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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 1, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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had a beer in my life. it is one of my only good traits. i don't drink. whenever they are looking for something, i've never had a glass of alcohol. i've never had alcohol, you know for whatever reason. can you imagine if i had, what a mess i'd be? i'd be the world's worst. >> laura: oh, my gosh. we were screaming in the studio. hilarious. congratulations to the president and the whole team. all the time we have tonight, shannon bream and of the "fox news at night" is going to take it from here. >> shannon: all right, we will be watching your tweets. thank you very much, laura. we begin with a fox news alert. the confirmation votes for supreme court nominee at brett kavanaugh by the end of this week. the president says he is not limiting the fbi's investigation. they should do whatever they have to to get the answers. plus, president trump announces a new trade deal with mexico and canada, as iran takes talks
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about their own deal. one of america's top diplomats is here life. hello and welcome to "fox news at night." i am shannon bream here in washington. the scope of the probe into brett kavanaugh -- he says he has no problem with widening the investigation. so here's ed henry with the very latest. >> uncorroborated allegations pouring in against a judge brett kavanaugh. critics of republican jeff flake, even though flake and democrats insisted that they would focus the fbi probe on what they called credible and current allegations. yet tonight, democrats calling for julie swetnick, who has alleged that he was involved in gang rapes, represented by michael avenatti, with an interview with msnbc seem to be walking back some of her initial statements.
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did the interview. a flat out admitted that they could not and it did not -- >> i cannot specifically say that he was one of the ones who assaulted me, but before this happened to me, at that party, i thought brett kavanaugh there. i saw mark judge there, and they were hanging about the area where i started to feel disoriented, and where the room was, and where the other boys were hanging out. and laughing. >> this morning, swetnick provided names of friends who she said went to the parties with her. he says he does not recall a julie swetnick. another is deceased. we have reached out to the other two and have not heard back. >> we have not been able to place her in that time. back at those house parties. >> also breaking tonight, stories by bloomberg charging that while he was at yale, he
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was involved in a 1985 altercation in which he was accused of "throwing ice at someone." he was questioned but not arrested. twitter page also identifies her as a truman capote fellow at yale law school. she has been giving her opinion, thinks of dr. ford "i believe her," and attacking kavanaugh. last week it, she tweeted the misrepresentations, kavanaugh is a really, really not acting like a judge. earlier, she tweeted that "kavanaugh is a fifth vote on the court for a hard right turn on voting rights and so much more that will harm the democratic process to prevent a more equal society." now, kevin i will be judged not by a new times reporter but by the fbi. reports he is putting restrictions on what they will investigate. the president saying he will defer to the senate. they started the seventh investigation on friday.
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they worked late into the night. the only caveat is that he wants the probe done quickly as the senate promised it would be done by this friday. mitch mcconnell followed that up by saying he fears that democrats are trying to move the goal posts. up or down by the end of this week you, shannon. >> shannon: 's thank you very much for the update. in yet another sign of the turned out this confirmation is battle is taking, judge kavanaugh has withdrawn from teaching at harvard law this winter as signatures are gathered objecting to him at the university. they say that it should make every american think about the long-term impact on the foundations of our country. and an op-ed piece, he writes "we now live in an age of sexual mccarthyism. every person regardless of his status the kind of fundamental fairness we would expect for ourselves if we were accused." new tournament.
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sexual mccarthyism. mollie hemingway and a georgetown center. good to have you with us. and all of you tonight. i want to start with something that the top democrats in the senate, chuck schumer, had to say about this process and what it's about. >> democrats are not interested in delaying for the sake of delay. this cannot be completed quickly. but it must be done right. >> shannon: molly, who defines how it is done right, or that it has been done right? >> well, first of all, democrats during the hearing said that they would like an fbi investigation, and they have gotten that fbi investigation. as soon as they got it, we started hearing that they had more things that they needed to be specific. they actually have a history of doing things like this, they know how to do investigations like this. when you think about the anthony weiner laptop, they took care of that in just a few days. allegations against clarence
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thomas, that also took just a few days. do we know who all of the witnesses are? we know what they have to say, what questions to ask. it is a good thing to be done. i think it will quell a lot of concern about this. if there is any evidence, any evidence at all whatsoever to support these increasingly ridiculous allegations, it will confirm or deny it. >> shannon: this is what mitch mcconnell had to say. the goalpost is shifting. but the goal hasn't moved an inch. we will be voting this week. >> shannon: what is your objection? >> i am not objecting that mitch mcconnell is objecting to this. okay, hypothetically, if it does, it's going to have to assess on the basis of fbi record as well as the totality of the record of judge kavanaugh's testimony and his
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judicial record, and they are going to have to make a decision. we will see then that he won't be confirmed. i am not persuaded -- >> shannon: you don't think he is to make it. you guys have been asking this whole time, we need the fbi investigation, it only took three days for anita hill. why is this one not good enough for you? >> this is what i am not surprised by. the latest poll now puts 40% of americans who are opposed to this, 50% are women, by the way if you're in mitch mcconnell is looking at this, this is all a political move for him. to fast-track this thing. jeff flake came out and said today -- >> shannon: if the fbi investigation is done, what is your objection? >> i think that they will then have to assess on the basis of the structure. i think there are enough people who have objections, that he has a very dangerous judicial philosophy, as well as concerns about his temperament. >> shannon: you think this is about more than just judge kavanaugh, the man.
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>> this is about stopping a conservative from making it onto the court. this would be about stopping the next one that was nominated in his place. and, worst-case scenario, if he makes it on the court, this is about delegitimizing the supreme court, a five vote supreme court. this is about delegitimizing our united states supreme court, something that we were told in the past we should not be doing, but that is what this is about. if kavanaugh should go on the court, they want any rulings that come from the court to be damaged. >> shannon: do you think we are still along the same vein of the president did not elected, the electoral college has to be repealed. they question the very legitimacy of him, whether he was helped by russia, so that it brings into question anything that he decides. >> we are going from one institution after another. one of our constitutional institutions after another and it delegitimizing them when they
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get in the way of the other side. >> i think this is about even more than that. this is a qualified judge who has had his name and reputation and honor completely dragged through the mud. in this country, we tended to have a belief that people are innocent until proven guilty. we have a respect for due process. people should not have their lives destroyed through allegations. you are seeing a lot of other institutions like the media just throw that away and say that that is not important. this is something that affects all americans, left or right. >> you want to deter any future people, for fear that they are going to undergo what brett kavanaugh has gone through. >> shannon: do you think people worry about that? he starts taking nominations to the supreme court. do you think that folks on both sides of the aisle should be worried? >> i think that when mayor garland is denied even a single meeting, we looked at that and said what the heck is happening in washington?
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we are still very dismayed by the profound political cynicism. i do think that is a very legitimate concern. this is a phenomenal conspiracy. but let's keep in mind that professor ford came forward and offered up her concerns and the letter before brett kavanaugh was nominated to the supreme court. >> shannon: dianne feinstein held the letter. >> whether or not it was hidden, as to suppose that this was some sort of premeditated conspiracy on her part is just laughable. >> you need to have evidence instead of just stories. since you brought up merrick garland, i think that is a reasonable thing to be concerned about. thank a lot of people didn't drag his name through the mud or accuse him of being rapist >> absolutely, i would hate to see anyone have an allegation like that, i am very glad, and i think most reasonable people
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have been calling for this, that we have an fbi investigation that can help build a factual record. >> shannon: so what do you to say? >> a vote at the end of the week it, and it should go for kavanaugh. >> i agree with that, and the fbi investigation, such as it is, will be trashed. >> shannon: i have a feeling that whoever favors or doesn't favor, i think that there will be people who are unhappy with it. >> and how much does the fbi's cage being the middle? >> shannon: they are hardworking men and women over there. we know that. okay, deliberating stomach delivering on another campaign process, a renegotiation of nafta. it has a new name. taking a look at the new deal. rich. >> president trump trenton to terminate the north american free trade agreement. he has. though mostly in name. in the rose garden, the president announced an updated nafta. >> we have successfully completed negotiations on a
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brand-new deal to terminate and replace nafta. and of the trade agreements. with an incredible new u.s.-mexico-canada agreement. >> usmca, the united states and mexico canada agreement. for weeks, it appeared to this new deal would exclude canada. in august, the u.s. and mexico reached an agreement. discussions soured with president trump threatening to leave canada out of any deal and impose tariffs on all auto imports from canada into the u.s. >> the question of nafta and renegotiating nafta has been a challenge in conversations with the president. >> he's a professional, i'm a professional. i just spoke with him, we have a great relationship. >> canada appeared to lax restrictions on a dairy imports. dropped the demand it to eliminate specialized after courts to eliminate differences
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between the countries. also requires automakers to have a greater percentage of their cars in north america, with higher wage employees, and it updates rules regarding digital trade. u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum were remaining. there is one more step. congress. a senior administration officials say the white house will submit this agreement for the next congress to ratify. the one voters will choose in november. shannon. >> shannon: rich, thank you very much. we are here alive to weigh in on the present stuff negotiations. they know what it is like to go through a grueling confirmation battle. it's great to have you with us. >> it is great to be here. >> shannon: okay, you said that this whole confirmation battle, you have been there, and not that long ago. >> i want to take politics out of this as much as possible.
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we want people to serve. and to go through a confirmation, get a vote, give everybody a vote. both sides, by the way. i think both sides have played politics in the past, and i'm somebody that is committed to making sure that i'm going to advocate for people getting votes as fast as they can. >> shannon: you went through a lot. so you were in here, there is a lot going on. i thought it was very interesting. today, "the new york times" running this. i ran former minister, set on saturday that iran was closing in on an agreement to sell oil to european nations, despite the sanctions against any country that do business with iran. how is this playing? >> first of all, i have to say that the sanctions really are working. we have to vie for cake, pronouncements from the actual reality of what companies are doing. i hear from ceos almost every
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day. i talk to them. we are working through these issues on the sanctions. i say point-blank, you can choose. you can choose to do business in iran. or you can choose to do business in the united states, but president trump is very clear that he wants to squeeze the iranians back to the table. and so, are sanctions policies are going to be tough, and we are going to watch and make sure that nobody kind of cheats on it. i hear unequivocally from ceos, we are going to choose the u.s. market. we don't need kind of these alternative financial mechanisms that some governments are talking about. the sanctions are working. there is no need to supply some sort of go around with the sanctions because there is no demand for it. i hear from the companies every day, they don't want it, they don't need it. >> shannon: you took a pretty hard line on this when you took up residence in germany. gave you a little bit of a hard
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time. you tweeted this. you have always supported this president, and use that he was sanctions will target vertical sectors. it doing business, they should wind down immediately. i'm sure that our foreign ministry will indicate that it is not his role to give direction to german companies. has that counted down a little bit? >> for one thing, i said "should." the reality is that we are giving all of the company's choice. no one is telling them what to do. they get to choose, but the reality is that this residence and our secretary of state are very focused on the implementing a policy. we could go in and talk about all the ways that the iranians have cheated. the facts that they push gays off of buildings, they have human rights violations, terrorism that you're pressing directly from the iranians. we know that they use this airline for instance to fly
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members into syria, so we are focused on that. we are not going to apologize for trying to defend the iranian people against the iranian machine. we have a right to say "choose your market." we don't want to participate. shannon, the reality is if you do any business with iran, you are giving money to the iranian regime. you cannot get around it. that is just a system that if you are doing any type of business, any type of trade with iran, you are funding what they are supplying, and we want to reject that. >> shannon: we have to be very careful to communicate. looking into different interest. it great to have you back for a little bit. >> good to be here. >> shannon: okay, the midterms are just over a month away. congresswoman marsha black is here. >> democrats take over congress, punch our country into gridlock
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and chaos. >> shannon: we will take you there life. plus, jeff flake speaking out about putting the brakes on the cavanagh confirmation. will the fbi's investigation be good enough for him? what he is saying about that no now, and the domestic abuse claims against keith ellison. is there a double standard across party lines? when i was shopping fothe choice was easy. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. excuse me...
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>> shannon: the political fallout from the battle over judge kavanaugh it remains to be seen, but tonight, it is figuring heavily into campaigns. one is the senate, one is potentially for a presidential run. democrats facing a new scrutiny against keith ellison, in the midst of his race to become minnesota, minnesota's highest ranking official. details on jeff flake and the speculation during the visit to new hampshire. following the latest in the probe, but first, we go live to johnson city, tennessee on the presidents rally there. good evening. >> good evening, shannon. this is president trump's sixth rally in the volunteer state, however, the first rally that he has held in johnson city and the eastern part of the state.
8:23 pm
getting out the vote in this world and conservative part of the state is going to be crucial to the g.o.p. if they want to keep control of the u.s. senate seat being vacated by bob corke corker. he has been campaigning for marsha blackburn. she is tied in the tennessee senate race. she has 46.5%. that is a tie with phil radisson. told reporters at the rally, their votes will decide which party controls the u.s. senate. >> number one, marshall would be a great, great senator. number two, we need the votes. one of the reasons they say i got elected, they always say the single most important thing that a president can do is a selection of a supreme court judge, okay. >> as part of president trump's midterm election campaign tour, the g.o.p. is underscoring the importance of getting conservative justices confirmed to the supreme court, a task
8:24 pm
that can be difficult even with one party in control of both houses of congress at the white house. mr. trump spends much of tonight warming got a blue wave in november would reverse much of the progress that he has made with his agenda. tomorrow, president trump travels back to the southeast. he will be in southaven, mississippi, campaigning with cindy highsmith. she is sort of an interesting situation because she faces three challengers in both parties in a nonpartisan special election this november. shannon. >> shannon: all right, jonathan, thank you very much. all right, putting himself in the center of the exclusive debates. here is trace gallagher on that. >> shanna, political analysts say that if he faces competition from within his own party in 2020, new hampshire will likely be the primary zone of
8:25 pm
cultivation. in other words, it will all start there. and on that note, presidential candidate john kasich is planning his second visit to new hampshire after the midterms. jeff flake made his second visit today. certainly during his first tour back in april, the outgoing arizona senator was warmly welcomed, but in the wake of his call from the fbi to further investigate judge brett kavanaugh and his widely viewed "60 minutes" interview, jeff flake's name recognition is up, and while he is not announcing a presidential run, he is not shying away from attention. >> my message here today is that tribalism is ruining us. it is tearing our country apart. it is no way for sane adults to ask. and most importantly, ultimately, the only tribe to which any of us owe their allegiance is the american tribal. >> and there is a reason why it is ground zero for political
8:26 pm
campaigns. because of the physical landscape it being a manageable. and the primary allows independence to vote either with g.o.p. or democratic contest. that is important because posters say the president has struggled with independent voters. conservative leaning new hampshire journal says 40% of g.o.p. voters would welcome a primary challenge against the president with 40% saying it would be a bad idea. but republican state representative and chubb supporter says "there is no doubt in my mind that the silent majority are still therefore trump," and he did win the 2016 primary by 19 points, so if a flake and it john kasich plan to mount a challenge, it is good to be on the ground because there is a lot of ground to make up your chana. >> shannon: all right, trace gallagher. we are also getting an inside
8:27 pm
look at the minnesota democrats, looking into allegations against keith ellison. christian fischer is tracking this. all right, so there were tonight is these allegations can be substantiated. why not? >> because the woman making these accusations is returning o turn over a video that claims is of keith ellison physically abusing her. investigating these allegations, the ex-girlfriend has it provided some shifting explanations for why she is refusing to release the footage. saying it was misplaced, to sing it was on a flash drive, and then it is too embarrassing and a traumatic. she also refused the offer to view the video privately. it is all details claimed today. it concluding that "an allegation standing alone is not necessarily sufficient to conclude that conduct occurred, particularly where the accusing party declines to produce
8:28 pm
supporting evidence that she herself asserts exists. she has repeatedly placed the video front and center, but that has refused to disclose it." you also have to consider the source. keep in mind, this report came from an attorney who was hired by the state democratic party, and allison's republican opponents, he is calling all of this, the end visit investigata sham. >> the person who hired at the state democratic party, he says that the findings will not be turned over to local law enforcement, and as for allison, who has denied the findings from day one, he says that he supports the investigation. addressing this allegation has been especially challenging, given the important national moment we are in. i believe women who come forward must be heard and to have their allegations fully investigated. now, there is also a call for another investigation. this one is coming from the
8:29 pm
state republican nominee for senate, karen helmsley. she wants the attorney general to investigate because she believes that it would be a bit more impartial. >> shannon: it is so interesting to have this across party lines. the different ways that people react to it, how they are handling it. we will stay tuned on this one. as the white house expands the fbi probe, we are going to take a look at exactly what the agency will and want to delve into. college pals who say hey, i want to testify too. and can we get this all done in a week? to form fbi officials are here next with their insight. like you, your cells get hungry. feed them... with centrum micronutrients. restoring your awesome, daily. centrum. feed your cells.
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>> what specifically did he testify to that you believe is a lie? >> i have seen brett drunk, he
8:34 pm
would usually be passed out. >> but you never saw him pass out? >> no, but i saw him quite drunk. >> shannon: all right, that is chad after stating to reporters that kavanaugh has not told the truth, denying the possibility that he blacked out from drinking. he has passed a statement onto the fbi. you hear him say right there that he never actually saw kavanaugh pass on. okay, the white house apparently wants to expand the probe it. it is not clear whether college drinking will be a part of that. let's bring in the fbi special agents, and is the former assistant director. gentlemen, welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: okay, our friend and colleague it, anti-mccarthy, he says in a background investigation, the fbi checks things like databanks and conducts interviews with colleagues, associates, neighbors, and other others.
8:35 pm
so my question is what will be different than what the senate has done so far? >> well, first, we need to get our terminology straight. these are called special inquiries, not fbi investigations. and that is to distinguish between a traditional fbi investigation and what is essentially a background check. this background check is record checks and interviews, primarily. so what is happening here is they are updating an earlier background check, and following up on some derogatory information. they will do quite a few interviews. and they will take it where it needs to go. but i don't think they're going to go down a bunch of rabbit holes and to talk about high school and college drinking. unless it is around the overall context of a sexual assault. >> shannon: he has tweeted this. the goalpost moving it democrats, i have been interviewed many times for fbi background checks, four classmates, soldiers, and nominees. any time they asked about any
8:36 pm
drinking problems, you really think that they missed that in six background checks of judge kavanaugh? so my question to you is do you think they will delve into that? you saw his old classmates, who said i wants them to know what a bad drinker he was. >> first of all, the oaks questions have already been asked by judge kavanaugh. this is the seventh time now that the fbi is doing a special inquiry. they are going to ask about the allegations that have been made and to try to get to the specifics of that, and hopefully we will have all of that cleared up this week. >> shannon: yet, how quickly can this happen, chris? >> as soon as it needs to happen. a week has been up. they have been conducting spin. they are used two short deadlines, the caucus always running on them. they have the resources, the same two agents aren't going to do all of the interviews. they are going to farm them out. if it is l.a., agents and l.a. will do it, and they will documented that evening.
8:37 pm
there is a command post set up. chasing elites by phone and in every direction. they will get it done. >> shannon: so local agents can be handling this. comparing and corroborating the sources. so james comey said this and in fact, partially it says it is idiotic to put a shot clock on the fbi, but it is better to give professional seven days to find facts that have no investigation at all. your response? >> while, director james comey i remember coming out and talking about the hillary clinton scandal saying hey, we found more emails on a laptop, and just a few days later, that was cleared up, so i think we can probably handle it for a drinking party that took place 36 years ago. >> shannon: all right, a lot of folks say that it is tough because other witnesses that we have heard so far, they say that they have no recollection of any of these parties or outright deny that they happened. how do they get any closer to
8:38 pm
finding the truth? what is the ultimate task for the fbi and the special investigation? >> the task is to the best of their ability to determine the facts. and they will give witness interviews, they will try to corroborate, if there is some contemporaneous record available, a calendar, diary, some employment records at the safeway store, they will put their hands on it. they will try to find the house and see if it fits the description as it was described by dr. ford. so there are small ways to try to use corroborate or contradict the things that the witnesses are saying. it is unfortunate that this didn't come up six weeks ago when the first complaint came in because they could have done it discreetly, and they would know that the witnesses they are talking to did not get their facts from the media. it now the media has fairly well painted most of these interviews. >> shannon: yeah, it is tricky. we know that people that are key players here have either given
8:39 pm
sworn statements are made public statements, some kind of sworn declaration. you are not 100% completely honest? >> you have to tell the truth. lying to the fbi can be punishable by prison. if you don't know the answer, if you don't remember the answer, don't make something up here just to tell the truth as he remembered, and if you don't know, say i don't know. >> shannon: will they have attorneys present? is that a "yes" or "no"? >> sure. >> they can have attorneys present. we like to talk to them because attorneys tended to interrupt and say "don't answer that question." >> shannon: we've seen that many, many times during the hearings as well. thank you both for your expertise. we appreciate it. all right, a busy weekend for the golden state's jerry brown deciding the fate of a bill to mandate a portion on a college campus.
8:40 pm
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if these packs have the same number of bladder leak pads, i bet you think bigger is better. actually, it's bulkier. always discreet quickly turns liquid to gel, for drier protection that's a lot less bulky. always discreet. wednesdays. at outback, they're for steak and beer. walkabout wednesdays are back! get a sirloin or chicken on the barbie, fries, and a draft beer or coca-cola all for just $9.99. hurry in! wednesdays are for outback. outback steakhouse. aussie rules. >> shannon: california governor jerry brown vetoing a bill that would have mandated that public universities provide abortion bills. most abortion providers are within a reasonable distance from campus community. well, and an era when media
8:44 pm
coverage is complete with criticism of "old white guys," he is taking matters into his own hands. california has become the first estate where every publicly traded company will need one woman on their board of directors by the end of 2019. the new law getting next reaction on the street. >> i mean truly, what if she is not the most qualified? that's it. it should all be about qualifications. >> in the present circumstance, they don't seem to let women crack the ceiling. so maybe that's why you have government regulations. >> shannon: okay, let's bring in our guest. catherine, the editor and chief. welcome to you both. >> good to be here. >> shannon: so the california chamber of commerce asked if this means that there are two qualified candidates for director position, one male and one female, it would require the
8:45 pm
company to choose the female candidate and denied the male candidate based on gender. are you worried that is going to happen? >> i think this is an interesting case where even jerry brown himself has said that it still has some fatal legal flaws. it is going to be very difficult to implement, and even if they do manage to work their way through that, it is going to be very hard for the women serving on the board who will be always under the cloud of whether or not they were just as satisfying a court or because they were the right person for the job. >> shannon: 's nobody wants to be sitting in a boardroom with eyes looking at you and those thoughts. so by the end of july, in 2021, at least of two women have to be on the board. they will have to have at least three female directors. $100,000 for the first time offense, after that, $300,000 each time. the governor is saying that given all of the special privileges that they have enjoyed, the people who constitute more than half of the
8:46 pm
prisons in america, house is going to play in the business community? >> these are the kinds of laws that drive business is not. even if they agree with the end goal, the problem is you've got the state intervening on how business runs its business. they say if this is how the state is going to behave, even if we are not in that big of a disagreement on this particular issue, what are they going to do next, and it do we want to stick around? the sad thing is california has a history of passing these kinds of laws, which is why you see businesses move out of the state. at texas, utah, other places, where they don't have to deal with the government that they can't predict the next move of what they're going to end up doing. >> shannon: do you think that we will see men potentially sue over this? if they think that this is potentially like why not passover? do you foresee those kinds of lawsuits happened in a question because i actually think that bigger risk is that it is going to reduce intervention innovat. norway has had a very similar set of laws in place for over a
8:47 pm
decade. it's hard to tell, but it looks like there are fewer initial public offerings. it now, this is not because it's better to have women on your board, of course. it's that when you force companies to do things that they aren't ready to do, the culture, or the talent pool has not been ready to accommodate, you end up creating uncertainty. and they love creating it regulatory uncertainty, so i think that it is reasonable to expect lawsuits, but companies getting out of california. >> shannon: brian, is there a worry that the state will have to do other certain things? >> well coming out. it starts with your corporate board, but does it move to the kinds of employees you can hire? who can you sell your product too? what kind of products can you sell? the problem is if you don't know what is coming for the future, you hate uncertainty. you want to know that the rules are in place, and they're going to stay there. if it looks like they're going to change willy-nilly, you are out of there. you were going somewhere else
8:48 pm
where it is easier to do business. >> shannon: i want to ask you both about the new deal. the old formation of an after, now we have canada and mexico in. the president taking a lot of heat for the way that he has negotiated this thing. the leaders will have to weigh in on this. but what do you make of this? >> it is the same with what we're talking about with california. replace it with a similar deal, maximizing uncertainty. it is hard for them to offer it in that environment where a trade deal can be rewritten at any time. it seems like an okay outcome from a trade perspective. but it is always going to generate the feeling of caution by companies when they look at their prospects. >> shannon: and a chuck schumer saying today that listen, hey, he is getting things done, but withholding judgment. >> this is a political question, right? senator schumer doesn't want to
8:49 pm
give the president any credit for it. the truth is this bill actually does a lot of things democrats have been asking for for a very long time. i think ultimately it is going to be very hard for them to reject this thing. it is the kind of thing that they can ultimately get on board with. democrats can get on board with that as well. there will be some politics, but i don't really see anyone wanting to see this thing die now that they have gotten canada on board. >> shannon: thank you very much. all right, one year later, las vegas survivors, remembering the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in american history. we will take you there. y. so i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. that's right, $36,000. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. my unlimited 2% cash back is more than just a perk, it's our healthcare.
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traffic and roads... a mess, honestlyrents going up,le. friends and family moving out of state, millions of californians live near or below the poverty line. politicians like gavin newsom talk about change,
8:53 pm
but they've done nothing. sky-high gas and food prices. homelessness. gavin newsom, it happened on your watch. so, yeah. it is time for a change. time for someone new. >> shannon: the las vegas strip goes dark in about an hour to commemorate tragedy that occurred at 10:00 a year ago. that is going to mark the exact moment when the shots first ring out in the most lethal mass shooting in u.s. history. joining us now with how vegas is handling this dark day. >> shannon, it has been and continues to be a day of somber remembrance here and las vegas. it began with a sunrise ceremony that included a 58 seconds moments of silence, one second for each of those who were
8:54 pm
killed on october 1st 2017. the symbolic release of 58 white doves. for those who attended that concert and two survived america's worst mass shooting, it is of course a particularly difficult day. one of those was natalie grimmett. she was shot in the face. she has gone through eight surgeries, or will have to happen. we spoke to her about her memories of that terrible night. >> we all got down on the ground, and it was extreme chao chaos. you know, people are yelling for help. people are yelling to run, people are yelling to stay down. and you don't know what to do. you just want to get out of there and survive and go back to your family and friends. and you think about everybody in your life that is significant, and you want to return to them. go one of the toughest thing for everybody who experienced the horrors of october 1st is that there are no answers as to why
8:55 pm
stephen paddock did what he did, taking so many weapons up to his room on the 30 second-floor of the hotel and then raining bullets down on those innocent concertgoers. but vegas wants to move on too, shannon. for that reason, the post shooting hashtag has also been changed. it was a #ofvegasstrong. it is now #vegasstronger. >> shannon: thank you very much. tonight's midnight hero is a true hero. a former staff sergeant receives the medal of honor at a white house ceremony. part of a special operations task force in afghanistan when his unit came under fire, attended to critically wounded soldiers. all while using his body to shield his patients from enemy
8:56 pm
fire. he was strapped in the head. it not only survived but he is now a member of the secret service. a true hero. most-watched, most trusted. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? that last place was pretty nice. i don't like this whole thing. i think we can do better. change is hard. try to keep an open mind. come on, dad.
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upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. tomorrow. tucker carlson is up next in d.c. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we have some pretty interesting news out of the state ofck minnesota for you this evening. you remember congress member keith ellison has been accused of physical abuse by his former girlfriend, a woman called karen monahan. she said that in the middle of a domestic argument, congressman ellison dragged her off the bed while screaming obscenities at her. she said this happened just two years ago, in 2016. we can't say whether karen's story is correct we weren't we do know that these are serious allegations and they are specific and recent and madeat against a powerful man.


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