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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  September 26, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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live signing of our new cookbook "the happy cookbook." if you want us to sign your cookbook sign up doocy >> bill: fox news alert awaiting a significant meeting for the president at the united nations. this hour he meets with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. we'll see that in minutes. next hour he presides over the u.n. security council meeting with iran the main topic. stay tuned. meanwhile, another fox news alert. this time tomorrow we now know more about what to expect at that hearing when brett kavanaugh and his accuser are on the hill. >> sandra: getting ready for it, aren't you? >> something else. 27 years since we've seen anything like it. >> sandra: a big week, a lot happening on capitol hill and
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the president in the u.n. in new york city. i'm sandra smith. rachel mitchell is a career sex crimes attorney to question both parties separately. they will hold a vote on kavanaugh's nomination friday morning. the president tweeting the democrats are playing a high level con game in their vicious effort to destroy a fine person. the politics of destruction. behind the scene the dems are laughing. pray for brett kavanaugh and his family. >> bill: peter doocy begins our coverage. republicans on that committee, will they ask any questions tomorrow? >> bill, it sounds like with very few exceptions the plan is for republican lawmakers when called on to yield their time to the prosecutor rachel mitchell is what we're hearing from lindsey graham and the judiciary committee chuck grassley explains the reason why like this. he says the goal is to depoliticize the process and get to the truth instead of grandstanding and giving senators an opportunity to
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launch their presidential campaigns. i'm appreciative that rachel mitchell has stepped forward to serve in this important and serious role. mitchell is on leave of the special victims division in the arizona attorney's office specializing in sex crimes. she has been a prosecutor since 1993 and before that worked for 12 years prosecuting sex-related felonies. democrats are not satisfied that republicans want her asking the questions. senator harris says calling on a prosecutor to do it is passive aggressive. >> it's a serious matter these allegations. let's get to the bottom of it. >> i asked senator dianne feinstein the top democrat yesterday if dr. ford was still going to show up to the hearing if outside counsel was asking the questions and she said she had no way of knowing that. later on she clarified it is her expectation that she will show up. if she does come we're learning more about dr. ford's evidence that she is going to bring to
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back up her story. she got two friends from california to sign affidavits, one of them is a friend that she has known for five years. he says that she told him the story about kavanaugh in 2016 during a discussion about the high profile sanford assault case brock turner. another friend said she's known dr. ford for 10 years and heard the story of her allegations in 2013 when she got upset about an assault who was now a federal judge while they were eating pizza. judge kavanaugh will bring calendars he had in 1982 during the summer there was nothing like the party like ford describes but instead a lot of days marked for school activities, sports, going to see rocky, things like that. >> bill: we'll dust off our year books as the drama goes forward. >> sandra: president trump taking the gavel on the world
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stage set to preside over the u.n. security council as the u.s. holds the monthly rotating presidency. iran and its behavior is expected to top the agenda. here is nikki haley. >> honestly, iran is the biggest issue we have right now. i think you can look we're having multiple attacks from their proxies on our embassy in iraq. they're very involved whether it's lebanon, yemen, they're constantly in the middle of trouble and they aren't on our side. >> sandra: chief white house correspondent john roberts is live at the u.n. john, another big morning. >> another big morning. thankfully it is not pouring like yesterday. the president was 10 minutes late. supposed to arrive at 8:55 this morning. not unusual for heads of state to be running a little bit late. he has a bilateral meeting with netanyahu and at 10:00 this
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morning he will chair the united nations psh psh the president hopes to use the north korea model to eventually bring iran to the table. exert maximum pressure through punishing sanctions. enlist other nations of the world to isolate iran and wear them down. here is what the president said about it yesterday. >> president trump: i hope we have a similar trajectory. iran should be something that happens. they aren't doing well. now they have riots in the streets. they have horrible inflation, the worst in the world. they have -- their currency is a disaster. everything about -- everything about iran is failing right now. so i think that at some point they'll want to negotiate. i have said no so far. it was me that said no, not them. >> for the moment iran stands
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defiant. rouhani in his speech to the united nations general assembly yesterday not mentioning president trump by name but clear who he was talking about. listen here. >> we are witnessing rulers in the world who gain popular support through the formeanting of extremist nationalism and -- >> there was talk earlier this week and late last week the president might be able to meet rouhani on the sidelines of the united nations. the president took that off the table yesterday saying i'm sure we'll meet at some point in the future. i'm sure he is a lovely fellow. the president we're told is on his way here and we'll see the motorcade pass by in a couple of minutes. >> sandra: john roberts, thank you. >> bill: setting the table for a lot to talk about. hugo gurdon, good day to you and welcome back. this is our understanding just in brief about what happens tomorrow at this hour.
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grassley and feinstein will give opening statements by five minutes each. we'll see how long that lasts followed by dr. ford. five minute rounds of questioning periods for each senator, turn the questioning over to other counsel and the process will repeat. rachel mitchell is the lead prosecutor now for republicans. what is your expectation? >> i expect it will be a rather bizarre scene tomorrow. as your reporter was saying, the republicans will hand over their time to rachel mitchell to ask the questions. and that's because chuck grassley wanted to depoliticize the event. of course, the democrats have not agreed to do that. you'll have the democrats, several of whom such as kamala harris, expected to run for the presidency, grandstanding in between the questions by the outside counsel. but one of the significant things about the outside
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counsel is this. it was requested by susan collins, who is a key senator, key vote for kavanaugh when the vote comes up, she didn't like the optics of middle-aged and elderly men grilling a woman about sexual abuse. she wanted the outside counsel. she got it. it might not only help the optics of the hearing tomorrow but help win over collins vote next week. >> the attorney for brett cavanaugh is talking about things that happened 3 1/2 decades ago. >> it is hard to disprove or even remember exactly what you did 36 years ago and one of the reasons why he provided his calendars in response to the senate judiciary committee's request for the documents so they could see what he was doing that summer. without knowing where the incident happened, the date when it happened, the time period when it happened. it is very hard to disprove that. >> bill: we all go back in time
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tomorrow together with both of them trying to figure out the facts along the way. but the judgment of the testimony of each will ultimately determine whether this passes or not for him. >> that's exactly right. you know, he has categorically denied it. she has categorically insisted this happened. so it really is he said/she said. no matter what evidence they bring, you mentioned dr. ford had the affidavits of two friends who she meant, one five, one 10 years ago. all they know is what she has told them not what happened. and of course brett kavanaugh cannot prove because he doesn't have that party in his diary that it never happened. but i think it's given the republicans a great deal of strength going into this procedural vote that he went on tv and gave an interview with his wife. it was a bit like the interview that president clinton gave all those years ago when he had to answer questions about jennifer flowers except that clinton was admitting it and kavanaugh was categorically denying it.
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it steeled the republicans to go ahead with the vote and i think the momentum is toward confirmation. >> bill: at the u.n. president trump arrived. he will chair after meeting with netanyahu with chair the u.n. security council next hour. what do you find interesting perhaps about how he leads this discussion? >> it's an absolutely fascinating -- riveting because as john roberts was reporting, it's the first time he has chaired the security council and he is chairing it just after he made that speech about united states sovereignty yesterday and iran will be his principle focus. on the security council is britain and france and part of the effort to thwart trump's sanctions against iran. it is going to be wonderful to watch and see how that plays out. i think that the europeans are on a losing pitch on this because, you know, when the big sanctions come into play in november, i think a lot of
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european companies are going to ignore their own governments and not do trade with iran. it's important for them to trade with the united states. >> bill: apologize for the interruptions quickly. >> president trump: i will be honest with you -- act a lot more humanely and people suffering tremendously in venezuela, there is no reason for this. i'm willing to meet with anybody. any time i can save lives and help people, if it's one life i'm willing. [inaudible question] >> is it important for the president to work with the united states. venezuela said they don't want to declare a humanitarian crisis because they think it would lead to an intervention. what is your response to that? >> president trump: i just want
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to see venezuela straightened out. i want the people to be safe. we'll take care of venezuela and we'll take care of venezuela. what is happening in venezuela is a disgrace. if he is here and wants to meet. it was not on my mind or on my plate. if i can help people, that's what i'm here for. [inaudible question] >> president trump: our allies are in no trouble. we're with our allies. we are with our allies 100%. they have no problem. we met yesterday with columbia, we had a great meeting with columbia and we met with numerous other of our allies and they are absolutely in no trouble. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i don't
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know. i look forward to meeting him again. we don't have anything set. i look forward to meeting him. [inaudible question] >> president trump: a lot of good things are happening. >> president trump: we're denuclearizing north korea. we're helped by south korea and japan. we have a tremendous amount of progress since this time last year. [inaudible question] >> president trump: all options are on the table. every one. strong ones and less than strong one. you know what i mean by strong. every option is on the table with respect to venezuela. take care of the people of
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venezuela. we have many venezuelans living in the united states, many of them live in the area of miami. i've gotten to know them very well. these are great, great people. we'll take care of those people. [inaudible question] >> can you tell us more about north korea? >> president trump: chairman kim wants good things to happen to north korea. and good things are happening with respect to north korea and it is going to be great for chairman kim and the people of north korea. that's what we're all about. i have a very good relationship as you know, with prime minister abe. he was in my apartment the other day at trump tower. we had a long couple hour discussion. he loves his country.
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he had a tremendous victory in the election as you know, which i was very happy about. i don't know if you are supposed to endorse somebody or not but i endorsed him. i will endorse him again. he is a great gentleman, a great man and a person who is a great leader for japan. we have other things to discuss. i think more than anything else we'll be discussing trade. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i'll be meeting with chairman kim in the very near future. it will be announced. we're having a press conference today and start talking about that. we'll be announcing where and when in the very near future. [inaudible question] >> president trump: they will announce it in about an hour. you should be there. she has a press conference in one hour, you should be there.
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they will be announcing it in an hour. she will be making the announcement, which is much more exciting than when i make an announcement. [inaudible question] >> president trump: we both love africa. africa is so beautiful. one of the most beautiful parts of the world in many ways. she is having a news conference in a very short period of time. she will be announcing exactly where she is going. you'll see. >> what is your thoughts on the woman questioning kavanaugh's accuser tomorrow? >> president trump: i think the republicans are being nice. they could have pushed it through 2 1/2 weeks ago and you wouldn't be talking about it right now which is what i would have preferred but they didn't do that. the republicans could not be
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nicer and more respectful to the process. certainly could not be more respectful to the woman and i'm okay with that. i think i might have pushed it forward a lot faster. but i know this particular man, judge kavanaugh. he is outstanding. you don't find people like this. he is outstanding. he is a gem. he is an absolute gem and he has been treated very unfairly by the democrats who are playing a con game. they know what they're doing. they went into a back room and talked with each other and they laughed at what they're getting away with: it's a con game and that's what they play and about the only thing they do well. thank you very much. >> bill: you wanted some headlines. we got them already before the meeting with netanyahu and the u.n. security council happening 45 minutes from now.
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venezuela, iran, north korea, >> sandra: with venezuela every option is on the table. what is happening there is the disgrace. north korea he talked about a wonderful relationship with north korea. as far as chairman kim, a meeting should be coming shortly. you saw the president walk in. he will have a bilateral meeting with benjamin netanyahu first before we'll be hearing from him speak again this morning. but bill, on judge kavanaugh, i know him, he is outstanding, he is a gem. what democrats are doing, this is a con game, said the president. >> bill: republicans could not be nicer in the process. adam kinzinger, member of the house foreign affairs committee. good day to you. we'll see what happens with netanyahu. the press conference at 5:00 today should be must-see tv. here is what the president brought to the u.n. on the topic of iran yesterday. >> president trump: we cannot allow a regime that chants
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death to america and that threatens israel with an highlyation to possess the means to deliver a nuclear war head to any city on earth. we just can't do it. >> bill: that was the message from the president in the morning. the iranian president said this, unlawful, unilateral sanctions constitute a form of economic terrorism and a breach of the right to development. where is this relationship at the end of the day today then? >> it's a great relationship with israel. i remember speaking with prime minister netanyahu a number of years ago and he looked at us and goes you know, we're little satan to iran. that means you're big satan. that's an issue. there is a tight relationship there. i have think under this president a bond with israel where there is no daylight unlike the last administration there were questions in a lot of areas. they were still our ally. with iran right now the point is they won't get a nuclear weapon. we'll do everything we can.
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the president will do everything he can to say we're going to insure that happens without the use of force but know the use of force is on the table. with our technological capacity combined with our allies we can ensure that if need be through force. hopefully we can bring our allies along and compel them to get in this regime to say it's not just about nuclear weapons in iran, it's about their behavior in the region as we see israel hit a lot of iranian targets in syria because they're moving weapons to their enemies. >> bill: more sanctions the first week of november. what's the effect of that when the iranians talk about economic terrorism they see the sanctions as a tool against them. >> what they're doing is real terrorism where they're destabilizing regions, giving weapons to the enemies of israel. so november will be an interesting time. i think there will be a lot of allies and companies of our allies, german and french companies that will have to
6:21 am
make a decision do they want to cut off doing business with the largest economy in the world, the united states, in order to get into this small declining unstable economy in iran? keep in mind the iranian people themselves are protesting in the street because they know their leadership is stealing the money that was given to them to destabilize areas like syria and yemen. >> bill: that is the card you're playing. see whether or not it works. thank you for coming back today. thank you. >> sandra: any minute now we expect to see the president sit down with talks with israel's benjamin netanyahu. we'll have it for you when it begins and he will go on to chair the first u.n. security council meeting. we await all that at the u.n. in new york city and america's dad, bill cosby, taken away in handcuffs yesterday as he prepares to serve a minimum of three years for sexual assault. why his victims are saying the time fits the crime. >> i was young and innocent.
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only 17 years old. why should he receive less sentence just because he is 81? . i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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>> sandra: bill cosby behind bars this morning. the 81-year-old sentenced to 3 to 10 years in state prison after being found guilty of sexual assault. his accusers saying they finally feel vindicated. >> he used his acting skills and endearing tv personality to win over his victims and then keep them silent about what he did to them. so now finally bill cosby has been unmasked and we have seen the real man as he is headed off to prison. >> sandra: rick leventhal was in the courthouse when the sentence was handed down. >> bill cosby was a star for
6:26 am
more than 50 years, hit tv series, best selling comedy albums. sold out comedy shows. his dark side caught up with him and yesterday we saw the stunning images of one of the most famous and celebrated men of a generation led in handcuffs from a courtroom and hauled off sentenced to a minimum three years and maximum of 10 in state prison for drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand who was in the courtroom and shared hugs with other women who say cosby did the same thing to them. she trusted the now 81-year-old comedian and he ruined her life. her victim impact statement included this quote. we may never know the full extend of his double life as a sexual predator but his decades long reign of terror as a serial rapist is over. cosby spent his first night behind bars in a new state prison in suburban philadelphia. not far from the home where the assault took place. >> i will not apologize for our
6:27 am
job and our job is to separate the predators from the good people in our community. and that happened today. >> instead of a head shot he can autograph his new mug shot courtesy of the prison system and hope his defense team can win their appeal. >> mr. cosby's defense team will prepare a motion for the use of falsified evidence and mr. cosby has been denied his right to a fair trial. these injustices must be corrected immediately. >> the disgraced entertainer losing his lifetime achievement award from the television critics association, which has never repealed an award before. his star on the hollywood walk of fame will stay where it is. the hollywood chamber of commerce says the stars are intended to be permanent and never removed. sandra. >> sandra: rick leventhal. thank you. >> bill: 28 past the hour. in new york now 30 minutes from now the top of the hour
6:28 am
president trump chairs the u.n. security council meeting and we'll have it live for you when that begins. >> sandra: veteran sex crimes prosecutor from arizona set to lead questioning at tomorrow's kavanaugh hearing. when senate republicans hired her and what we're learning about the proceedings. >> we have two people here who have a different version of what has happened. we need to listen to them both, respectfully and then make a decision. that's what we're here to do. that i suit up, there is a chance that's the last time. 300 miles per hour, that's where i feel normal. i might be crazy but i'm not stupid. having an annuity tells me retirement is protected. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at
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>> bill: 9:31. fox news alert watching tomorrow's big senate hearing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh first accuser christine blasey ford expected to be in washington republicans hiring rachel mitchell out of phoenix, arizona to lead the questioning. william la jeunesse has more from the west coast bureau. good morning.
6:32 am
>> if you're a detective, prosecutor or social worker who goes to a convention or seminar on sex crimes and domestic violence this is the person you go to see. i spoke last night with someone who worked with rachel mitchell for a decade and said she is the consummate professional. sensitive with child victims but devastating prosecutor with perpetrators. she is chief of the special victims division in phoenix. unlike other attorneys who may jump from property crime to consumer fraud, homicide. she has done one thing for 26 years, sex crimes. domestic violence. those who know her say she is a prosecutor's prosecutor. registered republican but apolitical. unphased by notoriety. she prosecuted cops, priests, doctors, teachers and she said memories do change because of time or trauma. democrats on the committee object to republicans hiring an outside counsel. >> i think if you're a member of the senate judiciary
6:33 am
committee you ought to be capable of questioning drr ford yourself and not hide behind or outsource it to a hired gun outside counsel. >> republicans on the committee don't want tomorrow's hearing to turn into a political circus with grandstanding senators either going soft out of fear of offending the victim. mitchell is better at separating fact from fiction or discovering what did or did not happen than they are. >> bill: william la jeunesse from l.a. today. >> sandra: senate judiciary committee chuck grassley denying a request to postpone tomorrow's hearing saying i'm not going to silence dr. ford after i promised and assured her i would provide her a safe, comfortable and dignified opportunity to testify. there is no reason to delay the hearing any further. the chief counsel and policy
6:34 am
network, based on what we know at this point and continue to learn new details about how this will play out tomorrow, what are your expectations? >> well, i also am pleased to see we'll have a professional single person doing the questioning at least on the republican side. i think as senator collins and others suggested it will be better for both sides to have appointed someone. if you watch these hearings it devolves into a circus. it would be better for everyone, witnesses and people trying to understand what's going on if we had one person. the democrats have too many 2020 contenders to want to do that. they want to do their own questioning. that's fine. i'm glad to hear at dr. ford's request the questions will be limited. about an hour of questioning on either side. i hope we don't see too many protestors. i think there won't be as much room. it is also at her request a smaller room, fewer cameras. i think that will hopefully be good. i'm looking forward to hearing her speak, hearing judge kavanaugh speak and be able to defend his name as he has been
6:35 am
adamantly asking to do since day one here. >> sandra: the president was asked about the kavanaugh hearing at the u.n. as he entered a few moments ago and he made the case his party could not be handling this better. watch. >> president trump: the republicans could not be nicer in the way they're handling this. they could have pushed it through 2 1/2 weeks ago and you wouldn't be talking about it right now. he is an absolute gem and he has been treated very unfairly by the democrats who are playing a con game. they know what they're doing. it's a con. they go into a back room and talk with each other and they laugh at what they're getting away with. it's a con game. >> sandra: the president's words a few moments ago. >> when you look at the way senate democrats have handled it, it is really shameful. they had allegations that instead of doing the proper thing turning them over to the f.b.i. and having them do untainted witness interviews, they sat on them. instead of giving them to the f.b.i. they leaked them to the
6:36 am
press, the "washington post" and "the new yorker". that's shocking. and then they have the gal to go back and say we need the f.b.i. to investigate this. that's not what the f.b.i.'s job is to play cleanup when your attempted smear campaign is falling apart. i think they saw all of the witnesses or the alleged witnesses at these events were saying i don't remember this party. i don't know what you're talking about. one of dr. ford's friends i don't think i knew brett kavanaugh. i'm sure i wasn't at a party with him. very discouraging. senator grassley has treated dr. ford with respect. same for ms. ramirez who made these other allegations despite the fact that even by her own lawyer's statements she doesn't remember if kavanaugh was there. they're treating them with respect. i wish the democrats had done the same. >> sandra: breaking news. good to have you on. >> bill: here we go with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and president trump in the room. we'll hear the microphones as well. we expect some questions and maybe a statement from both men.
6:37 am
let's drop in and see what we get from the united nations here in new york city. >> president trump: thank you very much. it is great to be with benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of israel and his representatives. obviously we have much to discuss. the prime minister was just thanking me again for what we did in jerusalem with respect to the embassy. that's been something that i guess was controversial but it has turned out to be very positive in many ways. a lot of progress has been made in many other areas. we're talking trade, we're talking military, defense. and we are very much in favor of what israel is doing as far as their defense is concerned. they are aggressive and have no choice but to be aggressive. it's a very difficult part of the world. i just want to let benjamin,
6:38 am
and let all of the people know that we are with you, we are with israel 100%. thank you. [inaudible question] >> mr. president, thank you for your strong words yesterday in the general assembly against the corrupt terrorist regime in iran. you back up your strong words with strong actions and i think the fact that you have brought american sanctions to bear has cut the cash machine of iran in its campaign of carnage and conquest in the middle east. we who are subject to the iranian danger want to thank you especially. secondly i want to thank you for the extraordinary support that you have shown for israel in this building in the u.n. no one has backed israel like you do and we appreciate it. third, this is the first time we meet after the american
6:39 am
embassy has been moved to jerusalem. you have changed history and you've touched our hearts. and fourth and last, i want to say how much i appreciate your robust defense of israel's right of self-defense which you've just expressed. i think everybody should understand that israel will continue to do what is necessary to defend ourselves against iranian aggression in syria, lebanon, anywhere else. and i want to say also that we have no doubt, as we do so, we'll enjoy the support of president donald trump and the united states of america. i think -- i say this objectively -- that the american/israeli alliance has never been stronger. it is stronger than ever before under your leadership and i look forward to working with you and your team to advance our common interests, security,
6:40 am
prosperity, and peace with israel's neighbors and for the region. and we can do it with you. [inaudible question] >> bill: our apologies for that. i believe they're in the bowels of the u.n. building, sandra, sometimes -- it has been difficult to get the signal to lock in throughout the week here. if we get it back we'll take you back there, guys, but a moment ago the president saying israel has no choice but to be aggressive. we are with you. we're with israel 100%. netanyahu calling iran a corrupt regime. we should hear more about that in 20 minutes when the president heads up the u.n. security council meeting and with the movement of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. you changed history. >> sandra: the president continues to meet with the israeli prime minister. no one has backed israel like you do, to president trump. he thanked president trump for
6:41 am
the tremendous support that the united states continues to give. >> bill: this follows the message from yesterday when the president said we will not tell you how to live and work or worship, we only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return. that's really been his theme and message. the 73rd still underway. >> sandra: a subpoena could be coming down the pike for the memos of former f.b.i. director andrew mccabe. could they shed light on deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and whether he suggested secretly recording president trump? >> this is the kind of thing when you're the guy running the justice department, which is what rod rosenstein is doing, you can't be making statements like that even if you're joking around. i want to know who was in that room and what took place. for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory.
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>> sandra: mitch mcconnell speaking on the senate floor right now ahead of tomorrow's kavanaugh hearing. >> block opposition to any
6:45 am
nominee before judge kavanaugh had even been named. this is the democratic caucus that spent all summer searching for reasons to delay, delay, delay this nomination. there weren't enough documents because there were too many documents. because of unrelated headlines. you name it. no, mr. president, these democratic colleagues did not treat dr. ford or her allegation with the seriousness and disgretion she deserved. apparently they took no meaningful action with respect to her claim for weeks and then finally the 11th hour, when its introduction was virtually certain to introduce further delay, they got it to the press. so much for dr. ford's request for confidentiality, i guess. so what lessons can we draw from all this, mr. president?
6:46 am
if you write to senate democrats you'll wind up a household name. and if you're a public servant whose confirmation the far left happens to oppose because they dislike the fact that you will interpret the law and the constitution according to what they mean rather than what the far left wishes they would mean, they'll not hesitant to weaponize to drag your name and family right through the mud. that's what these guys will do to you. uncorroborated allegations which judge kavanaugh has denied repeatedly and in public. and to senate investigators in the strongest terms, all under penalty of felony. so let's not forget that dr. ford's account identifies three other supposed witnesses and
6:47 am
each of these individuals has denied participation in or recollection of any such event. also, under penalty of felony in all cases. one of the alleged witnesses is a long-time friend of dr. ford. she stated not only that she does not recall any such party, but that she doesn't even know judge kavanaugh. no corroboration, no supporting evidence before us, just dr. ford's allegation. by any normal standard of american justice, this is nowhere near enough to destroy someone's reputation or nullify their career. but for some of our colleagues who are trying to move the goal post, the junior senator from delaware asserted recently on television it is judge kavanaugh who bears the burden
6:48 am
of disproving these allegations. let me say that again. junior senator from delaware said judge kavanaugh bears the burden of disproving these allegations. guilty until proven innocent? in our country? similarly the junior senator from hawaii has implied that judge kavanaugh does not deserve a presumption of innocence. the junior senator from hawaii has said that judge kavanaugh does not deserve a presumption of innocence because she does not agree with his judicial philosophy. just yesterday the democratic leader said that because we aren't in a criminal courtroom, because we aren't in a criminal courtroom, there is no presumption of innocence or guilt here when you have a nominee before you. in america somebody is saying that?
6:49 am
well, won't surprise you to know, mr. president, democrats haven't always taken that position. back in 1991, when our friend senator joe biden was chairman of the judiciary committee he had this to say to judge clarence thomas when the committee was evaluating an allegation against him. here is what joe biden said. the presumption is with you, with me the presumption is with you and in my opinion it should be you -- with you until all the evidence is in and people make a judgment. that's chairman. judiciary committee, joe biden, during the clarence thomas proceeding. my colleagues would do well to remember this common sense principle. after all, this is america. every american understands the
6:50 am
presumption of innocence. i'm glad that chairman grassly and staff and committee investigators have worked so hard to clean up this mess, clean up this mess and put together a fair process. and i'm encouraged by the committee's choice of rachel mitchell, a career prosecutor with decades of experience and sensitive investigations who was recognized with an award by arizona's then democratic governor janet napolitano to lead expertise to this important process. it's time, mr. president, for senators to hear from both dr. ford and judge kavanaugh under oath. tomorrow we'll do just that and then it will be time to vote. mr. president, on an entirely different matter it's with great reluctance that i close
6:51 am
by marking the recent departure of a trusted advisor. >> sandra: mitch mcconnell on the senate floor ahead of the judicial committee friday and the vote on friday. ip will crac. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. the full value oft wyour new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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6:54 am
>> bill: a moment ago we heard mitch mcconnell on the senate floor bringing the hammer with the hearing 24 hours from now. tom dupree, good day to you and good morning and welcome back here. chuck grassley, i promised dr. ford the accuser i would do everything in my power to avoid the circus atmosphere from the hearing of september 4. here are the guidelines generally speak thank will happen tomorrow. grassley and feinstein will give opening statements followed by dr. ford's opening statement. five minute rounds of questioning for each senator. they can defer, i believe, to
6:55 am
outside counsel if they want during that period. to turn the questioning over to outside counsel and repeat for brett kavanaugh. an all-day affair. what do you expect? >> this strikes me as reasonable. equal time to senators and delegates to question both witnesses. i think the key is whether the senate uses this as an opportunity to find out the truth. we saw in the last kavanaugh hearing that there are a lot of senators regrettably who view it as an opportunity to audition for the presidential nomination of 2020. i hope they put the political concerns to the side tomorrow and focus on getting the truth. these are serious allegations. i think both drr ford and judge kavanaugh are entitled to a fair hearing and i hope that's what we'll see tomorrow. a challenge to keep politics out of this and everyone focused. >> bill: committed to a form that is safe, comfortable and dignified tore both.
6:56 am
we have a lot of breaking news. >> sandra: we're awaiting the president at the united nations where he preside over his first security council meeting. we will bring this to you live when it begins moments from now. if you're a veteran homeowner and need money for your family, call newday usa. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home and take out 54,000 dollars or more to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month.
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6:59 am
>> sandra: fox news alert, all eyes on president trump as he chairs his first u.n. security council meeting just moments from now. with a sharp focus expected on iran and north korea.
7:00 am
welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. the president calling on the world to isolate iran yesterday blasting them for selling death and destruction throughout the middle east. u.n. ambassador nikki haley predicting that today's security council meeting might be the most watched ever. the cameras are set up and david lee miller is outside u.n. headquarters to tee it up this hour. good morning to you, david lee. >> good morning. the agenda will focus on non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. we can expect a great deal of talk about syria, north korea and iran. the first time that mr. trump is going to be chairing a meeting of the u.n. security council. it is a position that rotates among the 15 members of the council and coincidentally it is now the turn for the united states. so what we'll see today essentially is mr. trump wearing two hats. he will be there in his
7:01 am
capacity as the president of the security council and also as the president of the united states. moments ago mr. trump, as he entered the united nations, talked optimistically about efforts to denuclearize the korean peninsula. >> president trump: we're denuclearizing north korea. we have a wonderful relationship going between our country with north korea and helped by president moon of south korea and japan. north korea is going along well. we've made a tremendous amount of progress since this time last year. >> mr. trump again mentioned that a second summit with the korean leader is in the works. he is not getting into any details and alluded to the fact that later today he will hold a news conference. at that time we may learn more, bill. >> bill: he said more today about venezuela as well as he headed into the meeting. it is not acceptable and we'll put a stop it to.
7:02 am
what more did he say on that? >> he had some harsh words again for venezuela. he did say, though, he is willing to meet that country's leader if in his words it would save lives. now, these remarks coincide the u.s. has implemented more sanctions targeting the inner circle of the leadership, the regime in venezuela as well as sanctions targeting that country's first lady. the remarks a short time ago underscored the fact that yesterday mr. trump said that a regime change is possible in venezuela by some type of military coup. listen to what he said moments ago. >> president trump: all options are on the table. the strong ones and less than strong one. every option. you know what i mean by strong. >> just a few moments ago, bill, mr. trump met with the israeli prime minister benjamin
7:03 am
netanyahu here at the united nations. two leaders speaking with one voice when it comes to concern over iran. tomorrow we are going to hear from the israeli prime minister when he addresses the general assembly. but all eyes this morning will be on the security council. that is when the president of the united states will chair the meeting. it is possibly going to be, as nikki haley said, the most watched security council meeting ever. >> bill: we await. thank you, david lee miller on the east side of manhattan. >> sandra: meanwhile let's go to our headliner. lee zeldin joins us, a republican on the house foreign affairs committee. thank you for being here, good to see you. we await the president. a big focus expected to be on iran. what would you like to hear from president trump? >> it's all about pushing back on iranian aggression both nuclear and non-nuclear. iran has to change their bad activities and the president is going to effectively leverage the fact that we have the largest economy in the world
7:04 am
and that when we are applying sanctions on the iranians, it has an effect that some of these other nations that have been slow to come on board with the president's plan, you think of the p5 plus 1 including the u.k. germany, france. they have companies that exist within their countries and when given a choice being doing business with the u.s. economy or iranian economy they choose us. so you have not just for international reasons and international politics but also domestic politics some of our allies and european allies are going to be listening not just to the legitimacy of the president's actions which are legitimate for sure but also how they can be helpful to this cause that is so important to push back on both the nuclear and non-nuclear aggression. >> bill: here is how the president characterized the iran deal, the leadership and decisions today. >> president trump: the iran deal was a windfall for iran's leaders. they used the funds to build
7:05 am
missile, increase internal repression, finance terrorism and fund havoc and slaughter in syria and yemen. >> bill: his position there. i heard what you said about the european leadership. who do you think is listening when the u.s. goes this strong after tehran? >> i think the whole world is listening. we have allies and adversaries listening. it is not just about the european countries and the p5 plus 1. we have middle eastern countries that fully support the president's decision right out of the gate. including israel but other countries as well. they don't want to see iran have a nuclear weapon. then you have adversaries paying attention as well. russia and china. the president -- when you look at the iran nuclear deal and the way it was created with the sunset provision without allowing american weapons inspectors to participate in the inspections teams, without having an adequate verification regime and doing nothing with
7:06 am
regards to iran's non-nuclear bad activities you have an unacceptable deal where we got rolled. we provided up to $150 billion to the iranians propping up the wrong regime. now with the state of iran's economy and the consequence of additional sanctions kicking in. within iran you see millions of iranians who want a better direction for their country. they preach a free, stable, democratic iran. they want to put their country on a better path. i think the whole world is watching and it is also the iranian people listening. people who know that the regime that they have in power right now is not a regime that has their best interests in mind with the human rights violations and squandering their money over throwing foreign governments, financing terror trying to build a land bridge to israel. i think it has positive consequences within iran as well emboldening people who want a better direction to their nation. >> sandra: the israeli ambassador has been on the program a couple times this
7:07 am
week. when hearing the president speak at the u.n. he hopes the president chooses to speak to the iranian people. the president a short time ago on north korea and relations there. listen. we don't have that sound but what he said was we're denuclearizing north korea. we have a wonderful relationship going between our country and them and made a tremendous amount of progress since this time last year. the president continues to tout progress saying he will be meeting a short time from now with chairman kim. we don't know exactly when that will be. is the president accurately touting the progress that we're making there when we still haven't seen complete denuclearization. >> i don't think anybody expected kim to show up with all the nuclear war heads and hand it over at the table. there is a process. it was a good first meeting that took place but it was a
7:08 am
first meeting and it was one to build upon. we have had a lot of progress over the course of the last year. in 2017 president trump had a challenge both internally within his own administration to develop all the range of options from unconventional to conventional so there was a military option on the table and that's real. military option is the last possible option. we don't want to use the military option. but what happens when it's on the table is that bilateral diplomacy and multi-lateral diplomacy, the ramping up of economic pressure becomes more effective. fast forward one year. instead of the president going to the u.n. needing to talk about kim jong-un, little rocket man and defining that military option as real, he is able to apply the pressure that has been put in place in the past and try to get kim jong-un to follow through with his commitments he is making to make sure it isn't just the united states getting rolled like we have in the past because north korea wants to use the tired old playbook where they are able to run out the clock and roll us.
7:09 am
>> bill: south korean president last night the bret baier on the commitment that he feels. a lot of american leaders believe the south korean leader is too eager for a deal but here is how he characterized the commitment from north korea. >> he is willing to have the international inspectors inspect the activities and he is also -- he said he is willing to dismantle the related facilities in a verifiable way. so i believe that i have ascertained chairman kim's commitment to continue denuclearization. >> bill: we'll see if that comes true. on the hill there are a lot of republicans chomping at the bit to get at the memos on behalf of mccabe and rosenstein. here is what jim jordan said about the memos and more? >> who was in the meeting?
7:10 am
mccabe must have been there. who else was there? we need to talk to those people as well. this is the kind of thing that again when you are the guy running the justice department, which is what rod rosenstein is in effect doing, you can't be making statements like that even if you are joking around. >> bill: what do you think is at the heart of this story now? >> i feel like there is six million parts to where to go with that great question. there are different perspectives. within the department of justice you have people who we've seen it since the 2016 campaign weaponized their powers, they don't like donald trump. they wanted to prevent him from getting elected. you had an investigation launched after donald trump won the gop nomination and expanded when he got closer to winning and became a special counsel probe after he won. we find there was misconduct at the highest levels of the d.o.j. and f.b.i. throughout the process. also with the fisa abuse and with regards to the way hillary clinton email probe ended.
7:11 am
some people in the d.o.j. and f.b.i. who whether it's them or their friends don't want to see more oversight and transparency. putting aside their argument that it risks national security to provide a particular document, what we find when that document ends up being provided to us is that it doesn't risk national security. it embarrasses an individual and shows misconduct took place. what is at the heart of what's going on is a combination of political bias that does exist, a weaponization that took place, a desire not to have the full accountability because people -- >> sandra: what are you asking for and what do you want to see happen? >> i think rosenstein should come up to the capitol this week. he should answer questions that are reasonable questions because there was a story that came out and if he wants to completely refute it and say the whole thing is fiction, then great, he shouldn't have any reason to not come up. >> sandra: has that request been made officially? >> i don't know if the request went out at the beginning of this week because of what
7:12 am
happened on monday. you had rod rosenstein go to the white house. now, i don't know the back story as to why rod rosenstein went to the white house on monday but rod rosenstein is a pretty smart guy. he understands how washington gets played and knows there is a possibility the house isn't even in session after this week. maybe rod rosenstein decided to make a story out of this to go up to the white house because it ends up delaying the clock of the house. >> bill: we were all chasing our tail on monday. what do you think happens tomorrow, thursday, with the president and rod rosenstein? should he fire him or accept a resignation if that's on the table or do we go on as is today? >> i think that rod rosenstein a compromised in this investigation. i believe the department of justice is missing an attorney general right now. jeff sessions does do a good job on voter security and working on improving and having better policies as time goes on. but to have the number one and the number two -- the number one have a recusal so broad which should get revisited and a number two who has his own
7:13 am
hands in so many aspects of what's being investigated, it is hard for him to oversee it. the scope of the investigation has gotten so far beyond the reason why this special counsel was created in the first place, this particular number two rod rosenstein should not be overseeing it. so i think that's what's most important. >> bill: does he stay on the job or not? what would you do if you were president trump? >> i would not expect anything to happen before the mid-terms. but i do believe -- i don't know for sure maybe after the mid-terms you see changes at the d.o.j. >> thank you for your time. once again we're watching the monitor here waiting for president trump to gavel in the this morning's security council meeting. we'll have it for you live when it begins. tomorrow's senate hearing that will be happening right now 24 hours from now judge kavanaugh, his accuser in the senate hearing room and eventual committee vote on his confirmation. >> we're not going to move it or delay it.
7:14 am
just like an arsonist complaining about a fire. these are the people who put us on in spot. >> bill: what are the expectations prior to tomorrow's hearing? will kavanaugh be confirmed on the u.s. supreme court? >> sandra: house republicans want to hear from former top brass at the justice department from james comey to loretta lynch to sally yates. will they then testify? the a-team is coming up on that. n give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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7:18 am
>> sandra: we are awaiting president trump. he is set to chair his first united nations security council meeting on counter proliferation after having a bilateral meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he is a bit behind schedule here but we expect the president to begin speaking shortly. we'll go to that when he begins live in moments. >> president trump: this particular man, judge kavanaugh, he is outstanding. he is an absolute gem. he has been treated very unfairly by the democrats who are playing a con game. they know what they're doing. it's a con. they go into a back room and talk with each other and they laugh at what they are getting away with. >> bill: president trump ripping into democrats earlier today calling the tactics a con
7:19 am
job to stop kavanaugh. welcome to the a-team. kayleigh mcenany and -- 24 hours from now we'll be in this hearing. what do you think? >> that's right. the president i'm so glad he is calling this what it is. it is a con game for democrats and why dianne feinstein sat on the name since july. you look from debra katz who called trump supporters miss cree ants to a democratic advisor who leaked to the press. these are democrats using these women and it is very sad. >> donald trump has been accused of sexual assault and harassment and he has a pattern. >> bill: he is on not on the supreme court noment knee list.
7:20 am
>> he is doing it with brett kavanaugh now. the problem with that he is not only defending these men, he is also attacking survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment. >> bill: you think kavanaugh is guilty. >> i don't know. it's a credible accusation and why there should be an investigation and witnesses and why there should be a full airing of this conversation. >> bill: we'll continue this conversation, bill mcgurn, we may have to break away. >> we have a process for that called hearings. the democrats blew up the hearings. if they were really concerned they would have done this. it is not credible just because people say it's credible. more accusations is not more evidence. all the people she has named have backed up brett kavanaugh, denied he is even in the room. i think it's a terrible -- it's been a terrible precedent. they've blown up the process. the only thing we can salvage is having a vote so he doesn't withdraw and people have to be
7:21 am
counted in their vote. >> sandra: a big moment for the president. he is taking a seat at the u.n. about to begin chairing his first security council meeting. we'll get to the president when he begins. >> i want to say with democrats it's rich to hear them talking about kavanaugh where there is no evidence when they are ignoring keith ellison in their own party accused of domestic violence. medical records, two accusers, multiple people she told on the record. it's interesting. >> bill: keeping a keen eye on susan collins, lisa murcowski, jeff flake and bob corker. stand by with the a-team here. i want to drop back into the u.n. and watch all the movements. sandra, it was pretty -- >> president trump: thank you very much. the meeting of the security council is called to order. the agenda for this meeting is
7:22 am
maintenance of international peace and security, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. the agenda is here by adopted. i am honored to be here today to chair this meeting of the united nations security council. it is also my privilege to welcome the distinguished heads of state, heads of government, ministers and other leaders and representatives here with us. thank you. i also wish to warmly welcome secretary general antonio gutierrez for joining us. thank you very much, mr. secretary general. the security council will now consider item 2 of the agenda.
7:23 am
i will make a statement in my capacity as president of the united states of america. it is a great honor to be here today at this u.n. security council briefing to discuss a matter of urgent importance concerning and countering the proliferation of deadly chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and the means to deliver them. the nations of the world have long recognized that certain weapons are so dangerous and can inflict so much suffering that all of us have a vital interest in preventing their further development, spread, and use. since my inauguration, the united states has taken bold action to confront these
7:24 am
sinister threats. many of us are rightly focused on the dangers of nuclear weapons, but we must never forget the risk posed by biological and chemical weapons. the united states was one of the first nations to unilaterally renounce the use of biological weapons and since world war i we have led international efforts against the scourge of chemical warfare. most recently in syria, we have twice imposed severe consequences on the assad regime for using chemical weapons against innocent civilians. i want to thank prime minister may and president macron for their countries close
7:25 am
partnership last april. the syrians are enabled by russia and iran. the iranian regime exports violence, terror and turmoil. it illicitly procures sensitive items to advance its ballistic missile program and proliferates these missiles all across the middle east. the regime is the world's leading sponsor of terror and fuels conflict across the region and far beyond. a regime with this track record must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon. for this reason, i announced earlier this year that the united states would withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. this horrible one-sided deal allowed iran to continue its path towards a bomb and gave the regime a cash lifeline when they needed it the most.
7:26 am
they were in big, big trouble. they needed cash. we gave it to them. in the years since the deal was signed, iran's aggression only increased. the regime used new funds from the deal to support terrorism, build nuclear capable missiles, and foment chaos. following america's withdrawal, the united states began reimposing nuclear-related sanctions on iran. all u.s. nuclear-related sanctions will be in full force by early november. they will be in full force. after that, the united states will pursue additional sanctions, tougher than ever before, to counter the entire range of iran's maligned conduct. any individual or entity who fails to comply with these
7:27 am
sanctions will face severe consequences. i ask all members of the security council to work with the united states to insure the iranian regime changes its behavior and never acquires a nuclear bomb. with all of this said, i want to thank iran, russia, and syria for at my very strong urging and request substantially slowing down their attack on idlib province and the 3 million people who live there in order to get 35,000 targeted terrorists. get the terrorists, but i hope the restraint continues. the world is watching. thank you also to turkey for helping to negotiate restraint. anything the usa can do to help resolve this problem in order to save perhaps even hundreds
7:28 am
of thousands of lives, maybe more, we are willing and able. we are available to help. in my remarks yesterday to the united nations general assembly i laid out my administration's commitment to building a more just and peaceful future. regrettably, we found that china has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming 2018 election. coming up in november. against my administration. they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade. and we are winning on trade. we are winning at every level. we don't want them to meddle or
7:29 am
interfere in our upcoming election. as i also mentioned yesterday, we have seen the results of historic efforts to open new pathways to peace on the north korean peninsula, on the korean peninsula, and it's something we are extremely proud of. i am pleased to say that north korea has not conducted a missile test since last november. it has not conducted a nuclear test since last september. and the hostages have been returned to us and very importantly the remains of american heroes are now returning home. in june i held a historic summit with chairman kim jong-un in singapore where he reaffirms his commitment to complete denuclearization. last week chairman kim
7:30 am
reiterated that commitment to president moon at their third summit. and to me in a very strong letter form. i think we will make a deal but unfortunately to insure this progress continues, we must enforce existing u.n. security council resolutions until denuclearization occurs. however, we have detected that some nations are already violating these u.n. sanctions. this includes illegal ship to ship transfers which must end immediately. the safety of the korean peninsula, the region, and the world depends on full compliance with u.n. security council resolutions. very, very important. but most importantly, i believe that chairman kim jong-un, a man i have gotten to know and
7:31 am
like, wants peace and prosperity for north korea. many things are happening behind the scenes away from the media which nobody knows. but they are happening nevertheless and they're happening in a very positive way. so i think you will have some very good news coming from north korea in the coming months and years. i also very much appreciate what president moon of south korea had to say about me last night in television interviews, working with president moon has been my great honor. and likewise, working with president xi of china and prime minister abe of japan has been a pleasure and an honor. each of us follows in the footsteps of countless world
7:32 am
leaders, diplomats and public servants who came here to the united nations with the same nobel goal. to build a future worthy of the true, true patriots who sacrificed their lives for our nation and for our future. to be successful, we need a commitment of every nation represented in this chamber acting together we can replace the horrors of war with the blessings of safety and the beautiful promise of peace. thank you very much. i now resume my function as president of the security council and give the floor to the president of france. >> thank you, mr. president.
7:33 am
dear colleague, secretary general -- >> bill: big headlines of iran. a regime with this track record should never have a nuclear weapon. with regard to elections, a reference to russia, frankly, don't interfere with our elections and north korea saying that not conducted a missile or nuclear test. some of the similar themes we've hit on. this is quite a moment. >> i think the president has given a very forceful statement on american policy. i'm not entirely on board with the trade issue with him. as a vehicle, i'm on board with the idea china cheats and not a good player but i'm not sure the tariffs are the route to get it. he is right on iran. i think he is right on china in the general sense and right on russia. >> sandra: president spoke very firmly as expected on iran and made his message very clear
7:34 am
there, iran's aggression has only increased since the nuclear deal was signed. what a moment to see him chairing his first u.n. security council meeting with nikki haley over john shoulder and secretary of state mike pompeo over the other. >> what we saw was american strength and imagery was fitting. you saw president trump say we withdrew from the iran nuclear agreement because they're building ballistic missiles, funding terrorists, the lead sponsor of funding terrorism around the world and you saw him hand it over to the president of france who has a list of many of the concerns of iran and funding terrorism but nevertheless staying in the deal along with the u.k. and european allies. what a contrast between american strength and resolve and some of the weakness that we're seeing. >> it was a contrast with yesterday when the president was laughed at by leaders of all the other countries of the u.n. when he said his administration was effective and had more achievements than
7:35 am
any other administration. a contrast there. there are still a lot of issues that he needs to address and even when he talks about things like interference in our elections, this is a person who has still not done the necessary things to protect our elections from foreign interference and still on many occasions refused to even acknowledge that that interference happened. >> bill: you can say something that's positive, can't you? >> read his speech. he didn't get laughed at. i'll give him that. >> bill: you think about what the message is to the world. you will not rogue regimes require countries to get weapons of mass destruction. >> it is belied by many of his actions -- >> securing the release of u.s. hostages. >> i'm talking about cancelling military exercises with south korea and saying we need to do
7:36 am
this again and all he has gotten -- >> bill: give a little, get a little. >> the end of the day will be the north korea gets nuclear weapons. we'll find out whether they're stringing us along as they've done before or whether the president succeeds. in iran let's be clear, the previous eight years we had a president pursuing a deal with iran that caused him to look the other way in so many areas, in syria, in iraq, it's not just the nuclear weapons. iran is pressing all these arab regimes alied with us in different ways. it is the most destabilizing force in the middle east and i think it's good the president is calling them on it. >> sandra: he continues to take a lot of credit for north korea and said this morning he will be meeting again with chairman kim shortly. >> he deserves a lot of credit. that was a historic summit and
7:37 am
there was tangible progress. i would think not as a partisan, take yourself out of your partisan hat and as an american you can praise the fact we got the hostages, they're on their way to denuclearizing and moving forward. >> what we have been moving forward towards is north korea creating nuclear weapons. they do that after the summit. what i'm concerned about as we've said is north korea getting nuclear weapons and this president has not moved us in a safer direction. instead he has given kim -- >> bill: no nuclear tests in a year's time. >> they continue to build nuclear weapons. they closed one nuclear site. >> sandra: they are making more progress than his predecessor. >> that remains to be seen. certainly there has been -- we have seen failures for decades in north korea. it has been an extremely tough nut to crack but i think that saying that this administration has been successful way
7:38 am
overstates what's happening. >> bill: thank you to all of you. >> sandra: thanks, guys. less than 24 hours before a senate judiciary committee hearing happening tomorrow on judge kavanaugh and his accuser both set to testify and republicans have chosen a female sex crimes prosecutor to ask the questions. for more on all what we can expect tomorrow chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel joins us. what's the explanation for having this outside expert come in and ask the questions? >> republicans argue it's a way to get to the truth. chairman chuck grassley saying i've taken this additional step to have questions asked by expert staff counsel to establish the most fair and respectful treatment of the witnesses possible. president trump also weighed in on the kavanaugh confirmation a short time ago. >> president trump: i think the senate, the republicans could not be nicer in the way they're handling this. they could have pushed it
7:39 am
through 2 1/2 weeks ago and you wouldn't be talking about it right now. which is frankly what i would have preferred. >> ford's side hasn't handed over critical information to the committee. >> she said she told her husband. there was notes and lie detector test. as i understand it they did not turn any of those over to the senate committee even though they were requested. the information that would have shown what she said the first time when she revealed these allegations hasn't been turned over to the senate. >> mitch mcconnell blasted democrats on the senate floor for weaponizing uncorroborated allegations. >> sandra: what's the latest from democrats now less than 24 hours before this critical hearing? >> democrats and christine blasey ford's attorneys aren't happy about republicans hiring rachel mitchell, the sex crimes prosecutor to handle the questioning for republicans.
7:40 am
it has led to awkward questions like this one. >> will dr. ford testify on thursday? >> it's my understanding that's what the meeting is called for. i assume so. >> feinstein the top democrat on the judiciary panel is also upset with chairman grassley for scheduling a 9:30 friday morning vote saying for republicans to schedule a friday vote on brett kavanaugh two days before dr. ford has had a chance to tell her story is outrageous. things are tense ahead of this high-stakes, high-profile hearing. >> sandra: long awaited. thank you very much, mike. >> bill: want to show the picture for the u.n. security council. french president macron. from the u.n. meeting the president is calling out china on trade. the u.s. won't stand for unfair policies that hurt the american worker. a major message he carried throughout the week.
7:41 am
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7:45 am
♪ >> bill: president trump slamming china at the u.n. and did it a moment ago. charles payne from fox business network. here is the sound bite from the u.n. a moment ago. roll it. >> president trump: regrettably we found that china has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming 2018 election. coming up in november. against my administration. they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade. and we are winning on trade. we are winning at every level.
7:46 am
>> i'll say two things. first of all it's common sense. i don't know what they found, perhaps electronically and some of the things like online or whatever, but they're in our face. they're doing it in our face and trying to meddle in the elections and why they targeted swing states that president trump won that may have gone to democrats in other elections. that's why they're going specifically after harley davidson and going after wisconsin. that's why they're going specifically at some of the midwestern states that went for obama twice. they see them as being vulnerable states and why they're specifically doing that and trying to meddle. they aren't trying, they are meddling in our elections in our face and guess what? because the mainstream media hate trumps they put on the pompoms and cheering this and continuing to cheer on the russia collusion investigation for two years. on one hand collusion bad and on the other hand good. >> bill: this whole comment right now, you think about
7:47 am
where they were the president of china two years ago. >> news that just came out and not sure why it isn't getting reported. china is cutting new tariff cuts. amazing stuff, guys, if this is real it will reduce tariffs to 7 1/2% to almost 10% last year. major -- >> bill: what does it mean? >> they're actually -- one of the key things we want them to do is lower tariffs. another thing we like them to stop stealing intellectual property and stop the forced ventures where they steal from companies. a ceo said they wanted to go to china and they said no, they pulled out. this morning the stock got a downgrade. he told me specifically two weeks ago wall street was trying to push him into this deal. >> bill: here is what i want to know, charles. are you suggesting that beijing is bending now? >> absolutely.
7:48 am
machinery and electronic equipment, tariffs coming into the unit right now 12% down to 8.8. textiles to 8.4%. paper going down. >> sandra: they want to increase their imports and in fact they have to. so they're lowering the tariffs. overall what does it mean for markets? i'm trying to figure out what the translation is to u.s. stock markets. the rally seems to keep going. >> the best performance stocks in the session are chinese stocks. i think chinese companies are relieved, also at the news. >> sandra: the president is using this as an opportunity to tout what is happening in this country economically. this tweet consumer confidence hits 18 year high. that's happening. close to breaking an all-time record. people are excited about usa again. way more to go. he also tweeted ton jobless claims. they fell to their lowest level in 49 years. these are facts. this is real news on the economy that continues to come
7:49 am
in. >> real facts and folks trying to twist them is unfortunate. fico scores are the highest ever. there has been some mechanical differences. >> bill: what does that mean? does that mean we're bigger, richer, stronger? >> sandra: the banks will be more willing to lend and make loans. >> what it means their credit just got better to 99% of our viewers. >> bill: thank you, sir. >> sandra: fico scores, come on. all right. thank you, charles. the founders of instagram stepping down from the company. why facebook ceo mark zuckerberg could be to blame for that. alright, i brought in new max protein
7:50 am give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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7:53 am
>> bill: we're back and the founders of insta fwram are resigning this week and they're not poor. >> no they're not. >> bill: hello, sir. what's the buzz? >> they could have taken the money facebook paid for instagram a walked a few years ago but apparently i'll quote here, kevin, the ceo, is super pissed off at mark zuckerberg.
7:54 am
i'm reading a quote. it's not me saying it. it seems as though there is some squabbling inside facebook, zuckerberg was initially sending people if facebook to instagram and then he said let's keep the people on facebook instead of letting them easily leave instagram. that makes no sense. >> sandra: with stories like this there are two angles. what does it make for facebook? it could make instagram a bigger money and it being their baby. >> they want ultimate control. >> sandra: from a user and consumer perspective you worry facebook having more control over the company could screw it up. >> could screw everything up. the thing we've seen in light of snapchat is instagram is battling with snapchat. facebook tried to buy snapchat a few years ago and it didn't
7:55 am
work out. now it has a billion users worldwide. we could see it become -- now that its founders are no longer there we could see it get rolled up into facebook like what apple is doing with shiz am. >> bill: facebook has moved the other way. >> it makes sense in where we are in terms of people not trusting social media and what they read. people just want to see pictures. they want to see a quick snap and story and say look at the puppies or the new baby. >> sandra: they don't want to see happen to it what some people don't like happened to facebook where it has become a major political. >> advertising, news stories that are phony. what is this? it's all advertising. >> bill: none of these people are poor. >> that's the other thing. a billion dollars. they are young and they've got the rest of their lives ahead
7:56 am
of them. buy a sailboat and go around the world. do something fun with your life. >> sandra: that's a lot of work, though. thank you very much. good to see you. all right. gearing up for tomorrow's big high stakes hearing at brett kavanaugh denies the allegations of sexual misconduct against him from decades ago. plus deputy attorney general rod rosenstein meeting tomorrow with president trump at the white house. will he have a job at the end of the day? we'll have new reaction from the white house coming up.
7:57 am
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>> sandra: a lot of anticipation building for a potentially explosive testimony from supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexual assault. dr. christine blasey ford. all that happening less than 24 hours from now. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom" i'm sandra smith. >> bill: flying by. i'm bill hemmer. senate judiciary committee meeting tomorrow morning at this time looking at kavanaugh and drr ford. republicans have tapped rachel mitchell to handle some of the questioning. president trump praising how republican members are managing the situation. >> president trump: the senate, the republicans could not be nicer in the way they're handling this. they could have pushed it through 2 1/2 weeks ago and you wouldn't be talking about it
8:01 am
right now, which is frankly what i would have preferred. they didn't do that. the republicans could not be nicer, could not be more respectful to the process. certainly could not be more respectful to the woman and i'm okay with that. >> sandra: peter doocy joins us live now from capitol hill. peter, she has agreed to testify but are lawmakers sure that dr. ford will actually show up tomorrow? >> sandra, i just asked the judiciary committee chairman grassley that question. he says he expects she will. the room is small by senate standards just like they asked for. >> we're doing everything we can to do what dr. ford said in her letter to me she wanted a public meeting, she didn't want it to be a media circus. she wants to feel comfortable. so we're doing everything to make her feel comfortable.
8:02 am
>> that's different than what the top democrat on committee feinstein told me. she said she had no way of knowing if dr. ford would show up if outside counsel was asking questions for republicans. later on she was asked and she said she expects ford will come. feinstein has a bone to pick that they might have a committee vote on kavanaugh this week. for republicans to schedule a friday vote on brett kavanaugh two days before dr. blasey ford has had a chance to tell her story is outrageous and democratics colleagues of her are having a press conference in the capitol where they're unveiling a letter signed by 1400 people who went to school in the d.c. or maryland area and say that they stand with dr. ford. sandra. >> sandra: what are we learning about this calendar from 1982 that kavanaugh plans to use to prove his innocence?
8:03 am
>> we've got a few pages of it now. we can put up the may 1982 calendar page on the screen. it is being introduced to show what kind of things kavanaugh was up to and argue he didn't have a party like the one that dr. ford described scheduled. he penciled in he cut the grass on third. grounded on friday the 7th and went to his friend's timmy's party on the beach at the 22nd of may 1982. that will be used against the evidence that dr. blasey ford plans to introduce signed affidavits from friends who live in california and say she told them about these allegations, this incident that she says happened in the last couple of years with somebody who went on to become a federal judge. sandra. >> sandra: peter doocy, less than 24 hours from now. thank you very much. >> bill: another alert now. what's the state and fate of the deputy a.g. rod rosenstein. some house republicans say he may face impeachment if he doesn't agree to testify their
8:04 am
committee saying he had to address reports that he sought to secretly record the president and get the 25th amendment to remove trump from office. that's the reporting. >> you need to come and answer our questions. the american people need to know who was in the meeting? mccabe, strzok, page? who else was there? we need to talk to those people as well. this is the kind of thing that again when you're the guy running the justice department, which is what rod rosenstein is in effect doing, you can't be making statements like that even if you are joking around. >> bill: where is this now? >> this morning the focus was on this issue of whether he supported members of the house on this call to have rosenstein publicly testify. really immediately before the recess.
8:05 am
and the speaker basically punted to the meeting thursday between rosenstein and the president. >> the president should have political appointees he has faith and confidence in. he is meeting with the president i think tomorrow. so i think we shouldn't step in the way of that. we should let the president work it out with rod rosenstein. i hope they have a good, productive conversation. that's helpful. >> justice department officials say they have not received an official invitation from either the house oversight or the house judiciary committees requesting that rosenstein publicly testify about these allegations that he discussed recording the president as well as invoking the 25th amendment. but critics say that the speaker should take a firmer position because oversight is completely separate from the issue of whether rosenstein stays in the job. fox news asked the speaker whether he supports a call to sanction rosenstein if he doesn't appear. >> i will defer to the
8:06 am
judiciary committee. i don't micromanage the committees. but i would say this, if you are going to stack the credibility of rod rosenstein against andy mccabe fired for lying he will go with rod rosenstein. >> i saw congressman mark meadows. one of the republicans leading the call for rosenstein to publicly testify and i asked him to respond to the comments last hour by the speaker. he told us that he will quote not allow the speaker to punt to the white house and they will get an answer one way or another today on whether the speaker will support them or whether they have to move on without him. i took that to mean moving on with sanctioning rosenstein here on the hill. >> bill: more to come. thank you from the hill. seven minutes past. >> president trump: we're denuclearizing north korea, we have a wonderful relationship between our country and them. being helped a lot by japan and
8:07 am
very much by president moon of south korea and north korea is going along very well. we really have made a tremendous amount of progress since this time last year. >> sandra: president trump touting breakthroughs made with north korea before chairing the u.n. security council. the president also saying he plans to hold another face-to-face summit with kim jong-un. and south korea's moon jae-in telling bret baier last night that he expects that meeting to happen before year's end. bret joins us live in new york studios. good to have you here. all right. a lot is happening and a lot is changing and the president is making a lot of news here. first up a possible -- another possible meeting with kim jong-un coming up as the president continues to tout progress on north korea. >> president moon told me last night it's in the coming weeks. he thinks it is locked in and maybe part of the letter he delivered from chairman kim to the president. and there is the sense that it
8:08 am
is on a track that they are going to continue to talk about things. i pressed president moon about a number of different ways about whether full, complete denuclearization could realistically happen by january 2021. they continue to say it's possible. >> sandra: i want to get to some of that, south korean president moon on the nuclear talks with kim. let's listen. >> he is willing to have the international inspectors inspect these activities and he is also -- he said he is willing to dismantle the related facilities in a verifiable way. i believe i have ascertained chairman kim's commitment to denuclearization. >> sandra: it sounds that a lot of progress is being made. >> that's a big deal. inspectors on the ground setting up some kind of liaison office in pyongyang. agreements on that front. taking down these different sites.
8:09 am
if all of that really does happen, you are seeing a ball that people didn't think was going to be going down the field advancing quickly. >> sandra: the president a short time ago when he was opening up as the chair of that u.n. security council meeting, his first time doing so was honored to do that and expected to speak firmly than iran and he did and it much resembled what we heard from the president yesterday when he spoke. let's listen to that. >> president trump: the syrian regime's butchery is enabled by russia and iran. the iranian regime exports violence, terror and turmoil. it illicitly procures sensitive items to advance its ballistic missile program and proliferates these missiles all across the middle east. >> sandra: how is that firm message and that warning to iran, how is that being perceived by nations around the world? >> i think it is being welcomed
8:10 am
by gulf states. not welcomed by iran. and europe is looking at it saying what exactly is going to transpire? i think you'll see sanctions step up in coming weeks from the u.s. on iran. and that could have an impact about how they react to maybe getting back to a table. this was the president's goal. iran, north korea, syria, venezuela, talk about all of those things in a way that is forceful but saying that there is a possibility through negotiation to get to a different place. >> sandra: so we're less than 24 hours now and calendars are coming into play when it comes to the kavanaugh hearing tomorrow we'll hear from him and we'll hear from his accuser dr. ford. he has now got this calendar from 1982. it will play a part in tomorrow's hearing. set it up for us. what do you expect from this? >> the stakes couldn't be higher. you know this. how it's all perceived. how the questioning goes. how is dr. blasey ford received.
8:11 am
is her story in a believable sense? how is the questioning of her? and how does he perform? we saw him with martha the other night. does his delivery change? is he more indignant about this moment that he has been put in. >> sandra: this is amazing. some of the images we've obtained of this calendar. peter doocy said may of 1982. one could make the case that democrats -- you've heard the president on this -- are putting the onus, some democrats are putting the onus on brett kavanaugh to prove his innocence. it will be tough to do when the dates are called into question and there is no exact timing here. >> bill: from the 23rd to the 28th. not sure all the parties would be on the calendar but it is showing his schedule. it is pretty surreal we're at this moment going back to 1982. but that is the moment we're in. i think it all comes down to
8:12 am
presentation and believability and how kavanaugh deals with what will be very tough questions from senate democrats. in addition to that you have michael avenatti and all these charges that he is bringing forward. you've got the ramirez accusations. and it all builds up while it's all not substantiated, it is a back drop to this moment we'll see tomorrow. >> sandra: he revealed the name and image of his client that he is bringing forward now. ultimately you think this confirmation happens? a committee vote on friday doesn't necessarily determine that. >> i think the committee vote is not dedeterminative. i think it hangs in the balance and you are one or two votes that could kill it. >> sandra: you've been a busy guy in new york this week. enjoy you coming up. >> king abdullah from jordan tonight. >> bill: deputy a.g. rod rosenstein meets with the president at the white house tomorrow as his job seems to be hanging in the balance as well.
8:13 am
what we can expect on that when they come face-to-face come thursday. >> sandra: the president putting pressure on iran this morning at his first time leading a u.n. security council meeting. did he make his case with our allies? white house senior advisor mercedes schlapp is here and join us live next. eal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla . it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with... increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have  a history of depression or suicidal thoughts,... ...or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you.
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breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart. >> sandra: fox news alert. the fate of the justice department's second in command hanging in the balance. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein set to meet with
8:17 am
president trump at the white house tomorrow while questions swirl about reports he wanted to secretly record the president. white house senior advisor for strategic communication mercedes schlapp joins us now. thanks for being here, welcome back to the program. what does the president want to have happen in this meeting tomorrow? >> look, i'm not going to get ahead of the president's meeting with the deputy attorney general. they will be discussing a wide range of issues. >> sandra: there was speculation he planned to resign. that he was heading to the white house and expected to be fired. it was a crazy morning with not a lot of knowledge of what was happening behind closed doors. what is the thinking on the part of the white house here and what do we need to know? >> again, the deputy attorney general spoke with the president this week. they're planning a meeting tomorrow. i'm not going to get ahead of the president's conversation with rosenstein.
8:18 am
>> sandra: we have a big hearing happening tomorrow morning. judge brett kavanaugh and his accuser will testify before the judiciary committee. the expectation as far as the white house is concern. we heard from in the this morning he believes the committee could not be nicer in their handling of this. how do you see it shaping up tomorrow morning? >> we've seen republican senators have tried to remove politics out of this process. that's very contrary to what we've seen with the democrats who tried to derail the process while the g.o.p. is trying to steer the process back on track. it is very clear we know where the democrats' intentions are. their intentions are clearly to score political points, delay this process and stop kavanaugh. we saw senator schumer point this out. they believe -- they presume kavanaugh is guilty and has to prove his innocence. that is just not the american way. and as we know, justice -- judge kavanaugh has been very transparent in this process.
8:19 am
he has gone through 32 hours of a hearing, lengthy written questions that he had to answer as well as these closed committee meetings and never once did the democrats bring up these allegations. they withheld this information and now at the last minute they are bringing this up to stop kavanaugh. it is very clear the messed up process here lies at the feet of the democrats. >> sandra: is the president confident that he can still be confirmed, kavanaugh? >> yes. the president is confident that judge kavanaugh can be confirmed. judge kavanaugh since day one said he is willing to testify and clear his name and clear -- and stand up for his good character. i tell you, i know brett kavanaugh and his family personal. i worked with him when i was much younger. there are so many of us women out there who would stand with brett and really i can tell you he was always incredibly
8:20 am
professional. always respectful. and it's so heartbreaking to see how there is this character assassination and his name being drug through the mud because the democrats want to stop kavanaugh, who is clearly a very qualified judge. >> sandra: as women, as americans, we can all agree we want to see a fair process play out where the president has said he wants to hear from his accuser as well. she gets her chance tomorrow. as far as democrats are concerned the president making clear how he sees them playing through all this. watch. >> president trump: he is outstanding. he is a gem. he is an absolute gem. he has been treated very unfairly by the democrats playing a con game. it's a con. they go into a back room and talk with each other and they laugh at what they are getting away with. it's a con game and that's what they play. and that's about the only thing they do well. >> sandra: he was reiterating what he tweeted out as well that it's a con game on the
8:21 am
part of democrats. before i let you go, how does the white house think the president's message at the u.n. is being perceived this week? >> you know, it's very clear that the president is being transparent in his messaging. he has talked about the importance of american sovereignty. the fact that we've had so many success stories when it comes both domestically and in the international realm. when you look at the fact we've been able to make progress in the denuclearization efforts in new york, decimate isis across the middle east region. great success there and we're pushing for fair trade deals working with our allies making sure they're also paying their fair share to help in the global efforts. and also sending a strong message to iran, china, venezuela. you know, again, this is a president who expects results. who wants to make sure they understand clearly that we stand for america first. >> sandra: the message we heard this morning. all options on the table with
8:22 am
venezuela. we heard that loud and clear. thank you, come back soon. >> bill: in a moment here millions will be watching at this hour tomorrow what is expected. marc thiessen has a preview next. people tell me all the time i have the craziest job, the riskiest job. the consequences underwater can escalate quickly. the next thing i know, she swam off with the camera. it's like, hey, thats mine!
8:23 am
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annuities can provide protected income for life. this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected.
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8:26 am
tomorrow at this time i imagine dr. ford will still be giving her testimony. what is your expectation? >> the job for the senators is to make -- is to decide something for our country, which is how much evidence is required to destroy a man's life? is the new standard that anyone in public life can be brought down and destroyed by accusations without any corroborating evidence? if that's the case, then the senators on that dias should shudder as any other american. the same tactics could be turned on them one day. there is no evidence whatsoever that has been presented to corroborate either dr. ford or ms. ramirez charges against brett kavanaugh. in the case of dr. ford every person she named, male or female, says that the gathering didn't take place much less that there was an attack there. in the case of ramirez, she for
8:27 am
days couldn't say whether it was in fact kavanaugh that did this allegedly. they told "the new yorker" her recollection and memory had gaps because she had been drinking. "the new york times" reports she said that she called classmates and told them do you remember this? and that she admitted she couldn't remember if it was kavanaugh. after six days of consulting with her lawyer and talking to senate democrats she decided she was confident enough to come forward. confident enough? what are you talking about? what does that mean? >> bill: joe manchin told fox this week there has to be something more than allegations. let's see what develops or does not. the attorney for kavanaugh was on cnn earlier today and she laid out an interesting case probably several points in the following sound bite. >> the senate judiciary committee wrote all of us and asked for all the documents. in the "washington post"
8:28 am
interview, dr. ford said that she had been seeing a therapist and therapist notes that support this. she did not turn over the notes. as i understand it from the reporting, judge kavanaugh is not mentioned anywhere in there and a dispute about how many people were there. >> bill: if you're senator or sex crimes prosecutor coming in from arizona perhaps that's a line of questioning we'll hear tomorrow. >> now doubt and why her lawyers want senators and not a sex crimes prosecutor to be doing the question. the sex crimes prosecutor who does this for a living and investigates these claims and also by the way sex crimes prosecutor is someone who takes allegations by victims very seriously. that person is going to drill down and try to get down to beyond the general tease we've seen so far. who else was there? where was the house? when did it take place? we don't know any of these
8:29 am
facts. i think having an expert out there asking these questions is important because again, if -- there is still no evidence, okay? i'm the father of two daughters. i support the #metoo movement. i don't want my daughters to ever have to experience the kind of abuses being described here but i'm also the father of two sons. we need to take the allegations seriously and victims seriously treat them with respect but there has to be evidence. there has to be core ob rative evidence before you ruin somebody's life with this kind of allegation. >> bill: thank you for your time. perhaps there is a surprise tomorrow. millions of americans will be watching. thank you, marc. >> sandra: a murder suspect deported six times accused in a series of attacks in southern california. how is this allowed to happen? we'll have a live report on that. >> bill: also the mid-terms are fast approaching, smitty.
8:30 am
what president trump can do to keep republicans in control of the house and senate. karl rove is here to talk about that next.
8:31 am
8:32 am
8:33 am
>> bill: 11:32. attorney michael avenatti releasing details of the woman he claims is a third to accuse the supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. he promised details of a new accuser a few days ago. fox news now we're working to confirm the details in the tweet from avenatti and have more on this as soon as we can confirm it here. >> sandra: police making remarks about a suspect believed to be behind a series of vicious attacks on homeless men in southern california. officers arresting the suspect being described as a violent predator who had been deported six times. jeff paul is live in los angeles. what are investigators saying about this? >> sandra, police say the
8:34 am
47-year-old suspect ramone escobar would sneak up on homeless men using a baseball bat or bolt cutters and beat and rob the men. he has killed at least three and injured four others so bad some are now in comas. they say the brutal attacks happened within two weeks as the homeless men slept on the streets or beaches. a native of el salvador had driven from texas to california. he is also wanted in the disappearance of his aunt and uncle. he had been deported six times. ice says after illegally reentering the u.s. he won an appeal of his immigration case in 2016 and was released from custody that year. >> sandra: what about a motive? >> police don't believe the attacks were specifically targeted at one group. all the victims were homeless, they believe escobar was also living on the streets. investigators say the suspect
8:35 am
was likely after money. as far as his mental state, police also addressed that. >> i won't speak to that at this point in time. they are violent crimes and i would say that nobody in their right mind would do something as vicious as this but it still doesn't take the criminal culpability away from it. i won't speak to that and we'll go from there. >> ice has filed a detainer to take escobar into custody if released. it's unclear if that request would be granted. >> bill: six weeks from today we should wake up in the morning knowing which party controls the house and senate as voters head to the polls for the mid-term elections. want to bring in karl rove former chief of staff to george w. bush. are you ready for this? >> fabulous, ready, let's go. >> bill: here is what we tried to do for our viewers initially on the board behind us. we're trying to show based on all the numbers across the
8:36 am
country what could be with all the toss-up races that we have. what could be an eventual outcome. here you are in the house now. 240-195. we have 30 toss-up races in the house, karl. maybe it goes higher or lower between now and election day. do you agree on 30 toss-ups? are you comfortable with that? >> well, i am. i maybe have a little more -- there are some races that probably today lead democrat or likely democrat who are held by republicans. charlie cook has 11 of those races and 26 toss-ups. we're somewhere in between 30 and 40 seats that are either toss-ups or are republican held today but leaning towards a democrat. >> bill: i want you to react to the scenario. if republicans win 50% of the 30 toss-up seats here they would still maintain control of the house by one vote. kevin mccarthy and jim jordan speaker of the house.
8:37 am
218-217. if democrats were to win every district they won two years ago and out perform hillary clinton in all those districts by up to eight points it's pretty wide margin right now they win 53% of the toss-ups, they would have majority in the house by one vote, nancy pelosi is the speaker of the house. based on this same scenario, however, if you look over the senate and they out perform hillary clinton, the margin would be substantial there on the house side but on the senate side republicans actually gain seats under that same scenario. that means even if you have a blue wave you can make an argument that the senate will remain in control of republicans and the reason that would be is based on the performance where president trump did two years ago. what do you make of that scenario as a possibility? >> let's divide it in half. house first, you are right. a bunch of republican seats up for grabs. what matters here is the power of incumbents and whether or not the republican incumbent
8:38 am
who lasted one race where trump lost their district and clinton won it and they won reelection themselves sometimes by double digits. the question is how many of those incumbents are taking the race seriously and using their strength to win it. we don't know that yet. charlie cook had 26 toss-up republican seats. of those 21 incumbents were running for reelection. democrats have a better shot of winning the five open seats than the 21 held by incumbents. you're right. i think it will be close. there is not likely to be a huge wave towards the democrats. i think it is virtually impossible that republicans gain seats and the question is how many seats do they lose and right today a modest democrat victory. >> bill: why do you make the case you don't see a blue wave? you're in dallas, texas and the cruz/or roark race is getting attention. >> i think a lot of it is
8:39 am
national. o'rourke wants to -- open to abolishing ice and for impeachment of the president already. says he is open to it and he has declared he thinks nothing more american than deciding to take a knee. those are untexas possibilities. let me talk more about the senate. for a second i think you're right. we have a weird situation in the senate. one out of every five mid-terms the white house party holds its own or gain seats in the senate because the geographical distribution of where those elections are. this year it gives -- there are more democratic seats up and fewer republican seats up than in any election when there has been a republican president since 1914 when we began electing senators on a popular vote basis. of the 10 democrats senators up this year in states that donald trump won, five are up by between 18 and 42 point margins for donald trump.
8:40 am
i went back to recent history. if you go to 1998 ford and you look at the races that are considered toss-ups. today there are roughly 8 to 9 considered toss-ups. those seats go 80% of the time to the party that won that state in the previous election. if that happens this time, an average of 80% would mean the republicans would take six or seven of those nine races and go from 51-49 to 53 or 54, 46 or 47 depending on where those are. i don't think it will be as good as 54 but i could see the republicans getting to 53 and maybe on a good day getting to 54. >> bill: we'll have a lot of time on this together, okay? >> yes, we are. >> bill: are you good with that? >> i'm good with that if you are. i don't know if the viewers will be good with two nerds talking about the races.
8:41 am
>> bill: our job to make sure they can follow along. your math is way up here. talk to you soon. >> sandra: a high-stakes meeting at the white house tomorrow as deputy attorney general rod rosenstein meets face-to-face with president trump for the first time since the explosive "new york times" report that rosenstein suggested invoking the 25th amendment to remove trump from office. former white house press secretary ari fleischer has a lot to say on this and joins us next. efits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361.
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>> bill: another alert now. trying to piece this story again. attorney michael -- he released a photo of the woman that reads here is a picture of my client, julie, she is courageous, brave and honest. we ask her privacy and that of her family be respected. avenatti promised details of a new accuser a few days back. we are looking at the story and
8:45 am
have more on it if we can ascertain more in a live report coming up in 15 minutes. stand by. >> sandra: we're following two big stories out of washington changing by the hour. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is currently scheduled to meet with president trump at the white house tomorrow as republicans are demanding the deputy a.g. testify before a congressional panel on comments he reportedly made undermining the president. this meeting happening on the same day, of course, that the president's supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and his accuser will be testifying under oath before the senate judiciary committee. ari fleischer was press secretary under george w. bush and a fox news contributor. i joked that we have a lot to say about all this but i think you do. you've been tweeting up a storm. you feel passionately on both of these items. i want to start first with rod rosenstein and this meeting happening at the white house tomorrow. what do you expect to come out of that?
8:46 am
and what is the president heading into that with? >> well, i hope nothing comes out of that meeting other than the president has a good meeting with his deputy attorney general. when all those stories came out about rosenstein is resigning and asked to resigned and was fired. i do what i always do when there is red hot breaking news, i wait. i wait to see when they undo the news they just did. that seems to be the pattern and the public is left saying we don't know what the facts are acknowledged the truth is. whenever you're done sort it out and tell us. i think that story in the "new york times" about rosenstein and seeking to invoke the 25th amendment read entirely like andy mccabe -- being the former acting director of the f.b.i. who was fired because the inspector general found he was dishonest and that he lied in his interviews under oath. so mccabe got fired and it struck me is this mccabe seeking revenge on rosenstein and trying to burn down the
8:47 am
house that andy mccabe used to live. the worst thing the president would do is take andy mccabe's efforts and fire rosenstein as a result. >> sandra: you are hearing republicans like jim jordan are fired up about this and they want him to answer questions under oath. listen. >> here is what i know. you have the guy running the department of justice who in front of subordinates is talking about recording the commander-in-chief. that's never -- do we want that to happen in the united states of america? >> that's a joke. >> sandra: is it a reasonable request on the part of republicans to want him to come in and answer questions? >> i just don't find that story credible. the notion that anybody would say we need to wear a wire in a meeting with the president of the united states and particularly saying for people who will interview to be the director of the f.b.i., they should wear wires? it doesn't pass the laugh test or the smell test.
8:48 am
i don't think anybody would suggest doing that. not even peter strzok would do that inside the oval office of the president of the united states. the context in which rosenstein said it is totally misplayed and republicans should respect that and not go after rosenstein on this matter. let me also say one other thing. i was watching cnn yesterday morning and saw carl bernstein say we're in a constitutional crisis because of this. what nonsense. this is all the made--up stuff the left has to do to stir the pot to make everything look like we're on the brink of falling apart. it's not the case at all. these things, the notion that because donald trump is the president everything has to be a constitutional crisis and it just is what the left is driving toward where the right should not play along with it. >> sandra: his supreme court pick, judge kavanaugh, will answer questions under oath tomorrow as well as his
8:49 am
accuser, christine blasey ford. your thoughts there. i know you feel very passionately about this moment that we are in as a country and what you have seen lead up to this point, ari. >> i try to step back from the raw politics of this. there is plenty of raw politics. tomorrow is an important day to hear from both of them. let professor ford say what she wants to say. she should be listened to and heard with respect and asked important questions to try to validate whether this happened or didn't happen. whether the holes in her memory are sufficient enough to cast doubt and brett kavanaugh need to speak and people need to see if he is credible. at the end of the process, it will help senators make up their mind and we need to move to a vote. at the end of the day this is a question of do you have enough faith to put somebody on the supreme court that they'll do a good job. i think the standard should be if you don't believe the charges, if there is not sufficient evidence to believe
8:50 am
the charges against him it should not derail somebody who i have come to know and believe is a very good man. >> sandra: we will continue to watch that. it's happening a short time from now. tomorrow morning it will all begin. ari fleischer, thank you for your perspective. >> bill: quick check on "outnumbered." >> a flood of new information now on tomorrow's hearing with judge kavanaugh and his first accuser christine ford. we're learning more about the sex crimes prosecutor who will question dr. ford for the gop side. and now a third accuser coming forward with new allegations. >> explosive indeed. we could learn the fate of deputy attorney general rod rosenstein tomorrow when he meets with president trump. this amid a new report that says the president is keeping an open mind as to whether or not he will reportedly keep rod rosenstein who talked about removing him from office.
8:51 am
>> all that plus our #guest in the middle "outnumbered" top of the hour. >> bill: come on back right after this.
8:52 am
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>> bill: we'll bring you up to speed what we're learning. michael avenatti releasing details for the woman he says is the third to accuse brett kavanaugh on sexual misconduct. releasing this photo of a woman by the name of julie, here is a picture of my client. she is courageous, brave and honest. ask that the privacy of her and her family be respected. he promised details a few days ago. this is the one to which he was referring a day before the hearing. >> sandra: the latest that we heard from chuck grassley heading into all this.
8:55 am
he did speak a short time ago about tomorrow's hearing. we continue to learn details what we'll see a short time from now considering this is early tomorrow morning that this begins. there is a history of arrangements like we have bringing in the female lawyer as they have to question both sides. the committee vote, of course, is scheduled for 9:30 friday morning. he was asked are you confident ford will appear at this hearing tomorrow morning as of right now he says yes. and in the process of doing that, most of the details are worked out. >> bill: john roberts has given us this note. expect a forceful response, in quotes, to this new allegation coming from kavanaugh coming soon. this time tomorrow millions of americans will be watching their television monitor at home, at work, mobile device and they will be watching this hearing. this is how it will run. opening statements from chuck grassley and dianne feinstein will lead and then christine blasey ford as expected now
8:56 am
will give an opening statement with no time limit. then you get a five-minute round of questions from each senator and they have the option of taking their time and giving it to counsel for each side. and then the same routine will follow for brett kavanaugh with no time limits for him and you'll get the same five-minute window for each senator. that's how it is structured. >> sandra: the president has gone on the attack on democrats saying it's a con game and applauding the efforts of republicans to meet the requests of dr. ford. chuck grassley saying earlier she wanted a public meeting. not a media circus. she wants to feel comfortable. we're doing everything we can to make her feel comfortable. that's the curbent situation. >> bill: a quick break in a moment. coming back after this.
8:57 am
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>> busy day yet again. >> we are watching ourselves right now. >> tomorrow will be a big
9:00 am
morning, bill hemmer, and the rest of the week as well without boat coming friday morning? >> we will have every detail for you and follow the twists and turns and we will let you know when we know, if not before. have a great day. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: explosive new allegations against brett kavanaugh as a third accuser has come forward with some salacious claims. the day before his first accuser, dr. christine blasey ford, is set to testify on capitol hill. the senate judiciary committee tapping a long time sex crimes prosecutor rachel mitchell to do the questioning. this is "outnumbered" and i'm harris faulkner. here today is kennedy, former national security analyst morgan ortega's. executive in residence at american university and former ohio state senator, capri cafaro. and in the center seat today,


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