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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 27, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> sean: getting really sick sad. we saw the impact of out today. thank you. this show will always be fair and balanced. thank you for being with us. laura ingraham is one studio over. >> laura: hannity, thank you so much. fantastic analysis on your show. great to have you in washington as well. >> sean: have a great show. >> laura: thanks so much. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" after a historic day in the nation's capital where people are still reeling from one of the mostan dramatic and emotionally wrenching hearings in decades. the testimony, of course supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and his accuser christine ford just hours ago. it could be described as fact versus emotion. we will examine the influence of both and where the vote stands and it's changing by the minute according to our reporting but we will be on that. you don't want to turn away from the show. along the way, we have a r powerful lineup. newt gingrich, kim strassel, joe
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digenova, ari fleischer, scott bolden, michelle malkin, ben shapiro, and one of kavanaugh's closest friends going back to, high school. he mentioned her today at the hearing. so we will talk to her and the white house will respond. kellyanne conway also joins us. we are jam-packed. we begin tonight with what i just mentioned off the top. emotion versus fact. should they carry equal weight in the eyes of senators as we wait the the credibility of both kavanaugh and his accuser? first, here is the raw emotion that overwhelmed both of them. >> i'm here today not because i want to be. i am terrified. i'm here because i believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me while brettto kavanaugh and i were in high school. >> it took the committee ten days to get to this hearing.oo in those ten long days, as was predictable, and i predicted, my
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family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed by vicious and false additional accusations. >> but the details about the night that when we hear todayy are the ones i will never forget. they have been seared into my memory and have haunted me episodically as an adult. >> this confirmation process has become a national disgrace. the constitution gives the senate an important role in the confirmation process. but you have replaced advice and consent with search and destroy. >> brett's assault on me drastically altered my life. for a very long time i was too afraid and ashamed to tell anyone these details. >> no one can question your effort, but your coordinated and well-funded efforts to destroy my good name, and destroy my
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family will not drive me out. the vile threats of violence against my family will not drive me out. you may defeat me in the final vote, but you'll never get me to quit. >> laura: now emotion is important. it's what we all lock our eyes on. but when we are weighing a seat on the highest court in the land, is that truly the bestio barometer? how much weight should it have? what about the facts? let's examine. >> they were four boys. i remember specifically being at the house. >> all four people allegedly at the event, including dr. ford's longtime friend said they recall no such event. >> i also remember my friend leland attending. >> simply put, "miss keyser does not know mr. kavanaugh. she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present with or without dr. ford."
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think about that fact. >> during his assault, mark came over and jumped on the bed twice while brett was on top of me and the last time that he did this, we toppled over and brett was no longer on top of me. >> dr. ford has said that this event occurred at a house near columbia country club but none of those people, nor i, lived near columbia country club. >> when i did not hear him comeo back up the stairs, i left the bathroom, went down the same stairwell, through the living room, and left the house. l >> she says confidently that she had one beer at the party. but she does not say how she got to the house in question or how she got home or whose house it was. >> dr. ford, with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted you? >> 100%. >> but i swear today under oath before the senate and the
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nation, before my family and god, i am innocent of this charge. >> laura: here to react former u.s. attorney joe digenova, attorney scott w bolden, "wall street journal" editorial board member kimberley strassel and former white house press secretary, fox news contributor ari fleischer. ari, we have a lot to get to guys. first question, did we learn any facts today that lead us to believe that dr. ford's claims have any more merit than they did yesterday, joe digenova? >> the answer is no. there is no corroborating evidence. she could not provide location time, date, place, anything thas any person making a claim like this would have to provide. this was truly a remarkable moment in senatorial history. this was the equivalent of joseph welch telling senator mccarthy, have you no decency, sir. the difference was brett kavanaugh told that to the entire ten members of the democratic committee. have they no decency.
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the answer is, they do not. >> laura: scott bolden, the ford's recollection was shaky at various points. she couldn't definitively say when she saw mark judge or brett kavanaugh leave that second floor. she also couldn't say -- she wasn't saying that she hadn't been at the country club before columbia country club before. obviously, she couldn't say how many people were at the party. and yet she could remember she had one beer, which i think wasn a stark way of examining the factual -- not discrepancies but differences here. what was your reaction to that? >> as a former sex crimes prosecutor from new york memories and details fade. first there, this with 36 years ago. i don't think this takes away from her credibility because the fact that she didn't know the smaller details. i'm hearing somebody -- forgive me. in any event, she certainly
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didn't know those details but the big details where she was able to identify him, she was able to say who else was in the room, and most importantly, all of these other witnesses, i keew hearing about these four witnesses who corroborate kavanaugh. that is just not true in the sense of this. there are only three witnesses in that room. she went to the bathroom, she heard them go downstairs, and then she left immediately. mark judge is the key to credibility. >> laura: hold on. she said one thing, kimberley strassel. she said they ping-ponged down the stairs and then she said she heard them down the stairs. ping-pong is a visual, to me. it's a visual thing. my old litigator days, i was listening to visual versus hearing. again, it is a long time that has gone by. >> you can go through all ofof these back then everyone will find some discrepancies here or there. the bottom line was what you just showed on this tv, is that every person she has named has denied this event ever happened. to your point, i think everyone is using the wrong word here. it's not credibility that
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matters.nt every day, we have opposing parties that go into court, or into employment disputes, both sides appear credible. we don't make a judgment based on a popularity contest. we do it based on facts and evidence. and that is what matters here and the burden here today was to provide some further evidence to this claim and that was not meant, and brett kavanaugh, once again, forcefully denied under oath and risk of perjury that has ever happened. >> laura: ari fleischer, right now, we have a lot of anchors on television who came out, and commentators, who found ford to be exceptionally credible and sympathetic. okay? do we have a montage of that? let's watch. >> she comes across very credible. >> difficult to watch someone who is a credible story of being victimized. >> i think the public has heard such a believable, credible emotion, human story.
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>> the credibility of her testimony is just unparalleled. >> laura: unparalleled powerful, those were two words that we heard, exceptional brave, courageous. how do you combat that with someone who is defiant and strong and a lot of the commentators said brett kavanaugh was angry. i would be angry if i was accused of these things wrongly too. i would be really angry. that was used against him today >> when something like this happens, you go to human instincts. you don't go to politics, you go to what motivates people. when you are accused of something you did not do, you are hot, you are emotional, it is a natural reaction that any innocent person would properly have. that is when i saw in brett kavanaugh. i did think that his accuser was compelling, but you know what? what kind of a country do we have it just because someone is making an accusation and that comes across as compelling, that is good enough to presume guilts we can't be that country. we have to have fact, we have to have proof, we have to have evidence.
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otherwise, no one is safe. and so it was a tough day for both witnesses, but the end of the day, without proof, how can you hold off brett kavanaugh's nomination, particularly after he came across as so compelling truth telling, and credible? >> laura: joe, there was a moment where they were discussing the therapist notes. a lot of us thought that the therapist notes would be produced to the committee because that was one of the dispositive points from her team. she told the therapist about the attack -- not the name of kavanaugh but the attack in 2012. those notes were not produced. this is where the back and forth with mitchell, the prosecutor former prosecutor from arizona and ford. let's watch. >> did you show a full or partial set of those marriage therapy records toto "the washington post"? >> i don't remember. i remember summarizing for her what they said. i am not quite sure if it actually gave her the record.
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>> okay. so it's possible that the reporter did not see these notes. >> i don't know -- i can't recall whether she saw them directly or if i just told her what they said. >> have you shown them to anyone else besides your counsel? >> just the counsel. >> laura: now joe, it is understandable to forget things for 36 years ago but remember other facts, we all kind of do that. but that was interesting. it is just seven weeks ago. she couldn't remember whether she gave notes -- that is therapist notes. it would seem like you would really remember that. no one wanted to touch this. everyone was afraid because of the me too hashtag, everyone is afraid to ask tough questions. they asked a lot of tough questions of brett kavanaugh. i was surprised. >> this is a hearing for someone's life, brett kavanaugh. those notes should have been produced. they were not produced, and that is a telling tact.
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the failure to produce means there is something to hide. remember how the democrats say why are you hiding this? why are they hiding that? the other thing that ms. mitchell that that was very telling, she showed that dr. ford flies an awful lot for somebody who doesn't want to fly from california to the east coast when in fact she was in bethany beach, delaware, from august until now. they lied. the democrats lied about where she was. they said she was in california and couldn't get here which is why the committee offered to fly to california to interview her. guess what? if they had flown there, she would have been in delaware. >> laura: she went up to new hampshire -- >> she flew around a lot. >> laura: we'll get to this yearbook stuff in a moment. there was another moment about the polygraph, scott, where she was asked about the polygraph and again, the senators -- the point didn't get nailed on this. i don't understand why. mitchell just was too slow. i don't know. it was like, come on!
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that whole format was a joke. but she was asked about the polygraph, did anyone record it. and she said, there was a laptop -- where there notes? i think the committee wanted whatever those notes were or recording, but she said, i don't now if you are doing a a polygraph, you know if there is a video camera on you. i mean, yes, anyone think that is unreasonable thing to think? there was no follow-up on any of the stuff and i was like, as ao lawyer, i was like, you don't her member? we are supposed to believe your credibility from 36 years ago. i'm sorry but i thought it was odd. both of you quickly. >> it's a highly technical process, the fact that she couldn't remember whether it was recorded or not, or i thought who paid for it was another't point of contention that seemedr to be an uncomfortable moment. >> laura: she didn't even know when it was. s first she says it was the day of the funeral, then she said it was, it might not of been that day. all i'm trying to say -- >> she took the polygraph and past. >> laura: very few specific
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questions. i got to ask this yearbook.k i want kim and ari to weigh in on this. ari, you took particular offense to the obsession of the yearbook at georgetown prep. i want to play you this exchange with senator whitehouse and i want you and kim to assess. w watch. >> what does the word ralphss mean? >> judge, have you, i don't knol if it is boofed -- how do you pronounce that? >> that is flatulence. we were 16. >> devil's triangle? >> drinking game. >> they are, like, one, two three, four, 7 fs in front of the fourth of july. >> one of our friends, when he said the f word, starting at a young age, had kind of a wind up to the f word. >> laura: [laughs] u ari, you and kimberly.
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>> why are we having this discussion? we are having because we got to the point, as we just said where she's marshaled no new evidence and you can't really go anywhere further down the road on the supposedly crime that so instead we are putting on trial high school drinking and yearbook phrases. >> laura: but her drinking never came up. >> a lot of things never came up. >> laura: i'm saying, why -- if brett kavanaugh's beers and- how many beers -- but why is that not relevant? >> republicans were scared tors death to question >> laura: everybody is scared but this is a guy's life the line. s hold on. ari, go ahead. >> the yearbook episodes were one of the saddest stories we saw today. the notion that the united state senators think that would you put in your yearbook when you're a 17-year-old is relevant to your life today, and is a measure of a man, is preposterous. at one point i thought he was going to say, you were in the french club. does that have to do with
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kissing? i what point were they trying to make about these things in a high school kid's yearbook? a terrible road to go down for our country. >> laura: i want to look at -- there is a real clear investigation, real clear investigations actually dug up the holton arms yearbook thatcl had been mysteriously, like the entire social media profile of dr. ford, scrubbed from the internet. an odd thing to scrub. o they scrubbed all the holtonrd arms yearbooks. we have the terror of the headline. "suppressed blasey ford's yearbooks reveal fast times at holton arms." here's a key paragraph. "her own school yearbooks, and which parents two paid ads celebrated "boys and beer" and pictured beer bottles and beer cans and scenes of boys and girl striking at parties. one published a photo of ford and other girls at a halloween party alongside a caption boasting of "passing out" after playing quarters and another o drinking games." the big deal.
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big deal. what i'm saying, if you are going to harp on brett kavanaugh's drinking, why is everybody's high school years not on the table at this point? >> because it's not the part of the equation that you and your guests are leaving out, that is this, brett kavanaugh painted himself into this corner by making out like he was a choir boy that didn't drink a wholeav lot. >> he didn't say that. >> laura: he said he didn't blackout.nk >> he said he didn't -- >> laura: a lot of peopleai don't blackout. >> i didn't say he didn't blackout. i'm talking about whether he participated having drink on while he was there. >> laura: half of those senators, scott, wouldn't be on that panel! hang around capitol hill long enough! hang around capitol hill long enough! you know like i do! go to monocle right now! these guys are bombed more times and i want to count over the last 25 years that i have seen your! >> dr. ford is a deeply troubled person. she has a history of psychological discord, she had a very terrible life at holton
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arms, it's a very serious problem. she went to the west coast for one she had so many problems in thaf school that they sent her away. she is a very sad woman. i felt very sorry for her today because of the way the democrats used her and abused her. but i felt more sorry for the daughters and the wife of brett kavanaugh and may i say to senator lindsey graham, today he is my hero for what he said. everybody in this country wanted to say to the ten democrats on the committee. have you know shame? >> i will push back a little bit. i know i am surrounded by a lot of lawyers, so you see this and you just want to tear into them. my point is, what was one of the point of this -- the importantoi point, she could not marshal any new evidence, and he made a very strong commitment. was there any benefit other than potentially to really upset some republicans who were watching this and wanting to see a fair process and wanting to see her treated with a lot of dignity
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and respect, would there have been a benefit to really going after her? >> laura: you must understand what i'm saying. guys, i'm not saying going after her.yo joe, you know this from your days. you can ask questions. okay, just answer simple questions. they were really tough on brett kavanaugh. i mean, they were really tough on him. >> this hearing was never going to be equal that way that way. >> laura: again, i think everyone is worried, ari, that women are watching and women aren't going to vote for republicans. i think a lot of women watched this and they think, i have brothers, sons, and husbands and coworkers who i don't want one allegation uncorroborated to destroy them. it might be -- this can be true but i think -- i could see why people say that she seems sympathetic but maybe it is because i know brett kavanaugh for 28 years. i know the kind of person he is. that probably does color but ier think about all of this i think the republicans -- they the day was saved by brett kavanaugh and lindsey graham.
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guys, we got going to kellyanne conway. ari, i wish i could get the whole panel going. thank you, all. president trump apparently buoyed by cavanagh's performance today tweeted shortly after it ended, "judge kavanaugh showed america exactly why i nominated him. his testimony was powerful honest, and riveting. democrats search and destroy strategy is disgraceful, and this process has been a total sham and an effort to delay obstruct, and resist. the senate must vote." a joining us now from the white house, kellyanne conway counselor to the president. what is the mood tonight? i know the president was very pleased with brett kavanaugh's appearance before the committee. but what is next, what will be the next move for the white house, given the fact that we still don't know if we have the votes from the republicanswe on the hill? >> laura, thanks for having me. what the president saw in judge kavanaugh when he first met wit him, and consider nominating him to the united states supreme court is what the whole country saw today. a man of great self possession
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and composure who also was able to show emotion and empathy for those he feels are being wronged, certainly himself but more importantly, the process. his young daughters, his wife his parents. all of the women who have come forward to support him. his high school friends who are now being dragged into this even though they have said that they cannot corroborate these allegations. >> laura: kellyanne, there's a lot of commentators on tv who are like, brett showed he had this seething rage. i heard one person say, oh, if he could be so ticked off at this, imagine what he does when he has a few drinks in him. i actually heard someone say that. >> laura, respectfully, you got to change the channel or put on the radio once in a while.ra i didn't see any of that because it's not relevant. i think brett kavanaugh actually spent two weeks, two plus weeks watching and listening to people trash him where he was not able to respond.
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the sanctimonious pundits pontificating and prevaricating about a man they hardly know. all they know about him is that he has 300 opinions and a yearbook page. and the senate democrats today in the judiciary committee actually were far more interested in a yearbook page bt a 17-year-old boy then 300 opinions he has authored as a man. think about what that says about our process. i thought today was a tour de force by judge kavanaugh. he put it all on his shoulders. he is going to run through the tape and leave it out in the field in pure trump fashion. i thought judge kavanaugh channeled his inner clarence thomas and his inner donald trump because he is not going to allow them to besmirch a good man's reputation and ?- go ahead. >> laura: kellyanne, do you think that the decision to bring in ms. mitchell, the former sex crimes prosecutor -- was that effective? i know you work for the white house and everybody says it was great. i got to say, i didn't think it
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was great. i didn't think that mitchell -- she seems like a really smart person, a really nice person, i don't know if it was the format but it all seemed a little too plotting in a little to like it instead of, this is a performance. i don't know. i just though lindsey graham and the republicans actually did a better job than mitchell with the witness, with the accuser. >> i think what people ultimately remember from today is judge kavanaugh. let's not forget what today is and what it is not. it's not a civil proceeding or ' me too movement. w it's not a trial by tv. it is another step in the senate confirmation process for judge kavanaugh to go to the supreme court. we should not lose sight of that. i think they'll remember him. they'll remember him because he batted on the allegations showed, i would say, emotion but also empathy. people couldn't decide whether they were mad at him forth showing -- channeling the anger
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that he has for senate democrats as he said called him evil, and questioned his judgment, and said nothing, absolutely nothing while they are hearingti threatened his wife -- >> laura: did you think she was empathetic, dr. ford, the accuser?id did she seem credible? >> yes, i do think -- not as a woman. i don't like that. i should say that she came across as compelling as empathetic. and i've been saying for two weeks now, a week now, that it's true that something may have happened to her, something terrible may have happened to her. it just didn't involve him. he said today under oath, he doesn't doubt that she was sexually assaulted or harmed by someone, somehow, somewhere, but that he has had many times now under oath, it wasn't him. i thought what judge kavanaugh did today is an exercise in the way people should treat people who mistreat them. i will tell you why. he did not draw first blood. when he first gave the 34 hours of sworn testimony, he showed
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respect, the democrats answered with rumination. he showed deference.d they answered with construction. he has watched them trying to destroy them and his name i do know what?. he responded in kind. i don't think they were ready for that. the democrats' questions were terrible.y they should have asked ms. mitchell to stay for a couple more hours. their questions were terrible. a few of them talked about the three favorite people, me myself, and i, they gave speeches, they kept repeating the same thing -- >> laura: obsessed with drinking. >> i thought he was really agitated tonight, not brett t kavanaugh, you know who was agitated, the left. because they see that donald trump, president trump was on the precipice of having a second supreme court nominee confirmed. along with 26 or so u.s. circuit court nominees. >> laura: [laughs] thank you so much. >> they did everything -- they got neil gorsuch on there, and then they said, you better stop the next one and this is the way they tried to stop him and look at him today. >> laura: brian fallon's tweet and that whole resistance
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group -- is reprehensible. t >> brian fallon better -- i want to say something. r he better stay out of my state because that is just rude. someone who has worked for hillary clinton probably hasn't worked for an honorable person like brett kavanaugh in a while. >> laura: thanks so much. i want to bring in newt gingrich, the author of "the new york times"s best seller, "transamerica," you've heard a lot tonight. i want to get your reaction to a truly an impassioned -- i think it was "the moment" other than kavanaugh's opening statement. the moment of the day from lindsey graham. let's watch. >> if you wanted an fbi investigation, you could have come to us. what you want to do is destroyfb this guy's life, hold this seat open, and hope you win in 2020. you have said that. not me. you have got nothing to apologize for. when you see sonia sotomayor and elena kagan, tell them lindsey said hi. i voted for them. i would never do to them what you did to this guy.
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this is the most unethical sham since i have been in politics. are you a gang rapist? >> no. >> i cannot imagine what you and your family are going through. boy, y'all want power. i hope you never get it. i hope the american people can see through this sham, that you knew about it and you held it. god, i hate this. these have been my friend. but let me tell you when it comes to this. you are looking for a fair process, you came to the wrong town at the wrong time, my friend. to my republican colleagues, if you vote no, you are legitimizing the most despicable thing i have seen in my time in >> laura: newt, i've never seen anything like that moment and i've been in this town for almost 30 years. i can't believe i'm saying thath your reaction to that pivotal moment?
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>> i think that moment justified lindsey graham's entire career. he was courageous, blunt honest, direct, emotional, andar effective. this has been the most despicable behavior by a majorct party in modern history. m this is a deliberate, vicious character assassination, hurt the guy's daughters, hurt his mother, hurt his wife, hurt his reputation. they didn't care. you are watching people on that panel, democrats on that panel who know it's a lie. they know it's a lie. they know the way that feinstein did this was utterly, totally despicable. they went along. my big question is, is there a single democrat with the guts to stand up and vote for this judge because they know this is sickening. i want to see whether it is joe
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manchin or heidi heitkamp or any of them. do they have the guts to stand up to the left and say, this is exactly what is wrong with modern america? because this is a despicable act of utter character assassination by people who frankly have behaved in an evil way, unworthy of the united states. >> laura: we had heidi heitkamp as a possibility, joe manchin looks like he could be voting yes. someone like joe donnelly b claire mccaskill, this is where fairness and basic sense of decency, you would think would kick in because the tables can be turned on the democrats newt. although the republicans would never do this. i want to play something because you mention it, newt. dianne feinstein and the leak. both mike lee and john cornyn tried to hit her on this idea that this document just kind of appeared from her office and ended up in the hands of thent press. let's watch. >> can you tell us that your o staff did not leak it?
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>> i don't believe my staff would leak it. i have not asked that question directly. >> do you know that? i mean, how in the world did that get in the hands of the press? >> the answer is no. the staff did not. >> have you asked your staff or other staff -- >> i already did. >> the judiciary committee? >> pardon me -- jennifer just me that i asked her before. >> somebody leaked it if it wasn't you. >> laura: wait a second, she just said her staff, she didn'tt ask her staff, which is unbelievable, if a document leaks from your office, and then she says, oh, no, she just reminded me i did. i thought that was just a shattering moment for dianne feinstein. that was one of the most embarrassing moments of this whole day. >> i think that senator feinstein, who was once a responsible and honorable
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person, for whatever reason maybe because she is challenged from the left in california and the election this year, but for whatever reason, this has all gotten out of control. the fact is the republicans ought to file ethics charges they ought to go after her staff, the things -- this could have been handled in the middle of the summer. she had the letter. she could have brought it in an orderly way, they could have had a reasonable conversation, they have deliberately created -- this is all deliberate. none of this is an accident. they have deliberately created a firestorm of character assassination at the last possible moment. i just want to go back for a second about these other democrats. remember, north dakota has voted 16 of the last 17 elections for a republican president who favored a conservative judge. indiana has voted to 15 of last
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17 elections for a conservative who wants conservative judges. montana has voted 15 of the last 17 elections. if there is any sense of representing the will of those states, those senators have an enormous moral pressure to vote for this judge because he fits what the people of their states have voted for. and if there's any sense of decency, democrats from other states ought to really this weekend take a little while and go pray about this. their party is genuinely undermining and sickening the process of united states. >> laura: i think if you are looking for decency, you are looking to washington, d.c., not the best place to look.en >> i'm an optimist. >> laura: you are, newt. that is why i love having you on. thank you so much for being on with us tonight. do not go anywhere. we still have so much morere reaction and analysis about this hearing from michelle malkin ben shapiro, a close friend of brett kavanaugh who he mentioned
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in today's hearing, so stay right there.
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>> i think we just saw a man struggling to keep himself from disintegrating, from falling apart on national tv. he roared with anger, under dishes, raw anger. >> listening to judge kavanaugh and it was surprising to me that he seemed like a bully. >> the most striking to me was the anger. the way he portrayed himself at the outset of his hearing today he looked unhinged. >> he was angry and belligerent and it was kind of scary. that is not the temperament of a federal judge. it's completely everything that a federal judge isn't what that. >> laura: she must not have appeared before many federal judges because i have and i clerked for them and guess what they can get angry. the media didn't like the angry judge brett kavanaugh. they were criticizing him a day ago for being too meek and it
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looked like he was too scared so he is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. there was this. from "the washington post." i want to bring in michelle malkin, a crtv host, helgi walker, attorney and former colleague and friend of brett kavanaugh, and democratic strategist will jawando. i want to go to you first because you know judge kavanaugh very well, as do i, your take on this hearing, specifically this criticism of his demeanor, and trying to make his righteous indignation as then a reason for disbelieving what he is saying about this accusation. >> he can't win for losing. when people are accused of something wrongly, they have a strong reaction. brett was indignant, offended and all the things that a
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person, a good person, would be when they have been wronglyoo accused on a national stage and their name has been dragged through the mud. he would be upset, too. it wasn't anger, laura. it was the goodness in brett coming out to say this is wrong and i am not going to take this anymore and i'm really glad he did that. >> laura: michelle, the accuser, dr. ford, was on in the morning, and by the time she finished, so, she was like a d combination of rosa parks, she was -- >> joan of arc. >> laura: joan of arc, she was the heroine of all time. because of her performance, and she was built up as extremely credible, extremely sympathetic. and yet not a lot of factual advancement in the underlying narrative. where do we go from here? >> zero factual corroboration. zero. in fact, there were even more flubs and more changes and more inconsistencies and deeper gaps
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in her memory, which she said was seared the details of the alleged incident and apparently it seared a hole in her brain because she still can't get all of her facts straight. and i have to say that in particular, i find senator hirono's performance to be an embarrassment, not only to my gender, our gender, laura but to all thinking people. because i think that she represents the most heinous string of radical feminist t ideology that is trying to upend the bedrock principles of the presumption of innocence and the rights of any accused. they keep repeating and parroting over and over again that the accuser, ford, is not on trial. well, neither is judge kavanaugh! and yet he has been convicted and hung by these hang them high just as feminists who are cheering that and georgetown law school students out in front as
11:40 pm
a cult with "men are trash" t-shirts. that is what a thinking society has evolved into. >> laura: that is a real winner t-shirt, men are trash. the man on our panel, will, good to have you back. >> a great intro. >> laura: i don't really get that whole men are trash thing. this is what mazie hirono senator from hawaii. she sent out a fund-raising email today on this saga. she said, "i'm spending every minute of my day fighting the republicans who are desperate t rush brett kavanaugh's nomination and denying a fair investigation into the credible sexual misconduct allegations against him." she later apologized for the email fund-raising. is it just about protecting dr. ford and women or is this about raising money and galvanizing her base?te >> it's about protecting all women and all people who comee out and say that they have been a victim of sexual abuse. the real thing that you saw today was that we did not have a
11:41 pm
fair hearing. we have a statement written by a lawyer in the case of mark judge, where he was not tied back to cross-examination, not subject to actually having to talk to a physical person and bi investigated, ask questions. and the attacking of dr. ford the cowardice by the republican members of the judiciary committee, to not even be able to ask her a question and divert that to a prosecutor, that was -- e >> laura: do you think that she was treated disrespectfully today? is that what you are saying? >> i do, by the fact that they refused to ask her a question. >> laura: what? are you kidding me? it was kid gloves plus velvet gloves -- >> she had to ask senator grassley, "may i address you, sir" -- >> laura: that is her demeanor. >> they didn't want to address her directly. >> laura: that is their prerogative. five days ago it was "these white men are going to be questioning this poor victim." then they said, we will bring in woman who is an expert. i particularly did not think it
11:42 pm
was very effective. >> when -- >> laura: which one is it? you can't decide. i want to add something. helgi, feinstein's office came out tonight because she got herself in a pickle with that question about who leaked the memo. first she said, i didn't even ask my staff and that she said well, actually i did ask myy staff. a bad moment for her. tonight she released that at 7:00 p.m. "dr. blasey ford asked that her information be kept confidential and it was. i only refer to her letter to the fbi after it was leaked and reporter was knocking at her er door. i don't know who leaked information but it wasn't my office. my office did assist her in her process of attaining counsel which was entirely appropriate." is that entirely appropriate for the senate to be getting their council, the lawyer for the witness, in a confirmation? i think that is wild. i was that appropriate? >> i have never heard that. i think the timing of this and the suspicious connections here show that this is not really with all due respect, about the rights of women, this is aboutut
11:43 pm
blocking judge kavanaugh from taking justice kennedy's seat and yeah, it's outrageous. >> if it was about that, they could have done a lot of other tactics. you note -- >> they could have not held this and dropped it on -- >> laura: we are retreading- old territory. they had the allegations for 45 days, they waited for the opportune moment. you've talked about it, i think it was patently obvious. dianne feinstein stumbled when she was asked about that. you know something? because she didn't have her narrative strayed. she had to send out a cover my you know what a statement at 7:00 p.m. because she knew she stepped in it and not hearing. c she embarrassed herself. guys, love the statement, love the segment. ben shapiro is the national director of code pink. debate next. you have to stick around for this. guys, don't go away.
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♪ >> laura: as we've said repeatedly over the past few
11:47 pm
days, the democrats set this trap from the start with a t circus-like atmosphere at judged kavanaugh's original senate hearing which is what makes the repeated calls for an fbi investigation so transparent. remember, every one of them on the panel finds the letter yesterday insisting thatf kavanaugh should withdraw before this hearing. so what is this really a about? here to debate, ben shapiro host of the "ben shapiro election special" on fox," big national director ariel gold who was at the court today protesting. ben, let's start with you, your take on this, emotional day, but where the facts advanced in order to bolster ms. ford's credibility? >> they weren't. there was no corroborative evidence provided, not one single shred, not one single iota. that doesn't mean that fordro didn't tell a credible story doesn't mean that her story was story wasn't emotionally resident, but it doesn't mean that we can simply destroy a man's life and career based on an uncorroborated obligation no matter how much we have somebody for the person making the allegation. there was not one shread of
11:48 pm
supporting was brought to back her account, kavanaugh's denials were just as emotionally effecting. i don't see any reason to suggest -- by the way, theon evidence is more on hers than it is. i don't have any reason to suggest that his nomination should end based on what should happen today. >> laura: were you happy with the democrats' performance?n. he didn't seem to be bolstering her factual remembrance of what happened. it seemed more like a bunch of little speeches. >> let's remember that this is a lifelong appointment. and don't we want somebody for this appointment who is squeaky clean? somebody that we are not to debating, maybe they had a severe drinking problem to the point of blacking out. maybe they grossly sexually d assault numerous women. >> laura: so you are saying at this point, there was more factual evidence presented today to make an uncorroborated allegation enough to destroy a man's entire future? >> let's first of allal remember --
11:49 pm
>> laura: would you like that ever happened to you? if someone came forward and said, ariel, you are too young.. 15 years ago, ariel actually pushed me down a staircase, and to no one was in the house, but she knows she did it, and i was so traumatized that i couldn't talk about it. all you can say is, i've never even been at a party with hisou woman and she can't produce any one who was at a party with her. wouldn't you be mad at this hearing today if you were at aty similar inquisition aboutth getting a job and people were not believing you and saying you are angry about refuting the charge? wouldn't you be angry? >> at what point in history do we begin believing women about y the problems -- >> laura: women never lie?e? >> this country in this world with sexual assault -- >> laura: women never mistake their attackers? >> ford actually began to disclose as early as 2012. >> laura: we didn't get they notes. >> far before -- >> laura: ariel, i'm really01 glad you came on, ben, here's a fact, though. women are watching, women do vote, and a lot of women have
11:50 pm
gotten jacked up about this me too movement because they feel like it is their time, they are heard, they are taken seriously, finally. so how do the republicans weigh that as they proceed, regardless of what happens to this confirmation vote? >> i think they simply have to state over and over again tois that trust but verify is still t the policies in regard to allegation. a mere allegation alone is not justifying of repercussions. an allegation is not the end of the story. you can believe the woman and still recognize they must haven corroborative evidence before you destroy someone's life. otherwise mere allegations or the end of the story and that is not a world anyone wants to live in. s fascinating to watch so many folks on the left are deeply concerned most of the time with defendant's right to suddenly talk that all of the window when it comes to a specific type of allegation with a specific type of person being alleged to have committed this particular type of crime. >> laura: ariel, ben, we'll have this back on. ariel, maybe come on radio with me tomorrow. thank you so much for drawing me. a short w what was it like to be a lifelong friend of brett kavanaugh watching today?rt
11:51 pm
there were a lot of people in the hearing room today who have known him for a very long time. we will speak to one coming up next, don't go away.
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11:54 pm
>> i intend no ill will to dr. ford and her family. the other night ashley and my daughter, liza, said their prayers and liza, all ten years old, so to ashley, we should pray for the woman. it's a lot of wisdom from the 10-year old. we mean no ill will. >> laura: we are doing to now by julie, his friend of 35 plus years. julie was mentioned by judge kavanaugh today. julie, i know you watched a lot of this today. the democrats probing his drinking, trying to lead people to the impression that he's a real problem drinker.
11:55 pm
can't have someone with that d kind of problem on the court. your reaction? >> it is simply not true. he was the one who was in control, he was the one who was responsible, he was the one who took us all under his wing. it's just not true. >> laura: how do you think they are doing tonight? >> i think he did an amazing job today. he spoke from the heart and heg is absolutely not guilty of this. it's insane. >> laura: how is his family doing? have you heard? >> i just heard from the grapevine, it's been dramatic for them. these other girls dealing with this, and saying prayers, he's a very religious person, when he said to god, i'm not guilty of this, it is -- >> laura: i must be out for you because i knew you knew of christine blasey ford. you didn't know her well but you know of her at when you guys were in high school and you are watching her today.i what went through your mind? >> she wasn't part of our posse. we never saw her. i don't even know where she comes into play.
11:56 pm
>> laura: so the georgetown prep, that wasn't a cross pollinating crowd? >> we were a catholic school mafia. we all just hang out together. that was what -- the boys and the girls at schools in the catholic schools. >> laura: julie should know. you were there. i'm so glad you are here tonight. you've been so great throughout this process, a big supporter brett kavanaugh and his wife and thank you. we are probably going to have to have you back.up you've been great to be available. thank you so much. >> i'm happy to do it. >> laura: thanks, julie. up next, what is the timeline oh the vote? we'll have new information. we'll share it with you when wen come back.
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speak to an adopted member of the -- set your alarm spray tomorrow morning, committee will >> tomorrow morning the judiciary committee will vote on brett kavanaugh at 9:30 a.m.. i will be live with bret baer and chris wallace with reaction you do not want to miss. we are getting new information
12:00 am
by the moment about where the votes stand and they are shifting. we will be on top of every aspect after the committee votes, a couple procedural vote and if the gop has the votes we could see a tuesday confirmation vote in the whole senate. we had a great team effort to put this on tonight. everybody at fox has done an incredible job and the capper of the day is shannon bream and the fox news at night team. take it away. >> i shannon bream in washington, we begin with a fox news alert. we heard from christine blasey-ford and brett kavanaugh. notice time to vote. a swing vote on the judiciary committee, tomorrow when they get back tomorrow. we are looking ahead tomorrow, th


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