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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  September 29, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ >> judge brett kavanaugh's nomination to the supreme court take as big step forward. >> it cleared the senate judiciary committee on a party line vote. >> but, it's also now facing a delay all because of a last-minute condition set by republican jeff flake. >> i think it would be proper to delay the floor vote. >> you're telling all women that they don't matter. >> look at me when i'm talking to you. >> president trump orders the fbi to conduct an investigation. >> this is now the seventh background check. >> i thought her testimony was very compelling and she looks like a very fine woman to me. >> this is a sham what's going on in there right now. democrats are not being heard. >> toxic culture pernicious patey in this country has to stop, it's real in this country. >> this has been about delay
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and destruction. >> it's the politics of personal destruction. the playbook the democrats continue to use. scorched earth, resistance movement. >> they want votes and fundraisers, they are using that power to destroy people's lives. >> the american people are not going to be fooled by this political theater. ♪ i got ♪ it's all right ♪ all right ♪ pete: i would say this after this week america, let not your heart be troubled? who says that? is it rush? it's hannity. rachel: sean hannity. pete: let not your heart be troubled it's saturday morning. it's been a long week. is there is a lot to talk about. thankfully griff and rachel are here. rachel: we have a great play list all morning so we are super jazzed up right now. griff: i haven't worn a pocket square since i was on this show with rachel. i have my pocket square
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rocking. pete: looking if he good. rachel: very dapper. i like have you taken that new fashion trend on. pete: griff and i have been talking he has some opinions, views that he might share with you on the channel today. rachel: i'm looking forward to it, too. pete: president trump as you know in the news now ordering a supplemental fbi investigation into sexual assault allegations against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. griff: the move pushing the senate vote to late next week. rachel: lee land vittert is live in our nation's capital with more. welcome. >> nice to see you. some of kavanaugh's supporters are spinning this as a good thing saying the mere fact of an fbi report will take away key democratic talking point making the week delay well worth it. this is the president's tweet, just started tonight our seventh fbi investigation of judge brett kavanaugh. he will some day be recognized as a truly great justice of the united states supreme court.
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from dr. christine blasey ford's attorney a thorough fbi investigation is critical developing all the relevant facts. dr. christine blasey ford welcomes this step. no artificial limits as to time or scope should be imposed on this investigation. >> for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell another week to a vote but another week of oven relenting democratic pressure on key swing votes like susan collins and lisa murkowski. >> the committee has also thoroughly investigated the last-minute allegations that have been brought forward. the evidence that has been produced either fails, fails to crorkts these accusations or, in fact, supports judge kavanaugh's unequivocal denial. this is a nomination that deserves to move forward and that is precisely, mr. president, what is happening. >> kavanaugh says he will continue to cooperate with any and all probes into his background, guys, and obviously we wait for the president's rally this evening to see if he has any additional thoughts on the
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week's events. rachel: thank you, lee land. pete: lee land, thanks. rachel: we thought we were moving forward, right? we thought we were moving forward except jeff flake did something that a lot of people aren't too surprised about because they think is he flakey. pete: living up to his name. he told everyone he was going to vote for the nomination. then he got in an elevator and cloak room and apparently everything changed. an activist, her name is anna marie arcella double l like a y. it's one l. all right. pete: she confronted him in an elevator as you pointed out she wasn't supposed to be in. griff: you are not allowed to go on to that elevator whether you are a reporter or protester and because of the freedoms of this great nation there is not just her there is hundreds.
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i was there all week long. it is surreal that hundreds of protesters can just freely hang out in the hallways. and wa weigh in with their opinions that happened. pete: watch this. >> you are allowing someone who is unwilling to take responsibility for his own action. >> do you want to respond? senator. >> the higher court of the country and to have the role of repairing the harm that has been done in this country to many people. no, no, thank you. what do you think? you have power. >> ma'am, do you want to talk. >> no i want to talk to him. don't talk to me. griff: excuse me, ma'am, what is happening there someone said the security saying you can't be there, you can't go. rachel: what kind of security is that? this is capital police. pete: husband takes tough votes. are you swayed by someone yelling at you in the elevator? is that a real thing? >> i actually think for a member like my husband's it
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would probably actually tick him off even more but apparently it worked. first of all, i want to make two points. one, members only elevator, where was capital police? when there is this many protesters and this level of anger, i don't think this is safe for members of congress. and this isn't an exaggeration, there have been bad things that have happened to members of congress in very recent history. this makes me mad at capital police, first of all. pete: sure. rachel: listen, this is what passes for civil discourse on college campuses. it has come to coming. and thanks to what jeff flake did and, again, we will talk a little later it might end up being better to republicans, caving this will only encourage. this expect more. expect more. griff: i was covering it this week, elizabeth warren and we played a little bit of the sound earlier in the week, elizabeth warren was out in the hart senate office building atrium went and rallied these very
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protesters to keep doing what they are doing. you know, that part of our process, i mean, we are talking about the due process of a man accused of a very serious allegation and, yet, the protesters -- pete: also six fbi investigations for this guy. he has been through public opinions. he has had his character sensentassassinated. i love the use of her truth. what about his truth? her truth is her truth, fine. she can say what she wants. he has the opportunity to rebut that. he has done that at the last second a weak-minded republican in jeff flake, who is not running for re-election, because he could never get reelected. people are sick of guys like him gets confronted in elevator and some democrats in a cloak room and he caves? it's pathetic. it's also a demonstration of our modern politics where it's a protest session all the time and a lot of people give in, some people give in at those moments. you have to realize the
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items don'demsdon't want a fair. god bless lindsey gramg what hgrahamit's true. he spoke for a lot of americans when he said you played politics not the truth on this. rachel: it will be delayed for weeks. this is what jason chaffetz a former member of congress had to say about what the real reason is behind this delay. >> very good friends with jeff flake and on a personal level, i really like the guy. but, how can you. sean: senator snowflake is what i call him. >> how can you look at this person and say we need more time to investigate at the same time he has zero questions of ford around zero questions of kavanaugh. that's your opportunity. that's the job of the senators, not some job of the fbi agent doing seventh background check. it's the politics of personal destruction. it's a playbook that the democrats continue to use. scorched earth. it's the resistance movement. they wants to destroy kavanaugh. they want to delay this as long as possible, defeat him and drag this country into the dull drums.
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it is absolutely fundamentally wrong and republicans have got to step up like lindsey graham and call it out for what it. >> here here. >> and make sure this person is now sitting on the supreme court. pete: i'm fired up and frustrated like a lot of people help me with the math here. how does this go forward? griff: where we were before the flake incident happened, we were at 48 yeses in the republicans, right? you can only lose one republican or you are in trouble, two, kavanaugh goes down. that's the reality of this. murkowski, collins, and flake were the fence sitters in the republican party. now you have got this investigation. but, if you look back and remember this emotional week of all the democrats saying that it would be wrong to confirm him without an fbi investigation, now the fbi is going to do it. so there is one side of the story that suggests that not only could you get the fence sitting republicans, collins, murkowski and flake, but you might pick up -- pete: the failing "new york times" says a week not
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enough time. maybe we need more. is anything honest about this? do they really want a week or as much time as they want? they want to derail it as long as they want. griff: at some point you are undermining the professionalism of the fbi. the fbi, the president has ordered this limited scope investigation and i don't know why the "new york times" doesn't have confidence in the foib do their job. rachel: chris thinks this could be good for republicans. here is what he said last night. >> this is a high wire act, the longer kavanaugh hangs out there that there will be other claims that it will become more complicated. let's also understanding they were faced with a very unhappy thing. they were going to have to jam this through quite potential whether i mike pension having tpence having tot deciding vote. they were hoping they would get democratic votes and that it would be bipartisan and go through in a way that was more pleasing to
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everybody involved. pete: yeah, i guess, right? i just feel like republicans have blinked and they have had to because it's such a razor thin margin. if you weren't thinking about voting in the mid terms, this is evidence as to why you should. razor thin majorities means one guy who is not up for re-election determines the fate. a week is a lifetime. the left is going to throw everything they can at this guy for another week. rachel: you are right. the delay of the 10 days before was devastating to kavanaugh's reputation. that said, republicans are fired up like i have never seen. my phone from women i know that are independents said are kind of apolitical, you know, maybe lean conservative, oh my goodness. everybody was watching this. everybody is engaged and everyone has an opinion. here's the deal. democrats were already fired up. their base was already energized. it was the republican side and i can tell you as a political spouse we were
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concerned about complacency on our part because a lot of republicans are kind of happy with the economy. they are kind of complacent politically. this has charged people up. people are on fire mad. pete: everyone has a son or a father who could be accused like this. this is the thing, if they can get brett kavanaugh, we are all done. the reality this guy is a great man who went through high school like the west of us and now he is brought through the ringer. griff: may be called into service and think twice because of watching what happened to kavanaugh. rachel: take the corporate job. great legal minds. pete: so, what can the fbi actually find in a week? we're going to ask former fbi agent who led the agency's hunt for the unabomber coming up next. griff: plus, grab your cowboy hat and boots the state fair of texas is here. gillian and carley are live
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at the fairgrounds. giddy up ♪ from the promised land ♪ gave them a place where they could dance ♪ if you want to see heaven
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♪ ♪ rachel: president trump now ordering the fbi to investigate allegations against judge kavanaugh saying it should be limited in scope and shouldn't last more than one week. pete: what will yet another background check show? former deputy assistant director for the fbi's counter-terrorism division who caught the unabomber, terry turchie joins us now. we have one more week, there have been six previous background checks, what more will we or could we learn here? >> well, what we have right now, pete, is we have allegations without any substantiation and without any corroboration. and it really goes to the fbi's power house.
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they can put a lot of people together. they can sit down and interview the complainant. do this devoid of any enotion in a room just the interviewers and dr. ford. they start there. and they try to find out if there is anything else that she might have missed saying, missed remembering. try to jog her memory. get more details and take all the details we all know from these hearings and all of the things and examples they might be able to get to maybe add more to this. and then they will go out and run all of this down. and they have plenty of time. i have heard a lot of the people talk about you can't do this in a week. i think we have to keep something in perspective. the fbi can get 2,000 agents just about everywhere in the world in a matter of a few hours. and they can do major things logistically. this is not that big of a deal. keep in mind that they are already very familiar with judge kavanaugh. is he, as you said, gone through six background
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investigations there are people who did those. probably some of them still in the bureau. they will be reviewing all of that they will be looking at anything now, in the light of what has come out. that possibly they may think they missed then. so all of those kind of things are going to go on. and at the end of the day, they are going to have a really good picture of whether there is anything here. and, again, i have to stress something and then i will stop for a second. it was really a stark contrast to me the other day that we have, in america, in our republic. we have judge kavanaugh sitting there essentially facing inquisition. you did not see any attorney sitting at the table on the right or the left. it was just him. and it was rather uncomfortable to me after being in the fbi for 32 years and after interviewing people who would bring complaints in and our subjects who have committed crimes. we always try to be respectful and decent to everybody because you have got to do that if you are going to have your integrity
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going forward. it's just bizarre to see how this has carried out. i hope the fbi can kind of take the emotion out of this and that's really what they will try to do and try to find more facts to pursue. rachel: it was very interesting i had no idea they could do this as quickly and when i heard the attorney say they want more time. it was clear what from what you are saying they don't need more time and they can do this maybe before a week is over. >> what's fascinating, rachel, michael knows they can do this in a matter of hours. they can do anything they are asked to do as long as they have a lot of cooperation. now, if they call to kind of -- all this kind of begins, keep in mind, with sitting down with the complainant. they call and the lawyers say oh, we are both on vacation, we can't see you for two weeks, that's going to slow things down a bit. pete: of course, and physical evidence at this point does not exist.
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terry turchie thank you for your time. appreciate it good stuff. >> you are very welcome. pete: california's liberal governor his name is jerry brown, taking a shot at the second amendment. restrict gun rights even more. the new law he just signed coming up next. rachel: democrats got what they wanted but will they really accept the results of the fbi or just playing politics? we will debate that next. >> the fbi investigation must be impartial and objective. it must be given enough time to do that work.
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pete: we are back with a fox news alert. at least 384 people are dead and hundreds injured. anna: earthquake and tsunami strike inc. doneisha. the 7.5 magnitude earthquake leaving a path of
3:23 am
destruction. rescue efforts, as you can imagine are still underway. the military wants to know why a cutting edge f-35 we spent billions on them a marine pilot forced to eject to the air investigation. and a suspected terrorist accused deadly new york city bike path death penalty. lack of reforce and continued support of isis. yeah. that counts. he pled not guilty to mowing down a crowd after mowing down a crowd, killing at least 8 people last year. griff, over to you. griff: thanks, pete. staging a walk out as the judiciary committee scheduled a vote on judge kavanaugh. >> this has got to stop. so i walked out. i'm not going to participate in this charade anymore. democrats are not being heard. they are pushing through this process. and from top to bottom, this
3:24 am
has been about bullies. >> there has been no adequate fbi investigation. there has been no sufficient fact-finding. griff: now democrats got exactly what thepghted fbi investigation of judge kavanaugh. will they finally allow the process to play out or will they continue to play politics with his nomination. here to debate it former apprentice c ngt and trump supporter aaron elmore and max burns. good morning to you. happy saturday. so, let me start with you, erin. what do you make about the democrats now have what they wanted, this investigation. they grand standed all week long about it. will this finally set the record straight? >> there is less than a zero percent chance that the democrats are going to act with any sort of propriety or decorum here. we haven't seen that throughout the process. we know this is nothing more than political theater. at best, it is that at worse, this is a total
3:25 am
political coup. they are destroying brett kavanaugh's life for nothing. there is no evidence. there are no facts. and i'm sure this is seventh fbi investigation will be the one that is the red hers as they say in scooby-doo. there is no way that is going to happen. griff: max, independents to bring you in, real quick, you mention the process here. let me just put up this. this is the nominee's statement brett kavanaugh saying yesterday throughout this process i have been interviewed by the fbi. i have done a number of background calls directly with the senate and yesterday i answered questions under oath about every topic the senators and their counsel asked me. i have done everything they have requested and will continue to cooperate. max, i want you to respond to what this now means for the democrats on the committee. >> well, the first thing is we keep saying the democrats got what they wanted. this was jeff flake and the democrats were willing to roll over here until lisa murkowski came along. this was the g.o.p. asking for this investigation. we have been asking for this for two weeks.
3:26 am
dr. ford has, democrats have, now jeff flake has. and we started this two weeks ago, we would have been done by now and this vote would have happened and one less rolling crisis for the president. griff: when this vote happenings, max, and erin, the question to you, do you believe this could increase the number of votes that kavanaugh gets for confirmation? >> well, obviously he is going to be exonerated after this week is over. the only problem is the avenattis of the world will come out of woodwork with false accusations democrats will say we need more time. this is nothing more than a stalling and delaying tactic. in the words of louisiana's great senator kennedy, this is an intergalactic freak show. he is not wrong. also, another one quote i will leave you here steve ames of montana senator's office said calling this is a circus a disservice to clowns. both of those statements are true. political theater nightmare
3:27 am
do you know shot leading actor in this cory booker he deserves an academy award. this is a total circus disaster joke and it's not grounded in any sort of reality whatsoever. griff: max, i see you nodding your head and erin mentions timing the editorial says one week is not enough. what do you say? >> i think the anita hill investigation when it was reopened took three days. dr. ford has said that an investigation at all would be an advantage. we're finally going to get to talk most likely the fbi with mark judge, with mark judge's girlfriend with these individuals that the republicans in the senate have covered for, have refused to bring forward. and i think it's because they realize there are serious problems with judge kavanaugh's story. griff: thank you very much. have a great saturday. we will continue to talk about this all week long. thank you very much. the left continuing its attack on judge kavanaugh but you won't believe what one media outlet is now
3:28 am
saying should happen to coach kavanaugh. plus, jillian mele and carley shimkus live at the state fair of texas. good morning, girls. >> and, pete, i know you are so jealous. we have friday oreos. carley: that's mean. to make it even worse for you guys, i'm holding a big plate of chicken and waffles and we're going to be trying one of the state fair foods finalists coming up. giving you a hint right now, it's friday. fried. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. so my doctor said... symbicort can help you breathe better.
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♪ i feel glorious ♪ got a chance to start gotten ♪ rachel: glorious. pete: i like mclemore, his politics are terrible but his songs are good. sea lefty. i don't care. i just want good music. rachel: we like good music and good movies, unfortunately it's a lot of liberals that deliver those products. pete: when you open up your newspapers you used to think you would get something unbiased. of course we all know it's biased at this point. you open up the "u.s.a. today" maybe the sports section, too griff, you are hoping you will get something fair, straightforward, sports, look at this tweet from "u.s.a. today" from their sports section, the u.s. senate may yet confirm kavanaugh to the supreme court, but he should stay
3:33 am
off basketball courts for now when kids are around, writes at by eric brady. and there is a picture. we are not going to show it, i believe. there was a picture in this article of him next to 8 girls, teenage girls whose team he coaches. rachel: his daughter's basketball team. pete: his daughter's basketball team, griff. griff: as the father of two daughters who go to catholic schools in washington, and, you know, last weekend at this very time i was at my youngest daughter's field hockey team. if someone printed a photo of the coach and my daughter and dragged into this political circus a picture of my daughter, they would literally be looking over their shoulder for the per throughout of their life. pete: i believe that. griff: we are not showing this photo because we have in so many ways crossed a line of how you destroy people's lives and, you
3:34 am
know, if he doesn't get confirmed, that process will play out. like, what does this do now to him being a coached and being involved in his children's lives? this is very, very significant. pete: a man who steps up, coaches team mentors women. rachel: listen to his earlier testimony where he was being nominated this is what he loves. he loves to coach his daughter's basketball team. they are hitting him where it hurts. this is as low as it goes. i want to tell you one thing only way to stop this vile behavior if you ever thought the media and democrats weren't working on the same playbook. this is what this is about. there is about smearing him and only way to stop it is to win. to confirm him and by the way to be ballot box in the mid terms. if you reward this time of behavior and tactics we will just get more of it if you
3:35 am
don't like what you are sighing. you don't like wha what is happening you have to win. pete: amen. griff: you may not like these headlines. rachel: i will go ahead and do it. that one ticked me off. intense manhunt is underway for a suspect considered armed and dangerous after a shooting inside the hospital. joshua stuart is accused of opening fire inside an upstate new york facility before taking off in a truck. the suspect then fired several shots at police officers as they closed in on his vehicle. stuart got away. no injuries were reported in either shooting. cbs is staging two investigations after getting subpoenaed by prosecutors in new york. the probe stems from sexual misconduct allegations against former ceoles moonves. he they are looking into the company's workplace culture. cbs says it is coongting with the investigation. mitchelmichelle obama is taking
3:36 am
shots at trump while sharing politics. take a look. >> i am tired of the daily chaos, the pettiness, the meanness that too often dominates the political discourse. it is exhausting. and hun nels there is depressing. rachel: she says she understands why some people feel their vote was, quote, rigged and not worth putting in the effort. the former first lady was speaking at a rally of young voters outside of miami. a missouri mom is suing her son's school because he didn't make the varsity team after playing jv last year. she claims that the school is violating age and gender discrimination laws by refusing to allow out 11th grade boy to play with younger jv students this season. a judge is expected to make a decision monday on if the boy can play jv and those are your headlines. griff: in other news, said boy said mom, stop. you are el embarrassing me
3:37 am
here. pete: in other news parents are the worst. stop. rachel: in other news son sues mom. pete: i don't want to play on the jv team. i'm in 11th grade. i'm not that good. maybe i should practice harder. rachel: state fair of texas is officially kicking off its 2018 season with 24 days of fun, food, and entertainment to celebrated all things texan. pete: joining us now with a preview from dallas fox news headlines 24/7 carley shim cus. jillian meally. you have wonderful food aren't you glad we fry it? 132nd year since this thing has been going on. 1886. last year 2.5 million
3:38 am
people. jillian: incredible. people from all over the country. we got a chance to check it out on opening night. watch this. >> good morning "fox & friends." -- want to welcome you to the state fair of texas. ♪ ♪ jillian: can we get a pony ride? >> sorry. we'll find a bigger pony, thank you. i finally found someone taller than me, big tex.
3:39 am
>> we need to document this. >> this calls for a selfy. >> can you make us look like cow girls? >> easy. >> i think we found our hat. hheyhee haw. >> we are going to give it a shot. here we go. [laughter] jillian: i don't know if i liked that. jillian: everybody says when you come to the fair you have to get a texas corn dog. >> can i get a corn dog? >> cheers. >> to wash it all down we are told this is the best funnel cake in the state of texas. >> i love funnel cake. >> oh my gosh. >> kind of nice to sit down for a minute. >> relax. >> and enjoy the view. >> on the ferris wheel. get to seat whole park. >> the whole big fair. >> it's kind of an old school experience and it's still going on.
3:40 am
>> really this is all about family, food, fun and memory. >> yep. we searched high and low all day long for they're. >> and we finally found a horse they would let us ride. >> let's go. ♪ >> now to the big thank you to texas. [laughter] jillian: one of the ladies said we were too big. >> we were over the weight limit. >> we were too heavy. >> that's something a woman never wants to hear. >> do you like our hats? i was adamant i needed a cowboy hat from texas. >> put down the funnel cake and get back on those horses, right? >> bingo. >> hard to put down that food i will say. we wants to let you know coming up in the next hour, one of our very good friends on the show who is from texas is going to be here
3:41 am
joining us live. pete: you are not going to tell us who it is. pete: you look great in those hats. griff: is there any mechanical bulls there? i feel like there would be a mechanical bull at the texas fair. >> all right, griff. calm down. >> if there is one, we will find it. rachel: you look super texan right now. welcome. pete: we many come back to you guys. pete: i want to stay in texas but we are here in new york. judge kavanaugh character to a bunch of politicians. >> this confirmation process has become a national disgrace. have you replaced advice and consent with search and destroy. pete: next guest a retired navy seal says this is the type of leadership we need on the supreme court. >> plus, it's about to get cool outside. is your home ready for the fall weather? skip has the gear you need this season live on fox square. ♪
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yeah, just like you, dad. >> i have never done this to her or to anyone. that's not who i am. it is not who i was. i am innocent of this charge. i will not be intimidated. you may defeat me in the final vote, but you will never get me to quit. never. pete: that was judge brett kavanaugh fighting for his character and for his family on capitol hill this week defined in the face of multiple allegations. so, has he exhibited the type of character and leadership it takes to serve on the highest court in the land? former navy sea seal l.a. babiny babin. you watch a man like this defending his character.
3:46 am
what did you think of his testimony. >> he showed some strength. that's for sure. he didn't take it lying down. i can only imagine what he and his family are going through. it's the vicious attacks they have been under is pretty who are risk. and definitely a tough situation. he handled it as tough as he could. he didn't go after his accuser. i think he handled that pretty cordially. he showed some emotion. we always say leaders have to balance. he showed emotion but didn't lose control of his emotions. brian: wrote a new book called the dichotomy of leadership. pulling on your experience. a guy with a silver stars, a purple star and bronze heart you understanding that. you are providing leadership for a nation. talk to me about your book and the lessons that you draw from it? >> our first book extreme ownership how leaders have to own everything in the world. own mistakes and failures, not cast blame, not make excuses. but, that title was taken out of context by some
3:47 am
people and they took extreme leaders have to be extreme in everything that they do. and that was misunderstood. jacques and i determined we had to write a new book. leaders have to balance. it's most important leaders have to balance between two opposing forces. >> what are those opposing forces. >> infinite number of dichotomies, pulling a leader in different directions. you know certainly as a military leader as well as in the business world, anywhere in your life, a leader has to be aggressive. you have to be able to maneuver and make things happen and solve problems. you can't be too aggressive. you actually have to mitigate risks. you have to be disciplined in what you do and follow discipline standard operating procedures you can't be village, you have to have a team that can think and have leaders that can think and make decisions and not be just stuck to a process. you have to be a leader and a follower. that was one of the toughest ones for me is that in order to be a good leader, you have to also be a follower
3:48 am
and willing to listen to the junior folks on your team and follow their plan. pete: that is a lesson. you have been to more military schools i have. big lesson for the military as well. when you are a leader, you only want people who know how to follow as well productively. you know, as an employee or a member of the military, hey, i have been in your shoes. have you been in mine. let's work together to solve problems. >> we want leaders in every level of the organization. people that are going to step up and lead, whether they're the front line troop or just in charge of themselves or their piece of the mission or someone in a high ranking leadership position. leaders at every slefl what is going to make the best team. pete: dichotomy of leadership. i know it will be a success. good stuff. we have a big show ahead. we will fry make the show a success. david brode, jason chaffetz, dan bongino. i will listened to dan bongino's podcast on the way. in you are not going to want to miss it. he is coming up live. is your home ready for cool
3:49 am
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griff: cathy is about to get very excited. >> you have to clean up the whole plaza out here. come on, get to work. let's go. rachel: confronting senator jeff flake. -- brett kavanaugh, take a look. >> someone who is unwilling to take responsibility for his own actions. >> do you want to respond? >> higher court of the country. [laughter] griff: all right, dan bongino is fired up about that. he joining us. plus congressman bob goodlatte and gregg jarrett all live plus the leaf blower ♪ ears? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now.
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4:00 am
>> judge boston will's big step forward. >> cleared on party line vote. >> facing delay because of last minute condition set by republican jeff flake. >> i think it would be for delay the floor vote. >> you are telling all women that they don't matter. >> look at me when i'm talking to you. >> president trump now ordering the fbi to investigate judge kavanaugh. >> i thought her testimony was very compelling and she looks like a very fine woman to me we have allegations without any corroboration. >> this is sham what's going on in there right now. democrats are not being heard. >> pernicious patriarchy.
4:01 am
>> playbook the democrats continue to use, scorched earth, resistance movement. >> they want votes and they want fundraisers. they are using that power to destroy people's listles. >> the american people are not going to be fooled by this political theater. ♪ life's a highway ♪ i want to ride it all night long ♪ ♪ you're going my way. pete: i feel like i should bring it up every time i want the tom cochran original to life is a highway. [buzzer] pete: i feel like my dad original was way better. tom cochran life is a highway was my favorite song when i was 14, 15, like 36 years ago, things i can't remember. i do remember that. rachel: do you know what i remember too, pete i remember you blow dried my hair with the lawn blow he
4:02 am
are, hair people were so upset when i came back in. pete: you look great. rachel and griff are with us this morning. your hair looks great. rachel: a little wind blown. pete: don't we like the wind blown? rachel: it is a little too wind blown. you must have had that on high. griff: being ra rattled. covering the kavanaugh hearing all week long what happened yesterday. pete: what did happen. griff: nobody saw it come. waking up on saturday morning, here we were expecting, jeff flake one of the moderate fence-sitting hadn't decided if he was going to vote for kavanaugh's nomination says he is on his way to vote and that would then start the process for the confirmation vote we expected it would have been tuesday. but jeff flake had a moment. he has changed his mind he wants fbi investigation. he huddles with democrats and members on the judiciary
4:03 am
committee. after what was an eternity was only about an hour and a half, an eternity in the way these things happen. jeff flake decides to go to leader senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and says i'm going to ask for this one week delay to let the fbi do its investigation. mcconnell puts it in play. so here's where we are now. the fbi will be looking into it. right in they are going to do -- we heard for a week and a half there needs to be an fbi investigation. now it's going to happen. and president trump jumping on board as well, tweeting last night, let me start with his tweet. he says just started tonight, our seventh fbi investigation of judge brett kavanaugh. he will some day be recognized as a truly great justice of the united states supreme court. pete: that's a tweet he never, of course, wanted to send, unfortunately a raiser thirazorthin majority. jeff flake not up for the senate because no one would
4:04 am
elect him again. rachel: he couldn't win dogcatcher. pete: convinced by a protester and democrats who has more in common with than the president at this point. he decides to delay. that's what this is all about. we all know it democrats want to delay this as long as they can to throw a wrench into it, to find a way to get to 2020. god bless lindsey graham. you all heard the sound. we should play it i would play it on a loop all morning long if i could. what he said about this nomination is exactly right. and unfortunately jeff flake has delayed it by a week. listen, scawfn a bo kavanaugh iy scout. he will be fine. he will survive this. so unfortunate what happened. rachel: there was a moment you discussed how he changed his vote. there was a moment that caused him to change the vote. he gets into a member's only elevator. griff: right here. rachel: protesters confront him. an activist confronting jeff flake in the elevator in the senate. >> you are allowing someone who is unwilling to take responsibility for his own
4:05 am
action. >> senator, do you want to respond? senator? >> higher court of the country. and to have the role of repairing the harm that has been done in this country to many people. no, no, thank you. what do you think? you have power. >> ma'am, do you want to talk to staff. >> no, i want to talk to him. don't talk to me. >> so much wrong happening. they are saying that set in motion senator jeff flake's going into the committee, expected to vote in favor for brett kavanaugh's confirmation process at which the clock would have started and we would by on monday, tuesday, hearing the full floor of the senate debating and voting on it but, instead, that woman, that activist who is allowed because of the greatness of this nation to stand in the hallways and accost senators all day long. that delay last one week. by the way, just to put a little point on it the "new york times" leading their
4:06 am
editorial today saying well, it's not good enough. one week is not enough time. >> what the activists, the protester there is asking jeff flake to do is for him to make brett kavanaugh a stand-in for everybody who has ever had a sexual assault. i mean, this woman had. pete: alleged. rachel: this woman had something happen to her the woman confronting him in the elevator saying you are hurting me by not -- by voting for him. that's a really odd thing to do and by the way, also, that we're allowing the process to be derailed by that kind of a confrontation. it worked in this case, and i think because it worked we will see more of it. pete: impugning the character of someone who has categorically said and credibly with no evidence that he wasn't there and he didn't do it. contrast what jeff flake did, wilting like a lame flower literally like beta jeff flake in the elevator. contrast that with lindsey
4:07 am
graham walking through the hallway. he is getting screamed at by protesters, same protesters, i don't know. same perspective. he is walking, giving an interview, confident in his view. this guy has been in the senate. he has worked across the aisle. he voted for elena kagan and sotomayor. obama won the election and they're qualified. that's what it is about. circus. is he calling out for what it is. god bless him. you have still have weak members of the senate like jeff flake who caved. griff: may turn out to be good for brett kavanaugh. let's bring in kerry sever reno the former clerk to justice thomas. i want to bring you, in we have been talking about this and trying to explain to viewers who may not have seen how this happened could help him. what do you think. >> i think it is possible. we have been saying all along not just the republican senators you need to be looking at here. a lot of red state democrats
4:08 am
who have a lot of skin in this game. we did poolin polling after the hearings. it already had been a real lopsided thing where 26% of voters in the state or 20% of voters in the state. 26% of independence said they wanted kavanaugh confirmed now up to 30% of voters in the state. again, huge numbers of the independents, of women. this is something that red state democrats have to recognize that watching this circus, watching the uncorroborated allegation being used to attempt to destroy a man's reputation, that doesn't sit well with a lot of americans. have you got people like joe manchin and people like heidi heitkamp who have a really tough decision here. are we going to vote to confirm someone universally regarded as one of the best qualified judges ever nominated to the supreme court or are we going to vote to endorse a really vicious gain on the part of some democrats to does chuck
4:09 am
schumer said whatever it takes to block a nomination? >> carrie you clerked for justifiable thomas. a lot of people feel like the testimony he gave at that moment in that time was the reason he was confirmed. a lot of people look at brett kavanaugh and his testimony and say powerful, credible. this attempt to delay it by a week, is it really positive or is it really a caving to the powers that be that want to derail this nomination? >> look, i think the great thing that happened today brett kavanaugh is one step closer to nomination to the supreme court. jeff flake, susan collins and lisa murkowski felt like if they are going to see the fbi look into it before they are comfortable with it at the end of the day we are not going to see much different than what we saw, in that makes them more comfortable that's wheel do. in the ford allegations everyone interviewed. everyone she said was a witness. all of these people, we know where they are, it's not hard to get them back and get them on the record one
4:10 am
more time. you are not going to find out much different. the allegations still don't have any evidence or corroboration. i think that's what we will see going forward. we have already investigated them. i think at the end of this week, we're going to have a justice kavanaugh and that's excited. griff: you say, carey carrie, je marchen, heidi heitkamp and joe donnelly who said he was a no. perhaps that will change his mind. many of the democrats on that committee say if the republicans got him through on a very narrow margin there would be this cloud of doubt that would hang over him for, you know, his entire career as associate justice. will this now, you predict, possibly remove that cloud of doubt if he is confirmed by greater numbers than we would have been headed for had this not happened? >> again, i think you may have seen a lot of those democrats voting for him either way. what they're attempting to do here is discredit his entire, you know, term on the court. that's silly. i think americans can see
4:11 am
what went on here and i think that's the care here. if you can't have an uncorroborated allegation, this isn't he said, she said anymore. it's now she said, nobody else said. we have looked through all the people she said were there and so, i don't think that is going to interact it. this is someone so well respected by everyone on the municipal court going into it that more than a dozen' times they voted and said brett kavanaugh is the one who has this right. you will see this going forward as well. pete: debrdeb katz said thorough investigation is critical to developing all relevant facts. no artificial limits as to time or scope should be imposed on this investigation. she is implying a week may not be enough just like they implied that our client doesn't like to fly even though she was already on the east coast. is there any grain of truth here or are they just want to string it out?
4:12 am
>> i think what we have seen through this whole process is a lot of interest in constantly moving the goal post one step further. i think it's clear what ms. cats is doing. they were saying before, this what's wrong with an fbi investigation? it's going to take only a few days anita hill's investigation only took three days. this won't be bad. now, of course, this could be a big deal. this is going to be a government funded fishing expedition with no reasonable limits. let's look into the credible. limits they put on it. that's a fair assessment. i don't think we have to listen to everyone who wants to say let's drag this out until november until 2020. pete: quote of the morning government funded fishing expedition. well said. you are eminently quotable and smart. thank you for your time. griff: thanks, carrie. rachel: thanks, carrie. pete: what impact could the fbi probe have on the mid terms. david brody says it could backfire big time on democrats. he joins us next.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
david, welcome to "fox & friends." >> thanks rachel, thanks,
4:17 am
griff. rachel: we know the democrats already have this entire season, you know, preelection season had already really energized. i don't know how much more energized they could get, but i'm sensing that republicans have very energized in this moment, this week, this hearing has really fired them up. >> there is no doubt about it senator dianne feinstein has unleashed in essence a deplorable evangelical base for sure that is really frustrated and spartacus did a good job as well. look, here is the bottom line to all of this, from my reporting and from that deplorable evangelical basic tell you they say the democrats' dirty tricks have riled them up like never before. i know rush limbaugh has talked about how if kavanaugh is not confirmed i think it's going to be real tough for republicans. actually if kavanaugh is not confirmed that will rile up the g.o.p. base even more at least the people i'm hearing from. that's a big part of what is
4:18 am
going on here. griff: let me ask you this, how do you see this playing? we were talking with carrie severino with the crisis network. delay could increase the number of confirmation votes that kavanaugh gets. in terms of the mid terms, how do you see this impacting red state democrats? >> well, a couple of things, first of all, i believe that the numbers would increase for sure for those red state democrats. let's remember, joe manchin if you look at west virginia 58 to 28% folks there in west virginia want brett kavanaugh confirmed. that's a lot of pressure on joe manchin. we also know if he goes ahead and confirms brett kavanaugh he is pretty much close to being reelected at that point in the midterm elections up in the senate race, there is a lot of pressure on him to do so. i think with this fbi investigation it would make perfect sense. i think this is really important to point out. you have another week now not just of an fbi investigation that's going to go on but a chance for democrats to, in essence, bring up a few other things.
4:19 am
i mean are they going to overplay their hand even more going back to, i don't know, brett kavanaugh's kindergarten preschool paint class where he was finger painting? the point is they could really overplay their hand here and that would make even more enthusiasm on the republican side. rachel: friends in the media are now smearing him and implying that somehow this man, who, again, no substantial evidence against him in any way, they are suggesting that he should not be coaching girls basketball teams. these kinds -- you talk about overplaying their hands. this has to anger a lot of people. >> that's right. it's getting lindsey graham and donald trump go out. speak about overplaying your hand. imagine donald trump and lindsey graham and others they, the democrats, are going for double impeachment strategy. they want to impeach me and impeach kavanaugh?
4:20 am
who else do they want to impeach? that's uplifting message in 2018. griff: that's a good point, david. that will be interesting. a real risk for democrats heading into what is going to be unbelievably exciting and perhaps historic mid terms. david brody host of faith nation. thank you very much. have a great saturday. >> thanks guys. griff: activists confront jeff flake over his decision to vote for brett kavanaugh. watch this. >> you are allowing someone who is unwilling to take responsibility for his own action. >> senator, do you want to respond. >> higher court of the country. griff: dan bongino probably has no opinion whatsoever about that. we'll find out next. rachel: i can't wait to see what dan has to say. plus a major security breach at facebook, 50 million users hit by hackers. what the social media giants is doing about it next ♪
4:21 am
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simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. pete: we are back with a fox news alert. at least 384 people are dead. hundreds injured after earthquake and tsunami strike indonesia. the 7.5 magnitude earthquake leaving a path of destruction. rescue efforts are still underway. and the fbi is helping facebook find out who is behind a massive security breach affecting 50 million accounts. it potentially gave hackers access to private messages, photos, and posts. a lot of nervous people this morning. and california takes aim at gun rights with a series of new law us. governor jerry brown signing a bill raising the legal age to buy rifles and shotguns from 18 to 21. starting next year another new law bans people convicted of domestic violence or those with mental health issues from owning guns. rachel: republican senator jeff flake con fronted by
4:25 am
activist in elevator about voting for judge kavanaugh. take a look. >> you are allowing someone who is unwilling to take responsibility for his own actions. >> senator, do you want to respond. >> sit on the higher court of the country and to have the role of repairing the harm that has been done in this country to many people. no, no, thank you. what do you think? you have the power. >> ma'am, do you want to. >> no, i want to talk to him. don't touch me. >> pushed for an fbi investigation of kavanaugh and now after senator flake got called out. he is calling for a delay in order to investigate and, well, the democrats are going to get that here to react is dan bongino, former secret service agent and host of the dan bongino show and author of spy gate. daniel, what do you make of this? i have covered congress for a lot of years and i have never seen this happen? >> what do i make of it? jeff flake is basically a mercenary, that's what's wrong with jeff flake. jeff flake has no spine.
4:26 am
nobody can say that right now, they are under this allusion that jeff flake is going to back them up on the floor when there is a floor vote. here is what jeff flake in fact did. the democrats needed a moment of clarity to get past lindsey graham's explosive volcanic floor statement that provided everybody with a real account for once of what is actually going on. the democrats had to desperately get past that they needed a delay. they know damn well this fbi investigation is going to do nothing to provide any clarity in this situation at all. and jeff flake gave it to him. he sold out the g.o.p. everybody is afraid to say it on some desperate hope that this man is going to grow a spine over the next few days on the floor vote. is he finished. it's time to move on. you have to convince murkowski, collins and manchin. flake is over. it's done. that's exactly what happened yesterday. that's the truth however painful it is to hear.
4:27 am
rachel: dan, i was going to say our viewers love you because they think you are a fighter that you are tirelessly fighting for what you think is right. i saw you last night on tucker carlson and i have never seen you like that before. you seem to be very genuinely emotionally exhausted from what you saw this week. i want to know how this hearing affected you as a man, as a husband, as a father. >> i can't get out of my head kavanaugh. i just can't. forget the supreme court seat for a minute. i get the gravity of it i don't mean to down play it when i ran to office this stuff happened to me once too where you become the target of a social media mob. what is happening to brett kavanaugh is devastating. it ruins your whole life. you don't eat. you don't sleep. your kids ask you questions. you show up in church and people look at you funny. can you imagine what this guy is going through? rachel: no. >> this is a genuine
4:28 am
american patriot. he is a dad. he is a son. he coaches. i mean, i'm just -- the whole thing is just exhausting. i can't believe it. pete: you brought up coaching which he has done. his girls' basketball team "u.s.a. today" sports tweeted out and op-ed with a photo, which we are not going to show because it was brett kavanaugh with eight teenage girls, basketball team who he coaches. >> his own daughter. pete: it said the u.s. senate may yet confirm kavanaugh to the supreme court but he should stay off basketball courts for now when kids are around. rachel: outrageous. pete: unbelievable. >> sickest thing i have ever seen. i'm ashamed for everybody involved in. this and i just i make one final appeal to murkowski, march, donnelly, even flake ohio know is a spineless jelly fish. and i say to you, you know, one last time, is the power, is the power in your
4:29 am
position and the office so important to you that you are willing to sell your soul in order to throw this man's life, a dedicated american patriot and public servant, you know damn well this is not a serial rapist. you know damn well what has happened to him. is it so important to you that you are willing to destroy this entire man's life. the conservative voters know this is a fist fight. they are desperate to believe in something. you have almost single-handedly taken the winds out of all their sails which did you yesterday. it's an american disgrace what you did yesterday. is he a lost cause. i pray every night that brett kavanaugh gets through this. i mean, what's happened to this guy is a stain on this country forever. rachel: yeah. what is one life, one family worth? pete: even the "new york times" today: judge kavanaugh tried to rape her. they will stop at nothing, no matter the facts. and you have laid that out. if you don't follow dan
4:30 am
bongino's podcast you should. dan, a lot of clarity on that. thank you for your time. rachel: thank you dan, always great. pete: while you were sleeping and not watching hbo, bill maher went after lindsey graham for his fiery speech on capitol hill. >> lindsey graham. >> needs stabilizing influence of dead boyfriend. pete: the attack that has lots of people fired up this morning. >> plus jillian mele and carley shimkus are live at the state fair in texas. good morning. >> good morning cou coup cow gi. >> bret has a surprise for us. take it away and get this thing started. >> listen to this. >> stay tuned. we're coming right back. >> go ahead, berth. whip the chainsaw, baby. ♪
4:31 am
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4:34 am
>> this is the most unethical sham since i have been in politics. and if you really wanted to know the truth, you sure as hell wouldn't have done what you done to this guy. boy, y'all want power. god, i hope you never get it i hope the american people can see through this sham. that you knew about it and you held it. to my republican colleagues, if you vote no, you're
4:35 am
legitimizing the most despicable thing i have seen in my time in politics. i hope you're on the supreme court. that's exactly where you should be. pete: that was lindsey graham in a powerful, powerful statement. he spoke for a lot of americans, i think, there. he took back his time in that testimony. well, bill maher, as he often does. had a offensive take on it be on his show. listen to bill maher. >> you know what is bad is this trump phiing of people. the fact that trump can either find people like him or make him-lindsey graham. lindsey graham needs a stabilizing influence of his dead boyfriend. [laughter] rachel: shows how obsessed they are with donald trump on the left that they couldn't see what lindsey graham was talking about was a human being. a guy's who life who is fighting for his life.
4:36 am
this is a primal moment that brett kavanaugh had right there in front of him just minutes before -- just a few minutes before lindsey graham said that and that's what he was responding to. a man fighting for his life, fighting for his reputation. fighting for his family. and they think this is all about being trumpafied. really weird. griff: mar's ridiculous rhetoric at what point does it reach its pinnacle? every time something happens it goes to absurd level of rhetoric and really kind of starting to lose its impact. i mean, you know, as you mentioned maher frequently does this sort of thing. i'm not even affected by it anymore. brian: he was referring to john mccain is what he was talking about they were good friends and fought for a lot in this country. lindsey graham believes in bipartisan and working across the aisle to the frustration of a lot of conservatives and republicans. but, he has reached such a
4:37 am
moment that this attempt for that isn't working, hasn't worked. he is watching his colleagues on the democratic side make a sham of a process he believes. in that's as closes to righteous anger you are going to see. not not manufactured, not trumpified. this is a guy who said i tried. i have done my best. i voted for kagan and sotomayor. you won't give this guy a fair hearing. everything you door is a sham. that's rye it resonated. nothing to do with trump and john mccain having to do with honest guy in a moment speak for a lot of people. god bless lindsey graham and what he said. things like that is shameful attempt from the leftist to justify. rachel: why you want to have this speech on a loop. we want to hear what you think about that. pete: yes. 74 times over four hours. griff: to to another honest guy rick reichmuth who has the weather outside. >> do what you just did. >> i'm so excited. hi, everybody. hi mom and dad.
4:38 am
rick: all right. take a look at the weather map and show you what's going on. i don't have much time. wind chill, i haven't done wind chill yet this year. back is 24 degrees is when what it feels like in international falls this morning. cold air, freeze advisories in effect across parts of the far northern plains, still very warm across areas of the south. a few showers across south florida today. heavier rain across coastal parts of texas. some of that could cause localized flooding. look at this. this is a hurricane, rosa and it is going to bring big rain across parts of the southwest including rachel and my homeland. take a look at that rachel. we will see four inches of rain across some spots of arizona. are you excited? pete: of course. rachel: we were. we always listen to you, rick. griff: the state fair of texas is officially kicking off 2018 season where millions of visitors are expected to visit for fun and frida fried food.
4:39 am
pete: carley him can you say and jillian mele join with us two full place. >> yes, we. >> and we don't plan to stop. this fair is really all about food, family and friends. >> absolutely. and speaking of friends. we found one. you know him very well editor and chief of campus reform lawrence jones. >> lawrence. >> our man from texas. what's going on? >> i love you guys but we have got to fix this first you guy's hats are. >> they are not on backwards. not texas style. you guys are great. >> homemade striewddle from home magnolia bakery. >> this is home. >> what's your favorite memory. >> the fried food. i'm afraid of the rides i'm tall already. i don't want to get on them. i eat the turkey legs and
4:40 am
fried oreo. >> so good. >> get your priorities in order. >> did you come here with friends and family what was it like as a kid. >> in texas, everybody the food, you get two days off as a fair day. you get free tickets and you do come with your family during the week because the family gets a discount and you have a good time. you eat and then you throw up the next day. >> let's do this. a lot of f's in texas. family friends, food, fried food and. >> and fleming. i tried to tie that. a professional wood carver. have you seen this before. >> no, no, i haven't. >> he has been here 20 years, burt, how did you get into. this hand carved for 20 years and started doing hunting and fishing expos and somebody asked me if i could do something big at golf course i went and did a 30-foot alligator. after that i love the
4:41 am
chainsaw. >> have you ever been hurt doing. this no, i have never been hurt. >> you said it took you 35 minutes. >> it took 35 minutes for this one here. >> wow that is impressive. i would love for you to let that chai chainsaw rip. [chainsaw] [chainsaw] >> only problem is how are
4:42 am
we going to get it home? >> i don't know. pete: guys, if you can i would like to see a bust of griff. they can't even hear me. if he can do a fox in 45 minutes he can do a griff in an hour. griff: if you do a bust, make sure i have my cowboy hat on the right way. rachel: bring the fried oreos with you, ladies. we want fried oreos. >> there they are. >> we are going to eat this striewddle. >> show us everyone on twitter who told us they were on wrong. pete: well done. >> all right, guys. this piece of striewddle is so heaviy. >> thank you, ladies. griff: have fun. rachel: have fun. pete: i have black coffee and they have fried food. judge kavanaugh trying to defend his character after
4:43 am
attacks from the left. next guest known him since high school. she is coming to his defense coming up next. rachel: jason chaffetz and senator bill cassidy here live coming up next. stay with us. ♪ brand you? notnew and if you get lost, just hit me on the old horn. man: tom's my best friend, but ever since he bought a new house... tom: it's a $10 cover? oh, okay. didn't see that on the website. he's been acting more and more like his dad. come on, guys! jump in! the water's fine! tom pritchard. how we doin'? hi, there. tom pritchard. can we get a round of jalapeño poppers for me and the boys, please? i've been saving a lot of money with progressive lately, so... progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us.
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. pete: welcome back, judge brett kavanaugh pushing back on attacks on his character in an emotional on thursday. >> one theme that has remains truth to the present day i have always had a lot of close female friends that started in high school. friends for a lifetime built on a foundation of talking through school and life starting at age 14. >> this as childhood friends continue to rally in his defense more than 60 women who say they have known him for over three decades,
4:47 am
signing a letter vouching for his integrity. missy carr is one of those women. she has known him sings high school. she joining us now. welcome, missy. >> thank you. rachel: have you known him a long time. was it surreal for you to watch that hearing and hearing him describe so differently than you recall him? >> it was surreal. it was emotional. on many levels it was sad. it was heart-breaking and it was frustrating. very difficult. pete: missy, so many women who have known him for so long have come out publicly and vowchesd for him. >> yep. pete: yepyet so many women who don't know him are painting him as a monster. to say watch this situation play out as someone who really knows him. knows the brett kavanaugh for real, how do you change that portrayal? >> i think we're just doing the best we can with, you know, the limited resources you have in terms of, you know, we signed a letter that was the first step
4:48 am
which was a beautiful way to put our support behind bret. we are going on television. not everybody wants or is able to go on tv or radio or print. we're just doing the best we can to rally around him and to tell people and say hey, you know, this is not the man that we remember, this is not the guy that we knew in high school. he is the last person who i would suspect to do this, which is why you are seeing all of this support. pete: yeah. rachel: you know him from high school and ran in the same circles. do you ever recall seeing dr. christine ford in any of those circles? >> no, no. i don't. pete: missy, do you drink beer. >> yes. pete: does that make you a bad person. >> like brett i drink beer, i enjoy drinking peer. none of us are bad people for doing that.
4:49 am
rachel: missy, if you were watching the show you would know that "u.s.a. today" posted a tweet with a picture of the basketball team that brett coaches suggesting he should not do that now. pete: teenage girls. rachel: you know him well, you know this is something he loves, it's his passion to volunteer in that way at his community and his kids' school. what do you think that felt like or what he is thinking as he is seeing this? >> like he said the other day, that the thing he enjoys the most and quite frankly i have coached against brett. we have girls about the same age for a few years we were competing against each other and our respective catholic schools coaching. i think i only beat him once of those three times. it's heart-breaking to see that he is being destroyed on every level for something that i stand by him that he did not do. he has denied it unequivocally and, you know, to be destroying something his whole life something he
4:50 am
enjoys and has dedicated himself to is heart-breaking. pete: thank you for standing up. all that ask for on this moment is standing up vouching for them on their behalf. just be careful if you drink beer you are going to be guilty. >> i'm still going to drink beer. pete: serious subject, i don't mean to make light of it? >> i know. pete: sometimes it becomes absurd. >> i agree. pete: judiciary committee needs a lesson after watching the hearing on thursday. he joins us to explain why. rachel: tunnel to tower foundation helping families of our fallen heroes. this morning they are going one step forward and find out how you can give back next ♪ you can dream and say what you wanna ♪ you can - [announcer] it's worx season.
4:51 am
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♪ pete: stories are far too common first responders and servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe. griff: now tunnel to towers are s. continuing to honor legacy gold star program and providing mortgage free homes to providing spouses with young children. rachel: joining us is frank stiller and gold star wife who received a tunnels to tower home. welcome to you both. what was that like finding out that you were going to receive that? >> i couldn't believe it to be honest. i mean, a mortgage-free home for my son and i is just -- i couldn't wrap my head around it to be honest. pete: you checked in is this a real foundation? [laughter] pete: your husband was killed in afghanistan, correct? >> correct. pete: army ranger, hero. would you ever expect that
4:55 am
six years later someone of their own volition, there he is, your husband right there, what a great american. we love him, you loved him way more -- we didn't know him but we appreciate everything he did. to get this kind of gift from someone probably changes your life. >> absolutely. the safety and security that the foundation has provided for my son and i, the joy that has brought to us is just something you can't words to, truly. griff: frank, i want to get into the new program you are doing. first, why are you doing this? >> because it's the right thing to do. if our men and women are going over to serve our country and they give their family a kiss goodbye and they don't come back, come on, as a country, how could we not do this? think about the sacrifices being made? 6,951 of our men and women in uniform have given their life since 9/11 we are a 9/11 foundation.
4:56 am
rachel: tell us about the program and how we can get involved. >> tunnels to towers looking for $11 a month per person. not much of a sacrifice. couple of cups of coffee. rachel: no coffee tomorrow. >> give up something. make a little sacrifice for people who sacrifice so much. $11 a month. we are going to deliver 1,000, our commitment, our contract with military tunnel to towers. $11 a month. i think most americans can do that. griff: how do they do it real quick? >> tunnel to you can't miss it when you go to our tunnel 2 towers right here in new york city and we have other great. pete: your husband is a hero. your son will live in his legacy. thank you, frank. rachel: thank you for all due. >> thank you, guys. pete: we have jason chaffetz and senator bill cassidy ask
4:57 am
him what what in the heck is going on in the senate. they are both here live coming up. ♪ when i walked through a snowstorm for a cigarette, that's when i knew i had to quit. for real this time. that's why i'm using nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus intense craving relief. every great why, needs a great how.
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learn more at rachel: president trump now ordering the fbi to investigate brett kavanaugh. griff: starting tonight 7th fbi investigation. he will some day be recognized as a truly great justice. >> she looks like a very fine woman to me. >> we have allegations without any substantiation and corroboration. pete: can you imagine what this guy is going through, he is a dad and a son. devastating. griff: what happened yesterday? pete: break it down for us. griff: jeff flake is on his way to vote. if jeff flake had a moment. >> you are telling all women that they don't matter. look at me when i'm talking to you! >> he has changed his mind. he want an fbi investigation. >> this is sham what's going on in there right now. >> toxic culture pernicious patriarchy is real.
5:01 am
>> they want votes and fund raiser. >> american people are not going to be fooled by this political theater. ♪ pete: guy, i'm really triggered. rachel: he is really is fired up. pete: of course i'm fired up. thank you, lindsey graham thank you for speaking on behalf of a grateful nation. cory booker one name for him fraud. it's true. we will roll this tape. i don't have any power i have a little bit because we can. we will play the tape of cory booker on "fox & friends" when i was hosting 3, 4, 5, i can't remember how many years ago. i just want bipartisan, no labels, we should all work together. cangted we just get along? now we have cory booker the leader of the resistance. he is a sham. yesterday was a sham. rachel: could we play the clip from amy klobuchar on
5:02 am
meet the press no matter what she is going to campaign with representative ellison from minnesota who has a medical record. pete: way more credible physical abuse allegation against keith ellison. where is your double standard there? griff: happy saturday morning. rachel: we used to try to be fun in the morning. [laughter] griff: president trump is ordering a supplemental fbi investigation against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. rachel: move pushing the senate vote to late next week. pete: leland calm me down. >> boy, a lot of intensity for 8:00 a.m. on a saturday morning. some of kavanaugh's supporters are spinning this as a good thing saying the mere fact of an fbi report will take away a key democratic talking point making the workweek long delay well worth it the president, this is his tweet just started tonight our seventh fbi investigation of judge brett kavanaugh. he will some day be recognized as a truly great justice of the united states supreme court. from dr. christine blasey
5:03 am
ford's attorney: a thorough fbi investigation is critical to developing all the relevant facts. dr. christine blasey ford welcomes this step. no artificial limits to the time or scope should be imposed on this investigation. for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell a another week to whip votes but also another week of unrelenting democratic pressure on key swing votes like susan collins and lisa murkowski. >> the committee has also thoroughly investigated the last-minute allegations that have been brought forward, the evidence that has been produced either fails, fails to corroborate these accusations or, in fact, supports judge kavanaugh's unequivocal denial. this is a nomination that deserves to move forward and that is precisely, mr. president, what is happening. >> kavanaugh says he is going to continue to cooperate with any and all probes into his background and guys, of course, we wait for the president's rally this evening in west virginia to see if he weighs
5:04 am
in on it. pete: i think he will. [laughter] griff: who knows? pete: who knows, lee land thanks a lot. good stuff. rachel: thank you, lee land. pete: let's bring in jason chaffetz former house oversight reform committee author of the best selling "the deep state." we usually talk about the deep state with you but instead we are talking about the jeff flake state whatever that may be. jason, i know he is a friend of yours and politics are ultimately personal. at the same time, as a conservative, you elect someone who has a prerogative to appoint supreme court justices, you hope that a protester or a cloak room meeting with a few democrats won't sway them from core principles that someone like judge kavanaugh is imminently qualified. talk to us why a jeff make literally flakes out at the last minute? >> well, the stated goal by the senator is that he wants to try to bring the country together, ironically i think this delay, the indecisiveness actually tears the country apart more
5:05 am
than ever. i mean, the fact of the matter is, it's the senate that has to do advice and consent. the executive branch sends over the nomination. the senate has all the tools to do it. and to ask for a delay while simultaneously while asking zero questions, zero of ms. ford and judge kavanaugh, you can't just keep punting that back over to the fbi who is going to do their seventh investigation? i just think the results are in, all the information is there to make a tough decision. that's what senators get paid to do. and this person should be on the bench. >> jason. let me take you to -- i want to play the tape and we have been playing it all morning. i remember a time when you were a congressman and i was still a reporter and i would ask you questions in the hallway there was a decorum. i want you to react to how this activist really confronted senator flake in the area where they should not be permitted. take a look at this. >> you are allowing someone who is unwilling to take
5:06 am
responsibility for his own actions. >> do you want to respond? >> sit on the higher court of the country. and to have the role of repairing the harm that has been done in this country to many people. no, no, thank you. what do you say? you have the power. >> ma'am, do you want to talk to a staff. >> no, i want to talk to him. don't talk to me. >> what went through your mind, jason, when you saw that? >> well, look, senators, house members, they take a lot of heat in a lot of places. i actually like the free flow of the people throughout the capitol. but getting in that senate elevator with cameras rolling like that, security is particularly in this highly charged atmosphere has really got to tighten up on that situation. nevertheless, those debates, those discussions, that animosity, it's part of the democratic strategy. it's a scorched earth philosophy. it's the resistance movement. no matter what they do, the democrats are going to yell and scream.
5:07 am
they need more time and make sure they make it as painful as possible. pete: just jeff flake just hate donald trump or is his skin so thin because we saw lindsey graham getting yelled at. we have video of it. walking down the hallway and getting screamed at by protesters. he knows what he believes. if you are a conservative liberals are going to scream at you. if you are liberal conservatives are probably going to scream at you. rachel: they don't. pete: not the same way, exactly right. look at the mob. that was unfair comparison by me. the left does this almost exclusively. for jeff flake not to anticipate that and understand that does he have no core? does he have it out for president trump? is he really that fickle? rachel: is he auditioning for a job on msnbc? pete: thank you. >> well, look, it's hard to look at the motivation. i believe that jeff flake speaks from his heart. he did issue a statement and said he would vote for her. i'm proud of the fact that that passed out of the judiciary committee with a favorable recommendation to the floor of the house.
5:08 am
i think president trump has been pitch perfect on this and n. saying all right, if this is what you need, burr the clock is ticking. i think mitch mcconnell has made all the right moves. ultimately they need to vote. there is no reason wife this person should be denied a place on the supreme court. rachel: jason, we know the democrats have been wanting to block grawfn day one. i want you to take a look at this clip. >> now is the time to fight. now. >> i'm going to hold w. mold my consent for this nominee or any other nominee. >> we will look at what went on or what assurances were made to brought this name to the top of the list. >> judge kavanaugh does not, should not get the benefit of the doubt. he bears the burden of proof to convince all of us and the american people that he can, indeed, be a fair and objective justice. >> judge kavanaugh you don't belong in this building as a
5:09 am
justice. judge kavanaugh is your worst nightmare. griff: jason, clearly they were not satisfied about his answers about his yearbook in high school. now the fbi will look into that yearbook as well. what is this going to ultimately do to the process? >> lock, al look, all those dems on the judiciary committee they are a no no matter what. democratic group put out a press release opposing the nomination and they forgot to put the name of the justice in. it's just plug and play for them. they already knew exactly what they were going to do. pete: remember when richard blumenthal served heroicfully vietnam no, i didn't either because it didn't happen. the imminent amount of credibility that this group has to stand up and preach is unbelievable. rachel: what really concerns me, jason, you can speak to this, you were the chairman of a committee is just the break down of decorum. there is no judge in a hearing. there is no judge in a committee. it really functions and
5:10 am
doesn't devolve into chaos because people agree to follow rules, traditions, decorum. we have senators, throwing tantrums and walking out and really kind of making a mockery. pete: a spectacle. rachel: spectacle of our institutions. what do you say to that? what's going to happen to our fragile institutions because of this kind of behavior? >> well, the judiciary committee has had a long-standing decorum on how to deal with these nominations. but, what really irks me about these democrats is they didn't turn over the documents. we have talked a lot about that when they had this information. instead they were coaching her up and trying to put together get her an attorney and do those types of things. they didn't do anything to protect her anonymity. and this idea that oh, i don't want to be out there in the public and i really want to hide this but at the same time i'm going to do an interview with "the washington post," that doesn't seem to add up to me. and if you really wanted to keep this quiet, you could
5:11 am
have done a transcribed interview under oath behind closed doors but she didn't want to do that either. nevertheless, they gave her every opportunity. remember, ms. ford was given an opportunity to say whatever she wants. no time limit in what she wanted to say. and she said that mr. kavanaugh, to put him through. this answered over a thousand questions hour after hour of questions. democrats not asking a single question about that moving up, what more do we think that the fbi is going to do? it's the senators' job and the senators haven't been doing their job by saying oh we need more time. pete: so well said. jason, thank you. that's why we have you on. have you chaired committees. you know this stuff. thanks for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. rachel: thank you, jason. now i'm going to chair these headlines, guys. we begin with a fox news alert. two police officers are killed during an early morning shootout in mississippi. one of the suspected gunmen is dead. the other one recovering from a gunshot wound at a
5:12 am
hospital, according to a local report. it's unclear how many people were involved. authorities have not identified out fallen officers who both serve for the brook haven police department. very sad. and another fox news alert, at least 384 people are dead and hundreds injured after an earthquake and a tsunami strikes in indonesia. the 7.5 earthquake triggering a earthquake city underway. cbs is taking two investigations over sexual misconduct allegations against its former ceo. the network was subpoenaed by new york prosecutors. they are also working into workplace culture at cbs. former top executive les moonves left the company earlier this month. it says it is cooperating with the investigation. and the president trump is hitting the campaign trail today heading to west
5:13 am
virginia. the president is building support for patrick morrisey in his race to u.s. senate. president trump is expected to take the stage at 7:00 p.m. tonight in wheeling. morrisey is facing a tight race against incumbent democrat senator joe manchin. those are your headlines. that's an important race, guys. griff: take me home, country roads. pete: senator bill cassidy says once the fbi is done investigating judge kavanaugh he should investigate the democrats. he joining us live coming up next. pete: remember when pete and rachel took their d.n.a. test? the results are. in was pete right when he said this. >> i have been told i'm nor norwegian.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
♪ griff: president trump ordering one more investigation of judge brett kavanaugh and standing behind his supreme court nominee. the president tweeting yesterday: just started tonight our seventh fbi investigation of judge brett kavanaugh. he will some day be recognized as a truly great justice of the united states supreme court. so what happens next? here to weigh in is louisiana's congressman bill cassidy. good morning, sir, how are you? >> good morning. how are you? >> good. so, what happens next? walk me through it. >> yeah. clearly there will be an fbi investigation. presumably they have seven days, this is day one. if you will, this is part of a broader democratic strategy to coordinate in that coordination to seek to delay. how many more charges can be brought out to smear this man to create legitimate doubts in the minds of some, the american public. it's a tactic of accord nation leading to the delay. there is other things the fbi should do but it should investigate whether, indeed,
5:18 am
there is this intent to coordinate, in fact, the actual coordination. >> that's a great point you bring out. do you believe that the fbi should investigate who leaked dr. ford's letter? your colleague, senator cornyn calling out ranking member dianne feinstein about whether or not her office leaked it should that be looked into who leaked dr. ford's letter? >> there is at least two senators that challenge judge kavanaugh's assertion that this is part of a coordinated effort, two. now, if they are trying to cast doubts upon his judgment, i actually think he showed insight. let's actually investigate. ask dianne feinstein under oath did she leak it and then ask her a, by the way, we should also seek to get the -- dr. ford's therapist records. it should be looked at with compassion. not released to the public. there should be somebody who knows what they are looking at when they see therapy notes. but that's all she has offered for corroboration. that should also be looked at to see if it truly does
5:19 am
corroborate. because that's all that has been offered by her side. and then look at this pattern of delay, coordination, and obfuscation. griff: senator, how will your colleagues on the other side who have played politics all along as many have suggested, how will that affect in ultimate vote for judge kavanaugh? >> yeah. i think that -- i think most people on the republican side see it for what it's worth. it is a pattern of leaks, set to delay and to character assassinate. things being released that should not be published because there is no support for them. but, because it's released. it feeds into the delay. >> i just want to pressure you a little bit because what your colleague senator lindsey graham did was to truly reach across partisan isles, if you will, to say look at what we are doing. we are better than this, if this investigation does prove that the politics are being played on the democratic side, should we then see something out of them?
5:20 am
>> yeah, hopefully. i hope. i hope truth is more important than character assassination. an ideology. it won't be for some. for some others, i hope that it will be. and we should not set a standard that you can do character assassination, kind of a coordinated pattern of it to bring somebody down that is a dangerous place for our society to move into. kind of like the book 1984. griff: senator bill cassidy, thank you very much for your time. we will find out what this investigation holds and maybe bring you back and look back on this conversation. thank you, sir. >> thank you. griff: all right. what does nancy pelosi think of republicans after the kavanaugh hearings? she calls them despicable. and now she is trying to make money off of it. plus, remember when pete and rachel took their d.n.a. tests? the results are. in pete hesitate his whole family is norwegian. is he right? you are about to find out next ♪ unbelievable ♪
5:21 am
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so they're ready for anything. pete: welcome back. couple of quick headline fors you. the house passes a bill. tax law making individual and small business tax cuts permanent that would otherwise expire in 2025. the legislation known as tax reform 2.0 is now heading to the senate where a vote is not expected the senate where everything goes to die. nancy pelosi is calling republicans despicable in latest attempt to stop supreme court justice nominee brett kavanaugh. daily caller obtained a new fundraising email which reads in part i'm shaking with anger. i need you to rush in $1 to defeat every last despicable republican. deplorable, despicable. pick your adjective.
5:25 am
griff? griff: it's been months since rachel and pete did a d.n.a. test. pete made some predictions about what his might show. listen. pete: i have been told i'm norwegian my entire family is norwegian. ed: find out pete is really a democrat? [laughter] pete: if i took the test and elizabeth warren took the test i could find out i'm related to her? >> perhaps you are. you never know. rachel: i love they showed this clip. the reality is we did this segment because pete wanted to challenge elizabeth warren because she refused to take a d.n.a. test but you are not afraid to take a d.n.a. d.n.a.pete we took one. waited a long time made me lehry of the results. rachel: was pete right about any of it we are about to find out the details of their family background. here is yvette. pete: collaborate tore of my the author of "something beautiful happened." she is here with the results.
5:26 am
hit me with it. >> you have been busy which has taken a long time. major news for you today. are you ready, you told me your family is norwegian as far as you know sir you are correct. you are mega norwegian. rachel: a viking. >> your my heritage d.n.a. tests show you are 96.4% scansd knavian. hello. and in your history we see that you are indeed norwegian both sides of the family. you are also 2% irish, scottish and welch and north and west european. the my heritage researchers were able to build a family tree with you with 125 people going back generations. have you over 5,000 d.n.a. matches, relatives just waiting to touch base with you and connect. the choice is yours. there you have it. using all this information, the researchers are able to go back and build your family history. this is where it gets kind of interesting. these are your great, great grandparents. pete: wow. gunsder? my oldest boy's name is
5:27 am
gunner did you know that. >> gunder. >> grandma edith. they were both born in norway. they had 11 children so large families tend to run in your d.n.a. as well. rachel: you have a large family. >> carrying on the tradition. super cool. they settled in minnesota. we found their story in the book of history of goodhue county. they said that gunsde gundier wa prosperous farmer. your grand father john hegseth was -- his mother passed away, leaving his father a widow with four children. he married a woman with six children. so the families blended and then. pete: blended families run. >> and john's father passed away as well and stepmother couldn't afford to take care
5:28 am
of all the children. he was adopghted by a local referenced, a man who founded the local church which is the heg church. this is why had you such deep ties to the church as well. >> definitely lutheran. >> founding father of a lutheran church. rachel: fascinating. pete: i want to get to rachel too. this is your grand father's war world 1. mason, light gray eyes and brown hair. i know that service to this country is so very important to you. clearly that's something that's in your heritage as well. pete: very cool. thank you very much. >> you are welcome. rachel: my kids are all argesd the tv. this is the most exciting thing i have ever done on fox news. they love genealogy. >> i can't tell you if you were related to. >> they wanted me to come out pole neetion. >> you are 70.9% european. 59.9% south european.
5:29 am
you have spanish rootes. that's where that comes from. 2.9% eastern european so you and i might be cousins and 7.8% african. can you see where they migrated. rachel: the moores were in spain 800 year. >> you have 1800 d.n.a. matches. we found interesting history for you as well. show biz standing up and speaking your mind runs in your history. rachel: what? >> your great grandfather his name was juan jose munoz a musician in spain. rachel: that's right. >> we found him first living in a house in madrid. he actually went to school at the pro-ventricle shall school of music. lived in an apartment with four other musicians. there was a spanish civil war. he was fired from his job. rachel: is thathat's right.
5:30 am
>> standing up. >> this runs in the family. now i also know you are very proud of your mexican roots. >> my father's side. >> your father's side of the family. we found your father's baptismal certificate. he was, your grand father was baptized on october 25th of 1903. in mexico, i'm sorry. we also found a census document that shows your family when they were here, your grand father worked in the mines, there is a census document from 1940 as well. i have it for you right here. rachel: that's awesome. >> shows your grand father working in the mines in arizona. pete: that is super cool. >> deep roots, you guys. rachel: if you like what you just saw go to my heritage for a special deal for fox viewers. they don't just tell you your d.n.a. >> there is a 25% discount right now and free shipping because we want other people to discover their family history as well.
5:31 am
griff: that's great. thank you for being here. >> thank you. griff: -- rachel: kentucky surfer. griff: democrats got what they wanted when we hear the results from the fbi with all of what that may bring, will they stop their stall tactics or continue to play politics. entry we have a panel to discuss it. that's next. i know that every single time that i suit up,
5:32 am
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5:35 am
>> the point about them ramming it down -- you know, we have a democracy. there should not be tyranny of the majority. >> this was someone who was aggressive and belligerent. i have never seen someone who wants to be elevated to the highest court in our country behave in that manner. >> the democratic professional staff had been refusing to cooperate, that their appetite for delay is insatiable. >> i know i'm a single white male from south carolina and i have told i should shut up but i will not shut up if that's okay. >> that's okay the fight to confirm judge kavanaugh tearing apart washington and new low walk out ahead the vote. the democrats got exactly what they wanted all along. another, a seventh fbi investigation of judge kavanaugh ahead of a floor vote in the senate. so what happens next? we're all asking that question. joining me now is our very
5:36 am
smart political panel michael knowles is the host of the michael knowles show john mcglaughlin a former polster for for the trump campaign and jessica tarlov fox news contributor and maybe one of my favorite liberals, jessica, thanks for being here. if you are looking at it from the left, are you happy with how the hearings unfolded? >> i'm happy that there will be an fbi investigation. i think that was the only responsible thing to do. obviously mcconnell didn't have the votes there. jeff flake took cover for lisa murkowski and susan collins who needed this not only to appease their constituents but also for what they thought was the fair thing to do here. i think it actually benefits both parties. i'm not sure the fbi is going to come back with anything that they could find that happened in 1982. democrats will say we fought for women. we made sure this was taken seriously and republicans may get justice kavanaugh and say we were fair about it. pete: almost made the case. >> jesse: is the segment over?
5:37 am
pete: acknowledged it's a charade for a week. >> about control of the senate. 35 seats up. 26 are democrat seats. 10 are r. in states that trump won. trump may have written the book about the art of the deal. this is the art of the late hit. remember 2,000 drunk driving hit on bush. did the think about groping right before his election. then with trump they released that tape about trump right before the election. kavanaugh was going to be approved. so they get some charge that's unfounded, late hit. he was going to be approved. and we have the votes. will the democrats, if it comes back there is no proof on this charge, will they vote yes? pete: who leaked her name, someone did a massive disservice to alleged victim of sexual assault. >> dian dianne feinstein is upst about it. pete: is she going to do an investigation. >> she spoke with her staffers. pete: would you do it. >> i don't think that's a crime here. john, i don't know if you should be comfortable saying this was an invented charge.
5:38 am
you don't know for sure dr. ford wasn't assaulted? pete: we don't know either way. >> you need to be careful about that. pete: at the 11th hour lipids is i graham shows up and speaks a lot of truth for a lot of people. break down how you see this playing out? >> lindsey graham came up backbone of the g.o.p. now. that's how you know we are living in the matrix. a tactical error for president trump caused by the moral cowardice of jeff flake, lucy pulling the football away. the fbi investigation as joe biden said cannot be conclusive. all it can do is ask the people who were alleged to thereby what happened. we have statements from all of them. they all refute christine ford's testimony. there it is, i did the fbi investigation for you. it's a farce and charade and it's very unfair. pete: that's a great point. we are in the moment of investigations right now. let's investigate everything. if you believe in women should be believed, stories should be told. everyone should be heard but
5:39 am
on their own terms, should we not go wall-to-wall in investigation to find out who leaked the name of christie ford to the media and brought her out in public when she wanted -- what a disservice to a woman who wanted her story told the way she wanted to tell it would you thought, and should democrats not support that kind of investigation? >> i think some of them. we i'm not sure all of them. we it's a decent question to be asking that won't be done obviously in the next week here. i think where dr. ford really did shine though is batting away that political operative argument where she made it clear. i sent this letter in when judge kavanaugh was on lacy of very many very well qualified jurists. >> 10 years after he was on the second highest court in the land then civic duty kicks? >> just invented. it's really serious to say like that. >> she is being used because none of those democrats. >> her therapy session who is she being used by. >> she is being used by the democrats right now to delay the confirmation at the last moment to affect the
5:40 am
november 6th election. do you know what this is doing? energizing republicans. >> and democrats. >> democrats are already energized. how many democrats will you call on to say this week when it comes back there is no proof that this never happened, how many of them will vote yes? pete: that's a really fair points. one of the things lindsey graham said say hi to sotomayor and elena kagan because i voted for them. they were eminently qualified because barack obama won an election. to you and then to michael, elections have consequences and kavanaugh, if this comes back and nothing is there, shouldn't it be a 90-10 vote? >> it won't be 90-10 but you will get the three senators who voted for gulch, heidi heitkamp, joe manchin and joe donnelly. i think those three. donnelly broke the dam of the red state democrats to say we need an fbi investigation. i'm a vote no for this. you might get a couple more in the spirit of these red state democrats. no, it's a much more partisan time and, yeah,
5:41 am
people feel like he is a threat to not only roe v. wade buy environmental protection. pete: michael, there you go. bing doe, we buried the lead on all of this. >> all about democrats abortion. it's about. >> like i'm going to run out of this and get one for fun? >> when it was up for gulch who wouldn't change the dynamic of the court. he wouldn't play as hard. kavanaugh will change the dynamic. need a week so some lunatic will come out of the woodwork and accuse nebraska mid terms preserve the fictitious trite an abortion. >> i find it shocking i'm signature here on a panel with three lovely gentlemen. all of you seem comfortable saying women are inventing. >> no. who said that. >> next line is you are going to be abducted. >> pete: all we are saying this entire debate is ultimately about pro-choice, pro-life. that's what it comes down.
5:42 am
it's about roe v. wade. we acknowledge that. >> that is certainly one of the i looking at the court. not like neil gorsuch. >> john roberts will be the swing vote. judge kavanaugh will not be. and amy cone anyone barrett. we know that will be even more to the right of this. not like democrats are thinking we prefer what's coming down the pipeline. pete: you said it yourself three lovely gentleman. >> and a liberal. pete: thank you, jessica, appreciate it 1200 immigrants traveling in caravans arrested in the united states in recent months. national border patrol president brandon judd says the problem is only getting worse. he joining us next. next jillian mele are a carley shimkus learning what it means to be a cowboy. they finally have their hats on the right way ♪ ain't nobody looking back again ♪
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
pete: welcome bac pete. griff: welcome back. battle to protect our border continues. more and more migrant groups with more than 100 people in them crossing the border. rachel: 1200 people have been traveling in caravans controlsing the border in recent months. what does this new trend mean? brandon judd joins us now with more. brandon, thank you. >> thanks for having me. > rachel: tell us why are illegal immigrants and their smugglers becoming more brazen. >> simply put, it's because congress failed to do their job. it's great that lindsey graham has stood up and taken a stand for the republicans on neil gorsuch. but when is he going to stand up and take a stand on illegal immigration and support the president's policies and support the president's visitation? and that's what border patrol agents are getting extremely frustrated about. the catch and release continues. this is the driver that invites people to come here and break our immigration laws.
5:47 am
griff: bret, you talk about the driver this week when i was covering the kavanaugh hearings in the halls of congress, one of your agents that i have been talking to over the years sending me pictures in rgv, the rio grande vector section in texas of massive groups coming over. >> yeah, again, they are flooding across the border because they are challenging us. we went from 45 year lows in 2017 and this was all president trump himself. he single-handedly drove those numbers down to now we're back up to 10 -- 8, 10 year highs, simply because we are not implementing the policies, we are not implementing the operations, we are not passing the laws that need pass that close the loopholes. rachel: what exactly do they have to close? what is the thing that you want congress to do that will help you with this surge? can you be specific? >> yeah. if you look back in 2017, the promise was if you break
5:48 am
our ai immigration laws and cross the border illegally, you will be held in custody pend ago deportation hearing. that didn't happen. what happened is they crossed the border, they asked for amnesty. and we leased them into the united states. now, we give them a court date in which they are supposed to show up for deportation hearing. but 80% of the people that get released into the united states, never show up for their court hearing. therefore, warrants are placed out for their arrest, but we don't arrest them because the liberals say well, you shouldn't be arresting people that haven't committed violent crimes. so, you know, you just -- it was estimated that we had 10 million illegal aliens in the united states, and now there is a new study that came out that says no, we probably have 22 million illegal aliens in the united states. and the more as years go by, we continue to add to that illegal immigration population. griff: we're almost out of time, brandon.
5:49 am
as kavanaugh and all this other stuff on our minds as mid terms coming up should we are worried about the border issue? >> we should. what's funny about that of all people who should want to secure the border it should be the democrats. because this is a rallying cry for conservatives year in and year out. it's going to continue to be a rallying cry. griff: all right. brandon judd, thank you. and thank you for the work that all of your border patrol agents do. the men and women that risk their lives every day to protect that border. thank you. rachel: thank you. >> thank you. griff: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is heading to the hill. he has a lot of splaining to do. congressman bob goodlatte has questions about the "new york times" article saying rosenstein talked about wearing a wire around the president and joked about him invoking the 125th amendment. he joining us live. rachel: plus jillian mele and carley shimkus are learning what it takes to be a cowboy or a cow girl. they are live at the state fair from texas ♪ cowboy, baby
5:50 am
♪ sun shining ♪ cowboy, baby ♪
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
♪ rachel: the state fair of texas is back and celebrating all things texas. pete: maybe the minnesota state fair is a little larger. just saying. rachel: state fair is fun. pete: ever wonder what it takes to be a cowboy you are in luck. our own jillian mele and carley shimkus are there with the basics. take it away. jillian: we have to look the parted and wrangle in a real cowboy with this jerry diaz here and little big tex. carley: little version of the big tex you saw earlier in our package. teach us how to professionally tie a bandanna. >> thank you. you can't have a bandanna without a big tex logo on it
5:54 am
take this bandanna and wrap it around our neck like this. we go over and under and under across and you wind up with a square not. carley: teach us to become them. we see lassos over here. jillian, i'm going to let do you this first. jillian: okay. >> move this with left hand and right hand and move closer. jillian: closer? i need a little room here. ready? like this? carley: you got this. >> nice and easy, yeah. we got a corner. does that count? >> absolutely. we call that a half head cash. [cheers] car. jillian: that didn't really work. carley: full disclosure coordination has never been my thing. jillian: can you do it. >> that steer is running.
5:55 am
jillian: come on carley. [cheers] jillian: can you show us how it's really done? carley: thank you for the applause. >> i'm not sure if we were out there competing we would have to do something like this and then you have to lay it on there and do your rope like that. yeah from. how many years have you been doing this? >> since i was a baby. and i have been fourth generation. carley: amazing. we still have the horses back here. they have a special trick we want to show our "fox & friends" audience as well. >> step this way. say hey, hello to our friends here at the state fair of texas. and this is how we tip our hat to the state fair of texas, just like that. carley: i love that so much. carley: these are such beautiful animals. thank you for showing us how to become true coup girls.
5:56 am
jillian: we cow girls now? >> have you my signature. jillian: thank you so much. carley: state ferragut underway yesterday by the way. 23 more days to go. 24 days in total. you guys must work all year for this. >> we love it we love it my wife and i and my son. this is our third year. we perform here for majesty of the horse. we are honored to be here and -- carley: when i come in to work on monday guys, i will come in riding a horse. you better watch out. that's what we are going to do. >> you did a great job. jillian: how did we do? rachel: did you good. you guys look better. you should wear these outfits when you deliver the news when you come back. you guys look awesome. adorable. jillian: i will take that as a compliment. pete: we were talking about how much we love texas. rachel: i love texas. pete: a great state. rachel: it is. pete: what does the white house expect over the next week as the fbi investigates brett kavanaugh? we will ask principle deputy
5:57 am
press secretary raj shaw coming ushawcoming up next. griff: plus we will ask gregg jarrett to find out what he thinks about all of this. ♪ wearing my six shooter prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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6:00 am
>> president trump ordering the fbi to investigate judge brett kavanaugh. >> president trump tweeted last night just starting to narrow investigation that he will someday be recognized. >> can you imagine what is going through? devastating. >> this is not the guy we knew in high school. >> what happened yesterday? >> no one saw this coming. >> jeff flake had a moment.>> you are telling all women that they don't matter. look at me when i am talking to you. >> he is changed and wants an fbi investigation. >> there are other things the fbi should do. look at this delay --
6:01 am
>> the democrats staging a walkout. >> this is a sham. >> the american people will not be fooled by this political theater. >> of the democrats, they are no no matter what. >> there is a lot in texas.♪ ♪ [music] >> we love carly and joey but when you go to texas where the hat the right way. >> i would also say generally that is so funny you know that is what you learn. >> rachel, griff, welcome! >> don't you wish that you were in texas!
6:02 am
is nice to be in new york but way better in texas. because i would love to live in the last -- >> there is nothing like her bq in texas. >> there is freedom in texas. cowboys, guns! >> but there is a lot of news it's been an unbelievable week. >> president trump no ordering supplemental fbi investigation. into alleged sexual assault allegations against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> pushing the senate to vote late next week. chris leland vittert is live with more. >> good morning. some of the kavanaugh
6:03 am
supporters say this is a good thing. the mere fact of an fbi report will take away key democratic talking points. making the week delay well worth it. this is the president's tweet. just started tonight our seventh fbi investigation of judge brett kavanaugh. he will someday be recognized as a truly great justice in the united states supreme court. the attorney of dr. ford says they full investigation is critical in getting all of the facts. doctor ford welcomes the step are no limits to time or scope should be imposed on the investigation. for mitch mcconnell it is another one week of unrelenting democratic pressure on key swing votes like susan collins and lisa murkowski. >> also they have thoroughly investigated last-minute allegations that have been brought forward. the evidence that has been produced either fails to corroborate these accusations or in fact, support judge kavanaugh denial. this deserves to move forward and it is precisely mr. president, what is happening. >> kavanaugh said he will continue to cooperate with any and all probes into his
6:04 am
background. a big opportunity here from the president himself on this. the rally later today in west virginia. you seem to think that he will have a few things to say about this. in order the president, we will see. >> we shall see. you are exactly right. history proves usually to be more or less accurate. >> let's bet on that! >> stay tuned to fox news channel, i think you are correct! thank you. >> will be interesting. all of these things unfold in real time. yes it was history unfolding and things change at a moments notice. >> before we hear from the present we have an opportunity to bring in a special guest, raj shaw, he has been with me and the reporters come he is heading the communications for judge kavanaugh, good morning to you. before we start i want to take a second because through the entire exhausting process, your mother has an unfortunate situation, she is in the hospital recovering from
6:05 am
emergency surgery. how is she doing and would you like to say hello to her? >> thanks a lot, thank you for the opportunity. she is doing really well, recovering speedily. mom, i love you and we are all with you. >> praying for her. >> is very important because when you watch what is happening play out and you watch this you know, we are all human. we are real, these are real things. think goodness she is doing okay. now let's get to how this has played out and the process. what you expect will happen? where are we with this? >> well, judge kavanaugh nomination has moved out of committee. per the sentence request the president ordered this one week fbi background investigation supplemental. it is important to note that the senate has already engaged as leader mcconnell already said, a very thorough investigation of the matter but nonetheless, to reassure certain senators the president
6:06 am
has ordered this supplemental fbi probe. they will go into the field and do the sorts of things that they do per the book and per how the fbi operates with these things. they will come back and report to the white house and senate what they find. >> does the president believe democrats are being ernest in seeking truth or justice or does he believe that this is ultimately a delay tactic, a stall tactic to try and defeat him and his nominee? >> from the votes persuadable, we think it is probably or possibly a genuine ask but from the overwhelming majority of democrats led by senator schumer who pledged the native brett kavanaugh is nomination, that he was going to oppose the nomination with everything he had, he is not interested in finding more facts or learn more information. >> when we had investigation, we had hearings, six of them. does it come down to one
6:07 am
senators road? did the democrats win in delaying this? >> it comes down to a few senators votes. they want to be reassured so we are going on with the process. judge kavanaugh has had nothing to hide. he has agreed to anything and everything he's been asked to do. that includes countless hours of testimony, thousands of questions. now eight hours of testimony, riveting testimony that you saw on thursday. he is prepared to do anything and everything that he is being asked. he is disappointed in the process. this has gone from advice and consent to search and destroy. but as he said pretty compellingly, he will not be driven from this process by false accusations. he plans to defend his name. >> he certainly did defend it very vigorously. louisiana senator, one of the questions that was left unanswered is, who leaked the ford by doctor ford? this is what he had to say.
6:08 am
>> let's actually investigate. asked dianne feinstein under oath, did she leak it? then i think most people on the republican side see it for what it's worth. a pattern of leaks, such a delay and character assassinate. things being released that should not be published because there is no support for them. but because it's released it feeds into the delay. we should not set a standard that you can do character assassination, coordinated pattern of it to bring someone down. christ is the present support fbi investigation into this matter? >> he is not been asked directly to do that. we are focused on is what the senate and chairman grassley and leader mcconnell and the other undecided senators have asked, which is to focus on this specific set or array of allegations. we will let the fbi handle that as an update. but senator cassidy does raise a good point. which is that, if this were handled normally, it could have
6:09 am
been vetted in a confidential matter, it could've kept the privacy of dr. ford, maintain the privacy of judge kavanaugh on the matter and allow this stuff to be brought to the senate in a confidential matter. instead, it was blown out into the open through a leak. and yes, senator feinstein even at the hearing the other day, could not answer whether she had asked her staff whether they leaked this information. she didn't! >> and i think she is the villain in this because frankly, doctor ford was re-victimized by having to do -- courts all the time, try not to do this to women. and somebody did this on purpose for political purposes. >> should we find out who this is? >> i think we should try to find out. they should look into the matter and try to find out who leaked the information. because you do not want to set a precedent where someone does not feel comfortable coming to
6:10 am
the committee with information and to keep it confidential, to politicize it is very dangerous. >> we know through the left that the end justifies the means. that is how they fight. where does this process, wears a redline for the white house? is it friday, one week? what it comes to fraud and they say we need more time it is not done? they seem to do that every time. where is that line? >> i will not draw bright lines just yet. the senate has asked for something, the president has ordered it. we will see what comes back. we believe firmly and confidently in the denials of judge kavanaugh. they are backed up by other individuals under penalty of felony who are said to be at the event. the contemporaneous calendars do not put him at such an event. and there is really no way to back up -- >> it could go longer? >> i do not expect it to. >> you do not expected to but
6:11 am
it could? >> i doubt it. >> is an honest question. >> i understand. >> we had a guest on in the first segment of the show that to listen, this could be done in less than a week. in terms of the week that the fbi could do they are that good at it and that quick at it. they could be done in three days! why would we need more than a week? >> i do not want to dive into how the fbi handles these matters. we will let them do what they do. you can go on a fishing expedition and spend months or years into anyone. that is the reality and the world we live in. but what they have asked for is limited in scope. and if it comes back you know, in some fashion that we expect, which is clean. judge kavanaugh has not done this and evidence supports that, that we can move forward with the vote. >> thank you, it is another week. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> we will turn out to headlines. we begin with a fox news alert.
6:12 am
two police officers killed in an early morning shootout in mississippi. one of the suspected gunman is dead. the other one is wounded and recovering in the hospital. it is unclear how many people were involved. authorities have not identified the fallen officers who both served in the police appointment. 384 people dead and hundreds injured after an earthquake and tsunami strike in indonesia. [video] the 7.5 earthquake triggering a 10 foot tsunami going into two cities could rescue efforts are still underway. president trump signs a spending bill preventing a government shutdown pay legislation funds most federal agencies through december and includes a 2.6 percent pay
6:13 am
raise for the troops. it does not have funding for the u.s. border wall. but the president knows that he is already secured 1.6 billion so far. those are your headlines. >> no more after that one. that's what we said before, we will see. michael moore trying to smear the trump administration, shocking! with a new document tree. now he is accusing his ex-wife of doing the same to him. plus, christine blasey ford would have met with senators in california but says her attorneys never told her the offer was on the table. greg wants to know if ford's lawyers are represent her or the democrats?♪ ♪ [music] people tell me all the time i have the craziest job,
6:14 am
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there's nothing small about your business. with dell small business technology advisors, you get the one-on-one partnership to grow your business. the dell vostro 14 laptop. get up to 40% off on select pcs. call 877-buy-dell today. ( ♪ ) >> i appreciated offer that i
6:16 am
6:17 am
wasn't clear on what the offer was if you are going to come to see me i would have happily hosted you and had been happy to speak with you out there. i was not clear that that was the case. >> doctor ford willing to have met with many staffers if they come to california. but saying she was not clear they made the offer. a new op-ed, the question whether her attorneys made it clear to her that she could have avoided this week's very public testimony. here with more we have our legal analyst and author of a highly acclaimed new york times best-selling book, the russia hoax, gregg jarrett. >> good to see you. >> the rest of what doctor ford said, from, she is a legal team that seems to have an agenda. >> i'm not all questioning what she said she seems sincere and authentic.
6:18 am
however, it it was clear from the beginning all the way to the end that she wanted to maintain her privacy and confidentiality. she never wanted to go public. and there you hurt her, she seems surprised! it was never made clear to her, she said that she could have done this privately out in california a confidential setting. her lawyers, have a duty to properly communicate that offer that was made, it was made not once, not twice, three times in letters from the chairman grassley, lisa banks and deborah katz. it is stunning to me that it could have been avoided, the spectacle -- >> do they want to avoid it? >> and that is it. what we also learned from doctor ford is that it was dianne feinstein who
6:19 am
recommended the lawyers paid their democratic operatives everything caught on camera in that resist trump movement. this invites a question, did these lawyers, for their own partisan purposes exploit and manipulate their client? but train the trust and not acting in her best interest but acting in the lawyers and democrats best interest by this public spectacle, that could have been avoided and was their desire really to destroy kavanaugh through the public hearing? should we find out who leaked her name?should this be a focus?>> absolutely should be. but the lawyers should also be investigated, senator lindsey graham is calling for a serious investigation. here's why. there are two rules of the professional responsibility. you should always act in the
6:20 am
interest of your client. you must always promptly, fully and honestly convey all offers that are made to your client. you saw the sound bite. she did know anything about the offer. >> interesting. >> it didn't look that way. >> you hope people are earnest and in good faith and and sometimes -- she should have had lawyers that are not democratic operatives and activists and not recommended by dianne feinstein. it is a serious concept of interest. >> if you want more there is a great op-ed for this. >> is right there is a link to the letters that grassley sent. you can read them yourselves. >> thank you. rod rosenstein will soon have to answer questions from congress. about the new york times article saying that rosenstein wanted to secretly record president trump. congressman bob goodlatte will join us about that next. plus, a family reunion on the baseball field.
6:21 am
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>> welcome back. a couple of quick headlines. the fbi is helping facebook find out who is behind a massive security breach affecting 50 million accounts. the social media giant claims attackers exploited the sites view as feature. to view other peoples account. give them access to messages, photos and posts. nope good. and shares are a penny stock. falling below one dollar for first time in history.
6:25 am
sears seal warned the company was running out of time and money to stay afloat. sears used to be the nations largest retailer and employer. not anymore. chris? >> thank you, pete. a phone call with bob goodlatte thursday evening. rod rosenstein agreed to meet with house republicans. >> this after the bombshell new york times report about deputy attorney general rod rosenstein wanting to secretly record president and cabinet members to invoke the 20 for the member. gop leaders had been eager to meet with him since. >> here to share the latest is the chairman himself, congressman good -- bob goodlatte. >> good morning. chris tells about the telephone call and what you think it will lead to? >> well, i requested a call from him. so that could formally invite him to come and meet with me and others involved in the
6:26 am
investigation. and what happened in 2016 and early 2017 and obviously, we have two interests at the judiciary committee andthe government oversight committee , chaired by trey gowdy. in this conversation that the new york times reported about. both the terms of if they are true, appalling comments by the deputy attorney general regarding the possibility of wearing a wire when he met with his employer, the president of the united states. and regarding his talking about, calling cabinet secretaries about invoking the 25th amended. which is a process whereby you declare the president to be disabled, unfit for office and that obviously would promote a serious constitutional crisis. but, it also very much bears upon our concern for how this entire investigation leading up
6:27 am
to the appointment of special counsel, both with regard to hillary clinton and with regard to the so-called trump/russia collision -- collision took place.we have been attempting to get the mccabe memos. memos written by the former deputy fbi director, mccabe that would shed light on this. yesterday, actually thursday, i issued a subpoena to the justice department compelling them to issue the, the mccabe memos through congress as well as other documents that are vital to our investigation that we had not subpoenaed earlier. the documents -- >> i would like to ask you real quick, what was the response that you received from the justice department so far on the request? >> well, we've not received the mccabe memos this far.
6:28 am
and the response has been unsatisfactory. basically, it is part of an ongoing investigation. but guess what? there are at least three ongoing investigations that the memos pertain to. the one that i refer to that i and chairman gaudi have been conducting as part of the oversight responsibilities, also the investigation of special counsel investigation, mr. mueller. now we know that andrew mccabe is under investigation for potential criminal charges. all three of those investigations should share the information. they can be held in confidence but we need to see it. the same thing with the nature of this conversation paid i explained all of this to the attorney general he understood all concerned and agreed to meet with us in the coming weeks and we are working on
6:29 am
details. >> really quick, why a meeting and not a hearing? >> first of all, any conversation you have with members of congress, in circumstances like this, it is a felony to lie to them. the deputy attorney general knows that full well. but the details of this under what circumstances he testifies, whether under oath or a private interview, have not yet been worked out. but because of the confidential nature of the information, it will be conducted in a private setting. >> thank you for joining us we are out of time. very quickly, do you have a date set? before the midterms? >> will announce the date once we have it firmed up. we are looking at doing this much sooner than november. we will announce it just as soon as we have the details worked out. hopefully, early next week. >> thank you, chairman. >> chairman goodlatte, thank you. >> one of the most memorable
6:30 am
moments traffic with lindsey graham needs to stabilize the influence -- >> wow! comments pouring in about bill mahr. we have that next. >> and we're live at the state fair. >> here's a question. why couldn't the little lamb play outside? because it had been baaaad. we have an award-winning lamb. these are new friends aren't ♪ ♪ they cute? the day after chemo might mean a trip back to
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6:34 am
sham since i've been in politics. and if you really wanted to know the truth, you sure as hell wouldn't have done what you done to this guy. i hope you never get it. hope the american people can see through this sham. he knew about it and if you vote no, you're legitimizing the most despicable thing i've seen in my time in politics. i hope you on supreme court. that is exactly where you should be. >> what's bad is this --
6:35 am
>> the fact that trump can either find people, like kim, lindsey graham, lindsey graham, the destabilizing influence of his dead boyfriend because -- [laughter] >> bill maher, irrelevant at this point. but go ahead. >> we sat here together on the night or the day of john mccains funeral. where liberals were calling for so much honor, as is deserved. i think it was such an insult. hope that megan mccain tweets about that. she tweets about a lot of things. it was horrible. >> they were famously good friends mccain and graham. for lindsey graham to do that, it means that he has reached the end of his rope. he is speaking for millions of americans a look at the spectacle that is the senate. this is a guy that reveals the
6:36 am
senate, the institution, famously worked across the aisle. it is not a partisan bomb throw it -- he pointed out that -- what you doing is despicable. mr. smith goes to washington, mr. graham went to washington. and spoke for people that felt like this process is a sham and he was there voice. god bless him. to speak truth that he has. >> democrats are always calling for you know, bipartisanship, reaching across the aisle. as a conservative woman, i see the republicans, whether it is lindsey graham, who by the way, took a lot in his home state when he did vote for the supreme court justices but willing to work across the aisle, when is the last time you saw democrats doing that? it is so interesting. >> who isn't up for reelection
6:37 am
in a red state? >> is the viewer tweeting is bill maher a resident of south carolina? if not is irrelevant. -- >> denise emailed, to someone who is deceased to attack another person, that is a new low even for bill maher. >> really creating brand-new low. this is someone on facebook. i love that lindsey graham passionately stood up for judge kavanaugh. it is about time. and very distasteful and disrespectful of bill maher. >> he also said i'm a white man from succulent out how to shut up i get to talk. whether you're a white man, black woman, hispanic woman it doesn't matter, we are all americans. >> less speak to someone that has a opinion about the weather. >> yes, rick! >> i always have a rule.>> where are you? >> where are you? >> there you are! >> i thought they were going to
6:38 am
take to shut up. >> look at this, everyone brought a sign today. so you all geton. happy birthday ! congrats on getting married. texas loves us, did you know that? did you know that? we knew that, thank you very much! let's look at the weather map and show you what is going on. that is not the weather map i wanted. we will see if we can make this work. the heat index today course northeast, it is not hot at all. here you go. i don't know, anybody? all right. there you go! it is chilly across the northern plains about 20 degrees below average. arizona, get ready because your tropical moisture coming in by monday into tuesday. 4 to 5 inches of rain that will cause some flooding. aside from that we are all looking pretty good. >> i think the russians hacked your weather map.>> i think they did!
6:39 am
[laughter] >> well done! >> thank you, rick! >> and the first wind chill this season, i'm not ready for that yet. >> i don't want winter but the fall chill. all morning we've been getting a look at the state fair of texas. it officially kicks off the 2018 season. our own carly and jillian are having fun. >> yes we are! what an assignment! we are officially cowgirls. >> yes we are! i think we had the time of our life. >> yes, take a look! [video] ♪ ♪ [music] ♪ >> this everything is bigger
6:40 am
♪ in texas and i'm putting the ♪ theory to the test. ♪ but i cannot do it alone. ♪ which is why i found a ♪ friend! ♪ >> i have a request. ♪ >> what is that? ♪ >> a cowboy hat. ♪ >> do think they will let us ♪ ride the ponies? ♪ >> can we get a pony ride? ♪ >> will find a bigger one. ♪ >> thank you! ♪ [music] ♪ >> i finally found someone ♪ taller than me! ♪ we need to document this. ♪ >> this calls for a selfie. ♪ >> can you make us look like ♪ cowgirls? ♪ >> easy!>> all right. ♪ >> i think we found it. ♪ >> are we going to do this? ♪ >> we are. ♪ we have not done one like ♪ this and forever. ♪ >> we are going to give it a ♪ shot.>> here we go!
6:41 am
♪ i don't know if i like that ♪ or hated that. ♪ everyone says you have to ♪ get -- ♪ >> we are going to try them ♪ right now. ♪ can i get a corndog? ♪ and to wash it down we are ♪ told this is the best funnel ♪ cake in the state of texas. ♪ >> i love funnel cake! ♪ [music] ♪ >> kind of nice to sit down ♪ for a minute. ♪ and enjoy the view. ♪ you know the whole park. ♪ the whole big fair! ♪ >> is kind of an old school ♪ experience. ♪ but it is still going on. ♪ >> this is all about family, ♪ food, fun and memories. ♪ >> we searched high and low. ♪ all day long for this. ♪ we finally found a horse ♪ they let us ride. ♪ >> let's go! ♪ >> now a big thank you for ♪ texas.
6:42 am
♪ so much fun! ♪ one of the big events ♪ happening tomorrow is the ♪ lamb show. ♪ we are here with some very impressive lambs. what does it take to raise a winning lamb? >> feed them and exercise and a lot of clean water. if you can't drink the water you need to clean it. >> that is a good rule. >> i understand that you actually have been judging yourself, whatmakes an award winning lamb ? >> muscle definition and the rear end. >> if you don't mind. >> here. the shoulder -- >> in the muscle definition, do they lift weights or work out? >> they go on a walker and we run them. they get to run out in the
6:43 am
field. >> and you girls are friends from school. do the lambs get along as well? >> yeah. most of the time. >> we wish you luck! we have so much fun. and we're going baaack to you! >> that looks like a goat but i guess it is a lamb. >> it is a lamb. it is in fact, a lamb. >> we had to ask so it is not just you. >> the more time you spend out there, the more you look like cowgirls. impressive, awesome! >> i love it! >> well done. >> we appreciate it. >> continuing attack on judge kavanaugh but now one is going after coach kavanaugh. is it really fair game? >> it is not, you will not believe it. plus, you have heard of spring cleaning but what about fall cleaning? we have tools that you need to get organized for the new season. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. the attacks on judge kavanaugh know no limits. asking if he should coach children. they said the u.s. senate may yet confirm cabinet to the supreme court. but he should stay off the basketball courts for now. when kids are around, is the media and particularly, eric brady crossing line? you to become a democratic strategist, nathan rubin and a senior advisor to the trump campaign. happy saturday, thank you for being here. this certainly struck a chord because it crosses the line, coach kavanaugh, going after him? i have two daughters that play
6:48 am
sports in washington. and kavanaugh and eight or so girls on a vespa team, let me show you, as is crossing a line? >> first, thank you for having me. i want to say that sexual assault should be a nonpartisan issue. it is a nonpartisan issue. it is not republican, it is not democrat is not even uniquely american it is a human issue. men and women are both capable of being victims of sexual assault. that can lead to lasting trauma. when it comes to something like this article, i definitely think the fbi investigation will shed more light on whether or not judge kavanaugh did, perhaps, commit some sort of act in his past. and we should evaluate accordingly. >> what is your take on this? >> this is absolutely
6:49 am
ridiculous. there is no sexual assault here. there is no crime, no police report. no investigation of a crime. everyone has been talk about a repressed high school memory. for two weeks and this man's life is being destroyed. his reputation is being destroyed. this is exactly why the vote should have never been postponed. because of stuff like this. it will continue to come out and look, we should thank god that donald trump ran for president in 2016. because this moment in time is a highlight of why moderate republicans have been unable to win a national election since 2004. because they don't have the courage, the will or the conviction to engage this culture war and fight back. this is their guy that they put out there and they're not defending him. they are letting the left run the show. i find absolutely absurd. >> if i can respond really quick. but i want to say that is that
6:50 am
every american should welcome the fbi investigation. there are only a finite amount of outcomes. the fbi will look into it and no new evidence will arise and judge kavanaugh will be confirmed. or new evidence will arrive show he is innocent and will be confirmed to the supreme court. or new evidence will arise and will carbonate the testimony of doctor ford. which at what point we shall welcome that because sexual assault is a nonpartisan issue. >> there is no evidence. there is an allegation. >> you don't know that. >> every witness that she said was a witness has said nothing happened. there was no date, time, location, nothing to investigate. where is susan collins and lisa murkowski defendant of republican women whose husbands, sons have been under attack? >> we will know by the end of the week if there is evidence. >> zero evidence. >> we have breaking news, leland kaiser has not said she was one of the three people that said she will fully cooperate with the fbi investigation and a letter to the judiciary committee. we will find out more but again, we'll find if the media
6:51 am
-- this is really destroying a life when you are after a coach, of a girls basketball team. i was shocked. thank you very much! >> thank you. >> more "fox and friends" on the backside of this. when my hot water heater failed it rocked our world. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. >> working for you, skip is
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>> re: back? [cheering]
7:00 am
>> congratulations whoever you are! >> whose birthday is it out here? >> join us tomorrow. >> big show tomorrow! >> forget about -- joe manchin why is the president heading to west virginia later today? it is cold but did jeff flake right cover? and the republican challenger, is this elevator encounter why we're all here right now? >> you're telling me that what happens to me doesn't matter. you're going to let people do these things --


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