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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 28, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. >> how can you be speechless? we demand to know what i are thinking. do you stand with him? >> i think it would be proper to delay the floor vote for up to but not more than one week in order to let the fbi continue to do an investigation limited in time and scope. >> i'm deeply grateful to senator flake and others who i believe will join him in saying that they are not comfortable proceeding to a final vote on judge kavanaugh's nomination without a short additional professional period of investigation. >> he said he is going to -- a week is enough for him or maybe less. we are not playing this game
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of opening this up and it goes on forever. >> neil: we are told delayed but not denied. can you imagine being brett kavanaugh about now? welcome, everybody, i'll neil cavuto and this is "your world." what a fast moving world at that. indications today that the vote for brett kavanaugh to be the next supreme court justice of the united states that cleared a key committee vote today is going to be delayed up to a week for an fbi investigation into these allegations. we're told now just not in the case that he was getting from one accuser but up to three accusers. we are getting a little more detail from the senate judiciary committee saying right now that it has gone ahead and requested the administration instruct the fbi to conduct a supplemental fbi background investigation with respect to the nomination of justice brett kavanaugh to be an associate justice on the supreme court. that this investigation would be limited to current credible allegations against the nominee and must be
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completed by no later than one week from today. now, what is still isn't clear, republicans wanted to keep this fairly limited to those allegations by dr. christine ford. democrats want this extended to other women who have made allegations like debra ramirez and julie swetnick. so we really don't know for sure what that would involve or, for example, what the fbi investigation would involve. and who it would talk to and how long it would take to do. we're also told republicans have an understanding that this would be no more than one week. but, all of this prompted by jeff flake, the outgoing arizona republican senator who looked like a yea vote early this morning and then something changed. we suspect this incident this morning might have been it. take a look. >> how can you be speechless? we demand to know what you're thinking. do you stand with women? >> i think it would be proper to delay the floor vote for up to but not more than one week in order to
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let the fbi to do an investigation limited in time and scope. >> neil: all right, that wasn't very clear obviously the far more gripping and emotionally gripping exchange that the senator had was with a woman who said that she was abused in her own life and she was crying the senator was visibly moved and was that the game changer. be that as it may whether you saw this coming or not republicans clearly did not. mike emanuel on capitol hill what happens now whether some senators on the fence are still on the fence or waiting. michael? >> neil, no doubt there is a lot of pressure. a lot of these moderate senators is really boiling down to about four or so senators who will decide whether brett kavanaugh basically gets hired or ascends to the united states supreme court. but, jeff flake asked for more time. senator john cornyn a member of the republican leadership team praised jeff flake for voting to advance the nomination while asking for more time. >> there is some difference of opinion among us as to
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what exactly the fbi investigation would consist of. some of us think the -- it has been concluded and supplemented by this committee's investigation. others disagree with that but, i respect the fact that not only senator flake advocated to give dr. ford a chance to appear in front of the committee, which was the right thing to do, but also that he has allowed this process to move forward. >> the kavanaugh nomination was passed by the committee 11 to 10 along party lines. it comes a day after a very emotional hearing when members of the judiciary committee heard from his accuser christine blasey ford and kavanaugh. there are also many mostly cloudmentionsof kavanaugh's cloh school friend mark judge, he sent a letter to the committee under oath denying allegations against him and kavanaugh but did write, quote: i will cooperate with any law enforcement agency that is assigned to confidentially investigate these allegations. earlier, democrats complained bitterly about
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republicans rushing the process. >> let's be clear about something. this is part of the plan about them ramming it down. you know, we have a democracy. there should not be tyranny in the majority. we have a democracy. and there has not been a fair process in place from the beginning on this. >> a number of senators this afternoon have said a one week delay is not a bad thing as long as it's only a one week delay and it gets them the 50 votes to pass this nomination. neil? >> neil: all right, michael, thank you very, very much. to michael's point these are the senators you are going to want to watch right now. they support the delay and all on the fence on this including joe manchin the democrat of west virginia running for re-election in a state the president won by more than 30 points, lisa murkowski as well republican of alaska and, of course, the aforementioned jeff flake who started all of this. we should let you know as well that heidi heitkamp democrat up for reflection in north dakota another big
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trump winning state had supported the effort to get a delay here to get this settled once and for all. susan collins republican of maine has not made any comments one way or the other whether she echoed the sentiment of heidi heitkamp who welcomed something like this to get an independent law enforcement agency to do its job. no way of telling. just as satisfied those folks who seem to be saying we either do this or we could risk being no votes is enough to obviously get the administration's attention. as i mentioned the judiciary committee has already requested the administration to instruct the fbi to conduct this fbi background investigation. so, that would be up to president trump. to john roberts at the white house on what they are going to do. john? >> well, right now they are in the middle of meetings trying to see if they can put humpty dumpty back together now. with the request from the judiciary committee to the white house to do a supplemental fbi background investigation of the current credible allegations. i don't think the president is going to have much choice but to instruct his white
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house counsel don mcgahn call over to the fbi and say please talk to everybody involved here real question is how deep this is going to go. real credible allegations begin and end with the christine blasey ford allegations and therefore the investigation would be limited to interviews with judge kavanaugh potentially the other people who were said to be at that party or will democrats as mike emanuel suggested push to have these other allegations from debra ramirez and julie swetnick also included in this. so now we get back into a political fight as well. as far as we know, at this point, the white house has not sent over any request to the fbi. when he was meeting with the president of chile, just as all of this was unfolding, the president did say he was going to defer to the wisdom of the senate for guidance on how to handle all of this. listen here.
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>> i will let the senate handle that they are very professional. i'm sure it will all be very good. i guess the vote was a positive vote. there seems to be a delay. i will learn more about it as the day goes on. >> so the president also during that pool spray with the president of chile said that he watched the testimony. we know that he was watching all day yesterday from christine blasey ford and seemed to suggest that she did have a story to tell. listen here. >> i thought her testimony was very compelling. and she looks like a very fine woman to me. very fine woman. >> the president did also say though during that pool spray that he thought that judge kavanaugh was also very compelling in his denials as well. now, the president's hands may be tied here in terms of reopening the background investigation. this is his only chance this year to get a nominee seated on the supreme court. the president has said he is okay with the bit of a delay. he just doesn't want it to go past the mid terms because, depending on what the outcome in the mid terms may be, well, at any rate,
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it would be difficult to get somebody through the confirmation process during a lame duck session. but if democrats take control of the senate, and there is nothing to say that they will at this point, but, neil, if they did take control of the senate, then all bets are off and the president might not get another nominee until at least the end of his first term if he were to win a second term. i mean, it could be merrick garland on steroids. the president also said he is not looking to do a back up candidate right now. again, that would likely be there is no backup. it's either kavanaugh or nothing for 2018. >> neil: all right, as we said at the outset of the show the judiciary committee has recommended the president take this action and pass it along and get it wrapped up by october 5th next friday. what i'm thinking when you mention these other women who also brought allegations debra ramirez but particularly julie swetnick she of course is represented by michael avenatti and for the president to go ahead and extend an fbi investigation that would include her charges, that might be a tough pill to
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swallow. >> right. but, you know, the judiciary committee request from senator grassley says one week. so, could you investigate all of those other allegations in the space you have a week? unclear. i mean, the fbi can move mountains when it needs to. >> neil: right. >> again, it's going to be an argument about what are the current credible allegations and how much can you get done in a week? it sounds to me as though the agreement was jeff flake who suggested it here and apparently backed up by lisa murkowski, we don't yet know about susan collins, if it stretches past a, we mcconnell may be on pretty solid ground to say that's it, a week has gone by, let's call the vote in the senate floor. >> neil: all right, john roberts, thank you very, very much. there is confusion on this issue here. the republicans seem to think that this is simply limited to the allegations raised by christine blasey ford. and not these additional women debra ramirez and julie swetnick. of course the michael avenatti client. that might news to them.
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democrats, of course, seem assume it extends to all those individuals, republicans again just perceive ford. i point this tout because people could have very different mustangs, that meeting is just getting out with mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley and other key republicans and their understanding of that agreement could maybe be clarified, but it is very different, we're told from democrats' understanding. former white house press secretary ari fleischer on all of this. ari, at the very least it pushes things back at least a week. that is not mental to say that a vote is a week from now. where? going? >> i am highly highly suspect of this agreement. it's not going to be a week. everybody knows it. if you think it's a week, you are fooling yourself. here is what happens after a week. assuming the fbi gets to everybody and talks to everybody which is a big assumption, as soon as that is done the democrats will start to scream for more time. they are going to say but, wait a minute, during that one week we got all these new anonymous or some
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anonymous on the record accusations even if they're made up, even if they're fabricated. these too need to be looked into. it never ends. comes in over the transom needs to be looked into. and then, once the fbi is ready, the democrats on the committee are going to say we need the witnesses to appear before us. it's not enough that we have an fbi report and paper. we need to hear from the witnesses. we need to ask them the questions. we have advise and consent. it is to easy to see how this will not end. the democrats have one goal and that goal is to get this beyond election day. >> neil: what is if it just concerning the allegations of christine ford and not those of these other women because earlier today when you were listening to the comments of democrats, it was their understanding this delay would include those other allegations. my understanding listening to some of the republicans it was their understanding just dr. ford. this is already being sort of confused. >> let me hear chuck schumer, dianne feinstein, senator corker, let me hear
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all the democrats on the judiciary committee, including their leader, senator schumer agree to that if they all say this should only be exclusively about professor ford, that's one thing. but, if the democrats don't say it, they're tipping their hand that they want this to be open-ended that way they can continue to drag it along and delay it look, neil, it took professor ford 10 days to get to washington to show up for an interview. do you think the lawyers who represent all these other people are going to easily make their people available? it's a delay game. that's what it has always been. as you play the delay game, more information, a lot of erroneous comes to the transsome that also must be investigated. you know, i understanding if republicans have a vote they had no choice to go down this road. it's a road long and winding road will not be a one week road. >> neil: everything would have to fall into place one week getting all witnesses and everyone else. man o. man. thank you ver very, very much here. you would probably be looking at cross current and developments and thinking to
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yourself man oman this must have whip sawed the market. we ended the quarter at the blinding speed of mind especially for the quarterly numbers would stagger you with the dow rather tepid gain today and volume was affected by all the attention rivetted here up 9% on the quarter. the s&p little north than 7% and the nasdaq 6.9%. i only hasten to add more detail with all of the uncertainty of the supreme court nomination, the back and forth on a trade war that could accelerator into a lot of other bad stuff, rod rosenstein and what happens to him whether he has a future or not, the mueller investigation, you would think with all of the these cross current and perceived constitutional crises, people would be selling hand over first. they were not. that is the back drop and important to pointed out. if wall street is worried about all of these developments, maybe they are telling you everyone settle down. meanwhile, all that concern about the fbi, it will have control about what to do with this. who to talk to with this.
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>> neil: you know, we were just waiting to find out how susan collins of maine feels about this proposed delay. we already knew that joe manchin, lisa murkowski, obviously jeff flake were for it now we know and our chad pergram just found out. hey, chad. >> hey there i just chased susan collins down here in the capital in the back elevator she has been trying to stay out of the public eye. she was going a back way into the office of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and i asked her do you support the deal and she said yes, i do. there is this group of moderates, kind of both sides of the aisle who talked to the white house about their proposal and this is what collins said. she said, quote: this is an important development that will let us go forward. now, it's been said here in just the past few minutes that this gives some of these moderate senators perhaps on both sides of the aisle by asking for this
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delay some cover for them to go forward. the question that's up in the air right now is when will they actually put this on the floor so they have reported out from the committee the nomination, and the tentative plan initially just a few hours ago was to start debate on the floor after some procedural votes saturday, sunday and then try to wrap this up sometime tuesday night. but, why would you need to forge ahead with debate on the floor if you are waiting for background investigation to be complete. one of the big questions is how quickly county fbi resolve this and we are told that the justice department is still waiting for the white house at this hour to ask for the inquiry. it's up to the white house to give them the green light to go ahead, neil. >> neil: all right. chad, thank you very much. chad pergram. all right. ♪ i believe senator graham is speaking to reporters right now. >> the statement speaks for itself. so, the game plan as i understanding it from the statement is that there will be a supplemental background
1:20 pm
check consistent with what the statement said. not to take longer than a week. we are going to move to proceed to the nomination tomorrow either by recorded vote or voice vote. hopefully in a next few days the fbi will answer questions that linger in the minds of some, and we will up our down vote next week. time will tell. i know all i need to know. i'm very confident in this man who he is and he is capable of a qualified and you know my view about the process. but, this is democracy. jeff is a wonderful guy, flake, is he trying to be fair. and you know, the three senators who have had concerns are being listened to and that's called democracy. i hope one or two democrats will come forward and say this process, while i may not vote for kavanaugh is better moving in the write direction. time will tell. >> have you spoken to the president? >> [inaudible] about this move. >> the leader's message is i would like to have some definition and i think we
1:21 pm
now have definition. but the thing about democracy is that when you have 51 senators, you're going to listen to all 51. i do hope some people were talking to jeff hope they come forward and say i won't for kavanaugh this is a better process. >> have you talked to the president? >> no. i was making a joke if he was listening about trying to explain this to him because i didn't know what we had done. now i feel like the white house will honor the request of the committee to have supplemental background check and, again, i have told the president this is a separate branch of government. i know it's frustrating to deal with the senate. sometimes we feel the same about you. that's the way it works. at the end of the day, i think you've had a process here that i doubt if anyone who will ever be nominated to the supreme court has been looked at harder than brett kavanaugh. and one thing i want to do when this is all over with. i think he will win.
1:22 pm
i hope he will win. i would like to meet his daughters. >> our senators steamed at jeff flake. >> no. >> nobody is mad at him. >> if you are mad at him that's unreasonable. nobody that i know of. people are frustrated that this is going on. most of us are ready to move. i'm not going to say that there are some people that bother me, but jeff is 100 percent consistent. >> so they have got to finish the supplemental background check in less than a week the fbi. is it going to take a week if they are never going to be able to figure out where this alleged incidents happened? >> i think we have got a process to answer some questions and i will let you ask others. but, i feel like the supplemental background check can be done quickly and i feel comfortable we are going to move forward and he will get confirmed. >> what needs to happen in the supplemental check for it to be thorough? >> people who look at it say it's thorough. [laughter]
1:23 pm
>> judge answer questions? are you concerned about what he might say? >> he has made a statement under penalty of felony and he is willing to talk again and i can't imagine him saying anything different. but that will be up to him. i don't know what he is going to say. and we'll see. we will see what happens. >> have you heard from your colleagues, senator collins or murkowski that this is going to be enough to get them to vote yes on brett kavanaugh. >> you need to ask them. >> is there talk about that. >> you need to ask them. >> okay. we will. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> neil: what we heard from susan collins and lisa murkowski whether they support this extension whether or not that would mean they would be yes votes in the end is anyone's guess. this was pivotal to them and also pivotal to the likes of senator joe manchin and others. like hide i couldn't heitcamp, two democrats who are in re-election battles of their own here. the question then becomes can this all be done in a week and then what happens
1:24 pm
and if you keep the clock running does it have to go back to the committee? they weigh it and then ponder the findings of the interviews that the fbi has gathered and then vote and is there another clock on that you get the idea that this could be a whole lot easier said than done. the witness to whom they were referring there in that brief exchange was mark judge who says he would cooperate with an investigation going forward. but whether he would be open to. so things that would come up with an fbi investigation here, we simply don't know. let's get the read from former assistant fbi director bill gavin. bill, that's an aggressive time line, doable? >> sure, neil, it's do being. i will guarantee you right now based on what happened this morning, leads have et been sent out for every field office in the country who could potential solid a lead to cover in this case. agents have already been assigned to who is going to talk to whom. bottom line is though, the speed of this whole thing depends upon the volume as you all well know. if, in fact, this is limited
1:25 pm
only to judge kavanaugh and dr. ford, they will go out and interview them. i suspect that probably their attorneys will say they are going to stand on their statements. if anything develops from the interviews of them, any more people interview, that will be done. and if, in fact, it includes swetnick and ramirez that will never be done in the course of a week if that's part of the program here. one has said she went to 10 different parties how in the lord's name are you going to find that out? it just is going to be impossible to get all of that done in a week. the other side of the coin is you go to somebody, neil, and they say i'm not going to talk to you, now you come back in the committee is going to want to subpoena these people. that is a forever process as well as you well know. i think this is going to be a very difficult situation. senator rosenthal has already said he is not interested in any sham fbi
1:26 pm
investigation. that kind of paves the road for me saying no matter what you do it's thought going to be acceptable. i think we'll have to see how this all plays out but i know the bureau will have all the resources in place as best they can in order to move with this as rapidly as they can. >> neil: you know, in the end and you were telling me this yesterday as well. there are no conclusions in there the fbi gathers interviews of various players and others who might come up in the process and then what? put in so-called 302, just a collection of those memories, right? >> it is and it depends upon what kind of an interview you are going to do. have a signed statement from some of these people? i suspect not. all result in the investigation was going to go to the white house to the committee and that's it. the fbi is not going to offer any conclusion as to a recommendation as to who is telling the truth and who isn't. the committee has to figure that out. that's where i feel they will offer subpoenas again, neil, and this will go on and on and on and on. >> neil: that's what i
1:27 pm
wondered too. i had very different impressions who thought what waextended here and from a lot of democrats earlier on. their understanding was that this delay would include getting corroboration or stories from debra ramirez and julie swetnick and michael avenatti client and republicans just the opposite. and certainly the official read you had from chuck grassley's office is that would extend to and as you said be limited to dr. christine ford's allegations. so, already you could have a week from now when this is all done and the fbi really here is what we found out from witnesses were involved or looking at or mentioned in the dr. ford situation and democrats coming out and saying whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. what about these others? you know, can i see the problem already. >> the problem is there and we really don't know yet what the white house is saying either. if, in fact, they say no, it's going to be limited only to dr. ford and judge kavanaugh. now you have got the rub and the bumping into each other and the fight starts all
1:28 pm
over again. it's nothing but political theater at this particular point in time. >> you are a great fbi days and great representative of that institution. but fbi investigations in the past concerning both parties and key players has not exactly been great national uniters, i suspect this will not be as well. >> no, it won't be. it is -- it is going to produce the facts of what neil joe friday showed just the facts and somebody else is going to have to make the evaluation as to how those facts. >> neil: that won't be the fbi. >> no. >> neil: who is going to make that ultimate interpretation they will want to put it back in the committee, right? >> they will want to put it back in the committee. you know what will happen there. black to one group and white to another group. nobody is going to agree and the theater will go on and on. >> neil: all right, bill, thank you so much enlightening us about the process here and how it goes about here. iif the meter is stuarting to run and the administration
1:29 pm
approves this part on the fbi to look into this, presumably just look into the dr. ford situation then what? washington examiner is with us right now. what joe manchin, lisa murkowski, heidi heitkamp and wanted to see. how will it go? will they be satisfied with one week investigation a week from now on the 5th of october wrapped up and only concludes with christie ford situation that makes no conclusions at all. >> yeah. some of those senators will, i think, be satisfied with a summit tri report. a lot of other democrats, i think, are going to cry foul. like you and the other guests were just talking about a second ago, the next fight is going to be overs who allegations are going to take into consideration. is the first said, the second set or the third you? better believe that democrats, because they want this investigation to extend as long as possible and to loom over the mid terms, you better believe that they are going to be fighting not just for dr. ford, but also for the ramirez allegations and so on and so forth.
1:30 pm
look at chris murphy, for instance, earlier in the week he was saying that we absolutely needed an fbi investigation. and then today the narrative already shifts where he says well, it's good that we have an fbi investigation. but, you know, kavanaugh is still the most dangerous, the most dangerous threat to the supreme court. so, this is going to continue. this is going to be ugly. i don't think that anyone really believes that democrats are going to be satisfied. >> neil: what i do wonder about in the end does it provide cover, phil, for those on the fence, you know, joe manchin or lisa murkowski, jeff flake, obviously susan collins could come back and say all right, well, the fbi investigation that i wanted came and obviously with these things there are no conclusions. but that could be give them cover to be yes votes and this worry that republicans have that judge never gets to be a justice is misplaced. >> yeah. i think that could definitely happen. we saw sort of the inverse earlier today in indiana where you had joe donnelly come out and you didn't say anything about kavanaugh as a justice. he said that these were
1:31 pm
serious allegations and he left it at that but he announced that he was going to be voting know on the nomination because there had not been an fbi investigation u i could see donnelly being more than happy to vote for kavanaugh if this summit tri investigation comments back without any red flags. >> neil: all right, thank you very much. a little while ago lisa murkowski of alaska responding on this very question to reporters. >> okay. she got in a car and presumably didn't answer the question. can i tell you the alaska republican senator was among those saying, you know, let's not rush to judgment here. supporting this effort on the part of her colleague jeff flake to look into this to see what the fbi can do in the next week. that is what they are going to do. they are going to give the fbi a week to talk to the corroborating witnesses where they can find them, where they might not be able to find them. mark judge says he will cooperate with the investigation going forward. he was a little bit leary to do it in a public setting maybe behind closed doors with the fbi asking him questions he would be fine
1:32 pm
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>> neil: it could be all wrapped up a week from today how likely is that with an fbi investigation pending and president of the united states and getting wrapped up tied up in a nice little bow and a vote a week from now friday october 5th. i don't know, don't bet on it what do i know, conservative and democratic strategist and the "wall street journal" shellie holiday. aggressive time schedule here. what do you think, shelby? >> it is aggressive i also think olive branch extended by republican senator jeff flake and also backed by other republicans on the committee. rare moment of bipartisan bipartisanship when we saw jeff flake come back with senator chris coonsz a democrat i have been talking to my colleagues who do support a quick one week investigation limited to the allegations that are credible and already known. and then i thought it was important that senator lindsey graham and others on the committee even though they may not be happy with this decision came out and said hey, this is why we love jeff flake he really cares about this
1:37 pm
institution, he cares this is done right. i think that backing from republicans was incredibly significant and maybe even persuaded president trump to get behind them and ask the fbi for an investigation. >> >> neil: i don't know if it changes any votes in the end, madison, it could include the prospects for a judge kavanaugh if he becomes justice, not to be hounded once he is a supreme court justice, assuming he gets that far. what do you think? >> i wish i could agree with you on that, neil. we are where we're. as far as i'm concerned i think the democrats should be ashamed of themselves for what i believe to be a disgraceful exploitation of the nomination process, a character assassination of judge kavanaugh who has had an incredible impeccable career on the court. >> neil: do you extend that to jeff flake. >> i'm really disappointed in what happened today. >> neil: robert, your thoughts? robert, can you hear me? all right. we didn't deliberately rule out the democratic guy there. i want to point that out. hopefully we will fix that shelby, now what happens?
1:38 pm
let's say a week from now because people pore get it's not a judgment call on the parted of the fbi. a gathering of testimony, comments from witnesses or those deemed to be able or not able to corroborate the allegations of dr. christine blasey ford about what happened at this party more than almost four decades ago. will that be enough? >> well, there were two ways this could go. the fbi investigation could turn up nothing, nothing new. and that could actually encourage some of these fence sitters that we have been talking about for the past few days. senators collins, murkowski, perhaps senator manchin. if nothing comes up, that may give them more confidence to vote for president trump's pick. however, if something new comes up, it's a huge gamble on the part of republicans. if there is new evidence that comes up, if a witness, for example, mark judge comes forward and says, you know what? i do remember this event, i do remember being there, then that could totally tank president trump's nominee. and so, a lot can happen in a week. >> neil: we don't know. robert is back with us and. >> hi, robert.
1:39 pm
>> neil: robert you, i'm sorry about the audio problems. what do you make of this robert whether that will be enough. do you take democrats at their word of course they have been saying a week from now, that's fine, we live with that and deal with that. >> we have the trust in the fbi and trust to our department of justice and their ability to determine the facts in this case. i i think that republicans should do is paint this as an opportunity to withdraw the nomination of justice kavanaugh and bring in a person who will be able to unite the country. what is so special about judge kavanaugh. >> neil: i'm not ask whether they should find another justice. you are saying -- you are asking for an fbi investigation and all of a sudden by the way the person they are investigating, the allegation they are investigating drop it because we want the guy out. >> look, i'm fine with the investigation. i just want to make sure it's thorough. >> neil: you are already prejudging it you want the guy to governmental we want it to be thorough. for republicans what is the benefit of pushing through kavanaugh at this point? >> neil: wait a minute. you want it to be throrp row. you want to toss the guy out
1:40 pm
on his hine and endorsing an investigation for a guy who wouldn't even be there under your scenario. >> we want to have the investigation and make sure that all voices are heard. >> neil: no you don't. you just said you want to hear from everyone who has anything to say on this charge decades old but by the way republicans you had should really heed the guy yoheave the guyyou are investige don't like him. >> not about liking him. >> why do this kabuki theater. >> let's understanding just from kavanaugh's testimony yesterday he can never rule on anything involving the clintons, the clinton foundation, anything involving campaign finance. >> neil: why are we wasting our time that's a ridiculous argument. >> that's not silly because he has already shown he has a bias against these individuals so, yes, let's have the investigation but let's find a better justice to put up there. >> you have a bias against him. >> neil: i don't think i have heard anything more silly. you want an investigation. have an investigation. see what happens after this investigation. shelby, this guy is just
1:41 pm
saying and he is a fine human being, i'm sure, but he is saying it's a waste of time in the end because the judge should go. >> well, that's what republicans are accusing democrats of on capitol hill. they are saying, hey, you have been doing everything you could possibly do to tank president trump's nominee. president trump won an elections. elections have consequences and he gets to pick his next supreme court justice. democrats have used a lot of tactics to try to delay to call for other things, some may agree those things are legitimate. some don't think they are. regardless, that gives ammunition to republicans who say democrats aren't doing this for the good of the country. they are not doing this. >> neil: when all is said and done with this investigation, assuming republicans don't jettison the judge at this point. is it going to change anyone's mind or provide cover for those who want to go ahead and vote one way or the other? >> all i think this is going to do is delay the process. i don't think it will change anybody's mind. i doubt we will find any new information. as you know, the statement put forth by mr. judge was under penalty of perjury. i would be highly shocked if he changes anything he says. >> neil: we will see what happens. i want to thank you all
1:42 pm
very, very much. understand what is involved with fbi, 302. you have heard a lot about it. it is not an investigation that will come to a conclusion. the fbi interviews any and all involved in this case charges dr. christine blasey ford made of brett kavanaugh when they were high school students again almost four decades ago. it makes no conclusion. it gives the witness account of anyone who could have been involved. was involved. said they weren't involved. and makes no such assessment. it is not a guilty or not guilty thing. it is simply an investigation that provides presumably cover for those who wanted it and maybe an excuse to vote for those who needed it. nothing more. after this. ♪ i did mom. wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free. manolo? look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too. try head and shoulders two in one. at first slice
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>> neil: i want to show you something from lisa murkowski who was being followed by reporters to her car. we got the audio.
1:46 pm
>> guys, give her room. it's her car. it's her car. >> out of the way. >> senator murkowski how do you feel about what has been agreed to. >> i think it was a good step today. thank you. >> thank you. safe travels. >> thank you. >> all right. i think it was a good step today. lisa murkowski adding her voice to this extension granted for an fbi investigation to the charges of christine ford along with the likes of joe manchin and susan collins. obviously this all started with jeff flake, heidi heitkamp the democrat of north dakota. all of them seem to be on board with this delay as long as it's limited to eak. we next friday we will know. what if this drags on and on and what if what seemed like a given nomination that would have brett kavanaugh sitting on the u.s. supreme court gets delayed or even denied? then what would the market impact be because the markets have a funny way of showing concern for this. we ended a corner powerful performance one of the best quarterly performance in the s&p 500 we have seen in
1:47 pm
years. all the markets up appreciablably. the dow. the s&p 500. the nasdaq almost 7.1% i should say. bottom line, all the market averages just humming along despite of fears of this and on trade and canada part of nafta, not part of nafta. things falling apart there things falling apart with china. all this stuff trade has a funny way to saying this. susan, what's going on here? it seems a disconnect or maybe perfectly natural. >> i think it's perfectly natural. look at the background that we are trading off of. look at the corporate earnings. yes corporate thanks cut for a lot of this the fundamentals in the markets. best quarter for the s&p 2013. nine consecutive quarters of growth. that just shows you trade deals or no trade deals. mueller probe or, you know, confirmation of supreme court nominee, the market just wants to go up. >> neil: gary, i always
1:48 pm
wonder whether it assumes a lot though and if there is an unexpected development let's say like a kavanaugh nomination that goes kablooie still hard to say it's early. you know, trade talks that seem to be producing down the road promising results even though nothing has materialized yet. you get my point that there are expectations that things will work out. what if any one of those don't? >> >> i don't think kavanaugh is a mover. we had sell away and go away was supposed to be bad. september was supposed to be a bad month. already hearing about october crashes. for me it's not the news. it's always how the market reacts to the news. all i can tell you right now in spite of the financials acting terribly, inspite of world markets not doing well. in spite of oil prices moving to multi-year highs major indices are still hanging in there despite of the trade issue, too. and until that dynamic changes, you have to have been happy with what you are seeing. now, at any point in time markets can start reacting
1:49 pm
negatively to something that shows up. and maybe it is kavanaugh. but, as of this second and we had one heck of a week, the only thing we did show lighter volume as the markets definitely stopped dead in its tracks during the event. >> neil: you know, most of what have you been saying throughout is that the wind at this market's back is the economy and better earnings and everything else, that's all they pay attention to. do you expect that will be the case? >> yes, i definitely think the worse is over for the market in terms of tariffs. they have become used to trump as the president and his tweeting and as far as washington politics the market is taking it in stride. you can't forget the fact the dow made an all brand new high in the last to two weeks. looking at going into earnings season for better positive market for the quarter. we close the end of the calendar year 2018 at strong and bullish like we started it even though we had that whole period back and forth. i think we are through the i'm very bullish of the market i said two weeks ago and now we are brand new
1:50 pm
high. >> neil: we run it indicated this with all the breaking news here. we are getting word again for more republican senators and democrats on the fence welcomed this delay here. so we will see what happens with them about whether they stick to this one week deadline. i would be remiss, too, if i didn't mention a couple of other developments concerning what was happening with tesla today and elon musk today. one of the world's richest men is under the gun. he lost a billion dollars in paper worth today. he has a couple billion more. i will update you after this. k care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege.
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♪ >> neil: we told you how stocks were running up even in the middle of all of this confusion and political uproar over judge kavanaugh and so much else here. not every stock was doing that though, for example, not tesla, not even close, elon musk being fingered by
1:54 pm
the fec and some think could get worse as time goes on. the latest from our gasparino. what's happening here. >> he had a charge yesterday for funding secure tweet whether he had fundings secured. whether to take tesla public if he didn't that's securities fraud you are misleading the public sent the stock up higher and hurt shorts. looked the complaint he didn't have much secured in that funding. what we reported exclusively today that he has hired some really good lawyers, some very tough lawyers to fight back these charges. we know they offered him a settlement to ban him from the securities industry for about two years or excuse me, ban him from being an officer or director of the company for two years. >> neil: two years. he couldn't be ceo or chairman or board member. probably could be creative director. he said no. he hired two lawyers. both of them defended mark cuban back in the day when mark was fighting off insider trading charges. it looks like he is going to
1:55 pm
fight. >> neil: we will see what happens. senator cornyn is to become senate floor right now about latest agreement extension. let's listen in. >> judge's original confirmation hearing occurred, the judge visited with 60-plus members of the senate including the ranking member and it was never mentioned to him, no questions asked about it contrary to her wishes, dr. ford was thrust into the national spotlight she said she didn't agree to have her letter released to the press she did not consent to having her identity revealed. she did not want to be part of what has turned into a three-ring circus. once there, when she asked to tell her story, we consented to doing that, and yesterday we heard from
1:56 pm
dr. ford. as well as judge kavanaugh. judge kavanaugh asked to be heard to clear his good name and speak directly to the american people and he did so forcefully yesterday. so now we have heard dr. ford's story. and we have heard judge kavanaugh's rebuttal. what we have learned is that there is no evidence to corroborate dr. ford's allegations. all of the people that she said were there on the occasion in question said they have no memory of it, or it didn't happen. no corroboration. as we all watched judge kavanaugh defend his personal integrity in front of the nation, we saw his righteous indignation he choked back his tears and aimed his fury not at dr. ford, none of us did
1:57 pm
that, but rather of this unfair confirmation process which frankly is an embarrassment to me and should be an embarrassment to the united states senate. to take somebody who has requested confidentiality and leak that information to the press and to thrust her into the national spotlight under these circumstances i think is an abuse of power. but having made that request, once she was. >> neil: we are continuing to monitor senator john cornyn of course in the republican leadership. back with charlie gasparino, republicans as you know, charlie and those of you at home have agreed to one week extension for fbi investigation into these charges that concern dr. christine ford. they do not concern the matters raised biden bra ramirez and julie swetnick and michael avenatti client.
1:58 pm
it has to be wrapped up by next week. the question is what does it mean for judge kavanaugh. >> judge kavanaugh's advisors, i spoke with one today, and he -- the person i spoke to represents the other ones as well i would say. they think he is going to get through. this they have 100 percent confidence in him. just from a technical standpoint, the fbi doesn't have a seam to investigate. she didn't know where it was at. there is no forensic evidence can you pull out. it's literally memories that they have to. >> neil: anyone and everyone who was able to talk, mark judge, a close friend at the time said he was going to cooperate with the investigation. but there is no right or wrong here. there is no conclusion. >> and the fbi, i'm going to let everybody know, the democrats are trying to say that there is like some organization they will be able to crack this. they are not any tougher than those people on that senate committee. that is the toughest -- that the toughest investigative body they will look at anything. they will throw anything at you a. >> neil: joe manchin
1:59 pm
supported this effort susan collins, heidi heitkamp. this provides cover. >> it provides cover. the democrats are obviously throwing a hail mary thinking 10 more people will come out. >> neil: this won't be part of that. >> if you can put the pressure on them that more stuff is coming out it, may embarrass susan collins and murkowski, one of those, manchin to say listen, there is too much. >> neil: if no one has come forward and haven't gotten corroboration under the routine methods used by the committee, who is to say the fbi mimics exactly what the committee. >> that's probably what's going to happen. i can just tell you what i know from inside where people are saying in washington democrats, this is hail mary, they are hoping a lot somebody else some more people come up. more smoke than a fire and murkowskior one of those people chicken out. >> neil: we shall see. all these breaking developments here whole world can change by tomorrow morning at this time. noon. eastern time looking at this
2:00 pm
latest political maneuverings here whether, for example, this commands on the part of, you know, the leaders for the republican party that everyone stay close to the capitol this week whether that's even necessary. we will be talking to everyone and everyone tomorrow. see you >> i am jesse watters with geraldo rivera. katie and greg gutfeld. it's 5 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five." >> ♪ >> fox news alert. president trump ordered the fbi to conduct an investigation into judge kavanaugh as requested by the senate judiciary committee. so, amazing amount of news. greg. first we find out jeff flake the senator from arizona who is not seeking reelection has told the senate judiciary committee,


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