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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 24, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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is in some detail, it's because of ship of fools, and it explains why normal people don't have advocates anymore. you can look at it if you'd like, but we will be back. the lying, pomposity, smugness and group think . the sworn enemy.sean hannity is right now. >> sean: a great show, we have a lot to get to. welcome to "hannity." we are witnessing a total miscarriage of justice at the highest court in the land. there is no due process, no presumption of innocence and no burden of proof. as we speak, we have the democratic party, the left in america, the median in america, all their friends are literally saying, guilt by accusation and it trying to the character career reputation of judge brett kavanaugh based on what is decades old uncorroborated delegations. -- allegation.and categorically refuting it.
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the witnesses deny of course, a coordinated effort to take down judge kavanaugh, we will show you tonight that this is nothing new from the democratic party. there is nothing as critical as serious as these allegations are and we have set from the beginning to take them seriously. we will have tonight hannity lesson how the left in this country use identity politics to gain electoral advantage.the reputation of their opponents in the process. the tactics of the left would discuss every rational thinking american who loves and cares about this country and our core values. this isn't about republican, democrat, liberal, conservative tonight. we will also discuss the controversy surrounding rod rosenstein. the president should under no circumstance fire this beleaguered democrat. -- bureaucrat.this is an
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important breaking news, opening monologue. tonight, judge brett kavanaugh is fighting back and standing up for his good name and his reputation, and he is demanding a fair process. he says he won't be intimidated after days of negotiations with the senate judiciary committee. professor christine ford has now agreed to testify about the allegations she made against judge kavanaugh. let me be perfectly clear. these are serious allegations. professor ford deserves to be heard and those allegations should be taken seriously. this coming thursday, you the american people will be able to hear from both professor ford and judge kavanaugh in an open setting. chairman grassley of the senate judiciary committee was right to hold the hearing, and the republicans have been and are being extremely fair and accommodating and taking these allegations seriously. but tonight we need to a step back and remember what we are talking about here.
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these are 35-year-old sexual misconduct allegations made by by professor ford to congressional democrats. the claims date back to when ford and kavanaugh were in high school. senator dianne feinstein, she was aware of professor ford's allegations since july. she sat on them and kept in the secret. until after kavanaugh and kavanaugh's a public hearing lengthy meetings with judge kavanaugh. in fact, dianne feinstein refused to consent republicans, or colleagues, the full unredacted letter where accusations were first made back in july until today. now professor ford cannot remember the date or location of the alleged incident. the four witnesses that ford herself listed to corroborate her claims, they are all now on record denying what ford is alleging. judge kavanaugh sat down with our own martha maccallum and categorically refuted these
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claims once again. let's take a look. >> judge kavanaugh: i may have met her, we did not travel in the same social circles. she was not a friend or someone i knew. >> martha: if you don't remember being at parties with her ever? >> judge kavanaugh: i do not. this is an allegation about a party in the summer of 1982 at a house on connecticut avenue on east west highway with five people present. i was never at any such party. the other people who are alleged to be present said they don't remember any such party. a woman who was present, of another woman who was present who is dr. ford's lifelong friend has said she doesn't know me, and never remembers being at a party with me at any time in her life. >> sean: now kavanaugh is facing one more allegation because over the weekend, the new yorker brought up another decades-old claim against and kavanaugh, in this case a woman named deborah ramirez. she is claiming that in the
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1980s when he was in college, that kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a drunken college party at yale university. ramirez herself wasn't totally sure if kavanaugh was a perpetrator. according to the "new yorker," she became "quickly inebriated" at the party, her words. she told the new yorker that she wasn't "foggy and slurring her words." she even acknowledges she had significant memory gap from that evening. "the new york times" spent over a week trying to corroborate her story, talking to dozens of people, and of the time said this, "they have interviewed several dozen people over the past week in an attempt to corroborate her story. they could find no one with firsthand knowledge. ms. ramirez herself contacted former yale classmates asking if they recall the incident and told some of them that she could not be certain that mr. kavanaugh was the one who exposed himself.
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and those who remarry is listed as witnesses in yet another case here, welcome to the indecent charges? they are all flatly denying. we can say with confidence that if the incident debbie alleges ever occurred, we would have seen or heard about it. but we have not. the behavior she describes would be completely out of character for brett. in addition, some of us knew debbie long after yale and she never describes this incident until his supreme court nomination was pending. the new yorker also interviewed ramirez's best friend at the time of the alleged incident and she's also denying any knowledge of the claims. and she said it "this was a woman knows best friend with, we shared intimate details of her, our lives. i was never told the story by her or anyone else. i never saw it or heard of it happening." judge kavanaugh also denied emphatically these decade-old charges. in a statement he wrote "these are smears, pure and simple and they debase our public
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discourse. but they are also a threat to any man or woman who wishes to serve our country. such grotesque and obvious character assassinations, if allowed to succeed, it will dissuade competent and good people of all political persuasions from service. as i told the committee during the hearing, a federal judge must be independent, not swayed by public or political pressure. that's a kind of judge i would always be and at the violence against my family would not drive them out. kavanaugh denied these charges in his interview with martha. take a look. >> judge kavanaugh: i never did any such thing. the other people alleged to be there don't recall any such thing.
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if such a thing had happened, it would have been the talk of campus. the women i knew in college, and the men i knew in college that it's inconceivable that i could have done such a thing, and "the new york times" has reported that just last week the person making the accusation was calling other classmates, saying she was not sure that and i had done this. again, just asking for a fair process where i can be heard and i can defend my integrity. >> sean: during this interview he took it even a step further. watch this. >> judge kavanaugh: people generally in high school, i think all of us have looked back on things and regretted or cringed a bit. that's not what we are talking about. we are talking about an allegation of sexual assault. i never sexually assaulted anyone. i didn't anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years
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thereafter. the girls from the schools i went to.>> martha: so all these years in question, you are a? >> judge kavanaugh: that's correct. >> martha: you never had intercourse with anyone in high school? >> judge kavanaugh: and many years after. i will leave it at that. >> sean: then he went on to defend his character in high school. >> martha: was there ever a time you drink so much she couldn't remember the night before? >> no. >> you never said i don't remember anything about last night? >> no that, didn't happen. the behavior i described with women being raped that was going on at the parties you were at? >> judge kavanaugh: i never saw any such thing. i certainly never participated
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in any such thing but i never saw or heard of any such thing. i was focused on trying to be number one in my class and being captain of the varsity basketball team, and it during my service projects, and going to church. the vast majority of the time i spent in high school was studying, or focused on sports and being a good friend to the boys and the girls that i was friends with. we have these great lifelong friendships. >> sean: despite all these charges, judge kavanaugh says he will not be quiet and he's vowing not to be intimidated into withdrawing his nomination. while judge kavanaugh is standing firm, rightly demanding a fair process, it is so important to remember the told that it also takes on a family. again, where is the presumption of innocence? let's take a look. >> it's very difficult to have these conversations, and they
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know brett and they know, we told him at the very beginning of this process that it's not fun sometimes. you will hear things that people feel strongly. and you need to know that. remember, you know your dad. >> sean: now president trump is standing by his nominee and predicted her earlier tonight that he will be confirmed. look at this. >> it will be sad indeed if something happens to reroute that. this is a fine man and certainly hope he's going to be confirmed and quickly. his family has suffered. his family has suffered. what is going on is not something that should happen. brett kavanaugh is an absolute outstanding person and hopefully, he will be confirmed quickly. >> sean: this all comes as one falls rumor has been debunked. mainstream media and democrats
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were gleefully spreading a rumor that female students were coached by a law professor on how to dress in an outgoing way when they were interviewing with judge kavanaugh, a rumor that the professor has completely denied. at in spite of everything we just showed you, their people in this country that should not be political. democrats, people on the left, they have already convicted judge kavanaugh. according to them he has known presumption of innocence and no right to be heard, no reason to be believed, no due process. actually, there were lawmakers, lawmakers that were throwing law out the window and claiming his guilt by accusation. this should not happen in this country. take a look. >> the senate shouldn't rely on
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two conflicting accounts and decide, we are okay with not knowing, we are okay with the fact that we might be putting someone who committed attempted on the supreme court of united states. >> i believe her. anyone who comes forward at this point to be prepared to testify in the united states senate against someone who is being nominated to one of the most powerful positions in the united states government, that takes an extra ordinary amount of courage. >> not only do women like dr. ford who bravely come forward need to be her to come up but they need to be believed. they need to be believed. >> i want to say to the men of this country, shut up and step up, do the right thing. >> let me say right at the outset, i believe dr. ford. i believe the survivor here. there's every reason to believe her. she has come forward courageously and bravely. >> i believe with her and i stand with her.
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i don't think she should be be bullied into the scenario, it's a sham hearing and i don't think she should participate in it. >> i believe professor ford. i think she's credible and i think when the investigation is finished and when she testifies and when judge kavanaugh testifies, i think a majority of senators will find her credible. and i don't think -- i never thought judge kavanaugh should get appointed. >> no presumption of innocence. >> at the very same time, all the people you are watching here, we have a case not 36 or seven or five years ago, but keith ellison, the number two guy at the dnc has been accused of repeated physical and emotional abuse and the dnc has smeared and slandered and ignored the person making that allegation. that was back in august. this year.
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so what you are watching is a democratic party playing politics, sadly exploiting a conduct allegation accusation, that's it, for political gain. jumping to conclusions and rushing to judgment. these are serious allegations. but tonight every american, republican and democrat, conservative and liberal. this is why you need a healthy dose of skepticism. let me tell you why. deborah katz has views on sexual assault that have been extraordinary political and inconsistent at best. for example, she said this about paula jones. nobody in the media reports it. paula jones' suit is very, very weak and, not by her own testimony had lasted ten or 12 minutes. she suffered no repercussions in the workplace. she said, clearly a one-time
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incident that took place in 10-12 minutes, she left of her own volition, and the courts are finding that was not enough to create a hostile work environment claim. she also set of creepy senator al franken "context is relevant. he did not do this as a member the u.s. senate." yes he did. and by the way he did this in the capacity of someone who is still functioning as an entertainer. clearly, professor ford's attorney has a left-wing radical inconsistent political agenda, and "the daily caller" even uncovered back in 2017. the same attorney vowed to resist president trump. and we have the tape. here it is. >> finally over the finish line come up with a general grateful to the colleagues who went for him.
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>> i can't appreciate, express how appreciative i am for those of you who stood by me during these difficult times. >> it was a bitter feud to the very end. >> going to fight back, going to resist. we are also learning that professor ford is adding another person to his legal team, an attorney named michael bromwich. he's the lawyer representing fired fbi director andrew mccabe. this brings us to our hannity history lesson surrounding the democratic playbook. every election cycle, and they are literally naming the character of the political opponents, even if it means lying in the process. they demonize all conservatives. there's not a conservative that i know that has not been through this. in fact every four years, every two years, republicans are
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racist, misogynistic, homophobic, islamophobic. they want dirty air and water, they want to kill your children and throw granny over a cliff. the left has also rushed to judgment in the wake of other major events. they have been wrong. on this program they've been right. we didn't rush to judgment in the duke lacrosse case. remember the summer olympics and bombing? remember because he said he fit profile of a lone bomber because he lived with his mother. richard jules listening to my radio show was a local host in atlanta at the time. he must think me for being the only one not to rush to judgment. remember the rush to judgment in baltimore, with freddie gray? remember when obama said the
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cambridge belief acted stupidly? we have on this program adopted the "we will not rush to judgment. we will wait and we will see." on the duke lacrosse kids i went to meet with their parents and i met was george zimmerman's attorney and that george zimmerman and asked him tough questions. you see had now come every time there is a supreme court nominee, and that's the republican appoints him. we sought judge bork, and mitt romney was sexist. he had binders full of women's resumes. remember they turn his efforts to hire women into an attack about him being sexist. mitt romney was not. whenever they had falsely accused him, remember harry reid, and he had no real regrets about spending those lies and false attacks. this is what happens. this is why american duties have
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a duty to skeptical. the left winghave been wrong. we see it every two years, every four years, every supreme court nominee and every big high-profile case that they politicize. here's a look at reid. >> let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn't. i don't regret that at all. no one would help me, so i did it on my own. >> no regrets about romney or the coat brothers. something people called it mccarthy-like. >> they can call it whatever they want. >> i regret telling a total lie and smearing somebody. from mitt romney to robert bork to clarence thomas to george bush, frankly every a conservative i know, i was been forced to deal with their life and some of these baseless character smears and character assassinations.
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the most often used by democrats that is to call republicans racist and it happens every republican season. >> many republicans talk in coded racial language about takers and losers. they demonize at president obama and encourage the ugliest impulses of the paranoid french. >> you expect the support of clan sympathizers before you are president, you will accept their support after you are a president. >> he will let them write their own rules. unchained wall street. they will put you all back in chains. >> it's wrong what the leader of the republican party and this congress are doing and blocking an accurate census because they don't want to count everyone that they don't think they can count on. >> they are in favor of affirmative action, if you can dunk the basketball or a sink a
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three-point shot. but they are not in favor of it if you merely have the potential to be a leader in your community and bring people together. don't tell me we have a >> he was beaten and chained and dragged to his death because he was black. when governor bush refused to support hate crime legislation it was like high father was killed all over again. >> when you don't vote, you let another church explode. when you don't vote, you allow another cross to burn. >> real smears, real character assassination, and it happens predictably every election season and it happens with supreme court nominees. this is a gutter politics at its worst and sadly, we are going to see more and more of these
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tactics as we now march 43 days or so towards the midterms. we will have a lot more on this in a moment, but first breaking today it also appears that the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is hanging onto his job, at least for now. "the new york times" issued on report accusing rod rosenstein, and they are sticking by it, of plotting to rally cabinet officials and invoked the 25th amendment. rumors spread that rosenstein might be out of a job. tonight rod rosenstein has been in communication with a president and apparently they will be meeting on thursday. first with this developing situation and much more is south carolina senator lindsey graham. >> i can give you chapter and verse. that was hard to sit through. >> sean: what's that? >> that was hard to listen to. that was really tough. >> while the problem is these people are being called racists and misogynists.
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>> john mccain. he said hes campaign reminded him of george wallace's campaign. >> that was another one. >> this is the problem. these are real lives that get destroyed here. what kennedy said about robert bork was despicable and disgusting. what was done to clarence thomas was despicable. what do you make of this now that we have had time? there's not a single person in the case of professor ford that she mentioned that was there that has corroborated the story and the same thing with mr. ramirez. >> number one, to the democrats, they knew about this since july 30th. they chose to do nothing about it. for them to complain about the process is like an arsonist complaining about a fire. the allegations against judge kavanaugh are collapsing. this has been the worst low point in the senate for me and that is saying a lot. i never thought it would get this bad. we will have a hearing thursday and i look forward.
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to supporting this good man. when it comes to donald trump, there are no boundaries or no rules. what ever you need to do to destroy he and his agenda, there are no rules. >> that's very sad. >> we have a serious allegation, and i know -- a month ago the girlfriend of keith ellison, number two at the dnc, was running for attorney general in minnesota. repeated physical and emotional abuse. the reason i say this is selected moral outrage, they haven't uttered a word. so it's only guilt by accusation if you are a conservative or republican or appointed by republican. >> democrats are willing to believe anything about a trunk nominee. they didn't believe anything about president clinton, and
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here's what i can tell you. this man, judge kavanaugh, has been in very responsible jobs. not woman has ever come forward to say they acted inappropriately in the workplace, they used his power in that way. you don't become a serial rapist for a couple of years and hang it up. that's garbage from the avanati camp. no one in their right mind is going to deny him, 35 years old, when everyone at the high school party says they don't know what the lady is talking about, dr. ford. and the second allegation is not even worthy of talking about. i hope every republican will be fair to judge kavanaugh and listen to what dr. ford says and render a good decision. if he is denied a seat on the supreme court based on
10:27 pm
35-year-old allegations, who in the world will come forward to be the judge? >> senator, i can't get 220 people to stand up for me. >> i know you're got buddies, and they would not be there. >> [laughing]. >> sean: i love when guests come on the show. and trash me. [laughing]. but they went above. >> these are women that knew him in high school, college, law school, the bush administration and law clerks of his. here's my question. many of your colleagues when they say, i believe her, do they believe in the presumption of innocence anymore? >> no, they just want to get trump. there is no way you can say that an allegation this old not specific to time and place when everybody else supposedly other party said this is not happen that you can render a conclusion
10:28 pm
in favor of one person. whatever we have to say about kevin, we will say. it's been disgusting. they are playing politics with it and there has been delay and deception and it won't work. >> sean: let me ask you one final question, i would be lit negligent if i didn't ask about rod rosenstein and "the new york times" report. they are standing by the report from last friday and he will be meeting with the president. i honestly think it's a set up. i think the president should not be the one firing rod rosenstein and i have been saying he should be fired and should go away for a long time. i think it's a set up. my question to you, what is your take? where is jeff sessions? what should happen, senator? >> that would required special counsel to look at the doj and fbi, and the early stages of the investigation.
10:29 pm
and the clinton email schedule and the russian collusion scandal. he let us down there. there are seven people that are trying to wire the president and take him down basically, take the law into their own hands. i believe that rosenstein was probably being sarcastic. if he was really part of it, he should be fired. but i don't trust page as far as i can throw them. >> sean: he is conflicted? >> yes, he is. >> he should not be overseeing the investigation of the fisa warrant, because he's part of the fisa warrant. he shouldn't be overseeing this investigation because he was in the meeting himself. i believe rosenstein until had i have a reason to otherwise but, i would be sure i thought through that before i got involved. we appreciate you taking time welcome more reaction author of the "new york times" best selling books.
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e liars, leakers and liberals. it's a case against the anti-trunk can conspiracy. judge jeanine pirro, fox news contributor and annie mccarthy, powerful column today. and florida attorney general pam bondi. so you are both in politics and we all know that our conservative get smeared. what's your reaction to all this? i never knew this, i never heard this. >> not only am i am politics, i'm an attorney. and i'm a prosecutor for my entire career over two decades before i was attorney general. so not only do they not believe in the rule of law, they want to end the law by doing this to a man of great integrity. i know him. i have known them for years and i hired a clerk that thinks the world of him. that's how i got to be friends with him on a personal level. this is a good man, and i've done a national commercial for him.
10:31 pm
his wife, thank goodness he is a strong wife. >> who wants to go through this? >> nobody. that's the strongest point he made. if he doesn't stand up and go through this, what good person would ever want to run for political office? we have all been attacked but not like that, that's despicable what they are trying to do, with two young daughters come up to this good solid man. >> there are stories of falling apart judge, people that are is saying that these alleged incidents are all contradicting. all of us drank too much in college, although i was 17 tending bar as a junior in high school. miss ramirez said she had gasps in memory. the "new york times" calling
10:32 pm
people: do you remember because i am not sure? >> exactly. >> it's clear what's going on here. so -- >> i did mention that particular new york post cover of you. >> for the constitution applies to illegals, it applies to criminals, murderers, but it doesn't apply to a man who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of justice, a man who, no woman in the last i don't know how many decades has set a bad word about him, and all of a sudden we have the left that is using words to bring socialism and energy to this country. ekei will ask one question, i would like to know how many united states senators are willing to change the standards of justice against them to accusation without corroboration? i guarantee you if we start and go down that road, things will
10:33 pm
change. >> you had a very powerful column today. you rushed to a similar but different points that you say that they can't let these delay tactics. dianne feinstein had this package a lot. they said you should not delay the judiciary committees hearing. our turn it into more of a farce. rush said, confirm kavanaugh or because the midterms goodbye. that's a powerful statement and i agree with it. >> i agree with it, but i think there are two things going on here. number one with respect to brett kavanaugh's particular nomination, they are obviously trying to do everything they can to delay these accusations and brought that to push beyond the midterms so they can try to defeat this nomination in the hope of swinging the senate and trying to have the votes to beat them. but i think in the greater context, what's happening here is this is a shot across the bow at everybody on the right, even every moderate in america who doesn't follow the radical left agenda, this is what they will do to you if you try to crash
10:34 pm
the party. they will stoop to any level. >> we have all been attacked in our careers. but they are -- >> if you say they were misogynist, if you say they committed sexual assault - -->> right, they are trying to eviscerate a good human being, a man who has devoted his entire life to public service, it's inexcusable. >> this guy avanati is another doozy. he accused a judge of gang rape. that's slander. that judge will be no mike bring you before the grievance committee. >> last word goes to andy mccarthy. >> can the kangaroo court have a
10:35 pm
vote? . >> will susann collins and lisa go? >> with us and judge kavanaugh. >> you know what, they can talk all they want but if they are true to the constitution they will vote for this man. >> sean: i want everyone to be heard. the people who have been fair here are conservatives. people rushing to judgment are on the left like all the other high-profile cases. when we come back, ed henry with a live report from washington. also three women who know brett kavanaugh about for his character. and after that we have a pretty big announcement, stay with us. kavanaugh about for his character. character. and after that we have
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>> sean: joining us now at the very latest on the kavanaugh confirmation and the controversy it has consumed, es fox news channel's chief national correspondent and friend of the program, ed henry. >> judge brett kavanaugh going on offense tonight declaring he
10:40 pm
will not be intimidated into withdrawal. president trump said today all of this is political and will stand by his nominee. that exclusive interview. judge kavanaugh and his wife ashley had an interview with our colleague marcia mccollum and he was firm in saying he never sexually assaulted anyone. although i am hearing from some republicans tonight saying they thought the answers were a bit robotic and they expect him when he goes to the senate judiciary panel to be much more firing his answers, and in part today kavanaugh said these are smears, pure and simple, and he said it's debasing our public discourse. there was an emotional letter from christine blasey ford. and it, she wrote to the judiciary panel that she felt agony but urgency to air these allegations as a civic duty. although, three alleged witnesses have all said they have no recollection of the alleged incident in high school. the new yorker magazine has
10:41 pm
published a new accusation by debra ramirez who claims that kavanaugh exposed himself to her although the admits they were not able to confirm that kavanaugh was actually in that room. they also say the allegation was so thin that they interviewed several people in the last week and could not corroborate the story and could not convince want it was true. now michael avenatti says in the next 48 hours he will be releasing more salacious allegations against kavanaugh. the republican leader mitch mcconnell said this is a smear campaign against kavanaugh, and he vowed that no matter what happens before the judiciary committee he will have a vote to get everyone in both parties on the record. >> sean: thanks for joining us.
10:42 pm
earlier tonight on martha maccallum, judge brett kavanaugh came forward to defend his name in the wake of the vicious political smear campaign. >> i've never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high school, not in -- ever. i have always treated women with dignity and respect. listen to the people who have known me best through my whole life, the one that has known me since high school. the 65 that overnight signed a letter for my school saying i always treated them with dignity and respect. >> sean: joining us now, three women who have known mr. kavanaugh for over a decade. monaco mass style and kathy marner are with us. thank you for being here. i know it's hard for people who don't usually do tv. let me start, monica, with you. you are one of the original 65 that knew him back in his high school days and not one has said it, take my name off the list.
10:43 pm
in total, 220 people have spoken out in favor of judge kavanaugh. and speak of his character and what a gentleman he was. i felt bad for him having to answer certain questions tonight. what do you make of this new allegation, and why are all of you standing so strongly behind him? >> i don't believe the new allegations and i believe when brett denies something, he's telling the truth. it wasn't corroborated, and they can't even find that he was in the room. the "new york times" asked dozens of people. ekeso if you can't corroborate an accusation, i don't know how it could be believed. i believe bret. he said under oath he didn't do it. >> sean: i look at the "new yorker" and all of the things
10:44 pm
that ramirez said. and kathy, i will throw this to you. not one person that either professor ford or miss ramirez bring up as these witnesses in this case. say a single thing that corroborates their story, not one. >> they are completely uncorroborated allegations, and brett has unequivocally denied them and i believe him because it's inconsistent with everything we know about him as a person. i've known him for over 20 years, in the professional context in the white house, and also as a close, personal friend. nothing about this gels with the person that we know and that is why you have had such an outpouring of support from women who know him, throughout every stage of his life. >> sean: you've known him for over two decades. when you look at the 11th hour of all of this and the fact that in the case of professor ford, they have this back in july and
10:45 pm
only today turned over theler to the republicans. as senator collins said it, it's not fair to anybody to hold something like that back. >> the timing of that release of information is a very disturbing, given that we had a full hearing and a process in place. and it isn't fair to brett kavanaugh and it's not actually fair to dr. ford, either, the way this has unfolded. i don't believe the process currently has it really gotten to the bottom of this. i hope we will hear from both and hear what brett kavanaugh said today which is this did not happen and none of it is true.
10:46 pm
>> sean: anita, if you look at the 36 years, all of these people that knew him in high school and all these people that knew him in college, and knew him in law school, and all of these people that worked with him over the years -- you worked with him the bush administration, and others --women that have clerked with judge kavanaugh and worked with him on the court, they say that his character is really a noticeable cut above the average person. what was your experience? >> absolutely. you gave me the perfect question, to be able to at say to you i have lived in this town and worked in this town for 35 years, three different administrations. i can count on one hand of the numbers of people who rise to the level of such great integrity and character that i would sit here and defend to the death. like brett kavanaugh. and in his letter to senator grassley, and senator feinstein,
10:47 pm
the one that was released today, he said he owes it to all of us to defend his dignity. we owe it to him because he is an example of what's happening in this country right now. this is a sickening spectacle of what happened, and, this is really such a shock to our institution. i have been through a number of supreme court nominations in 3 different administrations. this is a shock to our institution. >> sean: monica, kathy, anita, you are three of over 200 that speak the same way about judge kavanaugh. i think it's important the american people hear from you. thanks for being with us. when we come back, we will have more on judge kavanaugh. also rod rosenstein will meet face-to-face with president trump on thursday. sara carter and gregg jarrett have more, stay with us. and, an announcement. day. sara carter and
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♪ >> sean: rod rosenstein is set to meet with the president face-to-face on thursday. joining us with reaction is a gregg jarrett, eric carter, let's go to you first. we usually go to sarah because she gives that, but let's go to your first on this. >> you could be right that this could be a set up to get the president to fire rod rosenstein. and of course the media and democrats which is redundant. would go hair on fire crazy about it. the alternative perhaps would be wise to relieve rod rosenstein of oversight on the special counsel case pending an investigation into these very serious charges. >> sean: greg, let's throw this to sarah. i have never been both certain in my life that they want the president to fire rosenstein.
10:53 pm
and they want it so bad, they can taste it. his he conflicted? yes. are there major problems? yes. the president should haven't to do this. that's jeff sessions and that's his department. where is he again? >> where is jeff sessions? >> everyone is asking these questions and i think he has a point here. the allegations of "the new york times" are very serious. whether or not there are people in the administration that are willing to invoke the 25th amendment to remove the president or wiretapped the president at one point in time, the president needs to investigate this whether inspector general investigates it. >> sean: they said he was being sarcastic to andrew mccabe whom we know lied. >> we think a lot of people are lying, there's a lot of people that are lying on "the new york times" had that anonymous off
10:54 pm
and out, and, and find a way to investigate this matter and put it behind them, and if he finds out that rod rosenstein really did do that and not in a joking matter, he has the authority under article two to remove him. >> sean: but rod has the keys to the kingdom. rod gets to decide -- he gets to decide and tell mueller, don't subpoena. he gets to decide to come release or don't release the final report. >> you are thinking tactically, i am thinking fairness and justice. >> legally? >> that's right. >> there are legitimate reasons, he is a fact witness and he is the and chief prosecutor. you can't do that, that violates federal regulations. >> sean: sarah, last word from you tonight. >> i'm going to agree with greg on this, as far as taking a step back and looking at it. the president will make his decision on thursday.
10:55 pm
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♪ >> sean: earlier today, rush limbaugh had a very stern warning for senate republicans. i hope they were listening. >> if the republicans do not get this vote taken and have kavanaugh confirmed, you can kiss them in terms goodbye, you can kiss goodbye holding the house, and you can kiss goodbye holding a senator. whatever the democrats think of their base, the one thing i know is, if you guys fold on this and gave and keep bending over backwards, you've done that enough. eve demonstrated that you don't hate women, you've demonstrated that you are open-minded, you've demonstrated that you want to hear from her. >> sean: rush limbaugh.
11:00 pm
i hope they will listen. quick programming note, starting tomorrow, we'll be live from washington, d.c., for all of this news. that's tomorrow night and o'clock easter let not your heart be troubled. we are always fair and balanced. laura, big news night, no temperature chats. >> laura: great to see you, sean. see you in washington tomorrow. good evening, i am laura ingraham, this is the "the ingraham angle" live from new york city. with the president just across the street from us, to require major political battles. the 11th hour smears of brett kavanaugh brett kavanaugh continue unabated is another uncorroborated message lobbed his way. my message to the g.o.p. in moments along with the reaction from dan bongino, wendy long, and many more. will he stay or will he go? rod rosenstein's fate in limbo tonight after conflicting reports swirling around the resignation or straight up removal. co


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