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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 26, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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sean hannity somehow showed up on our set here in washington. >> sean: i know, welcome aboard. you gave me five seconds at extra, added to the clock. >> tucker: i'm a generous man. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we have huge, massive breaking news from the political "wall street journal" just literally seconds ago. we will break it down. we are broadcasting live from the swamp, washington, d.c. this stench by the way has never been worse. tonight, there is no line that democrats in this country, the left in this country, it will not cross when it comes to stopping the nomination of judge brett kavanaugh. all civility, all morality, all decency, all fairness, it it has all been thrown right out the window and right now tonight we are in a trench fight for what are the fundamental rights of all americans. democrats clearly now on a witch hunt, clearly hell-bent on destroying the name, the character, the career and even the family of judge kavanaugh
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without any due process. zero presumption of innocence or even an added dose of common sense. you have a sleazy attention seeking lawyer by the name of michael avenatti, all leading the way. the number one guest on fake news cnn and msnbc and he along with nancy pelosi and maxine waters are the new leaders of the democratic party, which is now becoming a party of mob rule. no due process, no presumption of innocence. we will preview and review all of today's breaking news and we will go through it slowly and set the stage for what is tomorrow's extremely important hearing. judge kavanaugh and his accuser professor christine ford will rightfully have a chance to speak. we will now in the next hour separate fact from fiction, and justice from injustice. we will talk about constitution and due process and bring some sanity to one of the single most
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important processes in our federal government. and we will do that in tonight's d.c. sewer swamp opening monologue. ♪ >> sean: we will go through all of this very, very slowly and precisely, lots of ground to cover, with even breaking news on the last 2 minutes. tomorrow morning we will finally get a chance to witness one of the most important hearings in history of supreme court nominations. as i've said many times, the 36-year-old allegation should be taken seriously. and it has been by republicans and the president. at 10:00 a.m. and open hearings they will lay it all on the table and in the u.s. senate they will make an informed decision about judge kavanaugh. remember, their constitutional role is advice and consent. of course, that's very important. 40 years of one's life is very important. judge kavanaugh has been in the public spotlight for all these decades and because of his work
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he is literally faced and passed six deep background fbi checks. those that know kavanaugh the best, i school friends in college friends, those that went to law school, girlfriends, colleagues, fellow judges and clerks, those people that have all worked with him, parents of the girls he coached in basketball and other sports, democrats and republicans, have all praised kavanaugh for his character, his judgment, his friendship, who he is. throughout his entire life he never -- until what, 12 days ag ago, faced any allegation of any sexual misconduct ever. judge kavanaugh has had one of the most extensive track records of any federal judge and he worked one of the most highest profile federal courts. he's been there for years and we also know that professor ford and her groping allegations against him have a lot of issues. we will go step-by-step through every allegation tonight. these charges were made to congressional democrats, and
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while just a few weeks ago, not an independent law enforcement agency. by the way, the claim dates back to when ford and kavanaugh were in high school 36 years ago and ford cannot remember a date or location of the alleged incident. she can't remember what happened before or after the incident. the four witnesses that ford listed to corroborate her claims, all of them deny what she is alleging and professor ford is represented by an attorney who pointed out on this show is a left-wing activist who once vowed to resist donald trump at every level and his inconsistent on important issues involving sexual harassment in the workplace. she didn't believe paula jones, obviously, she defended al franken. despite all of these warning signs, it is so important that professor ford and judge kavanaugh speak under oath. it's important to take it seriously.
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republicans and the president have made every accommodation possible, and tonight democrats are doing the exact opposite. they have already convicted judge kavanaugh before even hearing from him. or professor ford. the left, so many of them, rushing to judgment on two other uncorroborated claims against kavanaugh. allegations that are so salacious will literally tonight make your head spin. the second claim that came out in the new yorker magazine was so outrageous and so unsubstantiated that even the trump-hating "new york times" refused to officially report on it. in this case, a woman named deborah ramirez. she alleges that in the 1980s, kavanaugh might have exposed himself to her at a drunken college party. ramirez herself wasn't totally sure if it was kavanaugh, if he was the perpetrator. according to her own words in her own account she became" quickly inebriated" at the party. she was "foggy and slurring her
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words" and ramirez even acknowledged that she had significant memory gaps from that evening. those ramirez listed in her case to the incident have all flatly denied her charge including her own best friends. not a single person corroborate her story, not one. moments ago, we learned there is another accuser making an anonymous hearsay claim about an incident that took place between kavanaugh and a woman in 1998 and this anonymous nbc news report is obviously a report that i doubt nbc news would ever make about tom brokaw or matt lauer or andy lack. they wouldn't do it about people that they've worked with or have worked with over the years. so the question is, was judge kavanaugh supposed to defend himself now from an anonymous accuser at the 11th hour? which now brings us to the single most sickening allegation that the left wants
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you to believe as absolute fact. it was brought into the public domain by -- you know him, he's on fake news cnn every hour on the hour and if he is not there he's over on conspiracy tv and msnbc. michael avenatti, the bombastic, untrustworthy and fame-seeking attorney who made it his life's mission to resist and hate donald trump, which is fine. his client in this case is a woman named julie swetnick. at this late hour, she is alleging that between 1981 and 1983, she attended at least ten parties, where she claims that judge kavanaugh and his friend mark judge routinely drugged female partygoers. this happened regularly, almost on a weekend basis. and even in the summer. and it was an organized scheme to either give them grain
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alcohol or drugs, to gang rape, train raped these victims. she also claims to have been part of one of those gang rapes. she's saying that they would attend parties and young girls were drugged and raped. she said nothing and 36 years, nor did anybody else who ever went to any of these parties. not a single person. no specific dates were given, no names were given other than mark judge and judge kavanaugh. no other witnesses listed, no one has corroborated these claims. during the alleged time period, she would have been enrolled in college while kavanaugh would have been a 15 or 16-year-old high school student. she described boys waiting in line to rape drugged women. she said she went to at least ten of these parties and many
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more happened and nobody ever told the teacher. a law enforcement representative, a parent, anybody, everyone that was a part of this all kept it secret. in a statement, kavanaugh reacted to this and this is what he said. this is ridiculous and from the twilight zone. i don't know who this is in this never happened. today, just hours after these allegations became public, 64 high school acquaintances and friends of judge kavanaugh rushed to his defense in a statement, calling these claims "nonsense. we never witnessed any behavior that even approaches what is described in this allegation. it is reprehensible and the extensive amount of time we have collectively spent with brett kavanaugh, we do not recall having ever met someone named julie swetnick, nor did we ever observe him engaging in any conduct resembling that described in her so-called
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declaration." remember, judge kavanaugh told our own martha maccallum that he was a virgin throughout all of high school and most of college. can't believe we are discussing this, but we are, is what he said. >> people generally in high school, i think all of us have done things in high school that we look back on and regret or cringe a bit. that's not what we are talking about, we are talking about an allegation of sexual assault. i never sexually assaulted anyone, i never had any intercourse or anything close to intercourse in high school and many years thereafter. the girls from the schools i went to and i were friends. >> so you are saying that they're all these years in question you are a virgin? >> that's correct. >> if you never had intercourse with anyone high school and through college since we are probing into your personal life here? >> many years after, i will leave it at that. >> sean: now today senator lindsey graham tweeted
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out "i have a difficult time believing that any person could continue going to ten parties over a two-year period where women were routinely gang rape and not reported. why would any person can need to put themselves and their friends in danger? isn't there some duty to warn others? and also breaking moments before we came on air, new reports that a restraining order was filed against julie swetnick by her ex-boyfriend in 2001. her boyfriend tonight telling the politico "right after i broke up with her, she was threatening my family, my wife, threatening to do harm to my baby at that time. and then she said in a telephone conversation with politico, i know a lot about her, she's not credible at all, he said, not at all. look what "the wall street journal" is reporting just minutes ago.
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roughly a decade ago, julie swetnick was involved in a dispute with a former employer, employer, new york life insurance company, over a sexual harassment complaint that she filed. according to people familiar with her, the firm was run by deborah katz, the lawyer currently representing dr. ford and the company finally reached a settlement with julie swetnick, according to people in "the wall street journal." despite everything we have now showed you, you have, and this is where we are at a crisis in this country. many in the left, many in the media, the democratic party, they have already convicted judge kavanaugh of what a horrific, life shattering claim and we have the evidence, take a look. >> this is a monumental, defining moment this week. when you have someone like coffee going to prison and then kavanaugh going to the highest
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court in the land. >> to be honest that's a very white male defense. to say i was a virgin, i could not have sexually assaulted a woman. >> part of this backlash that we are seeing right now comes from a culture of sexism and paternalism in this country, and that silence generation after generation. >> this is the patriarchy on full display. >> "i never did anything wrong," that, to me, it was just not believable. >> do we allow the predator in chief, the admitted sexual predator in chief, to place people on the supreme court. he is picking the type of people that are essentially like him. and this thing a whole investigation now, it should not go forward. >> sean: while the left, the
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media, and the democrats all rush to judgment, many others rightfully questioning why someone with serious criminal claims would utilize the services of the very political, the very anti-trump, maybe wanting to run for president, sleazy lawyer named michael avenatti. earlier today, the president had this to say about him. take a look. >> president trump: if you take a look at this lawyer that just came out, he's a lowlife. he represented democrats and nobody ever talks about that. he's a democrat lawyer. not a very good one, but he is a democrat lawyer. so it's a horrible con game. i think the people are finding it out. >> sean: i want everyone to think about this because i believe americans are fair-minded. this isn't about republicans or democrat tonight at all. it is not about liberal or conservative, either. michael avenatti, nancy pelosi, maxine waters, now the new faces of the democratic party. we have an election in 41 days.
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michael avenatti gearing up for a presidential run? this is now, and this is what we got to think about. this is now a party of no due process, no rule of law, no constitution, a zero presumption of innocence. do you know, it's in the last 12 days i can't find a single democrat that is willing to defend the principal of presumption of innocence and due process? by the way, the party of bill clinton and keith ellison. so tonight what we are seeing from michael avenatti on the people on the left in this country, sadly, i tell you this all the time. they use this tactic every two and four years, character assassination. it's the number one tool in the democratic playbook and something the president called out early today and a powerful press conference. how often do i say every two or four years, they will call republicans racist? how horrible is that, sexist and misogynist, xenophobic, and homophobic, islamophobic? republicans want dirty air and
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water and they want children to die and they want to throw granny over the cliff. we've now gotten used to it. but to say that about people, every election season, to do this with every supreme court nominee, here's what the president said. >> president trump: they are actually con artists because they know what quality this man is and they've destroyed a man's reputation and they want to destroy it even more. i think people will see that in the midterms, what they have done to this family, the beautiful children of his, and what they have done to his wife. and they know it is a big, fat con job. they go into a room, and i guarantee you, they laugh like hell at what they have pulled off on you and on the public. they laughed like hell. >> sean: the president knows the shameful tactics of the left firsthand. remember during the presidential election, remember when "the new york times," i think it was top fold, they falsely accused president trump of sexual misconduct, the so-called bombshell story.
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the only problem is the source of "the times" used denied trump ever acted inappropriately. we know because we interviewed some of them, a number of them. here's what the president said about that earlier today. >> president trump: i was accused by, i believe it was four women. you can check with sean hannity or fox because they covered it very strongly. i was accused by four or five women who got paid a lot of money to make up stories about me. we caught them in the mainstream media refused to put that on television. they refused to even write about it. >> sean: we actually followed up on that program. everyone else in the media ignoring and going along with "the new york times" and what they put out. i actually did some reporting and had the opportunity to interview the women from the
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"the times" fake new story. here's what they said after the times make the accusation. take a look. >> i've never seen him be anything but a gentleman, a very gracious to women and respectful of women. anybody that tells me that i saw that it is wrong. he wasn't that way to me or anybody. i met a lot of women when he was around. he employs a lot of women at deals with a lot of women and he respects them and they respect him. >> i basically wouldn't give them a story and then they came out with their own version of it and took something out of my book and totally twisted it and made it so negative. i have nothing but positive things to say about donald trump. >> sean: i don't remember the retraction in "the new york times" either. the left's character assassination strategy didn't start with president trump, it's a time-tested practice from the democratic party. remember what they did to reagan's nominee for the u.s. supreme court, robert bork? he was never nominated because of all the slander. the guy that told nobody after he left a woman to die after a
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car accident and went home and went to bed? chappaquiddick kennedy. take a look. >> robert bork's america is an america where will women be forced into black alley abortions. black would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizen stores in midnight raids and writers and artists would be censured at the whim of government. >> sean: then a few years later, of course democrats tried to drag one of the supreme court justices that became one of the finest justices in our generation, clarence thomas, 1991, through the mud. senate democrats pulled out his former colleague anita hill making sexual harassment allegations against him. sound familiar? this character assassination was so vicious and so horrible, so nasty, justice thomas called it a high-tech lynching. take a look. >> this is a circus, it's a national disgrace. and from my standpoint as a
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black american, as far as i'm concerned, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deigned to think for themselves. to do for themselves. to have different ideas. and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. you will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the u.s. senate, rather than hung from a tree. >> sean: the circus of disgrace is back in washington and these tactics don't stop at the supreme court nominees, many also try to destroy the character. i know, i was in atlanta at the time of the olympic bombing. richard jewell falsely accused as being the lone bomber. he fit the profile because he lived with his mother.
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he was listening to my radio show at the time and said i was the only one that stood up for him, at least gave him the presumption of innocence. it changed my life. they also smeared falsely accused -- remember the duke lacrosse team? we didn't rush to judgment on the show. and let's not forget with the left did in ferguson. darren wilson was found innocent in that case. remember baltimore, freddie gray? all the people saying he would be convicted. trayvon martin, george zimmerman. how many times did president obama rush to judgment? the cambridge police acted stupidly. during every big moment, so many in the left and so many in the press rushed to judgment for pure political gain. there is no presumption of innocence ever with these people when it comes to politics. harry reid lies about mitt romney and said he hasn't paid taxes in ten years. when asked about it later after the election and romney lost, he boasts about it.
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he's proud of his lie. this happens every election season, one of the biggest smeared jobs of all comes from christopher steele's dirty dossier. a document bought and paid for by hillary clinton and the dnc to lie to you, the american people, to rig an election in this country and then to destroy a president after with absurd, untrue, salacious claims like this. trump's "perverted conduct in moscow included hiring the presidential suite at the ritz-carlton hotel where he knew president and mrs. obama had stayed on one of their official trips to russia and defiling the bed where they had slept by employing a number of prostitutes to perform golden showers, in other words, urination right in front of him. christopher steele, under the threat of perjury, said that dossier, it is raw intelligence, there is a 50 50/50 chance. those lies were spread to you
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of the american people. hillary paid for it, russian allies of all things. yet the left push these unverified and uncorroborated claims throughout the highest levels of our government right into the gullible media, their arm that pushes their propaganda. as you can see, the left's attempt to destroy the lives of people with baseless claims, it is a clear, obvious and now predictable pattern. these are real people unfortunately, these are real lives when you say that someone is a racist or sexist or homophobe, a gang rapist, real families. democrats, using all of them. pawns in a political game, no due process and no perception of innocence. how would you feel if it was you, america, tonight? because this is the modern democratic party. they have now defined of themselves as a party of slanderers, smear, character assassination and a party of besmirch mint. this is clearly who they are because i can't find a democrat now saying they believe in the presumption of innocence. this now defines them.
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the only one power for themselves. are they talking about the economy, about security for the american people? this is why every fair-minded american has a right to be skeptical tonight. what you are witnessing is one of the ugliest smear campaigns in history. if america doesn't get this right, there will be no good people in this country that ever want to serve their country for decades to come. why would they? they are not doing it for the money. democrats are now the party of no due process. they are the party of no presumption of innocence. they are not the party that believes in the constitution. as one democrat said, presumption of innocence? i haven't heard them. and you want to know why? because they all seem to believe when politics are in play, when power is in play, that's what matters. all of this, i hope you remember in 41 days. here with reaction, fox news contributor tammy bruce, former
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u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. joe digenova. fox news contributor, sara carter. one of judge kavanaugh's former high school girlfriends, mara kane is with us. we will start with you, tammy bruce, in new york. >> it's an astounding monologue you gave but it's a reminder to everyone how -- what the horrible situation we are in. as you know for a couple of weeks now i have been concerned about the attitude about sexual assault victims. i claimed that we should watch out for women not being believed because of the attitude of what's happening here and how this claims are not being used as a political football or political bomb if you will. with this new claim, it is so fantastical, literally unbelievable. we are now in a position where everyone is looking at this and questioning the nature of accusations because now they are simply being used for political reasons.
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it is shameful. it is shocking. and the other argument is, the presumption of innocence for a court room, is not a courtroom and obviously that's not true. that is a standard for all of us throughout our civil and social society. that what we do in law and in the judicial framework must be a reflection of how we treat each other in civil life, in business, legally, and socially. this will seep into -- it is already a factor in colleges, but it will move into businesse businesses, accusations will be enough. it will move into our social sphere, our relationships, society in general. this is the model of how we treat other americans and our neighbors. the left wants division, and so much on hatred that they wanted to flow over onto the rest of us. and we have a chance, as you
10:27 pm
know, in november, to reject it. and, right now kavanaugh is just a symbol in my opinion now, a symbol of what the left wants to destroy. >> sean: joe digenova, you have been in this town with this extension for a long time. have you ever seen anything this bad? >> no i haven't and i think senator feinstein has set in motion one of the great tragedies in american history. she has introduced and besmirched the united states senate. she has purposely tried to ruin a good man, but more than that, she has tried to ruin his wife and his two daughters. this is a disgraceful performance by the democratic party. and let me say this to mazie hirono, the hawaiian senator, democrat, who told all the men of america to shut up. tonight, i say to her, shut up senator, shot up. i'm sick of you, i'm sick of dianne feinstein, i'm sick of senator blumenthal and all the democrats who have one thing in
10:28 pm
mind. they want power. they thirst for power and they don't care who they ruin in the process. this is a moment of disgrace for the united states senate and if they don't confirm him to the united states senate, the republicans will lose the senate. this is a national disgrace. >> sean: i have known you for many, many years and you've never told anybody to shut up in your life. could you imagine anybody saying to any woman ever, shut up, and what the reaction would have been? >> yes. it's amazing and i'm so sick of the democrats on this committee, what they are doing. not just to judge kavanaugh but the country. >> you are absolutely right and it's also about women. tammy bruce brought up a good point. these assassination attempts on kavanaugh and his family, and that leaves the rest of the women that actually have a
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reason to complain, a reason to go to the law, now how will we be treated as women? after this happened. so sean, i think we have a man whose family has been besmirched, as you said. in the process. just ripped apart. the only thing for us to do is sit back and let him speak, let's hear him out. you are innocent until proven guilty in this country. >> sean: you were his high school girlfriend. this is the time that all these allegations are being made. you stated obviously you've known him all this time. did you ever hear any of this? is this the person you knew? >> never. the very first accusation, the alleged attack by dr. ford, i was surprised and skeptical, i didn't believe it. but then, the more recent
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accusations are absolutely preposterous. they are ridiculous. they do not even fit in with anything remotely close to brett kavanaugh or our high school life. >> sean: so many high school, college, law school, and bush administration, all these people. sara, yeah? >> judge kavanaugh had five or six fbi thorough background investigations. this is not just fbi paper trail, they actually go to your friends. they interview your neighbors, go back to people in high school and college and interview your employers, and run criminal background checks. none of that came out. none of that in five or six of those investigations. >> sean: tammy, when you look at professor ford, i don't have a problem being heard. the people that she mentioned they all contradict her story. and then if you look at the new yorker piece, which should never have printed, even
10:31 pm
"the new york times" said that miss ramirez in that particular case was calling people from yale. and they talked to dozens of people and said, do you remember it? i'm not sure. and then you have this allegation. so we are going to believe that somebody went to one party, gang rape, drugging women, inebriated, guys lining up to rape girls one at a time, do you believe that? >> no one is. this is what our problem is now. there are women who have not been heard, who have not had justice, not been believed. this is our struggle as women. many of whom, majority of the experience sexual assault, and we make different choices how to handle those things. but we have been working for generations to be taken seriously. senator feinstein and the democrats, supposedly the champions for women with this process have denigrated all of us.
10:32 pm
now look, of all of the accusations, perhaps professor ford's is the most plausible, but when her own witnesses said it did not happen or contradicted her, it became a problem. this is the thing that all three accusations had in common. no witnesses, no specifics, no corroboration, or in fact, even a contradiction. an inability to corroborate. all three. >> julie swetnick goes to ten parties allegedly while she's in college, to high parties where women are gang raped. she doesn't report it to anybody. she says she is gang raped. dr. ford, in addition, when you read her biography in "the washington post," it's a rucksack test. she is a very troubled woman with a very troubled past. it's a figment of her imagination. >> sean: what should
10:33 pm
republicans do? >> they all should all shut up and let the lawyer ask all of the questions. all of those senators should keep their mouths shut and let the prosecutor -- i want them all to shut up. i do not want to see a single republican senator ask a question. >> absolutely agree. we need to hear judge kavanaugh speak. >> sean: at last where to? >> the whole thing is outrageou outrageous. it is going to be okay. >> sean: how long did you date him? >> a few months. >> sean: we have a lot to get to tonight from the sewer, the swamp, the stench is horrible, obviously. kristin fisher joins us with the very latest on the kavanaugh hearing. we will hear from mark levine. and mark meadows, jim jordan, as we continue from d.c. stay with us. ♪ car in the aisle,
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>> sean: at joining us now with the latest on judge kavanaugh, the controversy in the hearing tomorrow, fox news washington correspondent kristin fisher. i get to see you in person. >> it is great to see you. welcome to d.c. >> sean: a lot of news. >> there have been a lot of big hearings over the last two years, but this one may be the biggest. you have a lifetime appointment with the supreme court hanging in the balance in at least two new accusers coming out today. one is totally anonymous. judge kavanaugh is denying all of them. a he calls the accusation from julie sputnik, who by the way, it shares the same attorney as a stormy daniels, "ridiculous" and from "the twilight zone." she claims she was drugged and gang raped at a party 35 years ago. the focus tomorrow will be entirely on the first accuser, christine blasey ford. president trump continuing to defend his nominee, calling it a con job by democrats, but also promising to keep an open mind and listen to what she has to
10:39 pm
say. >> president trump: believe it or not, i'm going to see what said. it's possible that they are convincing. i can always be convinced. i have to hearha it. >> in addition to their testimony, there is also two key pieces of evidence to watch for tomorrow. the result of ford's polygraph test, and then there is kavanaugh's handwritten calendar from when he was 17 years old. it places him at places like the beach and baseball games, but has attorney's, not at a party like the one at four described. that's the problem when you are dealing with claims from 36 years ago, there is just not a lot of hard evidence to back either of them up. >> sean: obviously problematic in every case. kristin fisher, good to see you in washington. joining us now with the reaction is the host of crt's levine tv, the host of "life, liberty, live in."
10:40 pm
we call him the great one, mark levine. mark, i'm going to throw it right to you. i've been doing radio 30 years, i've been at the fox news channel since october 1996, it's never been this awful and it's been bad a lot of times. >> a couple things here, first of all notice there is no blue dress here. out of these three accusers, there's not a single eye witness. there's not a single corroborating witness, not a single shred of evidence so that's what they have in common. no case. that's exactly why does democrats believe that only the senate judiciary committee, the bill of rights and do not apply. no due process. no presumption of innocence. because they have to make that case. because you want to know why? i believe brett kavanaugh. i believe brett kavanaugh. the democrats, their lawyers,
10:41 pm
their operatives, there senate, their staffers, all skimming around in the shadows. they have come up with literally nothing tangible or concrete. the reason why they blowp this off, it is not a court of law, because that is how totalitarians think. and so, you have people who make accusations -- this isn't about women's rights. itit is not even about women. there are millions and millions of women out there many of them watching your show. my wife, my mother, my daughter, mymyht stepdaughter,y mother-in-law and so forth who don't believe in this. there are tens of thousands of women who find this entire spectacle -- it's not a hearing, it is a roman colosseum peered there throwing them to the lions. liberals don't speak to women.h did bill clinton speak for all the women he sexually assaulted? i don't think so. people keep saying brett kavanaugh had six fbi background investigations. how many background investigations did ms. ford have? zero. what about the other accusers? how many background investigations did they have?
10:42 pm
zero. d as a matter fact, it's very interesting to me, all of these left-wing democrat lawyers who represent these accusers, they know where the montgomery county police department is. they haven't walked a single one of their clients into that law enforcement o office to fila complaint against mr. is kavanaugh. they keep talking about the fbi. the jurisdiction is montgomery county, maryland, boys. you know where it is, why don't you go and file your complaint there? i will tell you why. then the rule of law actually kicks in. and they don't want the rule of law to apply. i'm starting to wonder about the senate judiciary committee. they are either filled with perverts or totalitarians, it's one or the other. they are gleeful and exciting and salivating all over this. it's a disgusting a couple of other things i want to invention, which is this. look at this latest example.
10:43 pm
this lady comes forward, her ex-boyfriend comes forward, and political reports he doesn't believe a word that she says. michael avenatti is back. the slip and fall porn lawyer. the democrats embraced him and embrace the arguments. ms. ramirez did not want to come forward. the democrats staff goes and finds her and drags her forward, no corroborating witnesses. but she is not going to testify. then we have dr. ford. i've never understood this dr. ford issue. she wanted to remain private, so where did she go, to "the washington post" ." now here's the thing, i keep hearing all over television, i want to hear what dr. ford hast to say. of course, we all want to hear what dr. ford has toof say. dr. ford is an adult. she is a professor. she has a phd. she has made an allegation against another human being. she needs to be cross-examined aggressively. she is not the bubble
10:44 pm
she needs to be questioned. when somebody accuses somebody of a horrific crime i'm a 36 years after the fact, said nothing to anybody else that we know of, at least there is no witness of any kind, the four people she mentioned saying it is not true. ms. ford needs to be questioned and thoroughly. and i want the american people to understand something, this entire process from bork to clarence thomas, and the rest up to now, has been hijacked. by the radical left. look at the democrats on this committee. it's the most radical bunch imaginable. you have gillibrand, feinstein, durbin, kamala harris, booker, all from dark blue states. one party states who are trying to appeal the most radicalom crazies in their party. we need to stand up to this. >> sean: mark levin, thank you. can you imagine that, ten parties, boys lining up and drugging women, no one ever
10:45 pm
said anything and it happened been more weekends? unbelievable. we will have more of this when we continue. mark's show right here on the fox news channel. when we come back, ed henry, congressman jim jordan and congressman mark meadows and the latest on all this and much more. also, russia's take on the events of today. straight ahead. ♪ squaring off against whatever comes next. they defied the law of gravity and went faster and farther than any one of them had ever imagined. they learned what it takes to power a dream. someone before them had discovered america, but they discovered what it means to be an american. and the thing about discovery, it has a beginning but no end. the next era belongs to those who discover again,
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♪ >> sean: we continue from washington tonight and ed henry has been pouring over these newly released kavanaugh transcripts, and he found some things. great reporting cared what do you have? >> some news outlets running falsely tonight with a report of a fifth accuser against brett kavanaugh involving an alleged sexual assault in rhode island
10:50 pm
in 1985. we've checked it out, and it's bogus. he got a phone call from rhode island constituent who confirmed on sunday in rhode island on 1985 a close friend was sexually assaulted on a boat by two men named brett and mark. that is all he had, first names. the men claimed one of the men mwas kavanaugh. he called the senator's office after recognizing kavanaugh's yearbook photos and news reports. they asked kavanaugh in a private interview, we got the transcript, as you said, just moments ago, kavanaugh has never been on a boat in newport, saying it is completely made up, or at least not me.r we check it out, found out that the man who called the senator 's office has a twitterc account, and an hour ago he tweeted, recanted, because i made a mistake. and apologized. the same man called for a military coup against president trump and accused the president of manslaughter. it gives you an idea of the onslaught that brett kavanaugh
10:51 pm
is facing in the idea of those ridiculous allegations flying around. >> sean: they wouldn't make it against tom brokaw order matt lauer, but they will against judge kavanaugh. the bombshell "new york times" piece, rob rosenstein saying he would wear a secret wire peered we have congressman mark meadows, north carolina. and congressman from ohio, jim jordan. good to see you both. that news quickly, we will get your comments quickly.y. i don't even know where to begin with what is now unfolding. >> i met judge kavanaugh through a young lady who interned and clerked for judge kavanaugh. judge kavanaugh flew to madison, wisconsin, to a wedding, that is the kind of man he is. he is a good man.
10:52 pm
we know he is eminently qualified. we know he has the right man for the job, and we hope it happens it sooner rather than later. >> sean: you know these guys maybe too well. >> at the end of the day, we will hear both sides. the tactics we are talking about is really distasteful to both sides. when we really look at this, ill got a readout that is coming from some of the activists, and they were telling them how to act, what to wear, how they were coming in. quite frankly, coaching them on what to say. these are people that literally do not have a stake in this. they are organized by certain groups to come out and create chaos. what we need are real hearings and let judge kavanaugh stand up for it. >> sean: let me ask you both about rod rosenstein. the president commented about that today and said he has been speaking with rod. you both know him. he says he didn't do it and mccabe is one of the ones obviously, his notes were leaked and he's known to lie.
10:53 pm
what do you think? >> the president's statement is consistent with where he's been. obviously has never wanted to fire rod rosenstein. >> sean: i think it's i trapee myself. >> the interesting thing is, this president is all about transparency. and here we are today, rod said he didn't say it, i think he needs to come in before congress and raise his right hand and swear. i can tell you there are a number of things that jim and i both know about that rod didn't say and he really need some accountability. >> he needs to be in front of congress, answering questions. do we really want in this country the guy who is in effect running the justice department and talking about recording the commander in chief's conversation? even if it is done in jest, it shouldn't be done at all. by the way, this is the same guy who wrote the memo for firing comey, who signed the third fisa and the same guy i believe according to press reports from fox news prior to house intelligence committee member because they were trying to get information that i think we were entitled to.
10:54 pm
he had better come in front of congress and answer the questions. >> sean: what about the president declassifying unredacted material? >> we been honest, and here is the interesting thing. you know jim and i have been talking about rod rosenstein, the doj and fbi for months and months. the only way for the american people to judge as, to declassify these documents and get themth out. let's do the 302 ohr interviews, because you know what? it will be very illuminating and we will know very quickly -- -- >> sean: is there any chance, the intelligence community v farmed out to other countries, violated the constitution? >> a lot of information we need to see as soon as possible. >> sean: thank you both are what you are doing. when we come back, b rush limbah weighs in on the kavanaugh latest allegations as we
10:55 pm
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♪ >> sean: earlier today interestingly, rush limbaugh reassessed one of his protections that we happened to air monday on this program. he said republicans did not confirm kavanaugh, they could "kiss the midterms goodbye" in the wake of the latest accuser rush said this today. >> the outrage was originally going to be at republicans for caving to all of this but now we are past that. one of the things i believe it is truly happening, i think fence-sitters, and casual news consumers, people that are not ideologically involved like you and i are, people that aren't so called news junkies, i think they are watching this and i think they are just getting livid because this is so far outside the bounds of what even our degraded politics has come to be, in terms of normal. this is so even beyond that.
11:00 pm
>> sean: in 41 days, rush is right, you have all the power. this is insanity. we'll always be fair ander balanced. let not your heart be troubled. laura is in the next studio. we will be back in d.c. tomorrow.. how are you? >> laura: i thought you were up in the rain. you can weather any storm. you are supposed to be up there. now you are in the cozy studio right next to me. >> sean: why are you being so mean? i just said laura is next, let not your heart be troubled, she has the latest, breaking news don't miss laura's show. then you trash me every night. y what is up without it? >> laura: sisterly-brotherly love. sean, great show tonight. you are buying the margaritas later. got to get ready for tomorrow's hearing. welcome to "the ingraham angle." i'm laura ingraham int washington. we are 12 hours away from one of the most anticipated senate hearings in history. kavanaugh and christine blasey ford will make their case in front of the committee, and an outside sex crimes prosecutor.


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