation vote, ryan bounce for the ninth circuit court of appeals and rich mcconnell ripped it off the floor the republican senator said he could not vote for this nominee because of racist writings and views he had that were controversy all in college. they pulled the nomination off the floor. that was it for ryan because they didn't have the votes. if they don't have the votes you can't do anything. >> what about the question of
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the fbi investigation? i'm interested in the timetable as it relates to the last possible moment this vote could be held and still get judge kavanaugh confirmed before the midterm elections. how much time is there? >> you have five weeks. there some on the republican side that says this would be great. the string it out and get it closer to the midterms. might be tough for the democrats who are from red states, heidi heitkamp of north dakota, west virginia and indiana it's either put their money where their mouth is and vote for brett kavanaugh. you could see it backfiring on republicans because democrats might be making the charges against kavanaugh and they need to make a persuasive case with suburban female voters. it could back fire.
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this laid out based on what we know right now. if you are to have a hearing on thursday, the earliest he could have a committee vote would be friday. then it would be up to mitch mcconnell if he would want to run the procedural traps on this over the weekend or wait till next week. a confirmation vote if he rented over the weekend a confirmation vote will come about next wednesday, they might want to take more time with it say we've had this confirmation hearing and we have other questions, we can't forge ahead on friday. he could drag it out a couple more weeks and that's why site ryan bounce. looks like he was on the verge of confirmation and they withdrew it. >> steve: people want this to be done quickly but there still a number of weeks before the midterms. thank you so much for that. joining me now is jason j fitz,
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author of the deep state. how an army of -- destroyed the trump agenda. candace owens in fox news legal analyst and author of the bestseller, the russia hoax, the scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump. what we make of this? >> nobody knows the truth of what happened until the accuser and the accused have an opportunity to speak publicly about it. the legal landscape is littered with false accusations. he had the uba rape case, we just don't know. she may well be telling the truth. we don't know. >> we have a new accuser pgh under advice and consent of the constitution, it's whatever the senate wants it to be.
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every salacious story coming out after the hearing was closed, he had been out there since july and now this new salacious thing that's unfair without evidence. read through the article and time again it says could have maybe happened. >> this is the deborah ramirez pgh i think it's infuriating. i'm thinking it's despicable behavior in typical leftist tactic to stall. they're constantly trying to stop the administration from having wins. first they create mass hysteria by saying if this person is elected or selected or confirmed they're going to dial back human rights. if that fails they moved to number two which is racism. they accuse the other candidate of being racist which we have seen of cory booker moment. and now it's the me to witchhunt going on for way too long. it makes due process go away and
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they assume because race and sexual assault is a sensitive topic they can throw around baseless allegations. i don't believe either of these women. i think it's the left pulling out racist tactics. >> you called it a witch hunt. and you don't believe them and i think what that shows is the interesting fact of confirmation bias. you believe the evidence you want to believe. i want to be fair about this. and please weigh in. but there's a couple of red flags on either side even before tonight news. it's a detail but it could be important. one thing we've heard a lot last week was, let's learn from the anita hill process. let's not have unqualified senators asked questions, let's get professionals who understand
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these things. and that would not be the senators. then when you get to the legal team, doctor ford herself went for precisely the opposite. they are insisting it is republican senators, that tells you something about what it's about. >> the fbi perhaps will get involved now that there are additional accusers coming out. he's gone through six fbi investigations. they talked your kindergarten teacher and every neighbor you have ever had. they talk to your classmates and friends and relatives. none of this has come up. in six different fbi investigations of brett kavanaugh over 25 years. all of a sudden these people are speaking out with accusations, they should be heard respectfully and consider come i find it curious and suspicious that he was nominated on july 9
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and here we are at the end of september and all of a sudden these people are coming forward. >> i been thinking that we still have a lot of time to get this done if that's what your goal is. why not give them the investigation so they can't hold that against it pgh that's the way congress works. we did plenty of investigation, congress did them, not the fbi. that's just not how it works. they're there to do background and learn what they can. but, the advice and consent isn't from the executive branch. click solely from the senate. >> what if it happened the first bush administration happened in relation to anita hill. >> they did do an fbi check in the white house could request that do one more background check in light of the accusations. chad was brilliant in laying
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this out there's time to do it i don't see the rush frankly. >> it seems to me they want the spectacle and they describe it rather than what the republicans offered which is a female attorney handling the questioning. they rejected that and that tells you something about the motivation. >> from start to finish this is been a giant spectacle. telling you conservatives have to stand together and vote the midterms. they're going to do this by any means necessary to stop the confirmation. think about what they have done are ready. what his wife and children are going through. i'm confident the me too movement has become a political weapon and it belongs to the left because conservatives would never do this.
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>> were going to look at the politics and hypocrisy a little bit. we have really good stuff for that later in the show. she think at the end of this time it's not provable is it? >> there is not a prosecutor in this country that would take these cases to court. it's not a criminal investigation. but there is little to no evidence. you want to hear from this and they have bent over backwards and adjusting the rules of the senate to accommodate her. private do we do it in california or washington, d.c. but you don't come into the negotiation and start to say this is who can ask questions and who can't. >> i'm fairly familiar with the statute of limitations and there is none with sexual assault. however a case that is 35 with
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36 years old in which the accuser doesn't remember all the people were there, how she got there how she got home, where it happened, the house that occurred and she's not even sure of the time, that is an unprovable case no prosecutor in their right mind would take their case. >> they all demand a full fbi investigation after slipping out of amnesia 35 years ago. what if they decide to come out to the story to the washington post or those who have been in cahoots of trying to stop the administration. all of this reeks to me. >> i believe it's completely dishonest. >> i think it's something about the trauma means that you don't want to talk about it at the time. it could explain the delays.
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>> what's interesting is now you have this news tonight and then another one tomorrow thanks to all michael, one of the arguments prior to that was that this is so out of character for brett kavanaugh. look at his whole life unblemished. seems like that's what they're trying to chip away at with the stories. >> but in the ford situation the witnesses who were there have issued letters to the senate committee saying they don't have any recollection of it. so the witnesses there are none except for the accuser. the senate is going to have to go through this. she doesn't remember the year or the place can't tell you who is there. >> steve: in the statements from the white house has a strong statement tonight and use that word, smear. feels like there's an anger
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there. >> because they have lived it. it's what happened during trumps election campaign. >> in this case the latest revelation, there's nobody to corroborate it. it's always something that jurors consider. this is a political exercise i realize but, we do borrow some principles from the law. while that's a foundation of democracy is presumption of innocence. when you listen to people like senator jell-o brand of new york who stood in front of the cameras and pronounce that the accuser was telling the truth and she believed her without ever talking to the accuser, jell-o brand must've slept through the class on presumption of innocence. she's an embarrassment to the legal professor. >> steve: will be seeing more of her later on. i leave that with you.
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we are going to keep on this. still to come, special swamp watch on kavanaugh's hypocrisy. plus more on the deep state to oust donald trump. right now if you go to positive you'll find an exclusive offer, my new book explains how the elitists have destroyed economic security, family and community in america and how we can turn things around and put working americans first. you can get a special sign copy if you go to that website, positive, tonight. moorehead on this breaking story. don't go away. i'm gonna regret that.
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>> steve: welcome back.more in . a new allegation of sexual misconduct against brett kavanaugh. were brack. let's talk about the real politics of this in terms of the vote. you now have two women and according to stormy daniels lawyer, they have it they have specified it's another woman but apparently he's bringing someone else out. susan collins on friday put out a critical suite of presidents trump and what he said.
6:22 pm
how is the vote looking? up till now it was seen as being solid for brett kavanaugh. >> there are 11 republicans and ten democrats on the committee and have all said no matter what, they will all vote no. on the republican side the one that simply is jeff flake. jeff has wanted to hear the person out. that spread and people have said yes mitch mcconnell has been one that says let's plow through this. >> i what about the end. >> i think so much depends on lisa murkowski and jeff flake. they all have reservations. flakes leaving, perfect name for him by the way. then you have to look at other democrats who are in red states of her reelection. people like joe mansion, chomp
6:23 pm
one in west virginia have to look at those people as well. you could lose if susan collins and dana joe mansion. >> i know you're very suspicious about the way this is coming out. >> i think the republicans need to break through the barrier. they should have a strong show of support for breck cap and i get him confirmed. i'm optimistic he will be conference. he is going to be right of clarence thomas when he does. he has seen leftism up close and personal. >> can you see susan collins and mitch mcconnell plowing through this? >> if he comes out with someone, the credibility will continue to die. is it just a coincidence that these all happen to be democrats? that the attorney for ms. ford just happens to be a mouthpiece of the resistance movement?
6:24 pm
do we think that's a coincidence? >> the democrats probably want to keep their distance from the creepy porn lawyer because, that guy so toxic, just generally speaking. merely looking at him. >> i think they copyrighted that phrase. >> the democrats have standards. >> he's the one guy they don't want to be aligned with. >> i'm dying to ask you on the other massive news over the weekend which is rod rosenstein story, what you make of that? >> it underscores the argument in my book that their people at the fbi and department of justice who sought to sabotage the president on false claims to drive him from the presidency. this is more evidence. initially it was the fbi but rosenstein later signed on to
6:25 pm
the pfizer warrant without proper evidence. ever since he has been suppressing the evidence of his wrongful conduct by withholding documents sought by, and drink congress. rosenstein should go. while there is an investigation into whether he was trying to solicit people to undertake the 25th amendment wiretapped the president. that needs to be investigated. >> steve: i agree. i was interested with people say there is a split with a fox or sean and hannity saying calm down, don't fire him now, other saying he should go now. >> the case has been corrupted by rod rosenstein it -- >> steve: should he be fired now or wait? >> let's have him step aside in
6:26 pm
place with someone who can be fair, mutual and objective. in the meantime he should appear under oath and answer questions. >> this meeting that happened there six or seven people involved. we need to know everybody's name so congress can do a transcribed interview and i agree, rod rosenstein should recuse himself. they're investigating what happened with the pfizer abuse. he signed his name on it. how can he oversee it? >> this he said it as a joke. >> is not a joke, but look were not surprised. we know it's going on there trying to harm an assault this president from the inside out. i don't think he should take a strong stance here only because luke was happening. people eyes are being awoken. we've all set it from the
6:27 pm
beginning. in many ways it helps more than it hurts. >> excellent point. next, what can we do to beat the deep state? answers are after the break. george woke up in pain.
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>> breaking right now, senatordn chuck grassley to immediately postpone any proceedings related to brett kavanaugh. this after new allegation of sexual misconduct against him tonight. following the developments and will bring you updates. the last couple of weeks and the bob woodward book in that anonymous new york times op-ed and now with this outrageous behavior by rod rosenstein, we've had confirmation of what we've been saying that a shadowy group of unelected bureaucrats, the deep state is actively plotting to overturn the 2016 election and sabotage president trumps agenda and remove him from office. our guest has a new book outcome of the deep state, how an army
6:32 pm
of bureaucrats protected barack obama and is working to destroy the trump agenda. talks about agencies be in weapon iced and political battles. >> it's amazing. there is a concerted brace and events that these people are getting together to take down the donald trump agenda. they don't do so in secret in a corner they release classified information, they do anonymous opposites and share information that shouldn't be out there. they ignore what the president says and not do it. you just had president trumps a let's release the pfizer documents tax messages but it didn't happen because the deep state will push back. so in the book i detail everything from the epa and the department of interior and others, homeland security, they will do anything so they don't have accountability they could
6:33 pm
do it they see fit. >> what i actually like about the book and the anonymous op-ed and now this business is that it confirms what we've been saying. dana perino teases us about the deep state says were overdoing it. but honestly, some was daily were seeing incidents that it's there. when they are trying to undermine the president pgh it doesn't matter what you call it. were seeing implications here. there's been a major paradigm shift in their own comfortable with it. they wanted hillary clinton to win. she did not win. so whatever backdoor deals were done they are now off the table. this makes them uncomfortable. there is an earthquake in d.c. and people have had power not going to let go.
6:34 pm
>> that's a crucial point. what can we do? >> they don't want a disruptive personality like donald trump who will hold them accountable. in part, congress has to stand up. if you're investigating the department of justice as devin nunez send the oversight committee has been doing, they have to go to the department of justice to get a subpoena fully enforced. as chairman of the oversight committee i could issue a subpoena and turn it over to the department of justice and they would say no were not going to do that. that's not coequal branch of government. >> steve: very specific reforms. >> this whole concept of inherent contempt. if you actually hold someone in content to be able to enforce that. for the first time in the history of the united states we held eric holder in contempt. a couple weeks later he's back testifying as if nothing happened.
6:35 pm
you have to starve the beast. you have to be able to fire them if they don't pay their taxes. federal employees get paid by the federal taxpayers don't pay their taxes and keep working at the federal government. >> i agree. my plan is to on morph the deep state and the fire them. up next, we take on the left, hypocrisy over judge kavanaugh, don't miss it. first, the the launch of vaccination is just weeks away. >> is going to be an epic battle. >> robert bork america is a land in which women would be forced into back alley abortions. >> segregated lunch counters, midnight raids. >> i should've grabbed him and said if you want to get confirmed shut up and listen. >> it really was watching this.
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>> what happens has become a verb, those are the most unfair accusations in my view. it means to destroy no matter who rides point,
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>> steve: brak kavanaugh knaussg for an immediate postponement of proceedings in light of the new allegation. everyone, regardless of political affiliation should obviously be against sexual abuse and violence. if are going to fight as we should for gender equality and women's right shouldn't be up we should speak up against it and make sure all victims are heard and respected. that basic principle has been abandoned by democrats as they
6:41 pm
put partisan politics ahead of women rights turning #me to into #not you. not you if you have been assaulted by a democrat. not you if you have been threatened the left political part. if your woman who has a credible claim against a democrat and a ballot this november the message is clear. shut up and don't rock the boat. a prominent democrat member of congress with credible domestic abuse violations is running for office this fall. so the latest on how swampy is our candidate series has a twist. democrats hypocrisy on women's rights is our night swamp watch. >> kate eller sin is running to become the general in november. he's been accused of violently assaulting her. this is a text message. we never discussed the video i have of you trying to drag me
6:42 pm
off the bed yelling and calling me and saying i hate you. monahan has release notes from the doctors appointment saying that the emotional and physical abuse. the document mentions allison by name. someone tweeted the accusers saying do democrats believe her and she said no they don't. i have been smeared, threatened, isolated from my own party. this isn't even the first such allegation. in 2006 allison was accused of verbally abusing her will have an affair. he grabbed and pushed her during an argument. allison denies both allegations. just like brett kavanaugh denies the allegations made against him. of course democrat leaders with a strong principal commitment to women's rights and assist both cases are treated the same, right? the most vocal democrat this week was senator julie brandt
6:43 pm
pgh i believe her, because she's telling the truth. she is asking the fbi to investigate her claims. she is asking for that kind of review. that investigative work, the oversight and accountability because she's telling the truth. judge kavanaugh have has not asked that. is that the reaction of an innocent person? it is not pgh here's what she said about keith ellison case. >> literally nothing. what about that great champion of women's rights. on brett kavanaugh accusers she says this. >> i believe the fbi, to your point should be compelled to do its job in terms of completing the background investigation. that's not being done.
6:44 pm
>> be compelled, she's really fired up about keith ellison to quote, i know the dnc is investigating it so we'll see and let it run its course. mention of chuck grassley said that about the kavanaugh case. don't worry we have the rnc looking into it. if we can't count on that for consistency surely bernie sanders is a reliable me too evident. he tweeted the allegation from christine ford deserves a full investigation. i'm sure he feels equally strongly about alleged abuse of women anywhere. when asked about the ellison investigation he told reporters quote no, nothing. and you'll excuse me, have to get going. just in case you get a lecture from your colleague. pgh guess who is looking at these actions, it's the men in this country. i just want to say, just shut up
6:45 pm
and step up. do the right thing. >> that's right these men who don't respect women need to shut up and step up like richard blumenthal. he had a lot to say about brett kavanaugh. >> i believe doctor forward, i believe the survivor there's every reason to believe her. this nomination will not only cast shadow over judge kavanaugh if he were to be confirmed, it will also stain the united states supreme court irreparab irreparably. >> on democrat keith ellison abuse, silence. come on senator, step up. that goes for you to tom perez. here's what perez said. this allegation must be investigated thoroughly. americans deserve answers. i wonder what he means by thorough investigation.
6:46 pm
he told us. >> the matter is under review. the minnesota democratic party is conducting a very thorough investigation. >> steve: that well-known and widely trusted, the minnesota democratic party is going to take part of it. wait, i've had an idea. let's get the maryland republican party to investigate. i'm sure tom perez would be fine with that. what a bunch of hacks and hypocrites. i took that message into hostile territory when i went on bill marshall. >> she was making an argument that basically he is guilty until proven innocent. that's not something we should accept. i went minded so much of the same standard was being applied.
6:47 pm
>> we can imagine how that went down. >> isn't our country divided enough without democrats looking at the abuse of women by men, were now thankfully given at the priority it deserves. how can we unite against it when it's me too if you accuse a republican but not if you accuse a democrat. can even one prominent democrat say, i believe her. when the alleged abuser is the leader of her purse. you made a great show standing up for women last week, it turns out in your eyes some women's rights are worth more than others. thanks a lot sisters. tell us what you think of that on social media at an extra fnc.
6:48 pm
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>> steve: will we see anotherbin for president in 2020? a spokesperson from michael bloomberg confirmed that he is considering a run as a democrat. should the president be worried? former campaign manager and author of the new book, the fixer saving startups from death by politics. so, you know all there is to know about michael bloomberg and politics. is this real? >> i think what they're saying is the path to independence isn't really there. there is a chapter in the book about putting the campaign together. right now people are so polarized whether you love the presidents or hit him you have strong feelings. so for florida road women at work i don't know. i know he would be the best person to beat president. >> steve: let's talk about your book. start saving politics by death by politics.
6:53 pm
all sides of the spectrum would welcome what do you mean? >> what i find is whether to start up in the transportation spacer hotels, whoever has interest doesn't want competition. you use pay to play politics and corruption to keep them out. hotels doing that to air b&b and so on. the real challenge is entrenched interest in the bureaucrats in every state local government and all the companies who don't want competition could use on fair politics to keep them out. we have to figure out how to break through that. >> is helping the disruptor survive and be able to offer their product. some startups make it, most don't. that's no surprise, they should have to compete on equal footing and neither survive or fail. >> this is a general problem. you have these entrance
6:54 pm
businesses in the new have these young up-and-coming businesses that are hard to compete. >> i was think about google. i was recently watching a documentary on the u.s. and i really think there is a basis. they're finally starting to chatter and break up google. it's become a monopoly and it discourages competition from young startups. >> you have to reduce the regulation and when you do that it allows entrepreneurs and disruptive technologies and companies to participate. the big companies can handle it. the little guy can't do it. >> so you'll call the fixer will you fix it for mike bloomberg to be president? >> i'll give him the best advice i can. we'll see where it goes. >> definitely get the book, the fixer.
6:55 pm
in my book two. candace and jason are back with me after the break, dunkel way . (music throughout)
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♪ . steve: all right, welcome back. candace and jason, i want to ask you on the brett kavanaugh situation, is he going to be confirmed? postponed? >> it's going to be confirmed. in the perversion that you see democratic senators doing fund-raising off of this and it will turn the tide. >> to the parents of homes to little boys and young men, pay attention to the long-term implications. not a world i want my young son to grow up in. steve: thanks to all my guests. don't forget to get your special signed copy of my book tonight. mark levin is up next, i'm steve hilton, see you next sunday when "the next revolution" will be televised.
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. mark: hello, america. i'm mark levin. this is "life, liberty & levin." a special edition. we're going to go through the 30-year history of the democrat party's effort to destroy the judicial confirmation process and address its latest victim. i said victim. judge brett kavanaugh. so we're going to start right away. it started in 1987 on the floor of the united states senate by ted kennedy. go. >> mr. bork, subsequently retracted, the most nede


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