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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 28, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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maneuverings here whether, for example, this commands on the part of, you know, the leaders for the republican party that everyone stay close to the capitol this week whether that's even necessary. we will be talking to everyone and everyone tomorrow. see you >> i am jesse watters with geraldo rivera. katie and greg gutfeld. it's 5 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five." >> ♪ >> fox news alert. president trump ordered the fbi to conduct an investigation into judge kavanaugh as requested by the senate judiciary committee. so, amazing amount of news. greg. first we find out jeff flake the senator from arizona who is not seeking reelection has told the senate judiciary committee, i think we need an fbi
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investigation. without his vote, i don't think they might have had the 51 they needed. it looks like there is now going to be a week-long fbi investigation. >> yeah. this is definitely not a delay tactic. not at all. >> no everybody is so happy to take another week of driving the country crazy. first it was about a drunken assault and then indecent exposure. ruling over gang rape parties. you have a week. they will find out he was drowning orphans in a tub down by the city dump. this is not about deep diving on a specific incident. it's buying for time for the avanatis of the world to drum up more charges. >> more women can come forward.
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chris coons said i can't control if more women come forward. how do we know the lawyers for ford are not playing games and say she is not ready to talk to the fbi. she needs a few more days to recover from her testimony. >> i don't think that's the risk. the risk is the investigation itself. when you launch an investigation by this collusion illusion, no one can stop it. you are in the fbi and you have a one week limit and you have a witness who tells you half the story. oh, i can't tell you -- no. >> i will push back on that a little bit. the people the fbi is going to investigate. there may be more witnesses. i hesitate to call them witnesses because they say they are not there. they already gave sworn statements to federal investigators and lying to them is the same as lying to an fbi
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agent. they swore they are not at the party. when the fbi asks them the same questions, they are already in a position under oath saying it didn't happen. the questions will be the same. >> let me push back on the push back. the nominee gave testimony that the yearbook references to barfing and all of these other things mean one thing. what if the fbi asks him to testify. >> judge kavanaugh. you gave testimony that meant you were just singing the praises of this one girl. that doesn't mean you were bragging you scored with this one lady. is that true? no, upon refreshing my
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recollection, it did mean -- >> you are assuming brett kavanaugh lied. >> i am telling you this, jess. the pro-choice forces in this country are elated today. the pro-life forces in this country are running scared. they are petrified. this has thrown a slam dunk into disarray. >> how do you know that? >> because anything can happen now. anything can happen. >> this will be now seven fbi background checks on uncorroborated claims. the only people who she said were in the room said they were not there. president trump wants to say that. this will open up the flood gates. you will have anonymous allegations from all over the place. >> i agreed. >> democrats will say this needs to be investigated. wait, the fbi investigation was not thorough enough.
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anita hill got an fbi investigation. it lasted 3 days and they found nothing and democrats are still saying clarence thomas did what he did. they don't care about the facts. >> geraldo rivera, what donald trump doctor about dr. ford. she was compelling and credible, and he was credible. >> i agree. >> they believe they are telling the truth both of them. >> i agree with you. >> this is about the nature of memory. both could have it wrong. we will never know. >> but that's why witnesses exist. you have two credible people giving credible stories. that's why you need corroboration and evidence. mitchell who asked great questions. rachel mitchell who does this for a living, said i would not bring this to court. i would not even get a search
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warrant. there is nothing there. >> everyone is careful talking about the credibility of the woman. listening to the answers from the outside prosecutors. there were major discrepency from what she said to her attorneys and the "washington post." she said she only told her husband and therapist about the sexual assault. but idea said she talked to beach friends and they encouraged her to do it. there were glaring holes. could not remember things that happened in the last 7 weeks. i understand it's difficult to remember when traumatic things happen. this is on the side of brett kavanaugh. the people she said who were in the room all say i don't know about it.
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>> that's important. >> those are her witnesses. >> geraldo, from the fbi perspective. they have don't know where this happened and they don't the time frame. maybe a 6-week time frame. high will ask the same people we have all been hearing about. the alleged witnesses and the two main people involved. besides the questions that they asked yesterday at the hearing, there is only so much follow-up you can do. judge kavanaugh was meticulous with his calendar. he has an iron-clad memory and can account for much more in more details and has all of the alleged witnesses backing him up. where as dr. ford extremely believable but hazy on a lot of key issues. how she got to the party. where the party was. all of those things will be looked at by the fbi investigation. they will say here it is to the senate judiciary committee.
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it will look like what the senate judiciary committee staff found themselves. >> i have been a combat reporter for decades. this is war. judge kavanaugh watching that man yesterday with that weeping and did you do bongs when you were aa senator? he seemed to be hanging by a thread. they will question every answer he has given. i would be worried he is going to crack in the next week. >> that's what they are hoping for. they hope he won't survive. i think he is. i think -- he is not fighting for the supreme court seat. he is fighting for his name and his family and his life. he has to fight this. i don't know if it matters what you feel at this point, but the process is a sham.
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>> it is a sham. >> rachel mitchell said as well. this is not the way to do this. >> that's why you could see she is credible and he is credible because the process is corrupted. you can't actually get to the facts. feelings be damned you have to get the evidence. have we moved the ball anywhere on evidence? no. >> the goal is to taint him so badly and ruin his reputation so badly that they want him pulled so they have to go through this entire process, start to finish with someone else who they will go after this way. maybe not on this issue. >> there is no time. >> we have john roberts who is standing by in washington, d.c. to update us with the latest from the white house. what are you hearing? >> we knew the president's hands were tied once the judiciary committee should the request to the white house for the president to ask the fbi to open
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up a supplement investigation into judge kavanaugh background. the president didn't have much choice. we got the statement from the press secretary sarah sanders who said i ordered the fbi to conduct a supplement investigation. this must be limited in scope and completed in less than one week. that will be the argument. what is the scope be limited? . the request from the judiciary submit was for all allegations to be investigated? does that include ramirez and the avanati client? they would interview people who were said to be at the party.
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this is not a criminal investigation. this is merely collecting background information. it does not come to any kind of conclusion. any conclusion would have to be made by the white house or the senate in this case. it's gone through the judiciary committee. it will be the full senate that has to consider all of this. judge brett kavanaugh released a statement saying: throughout this process i have been interviewed by the fbi, i have done background calls directly with the senate and yesterday i answered questions under oath. i have done everything they have requested and will continue to cooperate." geraldo said this is war and he is absolutely correct. what has gone on with this nominee, it's all out war between republicans and democrats. i talked to a republican political operative who told me wait until the next seat in the
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supreme court comes up. maybe it's ruth bader ginsburg. rather than nominating a more liberal judge the president may go for the hardest core conservative he can find to fill that position. this is political war in washington. >> thank you, john. >> i appreciate the props. kavanaugh's statement does not go far enough. if he were my client, i would say judge, go out and say you welcome a full throated investigation, probe it. >> he said that. >> geraldo, if you are innocent, you don't have to. it's like hell no! go screw yourself. i am innocent. the other thing about the scope of this thing. it's amazing that the democrats are pleading for more time. let's not rush to judge when they already judged this guy
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before the guy even got there. >> and they knew about this in july and august. they could have done a background fbi investigation a long time ago. it could have been much more than a week. >> this is an attempted coup. i think what the democrats have done is absolutely premeditated. they had a weak hand. they don't have the white house. they don't have the house. they don't have the senate. they were playing with a weak hand. what they did was they had the complaint many weeks ago. it could have been thorough 3 3 investigateed in a timely fashion. they dropped this bomb right at the end to prolong the process. >> mid-terms are a month out. >> mid-terms are a couple of weeks that way and then christmas holidays. then the new government. >> they will never stop.
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i have been getting emails all day from far left groups even in kavanaugh comes back clean from the fbi he is unfit to sit on the supreme court. today jeff flake went back on his word hours after releasing a statement saying he would confirm brett kavanaugh. he was bullied in an elevator with 2 women screaming at him and had a conversation with chris coons and said i won't confirm kavanaugh until an fbi investigation despite promising the country it would get done today. >> john mccain came in on the obamacare appeal and went like that. >> right. >> another arizona senate did the same thing. i don't know if the motivations were the same thing. mccain said it was about bringing the country together
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over healthcare. flake is saying the same thing too. >> jeff flake wants to be loved by the media. he wants to be the republican that gets a good headline. i did what i could. >> he is running for president still. >> i hate to say it. i don't know what happened 36 years ago. no one cares at all that brett kavanaugh -- there is no evidence that was brought against this guy. no corroboration. >> don't say nobody cares. >> nobody cares he has to wait an extra week. >> everybody cares. >> he said an extra week feels like a lifetime. this guy has a family and reputation. he knows every day this is prolonged, the media will dig him in a deeper hole. there is no evidence. >> new information from ed henry who has a statement from the ford team. >> yes. dr. ford's statements, her attorney put out a statement.
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this could be a big problem in terms of blowing up this tentative deal to delay this only one week. listen closely. debra katz: a thorough fbi investigation is critical to develop the relevant facts. dr. ford williams this step and appreciates all of the senators who supported an fbi investigation before the senate votes on judge kavanaugh combination. -- nomination. they said no artificial limits should be impossessed on this investigation. what does that mean? that means that dr. ford is saying no to a one week deadline as the president ordered and senator flake and others promised. they are saying no limit on scope. what does that mean? the senate judiciary committee said the deal is they are only looking at current and credible
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allegations as if the dr. ford allegations that are considered current before them and considered credible. even the president said dr. ford was credible in her testimony yesterday. if michael avanati or someone else comes up with something new that might not be deemed credible, they were not supposed to look at. it dr. ford's legal team is saying the opposite. it should not be a one week limit. look at anything and everything. that's what conservatives feared and dr. ford's team opened the door. >> thank you very much. it has to be said that democrats and the ford lawyers, they don't control the process. they are not in the senate. they are not in the white house. these are lawyers 2 are representing this woman within this political circus. they can't say, oh, we want unlimited scope.
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this is a request they are making. it's clearly partisan. >> can say they this: the ford lawyers, how can you not investigate an allegation as salacious and destructive as the contention that the nominee of the supreme court participateed in gang rapes? >> [overlapping talking]. >> how can you not look into that? >> if i was representing kavanaugh, i would say if that's a serious allegation take it up with local law enforcement people. that's their jurisdiction. >> [overlapping talking]. >> the problem is, because this is being tried in the court of public opinion. no matter what you do it will never be enough. no matter how much time you give them. no matter what you do. i promise you, there will be another case. >> [overlapping talking].
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>> the sleazy porn lawyer, avanati, i feel about him exactly as the president does. it's impossible in the current climate in our divided country to ignore allegations -- >> [overlapping talking]. >> when you look at the details of avanati's publication, the allegations are laughable and should have never been printed by any media. you were smearing someone without any evidence. the idea we are going to spend more time clearing a good man to investigation allegations of gang rape whose ex-boyfriend had to file a restraining order against him after she threated him, his wife and his child. you are correct they will continue to say this. how can you not have more time than a week to investigation allegations of gang rape? you need 3 months.
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this is war. republicans will have to stick to their one week timeline and the president will have to hold it to them. this will never end. they are holding this confirmation hostage and moving the goal post to infinity. >> and suspicious the lawyer who represented the person making the gang rape game avanati, katz, now representing ford. >> that's evidence of pure tribunalism. there are 2 groups against each other. the republicans expected something fierce, but i don't think they expected how low this could go. the process is schizophrenic. republicans are thinking it will be a fact finding procedural. no, it will be just like yesterday.
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investigators asking questions and the other side high emotional drama that will paint this guy as an unstable sexual assaulter. >> anyone can say anything to derail a nomination. if you don't need proof. the only person who presented anything was brett kavanaugh. he showed his calendar which people laughed at which i thought was insane. the people that ford claimed were there backed him up. they said they were not at the party, don't remember it or praised kavanaugh's character. you can't have a situation where someone comes to the table and under testimony tells his truth and there is no evidence against him. now you demand further investigation. that's not how it works. >> what about the deep state. where is rod rosenstein? >> if you -- >> if this goes down, due
2:22 pm
process in america goes down with it. >> this nation is divided in half. the right and the left. the issue is roe v. wade. this is so deeply emotional. so many people on both sides. this is a generational thing. >> geraldo, we have a new statement by kavanaugh's people. this is how it reads: "throughout this process i have been interviewed by the fbi. i have done a number of background calls directly with the senate. yesterday i answered questions under oath about every topic the senators and their counsel asked me. i have done everything they requested and will continue to do cooperate." >> no conditions from him. >> yesterday he hedged a little bit. are you going to trust this committee and this environment to not smear you for another
2:23 pm
additional week with false allegations? the three fiercest fights. bork, clarence thomas and now judge kavanaugh. they were replacing justices that had written a majority opinion in roe and casey. kavanaugh replaces kennedy who wrote the majority opinion in casey. the senator from louisiana said this is a freak show. the republicans were not prepared for this level of ugliness. >> you have a monologue? >> i do. thank you. good transition there. jesse. politics is a game that turns players into monsters and monsters into players.
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when diane feinstein got dr. ford's allegation she was a player. rather than hold a private meeting to protect the families and lives of kavanaugh and ford feinstein sat on it until it could only become a show trial. it normalized collateral damage. you drop a bomb and innocent people die. the mob in that room knew their bomb would destroy reputations and scar two kids. they did the math. they released the public accusations leaking two accomplices. in the end the ford letter went from feinstein to the media. feinstein doesn't know how this happened. how could it? >> you tell us your staff did not leak it? >> i don't believe my staff would leak it. i have not asked that question
2:25 pm
directly. >> do you know that? how in the world did that get in the hand of the press? >> the answer is no. the staff -- >> have you asked your staff? >> i just did. pardon me? >> well, somebody leaked it. if it wasn't you. >> it was not -- i did not. >> oh, this is embarrassing. call is a mystery. for sure it was a miracle one that created a hell no one would want to endure. happily for feinstein and friends the target still entered the coliseum. this is bigger than he said, she said. this we said. due process replaced by vigilantes. yesterday we saw a mob speaking
2:26 pm
payback. a female victim gets used. a wife, mother and daughter are wounded. america gets sick while feinstein holds a pitch fork and says who me? >> good, good. >> this was so manufactured. where millano was sitting over kavanaugh's shoulder. she was the guest of feinstein and smiling and texting. it was like why was she there. that was orchestrated. this was a show trial. >> that had the intended effect. look where we are today. when kavanaugh came back, someone talked to him at lunch time and said listen, dude, you want this job, you get out and fight for this job. he went back out there and swung and did it. he the momentum. got back on top.
2:27 pm
cruising towards the nomination and then jeff flake happened. >> yes. >> anyone as a former activist and attorney myself, if you think those noisy demonstrators have no impact, talk to the two ladies who confronted jeff flake in that elevator. they made history. he doesn't seem like the strongest rod in the shed anyway. he collapsed. >> [laughing]. >> they had no choice. lindsey graham said it didn't come from flake. it came from feinstein. >> this letter went to the congresswoman, the democrats and feinstein. the only three people who had
2:28 pm
custody. ford was compelling and believable. but she is naive. an academic. she seemed out of it at times. she's been manipulated by the season democrats and the judiciary committee and by her lawyers. the prosecutor did an excellent job explaining that. here's how: the whole afraid of flying. that was manufactured. she goes to hawaii and across the country. she had just flown back and forth across the east coast and west coast. that was a lie. she never heard the invitation to interview her. her lawyers kept that from her. >> shouldn't the lawyers be in trouble? >> you don't have to tell your client everything. she had no idea that offer was proffered. the polygraph was bizarre. they did on the same day she went to her mother's funeral.
2:29 pm
they didn't release the audio and video from the polygraph. the sexual assault prosecutor said this is not how you treat a true victim of sexual assault. you don't polygrah her up and parade her out on national television. these people like watching ford being tortured and kavanaugh being tortured. it was sadistic. >> and it was also premeditated. the democrats i come back to this point. the democrats represent the pro-choice forces in in country. they held the weak hand. the pro-life forces of the republicans holding the stronger hand. the democrats get the golden ticket in the form of dr. ford accusations. how will we use this? we will hold it and look like we
2:30 pm
are losing. what about this? >> when this first came up, no, we are holding a vote on monday and not playing games. if he had done that, it would have avoided this delay. it would not have jeopardized this vote. >> [overlapping talking]. >> do you think he would have suffered? >> he would have suffered. >> republicans it looks like they are not willing to hear from women about secretary of state. the playbook the democrats have been using for decades. it would not have been a good look. the consequences are here we are today. >> one thing about diane feinstein dropping this bomb in the middle of the committee, her staff and senator grassley's staff, they used to have a good relationship. they had a profile working relationship. >> not on abortion. >> like protesting whistle blowers and oversight of government agencies.
2:31 pm
she has destroyeded any kind of relationship they had in the past as the left continues to lecture the right about coming together and washington working to better the country. she destroyed that relationship. it was a good one. she has a lot of explaining to do. there should be an investigation. >> she is trouble with the left in california? >> maybe. >> this is big. you have to go back to this. i was a young lawyer when roe v. wade was argued and passed. it was a sea change. this was profound -- the women in the streets. the women's movement unfolding. this is the generation later. the pro-life force his an opportunity to sway things back their way. a generation later. this is the fight to the finish. this is any means necessary. >> you can say this is
2:32 pm
political. this is about abortion. you can't just keep calling for investigations of uncorroborated claims. this is political and kavanaugh said it was political which they hate him for. >> right. >> [overlapping talking]. >> [inaudible]. >> [overlapping talking]. >> they played dirty with garland. >> not like this. >> i don't think you could predict or say that with this supreme court nomination anything happens to roe v. wade. i think that's a game in itself. i don't think that's under threat. >> i do. roe v. wade said there is a competing interest. mother and unborn child. the child becomes viable. the child has the rights of a
2:33 pm
human. that date keeps getting pushed back. >> [overlapping talking]. >> they will use technology. >> the message we are giving is you can derail a comination and it's about being tolerated. >> want to do the tease? >> you are good. >> liberals lash out against kavanaugh. that's ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ no matter when you retire, your income doesn't have to. see how lincoln can help ensure you still have income every month of your retirement, guaranteed, at
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2:38 pm
job. that's why they call people functioning alcoholics. i am not saying he was. >> kavanaugh dodged and ranted and raved. filibustered and prevaricated. i did not find him credible. >> all of a sudden his anger is triggered. this is someone you could see attacking a woman. it's frightening. >> we heard from an angry, enraged brett kavanaugh challengi challenging united states senators about how much they drink? >> how will a guy win. never in the history of high school year books has any been probed so intensely. democrats are painting him as
2:39 pm
john in "animal house." what does the word ralph mean? >> throwing up. >> you have buffed -- how do you pronounce that? >> that refers to flatulence. we were season. >> devils triangle. >> a drinking game. 3 glasses in a triangle. >> come on. do you have a yearbook. >> yes. >> you were the belle of your yearbook. >> no i was very shy. >> a yearbook of all things. i would write doll with a big-d. >> sexist. you are never getting on the supreme court. >> that was the moment when i saw them bring that yearbook out, that's when i knew the democrats had lost it. this was instanity of the
2:40 pm
highest level. he is having to explain things he wrote 36 years ago. i kept thinking at that time, that we had year books. we didn't have social media. i can't wait for twitter, facebook. it will be uncovered. >> john lennon at new year's eve. >> when he was wasted. >> functioning alcoholic. >> if he literally lied about one of these little things, you have this principle in the law. false in one, false in all. you have the partisanship on other side. they will go through every note in his yearbook. they will throw it in his face. this will be the week from hell for brett kavanaugh. >> yeah. i think last week was the week from hell. if you go through the yearbook, i think he is clean on the
2:41 pm
yearbook. this is an article. supressed ford yearbooks reveal fast times. her yearbook according to this article, a lot worse than his yearbook. >> meaning like what? >> don't tease it like that? >> he was talking about drinking. she was talking about drinking and a lot worse. >> i don't know if it's her. >> isn't it just the yearbook? >> no in a picture and referenced. i won't bring it up. if you want to look at it. look at it on line. the other thing: a lot of these things and i believe ford, we have to remember the rolling stone coax and the brawlee situation and senator chuck schumer himself
2:42 pm
was the victim of a phoney sexual assault allegation. he had to give it over to the capitol hill police. these things happen all the time. to say they don't is a lie. >> the one thing that you have not addressed is as of 2 o'clock yesterday, there was a 90% chance that brett kavanaugh would be a supreme court justice. do you agree that it's now a 50% chance? >> no, i saw her testify and i thought she was unbelieveable. >> you mean believable? >> then he comes out back against the wall flight or flight. he hit a grand slam. that emotion was real and convincing. >> are you worried? >> i am concerned about the timeline. i want to go back to what the segment started with. senator whitehouse sitting in a
2:43 pm
supreme court nomination asking someone to define flatulence from a yearbook printed 36 years ago because there was nothing else of substance. i think americans watching think that's petty. i think this will back fire. there were record numbers of people watch yesterday. today senate whitehouse said he doesn't believe that brett kavanaugh was telling the truth about the definition of those terms. this is a person who has 300 opinions. 13 passed on to the supreme court which were used by the supreme court. >> you use what you have. >> [overlapping talking]. >> george bush is still standing by him. there is more substance to this man and they are talking about terms written in a yearbook. >> the thing that is amazing to
2:44 pm
me, the tough media mind in that montage pointed to his fury over his family being destroyed and allegations of gang rape and his reputation being destroyed. they pointed to his fury as proof that he is capable of assault! and all of these other horrible things. the moment in his life when he has to defend himself. i think he is allowed to be angry. could you imagine if he went out there and was the opposite and was congenial. they would think he was mentally ill. there is nothing wrong with him! those hypocrites. >> [overlapping talking]. >> i need a beer right now. >> lots more to cover. breaking news next "the five." ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage,
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>> ♪ >> breaking news all over the place this hour. president trump ordering the fbi to conduct a one week investigation into accusations against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. christine blasey ford's legal team is pushing back and said the probe should not be limited in time or scope.
2:49 pm
the lawyers for pj smith said he is willing to cooperate with any investigation. greg, you already see here the delay tactic that will go on and on with ford's team. half of her team she hired on the recommendation of feinstein. >> did trump know this was coming and which is why he delayed the rod rosenstein meeting? genius. it could be. why didn't the dems just stand on ford's confirmation. in the fbi turns up zero ford's testimony is forgoodnight. -- forgotten. >> they run a risk too. >> yes, if it comes back clean -- >> nobody will remember ford. >> let it go a second week. let it go a month. until we get a majority back in
2:50 pm
the senate. >> they can say that, but no one is buying it anymore. we have seen through the tactics. there are a lot of holes in ford's story we haven't discussed. the best friend under penalty of perjury said there was no party. i have no idea what you are talking about. when your best friend runs out of a party and no way to get home because she doesn't drive, the friend never asks the next day: how did you get home? that's very odd to me. when ford was asked about that. she said well, she had health problems. she didn't make a lot of sense. >> did it matter, really? if there is no evidence and no corroboration you can criminalize this guy. if the fbi finds nothing, the story will still be the same. republicans don't care about women and guy is guilty.
2:51 pm
>> the only thing that may change is the way joe manchin votes. >> and susan collins. >> and president trump will be in west virginia this weekend. i am sure people in west virginia will be talking about this. however, for everybody else, democrats from day 1 before kavanaugh was nominated said democrats would do everything to deny this seat to president trump. chuck schumer is on the record. debra katz the attorney in this case is in videos at resistance rallies saying they will do whatever they can. the other attorney works for mccabe under investigation for lying to the fbi. it's a delay tactic. republicans will have to decide whether they will hold the line on thursday. her attorneys are putting all of these conditions out. she gets questioned by the fbi
2:52 pm
too. will they ask her for her therapy notes and yearbooks? >> yes, yes, and yes. >> and the attorneys won't turn it over. >> "one more thing" is next. . liberty mutual accident forgiveness means they won't hike your rates over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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2:56 pm
>> greg: tomorrow night you can't miss this show saturday 10:00 p.m. we have charlie hurt. madison jesse ca kat timpf and tyrus. there is one positive thing we learned. think we learned the nature of memory is a lot different than what we believe it to be. i think we have to understand and admit that our memories are all blonde. everybody has a brian williams story. something that they believe happened that may not have. i think that's an important thing that people have to explore. >> especially whether you have been married five times. >> greg: that is true. [laughter] i wouldn't know but you would. >> jesse: okay. well, my mom has never endorsed a book on this show until juan wrote one. here's what she said. please celebrate this man's book and please send my profound congratulations to juan. juan has got the what the hell do you have to lose? that's why is he not here. he is selling the book hard. my mom is writing a blurb
2:57 pm
for the back so there you go. video circling around the internet it's of sheely jackson lee handing something to the attorney for mrs. ford. everybody has got a theory. it's a big conspiracy theory. we found out one of our producers on capitol hill she was just handing him notes of support from her and her people and her friends and stuff like that. nothing nefarious or anything like that. we will put that to rest. speaking of nefarious. waters world 8:00 p.m. live covering the trump rally. there it is also, we have geraldo. >> when i move to cleveland, you know, i still have a small place here. when i moved to cleveland it was on the understanding it's such a short flight it will be just like commuting to upstate or to the hamptons, just an hour flight. i have had the most miserable. >> jesse: who flies to the hamptons. >> i have the worst week and a half.
2:58 pm
14 years. i was leaving from d.c. to cleveland three times my airplane started taking off and aborted the takeoff three times. then here i am now and they deplaned us on the tarmac of reagan national. last night coming in i swear to god i went to first to a delta flight. they cancelled that then i ran a mile to the next terminal to the united flight. that was five hours late. then i ran back to the american. the american took off, flew from cleveland halfway to new york, turned around and went back to cleveland. landed so i have to run to the original united flight and i got here 3:00 in the morning. >> jesse: that was one more thing. all right, katie? >> katie: we all know that dogs sometimes people say they are very difficult to take care of. this one actually helping water itself. we know that bathrooms in new york city are very small. fighting for space can be difficult. this dog learned how to turn on the faucet and just drinks its water. whenever it is thirsty go in there and figure it out. the other dog wants to learn
2:59 pm
how to do it too. >> i don't think my dog is smart enough to do that. >> unbelievable. >> maybe too lazy. >> dana is not here. >> >> jedediah: my dream has come true. miami international airport has started miami hound machine, the therapy dog program where these dogs are going to be at the airport. thee canines in two hour shifts. people afraid of flying. people get nervous. they will be there to help you through. first five pups are abby, bell, dash, donovan and picco, destress travelers during peak traveling periods. >> greg: won't help geraldo. he just wants a decent flight. >>. >> jesse: one more rule no double dog one more thing. >> jedediah: makes everything better, jesse, everything. >> jesse: only if they have
3:00 pm
liquor under their seat. that's it for us tonight. see you back here monday "special report" upnext. bret baier. >> bret: always a pleasure. thanks, jesse. this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. advanced and delayed. as president trump now orders the fbi to conduct an investigation after a last-minute request by republican senator jeff flake to delay judge brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination, so the fbi can investigate. dr. christine blasey ford's sexual assault claim that she levied against kavanaugh during a lengthy and highly emotional hearing on thursday. it's the late nest a back and forth that's continued for several weeks. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel following the latest developments from capitol hill tonight. good evening, mike. >> bret, good evening, it was massive political drama with the nation watching expecting to see judge brett kavanaugh's nomination advance in the judiciary committee. but there's a twist. moderate republican senator


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