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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 28, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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your home. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced unafraid. "the story" hosted by trish reagn in for martha. >> what a week it has been. it continues. breaking tonight, president trump reverses course to side with the democrats and order the f.b.i. to get to work. >> i think it will work out well for the country. i want it to work out well for the country. if that happens, i'm happy. >> have you thought about a replacement for kavanaugh? >> president trump: not even a little bit. not even a little bit. >> what is your message for murkowski? >> i have no message. they have to do what they think is right. >> with that, the confirmation of brett kavanaugh hangs in the balance tonight for at least another week. good evening. i'm trish reagan in for martha maccallum. this is "the story." confirming judge kavanaugh to be on the supreme court will be a fight to the finish.
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house juciciary -- senate judice democrats don't want this to happen. they got a last-second reprieve from the arizona senator jeff flake. watch. >> i would be proper to delay the floor vote for up to but not more than one week. in order to let the f.b.i. to do an investigation, limited lid in time and scope. >> late this evening, kavanaugh releasing a statement saying, "throughout this process i have been interviewed by the f.b.i., i have done a number of background calls directly with the senate. and yesterday, i answered questions under oath about every topic the senators and their counsel asked me. i have down everything they have requested and i will continue to cooperate. a short time ago leader mitch mcconnell saying the majority stands behind judge kavanaugh. >> the committee is thoroughly investigated the last-minute allegations that have been
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brought forward. the evidence that what has been produced either fails to corroborate the accusations. or supports judge kavanaugh's unequivocal denial. this nomination deserves to move forward. that is precisely, mr. president, what is happening. >> chief national correspondent ed henry is live at the white house with what comes next. >> great to see you. what mitch mcconnell was trying to do is reassure conservatives who are upset this is not moving as quickly as they wanted. they are not going to have votes on the senate floor until the middle or the later part of next week. they were hoping to get it done up or down by tuesday. it will be a few days more as the f.b.i. reopens this investigation. that is dangerous for judge kavanaugh. because as he himself testified yes, every day feels like an eternity. more unverified allegations can come out. on the plus side, this could lock in some yes votes among the moderate democrats and republicans who have been
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wavering. if the f.b.i. doesn't find anything new. this could mean that they vote for it and actually confirm kavanaugh. the risk, though, the caveat is kavanaugh could be confirmed as long as the f.b.i. does not find evidence to corroborate dr. ford's allegation. as the urging of the republican jeff flake, the committee has asked the white house and the president moved forward on that to direct the f.b.i. to conduct a supplemental background investigation that is "limited to current credible allegations that must be completed one week from today." except that does not seem good enough for dr. ford's attorney debra katz who released a statement a short time ago praising the senate for moving forward with a thorough investigation but added there shouldn't be artificial limits on time or scope that should be imposed on the investigation. that seems to blow up things a bit. but dr. ford's team does not run the senate and the f.b.i. probe may move quickly. kavanaugh's friend mark judge said he would cooperate. democrats have been demanding he testify even though he is just tonight given the senate
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judiciary panel a new sworn statement say leg has no recollection from incident in the early 1980s. the key here is five moderates say they back a one-week investigation or delay. so if the president has moved forward with it, he is not guaranteed to get the vote but could get backing of moderate republicans like flake, murkowski, heidi heitkamp and joe manchin who are in favor of the one-week delay. if the f.b.i. doesn't find nothing su, they could vote for the nominee. chris coons worked with jeff flake to broker this and that allowed them to report it out of the panel with a flavorrable 11-10 vote, the kavanaugh nomination but paused before it goes to the senate floor. watch. >> you have the f.b.i., the c.i.a. and the foreign legion and they are not going to tell you any more than you know now. >> it's my hope and expectation that a report from the f.b.i. will be delivered to the judiciary committee members, to allow them to further inform the vote.
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>> grassley said that dianne feinstein sat on the initial letter from dr. ford for two months. the f.b.i. could have already looked at this. remember the tape from joe biden in 1991 saying that the f.b.i. background checks might not matter much because they could come back with the he said o'she said and not come one a determination of what happened. the hope at the white house among the senior officials tonight is that the f.b.i. finding in new. this is a good housekeeping seal of approval and kavanaugh in the end gets confirmed. we'll see. >> thank you. i look forward to seeing you sunday night on the fox news channel. ed is hosting a one-hour kavanaugh confirmation special. make sure you tune in. now here to tackle all the latest developments we have lisa booth and chris stirewalt, and marie harf the former state department spokesperson under president obama and fox news analyst. good to see you. chris, start with you. is there any good in this for the republicans as they go to
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the mid-terms? >> i think substantial good. maybe. this is a high wire act. the concerns that the republicans have that the longer kavanaugh hangs out there, that there will be other claims that it will become more complicate and the cloud will return. that is real. they were faced with unhappy thing. they were going to have jam this through with mike pence have to cast a deciding vote and there would be a cloud. they are left with a chance, something they hoped for from the beginning that they would get democratic votes and bipartisan and go through in a way more pleasing to everybody involved. that is what they really want. though the f.b.i. investigation does pose peril for them it reintroduces the concept it might end up as a happy ending story for republicans rather than saving, saving the last man. >> i get what you are saying. there is some danger in sort of jamming him through if you
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would. when you have so many people on the left saying wait a minute, why are we rushing this? there are questioning out there that we need answered. the other thing to keep in mind. lisa, i wonder what you think of this. is this going to galvanize people and get them to the polls? now they have a reason to go. because if this is still lingering as we head into mid-terms, they will be fired up in a way that maybe they, you know, might not have been otherwise. >> yeah. what i hear from the republicans is they are angry. i'm angry. i think senator lindsey graham was with right, this has been unethical sham. allegations that have been level and weaponized from the left against brett kavanaugh have been completely baseless. zero corroboration, not a single woman step forward to say the accusers are correct in the accusations and the stories. yet the left dragged his name and his family through the mud and is absolutely despicable. i think judge kavanaugh hit the nail on the head yesterday when he said this isn't about advice and consent from the left. this is search and destroy.
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that is also what calling for an f.b.i. investigation is for those on the left. what they are hoping is continue to seek out just like they did with deborah ramirez story. ronan farrow said the democrats found her. they are going to try to go out and find more baseless uncorroborated stories to try to further ruin judge kavanaugh's good name. and i think it's despicable and it will galvanize so many republicans who otherwise would have been complacent heading to the mid-term elections. >> what i don't understand in all of this is why the democrats had this information and sat on it. before you tell me they are protecting her confidentiality, i argue sitting on this the way they did and not get the information to the president's office they compromised her confidentiality. they threw her to the wolves essentially. as i watched the hearing yesterday i felt for both of them. but i thought what was happened here. why is this woman becoming a political pawn to be used by one party to hurt another?
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>> well, let's be clear, trish. everyone is being used here by both parties. serve playing politics. this is a partisan process. i do not know why dianne feinstein did not share this letter. she says it's because the woman wanted to remain confidential. i take her at her word. the challenge is we are where we are today. and i think jeff flake and lisa murkowski and susan collins realized that the optics of jamming through this nomination may be barely squeaking by when we are 40 days from a mid-term. look, lisa talked about republican women. the numbers we are seeing from the independent women and the democratic women, they are fired up. they are angry at the g.o.p. already. and the optics of pushing this through. look. one of two things will happen. the f.b.i. will come up with evidence, they will find a witness who corroborates her story. or they won't. at the end of the week, we will all be better because we know the f.b.i. has looked into it. and then he can vote to be confirmed or not. i do not understand why the
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g.o.p. was so set on moving this forward so quickly. if they -- >> i think they are not trustful. they're not trustful of the left right now because the thinking is -- >> trish, no one trusts each other. >> you had information and you didn't do anything with it. why didn't you let us know about it? maybe you wanted, maybe you just wanted to bring it forward at the 11th hour and that is what we are witnessing right now. i will tell you, marie, it was terrible for her. i was terrible for him. and most importantly it was terrible for this country. what we saw as a nation yesterday made every single one of us sad. we shouldn't be in this spot and it could have been prevented had dianne feinstein done her patriotic duty. >> or if chuck grassley had two weeks ago when the story first leaked asked for an f.b.i. investigation then -- >> senator feinstein could have asked for an f.b.i. investigation. she sat on -- >> so could chuck grassley have, lisa. >> she could have done it in a private manner. nobody is better off from the modern day borking from the left of judge kavanaugh.
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there is irreparable harm done to the political process. >> the process in this thing was darn lousy and political. but let me go to the politics of it all we look forward to the midterms with chris here. this could be a blessing in disguise for the republicans. and might it be the nail in the coffin for the democrats? in other words, how you have a lot of people, a lot of people on the right, especially in this is dragged out. in some ways, it might be kind i say a gift to the republican party this is the issue come mid-term. if this is what is going to get people out to vote, are they more likely to go because of this? chris? >> context and circumstance will matter enormously. if he goes down to a vote based on the republicans, we know that more than half of the republicans in a recent poll taken for pbs news hour said whatever the truth of the allegations were, that the republicans should go ahead
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and confirm kavanaugh anyway. so there is a danger for republicans that if this falls apart, more than half of their voters feel like they will have been failed. no matter what, whatever kavanaugh did -- >> but the supreme court is still at stake. >> well, i understand that, their point of view. i know why they think what they think. but, of course, like 70% of the country thinks if he did it, he shouldn't on the bench. that is the preponderance position. but the republicans would have a base intensity problem if it fails because they will be punished by those saying i don't care what he did get him on the court. there is that. but to your point if the seat is vacant that does raise the stakes. and it does raise stakes for the republican voters. if it's not fill and the blame is on the democrats, then it is increases the value of each vote. and probably does increase the base intensity for the republicans considerably. >> crazy times. i would point out that the president didn't seem to have too much of a problem with this, nor did lindsey graham. i wonder if there was a little bit of secret relief on any of their parts just because of
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how loaded the situation this was. anyway, to be continued, of course. good to see you all. thank you for joining us tonight. coming up next, everyone, one day after the hearing that captivated a nation, "the story" obtains exclusive reaction from american voters as they witnessed the emotional testimony. pollster lee carter investigates all of this and she is here to share her results next. >> this confirmation process has become a national disgrace. you have replaced a vice and consent with search and destroy. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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>> trish: it's been a week with certainly no shortage of news. that is the understate, right? beginning, of course, with martha's bombshell interview on monday where judge kavanaugh broke his silence for the very first time on allegations of sexual misconduct. tonight, another exclusive. as "the story" takes the temperature of bipartisan voters on that interview. >> i never saw any such thing. any such thing. i certainly never participated in any such thing. i never saw or heard of any such thing. i was focused on trying to be number one in my class. and being captain of the
4:18 pm
varsity basketball team. and doing my service projects. going to church. >> trish: my next guest conducted that analysis. the very analysis you saw on the screen. lee carter, communication strategist. walk us through the colors and the lines. >> republicans and democrats and independents reacting. the higher the line the more they resonate and the lower the line the more negative they react. in the middle is neutral on confused. >> trish: so what was the sense of the voters in the particular interview, during kavanaugh's talk? >> in the interview you could see the republicans were optimistic. they bought everything that kavanaugh was saying and they thought he seened earnest and meek and kind. they believed his story. independents you can see were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. democrats you couldn't see the line going across the screen, it was so low.
4:19 pm
they said they didn't think what he was putting down. >> trish: weren't willing to listen at all. dr. ford, what did you find in her testimony? >> i found it to be interesting how they reacted to her. a lot of people said there is no way she is credible. this is crazy. but we saw a lot of people listened to her and said she credible. she is compelling. i really got a lot out of listening to her. >> trish: so let's watch the sound bite that you tested here with the colors. >> i have been accused of acting out of partisan political motive. those who say that do not know me. i'm an independent person and i am no one's pawn. my motivation in coming forward was to be helpful. and to provide facts about how mr. kavanaugh's actions have damaged my life so you could take into serious consideration as you make your
4:20 pm
decision about how to proceed. it is not my responsibility to determine whether mr. kavanaugh deserves to sit on the supreme court. my responsibility is to tell you the truth. >> trish: i was watching this with you and my comment was wow, they're not moving. they are flatlining. people that are on the left feel one way, people on the right feel another way and interestingly independents, i mean maybe it moved up a little bit there at the end. it's like the people's minds are made up. >> it was very much. when you watch it, it is like the minds were made up. i have open-ended questions afterwards. what i did hear from a lot of people, republicans, too even said i believe something terrible happened to this woman. i believe that she was traumatized. i'm just not sure it was brett kavanaugh. independents said things like is it possible to believe her and kavanaugh at the same time? he was so earnest and seemed so true. people are so confused what to
4:21 pm
believe. democrats absolutely 100% certain she was telling the truth and she was telling the truth it was brett kavanaugh. >> trish: all right. we also have brett kavanaugh testifying. again, let's watch this. >> i was not at the party described by dr. ford. this confirmation hearing has become a disgrace. the senate has an important role in the confirmation process but you replaceed a vice and consent with search and destroy. >> you can see again the republicans are off the chart when kavanaugh was talking and they bought everything he was saying. independents not sure. democrats you could not see him. they did not believe anything he was saying and they decided he was guilty. >> trish: lindsey graham gave a fiery speech if you would, scolding mens of the senate judiciary committee. let's play that. >> if you wanted an f.b.i.
4:22 pm
investigation you could have come to us. what you want to do is destroy this guy's life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020. you said that. not me. you have got nothing to apologize for. when you see sotomayor and kagan tell them that lindsey said hello. because i voted for them. i would never do to them what you have done to this guy. this is the most unethical sham since i have been in politics. and if you really wanted to know the truth, you sure as hell wouldn't have done what you have done to this guy. >> trish: whoa! i guess it really shows you how divided we are. that people just have a view and they are sticking with their view. >> i would say that this week is evidence we are more tribal than we ever have been. republicans there were off the charts. they said i wish i said this myself because it's everything i am feeling. democrats were so angry at him. they thought it was ridiculous. independents say how are we here? they told me when i asked the
4:23 pm
open-ended questions they said i blame both sides. i blame the senate. i blame all politicians for getting us here. we have destroyed two people's lives and the families' lives and shouldn't have played out this way and they blame senators. >> trish: i get it. good to see you. thank you very much. coming up next, everyone, senator lindsey graham. he says the democrats are playing politics with kavanaugh's nomination. >> what you want to do is destroy this guy's life. hold his seat open and hope you win in 2020. you have said that. >> trish: democratic congressman is here to respond to that. next. ron! soh really? going on at schwab. thank you clients?
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and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. kavanaugh clerked for justice kennedy. would you have picked him? no. but you lost the election. and that does have consequences. >> trish: senator lindsey graham sounding off earlier today with the stark reminder for democrats. skewering the opposition for playing politics with kavanaugh's confirmation and warning there could be a price to pay in the future. >> let me tell you my democratic friends, if this is the new norm, you better watch out for your nominees. >> trish: here now democratic congressman eric
4:28 pm
swallow of california. good to have you. >> good evening. >> trish: what is your reaction to all this? >> well, i understand that there are political consequences but i don't know the senator is suggesting the cost of losing an election is to put on a supreme court someone who has serious allegations geng him where there are still questions and asterisks on the nomination. the responsible thing to do is put to bed all of those allegations. >> trish: congressman, i hear you but i want to go back to why we didn't know this earlier. we talked to our pollster who told us look, the independents are fed up with this. they blame both sides and they don't like that it got to this point. they didn't think it was fair to judge kavanaugh. they didn't think it was fair to dr. ford. i would tell you it wasn't fair to the country to see that. and it could have been prevented had the democrats who had the information from dr. ford come forward and told our president so the process could have been i don't know, comprehensive when they did
4:29 pm
this investigation. so that at least people would have known about it and it wouldn't have had to play out on national tv like it did. how come it didn't? >> yeah. i hear that concern. i'll say this. as someone who worked with sexual assault victims as prosecutor, every victim comes forward or doesn't come forward at all in a different manner. i guess you would ask -- >> trish: but she did come forward. she didn't want to be exposed. she didn't want her identity leaked. she came forward and it was feinstein who knew about this, her congresswoman who knew about it. don't forget, congressman, she tried to alert people. right? she alerted the "washington post" and alerted the congresswoman's office and sent a letter and spoke to the receptionist. she was trying to get the word out behind the scenes. nobody cared. not until he was named. >> people certainly cared but i'd say this. would you prefer she never had come forward at all if it was true? she came forward. once she did the past is the past we should take her allegation seriously.
4:30 pm
>> you can understand why the republicans aren't trusting you guys, right? >> but i say this. i made this argument to many juror -- to many juries. what are the chances that this woman and two other women who never met each other come forward with similar accusations? it's unlikely. i could be that he is unluckiest person in the world but he should investigate. >> trish: i don't know what it could be. anything, right? we start speculating like that it gets -- >> that's why we investigate. that is why we investigate. >> trish: i want to ask you about this. kamala harris had basically washed her hands of the whole situation. and i want your reaction. play it for the viewers. >> this is a sham what is going on in there right now. >> democrats are not heard. they are pushing through the process. the statements yesterday were about bullying the fellow senators. from top to bottom, this has been about bullies. >> trish: i should point out she did storm out of the session.
4:31 pm
she was done. she washed her hands of it and she was done and got out there and fed that information to the reporters and the cameras. i would point out, congressman that yesterday, she didn't leave a whole lot of time for dr. ford to talk. she spoke and spoke and spoke about how awful this was and how she believed her and somehow it's the president's fault. it was grandstanding in a way that frankly was not beneficial to anyone including her. why is the party like that now? >> we come from the same district attorney's office. i would say i would have been upset, too. right before she walked out they moved to subpoena mark judge. the alibi witness for judge kavanaugh. i don't know why you wouldn't want to hear from that person and put him under oath as you put dr. ford under oath. i will say this, trish. 27 years ago when anita hill came forward most people agree it was a disgrace. but 20 witnesses were heard at that hearing.
4:32 pm
we have actually gone backward when only two witnesses are heard and they put forward the nomination without considering any other evidence. >> so you think he is lying? >> i wouldn't hire him but i'd look more into this. >> trish: sorry, you wouldn't hire him? >> this is a job interview. they are advising and consenting and essentially hiring or not hiring judge kavanaugh. i'm not determining whether he did this or not. i would say -- >> trish: nor am i. but do you think it's fair that 36 years after something happens that someone's entire career could potentially be destroyed because of allegations which nobody has any proof over? >> i think the fairest thing for jeng -- judge kavanaugh he took the bench having his name cleared by a thorough f.b.i. investigation. he deserves that. >> trish: thank you, congressman. >> my pleasure. >> trish: good to talk to you. >> you too. >> trish: coming up, earn, is the d.n.c. , yesterday, the d.n.c.
4:33 pm
is the d.n.c. ready to say sayonara to nancy pelosi? sean spiceer is here to react to it. we see him next.
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ask your doctor about ibrance. the #1 prescribed fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. >> trish: nancy pelosi's fate appears to be in jeopardy. now the head of the party tom perez donning questions why he and the d.n.c. will not endorse the congresswoman to be the next house speaker if the democrats win house majority status in the upcoming midterms. watch. >> what i said is it will be up to -- >> you have made endorsements in races before. you endorsed the new york gor's race. you are not going to endorse nancy pelosi? >> i am so appreciative of nancy pelosi and what she has done for the democratic party. so i don't have a vote in that race. >> but you did endorsed in new york in that race? >> i haven't endorsed in any other race.
4:38 pm
this is a race that will be up to the house democrats in the aftermath. i hope the house majority democrats. >> trish: joining me is sean spicer, now senior adviser and the spokesman for america first action and the author of the new book. good to see you. >> good to see you. happy friday. >> trish: it seems like doing everything he could not to say yeah, i'll endorse her. we heard excuses but what is the real reason why so many democrats are running away from nancy pelosi right now? >> look, you are right. this should be a no-brainer. if you are the chair of the d.n.c. you should say i totally support nancy pelosi, she has done all the great stuff and i'm 100% confident that the democrats will take over the house. he did neither. i think that was telling on both counts. i think that speaks to the fact that the idea that nancy pelosi from san francisco isn't progressive enough for the democratic party and they
4:39 pm
believe the ideas are old, tired, worn out and not the future of the party speaks volumes for what tom perez sees for his own party. but i found it illuminating when given the opportunity he says he hopes they take over the house. if you are the chair of the d.n.c. or the chair of the r.n.c. you are supposed to be out there expressing unbelievable confidence in your party's ability to win or maintain -- maintain majority. he did neither. >> trish: maybe he is not good at his job. what is interesting is what you are saying that they think she is not the future of the party. i have to say, like, they might be on to something. she talks about how $1,000 is crumbs, she may not have the future of the party. >> they recognize that they have gone down the road before and she has taken them out of the majority, multiple time. the single greatest gift that the republican party has right now. >> they'll miss her. >> i won't!
4:40 pm
i'm a big fan of nancy pelosi staying in congress for years to come. she is a great gift for us. i think it's very, very symbolic of what the democratic party stands for. once we explain to people she would be the speaker, we make that race binary choice. america first out there running ads around the country and supporting candidates that make it clear that they will support president trump's policies and agenda. and that if we lose the majority, it's nancy pelosi and adam schiff and maxine waters who are going to take over the house of representatives. that is a vastly different agenda than donald trump and the house republicans are passing right now, that is benefiting so many americans from coast to coast. >> trish: isn't that true? so, how does kavanaugh affect all this? how does kavanaugh affect midterms? how does kavanaugh affect the future of the republican party and the future of this president? >> interesting question. from a political standpoint both sides have dug in and they see this as a polarizing
4:41 pm
view for the side. one that is galvanizing support from right to left. the interesting thing that i find fascinating is for the folks on the left and you saw not a single question in that clip asked of tom perez. the deputy chair of the d.n.c. ellison from minnesota facing similar charges and all of the folks from the democratic and the left side have yet to mention the allegations that are leveled against him and why he is still the deputy chair of the d.n.c. that should be asked of every leadership and the democrat and rank and file. if they take this spect to kavanaugh and -- respect to kavanaugh why isn't it okay for their own? >> trish: feminists backed bill clinton when he took advantage of the young woman working as the intern. the double standard in all of this can get -- >> that is one of several. in every case there is
4:42 pm
presumption of innocence. if you talk about the left and the politicalization of what the left is done. there are serious questions that need to be asked of keith ellison, the deputy chair of d.n.c., bill clinton and others on the left who have credible allegation against them as well. it's fascinating i think to see how it is one-sided in the charges. >> trish: sure. politics as usual. all right. >> women need to be taken seriously and credibly. all of them. not just on one side. >> trish: good to see you, sir. thank you. coming up next, everyone. did hillary clinton ruin murphy brown's comeback or is this a terrible dumb idea from the very start? ratings are in. our ladies' night panel cannot wait to respond. keep it here. >> e-mail. i do have some experience with e-mails.
4:43 pm
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>> trish: fox news alert. your facebook account could have been hacked. tonight, the social networking site is dealing with a massive security breach affecting 50 million users. trace gallagher is live on the west coast newsroom with the late-breaking details. hey, trace. >> facebook says the hackers got access to the system by exploiting the view as feature. that is what you click on when you want to see how your profile looks to the general public. and once the hackers got into
4:47 pm
view as, it allowed them to steal facebook access tokens. those are digital keys that keep you logged in so you don't re-enter your password every time you use facebook. the access tokens were then used to take over people's accounts. 50 million of them as you said. the company says passwords and credit card information was not stolen. but things like names and gender, hometowns were taken. here is the big headline. the hack gave attackers full control of the accounts. meaning if they took over your account they could send messages, post pictures and notices as if they were you. today, facebook held a couple of news conference calls trying to tamp this down with the c.e.o. mark zuckerberg acknowledging there is work to be done. quoting we are continuing to improve our defenses and i think that this also underscores that there are just constant attacks from people who are trying to take over accounts or steal information from people in our community. zuckerberg went on to say there is no indication of who
4:48 pm
is behind the attack or whether it could be state sponsored. remember, earlier in year, facebook was hacked by cambridge analytica. a political firm that stole raw data from users. zuckerberg was called to congress after that. but this time around facebook says they are working with the f.b.i. and better to secure the site. we should note that along with the 50 million users that were hacked facebook reset access codes to an additional 40 million users. so in all, 90 million people will have to log back in to their accounts. before using them. >> trish: ahh. all right. i hope mine is okay. trace, thank you very much. yours, too. still ahead, joy behar's latest outburst hit a new low. >> you know it's almost like they worry that all white people will lose all of their power. so they don't care if she is lying or not lying or he is
4:49 pm
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>> trish: back to the top story. president trump ordering the f.b.i. to launch a new investigation in to judge kavanaugh's accusations delaying a senate confirmation vote for at least a week. joy behar thinks republicans are trying to jam this thing through and has, well, a rather outlandingish theory. i want you to listen. >> people on the republican side it looks like to me do not want to investigate this any further. they just want to hold on to their power. so it's almost like they are worried that all white people are going to lose all their pow sore they don't care if she is lying or not lying or he's lying. they just want to hold on to their power. the people who are only
4:54 pm
interested in retaining white power in this country. >> trish: here for ladies' night on friday. we have rachel, susan, and rochelle. good to see you. i want to hear from all of you. what is she talking about there? >> i have no idea. >> trish: left field. right? >> white power? i assume she is talking about the republicans. i don't think she realizes there are a lot of people who are hispanic like myself and diversity in the party. by the way, republicans don't think that much about racial profiling of our party. we think about ideas. and so, look this hearing for a lot of republicans was about the presumption of innocence. retaining that. our constitutional rights. this was not about holding on to power. by the way, the election was won by the republicans. it is the president's purview to put his nominee in place. >> i don't know if the identity politics works for the democrats. i think it's prudent to move
4:55 pm
in a direction that where they are more inclusive. >> my experience as minority female race didn't even enter my mind listening to the testimony yesterday. i was a man's story, woman's story and trying to find truth in between. taking that segment is a lot of privilege to make it connect when it is race to a supreme court nominee. >> do you think it was male/female? >> this is my first time hearing this from joy behar so i am surprised to hear that. i feel the way susan. i did not see a black/white issue yesterday. what i saw is an assault victim and it is fortunate this this crime, this personal, intimate hurtful crime used as a political football. it's very frustrating for me. i am tired. i am drained. it's been emotionally, it's been emotions just spiking across both sides of the aisle. i think a lot of people were
4:56 pm
feeling it. we talk about it in the green room. it's draining. >> trish: we all, last night, i felt sad. i felt sad for everyone. i felt sad for the country. i think you felt the same. everyone i talked to felt that way. >> i think a lot of people felt angry, too, trish. a lot of people were angry. >> frustrated. that this woman did not have to go through the process and nor did kavanaugh had senator feinstein not withheld the information. >> i think for the f.b.i.. >> sorry to interrupt you but i think that is the issue. people need to be upset about the process. this should have been brought forward immediately. everyone is arguing oh, she wanted it to be confidential. she could have been. they could have had the meetings behind closed doors and protected her identity. >> if she was victimized in 1982 she got victimized all over again by the democratic party who used her as a pawn in this. i regret that for her and the country and for him. let me turn to -- did you
4:57 pm
watch "murphy brown"? >> i liked it back then. >> trish: they are trying to reboot it. it debuted and they chose to have hillary clinton on. i didn't do so well. play a clip. >> for four years i was a secretary. i was a secretary of a very large organization. >> you have all the requisite skills, computer, e-mail -- >> e-mail. i do have some experience with e-mails. >> trish: just a little. are you surprised that this bombed in the ratings? >> it felt staged. reboot and reboot and reboot. split worked for "roseanne." >> but that is '90s. bring in the fresh faces and minority faces. >> i never watched it. i had no idea it was back on television. i can tell you although i did support hillary clinton i will be happy when i no longer have to hear her name associated with e-mails ever again.
4:58 pm
like, let's just stop it. >> i would say one on the one hand, laughing about e-mails that jeopardize people's lives is not funny. on the other hand, she is human. this election was hard on her. she can finally i think laugh about it. that is progress. >> i want you to say why do you think they had to do this. she felt compel and had to do the show again. >> we had to do something. get the old gang together. take on this crazy new world of the alternative facts and fake news. it's our civic duty. >> the civic duty. back to that. fake news. >> that is why the show is not doing well. when you do a comedy show with that kind of objective, it ceases to not be funny. half the country is on the other side. >> i wonder to know how
4:59 pm
hillary clinton would feel that obama is the dream guest star not hillary clinton. >> she would be okay with it. as long as it's not donald trump. it's fine. >> it did not do well but we saw a huge response from america for roseanne. so not murphy but roseanne. maybe it gives a sense of where people are. >> even though the media tries to outthink it all. >> i wish we could go back to making them funny. not political. >> that would be nice. >> good to see you. i'll see you tomorrow on "fox & friends." and you all over the place. >> right. >> that is "the story" for this week. martha back with you on monday. meanwhile, i guess news. mark the news. starting october 15, i'm moving to primetime. on the fox business network. catch trish regan primetime, that is me. weekdays at 2:00 on fbn after lou dobbs until then you will
5:00 pm
see me on the news report at 2:00 p.m. eastern. have a terrific weekend. big news week. up ahead. in the meantime, tucker is next. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." this is the tenth day in a row that we have devoted a large portion of the show to brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination. we have done that because the story matters. not simply because the supreme court itself matters. the way kavanaugh has been treated by the democrats in the senate as well as by the media and the left wing interest groups who do their bidding in concert gets the most basic questions about what kind of country we want to live in. does every american deserve due process? are the accused presumed innocent rather than guilty? does fairness still matter in this country? well, to all of those we


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