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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  September 29, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> congratulations whoever you are! >> whose birthday is it out here? >> join us tomorrow. >> big show tomorrow! >> forget about -- joe manchin why is the president heading to west virginia later today? it is cold but did jeff flake right cover? and the republican challenger, is this elevator encounter why we're all here right now? >> you're telling me that what happens to me doesn't matter. you're going to let people do these things --
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>> they got to jeff. how is it possible protesters never got to lindsay? >> kavanaugh was despicable. [inaudible] >> today, how protesters, they get to one another will not budge. why are markets ignoring the kavanaugh drama entirely? by the way not just this one, from rod rosenstein and the trade wars and whether they stick into consumers. stocks continue to sizzle. wait until you hear why and how long. appreciating the bulls. in appreciating the awesome power of mother nature. and the desperate search for survivors after a massive
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earthquake and tsunami strike indonesia. all live, all here, all now, starting now. we are moving forward! exactly how much? very happy to have everybody welcome to "cavuto live", i am neil cavuto. we have chat on capitol hill. >> leland kaiser has just sent a letter to the judiciary committee saying she is willing to talk to the fbi but the council says she does not know kavanaugh or members of the party or being with christine blasey ford. she says that she is unable to corroborate the account of the party. they are still days away from a confirmation vote on the kavanaugh nomination. the original goal was for them to debate the nomination this weekend and close the debate on monday. and have a roll call vote on
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tuesday. it is hard to see how they vote before next friday on kavanaugh it's not next weekend or the week of october 7. it is a four-day process. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell moves to close the debate. one thing is clear, brett kavanaugh would not have had the necessary votes had mcconnell not agree to this delay. who to watch, susan collins of maine, lisa murkowski of alaska, bill manchin, west virginia and heidi heitkamp of north dakota. kavanaugh needs a yay from one of them. >> so, talk about the timing. this has the potential of going well beyond the original -- would republicans go along with that of democrats say we are learning a lot more. we have to learn more? >> jeff flake said the process may not win votes for kavanaugh. but everyone will feel better about the process handling it and just before we went on the air bernie sanders, the independent senator from vermont indicated that he wants the fbi to probe whether or not kavanaugh lied to congress and
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said they should not put descriptions and how long the fbi investigation should take. again, every time you introduce a new variable, it could be dangerous to the confirmation of brett kavanaugh. you just don't know how long it could take once you open that. >> one thing i've noticed is that sanders wants them to look into the additional accusations. but ramirez and swetnick, it was not the understanding, they want the could bog down the fbi for quite some time.>> actually. but look back to what the democrats on the judiciary committee asked for. just before they took the vote yes richard blumenthal, from connecticut wanted a week delay. and democrats on the committee have pushed for. sanders is not on the committee, but again, the fbi will take as long as they take. and that's why some think this
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could go deeper into october and maybe start to drift to the midterms and no one knows which party that could affect positively or negatively if you have a vote close to the midterm elections. >> thank you my friend. outstanding work as you follow this on capitol hill. let's go with the fbi has in their hands are not performing deputy assistant. can you explain, they will collect interviews from individuals associated with this, right? >> that is right. they will be no conclusion but i think it is pretty apparent that the investigation will be conclusive in that they will lay out unfettered by emotion or politics or hysteria, the facts as they develop them. i think it is really important here. there's a lot to be done that, remember, christopher wray has almost unlimited resources. there are thousands of agents
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and analysts he can assigned to this if needed. i do not think it will take more than one week, frankly. there are some things to be done, interviews to be done, we will see, be careful what you ask for. you may not like the result. that's what we need to keep in mind, the fbi will do this again, unfettered by emotion. and politics. we will see what happens. i think that it will be very interesting and i don't think everyone will be happy with the results. >> particularly some democrats already concerned about the investigation it would not include interviews with deborah ramirez and julie swetnick. they've gone on to say that the fbi director is ties to the judge because they both graduated from yale. how does this go? >> you just go as far as is logical. frankly, i would interview both individuals. i used to run the interviews. it is not going to make it any longer because again, the fbi
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has plenty resources, for all of these things simultaneously, collect all the evidence, which includes in my view, they should take the calendar and have it dated to see where these notations on the calendar are last week or if they are done many years is one aspect. it is not by adding more duties do you add crime.the fbi has tons of agents, tons of analysts, they can do all the simultaneously. i think the concern will last long, -- >> the fbi will not come to any conclusions as he said. they will interview people, appropriate witnesses. and whatever. no one can perjure themselves since there is nothing criminally on the line here, right? >> it is against the law to lie to the fbi. i think that having them do this, frankly, it should have been done weeks ago. as opposed to dragging this out
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and going through that roman circus that was -- indicating it was a senatorial hearing. it didn't have to happen like that. both of the individuals, dr. ford and the judge, would have been spared some of the hysteria. it is kind of a shame. >> bottom line, understand this, you're going to get differing accounts. you might find any real cooperation of the charges that dr. ford made. someone would be getting information that he's either been consistent with allegations or outright lying. >> not necessary. i believe she's telling the truth and as she sees it. something traumatic happened to her. maybe it did occur. but there is no substantiation of that. there is not any corporation. the people she brought forward to say that they could corroborate it, do not. it is not very positive for the cause and her belief. i don't think she's lying.
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i just think that you have different interpretations, even a polygraph doesn't a reality. it tells you what you believe with regard to the truth. i think it will be very specific, very graphic. again, i think the value of this is that there is no politics involved in this. now the james comey is gone, they will not be partisan on part of the bureau. >> it is what it is. good seeing you my friend, thank you. >> you too, always great. >> and molly hemingway on all of this. we are here right now, simply because this letter, this allegation, they are playing catch up, i will ask the same question that i asked danny. is it going to move the needle? if you are a "no" vote we remain that and if you are a "yes" vote and inclined to approved the judge.
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>> i think it comes down to a few people. we already know we have a lot of evidence and is in the public record, there is a senate hearing. i doubt fbi investigation will find anything will just be the same people giving the same statements that they already gave. a penalty for lying to the senate, the same as a penalty line for the fbi. do not expect to see much difference between the testimony. there are a few senators that do seem to want this investigation in good faith. there are a few republicans and a few democrats. it is those votes are really key. a lot of people thought that this request for an fbi investigation is just a delay tactic. i think is true for the vast majority of the democrats when they were calling for it. it might be uncharitable but i think they were trying to delay. for a few people it will ease their minds and the possibility that we will find confirmation that brett kavanaugh really was running a serial gang rape cartel which i think is
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unlikely. the conclusion of this we can proceed. that's why what happened yesterday was so important. they got it out of committee and are moving the ball down the line. when the fbi report comes back and it should not take more than a couple of days, they can go ahead and vote to confirm or not. >> and what's crucial, joe manchin iii, heidi heitkamp and north dakota, both up for election and in a state that the president won. then lisa murkowski of alaska, susan collins, even jeff flake. is it your sense that this could potentially provide cover for those individuals that have been very reluctant to commit themselves? >> is reasonable to be concerned about multiple issues. please as americans care about due process and should not be able to destroy man's life based on allegations without evidence. we also care deeply about sexual assault and want to make sure that we are investigating and taking care of that as well. this is one of those issues where the allegations have not been corroborated or verified.
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if the fbi finds something else it would change the matter that is another thing. but i don't see things changing that much from what we already know. if there were more evidence to bring out, i'm pretty sure the accusers would have brought it out by thursday. >> real quick on this, molly, republicans and democrats had two different interpretations of what the fbi is looking into.democrats think it's about accusations of dr. ford. and republicans say deb ramirez and julie swetnick. they have an excuse to say this is not good enough.>> i think the danger for democrats they appear to want to delay at any cost. anytime they start coming up with outlandish, you should investigate whether britt governor was running an
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underground cartel that makes the democrats look unreasonable. if they want to broaden as they should look at how it was at the allegations came forward and whether there was a coordinated effort there. or how it was that the letter sent to dianne feinstein was leaked to the media. if they want to expand it might not go into areas they would prefer. but any attempt to expand beyond the initial allegation, when each subsequent allegation that more and more ridiculous, a lot of people were critical of even the second allegation because it was so little support for the claim and a lot of reputation. i think what's important is the countries actually done with this circus. they're willing to give it one week so that the fbi can conclude things.but anything beyond that is difficult for the people to endure. >> all right molly, thank you very much. then the role of protesters. they moved one senator black and another senator to ignore.
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pressure the sinners republican and democrat were under but i want to focus on two republicans in particular and how they responded. to the protesters that were 24/7 on them. take a look. >> that's what you're telling all women in america, to keep it to themselves because if told the truth you are just going to help the man to power anyway. that is what you are telling all of these women. that's what you are telling me right now. look at me when i'm talking to you. you're telling me that i don't matter. what happens to me doesn't matter. and that you were going to let people do these things into power. that is what you're telling me. whether you vote for him. don't look awayfrom me. look at me and tell me it doesn't matter .
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[inaudible] >> here is the deal. [inaudible] >> what they did to kavanaugh was despicable. they will not -- i believe him absolutely. >> lindsey graham as you can see ignoring protesters and jeff flake from arizona, some republicans say he caved by agreeing to this extension that would include the fbi investigation. in the end it might provide cover for those on the fence to vote for the judge anyway. regardless of your interpretation those are two clearly different responses to the same groups. and we have a democratic strategist and gop pollster,
7:19 am
how is this tracking with people that you pull? >> it seems everyone has already made up their mind on the left and the right. independence right now are left in the middle trying to say i don't know what to make of this. democrats look at this, and i ran some tests this week. democrats look at this not just as a test of how we will treat doctor ford. this is how we are going to treat all women that had been sexually assaulted. on the right there saying, this man never did it. we believe in him no matter what. everybody else is saying, someone help me make sense of what's going on. it's really hard for folks. >> i want to be clear on this, jeff flake was moved by this woman enough to say i'm going to vote the judge out of committee recommendation but a caveat that we have an fbi investigation that would delay a full senate vote. >> we are going to delay a week. we will known nothing more than we knew this week. most of the people that will be
7:20 am
interviewed like mr. judge, have already submitted a statement under penalty of perjury. he is not go change his story. >> you're talking about mark judge. >> correct.he has given everything he knows. i don't think it will do nothing but waste taxpayer money and time. right now people are hungry with congress, unhappy with democrats and they are saying hey, democrats are not just going to lose this in court they will lose more. >> what do you think? >> i think was happening now is -- i think there are people who heard the testimony and they think wait a second, i think there are a lot of independents that feel we do need an investigation. what is there to hide? the nominees testimony, what he said opened a big box and there are a lot of questions that people have in regard to his veracity, his candor. he is even honest in his interviews. he provided those that have corrected background checks all of that they need.
7:21 am
>> what if the fbi through the series of interviews can find no carbonation for doctor ford 's charges? something will happen to her but the fbi could find no carbonation that was indeed the judge? >> i think what you're seeing is a great point. do we need corroboration? and regular allegations -- >> yes. [ácustomá what type of corporation do you meet and how do you define corroboration? >> the argument of july 1, not something that has come out that maybe she mentioned three people. there is a date on the calendar of july 1. there were three people named. >> someone makes a charge against you, you want something more than someone saying there is no way to corroborate it. >> exactly but i think for a lot of people he watched everything on television, the issue now becomes, i think they found her credible but i think there is an issue with him and how he responded. >> what we have to go on, fbi
7:22 am
can reach no conclusion. the fbi can come and say we talked to a number of people who simply cannot corroborate or support the story. that obviously will not satisfy everybody but should a boat go on after that? bernie sanders says -- where do think it goes? >> foolish, complete hypocrisy. no one would want to be treated the way they are treating him. this woman has given no time or place. she hasn't been able to get any warrant off of this. it is not something, 36 years ago if this was made it would not be something the fbi would investigate. we're wasting taxpayer money and time. >> they looked at the allegations in the past.this is going back a little further but you know i'm wondering in the end, -- [multiple speakers] >> in the end, does it really move the meter? outside of the other individuals on the fence mentioned you know joe manchin
7:23 am
iii, lisa murkowski, susan collins, jeff flake. would be enough for them to say the fbi didn't come to any conclusion we will vote for the judge.>> if there is no corroborative evidence of the end of the weekend they cannot find anything else, then i think their permission to go ahead and vote. >> the form fbi, the calendar of the judge. the items added after 1982, that would be a big game changer. >> i think big game changers could be an inconsistency. if they were able to find out that the judge had change anything in his calendar, if therefore able to find out that they can in fact put them at the place. locate the home, do anything that allows more investigation, then this could be dragged on. >> i am not -- the one thing raised is that if you can find more proof that the judge as a highschooler like to drink a lot, would that be supportive
7:24 am
of an argument? is it the kind of stuff that you look for? that would say, he must have done this. people will say, he did drink to excess and might have blacked out. i think they were trying to say he wouldn't remember and act like this if he drank as much as they charge. >> and i think is a question for a lot of people. there are a lot of people that thought this was a done deal. he was going to get the votes he needed and be the next supreme court justice. >> but would it be enough for you to stick it to him? he drank a lot in high school and in excess. >> the issue of candor, if you would help yourself out and said look, i was a choir boy, i was going to church meetings and i may be drink a few beers but then you have someone that says that is not the person we knew! >> i want to be very clear, someone that is prone to drinking a lot in high school, whether he did or not, if it is something other witnesses say it is a long way from saying he participated in a physical
7:25 am
assault on a woman. >> i think there are a lot of issues that are open right now. >> but that is a big lead. >> i think someone that drink and committed gang rapes there is no connection there. >> it is not saying that, what i'm here for folks to say that he's willing to lie about that that he's willing to lie about -- >> i think the bigger issue is that we are all hearing what we want to out of this. a lot of people heard kavanaugh admit he was a drinker. he said i puked from drinking too much. he did not say, -- is everyone taking away what they want out of this. >> the yearbook statement that he, they are alleging he wrote himself. you are alumnus of women? [ácustomá if you want to be judged on writings from high school? >> your character is thrown into question. >> let's say -- [multiple speakers]
7:26 am
>> i'm just saying, how would that make a difference and how can you make a lead from a kid that was kidding about drinking and that the next logical step was attempted rape? >> no one is saying that is what occurred. because he drank. >> but they voiced concerns that had they not fallen off of that it would have been rape. >> she's talking to her personal experience in which she recalls. which she is allowed to do and everyone -- >> absolutely but you are talking about a kid in high school, and if it may lead to something as heinous as this. >> i'm not same because he drank that he did this. she had her experience which she testified about. also, some people would say, what's written in the yearbook is an admission of somebody who drank a lot. and perhaps had blackouts.
7:27 am
frankly -- >> that alone might be enough for you to say i have serious doubts about this guy and i don't think they should approve him.>> i think of the situation he's held himself out in various interviews and a lot of people in washington d.c. now questions as to how questions were answered when he gave testimony. if you are under fire you can have a bad temper. >> i follow them closely. never in the interviews, did he answer what he was like in high school.>> and that is a problem. >> we will see how it all sorts out. ladies, thank you. and democratic congressman emmanuel cleaver, a minister as well. he can probably forgive my simple questions. congressman, always good to have you thank you for taking the time.>> good to be with you.>> we're getting into areas that are sensitive and i think our guests pointed out very well from all of their
7:28 am
vantage points, the inherent risks in doing that but we have to do that. does it bother you on any level that we are going back and the judge is passed, as far back as high school, maybe for perfectly valid reasons because the charges cover his high school years. that it sets a precedent that going forward, it can be a slippery one. what do you think? >> the problem is not so much going back in his life to the high school years. it is the fact that we have a combination of political tribes, conspiracy mongers and all that has fit into, let's get him, let's get her. they are not in our tribe. that's what's going on. you know, both sides republican and democrat, they say the other side has a closed mind. and so that led to continuing
7:29 am
to move and continuing to move deeper and deeper into areas that in the past, probably we did not enter. it is not a good time. what we saw yesterday was an undignified dogfight. as a hearing. i don't think, i said to my hometown newspaper, yesterday, america lost yesterday. it was ugly. and hopefully we can do something in the next week or so that we raise some of it, some of that grandchildren will read about. >> you know, let me ask you about, i know that you're in the house. this is a senate matter. but i do think they are sort of locked and i know we talk about these few sinners sitting on the fence. and we will see with the fbi comes to. i understand they talk to the
7:30 am
various witnesses and various capacities, try to get a sense of what they know at the time or remember from the time. then leave it at that. would that be enough? or does it open other areas? bernie sanders is elated to say we should be looking into other matters. other charges of whether the judge lied regarding other matters having nothing to do with this that it just grows and grows. >> i mean i think those would like for this to mushroom and you know, an investigation about what kind of formula is in a milk bottle. but i think these are some serious allegations and i think we ought to stick to those issues. i think the fbi received instruction, the letter that i think i read is what the fbi was giving, it will look at a
7:31 am
number of women and the veracity of the judge. that he spoke to during the hearings. not just yesterday but the hearings prior to that. i have to tell you, i am really disturbed about what's going on. you know, already accepted the fact were going to get a conservative judge. some of the decisions that he or she made i would not agree with. and so, i was not going to let your emotions go crazy on this. i have become somewhat concerned about judge kavanaugh. none about all of the things being discussed, but about the fact that he showed some tendencies unlike i think, a judge. my closest friend is a judge
7:32 am
and i can't imagine him screaming at people. i'm wondering, if he gets to the supreme court, will the esperance before the senate judiciary committee make him bitter or better? i don't know. >> do you think thomas is bitter or better? >> i would think he would say he went to the supreme court bitter. he thought he had been treated unfairly and poorly. and he is a human being. so -- >> we will see. there is no way of telling right up your congressman, thank you. very much. as i told you, we are focusing on this and how it is moving markets and all of that, it is not. i should stress. but a trade war could pay right now it is looking like we are not about to making a deal with the canadians and we're a long way from a deal with the chinese. and we are playing very tough. and we are waiting to see, what if it doesn't? we'll talk to the top trade guy on that after this.
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7:36 am
meeting with justin trudeau? >> i did. because tariffs are too high and he doesn't seem to want to move. i told him forget about it. frankie, rethinking about taxing cars coming in from canada. that is the mother load, the big one. they are happy with negotiations and negotiating style of canada. >> all right, justin trudeau is saying that he never requested such a meeting with the president. of course, the president says that he did. we have to leave it at that premeeting or no meeting, the president's comments show he will be very tough when it comes to talking canada and nothing of what's happening on the front with china. the guy orchestrating all that joins us now, the white house
7:37 am
estate advisor, peter navarro. thank you. >> good morning. >> i don't know how in the weeds you are with this but to the president in fact turn down a one-on-one meeting with the prime minister of canada? >> i am not in those weeds. with the advisor and the president handled, that negotiation, i think what's important here to understand, that the essence of the new deal that we can have with both mexico and canada, is a great deal for both countries. basically, it would restore north america as a manufacturing powerhouse by reclaiming our supply chain. they were into the deal with us. the clock is ticking on canada. there is negotiations that are going as we speak. we hope they realize that this is a great deal for all three countries. at the end of the day, this president is not going to take
7:38 am
a deal that is not good for this country. that is where things stand. >> canada has to make some decision by tomorrow i understand, is that right? >> that is correct. the clock ticks at midnight. if not then basically they'll be a deal that will go forward in text form to the congress that is with mexico as a bilateral deal. in which, in fact, the president prefers bilateral deals anyway. in this case we would love to have canada in. if that happens, if we move forward with that, we certainly continue to talk with the canadians but the problem here is that most of the big issues with canada, it's a great deal for all three countries in that it would make this hemisphere stronger again from a manufacturing point of view and is a little puzzling why the canadians are basically not
7:39 am
coming to fruition on this. but we will see. at the end of the day, the ambassador is best we've had. the president is not going to do anything that is against the interest of the people. and we will see what happens. >> are you worried though, peter, that may be if the tough talk and susie and that it doesn't look good for something with china and then american consumers who pay will be looking at a pretty pricey christmas shopping season? >> i think we need to put this into context. i think the trust in trump, this last week, at the united nations, was historic in terms of trade and we settled and signed a deal with south korea which was a great move forward and we announced going forward
7:40 am
with negotiations with japan, we worked with japan to basically issue statements, condemning china's unfair trade practices and assaults on intellectual property, we are moving forward with discussions with countries like the uk and in the meantime, on the 16th page in one of the newspapers, it was gdp growth over four percent reported in the data which should have been a headline in the front page. >> you're right about that. economic performance is the wind on your back and is providing fuel, we are the world economic engine no doubt. but are you worried that this holiday season, american consumers could look at higher prices? consumer confidence is decades long high. maybe if you get through it but are you worried about it? >> here is a lesson of low
7:41 am
prices, with the creation of unfair trade practices. dumping by countries like china, oil prices have a high cost, it's lost factories and jobs and intellectual property and technology. and we cannot afford to lose anymore. i think the stock market is accurately reflecting the fact that the tough trade actions that the president is taking has a very modest and macroeconomic effect. so no, i am not -- >> and also assuming that cooler heads prevail. do you think it is time that the president reposition the argument? it might be perfectly sound one would say. this is the right thing for americans to do and toughen up and realize in the long term it will be a good thing. because he pivoted slightly to make the argument. do you recommend they continue to do that do you think it's
7:42 am
better than getting something cheaper at walmart? >> cooler heads all prevailing, at the trump administration being tough on trade. you just a beautiful thing. it's exactly the point. that they are going to take the measure so we can have a strong economy, strong manufacturing base. rising wages which really are critical to the middle class. and i think that is a position we have taken all along.that this is the time to take tough trade action. and it is not the wind at our back that's created by president trump's economic and trade policies. he is the guy that is behind all of this. >> cooler heads might prevail to your point, they are not prevailing in china. are you surprised? they're not even remotely -- >> look, with respect to china, they are a sovereign nation. they will do what they will.
7:43 am
i think it's unfortunate when the rest of the world is fully acknowledged that they still intellectual property, they engage in unfair trade practices, dumping. difficult to negotiate with china when they don't even admit they do those kind of things. we'll see how this plays out but there is broad bipartisan support, support and the media across the news channels that china is ripping us off and this president is doing the right thing to take them on. >> everyone agrees with you on china. have a harder time with their arms around canada. you think this is among so many countries that it would be better off making china the villain equipment which indeed a lot of these are. and not all of these other countries. >> i think on that point, nafta was a tremendous harm to this country. the president as a candidate, promise he would get a much better deal. he's got a much better deal already working with mexico.
7:44 am
it will turn into a manufacturing powerhouse. it's really that they don't want to belly up to the bar. they do it will be a great thing. if they don't, it will be fine. will move forward. >> thank you very much. more on the markets, after this. feblood of this town. by 2030, half of america may take after stonington, self-employed and without employer benefits. we haven't had any sort of benefit plans and we're trying to figure that out now. if i had had a little advice back then, i'd be in a different boat today, for sure. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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tell your healthcare provider if you've had depression or other mental health problems. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. the most common side effect is nausea. i can't tell you how good it feels to have smoking behind me. talk to your doctor about chantix. >> all right you just heard peter navarro, the tough guy on trade and of course they remaining tough. canada has till tomorrow to come up with a dealer a guess nafta dies. and talking about this, -- you know, susan, you the first one to say that the president and the prime minister don't get
7:48 am
along. he said he did want to meet with the promised her and the prime minister said no. what is the bottom line on getting the canada deal done? >> i get a sense that there is a tense relationship. from speaking to both justin trudeau and now president trump. i get the sense that they probably you know in terms of what they want to trade and what the u.s. wanted trade. we don't like their negotiator, they represented which is the foreign minister. but he did use an acronym, u.s. marine corps, the us-mexico canada we did not have the seat and have canada part of it. i think it's a negotiating tactic. you have a three country deal coming to canada as part of nafta, they are the largest trading partner, right? >> well peter navarro says you don't. i don't understand that but --
7:49 am
>> i think it is a negotiating tactic. >> we are trading partners but i don't know why we keep coming at this, the media from a position of weakness. canada needs america a lot more than america needs canada. a whole lot more. so push comes to shove, and they don't want to be fair, believe me, there have not been fair. particularly when it comes to protecting what justin trudeau has called his national interest. we saw them earlier with tpp, it is protectionism. it is all right for them to practice protectionism but unfair for us to complain about or say let's -- >> we are not exactly saints. >> i think -- we have some tariffs but we have the lowest. we spend more money, we spill more blood, we build more countries, america has stood tall for the free world and we have lost lives and trillions of dollars. i think it is time to save your our friends why are you giving
7:50 am
us this on these things? >> let's not forget it is number one market. also want to say i think you said loggerhead, i'm not sure what that meant. >> i like that. >> i think the economy right now is strong enough to handle tariffs with almost every country. the economy is so hot. the problem is there's already a lot of bizarre -- air world was created around the weird world of tariffs. they put parts of mexico, symbol -- it was a multitrillion dollar enterprise developed around the current state of the world. disrupted radically. -- >> marcus don't care about the quandary for the judge and whether he makes it to the supreme court and rod rosenstein. they don't care about all of this stuff. >> it is 1 to 1. they are
7:51 am
driving a marcus ps a big nose, intel said we will spend $15 billion in capital expenditures. those kind of news items get swept under the rug with their happening over and over again. by the way, the actual evaluation is less than it was in january. these are some metrics. i think so, i think it's a long way to go. i'm not personally surprised peter will say this though, there underprepared and over invested. >> is all about cash! this three train dollars in cash held by u.s. corporations. because of the major corporate tax cut they have been bringing a lot of that back home. i saw more than $37 billion in buybacks in the first six months of the year. it's incredible, that's was pushing up the stock markets right now. helping the average investor an american and their portfolios. >> thank you we will take a
7:52 am
quick break. we're getting news from jeff flake after an atlantic interview. with the atlantic in which he said, he did qualify at the moment he was trapped in an elevator with a protester, sort of attacking him for being heartless. with attacks on themselves physically. he says he still plans to vote for kavanaugh. also he'd spoken multiple times in recent weeks with president george w. bush. and he believes the delay will help kavanaugh more than hurt him. more after this.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> the death toll is rising right now after devastating earthquake. and a tsunami in indonesia. fox news is there with more. >> that's right.
7:56 am
we are in jerusalem, reporting on the story. right now, 380 people are accounted for dead and dozens more are missing after a tsunami hit the indonesian island. the tsunami triggered by an earthquake, magnitude 7.5 as residents in the city were participating in a beach festival. many were caught off guard and watched as water began to rush from the ocean. then as seen in this cell phone video, people began to run for their lives. in some areas the water came in and so high that people were climbing trees. the water up to 20 feet. early images from the island show bodies strewn throughout the streets. as rescue workers search for survivors in the rubble, the indonesian government is coordinating how to get humanitarian aid to the people that live here. government officials right now are worried that the death toll could continue to rise. other cities in the area have not yet been accounted for. >> thank you. we'll have much more on
7:57 am
domestic developments here, what happens with the judge and next week at this time he could be a justice. ...
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> all right, we're getting more from this atlantic intervi interview. reading this here with jeff flake and why he made the decision he did to call for this delay and the fbi investigation. apparently, a clincher was a meeting with democratic senator chris coons making an impassioned plea he said for a one-week extension to have this fbi investigation, quoting, you know, if it was anybody else, i wouldn't have taken it seriously. i know chris, we travel together a lot. we sat down with robert and in mozambique. if we could get something, an investigation limited in time and scope, we could maybe bring
8:01 am
some unity and hence to vote the judge out of committee with approval and a fbi investigation lasting more than one week and understanding of all parties that they would vote after that. that's where we stand. rich edson on capitol hill and this was supposed to be the time when the clock would tick down for the vote. >> what we do know is that senator jeff flake is on the capitol complex. we ran into him briefly and he says he's feeling good and still has a week to figure out how he's going to vote on judge kavanaugh. because of the fbi investigation, he said was a condition for his support in a dramatic few hours on capitol hill yesterday. it's up to jeff flake and several other senators, democrats and republicans, on which way this nomination will go. for the democrats, senator joe manchin from west virginia, a republican state said it took
8:02 am
courage to ask for a week for a fbi investigation. and republican congress woman susan collins, i'm happy to hear that mark judge will cooperate, and mark judge is said to be a witness. and another republican lisa murkowski was asked about the fbi interview and here is his response. >> how do you feel about what has been agreed to? >> i think it was a good step today, thank you. >> thank you. >> safe travels. >> thank you. >> neil, the fate of this nomination for judge kavanaugh hinges on those democrats coming to the conservative states, republicans who are undecided now and the fbi investigation not to less more than a week, what we're waiting for to come
8:03 am
up with their final decision to figure out whether justice kavanaugh will be a judge on the supreme court. neil: the president is going to west virginia, the home state of joe manchin. that could apply a little pressure to see whether he votes for brett kavanaugh. we've reached out to senator n manchin. he declined our invite. and his republican senate challenger right now, attorney general of the beautiful state, patrick morrissey. attorney general, welcome to you. what do you make-- >> thank you. neil: same here. and what do you make of what the senators should do? obviously, there's enormous pressure and the president is going to exert some tonight, no doubt, on his voting for brett kavanaugh. he's still undecided. what do you think? >> look, i've been deeply disappointed how senator joe manchin has handled the entire
8:04 am
situation. early on senator chuck schumer asked all members of the democratic caucus to give him some maneuvering room, some space because his goal was to obstruct the nominee. schumer and a lot of the radical liberals didn't care who president trump nominated, they were going to oppose them. what joe manchin did, he followed schumer's directions. he gave him plenty of space and even though there were six fbi background checks and everyone acknowledges that judge kavanaugh is incredibly qualified and he has the right temperament to be a member of the supreme court, the democrats started to deploy a circus up in the u.s. senate and start to stretch these proceedings out and start to have one last minute allegation after another in order to try to delay this vote at the last of the midterms. they will oppose anyone that president trump nominates. joe manchin had a chance to lead, but we know that joe
8:05 am
manchin will never be a deciding vote on anything to support president trump and you're seeing it play out here. neil: of course, he's a democrat and it's kind of expect that. we're learning now that the fbi has moved immediately given the short time frame to reach out to others beyond dr. ford. so, presumably that means debra ramirez and julie swetnick, is the client. and they're going back to the high school days, the yale university days, according to other sources, and with knowledge of the information remains anonymous and we're asked to contact attorney for these women. there's a lot of room, as you can imagine, for stuff that is known not to come up. do you worry it could be problem elk for the judge? nothing that necessarily shows him at a place, at a time that would hint of his participation in any of this, but something that's inconsistent with what he
8:06 am
has said on the stand? and that that could be a deal breaker for him? >> i think that judge kavanaugh has been very credible throughout these whole proceedings, so i know the fbi is looking in it. let them get to the bottom of it. i've always said we have now have had so much review and they sat on the information, schumer, manchin, all of these folks sat on the information so long which shows their motives are not pure. neil: well, we don't know whether senator manchin knew about some of this stuff. he might have, but we don't know for sure. is it your sense that the fbi comes out with a report, obviously, they can't come to a conclusion, they'll interview any and all witnesses on any and all of these matters. it's sort of the same, nothing new that senator manchin might have the leeway to go ahead and vote for him? >> i think that ultimately senator manchin will vote for judge kavanaugh because he knows
8:07 am
politically he can't survive at home so that's what i expect after the republicans make it clear they have the votes and then and only then will joe manchin step forward. i think that's gutless because joe manchin should lead. west virginians are in support of voting for judge kavanaugh now and affirming his nomination to the u.s. supreme court and joe manchin, once again, is just ignoring the will of the people. he's a dishonest washington liberal and i think that people are finally seeing that and i'm hopeful the president will call him out on that tonight. neil: will you be at the rally with the president? >> i will. it's another opportunity to talk about the difference between my campaign and joe manchin. i'm the conservative fighter with a record of results who r support president trump's jobs agenda whereas joe manchin really has not led on almost anything. he's a washington liberal.
8:08 am
i think it will have a chance to get to the northern part of west virginia, receptive to president trump's jobs agenda. we're in a dead heat, 45-45. i think that the president gives us a boost to get over the edge. neil: the polls are tightening to your point. i was not aware of the tie one here. but do you worry from a crass political side, that if senator manchin votes for brett kavanaugh, you're finished? >> no, i think that people know that joe manchin, the only reason his vote is still in play is because it's an election year and people know that his history is very different than mine. he voted for 95% of barack obama's nominees. that's-- those are not conservative west virginia values, so regardless of how he ultimately votes, people know that the body of the work is bad. manchin opposed the trump tax cuts.
8:09 am
manchin has been for planned parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country and stood for gun control and he's been dishonest on those points and playing as if he's actually sympathetic with west virginia values. my record is different. i'm a conservative with results, the power plan from obama, defending second amendment rights and standing for life. i think when voters focus on that entire package they're going to come around and that's why we're seeing such great momentum in the polls, that along with president trump and voters know president trump needs an ally not an obstructionist in washington. neil: we'll see how it goes. patrick morrissey, very good seeing you. >> great to be here, thank you so much. neil: by the way, we did, in fact, reach out to senator manchin who has been on my show multiple times. we were declined this time. we reach out and always do and try to be fair and balanced.
8:10 am
don't blame us if you didn't see him. we tried, we really tried. this fbi investigation is moving quickly, were we to believe the latest reports the washington examiner and other sources, they've talked to quite a few people and just beyond those associated with dr. ford. we'll have much more on that and the implications going forward. ♪ this is loma linda, a place with one of the highest life expectancies in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. ♪ plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. with pro-skin technology. for two times faster absorption.
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8:13 am
the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. . >> well, say what you will about the fbi. it's moving quickly, advised to wrap up by friday. we're told out of the los angeles times and other newspapers that by last night agents had thought sought to schedule an interview with at least one of the two other women besides dr. ford who made charges against brett kavanaugh that date back to high school and college years, debra ramirez
8:14 am
and julie swetnick. and it would appear to be more likely to be debra ramirez, but did not say so. and they contacted as early as tonight, saturday night, this night and her attorneys countered with a later time, but that the interview would occur this weekend regardless. so let's get an idea of what this investigation could reveal and how quickly it could reveal it, if-- even though there are no sort of conclusions the fbi is bound to make with this. back with us, is evangeline gomez and leslie lee carter. lee, obviously, the fbi has to move with great alack-- alacrity and they are. and there was some concern from republicans about going on a hunting expedition. it could be good for the argument that this might not be
8:15 am
thorough, right? >> i think they need to move quickly and thoroughly. otherwise they'll be open to criticism. we need to know there's no stone unturned and they've been thorough and widespread in the investigation and i'm glad they've already reached out and scheduling interviews and i hope we're hearing more of this. neil: the flip side of that, when you talk to people, lawyers, or to the person themselves, new allegations come to light or the details r fleshed out and that could add fuel to the fire and maybe delay to this, what do you think? >> the concern i have is that they could be quick, thorough, but they're still going to be criticized and i think they could be thorough and potentially lead no stones unturned, but they're going to claim that it will never been enough. and for some it's never enough because they don't want judge kavanaugh to become justice kavanaugh and they're excuses to delay the process and get rid of him. and someone said on your show yesterday, he wants to continue
8:16 am
the fbi investigation, but get rid of the nominee. that doesn't make sense. neil: if they had reached out again, smart lawyers, there are no conclusions that the fbi makes. if they left no stone unturned or anyone left to stay about the judge, would that be enough or does it keep the needle where it is if you were for judge kavanaugh, you're for him or against him, are' against him. >> and wait and see. neil: let me write that down, wait and see. explain. >> i think that people are invested in this. you have people in washington d.c. who are invested in this who want this investigation to happen and for many people they think it's going to confirm who you they feel and they don't think there's anything there. and for other people, there are questions we have, maybe the investigation needs to dig deep deeper. it's supposed to be, from what i
8:17 am
read, for president trump a limited scope. neil: the president didn't want it to extend to the other women, maybe i got that wrong. certainly swetnick, a michael-- if they've reached out to the other women and accusers, i think it comes down, not to getting every senator on board or not on board, but these five who keep coming up. joe manchin, heidi hidekamp. susan collins and gives them cover. >> the hard left has already decided that dr. ford is right and judge kavanaugh is wrong and the hard right decided he's told the truth and that's his truth. and everybody else says they've told their truth and i want to know what the real truth is.
8:18 am
and people going into the mid terms make people feel more confident in the process and a lot of people wish it was before the poor people had to open up their souls and their lives before the nation. >> as the president tweeted this morning, this is the 7th investigation into judge kavanaugh and a lot of people speaking out feeling that democrats in congress unfairly took advantage of dr. ford and used her to their publicly advantage and she did not want to talk about this publicly, she want it had private and it's inappropriate how they handled this and who potentially leaked it a month ago. neil: it is what it is and we are where we are. could ne wrap it up by friday and if they do that minds could be made up based on whatever they come up with? >> i think they can wrap it up by friday. because you look at clarence-hill situation we had everything happen in four days, but new things may come to
8:19 am
light. you never know where investigations are going to go. they could not wrap it up for friday, they could ask for an extension. neil: the fbi would ask for an extension or the senators. >> no, the senators could have other questions. neil: specifically that's what i began to wonder if you accepted the premise that it was going to be done by friday, you can always argue, well, more information came up, i'm not satisfied. >> exactly, that can happen and in this situation, you know that the fbi is not making a conclusion. neil: that's right. >> they're just providing information. and there are people who may speak, some people are going to say i don't want to speak and the issue becomes if you talk and say something that's not true, then you subject yourself to potential, you know, criminal-- >> but there's going to be sides that say it did happen, sides that say didn't happen. saying i can corroborate this and not corroborate that. >> if it's wrapped up by friday
8:20 am
i can feel confident that they did not find anything. neil: what if they do? >> if they do, they will have to continue with the investigation. or the republicans vote which is what they would do. neil: if they voted without all the information, will that satisfy susan collins and lisa murkowski? >> no. i don't think they should. if we don't have the information yet. neil: can we ever know? >> we may never know more information than what we know on friday which i believe is what's going to happen. if there were to be more information or different stories, that means some people may be under penalty of perjury and if they're under penalty of perjury-- >> if it's a case of he said-she said. >> if he does come back and mark judge was to come back and say, hey, oh, this did happen, he would be completely contradicting his original statement statement he
8:21 am
submitted. >> i disagree with that statement. >> you disagree he would be contradicting himself? >> his lawyer issued a typical lawyers letter in that situation. my understanding he talked to the fbi, but wants to be confidential and in that time, my experience as a lawyer, when it's confidential, they tend to open up. >> you're making assumptions. >> yes, i am making assumptions. >> you're making an assumption that his agreement to talk means he's going to contradict what was said in that statement. >> that's not what i'm making, i'm saying that sometimes when people agree to talk there's a shield of confidentiality they tend to be more open. neil: i'm not a fbi expert you i did watch the old fbi television series. i think i know, eventually they get to the bottom of it. thank you all very, very much. the fallout from this and where this investigation goes. let's say hypothetically to all
8:22 am
of these ladies points, it does go on and there's a recommendation we've got to go beyond friday. is that enough to torpedo the chances of ever becoming a supreme court justice? all of that after this. finally. you're still here? come on, denise. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. oh. so, that means no breakfast? i said there might be breakfast. i was really looking forward to breakfast. i know... voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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8:26 am
week, we're going to know exactly what we know today which is that we have a lot of refuted allegations, not just uncorroborated allegations, but as the judge said earlier this week, these allegations have been refuted so having the fbi go out and talk to all the people who might be involved, get their side of the story and then the witnesses who are actually saying, these events did not happen, i think we'll be right in the exact same place next week. neil: you could be right. assuming that's the case and many are agreeing with you, with the back and forth on this, your old boss is going to play potentially a pivotal role. let's say that all the democrats
8:27 am
vote no. and it could provide cover for joe manchin or heidi heitkamp, north carolina potentially, let's assume they're no and let's assume in a 51-49 senate you can't lose more than one senator, then your old boss would have to break that tie. do you envision it coming down to that? >> i don't, really. in fact, i think this fbi investigation is going to make it even harder for some of the red state democrats who had the excuse, like joe donnelly in indiana where i am right now, to say he was voting no, but when it's a week from now and nothing changed it's going to be very difficult for him to maintain that position. i actually think you could bring a couple of democrats, especially the vulnerable red state democrats back on board. i think that joe manchin is seriously considering it so i think if anything, we might actually get a slightly larger vote for judge kavanaugh than we would have if it would have been done yesterday.
8:28 am
neil: the reason i raised that with you. i believe in senator donnelly's case as in senator mccaskill's case when they came out and said they would oppose brett kavanaugh, that it had nothing to do with this stuff, and brought up in his testimony pre all these charges. you think it's possible at least in senator donnelly's case he could change his mind? >> it might be. he's very vulnerable right now and his no is pretty flimsy. if he's going to vote no on judge kavanaugh's qualifications, he's basically ending his political career. he had some excuse in some minds with the lack of a fbi investigation. if he continues to stick with that no he's going to be in serious trouble here in indiana. neil: i'm wondering -- i'm no lawyer and don't know if you are. >> i'm not. neil: we're in good stead here. is there a sense-- new things comes up not necessarily charges, but inside
8:29 am
that could provide fuel to those who don't like the judge say i'm not going to vote for the judge. others to say, all right, now i have the cover to go ahead and vote for him. but is it your sense that whatever happens with this investigation, because it makes no conclusions, we have started a dangerous precedent whether you like the judge or not, now we can go back quite a ways to high school, maybe earlier than that, that it's reset, sort of the test for what you look for in a candidate? >> i'm very concerned long-term whether it requires senate confirmation or not, even if it's just serving in appointed positions in the top level of government, if this is what we are going to do to people who serve a candidate or an office holder that we disagree with, we're setting a very dangerous precedent that people of quality are not going to step forward for fear of what they might do. are they going to be yelled out of restaurants or have issues
8:30 am
from their past and going back as far as high school year books brought out. it's very dangerous for office holders of both parties, going into the future, if we can't get quality people to step forward and say i'm willing to serve, i want to support you, and move your agenda forward. it's not a good place for us to be right now. neil: you know, you get this argument, too, this isn't a tit-for-tat on the merrick garland, that he never got to be voted on, president obama's nomination to the supreme court and this is the revenge on judge kavanaugh and republicans remember this if he fails to make it to the high court and will have their own retribution and back and forth and back and forth. what do you make of that. >> i hope that's not the case and hope it's not the case for both parties. senator mcconnell made his argument that this should be in front of the american people. the american people decided when they voted for president trump
8:31 am
and the exit polls showed that the supreme court is one of the top an issues that drove people to vote for president trump. if every one of these things is a political retribution for a slight years ago we'll never get anything done. i think that's one of the reasons why president trump was elected he put aside political correctness, i'm going to go out and do things and do what i said i'm going to do. i'm not going to fight out old arguments from the '80s, '90s and 2000's. i'm going to do what i said i was going to do. neil: so if a supreme court opening came in 2020, republicans should stick to that and not entertain any candidate the president might want to present? >> well, this will be up to the senate leadership at the time. they've obviously set a precedent there, but that's going to be something that leader mcconnell will have decide at that time and see how
8:32 am
that plays out. neil: so that was the basis. wouldn't entertain it during a presidential election year and look like a pony if he did? >> it would definitely be something that's a topic of discussion. it doesn't happen often. there's only a couple of cases in recent history where it happened. one would hope we would not go through a similar situation where we lost justice scalia, you know, before anyone was in retirement. i hope we don't have anything like that happen again. if it's requirement they typically do that outside of the political structure. neil: we'll see what happens. marc lotter thank you. facebook in a world of hurt, 50 million, a hacker got to them and maybe it could have been a lot more than that. more after this. why are you s? had a coach in high school. really helped me up my game. i had a coach. math.
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8:35 am
>> you know, on any other week, this would have been probably the story of the week, the news
8:36 am
that facebook has compromised 50 million of its security customers here. a hacker got to them and that might just be for starters. susan lee has more. >> yeah, so 50 million users, might be more than that, they have been hacked in the largest security breach in facebook's history. so the attackers took advantage of software flaws in facebook's code, gaining access to user accounts and potentially taking them over. now, founder mark zuckerberg on a call with reporters yesterday said they had discovered this breach on tuesday and fixed them and alerted law enforcement officials. we're taking this seriously, i'm glad we found this, but it's definitely an issue that it happened in the first place. facebook has not been able to identify the hackers and if this he were supported by a nation state. u.s. intelligence officials, as we know, have warned of possible interference and misinformation campaigns orchestrated by
8:37 am
possibly the governments of russia, china, north korea, iran. but the breach does not come at a good time for the social media giant, adding to the calm bridge analytica exposure of data for users and election meddling not just for the midterms, but brazil and mexico. that's why we have the top two executives at facebook, having to answer to lawmakers in public testimony, that includes zuckerberg and chersheryl sandb and there was a statement on the latest facebook hack, this is another sobering indicator that congress needs to step up and take action to protect the privacy and security of social media users. now, facebook shares have really taken a hit. down on the year, under. pring the rest of the tech
8:38 am
sector and apple and amazon hit records in 2018 surpassing a trillion dollars in market cap. and this is on facebook future. neil: we debate the future of elon musk and his company as well. and now the s krchec is saying untwine. ve to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. ♪ plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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8:42 am
connection to the company. no connection with the securities industry or pretty much any industry for two years and maybe, maybe, maybe then we'll entertain you sliding back into this. again, he's so closely associated with tesla what if the visionary founder is not associated with it? charles payne joins us back and jonas max ferris and susan li. >> it's a harsh term. neil: he's fighting it. >> a lifetime ban. steve cohen paid the most in history, banned two years, martha stewart went to jail and banned for five years and liz holmes ran for ten years. they're throwing the book at tesla's elon musk. neil: and they didn't start with the book and he nixed it. what do you think? >> he's a pugilist, right?
8:43 am
he went against the grain. he's the person that said, no, it can't be done and fueled his fire, but it's a double edged sword. it's not unlike president trump. he fights back and in his case most executives would have taken the deal and he's got the money himself to survive it, but how much money does his company. >> it's a neither admit nor deny cause. >> nolo contendere. >> it's basically through rest of your life and your career in corporate history you can never say you're innocent, never. neil: you can never say you were guilty. >> well, you can't say you're innocent and someone with the ego of elon musk, i don't think that would ever, ever sit well with him. neil: he's fighting it. what chances does he have? >> good chances, but the deal he could have taken, and this is, it's not a big deal, but-- >> we're doing a segment on it. run with that. >> well, it could be a very big deal because now he's going the
8:44 am
hard route. now, in my opinion he's taking the mark cuban defense. neil: and the mark cuban lawyers. >> and that's the case. and some extent martha stewart, they didn't get her on insider trading, and they got her on lying and mark cuban got off on what was insider trading light. you go to the jury and you're a billionaire ceo that the public likes, the sec has a very hard case and this case is strange because he's partying with his girlfriend and making weed jokes, we talked about the weed jokes and we were right. i knew we were right about that. the sec says it's what it was, it seems silly. he's a very liked person and hard for the sec to win and that's why they're angry. and it's harder, when the mavericks would have been in trouble if you didn't pay the fine-- >> and regardless where this goes, i can't imagine a tesla without him and how investors and how the company goes forward without him. i know there was a brief period for apple when they didn't have
8:45 am
steve jobs, but-- >> he had to come back, he had to come back. so there's a musk premium to that stock without a doubt. i don't know what it is, it can be $100 a share, it could be more. that's the point you're making. without him i don't think they get the fund that go they need to make it through because of that evaluationry thing. if you look at the pro forma, most executives couldn't get the kind of funding he's gotten and people are buying into the vision, a pugilist that can fight and make it happen. he'll realize it as well. neil: he's got to get off the weed and-- >> and i'm trying to figure out 420 and why it's important. maybe jonas can fill us in. >> it's a toke joke that's going to make tesla go up in smoke, the bottom line. >> and i think they're burning cash at a billion dollars pa quarter and their liabilities are $3 billion more than their assets. they have to pay a convertible
8:46 am
next year, a billion dollar convertible, what that is is basically debt they have to pay out. neil: they're still selling a lot of stuff. >> they're going to be profitable and next cash flow quarter. >> i wouldn't be surprised to see it rebound on a quarter, and maybe signs that he'll cut a deal with the sec. short, i think 29% of the flow is short, 33 million shares, what happened the last time they reported the earnings, the stock soared so it's positioned to make a comeback. they default on the debt-- >> i want your thoughts while you're here. the producer is going to kill me. it doesn't move the market if the unexpected was to happen to judge kavanaugh and doesn't make it to the supreme court when so many have been thinking he would. what would happen would the markets revolt on that? >> i think there's upside risk actually? i think the markets have largely sat still and if he is confirmed, i think the markets do go up because of what we talked about earlier which is a lot of money floating around that wants to buy u.s. stocks.
8:47 am
neil: what if he doesn't? i don't think he's going to get through and i don't think it's going to be a market event in my opinion. i think it's worse for the market if he gets through and there's ongoing stuff that makes the party look good after he's in. that's the risk. >> and yesterday when it came out, we lost 80 points on the dow and recovered most of it. it swings the pendulum to a bigger democrat potential upset in the house and maybe put the senate in play. i'm inclined to agree i don't change any investments if he doesn't. neil: thank you very, very much. we'll raise that. everyone thinks once this fbi investigation is over we can move forward and what if moving forward is the judge not moving up. after this. could help them save money on car insurance? yea,that and homeowners, renters, motorcycle and boat insurance. huh.that's nice.
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>> welcome back, everyone. everyone wants to know what is the fbi uncovering and all of this stuff. we're told they're moving fast and furious and going way beyond christine blasey ford and her allegations, reaching out to at least one of the other women. we're not quite sure whether it's debra ramirez or julie swetnick. we know what an article in the hill they're talking to those who might corroborate or not allegations of dr. ford, one of her friends, kaiser, that as a friend that she could corroborate this incident that happened back in high school. we're told at least that in that interview ms. ford had said that she believed her friend would be able to verify the account that she recollected, but kaiser apparently, in a letter to the judiciary panel had said that she's not refuting ford's
8:52 am
testimony, but has no recollection of the night in question. whether that moves the needle one way or the other, you have a lot of supportive friends of the accuser who believe she believes and firmly believes that something happened, but they cannot corroborate her account or whether the judge was involved at the time. so that's cutting to the chase here, that there's really been no advancement in this. and let's get the read from lee carter and we have madison. and we begin with you. if we keep getting more and more like that, stuff like way too early, i grant you, nothing has changed. we've obviously put statements to paper and that sort of thing, but then what? >> we're going to continue to go through the same thing. there's absolutely no evidence that's been presented yet to corroborate what dr. ford has said. her own friend is not able to corroborate it even though dr. ford said she would be able to.
8:53 am
and i think this'll spin their wheels and we'll end up where we were. neil: you're a good lawyer, looking at this, what do you see happening? you digest this information and the fbi doesn't come out with a statement one way or the other, it gathers all of this. if nothing has changed or there's no a-ha, or anything to verify what either dr. ford or these other women had said, then what? >> you go back to business as usual. there's going to be a vote, if the votes are there, and those people who had reservations and maybe thought their constituents weren't easy about what was going on needed more questions, they will be able to place their votes and place it confidently. i can't imagine it's going to change anything. >> look, i think what ends up happening, people can be more confident there was an exploration done. people can feel better about the decision they're making. one the pushback-- . the committee had gotten to this-- miss kaiser and her attorney, so, this would verify what she
8:54 am
told the committee or other lawyer told the committee, so you could also say the committee had interviewed a lot of these people. >> you could. you could say that, but i think that we need to know that there's more nonpartisan assurance. the other thing i've been getting feedback from the people on the right, i want to know they're exploring dr. ford. is she credible, is she a political pawn? i think the fact this they're investigating the people she said you can go to and investigating her words, i think that's important to focus on so everybody can rest assured they've done everything they can to find out what really happened. neil: what do you think make of that, you? >> well, again, there are-- people are presuming that this is going to go a certain way, you don't know. you don't know what they could find out. neil: you're right. >> that's an unknown here. you don't know what could be found out and we just all need to keep an open mind and just watch how this plays out. but one thing that they are going to -- i'm sure they are going to talk about is the
8:55 am
conversation with the therapist that dr. ford had. how does that play into it. neil: this is back in 2012 when she raised this. >> for those who say there's a political motivation, she didn't know he was going to be up for a u.s. supreme court justice position. what kind of motivation is that. in my experience, family law attorney, so many times when i've seen clients in this situation, a lot of tough comes out in these narrow therapy sessions and you tell your spouse or your close significant other and it's things that may be embarrassing. neil: would the fbi talk to his therapist? >> i would think they should. i would think so. neil: all right, i apologize. madison, congress woman chany fierce that due process may be dead if brett kavanaugh is not confirmed. she says the woman who accuses him of sexual misconduct more than 30 years ago, that has sort of triggered a process that might not be helpful.
8:56 am
>> i've been concerned long before kavanaugh was nominated for the supreme court, that a lot of men have been proven guilty before incident, instead of innocent until proven guilty. again, allegations are not proven simply because they're made and people are so quickly forgetting that. neil: do you think that this has galvanized women, that they are-- the rap you hear traditionally it's hurt republicans with women. has it? >> i'm not so sure that it has. if you look at some polling information, there's fully 83% of republican women still support kavanaugh. i think what this has galvanized. neil: of republican women. >> i think this has galvanized tribalisms, i'll going to stand firm on the right. i'm going to sand firm on the left. and independents, nobody is fighting for me, i'm going to fight for myself. neil: just to let you know we're
8:57 am
wrapping things up here. it's very, very clear that the fbi is moving pretty fast and with great alacrity to try to get to everyone associated not only with dr. ford, but presumably the two women with allegations out and leaving it up to the senate to decide. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. . .
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>> the waiting game in washington, as the fbi investigates assault claims against president trump's supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh. plus, moments ago, north korea announces that the united nations general assembly, it will never disarm its nuclear weapons without more trust from washington. and we're learning more-- what that could mean for your personal information.


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