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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 2, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> deborah ramirez has been the subject of questions with claims she made about the judge. she and her attorneys have been in touch with authorities and yesterday, a third accuser julie swetnick was on television. she seemed to make conflicting claims about her memory and her affidavit concerning her allegations involving judge kavanaugh. will this wrap up quickly? my sources say they certainly believe so and they don't think it will take until the end of the week. i'll be watching very carefully from my perch at the white house. >> bill: thank you, sir. sandra has mower. >> sandra: mitch mcconnell says he is not going to wait too long to call a vote on kavanaugh.
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>> let me make it very clear, the time for endless delay and obstruction has come to a close. judge kavanaugh's nomination is out of committee. we're considering it here on the floor. and mr. president, we'll be voting this week. >> sandra: kristin fisher is live from capitol hill this morning. what are you hearing in terms of the senate vote timing? >> well, sandra, all of this hinges on when exactly the senate majority leaders -- if he does it today, that means that the earliest we could get a vote on judge kavanaugh would be friday. the more likely scenario is that mcconnell would file cloture tomorrow to put the vote saturday. the fate of kavanaugh continues to hinge on the three critical republican senators, flake,
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murcowski and collins and -- >> sandra: when could this all come back to capitol hill? >> we're hearing that this f.b.i. investigation could return to capitol hill as early as today. it would be a very fast timeline but we're hearing that it could happen. these f.b.i. agents have been working around the clock to try to meet the deadlines. democrats on capitol hill keep continuing to try to expand the scope of the investigation. >> i believe nothing about this investigation until i actually see that the f.b.i. is talking to those 25 witnesses on the list i compiled. expanding the scope of this investigation means we're going from 4 to 6 witnesses. that ain't good enough for me.
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>> republican senators say that no amount of witnesses will ever be good enough for democrats. >> if you think it's going to change the mind of a single democrat, like i say, put down the bong, man, put down the bong. >> that's right. he said put down the bong. sandra, that's what it has come to here on capitol hill. >> sandra: senator kennedy there. frequent guest on this program always has interesting words to share. thank you very much. >> bill: he had a few gems in that interview. more to come. jonathan swan, reporter for axios, welcome to "america's newsroom." take us inside the west wing and your reporting. is the president all in on brett kavanaugh as we stand here today? >> yes. he always leaves himself, of course rhetorical flexibility. you've seen a few hints of that in his speeches expressing surprise how he talked about his beer drinking. that is not something trump
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approves of but they're all in on him. there is no plan b before the mid-terms, no discussion internally inside the west wing or with mcconnell's office about pulling kavanaugh and putting up a new person before the mid-terms. they are barreling ahead for the vote and want to put people on the record. >> bill: do you believe that they believe they have the votes, jonathan? >> if they had the votes we would already be there. but mitch mcconnell has been forced into -- he didn't want to do an f.b.i. investigation. i don't think that's breaking news. mcgahn didn't want to do an f.b.i. investigation. they only did the supplemental their hand was forced. jeff flake forced them to, lisa murcowski and susan collins went along with it. >> bill: more from mcconnell on the floor. he dropped the following line. watch. >> maybe we'll hear the real issue is not the allegations of
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misconduct but rather the fact that judge kavanaugh, now listen to this, drank beer in high school and in college. >> bill: and republicans would argue it has come down to that now. how closely is the white house working with these republicans be it mcconnell or staying in contact with members of the judiciary committee to see whether or not the vote comes around? >> they're very close mcgahn and mcconnell are joined at the hip. trump himself is not useful at persuading the swing votes because they don't really want to hear from the president. trump doesn't have any kind of relationship really with flake particularly. it's very bad. susan collins, lisa murcowski. they're relying on others in the orbit to talk to them, persuade them. the white house is effectively joined at the hip with the senate majority leader's office on this. >> bill: are they satisfied
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with jeff flake or do they think he was giving the others coverage? what do they believe? >> if jeff flake was a pinata it would be shattered on the floor. they're frustrated but he has all the leverage because it's a tight situation. he has the votes. so they just have to keep their mouths shut. if they were saying what they really thought about jeff flake, what they're saying privately, you wouldn't be able to broadcast it on fox news. >> bill: wow. it's that strong. >> stronger than that i'd say. >> bill: nice to see you. come on back. jonathan swan. the other thing kennedy said in the interview, the entire thing makes me want to heave. a series on netflix. you could call it "as the stomach turns" in addition to the bong comment we heard a moment ago. >> sandra: here we are tuesday morning and more breaking news. overseas this morning we're
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learning 1200 people have been killed after a devastating earthquake and tsunami in indonesia. the latest on the situation on the ground. >> bill: big day for the first lady. she arrived in africa. the first solo international trip and her focus is coming up in a moment here. >> sandra: president trump one step closer to making good on a signature campaign promise with his new trade deal. what hurdles could it face in congress? more on that deal when larry kudlow joins us live from the white house next. >> president trump: the largest trade deal the united states has ever negotiated and it is also a great deal for our country. it's going to produce jobs and companies aren't going to be leaving.
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>> president trump: throughout the campaign apromised to renegotiate nafta and today we have kept that promise.
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the agreement will govern nearly 1.2 trillion in trade. the biggest trade deal in the united states history. it will transform north america back into a manufacturing powerhouse. >> bill: president trump touting the new trade deal with canada and mexico at the white house. growing questions whether it can pass in congress. white house national economic council director larry kudlow is back with us. great to see you. thank you for giving us some time today. >> my pleasure. >> bill: if i'm a dairy farmer in wisconsin, if i own an automotive supply shop in toledo, ohio, how do i benefit this deal? >> happy campers, both of those. first of all, on the dairy front on the milk front a lot of canada's barriers were lowered, but wheat also. if you're a car dearly you got a better deal out of nafta -- i
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shouldn't call it nafta. usmca. usmca deal really eliminates of unfair trading practices, stops the flow of autos and machinery and other manufacturing out of the united states, much better for our workforce and much better for our blue collar folks who are booming according to the data. these are very good things for the u.s. economy. the president has delivered on another promise. >> bill: now, i hear from all sides saying it's a good deal. and when i hear that, larry, i scored a tie. i know you are making the case that it's better for america. did all three sides win on this? >> well yeah, i think so. look, one of the points yesterday in president trump's phone call with president trudeau is that the whole area now, the whole area of north
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america, usmca, is really going to be protected from unfair trading practices and en coachments. i don't want to name any names but i could say china. they aren't the only ones. i think that's a big plus for all three countries. and now that we have a deal, all the business supply chains are going to be kept intact. no tariffs for the most part. a tariff-free zone and a big plus for all three countries. >> bill: keep it on congress for a moment. last night the president said anything you send to congress is trouble. how do you rate the trouble in congress? are they going to like it or not? a capital or small t? >> you know, look, important forecast. there is a lot of good things in here. frankly, that both parties wanted. now, whether democrats will come on board, i don't know. we've had very promising meetings in the white house with some of the major labor
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union leaders, good folks who like this deal, who admired bob to fix a lot of inequities and unfairness. a lot of republicans will be happy the deal is made. no walkaway. the president kept his word on a number of areas. intellectual property protection. currency stability. a lot of very good things in here as well as marketing opening. we'll see. >> bill: when could congress take it up. the kavanaugh matter is front and center now. i know you don't control things over there. you have a mid-term around the corner after that. >> it is a crowded agenda. i don't want to hazard a guess. a lot of people say after the election. that's not my area. i'll let others speak to that point. i'll be up on the hill today talking with some important folks.
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>> bill: do you now have, make the case as clearly as possible -- do you know have a stronger hand in dealing with china, which is the next big one? could you have dealt with china without mexico and canada getting on board? >> well, we could have but i think this makes the job easier. you have now got unified -- again usmca, north america. let me raise another point. at the u.n. meetings last week, i was there, president trump came to a very good agreement with the european union and japan against the unfairness, technology stealing, i.p. theft with again u.s. standing tall with japan and the european union. the u.s. is also heavy into trade talks with the european union and japan. this agreement is very
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significant. it didn't single out any particular countries but everybody knows who we are talking about regarding unfair practices and stealing our intellectual property and technology and what not. if you put all this together, new fresh trade talks with the e.u. and japan. newly completed usmca in north america. you have pretty much a united front among the major allies. i've always felt it would be a trade coalition of the willing. to send a message to china that they've got to shape up and start behaving like a citizen in the new world of trading, which they have broken time and time again. so i think we are greatly strengthened by this. we have a lot of momentum and again, president trump, who sometimes takes criticism for this stuff, you know, he inherited a trading mess. he is not to blame. he is putting it back together piece by piece. north america, europe, japan, elsewhere. he is doing exactly what he said he would do, get rid of
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the trade barriers and non-tariff barriers and what not. we're sending china a message. i hope they're listening. >> bill: can you get the china deal done by the first of the year? i know you know it's a drag. how do you get it done? >> look, i wouldn't even hazard a timing guess. united states is open to talks, significant serious talks with the chinese any time. we've said that, the president said that. secretary treasurer has said that. i've said that. thus far the talks we've had have not been satisfactory unfortunately. but hope springs eternal. better to talk than not talk. maybe the g20 in argentina. >> bill: did the u.s. squeeze justin trudeau for a deal? >> i don't think you can squeeze him. i know the gentleman. we made a good deal in everybody's interest and that's
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why it is succeeding. >> bill: hope you come back, larry. thank you, sir, very much, nice to see you. >> sandra: president trump hitting the campaign trail hard this week. today he is making his way down to mississippi for a rally for republican interim senator cindy hyde smith facing a fierce special election battle and she will join us live next. what a trump bump could mean for her in that race. >> president trump: democrats believe they are entitled to power. ever since -- boy, they lost the 2016 election. they've gone loco. they have gone loco. they have gone crazy. here... or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn.
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>> president trump: this election is a choice between a
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republican party that is building our future and a democrat party that is trying to burn our future down. >> bill: the focus this week has been on the senate so far with the campaign. going to come back to the board and you'll see a lot of this over the next five weeks to show you what's at stake. tennessee last night. a race between marsha blackburn over bredesen in tennessee. on saturday is the wheeling, west virginia. joe manchin is seen as vulnerable. he leads by an average of eight points. morrissey is the current attorney general trying to take that seat away from manchin. why is all of this so important? why is it so significant? it comes back to the math and how you add things up. here is where we are right now in the u.s. senate. republicans with a 51-49 advantage. so what happens in west virginia? if they can turn it from blue to red, you see what that could
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do for the senate chances for republicans come the new year. they are playing offense right now in west virginia. it's the flip side in tennessee. if democrats are able to turn it from red to blue you see what happens here on the numbers. everything razor tight right now. a bit of defense now in tennessee. meanwhile in mississippi, that is the stop for today and sandra has more of that right now just across the room. >> sandra: thanks. meanwhile president trump heading to mississippi today where he will be appearing at a rally for republican senator cindy hyde-smith. she was appointed in april to replace cochrane. she is running in a three-way special election to try to keep the seat red and help republicans hold onto control of the senate and senator cindy hyde-smith joins us live this morning. how important is it for your party to maintain this seat? >> well, i tell you, this could be the difference whether we
6:27 am
remain in the majority. so it is very important in mississippi and people realize that. they're ready to get out to vote. >> sandra: the president is heading down there tonight. south haven, mississippi, 12 miles outside of memphis. what sort of bump do you think you'll get from president trump's visit? >> i tell you, i think it will be tremendous. people are so excited. i have been getting text messages all morning and we're getting ready for him. in mississippi we love our state, country and love our president. they're pretty excited about this. i think it will be absolutely tremendous. >> sandra: the race is garnering national attention, as you well know. what is your straj sgaoe for victory? >> i've been on the ballot five times. a conservative my entire life and i ran statewide two times. so our strategy is just basically compounding the message we've always put out there. i share the conservative values
6:28 am
of most of the mississippians there. we're running on our record and the governor made me as the choice for the appointment and it is nice to have the president side-by-side in this campaign. >> sandra: really interesting. you note your conservative background. life long conservative. something your opponents have really tried to attack you on. you haven't been a life long republican. in fact, you were elected to the mississippi state senate as a democrat back in 1999. you didn't become a republican until 2010. >> many years of ago, that was the case for poll situations in mississippi. we were a democratic state and then it changed. my voting record is what is so important here. we have a scorecard, a report card for conservative votes from the political action committee. i've gotten an a every term i've ever served in the senate i've gotten an a so i have been very conservative and my record
6:29 am
proves that. that is a non-issue. to be elected twice statewide, they were voting for cindy hyde-smith, the person, but mainly the record. we stand very firm on that. >> sandra: you would be the first woman from mississippi elected to congress. i know you used the opportunity in your first senate floor speech to address the allegations against judge brett kavanaugh. where do you stand there? >> well, you know, of course, the investigation is still going on. we look for those results. i've met with the judge and very impressed with him. i think it was pretty underhanded of the way he was treated and the people in mississippi see that and we just look forward to the confirmation. we look forward to voting for judge kavanaugh but we will wait for the results of the f.b.i. investigation like everybody else on the senate. >> sandra: you are garnering a lot of support from establishment republicans. mitch mcconnell said you've hit the ground running.
6:30 am
you have a big evening tonight. the president making his way down there this evening. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. we look forward to tonight and the president being in mississippi. >> bill: next hour we'll talk about a state where trump and republicans are trying to switch the seat from blue to red. john james is our guest live at 10:00. >> sandra: the f.b.i. diving deeper into the background of brett kavanaugh. there are reports the investigation could wrap up this week. who are they talking to and what exactly are they looking at? >> does no good to have an investigation that just gives us more cover, for example. we actually need to find out what we can find out.
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6:34 am
largely? >> sandra: that works. >> bill: you will go sharply and i'll go largely. stocks taking a breather today. investors appear to be a little more cautious today. we'll see. it's 9:34 in the morning. >> sandra: what's next on trade? interesting to hear from larry kudlow earlier in the hour. there is still a little uncertainty there. >> >> bill: especially on the china matter. he would not commit whether or not they would get a deal done even before the first of the year. >> sandra: a big forecast to make. >> bill: we're treading there. >> sandra: the f.b.i. expanding its invest into brett kavanaugh. the white house letting the bureau interview anyone deemed necessary in its investigation into decades-old allegations. senator jeff flake who pushed for the investigation says he wants it to be thorough. >> we certainly want the f.b.i. to do a real investigation and
6:35 am
we are working to make sure that that happens. i've had discussions -- many yesterday with my colleagues, with the white house counsel's office to make sure that the-that any current, credible allegation that has been made is fully investigated. >> sandra: joining us is now is chris swecker, as far as we're all concerned, the f.b.i. conducts real investigations every time they conduct one. so what are you looking for out of this and what exactly -- specifically will they be looking into? >> you're absolutely right. sandra. it is important to understand this is a special inquiry, and that is -- they are called that to distinguish them from f.b.i. full investigations and preliminary investigations which are criminal and counter intelligence focused. they use different techniques in those investigations. in these background checks or
6:36 am
special inquiries, spins as we call them, it's record checks and interviews. they do thousands of them. they've done tens of thousands of them. federal judges, all white house appointees, cabinet members since the early 40s. so they are very well equipped to handle these. they are all handled the same way. if derogatory information is developed from someone they've interviewed, then they may be asked to follow up on that information and that's not unprecedented. that's what they are doing here. >> sandra: based on this case can you say what that might be? >> they will go do the logical interviews. they'll try to identify other witnesses, potential witnesses or anyone who can corroborate or contradict the things that the key core witnesses are saying. details are important. they will elicit as many details as they can. the absence of details will go into the report. the f.b.i. won't assess the credibility of the people they're interviewing, they'll
6:37 am
simply pass the information on and let the decision makers make their decision. >> sandra: we're speaking pretty generally here, chris. who specifically will the f.b.i. be looking to speak to. >> sure, of course they'll attempt to interview dr. ford and brett kavanaugh but they will be last. they are going to track down mark judge, it has been reported he has already been interviewed. the other witness -- supposed witness in the room. anyone that may have been at a party or any party where judge kavanaugh was there. and anyone who can -- they have been -- a confidant of dr. ford or witnessed an incident. when a traumatic incident take place people tend to confide in others and that's credible. the absence of that is not credible. notes, diaries, calendars, employment records, credit card receipts. anything might corroborate and refute they might get their
6:38 am
hands on. >> sandra: this is who the president thinks the f.b.i. should be interviewing. >> president trump: they should interview anybody they want within reason. but you have to say within reason. they should interview but they should also be guided -- i'm being guided, by what the senators are looking for. >> sandra: based on your experience with the f.b.i., how does that sound to you? >> they are used to operating under that standard. everything they do is within reason. they aren't going to run down rabbit holes. if somebody says he got out of the spaceship and he is an alien, they aren't going to investigate that. if the claim is incredible or the claimant is not credible, they aren't going to spend a lot of time with it. they will -- they may take the information and do the interview but if they decide it's not a credible complaint or person, they aren't going to spend a lot of time and resources running down the rabbit holes. >> sandra: i have limited time with you and so much we wanted to get to because this is what
6:39 am
we're waiting on now and we don't know what the timeline looks like but chris, if i could ask you about rachel mitchell, the female prosecutor who questioned dr. ford in that hearing. she issued this statement, a he said/she said case is incredibly difficult to prove but this case is even weaker than that. dr. ford talked about other witnesses but they either refuted her allegations or failed to corroborate them. >> i don't think so based on the information i've seen, i think she is absolutely correct. i was a prosecutor before i went in the f.b.i. we know the standard. what's credible information, it's usually detailed. how you got to the house, who drove you there, did you drive yourself, where is the house? these types of incidents people tend to confide in others after they happen. maybe not the police but maybe their parents, a teacher, a best friend, a sister.
6:40 am
and in the absence of that is problematic in this case. not confiding to anyone until 36 years later or to a marriage therapist 30 some odd years later just doesn't pass the test. this would never get past the intake stage. >> sandra: what is a realistic time frame for this based on everything we discussed? >> the f.b.i. can easily meet that friday deadline. they have resources and they have a command post set up. they are farming leads all over the country. they have the best agents on it. they'll get their report in on friday. >> sandra: great information, thank you for joining us this morning. >> bill: 20 minutes before the hour. k.c. chiefs pulling out a victory against the broncos. second year quarterback, fourth quarter comeback. look at this play, at times unconventional. >> here comes bob miller. oh, how did he pull that off? he got it to hill.
6:41 am
>> bill: see what he did? a right-handed quarterback. dig it. that's the first down. >> sandra: a much better shot. >> bill: whatever works, right? k.c. chiefs win in denver. >> sandra: you have to be prepared for anything, right? >> that's right. >> sandra: that makes a superior athlete. >> bill: right on that. >> sandra: thank you for that. breaking overseas, we've got the latest here. the death toll climbing to more than 1200 people after last week's powerful earthquake and tsunami. the stunning challenges the survivors are facing every hour. >> bill: also did kavanaugh's third accuser walk back some stunning claims she made public against the nominee? this as her ex-boyfriend comes forward to say things about her. juan williams here to react next. >> if you think this is about searching for the truth, you out to put down the bong. this is not about the truth.
6:42 am
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or call 1-855-429-4863.
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>> sandra: fox news alert. new developments in indonesia. the death toll from last week's devastating earthquake and tsunami rising sharply to more than 1200. recovery crews continue to find bodies in the rubble where the normal functions of society have ceased. many more people are still trapped in the debris awaiting rescue. survivors facing food, water and fuel shortages day after day. >> i could not specifically say he was one of the ones who assaulted me but before this happened to me, at that party, i saw brett kavanaugh there. >> did you see brett kavanaugh spiking the punch? >> well, i saw him giving red
6:46 am
solo cups to quite a few girls and saw him around the punch containers. i don't know what he did but i saw him by them, yes. >> bill: that interview is getting attention. julie swetnick who accused brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. it comes as her ex-boyfriend speaks out about her integrity who said she was threatened to kill his unborn child and don't think her claims against kavanaugh are true. a new book, "trump's war on civil rights." when you were working at the "washington post" and you have incendiary claims that we're listening to, inconclusive. because you have a solo cup i don't know what it amounts to in the end. would you have run that story? >> no. i would have made mention. what you have is a situation where as a matter of journalistic standards you need two sources to confirm to go
6:47 am
forward. >> bill: are you saying you wouldn't have run the story? >> it's so newsy given the context of the kavanaugh hearingss professor ford's accusations and additional claims by ms. ramirez and this woman is high profile because she is tied into the lawyer of -- >> bill: i see you on a street corner in new york city and there is a drug dealer around the corner. do i draw an inference from that? >> the part of her claim she was attacked. people were being attacked in that environment. i don't think that she made any strong connections to judge kavanaugh and that's what she alleged in her prior statement. >> bill: the ex-boyfriend comes out and says she exaggerates everything and threatens to kill his unborn child. it is trash america. >> it is trashy. we don't know what to thinks. we don't know what's going on.
6:48 am
we hear this from here and there. we have to get back, i think, directly to what's going on, the f.b.i. investigation, what professor ford had to say. what judge kavanaugh had to say and what the f.b.i. can determine. >> bill: if that's the case why not look at keith ellison in minnesota? this woman has a claim of abuse. >> she said she has a video and she hasn't produced that video of any kind of effort and people have taken a look and groups like now and others have said they are not comfortable and want further investigation. but i think that a lot of this is pulling us away from the difficult task of trying to understand what's going on with the supreme court. >> bill: i can appreciate that. i know mitch mcconnell is watching the gang of three. who knows what comes of this? flake and murcowski and collins. but they are getting the attention. and we could have a rap on this f.b.i. investigation according to mcconnell as soon as tomorrow. if that's the case you barrel
6:49 am
it to a potential vote this weekend. >> that would be a little premature. you have to make sure what is setting the agenda is not the need for the vote but a thorough investigation and remember, at this point you are really speaking about character, trust, integrity. that's the primary charge against judge kavanaugh. some of the things he said specific with regard to his drinking and behavior hasn't held up. does he have the judicial temperament of a justice. >> bill: do you think dr. ford took one tough question last week now we're removed from the testimony and seeing her there for 4 hours and 20 minutes i think it was. what did you think watching that? >> one of the difficulties. you and i are both guys. i think women in this country have felt they are not heard especially when it comes to
6:50 am
sexual impropriety that people say let's move on, don't get involved. it will dirty your name and you will be castigated and potentially slut shamed and all the rest. the trauma she suffered is real. i don't think people watched her and thought she was a fraud by any stretch. the question is making sure you give a full and proper hearing to someone in the #metoo day and age. >> bill: good luck with the book. what do you have to lose? you're sitting here between smith and hemmer. >> sandra: good morning. congratulations by the way. a major first international solo outing for the first lady as melania trump begins her five-day trip through africa and what's on her agenda. we'll have that straight ahead.
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>> bill: pennsylvania's governor race looking like a game show. alex trebek monitored the debate. the first question went to the democratic governor tom wolf and it went like this. >> tell me the name of the starting defensive lineman for the eagles who has won two consecutive super bowls, each one with a different team. [laughter] >> bill: i would have gotten that one, smitty. howie long's son, chris long. did you know that? he has -- wolf is 53%, scott wagner with 36. interesting call with alex trebek there to moderate that.
6:55 am
he had more trivia. i'll take geography for 1,000. >> sandra: i just quized you at the commercial break. the capital of ghana, that's the first stop for melania trump. she arrives in africa greeted by children. the five day, four country tour will take her to all corners of africa with the focus on health and well-being of children. a beautiful moment watching it as it happened, bill. as she touched on the ground there. sun was shining and greeted by children. this, of course, is her continuing to work on her be best campaign in her own words by shining spotlight on successful programs and organizations that teach children tools and skills. so a big trip for the first lady. >> bill: ghana, egypt, four nations in africa. an area where the world sometimes turns its back to it
6:56 am
and this is an area frankly where a first lady can succeed very well at bringing the attention to so many people who need it. a big trip. >> sandra: a beautiful moment as she touched down there her first visit on the ground. neonatal intensive care unit in the capital of ghana. >> bill: do we have a capital of -- mitch mcconnell vows to hold a vote this week. mike emanuel has the very latest on the twists and turns that change by the hour coming up top of the hour. in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa-
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>> sandra: the white house green lighting the f.b.i. to expand its investigation into brett kavanaugh if they need to as tensions hit a fever pitch in washington welcome, everyone, to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. good morning, bill hemmer. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning. what will the f.b.i. uncover and what will it mean when the senate votes on the president's nominees? that brings us to today's news feed. >> a very busy news day in the nation's capitol. >> president trump gets testy being peppered with questions about brett kavanaugh. >> president trump: i think the f.b.i. should do what they have to do to get to the answer. i want it to be comprehensive. i think it's a good thing for judge kavanaugh. the one thing i want to see, the reason i would like it to go quickly is very simple, so
7:01 am
simple, because it is unfair to him at this point. >> democrats happy to have a pause in a floor vote are seeking to expand the investigation insisting the f.b.i. should interview 23 people. >> this list of witnesses is only a beginning. it's not the end of what the f.b.i. needs to do. >> it's a little hard to tell exactly what the investigation is supposed to be, how long it is supposed to last and what it is supposed to cover. >> as perilous for judge kavanaugh. this investigation should have taken place before he was compelled to testify under oath. >> i don't think we'll find anything new from this supplemental f.b.i. investigation. >> the gop leader vows there will be a confirmation vote for judge brett kavanaugh by the end of this week. >> the goal post keeps shifting but the goal hasn't moved an inch. we'll be voting this week. >> it is time for senators to be senators. and to grow some guts and cast
7:02 am
a vote. i am embarrassed for the united states senate. we've hit bottom and started to dig. >> bill: mike emanuel picks up the coverage from the hill. what's the state of play this hour there on the hill? >> there is a definite focus on addressing the concerns of a few key moderates. republican susan collins of maine, jeff flake of arizona and lisa murcowski of alaska are critical. leadership can only afford to lose one and affirm judge kavanaugh. flake talked about this moment in new hampshire last night. >> we all have to have a process that we can have faith in. i for one am waiting for the additional information that will come from the supplemental f.b.i. investigation to inform my decision on judge kavanaugh's nomination. >> mitch mcconnell wants to make sure those senators are comfortable but he says democrats will never be satisfied. >> in my judgment the pattern
7:03 am
of behavior we've seen confirms what democrats' own public statements have told us. they are committed to delaying, obstructing, and resisting this nomination with everything they've got. >> the senate is starting this hour. >> bill: mcconnell says the goal hasn't moved but the goal posts have. >> first it was addressing the allegation from ford. then shift evidence to kavanaugh's drinking as a teenager, some complaining about his fiery defense last week and now 9 out of 10 democrats are demanding the f.b.i. interview 23 people as part of this probe. >> this list of witnesses is only a beginning. it is not the end of what the f.b.i. needs to do.
7:04 am
and anything short of a full, fair investigation will be a sham and straight jacketing this investigation is absolutely unacceptable. i think we can agree. >> that seems to set the stage for democrats to complain that whatever the f.b.i. does, it's not enough, bill. >> bill: mike emanuel on the hill. >> sandra: let's bring in america's a-team. adrienne elrod and guy benson, political editor of town and also a fox news contributor and judy miller, pulitzer prize winning investigative reporter and fox news contributor. now that we have gotten through the resumes, awesome a-team this morning. let's dip in first. hold on. senator mitch mcconnell is speaking on the floor right now. let's listen here. >> several democrats on the judiciary committee indicated they would oppose whomever the nominee might turn out to be.
7:05 am
the junior senator from california, for example, explained on television that whoever president trump chose would bring about, quote, the destruction of the constitution of the united states as far as i can tell. that incredibly enough is a member of the judiciary committee. of course, mere hours after judge kavanaugh was announced my friend the democratic leader made the announcement that has now become famous. i will oppose him with everything i've got, he said. and not long after that, another democrat on the judiciary committee proclaimed anyone supporting judge kavanaugh's confirmation was, quote, listen to this, complicit in the evil. complicit in the evil. these statements are the context for every action the democrats have taken during
7:06 am
this entire process. these statements remind us democrats may be trying to move the goal post every five minutes but their goal has not moved an inch. they will not be satisfied unless they have brought down judge kavanaugh's nomination. it started with straightforward political maneuvering, none of it worked, of course. but whatever excuses they could find to delay, delay, delay. first back in june the democrats tried to argue the supreme court shouldn't confirm -- shouldn't confirm a security justice in any even-numbered year. then they were reminded that justices kagan, breyer and suter were all confirmed then
7:07 am
and that argument evaporated. next they said the process should be delayed because too few documents were available from judge kavanaugh's past public service. well then they received the most pages of documents ever produced for a supreme court nomination. so guess what came next? the goal post moved down the field and the democrats called for delay because there were too many documents for them to read. i wish this fight could have remained in the realm of normalcy but when none of these tactics worked, when judge kavanaugh demonstrated his widely acknowledged brilliance open mindedness at his confirmation hearings, some chose a darker road. the politics of personal destruction were willfully unleashed. i've spoken at length about the underhanded way senate democrats have treated dr. ford
7:08 am
and her allegation. in brief for six weeks dr. ford's confidential account passed from one democratic member of congress to the judiciary committee to the washington, d.c. lawyers that senate democrats handpicked for her. then well after judge kavanaugh's hearings wrapped up the supposedly confidential letter found its way into the press. shoving aside proper procedures and shoving aside the accuser's plea for privacy, this, madam president, is not politics as usual. because let us not forget dr. ford's allegation is not the only uncorroborated allegation that has been breathlessly -- breathlessly paraded around. oh, no, shortly after dr. ford's confidential letter made its way into the press, the floodgates of mud and muck opened entirely on brett kavanaugh and his family.
7:09 am
out of the woodwork came one uncorroborated allegation after another, each seemingly more outlandish than the last. a tabloid lawyer organized a red carpet roll-out for someone who wanted to accuse judge kavanaugh of masterminding a high school drug and serial sexual assault ring. hosting one wild party after another filled with sexual violence where there were zero witnesses. zero witnesses. but plenty of people to refute the claims. this didn't stay in the tabloids. this fantastic story was read into the record of the judiciary committee by the ranking member who decided it deserved a mention in her remarks during last thursday's hearing. every democratic member of the
7:10 am
judiciary committee seized on this outlandish tale in a letter they asked judge kavanaugh to withdraw his name from consideration. this is how desperate some became for any way to stop this stunningly qualified nominee. i guess upholding any standards of any kind was just too much to ask. we heard another anonymous unattributed and thoroughly debunked account. this time an anonymous accusation from colorado alleging physical abuse 20 years ago. a sitting federal district judge quickly stepped up to bat down that anonymous smear. we heard that judge kavanaugh was supposedly responsible for a sexual assault on a boat in newport, rhode island, until the accuser recanted the story completely but not before many in the media had begun eating it up.
7:11 am
in short, democrats mishandling of dr. ford's letter opened the floodgates for this deluge of uncorroborated, unbelievable mud. and the mudslide was cheered on and capitalized on at every turn by the far left that has been so eager to stop this nomination. just politics? i don't think so. and on the other extreme some of the other lines of attack have been completely trivial. last night "the new york times" unleashed this major story, get this. judge kavanaugh may have been accused of throwing some ice across a college bar in the mid-1980s. talk about a bombshell.
7:12 am
one can only imagine what new bombshell might be published today or tomorrow. but here is what we know, madam president, one thing for sure, the senate will vote on judge kavanaugh here on this floor this week. here on this floor this week. our democratic friends will try to move the goal post yet again. just yesterday they submitted a list of 24 people whom they wanted to f.b.i. to interview. so i'm confident we'll hear that even the very same supplemental f.b.i. investigation democrats demanded is now magically no longer sufficient. well, after the f.b.i. shares what they've found, senators will have the opportunity to vote. we'll have the opportunity to
7:13 am
vote no on the politics of personal destruction. we'll have the opportunity to vote yes on this fine nominee. now, madam president, on an entirely different matter, the u.s. economy continues to deliver very good news. my home state of kentucky is certainly no exception. yesterday morning i had the opportunity to take part in the announcement of a major new investment. >> sandra: mitch mcconnell speaking on the senate floor on the kavanaugh confirmation process. this is the time for endless delay and destruction. it has come to a close. he was addressing president trump specifically. we'll be voting this week. he called ford's uncorroborated allegations breathlessly paraded around by democrats. they are trying to bring down the kavanaugh confirmation. senator mcconnell speaking on the senate floor right now. obviously in the middle of what is going to be a very telling
7:14 am
week. he says on this floor this vote will happen this week. our a-team joins us now. your thoughts as you were listening to the majority leader? >> mitch mcconnell would not allow maier -- garland to get a hearing. he played politics given the fact barack obama had the chance to nominate a supreme court justice and he wouldn't give him a fair shake. secondly i'm continuously amazed by the republican party dismiss women coming forward with credible sexual misconduct allegations. >> mcconnell was applying the schumer and biden standard to the democrats with garland. the opposition to him is completely different in nature to kavanaugh in this case. i thought it was a terrific
7:15 am
speech by mitch mcconnell laying out the context for all of this. one of the key points he made is about the accuser, ms. swetnick who claimed there were gang rapes. she went on another network yesterday and totally changed her story in a number of huge, meaningful ways. and mcconnell pointed out -- >> yet everybody is giving her a chance for her to speak. >> and she did. >> bill: red solo cups doing what? >> she said she was aware of them spiking the punch. now she says they were near the punch. she said there were gang rapes at the party. maybe there were and he was there and maybe he did it but i'm not sure. >> bill: mcconnell's point it was entered into the record >> by senator feinstein and before the hearing with dr. ford on thursday on wednesday this avenatti bomb gets dropped and the democrats reacted with an official letter calling kavanaugh to withdraw based on
7:16 am
a story they knew nothing about and the more we learn it was a ludicrous story. >> bill: bombshell, throwing ice. >> i know senator mcconnell does not like these stories. i know that on page 6 in the "new york post" and tabloids love these stories. we don't know how much of this is true or not. i think it's all irrelevant because what this is really about, and republicans would like this to go away, is dr. ford's very credible allegations about what happened to her more than 30 years ago. now, -- >> bill: with all due respect there has been no corroboration of anything she delivered last week. >> we don't know yet when the f.b.i. will turn up with. in the short amount of time they have to investigate i think they will at least say something about what she has said. they must or this entire investigation is a sham. and i don't think the
7:17 am
republicans can afford to have that perception be what nominates -- what actually leads to his confirmation. judge kavanaugh. >> bill: i apologize for the introduction. chuck schumer is on the floor of the senate. >> give me a break. the leader would delay for 10 months when he saw he thought it was right to do and can't wait for a week to get an honest report out of the f.b.i.? what a double standard. how galling. accusing democrats of needlessly delaying a supreme court nomination is galling, is hypocritical coming from a leader who delayed the nomination of the supreme court justice for over 300 days until his party had a chance to win the white house. so no one, no american should accept his admonishments about delay. he is the master of delay.
7:18 am
and second, he blames democrats for these delays. well, as the leader well knows, democrats are not in charge. we can't set the calendar. these things have been delayed because people on his side of the aisle who had sincere concerns about having a fair process said they won't go forward unless the process is made fairer. even the initial hearing where dr. ford and judge kavanaugh testified was because a member of judiciary committee on the republican side didn't want to go forward until he heard from them. nothing to do with democrats. did we agree that that happen? of course. so did most people who are fair minded. but it wasn't caused by us. and then this f.b.i. -- reopening of the f.b.i. investigation into these new allegations. background check investigation.
7:19 am
who caused that? who caused this delay i would ask leader mcconnell? not the democrats. we don't have the ability to do it. it was three members on his side who sincerely were seeking better truth because they heard too arguments and they weren't sure which was right and they saw that without some kind of independent investigation it would tear the american people apart in ways for which we will pay a price years down the road no matter what the outcome of the vote on judge kavanaugh. so democrats didn't cause these delays and he knows it. it was the inability of all the republicans to be unified with justification because the truth should be sought after in a more sincere way for a nomination to the highest court of the land. leader mcconnell has said we'll plow right through the recent
7:20 am
allegations. fortunately some members on his side of the aisle didn't want to plow right through. they didn't want to delay unnecessarily one week. give me a break. compared to 10 months? leaving the scalia seat open? who are we kidding? who are we kidding? who is making this a political argument? let's ask. and one final point, leader kept accusing the people who came forward of political smear campaigns. of being in the mud. i want to ask the leader to answer a direct question, does he believe or not believe dr. ford? yes or no? i happen to believe her. he refuses to answer that one way or the other because he knows that for dr. ford had tremendous credibility. instead he calls her names. he uses it as democrats but she came forward on her own and by the way, one of the first things she did was call the "washington post" and spoke to
7:21 am
the reporter who later wrote the story. that was long before any democrat knew what was going on. she felt a sincere need to come forward. to call her political, which is what by ricochet the leader is doing is so unfair and so wrong. to call all three of these women who came forward, whether you believe them or not, as political actors is treating women in the same way that unfortunately too many women, as we've learned over the last few years, have been treated in the past. that doesn't mean allegations shouldn't be proven. that don't mean there should be a discrete fair process to try and get to the bottom of it, which is what the f.b.i. investigation is. that doesn't mean all men are guilty before proven innocent. it means there deserves to be a fair hearing even if it takes one week. one week compared to the 10
7:22 am
months of delay. and finally, madam president, the investigation itself. it should only take a week. that's for sure. no democrat has called for it taking more than a week. we aren't moving the goal post back. but it should be thorough. it should not be limited by the senate judiciary staff who was initially calling the shots and they've been biased to begin with. when the democratic staff asked to be on the phone with the counsel to the president, mr. mcgahn, the republican staff refused. that's not bipartisan. that's not fair. that's not even handed. fortunately yesterday the president said the f.b.i. should go forward. they can interview many people in a week. when there is a crime situation that calls for it, a terrorism
7:23 am
situation that calls for it, from what i understand they've interviewed hundreds in a week. so a list of 20 people to be interviewed in a week when the f.b.i. has thousands of agents, many of them well trained in the art of figuring out how to interview somebody, is not unreasonable. it is only fair. and we hope there is still no limitations on the f.b.i. investigation. we hope that there are no limitations. because that will jaundis the who process. they asked for it to be full, fair, open and everyone will make his or her judgment. that's all people are asking for. finally, madam president, so on that issue, i call on president trump and the white house once again to release in writing what white house counsel don
7:24 am
mcgahn has instructed the f.b.i. to pursue. until then, we have to take president trump's off the cuff comments with perhaps grains of salt. we have to be shown that what he said is actually being implemented. now let me read you a few quotes. the supreme court must never, never be viewed as a partisan institution. that's judge kavanaugh 2006 confirmation hearings. here is one more. from a speech judge kavanaugh gave in 2015, first and most obviously a judge cannot be a political partisan. i think most americans would agree with that. i certainly do. aload star in our consideration in judicial confirmation should be whether a nominee is independent and in the ideological mainstream. the judge kavanaugh we saw last thursday did not meet the standard laid out in his past statements. his prepared statement to the
7:25 am
committee -- prepared -- if you will, malice aforethought, accused sitting u.s. senators of a phony smear campaign lambasted left wing opposition groups and portrayed the recent allegations, the allegations of dr. ford, ms. ramirez, the third person who came forward, ms. swetnick, he portrayed those as revenge on behalf of the clintons. frankly, judge kavanaugh's testimony was better suited for fox news than a confirmation hearing for the august united states supreme court. but that's in character with judge kavanaugh's long history of working for the most partisan legal causes, ken starr, bush versus gore, all the controversies of the bush
7:26 am
era. it would be one thing is judge kavanaugh discarded his partisan feelings once he put on the black robes of a yourist. -- jurist. on thursday he revealed his bitter partisan resentments still lurk right below the surface. it should give us all pause to consider what it means to elevate such a partisan worldview to the supreme court, whether it be a democratic or republican partisan view. where rulings must be made on the legal merits, not -- not on the side of the aisle which most benefits. and then the greatest issue against judge kavanaugh. the one that really bothers most people, his credibility. is he telling the truth? that issue supersedes all the others. there may be some who say well, what happens in high school shouldn't count. it is many years later. people grow and people change.
7:27 am
now i think what happened to dr. ford, she seems credible to me, is something you can't forget. it's not what men do. but some may say that. but we are looking at what judge kavanaugh says at age 53, not what he did at age 18. we are looking at his credibility now as a grown adult. and if you believe dr. ford, then judge kavanaugh is not telling the truth. and if this were the only instance, it would be one thing. bad enough, but there are many more. over and over again it's hard to believe what judge kavanaugh swore under oath at the committee hearing to say.
7:28 am
just yesterday nbc news report evidence that either judge kavanaugh or people close to the judge were in communication with his yale classmates to get them to rebuttal gaitions by deborah ramirez later published in the new yorker. beyond the unseemlyness of a federal judge pressuring former classmates to support his nomination, it seems that judge kavanaugh was at least very misleading to the judiciary committee about ms. ramirez's story. when asked by senator hatch when he first heard of ramirez's allegations he answered, quote, in the new yorker story, first heard, based on the nbc reports, if they're correct, that was not truthful. and it would be one thing if that were one isolated incident. but again, there are far too many misstatements, far too many inaccuracies, far too many mischaracterizations. he pled ignorance to any bush-era controversies only for
7:29 am
emails to be released showing he was aware of them all. and played a role in many. he offered explanation for high school year book quotes. it's not the quotes or what they indicated themselves, it is his explanations sort of defy belief. and, of course, based on the accounts by his high school and college classmates he has grossly mischaracterized his relationship with alcohol. a common thread, judge kavanaugh repeatedly tiptoes around the truth, doesn't tell the truth in many instances, it seems, to paint his nomination in a favorable light. we want supreme court nominee, whatever their politics, whatever their party origins, to be a shining example of someone who tells the truth without doubt, without equivocation. if you say maybe he is telling the truth and maybe he is not, he doesn't belong on the
7:30 am
supreme court. and i think most americans are saying that. again, even if you want to discount as some people do what happened when he was 15 in high school and 18 in college, you cannot discount what he is saying and professing at age 53 when it flies in the face of being truthful. that's the key question here. there is demeanor, he sure didn't show the demeanor of a judge at the hearing. there is partisanship, he brought out the most raw form of partisanship so unbecoming of someone on the district court, federal appeals court, let alone the supreme court.
7:31 am
and he did not show any semblance to always being 100% honest and truthful, which is what we need in a supreme court justice. so again, even if you feel that what happened when he was 15 and 18 shouldn't matter, what happens when he is 53 does matter. and his credibility is in real doubt. doubt enough, i think, for most americans to say this man does not belong on the supreme court. there ought to be somebody -- many people, who would be a whole lot better. i yield the floor. >> bill: chuck schumer on the vote. i take it he is a no vote. [laughter] we were listening as he was talking and he is locked in on this one week if we're to assume the one week started last friday that will conclude this coming friday. it's possible the f.b.i. could finish its work prior to that.
7:32 am
>> he seems to be endorsing this supplemental investigation for one week. there is a lot to unpack there. i wish i had half an hour because i think there was a lot of misleading statements and hypocritical statements from chuck schumer there. i just think big picture when he is talking about the delays, the democrats had in their possession this allegation from dr. ford two months ago and they sat on it and then deployed it through a leak after the hearings. that was the ultimate delay here. for him to pretend it was all about the republicans is silly. once again, we heard him reference ms. ramirez from yale who according to the "new york times" herself doubted her own story. isn't sure it was kavanaugh and he talked about swetnick as well. >> bill: does it appear, though, when schumer talks about temperament that they're now moving the argument away from actual assault because those charges are falling apart. and go after his performance
7:33 am
from last week. >> he was too partisan. no mention of ruth bader ginsburg's comments about president trump and temperament. they're sdan dalized when he got angry when he was called a gang rapist by the committee. imagine that. >> sandra: lisa murcowski said this moments ago. >> i don't know what it is that will come back. i have had a conversation with mr. mcgahn about the extent of what the f.b.i. is doing and what i have been assured is that they are conducting this background investigation as they do all background investigations allowing for the investigation to take its course. >> sandra: senator cornyn says let's see what becomes of the
7:34 am
investigation. >> and joe manchin, too. >> those are the swing votes. they'll decide whether or not judge kavanaugh becomes justice kavanaugh and they must be persuaded this is not a sham investigation. and therefore any effort, i think, to limit it even if the democrats are accused of delaying it, will undermine and undercut the effectiveness of what the republicans are hoping to do, which is to get this man on the court. i think that these undecideds are so important and we've got to follow exactly what they say now. >> bill: in light of what rachel mitchell concluded in her report to senators, number six, guys, the full screen. put it on screen here. a he said/she said case is incredibly difficult to prove. this case is even weaker than that. dr. ford identified other witnesses to the event and those witnesses either refuted the allegations or failed to
7:35 am
corroborate that. a reasonable prosecutor would not bring this case based on the evidence before the committee. where was that argument? >> let's remember she was the assistant as mitch mcconnell hired her. >> grassley hired her. she worked for democrats and republicans. well respected in sex crimes. >> what we're dealing with here is brett kavanaugh temper mentally fit, does he have the qualifications to be on the supreme court for this reason. what i saw, i take your point that you mentioned earlier. what i thought was a very angry man test -- testify in front of the committee based on him being upset he was being accused of very, very credible allegations by dr. blasey ford. i do not think he is qualified just on that alone. >> bill: there it is again. you are moving the argument.
7:36 am
the allegations from 36 years ago. >> it has everything to do with the allegations. >> you didn't dispute a single fact that miller laid out in her memo. >> hired by the republicans. >> she said i'm a registered republican. >> they didn't have the guts to ask the question. >> you would have said there were a bunch of white men. she laid out five pages of fact not one you've dealt with but pivoting to the anger of judge kavanaugh. if you or someone you loved that was dragged through the mud, wouldn't you be angry? >> i would want their name cleared and want the f.b.i. to do everything they could to investigate this. >> the anger is fine. >> brett kavanaugh did not want an f.b.i. investigation. >> he said he would do anything the committee decided. >> after he was asked in front of millions americans on national television. >> bill: we can go on and on.
7:37 am
i tell you, goal posts are heavy. but they can be moved inch by inch. thank you. >> sandra: we'll have you back. >> this is not a court of law. ms. mitchell may be right. this is a court of public opinion. >> bill: it is only tuesday. >> sandra: tuesday morning. >> bill: mid-term elections five weeks away from today. michigan, the republican is john james who wants that seat and coming you have live in a moment here. stay tuned.
7:38 am
7:39 am
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>> bill: we're keeping an eye on jeff flake and chris -- he and flake are joined at the hip ever since the joint decision they made friday to postpone
7:42 am
the vote for brett cavanaugh. with us now republican from michigan who wants to be a senator named john james. he trails in all the polling we've seen. thank you for coming back today. give us a sense for how the kavanaugh story is playing in your part of the country. >> well, in michigan again folks are paying attention but what folks are really concerned with in michigan is making sure that everybody has access to the american dream. as far as the kavanaugh proceedings are going specifically, you made the comment i believe in the last -- before the last break about the goal posts being heavy. democrats asked for a hearing, got the hearing. asked for investigation, got the investigation. i'm really looking forward to getting the end result of this investigation and conducting the vote and making sure we confirm a rule of law justice. >> sandra: what do you do if you get where you are trying to go and you see the way the american people are looking on at what is happening with the u.s. senate, what are you
7:43 am
promising the american people? how do you change things? >> i promise that i will lead in washington the way i led in baghdad. i didn't fight for democrats or republicans, i fought for americans when i was at war. most people in the state of michigan and most people around the country are tired of the partisanship. we need more leadership in washington and my opponent is the face of partisan politics and votes with her party along party lines greater than 90% of the time. we need and deserve better in washington representing all of our interests. people talk about this blue wave. there is an undercurrent in michigan of voters who feel disenchanted because they feel folks like the democrat is part of the swamp that don't represent them. i'm looking forward to representing all americans. we deserve better than a 43 year career politician and only gotten five bills passed into law. more economic opportunity in washington i have a business background.
7:44 am
understand how to do business and get a combat veteran in washington to take care of our veterans. >> bill: it would be quite an upset to beat her. she is well-known and is ahead. i want to bring you the news on kavanaugh. fox news has learned now that the f.b.i. has concluded its interview with mark judge, the high school friend of brett kavanaugh. they will not be commenting on the questions the judge was asked. come back to the kavanaugh issue. do you believe it's incentive for republicans or is it more incentive for democrats? or do you think it's a push in the end with mid-terms five weeks away? >> the stakes are very high on both sides. i believe that there is a real sense in the republican party of folks who i talked to who feel like if republicans can't get a rule of law justice through with a majority in the senate why are we supporting them? the democrats i talk to really
7:45 am
feel like the way they get their progressive agenda through is through activist judges and justices on the bench. the stakes are high for both sides and this is part of what people are very saddened about is that people are putting politics before individuals in their states. i'm looking forward to representing my state fairly and fighting for all americans, not just the republican or democrats. >> sandra: what is your forecast? how are things looking for your party for republicans as we head closer to the mid-term elections? >> we need every single vote. you see, the thing is, the polls are closing and this race is in play with my candidacy. president trump even acknowledged that some democrats senate seats have been complacent and need to start paying attention. we'll be able to sprint through the finish. please go to john james for we believe we will be able to close the gap and the numbers are showing it. i'm excited to keep you posted.
7:46 am
>> bill: with the auto industry in michigan what do you think of the uscma. >> we need to make sure we continue it. other he great for our labor, making sure we get better jobs, close loopholes, better wages and better benefits. for businesses, whether it's agriculture, opening additional markets for competition particularly in the dairy industry in michigan which is important. free and fair trade. the automotive industry making sure we don't decimate supply chains and make sure we have freer and fairer trade is great for the businesses. i'm an automotive supplier in detroit. i understand manufacturing. i look forward to advocating for all industries when i get to washington next year. >> sandra: you are challenging the incumbent senator.
7:47 am
we did invite her. if you can leave us with final thoughts. the midwest will play a huge role here. you are touting yourself as a veteran but also as a businessman. what can you do for the economy in that state? >> well, i believe that creating a regulatory environment and taxation environment that makes it pro-business for michigan. everybody talks about how jobs are going to mexico and china. but if you're in michigan people forget we're also losing jobs to tennessee and texas. we're also competing for jobs from georgia and south carolina. areas that recognize we need to bridge the gap to create economic opportunity for people in our state. the best way to do that is create a pro-business environment so we can drive talent and technology and capital investment back to the state of michigan to cure these blighted neighborhoods and fix our broken schools and to make sure we can build on a future so everybody can participate in the american dream. >> bill: is donald trump going
7:48 am
to come to michigan and campaign for you, do you know? >> well, we've invited him and the president was recognized how important mish gap is. if the president is coming i would love to show him around detroit and flint and areas the democrat senator has neglected for decades. >> bill: thank you for coming on today. >> sandra: thank you. the white house promoting its new trade deal with mexico and canada. >> usmca deal eliminates a lot of unfair trading practices. these are very good things for the u.s. economy. president has delivered on another promise. >> sandra: what does that new deal mean for the average american worker? e highest life expectancies in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
>> sandra: u.s. markets have been on the rise surging after president trump announced his new trade deal with canada and mexico. a big gain yesterday following up today, 83-point gain on the dow. canada agreeing to give u.s. dairy farmers more access to canadian markets. the u.s. making some concessions on auto tariffs. let's bring in fox business network cheryl casone. >> i think it's going over well.
7:53 am
the back story really here is china. the american manufacturers companies ceos are ready for us to go to the table with china and this takes us one step closer and shows the president's negotiating strategy, as uncomfortable it may be on a day-to-day basis. you sometime worries what will happen with the trade deals. maybe it is working. >> bill: kudlow was making a similar case. he was with us at 9:00 this morning. >> president trump who sometimes takes criticism for this stuff, he inherited a trading me.s he is not to blame. he is putting it back together piece by piece. north america, europe, japan, elsewhere. he is doing what he said he would do. get rid of the trade and non-tariff barriers. we're sending china a message. >> bill: sending china a message. >> the message is at the end of the day the chinese have to come to the table with us eventually. it may not be tomorrow. the president talked about that
7:54 am
at the white house yesterday speaking about the trade deal. but at the end of the day the chinese economy is very dependent on exports to the united states. they can't go forward without us. they own a lot of u.s. debt and it's part of this. at the end of the day the chinese have to come together and hopefully if president trump meets one-on-one with president xi it's a success. the president can say i'm the one that actually did the deal at the end of the day. >> sandra: one area of concern for the economy despite the growth in economic numbers, the drop in the unemployment rate seems to be good news. then they say wages aren't growing. now there is evidence wages are growing and some companies directly reflecting it. >> we're at a 17-month high for wage growth jumped 2.6% and get another jobs report friday. great news. amazon just announced on fox business that they'll be paying $15 minimum to all employees. why is this important?
7:55 am
if you work in an amazon warehouse in austin, texas you make $10 an hour. if you work at the amazon in new jersey you make $13.50 an hour. the means something, 350,000 employees, 100,000 of those seasonal workers with amazon, $15 an hour and this is jeff besos listening to his critics saying he is making billions of dollars while the average american is not. >> sandra: he employs hundreds of thousands of workers. if they're making more money they're spending more money. >> good for the economy. >> sandra: anything else? >> bill: no. 75 points. >> i love the see the market. it's on fire. the market, the economy. there is nothing to stop this market. i asked this all the time on the fox business network. any head winds for the stock market? i'm told there is not. the u.s. stock market is looking great now.
7:56 am
very bullish. >> bill: see how it plays out in five weeks. a lot of breaking news on the kavanaugh confirmation. we're hearing the f.b.i. moments ago completed the investigation into kavanaugh's high school friend mark judge. that interview is over. mitch mcconnell still wants to vote this week. so all those developments and what we're learning at the top of the hour as we get it right here.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. the white house telling the f.b.i. to interview anyone necessary as the agency expands its investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against judge brett kavanaugh. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." 11:00 a.m. i'm sandra smith. how are you doing? >> bill: all right. you? >> sandra: i'm great. >> bill: rock-n-roll. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. we're learning the f.b.i. has not contacted dr. ford for an interview. that may be not unusual. oftentimes they'll interview the principals surrounding the accuser. reports suggesting the investigation could wrap up this week. here is what the president had to say about that in his latest comment. >> president trump: i want it to be comprehensive. i think it's a good thing for judge kavanaugh. with that being said i would like it to be quickly. the reason i would like it to be quickly is simple. it's so simple.
8:01 am
because it is unfair to him at this point. what his wife is going through, what his beautiful children are going through is not describable. >> sandra: chris stirewalt and kristen fisher. kevin cork is live at the house. >> dr. ford has yet to be contacted by the f.b.i. as it's important to point out usually the principal is typically among the last to be contacted. this is just an inquiry, this is not a full-scale investigation. although there are a number of democrats calling for a more full look at the allegations. now, that said, it is still anyone's guess in what direction or to what extent this inquiry goes as far as the f.b.i.'s latest supplemental background investigation into judge brett kavanaugh is. this is important.
8:02 am
the white house still expects a report delivered by the end of the week. i mention this is the seventh background probe for judge kavanaugh. the president wants the bureau to do the job thoroughly as long as they do it quickly. >> president trump: i want them to do a very comprehensive investigation. whatever that means according to the senators and the republicans and the republican majority. not a bad thing. i think it's a good thing. with that being said i would like it to go quickly. the f.b.i. should interview anybody that they want within reason. but you have to say within reason. they should interview but they should also be guided -- i'm being guided, by what the senators are looking for. >> we're all familiar with the three people who have been named as those who have made allegations against brett kavanaugh. you see dr. kristin ford there yet to be contacted.
8:03 am
we know deborah ramirez and her attorneys have made note of the fact they have heard from law enforcement and then, of course, miss swetnick. she was on television yesterday talking about her best memories as it related to what she has alleged the judge did or may not have done. now, among those also contacted by the feds former kavanaugh classmate mark judge who dr. ford you may remember suggested was a witness to an assault involving then student brett kavanaugh in high school. there is a growing concern here, sandra, both at the white house and on capitol hill the democrats are just going to keep expanding the pool of possible interview subjects in an effort to delay the vote. in fact, i can share this letter to don mcgahn. this is from democrats. we believe that all three allegations should be included in the supplemental investigation and providing a list of individuals who we believe to be interviewed at a minimum as part of this investigation along with any
8:04 am
others identified by witnesses or the bureau in the course of its investigation. now, we're talking about possibly dozens of individuals according to democrats on capitol hill. you heard some suggest they won't be satisfied unless every last one of them is spoken to or at least contacted by the bureau. the concern at the white house is that would take it beyond the end of the week and they don't want that. and they still expect, sandra, this will be wrapped up by week's end. we'll see. >> sandra: hard to believe based on everything you just said. kevin corke at the white house. >> bill: mitch mcconnell delivered that message speaking on the senate floor last hour promising not to allow democrats to prevent a full vote in the senate, insisting that mitch mcconnell, if he gets the order that he prefers on the floor of the senate, that there will be a vote this week. watch. >> democrats may be trying to move the goal posts every five minutes but their goal has not
8:05 am
moved an inch. they will not be satisfied unless they have brought down judge kavanaugh's nomination. >> bill: that from last hour. kristen fisher live on the hill with more. >> what we're hearing from both republicans and democrats is -- i know this is hard to do. let's all just take a deep breath and wait and see what this f.b.i. investigation finds. none of them want to weigh in until after the report comes in and it could come back as early as today. now, the reason that we're here is because we just followed one of the most critical senators in this confirmation process to this hearing room. lisa murcowski. she is inside right now. she did take a few questions right before she walked in. though she declined to speculate on exactly how she intends to vote. listen here. >> the f.b.i. is doing its investigation. we need them to do their
8:06 am
investigation. and what i'm going to do is wait to see what comes back. >> she also said she spoke with white house counsel don mcgahn and she was assured by him this f.b.i. investigation will be conducted like any other background investigation. today just a few moments ago we caught up with another senator who could be a potentially critical vote in this confirmation process, democrat joe manchin from west virginia. he, too, like sandra murcowski declined to speculate but said he believes a week was enough time for a full and fair investigation. >> i think the week was what everyone has said was the right time. chuck schumer and the president agreed. i'll make a decision after that. >> in terms of timing the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell just said on the senate floor he is going to wait until after the f.b.i. shares its findings before he gives other senators the opportunity to vote.
8:07 am
so what that means is the earliest we're looking at friday for a confirmation vote. it is looking for likely saturday or later will be the day. he is continuing to say he wants a vote by the end of the week. >> bill: day-by-day. thank you, for that. >> sandra: president trump in tennessee last night firing up voters in support of senate candidate marsha blackburn taking every opportunity to criticize senate judiciary committee democrats for opposing judge kavanaugh. >> president trump: democrats only know how to obstruct, demolish and destroy as we've seen in recent weeks. democrats are willing to do anything and to hurt anyone to get their way, like they're doing with judge kavanaugh. >> sandra: joining us now chris stirewalt fox news politics editor is always fiery. it was fiery by the president last night. he went for it. >> as opposed to the other
8:08 am
rallies where he is laid back and drinks chamomile and talks nice. >> sandra: i went for it and went on the attack against democrats saying they're trying to destroy kavanaugh on a personal level as well. >> well, i'm sure not all democrats are. and as a matter of fact, for joe manchin and for a handful of other democrats they would very much probably like to see brett kavanaugh rehabilitated and like to see him confirmed and like to be part of confirming him. the message that he was carrying in tennessee, so you have competitive race with a former governor, a democrat, phil bredesen well liked in the state and important for the president and important for republicans to say that all democrats are bad. that there are no carve outs for bipartisan and that they're all evil. >> sandra: what do you make of what we've been hearing the last few minutes. see if a vote happens by the end of the week. senator mitch mcconnell promised that on the floor it will happen by week's end.
8:09 am
murcowski just saying on kavanaugh the f.b.i. is doing its investigation. it will be a wait and see for that to come back. we heard similarly from john cornyn, joe manchin, let's wait and see before we can make any decisions. >> wait for evidence before reaching conclusions? i don't know if that's going to work. that's pretty farfetched. i am exhausted of the opinions of 95 of the members of the senate. they do not matter, they do not count. all the democrats but a handful but five or so were spoken for before the process ever began. their opinions don't matter and it doesn't matter if they try to move the goal post. similarly -- >> sandra: maybe i can lighten up the situation by playing this sound from mitch mcconnell on the senate floor a few moments ago addressing "the new york times" report about kavanaugh throwing ice in a bar in 1985. watch this moment. >> last night "the new york times" unleashed this major
8:10 am
story. get this. judge kavanaugh may have been accused of throwing some ice across a college bar in the mid 1980s. talk about a bombshell. one can only imagine what new bombshell might be published today or tomorrow. >> sandra: and that's where we are at this moment, chris. >> the real scandal there, though, was that this bar fight took place after a ub40 concert and really if going to a ub40 concert ought to be disqualifying on a lot of levels. but whatever brett kavanaugh listened to in college that will be material, too. now i mentioned before how i don't care what most of the democrats think about this. i don't care what most of the republicans think about this, either. actually majority of republican voters said they would want brett kavanaugh confirmed even if he tried to rape a young woman in high school.
8:11 am
those folks are goners, right? far right and far left are goners. what we care is what do the five or six republicans and democrats in the middle, what do they think? it doesn't matter what cory booker thinks or tom cotton. it matters when you get to the end what are the decideers going to think. we won't find out until friday. >> sandra: you any there is a vote on friday? >> friday will be decision day for the folks like joe manchin. >> sandra: we'll see. >> bill: ub40 is not that bad. they did "red, red wine." deputy a.g. rod rosenstein will meet with republicans over a report he wanted to record the president. he said the interpretation was wrong. what can we expect from that meeting. andy biggs in the on-deck circle weighs in on that.
8:12 am
>> sandra: democrats launching new attacks on brett kavanaugh's credibility and demanding the f.b.i. dig deeper into the judge's past. one of kavanaugh's former clerks will react to that. >> president trump: they are bringing up subjects. we wouldn't know about this over the last 20 years, 30 years of his career. you know, what happened, they're going back to high school?
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8:16 am
>> look at that mess, the airline says the plane's brakes overheated. passengers and crew evacuated. nobody injured. everybody back up and running at jfk in new york city. this happened last night. >> we're looking at what judge kavanaugh says at age 53, not what he did at age 18. we are looking at his credibility now as a grown adult. >> sandra: minority leader chuck schumer a short time ago raising questions about judge bret kavanaugh's truthfulness in his sworn testimony to the president as president trump approves the expansion of the f.b.i.'s investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against him. let's bring in justin walker, a former clerk for judge kavanaugh. you must have strong feelings
8:17 am
about what is happening. >> oh my goodness. when i hear judge kavanaugh's political opponents talk about credibility. credibility? his opponents include senator blumenthal who claimed to be a vietnam war veteran, falsely. his opponents include senator hirono whose mentor was accused of 20 years of being a sexual predator. she never once said a word in criticism of him or in defense of his victims. the critics of judge kavanaugh include senator dianne feinstein who learned about dr. ford's accusations in july and didn't do anything to investigate them and then somehow on the eve of judge kavanaugh's confirmation vote dr. ford's name gets leaked to the press against her will and then these critics talk about credibility? credibility? my goodness. >> sandra: credibility and truthfulless. going hard asking about the
8:18 am
truthfulness of his sworn testimony. only time with tell. the investigation is going on. the president said publicly yesterday investigate anybody you need to to the f.b.i. you must have some expectations as well of what do you think will come out of all of this. >> you know, i think that the people who the f.b.i. are interviewing have already been interviewed. judge kavanaugh has been interviewed, dr. ford, mark judge, and so i think that the call for an f.b.i. investigation now by the democrats as opposed to two months ago when senator feinstein heard about this is a transparent attempt to delay for the sake of delay. remember, this has been their strategy all along. it seems like light years ago, decades ago we were hearing about what was it, the documents. oh, documents this and that. now we can see that was just a
8:19 am
delaying tactic. they asked judge kavanaugh something like 1,300 written questions after his testimony at the hearing. my goodness. that is so transparently an attempt to delay. and now to hear some of them sound so sanctimonyous and talk about his credibility when their whole strategy has been a deceptive farce all along. sandra, judge kavanaugh's credibility compared to their credibility, judge kavanaugh is way out of their league. >> sandra: big mcgurn published this opinion piece in the "wall street journal" that reads brett kavanaugh is a decent man with a loving wife and two sweet daughters and what the democrats fear most on the courts, an honest judge which is why he and his innocent family are being destroyed before our very eyes. what's happening with this family and the attacks on his family is one thing. another thing the lack of
8:20 am
discussion that is happening from democrats mostly about his actual track record as a judge. what can you tell us about that today? >> he has been on the second most important court in the country for 12 years. he has been vindicated by the united states supreme court 13 times and probably most qualified to the supreme court in two or three generations. i worked with him every day for a year and known him for 10 years. there has never been a lawyer more skilled or better judge than brett kavanaugh. >> sandra: we'll see how it all plays out. justin walker, a former chrcek for judge kavanaugh, thank you for your time. >> bill: in a moment republicans trying to flip senate seats in november. president trump targeting john tester after blocking the confirmation of a key cabinet nominee. we're live in the ground in montana to see where that race stands today. >> sandra: new revelations
8:21 am
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8:25 am
agencies seoul now think north korea contains 20 to up to 60 nuclear weapons in their arsenal. an estimate that u.s. intelligence agencies made more than a year ago but again, this is the first public admission of the size of the threat. diplomacy between u.s. and north korea ramped up with a summit of president trump and kim jong-un there have been concerns the pyongyang has been very busy building up its nuclear stockpile. meanwhile diplomacy may have hit another hitch today. north korea state media saying u.s. agreeing to a declaration of the end of the korean war would not be enough to get north korea to give up its
8:26 am
nukes. hinting that an easing of sanctions would also be needed. all matters probably to be taken up when pompeo goes to pyongyang. that is supposed to happen this month. new reports there could be advance meeting in vienna between north korea and u.s. officials. all pointing to, bill, a lot of work still needing to be done before we see a rerun of the president trump, kim jong-un meeting despite the feelings we've been hearing about the last couple of days. >> bill: thank you, sir. >> sandra: the first major solo trip for the first lady melania trump landing in africa earlier today with visits to four countries on the itinerary. >> bill: is the president's request for a quick f.b.i. investigation possible for kavanaugh? andrew mccarthy has a lot of
8:27 am
ideas on this one and he is next. >> i don't think it's proper for the senate to be telling the f.b.i. how to do their job. they know how to do this. they do it regularly and it should be devoid of politics.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. we're watching the markets for you this morning. just before the noon hour eastern time dow is up 100 points hitting an all-time high. we could possibly see a record close as an inner day high. a record close the dow would have to finish up 92 points or more. so right now this would be a record close for the dow as well. a lot of those big industrial names are doing well. boeing, caterpillar, and others are leading the polls now. we've been trivia all day. here it is. it's not nafta anymore, what is
8:31 am
it? usmca. that big trade agreement is leading to gains. >> bill: the people keep saying keep going. >> sandra: all time high for the dow. >> bill: 27,000. >> sandra: president trump heading to philadelphia this afternoon to deliver remarks on the economy and tax reform to a convention of electrical contractors. electricians and apprentices. jackie is there live. jackie. >> we can expect the president to talk about jobs, tax cuts, the economy and small businesses. but with the mid-terms right around the corner we can most certainly expect him to urge people to get out at vote as he did at a rally last night in tennessee. he was warning the crowd in johnson city that democrats would strip them of their -- he
8:32 am
talked about the booming economy jobless claims at a 50-year low and took jabs at the media. the crowd responded with cheers with his warnings what could happen if the democrats take office. >> president trump: your 401ks will be devastated. taxes will rise beyond your wildest imagination. and crime will flow into our country through these open borders. >> today the president is expected to stump for lou barletta just as he did in august. he is up incumbent democrat bob casey and trailing in the polls. the president has been slamming the democrats as obstructionists taking shots last night at cory booker and senator dianne feinstein over the delayed supreme court confirmation for judge kavanaugh and expected to touch on that tonight in mississippi tonight. in philly we can expect more concentrate on jobs and economy
8:33 am
as he speaks to the group of thousands of the national electrical contractors association all here in attendance tonight. the president is expected to take the podium at 2:30. >> sandra: awaiting the president in philadelphia. thank you. >> they are going to go do the logical interviews. they will try to identify other witnesses, potential witnesses or anyone who can corroborate or contradict the things the key core witnesses are saying. the f.b.i. will not assess the credibility of the people they're interviewing. they will simply pass the information on and let the decision makers make their decisions. >> bill: former f.b.i. assistant director swecker. mark judge has spoken with the f.b.i. andrew mccarthy, great to have you on. just want to get a process question in here first.
8:34 am
what does the f.b.i. do? is it strictly q & a? how do they summarize and figure out what the facts are or not, what the accusations are or not? and is their report a simple transcript or a summary of what they're gathering this week? >> well, bill, to answer the last question first, the easiest. it's always a summary. what the f.b.i. does is interview witnesses and compose what's known as a 302. they may take handwritten notes while the witnesses are speaking but they then summarize that into a traditional f.b.i. 302 report. and the f.b.i. former official that you quoted is quite correct. they don't make an assessment of whether the person is being honest and truthful or not. they say this is what the person said. and you've hit on something that's actually really important here. when the f.b.i. does a criminal
8:35 am
investigation, let's say a bank robbery, that's kind of a finite, concrete transaction. they go out, they do their traditional criminal investigation. they can either establish the essential elements of a bank robbery or they can't. if they can't, they close the case and move on to the next one. the danger with a background investigation is it's completely open-ended. it is just an information gathering exercise. it is not even done for the f.b.i. the f.b.i. is not the fact finder here in this case it's the senate. so the question -- there are always going to be people who say we need more information. and the fact of the matter is at a certain point before every single unanswered question is answered, because that will never happen, somebody has got to have -- >> bill: there are no natural limits what the f.b.i. is doing here. at the end democrats -- they
8:36 am
could say or collins or flake could say we need more information. what flake said on friday. the scope can extend for one more week. he would be okay with that. one week. does that hold? >> well, it's an arbitrary deadline but at the same time there has to be an end at a certain point. as we're saying, no one who is pushing for delay here -- we have to remember that the democrats objective here no matter what they say they're trying to find out is delay. they're trying to push this beyond the mid-terms in the hope of swinging the senate to their side and being able to defeat kavanaugh's nomination on the numbers. so they are never going to be satisfied and they are always going to say there is arbitrary limits, there are more witnesses that need to be spoken to, more leads that need to be run down. at a certain point it will be up to mcconnell, senator mcconnell, the leader in the senate to say our job here is
8:37 am
to make a discriminating appraisal of the candidate so we can exercise the constitution's advice and consent function. we have enough information since we now have more information about this nominee than any in the history of the united states. six investigations now seven. demands by anti-kavanaugh democrats are unfair and run afoul of legal and practical realities of f.b.i. conducted background investigations. if countenances they would politicize the f.b.i. and destroy the judicial confirmation process. keep that in mind. hatch's tweet. dr. ford deserves a hearing, republicans, let's have a hearing, democrats, bully, this hearing is a sham. democrats, we need an f.b.i. investigation. republicans, okay, we'll have an f.b.i. investigation. democrats, this investigation is a farce. the goalpost moving never stops. last reaction on that.
8:38 am
>> the goalpost moving never stops but the objective is always the same, delay. >> bill: that's what we're seeing. so do they vote this week? >> mcconnell says they vote this week. i hope he is right. >> bill: andrew mccarthy, thank you for your time. >> sandra: race in montana heating up. vice president mike pence speaking for candidate mike rosenthal later today and p jon tester will oppose the confirmation of kavanaugh to the supreme court. are montana paying attention to the kavanaugh confirmation process? >> the republican trying to flip this senate seat thinks they have been. rosendale thinks voters here
8:39 am
are very upset that democratic efforts to delay the kavanaugh confirmation wound up hurting judge kavanaugh and his accuser dr. ford. >> i think what it's done is basically galvanized the republican voters and i think it clearly demonstrated for the independents that the democratic party in washington, d.c. will use nothing more than a bunch of smear tactics to destroy anybody who is going to possibly help our president. >> president trump won the state by 20 points in 2016. he has been here campaigning, don junior has been, the vice president is coming in a few hours. the trump political machine is sending out all their big guns to try to unseat democratic senator jon tester. >> sandra: how big a factor were the accusations against kavanaugh in tester's decision to vote no?
8:40 am
>> the way he describes his thought process and decision, the accusations against kavanaugh really were not the only thing and they really were just a fraction of what he was thinking about when he made his decision. >> if you combine the fourth amendment and disregard for it. if you combine the dark money which is paying for over 80% of his ads and combine the fact he believes it's the government's decisions, not a person's decision to make healthcare decisions, a no vote was obvious. >> tester said he wanted to meet with brett kavanaugh but he didn't. our crew in washington, d.c. where tester is this morning caught up with him in the hall and tester said he has a whole list of dates and times he proposed to the white house to possibly sit down and never materialized. he will send us those dates in a couple minutes. >> bill: tailgate party spinning out of control. they had to send a chopper into a penn state football fans when
8:41 am
fans got rowdy and swarmed officers. two police horses were assaulted and one police officer broke an arm. buckeyes were winners. how comfortable was that with the mccarthy with the satellite delay? >> sandra: all good. we enjoy having him on the program. house republicans want to question rod rosenstein over a report he suggested recording the president and taking steps to remove him from office. a report rosenstein has denied. we're going the talk to congressman andy biggs who said he wants rosenstein gone. n to his retirement. it was our tresiba® reason. he needs insulin to control his high blood sugar and, at his age, he's at greater risk for lows. tresiba® releases slow and steady and works all day and night like the body's insulin. (vo) tresiba® is a long-acting insulin
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8:45 am
rosenstein about his statements about wiring the president. >> rod deserves to be heard out. i appreciate the president talking to him this week and we're going to talk to him. i want to know what he said and i want to know what he meant and whether anyone else was present for these meetings. >> sandra: congressman andy biggs of the house judiciary committee. good to see you. what do you want to know? >> well, i want the know the same thing. i've given mr. rosenstein on this particular issue a little break. it was the times that reported it and andrew mccabe that was supposedly with him. we need to know how serious this was because this points to actually take over the american government. if he meant it and this is something he was poised to do, this is really problematic. >> sandra: rosenstein has denied it. >> he has denied it but in ways that are ambiguous and he has said well, we were just joking around. others present reportedly have said no, he was dead serious
8:46 am
and why we want mr. rosenstein to come in so we can get him to tell us his side of the story. >> sandra: what do you think will come from the closed-door meeting? >> i think you'll see hopefully we'll get to the bottom of that but want to talk about the fisa documents and why we aren't getting those released and why the documents we've been wanting have been redacted so heavily and why he has stonewalled us on that stuff. i think this will be a little more broad than just the allegations that he was going to wiretap the president. >> sandra: mark meadows, he tweeted out the house leadership had agreed to call rosenstein for the closed-door meeting to explain his allege comments on wiring the president. we'll see if it gets expanded and where it goes. what do you think should happen with rod rosenstein? >> well, i think he should resign. i have felt that way for a number of months now because
8:47 am
everything from the fourth renewal of the fisa warrant that he signed all the way to his lax supervision of the mueller investigation. the documents that he hasn't provided indicates a pattern. that's why this is so troubling because it fits into the pattern of him subverting president trump from the way the time he was a candidate to now. >> sandra: one house democrat jerry nadler of new york says republican colleagues can't be left alone in the room with rosenstein. there is a possibility, i suppose, also he doesn't show up for this. if he does, though, jerry nadler said they will not referencing republicans, they will not stop until their attempt to undermine mueller's investigation is complete. what do you say back to democrats who say it is an effort to undermine the investigation. >> it is not an effort to undermine the investigation. we are trying to get at the truth.
8:48 am
make it transparent. what we've found out everything that has come out of these investigations it was the democrats, hillary clinton that were trying to work with the russians to defeat a political opponent which is outrageous. they need to confess up to that and let us get to the bottom of this. we won't get to the bottom of it with the d.o.j. and f.b.i. obfuscating at the highest levels. >> sandra: do you think he shows up for this meeting? >> i think so. he has come publicly and testified before us and he will probably come again. >> sandra: if he doesn't do you agree with issuing a subpoena as meadows suggested? >> i should say we should issue a subpoena at that point. i think he will come. hopefully we won't get there. >> sandra: thank you for coming on. >> bill: a quick check. melissa francis coming up next in "outnumbered." what are you serving up there? >> a lot, bill. the battle over the kavanaugh nomination heating up. the president lashing out at
8:49 am
democrats saying they're bent on destroying his nominee for political purposes. democrats accusing republicans and the white house of a sham investigation into kavanaugh's background. a typical tuesday. former f.b.i. director james comey saying no thanks to house republicans when it comes to a private meeting about bias at the f.b.i. and d.o.j. ahead of the russia probe. comey did say he would be happy to testify in public. his reasons? we're debate that. plus our #oneluckyguy. >> bill: first lady melania trump taking her message to africa. her mission and first major solo trip overseas as first lady. on like this. touchdown. earn a free night when you stay just twice this fall. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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8:53 am
california democrat dianne feinstein speaking with reporters. this goes for a while. we just want to rerack this and have a listen. watch here. >> i guess are analyzed and put down on paper and so it would seem to me that if people are going to be identified, this ought to be held very close and not -- i've had women come to me time after time with stories, always begging to keep it confidential because of their fear of what would happen, what people would say, at their job or whatever it is. so this is a very complicated subject. i had one woman send me an email, i waited 45 years before i could tell anybody and another one said she waited 60 years. so this is not an easy subject
8:54 am
and i think the investigation ought to be closely held in committee but then we don't know -- i have no idea what they are going to come up with. that decision will have to be made by the chairman. >> at the end of the day how can the american people be confident in the investigation and how will you hold -- >> let's see -- i can't say because i don't know what the investigation will say. >> there the vote on friday be too soon >> i believe it's too soon. it is tuesday and we have to put all the facts together yet. and this is -- i guess it's my 10th supreme court hearing that i sat on and there has never been one like this with the issues like this. and i don't take it lightly. so we need to do our due diligence and there are other issues, too.
8:55 am
there is reproductive choice for women. there is presidential authority. there is an opinion that he wrote where he said in a d.c. assault weapons case the assault weapons could not be regulated because they were in common use. there are things like that that need to be looked at. and that's what we should be doing. >> mcconnell says democrats keep moving the goalpost. do you think it's accurate? >> no, i do not think it's accurate. thank you all. >> bill: so there you have it. we'll see whether or not the vote happens this week. mitch mcconnell is insistent again today there will be a vote on the floor of the senate this week which may indicate friday. >> sandra: each and every one of the senators as they comment as we near only the middle of the week, tuesday morning as dianne feinstein pointed out. a lot of time to go. most say let's see what comes from the f.b.i. investigation. >> bill: new developments on the hour on this story.
8:56 am
reaction coming in from the hill. we'll follow every movement as we continue in a moment on this and more. >> sandra: all right. on capitol hill as the white house agrees to let the f.b.i. expand that investigation into accusations against judge brett kavanaugh we continue to get a lot more information and reaction. we'll have more for you in just a moment.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> sandra: the horse walks into a bar, it sounds like the start of a joke. but it actually did happen, in france. this is happening in the tan of chantilly a couple weeks ago. you can see the horse charge again, bucking, kicking, even. kicking french or the customers run for safely. the horse trainer says he lost control of the animal as he was taking her to a nearby racetrack. fortunately, we can report no one was hurt in that. it did sound like the beginning of a good joke. i'm sorry i didn't follow through on that. a horse walks into a bar. not every day you see that. what are your thoughts?
9:00 am
>> bill: i will take the wings. and a beer. space a >> sandra: doesn't happen every day. that's it for us. >> bill: [laughs] indeed. >> sandra: you are in rare form today. i got more trivia after the show. speethirty five starts right now. >> harris: we will begin with the fox news alert, the latest of almond and the fbi investigation into allegations against judge brett kavanaugh. the white house is now approving an expanded probe. the commander in chief has ramped up his criticism, the outcome of democrats, saying they will do anything and destroy anyone to get their way. and you're watching "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today as most of france's former national security analyst and more and ortega's is here, fox contributor jessica tarlov, and in the center seat, the opinion editor and columnist for "the washington times," fox news contributor, charlie hurt. putting a hurt on us. he is here, outnumbered.


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